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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 12, 2020 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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"the trump century". a reminder to follow me on twitter @loudobbs, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. thanks for being with us. good night from maria: happy wednesday, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, good morning to you. it is wednesday august 12th, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. democratic ticket is set. joe biden tapping senator tamara harris as running mate. president trump's reaction straight ahead. stimulus stalemate still no deal with the congress. treasury secretary steven mnuchin is here live on where the talk stand and how soon americans could see extra unemployment benefits. announcing 5 to 1 stock split. stock is shifting into high gear on the news. we are looking at 5% rally right
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now. broader markets also higher. take a look at futures, dow futures currently up 250 points, that's about 1%, nasdaq futures up 92 and s&p futures up 25. stimulus standoff leading to -- the nasdaq lower by 185. gold losing some of its shine. tumbling 4 and a half percent yesterday. more tiktok security concerns this morning. the popular chinese app reportedly tracking user data for millions of people in violation of google policies. plus college football taking time out, the big ten and pack 12 postponing the fall season due to coronavirus. mornings with maria is live right now. ♪ maria: and global marks this morning are mixed. ftse 100 in london is up 48
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points and uk economy falling into a recession after shrinking more than 20% in the second quarter, largest contraction reported by any major economy so far. the cac quarante in paris up 12 and dax index in germany lower by 18 points this morning. check asian markets mostly higher on the session. kospi index was higher as well as hang seng, hong kong up 1 and a half percent overnight. shanghai composite in china lower. top stories, historic decision, joe biden tapping kamala harris aspect for vice president. the california senator daughter of indian and jamaican parents. president trump already slamming the decision calling harris one of the most liberal members of the senate. >> as far as kamala is concerned, she's a big tax-raiser, slasher of funds for our military and she's got a lot of difficult things that she's going to have to explain.
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maria: harris and biden will make their first appearance as running mates later today in delaware. no more games, mcconnell demanding democrats restart negotiations. if democrats are playing harm ball they are only harming americans. president trump signing executive order. electric vehicle maker announced 5 to 1 stock split. tesla shares gaining 229% this year hitting a string of closing records as you see the stock is up 5 and a half percent right now. the split goes into effect after the close of trading august 31st, a couple of weeks now. college football on the bench. the big ten and packed taking a time-out sidelining players for the upcoming fall season due to coronavirus concerns. officials say the health of student athletes is most
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important. eyeing pushing the season to the spring and the 2020 presidential race on democratic ticket set, joe biden taps senator kamala harris aspect for vice president. i picked kamala harris, one of the country's public servant. joe biden can unify people and he will build america that lives up to ideals. i'm honor to join him as party's nominee for vice president and do what it takes to make him commander in chief. president trump weighed in as well. he spoke with sean hannity in fox news exclusive last night. >> wants to raise taxes, she wants to get rid of your second, no guns for, no nothing, she's very strong in second amendment, getting rid of it and very bad to the military. she wants to cut the military, she wants to cut spending for
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the military and the vets and, you know, i don't quite get the choice but we will have it out, we will have a great vice president named mike pence and he will take care of business just like he did the last time against a different candidate. maria: biden and harris will make first campaign together today in delaware. joining me right now former adviser to the clintons and stabwell partner mark penn also joining the conversation dagen mcdowell, republican strategist and freed and williams attorney jonathan madison along with payne capital management president ryan payne. great to see everybody this morning. mark penn, kick it off with you, your reaction to biden's pick, kamala gets the job. >> probably smartest pick of the choices that he had assembled.
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it certainly unifies the democratic party. there's not going to be a split or a fight. it gives momentum. frankly, i don't know why he didn't do this weeks earlier. obviously biden had some reservations and cleared up reservations and went forward with a safer choice than any of the others. maria: would you call kamala harris moderate? >> moderate in the democratic party as it is today but, yes, sure. i think she is going to be backing hiring taxes, regulations on guns, she backed the new green deal, but in terms of the democratic party itself and her true history, she was more moderate before she got into the democratic primary and i don't know what she's going to be but she has a real record, as someone who served the public well and i think she will wear
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well as vice presidential pick. maria: dagen mcdowell, jump in here because the reason that i ask is just for that reason. she's backing the green deal, she's backing the higher taxes. i'm wondering if she has been pulled all the way to the left by the those hijacking this party, dagen, that's why i ask the question. dagen: joe biden, mark talked about this the last time he was on the show that joe biden has been pulled to the left. normally you move to the center after the primary season, not so much with joe biden that he's being pulled further and further left. she fits in with that in a way, but, mark, what does kamala harris bring, the senator to swing states and suburban swing state voters, does she have any impact there because that's where the rubber meets the road in the presidential election? mark: well, i think she brings 3 things. one she brings unity within the
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democratic party. i don't think that they'll be a significant challenge to her. i think she does bring record as prosecutor. the time she was criticized for being too tough. i think you will see her swing into -- into that -- that mode, right, and, you know, historic nomination, so i think those 3 things and she's not going to be -- whatever positions he taxiing she would be supportive and i think she would be reasonably effective debater. i think i want to see the pence-harris debate. maria: so what about the issue of crime and this vandalism taking place and this crime numbers rising throughout all of our -- so many of our big cities, mark, how do you see her dealing with that as a former prosecutor? mark: well, i think that's a big question.
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i think biden has come out against violence but really hasn't made it a theme of the campaign and so i think that president trump has actually put a pretty strong, you know, contrast against biden and the democrats on this issue and particularly as violence continued i think it's more weakness than a strength, so i'd like to see the democrats come out much more strongly condemning violence and clearly show while at the same time condemning racial inequality. i think it's a false choice that's been set up here. maria: yeah, so -- so what else does she bring in terms of being the former ag in california, how does she use that resume to actually bring value and make a difference as vice president? mark: well, i think as vice president she will say, look, i went after criminals, i was tough, i pulled no punches, i'm ready to go toe to toe, you know, with mike pence and i'm ready to take the democratic
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platform and with joe biden as president articulate it, get out there. she's shown she's willing to be a tough campaigner and obviously attacked joe biden, it didn't work as effectively as she was hoping, but i think she'll get out there and be what a vice presidential pick is generally thought of these days as someone who is able to carry on the fight and i think she's in articulated skilled debater. she moves ticket forward, probably should have done it 2 weeks earlier but i think it'll get some momentum going into the campaign, into the convention. maria: jonathan madison, jump in. jonathan: i think it's a many that we both share the same alma mater in the university. it's ironic that she's the only candidate joe biden that went to
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howard university and hbcu, historically black college, however, she had tremendously tough time garnering the black vote in democratic primaries. she didn't make it past 2019 in the democratic primaries in large part because she could not gardner black votes so if joe biden is attempting to use her to garner black support particularly after he made disparaging comments of the race he has tough times ahead. the second is she will have to connect with voters in the rust belt and that's not going to be a very easy thing for her to do having been district attorney in a place like san francisco for 7 years whether you're connecting with democrats in rust belt, everyone in between, she's got some tough days ahead. maria: these are great points,
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mark, what do you say? mark: well, i don't think it's her job -- maria: yeah. mark: i don't think it's her job to connect with the rust belt. i think that's joe biden's job. she's right. she didn't pull the african-american vote, you know, as strongly as she expected and everyone expected during the primary. i don't think anyone ever really explained why that happened and biden held onto his share the vote, look, together as a ticket i think they're going to do very, very well with the african-american vote. a lot of people see her as a potential second african african-american president now that she has a nomination. i wouldn't worry about her not performing well out there on the stump with these democratic constituencies. i think she's a safe pick, good pick and this race is not going to be about the vice presidential choice, it's going to be about other issues.
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maria: yes, all right, mark, great to see you this morning. thanks so much. mark: thank you. maria: mark penn joining us. moderna, take a look at stocks surging this morning after white house announced deal for the biotech company coronavirus' vaccine, the u.s. government will pay 1 and a half billion dollars for 100 million doses of moderna vaccine currently in the final phase of testing which is on track to wrap up in september. stock is up 9 and a quarter percent this morning, our morning mover. we are getting started this morning, coming up quick break, rnc chair ronna mcdaniel to talk about joe biden's pick. next hour former new york city city mayor giuliani will react to joe biden's vp pick and congressman doug collins to talk about the latest on the michael flynn hearing. in the 8:00 a.m. hour wisconsin senator ron johnson discussing
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subpoena on fbi director christopher wray and steven mnuchin will join me to talk stimulus and gain's tax. first new risks for vaping when it comes to coronavirus. plus how you can save your hotel and airline point. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. on car and motorcycle insurance. hey, we lost the wifi password. do you remember what that is? i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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vaccine has yet to go through critical late-stage trials, but russian president vladimir putin says his own daughter has taken it. joining us pulmonary physician at cleaverland -- cleveland clinic. what do we know about the vaccine, is it safe? compare who is happening in russia and the united states are doing in terms of an effort for the coronavirus vaccine.
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doctor: good morning, thank you for having me, we really know very little about the vaccine. broadly we know that it's similar to a strategy used by the oxford university group and johnson & johnson but we don't know any of the data about how effective it was in early-stage trials, we know very little about the plans and all we know is a strategy right now. i think we'd like more information on it before we make judgments on it. maria: so a little propaganda in there. let's turn to the united states and what moderna is doing. the stock is up this morning. what vaccines are talked about, moderna is one of them. >> showing immune responses, formation of antibodies from the cell part of the immune system
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and all four of those that have published the results so far which include moderna have shown that there may be potential benefits, but, of course, those are in healthy patients, younger patients and we need to see how the vaccines act in larger populations, the people who are really at risk for this disease and to look for rare side effect that is can happen where you really need large populations to see those. maria: so the president yesterday talked about the government's deal to purchase 100 million doses of moderna experimental coronavirus vaccine. when do you expect that? they're talking later this year, october, november. it's extraordinary that we are at this point in such a short period of time. disagreement is for 100 million doses. doctor: yes, i think that this is really a wonderful example of collaboration across academia, pharma and government.
6:20 am
derisking the process by allowing manufacturing of the vaccines now, i think, really speeds things up. the question of this when this will happen depends on enrollment and trials, 30,000 patients for the trials, the pfizer drug, moderna vaccine and -- and so we need to see how fast those trials enrolled and depends on how many people on the trial get exposed to the virus because until there are enough events it's hard to judge whether or not the vaccine is effective. i think that october is perhaps ambitious. we will have to see how it goes. maria: so -- so assess where we are here today. as far as this vaccine. do you think we are going to see another spike in the fall? doctor: i think whether or not we see a spike depends on behavior, how closely people follow social distancing and
6:21 am
what happens as people go back to schools, whether there's fatigue about things like mask-wearing and it's up to the american public about how big this virus gets in the fall. i do think that eventually there's likely to be a vaccine but first we have to do those important tackling measures. maria: doctor, thank you very much for your insights. doctor: thank you. maria: coming up historic voice, joe biden taps harris as vice presidential pick, we are on it all morning this morning, take a look at the impact on your life, back in a moment.
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follow the teams you love. and, even get notifications with breaking news alerts and more. with the xfinity sports zone everybody wins. now that's simple, easy, awesome. say xfinity sports zone into your voice remote today. maria: welcome back, senator kamala harris in the spotlight as we have been reporting this
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morning joe biden tapped the california senator and former presidential candidate as running mate. the move ending months of speculation. dagen mcdowell, your reaction earlier about where she is in terms of being moderate. what kind of an impact is this going to have, you think? dagen: i think her biggest impact will be number 1 she can go out of the house with ease which clearly has been an issue for former vice president joe biden. my friend jenny johnson tweeted this, finally somebody who can drive at night. if anything, it does highlight that people look at vice president biden and his lack of mental sharpness and his age at potential inauguration he would be the oldest president ever inaugurated at age 78. the wall street journal editorial page writing about this today, so people really have to look at her. if biden is a one-term president are you looking at her than any other running mate as
6:26 am
potentially presidential candidate or the next president, if you will, after the next four years. just one more quick thing, i've said this and i will say it over and over again. this will be potentially the election of public security with all the unrests and run away violence in major cities across the country, will she step up and run on her record as an attorney general in the state of california. will she get tough because frankly because this is something that president trump is increasingly using against the biden campaign and is she up for that job? maria: yeah. yeah. that's a good point and i agree with you in terms of looking at her differently than we've looked at other vice presidential candidates given joe biden's condition. i mean, you could see her become president sooner rather than later should he decide to step back. is there an impact to know on wall street, ryan payne.
6:27 am
ryan: well, i think sentiment can change on a dime and the thing that's being discounted here is by november, if you look at most economists, you know, a much better place than we are today in terms of where the economy is and i think that's what's been discounted all summer so far most economists have been dour on where we are going to be and continue being on positive and most people on wall street haven't. i think when you start thinking about november, start thinking a stronger economy and you start looking at the cases coming down for coronavirus on a daily basis because i think people are being more conscious about how they are living their life right you know specially in some states like florida and texas where they are having problems and i think it's tough for biden and harris, let's face it, people vote with their wallet. maria: yeah, we will see. we will talk with nancy lazar coming up and word on wall street at the top of 7:00 and she's actually considering changing estimates if r the
6:28 am
third quarter and we will get into that and how the third quarter is shaping up. we will slip in a break, rnc chair ronna mcdaniel to talk about the 2020 race and how it's taking shape. who's number one? we've got it coming up. i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car
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now you can trade stocks and etfs for any amount you choose instead of buying by the share. all with no commissions. stocks by the slice from fidelity. get your slice today. maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning, everybody. thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is wednesday august 12th, let's look at markets 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. high of the morning up 280 points. the nasdaq is up 106 and s&p up 27. the stimulus standoff leads to a late-day selloff yesterday meanwhile, take a look. s&p 50 snapped 7-day winning streak. dow was down 104 and nasdaq down
6:32 am
185 points as 4:00 o'clock on wall street. global markets this morning are mixed, positive tone to many of them, even though the uk economy fell into a recession after shrinking more than 20% in the second quarter. the largest contraction reported by any major economy. the ftse 100 is up 60 points, the cac is up 21 and the dax is lower by 16 points. in asia overnight markets mostly higher, best performer was hong kong. facebook is cracking down on news pages ahead of 2020 election. cheryl casone with the details now, cheryl. cheryl: that is right, maria, good morning. facebook is closing a loophole that allowed some political groups to place ads without proper disclaimers, that includes news publications with ties to political parties or to politicians. the groups will now be banned from claiming news exemptions. take a look at the stock, though, this morning, show
6:33 am
higher by more than 1% in premarket trading. well, speaking of trading going public, airbnb close to starting the process as soon as this month. that's according to wall street journal. the home-sharing giant still has to file ipo paperwork with the securities and exchange commission. morgan stanley and goldman sachs to be involved in the offering. here is a look at what's trending this morning on, dewayne the rock johnson once again highest paid actor in hollywood. he pulled an estimated $87.5 million in 2020. whole foods just launched series of cooking and other home economic courses for free on website an hamilton was the biggest thing on streaming service, biggest than netflix and folks really paid for it, maria. those are the headlines from the newsroom, back over to you. maria: all right, cheryl, thank you so much.
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the 2020 race is officially set, joe biden taps california senator former rival kamala harris as running mate. harris took to twitter after the announcement and wrote this, joe biden can unify the american people because he spent life fighting for us and i am honor today join him as party's nominee for vice president and do what it takes to make him our commander in chief. president trump weighed in at the white house yesterday. >> i was a little surprised that he picked her. i've been watching her for a long time and i was a little surprised. she was very disrespectful to joe biden and it's hard to somebody somebody that's that disrespectful. she's very big into raising taxes, she wants to slash funds for our military at a level that nobody can even believe. she is against franks, franks is -- she's against petroleum products and wants to take your healthcare plans away from
6:35 am
180 million americans. maria: joining me right now is the chairman of the rnc ronna mcdaniel, how does this change things? >> i think it was a boring pick. i think it's interesting that she called him a racist and believed his accusers and now is shifting her stance because she wants to be on the ticket, that's pretty typical of kamala harris but it doesn't change the fact that she's a california progressive radical. she embraces the green new deal. she and biden want to raise taxes on 82% of americans, they will eliminate all of our energy independence and frightening ticket that would bankrupt the american people. maria: so let's talk about the african-american vote today. how does the president resinate with the black community and
6:36 am
what will kamala harris bring to joe biden's ticket in that regard because this is an important polling block obviously and before the coronavirus shutdown i think that the african-american community was seeing the lowest unemployment rate ever, there was support for president trump. is there still support today? >> there is, we just saw poll that showed 35% of african americans support president trump because of things like the fist steps act where he took actions with criminal justice reform that biden and obama could have taken and they didn't. in fact, joe biden according to kamala harris was part of mass incarcerations for the black community. president trump gave funding to hbcu's, this isn't just rhetoric from president trump but policy into action that lifted the african-american community. we know what harris said about
6:37 am
joe biden. she said that obviously he was part of mass incarcerations, we have seen rhetoric recently where he said all black people think the same. he called an african-american journalist a junky. she's going to have to right some of the wrong that is the biden campaign has committed and the gaffes that joe biden continually makes to the african-american community. maria: yeah, pretty extraordinary when you think about some of those gaffes. jonathan madison, jump in here and i'd like to know if you agree with all of that, jonathan, and as you jump in, let me show you the latest numbers from university and show lead and slight improvement for the president, a prior poll showed 13-point gap. >> there's tough challenges ahead for biden and kamala. for the most part biden is counting on kamala to garner the
6:38 am
black vote. you can see how she did in 2019, she didn't farewell with the african-american votes. particularly those in california, those who know her actually remember statements she made, remarks about when she was asked about if she smoked marijuana and she kind of laughed but then we know she turned around and locked 1500 people for doing the same. it's things like that, prosecution record and i think african americans kind of see her while she does have a great resume and has done great things but as want to go garner the vote it's more attending to african americans an if there's anything that we can take a lesson from african americans are tired of being taken for granted and votes and regardless of what party and side you're on and biden has his challenges too with with regard to disparaging remarks that he's made towards african americans in the last months. both of them together have their
6:39 am
challenges. maria: yeah, and, you know, kevin mccarthy tweeted, ronna that harris would like to make the entire country like san francisco. what about her background and what she's done for her constituents? when you look at san francisco today, it is a mess. homelessness has risen so much. you've got crime on the rise, so what can you talk -- what can people expect from kamala harris knowing what her constituents have seen and her background in california? >> yeah, i don't think the middle of the country wants to see a california liberal telling us how to live. she has said she's going to stop deportations and get free health insurance to people who come here illegally, all of the radical ideas from the green new deal she's embraced. if you look at california, she's a mess. she's a total radical. the policies that she and joe
6:40 am
biden are embracing are truly frightening, so i don't think that's going to play in the middle of the country. the main question i have is, is she going to move in joe biden's basement and is she actually going to get out and campaign and are they going the take tough questions because so far this is a candidacy that doesn't want to talk about the issues they are running on. they want to hide from the issues that they're running on and i'm just wondering when she's moving in if they've expanded their basement so kamala can be a roommate. maria: wow. all right, ronna, we will be watching, what a race. we will keep watching it along with you and see you soon, ronna mcdaniel joining us with reaction. coming up fashion you cannot wear, the price tag on this digital shirt makes a buzz this morning. wait till you see this. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. tiktok stealing user data. tiktok capitalizing on loophole and android phone security to obtain users unique addressing sending back to china base bite dance. tiktok reportedly ending the practice in november. joining me atlas organization founder and the author of china's vision of victory, jonathan ward. jonathan, always a pleasure to see you, thanks very much for
6:45 am
joining us. we are talking about this on sunday with -- with senator tom cotton who said that tiktok is like a trojan horse on your phone and vacuums up all of your info. talk to us about the threat. jonathan: absolutely, good morning, maria, great to be back. i think what's important is executive orders that put pressure on two major chinese technology companies and on the one hand tiktok and bite dance and the other wechat and ten cent. many people thought that tech companies in china were good investments, things to be pursuing for economic reasons and they are closely linked to chinese tech. you can't become a company of that scale without ties to the communist party. the other thing this week the fortune 500 was release and now more chinese companies on the fortune 500 than u.s. companies. it's these corporations that are
6:46 am
really china's economic battle fleet and this is where we have to be focused as a country to win competition with china. many are state-owned. in this case bite dance and tencent are not but state affiliated. ultimately america as a robust tool kit for economic sanctions, economic containment and even economic warfare. we will have to concentrate on the companies that are tied to the state particularly offering surveillance in military fusion and we can't let them into the u.s. and all makes sense for us to do it and we will have also to have worldwide coalition that pushes back on china's companies. maria: well, we will see about that. right now you've got microsoft trying to convince government officials and the president that it's fine acquiring tiktok and they can do what they need to do to eliminate any national security issue but my question is how many people from tiktok are going to work for microsoft, jonathan, because we have seen over and over again the chinese
6:47 am
communist party is able to steal from within, steal from the inside whether it's those earnings from motorola who were arrested years ago or cleveland clinic or the harvard charles lieber, they identify people and send people to america to get incredible jobs and steal the information from the inside. do you believe if a deal happens between the two companies, tiktok employees go work for microsoft, chinese nationals? >> this is important part of the deal. the technology will have to be secured and secured from insider threat. it does make sense for a u.s. company to take over tiktok if you can achieve all of that but at the same time what you can't do is allow communist party essentially capabilities to continue within this technology, so that's what microsoft has to be sure to fix. maria: well, the behavior on the part of the ccp is just
6:48 am
incredible, we've talked this week not just about the ccp military invading india but now they're targeting islands in japan, islands, and, they, of course, overreached in hong kong. jimmy li was arrested again and we can report he was released on bail, arrested this week under hong kong's new national security law, jonathan. the legislation aims to prevent foreign influence in hong kong affairs says the ccp. jonathan, what does this mean they could go arrest jimmy li, take him over to the border and torture him because that's the new security law? jonathan: sure, it gives them the right to do whatever they'd like with anyone in hong kong and it's a way of cracking down with all of the methods that are available to them on the mainland and also many who interpreted the national security law as having worldwide reach so they can go after
6:49 am
anyone around the world who they consider to be threat for national security so in that regard it's very, you know, ugly law. maria: right. and -- and he was -- he was released on bail. were you surprised by that apparently this morning? jonathan: i think it's really -- they've made their message clear. they can detain anyone, they will detain the most prominent voices and i'm sure they're likely to do more if they -- if they think that he hasn't been silenced so i think the story is not over. maria: all right, jonathan, great to talk with you this morning. thankthank you so much. we have been on this from day one, jonathan ward joining us. thank you, sir. coming up new risks for vaping. when it comes to coronavirus who is most at risk, we have the story. fresh take on the fresh prince of bell air making buzz this morning all coming up right after this.
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♪ ♪ ♪ maria: time for the morning buzz. first up you could look but you'll never touch. tribute brand selling contactless fashion. 700 bucks get you this, a digital certificate as proof you own one of these shirts. [laughter] maria: dagen, are you going to pay for a digital closet? dagen: no, because i'm not stupid and i think this might be a spoof but i'm not sure. maria: just to put it on in pictures digitally, that's what it's about and you're paying 700
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bucks for this. unbelievable. next up the fresh prince is back, will smith works with morgan cooper to reboot the iconic series, youtube trailer bell air going viral in 2019 prompting a fresh prince update with a twist. ryan, are you excited? ryan: i'm excited. i'm from philly, will smith is from philly, i still think i can sing every word of the theme song and i do it on air if you ever need the ratings to go higher. i will put the offer out there. maria: you want to take a shot right here, you want to take a shot right here? [laughter] ryan: maybe i shouldn't have offered that. maria: you didn't think i was going to call you on it. all right. a professional -- [laughter] maria: what? dagen: i said so he doesn't -- go ahead. maria: a professional stuntman mixing the love of his job to
6:55 am
propose. check this out, sparks were flying when his girlfriend said yes. okay, so he puts himself on fire before he proposes, jonathan, isn't this cool? [laughter] jonathan: i thought i was a hopeless romantic. he set the bar way higher. anybody out there that thinks they had it together, this guy has set the bar to another level. you literal i will have to set yourself on fire to where this guy is. literally on fire. hilarious. maria: there you go. oh, god. what a buzz. still ahead fleeing new york the new round of people heading out to big apple over high taxes and crime. then super savers, how you can save hotel and airline points all next hour mornings with maria on fox business. ♪
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find a stock basedtech. on your interests or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity. maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, august 12. your top stories, just before 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. the democratic ticket is set, joe biden taps senator kamala harris as his running mate. we've got all the very latest coming up, more of president trump's reaction and what this ticket could mean to your wallet coming up this morning. straight ahead, in about 10 of minutes, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is weighing in on the biden, harris ticket and the stimulus stalemate as the white house pushes forward on executive orders to help americans and the stimulus money flowing. coming up this morning, treasury secretary steven mnuchin s will
7:00 am
be here on where the talks stand and how soon americans could see extra unemployment benefits hitting their wallets. tesla trying to electrify investors this morning announcing a five to one stock split, the stock is up better than 6% on tesla. broader markets higher, take a look at futures indicating a gain at the start of trading. we have a rally underway at the high offs the morning right now, the dow industrials up 260 points, nasdaq up 100, s&p futures right now higher by 25 points. the stimulus standoff led to a let day selloff yesterday, s&p 500 snapped a winning streak at 4:00 on wall street with a decline of 26 points, the dow was down 104, look at the nasdaq, down 185 points yesterday on wall street. more tiktok security concerns this morning, the popular chinese app reportedly tracking user data from millions of people in violation of google's policies. college football takes a time
7:01 am
out of, postponing the fall season due to the coronavirus. "mornings with maria" is live right now. global markets this morning look like this, european indices are higher across the board, the fq100 is up 72, the u.k. economy did fall into a recession after shrinking by better than 20 of% in the second quarter. the cac is up 22, and the dax index is up a fraction, it had been negative earlier. in asia overnight markets were mostly higher at the close overnight as you'll see, the best performer was hong kong with the hang seng up almost one and-a-half percent. joining the conversation this morning, dagen mcdowell, ryan payne and jonathan madison. great to see everybody this morning. dagen: good morning. maria: some of the top stories this morning, an historic decision, joe biden taps kamala harris as his pick for vice president. she is making history as the first woman of color on a major presidential ticket. president trump already slamming the decision, calling harris one of the most of liberal members
7:02 am
of the senate. >> as far as kamala is concerned, she's a big tax raiser, slasher of funds for our military and she's got a lot of difficult things that she's going to have to explain. maria: harris and biden will make their first appearance as running mates today in delaware. meanwhile, no more games, mitch mcconnell demanding democrats restart coronavirus relief negotiations, mcconnells say if democrats are playing hard ball they are harming vulnerables, not republicans. president trump signed executive orders extending certain relief benefits. tesla making a move this morning, the stock is up in the premarket, take a look. the electric vehicle maker announced last night a five for one stock split. the stock is up 6 and two-thirds percent. tesla shares gaining 229% this year, hitting a string of closing records.
7:03 am
the split goes into effect after the close of trading on august 31st. college football on the bench, the big 1 10 and pac 112 takea time out. officials say the health of student athletes are more important. they are eyeing pushing the season into the spring. time for the word on wall street. joining us right now is corner stone macro's co-founder, nancy lazar and ceo jason trenner. thank you for being here. markets are higher, futures indicate a gain of 251 points on the session, dow industrials up almost 1%, s&p 500 snapping a seven-day winning streak yesterday, investors seeing tech stocks fall with the nasdaq down 185 points, one and two-thirds percent. nancy, kick us off here. your reaction to the economy today in terms of that
7:04 am
contraction in the second quarter and what you're expecting for the second half. >> the second quarter drop is obviously now old news. we're in a v-rebound and economic activity from retail sales to industrial production to housing, you had three main forces kind of boosting the economy. first, obviously, the massive domestic and global stimulus, second, a healing of the credit markets with some junk yields moving to 3%. bond yields are near record lows. third, we have important long-term drivers of growth in this country. so that fuel has really propelled those sectors from housing to technology to manufacturing, capital spending, health care, so we think we not only are getting a v-rebound but a sustained pickup in economic activity where the prospects for this economy could actually be healthier than generally is perceived. maria: so do you think markets are reacting to this, nancy? is that why we're seeing this incredible resilience in
7:05 am
markets. you're expectin expecting corpoe profits over the next year to grow by 14% year over year, you're also talking about recent strength in cap ex and employment, reinforcing your conclusion that profits are already rebounding. >> we have a very healthy profit backdrop. they got hit very hard in the second quarter. even within the second quarter there were glimmers of hope of, particularly in some of the drivers of growth. the real news will be the third quarter where you're going to see a particularly strong pick-up in profits. but again, employment's already improving, capital spending is already improving. if profits weren't increasing you wouldn't be getting the increases in employment and cap ex. i think it's under-appreciated the health and breadth of the improvement in the corporate profit cycle, both for domestic companies and global companies, you're seeing a pick-up in foreign growth. u.k. gdp got hit hard in q2. that's old news. the eurozone economy is doing a little better than we are now.
7:06 am
we're having a healthy pickup in the chinese economy. they're not putting in place inflation, which is good news for the economy, they're easing more moderately. a global pickup will help foreign earnings. pretty broad-based improvement in the corporate profit cycle. that's what's key to sustaining the job gains. maria: jason, do you agree with that? and even if we are underestimating the strength of this economy, you have to believe some of it is in this market. it won't quit, the markets keep hitting highs. look at the nasdaq. there's got to be confidence in here in terms of what nancy's saying. jason. >> yeah. i think certainly, i think a v-shaped bottom was i think inevitable, just to the extent to which we shut down the entire economy. i think a sustained v-shaped recovery i'm somewhat more skeptical. i hope that's what happens. i think it's going to require
7:07 am
better policies, more pro-growth policies as opposed to income replacement. but obviously the u.s. has enormous advantages, normally one of the advantages it has that it's a service oriented economy versus manufacturing which tends to lessen the impact of recessions. this time around, because of the nature of the virus and the nature of social distancing and all the rest of it, it becomes a little bit of a liability unfortunately. the best stimulus would be to open up the economy completely. and i think that's one of the things that's missing and i think it's going to take some time or we might have a change of heart. but i would be somewhat skeptical as far as the market is concerned. i still have a very strong bias toward growth oriented companies, particularly tech and
7:08 am
healthcare and somewhat more skeptical about several of the sectors, heavy cyclicals, because they're having a nice couple of weeks here but i would be careful there, again, until we have better news or better policies as far as opening up the economy. maria: you mentioned policy. i'm looking at a cowen report this morning, politics and the u.s. economy. joe biden tapping senator kamala harris as his running mate, jason. what's the reaction from your standpoint from investors today and let me just tell you about this cowen report. biden's vp pick has little background in healthcare and we do not see her as having a significant impact on biden healthcare agenda, so he was pretty aggressive in terms of his healthcare agenda, at least cowen does not expect that to change now that kamala harris is on the ticket. your reaction to policy that she may come up with on the biden ticket? >> well, i'm not even sure --
7:09 am
first of all, it's pretty progressive. and i think the candidates proposed policies themselves, it would be difficult to describe them as market-friendly. the differences between the two candidates in terms of taxes could not be more stark. the differences between the two candidates in terms of energy policy could not be more stark. and so -- and i don't see anything with regard to sun tore -- senator harris that would move vice president biden more to the center. quite the opposite. so this is another thing -- maria: right, exactly. >> money growth is growing at 23% so that covers a multitude of sins for the market but it's difficult to say that the market is discounting at this point a biden victory, which is what the
7:10 am
majority of our clients think is likely to happen. they also believe, 82% of our clients we just surveyed 1,000 over the last year, think that a dem sweep, democratic sweep would be the single most danger, biggest danger to the market as a whole. maria: i mean, than circumstance you can't -- i mean, i don't believe markets believe there's going to be a democratic sweep because of what we're seeing in markets. i mean, kamala harris is even farther left than joe biden. your thoughts on how this impacts the economy, should they win, nancy, real quick. >> i might take a little bit of a step back and say manufacturing, construction activity investment, jason, i think are going to be the real big drivers of growth this expansion. and so that's how you actually heal the labor market is by encouraging investment in this country which is happening no matter who wins. this giant sucking sound of china taking all the jobs out of the country is over.
7:11 am
we've already seen the pendulum swing back to capital spending in the united states, investment in the united states and so no matter who wins, i think you have this positive support for the economy, through this improving trend in investment, both by the service sector and the manufacturing sector. that's how you create jobs. gdp growth under biden will be less than under republican administration because obviously companies will be more incentivized to invest in a lower corporate tax rate environment. the best thing for job creation, the best thing for the working ma'am and woman in thi this couy is to encouraging companies to invest in this country and you don't do that by raising corporate taxes, period. maria: you've counted more than 100 companies who have taken supply chains out of china and are headed back to the u.s., right, nancy? >> just this year. just this year we're up over 100 companies. japan is also doing the same thing. the era of china being the
7:12 am
sucking sound for all investment in the world is over. it's being disbursed to other countries, including the united states. you see it in the day that you see it in the stock market. pull apart the s&p cap goods markets and look at the companies that have high u.s. sales. they're outperforming the companies that have too many sales to china. i would argue it's a healthier global expansion than what we've seen and let's not blow it by raising corporate taxes in the united states back to where they were before, which is one of the highest in the world. that's counter productive for the worker. maria: i get all that. let me tell you, if joe biden wins, he's going to have a different relationship with china than that of president trump. we know that. there's a different explanation of who china is depending on who you talk with. so there is an issue there when you're talking about the manufacturing field getting fired up again. >> but companies know, understand that china is no longer an attractive place to do business. so i don't want to get into the
7:13 am
politics of it. i don't think companies are going back to the way they were and that's more important. maria: all right. that's a good point. nancy lazar, jay son, good to see you both. thank you so much. coming up next, former new york city mayor rudy guliani is here reacting to joe biden's vp pick. georgia congressman doug collins talks about the latest on the michael flynn hearings. next hour, ron johnson joins me to discuss the subpoena of fbi director christopher wray. and then treasury secretary steven mnuchin will join me to talk stimulus and the capital gains tax. all that coming up right here. stay with us. save money for ove. they've really stood the test of time. much like these majestic rocky mountains. which must be named after the... that would be rocky the flying squirrel, mr. gecko sir. obviously! ahh come on bullwinkle, they're named after... our first president george rockington! that doesn't even make any sense... mr... uhh... winkle.
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maria: welcome back. joe biden taps california senator and former presidential candidate kamala harris as his running mate, ending months of speculation. president trump reacted yesterday. >> i was a little surprised that he picked her. i've been watching her for a long time and i was a little surprised. she was very disrespectful to joe biden and it's hard to pick
7:17 am
somebody that's that disrespectful. she's very big into raising taxes. she wants to slash funds for our military at a level that nobody can even believe. she is against fracking, fracking is -- she's against petroleum products. she wants to take your healthcare plans away from 180 mill i don't kno180 million ame. maria: joining me right now is former new york city mayor, personal attorney to president trump, rudy giuliani. thank you for being here. >> always a pleasure. thank you. maria: so what do you think? what's your reaction to kamala harris getting the nod? >> well, i spent most of the night going through her record as a prosecutor because that's migratest love and probably the thing i know the best of and i have to tell you, she's one of the worst prosecutors i've ever seen. her record is virtually
7:18 am
schizophrenic. you could take half of her record and say she was very tough, too tough. 1500 people in jail for marijuana, small little amounts of marijuana. cases -- i mean, i spent 16 years as a prosecutor, did many more important cases than she did. i never prosecuted a use marijuana case. she had 1500 of them in jail. she helped produce the population that donald trump had to save with the prison reform. by the way, her boss, he's the one who authored it. it's really strange. he authored a bill that provides for mass incarceration of mostly blacks for minor crimes and disproportionately for the crimes they commit. she boasts about it and they're running as the progressive candidate. if you look at her cases against judges, people with political influence, how about a case of a guy she let go and the guy committed murder a short while later, you've got one of the
7:19 am
most irresponsible set them loose prosecutors like the ones we have that soros is electing all over the country now. she's everything to everybody. she's about as pandering as he is. she's changed the position so many times it's impossible to track it without a score card. and it's not unlike her boss who used to be anti-abortion all his life, he was a catholic, he was anaanti-abortion. two months ago he changed completely. maria: you're saying no conviction, no principle. >> with aoc. none. zero. no, she had a lot of convictions. a lot of them were overturned. she's also been accused of prosecutorial misconduct and withholding significant evidence of innocence including for a man who was on death row. at the same time, she is suspected of being involved in killing influential investigations and prosecutions for people who had political influence on her. that's the worst of both words.
7:20 am
you've got the tough prosecutor who goes after everybody, nobody is going to stop them, she was that, except she wasn't. if there was a political thing involved she would sell out her case, let a murderer go free, wouldn't follow up on significant cases when the person was important. she was a prosecutor on the make, not a prosecutor trying to do justice. all she was thinking about is how do i become attorney general, how do i become governor or senator, and, okay, what lies do i have to tell. so she attacks biden effectively for what comes very close to statements and actions that make him look like a racist. certainly if biden were a republican, there would be no doubt he would be called a racist. i don't think he is. but if he were a republican he would be called a racist. she virtually called him a racist. he hurt her when she was a child because she was bussed. now she's on his ticket? that's principle? so i think what he's got here is
7:21 am
what the -- the vice president doesn't count for much. if we want somebody that we can raise a million issues with, that this woman in no way should be within 100 miles of the oval office, you've got it. i mean, here goes our energy industry in a minute. petroleum, oil, fracking ends, ends. the energy independence that we created ends. maria: you might say ordinarily -- you might say ordinarily the vice president doesn't matter in terms of policy. it's just they're there just to help the president. but in this case, you're talking about a different situation given cognitive issues that we've seen from joe biden. i want to take a short break and come back on that note and talk more about that. stay with us, mayor rudy giuliani with us this morning. we'll talk the homelessness crisis as well. stay with us. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. almost done.
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maria: welcome back. i'm back with former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. and rudy, i want to ask you about the homelessness situation going on across the country. new york city in particular, about 20% of big apple hotels are reportedly being used as homeless shelters on the taxpayers' dime by the way, the move putting financial strain on the city dealing with this global pandemic and a tax exodus. your reaction as mayor de blasio almost feels like it's a badge of honor to put homeless shelters right next door to big, expensive, fancy buildings in new york city. >> yeah, well you've got to understand who he's putting next door to, they're not just homeless people. there was a an expose by the new york post. he's got about 1 10 sexual predators, pedophiles, a couple people that are significantly violent criminals. his definition of a nonviolent crime, i think includes rape. it certainly includes major drug
7:26 am
dealing. he's putting very, very dangerous predators right where children -- it's right next to a school. i mean, the man -- maria: unbelievable. >> -- has been a disaster. three years ago i wrote an editorial because of what was happening on my block for the new york post about how if you have a lot of homeless people like he was beginning to have in new york city it means the mayor doesn't love people. because i couldn't stand seeing homeless people. i couldn't stand seeing homeless people, not because i was worried about the money i was spending on them. i had a $40 billion budget, they almost more than doubled it. i felt like a christian, i felt i've got to do something about that. so i can go give them some money. maria: very sad. >> it's said to empower them. or i could help them. so i deviced a program to help them. it was remarkably successful. we had very little homelessness when i was mayor.
7:27 am
mike bloomberg to his credit he did the same thing. i always felt mike improved things somewhat. he and i aren't political allies. i just respect him as being a good mayor. the democrat mayors we have in the 10 largest cities in the country are an indication of what will happen if we elect biden and kamala harris. they have all the same policies, they want to move us all in the same direction. they have all those stupid liberal ideas, free this, free that, free this. you know this, maria. governor cuomo is beside himself, he's losing his tax base. maria: right. >> he's losing billionaire after billionaire. and aoc, the idiot progressives, they want to tax them even more. who is going to pay for the poor people if the rich people leave? maria: and so de blasio got mad when cuomo said that. he didn't like the fact that cuomo's trying to get rich people to come back. you saw the story today, john
7:28 am
miller's 13-year-old son gets robbed in broad daylight in new york city, rudy. 1:45 p.m. in the afternoon on 91st street and central park west. react to that. and then of course you have to just let us know if you think voters going to react to san francisco where kamala harris comes from. what has she done for constituents there? you see the homeles homeless prn new york, probably 10 of times the situation in san francisco. >> this is really a shame, a very fine young man, a great family and john is one of the pioneers. john was with me from the very beginning when people told us we couldn't turn crime around. i don't think there was a day of his life that john didn't believe we could do it. so it's a shame that someone who has done such good work to reduce crime and also to keep us involved in terrorism which de blasio has lost all sight of. when he reduced the police department, he reduced terrorism and you've got to think -- you have to be able to do two things
7:29 am
at onc once if you're a mayor. reducing our defense against terrorism when there are islamic terrorists who want to come here and kill us and they usually try to do it when we don't think about them. this is an extremely irresponsible mayor and mayor de blasio has been the cause of unnecessary killings and deaths in the city, both in his negligent treatment of the pandemic and historiedi his r- 100% in shooting, we had more shootings in half a year than all of last year, our murders are up like 50%. our police are retiring because -- maria: we expected this with the reform. >> that's governor cuomo. i mean, the bail reform makes no sense at all. it is not nonviolent, simple little criminals.
7:30 am
like a rapist was released and did a rape three days later. that shelter, so called shelter on the upper west side has a bunch of pedophiles in it. they're not bed -- pedophiles are not nonviolent. they're disgusting, aren't they. they're perverts and they're disgusting. maria: it's really incredible. all of this. >> this is going to lead i hope -- maria: it's a sad state of affairs in our big cities. a sad state of affairs. rudy, always a pleasure to see you. thank you, sir. >> maria, the best, you are the best. maria: thank you, rudy. rudy giuliani joining us. quick break and then georgia congressman doug collins is here talking about the latest on the michael flynn case. don't miss it. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪
7:31 am
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maria: welcome back. we have a recall alert to check your fridge. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: fresh house 2 said it found listeria on a piece of
7:34 am
equipment at one of the packaging facility. the fda issuing a voluntary recall. products include oranges, potatoes, lemons and limes, all sold at wegmanns. amazon looking to build a $400 million distribution center in detroit at the old michigan state fair grounds. the site has been abandoned for more than a decade. it could bring in more than 1200 jobs paying $15 an hour. take a look at amazon stock, stock is up three-quarters of a percent, 3,100 and chain. and there is a new member of the billionaire's club. apple ceo tim cook has passed that mark. that's according to bloomberg billionaire's index. cook has led apple for nearly a decade now. his net worth seeing a jump after apple shares inched closer to the trillion dollar mark, valued at 350 billion when founder steve jobs died. here is the stock right now, up about one and a quarter percent, maria. those are your headlines.
7:35 am
back over to you. maria: all right, cheryl. thank you. back in court, the michael flynn case takes another turn in appeals court. jeffrey wall suggests attorney general william barr has secret reasons for the justice department seeking to dismiss flynn's case. joining me now is georgia congressman and member of the house judiciary committee, doug collins, always a pleasure to see you. thank you for being here. >> good morning. maria: let's talk first flynn. i think even without things we may not know about that bill barr may be reviewing, you believe that the case against flynn was made up anyway, based on an ambush of an interview. tell me about this trial, this hearing that took place yesterday. >> well, it's just beginning to be more and more confusing to the american people. why is this still going on? why has judge sullivan decided to put himself at the middle of the situation and continue to drag this out. the reasons the department of
7:36 am
justice have articulated the court was sufficient and valid to have this case be done away with. judge sullivan continues the process of wanting to become the prosecutor, the defense attorney, the judge. he's bringing in all kinds of aspects and continually bakely wasting the american people's time on this issue that should have been solved. the problem is here is that it now becomes more and more evident there's a political agenda it seems like with sullivan to get at the department of justice or maybe at the president or whoever, because there's no real reason to keep this going on even with the judges yesterday saying well doesn't he have the reason to think about stuff. it's to follow the law. this is becoming more and more of a circus and judge sullivan's at the middle of it. i think he enjoys it. it's sad because michael flynn's life was ruined by these people. maria: yep. and we know now that they didn't have anything on any coordination or collusion with russia even as late as
7:37 am
january 17, right before the president was about to get inauguratessed. they came up with the logan act which has never been used, ever. all the evidence leads to exactly that. let me ask you about the exclusives on sunday morning futures, with steven shrage, here's what he told me about all of the money that his boss stefan hall pert got. he made $1 million over a couple years, one payment was $411,000, just a couple months before the wiretap was secured to spy on carter page. here's steven shrage from sunday. the office of net assessments awarded him four contracts between may of 2012 and september of 2016. in september of '15 he was awarded a contract valued at $245,000 to study russia and
7:38 am
china. characterize that. are these the kind of -- these the kind of paychecks you get for doing a report on china and russia an isn't it interesting that just months later after he was awarded another contract of $411,000, then the wiretapping of carter page started. >> yes. i have never heard of that in an academic setting, providing that much compensation for these types of reports. one thing i will say that was quite unusual was even after carter page had been kind of smeared improperly as a quote, unquote, russian spy, stefan halpert would profusely thank me for introducing him. once you saw the massive payments corresponding to when he was surveilling page and papadopoulos which i learned about in 2018, there could be a connection there. there's a theory about how that played out. the key part and i think the real smokeing gun in all of this is all these tentacles lead back
7:39 am
to the small group. none of the senate has subpoenaed or called these people to talk in four years. i think that's the real smoking gun. maria: so what about that, congressman? are these the informants that were paid to set up trump campaign people and are they protected? >> well, it's really interesting, maria. thank goodness for you because you kept on this. we've been talking about this for a long time. we've been on your show, jim jordan, senator johnson and others. when they wanted us to stop talking, they wanted to put it ayeah as if it never happened. as we peel back the onion, another layer comes off and the information we're getting here reveals how deep this is and why the senate teds to ge needs to t the bottom of this. the web is constricted more and more, we see there's a concerted
7:40 am
effort between the spy gates, carter page, going back as we mentioned to the flynn case, these are all interconnected. if the american people in the years to come are going to see how this was a corruption of the department of justice, with jim comey and andrew mccabe and the others and peter strzok and others who set this up because they did not like president trump. let's just be honest about this. that's why i'm sot ready to get this out there and going. it's been a setup from day one. maria: and now senator graham, senator lindsey graham is demanding that fbi director christopher wray reveal the names of the fbi staffers that briefed senators on the steele dossier. graham told me on sunday morning futures that the phi deceived the senate intel committee. i have the redacted paperwork in front of me. and basic lip this was the report to the senate intel committee. this was february 2018, congressman, okay. so we know that in january of
7:41 am
2017 the subsource told the fbi the dossier was garbage. we made it up. it was hearsay. we were joking around in a bar. year later, a full year later, february 2018, the senate led by andrew mccabe is what i'm told, told the fbi, rather led by andrew mccabe, i'm told, told the senate that everything was kosher, we had a tested source on the dossier. is lying to the senate a crime? >> yes. you can't lie to -- you can't just do this. i'm going to take it a step forward than senator graham. i'm going to take it to chris wray. i reached my limit with director wray. it's time for him to resign, time for him to move on. when we see this kind of thing, either he was willfully not knowing what was going on, he was intentionally misleading the senate or there was actually a coverup going on. this has been continuing on. the horowitz report came out,
7:42 am
they said they implemented all the, quote, recommendations. we never saw people move. we never saw a move to go beyond that. so maria, i think what we're seeing here is this is an unveiling of what was a very dark time in the fbi, very dark time that bill barr is shining a bright light on and now with christopher wray, i think he just needs to move on. it's time for him to resign, let somebody else come in so we can have clearance and clarity on what happened and what's being done to make sure this never happens again, whether lying to congress or lying to the american people or better yet, as comey and the rest of them were doing, taking actions into their own hands to affect an election almost four years ago. maria: by the way, there's also been a fair amount of holding back documents. i've spoken with many insiders who said it's pulling teeth getting documents from christopher wray. they're sitting on the fbi documents, all of this stuff should have been out in the mueller report. all of this stuff should have been out in the horowitz report
7:43 am
two years ago. we're just getting this stuff unearthed now. we will keep on it. it's great to see you, sir. thank you so much. >> you take care, maria. maria: doug collins joining us this morning. coming up, a warning over vaping when it comes to coronavirus, who is most at risk. we'll tell you. fleeing new york city, the new round of people headed out of the big apple over crime, high taxes, homelessness manlessness. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. before money, people traded goods.
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maria: welcome back. new york city residents headed for the suburbs amid the pandemic looking for tax relief but there is a catch. gerri willis takes a look this morning. gerri. >> good morning, maria. that's right. are you tired of paying city income tax? maybe you thinke think a move of the city might qualify you for no longer paying those taxes. well, think again. >> new york tax authority at the city and state level are some of the most aggressive in the nation. you need to be careful about who you're tangling with and understand the law. they will chase you down, they will check where your pet lives, they will use these things to determine whether you're a resident. >> now, experts say auditors in big cities like new york won't let those dollars escape easily because they're so important to already stretched budgets. take new york where residents have already pulled out
7:48 am
$336 billion in the last year alone. income taxes there support 13% of the city's budget no wonder then new york governor andrew cuomo recently begged city residents to return saying we'll go to dinner, i'll buy you a drink, come over, i'll cook. you don't have to be in the big apple to pay big-time. the biggest city income tax comes from washington, d.c. which charges 8.95%. ouch. bottom line, experts say if you want to prove you're no longer a resident of a big city, consider joining a church in your new local, getting a doctor, setting up a bank account, moving your prized possessions like art work and of course fido to the new location. and maria, these experts tell us that it's all about primary residence. proving that you've actually moved. otherwise, you're going to be subject to these city income taxes. maria. maria: yeah, even if you're not
7:49 am
there regularly, gerri. that's the whole point. great reporting, gerri. thank you. looking at a bloomberg analysis of dwindling job listing, new york is not alone, honolulu, san jose and new york topping the list. dagen, your reaction. dagen: people are fleeing new york city because it's increasingly dangerous. you get acosted, attacked, assaulted on the street daily which has happened to at least one of our coworkers in the last two weeks and there's nobody there to do anything about it. it is like living in the belly of a por porta john it's so nasn the streets and you have a mayor whose ideology is apathy or disregard for human life. you have a leader in this city who does not care about anybody. it's a shame but it's not changing, maybe until people run for the hills and you have a downward financial spiral.
7:50 am
it's going to get a lot worse, mark my words. maria: look at what we were talking about with rudy giuliani, dagen, and the fact that the son, teenage son of nypd counter terrorism head john miller was robbed near central park and this was in broad daylight. this was on the upper west side at 1:45 in the afternoon. dagen: this is happening to people across the city and new yorkers, whether it's from the bronx, down to the battery, to queens, to brooklyn, to staten island, they deserve better than this and one thing to watch, you do not want moms to get mad but what's going on on the upper west side with homeless individuals, these are dual diagnosis, mentally ill, drug and alcohol addicted people who are shoved in these once ritzy hotels, that you had, again, ten people who were sex offenders, one man raped a 4-year-old and
7:51 am
he's living a block from a public school. maria: it is really getting bad out there. all right. we will take a break and then we've got a lot more ahead after this, we've got senator ron johnson and secretary mnuchin coming up. stay with us. it's evident in good times, with decisions focused on the long-term. and crucial when circumstances become difficult. that continued emphasis on people - our advisors, associates, clients and communities gives us purpose, strength and a way forward. today. and always.
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7:54 am
maria: welcome back. time for the morning buzz, first up, need a laugh? turn to alexa. c net is out with a list of the 55 funniest things to ask alexa. one is alexa, tell me a joke. will you marry me? would you like a pizza? do you have any pets. jonathan, what do you think of this comedy? johnathan: some of them are -- some of the remarks are funny, hilarious. some are borderline
7:55 am
inappropriate. three of my ferrets are do you know the muffin man, is your refrigerator running and one of them is i have 99 problems, alexa. the sky's the limit. i don't know. have fun. [ laughter ] maria: just in case you have time on your hands. next up, the doctor is out. dr. pepper facing a shortage, tweeting this, they know it's harder to find dr. pepper these days, we're working on it. hang in there. they're working to keep shelves stocked while ensuring the safety of employees. charmin toilet paper replied, welcome to the club. we feel your pain. first toilet paper, now soda. ryan: who drinks dr. pepper, that's what i want to know. remember tab? i would like to meet these people who actually still drink dr. pepper. maria: finally, pet perks, more companies are offering something
7:56 am
extra for pet owners. pet adoption stipend to health benefits an paw-ternity leaves. pets are even being allowed at the office. amazon and airbnb among the most pet friendly workplaces. i like this, dagen. do you think this is a growing trend? dagen: probably for some. however, i could not bring charlie or dale into the office because they're terrors, quite frankly. there they are. they just bark and they are just completely obnoxious and i take full responsibility for that as their fur mom. but by the way, i drink dr. pepper and it's incredibly popular. so i don't know what the heck ryan's talking about. ryan: sorry, dagen. sorry, dagen. dagen: i don't take offense. ryan: you're the one person. dagen: you're stone called wrong. >> no dr. pepper for me, guys. maria: there you go. all right. quick break and then still ahead
7:57 am
treasury secretary steven mnuchin is here live to talk about stimulus. where do we stand on that capital gains tax as well. plus, how you can save your hotel and airline points, all here, next hour, "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ we will, we will rock you. ♪ ta-da!
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. maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. wednesday, august 12 top stories 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast. the democratic ticket set joe biden tapping senator kamala harris as running mate what this could mean coming up this morning straight ahead, stimulus stalemate continues no deal with congress as white house pushes forward on executive orders to help americans 8:30 a.m. eastern treasury secretary mnuchin will join me live where the talks stand how americans could see a couple benefits.
8:01 am
>> to electrify investors five to one split shifting to high gear on news up 6 1/2% on tesla, broader market higher gain start of tradingios yogs up 260 multiplies nasdaq up 85, s&p 500 up 23. this morning hour and a half before opening bell sounds stimulus standoff to late day sell-off meanwhile, dow s&p 500 snapped seven-day winning streak dow decline 104, s&p down 26 tiktok security concerns continue the chinese app reportedly tracking user data from millions of people on android devices in violation of google policies. plus college football takes time out the big 10 pac-12 postponed fall season due to coronavirus "mornings with maria" is live right now. maria: global markets the a
8:02 am
firmer tone european indices higher across the board, uk falling into recession shrinking more than 20% in second quarter ft up 77 points cac quarante in paris up 22 dax in germany higher three points asian markets mostly higher best hong kong, as you can see, up one and a half percent overnight, joining the conversation this morning dagen mcdowell, ryan payne jonathan madison great show so far. dagen: great to see you. >> greet to be here. >> good morning. maria: top stories that we are watching this morning, joe biden choice tapping kamala harris as vice president the senator daughter of indian jamaiccan parents history first woman of color on major presidential ticket president trump slammed the decision calling harris one of the most liberal members of the senate. >> as far as kamala is concerned, she is a big tax raiser slasher of funds for our military she's got a lot
8:03 am
of difficult things she is going to have to explain. maria: biden and harris make first appearance as running mates later today in delaware. >> mitch mcconnell calling out democrats over stalled covid-19 relief talks majority leader saying if party is playing hardball they are harming vulnerable americans, president trump extendeded certainly benefited. >> president trump announcing u.s. will apply 100 million doses of he sprernl vaccine from moderna worth one and one half billion dollars government invested 955 million dollars in moderna vaccine development clurjt late stage human trials stock soaring on news up better than 11% right now, now out on bail, jimmy lai released from a hong kong jail the mogul
8:04 am
pro-democracy -- person taking in custody monday under hong kong national security law to prevent foreign flews in hong kong afavors according to the ccp the reasoning for arresting him. >> investigating fbi senate homeland security committee issuing subpoena for christopher wray as part of a larger probe into origins of the russia investigation senate judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham sending a letter to fbi director asking for names of the briefers who deceived the can he two years ago senate homeland security governmental affairs committee chairman senator run a jonson always great to see you. thank you for being here. >> morning maria how you doing. >> i am okay, let's talk about the subpoena for christopher wray what do you want to find out. >> we want the documents and literally seeking for a couple years. and maria i can understand, although i don't agree with
8:05 am
fact when you have a criminal investigation that a special counsel investigation, where -- you know law enforcement is going to not want to provide some documents they might want in prosecution soonest mueller investigation ended all those documents developed, horowitz obtaining their inspector general investigation should have been turned over to congressional oversight committees they weren't i wrote a alert in 2019 to attorney general, he has been great not holdup dailying all requests we had last couple years, and now is time to provide those to us. here we are august almost a year later we haven't basically gotten squat you are talking about, that briefing preparation paper that is outrageous stung the fact a year after the fbi knew they
8:06 am
knew there was rurp disinformation steal diversionary russia tried to infiltrate steele organization a year later briefing the senate intelligence committee, with -- a premeditated lie in a shocking that director wray's watch -- i only subpoenaed records from director wray at this point in time has lot to explain i am glad chairman graham fired off a letter to him. >> you make a good point in terms of all documents that you've been asking for so long, because senator, i lived this as well throughout 2017, '18 and '19 i kept going on "sunday morning futures" talking about the wrong wrongdoing top of fbi every time nunes john ratcliffe would come on constantly asking for documents why so hard to get all documents from the fbi and you mentioned the mueller case from what i can
8:07 am
see based on my original reporting feels to me that the mueller report was really just a cover-up, they wanted all documents, frozen, of course, in active investigation, you can't talk about it you can't look at documents, that is exactly what they did, they jim comey putting that special counsel robert mueller case in place pretty much froze everything in place nobody could get documents could actually investigate, why, initially said president collude with russia. >> in 2017, when the false narrative of russian interfering to help trump -- evolved into trump campaign -- russia i always felt was a massive disinformation operation misdirection, play diversionary to devert our
8:08 am
francs a wrongdoing corruption of the process they played it beautifully using same playbook against senator grassley myself creating, intelligence property full of offensive fall inyou endo leaked to press a week before we knew existed much less look at it take weak press reports, they twist them they embellish on them create a narrative i am -- a puppet of vladimir putin in russia providing russian disinformation playbook this is what they've been doing from my standpoint -- covering up -- >> one candidate -- all because one candidate was trying to get dirt on another candidate it all starts with the clintons hillary clinton coming up with this idea and giving this dossier to the government in fact took lead and went with it you just mentioned the senate intel committee briefing here it is i've got the -- the
8:09 am
difficulties right here, senator lindsey graham talked about it on my show on sunday talking about how a year after they knew that the dossier was garbage they told the senate intel committee differently lindsey graham from sunday senator watch this. >> somebody needs to go to skrail for this, this is a second lie a second crime they lied to the fisa court got rebuked fbi did 2019 by fisa court putting in doubt all of the fisa application i bet a dollar to don the universities person who briefed senate intel committee 2018 was part of crossfire hurricane trying to compound lies. >> so, senator, i have a document here, from the senate intel committee that shows andrew mccabe speaking to senate intel committee february 14th 2018 does that mean andrew mccabe was the one misled the senate. >> well wouldn't surprise me,
8:10 am
i don't know why andrew mccabe has not been indicted for lying to fbi horowitz inspector general report investigation, showed where he lacked candor i love that euphemism, lacked candor four times to fbi investigators george papadopoulos spent 10 days in by for lying to fbi why wasn't the former acting director of the fbi the former deputy director fbi why hasn't he been held accountable my guess hope is that he has under so many criminal statutes we fight mind other indictments against him as a result of that people needed feedback held accountable here i think criminal charges have to be filed, i am hoping durham does that as soon as possible. >> when are we going to hear from john durham. >> again i have never spoken to john durham i have spooek
8:11 am
number of times to attorney general -- i think incredibly fortunate to have attorney general in that position wheels of justice unfortunately turn slow, but we've got to speed it up because we have election coming the people have a right to know before they cast their ballot. maria: so when are you expecting then christopher wray to testify? senator? and do you think that there should be a special counsel looking at the origins of the russia probe so that even if this has to take place after the election, you've got a special counsel in there looking at this. >> 235i6r8 i am not a big fan of special councils look what happened when -- >> i know. >> it is denied congress the materials we need to do oversight, i think we've -- focused investigation political corruption and wrongdoing back words, first
8:12 am
ought be congress to inform the public that is not the goal of criminal investigation the result in round you have investigations specific council all that informing is wrapped up here we are 3 1/2 years later public still doesn't know -- trickling out what trickled out is already completely outrageous now news media part and parcel democrat party by and large look at this old news we kind of knew this nothing wrong here even bringing up right now you are being political doing russia's vladimir putin's work for him the play right now it is wrong american people have a right to know i am tenacious guy ticked off going to try to get to bottom best i can time running out that is why subpoena director wray turn over documents now, i don't have have authority to --
8:13 am
compel his test but make sure we find out what we found but with the latest release occurred on his watch he has a lot of explaining to do. maria: that is right yep absolutely we will wait for that good to see you this morning as always thank you, sir. we will keep following that, joining us, senator ron johnson, we have a fox business alert right now we have sad news to report, media mogul sumner redstone died yesterday he was 97 years old built viacomcbs, paramount pictures i have had many interviews with him over years always could tell me that he drank a certain wine enabling him to stay alive forever talked how he was going to stay alive forever case he drink this wine made it to 97 years old sumner redstone is dead. we'll be right back. keeping me from the things i love to do.
8:14 am
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8:16 am
maria: welcome back markets higher this morning futures
8:17 am
indicating a gain start of trading dow up 245 points right now nasdaq futures up 81 s&p futures higher by 22 s&p 500 snapped seven-day winning streak yesterday joining me nuveen portfolio manager thanks for joining us rally continues what do you make of he resilience. >> three reasons market moving up one looks like a vaccine, perhaps several before the end of the year, certainly some therapeutics along the way the market rotating from covid play to more cyclical play second reason thanks to power of massive monetary stimulus fiscal stimulus we need one more bill economy and earnings improving market obviously, loves that i think third
8:18 am
reason, field missing out no an alternative a lot of cash sloshing around earning approximately zero you could earn more than that every week in stock market it seems bonds don't yield a whole lot more the reason the market is moving up in my judgment. >> i am wondering if a return to technology tech stocks whether goal parent or tesla twitter they started to turn negative the last month do you think we've reached a peak here? stocks have been loirl this have entire market now over a year. >> they certainly have had amazing head of steam pushed the market higher i don't think they are finished, but i think they are taking a rest, allowing other things to come along, so more cyclical names banks, for example, are doing a bit better i think part people are hiding
8:19 am
quote/unquote, in those big supercat defensive tech stocks covid plays another one exposure to economic growth so you are getting rotation inside the market. >> ryan, jump in. >> bob i mean i agree with you i think you definitely need a rest on techs maybe over valued here apple worth another 700 billion dollars this year reminds me a little bit of 1999-20,000 tech bubble burst another trend i see right now is that dollar weakening he go like every day, i know for our portfolio our clients we are diversified internationally talk rotation not a lot of talk how good overseas markets look right now. >> i think you are absolutely right combination of higher commodity prices lower dollars
8:20 am
might throw in lower interest rates the curve generally puts u.s. markets favorable versus u.s. geographic rotation as well broadly speaking away from growth defensive big cap u.s. toward the opposite, to some degree i am not saying abandon the list but you need some cyclicals international stocks small cap in your portfolio. >> bob you still think we are going to get a double incidentally growth number for second half of the year this year we had nancy lazar on last hour she is raising estimates for earnings. >> yeah, i think, that gdp and second quarter real gdp will be 15 to 20, maybe higher, and the fourth quarter, depending where we are on the economy, in coronavirus flare-ups, could be above 5% real gdp so, are earnings estimates, are slowly moving higher you know the second quarter was a lot less bad than people thought maria.
8:21 am
but my disappointment is the third and fourth quarter numbers are not moving up enough maybe we will get more that have. >> we will leave it there thanks so much. >> all the best, the market nice going to open triple digits stay with us look at market from panel, new warning over vaping when it comes to coronavirus who er is most at risk you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. in new ways. to new customers. what if you could come back stronger? faster. better. at comcast business, we want to help you not just bounce back. but bounce forward. that's why we're helping you stay ahead and adapt with a network you can count on, 24/7 support and flexible solutions that work wherever you are. call or go online today.
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8:23 am
simon pagenaud takes the lead at the indy 500! coming to the green flag, racing at daytona. they're off... in the kentucky derby. rory mcllroy is a two time champion at east lake. he scores! stanley cup champions! touchdown! only mahomes.
8:24 am
the big events are back and xfinity is your home for the return of live sports. maria: welcome back a long time out big 10 pac-12 postponing fall financial season due to coronavirus concerns pushing to spring despite call for players to get on the field dagen your thoughts on this.
8:25 am
dagen: other conferences likely to call, the big 12, have not made decisions the pressure building not to play college football i don't know what we're going to do you know what people needed to be watching the news, because it is a presidential election year how about that about. >> we'll that's true too, what do you think jonathan? >> absolutely, stay attuned watch news things start happening closer to enforcing three months out anything can happen i am happy to hear big 12 have not yet made that decision, i am a huge college football fan safety concerns there are they are important, but i think we need keep ice ears open to what is going on, and motives behind every decision. >> spring football is weird i like dagen saying watch the
8:26 am
news forget football i appreciate that. >> [laughter] up next steven mnuchin you want to respond to that dagen. dagen: nopsnooe where do we stand on cap gains tax cut the july consumer price index a lot coming up right after this. stay with us. find your sense of wander. find the world is new, again. at chevy we'd like to take you there. now during the chevy open road sales event, get up to 15% of msrp cash back on select 2020 models. that's over fifty-seven hundred dollars cash back on this equinox. it's time to find new roads, again.
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8:29 am
maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning, everybody thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. wednesday, august 12 breaking news on impact of the coronavirus on the economy, we are waiting for the julys consumer price indices economists predicting rise 3/10 of a percent month-over-month markets are rallying this morning take a look futures indicating a triple-digit move dow industrials up 240 points almost 1% nasdaq up 91, that is about one with% as well he s&p 500 higher by 23 points, two-thirds of one percent
8:30 am
right to cheryl, on the numbers, when we get those stimulus when we get that number coming up first look at striking a stimulus detail, democrats white house negotiates reportedly not speaking since last friday. this despite treasury secretary mnuchin saying the white house is quote prepared to put more money on the table, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell calling out democrats for not not finding any middle ground. >> families are suffering, americans are dying would serve the nation better if democratic leaders would act like it is a crisis. maria: joining me right now over phone treasury secretary steven mnuchin mr. secretary always a pleasure thanks so much for being here. >> maria great to be with you as well. maria: of course, the president did sign several executive orders to make sure the stimulus keeps flowing for
8:31 am
the american people can you tells us where the disagreement was? with the democrats? and why a deal couldn't get done last week? >> well, maria, you know mark meadows and i left the meeting friday it was clear to us that nancy pelosi and chuck schumer were not willing to compromise as a result of that we walked out calledp said time for you to move forward with executive action executive action is very important not everything we can do with legislation, but he guaranteed there is unemployment benefits that will go to the states. but, you know, my view on a negotiations is you agree on the things that you can agree on, have legislation that is good for american public come back always for another bill, i think the democrats are very focused on the politics perhaps they think any deal is good for the president that is why they don't want to do it. we agreed on money for schools, money for childcare,
8:32 am
money for small businesses secretary payments on ppp for business that have been particularly hard-hit. more money for vaccines hospitals, we even agreed to state and local aid just not ridiculously trillion dollars they wanted. >> what about the -- the aid to cities, and states the localities democrats want money specifically to cities and states -- not want to go reward certain citiesed of that bad policies for years where are you on money toward states? >> well maria,, you know, the president understands the impact on state and local governments let me first start with there is clearly been costs, that have state and local governments have incurred as a result of covid. and -- the priority first bill gave 150 billion dollars that is more than enough money for the majority, of the states. we gave them additional flexibility so they could use that money, for to pay
8:33 am
firefighters, policemen first responders, medical workers, they didn't have to lay off workers, and most of that money has not been spent most of the states are sitting on a lot of that money. they want to use it for lost revenues, are part of our compromise proposal to flats we said okay. we will create flexibility you can't use that money to bailout pensions but we will let you news historical money for lost revenues we will put another 150 billion dollars on the table, that is an awful lot of money that is 300 billion dollars, the state and local, we want to make sure that money gets to cities, and counties that are hard-hit it is not just held by governors, and that will have a very good economic impact. and, are i think the issue is the way the democrats come up with this trillion dollars, is they look at the next two years they project losses, they don't think the economy
8:34 am
is going to open up, we do. and they look at some of their most problematic states, which had issues before all this. maria: right, right, sure, what about cutting taxes the president allowing businesses to defer payroll taxes to end of year with executive orders over weekend he did float making those cuts permanent. i want to ask you about, cap gains here is the president watch this. >> we are looking very seriously at cap gains tax cut, and also, at income tax cut for middle income families signed directives to give a payroll tax holiday with understanding that after the election, on the assumption that it would be victorious for an administration that has done a great job we will be ending the tax --
8:35 am
>> secretary what about that is administration looking to implement further tax cuts ahead of the election? >> well the president like would like to do cap gain tax cuts we need throwing do what we want on that front if you go lack look at taxpayer relief act 1977 reduced cap gains from almost 33% to 20% sometime -- sometime terrell, reduction 18% 2003 further reduction to 15% including qualified deductions that stimulated tremendous investment in our economy that is what we need because of covid i think next few years while we recovery we should reduce those capital gains would i add in 2003 biden voted against the reduction of 20%, so again i see two very
8:36 am
different economic policies one is tax more hurt the economy, one is create selective tax cuts regulatory relief and economic agenda trade that will stimulate the economy. maria: right, vice president joe biden has said he is looking to raise taxes on certain groups i want to the ask you about payroll district the president wants employers to stop collecting 6.2% tax that is employee share social security articulations, talking about uncertainties headache how does ma that money get jairtdz if not through district the where does money come from to replace it. >> we are going to create a level of certainty for kwrz that want to participate, we can't force people to participate, but i think many small businesses, will do this
8:37 am
pass on the benefits i think you know the president would like to do a payroll tax cut will go back to congress when he wins election ask congress to have this money forgiven, have associate security fully does not impact -- >> you are negotiating with congress talking with business a window into what is going on spoke with cornerstone macro nancy lazar raising estimates second half of the year capital expenditures increasing how would you assess things. >> maria you just have to put this in perspective this is unlike any over economic situation we've ever had, and that is because as a result of covid,s we literally shut down the entire economy, by taking a water faucet turning it off, obviously,
8:38 am
when that occurs, it has an normal economic impact, never shut down voluntarily the entire economy before so there is no question that numbers in second quarter were dreadful. as we know safely reopen the economy, you see the numbers increase. that is why you have s&p -- you've seen brought back a lot of jobs previous legislation is working helping small businesses helping employers, and you know we are making a lot of progress, on -- vaccines, and virals, i think people are very encouraged by that, and as you see the economy reopen i think you are going to see very good numbers, between now and the end of the year. want now, having said that, there are things that we still like to do with additional legislation, and if democrats can be reasonable put politics aside, this will be good for american workers, and the american economy and we will
8:39 am
continue the expansion, and the president wants to make sure, every single person that lost their job in the covid gets it back let me rhyme you the president had the best economy we've ever had with when we started this before covid. >> yeah. as a result of this shutdown, the administration, as well as the federal reserve have brought normal amount of stimulus at this problem it is expensive so what do your colleagues in the congress have to say about the debt when talking about, three trillion-dollar plan versus what your hoping to be a little more than one trillion dollars? when does debt become a problem to worry about secretary? >> maria, you know we've already put three trillion dollars into economy a lot of it has not made its way in so it will continue to put money in. with a little over another trillion dollars we have injected 20% gdp back into economy that is really an extraordinary number, and, my
8:40 am
point to the democrats and the republicans are let's do this, this will be the fifth bill we can always come back later in the year or january, and do a sixth bill we don't need to do everything at once, the democrats started at 3 1/2 trillion dollars, had everything in there including lots of stuff that was nothing to do with covid. they then increased their offer by another couple hundred billion dollars, so actually think got closer to four trillion now offered to take trillion dollars off i can't quite figure out whether we are two and a half trillion or three trillion our view spend a little over a trillion dollars on areas of the economy that are going to be very impactful now that we can agree on, if we need to do more we will come back and do more and work together, but now is the time to have bipartisan support, to help our kids, go to school safely, to help our small businesses, to help our hospitals, to help
8:41 am
rental assistance airports broadband, these are all things that are critical to the american public as opposed to bickering about whether there is enough money, let's get money to work now. >> do you believe you will come up with an agreement? over the near-term. >> maria i can't speculate if democrats. >> i ins. >> there is a compromise if democrats are focused on politics, don't want to do anything that is going to succeed for the president there won't be a will do a. >> how did you come up with $200 secretary i know you wanted it to be 70% the states take care 50% of pages lost how did you come up with that unemployment number of00 a week. >> during the financial crisis under obama federal government
8:42 am
had 25 dollar topup can when we sat down negotiated with democrats we shut down entire economy, so we knew that unemployment was going to be a problem. and we thought this was o going to be for a short period of time the water faucet was closed the $600 average number across entire country we knew certain places would be too high certain places would-be too low contemplated doing 400, 600, 800 different parts of the country we thought that wouldn't be fair. because it would impact different places differently from the federal government, but we knew that was a short term issue. when we came back with $ 00, the $ 00, is 75% wage replacement for majority we agreed to go higher thought fair compromise was $400 why
8:43 am
the president put that in executive action why moving forward with that 200, 400, 600, 400 a compromise instead of the democrats basically saying don't give anybody anything, unless we can get exactly what we want, the president wants to move forward with a very fair proposal. the. maria: all right. we will be watching thanks for leadership secretary good to have you this morning. thank you, sir. >> thank you, maria. >> i will see you soon secretary steven mnuchin there more "mornings with maria" after this update to the tennis channel. >> tennis channel court report serena williams winning return to texas in lexington kentucky first since australianan open 23 time major champ needed three sets ininstead of a second round blockbuster. >> honestly i knew -- i have been practicing really well, i
8:44 am
wasn't getting a good rhythm out here thinking play like you have been practicing i knew that i could, i knew that i could play a little bit better if i hung in there. >> later coco goeff indiansed adadvanced. >> tennis channel kofrm top seed some hits air 11:00 a.m. eastern.
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maria: welcome back coronavirus teens who vape up to search times more likely to get covid-19 than those who don't according to a study research shows etch cigarette use makes them vulnerable to infection joining dangerous varshavski aka dr. "mik," thank you for being here. >> good morning, maria. thank you so much for having me, maria i think it is a very, very strong warning needs to be delivered to teens young adults vaping think they are safe from covid-19. in fact since beginning of this pandemic there has been theory young folks somehow safe from covid-19 look at date from china young people seem affected much lower level however that is not the case young folks catching covid-19 getting very sick with it
8:49 am
hospitalized, serving, a as getting other members of the community that are sick having much more severe cases when it comes to vaping you are inhaling a commemorate dangerous substance does not needed to be in your body 14, 15 years old you are not vaping to get off cigarettes the only potentially positive benefit of vaping, you are strictly vaping to get high you get from nicotine, so when you are inhaling that you are creating inflammation of lungs potentially making yourself more susceptible to this adviserus. >> smoking marijuana could potentially trigger a harshering or stroke a new warning tell us about connection. >> american heart association looked troubling stats those who smoke marijuana not even
8:50 am
he had inland form have increases stroke harshering atrial fibrillation they are putting out warning asking for more research this is where i am calling federal government to step in marijuana is schedule one drug that means it has no medical value, and hill addictive using products have cbd marijuana components prescribed by million physician has to have potential value i think we work on scheduling to figure out where to fall in guidelines, in perspective scheduled two drug has some million value but highly addictive includes meth and cocaine marijuana technically higher schedule than those two drugs doesn't make much sense
8:51 am
makes it more of difficult to study thank you so much for your wonderful insight coming up how to save your hotel airline points don't miss that one back in a minute. what if i sleep hot? ...or cold?
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coronavirus pandemic bringing travel to a standstill is that has many travelers worried about reward points joining us how to save benefits cyberguy thank you so much for being here is there a way to save points even though not traveling? >> maria there is. good morning to you starts off with e-mail we often miss like this one i got from hertz points expire november 22 what? billions of miles hotel points will expire each year after
8:55 am
months go by without activity poof they can go away depending on the program many travel he related companies extended expiration dates at beginning of pandemics soon those are ending not traveling no problem david fleming says he can rescue them ordering restaurant food. >> basically, you set up your credit card, you sign rewards network pick airline you like to travel with most every time you dine at participation restaurant there are thousands around the country, you end up with points in your travel bank a great way to suspend life of points just by eating out. >> i like that you actually in rv can't fly right now according to his report there are ease ways to keep balance from getting zeroed out purchase through airliner hotel chain shopping portal you apply something get points
8:56 am
resets expiration date you can transfer to hotel, minimum allowable number usually 1,000 debt nicely charity it works to keep remaining points from vanishing if using loyalty card, i earn points as the stapling board a flight or overnight hotel stay write this down award can keep track of points one place free smart thing to do like me i miss e-mails that come by with demand down might be asking should i roll dice booking a ticket into future what dave said. >> he is telling us that you just you do book for next year look into future, he found a business class ticket for 5 members of his family, for a fraction of what you would normally spend by working the
8:57 am
airlines now, he is rolling dice going to work next year some will allow you to redeposit that we will have more tips to keep miles and points safe. >> all right. thank you. we'll be right back. and we always will. ♪ ♪ for people. ♪ ♪ for the future. ♪ ♪ and there has never been a summer when it's mattered more. wherever you go, summer safely. get 0% apr financing for up to five years on select models and exclusive lease offers.
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find a stock basedtech. on your interests or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity. maria: my thanks to dagen, ryan and jonathan. have a great day, everybody. see you again tomorrow. "varney & company" begins right now. stu, take it away. stuart: good morning, maria. good morning, everyone. i don't know whether this is a reaction to kamala harris, i don't know whether it's a reaction to a more positive virus news, and i don't know if it's got anything to do with the stimulus talks, which mitch mcconnell says are in stalemate. but i can tell you this. stocks are moving up this morning, making another run at record levels. look at this. the dow bouncing back from tuesday's late selloff, going to be up about 300. the s&p holding close to all-time highs. that's going to be up. the nasdaq, big tech coming


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