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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 20, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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macdonald. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us. watch coverage of the dnc. i will be with my buddy neil cavuto. thanks for watching tonight. have a great evening. lou: good evening, everybody. president trump today took the gloves off in his reelection battle against radical dem nominee joe biden. president trump speaking from just outside biden's birthplace of scranton, pennsylvania, today. there he highlighted a half century of failed radical dem policies and left-wing ideas put forth by the former vice president. over the course of 62 minutes, the populist president trump cast gated the man he calls sleepy joe biden for his globalist agenda that has long betrayed the working men and women of pennsylvania.
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>> so tonight we have slow joe will speak at the democrat convention, and i'm sure that he'll just knock 'em dead, and he'll remind us that he was born in scranton. but, you know, he left. like 70 years ago, right in but he spent the last half century in washington selling out our country and ripping off our jobs and letting other countries steal our jobs, mexico, china, all of 'em. pennsylvania lost more than one in three manufacturing jobs after nafta, and china's enter into the wto -- entry into the wto. and that was a vote and courtesy of sleepy joe. biden looked american labor into the eyes and took their dues, their union endorsements and their votes, then he sold out and he passed the cadillac tax. you know what that is on union health care plans? attacked their energy jobs and
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sent their factories to china. and now he's back begging for their votes. lou: for months now democrat-run i cities across america have been overrun by radical left-wing mobs including groups like the anarchists antifa and marxist black lives matter. the radical dems have used their convention this week to claim that those violent anarchists and left-wing mobs are just peaceful protesters. in their convention there has been to this point absolutely no mention of the mobs getting away with murder, assault, arson, looting, vandalism in a democrat-run city every night somewhere in this country. president trump today said joe biden and the radical dems will never denounce such violence and will instead continue to ignore their lawless conduct.
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>> if you want a vision of your life under biden presidency, think of the smoldering ruins in minneapolis, the violent ab a around key key of portland -- anarchy of portland, the blood-stained sidewalks of chicago and imagine the mayhem coming to your town and every single town in america. you're not going to have haw and order. law and order. lou: the president today also highlighted just how far left joe biden has been pushed by the radical members of his party, whether that be support for the green deal, raising taxes by $4 trillion or supporting the dems' open border policies. >> with bernie sanders biden has called for a complete suspension of deportations, closing down detention facilities, ending border prosecutions. think of this. restoring and expanding catch and release, handing out free welfare to new arrivals, work
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permits for illegal crossers and mass amnesty for all illegal aliens. biden wants to open your borders in the middle of the pandemic. thank goodness we have that 300 miles of wall, because you would have had a problem like you never would have seen before. i want strong borders, and i want safe communities. if we don't have borders, i was saying this from day one, if we don't have borders, we don't have a country. lou: president trump's speech coming just hours before joe biden expected to formally accept the radical dems' nomination to run for president. biden's speech is set to be made in front of an empty crowd in delaware just minutes from the his home. it will cap off what has been so far a disastrous convention for the dems. finish t an event that has -- it's an event that has suffered in television ratings. it has seen hours of anti-trump
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screeds that are not being particularly well received and plenty of awkward exchanges among principal actors on the stage. kamala harris accepting the nomination for vice president last night, standing in an almost silent auditorium while waving somewhat painfully at joe biden and a wall of, well, a wall of virtual attendees. but you may notice that a number of people on the screen here highlighted are duplicates. the convention was also demonstrating just how radical the dems mean to go. there have been calls to defund the police, to abolish the police, even rewrite the prejudice of allegiance that omits the phrase "under god." the radical dems have shown that they truly are the party of hate, and knob quite captures that -- nobody quite captures that spirit more than former president barack obama. in his return to the spotlight
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last night, the former president stood in an empty room crying about president trump's policies and, frankly, lying about his successor and his achievements. it seems to me it is the nation that should be crying about what a former president failed to do during his eight years in office and the viciousness that he demonstrated last night. >> i did hope, for the sake of our country, that donald trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously. but he never did. donald trump hasn't grown into the job because he can't. the commander in chief does not use the men and women of our military as political props to deploy against peaceful protesters on our own soil. this administration has shown it will tear our democracy down if that's what it takes for them to
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win. lou: the former president claims he fears for democracy, but it was he who weaponized this country's intelligence services against a presidential candidate of the opposing party, and then those same agencies sought to overthrow a sitting president and did so by committing fraud upon the federal courts in order to perpetuate a bogus investigation and the creation of a special counsel through fraud. he's worked with leaders of the radical dem party to stop president trump's agenda. they tried to impeach him without evidence, and they're worked for four years trying to overthrow his presidency, not just block his awe general da. now let's return to barack obama's oratory, so beloved by the national left-wing media. here he is managing to insert himself into his short praise of joe biden.
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>> twelve years ago when i began my search for a vice president, i didn't know i'd end up finding a brother. for ought years joe was the last one in the room whenever i faced a big decision. he made me a better president, and he's got the character and the experience to make us a better country. lou: the former president sounding like a man somewhat desperate who needs to be praised, referring to himself in that short speech 35 times. in just 19 minutes. it is supposed to be the biden convention, isn't it? and the national left-wing media fawning over his oratory as if they'd reconnected with something of a long, lost love. >> president obama's speech tonight slayed me. >> really a history-shaking speech. >> barely restrainedded passion. >> he did a masterful job.
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it was one for the ages. 9 pretty amazing. >> this may have been the most powerful address he ever gave -- >> barack obama imploring young people, offering hope. >> you almost saw it as a brake glass in case of emergency, and he was breaking the glass. lou: broken glass. but despite every effort of mr. obama, the left-wing national media and the dnc failed to gin up any excitement for joe biden. it is president trump who has seen a bump in the polls this week, remark by. the president seeing a 4-point jump in his approval rating just from wednesday. rasmussen showing him at 51%. in that's up from 47% previously. well, president trump's former adviser, steve bannon, today arrested. now, bannon is a former hollywood producer. you couldn't, by the way, script
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the way in which he was arrested. bannon, who hasn't worked for the administration in years, is a entrepreneur. he is now accused of using donations to build a wall at the border to spend on himself and a triple amputee air force veteran. bannon was arrested this morning not by the fbi or u.s. marshals, but by inspectors of the u.s. postal service while bannon was cruising ace board a mega-yacht owned by a chinese billionaire. yes, you heard that correctly are. an elite unit of the postal service, they're called the u.s. postal inspection service, are the authority to arrest bannon, and they did so. now, you may find this somewhat ironic, the contradiction
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between the postal service and the trump administration and somehow the deep state launching agents of the u.s. postal service to arrest, to arrest mr. bannon. now, we checked. if you're surprised to find out the postal service has its own police force, there are 65 separate u.s. federal police departments and agencies and 27 offices of inspector general that also can make arrests and carry firearms. what in the world kind of government have we created? [laughter] anyway, president trump today said he didn't like the build the wall project. he said it was show boating. he took fit as an -- tight as an offense against him because it was privately funded. among them, steve bannon, perhaps who were somewhat, well, in competition with the president. on wall street today, stocks
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recovered from yesterday's selloff. a new record close for the nasdaq which finished higher, up 118 points, posting its 35th record close this year. i is have to, i haven't heard anyone at the democratic national convention mentioning how well the stock market doing and how sharp the recovery is from the covid-19 contagion. have you? well, the dow also moved up 47, the s&p up 11. volume on the big board, 3.5 billion shares. crude oil, $42.62 a barrel. and netflix has apologized for its movie poster that sexualizes children. that's right, netflix producing a poster that was promoting cuties. it is a french film about a young girl who joins a dance troupe, and this was the poster. the apology, of course, coming on the same day netflix, the
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much connected corporation to the obamas. well, a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, the left-wing national media falling over themselves to come minute the radical dems -- compliment the radical dems' vice presidential candidate, senator kamala harris. >> this was a different kamala harris. that warmth, talked about things that mattered to her in a way that, you know, can soften your heart a little bit. >> i think we understood who kamala harris is as a human. i think she humanized herself. >> one of these moments that's going to change people's lives and inspire people. >> history made tonight. incredibly significant. >> she was extraordinary. kamala harris defining herself -- >> the pageantry may be migz, but make no mistake, that was a moment of history right there. >> tonight she was really lovely and loving. >> everything that a convention has, a soaring speech, a
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nominee -- ♪ we're going to see if all of those raves were substantiate by the audience. what were the ratings for the convention? the democrats are having a very, very tough day. we'll be talking about that. by the way, those radical dems talking about all those women, and they want things to be all women in -- women? well, it turns out there is a party that's actually run by a woman. that's the republican party. their leader? ronna mcdaniel. she joins us here in just a few moments. and my new book, "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever" and is going to change a hot more history in his second term. the book is available for your preorder. get your copies at we're coming right back. or if you
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chairwoman ronna mcdaniel tweeted: a woman actually runs the republican party. and she is exactly right. and joining us tonight the woman who runs the republican party, republican national committee chairwoman ron ron that daniel. i want to compliment you on that tweet. that was -- [laughter] that was a terrific comeback, and it's a delight to have you with us. i've got to ask you because you going to be putting on a convention next week. how do you think this one's going so far, and how much inspiration are you taking from it in. >> well, watching their convention is like watching alternate reality, lou. you and i are watching them completely lie to the american people about the accomplishments of the trump administration, all that he has done to lift the lives of so many americans through deregulation, through tax cut, through energy independence, through decisive
7:20 pm
leadership from taking care of our veterans, i mean, on issue after issue president trump has led. and it's just frustrating to see barack obama stand there last night and say for the sake of our democracy, we wanted these things from president trump. how about for the sake of our democracy it would have been nice if the democrats had actually accepted the results of the 2016 election and worked with this president instead of against him every step of the way. to see a former president attacking our current president is just shameful. it's not something that we've seen in our country, and i don't think with it was a high mark, i think it was a low mark for their party last night. lou: and i think it was extraordinary that he a had the temerity to stand there and talk about his fears for democracy when it was his intelligence agencies that were investigating, in quotes, investigating a presidential candidate of the opposing party,
7:21 pm
framing members of that, that campaign and then trying not only to block the agenda of a sitting president, they were trying to overthrow him through their continued investigation and what has turned out to be almost four years -- not almost, it is now -- four years of persecution of the president of the united states. it's stunning. your thoughts. >> we've never seen anything like this. i saw michelle obama the first day as they're applauding her speech and she says when they go low, we go high. when have they gone high in this entire four years? tell me when the democrats have done anything to help this president from the phony impeachment through the obstruction, from not working with the american people, from boycotting the inauguration. from day one they have been against this president which means they're against the will of the american people. until they get power, they will never work we republicans. and that is why it is so
7:22 pm
important that we beat them. the only thing i've agreed with this whole convention is when hillary clinton said we need to vote like our lives depend on it, because we do. we need to vote for donald trump and mike pence like our lives depend on it. lou: well, and like the nation depends on it as well. they're inextricably linked, certainly. i find it just stunning that they lost 42% in ratings the first night, 48, we're waiting to hear as i came on the our i had no indication of what the ratings were for last night. and i'm asking our producers, do we have that yet? nielsen has delayed the ratings. it can't have been good. it may have been better, but it can't be good. your thoughts. >> yeah. i understand the struggles of switching to a virtual convention because we're going through the same thing. covid has upended everything. what i will say is donald trump will be part of our convention
7:23 pm
every night, and that is something every american's going to want to see. i do think it's going to -- we're going to tune in tonight because we want to see if joe biden can read his speech off of a teleprompter past 10 p.m. that's going to be an interesting part of tonight. but what they have put forward for this country a vision of doom and gloom. there's no as prague, there's no reason to vote for joe biden, and we will be giving a convention that's aspirational, that talks about this country, the greatest country on earth and the great american story and president trump has continued to make this country great and will do so for four more years when he's reelected. lou: and at this point we see some strange moves in these polls. it's got to bewilder the folks on this convention that the democratic convention that president trump is getting the bump from the convention.
7:24 pm
rasmussen giving him a bump up to 51% just in the middle of this week. your thoughts as we wrap up here, ronna. >> you know, i was with the president this week in wisconsin, and i'm going to say, lou, the polls are finally reflecting what i'm seeing on the ground. i've never seen energy like this, ever. and we're going to carry that through to november. republicans are energized. they know what's at stake, and they see that democrats and joe biden specifically is a bridge to socialism and transforming the america we know and love into something totally different. lou: ronna mcdaniel, the woman who runs the republican party. ronna, great to have you with us. up next, how the left-wing national media is protecting and defending antifa. we'll take that up and more after the break. i'll be talking with former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. stay with us, we're coming right back.
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♪ ♪ lou: the politically corrupt judiciary today struck again. a clinton-appointed federal judge ruled that manhattan district attorney, the highly democratically partisan cy vance, can have access to president trump's tax returns. president trump immediately appealed that decision to the federal court of appeals in new york. the president slamming the judge's decision. >> this is a continuation of the most disgusting butch hunt in the history -- witch hunt in the history of our country, all it is. what the supreme court said, fishing expedition. this is the ultimate fishing expedition. nobody has anything. we don't do things wrong. but they'll say let's go and inspect every deal he's ever done. let's get papers from ten years, every paper, every deal he's ever signed, maybe we can find
7:30 pm
where some lawyer made a mistake, they didn't dot an i, put a comma down someplace, and they can do something. this is a disgrace. this should never, ever be allowedded to happen again. lou: well, speaking of the left, the tech reporter for "the new york times" defending antifa. davy alba tweeted yesterday on facebook: taking down group pages tied to antifa. quote: antifa was lumped in with other militia group, potentially encouraging riots. in my reporting there's not been a single incident where antifa has been tied definitely to concrete or real world harm. alba has since, well, stopped access to her twitter page. joining us now is president trump's personal attorney, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, also the host of the common sense podcast. and it is great to see you,
7:31 pm
rudy. let's start with the, this judiciary of ours which is starting to smack of real political corruption. but, again, this time a clinton judge decides that cy vance in his partisan witch hunt should be able to look at the president's tax records. your thoughts. >> you know, there is a principle in tax haw that i seem to remember from law school and from having practiced some tax law. there's supposed to be finality with your taxes. in other words, if i filed taxes 8, 10, 12 years ago, there should be a statute of limitations, right? the reality is this is completely unjustified. they don't have a single allegation they're investigating. it's like my saying i'm going to pick the guy across the street, and i'm going to look at all his tax return, see what i can find. we don't investigate that way. we investigate based on evidence that a crime was committed like
7:32 pm
someone gets a tip that you're withholding income or you are exaggerating deductions or -- i don't ever remember a tax case, and i did many, many when i was in the justice department, i never remember like we're just going to go look at your taxes for the hell of it. this is very, very unfair. it's being done only because he's the president of the united states. and it was only upheld because it was a democratic judge. and i know the judges get really upset when you say you can't categorize it that way, but how is it, lou, that you tell me the name of the judge, i can tell you the outcome of the case 90% of the time? lou: yeah, it's really become that, halt it? the -- hasn't it? >> oh, it's terrible. lou: the left-wing judges are wreaking havoc. i want the turn to obamagate and listening to the man who it was his intelligence agencies that created the origins of obamagate. there's no question about that.
7:33 pm
it is a matter of fact. president obama -- >> hard to look -- lou: -- standing at the democratic national convention talking about he fears for democracy when he becomes the first president whose agencies, intelligence agencies were spying on a presidential candidate with the exmisis sit purpose of block -- explicit purpose of blocking his election, and once elected, continuing to spy to to block his agenda and overthrow his presidency. >> doesn't it occur to you, lou, one of the reasons they went after him so much kept thinking they could find something, find something, find something is because they did that and they just assumed he would? they assumed he was as crooked as obama from chicago? what obama did with the justice department and with these investigations -- and i have no doubt that the he at least knew enough about it so that he is morally complicit -- one of the most outrageous things a president's ever done. it seemed to me he got a little
7:34 pm
smaller too. did you notice his shoulders were narrower? maybe the impact is getting to him. some guys their nose gets bigger, other guys their shoulder get smaller when they are as corrupt as these people are. he and biden ran the most corrupt administration in history, and before we're finished i think we'll be able to prove it. lou: well, i hope so. do you believe that we're going to see this justice department actually deliver charges against many of those in government at the time? we're all praying. your thoughts. >> well, if the justice department is the justice department that i was a part of for 17 years, then it would have the courage to go with the case no matter what. you know, this whole argument that we shouldn't investigate biden because it's so close, it's so close to the election, right? however, so how come they
7:35 pm
brought the case against bannon? why didn't the southern district wait until after the election is over? the rules only work one way here. lou: can i ask you -- >> [inaudible] should have been investigated a year ago. yeah. lou: well, very quickly, bannon hasn't been in the administration for years, and the u.s. postal service sends their agents to arrest him? in cooperation with the southern district? are you kidding me? that isn't political? >> of course it's political. do i look like a fool? [laughter] i should give up practicing law if i thought anything else. lou: well -- >> it's disgraceful. lou: you're not, and we're glad to have you with us, rudy. appreciate it. rudy giuliani.
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lou: president trump's momentum conto build in battleground states. a fewer than four weeks ago, biden was leading the president in minnesota by 5 points. in 2016 trafalgar, by the way, was the only poll that correctly predicted he would win michigan,
7:40 pm
also that trump would win pennsylvania. well, joining us now former reagan white house political director, ed rollins, fox business contributor michael goodwin. gentlemen, great to have you with us, and, mike, your latest article reads obama can give a speech, but it's not enough to lift biden. we know one thing, he did give the democrats something of a lift. we finally got the numbers in, and it looks like they were only down 11% from 2016 for the same day. your thoughts. >> well, i'm not surprised, lou, that more people would tune in to see the ex-president, certainly compared to the first two nights of the convention. there wasn't much happening by comparison, and so i think that it would be natural the crowd should build as the convention moves on. but i think the content of the speech was something of a
7:41 pm
letdown. there were moments in there that i thought were just awful and unfair and false allegations against the president. but i thought that, you know, the aim, of course, is to lift bind, to carry him over the finish line. and i thought on that score obama fell well short. look, biden is a very heavy lift, and obama has never been able to transfer husband own popularity to others -- his own popularity e to others, and i think that was the case last night. i don't think he helped biden very much at all. lou: and your thoughts, ed? >> i totally agree. i mean, i think obama, obviously, can give a good speech on any given day. the problem with this speech, it just doesn't make any sense for him to come in and take the same i did a great job, he didn't do a great job. it's not going to be enough to get joe biden across the finish line here. we have so much he's going to do and the cup's not going to
7:42 pm
believe that. the country saw three years of very effective leadership by trump until the virus came along. at the end of the day, he wants to fix it. what's not clear to me is the discussion about whether -- [audio difficulty] no discussion of putting more people on the supreme court which is something they've been talking about privately, and i think the discussion of when we're going to have a couple trillion more dollars in the taxes. [audio difficulty] talk about the glory days -- [inaudible] lou: michael, i want to go back to the issue with obama. calling trump narcissistic, how did he put it, incapable and
7:43 pm
lazy. now, i remember vividly the president, obama, acknowledging in his early term as president that his chief flaw, he said, of himself was that he was lazy. your thoughts about that. to what degree was he projecting on his own personality and nature to that of president trump? [inaudible conversations] >> give speeches which he did again last night. he didn't like the hardball politics and didn't do any of it. used to talk about the hours of his day in which he read books. now, saying all that -- [audio difficulty] i think the reality is -- [inaudible] >> i was struck also by the, but
7:44 pm
some of those charges. is we've seen this throughout the campaign that, for example, or the convention. john kerry mocking the president's foreign policy. i mean, who is john kerry kidding? the iranian deal was the worst deal in history. the climate awe cord, terrible thing. -- accord. every time these democrats there, sally yates talking about weaponizinging the fbi, accusing trump of weaponizing the justice department. i my goodness, look what the obama people did while she was in the justice department, and she knew it. she was there for that crucial meeting in the the oval office. michelle obama talking about caging children at the border. those cages were built by her husband's administration and used in 2014. so just i one after another, someone wrote on twitter it feels like this whole thing a parody, that they're projecting everything on trump that they
7:45 pm
themselves did and turning it into some great scandal. i mean, it is quite remarkable. i also have to say quickly, notice that we have not heard a word about impeachment. that was such is an important moment for democrats, and yet they have not used it once in the convention to further their case against the president. i think they realized what a dud it was. lou: ed rollins and michael goodwin. we'll see you tomorrow evening, gentlemen. we appreciate it. thanks so much. up next, xi jinping's communist chief chinese party still wants to talk trade with the united states despite unleashing a deadly virus that killed over 170,000 americans. i'll be talking with the hudson institute's michael pillsbury on what's going on. oh, yes, and apparently the government wants to double the number of routes between china and the united states now. what's going on? we'll find out as soon as we
7:46 pm
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♪ ♪ lou: ecuador's military says nearly half of the chinese fishing fleet near the galapagos islands have turned the off
7:50 pm
their satellite gps systems to avoid detection. half the fleet, apparently, has done that, threatening the waters, the pristine waters around the world would live reserve. -- wildlife reserve. this comes weeks another report that some of the ships were falsifying locations as well. we talked with both the pentagon and state department and asked whether they need or intend to assist ecuador in the encroachment by china in the western hemisphere, in the galapagos specifically. neither department has responded to our questions. we'll keep you updated as soon as they do. meanwhile, china's commerce minister today announced the trade talks between the united states will take place in coming days. the announcement coming two days of after president trump said he had postponed a review of the phase one trade deal last week because he doesn't want to do anything about trade with them right now because of china's
7:51 pm
handling of the china virus. so what is going on? let's turn to dr. michael pillsbury, director of the center for chinese central at the hudson institute. mike, suddenly we get an announcement they're doubling the routes between the united states and china. we're told things are just going boppo on the phase one trade deal. and meanwhile there's a chinese fishing fleet of some 300 trawlers threatening this extraordinary planetary, precious reserve, the galapagos islands. why in hell haven't we done something to tell the chinese to get out? >> well, the chinese are violating international law, lou, when they turn off these transponders for half the ships in the area. that puts them -- lou: they're violating decency when they move those fleets in to threaten those islands.
7:52 pm
i'm asking a very simple question, why the hell isn't this administration doing something about it? >> well, i don't think the president has the right people in the right jobs. this has been clear now for three years on china policy. the president has his e own ideas on china, he's had them for 20 years. when he got into power, he had rex tillerson betray him, he resign -- lou: don't make us relive all that pain, mike. please, don't make us -- [inaudible conversations] lou: supposed to follow the -- i mean, what happens if there's a war? do you think they'll follow the orders of the commander in chief? why the hell are we putting up with this nonsense? >> we already saw esper say they were sorry they went to lafayette square. people are not following the president's commands, lou.
7:53 pm
lou: you're talking about a national crisis then. >> the old view of china still is held by most of our government. the president and a few members of his team like mark meadows, they want to implement a whole new approach, but they can't expect it to happen overnight. the government just won't do it. you see this in a number of areas. lou: well, let me -- i've got a shock for you, i expect it to happen overnight. [laughter] i expect when the president of the united states says something that orders are taken and orders are fulfilled by those subordinate to the commander in chief, which is everybody. i'm stubbed -- i'm stunned that we're with talking about resuming flights and also increasing the number of flights. i am a little disturbed that we are talking about allowing chinese firms that have absolutely rancid balance sheets and income statements who couldn't pass an audit, some of them, by any one of the major
7:54 pm
audit firms still being listed on our, changes. on our exchanges. this is nonsense, mike. this is absolutely -- there's no basis in reason for it or the national interests. it's madness. what's going on? >> well, lou, what the president told me is he's not finished holding china accountable either for the spread to have virus or for their financial she shenanigans, and he wants more time to get things implemented. that's what he's telling me. and i think that's correct, that his intent was not to let china surpass our country. he said it many times, he's believed it for a long time. but chao i that's -- china's beginning to pull ahead now in part because of the virus and their recovery processing much faster than ours. so we're going to see a long time, i think, before the president's government can begin to carry out his original
7:55 pm
vision. lou: well, we need to get to that election and settle a few things very quickly. because this president deserves far better than what he's getting from the deep state and the radical dems, and this nation is desperate for him to lead us into, into the future. dr. michael pillsbury, great to have you with us. thanks so much. before we go, my new book is "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever." please preorder your copy at,, barnes and gnome doable -- we're coming right b b b b jean, did you know geico is now offering an extra 15% credit on car and motorcycle policies? that's great! that's 15% on top of what geico could already save you. so what are you waiting for? john stamos to knit you a scarf? all finished, jean. enjoy! thank you.
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♪. lou: president trump today in pennsylvania laying out in very plain language what is at stake in this election. president trump: we're the wall between the american dream and total insanity and the destruction of the greatest country in the history of the world. [applause] we're all that stands and a typical republican probably wouldn't get there but i think i'm, you know, very republican in many ways but your typical republican would not be able to win. lou: typical rino republican wouldn't have a chance in the world but he is, there is
8:00 pm
nothing typical about this president. he is historic. that is it for us. tom fitton, pastor robert jeffress among our guests tomorrow. please join us. tonight, good night from sussex. ♪. david: president trump on his way back to the white house after delivering a scorching speech against joe biden in biden's very home state of pennsylvania not far from where he grew up. we're hours away from biden officially accepting his party's nomination for president at the dnc finale. we have homeland security committee congressman mark green on the scene in portland. police declaring a riot as protesters target ad federal i.c.e. building downtown. we're now hearing from the portland man brutally attacked by a mob. leaving adam


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