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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 23, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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lou: good evening, everybody. president trump today took the gloves off in his re-election battle against radical testimony nominee joe biden. president trump speaking from just outside biden's birth place of scranton, pennsylvania today. and there he highlighted a half century of failed radical testimony policies and left wing ideas put forth by the former vice president. over the course of 62 minutes, the president cass at this gaited the man he -- castidated the man he calls sleepy joe
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biden. >> so tonight, we have slow joe will speak at the democrat convention and i'm sure that he'll just knock them dead. and he'll remind us that he was born in scranton but, you know, he left like 70 years ago, right? but he spent the last half century in washington, selling out our country and ripping off our jobs and letting other countries steal our jobs, mexico, china, all of them. pennsylvania lost more than one in three manufacturing jobs after nafta and china's entry into the wto. and that was a vote and courtesy of sleepy joe. biden looked american labor into the eyes, took their dues, their union endorsements and their votes, then he sold out and he passed the cadillac tax, you know what that is, on union healthcare plans, attacked their
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energy jobs and sent their factories to china and now he's back, begging for their votes. lou: for months now, democrat run cities across america have been overrun by radical left wing mobs including groups like the anarchist antifa and marxist black lives matter. the radical dems have used their convention this week to claim that those violent anarchists and left wing mobs are peaceful protesters, in their convention there has been to this point absolutely no mention of the mobs getting away with murder, assault, arson, looting, vandalism, in a democrat run city every night somewhere in this country. president trump today said joe biden and the radical dems will never denounce such violence and will instead continue to ignore their lawless conduct.
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>> if you want a vision of your life under biden presidency, think of the smoldering ruins in minneapolis, the violent anarchy of portland, the blood stained sidewalks of chicago, and imagine the mayhem coming to your town and every single town in america. you're not going to have law and order. lou: the president today also highlighted just how far left joe biden has been pushed by the radical members of his party. whether that be support for the green deal, raising taxes by $4 trillion, or supporting the dems' open border policies. >> with bernie sanders, biden has called for a complete suspension of deportations, closing down detention facilities, ending border prosecutions, think of this, restoring and expanding catch and release, handing out free welfare to new arrivals, work permits for illegal crossers,
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and mass amnesty for all illegal aliens. biden wants to open your borders in the middle of the pandemic. thank goodness we have that 300 miles of wall. because you would have had a problem like you never would have seen before. i want strong borders and i want safe communities. if we don't have borders, i was saying this from day one, if we don't have borders, we don't have a country. lou: president trump's speech coming hours before joe biden is expected to formally accept the radical dems' nomination to run for president. biden's speech is set to be made in front of an empty crowd in delaware, just minutes from his home. it will cap off what has been so far a disastrous convention for the dems. it's an event that has suffered in television ratings, it has seen hours of anti-trump creeds
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that are not being particularly well received and plenty of awkward exchanges among principal actors on the stage. kamala harris accepting the nomination for vice president last night, standing in an almost silent auditorium, while waving somewhat painfully at joe biden and a wall of -- well, a wall of virtual attendees. but you may notice that a number of people on the screen, here highlighted, are duplicates. the convention was also demonstrating just how radical the dems mean to go. there have been calls to defund the police, to abolish police, even rewrite the pledge of allegiance that omits the phrase "under god." the radical dems have shown over the past four days that they truly are the party of hate and nobody quite captures that spirit more than former president barack obama. in his return to the spotlight
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last night, the former president stood in an empty room, crying about president trump's policies and, frankly, lying about his successor and his achievements. it seems to me it is the nation that should be crying about what a former president failed to do during his eight years in office and the viciousness that he demonstrated last night. >> i did hope for the sake of our country that donald trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously. but he never did. donald trump hasn't grown into the job. because he can't. the commander in chief does not use the men and women of our military as political props to deploy against peaceful protesters on our own soil. this administration has shown it will tear our democracy down. if that's what it takes for them to win. lou: the former president
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claims he fears for our democracy. but it was he who weaponized this country's intelligence services against a presidential candidate, the opposing party, and then those same agencies sought to overthrow a sitting president. and did so by committing fraud upon the federal courts in order to perpetuate a bogus investigation and the creation of a special counsel through fraud. he's worked with leaders of the radical testimon dem party to sp president trump's agenda, they tried to impeach him without evidence and they worked for four years trying to overthrow his presidency, not just block his agenda. now, let's return to barack obama's or atory, so beloved by the national left wing media. here he is, managing to insert himself into his short praise of
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joe biden. >> 12 years ago when i began my search for a vice president, i didn't know i'd end up finding a brother. for eight years, joe was the last one in the room whenever i faced a big decision. he made me a better president and he's got the character and the experience to make us a better country. lou: the former president sounding like a man somewhat desperate who needs to be praised, referring to himself in that short speech 35 times. in just 19 minutes. it is supposed to be the biden convention, isn't it? and the national left wing media fawning over his oratory as if they had reconnected with something of a long lost love. >> president obama's speech tonight slayed me. >> really a history shaking speech. >> he did a mas masterful job e
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again. >> a one for the ages. >> this may have been the most powerful address he ever gave. >> barack obama i' imdmrpl orig young people. >> you saw it as a break glass in case of emergency moment and he was breaking the glass. lou: broken glass. despite the effort of barack obama, the left wing media and the dnc failed to drum up excitement for joe biden. it is president trump who has seen a bump in the polls this week, remarkably. the president seeing a 4 point jump in his approval rating just from wednesday. rasmussen showing him at 51%, that's up from 47% previously. well, president trump's former advisor, steven bannon today arrested. bannon is a former hollywood producer. you couldn't by the way script
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the way in which he was arrested. bannon, who hasn't worked for the administration in years, is an entrepreneur. he is now accused of using donations to build a wall at the border to spend on himself and brian kolfage, a triple amputee air force veteran. bannon was arrested this morning, not by the fbi or u.s. marshals, but by inspectors of the u.s. postal service while bannon was cruising aboard a mega yacht owned by a chinese billionaire. yes, you heard that correctly. an elite police unit of the postal service, they're called the u.s. postal inspection service, had the authority to arrest bannon and they did so. now, you may find this somewhat ironic. between the postal service and
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the trump administration, somehow the deep state launching agents of the u.s. postal service to arrest mr. bannon. now, we checked, if you're surprised to find out the postal service has its own police force, there are 65 separate u.s. federal police departments and agencies and 27 offices of inspector general that also can make arrests and carry firearms. what in the world kind of government have we created? anyway, president trump today said he didn't like the build the wall project. he said it was showboating. he took it as an offense against him because it was privately funded and it had some people in it, and among them steve bannon, perhaps who were somewhat -- well, in competition with the president. up next, the left wing national
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media falling over themselves to compliment the radical dems vice presidential candidate, senator kamala harris. >> this was a different kamala harris. that warmth and talking about things that mattered to her in a way that, you know, can soften your heart a little bit. >> i think we understood who kamala harris is as a human. i think she humanized herself. >> one of these moments that is going to change people's lives and inspire people. >> history made tonight. incredibly significant. >> it's ex vorre extraordinary,a harris defining herself. >> the pa gentry may be missing but that was a moment of history. >> she was really lovely and loving. >> everything that a convention has, a soaring speech, a no, ma'am me. lou: the medical dems talking -- radical dems talking about those women. turns out there is a party that's actually run by a woman. that's the republican party. and their leader, ronna mcdaniel, she joins us here in
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lou: the communications director for the democrat national committee tweeted that her party is run by women. republican national committee woman, chair woman ronna mcdaniel tweeted this response, she tweeted, a woman actually runs the republican party. and she is exactly right. and joining us tonight is the woman who runs the republican party, republican national committee chairwoman ronna mcdaniel. i want to compliment you on that tweet. that was a terrific comeback and it's a delight to have you with us. i've got to ask you, because you're going to be putting on a convention next week. how do you think this one's going so far and how much inspiration are you taking from it? >> well, watching their convention is like watching alternate reality, lou. you and i are watching them completely lie to the american
7:18 pm
people about the accomplishments of the trump administration, all that he has done to lift the lives of so many americans through deregulation, through tax cuts, through energy independence, through decisive leadership, from taking care of our veterans. i mean, on issue after issue, president trump has led and it's just frustrating to see barack obama stand there last night and say for the sake of our democracy we wanted these things from president trump. how about for the sake of our of democracy it would have been nice if democrats accepted the results of the 2016 election and worked with this president instead of against him every step of the way to see a former president attacking our current president is just shameful. it's not something that we've seen in our country. and i don't think it was a high mark. i think it was a low mark for their party last night. lou: and i think it was extraordinary that he had the tamrity to stand there and talk about his fears for democracy
7:19 pm
when it was his intelligence agencies that were investigating, in quotes, investigating a presidential candidate of the opposing party, framing members of that campaign and then trying not only to block the agenda of a sitting president, they were trying to overthrow him through their continued investigation and what has turned out to be almost four years, not almost, it is now four years of persecution of the president of the united states. it's stunning. your thoughts? >> we've never seen anything like this and i saw michelle obama the first day as they're applauding her speech and she said when they go low, we go high. when they have gone high in this entire four years? tell me when the democrats have done anything to help this president, from this, the phony impeachment, through the obstruction, from not working with the american people, from
7:20 pm
boycotting the inauguration, from day one they have been against this president which means they're against the will of the american people. until they get power, they will never work with republicans and that is why it is so important that we beat them. the only thing i've agreed with this whole convention is when hillary clinton says we need to vote like our of lives depend on it because we do. we need to vote for donald trump and mike pence like our lives depend on it. lou: well, and like the nation depends on it as well. they're inextricably linked. they lost 42% in ratings the first night, 48, we're waiting to hear -- as i came on the air i have no indication of what the ratings were for last night. i'm asking our producers, do we have that yet? nielsen delayed the ratings. it can't have been good. it may have been better but it can't be good.
7:21 pm
your thoughts? >> yeah, i understand the struggles of switching to a virtual convention because we're going through the same thing and covid has upended everything. what i will say is donald trump will be part of our convention every night and that is something every american's going to want to see. i do think we're all going to tune in tonight because we want to see if joe biden can actually read his speech off of a tell teleprompter past 10:00 p.m. that's going to be an interesting part of tonight. what they have put forward for this country is a vision of doom and gloom. there's no aspiration. there's no reason to vote for joe biden. and we will be giving a convention that's aspirational, that talks about this country, the greatest country on earth. and the great american story. and how president trump has continued to make this country great. and will do so for four more years when he's reelected. lou: and at this point we see some strange moves in these
7:22 pm
polls. it's got to bewilder the folks in the convention, the democratic convention, that president trump is getting the bump from the convention, the rasmusen giving him a bump up to 51% just in the middle of this week. your thoughts as we wrap up here, ronna? >> you know, i was with the president this week in wisconsin and i'm going to say, lou, the polls are finally reflecting what i'm seeing on the ground. i've never seen energy like this, ever. and we're going to carry that through to november, republicans are energized. they know what's at stake. and they see that democrats and joe biden specifically is a bridge to socialism and transforming the america we know and love into something totally different. lou: ronna mcdaniel, the woman who runs the republican party. ronna, great to have you with us. up next, president trump's fight against the radical dems, the
7:23 pm
left and of course the rhinos in congress and the senate, we'll be talking with house minority leader kevin mccarthy about this campaign, this election, and much, much more. and my new book is the trump century, how our president changed the course of history forever, it's available for preorder, get your copies at, and the trump century. we'll be right back. stay with us. jean, did you know geico is now offering an extra 15% credit on car and motorcycle policies? that's great! that's 15% on top of what geico could already save you. so what are you waiting for? john stamos to knit you a scarf? all finished, jean. enjoy! thank you. i give. the stitch work is impeccable. it's just a double fleck pattern with a reverse garter stitch. no big deal. is your hair this soft? softer. geico. save an extra 15% when you switch by october 7th.
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lou: joining me now, republican house minority leader, kevin mccarthy. good to have you with us and let's turn to the postmaster general. this is quite a mess and the left, the radical dems are trying to make as much of it as they can. it's really quite something. your thoughts about all that's unfolding including hearings in the house, the senate, and mitch
7:28 pm
mcconnell apparently doesn't run the senate anymore, at least not in the interest of the republican party or the president of the united states. >> well, there's nothing the democrats won't politicize, first the pandemic, now they're trying to mail offices. think about it, if you listened to the convention last night they have no message for america so they rely on mixed information and mailbox myths. you have the postmaster who has actually run businesses successfully, made them evidence efficient and the democrats are complaining about things that happened during the obama administration. so the postmaster literally said decisions that he did not make, he is making sure they're stopped between now and the election. there is more than enough money in the post office to run it throughout the election. but you've got nancy pelosi who won't focus on the american economy, so you've got president trump having to take it into his own hands to care for the people who are unemployed, to make sure
7:29 pm
our businesses stay open, but nancy will not even have a vote. thee wants to politicize it right before the republican convention. lou: well, it's polic politici, it's clear she is interested in only one thing and that is winning the election and one can understand the motivation but the other is absolute disregard for millions of people in this country who are dependent upon that stimulus and to simply defer it is a disaster for the radical dems and they can't play it any differently. there is no way to spin this in any other way. >> you are right, lou. think of every time this president has worked to help the american public after china has lied to the world. remember in the first bill, that he worked for the cares act, pelosi held that up for more than a week for funding for the kennedy center or when that small business program, ppp, was
7:30 pm
working so successfully that it needed more money, she stood in front of her refrigerator and said no to all the small business employees. now she's doing the exact same thing to everybody who is unemployed. what about liability protection for the schools or financial for the schools. she's holding it up but calling all congress back to work on something that doesn't need to happen. the post office has more than enough money to carry everything of out and the postmaster said there will be no changes. lou: well, they're going to posture, the radical dems, that this is about liability for corporations and their employees coming back to work. that's the way they're going to play it. what is going to be the response? because there are millions of people out there right now, concerned about their health and the responsibility of corporate employers. >> the people are most concerned
7:31 pm
are schools and small businesses. those are the ones that trial lawyers are suing. those are the ones that the democrats with nancy pelosi are defending. in our very first bill when we tried to get liability protection for 3m to sell us more masks that were so desperately needed at that moment, nancy pelosi said no. and when you think about it, the democrats have a real china problem. they will not admit that china created this virus. they will not help us defeat it in that manner. and our own fbi, i read in a newspaper, said china wants president trump to lose. why? because he's been strong against china. what we really need to do is help this president make america great again, renew the american dream, restore our way of life and rebuild the biggest economy ever before. that's why people need to go to take the house dot-com to make sure we retire nancy pelosi and her politicizing of every policy for the future. lou: even as mitt romney, mitch
7:32 pm
mcconnell, lind lindsey graham e working to avoid supporting this president and in fact in many cases working dead straight against him, your reaction to their posture? >> look, i watched mitch mcconnell, i worked with him a lot of times, sitting in the room with mark meadows and others. he's got a very strong front. the difficulty here are the rules in the senate where you've got to have 60 votes to do anything. what we really need is a house majority. that's why you go to, retire nancy pelosi. and you know what the house would be doing? we wouldn't be voting by proxy. members of congress wouldn't get to stay home and get their paychecks. we wouldn't be coming back for politicizing something, we would be coming back for rebuilding the economy, we would help those who are unemployed, make sure the schools are safe for the children and also for the teachers. lou: could we get a two-fer deal? could we get rid of pelosi and
7:33 pm
mcconnell, can that work? okay. all right. just wanted to negligence other of yates that deal if i -- negotiate that deal if i could. kevin, always great to have you with us. coming up next here, does the deep state really have an interest in silencing julianne n assange? what is going on? the deep state in the deep role in john durham's obama-gate investigation. john sullivan joins me next. we'll be right back. as a caricature artist, i appreciate what makes each person unique. that's why i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. almost done. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: joining us tonight is just the news editor in chief, john solomon, author of fallout, nuclear bribes, russian spies and the washington lies that enriched the clinton and biden dindynasties. we recommend the book to you. john, great to have you with us. what's your reaction, first. >> good to be with you. lou: great to have you. it is really -- it tests the bounds of crude lety to go with some of the explanations we've heard of why assange has been locked up and the key thrown away and kept from prying eyes and microphones for all this time. your thoughts about that reporting and assange and his
7:38 pm
role. >> well, listen, last year i put into the public scores of pages of documents showing that the justice department, a guy named david loffman negotiated with one of assange's lawyers and assange agreed and was willing to take a deal where he would cooperate with authorities. this would do two things. he would answer questions about the leak of the russia documents and he would agree not to release certain information or redact certain information on cia cyber weapons and ultimately released unredacted. it was a missed opportunity. the person who killed it, get ready, james comey, the fbi director, the documents show he killed the deal. so we missed an opportunity back in 2017 at the beginning of the trump administration to get the truth from assange and possibly to temper the release of some documents that caused grave national security harm to the united states. lou: and so where is -- and the president, you can see him
7:39 pm
wrestling with this. because assange has been painted in the darkest of color as an evil and bad guy but as with most absolutes, this one has some frayed edges and considerable gray around it. your thoughts? >> well, listen, the fbi and the intelligence community deal with bad guys all the time. if we need information, if we want the truth, he's a sort of guy that we would go to and cut a deal and at least get some truth. maybe there's a plea deal to be had. maybe there's an immunity deal to be had. so far there hasn't been the will of the intelligence community, the fbi, the justice department to complete that deal. they hate him. they call him an enemy of the state. in this case, the american people may benefit from finding an answer to what happened to the documents that wikileaks posted. where did they get them? he knows. we should get that answer. lou: well, he's not accused of
7:40 pm
capital crimes and the fact of the matter is that the british confined him for so long without any possibility of extrication. he has been shut down. he has been for all practical purposes a disappeared person to the american public. that is not an accident. it is not the way we conduct business in this country or at least it once was not the way we conducted business. how do we make it right and is president trump the only one who can? >> yeah, listen, the president, the fbi director, chris wray, the attorney general, bill barr, can go back and reinvigorate those conversations from march of 2019, where we came -- 2017, where we came very close getting a deal with julian assange. if james comey didn't get in the way of that, we would have probably gotten answers that. david loffman showed interest in trying to get him interviewed
7:41 pm
and get information from him. it was a major loss for the u.s. when the conversations broke down thanks to james comey. lou: and assange in that three-year period, his health has deteriorated, we understand significantly and at various points has been described as life-threatening. this does not seem to be a concern for the fbi and some intelligence agencies, which should make it i think based on what we now know about the way those agencies have been led, a concern for all americans who want the truth. would you recommend the president pardon him? >> well, listen, i'm a reporter. i try to stick to facts, not opinion or recommendations. there's a lot of people who believe he should be pardoned. a lot of people believe he should be prosecuted. i don't believe in everything that julian assange did. he brought a lot of disclosures of things we didn't know and he was an inconvenient truth during
7:42 pm
the beginning of the russia investigation. imagine if he emerged and gave us his story in march of 2017, what might have happened to the russia collusion story. lou: and now edward snowden is seeking a fair trial, as his only condition precedent to surrendering himself. i'm going to ask for your opinion, of course based on facts. >> yeah, listen, edward snowden compromised national security by a large degree and there are democrats and republicans alike that agree on that. the question is, if you're going to pardon him or if you're going to give him a deal, give him a fair trial, what does the united states get in return for that and i don't know if snowden's put anything on the table that would make the u.s. government want a deal with him right now. he's hiding or was hiding in vladimir putin clutches. he's not a man that is right now considered a friend of the united states and so i think you have to look carefully at that. the political repercussions of a
7:43 pm
pardon could be significant. but the president may know things i don't know. he probably does. there's a split opinion on as the president acknowledged on edward snowden. no doubt about it. lou: i wouldn't ask you just easy questions ever, john, because with your mind and talent i want to put only tough questions before you. >> thank you. lou: john solomon, thanks for providing those terrific answers, always insightful to have you with us. appreciate it. before we go my new book is the trump century, how our president changed the course of history forever, please preorder your copy at the, [ thunder rumbles ] [ engine rumbling ] [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right?
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aerotrainer's unique design allows for over 20 exercises for a total body workout, all while maintaining safe, correct form. now it's your turn to lose weight, look great, and be healthy. get off the floor and get on the aerotrainer. go to, that's lou: breaking news now. a los angeles man today charged with voter fraud, casting a ballot for his dead mother three times. a ballot for his dead mother three times, yes, you heard me correctly. the local prosecutor says the 55-year-old cast votes for himself and his dead mother between 2012 and 2014. she died in july of 2006. he faces up to three years in prison. our country's elite universities
7:48 pm
are bowing to china and its takeover of hong kong, this is an incredible story from the wall street journal. the wall street journal reporting that they found universities including princeton university, harvard business school, university of pennsylvania, are planning things like secret codes and anonymous online chats in an effort to shield chinese students from discussion on politically sensitive topics about china. doing this in the united states. the schools fear that some of their students might be prosecuted by communist china under its new national security law, but not one of them that i'm aware of has said a word in protest of china's takeover of hong kong or its aggression around the globe. breaking news now, former fbi lawyer kevin clinesmith today in federal court, pleading guilty to one felony charge of making a
7:49 pm
false statement. obama appointed judge james vosberg accepted the plea and set clinesmith's sentencing date for december 10th. he serves as the presider judge of the fisa court that clinesmith defrauded, deceived. we're told the judge was selected at random, if you believe that, that's fine. from the 13 other judges on the district court, quite a choice, though, to end up with the very fellow that runs the fisa court. breaking news now. more than 200 people have been charged with federal crimes, more than 1,000 arrested in operation legend. attorney general william barr touted that nine-city effort, its mission to combat violent crime including catching the killer of 4-year-old legend talafaro who the operation is named after. barr blames radical left
7:50 pm
prosecutors and judges for not putting these violent criminals away. >> we're going back to some of the old practices we followed in the '60s and '70s where there's revolving door justice and people are not being held. i think if you go to most of these big cities that are experiencing an increase in violent crime, and you go to the police departments, they will know who the shooters are. they will know exactly who the shooters are. and they're not that many of them relatively speaking. two, 300, but if you took off the streets you would more than half violent crime. lou: up next, a radical dems squad member wants more chaos in the streets, more violence. what she said, we'll be talking with larry elder when we continue and a reminder, my new book is ready for your preorder. the trump century, how our president changed the course of history forever, available for your preorder, get your copy or copies at the trump,
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lou: joining us tonight to take this up and more, larry elder, the host of the larry elder show, also the executive producer of the documentary, uncle tom, an oral history of the american black conservative.
7:55 pm
great to have you with us, to see you. aiyana pressly calling for more chaos in the streets, unrest. i mean, we just watched one of the most violent weekends in this country ever and for her to do that, anyone to do it, and for the radical dems to sponsor this nonsense, this viciousness, this disgusting, appalling state of affairs, it just sickens me. your reaction? >> well, in her defense, lou, what she said was unrest. and i think what she meant was as long as in her view we have police brutality against black people we should have unrest in the streets as on of posed to violence. in my opinion, a far more outrageous and offensive statement was made by former president obama at john lewis funeral where he said we all have witnessed police officers, plural, kneeling on the next of
7:56 pm
black americans, plural. can you imagine if president trump said when -- put the throats of white people, pleural, it would be outrageous. what obama said got a complete and total pass. it pushes the fake, phony narrative that the police are out to get black people just because they're black. as you know, there have been studies by government and by academia showing it is not true. if anything, the police are more hesitant, more reluctant to use deadly force against a black person than a white person, very likely for fear of being accused of being racist. lou: well, what about black lives matter, what about antifa? the death and destruction, they're responsible for. let's be very clear, i'm saying they are responsible for it. they have unleashed a wave of unrest in this country, if i can use pressly's word, because it's not disobedience. this is unrest. this is violence. and dog whistles and code words
7:57 pm
don't work knee fo for me. you know what she was calling for. i know what she was calling for. so do the people in the streets. they are taking black lives every weekend and they -- and antifa and black lives matter dare, dare to suggest they are the great arbiters of what is beneficial to american lives. these people are -- whoever pays attention to these people and why? explain it to me, larry. explain it to me. >> [ laughter ] >> the whole thing is outrageous. but understand this is democratic policies 101. the idea is to perpetuate the notion that black people are perpetual victims of police oppression and again, you have people like eric holder who made statements about racism, claiming that blacks get longer sentences than white criminal defendants do for the same crime without telling people the reason for the discrepancy is the fact that the typical black
7:58 pm
criminal has a longer typical record. they have been pushing this for decades. the end result is that some number of people will be out in the streets committing violence because they buy into the bs. lou: yeah, and the bs is being shoveled everywhere and not the least, the least of those places over the air waves where you're watching commercials from corporate america talking about black lives matter as if they were some sort of adjunct organization to the boy scouts. it is insane what they're doing. it's a marxist organization that means to divide as to disrupt and ultimately devastate this nation. >> and it's getting people killed, lou. the very people that the black lives matter purport to care about, black people are the ones that get hurt by what's called the ferguson effect where officers pull back for fear of being called racist. the bad guys know it and the people that get hurt are the
7:59 pm
black people that the so called black lives matter proponents claim they care about. half of the homicide victims in the country are black people, almost all killed by other black men. why not talk about the damage being caused by the destruction of the nuclear family. 70% of black kids are raised without fathers. where are they? they're nowhere. they want to jump on police officers. that pushes the democratic agenda that racism remains a major problem in america and pushes the media's agenda take racism is a major problem in america, never mind the people they care about are the ones that get hurt because of the nonsense. lou: exactly. it is always good to talk with you, larry. we're going to have to get back to that corporate thing so you can explain it to me about how corporate america rationalizes support for the ugliness that the black lives matter is generating in this country. larry elder, always great to have you here. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. and reminder, my new book, the
8:00 pm
trump century, how our president changed the course of history forever, available for your preorder now at, and thanks for joining us. have a great evening. good night from sussex. ♪ ♪ nancy: hello everyone, i'm nancy grace for crime stories on fox nation. the jeffrey epstein's story, jeffrey epstein was arrested july 2019 for sex trafficking young girls fight the feds but epstein committed suicide in his jail cell before he could be tried. while the billionaire pedophile never lived


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