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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 26, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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spot on. it's interesting to see where people land though. i think lap on different candidates -- land on different candidates after they say those things. connell: just depends on which side turns them out. boy, savannah is a beautiful place. we will see you tomorrow from jacksonville, florida. it's "lou dobbs tonight" that starts right now. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the repalin party's national -- republican party's national convention in its third night, and president trump is moving higher in the polls. rasmussen today finding president trump and china joe biden in a virtual tie. biden, 46% support. president trump, 45%. biden's support has slipped two point since the close of his disastrous democratic national convention. president trump's rising in the polls, correlating with a strong and resounding message this week from his party. unlike joe biden, this president stands with the american people,
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and he is appealing to working men and women and their families. we heard from a cross-section of working men and women last night who shared how president trump has restored the economy and used that power to secure more opportunity for all americans. >> president trump took the necessary action knowing that agriculture is our backbone and strength. critical to our national security. our entire economy and dairy farming are once again warring back. >> he has followed through on his promises including last week when he brokered to end european tariffs on maine live lobsters and up to 20% on maine lobster products. >> by getting rid of the job-killing nafta and negotiating the u.s./mexican/canada trade agreement, president trump insured a more competitive playing field for american
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companies. lou: the president himself, president trump, featured in two videos aired at the rnc. in the first president trump pardoned a reformed bank robber, john ponder. ponder now runs a prisoner reentry program. in another in which he hosted an immigration naturalization ceremony at the white house. two of the president's children, eric and tiffany, featured last night. tiffany trump indicted the left-wing national media. eric trump promised his father will continue his fight for the american family. >> people must recognize that our thoughts, our opinions and even the choice of who we are voting for may and are being manipulated and visibly coerced by tech giants. this manipulation of what information we receive impedes our free -- freedoms.
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>> every day my father fights for the american people, for forgotten men and women of this country, the ones who embody the american spirit which is unlike anything else in the world. to our farmers who work dawn to dusk to keep our plates full, my father will fight for you. to every single mother and father, to our veterans, our coal miners and to the american worker, my father fight for you. and to every proud american who bleeds red, white and blue, my father will continue to fight for you. lou: former florida attorney general pam bondi and an ex-democrat mayor from a small minnesota mining town each attacked joe biden's half century career in politics. both pointed out biden's public service has principally served the biden family. >> joe biden flew the china on air force two with momentummer
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along for the -- hunter along for the ride. hunter had meetings with his chinese bank partners. come on, joe. talk to the folks in middle america who have lost countless jobs to china while your son was getting rich with them. there have been numerous press reports that have shown other close biden family members benefited from joe's 47-year political career. >> this is hard for me to say because i am a lifelong democrat. but for far too long, members of both parties allowed our country to be ripped off by our trading partners, especially china, who dumped steel into our markets and slapped tariffs on our products. and what did so-called leaders like joe biden do? nothing. he has been doing nothing in washington for 47 years. why would year 48 be any different? lou: tonight's theme at the rnc, the land of heroes. speeches will focus on national security and our military.
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vice president pence speaks tonight from historic fort mchenry in baltimore where he accepts the party's nomination for vice president. we also expect to hear more from president trump as well as second lady karen pence, kellyanne conway, lara trump and kayleigh mcenany. as the rnc continues tonight, the radical dems are doing their best to, well, reshape america. take a look at kenosha, wisconsin, last night where violent demonstrations took a deadly turn. during last night's looting and to rioting in kenosha, two people were shot and killed. another shot, a major wound to his arm. a crowd can be seen in this video in which the shooter is classed down by a male -- chased down by a male and falls in the middle of the street, fires as some in the crowd jumped on him
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trying to grab his weapon. this dramatic video caught by our fox crew in kenosha. [gunfire] >> get down, get down, get down, get down! [background sounds] [gunfire] >> come on, let's go. let's go! [inaudible conversations] >> stay here, a stay here! get down, right now. get down on the sidewalk right now. get down. lou: all this while the democratic mayor of kenosha has ordered the police to effectively stand down.
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the governor of wisconsin has actually been rather snarky in declining president trump's offer of help. and the shooter, 17-year-old kyle wright, arrested today in antioch, illinois, about 20 miles from kenosha. he was charged there with fist-degree -- first-degree intentional homicide. they haven't determined if he was responsible for both killings last night. president trump has announced that wisconsin's radical dem governor, tony evers, has now -- as of today -- accepted his offer to send federal forces to kenosha to stop the violent riots and looting and shooting and killing. the president tweeted this: we will not stand for looting, arson, violence and lawlessness on american streets. my team just got off the phone with governor evers who agreed to accept federal assistance. portland, he said in parentheses, should do the same.
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today i will be sending federal law enforcement and the national guard to kenosha, wisconsin, to restore law and order. kenosha, it should be noted, doesn't only have a democrat problem, but but it's something of a rino problem as well. kenosha is the home of rino reince priebus, and it's the district once represented by, well, former rino house speaker paul ryan. former speaker, not former rino. joining us tonight is congressman andy biggs, chairman of the house freedom caucus, a member of the house judiciary committee. and congressman, i want to first ask you reaction to now the governor, after these tragic deaths, now the governor wants to listen to president trump and has apparently done so. your reaction. >> well, it's about time. these riots, this loot aring, this murder and mayhem have nothing to do with any kind of protest people may have
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regarding a police incident that took place several days ago. this is all about the left trying to -- this is a bunch of thugs on the left that are trying to basically burn down businesses, torch and destroy this country, and it's a revolution. and so in my opinion, the governor is way late, but it's better late than never, i suppose. but i'm glad that he's going to met some good guidance and some good assistance from the president who's on top of this issue get to, get to kenosha. lou: yeah. it's very clear that democrat governors in democrat-run cities whether we're talking about portland, chicago, seattle, wherever it may be, kenosha, they're playing politics. and that's, that is not only a shame, it is tragic. and the communities are putting up with it, which is even more devastating, i think, to this country, that we have people who will accept that kind of
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leadership and governance in their communities where they really have the greatest control over their lifestyle, their values are tested there in local communities, and they should be influencing the outcome of governance instead of simply being bystanders. and in kenosha, for example, they're s&p supply victims. your thoughts. >> yeah, no, you're exactly right. since we're republican, we to vote, we get the government we deserve because we vote for that government. but the kind of government we've seen in kenosha, portland, chicago, that is -- i can't imagine anybody thinking that when they cast their ballot that they would get leaders who allowed the mayhem and rioting on the streets that they would tell their police officers to stand down. we may get stuck with the government -- lou: well, you know, people -- >> [inaudible] it's too much. lou: it's too much, and it's
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ridiculous that talking with scott carpenter, the owner of a business in kenosha last night on this broadcast, they pay taxes, they live there for their lives, work there in their businesses for 30 years, and it was burned down by thugs in the black lives activists who support them. why not, why not just refuse to pay taxes? who needs to put -- what on earth are people paying taxes for? this, these mayors standing down their police departments and saying you take over. i don't know what the young man is going to be found guilty of, if anything. it's clear that he is a suspect, and i don't want in any way to judge the case. but i have have to tell you the respondent is on that -- is the responsibility is on that city could council and that mayor who stood that police department down because they chose not to
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protect property, not to protect lives. don't you agree? >> i agree 100%. saw your interview last night, great interview, lou. you're right on the spot here. these guys have liability. lou: congressman, it's always good to have you with us, we appreciate it. congressman andy biggs. and on wall street today, another record-setting performance. the nasdaq up 199 points, its 39th record close of the year. the s&p up 35, its 18th record close of the year. the dow up 83 points. and volume on the big board picking up to 3.8 billion shares. crude oil, $43.44 at the settlement. up next, radical black lives matter activists berating diapers, demanding they -- diners, demanding they raise their fists in support. what happened? we'll take that up and more with civil rights activist bob woodson. and we're pleased to
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♪ ♪ >> a movement that began as a dream in a tiny prison cell and is now making a difference in the lives of thousands, truly bringing hope that there is an opportunity and a community that is waiting and willing to offer them a second chance. john, we honor your devogues to showing returning -- devotion to showing returning citizens they are not forgotten. we believe each person is made by god for a purpose. i continue to give all americans, including former inmates, the best chance to build a new life and achieve their own american dream and a great american dream, it is. lou: that was president trump pardoning john ponder last night at the republican national
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convention. ponder is a convicted felon who is now helping former inmates reenter society. meanwhile, eating outside is enough to enrage the radical left. monday evening a crowd of mostly white black lives matter protesters surrounded and then harassed diners at a number of restaurants in the nation's capital. listen to how that all played out. [inaudible conversations] lou: the woman seen in the video claims to be a supporter of black lives matter but says it didn't feel right to raise her
5:19 pm
fist. well, breaking news, president trump's numbers among black voters is concerning joe biden and his campaign and the radical dems. according to the latest rasmussen poll, the president's a approval rating among black voters has risen to 29%. 29%. joining us tonight is bob woodson, former civil rights activist, he headed the national urban league department of criminal justice for five years. he's the founder of the woodson center which helps residents in low income neighborhoods, a great american, and we are delighted to see you again, bob. finish -- john ponder, pardoned by the president. you worked, i understand, with john ponder. tell us a little about him and his contributions to our country. >> well, josh -- john is one of our stellar members of 1776
5:20 pm
unites consortium. as you said, john found himself in prison, came to christ, dedicated his life to assisting other others. in the past ten years, john and his organization, hope for prisons, is worked with 3,000 people returning from prison with only a 6% recidivism rate. he has about 500 volunteers to mentor these men and women who are coming out of prison, and 40% of those volunteers are police officers, many of them the same officers that arrested them. and as a consequence of this important program, violent interactions between police and minority citizens in las vegas has been dramatically reduced, and crime also in south las vegas has also been reduced. and so it's just a marvelous are example of the kind of
5:21 pm
grassroots leaders that are living in our urban centers. they should be the ones who are supported as to opposed to giving money to black lives matter that are there for the destruction of the community. we need to be donating to community builders like john ponder. we're so proud of john and his accomplishments. lou: and i hope that corporate america is giving far more money to john ponder, to bob woodson than they are to black lives matter. and i think, as a matter of fact, i'm going to speak now to my producers as well as the audience, we're going to put up graphics where if people want to support those organizations, we're going to have that up on our web site, we're going to also have it up on this broadcast from now on. because the work is too important and the emphasis by
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corporate america on the organizations often that they are supporting is just so wrong headed. we've got to change that, don't you agree, somehow, some way? >> we really, we really do, or lou. and you were talking about the violence. i was just appalled that, when i watched the democratic national convention for not a single word was mentioned about the violence in chicago with black lives matters wipe out the golden mile, looted stores and stole. and the black lives matter representatives execs plained it as part of -- explained it as part of reparations. not a single person at the democratic mentioned anything about it. nor did they -- and michelle obama in her speech, she talked about, of course, breonna taylor and george floyd. and then she said the list goes
5:23 pm
on of people who have been murdered. and kamala harris did the same thing when she got up. and she mentioned them as if -- and both of them were fanning the flames of racial discord that continues. also, lou, what they didn't mention is the 20 children under the age of 10 who were murdered in chicago, and yet none of the names of those children were ever mentioned at that conference, at that gathering. a young girl like anisa scott, 5-year-old who was praying that she'd be delivered from violence. and then last week she -- at 11 is years old, she was shot to death in madison, wisconsin. and yet these candidates for offices say nothing about this. what about justice for these children? lou: yeah. and the democratic party has a lot of explaining to do about how they chose to use their time
5:24 pm
last week as they ignored violence. violence that, in effect, was not, not condemned by the democratic party but, rather, accepted. and that is a great shame for this country, that they did so. we're going to continue our discussion with bob woodson right after these quick messages. please stay with us, it's worth your while, i assure you. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ from fidelity. now you can trade stocks and etfs for any amount you choose instead of buying by the share. all with no commissions. stocks by the slice from fidelity. get your slice today. which is why when it comes to his dentures only poligrip cushion and comfort will do. the first and only formula with adaptagrip cushioning technology. choose poligrip cushion and comfort.
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♪ ♪ >> yes. i also think about joe biden who says if you aren't voting for me, you ain't black. who argued that republicans would put us back in chains. who says there is no diversity of thought in the black community. mr. vice president, look at me. i am black. we are not all the same, sir is. i am not in enchains. my -- in chains. my mind is my own, and you can't tell me how to vote because of
5:29 pm
the color of my skin. joe biden is a backwards thinker in a world that is creighing forward-looking -- craving forward-looking leadership. there's no wisdom in his record or plan, just a trail of discredited ideas and offensive statements. lou: kentucky attorney general daniel cameron. you cannot tell me how to vote by the color of my skin. condemning joe biden for his comments on black voters. we're back with bob woodson. bob, i have to say i was so impressed by the attorney general's statements and the almost casual power of his speech. it was terrific, and his statement that -- can. [laughter] how did he say, i want to be exactly correct in my quotation.
5:30 pm
i am black, we are not all the same, or sir. i am not in chains. my mind is my own, and you can't tell me how to vote because of the color of my skin. did you, did you rejoice when you heard the attorney general make those remarks? >> yeah, it was another declaration of independence. [laughter] lou: it really was. >> it was a declaration of independence, and i'm to is thankful -- so thankful that he said that because earlier today when joe biden's press secretary was pressed by dana perino about what is biden's response to violence and what is his solution, the man said, well, we're going to end institutional racism. well, he needs to be pressed on saying tell me exactly what that
5:31 pm
is and then explain what is your remedy for ending it and then how does that remedy tie into the reduction of violence in black communities, and how does it promote growth and opportunity, create jobs and help people in those communities to prosper? i think some of these people should be pressed to answer that question. what specifically is your remedy. and so that is what we need to be doing. but there are more people who express and believe what you just heard than people realize. lou: yeah. >> there really are. lou: i think, i -- you know, that's one of the most hopeful things we could hear from you, is that that is the case. because if we cannot unite around in this country equal opportunity, mutual respect for
5:32 pm
one another as citizens and believe that this is fundamentally and foremost a nation of laws which preserve the integrity of those tenets of self-reliance, independence, the bill of rights, you know, i think we as a nation would be lost. and it's exactly, by the way, that is exactly the goal of the black live matter movements and other left-wing, radical dem organizations that are trying to tear the nation asunder. i truly believe that. and what -- yes, sir. >> tomorrow is the 57th anniversary of the march on washington. al sharpton is supposed to lead a reenactment of that. and i think it's appropriate since -- and what you're going to hear at that rally is just a condemnation of the country. you're not going to hear -- dr. king, i'd like to just share
5:33 pm
some of his quotes that he said. dr. king said violence is immoral because it thrive on hatred rather than love. it destroys communities and makes brotherhood impossible. it leaves society in a monologue rather than a dialogue. violence ends up defeating itself. it creates bitterness into survivors and brutality into destroyers. and he also said about the patriotism in his heart, he said that civil rights leaders have taken our nation back to the great well of democracy which were dug deep by the founding fathers in the foundation of the constitution and the declaration of independence. this is the, king's movement was with base on the foundation of this country's ideals of freedom and justice for all. but you not hear any of that --
5:34 pm
you will not hear any of that affirmation on this march on washington rally. it'll be the same blame america first mantra that we've heard, and there'll be silence on how does black america address the enemy from within. that's what you're going to hear. lou: i personally, i may hear it. i won't listen to it long are, i assure you, and i don't think much of america will either. we've made a decision i think already this year about what the stakes are, and they're about the future of this country. and i don't believe marxism has any place in this country's future. i believe the american people will vote to make that so. bob woodson, we always learn and we always appreciate talking with you, and i look forward to next week. thank you very much. bob wood szob. if you'd like to donate, by
5:35 pm
the way, to the woodson center, we invite you to go to that's wood -- by the way, you can also donate to john ponder's hope for prisoners program. just go to hope for thank you very much. and up next, the radical dems, are they losing their minds? are they out of their minds? as the rnc continues to outshine the dnc, we take up that issue and more in just a few moments. my new book, "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever," available for preorder at my new web site,, we invite you to go to both. we'll be right back. ♪ hi, i'm pat and i'm 75 years old.
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♪ ♪ >> these are my friends. these are the incredible workers that helped us so much with the covid. we can call it many different things from china virus, i don't want to go through all the names because some people may get insulted, but that's the way it is. these are great, great people; doctors, nurses, firemen, policemen. we want to thank you all. you've been incredible, and we want to thank you. and all of the millions of people that you represent. thank you all very much. great job. lou: great job, indeed, for all
5:40 pm
of the health care workers, first responders, doctors and nurses across the country during this pandemic. what an amazing job you have all done. the president on night one of the republican national convention thanking americans who have worked in the field from the beginning of this pandemic. and, breaking news now, rioters in seattle try to burn police officers alive. they used quick-sealing concrete to shut the east precinct door before starting a fire. attempting to burn down the building and the police officers inside it. those police officers had to kick the door open to get out. thankfully, no police officers were injured. the radical dem' latest attack against -- dems' latest attack against president trump is to claim the hatch act. they claim it was illegal that the secretary of state, mike
5:41 pm
pompeo, spoke at last night's convention from jerusalem. "the washington post"'s jennifer rubin's column opines, quote: the rnc is on a hatch act crime spree. wow. disturbing, isn't it? some in the left-wing national media know that no one cares about the hatch act. jake schuman from politico points out, quote: do you think a single person outside the beltway gives a hoot about the president politicking from the white house or using the federal government to his political advantage? do you think any persuadable voter even notices? white house chief of staff mark meadows had this to say -- >> nobody outside of the beltway really cares. they expect that donald trump is going to promote republican values, and they would expect that barack obama when he was in office that he would do the same for democrats. and so, listen, this is a lot of hoop that'sing being made --
5:42 pm
loop -- hoopla that's being made mainly because the convention has been unbelievably successful. lou: well, joining us now is former reagan white house political director ed rollins, the is savant himself, and pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the new york post, fox business contributor michael goodwin. gentlemen, thanks for being with us. the hatch act, i can't imagine. there's one thing that i don't think there's any doubt about, and that is politicians have learned as a result of this president being in office that no one now has either the luxury or the right to bore the american people, and the democrats haven't learned that lesson, do you think, mike? >> well, it is another interesting example. you almost expect adam schiff to appear and demand impeachment hearings. you know? before november. it's really extraordinary, lou,
5:43 pm
that the democrats continue to go down this road, that somehow this president is lawless, illegitimate, you know, whatever they can come up with without ever dealing with the actual policies. i mean, they won't negotiate on the border issues, there's no real budget process anymore. even the simple thing like another bailout during the coronavirus becomes so crazed. so i do think that there is something to the point that the convention is getting a lot of attention, it's well done. and so this is the democrats' reaction. let's sue 'em, let's impeach him again. lou: expect ratings for last night -- and the ratings for last night up slightly but still 7% below 2016. but that's an extraordinary performance by any definition. ed, the idea that -- i almost
5:44 pm
said obama -- that biden thinks he can win a presidential election from basement and the idea that the democratic party has chosen to campaign against america and americans, how in the world can you make that even a remote possibility that they would win under those circumstances, those directions? >> as i've said to you all along, regardless of where polls are, this is going to be a very, very close election. it's going to be one or two states. wisconsin may very well be the state that makes the difference. either that or it's going to flip and the president's going to do extreme hi well. but the reality here talking about the hatch act, i was one of the first political directors of the white house, my predecessor looked at it for six straight months. we put the title on it. ilyed with the hatch a act. -- i lived with the hatch act. jimmy carter ran his campaign out of the white house. lyndon caronson ran it -- lyndon
5:45 pm
johnson rap it out of the white house. -- ran it out of the white house. richard nixon's attorney general was the campaign manager. the hatch act is about you shaking down employee for money to get a job. that's the whole intent of it. the intent was not to be able to use the white house. i think one of the things about this, and i applaud the president, he's sharing his job, what he does every day or and the beauty of our nation's capital, the white house. i think the country's enjoying that. lou: the, the message from this convention, michael, this is just, to me, an amazing performance by the trump family who have been beaten and battered and have sacrificed so much. of course, for the country and for this president. this president has made immense sacrifices. but to see his family stand up for him and for america in this
5:46 pm
convention has been heart warming, it's been inspiring. i have never seen the likes of it by any president or his family before, is have you? >> well, it -- no. i mean, in truth, no many families are that large from recent presidents. anyway, i must say, lou -- [laughter] that the entire trump family writ harming, the trump campaign -- writ large, the trump campaign team, i think they've done an excellent job in addressing fundamental issues both in terms of policy and in terms of what is perceived by their own pollsters as the president's weaknesses in the campaign. i think they've been very smart about the way they've approached their speakers' listing about the way they've -- like a team passing the ball, they move the ball around very quickly. and the evening moves quickly, and it's very upbeat. very important to be upbeat, i
5:47 pm
think, given what the democrats are talking about. >> and the first lady -- lou: thank you -- >> thank you. lou: i'm sorry, go ahead, ed. >> i said the first lady was spectacular. you had to be very proud of what she said. she was just spectacular. lou: i couldn't agree more. up next, the radical dems finding another way to use impeachment witness al zahner vined match, you ebb him, to attack president trump. we'll be talking with attorney sidney powell here next. stay with us. each person unique. that's why i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. almost done. what do you think? i don't see it.
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♪ ♪ lou: radical house democrats today launching another pitiful attack against president trump. they're now asking the department of defense inspector general to investigate alleged retaliation against alexander vindman. in a letter today, the dems say the retaliation part of a concerted effort by the trump administration. you cannot make these detestable people up in the radical dems. joining me now is sidney powell. she carries on the fight against them every day. attorney for general michael
5:52 pm
flynn, best selling author, great american. let's -- it's great to have you here. >> thanks, lou. lou: -- so many sad storylines play out, but i think chief among them is what is, what this conspiracy the overthrow the president of the united states and to block his agenda from the time he was a candidate, to watch that play out. here we are all of this time since charges were ordered dropped by the justice department, and now the corrupt, the politically corrupt judiciary in washington, d.c., our court system is fighting that dismissal. itit is outrageous. i don't think i've heard americans so upset ever in my career. what is next for the -- >> it is absolutely appalling, lou. i mean, we went from being prosecuted by the special counsel to having extraordinary
5:53 pm
exculpatory evidence reveal by the u.s. attorney, mr. jensen, that mr. barr assigned to review the case. we're now being prosecuted by the courts, it feels like, general flynn is, because judge sullivan appointed an amicus, a friend of the court, to act essentially as a prosecutor to brief the case against dismissal and invited everybody on the face of the earth to file briefs in opposition to dismissing the case when every precedent in the country requires that the case be dismissed on motion of the government because nobody but the department of justice can prosecute it. right now we're waiting on a decision from the entire d.c. circuit to decide whether -- lou: well, let me -- yeah. the brief has gotten a little long, if i may say, sidney. [laughter] i'm not a lawyer and i'm
5:54 pm
struggling to keep up with you, but i think i get the point. the other point is that we're not seeing justice in any form here. this justice department is still, if it is not corrupt, it's incompetent. the ideals of this justice department are not even present. i am absolutely -- and i will only speak for myself, because that's it -- i am so disgusted with this department of justice and what they've failed to do. i don't know whether they're quippedded to deal with -- equipped to deal with the attempted overthrow of a president and the overwhelming amount of political corruption in justice and the fbi and the intelligence agencies. but if they're not, the american people is have got to have an option because this damn scandal can't go without, without retribution. and it's got to be made right for all of us, and chiefly your client among them. your thoughts. >> they should be equipped to
5:55 pm
deal with it, but i'm very concerned, as you are, that they have not, and it's not being dealt with as it should have been. lou: is sidney powell, it's always good to talk with you. we appreciate it. as we take a quick break, "the trump century" now on preorder. get your copies at my new web site, and stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ . .
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♪. lou: congressman andy biggs at the beginning of this process condemned the radical dems for failing to denounce left-wing violence across the country and in kenosha, wisconsin. >> this riots, murder, looting mayhem, have nothing to do with any kind of protest people have regarding a police incident that took place afew days ago. this is about the level, thugs on the left trying to burn down businesses, torch afternoons destroy this country and it is a revolution. lou: and former national security advisor susan rice spewing hate following secretary of state mike pompeo's speech last night at the rnc from jerusalem. she accused pompeo of being overtly religious. what do you think about that?
6:00 pm
that's it for us tonight. tomorrow rnc chair ronna mcdaniel among our guests. be with us for that, at the final night of the republican convention. thanks for being with us. good night from sussex. ♪. ♪. elizabeth: tonight day three of the republican convention. look at this, the mainstream media actually getting more positive about the big event admitting it is working to trump's advantage while the democrats become increasingly worried that joe biden is not hitting the campaign trail, not getting his message out. not getting the media buzz. trump 2020 senior advisor corey lewandoski with us on that. how that proved to be a fatal mistake for hillary clinton back in 2016 when hillary clinton was basically blowing off big swing states. former florida attorney general pam bondi with us tonight on the biden controversy sure to light up the coming


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