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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 26, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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tomorrow rnc chair ronna mcdaniel among our guests. be with us for that, at the final night of the republican convention. thanks for being with us. good night from sussex. ♪. ♪. elizabeth: tonight day three of the republican convention. look at this, the mainstream media actually getting more positive about the big event admitting it is working to trump's advantage while the democrats become increasingly worried that joe biden is not hitting the campaign trail, not getting his message out. not getting the media buzz. trump 2020 senior advisor corey lewandoski with us on that. how that proved to be a fatal mistake for hillary clinton back in 2016 when hillary clinton was basically blowing off big swing states. former florida attorney general pam bondi with us tonight on the biden controversy sure to light up the coming debates. pam bondi's searing indictment
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of the bidens at the national gop convention, that joe biden and his family have been enriching themselves with pay-to-play conflicts of interest. pam bondi with us tonight. we'll talk to doug collins from house judiciary, as the rest of the media are waking up to the disturbing abuses of power in the trump-russia probe. fbi director james comey suddenly did a 108, admitting yes there were serious problems in that probe. house republican jim jordan is fired up ready to go. carter page telling the fbi used fisa wiretap on him as a backdoor to spy on trump campaign and some speaking at the republican convention. detroit police chief jim craig, talking about the mother of a black man. stop the violence. don't do it in her son's name.
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she called for peace after violence erupted last night. the president ordering additional enforcement to go in. james craig with us. also with us, tonight, former i.c.e. acting director, tom homan a powerful sheriff's department, major city, in a border state, refusing to honor more than 25,000 requests from the fed to turn over illegal immigrants in its jails. many of them wanted for crimes. this is a major part of the border battle that now factors big in 2020. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. here was first lady melania trump last night, watch this. >> i know many people are
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anxious and some feel helpless. i want you to know you're not alone. my husband's administration will not stop fighting until there es an effective treatment or vaccine available available to everyone. donald will not rest until he has done all he can to take care of everyone impacted by this terrible pandemic. elizabeth: okay. that was the first lady. now last night now the gop convention, tonight's theme is america, "land of heroes." speaking on that theme is former dni ric grenell, navy seal veteran, current congressman, he is republican dan crenshaw. civil rights activist clarence henderson. the media, including wolf blitzer and dana bash at cnn gave the first lady's speech good marks saying it was moving. "the washington post" now saying that the gop convention is working. it is sharp, strong, four more
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years of trump feels more likely. as "the hill" magazine reports that democrat concerns growing that joe biden is not hitting the campaign trail. he is not traveling to do campaigning. he is campaigning from his home with little media buzz. all that is going on as now this. after three months of chaos, 20 people dead in rioting, cities set on fire an lives ruined, joe biden weighed in from his home saying violence is bad. quote, needless violence won't heal the u.s. we need to stop the violence of the critics saying he is falling short of a full-throated condemnation. welcome trump 2020 visor, corey lewandoski. welcome back to the show. your response to that. >> liz, my pleasure to be on tonight. number two, what we show the american people we are the party of law and order. we stand with the police. the president stands with the police. we will never allow marauders running through the streets, destroy our schools, buildings, our businesses.
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that will not happen under a trump administration. joe biden stays in the basement. very reminiscent of hillary clinton four years ago she spent a week off the campaign trail to prepare for debates. donald trump had four or five stops a day. he is asking for people's vote. reminding people promises he made, promise he kept and what he will deliver with another four years. >> minority vote matters. african-american democrat vernon jones, he is a georgia lawmaker. says he is voting for trump in a cnn op-ed, trump has disrupted what i believe is a false democrat narrative that the republican party does not care about black americans. listen to daniel cameron, the attorney general of kentucky. he is saying to joe biden, you can't tell me how to vote based on the color of my skin. it is about policy ideas which you're wrong on. let's watch this. >> i also think about joe biden who says if you are not voting for me you ain't black, who argued that republicans would put us back in chains.
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who says there is no diversity of thought in the black community. mr. vice president, look at me. i am black. we are not all the same, sir. i am not in chains. my mind is my own and you can't tell me how to vote because of the color of my skin. elizabeth: corey, what was reaction? that was a powerful speech. what do you say to that? >> liz my prediction attorney general cameron has an enormous future. anything he wants to be doing. he was so articulate last night. the conventions are about highlighting the future of the party. he is a the future of the party. he was so smart, so thoughtful. he had such engaging dialogue last night. condemnation of joe biden for his hateful rhetoric against the african-american community. there was no response from the biden campaign. look, this is about showing america's greatness. that is about what our convention has been about. when people watch democrat
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convention, it was about doom and gloom. how america's worst days were in front of them. we don't believe that we believe as party of the working class that our best days are still in front of us. economic opportunity lifts all boats. donald trump has done more for the african-american community, through criminal justice reform or economic policies that helped everybody in america. joe biden had his chance. he spent 44 years in elective office and he never delivered. the democrats have taken the black vote for granted. they are going to understand what that means come november when donald trump receives the highest percentage of the black vote in the last 50 years. elizabeth: joe biden is saying his name is all over criminal justice reform in the '90s. so he delivered on that but the president is saying, and republicans are saying that put a lot of african-americans in jail, right? joe biden moved on other legislation. you're saying he is has been ineffective, is that your point? >> he has been ineffective. he called black men predators on
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the senate floor on numerous occasions. he disparaged a black reporter asked a pejorative question i don't want to repeat but your viewers don't have to remember it. if donald trump did those things, talked to the black people the same way joe biden did, it would be national news. joe biden has a past. nobody wants to bring up the past joe biden also gave the eulogy at the grand wizard of the ku klux klan's funeral in west virginia less than 10 years ago. elizabeth: corey, i want to ask you this, nate silver at 538, says quote fundamentals are improving for trump. economy is improving. covid-19 cases dropping. race is up for grabs. virtually no bump. he is within the margin of error. i want to take a listen to msnbc's chuck todd reporting what we've been covering for some time, that president trump is gaining with african-american voters.
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watch this. >> you know both campaigns, guys, tell me that there is a chance that donald trump cooverperform with african-american men. it's a concern of the biden campaign. it's a focus of the trump campaign. elizabeth: here's what is, a factor here, corey, i want you to take a listen to this. cashes hurt went after barack obama. obama is misleading american people that obama insinuated republicans don't want to make sure everybody has health care or a good job, make a living wage or good education. really obama? republican voters don't want all of that? he is really going after obama hard on his divisive false rhetoric misleading the american people. >> charlie is a smart guy, a brilliant come rummist, he is absolutely right. no one wants to talk about this. if barack obama was a great
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friend of joe biden why didn't he endorse him in the primary when it matted? he doesn't believer joe biden has the mental acuity to be leader of free world. the commander of the greatest military. we know this. what barack obama understands joe biden will lose this election to donald trump. we'll overperform with the african-american community because of policies of this president. joe biden had his chance, he failed the american people for 44 years of elective service. elizabeth: corey lewandoski, thanks for coming on. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: coming up, former florida attorney general pam bondi on her withering indictment of the biden family at the gop national convention last night. slamming joe biden over pay-to-play conflicts of interest involving his family and hunter biden's business dealings. is this a preview of the upcoming trump-biden debates? pam bondi, our guest just ahead. ♪
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♪. >> we were told to look at joe biden as a model of integrity but when you look at his 47-year career in politics the people who benefited are his family members, not the american people. joe says he will build back better. yeah, build the bidens back better. elizabeth: that was former florida attorney general pam bondi, delivering a withering indictment of the biden family
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at the gop national convention last night, slamming joe biden over pay-to-play conflicts of interest involving hunter biden's business dealings in ukraine and china. joining me is pam bondi. she serves as women for trump co-chair. great to have you, on, pam. boy, you didn't hold back. is this a preview what the president will do at the debates? >> liz, thank you for having me on. so happy to be on your show. i will not get ahead of the president but i think the people need to hear answers to these questions and we see joe biden in the basement but he really is. we have heard nothing about this manor his policies, other than he wants to raise taxes and embrace the policies of the far left. so will president trump ask him about it? that is up to president trump if we can even get the guy to debate us. i think he will try to back out of all of the debates. i think he is scared to death.
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we know nothing about what joe biden wants to do as president and everything about what president trump will do in the second term. he wants to create 10 million jobs in 10 months. it is unbelievable. everything that president trump is doing and will continue to do. he will eradicate covid. he will end our reliance on china, which is something liz, you know, joe biden, a country he is very fond of. elizabeth: yes. >> so i think he needs to debate us and let's see what happens. i don't think he is confident to debate. elizabeth: media downplaying the biden conflicts of interest story, even as senate homeland security is probing ukrainian energy company where hunter biden was paid a lot of money to serve on its board. the company sought to leverage its ties to former vice president biden to get better treatment at the obama state department. the obama state department officials and administration officials were warning quo biden, hey, hunter, you have conflicts of interest here? your reaction to that.
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you did a major takedown of that last night. >> thank you. we toned it down. i think it was very mild what i did. the reason we had to talk about that, if you listen to the democrat national convention all they talked about, hillary, bill clinton, michelle obama, joe biden will restore integrity to the white house. how ethical he is is versus donald trump. what they said about joe biden is just not true. you know hunter biden was not a good person, dealing with the ukraine, nor with china. yet there was a lot we didn't talk about. i toned it down a lot again. chris heinz was his business partner. perry's stepson. chris -- and devin archer, hunter biden's business partner. they're all best friends.
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chris heinz known these guys for years. chris heinz backed out of doing business with his two best friends because he thought what they were doing when they entered into the deal with the ukraine, with burisma, the corrupt company, was wrong. he didn't just say i'm not going to do the deal. he documented in a letter to the state department that what they were doing was wrong. if that wasn't a warning shot, a warning sign to them not to do it and they still did it. you know why? because hunter biden made millions of dollars not only in the ukraine but also in china. and joe biden got the prosecutor fired who was investigating the corrupt company. we could go on and on on what hunter biden did. elizabeth: let's stay on that stay on that for a second. cn. in fact checking victor was not actively investigating the
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company hunter served on the board in 2016 and 2015. that shokin was ineffective and corrupt. your reaction to the fact check there. >> they're wrong. they're wrong. we have documents saying otherwise. victor shokin came out talked about it himself. he was planning on calling hunter biden as a witness. first of all why would the vice president of the united states care about a prosecutor in ukraine? that makes no sense unless his son was on the board of the corrupt company. it makes absolutely no sense. yes, he had been investigating him. they're saying the investigation was over. it was not over. there's so much evidence that, it is actually sad that hunter biden did this and that joe biden did this. joe biden bragged about it. that is how all this came out. he is speaking to a small group
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of people. you know thank goodness it came out that he bragged about getting, he used the word, spelled out the s.o.b. fired. but same prosecutor was investigating his son. but to -- billion dollars relief aid in the country was absurd what he was doing. he thought he was above the law. he thought he could get away with it. elizabeth: pam bondi, great to have you on. will you come back soon? >> absolutely, liz. thank you so much. elizabeth: okay. thank you. next up, we're going to talk to republican doug collins from house judiciary about this story. this question, is the media finally waking up to disturbing abuses of power under the obama administration trump-russia probe? now that former fbi director james comey, just did a 180 yesterday, admitting yes, there were serious problems. that story next. ♪ like liberty mutual.
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wrongdoing at the fbi on his watch. watch this. >> make people look at this entire investigation differently. it seems like given this was the most important thing or one of the most important things the fbi was working on that there were so many inaccuracies and an attorney lied, that's not good. >> yeah. i agree. my first reaction that is the result of bill barr's worldwide dragnet. but i don't want to downplay it. i only know what i'm reading about it. after i was fired a junior lawyer change ad document for reasons i can't understand from the public record. that is serious. that ought to be taken seriously. elizabeth: welcome republican doug collins of georgia. you sit on house judiciary. great to see you, congressman. comey first says everything the fbi did -- good to see you. everything the fbi did in the trump-russia probe was aboveboard. now he admits there were problems. here is what he left out,
6:26 pm
congressman, james comey left out the kevin clinesmith, the former fbi attorney under indictment lied, basically misled the powerful fisa court by doctoring a document, that carter page was a cia source. the not a fish by source. your reaction. >> i don't believe a word james comey says. here is the james comey i'm innocent tour which is really a shame. go back, talking about timing of him not being there? this probe goes back to carter page the year before they were investigating candidate trump before he became president. this shows the corruption was deep and he was in the middle of it. james comey cannot run from what he did. he was a part of this. he should be ashamed of himself. he has been wrong from day one. he is covering him seven up. to say bill barr worldwide dragnet is a slur on a attorney general getting the truth. the media coming around believing the story, the
6:27 pm
mainstream media spent more time covering up the obama department of justice, obama administration involvement in this spying setup as susan rice did trying to cover up benghazi. this is a shame what we're seeing. it goes to the heart what you and i many others are talking about, every time we peel a layer back, we see more corruption with the administration. elizabeth: yeah. democrat funded opposition research. the fbi was using that hillary clinton was going to use to contest the 2016 election. the fbi under comey was using to get fisa wiretaps, wiretaps meant to be used on terrorists. carter page was on with us last night, congressman. what he told us is significant for u.s. attorney john durham's criminal probe of the trump-russia probe. it is about the fbi under james comey, their alleged abuses, their abuses of a secret court meant for terrorists. this is the fbi under the obama administration, under james comey, misleading and deceiving the fisa court. watch this. you did tell the fbi you were a
6:28 pm
trusted cia source and would explain all the contacts with russia, china, the middle east but the february by said that aside? you told them that you were a cia source? >> i, i alluded to it and i said, please contact me because there is more i can explain. they never contacted me for over five months. elizabeth: instead they wiretapped you. okay. carter page, more than alluded to it. i want to break it down for the viewer. carter page, congressman, sent a letter to james comey in september 2016 saying yeah, i'm both a fbi and cia source. i have been for decades. the cia told the fbi that in august of 2016 that he is a source for the cia but congressman, the fbi did not tell the fisa courtney of that when the fbi got a fisa wiretap to spy on page two months later that fisa wiretap, page told us was a backdoor to spy on president trump and his team. that is misleading the fisa court, that's perjury.
6:29 pm
your rhee action? >> i'm waiting for jim comey to be indicted. these are the issues. he signed off on these things that they were verified, all the substance was verified before this court documents. they verified, later on he said they were salacious and unverified. you can't sign something under penalty of law, lie to a court not be held accountable for it. he tried to remake his image so many times. remember, this was mccabe, this is peter strzok, this is lisa page, goes to the ohr family. goes back to the fact they were concerted effort at this point to get at the candidate for trump at that point. they were using these analysts to do it even if the documents they knew were not being truthful to the court. then it just spilled over into the administration when james comey himself last year laughed about using the first month or so of the trump administration to get at michael flynn. this is wrong. it is breaking down very simply. this should concern everybody, republicans, democrats,
6:30 pm
independent, doesn't matter. when this body was politically used by the obama administration and this department of justice to get these documents, to falsify these documents so they spy upon an american citizen, that should send shivers down everyone's spine. when it goes as high especially the flynn case to vice president obama and president obama himself everybody should want an answer for this. elizabeth: we understand senate intelligence committees saying their finding is that the trump campaign welcomed help from russia but what we're talking about here is abuses of power. we're talking about as you pint out with senator chuck grassley said, this could happen to any american citizen, when the fbi and the obama justice department officials were basically abusing american-u.s. intelligence, abusing the system to go after opposition candidate. bending the rules, deceiving the fisa court, on and on. leaking to the media to keep the wiretap applications going to give credence to that your final word on that? >> my final word if they were
6:31 pm
protecting integrity of our elections screaming about, democrats talking about they chose to pick on candidate trump's campaign to go after it, because they didn't like him. you don't believe it? look at their own words, their own texts, their own tweets. they need to be held accountable for it. john durham is getting to bottom of it. they're all shaking because clinesmith is the first to fall. this is corrupt department of justice, bill barr is cleaning it out and they are worried about what they find out because they didn't cover it up enough. elizabeth: after all the wiretaps, no russia collusion or conspiracy. great to have you back on. >> always good to see you. take care, liz. elizabeth: same here. house judiciary ranking republican jim jordan, he is fired up and ready to go on this story. again carter page telling "the evening edit" that the fbi did use a fisa wiretap on him as a backdoor to spy on candidate trump and other trump team
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. staying on this story, former trump 2016 campaign advisor carter page, he was never charged with any crime in the mueller prone. he told us last night that those powerful fisa wiretaps meant for terrorists that the fbi used to spy on him? carter page claims the fbi used them as a backdoor to spy on trump and his entire campaign team including those individuals speaking at gop convention. watch this. >> all i can say is that some of the people who are actually speaking at the rnc convention this week are individuals whose e-mails were hacked and potentially even some of the conversations we had were wiretapped. elizabeth: did the fiber by spy on president trump through the fisa wiretaps and then candidate trump? did the fisa wiretaps on you,
6:37 pm
did they go after trump that way? >> absolutely. and you know, this goes to the big controversy. back in march of 2017 there were, president trump accurately tweeted that they were wiretapping trump tower and i had my office building is right next door to trump tower and i was always going through there. so by definition it is absolutely what happened. not to mention the fact so many people associated with him, including senior members about the trump administration, who i had phone calls with and email communication with, all of our communications were illegal or, illegally surveiled, both hacking and wiretapping. >> welcome back to the show house judiciary ranking republican. he is is jim jordan. i know you're fired up on this one. what is your reaction to that story? >> liz, never forget there was never a proper predicate for
6:38 pm
launching this investigation in the first place. how do we know that? they told us, the obama biden intelligence community. when ric grenell released transcripts clapper brennan, rice, yates, all of them said there was never a proper predicate. no reason, no collusion whatsoever to start this. so they had to manufacture something which is exactly what they did when clinesmith, the guy who now pled guilty falsified the documents so they could go to the secret court and get a court to grant them a warrant to do what? spy on president trump's campaign. we know it happened. they told us so based on the transcripts that thank goodness ric grenell had released. >> but this is, this is what is going on, the fisa wiretap is so powerful the reason it is used for terrorists, again it is a two-hop surveillance on page. what does that mean? it means anyone page was talking to, emailing texting with was fair game. also fair game were individuals they talked to.
6:39 pm
anybody else they talked to, anybody they talked to as well. like trump, everyone he talked to, everybody, his entire campaign staff. it is mention to catch terrorists watching text messages written in real time. do data mine everything they look at what they have in the bank accounts. that is how powerful fisa wiretaps are. how do you get the bottom of this? again fisa wiretaps meant for terrorists used on opposition candidate. you say it was a fara, registering that you're a lobbiest, that is the predicate? take that on? >> look you have toe change the fisa law. change how we do it. we're working on that. the fisa statute expired. we want real changes. the democrats don't want to give changes based on needed on this based on what michael horowitz told us. his other investigation. he looked at 29 fisa applications every single one had major props t hasn't been
6:40 pm
fixed yet. we have to do the fisa. john durham needs to hold people accountable. understand, the fact that an fbi lawyer has pled guilty is huge. that doesn't just happen so let's hope there are more people held accountable for the wrongdoing that took place. that in off itself, an fbi lawyer pled guilty is big news. so we just got to keep drawing attention to this, highlighting what happened. you're right, liz. if they can do it to carter page, if they can do to it president trump, if they can do it to a three-star general michael flynn, imagine what they can do to you and i, the people i get the privilege of representing in the fourth district of ohio. that is the scary part. elizabeth: congressman, kevin clinesmith has a plea deal, which means he could be cooperating, right? he could be talking to john durham and his team what really went on behind the scenes, right? >> well, short answer is we don't know. let's hope so. let's hope. remember this investigation was
6:41 pm
run different than any other. it is what they termed this, when we did, when we did the depositions they termed this a headquarters special. it was not run out of field offices. it was run out of headquarters. bill bar said the upper echelon at fbi was real problem. comey, mccabe, peter strzok, lisa page, that was the core group that ran it. the idea that comey said, some junior lawyer, kevin clinesmith, some junior lawyer was a problem i don't think anyone buys that. anyone with a brain doesn't buy it. let's hope john durham gets to the bottom of it and people are held accountable. elizabeth: it is about american civil liberties. come back soon. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: coming up detroit police chief james craig on the president sending in federal law enforcement into kenosha which is. he will not stand for looting
6:42 pm
and lawlessness on america's streets. mother of a black man shot in wisconsin, pleading with rioters stop doing violence in my son's name. businesses are burned to the ground. lives are being hurt. two people shot dead. that story next. find your keys.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. the president today announced he is sending in federal law enforcement to restore order in kenosha, wisconsin. rioters burned businesses to ground. two people shot dead a 17-year-old charged with first-degree murder for one of the shootings. the violence was out of control. we have disturbing footage after man in kenosha shot in the head as rioters chased people, shot off rifles and handguns, burned buildings and american flags. hurled explosives projectiles at police this happened in south carolina in fort mill. a 22-year-old man arrested after police say he fired several
6:47 pm
shocks from a vehicle of a gathering trump supporters. they were women and children supporting president trump. this in seattle. police officials say rioters tried to commit attempted murder when rioters tried to use concrete, cement, seal the doors to a seattle police precinct in order to trap police officers inside. they tried to set it on fire. so as to quote, burn police officers alive. that is according to reports. welcome to the show, detroit police chief james craig. so glad to have you on. your your reaction to the stories. 20 people killed. what is your reaction? >> it is tragic liz. here in detroit we've been fortunate, a few days of violence but nothing compared to looting and burning buildings but what people are not really seeing, liz, is that these
6:48 pm
protesters, i should call them the criminals who are attacking police officers, they're not there because of you know, mr. floyd, they're not there for that. there is another agenda. it is very clear. it is orchestrated across this country. they use officer-involved shooting incidents as a cover to drive what their agenda is. you know, when you look at seattle, criminals are trying to burn police officers alive? and then we don't help ourselves when we don't get out in front of these stories. when i look at the kenosha situation, you know, you got to get out in front of a camera. press releases are not the order of the day. i don't know what the relationship is between kenosha and that community but certainly getting out in front, talking to your community will go a long way in averting violence. it happened here in detroit. we have relationships in our community. these outsiders just don't speak
6:49 pm
for us. elizabeth: i hear what you're saying. you know, let's take a listen to the mother of the man shot by police. she is saying, please don't use this violence, don't do violence in my son's name. she is asking for peace. watch this. >> my family and i are very hurt and, quite frankly, disgusted and as his mother, please, don't burn up property and cause havoc and burn your own homes down in my son's name. you shouldn't do it, people shouldn't do it anyway but to use my child or any other mother or father's child, for our tragedy, to react in that manner
6:50 pm
is just not acceptable. and it is not helping jacob. it is not helping jacob or any other of the men or women who have suffered in these areas. elizabeth: your reaction to that, sir? >> you know, liz, listened to her speech and i just applaud her. like so many mothers of those fatally shot in this situation, critical injury, i applaud her. the attorney representing that family, mr. crump, if you listen to his interview, he con sins to cycle around -- continue to cycle around stoking the flames, if you will. i listened to him. but the mother was spot on. she is calling for peace. this is not the way to address the issue. they were i listened to the aclu's deputy legal director,
6:51 pm
jeffrey robinson. he says the very institution of american policing is rotten at its core. so now we take a broad brush. elizabeth: right. >> so i mean -- elizabeth: that is something. police chief craig. we're so sorry we ran out of time. we're up against a hard break. come back after the break, gang. we'll be right back okay. plan, pivot. how do you bounce back? you don't, you bounce forward, with serious and reliable internet. powered by the largest gig speed network in america. but is it secure? sure it's secure. and even if the power goes down, your connection doesn't. so how do i do this? you don't do this. we do this, together. bounce forward, with comcast business.
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♪. elizabeth: okay. we're learning today that the los angeles county sheriff's department has refused 25,000 requests to transfer illegal immigrants over to i.c.e. so far this fiscal year. the l.a. county sheriff defending the practice, doesn't want illegals afraid to report crimes because of deportation. some of these individuals are accused violent crimes. tom homan is here. your reaction to the story? >> i think the sheriff ought to take the badge off his desk and put it in his desk drawer because he stopped being a law enforcement officer around became a politician. releasing 25,000 criminals back into the public, into the immigrant community does not protect victims an witnesses of crime. they don't want the perpetrator back to the neighborhood to exact revenge. this is ridiculous. this doesn't protect the
6:56 pm
immigrant community at all. puts them at greater risk of crime. this puts them greater risk of arrest. they will not find the bad guy but probably find others. this has nothing to do with protecting the i the immigrant community. elizabeth: what are they wanted for? last year i.c.e. had 12,000 requests with l.a. county to turn over people wanted for murder, rape and weapons offenses is. what are they wanted for? >> they are wanted for a whole bunch of things, dui, robbery, rape, sexual assault. what the left always says, this sheriff says it too, they want victim witnesses to come forward to report crimes. first of all i.c.e. doesn't arrest victims witnesses. if they're a victim of crime, i.c.e. gives them a visa. i.c.e. only wants access to the where the local sheriff made a decision to lock somebody up. arrest them, lock them in a jail cell. that is who we want to talk to. not victim offer witness. we want to talk the bad guy.
6:57 pm
recidivism rate. 50% recommit in the first year. 57 recommit in the five years. most likely to recommit based on data in the community which they live, the immigrant community this is a false narrative being pushed by the left. i can't believe the sheriff fell into it. elizabeth. 5% will recommit crimes within five years? that is high percentage. >> one other thing i want to mention. the california sheriffs association is with i.c.e. on this. he is even going against the majority of sheriffs in california who want to work with i.c.e. cops want to work with cops. that is why he is not a cop anymore. that is my opinion. elizabeth: you know 2/3 of federal arrests were involving criminal illegal aliens. a quarter of federal drug arrests, federal fraud arrests, federal property crime arrests are involving criminal illegal aliens. your take on joe biden says he
6:58 pm
will undo, unwind, stop president trump's push to basically batten down and toughen up on border security policies? biden is saying he will undo this. whats's your reaction? >> my reaction if biden becomes president, we lose the border. president trump had unprecedented success on the border. 60 to 85% decline in illegal immigration from the same time period last year because of what the president has done. joe biden says he will abolish i.c.e., stop detention. moratorium on deportation. give them free health care. when you throw these kind of enticements out that will bring more. the border will be out of control. 30% more women will be raped. children will die. cartels will make millions. he will undo all the success president trump had. i will say one more thing. last month illegal crossings were up 40%. most were sent back because of covid. 40% of more people tried to enter the country illegally. they're seeing in the media,
6:59 pm
joe biden is president. he is promising all these things. the joe biden effect is already in effect. elizabeth: all right. so what you're saying is, when you have a weak border crimes are committed in the process of individuals, illegals trying to cross the border? they're subject to crimes in the process of coming here, right? >> oh, yeah. entering the country illegally is a crime in itself. through my 35 year career every time you talk about amnesty, every time you talk about daca, another giveaway program or when you're running for president, polls show you leading, promising an open border, it will cause a rise in illegal immigration which is happening. which cartels are getting millions of dollars a day. they're already geared up. they're betting on president biden but i don't think it will happen. i think president trump will win re-election. elizabeth: thank you, tom homan for joining us. come back soon. it is always great to have you on. thank you for your service to our country. good to see you, tom homan. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching
7:00 pm
"the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us. thank you so much for watching. we hope you have a good evening. and come back tomorrow night jacksonville, florida. it's "lou dobbs tonight" that starts right now. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the repalin party's national -- republican party's national convention in its third night, and president trump is moving higher in the polls. rasmussen today finding president trump and china joe biden in a virtual tie. biden, 46% support. president trump, 45%. biden's support has slipped two point since the close of his disastrous democratic national convention. president trump's rising in the polls, correlating with a strong and resounding message this week from his party. unlike joe biden, this president stands with the


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