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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 21, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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follow me on twitter. like me on lou dobbs, follow me on instagram and @lou dons tonight. thank you for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow. good night from sussex. ♪ elizabeth: less than two weeks to election day. president trump at this hour heading to another rally. you're looking at a live shot of the scene in north carolina. we've got more than 41 million people have already voted. we've got stocks trending in the red as a source in the administration warns there may not be covid-19 relief before the election. with us tonight on this, and the big headlines of the day, tim murtagh, larry kudlow, glen greenwald, bobby jindal. congressman tom mcclintock and tom homan. the bush now on for house republicans to get a special counsel to investigate the hunter biden laptop emails as
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democrats are outraged saying this is a partisan hit job. joe biden for the first time break his silence, speaking out, calling this is a desperate smear. but that is not the full story. the fbi and justice department now agree with dni this is not russian disinformation. the lap is allegedly loaded with emails showing the biden family leveraging its greatest asset as it has for years, selling access to joe biden in washington to business dealings around the world. we'll show you why critics say this is a national security problem why the media narratives are demonstrably wrong, that joe biden as tax returns don't show any of this wrongdoing, they're likely wrong too, those claims. we have a batch much emails separate from the laptop. why this story keeps getting bigger and bigger as the country's most powerful in tech and media won't talk about it. to the president's strategy in tomorrow night's debate. will he go after the biden
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influence peddling. will he let biden talk and not interrupt, so voters here about his massive tax hike where he will have to tax the middle class for his big government health plans and biden's tax hikes on 401(k)s that helped blue-collar and middle class. also tonight, new details on an increasingly dangerous phenomenon at the border. it is putting migrants crossing illegally in danger of losing their lives. this is a humanitarian story. we've got it. and more on what we've already reported on how joe biden would undo all of trump's border policies that have stopped major border abuses by human and drug traffickers and more. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: joining me now, tim murtagh, trump 2020 communications director. tim, let's go back at it.
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a biden campaign aide tried to cut off a reporter at local wisconsin station when she asked joe biden about a report from senate homeland security and senate finance that hunter biden's family prove h profited off of biden's name. i want you to break down the answer. a vast majority of intelligence officials found no basis in the story. that is not true. the fbi and dni rat chief confirmed this is not russian disinformation. what you heard the answer, what did you think. >> i know that is not true. it was a letter a bunch of intelligence officials signed that never seen the laptop and. no one denied that is hunter biden's laptop. no one has denied the emails are authentic. what they show joe biden lied to america when he said he had no knowledge of what his son was doing because we know his son set up a meeting with joe biden and one of the ukraine
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businessmen and it also shows there was a discussion about cutting joe biden himself in on the deal with the chinese energy company. so we know, we've known for sure that hunter biden was doing a world tour selling access to his father when his father was the vice president of the united states. that is beyond denial. everyone knows that that is an absolute fact. so for joe biden to make up this excuse to say it has been refuted is another lie. the fact that i think it is great that the local reporter asked him that question because the national news media is not interested in doing it. you saw george stephanopoulos take a pass on it in 90 minutes of a town hall meeting. didn't even bring it up. we have no great confidence that the moderator tomorrow night at the debate will bring it up. so president trump stands at the ready to ask that question. another question he will have to answer is, what is going on here at the university of pennsylvania with the biden center giving, getting $70 million from the chinese? is joe biden compromised by the communist chinese? that is the main question, liz.
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elizabeth: okay. so also you mentioned the intelligence officials, 50 plus intelligence officials, they admit that they couldn't say either way whether the emails were fake or real and they couldn't say either way whether this was russian disinformation. they were just speculating f it was russian disinformation the fbi would have already debriefed congress about it. if this was actionable intelligence. it is clear that narrative is demonstrably wrong. we're looking into what the bidens have been doing for years, leveraging their biggest asset the family name. we're looking in places like russia, china, romania, iraq, costa rica. the bidens like to do land developments. there are shell companies involved in what hunter biden was doing. the question why this is not showing up on joe biden's tax returns. the biden family has been using llcs. there are easy ways to hide, these cash payouts. what do you think? >> well, sure there are easy
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ways to hide that. kazakhstan is another country where hunter was doing business. you saw hunter himself in a network tv interview admit he would never have the opportunities and never have these jobs if his name weren't biden and if he weren't trading in on his father's name and his access to power. we know for certain that that was hunter biden's commodity. the idea that they could get access to the vice president of the united states if they hired hunter. this goes back many years, way back to the early 2000s when mbna bank was lobbying for a bill in the senate when joe biden was supporting that bill, they hired hunter biden on a retainer on a consulting contract, mbna bank did, and guess what? as soon as that bill passed got signed into law, that contract ended. so the paying of hunter biden to gain access to his father has been going on for two decades. this is nothing new. for joe biden to sit there, say oh, everybody looked into this, there is nothing to it, is
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false, it is patently false. i'm certain aside from talking about the economy and how the president has done a great job on rebuilding the economy because he already did it one time, i am pretty sure that you will hear the president press joe biden on whether or not he is compromised by the communist chinese. elizabeth: yeah. because one of the issues tomorrow night is national security. so it could come up there. there is also an email reads, hunter, thank you for inviting me to d.c. to give an opportunity to meet and spent time together, spent with the past tense. that means this board advisor to the ukrainian company burisma war hunter served on the board at, it looked like it already happened. here is the question for democrats like adam schiff. what specific evidence and intelligence was adam schiff referring to when he claimed the emails were russian disinformation? again, if the fbi had actionable intelligence they would have told congress, briefed congress about it already. what did adam schiff know? >> nothing. he is wish-casting.
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he wants it to be true so he says it. there is no one more obsessed in washington with the idea of russia than adam schiff. here's the thing. if you want to believe that this laptop and these emails are russian disinformation, you have to also believe that hunter biden himself is a russian asset because he is the one who dropped it off at the computer shop. he is the one who signed the receipt saying he dropped it off. he is the one who forgot to pick it up t was declared abandoned property. no one denied that is hunter biden's laptop. no one denied the emails are authentic. they do prove as you said, joe biden had a meeting set up for him by hunter with one of his ukrainian business partners that expose as another lie, that joe biden said he never discussed his foreign business deals with hunter biden. we know that is a lie. we simply know that is not true. joe biden is in a big mess. that is why he is been hiding for five of the last six days. we are less than two weeks from
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the election and joe biden has not been seen in public five of the last six days. why do you suppose that is? elizabeth: we have the bevin cooney emails, former associate of hunter biden, spoke about the biden name being quote currency. they had a direct pipeline into the obama-biden administration. talking about dropping joe biden's name with union officials to get at union pension funds. rudy giuliani told newsmax and he met with delaware police and turned over shocking e-mails found on the laptop of hunter biden. we have more and more putting the whole story together what was going on with the biden family. how joe biden had a lot of debt. how he did like real estate. joe biden liked big houses. "wall street journal" reported on joe biden's penchant for buying big houses. so we have all that with the bidens. the biden campaign is talking about going after the trump family like ivanka trump for getting things like, you know,
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patents in china from chinese officials. that that is influence peddling too. how is trump campaign going to push back on that? >> well that is absurd. first the trump family was already successful in private business they have they entered public life. president trump gave up a pretty good life as a private american businessman to run for president. and regarding ivanka, this has been well-established. she got those patents to prevent people in china doing knockoff products and profiting off of her name, illicit products on the chinese market. that was that was for this. is not the same. as hunter biden running around the world pretty much the ceo of biden, inc., and the main product in fact the only product that biden, inc. produces is access to joe biden, selling access to the vice president of the united states. to in any way compare that to an american businessman who has decades of success in private life is, it is rashable and
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remarkable, i hesitate to say the national news media should not tall for that sleight of hand but we'll see. elizabeth: the biden family likes to do real estate developments. you see that with hunter biden. joe biden's brother. we showed a clip from "the wall street journal." joe biden likes real estate. using shell companies in real estate. that is the way you can slip in and out and sort of hide assets, even offshore assets. not saying this is the case here but that is endemic throughout the real estate industry for decades. we know joe and jill biden, dr. biden have used llcs as well. the question is, people are saying in his defense this is not showing up in joe biden's tax returns but there are easy ways again to slip past that and by the way, senate homeland security report with senate finance found that rosemont seneca was basically relying on shell companies too. that is one of hunter biden's
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investment companies. shell companies are in this too. your final word. >> look at emails, the one fox news, your sister network confirmed, one of those emails that hunter biden will hold 10% of the stake in the chinese energy company deal. that is to hold it. we don't know if joe biden has gotten the money yet. secondly hunter says, he tells his daughter, his father requires him to turn over half of his salary. joe biden requiring hunter biden to turn over half his money this, these are the sorts of questions that joe biden has yet to answer. no reporter has put them to, put these questions to joe biden. we don't have great hope that the moderator will tomorrow night. so looks like it will be left to the president once again to do it himself. elizabeth: tim, great to see you. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> see you, liz, thank you. elizabeth: okay. same here. coming up, national economic council director larry kudlow on the president's strategy at tomorrow night's debate. will he let biden talk, not
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interrupt so the voters can hear about biden's plans like massive tax hike on the middle class to pay for the big government plans and more and biden's plan to tax 401(k)s to help blue collar and middle class workers? that story is next. president trump: this is an election between the trump super recovery which is happening right now and a biden depression. if he gets elected, you will have a depression the likes of which you've never seen. [booing] you know is going to double, triple and now quadruple your taxes. ♪ berty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. isn't that what you just did? service! ♪ stand back, i'm gonna show ya ♪ ♪ how doug and limu roll, ya ♪ ♪ you know you got to live it ♪
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we don't have those. so, what's in it for you? our fees are structured so we do better when you do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. elizabeth: okay. let's welcome to the show for the very first time, look who is here, national economic council director larry kudlow. hey, larry great to have you on the show. >> thank you, liz, appreciate it. elizabeth: okay, so the debate's tomorrow night. is the president going to focus on policy because after the first debate many said the president just let joe biden talk voters would hear, they may not be happy hearing about all of joe biden's planned tax hikes when joe biden says he is for the working class? is the president going to interrupt less and let joe biden talk? >> i think the president will have a commanding presence and i think he will lay out the case that mr. biden's tax hikes will decimate the economy and i think he will make the case for his
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own tax and regulatory reductions which gave us a strong prosperity cycle. incidentally, talk about middle class, median income families gained $6500 over the first three years before the china pandemic. that is five times what the obama-biden team got over eight years. so that is just one example. if you roll back president trump's tax cuts, they're going to lose the $6500. the middle class will get wiped out of those family income gains. this according to the hoover institute at stanford university. we will lose five million jobs, according to that report and we will lose $2.6 trillion of gdp, nearly 10% of the economy. so i think that is where president trump is going to go. i think it's a very powerful case of recovery and prosperity and optimism. clear distinction between mr. biden's case which is really
6:19 pm
stagnation, decline and pessimism. it just couldn't be a clearer contrast. elizabeth: well with if he lose nearly 3 trillion gdp that means we're back in 2008 and 2009. let me back up. we get things are unfair. it is not a winning closing argument to lash out at "60 minutes," commission on presidential debates, anthony fauci, lash out at a.g. barr. it is about policy. it is about biden's policies. he will enact massive tax hikes. all-in we're looking effective 60% on the top brackets. he will have to raise taxes on the middle class, larry, how in the hell will he pay for the expensive "medicare for all" government plan that could end up being the third biggest government program? joe biden denies all of that. that is like telling you i will sell awe cow and you can pay with magic beans. he will tax 401(k)s. that is what joe biden wants to do. will the president put that up
6:20 pm
tomorrow night? >> absolutely. the president will be in command of the facts and figures. much of what mr. biden and his supporters argue are basically fact-free, okay? they are just not true. president trump will straighten owl this out during the debate. he will make the contrast i mentioned a moment ago. it couldn't be clearer. incidentally in terms of mr. biden's tax hikes, it is calculated again, by the hoover institute at stanford university, it would knock out one quarter, okay, kwan universitier one quarter of small business income. it would take out 10% of corporate income. it would knock out one quarter, or 25% of all investment. that is not only financial assets but real assets machinery, equipment, and buildings. that is how devastating those tax hikes will be. you can rest assured president trump will make the case in a very strong way. elizabeth: well that is the same mistake made under fdr, right?
6:21 pm
you know, so that would be a horrendous move for the u.s. economy. we like how you laid it out, larry. larry, i want you to take this on. we know the race is neck and neck in pennsylvania. that is a key state. larry, listen to what voters in pennsylvania are saying about joe biden's plan to wipe out fracking. watch this. >> he is flip-flopping all over the place. i think it will come back to hurt him because the american people, we want to know what you're about. we know what president trump is about. he has been for fracking from day one. >> if they ban fracking from the state, how will it impact the state? >> it will devastate a lot of people? >> the green new deal? >> it's a joke. it's a joke. >> the former president, president obama has come into town to campaign for joe biden. will that have any impact on pennsylvania voters? >> i don't believe it will. i don't believe -- obama, he is old news. he is old news. biden is more of the same. elizabeth: larry, whoa, that was pretty tough stuff from voters
6:22 pm
in pennsylvania. your final word on that? >> all i will say, is president trump is gaining big time in pennsylvania. he is gaining big time in all of the swing states right now. and his national numbers have closed the gap completely. he is probably ahead in a lot of places that he was behind only a few weeks ago because, because, he is making the case, you cannot raise taxes the way biden intend to. you cannot regulate. look, mr. biden, would essentially have the government take over the economy in the energy sector and the health care sector. the ban on fracking is not only assault on people who earn a living, it will cost several million jobs and damage gdp, but we have clean air, we have declining carbon emissions because of the technology of fracking and horizontal drilling which has given us natural gas supplies which lowers the cost
6:23 pm
of electricity and makes it cheaper to power the economy, and, allows us to stand up to russia overseas. it is exactly the wrong prescription and that is it what you're hearing from those folks in pennsylvania. >> we hear you. gnat gas is clean -- nat gas is cleaner. larry, thank you did great for your debut. come back again. >> i will come back lizzie,. elizabeth: use my family nickname, larry. you're allowed. the interkept cofounder glen greenwald. he is fired up. this departments getting bigger, the most powerful people in tech and media will not talk about. glen greenwald is ready to go. he will talk about it a lot. stay right there. i had saved up some money and then found the home of my dreams. but my home of my dreams needed some work sofi was the first lender that even offered a personal loan.
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♪. elizabeth: okay. let's welcome back to the show, look who is here, "the intercept" cofounder, glenn greenwald. it is always great to have you back on. glenn, talk to us about what you meant? you heard the media is letting the cia, the fbi, nsa, manipulate the media and the american people by reporting sources with anonymous sources claiming that the hunter biden
6:28 pm
story is russian disinformation? what did you mean by that? >> well, as you know the last four years have been dominated by claims disseminated from the cia and the fbi and nsa anonymously through "the washington post" and "the new york times," nbc news and cnn principally making all kinds of evidence-free claims the relationship between the trump campaign and trump administration on one hand and russia. they were debunked by issue of mueller investigation that closed without charging anybody with criminally conspiring over the election. now what we're seeing is something much worse. that was already bad enough. what we're seeing is in response to this "new york post" bombshell with these emails that not even hunter biden or the biden campaign are claiming are fraudulent, cia is just simply asserting like people like adam schiff, the chairman of the intelligence committee, that the emails are the provenance of russia. that this is russian
6:29 pm
disinformation which is an absolute lie. that they have no evidence or basis making that claim. journalists are going around asserting that. the union of journalists on the one hand and intelligence community on the other, manipulating with propaganda, not foreign populations as these agencies were constructed to do, but the american population for domestic politics, extraordinarily dangerous for our democracy. elizabeth: you know, you have talked about that and the cone of silence. we've had the church committee report from decades ago warning about intelligence community influencing the media with propaganda. this has been a storyline that has been out there for so long. you're saying it is happening again. is that why you're saying there is a cone of silence in the media around the laptop stories because it seems like the media is trying to do damage control for the bidens? >> yeah. i mean as somebody who kind of, one of my formative experiences was following the church
6:30 pm
committee and abuses of the intelligence community which led to so much of my journalism being shaped. the used to the be intelligence community would infiltrate the media using clandestine tactics. now it is in the open. when people are caught lying, like james clapper and they go to be hired by cnn to pop grand dies the intelligence community and. we have election in two weeks, overwhelmingly, almost unanimously, members of the national media want joe biden to win desperately, want donald trump to loose. that's fine. that is their right to have as a preference. they're abusing journalism, explicitly telling newsroom we do not want story about burisma, potential corruption about the vice president and ukraine and meaning of these emails investigated because we think donald trump is so much worse, we want the story suppressed.
6:31 pm
that is what top editors in newsrooms are explicitly saying it is a form of journalistic corruption unparalled i can recall seeing. >> glenn, look at, i want your reaction to chris cuomo at cnn went a step further. he put actual words in attorney general william barr's mouth. let's listen to this. >> how many of you decided to vote for biden today when you heard the president of the greatest democracy ever take to tv to insist that the attorney general should prosecute his campaign opponent over baseless claims that the attorney general himself has decided are baseless? elizabeth: okay. we have not seen announcement from attorney general william barr that these claims were baseless. what is your first reaction when you heard that? >> it doesn't surprise me in the slight evident. the last four years has been an
6:32 pm
onslaught of disinformation. that is the irony. all of these journalists at "the times" and the post and cnn, nbc, are accusing the "new york post" of disinformation even though none of these emails even alleged or let alone demonstrated to be false. what they have been doing the last four years, one story after the next simply fabricated. they make things up all of the time, about russia, about the trump administration. they fabricate quotes constantly. they're constantly disseminating putting their imprimatur on false stories. there is not accountability. they are encouraged to do it. this is not a failure on part of media employers to pun third puh them when they get caught, but they are rewarded because ultimately that is their job. elizabeth: glenn, you're terrific. will you come back soon? good to see you. >> good to see you. thanks for having me. >> governor bobby jindal on the push by house republicans to get a special counsel to investigate
6:33 pm
the hunter biden and biden family emails. democrats are outraged saying this is a partisan hit job. joe biden speaking out calling it a desperate smear. that is not the whole story. we've got it next. >> this whole insquirery is about joe biden who wants to be president of the united states and about whether joe biden was personally corrupt. the china emails offering to pay a million dollars to the big guy, joe biden himself, cash in his bank account and the questions the journalist should ask, did the deal go through? did he take the money? how much machine any did joe biden take from communist china? what did he do for it? metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too.
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♪. elizabeth: with me now is the former louisiana governor and 2016 presidential candidate. he is governor bobby jindal. governor, great to see you. what did you think of the story of the 11 house republicans led
6:38 pm
by congressman jim jordan now asking the attorney general to appoint a special counsel to probe hunter biden's laptop and the emails involved here? this isn't going to happen before the election but should he appoint one? >> absolutely. liz, first of all, thank you for having me back on your show. absolutely the justice department needs to appoint a special counsel. it is the only way we'll get answers to the questions that need to be asked. media is not asking the questions, big tegg women not allow us to answer questions, biden campaign will not answer questions. they're circling the camp to protect joe and hunter. think about this, the department of justice appointed a special counsel when president trump was falsely accused of conspiring with foreign governments. there needs to be a special counsel. you're right it won't happen before the election. let's take a step back. let's go over what we know. foreign companies paid millions of dollars to the unqualified son of the sitting vice president. nobody is disputing that. one we know they paid him millions of dollars. two, we know he wasn't
6:39 pm
qualified. even hunter biden said that in 2019, he was asked would burisma appointed you if your last name was not biden? he said no. he admitted he as ap.ed because of his relationship to the vice president. did he provide countries specs access? did it influence america's policy? the only way we get answers is through a special counsel. the second issue, in addition to the swampiness of behavior look at reactions of big tech. look what twitter did. look what facebook did. it is not their job to deny access to american voters. you need to allow american voters make an informed choice. there needs to be a investigation into big tech as well. elizabeth: it is also about emails indicating deals with, you know, businessmen and nationals in countries that are adversaries. critics like "the wall street journal" editorial page say joe biden has an obligation to answer
6:40 pm
questions about his son hunter's influence peddling selling access to countries like china, like russia. one email, may 2017 we talked about it, talks about the now bankrupt china energy company where hunter biden talked about getting a 20% stake in a investment and then 10% help for the big guy reportedly thought to be joe biden. we don't have any proof of that just yet but we're seeing meet national 2013 with chinese nationals, meetings with joe biden in beijing and hunter talking about hunter biden's private equity firm getting investments out of china into that. these are off of the official calendar. we've been looking into it. there are hours and hours of blank spaces on biden's calendar while vice president. where are these meetings could have taken place. also not on the official calendar of course, january 2017 meeting about what to do about general michael flynn between biden, obama and others. you know the special -- there is
6:41 pm
a lot of questions here about what really went on with what the family was doing while joe biden was vice president and senator. >> you're exactly right. there have been no, look, there have been no real denials from the biden camp on the essentials of this case. they have not denied authenticity of those emails. the press needs to do its job, relentlessly pursue the truth so voters can have the information, american people can have the information. "the new york times" think it is fair game to go after judge barrett's children, adoption of these children but somehow unfair for the "new york post" to go after and report about joe biden's adult son. the hypocrisy and double standard. think about how the media went after sarah palin's children versus what they're doing with hunter biden. they decided to protect hunter biden. they circled the wagon. joe is i had whoing in the basement, to play prevent defense until the election. he thinks he does not have answer any questions. that is not how the press is supposed to work.
6:42 pm
they need to put aside their partisanship. we need access to the information. lids, you said the only way we get to the truth, only way we get to the bottom of this the press won't do their jobs or press answer the questions, is special counsel that. will not happen before the election. the only way the american people can get the truth. this is one of the big reasons they elected donald trump to drain the swamp. they are tired of special favors and political deals for those connected and their family members. the bidens are not even denying the basic facts there is no way hunter biden would be paid millions of dollars if he wouldn't joe biden's son. elizabeth: he said that. he said, he told that to abc news. they talked about direct pipeline into the obama-biden administration. that my name is quote currency. those are the bevin cooney emails. he was an associate of hunter biden. we'll stay on the story. governor, you will come back. governor bobby jindal. come back soon. >> look forward to it, thank you. elizabeth: next up, same here. next up congressman tom mcclintock from house
6:43 pm
judiciary with more on senator chuck schumer scolding senator dianne feinstein for her positive comments on the judge coney barrett hearings. that story next. >> i love the picture of you holding up the empty notepad that everyone got to see. this is all coming from your brain. not from -- all the senators have their big books of all the questions. you were magnificent. you will do a great job on the court. we're looking forward to voting to support you next week. it's still warm. ♪ thanks, alice says hi. for some of us, our daily journey is a short one. save 50% when you pay per mile with allstate. pay less, when you drive less. you've never been in better hands. allstate. click or call for a quote today.
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♪. elizabeth: okay. let's welcome back to the show california republican tom mcclintock. he sits on house judiciary. so great to have you on, congressman. senator minority leader chuck schumer telling reporters he had a quote, long and serious talk with democrat ranking member of senate judiciary, senator dianne feinstein after progressive
6:48 pm
groups blew up at senator feinstein with positive comments saying she was impressed with amy coney barrett's acumen and for hugging senator lindsey graham. democrats are bullying the ranking democrat on senate judiciary? what is going on here? >> senator feinstein is a liberal in a party dominated by leftists. there is a huge difference. i argued with diane over the years with appropriate role of size of government. we always shared with fundamental beliefs. we believed in freedom of speech. we respect our institutions. we revere our constitution. we rely on the civility of deliberation she was practicing that day. the left shares none of those beliefs. they censor free speech. they refile our constitution and they sneer at civil exchange that got her into such trouble. i think a lot of democrats, maybe even senator dianne feinstein are starting to
6:49 pm
request questions reagan did, when he became a republican. the he said i didn't leave the democratic party. the democratic party left me. liberals today share more fundamental beliefs with conservatives than they do with the radical left dominating their party. elizabeth: that is interesting. you know the senate is expected to vote monday to confirm judge barrett to the supreme court. is there a push behind the scenes to get senator dianne feinstein, let's say, this is the scenario. the democrats seize control of the senate. do democrats not want senator dianne feinstein to run senate judiciary? do they want somebody else, maybe like a sheldon whitehouse or senator blumenthal or chris coons or amy klobuchar to run it instead? is that the gameplan behind the scenes with senator chuck schumer. >> the gameplan, they made it very clear long before the death of ruth bader ginsburg, pack the supreme court with additional seats, pack the senate with
6:50 pm
additional states. bypass the electoral college, which the rural states will not have meaningful say in election of future presidents. liberals like dianne feinstein in the senate do they want to be a part of tearing the constitution literally in shreds? that could yield some very interesting answers if it comes to that. elizabeth: interesting. all right, congressman mcclintock. thank you so much. so good to see you. thank you for your insights. >> thank you. elizabeth: coming up retired i.c.e. acting director tom homan with us next on new details on a increasingly dangerous phenomenon happening at the border. it is putting migrants trying to cross illegally in danger of losing their lives. we'll talk about it next with tom homan. president trump: my opponent's immigration plan is the most extreme proposal ever put forward by a presidential
6:51 pm
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back retired i.c.e. acting director tom homan. tom, it is always great to have you back on. this dangerous new, it is not a new phenomenon. what is new it is getting bigger and getting worse, that human smugglers are packing more and more migrants crossing illegally into stash houses at the border. a major bust. nearly 300 illegals from places like guatemala, honduras, el salvador, packed into stash houses in texas where they can hardly move. we're in the middle of a pandemic. many not wearing masks. deplorable unsanitary conditions. people accused sex crimes were in the mix there. what do the democrats say -- these human smugglers treat these people like commodities and they're getting money of these human beings. don't people get it that this is really dangerous and callous stuff? >> well they should get it. back when i was an agent in phoenix, arizona, i can't tell
6:56 pm
you how many, we call them drop houses, liz, 100, 200 people stashed in a small home. women were being sexually assaulted. children were being molested. people were being assaulted. if they couldn't pay the smuggling fees, the smugglers would kill them, torture them, put family on the phone, our treatment was 2000, now it is five. they beat them. let the family listen to it. i can't tell you how many people we rescued, they called us, gave the cell phone number, hit the house and saved them. it is atrocious what they do to these people. elizabeth: what is the silence with the democratic party? you're okay with this, with horrendous with human traffickers getting paid a lot of money. they were given masks by border patrol to protect them from covid-19. why the silence about this? this is really dangerous stuff.
6:57 pm
>> because they don't care. when i was i.c.e. director i went to congress numerous times, told them three simple loopholes they need to close woe prevent family groups, young women with their children crossing the border illegally. because i told them, the "doctors without borders" did their own independent study. 31% of women coming through that routing get sexually assaulted by the cartels. children were dying. cartels are making millions of dollars a day, the same cartels that murdered u.s. agents. the same cartels that smuggle drugs that killed 68,000 people one year. i told them this is simply way to fix it. they don't want to fix it. they want president trump to fail number one campaign promise. i got news for them. president trump has gotten 80% down from the high without any help from congress. congress is not addressing loopholes that are causing this. elizabeth: let's get to this story. there is a story coming out of
6:58 pm
the media and i think it is "the new york times" reporting that hundreds of children who were separated from their parents are still not reunited with their parents? what is the backstory to this? >> okay. that is wrong. it is false. it is a lie. i was there. look parents, parents cross the border illegally were charged with a crime. it is a crime to enter this country illegally. the parents sent to u.s. marshal's custody. child can't go to the jail with the parent. u.s. citizens family are separated by law enforcement when parents are charged with a crime and sent to a i. when they get out are you returning to mexico, or central america, do you want their children to go with you, separately, these parents signed off because they want the children to remain in the united states. their end goal to get children live here with family members to qualify for amnesty or daca. these parents abandoned these children.
6:59 pm
people talk about how horrendous this is, 2500 family units being separated. there were 14,000 children in custody of hhs, smuggled to the united states by a criminal organization. their parents hired a criminal organization to put that child in the trunk of a car, a back of a tractor-trailer to come to the united states. they call what the government did inhumane? that is humane but nobody wants to talk about it. that is more humane. they put their children in the hands after criminal organization. who knows what happened to these children during that time. that in my opinion is much more inhumane that anything the government did. elizabeth: final word. you feel like this whole, basically this topic has been distorted, that your sense of it, tom? final word? >> my final word the obama administration asked me twice to arrest children in their homes in the united states, take them away from their parents and remove them from the country. but the obama administration twice called me to the
7:00 pm
white house ordered me to do that and i said no. i will not do that. i would wait for the family to be removed together but, that is far more worse than anything that trump administration has ever done. elizabeth: that is a big deal. tom homan. we got to wrap the show. thank you so much. i'm liz macdonald. join us again tomorrow night nin. the rah call dems' presidential nominee, joe biden, has finally broken his silence about damning e-mails and pictures found on a laptop belonging to his son, hunter biden. the former vice president was asked asked to respond to a statement released this week by senator ron johnson, the chairman of the homeland security committee. the senate and the committee charge that hunter biden and his associates profited off the biden name and their access to the obama/biden white house. joe biden did not deny that any of the


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