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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 23, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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bristol-myers has a dividend of 2.9%, lovely to have you, thanks for your pic and on this friday, take a collective wrath, you made it through, two up, one down, the dow does not make it to the upside, down 32 points, have a great weekend. >> stocks are mixed after a choppy session after stimulus uncertainty the dow ended in the red but well-off session lows with s&p 500 and nasdaq indian in the green, investors still remain skeptical of the deal before the presidential election, i am david asman and for connell mcshane. >> i am jacqui deangelis, this is "after the bell", we start with fox business team coverage lauren simonetti, blake burman and edward lawrence in washington, lauren were gonna go first to you. >> stocks faded today along with investor hopes for stimulus, let's take a look the broader
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market up 12 points, the nasdaq up 42 but the dow down 27 and it was wound and turned down to stocks, intel as well as american express, don't miss on earnings, revenue from intel datacenter, customers disappointed, what are the issues plaguing the company and mainly only intel, rival imd closing 3% higher, it mistreats estimates for capital one arrival card issuer, not that one, rally today, we have encouraging news on the coronavirus, not only gilead remdesivir with the first fda approval, but astrazeneca will resume the vaccine trial right here in the u.s., it was good news but not good enough to raise the losses for the week, let's take a look the dow and s&p 500 down for the first time in four weeks, the nasdaq down in five weeks, each off about
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1%. apple, not helping out, even though the iphone 12 is on sale, the cameras, faster chips, some of the models will start shipping today, i don't know if you have any interest, investors did not seem to buy apple today. jackie: thank you so much. david: now over to blake burman at the white house for the latest on the coronavirus relief package which has gone through a lot of trouble over the past week. >> the white house continued to suggest that there are a lot of hurdles to overcome for both sides to potentially close on a deal, we heard from the administration top negotiator the treasury secretary steven mnuchin and he described those as significant. >> if we can get the right deal, we will do that, we have been speaking to the speaker i would say we've offer compromises, the speaker on a number of issues is
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still dog in, if she wants to compromise there will be a deal, we have made lots of progress in lots of areas but there is still significant differences. >> mark meadows, this is video from earlier today, and asked meadows if there had been any movement whatsoever at all over the last 24 hours and it did not seem as if there was anything at all. >> we are still working through, secretary mnuchin and i have talked and were working with her teams but actually making adjustments in looking at language to reach a compromise. >> other news of the white house, the announcement from the president of another normalization deal, this time between israel and sudan, this follows a couple other announcements that the white house has talked about in the recent weeks and months, they struck normalization deals with the united arab emirates as well
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as bahrain and today it was israel and sudan, back to you. david: the president did mention saudi arabia, we will have to wait and see, that is a tough not to crack. have a great weekend. jackie: let's head over to washington to edward lawrence, to break down the final presidential debate, so much to take in last night. >> it was a riveting 90 minutes, this is a traditional debate, we heard more of the issues and less of the interruptions, one of the biggest came towards the end of the night, beyond fracking flip flop by former vice president joe biden president donald trump pounced on the comment that biden wants to eventually do away with the oil industry. >> the oil industry pollutes significantly, here is the deal. >> if you let me finish the statement.
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it has to replace renewable energy overtime, overtime and i stopped giving to the oil industry and stopped giving them federal subsidies. >> the coronavirus became a big focus, especially the timeline of a vaccine. >> is not a guarantee but it will be by the end of the year, i think it has a good chance, to companies within a matter of weeks and it will be distributed very quickly. >> this is the same fella told you it's going to invite easter and don't worry, we will in this by the summer, were about to go into a dark winter. >> a very different picture of the future, listen. >> we are on the road to success but i'm cutting taxes and he wants to raise everybody's taxes and put new regulations on everything. >> four more years of this man eliminating the regulations that were put in by us to claim up the climate, to a limit limited omissions will put us in a position where we will be in real trouble.
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>> the two tried to score points on immigration fighting claiming the trump administration has been heartless and the president countering it was actually president biden, former vice president biden them president obama that built the cages detainee sitton, back to you. jackie: edward lawrence, thank you so much. david: here is mr. steve forbes, media chairman, good to see you. , general question, what did you think, how did the president do last night. >> he came out last night in a position where he could when the selection, he made very good points in the key thing is the follow-through i understand he has a sensational add about fracking in the energy industry in pennsylvania, biden inadvertently gave him a lot of openings and they will exploit them and people will focus on what direction they want this country to go in, you cannot have two bigger different directions and what those two
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men represented and that helps trump. david: some people who supported president trump, they suggested it might be too late even though he did win the debate, frank said you may have won the battle but you lost the war, what do you think of that. >> i think a poster came out with this is to stick a couple of weeks ago that one out of seven people even if they are leaning one way or the other have not firmly made up their mind, everyone focuses we have 55 million votes in, there are 100 million votes to go, and critical states like florida or pennsylvania i think that will make a huge difference in the swing states, that's where the selection will be decided in trump is moving up in the states. jackie: there was plenty of substance and presented in a understandable way, most voters can figure things out, one of them was on minimum wage and whether or not biden was for
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immediate raise to $15 an hour all over the country in trump opposed it. let me play the soundbite and get your reaction. >> do you think this is the right time to ask them to raise the minimum wage. >> small businesses, one in six going under. >> small businesses by raising the minimum wage, that is not helping. david: the point is, it's hard to imagine how particularly coming out of coronavirus lockdown that it could be any help at all to a business to raise their labor cost, in some case doubling. >> you look at cities like seattle, san francisco where they raise the minimum wage enormous and, what happened small businesses can automate very fast to try to survive or they just lay off people or sadly go out of business. for biden to say businesses are hurting, yes they are, small business especially restaurants in the loughton states like new york but raising the cost will not help, george would be
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spendinspinning in his grave, businesses are hurting so let's raise your cost, real smart, not. by the way, trump made a very good point, around this country there are disparate costs, different cost and states, new york very expensive, alabama different we are not a uniform nation, i think trump is good at making that point. david: i think new york cost are double those in some parts of the nation, were gonna talk about oil specifically later on in this broadcast, but talking about jobs, green jobs, mr. biden has had a checkered past putting that into practice that green jobs could outpace carbon energy jobs, he tried that back in 2000 during the obama administration, and failed miserably to reach expectations, do you think the public could buy it again even though it did
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not work the first time that biden tried it? >> the public is not going to buy it, it's been pointed out all this does is raise cost, biden was talking about subsidies, the subsidies for the alternatives are far outweighed the other in industry gets coming look at germany where they went home hauled for alternative energies, they had to go back to dirty coal because wins do not always blow and the sun does not always shine in germany's electricity costs are 2 - 3 times of the u.s. we want to double or triple electricity, tell that to households and see what the reactions will be. jackie: w.david: would gotta tat taxes, 65% of americans at least according to the new york times are not favorable to the tax cuts of president trump, 65% of americans got a tax reduction as
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a result of the trump tax cuts, if you get rid of all the trump tax cuts which joe biden says he will do, that means 65% of america will immediately get a tax hike, do you think the president will make that clear. >> i hope so and i think people after this debate are willing to listen because i think they're disturbed by some of the things joe biden said in the 65% number comes because the tax cut in the media has been betrayed as a corporate giveaway, no mention of the doubling of the standard deduction which gave most households a tax cut, that point has to be made and also the tax increase that biden is proposing will mean less investment, business costs will go up and when costs go up, that means less money for wages, less money for advances for moving ahead which means you will hire fewer people, it's going to hit everybody at the end of the day is. david: you only have 15 seconds,
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with a week to go, does the president have enough money on hand to get the message out, biden has outraised him with a finance. >> i think so, i think people are starting to listen and go to trusted sources so yes, the money will come in because people can now see this is a real race again, that's what thethat debate did we have a rel race again, trump can still win. david: steve forbes, great to see you. jackie: the u.s. approaching a new peak new covid-19 cases topping 70000 for the first time in three months, and forcing one city to reinstate a period of restrictions, could others follow, that's next, new york city mayor bill de blasio and the department of education facing a new lawsuit over the reopening of schools in america
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jackie: a new curfew for chicago, ordered all bars and restaurants and nonessential businesses to close by
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10:00 p.m. starting today as covid-19 cases by could get across the state this coming as a u.s. pass is 71000 new daily cases, the highest that we seen since mid july, here is jenness specializing in family and emergency medicine, it is great to see you, when you see news like this happening and other cities like new york city, you wonder if the same thing will happen here. >> i hope not, we have it down a new york, one of the worst states in the nation but with social distancing, wearing our masks in the temporary lockdown we have a positive percentage down to 2%, what the mayor is doing in chicago, i think she's doing the right thing, not shutting down, not locking down but putting a curfew by 10:00 p.m. because she wants to minimize the large crowd, bars, restaurants, that's of the virus spreads from one person to another, she's not locking down she wants is go back a little bit the number of cases are
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doubling, if they double continuously and we see the exponential rise, that's the point we worry about overburdening the hospitals in straining the healthcare system and stretching the health responders then and especially as we enter flu season, we are to have 40000 americans who are hospitalized right now because of coronavirus and we don't want to see more hospitalizations on top of that in addition to flu hospitalizations and ammonia hospitalizations, she's doing the right thing by taking a step back and pressing pause. jackie: there are different cities planning in different ways and trying to hunker down for the winter, it could get more tricky but at the same time when secretary alex azar on varney talking about new treatments and the emergency approval of remdesivir, i wanted to get some right.
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>> remdesivir is the first product fully approved to treat covid-19 by the fda and a product of the president's efforts beginning in february to get treatments to the american people, it is an inpatient drug, it is given to you by fusion when you're in the hospital. jackie: i bring this up because part of dealing with the virus as suggested in the debate last night is not necessarily closing everything down but doing a better job on testing and making sure that if people are hospitalized, they have the treatment that they need, what do you think about gilead. >> this is excellent news, it's music to my ears, we've come such a long wait and progressed tremendously over the seven or eight months, remdesivir approved yesterday, this is not the only tool that we had we had remdesivir and now we know dexamethasone is a steroid that can help inflammation in the lungs when somebody is hospitalized with coronavirus and we know to use a blood thinners, we know to you look
4:20 pm
for renal complication and heart complications and neurological complications. we also have antibodies in monoclonal antibodies, we see the president not only did he use remdesivir to expedite his recovery but also regeneron which is an antibody, we also have eli lilly, also other forms of monoclonal antibodies, we have many therapeutics to treat the virus, this is a testament to the talent and the skills and the ingenuity of scientists and doctors in this country to show how far we have come, we now have control over the virus if we could stick to the cdc guidelines of wearing your mask and social distancing, washing her hand and getting your flu shot. jackie: you're bringing up some of the things that folks can do to protect himself and aside from the drugs that are available if you're hospitalized, what about protecting your immunity, i've been taking vitamin d every day senses started, i take my vitamin c, i got my flu shot, the president when he was sick he was treated with zinc, would not be a bad idea to take zinc, water tips to help people build
4:21 pm
their immunity up. >> absolutely, first of all if you're getting a good well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables you should get most of your vitamins and minerals that way but i'm always recommending to my patients, my coronavirus patients or flu patients or any patients that are sick, hot tea in zinc because zinc can fight the virus from obligating. tea helps fight inflammation in the body, don't be sufficient in vitamin d that has been linked to, locations of coronavirus but don't over doing it, too much is not always going to be helpful it can actually have detrimental impact because too much of one thing in the body means the body will excrete another type of vitamin or mineral, you want to be careful of that, vitamin c, b12, zinc, all these vitamins and minerals are good for you in addition to getting rest, no smoking and exercising. jackie: great advice, thank you so much.
4:22 pm
david: when we get a vaccine, how will the be distributed, president trump said he will have the military on standby for distribution let's go to gerri willis for the details on how that will work out. >> that is right, delivering hundreds of millions of doses of the coronavirus vaccine is an overwhelming job and folks in the logistics industry are calling that the berlin airlift of their generation but pfizer is breaking the mold, developing their own delivery system that is pretty large expense to them, pfizer's vaccine is in late stage trials but emergency fda approval could be ready for use at the end of november, behind-the-scenes, pfizer is laying the groundwork for a mammoth to billion-dollar logistic effort to distribute the vaccine, it all starts here in the giant freezers, take a look at pfizer's kalamazoo
4:23 pm
facility. the vaccine has been kept in subzero temperatures for the remaining effective making the transfer process tricky and sensitive, pfizer has developed a thermal shipping cases known as cool boxes that can hold up to 5000 doses of the vaccine and see what they look like here and to stay cold up to ten days, they come equipped with gps trackers, they monitor temperature levels, they will leave the freezers and capable of losing more than 7 million doses per day to the airport, pfizer is listed to help with fedex, ups and dhl's cargo planes to transport the vaccine to airports around the world, from there the carriers and then deliver the dose to hospitals, clinics and other vaccines, unfortunately we do not have the graphic for you, ideally, the total run time for the entire operation is just three days,
4:24 pm
pretty miraculous and pfizer unlike other vaccine makers are doing this in part by getting rid of the middleman, that is what is going on and investing $2 billion, a lot going on and as the president says if this does not work the military stands ready to step into the breach. david: no one does logistics better than the military. i know that for my son. jackie: we have a fox business alert, senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham said they are nearing a voluntary agreement with jack dorsey twitter and mark zuckerberg of facebook to testify before the committee after the november election, we will be watching that, raging colorado wildfires forcing thousands from their home the fire now the largest second in the state history, the fire burning 175,000 acres, officials say it's only 5% contained and now on the verge of merging with
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jackie: greeting cards make a comeback in the midst of the pandemic people are looking to simpler times, online stores like nc and shutterfly seen the increase in sales, can the u.s. postal service keep up with the demand, jeff flock is in illinois with more. >> they hope so, this is a throwback to a simpler time, we continue to spotlight business is doing well in the coronavirus and i'm only going to show you these, reading cards have been fading but look at what people are coming up with, very timely greeting cards, that says hi friend, this is your snail mail sanity check, this is green star
4:30 pm
papery, linda was in the business of wedding invitation in the bottom dropped out of the wedding market and what happened to you. >> i started printing greeting cards. >> clever, timely and it's taken off. >> talking about the situation were currently in and people are loving it. >> everything from simple i'm sending your card for fun to birthday, covid deemed cards, wishing you a squeaky clean birthday with obligatory hand sanitizer bottle on there. , greeting cards is a $7 billion a year business, 6.5 billion cards typically sent in a regular year, that had been off but this year hallmark says their business has tripled, not just business like yours. >> mail is up and people are sending more paper things in the mail and they want to be away from the computers for sure. >> i leave you with perhaps the
4:31 pm
biggest greeting card day of the year is the christmas holiday and maybe, what is this one, jingle jingle let's forget about 2020 -- is that a word. >> i made that up. >> let's have a good time and forget about 2020 because i'm pretty sure we can all do that. >> it sounds dirty to me but that is okay, i think it's okay. greeting cards, cool again. jackie: i think everyone is looking forward to a simpler time, thank you so much for that story. david: at least till the end of 2020, demanding more from an opening of the nation's largest school system, new york city parents are filing a lawsuit to get parents entered students back in classrooms, wait to hear what this city is responding, joe biden away from the oil industry, the remark could have
4:32 pm
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>> the transmittal rate to the teachers is very small, but i want to open the schools, the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. >> not that many of you will die so don't worry about it, don't worry about it, on. >> president trump in joe biden sparring over school reopening last night and all over the country parents are desperate to get their kids safely back to school in new york city a group of angry parents filing a class-action lawsuit demanding more from that schools reopen for an person teaching, let's bring in bill mcgurn, a columnist at the wall street journal and the fox news contributor, what surprised me even npr is actually on the president side in terms of the size saying data from all around the world shows that schools are not spreaders of covid virus. >> joe biden is against the science, the cdc warned a while ago that we need to reopen our
4:37 pm
schools, as a public health measure, the w.h.o. came out against lockdowns, the myth of the joe biden quip, you open and then you have all these risks and it's risk-free to close them, the cdc took that on and there's all sorts of other health risks that have to be weighed against it, i think as a matter of science, it is pretty clear, i would say the practical matter, my daughter is in a parochial school, it is open and they very few resources and sensible approaches and they handled it pretty well, you and i know that boston diocese has 35000 people in the school system, teachers, staff, kids, fewer than two dozen cases of covid and none originating in the schools, it can be done but the idea that there's one risk-free side and one risk that everyone will get killed, that is not science. david: the conventional wisdom in the election that biden has a
4:38 pm
all of our trump on coronavirus because americans care more about safety even if they sacrifice some of their freedom and some of their ability to do business or send their kids to school, i'm wondering whether the conventional wisdom has it right, what do you think. >> i am not so sure, i think in general on covid since the president was the president at the time and we had a lot of deaths of our fellow americans and so forth he is naturally on the defensive, his case if i did not take the steps that i took, it would have more deaths, he thought internationally on the defensive but there's a lot of moms and as that want their kids back in school realizing the kids are falling behind, realizing that lower income, minority kids have it worse because they don't have other resources and a lot of them are discovering how hostile the
4:39 pm
teachers unions are to their interest in the interest of the children, the children are not coming first in terms of the people that want the school to stay closed. david: that's not the first time that is happened, let's switch to another topic and a pre-debate blockbuster, that is mr. bob belinsky coming out with his charges against joe biden saying joe biden said i never got one single dime from a foreign country, maybe that's technically true but his family got a lot of money and mr. bob belinsky said unlike what biden said in the past, he did know and talk about his son's dealing in business, how does this play out with voters. >> we don't know, it points to two things, one on the substance, joe biden has said that he didn't take a penny from these people, that's never been the charge, the charge is that he has allowed his brother and his son to trade on the vice
4:40 pm
presidency and make money themselves, whether he got it coming back with one of those text seem to suggest, the more interesting text with a man who is a bit under business partner credible man had not been involved in republican parley takes, he gets a note and says don't mention joe biden, their paranoid about that, why would they be paranoid, what we did not hear last night are two things, we did not hear joe biden say the text are phony and it's not my son's laptop and even worse we did not hear the moderator asked, mr. vice president are you saying the text are phony and the vice president does not belong to your son there's so many people taking a see no evil, hear no evil approach to this. david: we are running out of time but one of the e-mails to bob belinsky from jim biden the president's brother had a whole list of states, mostly democrat but one republican state and their infrastructure projects
4:41 pm
insane we can help you be in the chinese company with context, the chinese energy company which does not exist anymore run from a guy for military intelligence very closely in line with the communist chinese party, why would in the biden not be suspicious of putting a chinese company that is a part of the government essentially introductions to people that deal with u.s. infrastructure like railroads and nuclear power plants et cetera. >> absolutely, and asked the fundamental question, what did they think they were buying, the vice president's brother made money in iraq, it looks like they only made money in places where the vice president's name gave them some pole, again, the lack of interest is incredible and my colleague kim strassel has a great piece today about the new witness and i think the
4:42 pm
joe biden may have made a mistake by waiting till the end to address this because if new revelations come out each day in the last two weeks before the election he may be on the defensive in the home stretch. david: we will see, bill mcgurn, have a great weekend. jackie: a fox business alert, johnson & johnson chief scientific officer announcing it will restart the u.s. covid-19 trial this upcoming monday or tuesday the trial was paused early last week after unspecified injury and one of its study participants. covid-19 changing santas schedule at least in new york city, macy's announcing santa claus will not be greeting children at the flagship store in manhattan breaking the holiday tradition that started 160 years ago. ♪
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david: joe biden looking to make oil a thing of the past the former vice president vowing to replace the industry if you selected president the only question is the timeframe, for more on that we go to phil fly flynn. >> great to be on again, i will tell you what this is a major mistake by joe biden yesterday
4:47 pm
because he sent a signal to the industry you're not needed and not appreciated and they don't want to around in considering the fact that it's been a big part of our economy 8% of the gdp was a slap in the face to a business that has been really hurt bad by the coronavirus, the other thing the energy industries going to be worried about is getting back into the paris climate record that vice president biden said he would do, that basically is a way to subsidize chinese energy companies at the expense of u.s. energy companies, when she get back into the accord, u.s. energy is going to be on the defensive and they're going to have a hard time competing with china and lose a lot of jobs. david: let me get it straight we don't want to subsidize chinese energy companies that compete with our own? >> absolutely. david: a that was a little bit
4:48 pm
of sarcasm, it is just extraordinary that that happened to begin with, great to see you, thank you very much. jackie: here to react former shell oil president, great to see you, let me ask you this, phil brought up a great point talking about the debate vice president biden would not admit he wanted to ban fracking but when pushed he said he wanted to phase it out, phil flynn brought up the fact that the industry is 8% of gdp and i'll add to that it represents 10 million jobs in this country when alternative is only half a million at this point, when joe biden is looking at this he is missing the forest through the trees, don't you think. >> i think he is missing a key point, energy is the lifeblood of this country, what the oil industry does is produce the molecules for natural gas and produce the molecules that turning to diesel fuel, gasoline
4:49 pm
et cetera, before we had fracking and before we advanced from 5 million barrels a day production domestically in 2005 to 12 million barrels a day in 2019, we were under the control of the saudi's and opec on the price and availability of oil, what joe is proposing to put us back under the control of opec because we will not be able to produce enough domestic energy and the transition that were talking about with electric vehicles, is going to take 20, 30, 40 years, i've seen statistics and studies at say half of the cars in 2050 will be electric, that means there will be hundreds of millions and billions of cars around the world still need oil, i think
4:50 pm
for joe biden to take over the control and the regulation of the energy industry is dangerous, he does not know anything about energy to start with, but you do not pass along high cost of limited energy to the poorest in the nation and expect them to be happy about it, the way the democrats will lose out big time is by raising gasoline prices to unaffordable levels. jackie: you bring up a great point when it comes to opec specifically there was a time in the country's history where the middle east owned us because of their energy output now were one of the top producers globally, we are exporting energy and we are energy independent as the president pointed out last night, certainly there is a way and he's not saying president trump to not invest in alternative energy, he understands it's going to take a long time to get there and in the meantime you have to take the 10 million people employed.
4:51 pm
>> everyone in the industry, i am part of it speaks about the great energy transition of the 21st century but it is going to take the century to pull it off, nobody understands the scale, the size, the fleet that is out there, i need on a 24/7 365 basis for molecules and electrons, we cool our homes and we heat our homes, we have mobility because of it, it is a lifestyle and it's an economic way of lea living life by having available and affordable energy with plenty of it domestically so were not depending on energy from abroad. jackie: let me ask you real quick, joe biden's presentation last night and making his case when it comes to the energy industry will not go well for him and his home state of pennsylvania or ohio where fracking is the lifeline of the economy and down south in texas where the oil industry is based, your thoughts.
4:52 pm
>> energy matters in 50 states out of 50, the availability of energy and what we used to call the cold days, at the refinery level or at the drilling level, it is jobs and well-paying jobs, people the industry don't make much less than $80000 a year because of the pay that is part of in the benefits that are part of jobs in this industry, it is a tremendous impact on the economy to strangle by regulation by government fiat, the energy transition will take place in the 21st century but it will be driven by market forces not government, government politicize his energy and if you politicize energy you make it more expensive for the poor and the rich don't care because there plenty of disposable income for energy and what you ultimately do is drive the price up that takes the
4:53 pm
economy into recession because people have to pay their energy bill to live their life and they don't have money for other things. jackie: great to see you, thank you so much for your time. david: halloween in december, that does not sound right, kids around the country are preparing for a socially distant trick or treating in one iconic haunted house in new york hopes to be open in time for christmas season. how is he going to do that, we are there, programming alert charles payne will be leading a panel of fox business all-stars where america votes together virtual town hall, if you have a question or anything for business opening the doors to the real estate boom, you can e-mail a video of yourself to invested in you at for a chance to be featured, tune in on october 27 at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox business, you might see yourself, we'll be
4:54 pm
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david: halloween around the corner which means a season is around the corner, new york's haunted house will not be open because of the pandemic, they are aiming for a post thanksgiving opening with a christmas theme, if that is possible, christina is live in new york with the story, halloween themed christmas? >> it sounds something different but it could work, last year at this time the block was packed and i speak from experience because i tried to get into the haunted house, they are not opening for halloween this year, laster there was 30000 people that walk through the door, they made over $1 million in ticket sales but the owner told me, the reason they're not opening is a fears of a second wave or possible second wave and lack of communication from the city.
4:59 pm
>> we've been calling and e-mails and then administration does not return phone calls or e-mails, it's will let you know, we don't know, were not sure, this is gone on for two months, it's now october, halloween is next week. >> halloween is next week but this haunted house will not open until after thanksgiving, they put a new filtration system, all the masks that are gonna be used by the actors over 130 live actors, they will have a mask, sanitizers on every single for social distancing, 25% capacity, it will be a little bit different, many business owners had had to pivot. listen in. >> we will have a lot of lights and fake snow in gift boxes and killer santas and demented elves, it's going to be really freaky, really scary in our first christmas event, we are very excited to run it and hopefully make some money and scare the crab out of new
5:00 pm
yorkers. >> and beer nightmare before christmas. david: i don't know about killer santas but i do know it's a pleasure working with you. jackie: a pleasure as always. david: lou dobbs starts right now. ♪. lou: good evening, president trump has achieved another historic accomplishment in the middle east, just 11 days before the presidential election, president trump in the oval office today announced the normalization of relations between israel and the muslim north african nation of sudan, today's peace agreement adds to those already brokered by the president between israel and bahrain as well as between israel and the united arab emirates. president trump has also brokered peace deals between the taliban and


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