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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 9, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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talked to say at no point was anybody ever denied access to where the votes are being counted despite that claim. so, connell, it's something we'll follow up on, and we hope to see evidence in a lawsuit. connell: gotta go, grady. thanks for watching, see you back here same time tomorrow. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, and tonight we begin with great news for everyone. we begin with an historic development in the fight against the china virus. human trial day shows a china virus vaccine developed by u.s. drugmaker pfizer and their german counterparts at biontech is more than 90% effective in early trials. pfizer said it could apply for emergency use authorization from the fda this month. suspicions about the timing of today's remarkable announcement are also running high. we have often heard that the
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radical dems would no longer consider the china virus pandemic an issue once the election was behind us. well, that election is now only six days behind us, and we learn that there is, indeed, a vaccine, a powerful vaccine, and that hope is restored. president trump has repeatedly said a successful vaccine candidate could be announced as early as october or perhaps just before the election. and he was roundly criticized, mocked by the. [laughter] -wing -- the left-wing national media, of course, the radical dems, specifically one joe biden saying a vaccine could be brought forth as early as the election, they just absolutely rejected his forecast. the president's estimation, is as so often the case, was absolutely correct. president trump also warned,
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however, that partisan politics could well delay any such announcement. please take a listen now to what he had to say just one month ago. listen carefully. >> we're going to have a great vaccine very,ing very short lu. i think we should have it before the election but, frankly, the politics gets involved, and that's okay. they want to play their games. it's going to be right after the election. but we did it, nobody else. nobody else would have been able to do it. the fda has acted as quickly as they've ever acted in history. there's never been a time, and no president's ever pushed them like i pushed them either, to be honest with you. lou: we can all believe that, can't we? and no one's ever led them like this president. and the president was absolutely correct, the left managing to hit his forecast exactly. he said after the election. he even said it's all right. that's how much he wanted the
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vaccine for everyone. the push for a vaccine was a task that the likes of dr. anthony fauci said could never result in a vaccine that soon. >> but the idea that we're going to have a vaccine by november 3rd, how realistic? >> well, i think that's unlikely. i mean, the only way you can see that scenario come true is if there were so many infections in the clinical trial sites that you get a efficacy answer sooner than all have projected. like i said, it's not impossible, judy, but it's unlikely that we'll have a definitive answer at that time. more likely by the end of the year. lou: dr. fauci, celebrated by the radical dem left, and he's wrong, and he's wrong again. and president trump, that's
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right, he is right again, and he's right about dr. fauci. fauci would never admit that the president was leading the nation in the right direction in the face of the china virus pandemic. neither could the radical dems or their candidate, joe biden. the development, the manufacturing, distribution of china virus vaccines and therapeutics all accelerated under president trump's operation warp speed. it was a revolutionary program. in this instance it paid pfizer nearly $2 billion in july to make and deliver 100 million doses of the vaccine by the end of the year. they are on track to do exactly that. the radical dems are also working with the corporate-owned left-wing national media doing their very best to nullify the votes of 71 million trump voters. and let's be very direct, many
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are trying to steal this election from president trump. there is no doubt about it. the only doubt is the extent of it. the president has roundly rejected the national left-wing media for its overreach, its presumption in calling joe biden the president-elect saturday. talk about presumptuous. and to be clear, irrespective of the left wing's wishes, the radical dems' wishes, those of the media, there is no official winner until every legal vote is counted, every disputed vote is resolved. in a staff meeting today, the president's campaign manager, bill stepian, declared president trump is, quote: not backing town. who would are -- not backing down. who would have expected he would? and he reminded everyone president trump is very much in the fight. a number of usually cautious --
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perhaps the better word is spineless -- republicans and, yes, i include senator lindsey graham who won re-election, have backed president trump's fight to reject illegal vote asks count all -- and count all legal votes. on the senate floor today, president trump received the vocal support of majority leader mitch mcconnell who also won re-election. the majority leader today standing up firmly in support of president trump and the fight for free and fair elections, a cornerstone of this republic. >> our institutions are actually built for this. we have the system in place to consider concerns, and president trump is 100% within his rights to look into allegations of irregularities and weigh his legal options. and if the democrats feel confident they have not occurred, they should have no reason to fear any extra
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scrutiny. we have the tools and institutions we need to address any concerns. the president has every right to look into allegations and to request recounts under the law. lou: majority leader mcconnell, supporting the president, supporting the constitution. joining us this evening to take up president trump's fight and, indeed, the nation's fight, judicial watch president tom fitton, former congressman jason chaffetz, georgia state representative vernon jones, a democrat fighting beside the president, and the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, all with us this hour. let's take now a look at the day's important developments in the fight to, if you will, true the vote and insure integrity. president trump's legal team in pennsylvaniaed today filed a lawsuit challenging the astronaut's electoral conduct. the state's electoral conduct.
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the campaign plans to file similar lawsuits in georgia and michigan over the coming days. at a press conference this weekend, rudy giuliani once again pointed to the fact that radical dems controlling philadelphia blocked republican poll watchers and republican attorneys from observing the vote. president trump followed up with this tweet today in which he said, quote: pennsylvania prevented us from watching much of the ballot count. unthinkable and illegal in this country. the trump campaign is also channeling the pennsylvania supreme court -- channeling the pennsylvania -- challenging the pennsylvania supreme court decision that required mail-in ballots be counted up to three days after the election. noted constitutional attorney kenneth starr says that ruling is a constitutional travesty. >> to count every vote may be a crime. it a may even be a crime under federal law. it's definitely a crime under
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state law. if that is, and here's the keyword, an illegal ballot. and it's shameful that vice president biden's people and the vice president himself are saying count every vote and selling a lot of t-shirts. that is a potential and an invitation for absolute lawlessness. lou: lawlessness seems to have been a precondition for this election. supreme court justice samuel alito ordered all county election boards in pennsylvania to keep those late mail-in ballots separate from others while legal challenges make their way to the full supreme court. a record start today as the wall street just boomed. the dow jones industrials rallied an extraordinary 800 points. the s&p up 4 is, the nas -- 41,
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the nasdaq falling 181 points. volume on the big board, 8.6 billion shares. and crude oil up more than 7.5% to almost $40 a barrel. and listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. up next, software issues, software problems are, well, being noticed now in voting machines used by more than half the states in the country. more than half. what does that mean? and how could it be? we take that up and more right after these quick messages. judicial watch president tom fitton joins us. please stay with us. ♪ tomize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. hi susan!
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lou: well, breaking news, president p today announcing he has fired defense secretary mark esper. , e sper's replacement will be national counterterrorism center director christopher miller. miller served in the military for 21 years. he served as special assistant to president trump, and he is now the acting defense secretary. also breaking, the election software blamed for what some
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humorists in pennsylvania called glitches in georgia and michigan. they were, it appears, programmed. the software is used in 28 states in this election. the software is in the voting machines of a company called dominion voting systems. it is the largest voting company in this country. and quite a few problems occurred. in addition to the 28 states in which they operate, the company boasts that its customers include 9 of the top 20 counties in the united states. in antierim county, michigan, the software initially awarded thousands of votes to joe biden that were meant for president trump. we were told it was corrected and the county flipped in favor of the president by 2500 votes.
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my, my, my. suburban atlanta also faced a day-long delay in reporting their votes because of a, quote, technical issue with dominion. and this appears to be the type of thing joe biden might have had in mind when he hailed his voter fraud apparatus last month, what do you think? listen. >> we put together, i think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of american politics. lou: yes, you heard it right. amazing. joining us now, tom fitton. he's the president of judicial watch. and i want to begin with the former vice president who has been gleefully, well, at least responding to the term
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president-elect even though he has to know and his campaign has to know that that's entirely inappropriate and untrue. and, by the way, so does the national left-wing media. but they are doing the same thing. this looks like a full-on establishment bum's rush to get him through without even slowing down a bit. your thoughts. >> yeah. i think it's a propaganda effort, in large measure. it's one thing to have all the states go one way and, practically speaking, call the seeming winner president-elect. but when you have so many states in an unprecedented election so close and so disputed, it's unfair and it's unbalanced to call one of the candidates president-elect. it's not, it's not legally accurate, nor is it even practically accurate.
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lou: and it's also certainly not in line with our traditions in this country which is to make certain that that phrase is never used until all disputes are resolved, until it is appropriate to do so. but this time, this election a lot of strange things happened, and many of them highly us pairs. for example -- suspicious. for example, dominion's software. and there is software as well at play here. but their -- this does not look, well, it doesn't look good, to put it mildly. your thoughts. >> yeah, i agree. and the question is are the courts going to do anything about it. in pennsylvania there's more than enough evidence, i think, or substantial case of, substantial the evidence that calls into question the whole result. in my view, the pennsylvania result of the election iser redeem by compromised, and the question is will the courts fix it but throwing out the ballots that have been really not
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subject to any scrutiny and invest really be fixed -- can never really be fixed, or will the pennsylvania state legislature ratify what we saw go on over the last week, or will they take independent action to appoint a clean slate. or will congress, the senate and the house, reject pennsylvania electors who were placed there as a result of what looks to be systematic fraud or misconduct. lou: yeah, i mean, let's be straightforward here. this is, this has every appearance of being a fraudulent election. fraud has been committed. what we don't know is how pervasively and how thoroughly and how many votes are involved. but it looks to be a huge number across this country. it appears to be a huge number in pennsylvania as well. when you have poll watchers who are not permitted to observe, when you have republican
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attorneys denied access, when you have a fight going on right now within the courts in pennsylvania over 6 feet in proximity to those machines to see what was happening, i mean, this is a travesty, it is outrageous. further, the supreme court -- when it had an opportunity to stop this in pennsylvania and john roberts decided that they would not move forward and stop this, what they knew was a disaster, he didn't want to get involved in politics, effectively. and now the court has a stain that only, only hearing this case and making a decision that, well, that is in support of the constitution and law. i mean, in addition, in pennsylvania you have courts
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defying appellate courts within the state without, without any consequence. it's outrageous. now, what do you make of the -- go ahead. >> yeah. the lawlessness in pennsylvania, in my view, has fatally compromised the results there. you know what, lou? the outrage is we still don't have results. it's almost a week after the election, well, pact clue speaking it is -- practically speaking it is a week after the election. we still don't know, quote, who won in pennsylvania. they're still counting votes past election day. they were supposed to figure it out, frankly, under statutory federal law on election day who won, and you had several states because of this reckless mail-in balloting scheme pushed by the left pretend that it was okay to count ballots forever and a day after election day. that's not the way it's supposed to work. it suggests something wrong is happening. and in pennsylvania they purposely stopped counting ballots for periods of time.
5:22 pm
raises durable questions of fraud. lou: they did it, they did it in a number of states. >> in georgia too. lou: they did it in a number of states. >> they did it in georgia too. lou: right. >> we've got foias going on in the six states at issue here. there's going to be an audit either by judicial watch or someone else, and i suggest mitch mcconnell appoint a select committee immediately in the senate so they can figure out what the senate needs to do when this pile comes to them in january. lou: it is, there is much to have done. and, again, you cannot help -- you can't have this discussion without noting the absence of the attorney general and the justice department, its voting rights division. i mean, it is stunning to see the inert institution that the justice department has become. tom fitton, thanks so much. look forward to talking with you
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in the days and weeks ahead, because it will surely take on some time to reach a legal, constitutional resolution to all of this. we'd like to hear your thoughts on all of it. share your comments. toll me on twitter @loudobbs, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. historian victor davis hanson, the trump campaign 's corey lewandowski, attorney sidney powell among our guests here tomorrow evening. please join us for that. and as we continue tonight, how some international leaders are standing behind president trump and his fight for a fair and free election. we take it up with former congressman jason chaffetz. he'll be with us right after these quick words. please stay with us. ♪ it's still warm.
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♪ ♪ lou: the presidents of mexico
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and brazil have frustrated the national left-wing media for failing to bend their knees and congratulate joe biden. the los angeles times running this headline: as the world congrata lates biden, mexico's president chooses to -- opts to wait. comcast's nbc news ran this headline: as biden's victory is hailed, some prominent world leaders remain silent. npr whined: brazil's president hasn't congratulated biden on his election victory. the ap showed its frustration with this headline: mexico, brazil leaders silent as world congratulates biden. we may, this evening please, remind those news organizes that this is still a contested election and that the results are far from certified and that joe biden remains considerable distance from president-elect as
5:29 pm
you like to call him prematurely. i'm sure it's an honest mistake. well, joining us tonight is former congressman and former chairman of the house oversight committee, jason chaffetz, also a fox business contributor, great american. jason, good to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. lou: this election is, clearly, far from over. many issues and charges to be resolved. amongst them, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, georgia, arizona. it goes on and on. and 28 astronauts using the same -- states using the same soft war in which there were breakdowns of various proportions, and we don't even know yet, we don't begin to know what was going on with that software and its influence on the vote tallies. your thoughts. >> well, when you have 140 plus million people vote, it takes some time to go through these.
5:30 pm
there are going to be anomalies, and in this case there are going to be legal wranglings by the person, donald trump, who's one of the candidates here. i think that's perfectly acceptable. look, these elections, they're administered by counties, they're certified by states. given that not a single state has certified any of these election results yet, i don't think it's wrong to question whether or not the results are going to be as news organizations project now, most of their projections are put accurate, but some are a little questionable. and when there's legal wranglings going on, i don't think it's unreasonable to suggest that waiting until a state actually certifies it is an unreasonable position. certainly, the president of mexico and the president of brazil have come to that conclusion. and those of us who were big fans of donald trump, i think waiting it out a little bit longer is a reasonable position as well. lou: yeah. it was reasonable when stacey
5:31 pm
abrams just outright refused to concede in georgia. the democrats there had no problem. now they're beside themselves, exasperated and melodramatic about the delay in a coronation. they are a little confused about our system of government down there, the democrats. and, you know -- [laughter] i can't even imagine what makes anyone in politics not remember something calls gore v. bush. it is really 36 days then for a resolution, and we're just a few days, well, 6 days beyond the election. i think that's a pretty good template, if you will, for what everyone can expect. and i've got to give credit to justice alito for stepping in and stopping the madness, the corruption in pennsylvania. your thoughts? >> yeah. i think the supreme court, i wish they had taken this up prior to the election.
5:32 pm
i think they had an opportunity to do so -- lou: right. >> i think the trump organization, the trump campaign has a reasonable case to be made. i think there are some valid claims that are going on in the nevada as well. but remember, lou, it was the democratic nominee from four years ago, hillary clinton, who said never, ever, ever concede. and suddenly when donald trump hasn't even taken a week, somehow donald trump is being unreasonable. and it's funny because when hillary clinton was saying never, ever concede, i didn't hear any of these national media folks, stephen colberts or anybody else like that saying, oh, come on, let's be more reasonable. i didn't hear them saying a peep about that. lou: yeah. isn't it interesting that no one back in 2016 would say, well, let's come together, let's heal and do the right thing as americans? no. the cry was resis tap,
5:33 pm
resistance, resistance. what they meant was insurrection, what they meant was let's overthrow the president of the united states. and they spent four years trying to do exactly that. and then joe biden has the effrontery to stand the before the cameras and microphones and say let's heal. no, mr. resistance, it isn't quite that easy. we've got a lot of work to do in resolving these disputes and understanding the extent of the fraud that coursed. -- occurred. we just don't know how much fraud occurred. fair statement? >> well, i do think it's, i do think it's fair. and, remember, i went back and watched the tape and read the transcripts from 2016. donald trump gave his so-called victory speech after hillary clinton called him to concede. the very first thing he did, within the first minute -- i hope somebody rolls back the talk about at some point -- donald trump thanked hillary clinton for her service, honored her for her service and said very nice, conciliatory things
5:34 pm
about her. joe biden, meanwhile, goes out and talks to the nation and never mentions donald trump, doesn't mention his four years. now, talked about donald trump's supporters, but didn't talk about a president who's served this country for four years. didn't even mention his name. but at the same time is saying, oh, let's -- now is the time to not have have resistance. now is the time for unity. now is the time -- but where were they for four years? i never heard joe biden say, hey, it's time for unity. i didn't hear a peep from him back when donald trump won the election four years ago. so it's going to take a little bit more time and a little bit more effort and a little bit more recognition of what donald trump has done for this country. but wait til the states certify this election first. lou: yeah. and i -- and until we have a thorough investigation of the role of the software, the role of the maul-in ballots --
5:35 pm
mail-in ballots, the counts that occurred often without observers present. there's a reason people do things in the dark of night, and it's very often those reasons are quite corrupt9 -- corrupt. let's find out how much corruption has pervade our electoral system. jason chaffetz, always good to have you with us, thanks. appreciate it. still ahead this evening, rudy giuliani joins us on the very latest in the trump campaign's fight for a fair election and to rid this country of electoral corruption. also chuck schumer, senator schumer says georgia's senate races will decide the future of the country and perhaps even the world? whoa. we take it up next with georgia state legislator vernon jones, democrat. he supports president trump. and america. stay with us. ♪ ♪ trelegy for copd.
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5:40 pm
agenda. not only on america, that's bad enough, of course, but on the entire world, if you believe senate minority leader chuck schumer. >> now we take georgia and then we take the world! >> yeah! >> [inaudible] >> now we take georgia, then we change america! lou: i think we just watched his ambitions, well, decline just a little bit. the trump campaign has tapped congressman doug collins to lead their recount effort in georgia. collins says he's confident that evidence of election fraud will be found in georgia and that president trump will be declared the true winner in georgia. our next this evening is also helping president trump's fight for election integrity in the great state of georgia, and joining us now, vernon jones.
5:41 pm
vernon was a democrat georgia state -- he is a democrat georgia state representative. he has been courageous throughout in his support of the president and the constitution. great to have you with us, and i just -- welcome to the broadcast. i want to get your sense, doug collins very on the -- optimistic that the president will be found the winner. on another, deeply concerning he's so certain there's voter fraud. your thoughts. >> well, first of all, doug collins, congressman collins, is as solid as a stone mountain. i'm glad the president put him in charge. what many of us georgians are seeing and americans across the country, there is too much fraud going on. it is clear, it is obvious in many cases. and i say this, lou, i call balls and strikes. yes, i'm a lifelong democrat, but i support my country over my party. my party's gone now. i do not want to be a part of
5:42 pm
that. they would be burning and looting and stealing and shoots right now if the numbers were the other way around. that's what they do. what i like about georgians and the republican party right now and those good democrats who want to see integrity and transparency and fairness in this election, we are holding everybody accountable. i am a state legislator. it's my duty and few obligation -- and my obligation to follow up on issues that voters are treated fairly. thisth president has a right and an obligation too to follow the process. right now the media has been calling the election, but the last time i checked it's the law that calls the election. and ironically, stacy antibiotic amount went -- stacey abrams went maybe two years in claiming the election wasn't over yet, but at the same time, the media continued to push the narrative that she almost won georgia. well, she didn't. she was 50,000 some votes from getting into a runoff.
5:43 pm
people have been suppressed and depressed by the media even before this election are, lou. but we're going to fight. i believe what president trump has done and is doing for this country is good. and joe biden and that other crowd, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, when he said he wants to take on the world, we see what that's about. and, lou, i want to say this and i'll stop for a second, the fraud is clearly based on mail-in ballots. the president warned us in advance, and the media tried to attack him for it. but he warned us in advance that fraud was going to be in the mail-in ballots. that is why the democrats -- and it's my party, but they were wrong -- they pushed for those mail-in ballots because that's the way they could have the best chance of tampering with these ballots. lou: absolutely. absolutely. and you're correct. and we're watching within the state of pennsylvania, for example, they're in contempt of their own court system.
5:44 pm
a lower court that defied an appellate court on election law. it's stunning stuff. and this fraud is, as you say, it's evident in the mail-in ballots, not the in-person, early voting, but the mail-in ballots attached to -- i don't know why they call it early voting, it's turning out to be rather late voting, isn't it? >> yeah. lou: but the sense that we have here is that these electoral, these election machines, it's abs, i believe, in georgia. the governor had a strong relationship with the company. he hired one of the lobbyists. and we're looking at some very suspicious actions in both parties, frankly, in georgia. and it's deeply troubling to see what's happening not only in georgia, but around the country. finish your thoughts about the role of those voting machines.
5:45 pm
>> well, obviously, those machines, they really do need to be, i should say, looked at, reviewed, there needs to be an accounting of it. actually, dominion is another we have to look at. it's happened across the country. that's one thing with the machines. the other is the mail-in ballots, the others is how things worked during the counting process. for example, lou, right here in georgia, probably the largest precinct here in the georgia that was at state farm arena, by law poll watchers are allowed to be there during the counting process. but they were told one of the nights about i 10:30 that they were tired, staff was tied ask that -- was tired and that they were let ring the poll workers go home, they were going to lock up and start the counting the next day. well, in fact, when the poll workers were asked to leave and they locked the doors, they went right back to counting for another three hours with nobody there. it's just too much, it's just too much, lou. and the people here in georgia,
5:46 pm
they are fierce about it. democrats should be fierce about it because this is not a democrat or republican thing, lou. this is about the integrity of our election process. we're not a third world country. if we don't do it right here, where else do we -- and i want to know, you know, where's jimmy carter when we really need him? he goes out to other countries and looks at their election and provides insight and oversight. well, he needs to get involved here in georgia because we have a problem with voting here in georgia. finish. lou: you're right, we have a problem in this country. finish vernon jones, great to have you with us. come back soon. thanks so much. up next, rudy giuliani if leading the trump campaign's fight for, well, integrity. and he joins us right after these quick messages. please stay with us. ♪ and other money managers don't understand why. because our way works great for us! but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first.
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lou: breaking news now, the trump can filing a lawsuit in pennsylvania. that lawsuit alleges the state created an illegal two-tiered voting system. the campaign says in-person voters and mail-in ballots held to different standards. well, joining us now is the president's personal attorney and leading the efforts of the trump campaign to establish some integrity in our voting system
5:51 pm
is rudy giuliani. rudy, great to have you with us. let's start with pennsylvania and how it looks there for the lawsuit that you filed. >> well, i would say that it's a very, very powerful lawsuit. it demonstrates already that approximately 600,000 ballots were cast without any observation by republicans meaning mail-in ballots. so pennsylvania, pennsylvania elections are governed by the legislature, not the governor, not even the congress. so the state legislature provided when these mail-in ballots were allowed -- lou: right. >> -- that they would have to be observed by a republican and a democrat. and if not, they would be an unlawful ballot. where there are somewheres north of 600,000 unlawful ballots in this election. lou rudy, let me turn to nevada. the president tweeting about a
5:52 pm
huge number, calling it a cesspool of illegal votes. your judgment on nevada, on arizona tonight, and then i want to go to, turn to georgia after you -- >> well, i can tell you as a group, as a group there are one, two, three, four, five, six states in which the same exact pattern took place that is so unusual that it cannot be coincidental. on the morning of the election when the mail, mail-in ballots were being looked at and counted, the republican inspectors were not allowed to get near the ballots. they were put in corrals 20-30 feet away. lou: amazing. >> and while the counting went on, they could see nothing but white envelopes being passed back and forth. in other words, they couldn't see the writing on the enhave elope -- envelope that would verify the ballot. then the envelope was thrown away. at that point the law is violated because the law requires that there be
5:53 pm
observation by both sides. that's the only way we can protect these mail ballots from fraud. the minute that, minute they're separated, it becomes a secret ballot, and we never know exactly what was connected to it with those envelopes. so this pattern couldn't possibly -- lou: it can't be an accident. >> well, think about it, lou. it means on election day the chief democratic crook in philly wakes up and has the same idea as the one in pittsburgh, the one in detroit, the one in milwaukee, same idea as the one in nevada, reno, in phoenix, arizona, and atlanta, georgia. they all did the same thing, they put the republicans in corrals. they must have at least subcontracted for the corrals, is so we're going to take discovery. i think this was a common plan. in any event, i mean, the vote in pennsylvania has to be altered to throw out these illegal ballots.
5:54 pm
so that's going to overturn. i mean, he was ahead -- in fact, the funny thing is we have 682 illegal ballots. remember on election night-ahead by 740,000 votes? lou: right. >> sounds like this is exactly the plan they had to overcome the 700,000 votes. lou: well, that's the allegation and the suspicion of so many. also the voting machines and the irregularities, the a anomalies as some want to call it. but, again, they share in many cases the same electronic voting companies providing the software and the machines and the same irregularities. it's -- what is your judgment on that as we close out here? >> my judgment is that when hillary clinton said to biden about four weeks ago don't concede no matter what, shemeant
5:55 pm
even if you're behind my 800,000 votes in pennsylvania, joe, don't worry, we'll fix it for you. i mean, that's an extraordinary number to make up, lou. 800 -- i never saw that, 800,000-vote margin made up? lou: it is. >> and when you consider the fact they wouldn't let us look at a single ballot. so, now, why if these ballots are legitimate, would you not let us look at it and remove this issue? why do you want to give us this issue all over the country if it's not critical? and these are all the states, the states i'm mentioning, these are all the states in which we had to catch up, right? except maybe for arizona. he was behind in pennsylvania, he was behind in wisconsin by a lot. he was behind in michigan by 5 points, he was behind in georgia. these were the make-up ballots from the very beginning. and, look, let's face it, a place like philadelphia, if there wasn't voting -- cheating in this election --
5:56 pm
lou: rudy, we're -- rudy giuliani -- >> they cheated in this -- lou: rudy, we got that break it here. thanks for being with us. look forward to seeing you soon. rudy giuliani. we'll be right back, please stay with us. and if you're troubled by falls and bleeds, worry follows you everywhere. over 100,000 people . . and bleeding worry--for life. watchman. it's one time. for a lifetime.
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♪. thanks for being with us through this hour.
6:00 pm
historian victor david hanson, trump campaign's cory lewandoski, attorney sidney powell among our guests tomorrow. see you tomorrow. good night from sussex. elizabeth: we are in breaking news mode. senator mitch mcconnell threw his support behind president trump's refusal to concede the election saying president trump is quote, 100% within his rights to challenge the results as senator mcconnell declines to recognize joe biden's victory. republicans are now split. one side saying fight the fight. the other saying concede and be a king-maker. tonight multiple reports that president trump is privately discussing another run in 2024. so where is this all now headed? with us tonight, former counsel to senate judiciary bret tall


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