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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 3, 2020 6:00am-9:00am EST

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♪. lou: joining us tomorrow evening general michael flynn will be our special guest. congressman devin nunes, congressional candidate sean parnell. please be with us for that. thanks for joining us tonight. see you tomorrow. good night from maria: good thursday morning, all. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, december 3rd. your top stories right now, 6:0. sounding off, president trump says his team is opening the floodgates on instances of voter fraud as which ise which whistle down. we'll hear from harvard law professor emeritus, alan dershowitz, bill cassidy and james langford on the docket. pushing back on china, congress sets the stage for new legislation that would prevent sky niecchinese companies from g
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on u.s. markets. markets this morning are mixed. take a look at futures, indicating a decline for the dow industrials, the nasdaq is in positive territory, the dow down 38, the s&p 500 lower by two and a quarter. on top of a mixed performance yesterday on wall street where the major indices finished mix. the s&p 500 notching the second straight record high close with a gain of 6 points. the dow industrials up 60 points as 4:00 on wall street. the fight for freedom in hong kong, ji jimmy lai is detained n fraud charges. he told me he'll never plead guilty and will fight for democracy for the people in hong kong. and then this, holiday scam alert, everything you need to know to avoid being ripped off during your christmas shopping ventures. plus, finding your voice, how women can walk the walk and talk the talk at work. it's making a buzz this morning. "mornings with maria" is live
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right now. ♪ i should have been with you instead. ♪ wake me up before you go, go. ♪ don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo. ♪ whack me u wake me up before e up before you go, go. maria: let's check european markets this morning. we're looking at a decline across the board. the cac in paris down 21, the dax index in germany lower by 62. asian markets finishing mostly higher, as you can see here. take a look. the only standout on the downside was the shanghai composite, down a quarter of a percent, the others moving fractionally higher. some of the top stories this morning. the number of confirmed case us of coronavirus hitting an all-time high, topping more than 200,00200,000 yesterday alone, e than 100,000 people are in hospitals across the country. the cdc is changing quarantine
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guidelines before the holidays, recommending 10 days or seven if you get a test. robert redfield warning that this winter could be the most difficult in public health history. it comes as the agency warns americans about traveling home for the holidays and those who choose to travel should get tested. los angeles mayor eric garcetti imposing a heavy stay at home order, warning the city is nearing a devastating tipping point. and the fight for a free and fair election deepens. a fiery white house address yesterday. president trump says he and his legal team are, quote, opening the floodgates of massive voter fraud. >> if we are right about the fraud, joe biden can't be president. we're talking about hundreds of thousands of votes. we're talking about numbers like nobody has ever seen before. just as an example, in certain states. maria: the president also calling on the supreme court to
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intervene during a 40 minute video released by the white house yesterday. meanwhile, in michigan, the president's legal team led by rudy giuliani and jenna elliss presented witnesses last night who had more allegations of voter fraud. watch this. >> i was standing behind the tabulator machine and i could tell right away that most of the people did not know what to do when a ballot gets jammed. >> i did see double counting on the jams. i saw that several times. they would take the ballots that were just scanned and just rescan them again. maria: really compelling testimony last night. this as the trump team heads to nevada for a court hearing today. they're contesting that state's certification for joe biden. attorney sidney powell now granting an expedited appeal hearing regarding her lawsuit on dominion voting machines in georgia, powell is alleging the machines have ties to venezuela
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money and hugo chavez. a hearing is set for friday in atlanta. she says these machines moved votes from trump to biden. speaking of georgia, a group started by former candidate stacy abrams is one of the many that are now being investigated for potential voter fraud. georgia's secretary of state says they are looking into allegations that the groups attempted to register dead and out-of-state individuals to vote in the upcoming runoff election. january 5th. markets this morning are mixed. the dow industrials lower by about 30 points, nasdaq is up 22, however. lawmakers are coming down hard on chinese stocks. they are proving legislation that will require beijing companies and their auditors to comply with u.s. regulations if they want to be on u.s. stock exchange. otherwise, they will be kicked off of american stock exchange. joining me right now is lafayette college chief investment officer, krishna
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numani. also joining the conversation is dagen mcdowell and courtney domingrez. thank you for joining us. krishna, let me kick it off with you, get your take on what's driving markets here. now conversations about a stimulus plan. how do you see this market performing year-end? >> well, so i think from markets perspective, everything is falling in place. you have higher level of potential collaboration between congress and the upcoming administration to come up with a stimulus package. economic growth is actually accelerating rather than decelerating and the dollar is weakening. all of those are positive signs for the market. i think the outlook for 2021, at least in the first half from a growth perspective shall, is asd as it has been in a long time. maria: what's your take on these chinese stocks and the impact that they're going to see as a result of the legislature
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here saying you can't have companies traded on u.s. exchanges if we don't understand how they're making money and we don't have a window and transparency into their governance? >> well, i think it's a really good thing. i think in the past, in china and in other emerging markets and even in the u.s. for that matter we have had situations where the company audits really were substandard and we passed legislation that asks for u.s. companies to do that. it's a good thing. it builds investor confidence. the legislation provides for enough the actual transition so i think the outlook is going to be good and the markets are really not reacting the way you would of expect them to react if it really was a big negative. maria: i'm just wondering if these stocks trade down. let me bring courtney in here. courtney, a lot of people may not understand how much weight
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these chinese companies have in the indexes that they own. you look at the morgan stanley msci index, 4 4 40% of that inds chinese stocks. if we see a move in those stocks that's going to impact investors who hold that msci index. your reaction? >> that was going to be one of my questions for you. you're very optimistic on emerging markets, more so than developed markets right now. maria's right. if you're investing in emerging markets broadly a lot of that is china so how does that affect your outlook on that or of do you still -- are you as optimistic on emerging markets, given that? >> well, so let's not confuse chinese growth prospects with potential new regulation. i think the economic outlook for china is actually quite good and they have come back from the virus faster than anyone else
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and i think that is -- 2021 and beyond, i think the spread between the growth outlook for developed markets and emerging markets is probably going to be the widest in a long time and i think that is going to drive emerging market valuations far more than a new piece of regulation. eventually, i'm pretty sure the chinese authorities will agree to. maria: yeah. it's an important point and it leads me to my next question, krishna, and that is about global growth. we're hearing more about synchronized global growth happening right now. we had corner stone macro's nancy lazar on this week, she highlighted factors contributing to a decrease in global uncertainty. however, she said there is a global recovery happening right now. you've got the china recovery, vaccine hopes, u.s. presidential election potentially soon to be behind us. what's your take on synchronized global growth and allocating capital that way?
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>> so if you look across the globe, even including developed markets and the u.s. itself, 2021 is probably going to be the growth north o 6%, which in 201, early 2020, we were talking about three and change percent. so from that perspective, the outlook for global growth for 2021 is quite spectacular. so markets are going to react to that. however, i think once we get beyond 2021, the growth in developed markets is probably going to slow and it may not slow as much in emerging markets and i think that is the reason to allocate in a low dollar or weakening dollar regime into emerging markets. maria: it's a great point. dollar this morning at a two-year low. krishna, good to see you this morning. thanks very much. >> thank you. maria: krishna memani joining
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us this morning. coming up, fighting for a free and fair election, former senior advisor to the clintons, mark penn is here. harvard law professor emeritus alan dershowitz weighing in later this hour on whether the president has a path to victory. and china's crackdown on democracy, gordon chang is here, weighing in on ji jimmy lai's arrest, what it means for the rest of us. we are looking at top march ke t stories with the word on wall street coming up. and in the yo 8:00 a.m. hour, dt miss the ceo of parler, to discuss media censorship and how free speech has grown in users for his app, plus buyer beware, 'tis the season for holiday scams, what you need to know to protect your purchases.
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maria: welcome back. the fight for a fair election, president trump releasing a message last night from the white house on the allegations of fraud in the 2020 election. >> if we are right about the fraud, joe biden can't be president. we're talking about hundreds of thousands of votes. what a disaster this election was. a total catastrophe. but we're going to show it and hopefully the courts in particular, the supreme court of the united states will see it
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and respectfully, hopefully they will do what's right for our country. maria: joining me right now to discuss this is former senior advisor to the clintons, the ceo of mdc partners an and stagwell group managing partner, mark penn. we've been talking about this now for a couple weeks, since the election, obviously. this is the first week that the trump legal team has actually presented evidence in front of the court, last night, i don't know if you saw the hearing in michigan and then tomorrow they've got another hearing to deal with. they'll be doing nevada today. you're hearing from willer whistleblowers right now, talking about double ballots, fraud they explained. your reaction to what we heard this week. >> my overall reaction, just as four years ago i thought there were real reasons trump won
6:17 am
against hillary clinton, i think there are real reasons he lost. and when i look at the vote, it wasn't the inner cities that made the difference, it was suburban, moderate men that didn't like what he did on the virus. so first i think there are real reasons he lost. second, i do think they're coming forward with specific and individual cases of fraud, but hey, there is fraud in the system. we have to recognize it. we have to be better. but i don't think he has a really compelling case politically. 65% of the public think the election is over because it's not really isolated where he's close enough in one state. it's enough states for people to say, look, we need a president right now, not someone who is fighting legal battles. we need someone taking care of the virus and the stimulus bill and things are out of control. and so i don't think the public is going to react particularly well to this moving forward. maria: what about the numbers we see in these polls where 70% of trump voters think that the
6:18 am
election was rigged and 26 or 28% of all voters say, yeah, there was fraud and that includes democrats. i mean, what about those polls? >> yeah, no, i do think that there is somewhere between a third and maybe 40% that think the election was unfair. and i think last time i was really hard too on hillary clinton because there would be 45% of the public that would also think donald trump didn't get elected fairly. at a certain point, we have to clean up the system, do something about the mail ballots. i think the president was out-foxed here. and he lost for valid reasons. he's right to push for reform about the mail ballots and having election day on election day. but i just don't think he's going to overturn the results and he has been an america first president and he should be america first here. al gore was. maria: let's talk about the stimulus showdown. we've got just days after
6:19 am
bipartisan lawmakers released a $908 billion proposal. steven mnuchin said president trump will sign mitch mcconnell's $500 billion plan. it includes state and local protections, airlines. are you expecting something gets done here? >> i am. i think that actually this is being led more by the moderates who are coming forward and trying to find a compromise here. there's no question that pelosi made a huge mistake not accepting mnuchin and trump's offer during the election campaign. trump was right about that. it hurt the democrats badly. i think the moderates actually under the surface here are leading the way and i think it's more likely than not to be successful. maria: all right. we will leave it there. mark, it's great to see you this morning. thanks very much. mark penn joining us on all of that. we'll take a break. when we come back, we are looking at these questions over election integrity, a georgia voter outreach group founded by stacy abrams is accused of seeking to register out-of-state
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maria: welcome back. new questions over election integrity. georgia's secretary of state, brad raffensperger, launched investigations into several groups including one started by former georgia gubernatorial candidate, stacy abrams, for looking to register out-of-state and even deceased voters ahead of the upcoming dual senate runoffs. dagen mcdowell, your take on this? dagen: well, it's frightening. i'll also point out that this organization that was founded by the former gubernatorial candidate, stacy abrams, was previously chaired by raphael
6:24 am
warnock who is running for one of the senate seats in georgia. so far, raffensperger's office has 23 investigators working on 250 open investigations into what the office is calling credible claims of illegal voting and election law violations. he said yesterday that they've received specific evidence that groups have solicited voter registrations from ineligible individuals including people who are living out-of-state or those who are dead. among the allegations, one organization, america votes, sending absentee applications to addresses people haven't you lived in since 1994. they sent voter application registrations to new york city. the allegations are specific and frightening.
6:25 am
i think it's a very good sign that raf raffensperger's offices trying to gee ahead of this, -- get ahead of this, ahead of the runoffs in early january because really the future of the company falls on these two senate runoffs. maria: yeah. the policy that we will all feel will be dictated by these senate runoffs. even more than that, the safety and security of our elections should really be paramount and should be considered safe. this is why we are doing this every day and looking at the presidential election. because as i've said many times, this is the reason that our young people go to battlefields and fight and in some cases lose their lives because they believe that their vote matters, that their vote matters just as much as anybody else's vote. and so to question whether or not our election was secure a few weeks ago and to question whether or not this election in
6:26 am
january is secure could not be more important to all of us. and that's why we are continuing to drill down on this. we hope that they are doing something to get ahead of this, dagen. i don't know that anything was done to get ahead of the presidential election which we all knew there would be irregularities. now we know with this investigation into this group that there are problems here and there is fraud, potentially. so what is the gop doing to get ahead of it? i don't know. dagen: as i pointed out, at least raffensperger's office, at least they are on it and publicly talking about it, putting these groups on notice and exposing the allegations to the public. hopefully, they're quaking in their boots. but i want to just point this out. in georgia, false registration, someone who registers to vote knowing that they do not possess the qualifications required by law is a felony.
6:27 am
and it can be and shut be punished by up to 10 years in prison or $100,000 fine. you start sending people to prison, look out. maria: yeah. well, we all want to see accountability when there are laws broken. yeah. it is a five to 10-year felony. your reaction, courtney, to all of this? and going into the january 5th runoffs, we're going to see a completely different policy, depending on who wins those races. this will impact all of us, because it will mean the democrats are in charge of the senate versus the republicans in charge of the senate. meaning policy will get through that will impact all of us. courtney: exactly. that's where it does all come down to georgia here and the race really isn't over. when it comes to the economy and comes to the market, if the g of op does get those two seats that's going to mean gridlock
6:28 am
which means a lot of these changes probably won't happen and that's what the markets like to here hear, definitely, that e won't see a lot of change. it will be in everyone's mind as we come back to january. maria: we will take a break and come back. stay with us. we'll be right back. is that ireland...1953?
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, december 3rd. let's take a look at markets this morning, 6:31 a.m. on the east coast. we have a mixed story, dow industrial down 24, nasdaq up 24, s&p 500 down a fraction. this after a mixed performance yesterday on wall street, where the major averages finished little changed but the s&p 500 notched its second straight record close with a gain of 6 and-a-half points. the dow industrials were up 60 points but the nasdaq was lower. european markets this morning look like this, trading there has volume picking up with the
6:32 am
fq100 up 4 points, the cac is down 11, the dax lower by 45. in asia overnight, markets finished mostly higher here too, fractional moves across the board. a fast-moving brush fire in california prompting mandatory evacuations this morning. let's get to cheryl casone with the details there. cheryl, good morning. cheryl: that is right, maria. good morning to you. that brush fire near san diego exploded overnight. deputies are going door-to-door as these fast-moving flames are torching several homes in one community and the flames started from a house fire and then traveled out to the brush. power has been cut to more than 30,000 customers amid a red flag warning with another 73,000 in the crosshairs right now. well, amazon is looking to expand its podcast business. they're in exclusive talks to purchase the largest independent pod ofcaster in the industry, valued at over $300 million. it sells more than 60 million downloads since september and it's best known for the podcast,
6:33 am
dr. death, dirty john and over my dead body, some of their hits. amazon stock is slightly higher this morning. ups is imposing shipping limits on large retailers this holiday season, announcing restrictions for gap, nike, ll bean, and new way. the delivery giant told drivers not to pick up from those retailers with no exceptions. the move as th they are stretchd to their limits. the rockefeller center christmas tree, it is now officially lit up. the 88th lighting was a more scaled back approach even though we saw some crowds, but the usual large crowds of spectators were not allowed. the lighting included live and taped performances including the show stopper from dolly parton
6:34 am
and jimmy fallon. ♪ all i want for christmas is you. ♪ you, baby. cheryl: big night there. the real star of course, mari m, of the show, was the tree. it's all lit up. back to you. maria: it looks beautiful. all right, cheryl, thank you. we are looking at the election issues of the day this morning once again. the trump campaign and other gop allies challenging alleged fraud in six key swing states. yesterday i spoke with jenna ellis and nevada attorney jesse banal on the state of these cases. you have a number in terms of what we're talking about, how many ballots have been impacted here? >> well, across the six states we're talking about millions of ballots and so even just in pennsylvania, you have 700,000. you have more than that in michigan. you have wisconsin, georgia, nevada. i mean, we're talking about a significant number of ballots
6:35 am
and of course what matters is each individual state saying that the margin of illegal ballots is just so much more than the margin of difference between president trump and joe biden. >> we are going to present evidence of real voter fraud, thousands and thousands of instances in voter fraud in nevada alone, by 5:00 today, that will be submitted to the court and we have instances, for instance, of 40,000 plus people who have voted twice in the election. that's real voter fraud. maria: joining me right now to talk about all of that is harvard law professor emeritus, former criminal defense attorney for oj simpson, and the author of trumped up. alan dershowitz is here. thank you for being here. >> thank you. maria: you heard what the two lawyers for the trump team said yesterday when they joined me.
6:36 am
i want to get your take on whether or not you see a path for victory for president trump. and we have the six swing states and the issues that we're talking about in graphics here that we'll put up while you're talking. i don't know if you got a chance to see any of the hearing last night in michigan but the whistleblowers that testified were quite compelling. how do you read all of this, alan? >> well, i wish i was still teaching at harvard. i would give a whole seminar on constitutional creativity what is what these lawyers are engaging in. they're going through every aspect of the constitution, trying to find something to hang their hats on. i would also be teaching a course on election security. this is good for the country, that we are hearing these issues being raised now. whether it has an impact on this election or not or the january election in georgia, it will surely have an impact on making our elections more secure in years to come.
6:37 am
yesterday for the first time we heard two things, two facts that i had never heard before. number one, that the number of disputed ballots exceed the margin of victory in several states. that's the key question. you know, the trump team has several good constitutional arguments on their side. but until now, they didn't seem to have the numbers. for example, in pennsylvania, we know that justice alito set aside a number of ballots that were received after the close of election day. those probably can't be counted constitutionally. there are also legal protection challenges. now we heard of hundreds of thousands of votes that may be fraudulent. that will require evidence. we heard yesterday on your show that by 5:30 today we will see the evidence of this kind of retail fraud. that's distinguished from wholesale challenges. the pennsylvania case are wholesale challenges, 20,000 ballots here, 30,000 ballots
6:38 am
here. if we're talking about individual ballots, a dead guy voting, somebody brought into the state, you have to have evidence of that and there has to be a trial. cross-examination. but the clock is ticking. the two minute warning has been given and the trump team is out of time-outs. so they have to be moving very quickly to get the evidence in front of the courts if they want to get this case to the supreme court where they may have a 5-4 majority on solve of these issues -- some of these issues. maria: last night during the michigan hearing the chairman of the oversight committee said they want to inspect the dominion voting machines. people at dominion continue to push back on these charges, saying we're an american company, this is outrageous, this is not right. and yet, dominion would not allow the michigan authorities to inspect the machinery. so what about that? that's a whole other track that the trump campaign is looking at. let's look at some of these hearings. there's a nevada hearing today
6:39 am
and that's when we will hear the evidence that jesse banal told us about yesterday. this has to do with what he told me yesterday where u.s. postal workers were told to deliver mail to undeliverable places. in other words, they knew that its was an open parking lot or they knew that the person moved and yet the postal service authorities told the postal workers to deliver the mail anyway. those ballots that were delivered came back completed. so he says that they came from dead people, double or out-of-of state voters, et cetera. you're telling me that the two minute warning has been sounded. will they have enough time to prove their case, to make -- to be heard, alan? >> well, that's the question. and dominion certainly has no right to refuse to allow ghost government officials to inspect their technology. no one is above the law. they have to comply with the orders if the michigan authorities or other authorities need to go to court, they have
6:40 am
to go to court. but they have to do it on an ex expedited basis. the courts have to move quickly. the courts have to say if you have evidence today, we'll hear it tomorrow because we have deadlines. december 14th is a pretty hard deadline. december 14th is when the votes are cast for president of the united states. and we have to have all the facts and all the evidence ready to go to the courts before then because the american public is entitled to know that this was a fair election in every respect and this is a nonpartisan issue. every american should be interested in knowing that we have voter security. maria: all right. real quick on georgia, alan. sidney powell has appealed the judge, declined requests for restraining order of, forcing dominion voting machine audits. now we're hearing stories of upset and questions going into the january 5th runoff. there's an investigation into what stacy abrams' group is
6:41 am
doing. your reaction to what's taking place in georgia. >> well, i think it's very good that there's an investigation. if in fact they are trying to get out-of-state voters to register to vote or dead voters, families to vote for them, we need to know that. this is a crucially important election in georgia. not quite as important as the presidential election but it will determine who controls the senate. so we have to know with 100% certainity. and there's no excuse because we have a month before the election, no excuse for having any problems in the january, early january election. all these issues ought to be tied down in advance. the presidential issue should have been tied down in advance too. some of these challenges should have been made before the votes were cast. some couldn't have been made until all the votes are cast. as a constitutional lawyer, this makes my day. every issue in the constitution is being explored, people learning about the constitution, people learning about voter security. it's a great educational process and nobody should condemn the
6:42 am
lawyers for engaging in it. that's pure mccarthyism when you try to disbar lawyers or sanction lawyers for doing their job. they're doing their job in the interest of the american public. maria: unfortunately, they are being condemned, alan. you know that. there have been law firms that have been bullied to not work with the trump campaign. it's absolutely extraordinary. alan, good to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> thank you. maria: alan dershowitz joining us. quick break and then the fight for freedom in hong kong, what it means for the rest of the world, jimmy lai now detained on fraud charges after appearing on this program yesterday. he told me he'll never plead guilty and will fight for democracy in hong kong. we are going to take a look at why he's behind bars this morning. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ wild thing, ♪ ♪ you make my heart sing ♪ ♪ wild thing i...
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maria: welcome back. cracking down on china, house lawmakers unyou an musely approving -- unanimously approving legislation that could ban chinese companies from listing their shares in the u.s. it could quickly get signed into law by president trump any day. joining me right now is gatestone institute senior fellow and author of the book, the coming collapse of china, gordon chang is here. first off, why would investors want to invest in companies if we don't even know how they make money? the whole point is that these companies have been trading on
6:47 am
our exchanges with no transparency and investors, some of them, don't even know it. >> it's a mystery to me, maria. because we've had so many chinese companies commit fraud, including lucken coffee recently which was delisted from nasdaq. china has this agreement with the united states to provide audit information. it's a 2013 memorandum with the u.s. but in march of this year, it actually passed another law to prevent chinese companies from providing that audit information. they've consistently violated their obligations to do so. so essentially, chinese companies have this big exception to u.s. securities laws where they don't have to comply. so fortunately, we will start delisting these companies if they don't comply with basic securities rules that every company, foreign and domestic, must adhere to. maria: yeah. and i want to get your take on how policy might change because
6:48 am
we keep seeing every day china and its pushback against people's freedoms and democracy. we spoke with jimmy lai yesterday, media entrepreneur. he was arrested again in hong kong yesterday for fraud. they just make stuff up, put him in jail. they say he violated the terms of an office lease. he was denied bail today in court. i spoke with him earlier this week on tuesday about china's presence in hong kong. here's what he said. >.are you feeling like the chine communist party is pumping up the national security laws that they are putting in place where they could arrest anyone who says anything about the ccp and take them back to china? >> yeah, now they can drum up any offenses of crimes and intimidation is very enormous, so on the street that's very quiet. there's a silence.
6:49 am
maria: gordon, your reaction to the arrest of jimmy lai. by the way, there are a lot of stories in the journal this morning about this subject. there are a few op-eds about jimmy lai. in the news section, china has one powerful friend in the united states. it's wall street. your reaction to what we're seeing here. >> china can't beat jimmy lai. in august, he was arrested first time on this under the national security law, which is china's draconian legislation imposed at the end of june on hong kong. what they were afraid of in beijing is actually to go after him on an nsl charge. what they're doing is they're just trumping up this sort of corporate dispute that apple has with its landlord and clearly was we have is china trying to ruin his reputation because they
6:50 am
realize they can't intimidate him. so with regard to jimmy, beijing just cannot win. and by the way, there's a contrast. joshua wong, who is the face of hong kong protests for many people, just pled guilty. jimmy lai will never, ever plead guilty. china can't beat jimmy lai. maria: and that's the thing. they want to pressure him so much so that he does plead guilty and spends the rest of his days in jail. i want to ask you about the impact all of this has on america and american citizens. why should we care about this? let's take a short break, gordon, and talk about that because the administration is now banning cotton imports from china as well. we're going to get into that when we come right back. stay with us we're talking to gordon chang this morning on the very important topic of the impact of the chinese communist party. in a land not so far away, people are saving hundreds
6:51 am
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maria: welcome back. back with me is gatestone institute senior fellow, author of the coming collapse of china, gordon chang. the trump administration is banning cotton imports from a chinese producer and construction corp., one of china's largest producers. the u.s. customs and border protection agency citing the region's use of forced labor of
6:55 am
detained uyghur muslims, where 1 million muslims, at least 1 million muslims, are locked up. they call them they're in re-education camps, some people call them concentration camps, gordon, and the u.s. is reacting. >> i think it's a very good thing. maria: could this ban impact u.s. apparel? how does this impact u.s. apparel, gordon? >> it does. something like 80 or 90% of the cotton grown in china is grown in the xinjiang region. this will have an enormous effect. and that company you talked about is a semi-military, semi-governmental organization that controls the cotton trade. this will have an impact. we need to do more but it's an important start. it's not just detaining people in concentration camps, it's the
6:56 am
institutionalization of slavery and rape. these are crimes against humanity. the united states needs to do more. everybody else in the world needs to do more. they'll do so only if they follow our lead. maria: absolutely atrocities and the video we're looking at are niec these uyghurs locked ud in handcuffs in that xinjiang region. look, these wall street professionals who want china to be open for their firms so they can sell credit cards and savings accounts and all the rest to 1.4 billion chinese people and then they tell us, look, don't buy sin stocks, don't buy companies that have oil production because it's not right but they're very fine going in and opening up operations in xinjiang when we've got a million people locked up. what does this mean for u.s. policy? joe biden said yesterday he will not remove tariffs. >> yeah. the crimes that china is committing not only in xinjiang but elsewhere are worse than
6:57 am
those of the third reich prior to mass ex term nations. we -- exterminations. we are enabling beijing to do this with our trade, with our investment, with our technology agreements and i hope that joe biden looks at this in a much more rigorous light than apparently he is doing so. maria: okay. we'll be right back. everyone remembers the moment they heard... "you have cancer." how their world stopped and when they found a way to face it. for some, this is where their keytruda story begins. keytruda-a breakthrough immunotherapy that may treat certain cancers. one of those cancers is advanced nonsquamous, non-small cell lung cancer, where keytruda is approved to be used with certain chemotherapies as your first treatment, if you do not have an abnormal "egfr" or "alk" gene. keytruda helps your immune system fight cancer, but can also cause your immune system to attack healthy parts of your body.
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, december 3rd. your top stories right now, 7:0. sounding off, president trump says his team is opening the flood gates on instances of voter fraud as whistleblowers in key states double down on claims of irregularities. we are on it all morning long this morning. we'll hear from louisiana senator bill cassidy this hour and oklahoma senator james langford next hour. meanwhile, pushing back on
7:01 am
china, congress sets the stage for new legislation that would prevent chinese companies from listing on u.s. markets. what it means for u.s.-china trade talks coming up. markets searching for direction, take a look at the dow industrials, lower by a fraction. but the nasdaq is up by 25. and the s&p 500 also now in positive territory. this after a mixed performance on wall street yesterday. take a look at the numbers at 4:00 on wall street. the s&p 500 notching its second straight record close with a gain of 6 and-a-half. the dow industrials up 60 points at 4:00 on wall street. the fight for freedom in hong kong, entrepreneur jimmy lai now detained on fraud charges after appearing on this program this week. he said he'll never plead guilty and will fight for democracy in hong kong. we follow it all morning. holiday scam alert, everything you need to know to avoid being ripped off during your holiday shopping ventures. and boeing's big comeback, we are taking you inside a test flight on the newly rejuvenated
7:02 am
737 max jet. you don't want to miss it. "mornings with maria" is live right now. european markets this morning look like this, take a look. you've got the fq100 up 10 points, the cac down 8 and dax index lower by 48. in asia overnight markets mostly higher but here too fractional moves pretty much across the board. best performer hong kong and korea, up three quarters of 1%. now some of the top stories we are watching this morning of. the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus hitting an all-time high, topping more than 200,000 yesterday alone. this as more than 100,000 people are in hospitals across the country. the cdc also changing its quarantine guidelines ahead of the holidays. recommending 10 days of quarantine or seven if you get a test. cdc director robert redfield warning this winter could be the most difficult in public health history. it comes as the agency warns americans about traveling home for the holidays and those who
7:03 am
of choose to travel should get tested. los angeles mayor eric garcetti also imposing a stay-at-home order, warning that the city is, quote, nearing a devastating tipping point. and the fight for a free and fair election deepens in a fiery white house address yesterday, president trump said he and his legal team are, quote, opening the floodgates to massive voter fraud. >> if he w we are right aboute fraud, joe biden can't be president. we're talking about hundreds of thousands of votes. we're talking about numbers like nobody has ever seen before. just as an example, in certain states. maria: the president is calling on the supreme court to intervene during a 40 minute video released by the white house yesterday. meanwhile, in michigan, the president's legal team led by rudy giuliani and jenna ellis presented witnesses last night with more allegations of voter
7:04 am
fraud. >> i was standing behind the tabulator machines and i could tell right away that most of those people did not know what to do when a ballot gets jammed. >> also at the table, i did see double counting on the jams. i saw that several times. they would take the ballots that were just scanned and just rescan them again. maria: this as the trump team now heads to nevada for a court hearing today. they are contesting the state's certification for joe biden. attorney sidney powell now granted an expedited appeal hearing regarding her lawsuit on dominion voting machines in georgia. you powell is alleging the machines have ties to, quote, communist money and the deceased former leader of venezuela, hugo chavez, which may have moved votes from president trump to joe biden. a hearing is set for friday in atlanta. speaking of georgia, a group started by former gubernatorial candidate stacy abrams is one of many being investigated for voter fraud.
7:05 am
georgia's secretary of state said they're looking into allegations that the group's attempt to register dead and out-of-state individuals to vote in the upcoming runoff election on january 5th. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money this week. joining me right now is ubs financial services private wealth advisor. allie mccartney, mark mattson and senior wealth advisor, courtney dominguez. great to see everybody this morning. mark, i want to kick it off with you. futures this morning not doing much although we see the rotation back into technology once again, nasdaq up 31 points this morning as lawmakers come down hard on chinese stocks approving legislation that will require beijing's companies and auditors to comply with u.s. regulations. failing to do so would get them kicked off of the american stock exchanges. some of these companies are on the nasdaq. what kind of an impact do you see this having? >> well, i think it's crucial.
7:06 am
i absolutely agree that if you're going to be listed on an american exchange you should follow the american rules and have the same type of transparency as an american company. i don't want investors to overreact in a knee jerk way. a prudent, diversified portfolio should have a lot of international stocks in it, should have europe, should have asia, and it should have emerging markets which china is one of the emerging market companies, along with you mentioned earlier korea, singapore, even companies like egypt, mexico. many investors right now because the nasdaq as you mentioned is at such an all-time high, and just keeps going up, are well over allocated to large u.s. companies. we've seen periods of time in the 2000s where large tech companies dropped 75% and my worry is investors are not fully diversified globally. they're myopically enlarged in tech stops in the us and
7:07 am
investors could pay a terrible price for ignoring diversification and international and just buying u.s. stocks. not a good idea. maria: you want to have diversification. you also want to believe the companies. if i want to diversify into lucken coffee a year ago, i would have bought the stock believing in their financials only to get burned at the end of the day. the stock plummeted because it wasn't what we thought it was. >> you can republica remember n and global crossing. it's critical that companies have transparency. otherwise as an investor you have no idea what you're buying. you have to diversify around the risk. we own over 21,000 companies or holdings in over 80 countries and you've got to be well diversified. you could get stung by stock picking just a handful of companies. maria: you make a great point. that leads me to my next point which is global growth, allie.
7:08 am
let's talk about what we're looking at some people are calling synchronized global growth. we spoke with nancy lazar earlier this week and she talked about a decrease in global uncertainty, one of your analysts as well was looking at a report yesterday from ubs, looking at kin crow knifed global -- synchronized global growth. you've got china's recovery, vaccine hopes. what's your take on where we are in terms of global growth. >> you nailed it in the comments you just made. ultimately, this is not a recession or even depression depending on how you look at it fueled by excess in one localized economy. this was a global synchronized shutdown of the economy, has almost a domino effect. so it is not surprising that with all of the news around vaccines, the global liquidity by the fed and treasuries that
7:09 am
are coming into the system or that with basically a reopening that what we're seeing is this synchronized upside the same way you saw the synchronized downside. the other thing that we have to keep in mind, is that in the s&p for example, as much as we just had the best month we've ever seen, we also have 35% of companies down year-to-date. what you want to do is get into the markets that still have lag. in the u.s. for example, with the reacceleration you want to get into smaller cap value cyclical. that's why we're overweight, super cheap relative to its peers and that's because of the vast preponderance of value within the index, mostly financial and energy. and what we really want to be
7:10 am
careful of is that people are diversified, they're diversified across gee offing fro -- geogras and market caps. they do it in an outsize targeted way. the risks that you mentioned are very important with this uncertainty right now. maria: i guess my question is do i want to invest in europe? i mean, you talk about global growth but wasn't europe the laggard? do you still want to be allocated to europe, real quick? >> we're underweight europe. there's much more structural problems with growth, et cetera. so we would rather see asia, ex-japan, u.s., small and mid-cap and u.k. maria: all right. good. i'm glad i brought it up then. courtney, let me ask you about domestic issues. we have the november job report due out tomorrow, expecting
7:11 am
481,000 jobs add todd theed to e economy last month. the unemployment rate is expected to tick down to 6.8%. is this priced into the market? what are you expecting an impact of this november jobs report to have in. >>?-- to have? courtney? allie, any thoughts on the november jobs report? >> i think on the last job report i was on this show and the question you asked was what impact you think it will have. again, i think the answer is none. we all know there is -- experience between wall street and main street. we are looking through that towards the second quarter where we expect a vaccine to be out there in the public. yesterday, the u.k. approved the pfizer biontech vaccine. they're going to mass roll that out starting next week. we are really looking through
7:12 am
mid-year 2021 at this point. maria: all right. we will leave it there. allie, mark, great to see you. courtney is with us for the rest of the show. we'll talk with you when we come rights back. quick break. coming up, new york congresswoman-elect is with us on turning staten island red once again. louisiana senator bill cassidy is here to discuss the latest on a stimulus package, whether or not it will get passed. the ceo of parler joining us, john mace, to discuss social media censorship. we'll check in on how the free speech app has growth in users since the election. and finding holiday comfort amid the pandemic, stu leonard is here to get us into the christmas spirit. don't miss it. first, buyer beware, 'tis the season for holiday scams, what you need to know to protect your purchases. joining me all morning long this morning, dagen mcdowell and courtney dominguez. we'll take a break and get back to our panel this morning.
7:13 am
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maria: welcome back. crashing the blue wave, newcomer republican nicole malliotakis defeating democrat incumbent max rose in the hotly contested new york 11th district race. her seat is one of the many flipped by republicans in this election cycle. the creek i congresswoman-elects looking to take on alexandria ocasio-cortez with a gop squad of her own. joining me now is congresswoman-elect, nicole malliotakis. congratulations to you. great to have you this morning. >> thank you, good morning. maria: what do you think voters were reacting to, nicole? talk to us about what's going on in staten island and why you think your message is resonating? >> people are very upset with how far left new york city has gone under leaders like mayor de
7:17 am
blasio and alexandria ocasio-cortez. they were reacting to the defund the police movement. they were reacting to burdensome regulations being placed on small businesses during this pandemic. they were reacting to their freedoms and liberties being taken away by an over-zealous government and that is exactly what you saw on election day. it's what you saw last night in my district when thousands turned out to support a small business owner who was arrested at the direction of our governor and mayor for fighting back and pushing back against arbitrary regulations. maria: yeah. that's exactly right. we have -- we want to ask you about that. because people are upset that they're losing their livelihood. what went on with that situation in terms of the protests and -- you know, he said i don't want to close down my business and lose everything i've built over the years. >> there's multiple lawsuits. one is against the closing of
7:18 am
our public schools here in new york city. there is another one regarding opening our indoor dining for our restaurants. and the last one is the one of houses of worship and governor cuomo as you know has ruled against last week by the supreme court because he made this arbitrary decision that houses of worship can only have 10 or 25 individuals, regardless of capacity. what you saw last night was the breaking point where staten islanders came out because governor cuomo wants to know what is our breaking point, how much control can he have over our state and city before we fight back? well, he learned last night. and people want to have a balanced approach to defeating the coronavirus. we want to get that vaccination out as soon as possible. i'm glad that the governor has stepped back on his -- he wanted to hold it back. now he said in a couple weeks that will happen and we'll get it to the most vulnerable. we also want to have reopening of our economy. look, government should be laying out the guidelines, how
7:19 am
we can best protect ourselves and our families, give us the most up-to-date information on this virus. we know a lot more than we did six months ago. there are treatments and people have to make decisions for themselves, what's best for themselves and their families. maria: yeah. i mean, one of the reasons -- we've been showing graphics while you're talking. one of the reasons that crime has spiked, shootings are up is because of the bail reform law. governor cuomo's bail reform has added to the rising crime in the big apple and earlier this year i asked the governor -- i mean, i asked him in april, okay, if he's going to make a change about this. this is what he said to me on sunday morning futures. watch this. will you propose or support that judges have the discretion to let out criminals as they see fit? and change this bail reform situation which has caused crime numbers to go shooting up. >> bail reform for many years was based on how many money you had -- how much money you had,
7:20 am
maria. if you're rich, you get out, if you're poor you sit. we made the change. we're going to make more changes. i understand the fear. i understand the criticism. i said that i'm working on it. and i believe we're going to get something done in the budget on april 1. maria: so congresswoman-elect, what did cuomo do with the budget on april 1. i called his office after that comment to get him back on the show to find out how he's addressed this. what has he done? >> look, we had to fight for months to get homicide, manslaughter, felony drug charges, strangulation, violent crimes back onto the list and we did succeed in doing that. so at least now a judge can use discretion. the reality is is that this law was a disaster and it continues to have major issues. people who commit multiple burglaries are still being released. people who commit multiple
7:21 am
robberies are still being released. what you've seen is thousands of individuals commit thousands of more crimes as a result. it protects career criminals, people need to allow -- judges need to have discretion. maria: by the way, kamala harris said a couple of times, actually, that she would like to eliminate bail, cash bail for the entire country. so just to underline how important the georgia senate races are, in terms of defunding the police across the country, we saw what happened in new york. if you do the same thing across the country, we should expect the same result. >> nancy pelosi has tried to jam it into the covid relief package. imagine that. so look, i could tell you as somebody in new york where we lost the senate it became a total disaster, free college for illegal immigrants, sanctuary state, this bail law. we don't want to have this happen nationally. we have to make sure we protect those georgia seats. maria: we'll leave it there.
7:22 am
congresswoman-elect we'll be watching your priorities. nicole malliotakis joining us. we'll be right back.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
maria: welcome back. wall street giants are betting on beijing, the wall street journal outlining how figures like jp morgan ceo jamie dimon and goldman sachs ceo david solomon have supported growing business in china despite the ongoing trade and human rights disputes as well as the theft of intellectual property. the ceo of blackrock, larry fink, led the way on this effort and his firm notes to the journal, quote, u.s. financial institutions expanding in china is consistent with the policy goals of the u.s. government. he goes on to say a local presence in the world's second largest economy will help us better serve clients in the united states and around the world.
7:26 am
as they save for long-term goals like retirement. dagen, major bankers are going to make a lot of money on this. should they be so bullish on china? other industries need a foothold in china have not been given the green light, only the bankers that have helped china do a trade deal with the u.s. dagen: we should all be bothered by this. because again, are these wall street and investment institutions kowtowing to china at the expense of regular americans? people who are hurt, who have been hurt by china's growing dominance and by essentially american companies or global companies that have rolled over for an opportunity to get into china, for the opportunity to ship jobs over there which boosts their bottom lines. i'll point out about blackrock. there was a story in the journal yesterday that blackrock is emerging as a wall street player in the biden administration that
7:27 am
two executives that worked at the money manager are set to take roles at treasury and the national economic council. and one more thing about wall street and investment firms, who they were favoring in the presidential election. joe biden collected from securities and -- these securities and investment industry, this is both the campaign and outside groups, joe biden collected four times the amount of money from this industry, securities and investment. $74.4 million versus 18.1 for donald trump. so what's in it for them? and will it all come at the expense of regular folks, working men and women. we should be very skeptical about what they're up to. maria: for the longest time china did not allow wall street banks to own a majority of any business that they had in china and as they did so, china banks were taking more and more market share. in fact, today, if you look at
7:28 am
the 10 largest banks in the world, the 10 o 10 largest bankn the world, the first u.s. bank is number seven at jp morgan, is number seven. the largest bank in the world is icbc, industrial and commercial bank of china, followed by china construction bank, followed by agricultural bank of china, followed by the bank of china, followed by mitts by sly financial -- mitsubishi. the banks think they'll get a great foothold in china. they're not going to out-compete the chinese banks, courtney. so there's that. the point i was making earlier is these banks like a larry fink and the rest love to tell us how to be better people. don't invest in tobacco companies, don't invest in oil companies because of the fossil fuels and yet they're perfectly fine setting up shop in china even near xinjiang where a million uyghurs are locked up right now.
7:29 am
how hypocritical is that? courtney: i think what you really have to look at too is these banks are -- their margins are getting squeezed in the u.s. they have to look at places like china right now. that is one of the fastest growing markets. i agree, they're not going to be able to compete with some of the larger banks in china. if that's going to expands their margins, they're going to explore that avenue. i wouldn't be surprised if they continue down this route. dagen: i never said this on the air. i met with larry fink during the financial crisis in 2007. his public relations person after the meeting told me i was not impressive and that i essentially didn't smooch his backside enough, that i didn't suck up enough and he wasn't impressed. and i just -- i've been waiting to say that on live tv because what does that really say about him and how other people are treated? he didn't say that to my face
7:30 am
but his pr rep did. maria: i didn't know that sto story. wow. dagen: yep. i was kind of shocked. maria: oh, wow. i didn't know that. coming up, stimulus talks, apparently are fired up once again. we are going to go over the bipartisan coronavirus stimulus plan with louisiana senator bill cassidy after this. and buyer beware, 'tis the season for holiday scams. what you need to know to protect purchases, it's all coming up. back in a minute. this is decision tech. find a stock based on your interests or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity. now every bath fitter bathbath fis installed quickly, safely, and beautifully, with a lifetime warranty. go from old to new. from worn to wow. the beautiful bath you've always wanted, done right,
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the essential foods they desperately need for one month. i just want to encourage all of you to join with yael eckstein and the wonderful work of the international fellowship of christians and jews. god tells us to take care of them, to feed the hungry. and i pray holocaust survivors will be given the basic needs that they so desperately pray for to survive. maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, december 3rd. a look at markets this morning, 7:33 a.m. on the east coast. we have a market that is mixed. dow down 21 as futures search for direction. the nasdaq is up 23 and the s&p lower by a point. this after a mixed performance yesterday on wall street, major indices finishing like this. with the s&p 500 notching a second straight record close. the dow industrials up 60 points
7:34 am
at 4:00 on wall street. european markets this morning trading like this. again, fractional moves and a mixed performance here with the major indices showing the ft up a third of a point, the cac down 15 and dax index lower by 58. in asia markets finished mostly higher with the exception of the shanghai. costco is reporting a strong quarter during the pandemic. cheryl casone with more details there. cheryl: costco reporting 42.35 billion in sales during its fiscal first quarter, half a billion more than was estimated. comparable sales were up over 17% year over year. taking a look at the stock in the premarket it is lower by three quarters of a percent. well, wal-mart is cutting more than 1200 jobs as it works to streamline u.s. operations, affecting workers in arkansas and new jersey. they will be paid through the end of january. walmart has been shifting operations because of the crush
7:35 am
of online shoppers, announcing plans to hire 20,000 seasonal workers at the e-commerce facilities, not the stores. taking a look at walmart, stock is up more than one quarter of a percent. well, the u.s. national labor relations board filing a complaint against google, acaution it of spying on then firing two employees who organized company protests. google released a statement saying google always worked to support a culture of internal discussion and we place immense trust four employees. actions undertaken by the employees were a serious violation of our policy and a breach of trust and responsibility. they expect an answer from google by december 16th. they'll hold a hearing on this whole thing next april. add it to the list. discovery plus streaming service set for launch in 25 countries on january 4th. it's going to cost $4.99 a month or $6.99 if you want to skip the
7:36 am
advertisements. you'll see popular shows from the channel and some original content. and finally, there is this. you saw it earlier this week on this show. a collection of guitars from late rock legend eddie van halen went up for auction and brought in some serious cash. a reported $22,000, the biggest seller a kramer electric guitar which he owned and played during consistenconcerts sold for $231. other big sellers included an electric guitar that went for over $140,000. and then the guitar that was used in the hot for teacher music video in the '80s fetched $50,000. and those are your headlines from here. back to you. maria: all right. cheryl, thank you so much. stimulus talks have been renewed. let's talk about it. speaker of the house nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer backing a $900 billion bipartisan coronavirus stimulus plan as the
7:37 am
basis for negotiations. this compromise offering a route between the house democrats' last $2.4 trillion bill and the senate republicans' recent $650 billion proposal. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell quickly shooting it down after release on tuesday. joining me to talk about that is louisiana senator on the finance and health education, labor and pensions committee, bill cassidy. thanks for being here. you worked on this bipartisan proposal. does it have a shot at passing? >> it's the only one that has a shot at passing. if you want to send a message that's one thing. but if you want to pass a bill it has to be bipartisan. it has to be bipartisan in the house, in the senate, ours is. any other bill is just about sending a message. the message we have to send is that congress cares about the american people and that we can work together to pass a bill. ours is the only one that can do that. maria: it's hard to believe, to be honest with you, senator, because we've been hearing nancy
7:38 am
pelosi and chuck schumer say we want to negotiate but really it was just smoke and mirrors. they weren't really willing to do anything with president trump certainly before the election. what is a realistic number in terms of getting this passed? because i know that they want it to be much higher. in numbers. >> it will not move from this point. this is kind of a teethe teeter. how do we strike the balance? we feel as if we received a balance. on our side, fox are saying if you -- folks are saying if you go higher, we're off. if you want to pass the bill, it has to be bipartisan. we're the only one that's bipartisan. by the way you mentioned schumer and pelosi endorsing. i understand the chamber of commerce is supporting it. we're getting strong support from the business community. maria: american people need
7:39 am
help. of course we're waiting on vaccine as well. the u.k. approved the use of the pfizer biontech vaccine for next week. stephen hahn defending the vaccine approval process, saying a thorough review is necessary to assure the public's of the vaccine's safety and evidence effectiveness. how soon can the u.s. get a vaccine? how come the u.k. beat us to the punch. >> i can't answer that. pfizer is already shipping the vaccine out to places across the country. i spoke to two md's in louisiana. they both have the deep freezer. they're ready to receive. presumably with plans to distribute. i hear december 14th is the jump-off daylight. date. so whatever the administrator, commissioner hahn has to say, that's that a. all i know is it's almost here and if somebody needs someone to take it on live television, this
7:40 am
doctor thinks it's safe and effective, i'll be your person on live tv. maria: so you're going to get the vaccine pretty soon then? >> you'll take it when you can? >> i've already been infected so i actually think i'm immune. maria: that's true. okay. >> but if folks need to see that somebody with a medical background that's willing to take it, again, i will take it. maria: yeah. health and human services secretarial esecretary alex an operation warp speed and vaccine approval, it's amazing how quickly we're talking about a vaccine on the market. >> if all goes well as general pernel will lay out, that means we can make our first shipments of vaccine to states this month and we're on track to be able to ship enough vaccine for 20 million americans before the end of the year. of course, we're all eager to have enough supply to vaccinate every american who wants it and because of operation warp speed
7:41 am
we expect to be at that point in the spring. maria: pretty incredible. cdc vaccine advisors recommending healthcare workers and residents of long-term care facilities be first in line for niko individual vaccine approved for emergency use from the fda. senator, before you go, real quick on the upcoming georgia senate races, do you have the same worries that others do about potential fraud and how is it looking from your side in terms of kelly loeffler and david purdue, your colleagues? >> we have confidence in that republican governor, that republican secretary of state that it will go way. it's up to the people of georgia. i think determine the course of our country. if democrats control the presidency, senate and the house, we're in trouble. if republicans keep the senate, it puts brakes on the left wing things that are coming out of the democratic think tank, if you will. maria: senator, good to see you this morning. thank you, sir.
7:42 am
we'll be watching all of the above. coming up, focusing on economic growth, former atlanta federal reserve president dennis lockhart is here next on the 2021 outlook, the atlanta fed is looking at 11% growth in the fourth quarter. we'll talk about it. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ i'm on the right track, baby. ♪ i was born this way. ♪
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maria: welcome back. strength of the u.s. economy, let's get into it. the federal reserve bank of atlanta raising its fourth quarter gdp growth to 11%, that's up from 5% earlier in november. it signals strong growth amid the coronavirus pandemic. yesterday, i spoke with national economic council director, larry kudlow, about the economic outlook and where sees things going. watch. >> durable goods orders, strong. shipments, strong. that creates jobs. that creates higher wages and more gross gdp output. housing, we are still very much in a housing boom. mortgage rates are actually slipping down a little bit at the long end. inventories low. they'll have to be rebuilt. that process has barely begun to meet the demand for automobiles and other consumer goods. i see a very strong economy. as you know, the atlanta fed gdp now mo of del is looking for 11% in the fourth quarter. that's their estimate, not ours.
7:47 am
i'm just saying, that shows you how far them come. maria: joining me now is the former president of the atlanta federal reserve and ceo and georgia tech school of international affairs professor, dennis lockhart. dennis, great to see you this morning. thanks very much for joining me. >> thanks for having me on, maria, thank you. maria: i've got to say, when i first saw the atlanta fed's number of 11%, i was struck by it. do you believe we're going to see an 11% growth number in the fourth quarter? >> well, yes, but i think you have to look at that in some context. the third quarter was 33% annualized growth. so slowing to 11% is a kind of flattening out of a recovery that's very real and if i look ahead to 2021, i think we could have two economies. a relatively slow or rocky economy in the first half and a
7:48 am
very strong economy in the second half and as always, it depends so much on what happens with the coronavirus and the public health situation. maria: so where will be the growth leaders in this environment, do you think? where is the growth coming from right now? you've got the covid-19 recovery, treasury secretary steven mnuchin and fed chairman jay powell testified on capitol hill this week. they're calling for covid stimulus, discussing the economic outlook after the pandemic. here's what they said. let me get your reaction. watch. >> the historic bipartisan cares act provided the economic relief critical to supporting our robust economy. additional economic shutdowns, however, continue to impair this remarkable progress and cause great harm to american business and workers. >> the rise in new covid-19 cases here and abroad is concerning and could prove challenging in the next few months of. a full economic recovery is unlikely until people are
7:49 am
confident it's safe to re-engage in a broad range of activities. maria: so dennis, the bottom line question is, is this growth story reliant on more stimulus and where will the growth come from specifically? >> well, i think stimulus would help. i prefer the term relief because we're really in a relief kind of mode at the moment. but let's call it stimulus. that certainly would help and it would help consumption in certain groups that have been very hard-hit by the economic downturn in the second quarter. people who are out of work, people who are facing problems such as eviction from apartments or whatever. so it would help in that cohort of the consumer base. i think we're entering into a more optimistic period. you certainly see vaccine based optimism. so business investment is likely to begin to pick up, as
7:50 am
businesses can see beyond the covid period to a period in which the economy will be free of this or largely free of it and in a recovery mode. what sectors will it come from? larry kudlow mentioned the house building sector. that's certainly strong. and you can tell from real estate prices that houses are in short supply. maria: right. all right. we will leave it there. dennis, great to see you this morning. thanks very much. >> thank you. maria: dennis lockhart joining us. coming up, holiday scam alert, everything you need to know to avoid being ripped off during your christmas shopping ventures this year. you're watching "mornings with maria," live on fox business. stay with us. did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need.
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maria: welcome back. we have this breaking news right now, making a big bet on sports gambling. sports betting and gaming is acquiring 37 and a quarter percent of sports betting platform fan duel for just over $2 billion in cash, the deal will give flooder greater exposure in the united states market for gaming. fan duel selling 37% of the company. 'tis the season but beware of the grinches, with holiday shopping in full swing concerns of scams and dealing are on the rise. lauren simonetti is with us with more. lauren, good morning to you. lauren: it's very easy to be fooled. con artists are targeting you before you make your online purchase, when you're actually typing in your payment information. but now after you've made it as well. e-mails that pretend to be fed ex, dhl and amazon warning you to track your shipment or warning you of a shipping delay,
7:55 am
rising 440% worldwide in one month from october to november. and amazon, they're the most impersonated brand out there. >> six months to a year ago you had situations where these things were more visible to the naked eye. you would look at it and say this can't be right, i'm not going to click on this. when you get an e-mail from amazon that looks exactly like the track your package page, you can't discern from it. lauren: they're really good. let me show you what some of the e-mails look like. if you get something like this, let's pull it up on the screen and it says dear customer, confirm the payment of 299 on the link below. don't click it. that's not exactly what i wanted to show you. i wanted to show you the actual e-mail. but if you get something like that, you have to assume it's fake. if it's a text, assume it's fake even if it's not. try cutting and pasting the link into a google search page instead. after the shipping scammers,
7:56 am
then come the porch pirates. the average victim has had three packages stolen this year, costing them $175. ups gives us this advice. have your packages sent to where you physically are or to an access point like a pharmacy, then you pick it up. and pay for the item to be signed for at delivery. and who the biggest loser in all of this is, it's the credit card companies. right. because if you don't get your item, for instance, they're on the hook for it. which is why it's recommended that you use google wallet or apple pay or pay pal. have you gotten any of these e-mails? i get them all the time. i stare at it and i say i want to know if my shipment is coming but i don't know if this is legit. sometimes it is legit. maria: i don't think i have. i'm very skeptical. i don't click on a lot of things. if you send me an e-mail and i don't know you, i probably won't open it. it could destroy your life. lauren.come on.
7:57 am
i would know if it was you. lauren, thank you. still ahead, we have a big 8:00 a.m. hour. oklahoma senator, john langford is here, john mace is here, stu ikonard joining us, coming up. it all starts next hour, "mornings with maria," live on fox business. we want both - we want a hybrid. so do banks. that's why they're going hybrid with ibm. a hybrid cloud approach helps them personalize experiences with watson ai while helping keep data secure. ♪ ♪ from banking to manufacturing, businesses are going with a smarter hybrid cloud, using the tools, platform and expertise of ibm. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, december your top stories 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast, sounding off, president trump says his team is opening the floodgates on instances of voter fraud, as whistle-blowers key states, double down on claims of of irregularities we are on it all morning long speaking with o oklahoma senator james lankford in moments, pushing back on china, congress sets stage for new legislation would prevent chinese companies from from listing on
8:01 am
u.s. marnlts what this means for u.s. trade talks coming up searchings for direction dow industrials up 5 points s&p 500, higher by almost 1 point nasdaq up 35. this is a victory as major indices are now all positive reversing weakness after mixed story yesterday 4:00 on wall street s&p 500 notched second straight record close gain 6 1/2 dow industrials up 60 points if fight for freedom in hong are entrepreneur jimmy lai detaineded on denied bail, on national security charges. after appearing on this program this week he told me he will never plead guilty will fight for democracy in hong kong. we are following his story, and the impact all morning, boeing comeback inside the latest flight of the newly rejuvenated 737 max jet, how wichl can walk the walk and talk the talk at work a buzz this morning "mornings with
8:02 am
maria" is live, right now. . >> european markets this morning like this, and here too we are seeing the ft 100 higher by 67 mixed story oval cac quarante down 24, dax in germany lower by 167, in asia overnight, market mostly higher with the exception of shanghai composite, the kospi, and henning hng index up three-quarters of one percent overnight best performers top stories this morning, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus, hitting all-time high, topping more than 200,000 yesterday alone, this as more than 100,000 people are in hospitals across the country, the cdc changes quarantine guidelines recommending 10 days or seven if you get a test, cdc director redfield warning this winter could be most difficult, in public health history it comes as agency warns americans about traveling home for the holidays, those who choose to
8:03 am
travel should get tested, los angeles mayor eric garcetti he can he imposing stay-at-home order warning the city is nearing devastating tipping point. meanwhile, the fight for free and fair election deep innocence fiery white house address president trump said he and legal team are quote opening the floodgates on massive voter fraud. >> if we are right about the fraud, joe biden can't be president. we are talking about hundreds of thousands of votes, we are talking about numbers like nobody has ever seen before. just as an example in certain states. maria: the president also calling on supreme court to intervene during 40 minute video released by white house yesterday. meanwhile, in michigan the president legal team led by rudy giuliani jenna ellis presented witnesses last night with more allegations of voter fraud. >> i was standing behind the tabulator machines i could tell right away that most of
8:04 am
these people did not know what to do when a ballot gets -- >> -- double counting often the jams, i saw several times. they were take ballots just scanned, just rescan them again. maria: trump team heads to nevada for a court hearing later today, they are contesting the state certification for joe biden, torn sidney powell now granted ex peindicted spiel hearing regarding her lawsuit on the dominion voting machines in georgia will alleges they had ties to communist money deceased former leader of venezuela hugo chavez, the machines could move votes did from president trump to joe biden a hearing set for friday in atlanta, speaking of georgia a group started by former gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams one of many being elevated for possible voter fraud georgia secretary of state says they are looking
8:05 am
into allegations the group tempted to register dead people and out of state individuals, to vote in the upcoming runoff election on january 5th. the georgia senate race heating secretary of state raffensperger laichg investigations started by stacey abrams,for looking to register out of state ineligible deceased he voters ahead of run ovdz, member of senate committee on finish appropriations homeland security james lankford senator good to see you this morning thanks very much for joining us. >> good to see you again. >> a lot of conversation, about the possibly for if you had a, we saw what is happening, now with the presidential election, we understand the worries going into january 5th, what is being done about it? >> a so it is being done, rnc, perdue campaign loeffler campaign engaged trying to
8:06 am
make sure they are maintaining the election security at this point for instance, the president talked about yesterday, from white house, the signature envelopes for absentee ballots to be able mention veering sirgs georgia presidential race did not verify signatures they are required by law to do we want to make sure signatures are verified make sure that only people living in georgia are actually voting in georgia as you noted in previous conversations there is a move to try to register people that don't live in georgia to vote in georgia by folks in the left we want to make sure georgians are zig this not one from outside georgia. >> you any you will be able to get ahead of that be able to ensure that you can you can or rnc can police this because you know i was watching the hearing last night in michigan, and you had all these witnesses that rudy giuliani jenna ellis brought to the table really compelling witnesses, one of them was saying that they were they were people who were
8:07 am
there, they didn't know anything about machines they didn't foe about voting they were there just to keep the republicans away. of them to make sure they weren't anywhere near to see what with a was going on in terms of double voting, putting ballots back in, after they had already gone in, so, you know, i -- nobody want to hear this after the fact, do you think you can get in front of this you think you can ensure you are of playing this so there is no hankie hankie paifrpgy. >> both campaigns working very hard are to watch maintain take things already hearded from from last couple weeks to say how can we make sure we protected this in future, as you know it is very difficult to be able to police absentee ballots once ballots leaves there try to manage is this the person that actually voted actually their signature, did this person actual get in on time all those things a big challenge trying to be able to track votes in days ahead a
8:08 am
lot learned last month at this point, trying to engage all that to protect against absentee voting already started in georgia do i to encourage folks vote absentee a good way to be able to vote it has to be you actually voting absentee not someone else for you. >> yeah all of this, is the reason president trump released a message yesterday, from the white house. on the allegations of fraud in 2020 election here is a president want to get your reaction. >> if we are right about the fraud, joe biden can't be president. we are talking about hundreds of thousands of votes what a disaster this election was, a total catastrophe we are going to show and, hopefully, the courts in particular the supreme court of the united states, will see it and reinspectfully hopeful they will do what is right for our country. >> senator what o do you make of all this i guess right now
8:09 am
the supreme court is looking ate pennsylvania case reached supreme court justice alito what do you xk outcome so that hard to be able to tell what outcome is one of the key areas he laid out not just for this election but for every future election we've got to be able to make sure this stays secure laid out you what happened during pandemic was not something democrats did just for the pandemic, hr1, house resolution one from house of representatives, that bill that was in the previous session now congress, was totally focused on doing the things that happened during the pandemic. taking away voter identifies allowing people to get mail --out ballots democrats were focused on saying we want to have open election process very few checks on it, that is what occurred during the pandemic, president was very clear what courts did in many states, they actually stepped
8:10 am
over the legislature changes the statute says it is pandemic so we are going to allow this to go out other states georgia others said there's to a many to count verify we are going to let them o go created a a situation fraud was capable of actually thriving. >> very troubling i want to steady with you stimulus potential biden agenda treasury secretary mnuchin said president would mine mitch mcconnell's 500-billion-dollar plan house speaker nancy pelosi senate mooirt clearested chuck schumer on congress to consider 908 bipartisan plan for paycheck protection plan expand unemployment state local governments airlines senator do you believe that we will see something passed during the lame-duck session. >> i do, i think we should, there are critical needs that are out there for small businesses, for not for
8:11 am
profits, vaccine distribution testing we have critical needs that are out there including for those long-term unemployed going to need assistance past december 31, so we are trying to be able to work with final at this point we need both sides to actually come to the table acquiesce done proposal after proposal try to bring something out the president has been very clear on this we need both sides to actually come to the table to get this resolved. >> a joe biden receiving first copy of president trump's daily intelligence increasing after delays from general service administration the president challenging election results but has agreed that gsa should do what it needs to do in terms of a transition, or beginning of a transition. senator, what is your take on the biden agenda? and do you believe his picking so far will get through the senate? >> well we will have to see once he makes formal announcement several people he floating out there as possibilities. a lot of folks both on left ant ride looked at them said
8:12 am
there is absolutely no way that that person is able to get through we will have to see as we go through want to see at this point if there is a biden administration, so i am not trying to get ahead of anything at this point to be able to evaluate that. >> yeah good point, because the president is clearly continuing to dig in, many, many of these cases may go to the supreme court do you think the supreme court will hear these cases of fraud? >> i think they should hear these cases they have got to be able to evaluate, what the court in different states, right place to do it or was legislature the legislature made decision courts stepped over top of them most states it is clearly the legislature that has the responsibility, according to state election law we allow courts to be able to evaluate that and see where we go from here. >> absolutely we will be watching it as well senator good to see you this morning sir, thanks very much. >> you bet, good to see you. maria: senator james lankford joining us there the ceo of
8:13 am
parler is here john matze to executive social media censorship and how free speech app is growing users. >> amid pandemic stew leonard is here, getting into the christmas spirit then fox business, 7:37, we are taking you live on that test flight to the skies with me all morning long dagen mcdowell and courtney, you are watching "mornings with maria," live on fox business, stay with us. ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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8:16 am
nasdaq has resumed as lawmakers come down hard on chinese stocks approving legislation that will require beijing companies auditors to comply with u.s. regulations,
8:17 am
the american stock exchanges richard bernstein ceo, thank you so much for being here. >> thanks good to be with you again. >> first let's talk about growth and what is driving this market, obviously, a fractional day today what do you see as drivers going into year-end. >> i think the biggest story for 2021, is that earnings u.s. earnings he, are likely to boom in 2021. probably because of you know stimulus caution of alevation pandemic easy comparisons in 2021 vrz 2020, 20 20er7ks were depressed by pandemic comparisons off that low base are going to be very, very strong, next year, we could see earnings, for companies, you know individual cyclical 200% earnings growth in some companies if you are looking
8:18 am
at small caps cyclicals i think a lot to be very optimistic about for next year. >> that is a big positive, i like the idea that we are missing great earnings growth, of course, the comparisons, what will be global growth do you think we are seeing synchronized global noting you say improving a -- >> maria i think what people have to remember is to have you take out economics, from the valuation of the stocks potential for the turn of the stocks vrz the economy i don't think we argue european economies are going to be stronger than u.s. economy but the stocks are much, much cheaper so what you will get you get a bigger balance in those stocks, because they are so cheap react more to improvement in economy than in united states. so we've been buying. >> very good point. >> small and mid tech stocks.
8:19 am
maria: because of the valuations not necessarily that we are going to see better growth he go. >> yeah, no, no, no -- >> the potential return versus economic growth. >> um-hmm, makes a lot of sense courtney? >> -- we're looking at year ahead i completely agree a lot of optimism seeing good earnings, seeing vaccine news he hopefully a positive here. we also -- with -- in middle of how much does that impact your outlook on next couple months next year ahead? >> well, you know, courtney, i think the -- it is great that we are getting stimulus i think it is an interesting political kaboogie dance in washington why it couldn't get done everything else but not my day job, look, any kind of stimulus is going to help here we know unemployment, is up, we know small businesses under
8:20 am
pressure no-brainer anything. >> positive is good for markets. >> knowing you are looking at bettering valuations in europe good growth story in united states how are you investing. >> well maria the theme to our portfolio as we go through to 2020 into 2021 we have been increasing slickcality of portfolio if smo. look at small cap cyclical, emergency materials industrials transports you want to if you had a technology have been big leaders, because they have been the safe 1/2 eps if pessimist safe half events optimism run cyclicals that is what we've been doing during the year. >> tech stocks, and the growth stories have gotten ahead of themselves in some regarded
8:21 am
with valuations in tech great to talk with you this morning thanks so much. >> thanks, maria great to be with you again. >> and to you, richard bernstein the act that promotes free speech john matze is here. >> fox business sky-high on boeing 737 maximum test flight right here next stay with us. it's down to the wire,
8:22 am
8:23 am
the team's been working around the clock. we've had to rethink our whole approach. we're going to give togetherness. logistically, it's been a nightmare. i'm not sure it's going to work. it'll work. i didn't know you were listening.
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wannit's timeight and for aerotrainer. a more effective total body fitness solution. (announcer) aerotrainer's ergodynamic design and four patented air chambers create maximum muscle activation for better results in less time. it allows for over 20 exercises. do the aerotrainer super crunch, push ups, aero squat. it inflates in 30 seconds. aerotrainer is tested to support over 500 pounds. lose weight, look great, and be healthy. go to that's a-e-r-o maria: welcome back boeing big comeback after two fatal crashes less than five month 737 max jets returning as boeing looks to regain trust grady trimble got to fly on 737 max for himself joins us now grady good morning to you. >> is it.
8:25 am
>> good morning mar american airlines will be first u.s. carrier they have offered one to us. >> fox business was onboard the boeing 737 max, its first flight with members of the public on it since the plane was grubbeded in march of 2019 grounded. >> in fair like any other commercial plane exactly how american airlines wants it to feel on demo flight and every flight after, we landed in tulsa, oklahoma, this is where the airline has been storing and doing maintenance on its two dozen maximum jetlines chief operating officer david seymour says preparing for day they could fly again. >> i tell my friends my family i tell anybody it is a safe airplane to fly. >> made wiring fixes updated flight control system that was partially to blame for two crashes in 2018, 2019.
8:26 am
>> in addition to the changes every pilot will receive hours of training including similar stimulated failures. >> i feel very confident what last 20 months has addressed whatever issues may have exited. >> this plane also has advancements in fuel efficiency and environmentalist friendly. >> a adding to fleet hope max so common place -- >> one city to another, you know not many people say i am only flying in boeing in airbus that is thank you know, the hope we get to that point. >> a and united airlines will reintroduce 737 max efficiency three months next year southwest larger operator of that aircraft in second cater next year all airlines will let customers we book flights
8:27 am
if they don't feel comfortable flying on a max. . >> all right grady, thank you so much grady trimble joining us this morning, so let's talk about this, dagen mcdowell, would you get on a 737 max flight anytime soon? >>. dagen: sure absolutely one hundred percent. >> you would? dagen: my dad piloted his own small plane, my entire life so i was in like a -- a very small, i was about three, so i would absolutely do this. but i just wonder if flyers pay attention to the aircraft. you might not know when plane you are getting on which plane you are flying if you -- unless you really pay attention, to this. i think the biggest issue for boeing airlines bringing travel back with that discussion yesterday about business travel a large chunk
8:28 am
might disappear forever depending how businesses do after coronavirus, so for boeing and airlines probably a bigger challenge than reaassuring people about safety of this aircraft. maria: yeah, what a year for boeing courtney first you got the fatal crashes then pandemic lockdown shut down travel altogether, 95 decline in travel at one point. >> kind of fascinating southwest is one of the largely carriers depend on he domestic travel pan foreign business travel hopefully a good thing for them, when i go on flight i don't check with the flight itself is, i think a lot of that might go under radar less impact than we are anticipating. >> this is one of those
8:29 am
industries that, you know, you would think needs government help dagen i know that you are not a fan of -- bailouts, but the government continues to talk about aid for the airlines steven mnuchin testified about it yesterday here is mnuchin your take what we could see in terms of money for airliners to help them get out of this watch mnuchin here. >> there is more than the 450 billion unused there is another 140 billion in ppp on top of that i would support 20 billion dollars additional money in payroll support to the airlines, identical to what we've done before in the cares act, i think that would be meaningful, in terms of employment, saving the industry. maria: dagen? dagen: you essentially would need to save your investment, if you are the government for the money already went to the airlines. and they potentially could get more, but this all falls on nancy pelosi getting her act together and charles charles
8:30 am
getting the act together about stimulus there are millions of americans unemployment benefits expire the end of this year. what are they doing acting like they might get behind the detail i don't buy. >> it we are waiting on, a return to normalization we are getting weekly jobless claims any minute now expectations call for 775,000 claims, in the last week, we are expecting continuing unemployment claims coming in 5.91 million check markets into this number here, up 30 points dow industrials, nasdaq up 31, s&p higher by one, as we've gone on this morning, we have seen this market improve to cheryl casone has the breaking news right now. cheryl: we do we do first to initial claims we were getting estimate coming in 775, initially claims come in better than expected, this is for the week of november 28, 712 thousand initial number then to continuing claims, the estimate was 5.915 million we actually came in again, a
8:31 am
little bit better than expected. 5.52 million coming in on continued claims, also, we are looking through, some estimates for tomorrow that changed a bit november jobs' report got downward revision from nonfarm payrolls tomorrow, looking for 418,000 tomorrow we are expecting estimate 469,000 unemployment rate 6.8%, big november jobs' report, back to you. maria: all right, yeah those numbers looking better, after what we've seen from adp disappointed but better than expected numbers here markets mixed take a look what has gone on as numbers hit the tape, futures now up 5 points, nasdaq up still 30 but s&p negative, by a quarter point we will slip in a break looking at -- free speech ceo parler john matze is here, stay with us back in a moment.
8:32 am
♪ ♪ welcome ba tech
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in f susateubcans ararg forward w a defense pe picbi des des to it unlessesy rep rl rl rl too ectionct 230 of thee 19961919 tecommunmmunatmmions zwe z actc s giaocl medi g gs broabrd immym leg lalal liabilitabilrom cmtent posd by user i to thetheth tennn "nsund "aysu m "orning futufufuhisfuas sunday in his first interview since election where he spoke all about this, watch. >> big tech media have been censoring you getting more aggressive at it the president of the united states, and others, being censored literally during a constitutional crisis, what
8:36 am
can you do about it? >> it is massively powerful massively corrupt the media and big tech, section 230 should be taken out given art fish silly to them a massive form of suppression. >> joining me right now ceo founder of parler john matze great to have you this morning. thank you for being here your reaction to all this the president is looking at the mbaa potential opportunity to lessen impact of section about 230 or eliminate it? >> thank you. and, yes, so section 230 is actually a really nice thing, because what it does, are it protects small businesses from liability trying to compete with big tech i just respectfully disagree in some extent but i do think that you
8:37 am
know he is, the president, you know clip you just played -- is on to something liability protection being abused by big tech don't think outright removal of 230 is good idea it proelts competition helps small biez more 230 if removed wouldn't have a big impact on companies with a large financial balance sheet, like facebook, twitter and everyone parler we would be okay but other competitors could get hurt most. >> idea of giving social media, this liability protection, was that these companies would be bulletin boirdz everybody could put ideas and opinions on quote/unquote bulletin board that is not how it has progressed, these companies have chosen a side twitter decides, tweets by president trump and leaves the ayatollah
8:38 am
khomeini up there saying death to america your he growth presence has grown as a result of this because you are truly neutral before the election had 4 1/2 million members in weeks following membership grew to about 11 million tell me about growth where you see this company going. >> we continue to have really you know a lot of growth, so we are up over 12 million accounts now i think this is a sign that the correct answer to a lot of these questions is competition. you are right the president is correct saying companies have been comufg the provisions, doing it in a way that is against free speech, so, promoting competition like parler encouraging other officials to get off twitter i've facebook, to leave those places behind, for a place like particle what we're market is deciding is a good idea and also i think the best idea because it involving little government you know
8:39 am
regulation involvement as possible, i'm always advocate for, but there is a problem here. it is just i think, that the solution is in competition. >> what are you going to do to maintain this incredible growth story, are john but also have the right barriers in place to ensure that it is safe, for example, pornography how are you dealing with that that people will see you know a -- a social media company that may not have same issues a facebook or twitter has maybe they will try to exploit parler take advantage putting porn, et cetera, on there what are you doing about that? >> we've certainly hat our attacks with learning so we learn we grow justify a ajust quick pornography nudity
8:40 am
sensitivity filters we have so people don't see it we call private square not a public square, the things like that can kind of, you know be flagged as such, so getting he better all specifically that content, not other content such as opinion based content is good idea but a learning experience, we are kind of charting new waters here parler a paradigm shift, as we are changing the way people think about social media, we will have to, you know, kind of acknowledge that there are things that we need to adjust, but that being said the whole premise is also a the same we believe in the people the people can decide, and we want to give people the power, rather than being kind of a central point of authority like other places have become maria: yeah. like exactly, and as freedom-loving woman, a freedom-loving american as i am, i just can't sit there and accept the censorship that we are seeing. instagram also in on it, they are wanth running disclaimers on posters related to 2020 election all i did was post a
8:41 am
promo on instagram the other day to tell my followers that president trump was going to join me in exclusive interview looking what my friend got tried to forward my promo, she wanted to forward my promo to other users got this black screen on top of it telling her to go look at election results. your reaction to this? now we see instagram also censoring with things -- >> instagram is a part of facebook so not exactly surprised by it would you call this kind of publication editorializing your account or do you think kind of neutral as a platform? >>. maria: i think clearly editorializing they didn't like the fact i guess i was having president trump on didn't want to see the promo is that rich? >> they wanted to jab at him it is what it is an editorialization goes back i think president trump's concern you know, 230
8:42 am
provisions are being abused just a matter how you want to do it in a way going to help everybody i think promoting competition is -- post pirdz videos on parler you just need more people doing it. maria: i am very happy with my experience at parler i will be breaking news dropping my scoops there as i told everybody john good to have you this morning. thank you so much we will be watching your growth. >> thank you very much. >> john matze from parler shopping for the early hollywood cheer speaking with owner of stew leonard next on business start to christmas season don't miss plus finding your voice how women and walk the walk and talk the talk at work you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ our house is -- our house ♪
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maria: welcome back, shopping for early holiday cheer christmas tree farms beginning to season shoppers start celebrations after stress full 2020 ceo grocery chain stew leonard, great to see you this morning stew thank you for being here i love the fact that you sell christmas trees, and you are there right now, in front of them are you seeing a jump in sales from
8:47 am
last year at this time, how is business going, are? >> you know what a, first of all, my dad wants me to say hi to you 91, you have met him before, you know what i did got him george burns quotes we financed lunch he said ip going to 102 father is cheered up today wanted me to say hi. >> thank you for that, please send my best regards hello stew leonard sr., good to see you go ahead. >> maria, we are in middle going to sell 70,000 christmas trees haven't seen any big uptick or rush in trees people in quarantine want to make a cozy bright cheerful house, and like wreaths are up, ornaments are up so is lighting. so we are seeing same trend
8:48 am
smaller gatherings, more festive events going on. maria: so smaller gatherings see a mans smaller turkeys right selling well thanksgiving families prepared covid conscious dinners what has been impact of this pandemic on your business? >> a -- well, we automobiles saw smaller turkeys, ran out smaller turkeys the beginning right now we also were down on bigger turkeys like this, so main thing right now is we're seeing indefinitely a shift in smaller, happening at store we reduce sizes shrimp particularities half the size cookie half the size trend up as quality they want to prepare like that, restaurant quality meal at home right now. maria: any supply chain
8:49 am
difficulties because of covid? >> plenty of fresh food is flowing in, you know just overall trends we've seen in the store traffic is down, at stew leonard's but average order size way up people stockpiling the frozen categories, i just talked to small appliance dial in connecticut he said he can't get enough of those portable freezer chests people are stockpiling a little bit the thing is paper thank youel toilet paper i had a roll to show you i got to show you this -- going -- >> check this out. okay? >> how do you like that? >> [laughter] >> i can't figure out why toilet paper has become poster child of this pandemic but having four daughters i think if i was out of food, they
8:50 am
wouldn't mind as much but being out of toiletpaper in our house is a no no. >> yes? >> of exactly shortages in paper quick before you go what is the one item that people can't get enough of putting their toilet paper and papers aside what are most people buying when it comes to food is there a product? >> well you know what you are seeing is a big increase in fish right now. i read this -- 70 million people never cooked a meal at home before, so getting a lot of first time people right now. so, you are seeing fish go up. maria i just -- let's -- stay positive but test regular we got plenty of food. maria: i like that. >> relax we will get through this. >> um going to use that stay positive test negative, stew leonard good to see you this
8:51 am
morning happy holidays merry christmas we will talk with you soon coming up finding your voice how women can walk the walk and talk the caulk at work making a buzz this morning and it is right after this. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at
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8:55 am
over you he my one big piece of advice don't try to out shout them women's voices go up, and you -- just sound crazy. but i will repeat what i have said on live television to a man the same man more than once, you see this? >> that means my mouth is moving. that means i am talking about, that means you shut up. >> you embarrass them once they never do it again. >> you can pull a kamala harris, i am speaking, i am speaking! >> i am speaking, waited for good opportunity to really embarrass them so might not be in this meeting it might be a meeting like weeks from now, you know -- just wait for your moment you will get them back. will the. maria: all right next up how about this lady gaga a treat for little monsters orioles
8:56 am
teaming up with singer for new des dessert. >> encourages fans to send uplifting grams in exchange for meet and greet what do you say? >> honestly, isn't necessarys wasn't that appetizing to me i love it here to brighten spirit i love that they are are encouraging positivity on instagram social media, because of it, after the year we've had i think both things issue great i will take that any day. >> a absolutely, who doesn't love orioles by the way a break more "mornings with maria" live on fox business right after this. ♪ ♪ ways of working demand a new type of network. one that's more than just fast.
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we're portuguese? i thought we were hungarian. can you tell me that story again? behind every question is a story waiting to be discovered. this holiday, start the journey with a dna kit from ancestry. maria: all right. just enough time to say good-bye. 30 minutes before the opening
9:00 am
bell. we got your morning mover here, it is tesla, up 4.25%. the stock jumping in the premarket after goldman sachs raised its rating to buy. taking that price target all the way up to $780 a share. thank you so much for joining us this morning. dagen, courtney, great to see you both, ladies. see you soon. just enough time to say have a great day. see you back here tomorrow. "varney & company" begins right now. stu, take it away. stuart: just enough time to say that. you got it out real well. good morning to you. maria: i tried. stuart: you did well. good morning, everyone. it really is a revolt and it is growing. yes, there's plenty of news on money and politics. i promise i will get to it. but the revolt against arbitrary lockdown rules and the ruin of small businesses. it's really gathering steam. look at this. a big crowd turned out last night on staten island to support daniel presti. he tried to stay in business despite a shutdown order. he was arrested, led away in handcuffs after appearing on this program. that staten island


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