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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  December 3, 2020 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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stuart: two items of great importance. former national security advisor michael flynn will join "lou dobbs tonight." tune in, fox business, 5:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. with lou dobbs. "friday feedback" tomorrow. come on in with varney viewers at fox business. com. we want to hear from you. time's up. neil, it's yours. neil: all right, stuart, thank you very, very much. the growing chorus for getting stimulus through or at least optimistic that some form could be done in a lame-duck session is bidding right now. we're just getting word that the u.s. house republican leader kevin mccarthy thinks the stakes are pretty good for getting something done in this session as unlikely that seemed a little more than 24 hours ago. this as we're getting word nancy pelosi and chuck schumer on board this being a starter, that is 908 billion-dollar measure here, at that republicans are on board with doing something kind of like it that does have broad-based bipartisan support. mitch mcconnell among those
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saying it is not impossible to get something done. that is good enough to lift the dow, s&p 500 and nasdaq into record territory right now. the dow not in record territory but up appreciably over 30,000 just the same. today we'll be monitoring all of this, and the fallout from all of this, guess who is with us? senator chuck grassily will be his first interview since battling covid. 87 years young, giving them hell. reminding us this virus is alive and well. there are certain things we've got to do and in washington certain things they better do. dick grasso, former new york stock exchange chairman, what he makes of market comeback and some new nasdaq rules going into effect seem to be a little bit too politically correct. sara nelson, you remember her the flight attendant association president. she has a big concern about travel demands that might add up there the holidays, even after the holidays, all the vaccines notwithstanding. what she wants to see, what she is urging travelers to do.
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it is going to be a busy two hours. so glad you're with us. first to my buddy chad pergram on capitol hill, where they're looking avoiding a government shutdown, as i said at the outset getting stimulus before the american people. where do we stand on both, chad? reporter: they're trying to get something done to fund the government. they have to do that by 11th of december. they might have to do a bandaid bill to keep the government open. this bipartisan coalition of senators jump-started the conversation trying to do a coronavirus bill before christmas when you could have 14 million americans have a lapse in this unemployment benefits. there john kennedy of louisiana, doesn't believe the bipartisan plan could overcome a filibuster. >> we vent seen the bill yet. i want to see the bill. around here be-zel-bub works
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through the details. my colleagues i don't think are anywhere near the 60 votes. reporter: one of the most controversial parts measure is $160 billion for state and local governments. in september nancy pelosi dismiss ad more bipartisan proposal and itwork for a framework of a deal. senator mitch mcconnell pushed a narrow bill but today seems open to alternatives. >> compromise is within reach. we know where we agree. we can do this. let me say it again, we can do this, and we need to do this. so let's be about actually making a law. reporter: now the other thing they have to do they have to pass the annual defense policy bill. president trump threatened to veto that. he wants them to include a extraneous provision regarding
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section 230. that is not in the bill and won't be in the bill and when the house and senate passed the original versions of that bill they did so with veto-proof margin. president trump has vetoed eight bills in office and never had a bill overridden, a veto overridden, i should say, neil. back to you you. neil: do we know whether the president would support, does support the 908 billion-dollar stimulus measure? i know it's a moving target in terms of the price and stuff inside it do we know where he is coming from about it. reporter: that is what is so interesting what mitch mcconnell i reported on yesterday. he was onboard with the skinny package, $550 billion. that i only want to make law. that could make law. he is enengaged with mark meadows and treasury secretary steve mnuchin and it is unclear you don't know if you can get over filibuster where the president stands, that is twice the size of the bill mcconnell put out and remember that when
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nancy pelosi was pushing two trillion or 3 trillion, depending what day it was back in the fall, president trump came out and said i want to spend more than that. nobody really knows where the president stands on coronavirus aid. neil: all right. thank you my friend, very, very much. chad pergram on all of this. let's get the lay of the land what the senate will be doing or considered doing and who better to go to than the guy that runs the senate finance committee, that's right, chuck grassley, back from dealing with the coronavirus, 87 years young. you did not think this virus had a chance with him, did you? his first chat since testing positive coming back to works. senator, you look great. how do you feel? >> i feel very well. i was fortunate it was asymptomatic and i was quarantined for 14 days. i got a lot of well-wishes and i appreciate your well-wish right now. neil: well, we were reaching you. i encouraged your staff saying you could tune into my show if
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you needed your sleep. maybe that helped. senator, it is always good having you. let's get right to the mechanics here. >> sure. neil: this 908 billion-dollar stimulus measure out there, are you for it, are you open to it? >> i'm open to what within these parameters. the dollar amount as long as it didn't get higher would be maybe acceptable but what's in it? i'm not a big fan for a lot of money for state and local but there are so many things that have bipartisan support already and the most important thing is i think there is a general understanding among all republicans that we need to do something and as long as this figure is lower than higher and it can't be as ridiculous as $2.2 trillion that pelosi wanted, better not get more than $900 billion and we just need to do something and i think there is a good chance we can do something.
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you quoted schumer, pelosi, mccarthy. i think you would get good vibes from mcconnell today on this. so i think there is a good chance we can accomplish something and we should accomplish something. neil: let me ask you a little bit about senate republicans and their concern that the president is already promised to veto the defense bill as it stands right now unless protections given social media companies are wiped out. in other words that they cannot fall back on 230 to shield them from lawsuits. some of your colleagues, senator inhofe says this has nothing to do with the defense appropriation even though he conferred with the president on some social media concerns that go too far. what do you think of this? >> well, first of all defense is number one responsibility of the federal government and for six years in a row we've always passed the defense reauthorization bill. so it's very important that we
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support our troops and get this job done. now it happens that i agree with the president on 230. we need to do something about that but i don't, i don't know whether i agree with him that it needs to be done on this defense authorization bill because it is important that we get it done. i hope that it could be done this way but it shouldn't hold up the entire bill. neil: all right. he insists right now that should be the case, and that is exactly what he is going to do, if he keeps insisting on it, what are you going to do? >> well i will, one way or the other we're going to pass a bill and get it there with 230 or without 230. if he vetoes it i guess there would be great discussion with the president on the importance of not vetoing it but if he did veto would be subject to an override, i don't want you to ask me if i would vote to override or not because i don't have that mind made up but i
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want to vote for a defense authorization bill, one way or the other. 230 or not 230. neil: senator, there are reports be with washington reports and others the president is considering firing bill barr the attorney general, he said that the president's claims fraud is on rampant scale is simply not evidenced themselves. the attorney general saying whatever happened didn't affect it on a grand scale that would have changed the outcome. first do you agree with the general on that, and secondly the president's reported wish to fire him? >> well we know that there is fraud in the elections. maybe that is true of a lot of elections. is there enough to overturn the votes so far? i haven't seen it but that doesn't mean it is not there and there is a lot of court cases going on and i think the extent to which both bill barr and the president would hold in reserve
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until these issues are brought out before a judge and get discovery, get everything out there, so we know how bad it is before we draw any conclusions. i don't think the president should fire barr but i think barr should have been a little more reserved in what he said about, about fraud. neil: do you think joe biden is the duly-elected president of the united states, he is the president-elect, will be sworn in, should be sworn in on january 20th. >> we'll know that two weeks from yesterday, december the 14th when the electoral college meets. neil: i understand that, sir, but do you, do you agree with that? do you think as the attorney general said while fraud, malfeasance might have been going on it was not to the degree it would have changed the outcome that we see now? >> right now with the certification, that the states have given and you can kind of add up to the electoral vote it
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kind ever implies on december 14th biden is going to be president-elect but i don't think you should use that title until it is certified bit electoral college. neil: do you think once that is official, once it comes, as you sate in less than two weeks when the electoral college meets, whatever grievances the president has he, he should stop the fight, acknowledge that joe biden should take office on january 20th, go to the inauguration, do all the things that presidents have done in the past? >> i would not pretend to give a president very much advice except on policy and this is more of a political question. so i won't give advice there. i would only say that if the president wants to run for re-election in 2024 and there is some talk of that, i'm not going to comment whether he should or not but if he wants to, the more
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gracious he is as he leaves on january the 20th i think better people would people about his being a candidate for re-election, particularly the 70 million people that think he was cheated out of this election and there is reason to believe that, that there is plenty to be concerned about with the, with how a lot of mail-in ballots were handled in various states. that doesn't necessarily imply fraud but it could mean that state laws weren't followed as appropriately as they should be. like, for instance, you would just expect when you're counting ballots ought to have one republican, one democrat at the table to determine whether or not a mail-in ballot is a legitimate ballot. that hasn't been done. maybe it is not done often enough but that is the way it ought to be in the future and that is a lesson we learned from this election. we let the democrats change state laws threw the courts
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three or four months before the election. i don't think we it as seriously as we should. tells us now that individual state legislatures need to go back to overturn the court cases and change the law so we into the future we'll -- nobody will be cheated in any way whether their vote really counts or not. we going to make sure that anybody casts an absentee ballot is really the person casting it. you can't do like what you're doing in georgia now, having one person, request ballots for dozens and dozens of people. it is just open for fraud. jimmy carter said that mail-in voting is just a unique possibility for fraud. so there is democrat, that is well-respected that ought to be followed. neil: you know, senator, you mentioned georgia. there has been quite a back and forth between the president and the governor of georgia, secretary of state, the
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lieutenant governor, all of whom have been sort of you know, wincing at the president's criticism they botched this, they're not being vigilant enough in the various counts still ongoing. what do you think of that what the secretary of state in georgia has called the president's tone, that it could lead to some bad things, maybe even violence? >> the president should do everything he can on saturday when he has his rally to get every republican that voted for him out to vote and some people that maybe didn't vote for him out to vote. those people that are scared of a biden presidency with the democrat senate, he should stick to script. forget ad-libbing, don't talk about how anything he was cheated out of president of the united states. do everything to unite republicans in georgia so that we have a firewall against the
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progressiveness of this biden administration. and, and that is what he should do. he should go down there and basically keep to script. neil: do you think though that his comments are going to hurt the republican senatorial candidates there, or at least open up a divide in georgia, flip the senate potentially democrat? >> what he said now, no, but what he says on saturday will make a big difference. neil: you mentioned 2024. you want to not talk about politics, senator, but the president has hinted at that at a white house party recently. others say he might do that as counterprogram on the day of the inauguration that he is running in 2024. do you think he should state that now? >> well, it is all speculative as far as i'm concerned. i won't start worrying what will happen in 2024 until after the
12:16 pm
2022 election. i'm not going to consider those questions or make comments on them because it is punditry. i'm not good at that. neil: okay. well, it is great to see you back again, back in the saddle, senator. you're a no quick guy. i have feeling that this virus didn't have the chance against you, and it proved to be the case. have a very good christmas. >> thank you. better pray for republican victory in georgia on january 5th. we have to have the firewall that the socialism biden is going to promote. neil: i didn't know you were for the two republican candidates that confirmses that. senator, thank you very much, be well, be safe. the senate was touching on president trump and some of his comments including how the president feels bp this measure right now on stimulus, on defense. the president wrapping things up, at the white house a short time ago addressing these very matters. take a look. >> they're going through hearings in georgia and they're
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finding tremendous volume so they haven't looked very hard which is a disappointment to be honest with you, there is massive fraud, whether you go to wisconsin where we just filed a case or michigan or if you look what is happening in georgia as an example, or pennsylvania. if you look at nevada which is moving along very rapidly or arizona. you saw numbers come out yesterday, we found massive fraud and in other states also. this is probably the most fraudulent election that anyone has ever seen. reporter: still have confidence in bill barr? president trump: ask me that in number of weeks from now. they should be looking at all of this fraud. this is not civil. he thought this is not civil. this is criminal stuff. this is very bad criminal stuff. i say this, we went through an election. at 10:00 everybody said that was easy victory for trump. all of sudden votes started
12:18 pm
disappearing, miraculously disappearing. we found much of it. we found far more votes than we need in all the states. i think i can say in all the votes. far more votes than we need to win everyone of them. i want to thank my team. my team is doing an unbelievable job. more importantly i want to thank the 74 million plus people that voted which is largest amount of people that sitting president has ever had, 74 million plus. and because the level of loyalty i have never seen anything like it. all over the country they know it was a fixed election t was a rigged election. they know it. and i appreciate their support. thank you all very much. [applause] reporter: mr. president, do you -- [inaudible]. neil: we thought he would have something else to say there. it is not a consensus it was a
12:19 pm
rigged or fraudulent election. he did get 74 million votes in the election. unfortunately for him joe biden got more, 80 million votes in what was the most actively participated election since the 1950s. that is what explains the heavy participation and the heavy votes for both candidates but again stress no proof of fraud, no proof of any rigging going on on a scale that even his attorney general has said would have changed the outcome. on that note the president when asked whether he would indeed fire his attorney general said check back essentially in a few weeks. we'll have more after this. want to brain better?
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12:24 pm
42% of americans say they wouldn't get a covid-19 vaccine but employers may be able to require it. here is the thing, in the past osha gave employers the authority to mandate h1n1 vaccine. the ownly out you had was file a medical or religious exemption. this time there is no federal guidance for the covid vaccine. the labor department is not commenting about it. equal emmoment opportunity commission said it is evaluating the whole situation. the idea, neil, that your boss could fire you for not getting a covid shot not sitting well with a lot of folks. listen. >> i'm hoping not. it is, i don't think they have a right to do that? >> i think a lot of people will fight back with it for sure. >> i think force in the past has shown it doesn't work. reporter: okay, so this is why employment attorney thinks companies should get ahead of this, avoid a vaccine mandate
12:25 pm
all together and working on a plan right now to educate their workforce. listen. >> it is going to be important for employers and employees to plan ahead, have conversations, have process in mace so that people understand ahead of time once the cdc clarifies what the order will be for delivery of the vaccine so nobody is caught by surprise, that there is collaborative pathway forward so companies and workers can work together for a successful outcome? reporter: neil, all of this has medical experts wonder what is the point of making a vaccine if people don't get vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity in the united states you would have to immunize 60 to 70% of the population which can turn out to be quite a feat here. neil: 50 million people mildly. aishah hasnie thank you very much on that. meantime did ever wonder how the united kingdom approved this
12:26 pm
vaccine before our own fda? dr. fauci says there is a reason for that. different standards. take a look. >> we have the gold standard of a regulatory approach with the fda. the uk did not do it as carefully. they got a couple days ahead. neil: is that so? let's ask dr. tom price a surgeon by training before arriving in congressman for georgia, former health and human services secretary under president trump. doctor, always good to have you. what did you make of what doctor fauci was saying? just because the fda hasn't written off on this yet doesn't mean they're sleeping at switch here. is that true? >> no, i don't think they're sleeping at the switch but i also think people ought to take encouragement from the united kingdom approving this vaccine. developed western country clearly has appropriate scientific methods and individuals ought to be
12:27 pm
encouraged by having that vaccine approved. i suspect it will be approved by the fda for emergency use authorization and consequencely be available for the american people hopefully sooner rather than later. neil: some people wince at the notion that brits will get it before americans will. i don't know that is the case, secretary. but your thoughts? >> well, this is a worldwide pandemic and so i don't think we ought to, we're at war with the virus. we're not at war with each other and other countries as it relates to this. so the fact that one country gets it a little sooner than another doesn't concern me greatly because it seems we're moving in the right direction which is to have millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of doses within america the next couple months and that is very good news. neil: rollout where obviously we're focusing on this pfizer biontech vaccine but moderna
12:28 pm
ready to launch as well, astrazeneca not too far behind conceivably, we could look upwards half a dozen different treatments or vaccines by early next year. >> that's right. neil: is it going to confuse folks especially those leery of vaccines period, having nothing to do with politics and everything to do with not me first? >> that is why this information that was in your previous report about the importance of education. people need to be educated what these vaccines are, why they're important to take, the order in which individuals will be able to be able to gain the vaccine for their own use, and difference between the vaccines. there may be a subtle difference as time goes on in these different vaccines that an individual's physician say this one may be better for you than another one. we don't know that. all of this is coming ba in about in real time.
12:29 pm
maybe vaccines will less likely have side effects for some individuals than others. neil: you long since left the administration, doctor, but i would be remiss if i didn't mention the president's fight over the election results a month ago. says there are a lot of fraud involved. it was the most corrupt election in american history? do you agree with that? do you think it was substantial enough, widespread enough to have changed the outcome. >> i think what we're seeing is that the left has perfected the art, especially here in the state of georgia of harvesting absentee ballots. i don't think there was as much fraud as kind of effective activity as the left was taken. it is questionable whether it is legal but at this point it has stood the test here in the state of georgia. if there were the amount of fraud -- neil: did it cost the president, did it cost the president, the state of georgia, secretary? because he claims not only there but other battleground states, wisconsin, michigan,
12:30 pm
pennsylvania, this china of chicanery cost him the election? he is not happy about it. he is not happy with his attorney general saying it wouldn't change the outcome. >> he is not the only one. most republicans who lost elections, they won the early vote. they won the in person vote on the day of election. then when the absentee ballots came in the voting switched to the other side. there are a number of individuals who have grievances about this. as say i, i don't think that is necessarily illegal but i do know the other side, the left has perfected this art but i haven't seen the kind of evidence true fraud, election fraud that are alleged by some individuals that would lead me to believe that this election was stolen. neil: so if joe biden takes office on january 20th, you obviously prefer the president but do you think he will be taking that office legally? >> oh, absolutely. joe biden is the president-elect
12:31 pm
of the united states. i know senator grassley said it is not official until the electoral college meets. the election has been held. it has been certified by the states. the next official step is the electoral college. joe biden is president-elect of the united states why it is important for folks here in georgia who would prefer a republican strong hold in the united states senate, majority in the senate, that they vote on january 5th because that is going to be the key. neil: that will be the key. thank you, dr. tom price. very good seeing you again. dow up 19 points. in and out of record territory as s&p 500 and nasdaq. more after this. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. less sick days! cold coming on? zicam® is clinically proven to shorten colds!
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♪. neil: all right the latest entrant in the do as i say, not as i do department. the mayor of austin, texas under a whole lot of scrutiny for advising his residents to stay close to home and limit crowds while he jets off to mexico on a
12:36 pm
private jet to host his daughter's wedding. uh-oh. it happened again but it keeps happening. the latest on the fallout from all of this from casey stegall in dallas. hey, case. reporter: neil, that is an awfully big uh-oh. let me set the scene for you, all right? early november, austin, texas, covid cases are rising and the city's mayor posts this plea to his residents online. watch. >> we need to, you know, stay home if you can. do everything you can to try to keep the numbers down. this is not the time to relax. reporter: not the time to relax. well we now know that very video was recorded from mayor steve adler's time-share in cabo san lucas, mexico. you heard it right. he had flown there on a private jet with eight guests for his daughter's wedding. that wedding at boutique hotel
12:37 pm
took place during a stage 3 advisory, gatherings of 10 or more people were discouraged. when the story broke yesterday, his office never returned our calls, emails for a response on this then you fast forward to last night. posted on adler's facebook page, roll it. >> i'm sorry i took that trip. it was a lapse in judgment. i want you to know that i apologize. i want you to know that i regret that travel. i wouldn't travel now. i didn't over thanksgiving. and i won't over christmas. and no one should. reporter: mayor adler contends everyone had to be tested before his daughter's wedding. that the event was held outdoors. he also claims that he consulted his local health authorities before moving forward with the event and that subsequent trip to the beach. neil? neil: incredible.
12:38 pm
casey stegall, thank you very much. as casey pointed out there is pattern to this behavior. giano caldwell, best he willing author, battle for chicago, podcast host, much, much more. i never tell you to eat a salad so i don't think a politician should tell me how many people are over at my house unless they practice what they preach and very few do. what is going on here? >> absolutely. thank you for having me on, neil. i wish we could be on together every day. neil: i hear you. >> you know what? i think the american people, i think the american people have every right to be pissed the hell off. i certainly am when you think about the fact that people gavin newsom i lived in and i left because of a covid shutdown. nancy pelosi getting her hair done, chicago mayor lori lightfoot getting her hair done, talk about the mayor of san jose, l.a. county supervisor, the list goes on and
12:39 pm
on, democrats who are responsible for creating the rules who are putting out the most draconian rules are not following the rules. therefore saying hey, i'm better than you are. this is part of the reason why i think a lot of people view the democratic party as a bunch of elites saying do as i say, not as i do. this is the a fact that the american people in a way that has been horrifying. if you look months ago it was reported that 455,000 businesses have shut down since the start of the pandemic. who knows what the number is now. it could be over a million that filed for bankruptcy since that time this is discouraging for anyone who believes in justices fairness for all. democrats are not following their own rules. why should we continue follow rules they put out. neil: gianno, i talk to number of democrats on this issue, i would rather have our hypocrisy than some republican politicians stupidity, referring to those that were not pushing masks more
12:40 pm
aggressively and obviously turning around and seeing not only themselves get sick but many of that are residents get sick and seeing spikes in caseses have a result. what do you say to that? a sin is a sin is a sin. >> a sin is a sin and martin luther king said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. what are you saying? is it class issue? most elite people like yourself as a democratic politician, some of your elite rich friends you do what you want, versus saying hey, we should safely gather with people? maybe we should say, people can sit indoors as long as they do so safely, versus saying we'll shut everything down like l.a. county without any scientific evidence to justify this? it makes no damn sense neil, makes no sense at all. many people poor and middle class are hurting because of the doctor conian actions because of
12:41 pm
these elected officials and officials in general. it knit right. someone needs to continue to call it out and raise these voices against their tactics. neil: all right. gianno, good catching up with you, have a safe holiday. giano caldwell following this. nasdaq requiring member companies that they have diverse boards, leads to one woman, other minorities as well. unless at the do that, they're no honker part of nasdaq. easier said than done. i wonder what the former head of the new york stock exchange thinks of that? i will ask him. ♪ this is decision tech. find a stock based on your interests or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions.
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♪. neil: all right. we've got some records right now. the dow jones industrials right
12:46 pm
now eight points above a record that was just hit back on november 24th. we've had the s&p in record territory. nasdaq in record territory. a lot of optimism coming down the pike and a rapid rollout expected in this country and around the world things are looking good, even in the face of shutdowns, lockdowns, other tough measures taken in places like los angeles where it is getting pretty scary. markets seem to be looking way past that. dick grasso always reminded me over many decades i covered him the market is a forward-looking beast here, they're not being beastly about it. they're being clear-eyed about it. the former chairman of the new york stock exchange with us right now, dick grasso. very good to see you. what do you make of these markets? >> always great to be with you, neil. neil: what do you think of what's going on? >> well i think it is an early santa claus rally but what the market is saying is, we're looking to a covid relief
12:47 pm
package before congress goes out. we're looking to very effective vaccination program. looking to a divided government, hopefully as a result of the georgia runoffs, the senate will remain in the hands of the republicans and with that divided government the president-elect, assuming the electoral college confirms the election of joe biden in a couple of weeks, that a divided government is always good for the market, neil. it is harmony going to, i think, engender between the new fed treasury and administration and most importantly i think what the market is saying is, divided government, a president that is going to have to work with both sides of the aisle and who will not be held hostage to the socialist tendencies coming from both mem bergs of the senate and house on the democrat side.
12:48 pm
neil: so you already concluded joe biden is going to be sworn in on january 20th? he is your duly-elected president? that is how you see it? >> you know, neil, i don't think as senator grassley said a few moments ago on your program i don't think anything is confirmed until the electoral college holds its vote. you have a lot of cases winding through different levels of the judicial process. so it is premature to say that you know this is all said and done. what we do know is the results thus far, the challenge thus far judiciary and the fact that, you know, no one is elected president until that electoral college passes upon the results assertfied by the states. neil: you know, dick, i'm grad you're here, in a way your own career kind of mirrors this
12:49 pm
moment. even though you did eventually become head of the new york stock exchange you were passed over for the job at the first crack. now you could have been very bitter and childish about it. the system is rigged against up and comers, floor traders like me who rose from nothing but you didn't. you eventually got the job anyway. you did a pretty damn good job at it. i'm not casting aspersions or put you a corner on this, the rap against the president, even some of the loyalists arguing over the election whether it was fraudulent or ripe with all sorts of corruption is only hurting his case and making him sound like a sore loser and hurting his 2024 chances if that in fact is what he is looking to do, what do you think? >> neil, i think you have to remember as i'm sure your viewers understand more than 73 million americans voted for the man who lost, or at least --
12:50 pm
neil: 80 million, 80 million voted for the man who won? >> well, but you have to remember incumbent president received more votes than any president elected in our history. neil: no doubt. no doubt. >> i do believe -- neil: i go right back at you, i will go right back at you, my friend. you were the overwhelming favorite and most liked and deserving guy for the job to run the new york stock exchange when the position first came up. you were passed over for that at that time memory serves me right. could have stewed in juices you could have left, walked off in a huff, sure enough you get the job anyway, you hang on to it longer than most others. so there is reward for stepping back from yourself sometimes, isn't it? >> i believe you're absolutely right, neil but casting in the context of donald trump, the president. i think he has a feeling that on
12:51 pm
behalf of those people who voted for him he has got to litigate this until it is conclusion, whether it is positive or negative. i also believe, knowing the president for 30 plus years, that he will exit gracefully, and that he will indeed follow in the tracks of the great grover cleveland and seek re-election in 2024. and i believe that those who voted for him this time will come out and support him again next time. but until that time he has got, he has got an obligation, neil, to the people who voted for him to at least see this challenge to its conclusion. neil: those people, but, dick, for those people or himself? >> remember, remember, neil, what hillary clinton advised joe biden before the election,
12:52 pm
never concede! okay? neil: fair enough. >> he is simply listening to what hillary had to say. neil: all right. there you go. dick grasso. always good catching up with you, the man led the big board through tumultuous times. more after this it's been a tough year. and now with q4 wrapping up, the north pole has to be feeling the heat. it's okay santa, let's workflow it. workflow it...? just picture it... with the now platform, we'll have the company you always imagined. efficient, productive, seamless. ok, i'm in! whatever your business is facing... let's workflow it. servicenow.
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♪ ♪ neil: all right. you don't see this every day, stocks are spiking even as cases are spiking in this country and around the world. particularly in about 20 states in this country where they're seeing double-digit increases and in this country as well better than 2800 deaths in the latest day. two back to back days registering more than 2,000 deaths. but the cases anticipated here, they're hearing it could get a to lot worse, it could go a lot higher, and in california they're taking matters into
1:01 pm
their own hands, particularly in los angeles where the mayor is issuing a new stay at how many order that goes as close to a lockdown is citizen we've seen -- as we've seen since the pandemic began in los angeles. william la jeunesse with more. what are we talking about? >> reporter: no walking or biking with others, no hanging out with people who are outside your family, and yesterday mayor garcetti said the city faced a, quote, valley of death. >> it's time to hunker down. it's time to cancel everything. and if it isn't essential, don't do it. don't meet up with others outside your household, don't host a gathering, don't attend a gathering. >> reporter: california already has a mask mandate. no indoor or outdoor dining, no high school sports, a 10:00 curfew for all non-essential businesses, and retail is limited to as few as two customers at a time.
1:02 pm
yet many expect governor newsom to impose a new stay at home order for all non-essential workers, like you said, going back to march, and, you know, that would be a difficult thing. why? well, hospitalizations, they say, and are at record or capacity, icu beds are up 75% from two weeks ago. some counties at 90% capacity, and that is without the surge expected from thanksgiving. l.a.'s positivity rate is 13%, 1 in every 200 aping lee knows infected -- angelenos, yet 60% of all fatalities are over 85 or older with health problems. compare california to florida where businesses, theme parks, schools and beaches are open. >> a lot of these lockdowns have been very ineffective. they have huge negative consequences. and my view is that everybody's essential. who's government to say that your job is not essential? >> reporter: so a little good news here in l. a. for
1:03 pm
restaurant workers, a one-time $800 stipend for workers, and and also yesterday in court the restaurants are taking the state and the county to court, basically the state had to admit that it was using in-dining transmission rates for an outdoor closure, neil. that was revealed and, in fact, only 4% of covid cases are dining-related at all. just moments ago the supreme court said that california had to revisit closing down churches and synagogues. back to you. neil: william la jeunesse, thank you very much, my friend. well, all this comes at a time when federal relief of any sort is running dry, and there's a bug push in washington to try to get -- big push in washington to try to get it replenished. easier said than done, but it is looking promising. blake burman following these developments, what governors want to see and what washington can deliver. blake. >> reporter: hi there, neil. operation warp speed, when you look at the money sent out to states so far for vaccine distribution, that could potentially happen here in the upcoming weeks, it's been $200
1:04 pm
million with another $150 million promised to be coming later this month, so $350 million total. however, when you talk about potentially vaccinating hundreds of millions of people for the states, that breaks down to about $1 or 2 per personment take, for example, governor mike dewine of ohio. he was asked earlier this week if husband state has all the money it needs to get people the vaccine they need, and he said, quote: no. we do not. but we're going to get it out one way or the other. we have the ability to do that. keep in mind, neil, that states right now all over the country are facing revenue shortfalls to begin with due to the pandemic. for example, the center on budget and policy priorities estimates that when you look at fiscal year 2021 and the revenue projections for that year compared to what the revenue projections were before covid-19? 28 states plus the district of columbia will suffer declines for revenue by at least 10%.
1:05 pm
should mention if, neil, that we have asked health and human services which, of course, oversees operation warp speed about the concerns that are coming in from governors so far. we have not heard back there them. in the past when we have asked them about this, neil, they have pointed to that $350 million figure meaning the 200 that's come and the 150 million that is coming down the line. of course, this could all be addressed, maybe even solved, if there is another cares act or another relief bill. but that would have to come from legislators here in washington. neil? neil: got it. blake burman, thank you very much. one of those legislators is chuck grassley, the man who runs the senate finance committee. he was on with me in the last hour talking about stimulus. he's open to it. take a listen. $908 billion stimulus measure that's out there, are you for it, are you open to it? >> i'm open to work within these parameters. the dollar amount, as long as it doesn't get higher, would be
1:06 pm
maybe acceptable. but what's in it. i'm not a big fan for a lot of money for state and local are, but there's so many things that have bipartisan support already. neil: all right. so he's open to it. a lot of other democrats open to it now, so that could be the beginning of something especially when the president of the united states hints that he's open to it. mitch mcconnell says he's open to it. chuck schumer, nancy pelosi say they're open to it. so is hen by cuellar, the texas -- henry cuellar, the texas democratic congressman, is he open to it? good to see you, what do you think? >> i'm open to it just like the other folks. so now why don't we just go ahead and get it wrapped up this weekend, and let's vote on it next week. yeah, i sit on the appropriations committee. i want to see the, you know, the 12 different appropriations bills done, and i want to see a relief package done next week. so if even's open to it, neil, and i'm sure you're open to it, let's get it done. neil: all right. now, part of that package just
1:07 pm
kind of has your democratic colleagues wincing in that it doesn't provide really extensive unemployment benefits at the federal level and a are reduced rate at that. is that a deal-breaker, do you think? >> well, look, if it could get up to $400 or something like that, i think we need to go ahead and do it. you know, we have to find a balance. quite honestly, if you get too much money, then does that provide an incentive for people to stay home? you know, we've got to find a right balance to provide for the people that need jobs, so -- i mean, that are not working, that need a job to give them some money while they're looking for a job. so i think we should try to negotiate and try to got maybe up to $400 or so and get a deal done and get it done next week. neil: you know, all of this occurs in an environment where a lot of highly-taxed companies are seeking out texas as a relief or a new home.
1:08 pm
hewlett-packard enterprises, i'm sure you aware, sir, the latest to say good-bye to california, or largely. it's not abandoned san jose altogether, but it is putting more promise in a new installation in the houston area. but this continues the theme. should democrats take note? >> look, i was in the state legislature when we did, we reduced taxes, we reduced regulations. we don't have a state income tax. it's a very pro-business type of environment. so, of course, we're going to have more companies that want to go down to texas because when we were there, when the democrats controlled everything there, we were very pro-business just like the republicans are doing now, and we want to make sure it's an environment where people can start a business or bring a business to texas and have a good paying job. neil: so given the national mood among democrats that the
1:09 pm
incoming biden administration would hike business taxes, do you support those efforts? >> well, listen, we know that the senate is not going to take that measure up under the current numbers right now. i would always tell the biden administration whether it's on immigration or whether other issues, let's look at this, put some thought into it, and let's look at the best approach. but i want to make sure that we keep taxes as low as possible to make sure that companies keep producing and keep hiring people. so that's what i want to do and then, of course, have good paying wages also for the workers. neil: assuming that the senate stays in republican hands, to your point, you know, it would be very difficult for joe biden to get those tax increases. not impossible, he could find other ways, but do you think that his agenda is going to be
1:10 pm
hurt by that? what he wants to do and given the closeness of the votes certainly in the house where at this point republicans have actually picked up, what, some nine seats and about five other races undecided, that joe biden could have a devil of a time getting anything through? >> well, you know, keep in mind that biden knows a lot of the senators who are there. he spent a lot of time in the senate. under the obama administration, the one that mitch mcconnell and other folks would seek out to work out agreements was joe biden. so i think joe biden is a centrist, will be able to work out compromises with the senate republicans if it stays republican. neil: congressman, we'll see what happens. henry cuellar, beautiful state of texas. good seeing you again. have a wonderful holiday. >> thank you. neil: i want to go to sarah nelson, flight attendants association president,
1:11 pm
represents her people very well, always looks after them, and she has been pitching and pushing very long and hard for some relief for the airline industry. we're told, sarah -- it's very good to have you -- that it will be included in this package. but the devil's in the details, and we don't know the amount. but the airline industry has been looking for more than $100 billion. that seems unlikely, but what are your thoughts? >> well, the airline industry right now, the proposal is for $17 billion, and this is to continue the program that's been so successful from the cares act. so we've talked about this before. this is for payroll support for employees. it is -- neil: right. >> -- the most successful program. and the best use of the public's money, by the way, because it tells the corporation they have to spend all the money on their workers, keep them in their jobs connected to their health care and continue to serve all the communities they were serving before. this has become even more critical. we've had over 100,000 people going without a paycheck since october 1st, and trying to find jobs, there's no jobs to be had
1:12 pm
anywhere. the airline industry is facing the biggest financial crisis it has in its 100 years 'of existence. and so we need this support to keep people in their jobs and connected to that health care and keep the service to all of the communities while we fight this virus. this is even more important right now, neil, because the distribution of a vaccine requires jumbo jets. in order to get the demand out in time. so we want to get a vaccine across everywhere, get through this pandemic and on the other side of that and be able to open up our economy safely and trade with the rest of the world, we've got to have the airline industry in place, and that's not something you can turn on from one day to the next. so getting this emergency relief in place now is critical in order to meet that demand. neil: sara, it also happens at a time where a number of top medical experts are saying cut back on the travel, keep family gatherings small this christmas just as you did at thanksgiving.
1:13 pm
that, while that might be deemed a safe health move, are you worried what it's going to mean for the airlines? >> well, what this means is that this is an incredible financial stress on the airlines and already business travel is not happening at all. so while demand is just back to about 40% of what it was a year ago, there is no business travel at all. and so revenues are a half of that yet. now, if we all follow the cdc guidelines like the businesses are and we get this virus contained and under control, that is the best way for the airline industry to recover. that's what we need to have happen. so if we can all work together -- neil: but if you don't, right, that's going to change everything. you don't get that, you don't have time, you know, for months to pay out to people to benefit from these vaccines. do you think airlines, some are actually going to go out of business as a result? >> i don't, actually. the airlines have gotten a lot of liquidity and put themselves in a good spot for this to be
1:14 pm
able to weather the storm. but it's the workers who are now shouldering the burden of this because they have to sign pink slips because they're losing money every day, and they've got to do that cost-cutting. the federal aid is really to support the people on the front lines and then also give the airlines the ability to operate and support the infrastructure that's needed in order to get the vaccine distributed and continue to service all of our communities. you know, half of u.s. mail and half of the cargo fly in passenger jets, in the belly of passenger jets. and so if we don't have that lift to all of these communities during this time even if people are not flying in the cabins, then we're not going to be able to meet the demand of the american people who are staying at home and trying to get this virus under control. so this is all about a jobs and infrastructure plan, and we're going to continue that plan. you say the dell's in the -- devil's in the details? we know exactly what the details are, and and we're going to continue this very successful program, call everyone back to work who's been laid off and
1:15 pm
have the support through the end of march where we're going to be in a much better position going into a season where there's more travel and where we've supposedly got the virus under control. finish. neil: you know, sara, i'm talking to you, i was noticing american airlines, a host of others are showcasing the new 737 max, the boeing plane, obviously, you know, they're investing in that for the future, buying more of these planes. the first commercial orders in better than two years these things have been grounded. that's an investment for the future, but it is not money being spent on flight attendants. it's not money being spent on pilots per se. does that at any level bother you, or is this a good sign that the airlines are looking beyond what's happening now and investing for the futuresome. >> well, we should be really clear, these were plans that were already in place, orders that were in place, and these are the our craft that are in demand right now.
1:16 pm
the single-aisle aircraft, and they are a tremendous workhorse, and the more of them that we have on line, that has to be staffed with pilots and flight attendants. so that is good news for us. but right now when there's not enough work to go around, we do need this a payroll support so that we can have everyone stay in their jobs, continue to be able to pay for their families, pay their rent, get true this holiday season -- through this holiday season with some security and if also be able to have that health care during the pandemic. i want to remind everyone these are essential workers who have been on the front lines since the beginning of this pandemic, and they're the ones shouldering the brunt of this continued financial stress. neil: a hell of a supporter on their side and watching their backs right now -- >> we're going to get it done, neil. we're going to get it done. i want to applaud the bipartisan work in the senate to make this happen. everyone's coming together. we're working with the senators on the language right now. i'm very pleased that we can put in place this emergency relief.
1:17 pm
of course, we're going to have to talk about more next year and stimulus next year and everybody wants their stimulus checks -- neil: they're not there yet, sara. they've teased us before with emergency relief that hasn't come to pass. you're optimistic. >> well, i'm pretty confident, neil. and everybody needs to keep demanding it. this is what people have been asking for. let's work together and get this done. neil: all right. sara nelson, great seeing you. have a very safe christmas, very good seeing you again, the flight attendants association president, sara nelson. right now the dow up about 52 points, s&p and nasdaq in record territory, the dow pretty close to it, by about 10 points. after this. did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah!
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♪ neil: all right, what is it about facebook? it always seems to be on someone's target list, and now we're hearing it could be upwards of 40 states combining forces right now, led by new york, saying that the company has essentially gotten too big for its britches, that it's violated a lot of antitrust provisions often times scooping up competitors even by paying a premium to knock them out of the way. facebook has claimed this is not happening, that it is just a successful company, and people always have alternatives. they feel otherwise.
1:22 pm
in case this rings a bell, it should, the justice department has already sued alphabet's google back in october essentially saying the same thing, getting too big, and it's strong arming its competitors and sort of wiping out the opposition. facebook says this isn't happening, google says it's not happening, but here's what is: a massive lawsuit that involves some 40 states. we'll get more details when they become available. meanwhile, focusing on what's happening in staten island and that restaurant/bar that's been targeted by legal types because it is disobeying orders to stay closed or to limit activity. right now the bottom line is that mac's pub on staten island cannot continue doing this. but crowds by the thousands in support of the owner saying that they're being unfairly targeted and picked on. laura ingle has more from mac's pub on staten island. laura. >> reporter: hey, neil.
1:23 pm
yeah, we've been outside of this pub all morning long and we've been watching the owner come and go throughout the day. he's been meeting with his lawyers, supporters and friends trying to figure out what the next steps are at this point to try and move forward to save his business. and after you mentioned that he was shut down this week in terms of serving customers indoors which was a violation of corudd rules. as we take -- of covid rules. as we take a look, the action by law enforcement tuesday was to close the doors to diners and drink ors. it also led to the arrest of the owner for defying covid restrictions which included serving food and booze for free in exchange for donations after the pub's liquor license was suspended and staying open after the state-imposed 10 p.m. curfew. law enforcement clamping down on these types of violations happening in covid hot spots like this one right here where cases are surging. the arrest and closure drew hundreds to protest in the street last night to demand that the pub be reopened.
1:24 pm
community members and friends rallying around this bar and small businesses in general. >> i've never seen this packed with so many people, and i'm so glad that support was here for danny, but where was everybody this morning? where's everybody today? it's going to take more than one day of a protest to make a change. and also it's going to take more than one bartender out of work or one business owner out of work to really make a point. >> reporter: the owner told me today he doesn't understand how officials could say his bar is not safe while just a few blocks away others are allowed to operate. one of the reasons he defied the orders like he did. >> if i'm doing this in a safe way, then i can't see any science saying that 300 yards away is safe and few place isn't. my place isn't. so we're taking it day by day. >> reporter: and sheriff's deputies maintain that they had to take these actions because
1:25 pm
they were told to do so, they have to enforce the rules and this is a covid hot spot. we'll have more to come as the case develops. neil? neil: all right. laura ingle, thank you very much for that. as laura was wrapping up, we're getting word that nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell are set to speak as congress is looking to maybe hammer out a stimulus deal. i don't know whether that means nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell will be speaking together, but that they will be spooking on what seems to be a-- speaking on what seems to be alarming progress. i don't know if you can combine those the words, but it is alarming because no one expected any progress on this $908 billion measure that that suddenly has tacit support as a good starter and the president of the united states saying he likes it as well. hope springs eternal at the u.s. capitol. stay with us.
1:26 pm
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neil: all right, with all the talk of a vaccine and everything else, a lot of people let their guard down and say, all right, we really don't have too to do h now because it's just a matter of time before everyone can be sort of shot up and be defended from this, but we are seeing spikes in cases. delta airlines, among others, looking at more contact tracing methods here to make sure this doesn't spread among some of the big headlines that our own susan li is following. >> this will be the first in the have industry, starting on
1:31 pm
december 15th delta will be asking all passengers flying into the u.s. to voluntarily provide their names, e-mail addresses, destination addresses and primary, secondary phone numbers. the information will then be sent on to to the cdc. airlines have recysted for years to proprovide this type of information to the government and even managed to get out of an effort to force it in in exchange for airlines aid earlier this year, but it's all voluntary and only for international arrivals. take a look at tesla, capitulation if goldman sachs saying it's now worth $780 and that's up 30% from these current levels. street high price target here, and that's because the shift to electric is happening even faster than forecast according to goldman. meantime, famed short seller jim janus also closing his bet that tesla would fall, short bets as we call them, and he's even congratulating elon musk for
1:32 pm
doing, quote, a very good job. and finally, walmart paying out another bonus to its employees on christmas eve, full-time workers will get around $300, part-timers $150, and that's 1.5 million employees who are eligible for this special pay. we know they've hired more than 500,000 workers since martha year. the stock -- march is this year, the stock hitting records, and that's because business is booming during covid with shoppers stocking up on essentials. at least they're giving a little bit back to those who work for them. neil? neil: all right. susan li, thank you very much. we're getting a little clarification on this so-called conversation mitch mcconnell had with nancy pelosi. they have already spoken about this $908 billion stimulus measure and plan to continue speaking later today. it's to get -- their commitment is to get something done on this omnibus plan, a spending bill, as well as this covid relief
1:33 pm
plan. they are being discussed in conjunction with one another, that could be an interesting development of itself. that doesn't mean one is contingent on the other, but it does show progress and something we have not seen prior. so we'll, hopefully, get an update or some more work from capitol hill. ahead of that charlie gasparino. you know, charlie, looking at the market reaction, obviously it's up on a lot of other factors, not the least of which are the slow release of these vaccines, but maybe the unexpected surprise of a stimulus measure. what do you think? >> yeah, there's a couple things at work here, you know? i think the stimulus measure is at work. obviously, it's part of it. i think that tesla's news is pretty fascinating. i just heard susan talk about jim they knows, also source of mine, guys i've known for years essentially throwing in the towel and congratulating elon musk. jim, he and i had a lot of conversations about tesla over
1:34 pm
the years. i was much more bullish than he was on it, obviously, and i always would ask him how do you stop a cult stock that is pretty good, a product, underlying puckett that's pretty good? -- product that's pretty good? i think that's part of why the markets are up today. i think tesla, you know, people are seeing a lot of promise in tesla and some of these new economy shares that are, that are trading higher. listen, the other thing is, neil, is that the markets, as we've been reporting on your show for a while now, does see the light at the end of the tunnel on covid. they do, you know, conversely, you talk about the protest on staten staten island. don't think traders don't think that into account. what traders are essentially looking at is a public that will rebel against harsh lockdowns again that have very deleterious impacts on the economy. and some of that is being reflected in stocks, that public officials like andrew cuomo, bill de blasio, they're going to
1:35 pm
have to bend now on the economy. yes, we have a dire situation, but, you know, we also have an economy we have to protect. i want to get into a little bit on this new york times story on david perdue. i don't know if you saw that today, neil. it's a fast naughting piece about -- fascinating piece about all the stock he's traded over the years. it tried to assert that he committed insider trading. i want to make two points to you, neil. i know it's a lot about insider trading. what he did doesn't even come close. the second point, the securities and exchange commission has cleared him from trading on any insider trading based on in trading stock. david perdue is a longtime businessman. he's briefed in congress on a million things, that doesn't mean he's getting inside information. and, you know, i read this thing, it was breathless on every trade he did and, you know, he might have been -- someone, you know, he traded j or p morgan ion -- jpmorgan even
1:36 pm
though he might have been briefed about financial regulation. [laughter] i mean, it makes it, basically 90% of what congress gets on these companies you can probably get on the internet. i mean, it's why kelly loeffler hasn't been charged with her trades, the other georgia senator republican in the runoff. you know, information that these, most congressional people, congressmen, congresswomen get is fungible. it's out there. people knew about covid well before the lockdowns in march. so i would just say one other reason why you know this is pushing it a little bit, the case against burr, the congressman, the senator, richard burr, the senator from north carolina. that's the one that's still active and still they're not, it's not that easy of a case, from what i understand. they're having a hard time trying to prove insider trading on that. so back to you, neil. hope you have a great day. stay away from inside or trading. neil: yeah, right. but already democrats are
1:37 pm
seizing on this to sort of join these two republican senatorial candidates at the hip when it comes to, hey, these are the guys who are striking these great wall street -- as you said, that's a very, very tough thing to prove. >> right. neil: and very difficult. i've generally found over the years for the press to cover adequately, to say nothing of accurately. thank you, my friend. >> yeah. they don't know what insider trading means. [laughter] they absolutely don't know the definition. neil: there is that little detail. thank you very much, charlie gasparino, on that. we'll have more after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
1:38 pm
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♪ neil: you know, it's not only the vaccine makers that are getting a lot of attention the right now in the excitement over a cure or at least a remedy for the coronavirus, but those who provide the test that can determine whether you have it or not. kevin clark is the now diagnostics ceo, very, very big in this sell at home covid test
1:42 pm
arena. very good to have you, kevin. explain how your test kit works. >> sure. so our platform is really as simple as possible. it's prick your finger, touch the device to it, lay it down, ten minutes later you've got a result. it is, you know, our intent was to be able to provide diagnostics that can provide laboratory quality results that anybody can do and do it at a price that everyone can afford. you know, less than a co-pay. neil: so what is the price of, you know, the test? >> the average co-pay right now i think across the u.s. is about $20, and, you know, we're going to do our best to come in way under that. neil: how does it compare, jonathan -- kevin, i apologize -- with the standard or the rapid testing, people put a swab up your nose? at least now it's not going into
1:43 pm
your brain like the old days -- >> sure. neil: explain the accuracy and the ease. >> sure. the big difference is, you know, the simple, how simple it is. everything is self-contained. we're talking about our aunt body test -- antibody test, it is everything self-contain thed, prick your finger, touch the device to it, lay it down, results in a few minutes. no extra reagents, it just reads the results. the antigen test that we're working on that is currently in development is saliva-based. it uses the same core ip and core technology. all you do is spit a drop into the device, lay it down, ten minutes later you get a result. neil: so you don't need to do this with a doctor. you can do this at home yourself? >> yes, absolutely. this is the goal, is to, you know, we'll start with the doctors' offices, and you'll see
1:44 pm
this product in laboratories, and then doctors' offices and emergency rooms and then clear-away settings which could be even your pharmacy. and then the ultimate goal, of course, is to get it all the way to otc or over the counter so, you know, the average person can walk up and buy it off the shelf and take it home and and run the test. neil: this is amazing. keep us posted, kevin, but i think you're on to something here that could be a big game-changer. easier and a a lot more reliable. kevin clark, nowdiagnostics ceo. that'd be something, if you come up with a more intriguing read about how you can -- whether you have this thing or not. in the meantime, back to politics, what's going on in georgia. not so much the constant counts to make sure they got the presidential results right, but what's going on to look into other groups that are now enticing voters to come to georgia who reside in then leave there, but not before voting there.
1:45 pm
technically illegal, but jonathan serrie on the latest back and forth on what some progressive groups are alleged to be doing. jonathan. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. and there's also a small protest unfolding outside of the georgia capitol, several dozen trump supporters and a trump campaign bus periodically driving by the capitol and chanting outside. while this is unfolding outside, inside the capitol a georgia senate committee is holding hearings on the integrity of georgia's elections. while state elections officials investigate several liberal groups accused of trying to register deceased or out of state voters for the january 5th senate runoff, they are also investigating a florida attorney who allegedly encouraged out of state republicans to do the same. >> i'm moving to georgia, i'm changing my voter registration right now, and i'm inviting 2 million people to be my roommates if they want.
1:46 pm
>> reporter: state officials are fighting legal challenges by a group of republican electors who want to inspect voting machines in ten georgia counties. two pro-trump attorneys behind the lawsuit, is sid powell and lynn wood, held a rally in suburban atlanta. wood called on georgia's republican senators who both face tough re-election runoffs to publicly demand the governor call a special session of the legislature to overturn joe biden's win in the peach state. >> david perdue, do not do it. this not earned your with vote -- they have not earned your vote. don't you give it to them. ♪ >> reporter: and, neil, the midnight deadline for georgia's 15 is 9 counties -- 159 counties to finish the machine recount of presidential votes quietly passed overnight. more than 98% of presixths have already -- precincts have already uploaded their results to the secretary of state's office. the total tally so far shows joe
1:47 pm
biden hanging on to his narrow lead in this state which is what state elections officials have been predicting all along. neil in. neil: all right. jonathan, thank you very much. keep us posted. jonathan serrie in atlanta. what is it about georgia? can't get out of its own publicity way. the president will be in the state, of course, this weekend, campaigning on behalf of the two republican senators who are hoping to keep the senate under republican control. stay with us. in a land not so far away, people are saving hundreds
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ if you steal my sunshine -- ♪ making sure i'm not in too deep. ♪ if you steal my sunshine -- neil: strategy, movies like batman and some of these others that are planned in the year ahead and in the years ahead will be released on hbo max simultaneously for one month starting the same day they debut in the theaters. that's coming from the studio itself. i wonder what the president of the national association of theater owners. good to have you with us. what do you make of this, you know? you'd be competing with a
1:52 pm
streaming service, but you'd still have the movie but the same day they get it. what do you think? >> well, neil, it's good to be on your show again. first, i would say that we have to distinguish between pandemic business models and long-term business models, right? i mean, the move have i have theater industry has been struggling mightily by shutting down for many months after a record-breaking year in 2019. and we're going to need some help from congress to get through this very, very difficult period. but i would just -- in any release models during a pandemic, i would describe as ways to address the pandemic and not the long term of the movie industry. neil if this did become permanent, that would obviously worry grow, right? it's not a great business model going forward. not for you, but, i mean, obviously you'd be competing day of release with a streaming offering that can keep people and their fannies at home, right? >> it won't be a permanent business model. i think everyone understands that a exclusive period where
1:53 pm
big movies are released in cinemas first is in everybody's best interest, drives revenue for the studios, for the theater owners, and we're confident that we're past the challenge of this pandemic that there will be a return to normalcy in people coming back to cinemas and a return to normalcy in the business models too. neil: yeah, i hope so. there's something about going to a theater versus watching at home. but having said that, obviously, you're looking for help from washington. i've not had a chance, maybe you have, to look at this latest package they're considering, this $908 billion stimulus measure, whether it does include relief for your industry the even partly. do you know? >> well, they're is still negotiating in congress, and we hope they come to an agreement soon, but we are cautiously optimistic that a very important grant program for mid-sized and smaller theater countries across -- companies across the country is going to be included
1:54 pm
in this package. and that's an economic lifeline. if you think about it, we did go from a record-breaking year in 2019 to virtually no revenues in 2020. and we know people will come back the record number when the pandemic's over, when we get new movies back in, and so we with just need a lifeline to get to the end of that tunnel, and that's what this legislation is all about. you can find out more about it at save your we're urging movie fans all across the country to write to their members of congress and urge passage of this very important legislation. neil: you know, a number of theater owners you should your purview -- under your purview are looking at ways to when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, aren't out theaters to your family and friends, watch a flick of their own. what's been the response to that? >> it's been great. we know that people want to support their local movie theaters, and the rent-out
1:55 pm
program is working quite well to bring in a little bit of revenues in those states that were allowed to open. i point out in new york city, most of california, illinois, new mexico and other places we're still not allowed to open our theaters, so these have been very challenging times, and that's why some kind of relief from congress is so essential. i mean, we've done the right thing in being closed the fight this pandemic, and we with just need an economic lifeline to get to the other end of the tunnel. neil: fair enough. i wish you well, jonathan. i'm sure it will work out well. john fithian, the president and ceo of national association of theater owners. this was expected, but president-elect biden has named brian d.c., former obama -- brian d e ese to head up his national economic council. he does hearken from wall
1:56 pm
street, left the administration, went on to blackrock, but this is a prominent wall streeters, the first, certainly, of that caliber to have a role in the biden administration at the national economic council. stay with us, you are watching fox business.
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
impeachment calls including those coming from republicans saying he is being too tough on a crackdown there, no less than the president of the united states the guy should be primaried. he was first on top of this crisis. how he is dealing with this crisis, exclusively with me 4:00 p.m. eastern time on "your world" on fnc. here is david asman. david: i hope i find a way to watch that and fbn i want to stay here. i will figure it out. neil: all right, my friend. david: i'm david asin for charles payne this is making money. stocks pushing higher and s&p and nasdaq to hit intraday record highs although as you can see the s&p has come off those highs. there are hopes of a swift approval of a covid vaccine and news jobless claims went down, surprisingly by quite a bit. optimism surrounding a economic stimulus package now that president trump and joe biden have


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