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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 3, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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demographics as well as shifting consumer behaviors. as much as there has been talk about rotation and pre-covid. [closing bell rings] we think they are sustainable businesses regardless of the environment. liz: chad, we'll have you back. literally hoping for tomorrow so we can get more of your picks up here. that will do it for us. a big selloff but still green on the screen. connell: losing momentum in the final moments. we have california planning for more lockdowns, lockdowns that would be trigger based on icu capacity. we have pfizer making a big announcement of its rollout of its covid-19 vaccine. both headlines hit in the final half hour of the trading day. both seemed to hurt stocks. at close we're near the lows. s&p 500 and nasdaq hitting all-time highs earlier in the trading session. the s&p closes down, snapping a two-day winning streak at the process. nasdaq makes it happen record wise, closing at a new record high. it is up 28 points. the dow hangs on to a 87 point
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gain. well off the highs of the day. i'm connell mcshane. well tom "after the bell." time for the news happening at this hour. fox team coverage, blake burman at the white house, jackie deangelis in new york. edward lawrence in washington. edward has breaking news on facebook. peter doocy covering the president-elect in his big meeting with dr. fauci. we start with the market. good afternoon to you, jackie. reporter: it was a strong day for the markets and there were several reasons for that. we're looking at vaccine optimism. there is a hope we'll see some sort of a stimulus package. the winds came out of the sails for a couple reasons here. you mentioned california specifically, gavin newsom, governor there, announcing plans for covid-19 lockdowns on a regional basis to be triggered when the regional hospital icu space nears capacity. that is signaling to the market, look, we still have some problems across the country when it comes to the virus and
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speaking to that the numbers that have been out lately are pretty troubling. we're looking here in the u.s. topping 14 million covid cases. we set a daily record for deaths, cases, hospitalizations. 2077 people died from the virus yesterday and country registered 205,000 new cases. covid tracking report says 100,000 people are hospitalized across the country as well so that is definitely having an impact. at the same time i will switch and talk about pfizer because these headlines came out towards the close here and also impacted the market. pfizer is slashing covid-19 vaccine roll out target facing supply chain obstacles. it is planning to ship half the doses it originally planned, finding raw materials in early production phases didn't meet its standards. this is the problem the market is facing connell. ending up 85 points higher on
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the dow but not able to get to that record close. connell: it holds up,. >> beingky, i think maybe in spite of all the things you're talking about. the virus numbers are brutal. reaction from california. we'll see what happens there. pfizer announcement might be troubling. with all that economic data might not be bad with economic claims for example. reporter: absolutely. that boosted us higher earlier this morning. we kept some of the momentum throughout the day. the jobless claims was pretty good news, declining more than expected in the last week, continuing claims the lowest since march 21st. 712,000 people filing for jobless benefits, well below the 775,000 that the market expected and also well below the adjusted number for last week, 787,000. so we continue to watch the employment markets and those numbers. of course the big number out tomorrow. connell: the big one tomorrow. yeah, still so high, 700,000 people applying for
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unemployment. going in the right direction. jackie, thank you. another thing might be boeing in the right direction are the stimulus talks in washington. blake burman with more coming out of d.c. today. reporter: connell, top democrats and republicans in this town say they are as optimistic as they have been in quite on time as it relates to the possibility of a covid relief deal, the question is optimistic about what? because there are several different potential pathways going forward. let me try to walk you through them at this point. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, kevin mccarthy, mitch mcconnell big four are negotiating their own deal, price tag, tbd. pelosi and mcconnell did speak about covid relief talks. also there is a bipartisan group that put forth a 908 billion-dollar package, bipartisan lawmakers. mcconnell and republican controlled senate is talking about a roughly 500 billion-dollar package. president trump today seemed hopeful that something will eventually come together.
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>> i will and i think we're getting very close and i want it to happen and i believe that they're getting very close to a deal, yes. reporter: you will support it? >> i will absolutely. reporter: keep in mind, connell not only are we talking about a potential covid relief deal but there needs to be a government spending deal in place or there will be a government shut down in eight days f they're able to come together, democrats and republicans on a covid relief package, maybe that is added possibly. all hypotheticals, maybe that is added to a spending deal as well. connell? connell: still work to do obviously to your point. seems like we have a number about pathways which is better than where we were but we don't necessarily have a clear path, right? reporter: pathways all over the place. no real clear path at this point. remember the key issues still remain. republicans leery about too much spending. democrats leery about not enough spending there is the issue about state and local government
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help, funding for them, especially as the vaccines potentially are about to be rolled out. listen to iowa senator, republican chuck grassley speaking to neil cavuto today on "coast to coast sort of illuminating where things stand at least from his perspective. listen. >> this 908 billion-dollar stimulus measure out there, are you for it or open to it? >> i'm open to within these parameters. the dollar amount as long as it doesn't get higher would be maybe acceptable but what's in it? i'm not a big fan for a lot of money for state and local but there is some things that have bipartisan support already. reporter: 900 billion, open to it so long as there is no pot so much for state and local. connell, seems like we're sort of in the same place as they have been here in washington for the last several months but both sides are saying they're hopeful, they're optimistic, but keep in mind the holidays are coming up which means congress will be heading out of town here
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in the upcoming weeks. if anything gets done it has got to happen soon. connell? connell: got to be soon. thank you, blake burman on the north lawn. steve moore, freedomworks economist right now, who probably hopeful, hopeful nothing gets done if you have been listening to what steve is saying on number of weeks. i saw your op-ed in "the hill," entitled the economic stimulus. i don't think you're in the camp of some republicans coming around on some sort of spending package, what do you say. >> advocates of the stimulus have been consistently wrong for the last six months, connell. look how well the economy is doing. let's face it, this economy is soaring much faster than anyone possibly expected including myself. we have 33% growth in the third quarter. according to the federal reserve bank of atlanta the economy is growing 10% in the fourth quarter, which is a blockbuster on its own. you look at the unemployment situation, you know the unemployment rate is four or
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five percentage point lower than any of these he experts said without any kind of stimulus. got unemployment insurance claims which surprised me, insurance numbers falling meaning more people are getting into the workforce. we don't need another trillion dollar spending bill. what we need is to speed up the vaccine. there is something absurd and almost obscene that britain is going to have access to our vaccine before the united states does. connell: well to that point, this would be the pushback, steve, to some extent whether we need stimulus or not it does seem will be a while on the vaccine. sure we're moving fast, not as fast as the uk, realistically may, june, maybe by the time normal folks like us will get a shot at getting a shot so to speak. pfizer a little hiccup here. shares lost ground late in the day. the journal has a report they had to cut their vaccine rollout
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target. the idea for stimulus would be this bridge gets us from now where we are until that point where the economy an can take off postvaccine. that doesn't make sense to you? >> i unemployment insurance benefits, talking about $300 a week plus normal benefits, i have a piece in the "wall street journal" with my buddy of casey mulligan in university of chicago we argue that would lose four million jobs. four million workers would not be employed because they would make more money taking the unemployment benefits than getting a job. that is just stupid. makes no sense to provide people more money for not working than working. i hate the idea of the aid to the states and cities. that just enables them to stay closed down. big story today is as you mentioned, connell, is that california is instituting these really draconian shutdowns in their economy, crippling their businesses, crippling their
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workers. they have a rule in los angeles won't even allow outdoor dining for restaurants and it is 70 degrees in los angeles. i mean you got to get the businesses open and i don't care how big these checks are the government is writing, if states are shutting down their businesses you will not have a lot of growth. connell: but if you're a member of congress, you know that you know that will happen, if you disagree with it, right? say hypothetically you're representing any state, look out at the california headline you just mentioned these ideas there may be more lockdowns. you know what, governor newsom, it is not a good idea but he is still doing it. so the economic reality associated with it is still there, then what do you do? do you vote for some sort of stimulus if so what, if it is not unemployment benefits? >> i've been advocate if you really want to give aid to workers, give aid to businesses then cut the payroll tax. that something that would be very clean. could do it tomorrow. put money in the paychecks of
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people immediately. it would reward people for working. unfortunately nancy pelosi took that off of the table. okay, i will compromise with you, connell, if they do a quote, stimulus bill, it is not something i'm in favor of but if they do, at the very least republicans should insist that the money go to people and businesses, not politicians and governments. i think that should be the bottom line for republicans. don't give money to mayors and governors and city councils. if we got a problem give it to workers and businesses that need the money. connell: so that ppp money, that would make sense, maybe? >> well, we'll see. you know i still think it is unlikely they get a bill before trump leaves. i've advised him to, i told the president, the last thing you want is your final legacy bill is a trillion dollar debt bill that we're going to have to spend decades paying off. the economy what trump has done has been really incredible.
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nobody expected in nine months that "operation warp speed" would create a vaccine. nobody expected we would have the unemployment rate below 7%. as long as we allow our businesses to operate, that's the single most important thing, connell. i can't insist that enough. you can't make up for shutting down businesses by writing checks to people. it doesn't work. connell: before we go, just can you tell me when that conversation took place, the most recent one with the president? i only ask because lindsey graham came out of the white house sounding pretty optimistic about stimulus. >> it was shortly before the election. i haven't had a chance to talk to the president since the election. he knows my views. i have been strongly against it. he understands the logic of this, paying people more unemployment benefits than working is a really bad idea. he gets a lot of credit by the way for not agreeing to those 600-dollar a week benefits. we would not have a 7% unemployment rate if he allowed
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that to happen. he feels strongly giving small businesses some relief. i wouldn't have big problem if we extended that ppp program. connell: right. okay, steve, thank you. good discussion on all of this. we'll see how it plays out probably next few days. >> thank you, connell. connell: seems like something is close to happening. steve moore. president-elect joe biden meantime his transition team formally, virtually meeting with dr. anthony fauci. first time that happened. we go live to fox news's peter doocy live in wilmington, delaware. reporter: fauci doesn't think his job when biden takes over as president his job will be much different. he has the historical record to prove that. >> i fully expect to be in this position. what contribution i make in the new administration depends on the new administration. i cannot imagine i'm not going to be involved in the covid-19 response. that would i think would be unheard of if that is the case
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but we'll see. reporter: president-elect is not giving not so subtle hints how climate change will be wrapped into economic plans with his announcement of brian deace an alum of plaque rock and obama administration. brian is the among most tested accomplish the public servants in the country. a trusted voice to help us end the ongoing economic crisis, and take on the existential threat of climate change in a way that creates good-paying american jobs. there is also a ton of focus still on incoming biden administration's plans to respond to covid-19 but he still has not named one critical position. that is who he wants in charge of the department of health and human services but just a few minutes ago biden ally, democratic governor of rhode island, gina raimondo said, it is not going to be her.
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connell? connell: one name off the list. that is a big spot. thank you, peter doocy wilmington, delaware. fox news alert. the justice department late this afternoon filed a new lawsuit against facebook. now the company is being accused of discriminating against americans in its hiring practices. edward lawrence live with the details on this. edward? reporter: cornell the trump administration filed the lawsuit against facebook a few hours ago. the lawsuit says non-u.s. employees it was sponsoring for visas got high-paying jobs rather than looking for similarly qualified americans. in the lawsuit it outlines the department of justice facebook inadequately advertised at least 2600 jobs from 2018 through 2019. court papers say those jobs were filled by non-u.s. residents on high-skilled visas. those people were also ones facebook sponsored for a green card. the lawsuit claims that the tech giant did not advertise the jobs on its website and also required
4:16 pm
applicants to mail in resume's and not apply on line. the department of justice says even when u.s. workers do apply, facebook will not consider them for advertised positions. simply put facebook reserves the position for temporary visa holders. the jobs had average sal rid of $156,000 a year. facebook denies the claim saying this, facebook is cooperating with the department of justice in its review of the issue, while we dispute the allegations in the complaint we cannot comment further on pending litigation. this was the culmination of two years of investigation. the government wants civil penalties on behalf of the workers that denied employment at facebook. back to you. connell: all right. edward, thank you. edward lawrence in washington. mandating a vaccine a new top pick gaining steam among employers and workers. of course not everyone is on board. we'll break down the details on this later in the hour. lockdown backlash, live in
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♪. connell: so do you mind if your boss makes it mandatory for you to be vaccinated against covid-19? businesses are considering it making a requirement for workers to return to the office. aishah hasnie picks up the story for us reporting live from new york city. reporter: connell, the problem with all of this there is really no federal guidance what employers can and kang not do covid-19 vaccine. there is an expert who believes people could get fired if they say no to getting this vaccine. plenty of people are thinking about it. according to a recent "gallup poll" revealed 42% of americans say they would not get a covid-19 vaccine but employers may be able to require it. in the past osha gave employers the authority to mandate the h1n1 vaccine. only out you really had was to file a medical or religious
4:22 pm
exemption. this time there is no federal guidance for a covid vaccine. the labor department is not commenting. equal employment opportunity commission says it is still evaluating the whole situation that the idea that your boss could fire you for not getting a covid shot is not setsitting well with some. take a listen. >> i hoping not. i don't think they have a right to do that. >> i think a lot of people will fight back with it for sure. >> force in the past has shown it doesn't work. reporter: that is why employment attorney seth bern thinks companies should get ahead of this, avoid a vaccine mandate all together and start working on a plan to educate and inform their workforce about a vaccine right now. >> it is going to be important for employers and employees to plan ahead, have conversations, have a process in place so that people understand ahead of time
4:23 pm
what the cdc clarifies the order will be for delivery of the vaccine to maybe is caught by surprise and there is collaborative pathway forward so the company and workers can work together for a successful outcome. reporter: connell, of course this has a lot of medical folks out there, experts, what is the point of creating a vaccine if people don't get vaccinated in order to reach herd immunity. you would have to vaccinate about 60 to 70% of the population which could prove to be quite a feat with as many people nervous about this. connell? connell: that is the challenge, you're right. aishah hasnie thanks. bill mcbourne joins us from "the wall street journal." bill a fox news contributor as well. working from home as many. if the journal said you would have to get a vaccineget back in the building, would that be an issue for you, bill? >> it would not be an issue for
4:24 pm
me. i would happily take a vaccine. i i am in a vulnerable group. i would be happy to take a vaccine. that being said i think environment for mandating vaccines will be very difficult. people are not taking shutdowns well because of it and a vaccine i think would provoke a lot more. my informal sort of assessment of people around me i'm surprised how many people wouldn't do it. employers have a lot of ways, if you don't take a vaccine you're not allowed back in the office. i think before we go to mandating, that always seems to be our default position, let's tell people what to do to give them the choice. i think we could use a campaign educating people. could see other people getting the vaccine and so forth. i would expect in the beginning there is going to be fewer vaccines than the demand for it, in nursing homes, all sorts of places with people at risk. connell: right. >> but i anticipate a lot of things. i would say that the public
4:25 pm
health authorities and the politicians have created this part of this problem because of their own terrible examples. they're giving conflicting advice. we had in the last two weeks all these politicians, you know, traveling somewhere else and then issuing warnings against traveling. showing up at luxury restaurants when they're telling everyone to stay home and make tuna helper. this is not a good environment to say, oh, i trust these people to order me around. connell: completely agree. we'll talk about that later in the show. the mayor of austin, texas, an example. bunch examples out in california. three former presidents, obama, bush, clinton, they will get vaccinated on tv if necessary if that helps. get to you on china on totally different subject. there was a interesting interview with president trump's intelligence john ratcliffe and urged incoming biden
4:26 pm
administration quote, be honest about china and acknowledge china is the quote greatest national security threat that we face. so your thoughts on that? >> well, my thoughts are twofold. one it's a very valid concern. one of the problems is we always make special rules for china. we admit them to the wto for example and we look the other way when they violate all sorts of norms. i would like to see china more of a participating member in a hot of world bodies but i would like to see them follow the laws instead of flout them doing what they're doing with australia. they are upset with australia because it want ad public investigation of the origins of the covid virus and a lot of australians exports go to china. so they're threatening them. that is a signal they're sending to all the smaller countries. if you don't do what we want, we're going to bully you. i think china is a threat.
4:27 pm
one of the things emerged in the trump years is that we have to take it seriously. connell: speaking of signals real quick, get the feeling that trump administration, radcliffe and others are sending signals to the biden folks about china here on the way out with statements like this? >> i do think so. i think that's, i think that's worthy. i don't think the biden people should take it as insulting. i think they should take it as a healthy warning. because one of the fears that some of us have with the biden administration is that he is always been a little softer on china and if john kerry is going to be seeking some climate accord to get china's agreement on that i mean the danger is that it leads them to look the other way and a lot of other things. to my mind john kerry's success with iran, the way it put together that deal doesn't suggest he is going to drive a hard bargain with china. so i think the biden
4:28 pm
administration really ought to take heed of this because i think china is going to challenge them. it is challenged to all the presidents. challenged my boss, george w. bush, when he first got in office with remember bumper cars with fighter pilots they played? i think they will challenge it. xi xinping made no bones about it. he does not intend to defer to the united states. he seeks to supplement us as a great power at least in his region. connell: that early test in any administration could very welcome from chinesely as it did then. thank you, bill mcgurn with us. now this is a very interesting story. among those on board the first 737 max flight from boeing that has taken place in nearly two years was our own grady trimble. what do you have coming up for us? reporter: connell, the return of the 737 max. it is not carrying customers yet but we got an early demo flight. we'll take you inside and in the air on that plane next.
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♪. connell: restoring public confidence. boeing 737 max completing its first flight with members the media on board. so it is back and our own grady trimble was one of those media members, joins us now. what was it like, grady? reporter: connell it was pretty much like flying any other plane to be honest. that is what american hoped it felt like for those of us on board. american is bringing the plane back to commercial service later this month but before they do that they're offering demo flights to employees. as you said we were on one of them fox business was onboard the boeing37 max. its first flight with members of the public on it since the plane was grounded in march of 2019. in the air it feels like any other commercial plane. that is exactly how american airlines wants it to feel on this demo flight and
4:34 pm
every flight after. we landed in tulsa, oklahoma. this is where the airline has been storing and doing maintenance on its two dozen mackmax jetliners. chief operating officer david seymour preparing for the day they can fly again. >> i tell my friends, family, i tell anybody it's a safe plane to fly. reporter: boeing made wiring and software updates and fixes partly to blame for the two crashes in an 2018 and 2019. every pilot receives hours of training including simulated failures before flying passengers on a 737 max again. this plane has advanced fuel efficiency and more environmentally friendly than previous boeing models. american is adding more to its fleet. soon enough they hope the max is so commonplace customers won't care they're on one. so it's clear the airline industry is embracing this plane. the question is will the flying
4:35 pm
public do the same, at least for the beginning when this plane is reduced on all the airlines that fly the 737 max, if you book a flight on one of those planes and you don't feel comfortable on it they will let you rebook to another aircraft. connell? connell: that will be really interesting to see if people choose to do that. grady, good stuff. grady trimble for us. now experts are warning that the u.s. at this point is entering a critical phase of the pandemic and later this hour we'll speak with a member of the coronavirus in st. louis where hospitals are expected to reach icu capacity within days. plus a growing number of elected officials being criticized for not following their own covid guidelines. more own that story to come. if you're looking for extra cash to spend over the holidays. one has you covered,, offering $2500 to watch 25 holiday movies in 25 days. you fill out a survey for each
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did you try it yet? comparing plans? oh yeah. they sure can change year to year. i found lower premiums - and lower prescription costs. and those new insulin savings! hundreds of plans, $35 a month. that'll save you money. so uh, mark? on now. open enrollment ends dec 7th. comparing plans... ...really pays. paid for by the u.s. department of health & human services. find a stock basedtech. on your interests paid for by the u.s. department or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity. ♪. connell: all right. let's get out to staten island, protests over new york's coronavirus restrictions. the restaurant owner was
4:40 pm
arrested after defying orders and continuing with indoor dining despite what they call a cluster zone. all this brought in a crowd of supporters who oppose the state regulations and fox's alex hogan is on the scene with more. alex? reporter: connell, two very different kind of signs on windows on the restaurant behind me. some from the owners declaring this an autonomous zone. some from the sheriffs ordering the establishment remain closed. hundreds of people came here protesting, ordering that this establishment reopen. some of them were community members and friends. others, people who have never been here before say they wanted to support a fight they believe in. the bar's co-owner danny presti was here and addressed crowd. >> this is how we change it right here, this, in every city, in every town in america! this is how we make the change! >> open up! open up!
4:41 pm
open up! reporter: on tuesday police took presti into custody for refight he hadly breaking covid regulations and instead of shutting down, the owner illegally served free food and drinks asking diners for donations this part of staten island has been declared an orange zone after the positive testing rate spiked to more than 4%, just down the road very different rules apply. something people here last night argued unfair to small businesses hurt by the pandemic. according to a statement too fox news from the state's alcohol authority, they said that the restaurant ignoring the rules a week after there was a field hospital, that was set up here in staten island shows utter disregard for the health of new yorkers. it also says that it will work alongside the nyd and new york sheriff's office to make sure that the rules are followed from
4:42 pm
now on. connell. connell: alex hogan live with the protest in staten island, new york. video messaging from cabo. not a good look forges as you 10, texas mayor steve adler facing backlash for taking destination to that city while asking his own residents to stay home. casey stegall with the story. reporter: you can't make this stuff up. watch mayor steve adler of austin, texas, watch this ply to the public a few weeks ago. >> we need to you know, stay home if you can. do everything you can to try to keep the numbers down. this is not the time to relax. we may have to close things down if we're not careful. reporter: perhaps you have camera tilted up so people couldn't see sand and palm trees. he was in cabo san lucas, mexico where he recorded that. he was there a day flying down on a private jet with eight other people following his daughter's wedding. austin was struggling with a
4:43 pm
spike in new coronavirus cases. late he had yesterday when all the news was leaking, it started making rounds hours later, you guessed it, cue the tape. >> we need to you know, stay home if you can. do everything you can to try to keep the numbers down. this is not the time to relax. reporter: sorry, we're having some problems there because we should have showed you the apology. basically when we said cue the tape he went on social media last night and apologized saying he did not mean to mislead the public. he went on to say he did not violate any orders and that he consulted his own health officials before the wedding and trip. 20 guests were invited for his daughter's wedding, 20 people were ininsited to boutique hotel in austin, while under stage 3 advisory, groups of 10 or more were discouraged. adler said everyone had to be tested for covid-19 to attend the wedding and it was held
4:44 pm
outdoors. certainly mixed messaging when he was busted making that plea to people when he was in mexico traveling, not heeding his own advice. connell? connell: sorry he took the trip or sorry he got caught. either way said at the beginning you can't make it up. thank you, casey stegall for us. "fox business alert" from delaware, the governor announcing a stay at home advisory and statewide mask mandate, telling all residents of delaware to avoid indoor gatherings from anyone inside their household from december 14th, when it will start through january 11th. that's delaware. we'll be right back. zes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! what does it do bud? it customizes our home insurance so we only pay for what we need! and what did you get, mike?
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♪. >> regions where the icu capacity is falling below 15% we are now mandating that we are imply meanting a stay at home order for three weeks. connell: governor of california, gavin newsom this afternoon, announced regionally based stay at home orders you heard him say are tied to icu capacity in hospitals. the golden state not the only one struggling with its hospitals. to st. louis missouri, one of the cities we're watching
4:49 pm
closely on that front, it is inching towards maximum capacity in its hospitals. here is dr. alex garza, the st. louis metropolitan pandemic task force chief community health officer. dr. garza, thank you for coming back. last positivity rate in miss sir way was 20%. how are the hospitals? >> we're continuing to be stressed in hospitals. there is a little bit of a break, we saw in hospital population going down. still our icus are 30% of covid positive patients and overall it is around 20 to 25% of all of our hospital beds are covid positive patients. connell: so do you look at it on a timeline based on the trends and then try to figure out how long you can keep going on, you know on this, this rate in the hospitals? if so, how long is that and what do you do? >> yeah. we look at models every week.
4:50 pm
our analytics team takes a look where we've been over the last week, where we're projected to go based on cases and hospitalizations. we can sort of plot out where we believe we can go into the next week. and so our last week's model said, if we keep going on the rate that we're on right now, that we would run out of icu capacity by, you know beginning of december, which is where we're at right now. now because we have slowed a little bit, we pushed that out but again, if the cases continue the way that they're going, then we will have maxed out of our icu capacity probably within a week. connell: wow. then what? does it make sense to do what california is doing, to implement stay at home orders which are controversial? we debate them all the time. a show like this focuses on the economy. people push back say we can't have that. our businesses are struggling as well. where do you come down as medical professional how it should be handled at that point if you are at capacity? >> yeah, we've been advocating,
4:51 pm
first of all, we have to act as a region. so we have multiple different jurisdictions within our region. they all have some degree of mitigation strategy. so we've been pushing for mandatory mask-wearing across the entire region. we've got the majority of them on that. there have been some jurisdictions that have gone to safer at home policies. so restricting indoor dining, things like that, but certainly not all of them. but one of the things that we have been advocating because we have seen such a huge number of patients is to adopt that safer at home strategy. at least until the end of the year so that we can get a break in the number of cases. and then we can reevaluate at the beginning of the year to see where we are, do we need to extend it. right now we've pretty much pulled all levers we can for capacity. now it is dependent upon volume pupil. only way to shut that down is for some safer at home policies. connell: quick thought on the
4:52 pm
vaccine and the timing. pfizer had a little hiccup today but general speaking people have been very optimistic. timewise line we have a gap to fill is your point before we get to the light at the end of the tunnel, right? >> exactly, the light at the end of the tunnel but a very long tunnel and i think we're going into one of the most dangerous parts of the year. so a vaccine as you said, it's getting through, so it is in the ua process. we expect our allocation for health care workers sometime within the next week to two weeks. still it is going to take a huge amount of effort to get people vaccinated, two shot series over three weeks. not like this changes anything tomorrow. then getting enough vaccine to vaccinate the general public is going to take months and months down the road. so when we tell people yes, vaccine is coming, but it is not going to end this tomorrow. we're still doing to have to ride out the storm up until
4:53 pm
spring of next year. connell: all right. dr. alex garza, st. louis, thank you for being here. we'll continue to check back on your situation. after a one year postponement, resulting two billion dollar loss, tokyo olympic officials are discussing using a mobile app to track the health of fans from abroad if they're allowed to attend the games now slated to take place next summer. plus sales of suvs and trucks have been spiking nationwide. details what is behind that push coming up next. ♪ i'm searching for info on options trading, and look, it feels like i'm just wasting time. that's why td ameritrade designed a first-of-its-kind, personalized education center. oh. their award-winning content is tailored to fit your investing goals and interests. and it learns with you, so as you become smarter,
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4:58 pm
trucks are seeing a massive uptick recently in demand. and the national transportation automoteoff expert -- autopoetive expert mike caudill joins us. we've always loved, in matter what people say about saving money or helping the environment, whatever it may be, we always love are our big cars. >> we do, we always love our big cars. i'm at the ford f-150 assembly plant here in michigan, and the numbers are mind-blowing. even in the midst of the pandemic, ford has sold more than 700,000f series trucks this year, and they will name again for the 44th year in a row that the f-150 is america's number one truck. now, here's what's different for this year, and everyone at home is going to dig this. for the first time, today will offer it in a hybrid model x this year they will come out, in 2021, with an welcome trifid version -- with an lek try trifid version. gas prices right around $2.16,
4:59 pm
you can still buy gas vehicles and mix in hybrids. general motors have launched the all new hummer ev, and it's their first-ever offroad hummer vehicle that you can fully take off electrified and off road, which makes it awe. >>some. and yesterday -- awesome. and yesterday the ram trx was named truck of the year, and i'm going to close it out with this beautiful vehicle right here. by the way, this actually has the mustang logo on the front. this is the ford mustang mach e, their first-ever electrified mustang with 300 miles of pure electric range. it will start out at $43,000, if you get the federal tax credit on it, the rebate, it's going to start at $36,000. super cool cars, big things at ford motor company, and they closed up today in the stock market. back to you. connell: yeah, they did. it's interesting that they used
5:00 pm
that name and that they want to make a truck or an suv, because as we say, that's what we like. as we wrap things up, thanks for watching as we report to you "after the bell." i'm connell mcshane in new york, we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president trump today called the 2020 presidential election the most fraudulent in history. the president's comments in the white house today follow an absurd claim by attorney general with william barr this week. the attorney general said he has found no evidence of fraud that would change the outcome of the election. that despite dozens and dozens of witnesses who have now come forward in the face of intense pressure, harassment and intimidation by the radical left with their compelling accusations of election


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