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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 3, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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usaa so far think of her watch the best everyday. subscribe to my podcast kennedy stays a jet saves the world. fox news, new and coming out in about eight hours. good night. >> growing number of prominent republicans would get behind president trump for a run in 2024. we'll tell you who they are. but still the president has not conceded this race. joining us on the show tonight, congressman jim jordan, scott walker and tom del baccaro, ford o'connell, michael pillsbury, david webb on these developing stories. deaths and infections from covid-19 on the rise as yet another democratic lawmaker gets caught breaking his own covid measures. to california's very bad year. we'll tell you why more companies are abandoning the state for greener pastures in texas.
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we'll dig into how joe biden will handle did increasingly authoritarian china after the director of national intelligence warned the biden team against, quote, politicizing intelligence and urged them to acknowledge that china is the greatest national security threat facing the united states. plus general michael flynn, president trump's former national security advisor, speaks with our own lou dobbs after receiving a full presidential pardon. i'm jackie deangelis. in for elizabeth macdonald tonight. "the evening edit" starts right now. jackie: president trump has yet to concede the election. appears he is setting his sights on 2024. >> four more years. otherwise i will see you.
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[applause] >> some key republicans are backing the idea. joining me house judiciary ranking member, jim jordan of ohio. great to see you. >> good to be with you, jackie. jackie: talk about president trump. lindsey graham, josh hawley, rick scott, all told "politico" they would get mind him in he ran in 2024. your thoughts. >> i would too. the president has done amazing job over the president last four years, more than any public official in my lifetime done more than what he would do. 74 million people voted for the guy. plus i mean i like the energy he brings to the job. he is transformed our party as well. we are now a party of middle class working people, a populace party rooted in conservative principle. that is because of this president, if he runs again, this election is not over yet. still needs to investigate it. if he runs in 2024.
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i am definitely for him. i said that already. look forward to him being president. hope it is next four years. hope it starts january 20th, 2025. jackie: congressman, he would be 78 years old. it would be his fourth campaign. there are some who say he has been, very polarizing in what he has done even show he has a very strong following. maybe he wouldn't be the right face to unify and lead the republican party forward? >> no. he would definitely be the right candidate. i mean again, 11 million more votes than the last election. 74 million people coming out and supporting this guy. he is, he has transformed the party, increased his vote with hispanic-americans, increased the vote with african-americans. we won two congressional seats in miami-dade county. i mean this is this president haas done things no other republican has been able to do. his record of cutting taxes, reducing regulations, putting embassy in jerusalem, bringing
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hostages home, putting three conservatives on united states supreme court, new nafta agreement, host of other things, exactly what we need. the swamp doesn't like him. this town doesn't like him because he actually did what he said i would do. he came here, did what he campaigned on the did what the american people elected him to do. this town doesn't like that. some people saying what they do. he is exactly what the country needs. if he runs again i'm for him. jackie: so interesting, if he doesn't get the next four years he would have been a one-term president. those are saying you know what? joe biden is likely to be a one term president. if trump ran again in 2024 and kamala harris was sharpening her teeth, getting on the platform to run against him, what kind of match would that be? kamala harris, believes all the left-wing craziness, defund the police, green new deal, you know, back to the crazy iran agreement that the president got us out of, all the crazy left-wing things, democrat party
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today, democrat party today, fundamental difference. democrat party thinks america is bad. the republican party thinks america is good, not perfect but the greatest country ever, the values of institutions make a special place. they want to defend and protect, they want to take away your money, take away your guns, take away private health insurance and take away thanksgiving holidays, they want to take away plastic drinking straws. that i would look forward to that race. the president, there is still a chance he could win this one if not, happens to be against kamala harris. we don't know. that is four years off. joe biden is the top candidate now. we'll have to wait and see. i think the president would win. jackie: congressman, you have listed all of the president's accomplishments and there are some who have said after this election, that it really was a referendum on his character, on
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his style, not necessarily what he did. there were millions of americans who said that they felt better off under president trump, that they saw the benefits of the policies. that is reached them in their homes, in their pockets. but that is really was about that style. if he was to run again, would he have to evolve, perhaps even reinvent himself in some ways. some people liked the brashness, obviously not everyone? >> i love his intensity. i always, i tell folks tell them back home the president thinks like an athlete. he hates to lose. he plays to win with intensity and toughness. the country appreciates that. i think he brought new people into the party. i think there is problems with this election. how does the president get 11 million more votes. we win 27 tossup seats, in the house. every bellwether county the president wins with the exception of one. we increased state legislatures. we pick up big seats in the house of representatives. as i said before hispanic-american vote and
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african-american vote for the president goes up. yet, he doesn't win? he loses to a guy who would have a rally where there were 55 people? the president would have a rally where there were 55,000 people. it doesn't make sense. nothing makes sense. that is why 74 million americans instinctively know something is not right with this. we need to keep investigating, figure it out. the other thing that scares me, jackie. this is not good for the country. think about this, 74 million voters who supported president trump, 70% of that numb about believed this election was stolen. that is 50 some million people in country. that is 1/3 of the electorate. that is not healthy situation for the country. for that reason alone we should continue to investigate the election to find out exactly what happened. jackie: i agree. so many who say it does need to be investigated and that process is playing out right now. at the same time there are a lot of people standing back and saying you also have to prove that. >> right. jackie: i know we found
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instances of it in certain cases of it but not necessarily enough proof to, for example, overturn the outcome. so your thoughts on how this will play out in the next few weeks and months? >> we'll have to see. what i do know dozens and dozens of people have come forward, will towing sign an affidavit to swear under oath saying what is true, talking about all the crazy things, all the fraudulent things they saw take place in our election process that warrants a full investigation. we still have now 11, 12 days until the electoral college meets. so let's play it all out to get to the truth. the democrats were willing to use an moneys whistle-blower who was biased biased against the president of the to remove president trump from office. why can't we people come forward signed an affidavit, we know their names or faces. they testified in hearings. why are we not allowed to investigate everything they claimed to took place?
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that is good sense. makes common sense to play out. that is what we're pushing now for four 1/2 weeks. jackie: thank you congressman the we'll watch it closely. thank you for your time. talk to you soon. >> thank you. jackie: former governor scott walker another democratic lawmaker breaking his own covid rules. >> these double standards are despicable. i mean if every restaurant in california would just change their name to the french laundry i guess it would be okay because you have them, the mayor of san francisco, she was at the french laundry. the governor, he is at the french laundry with no mask sitting next to the medical lobbiest. it is okay if you're elite democrat you did you know that geico's whole 15 minutes thing... that came from me. really. my first idea was
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jackie: welcome back, the u.s. topped 14 million cover cove cases and yesterday set a one day record for deaths, 2077. i'm joined by governor scott walker. governor, these numbers are staggering, they're alarming, we know there was a light at the end of the tunnel, we have a long way to get there. >> no doubt about it. thank god for the president's leadership on getting a vaccine and getting it out there but
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we've got to be smart about this a lot of politicians were trying to clamp down on things without explaining why and being hypocritical doing what others should not be doing will only make it difficult going forward. jackie: let's talk about that. there seems to be growing hypocrisy out there from the democrats, right? they're not following their own rules per se. now the mayor of austin, texas, he regrets telling residents to stay home while he went to cabo. listen to this. >> we need, you know, stay home, if you can, do everything you can to try to keep the numbers down. this is not the time to relax. jackie: not the time to relax in cabo. you know reminds me what we saw with governor gavin newsom eating at a restaurant in napa and nancy pelosi was getting her hair washed at a salon. okay to tell others they have to stay home but they don't want to
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do it themselves. there is a problem in that logic. >> they want different rules for the little people. not for them. you know, governor newsom, mayor of san francisco or both at the french laundry, more appropriately they're airing dirty laundry going out to eat telling others, my goodness, county supervisor in los angeles ho literally went out to eat just hours voting to block that from happening, very county she resided in. mayor of denver telling people not to travel, then jumping on a plane. these people think that the average american is an idiot. we're not. we're smart. just give us the facts. tell us what we need to do to get through this together. not only deal with the health issue, but to keep our businesses open, keep our economy going, keep people safe. we can do it, but not what people treat others like they're idiots when we see time and time again that are liberals. they don't need to apply the same rules as anybody else. jackie: in california
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specifically the governor saying that there will be stricter rules enforced because of the spike in cases there. yet, remember, the weather is relatively mild. people can dine outside. they can do it safely stifle business. because of, i guess out of fear and to bring it back to the other point, not really heed their own warnings? >> he has stay at home orders by region. all but one of the region on, likely to see that. the last one will probably be within days. i was in santa barbara at the reagan ranch last couple days. santa barbara they shut down a good portion of state street, the main drag through entertainment district, what they have done, bars and restaurants moved out on the street. they built decks. they have greater capacity outdoors than they ever did inside. in a place like that where the weather great almost every day of the year they can operate safely but not under this
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governor. those places that are taverns will be shut down. jackie: there are certainly some covid fatigue out there, we're all feeling it as humans and individuals. in staten island you had people coming out to rally and protest because of the fines instituted on one establishment for staying open. you know, your thoughts about the co-owner being arrested as a result of that. do we live in america? do you see the american flags where we're allowed to live freely, operate safely, conduct our business and our lives? >> this is just a fundamental test it of freedom. u.s. constitution doesn't get suspended because some perceive it as an emergency. we need to treat this seriously but we cannot violate the very civil liberties that make us a free country. we become venezuela or soviet union and places like that. the inconsistencies are the part are the most wild with this? you can have celebrations when people fought for, somehow saying joe biden won the
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election. that is not a problem in new york and chicago and other places. you can have riots and protests over certain issues and that's okay but you can't have people going to church or synagogue or small businesses operating like this one. i just think the american people really are seeing the curtain has been pulled back. we can see what a lot of these liberal politicians really think about the hard-working men and women of this country. they think we're all just idiots and truth is, no we're god-fearing american loving citizens who just want the best for our families and neighbors. we can get through this together. but don't apply different standards to different groups. jackie: i want to take an extra minute to ask you one final question. so many people have said that the president isn't getting enough credit for how much he handled the virus and also how he basically bridged the vaccine process. it would take 15, 20 years normally for a vaccine like this. we got it roughly in nine
9:19 pm
months. someone like joe biden saying he didn't handle it right. i could have done it better. easy to be a monday morning quarterback. what could they have done better? >> same thing we heard from governor cuomo in new york. telling people that you know, not to take the vaccine. this is truly is warp speed. it is an appropriate name because this is phenomenal. there will be literally tens of thousands of lives saved because the president's leadership on this while mario, i would say andrew cuomo, thinking of his father. governor cuomo was sending people ultimately sadly to die in nursing homes because they were covid positive are with others out there. it is an absolute joke you have the hollywood elites, coastal elites claim he deserves a book deal, academy award the fact of this matter this president would be long remembered in history no matter out come of election as one of the greats for getting a vaccine as quickly to the american people as we will see. jackie: governor walker, great
9:20 pm
to see you. thank you so much for your insight tonight. >> good to be with you. jackie: coming up next on the show, california crumbling. we have a former california republican party chairman testimony del baccaro on businesses dying because of lockdowns. big businesses fleeing steep taxes for friendlier environments like texas. >> i really am really upset about all of this because i'm a small businessman and i san see what is going on across the country. of course i see it here in my home state of california with gavin newsom research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ to all the businesses make it through 2020... thank you for going the extra mile... and for the extra pump of caramel.
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and graham lost 131 pounds. how? they went to now it's your turn to lose weight quickly and easily with golo. head to now. that's ♪. jackie: hewlett-packard the latest company to leave california moving its headquarters from san jose to houston. is this a collapse in california with high taxes and anti-job policies to discuss? tom del baccaro, former republican party chairman of california. let's stay into this. we're looking at hewlett-packard. tesla moved to texas. governor be a so the said to financial exchanges, come to texas. cheaper here, less to pay in
9:25 pm
taxes, more opportunity to you. your thoughts on these companies and shifting policies and the way they're moving around the country to escape the burden of high taxes? >> yeah. four years ago i wrote a piece about california's unsustainable for four reasons. infrastructure debt is above $2 trillion. these big corporations realize a tax bill is coming due. the labor policies are hard enough. the current taxes are hard enough. they know the future doesn't like bright either. so they are looking to move their tax headquarters, their domicile toe low-taxed states before the big tax bill comes due in california. they pay jobs with them, they hurt and middle and lower classes taking those jobs away. jackie: that is really interesting. we're seeing the same kind of phenomenon mere in new york city. it is not necessarily with big corporations the residents, high
9:26 pm
earners are fleeing the city because quality of life has suffered. on top of this you add taxes. albany filling a 30 billion-dollar budget gap by imposing more taxes on the high earners. only so much people and corporations can take, right? >> yeah. absolutely. in california about 140,000 to 150,000 people paid half the income taxes. they're very mobil people. that is why they go to nevada. that is why they leave other low-taxed states. famously art laffer left california for no tax tennessee. that presents a problem. they try to squeeze remaining ever more and not for losing proposition. jackie: i wonder if this is part of the pandemic phenomenon if you will? we've all been engaged in working in different ways. we realized efficiencies. for example, the new york stock exchange was operating out of jersey city for a while and could do things remotely, it
9:27 pm
didn't necessarily need to be in new york. that makes a move like that so much easier. the blue states doing this really have to be careful, don't they? >> yeah, 100%. what it is doing accelerating the process. it taught people you don't have to be in san francisco or l.a. but when he accelerated had move out of california and sadly the response of the legislature is even more taxes and even more regulation which will accelerate that process even more. we've lost millions since the late 90s to low-taxed states. hp is no minor company. that is the original california tech company and so this is a very symbolic loss for california. jackie: it is interesting too, because so many critics of president trump will say, what did he do in his last term? he lowered corporate taxes. he reduced some regulation. fine, all that did was help businesses. you know what? it did help businesses. look at company like tesla for
9:28 pm
example, constructing a gigafactory outside of austin. many are saying if would have tried to even do this in california it would have taken five years to get through the regulatory hurdles. i mean companies, people, t they're tired of it. >> the battery plant is in nevada, not california. in texas they assign you a person from the government to walk you through the process. in california there are lawsuits to slow you down. this mismanagement, heck, a year ago said to gavin newsom, if you can't deliver us consistent lech frist, we -- electricity, we can't stay here. this state is badly mismanaged, recall h recall effort, rescue is doing so well. jackie: follow my logic. this is a leap in top picks, so having in the uk, they will be first to approve the pfizer vaccine. the first to administer it. part of that shows the success of boris johnson and brexit, get
9:29 pm
out of the e.u. to cut through the red tape to be able to make progress, move forward. it sort of serves a small example if were able to get through red tape, somebody coming through office presumably who will take things back up again. >> 100%. steve moore and i wrote an article about the dangers of the depression during a biden regime including his regulatory war and his war on energy. there is no question. california adds on top of that, just today gavin newsom talked about a full state shut down in the coming weeks and, that uncertainty that you don't have in texas, that you have in california tells the business owner it is cheaper to be in austin, texas, and more reliable than in california with its wildfires, inability to deliver water and inability to deliver electricity. jackie: tom del baccaro, great to see you as always.
9:30 pm
great, thank you. >> thank you. jackie: we'll talk to you soon. still ahead on the show world-renown china expert michael pillsbury on the director of national intelligence warning the biden team, quote, politicizing intelligence and urging them to acknowledge china is the greatest national national security threat facing the united states. later on in the show also, in his own words, general michael flynn speaks to our own lou dobbs after receiving a full presidential pardon. >> there has been a lot of mental gymnastics there, a whole bunch much amicus briefs piling in. we pretty much killed the foresters of america with all the paperwork on this false statement case but the bottom line of it is, most people, reasonable people would agree the separation of powers dictates if the government in the absence of some extraordinary bad faith is moving to dismiss a case and defense is okay with it, that the judge has a very ministerial role, typically. that is stamp it say, the case is dismissed. for whatever reason didn't
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jackie: director of national intelligence john ratcliffe warning the biden team against, quote, poe lit sissing intelligence and urging them to acknowledge that china is the greatest national security threat facing the united states. with me michael pillsbury, hudson institute director of strategy. michael, great to see you. >> jackie. jackie: talk about china a little bit. it is so interesting during the campaign where joe biden essentially plagarized from president trump's playbook and would mandel china in this tough way that we have never seen another president do it before, by the way. now everybody is kind of wondering is he really going to do it? >> well he is going to have a mixed set of advisors looks like to me. some of his advisors are really tough on china. they were written very specific articles. as you say, they're plagarizing
9:36 pm
president trump. other advisors and possible candidates are still pretty soft on china. and i think you saw it in today's "wall street journal." it is a major attack on larry fink of blackrock. larry fink goes around promoting china, being a cheerleader and pushing hard for u.s. financial firms to open up china invest heavily in china despite secretiveness of stock tis closures. larry fink was passed over for secretary of treasury. perhaps the hawks in biden transition team thought he was too pro-china. democrats don't want to be typed soft on china. they're responsive to the workforce, trade unions, environmental organizations, because china is the biggest polluter in the world. dni radcliffe today is having some fun by stirring up democrats, warning them, that
9:37 pm
you better be accurate and honest about china. jackie: so interesting because after the election was called, one of the first thoughts that i personally had about it was the fact that xi xinping is probably thrilled about this because i think the chinese were sick of coming up against president trump. >> yes. jackie: culturally speaking i lived in china and i understand about saving face. the way these negotiations on trade tariffs went down it was difficult for that country to swallow for sure. so i was sure that they would be hailing the fact that they have joe biden in house and hoping that things will go back to the traditional way. >> yes they were hoping that. but in the last two or three weeks the chinese press has begin to warn the chinese people that even if biden wins and chinese are not sure, they still think something might happen with trump. they don't underestimate trump's ability to become second term president, if not now than in four years. they're warning everybody in china biden may be tough.
9:38 pm
so don't, don't be too happy at the biden election. jackie: it is interesting because in the previous segment we were talking about companies leaving california, fleeing essentially, being pushed out because of high taxes, going to texas, nevada, other places more friendly. as we see sort of change in policy that we're expecting to see taxes rise and harder for companies to do business, possibly seeing joe biden take away the corporate tax cuts that president trump instituted, will you see more companies as you mentioned, financial institutions we may not even want to go but it is more profitable for us to do business in china and overseas and in other places, to go back to the way it was? >> a great question. a lot of companies listened to the chamber of commerce in beijing and shanghai. one in hong kong where american companies report annually how well they're doing. in the past a lot of american companies have told others come on in, you know, china market is great. there is no intellectual
9:39 pm
property theft. everything is just fantastic. that is all stopped over the last few years. now american companies tend to warn other americans, be careful when you come in. you could be robbed. and then you could be replaced. that is something that dni radcliffe said today. china likes to rob you, replicate your product, replace you, take your share in the global market. that is happening quite a few cases now that president trump has made public. so there is a certain note of caution about getting into china. jackie: absolutely. and it is interesting because china is dealing with its own difficult times. obviously as a result of the pandemic it was already facing economic hardship. but i'm sure that has worsened. on the best day they give us numbers that haven't been so great and dealing with strife and issues in hong kong. how do you see china trying to navigate its own waters as we move forward and move out of this pandemic time? >> well, the chinese know their own problems very well.
9:40 pm
we've been, we americans have been predicting their collapse or their showdown for about 20 years. it still hasn't happened. it looks like from what the chinese are saying themselves, they are going to come out of the pandemic better than we, sooner than we and their growth rate, they will be the only country in the world that has a decent growth rate for 2020. the expected to recover quickly, so they end up having the virus help them economically. some of them are now saying in china they will be surpassing america within the next five years. so my book about their surpassing us over the next 10 or 15 years, they are now saying i was wrong. china is on the fast track. don't underestimate the chinese economic growth rate. don't overplay their internal problems. that is what the chinese line is anyway. jackie: interesting. that's their line. all right, michael pillsbury. great to see you. you better sign that book for me when i next see you.
9:41 pm
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jackie: general michael flynn served his country and served as president obama's former national security advisor and he received a full presidential pardon last week after being left in legal and financial limbo for years after getting caught up in the trump-russia probe. and just a short time ago he spoke with our own lou dons. watch this. -- lou dobbs. >> people want me to say something for years. you know, are you upset with president trump, are you upset with the white house? and the answer is no and the reason why because this was a setup from the beginning and it
9:46 pm
really, where accountability lies it lies in the previous administration. i mean we all know that. the truth has been out now for, you know, well over a year. jackie: you can see the entire interview tonight, 7:00 p.m. eastern time. great interview with lou dobbs. meantime we're joined right now by attorney and republican strategist ford o'connell. ford, i want to get your reaction to what general flynn said. >> well, i'm glad he received a pardon. look, he was targeted and railroaded by the obama administration, the doj and the fbi. why? simple because he was the incoming national security advisor and seen as a convenient weapon to get at president trump. everyone is talking about this prosecutorial abuse. it should worry a lot of americans because if this could happen to the incoming national security advisor and a former general it can happen to you. jackie: what about the folks out there who say, oh, he got a pardon. you know, basically essentially proves that he was guilty and he
9:47 pm
needed the pardon? >> that is has nothing to do with it. here is what happened. here is what he is accused of, pleading guilty to lying to federal agents about something that was actually not a crime. speaking to the russian ambassador kislyak, it shouldn't have come to that to begin with. so you have to realize they also bankrupted this man over four years and threatened prosecution of his family members. so of course he will plead to something but if you read the notes that devin nunes, others talked about, the fbi never believe he intentionally lied to begin with. jackie: break that dune even a step further. the documents started to come out, you started to see more evidence there really wasn't necessarily anything inappropriate about his behavior and general flynn will say that he was coerced into that confession because of powers that be sort of threatening him essentially. yet you had judge sullivan who was a judge appointed by democrat bill clinton saying i'm not dropping this. he just would not drop it, even
9:48 pm
after the the justice department said it wanted to drop the charges. >> jackie, you make a great point. most people focus on the fbi, doj, obama administration abuse. i think the greater story here as an attorney at least the judicial abuse by d.c. federal judge emmet sullivan. you had a situation where the prosecution said, we don't want to charge them. emmet sullivan says, somebody will stand for the prosecution. he wanted to actually make sure flynn would be convicted. he was showing partisan colors knot adhering to the law which is the whole point of being a federal judge on the d.c. circuit. jackie: we're waiting for john durham's report. hoping we would get it before the election. it is still not out yet. those are saying, john ratcliffe being one, durham investigation must go forward. we need to see what happened here. more documents need to be declassified. if they are, it would show
9:49 pm
exactly what happened in that oval office, in front of president obama, in front of joe biden, in front of jim comey? >> well, we do need to know what happened on that january 5th meeting but we also need to know everything that happened so this doesn't happen again regardless of party. what makes me heartened attorney general william barr basically convening a special counsel should joe biden actually become president of the united states he will have a hard time ending the russia investigation into exactly what happened because of the nation we cannot heal until we know what happened to who and why? jackie: that is really interesting because part of the biden-harris platform was healing unification and they talk about that with respects to matters that they deem relevant but they're a lot of people very upset about this who would say absolutely this investigation must proceed forward because that is the only way to bring these two polarized sides together to find some peace
9:50 pm
here? >> well, look the great untold story of the russia hoax and investigation is, we talk about general flynn and the fact that the government was used against him to basically bankrupt him. there are hundreds of other people who had to use their savings to defend against what essentially was a partisan interference, transfer of power from the obama administration to the trump administration. as americans we have to make sure that we do have a peaceful transfer of power or as a country we're not going to exist. trust me, china is looking at this very closely because they're looking at ways to drive us apart because they see america is basically blocking them from becoming the dominant power in this world. jackie: we were just discussing that. so much to talk about. ford, we have to have you on again, thank you. make sure you catch full interview with lou dobbs and general flynn tonight airing at 7:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. eastern time here on fox business. coming up next fox news contributor david webb reacts to criticism from some black leaders and activists that the
9:51 pm
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♪. jackie: growing criticism from black lawmakers and activists surrounding joe biden's cabinet
9:55 pm
picks. two black americans have been chosen so far. joining me david webb, host of "the david webb show." david, do you think there is substance to the complaints that biden's cabinet is not showing enough african-american representation? >> well, there is substance if you base it on race rather than qualifications. if you live by the race sword you are going to die by the race sword. joe biden has a problem because they played to every group that was available, black lives matter antifa, others on the far left. they avoided the conversation or tacitly had approval. now they're going to demand something for their vote just like leaders of black lives matter did and that is what is really going on here. joe biden is filling the cabinet with the swamp, with leftovers of 40 years of history and along the way where will they find the black people that will come along and join joe biden? he has got a big problem there.
9:56 pm
i don't know if they're going to get the resolution they want, whether the naacp head or anyone else. jackie: yeah, there is a lot of competing interests here obviously but you know, as a bystander who has been covering the cabinet announcements i've noticed there is quite a bit of diversity if you will on the stage. he has chosen many women to represent. chosen someone from the latino community. neera tanden talked about the thread she shared with kamala harris, her mother from india. do we look at number of black people at the cabinet or look overall say it is well-represented by all? as you mentioned, bass based on qualifications? >> whether i agree or disagree with the selections i will put that aside. based on your qualifications is what most americans want to see but again, if you play the race card and you put people in boxes for so long, sooner or later those boxes wanted to be
9:57 pm
represented and that's what happened. amazing, however, jackie, see media now responding, right to the diversity, if you look at pictures and images but they didn't do the same with the trump administration, for instance. they talked about media and women. i wouldn't exclude sarah huckabee sanders, kayleigh mcenany. i worked closely with the white house comes team. by the way. i can list them off. jackie: of course. >> women including one of my former producers who worked there. jackie: yeah. it is very, very interesting because the trump, president trump got a lot of heat if you will, also for his economic team, the fact that they are you know, business leaders. steven mnuchin, he has got wilbur ross in his cabinet, that kind of thing. then you look at this, the announcements made the other day on the economic team. to me they were so glaringly academic. you wonder, are these people up to the task? i mean it is one thing to study economics. it is also one thing to be out there in the real world to know
9:58 pm
how to do it? one thing you can't take away from the president the fact pre-pandemic, even during the pandemic the economy was roaring on the way up into march. he got it back pretty quickly. >> because you set a good foundation based on business. money doesn't care about the color of your skin, the age or the gender. money will work when it is treated best and in the economy it is about what works. president trump put together a team of even rivals to some extent in different approaches. what they were a team of experts who understood tax policy, trade policy, commerce, interstate. they understood foreign trade and how it worked. as a result you had a foundation and an economy could come back and i would urge everyone, look at weekly numbers when you look at what comes out of the department of labor, not just the monthly employment report. you see the shifts. you see the states that are recovering and you get much more
9:59 pm
data on why they're recovering because of that foundation that was built. jackie: let me ask you this real quick, dow sitting under 30,000. it had just hit a record. you wonder, you know, are they going to be able to continue with their policies, keeping the economy, chugging back along, recouping job loss and you know, giving americans the security that they were feeling before the election? >> if the policies that joe biden proposes, even the urban brookings institute said he can't even raise the tax dollars, he is short a couple of trillion over the next 10 years in miss proposal, he won't do it. it is not just wall street, the dow, nasdaq, s&p, but when you look at non-farm payrolls, when you look at americans in the middle income bracket and americans in the lower income bracket who saw wages increase and significant changes in their employment with better numbers than we've seen in decades,
10:00 pm
they're ones that will suffer under biden tax policy. jackie: david webb. great to talk to you tonight. we appreciate you phoning in. thank you so much. i'm jackie deangelis in for elizabeth macdonald. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. have a wonderful evening.i'm cow york, we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president trump today called the 2020 presidential election the most fraudulent in history. the president's comments in the white house today follow an absurd claim by attorney general with william barr this week. the attorney general said he has found no evidence of fraud that would change the outcome of the election. that despite dozens and dozens of witnesses who have now come forward in the face of intense pressure, harassment and intimidation by the radical left with their compelling accusations of election


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