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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 7, 2020 6:00am-9:00am EST

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"strange inheritance" story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our website -- maria: happy monday, good morning all. i'm maria bartiromo, thanks for joining us. it is monday december 7th, your top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the fight for a fair election deepening. the trump legal team wins a forensic examination of 22 dominion voting machines used in michigan as justice samuel alito moves deadline for pennsylvania official to response which is challenging to election results. former speaker of the house newt gingrich joining us this morning. district or of -- director of
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national intelligence john ratcliffe as we are learning the country is doing human testing to genetically enhance military. focus on stimulus this morning, speaker nancy pelosi says it will be done by christmas, we will hear from former nyc barrasso and mick mulvaney. marks are lower. we will start the week in the red, dow industrials down 145 points, nasdaq lower by 15 and s&p 500 weaker by 16 and 3 quarters. all three major indices up out of the last 5 weeks, last week we are up 1% on the dow and 2% on the nasdaq. mornings with maria right now.
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♪ ♪ maria: european markets look like this, dax index in germany lower by 63. in asia overnight, markets finish mostly shower. we had economic data, that is the fastest pace of exports since february 2018. the growth also helping to generate a 75.4 surplus. the data, of course, coming from the chinese communist party and this has been the big fight between china and the u.s., the fact that we are buying more products than china is buying from the united states. now some of the top stories that we are watching this morning. president trump's personal attorney giuliani says, quote, he's feeling good after testing positive for covid-19, he tweeted yesterday, thank you to
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all my friends and followers for all the prayers and kind wishes, i'm getting great care and feeling good. prior to that diagnosis, the former new york city mayor updated me on the status of the trump campaign's legal fight. >> this was a pattern that was set by somebody in washington because everybody else carried out exactly in the same way and they did it in the crooked cities, they did it in philadelphia, pittsburgh and detroit, in milwaukee and atlanta. they went to places where there's a lot of corruption. maria: this as michigan judge orders forensic examination of 22 deminion voting machines. samuel alito moved the deadline up for pennsylvania representative to overturn election results tomorrow versus wednesday all this as georgia's
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governor brian kemp for a special session to appoint different presidential electors. joe biden keeps rounding out potential cabinet, he's picked rachel ralenski, chief of infection disease at massachusetts general california. california's attorney general javier becerra by joe biden. nancy pelosi changing tune on the coronavirus relief. the house speaker vowing to get a deal done before holiday break saying she's spoken to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and negotiations were progressing, 908 billion-dollar bipartisan dill on the table includes $301 in weekly unemployment payments and $288 in new small forgivable loans. futures this morning pointing to a decline at the start of trading this morning following lower than expected job's numbers on friday but there's
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optimism over vaccine, of course, and some confidence in stimulus deal now. etf friends, tom, also joining the conversation fox business dagen mcdowell and pollster and president of maslansky + partners lee carter. thank you so much for being here. tom, let me kick it off with you. what drives markets in your view year end and 2021? >> yeah, maria, it's been been quite a balance but as you point out earlier coming the stimulus package would be very welcome as we are balancing the promise for vaccine rollout along with the covid numbers. here in california we are facing this lockdown a little bit scary for sure but if you look at the markets and the basis of earnings alone, certain growth companies especially the tech and communication's areas are doing quite well. maria: yeah, i mean, that's where the growth has been
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particular in technology, do you worry about valuations there? are you still seeing the kind of commitment to that space from investors? >> well, we are. and we've seen this bifurcation between value and growth stocks for a listening period of time. but now it's the biggest difference since 1999, however, if you look at technology in particular, maria, companies around the country have done a great job speeding up the growth because the average small business in the u.s. has had to adopt technology, so we are all changing what we are doing, how we are working from home, how we are changing our selling patterns and embracing in a big way. that's come out in earnings and earnings have been better than expected. i expect that as we come in next 4 weeks after the first of the year, continue to see more flows and we are especially seeing that in areas of etf's, not just major markets indexes but areas
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like the nasdaq and specific etf's? maria: automaker will join the s&p 500. we will know what company will leave to make room, this week stock prices surge nearly 800%. tom, putting tesla in a major index like s&p 500 has a big impact, doesn't it? >> it would be the sixth largest stock in the s&p 500 and, however, as you point out, it's been up almost 800% in the last year. the prospects are even better. now knocking on $600 a share, goldman just came out, guidance $780 a share, combine of battery prices declining and also the fact that we will see more government regulation reducing
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internal combustion engines. and so i think we will see more of that but there's going to be a big boost for buying as more people are buying and have to adjust for tesla, but also there's highly correlated institutional money as well. so between now and the end of the month, we are going to see the prospects for another boost in tesla stock and so be ahead of that or technology et finishing's -- etf's like the i share consumer etf which is 15% to allocation to tesla that you might want to consider. maria: tom, let me ask you about the chinese etf's, a lot of global etf's that hold chinese companies are under fire. yesterday on sunday morning futures i spoke with director of
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national intelligence and we know the trump administration is saying that if the companies do not follow u.s. accounting rules they would be yanked off of u.s. exchanges and that includes et finishing's that hold them. here is john ratcliffe on the threat of china. >> china and china alone is the greatest national security threat that we face. we see them stealing from our universities, stealing from our medical university. so, you know, china is not a good actor internationally, we need to call them out for what they are and not what they pretend to be. maria: which is why the administration is threatening the companies, go ahead, tom?
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>> when you look at it, ftse 100, russell are making plan, specific to military intelligence security. if they are forced to dig deeper by the government, that's going to have a major effect on -- major market indexes that are also affecting etf's as well. when you're looking at communications and rail way, they are on the mark right now. when you move that over to china mobile, we definitely can see a greater impact. so that's a great concern and interesting how china reacts. maria: do those etf's trade down, what happens to etf's that hold those stocks if they can't trade on exchange? tom: what happens is those index
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providers will remove the underlying cohorts, the companies and we will place them with others. they would have to be sold, they will go down. maria: all right, we will see a real impact. tom, we will keep talking about. thank you so much, tom lydon, come back soon. we are just getting started this afternoon. shutdowns hitting the economy and the restaurant industry hard, former mcdonalds ceo ed rensi to weigh in on that. sad night live keeping things political and taking jabs at rudy giuliani. we are looking at how to invest as the year winds down with the word on wall street. it could be december to remember on wall street, dick rasso and newt gingrich weighs in on president trump's ongoing legal battles. don't miss a moment of it.
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live on fox business.
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maria: welcome back, the election legal battles are heating up. a new path opening up in pennsylvania as supreme court justice samuel alito has moved up the deadline for officials to response to congressman mike kelly's lawsuit from wednesday now to this tuesday tomorrow. this ahead of the so-called safe hair before date in which electoral college certification date can no longer be challenged. kelly's suit blocks certification as mail-in voting law is unconstitutional. joining me tiana lowe. thank you for being here. i spoke yesterday with rudy giuliani on the issues and seems like the trump team is optimistic about wisconsin and georgia, but this new
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information that happened late yesterday from the pennsylvania situation where the supreme court moved up the date to tomorrow is also something that the team saw as a victory. your reaction to what's taking place so far? >> good morning, maria. we are seeing allegations from democrats that trump would ran a coup, we are not seeing a coup, we are seeing the supreme court and entire judiciary to respond. i'm not a lawyer and i don't pretend to be. it's clear that some of the lawsuits have been thrown out and it is important that he does get a date in court and i think that this would all be settled within the next week or so just a panic on the left with the
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idea that he's challenging it. it's a bit much. and i understand all of the friends on the right who are just concerned about why he isn't allowed to challenge this. when stacy abrams considered himself legitimate governor of georgia. maria: good point. it's funny because you say one side is saying that they see it as a coup, 76% of trump voters think that it was a rigged election. and i believe 40% of all voters say, yeah, there were too many irregularities so you've got a healthy number of people in america questioning this election. meanwhile in michigan affiliates for the trump legal team are allowed now to conduct a forensic analysis of 22 dominion voting machines in one county, they along with other individual are alleging software issue for a marijuana retailer to open,
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tiana, think also believed that the voting machines changed votes from trump to biden, do you see these voting machines becoming a bigger issue? >> so this is something that we can probably ascertain quickly because we can compare the digital inputs to the paper ballots and if it were the case for the deminion voting machine, changed the outcome, it would be the biggest election scandal in history. you have people submitting affidavits and in the same way we let submit affidavits to court, many people in their political camp that believe them. this is one that would be great if we would have a centrist
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media that the public trusts. maria: yeah. >> if we understood that closing churches was important as, you know, letting protests go ramped in the streets and riots, then maybe people would believe what media says that the elections were secured and they don't and it kind of makes sense because the media threw away their credibility. maria: let's talk about the georgia debate, voters saw last night the only debate between incumbent kelly loeffler and raphael warnock, take a listen. >> my opponent, radical liberal raphael warnock has called police officers, gangsters, thugs, bullies and a threat to our children. when i gave him the chance to apologize in first debate, he declined. >> when you receive the private briefing regarding the
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coronavirus pandemic, you dumped millions of dollars of stock in order to protect your own investments. >> i've been completely exonerated. those are lies perpetrated by the left-wing media and democrats to distract from their radical agenda. maria: meanwhile democrat challenger jon ossoff left to debate empty podium, what did you think of last night's debate. do you think it has an impact on january election? >> when i went onto twitter on debate, the top two trends that i saw were botox and barbie. so apparently now it's totally fair game to, you know, objectify women, just criticize their appearance and use it as talking about policy and all works because kelly loeffler is a republican, right? substantively, she committed to
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conservative values, she refused to take a side when it came to this trump debate and said she stands for all georgians and warnock wouldn't even address whether or not he supports packing the supreme court. it's nuts. maria: yeah. the fact that he would not even say, no, i don't support it, when he was asked, do you want to pack the supreme court, he said i'm not -- i'm not thinking about that right now. i'm not focused on it right now. if he's a senator, he is going to have to vote on it. dagen: right, americans are focused on the very thing. he refused to answer that question. he refused to reject socialism and kelly loeffler the senator called warnock a radical liberal by my count 14 times, radical liberal raphael warnock 14 times, that's messaging, that's
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the message that she's sending to the american people, well, georgia voters, but then the rest of the country. maria: yeah, you're right. she held up well last night. she was ready for whatever was thrown at her. tiana lowe, great to see you this morning. we will see you soon. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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6:26 am
special counsel obligations, whether john durham is a u.s. attorney, special u.s. attorney or special counsel, it's a matter of semantics, the american people need a full accounting but not only require final report but allow for interim reports, i would like to see an interim report that takes about this from the angle that someone has not only the intelligence community documents that i have but the law enforcement documents that show that there was no proper predicate for cross-fire hurricane because there certainly wasn't given any from the intelligence community to the fbi, by the way, it is illegal spying, the current director has admitted that. maria: lee carter weigh in here. you've made the point many times that the public has lost trust in so many institutions, john ratcliffe is saying, look, come out with interim report sooner rather than later or risk this investigation, getting shut down and then there's no trust.
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lee: yeah, there's a really big problem in america right now. 75% of americans don't trust our federal government. 3 in 4 americans don't trust our federal government and the institutions that are most important to keeping us safe, to keeping us protected, to making sure that our interests are looked after and that is really, really dangerous, it's been on the decline for years, it's at the worst that it's ever been and a lot can blame donald trump for that but it's been on decline for a long time and start with issues like this and we need to get to the bottom and make sure everybody understands, we have to get to a place to trust institutions that are most important to us. you can want trust the fbi, if you can't trust our intelligence, you can't trust the election systems we will have big troubles coming down the pipe. maria: we know that carter page
6:28 am
is suing jim comey, andrew mccabe and others for $75 million, he was spied on unlawfully and there's been no follow up to it. when we come back pandemic impact on the restaurant industries, what business owners can do to stay afloat, they cannot live on 25% capacity. and then dramatic, netflix not too worried about how the audience perceives the crown, it's making a buzz. we will be right back.
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maria: welcome back, good monday morning, everybody, thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday december 7th, let's take a look at markets this morning. 6:32 a.m. on the east coast. we have a pretty good decline underway. dow industrials down 117 points, nasdaq is down 5 and s&p 500 right now weaker by 13 after modest gains last week. last week's 1% move higher for the do i and 2% move for the nasdaq. european markets more of a mixed story, take a look at european
6:33 am
indices this morning, trading going on right now, cac quarante is lower in paris by 46 and dax index is down by 44. in asia overnight, markets were mostly lower. we did have economic data out of china, fastest face since 2018. growth helped generate a $75.42 billion surplus, data from the chinese communist party, know that. meanwhile this a warning from dr. deborah birx this morning regarding the vaccine that is coming, cheryl casone with the details there. cheryl casone, good morning. cheryl: that is right, maria, good morning to you, dr. birx said that the current coronavirus surge is the most trying event in u.s. history. doctor: the vaccine is critical but it's not going to save us from this current surge. only we can save us from this
6:34 am
current surge and we know precisely what to do. so if you have loved ones that you want to protect, you have to follow these guidelines now. >> food and drug administration will meet on thursday to consider pfizer's emergency use authorization vaccine request moderna carrying set for next week last week the uk will begin administering it to patients this week. well, air bnb ending 44 to 50-dollar range up to 56 to 60-dollar raping. rise in price will get company evaluation to 42 billion, so far this year $140 billion has been raised far surpassing the dot com boom.
6:35 am
illegally coordinating with one another to keep prices high. the leading u.s. chicken chain to latest to join in antitrust investigation. the justice department indicted 10 industry executives in separate cases. well betting on blue origin, jeff bezos is confident that his company will take first woman to the moon blue origin is given one one of the landers. those are your headlines from the newsroom. back to you. maria: all right, cheryl, thanks so much. pandemic's impact on the restaurant industry. within the first six months of the pandemic one hundred thousand restaurants permanently shut their doors leaving 3 million employees jobless. if more lockdown measures are imposed the industry is on track
6:36 am
to lose additional money and people, $240 billion in sales at risk by the end of the year, joining me right now former mcdonalds usa ceo and the chairman of fat brands international ed rensi, great to have you this morning. first assess the situation, how bad was the pandemic on the industry? ed: it's been devastating without question. main street is in a lot of trouble. restaurants have been brutalized if they have indoor dining. the restaurants that are having drive-thrus are fairing a little bit better. restaurants are depending on family groups, chuckee cheese pizza and main street is in a lot of trouble. i talked to 20 to 30 women and minorities that own businesses, all in deep trouble not only from the pandemic and what their
6:37 am
customers are doing but because they're homeschooling their children and a lot of single mothers are torn between that they have to do at home, businesses, shortage of employees, lack of a stimulus program, they are scared to death of liability issues because of covid contamination, our government has done a very poor job in my opinion with consist consistent direction from state to state, county to county. you look at new york city versus what's going on in orlando, florida, the difference is staggering. the lack of political consistent leadership is almost as devastating as covid-19. maria: you say political. so you think this is political? >> i think the way they are managing this particular -- yeah, i look at de blasio and cuomo and the things they are doing in new york city where people are creating autonomous zones around their restaurants and bars because they don't trust the government at all, so
6:38 am
political in that sense. i think when you lose trust in government, it's tough to be a good citizen under these circumstances, when you don't believe your leaders. maria: just talking about this and so much trust has been lost in an environment where everything is political including the weapon newsing of our intelligence agencies. ed, we are not so far from access to covid vaccine and even then restaurant owners still need to adhere to heightened cleaning, hygiene measures for their businesses, that's going to cost money. how do they regain public trust and get people dining out again? >> well, the restaurant industry has for years had cleaning and sanitation as part of dna. cleaning is not an issue. we know how the clean and sanitize, companies like ego labs, we know how to do that. the question is are we going to have the money to get our
6:39 am
employees back to work, are we going to have the money to withstand the loss of business and the money to sustain a 25 to 50% reduction and number of seats in the restaurant. these things are about scale. when you lose resources, you lose opportunity for profit. maria: yeah, people do not want to lose their livelihoods. ed, one bar owner in staten island defying the lockdown rules, looking to keep bar running amid closure, owners, danny declareed mack's public house autonomous zone. he was arrested two times for defying the lockdown most recently after hitting sheriff's deputy with his car as he tried to flee. do you see more restaurant, bar owners locking down?
6:40 am
>> i hope we don't get to a point of violence you citizens are stressed that they do dumb thing. that's just not acceptable to me under any circumstances. there's got to be logic and rationale. when the governor says don't visit your family for thanksgiving and then they jet off to méxico for a party, go to the french landry in napa valley or hypocritical things to say it's pretty hard for a bar owner , these men are doing that and why don't they arrest those guys for violating their own policies. maria: really sad situation, ed, great to talk with you about it. thanks so much. good to see you ed rensi joining us there on the lockdown impact. coming up saturday night live keeping things political. this weekend taking jabs at rudy giuliani and the michigan election hearings, was it funny former snl cast member joe is
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here. all making a buzz this morning? a. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ use a single hr software? nope. we use 11.
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even shells represented value. then currency came along. they made it out of copper, gold, silver, wampum. soon people decided to put all that value into a piece of paper, then proceeded to wave goodbye to value, printing unlimited amounts of money as they passed the buck to the future. that's why it's time for digital currency and your investment in the grayscale funds. go digital. go grayscale. >> president trump and i will overturn illegal votes in pennsylvania. >> i personally saw hundreds if
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not thousands of dead people vote. i'm not lying, i signed an after david. >> hi, i'm mike lindell investor of my pillow. do you know -- maria: saturday night live taking jabs at rudy giuliani, michigan election hearings, all the pushback against this election. joining right now radio host former snl cast member joe piscopo. your reaction, this is a really serious issue, what do you think? >> thanks, maria, good morning to you, well, i think there was so much material that they didn't do. maria, there's suitcases, under tables full of votes, they are taking suitcases, they are double scanning all the things that are going on, so much more material to do. when you talk about rudy and affidavits and all the evidence
6:46 am
and by the way great job on sunday morning futures yesterday, maria, you were all over it. they have all the evidence they need, now for saturday night live to pick on that you're picking on the americans, the americans who really wanted to step up. it reminded me by the way, they could have done like camera, we thought it would be funny if we hid votes in a suitcase and stuck them under a table in georgia, watch what happens. that was the funny stuff i thought they should have covered. maria: yeah, it would be really funny if it weren't true and if it weren't so serious. i'm glad that you're having on joe, he will definitely add to the story and maybe move it forward but pete davidson mocking staten island protests, they make boroughs residents looks like baby, davidson is one
6:47 am
of boroughs famous natives, what do you make of that? >> he said that but he said i wasn't going to say they weren't because we stick at everything that happens and our heart goes out to the sheriff that got both legs broken. this is a terrible situation, what they should have done, gone back to the source, our friend, governor sending sheriffs to a business to shut it down. they that you would have had pete davidson doing andrew cuomo. you're confused. it's the law. it's the law. andrew, and, you know, people get mad because we talk about andrew cuomo, but he's italian, we like andrew but this was wrong, sending sheriffs in to a bar on staten island, it's going to cause nothing but problems but i would have liked to have seen snl do andrew cuomo
6:48 am
impression, is that too much to ask? maria: they are not going to do that. people are mad about the lockdowns. >> yeah, we have retro fitnesses in new jersey and philadelphia and that's all we can do to stay afloat. you have to keep people and we are social distancing and we have been wearing masks for a year. going back to saturday night live, andrew yang, i want him do president xi. he's the one who invented the virus. something funny like that. maria: you make a good point because there too it would be hilarious if it weren't so serious, the fact that china is a major threat to america.
6:49 am
john ratcliffe was with me on sunday saying that if there's one state nation that can destroy the american dream it's china. >> you neglect what, -- know what, that interview was gate. i tell -- great. that's what they should be covering. i came up with the virus, that was me because it's funny. how about the deminion voting machines? they should have a commercial in venezuela. we steal votes. you know what i'm saying? [laughter] maria: yeah. yeah. i -- like i said, it wouldn't be funny if it was so serious and important to our viewers. joe, we will be listening to joe deginero. coming up royally dramatic, netflix not to worried about how
6:50 am
audience perceives the crown. it's making a buzz. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ maria: tomorrow the president takes his case to court, campaign attorney jenna ellis on the path to victory. wednesday capitalism in the cross hairs, ken langone on why biden could be bad for business. thursday ross perot, jr. on the keys to economic recovery.
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6:55 am
dagen mcdowell i know that you're a fan of the crown. what do you think? is it close to the real thing that people would question whether it's true or not? dagen: i think the lies that need to be talked are from the royal family decade after decade portraying prince charles and princess diana's relationship to the world as if it was well a relationship, quite frankly. what about prince andrew and him powling around with jeffrey epstein for years. this was dramaization, it's not 100% fact. again, if it's on netflix and there are actors playing the people, i think folks are smart enough to know that it isn't
6:56 am
chapter and verse on what it really happened but what the royal family was selling to the world wasn't true either. maria: great analysis. next delivery to space. loaded with holiday feast and gifts for astronauts like a new air lock, it's expected to dock at the international space station later today. lee, that's pretty impressive what a holiday delivery? lee: it's pretty awesome. something to be happy about. i think it's a great story, great delivery but also innovation story. imagine that we are able to send this up to space, not only is it a great, there's christmas gifts, christmas feast but also all kinds of supplies for excerpts -- experiments and learning more about the human body and innovation and it's a great story overall and i want
6:57 am
to hear stories like this. maria: it is. when we come back it's a big week for ipo's, we will break it down with the word on wall street. it all start next hour mornings with maria live on fox business. stay with us. ♪ ♪ . . . no one likes to choose between safe or sporty. modern or reliable. we want both - we want a hybrid. so do banks. that's why they're going hybrid with ibm. a hybrid cloud approach helps them personalize experiences with watson ai while helping keep data secure.
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, december 7th. your top stories, 7:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast. the fight for a fair election deepening, the trump legal team wins a forensic examination of 22 dominion voting machines used in michigan. this as justice samuel alito in the supreme court moves up the deadline for pennsylvania officials to respond to a lawsuit, that suit challenges the state's election results. we're talking about this all morning long. hear from georgia congressman doug collins this hour and newt gingrich is here in the next hour. we'll examine the origins of the
7:01 am
russia probe, hear what john ratcliffe told me yesterday on sunday morning futures about the status of the john durham report as well as the china threat. we're learning that the country is doing human testing genetically enhance humans and their capabilities in the military. we focus on stimulus as well, renewed optimism on capitol hill over a deal as nancy pelosi says it will be done by christmas. the $900 billion plan being discussed. we'll hear from former nyc chairman dick grass seo this hor as well as mick mulvaney. we're starting the week in the red with the dow jones down 102 points, the nasdaq down 5 and three quarters and s&p 500 weaker by 11 and a quarter after modest gains last week. the major indices were pretty strong on the week, dow was up 1%, nasdaq up better than 2%, s&p higher by 1 and two-thirds percent. all three major indices up four
7:02 am
out of the last five weeks. we're on it all morning. "mornings with maria" is live right now. european markets this morning are mixed. the fq100 is up 37. there are reports that brexit talks could collapse in the next few hours. we are watching this. the british pound is taking a hit as a result. the ft is up 35, the cac is down 40 and the dax index in germany lower by 32. in asia markets finished mostly lower. we had economic data out of china, the november exports report showed that exports were up 21.1%. that is the fastest pace since february of 2018. the growth helped generate a $75.42 billion trade surplus. this data comes from the chinese communist party. keep that in mind. let's take a look at the markets this morning. and some of the top stories that we're watching this morning. president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, says he
7:03 am
is feeling good this morning after testing positive for covid-19. he tweeted yesterday this, thank you to all my friends and followers for all the prayers and kind wishes. i'm getting great care and feeling good, recovering quickly and keeping up with everything writes rudy giuliani. prior to the diagnosis, the former new york city mayor updated me on the status of the trump campaign's legal battle. >> this was a pattern that was set by somebody in washington because everybody else carried it out exactly in the same way and did it in the crooked cities. they didn't do it everwhere. they did it in philadelphia and pittsburgh and detroit and milwaukee and atlanta. they went to places where there's a lot of corruption. maria: this as a michigan judge orders the forensic examination of 22 dominion voting machines ahead of tomorrow's safe harbor deadline. we'll get news on that soon. and supreme court justice samuel
7:04 am
alito has moved the deadline for pennsylvania representative mike kelly's lawsuit to overturn the state's election results to tomorrow so we will get news out of the supreme court on pennsylvania within the coming days, all this as georgia's governor, brian kemp, is rejecting the president's call for a special session of the state legislature to appoint different presidential electors. meanwhile, joe biden keeps rounding out his potential cabinet. he has chosen rochell walensky to head the center for disease control. she's the chief of infectious disease at massachusetts hospital. he has chose everyone xavier becerra for secretary of health and human services. nancy pelosi is changing her tune on the coronavirus relief package. the house speaker vowing to get a deal done before the holiday break. saying that she has spoken to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell about it and negotiations were progressing. a proposed $908 billion
7:05 am
bipartisan deal is on the table, including weekly unemployment payments and $288 billion portion in new small business for giveable loans. -- forgiveable loans. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money and let's take a look at where we stand. joining me now is u.s. bank wealth management chief investment officer, eric freedman michael lee strategy founder, michael lee and bull tech capital markets strategist, katherine rooney vera. eric, markets are pointing to a decline ahead of the open this morning, a lot of conversation about the stimulus package. also following lower than expected jobs numbers on friday. but you do have optimism out there on the vaccine as well as confidence on a stimulus deal. do you think a stimulus package of $908 billion would move markets and where is your outlook for growth? >> maria, we think it would move markets, probably just temporarily, though. and as pr presumptive candidate
7:06 am
biden suggested likely would be another round after the start of the year. i think that's true under a biden presidency or under a trump presidency. so we do think that there is some optimism. our economic data indicators are getting better but not getting better at rates that suggest that the economy is totally out of the woods. we are looking for more stimulus to get things going. maria: okay. so you would buy stocks then in that regard? >> we would. we think there's probably some pockets of weakness coming up, certainly the georgia election is front and center, the first week of january. so that could be one catalyst certainly as we see jobs data coming out for the month of december as well as january, there could be some ebbs and flows. we do think there will be spots to pick up stocks. they should be bought as opposed to sold. we think investors would take security positions right now as opposed to making rash decisions before the end of the year.
7:07 am
maria: michael, 2020 is closing the year with a big ipo project, we've got the major ipos coming to market this week. door dash and airbnb hitting the market on wednesday and thursday. this morning, airbnb is boosting the price range on the deal, going for an ipo of between 56 and $60 a share, up from 44 to $50 a share. the range goes way up. i guess that tells you that demand is there. your take on this week's initial public offerings, michael? would you buy these two stocks? >> not on the ipo, maria. there is a very small or finite amount of growth worldwide and it seems to be in infinite amount of capital chasing it. that's where you get the astronomical valuations for companies like airbnb and door dash where you're looking at close to 10 times revenue. i'd say these companies could be over-al viewed by as much as -- over-valued by as much as 5x.
7:08 am
it's mind-blowing to see these types of valuations on these companies that not only don't make money but don't necessarily have the best moats around their business. all airbnb does is allow you to rent your house out on the internet. door dash is simply a delivery service. they have -- both these companies have built fairly good businesses. airbnb has taken a hit because of the pandemic. door dash is, revenue is up 300% this year. as an investor, i would wait for the initial public offerings to wash out. as you've seen with a lot of the other unicorns that have become public, a month, two months, three months from now, you'll be able to buy them at a lower valuation. i think these valuations are bore letterline in-- borderline insanity. there is not a lot of growth in the world and it seems that the dollar's chasing it, just keep coming it from everywhere. i'd expect to see them perform
7:09 am
pretty well on the day of based on the investor base behind them and the banks running them, they can pump the stocks up for a few days. come january or february, reality will set in. there will be a lot of insider selling, a lot of institutional selling and then for retail investors that want to get involved, that's when i would start looking at it. maria: it's funny. we've seen this story before, right. we've seen this movie before, michael. when investors bid up companies that are not making any money, ultimately things do come back to roost. so it's a good warning that you're giving our viewers. all right, let me move on to you, katherine, talk about the strength of the economy. we did get jobs numbers on friday. the federal reserve bank of atlanta has raised its fourth quarter gdp growth to 11%, that's up from 5% earlier in november. the atlanta fed looks for 11.1% growth in the fourth quarter even amid this pandemic, katherine. do you agree with this for the fourth quarter? and what's your take fourth
7:10 am
quarter into 2021, how do you want to invest around those numbers? look, you're predicting that gdp in the u.s. to surpass 3.5% in 2021, right? >> yes. fourth quarter is going to disappoint, maria. the u.k. surge and the pandemic back in the forefront of people's minds i think is going to blunt holiday purchases. fourth quarter is likely to disappoint, maria. going into 2021 it's all about consumer demand. if we get consumption rising to the extent that the market -- and in fact, i would expect it to, we will get a strong year, we'll get a recovery from this year's contraction of 3-point 5%. i'm expecting 3.7% for 2021. take a look at household debt service payments, that's compared to disposable income and there's a lot of room to grow here. versus pre-pandemic levels which was 13% of household debt service payments of disposable income. we're now at 9%.
7:11 am
if in fact we do pursue this normalcy and it comes to fruition, i think there's a lot of room for pent-up demand to explode. maria: yeah. i mean, like deals that were on the shelf will be taken off the shelf if you actually see the demand out there. and how important would of be getting back to normal in terms of everyday life, katherine? because at this point you have a lockdown that takes effect in california today. you've got worries about further lockdowns across the country. does that sort of normalize or of take your expectations down a bit if these lockdowns persist? >> there's nothing more critical than the lockdown issue. new york, new you jersey, california, chicago. these are high generating states that are effectively in lockdown. so if that persists or we get a messy rollout or a mutated virus these are massive risks i think to the economic outlook. it's all about as i said private
7:12 am
consumption. if we get the boom, if we get what the market fully expects, a return to normalcy for 2021, but i think there's a lot of room to disappoint if we get national lockdowns, really dampening economic growth. maria: eric, michael lee, katherine rooney vera, always a pleasure. thanks very much. quick break and much more ahead this morning. georgia senate candidates kelly loeffler and raphael warnock face off on the debate stage last night. did you catch it? less than one month away from elections that could change the senate's balance of power and dictate policy for america for years to come. georgia congressman doug collins is here to weigh in on that. it could be a december to remember on wall street, former nyc chairman dick grasso tells us why, next hour. renewed optimism on capitol hill over a deal after nancy pelosi says it will be done by christmas. forming acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney is here. newt gingrich weighs in on the
7:13 am
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maria: well, the only other election that matters right now, the balance of power in the senate, voters are gearing up for next month's georgia senate runoffs, watching the only debate between incumbent kelly loeffler and raphael warnock last night. watch. >> my opponent, radical liberal raphael warnock, has called police officers gangsters, thugs, bu bullies and a threat o our of children. when i gave him a chance to apologize, he decline. >> when you received the private briefing regarding the coronavirus pandemic, you dumped millions of dollars of stock in order to protect your own investments. >> i've been completely exonerated. those are lies perpetrated by the left wing media and democrats to distract from their radical agenda.
7:17 am
maria: meanwhile, democratic challenger john ossoff was left to debate an empty podium as incumbent david perdue opted not to attend the debate. joining me now is georgia congressman, house judiciary committee member, doug collins. always a pleasure to see you. love having you. let's talk about the debate last night, your reaction. >> it was exactly what we knew would happen in georgia, you saw a conservative who should be elected, senator loeffler, who needs to go back to the senate so we can keep chuck schumer from enacting the policies that raphael warnock espouses. he's against our military and our police. you see that last night. he would expand government, expand the takeover in our lives. i thought it was funny. he wants to expand the government in every part of our lives except when he talked about the unborn, he thought the government was too big to be in the room with the patient and doctor. i think it's funny for a reverend that he forgot one other person that's in the room,
7:18 am
and that's god. i think it's interesting to see the difference between a conservative and liberal, that's what people saw. maria: kelly loeffler was ready for that. she answered him quickly. he would not answer whether or not he would vote yes to packing the court. he said i'm not focused on it. he's got to be focused on it at some point if it's something he needs to vote on. he's going to have to vote on whether or not to pack the vote. he should answer it. >> yeah, he's completely focused on it. here's what he is completely focused on, doing exactly was his consultants told him to do. look, in georgia you can't get elected if you say you want to pack the supreme court. you can't get elected if you want to talk about a government over healthcare. he's trying to appeal to people in georgia that are not like him. he's a liberal that wants to expand georgia. georgia is a conservative state that doesn't want the government that far in their lives. he those prevented. we've seen it -- pretend. we've seen it with joh john ossf for the entire time. one of his aides said he had to
7:19 am
tamp down liberalism so he can win in georgia. it'they would govern as liberal, not as the moderates they try to portray themselves as. maria: john ratcliffe joined me yesterday on sunday morning futures, saying he rejects what former cyber security and infrastructure security agency director chris krebs said about election security. is enough being done to protect the election moving forward? do you expect fraud in the january runoff? >> . let's not forget what stacy abrams said. she said she has almost 1 million ballots already. she has 1 million mail-in ballots already, congressman. >> well, that's interesting to see because they only started getting mailed out a few days ago. what she trying to do is to over-play her role. she has talked about voter
7:20 am
suppression in georgia. she wants to build her own self up because of her political ambitions. she's looking at that. so what we have to look at, we shine a lot of spotlight on the problems in georgia. we said there are problems that need to be fixed and by what we've done and what the president's team has done, by making sure the signature verification is valid, to make sure they're right instead of a consent decree which i believe weakened the verification. i think what the dni radcliffe was talking about is when you have these things in place, when you need to make sure that we saw anominallies across the country, that those are things people worry about. he's done a good job with foreign influence. our local election boards and our states, there's plenty to do to secure our elections. january 5th, georgians have to turn out f they're a trump voter, a conservative voter, georgia republicans have to show up and conservatives show up and vote on january 5th.
7:21 am
maria: and in terms of the evidence that rudy giuliani has put out, you've got that video of those four individuals taking suitcases out from a table in michigan. but what's your take on this? because people want to know if the fbi has questioned those people, where's bill barr? do you think they are investigating these instances that the trump team has put forth? >> whic?>> i would hope they ar. the attorney general said they are investigating. i know in georgia we're pushing for that. i think they're getting the gbi involved in some of the investigations. this incident happened, we talked about, this is not new. we talked about this two days after the election. when they said it was a water main break. so look, there was not republican observers in the room that had been documented. the press did go home. these are things that need to be addressed. fulton county has long had these kind of issues. it continues to be a problem that we need to address as we go forward.
7:22 am
maria: well, we saw the pictures of them. that was in georgia. the georgia state where they're taking the suitcases out. congressman, good to see you this morning. thank you, sir. we'll see you soon. congressman doug collins. we'll be right back. so you only for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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7:26 am
it to spread to the rest of the world and that didn't just have the effect of wrecking the global economy. it didn't just have the effect of killing millions of people including hundreds of thousands of americans, it also had grave political consequences. here in the united states, the pandemic influenced a lot about how people voted, but also how they had to vote as a result of the pandemic, we saw state legislature as little as 90 days before the election adopting new voting procedures. essentially we had universal mail-in balloting across the country in a way we hadn't seen before. maria: joining me this morning, dagen mcdowell and lee carter. dagen, we've talked a lot about china. john ratcliffe really laid it out yesterday. it goes well beyond the coronavirus. china has made no secret of the fact that it wants to return to being the number one super power. it wants to overtake the united states economically, militarily, and technologically. dagen: and because it unleashed
7:27 am
this virus, this pandemic on the world, which has killed 282 more in the united states alone, more than 1.5 million people around the globe and it has put our economy in a position that literally will take a decade or more for us to recover from. because of the vast permanent destruction of jobs in this country. we've racked up what our budget deficit for the fiscal year that ended in september was north of $3 trillion. the federal reserve can monetize that debt, finance that debt but we have to come calling to lenders like china around the globe for years to come. so we are flat on our backs in terms of our economy and i said last week on the five that if joe biden is going to borrow the america first line or message from president trump, then i want joe biden to call this what it is. it's the china virus. it's the china plague. i want to hear him say that.
7:28 am
maria: yeah. and i want to hear and incoming team recognize the threat of china. lee, i don't know if you caught what ratcliffe said yesterday. at one point he said that they have intelligence that shows that what china is doing right now is testing the 2 million plo members, 2 million communists there in leadership, they're testing them so they can enhance their capabilities, human enhancing. that's called gene editing, they're trying to make soldiers, military people able to handle extreme weather or able to handle a chemical attack and they're testing it right now on humans, members of the plo. obviously they're not doing it willingly. but this is who we're dealing with. lee: yeah, i mean, it's been fascinating to watch china over the last few decades. it used to be we viewed china as not as a threat because everybody thought they would of
7:29 am
stay in their own borders, they would be focused on making it the best china could be internally, not ex personally. that's -- externally. that's clearly not the case now. that's one thing people agree on. there's very few things that democrats and republicans want. republicans and democrats both want america to be tough on china, to be prepared for china as a threat, not just because of the coronavirus, not just because of intellectual property, but because of overall the threat that china poses to america. and so it's going to be really interesting to see -- go ahead. maria: no, no, go ahead, finish your thought, lee. lee: i think it's really -- it's going to be really interesting to see how joe biden plays his hand here. because many people during the election really felt that joe biden was not going to be the candidate that was tough on china. they thought he was going to be much less tough on china and he was going to be the globalist president. and as we're getting closer now to a biden administration, i think it's going to be interesting to see how he plays this out because it's something
7:30 am
the american people take very seriously. maria: the other thing that ratcliffe said was that right now the chinese communist party is undergoing bribery and blackmail. they're trying to bribe and blackmail members of congress so you wonder what the hunter biden laptop is going to mean in terms of bribery and blackmail when it comes to the u.s. so we'll be watching that and we'll be all over it, should we understand that china deepens that blackmail problem significance. coming -- proposition. it could be a december of to remember on wall street, we're speaking to dick grasso. he'll tell you why, when we come back. stay with us. ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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and now we're coming to her and saying, "it's okay to have faith." it's okay to light the hanukkah candles. for just $25, you can help supply the essential foods they desperately need for one month. i just want to encourage all of you to join with yael eckstein and the wonderful work of the international fellowship of christians and jews. god tells us to take care of them, to feed the hungry. and i pray holocaust survivors will be given the basic needs that they so desperately pray for to survive. maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, december 7th. a look at markets this morning, 7:33 a.m. on the east coast. we're looking at a decline, futures indicating a triple digit loss for the dow, down 115
7:34 am
points, a third of a percent, the nasdaq weaker by 12, s&p 500 down by 13. european markets are also really morph a fixed story in europe, there are reports that a brexit deal could collapse the ft100 is up you 23, the dax is lower by 50. in asia markets were mostly lower on economic data. china's november exports up 21.1%. that is the fastest pace since february 2018. the growth apparently helping to generate a $75.42 billion trade surplus in china. keep in mind, this data comes from the chinese communist party. the best performer overnight was korea, up half a percent. millions of california residents are waking up to new coronavirus restrictions, lockdowns once again. cheryl casone with details. cheryl. cheryl: maria, they're tough. more than 23 million people in southern california are under
7:35 am
the nation's harsh lockdown orders as capacity in icu units is close to dangerous left. levels. the measures include business closures and dining at restaurants is banned. travel is banned for nonessential activities. in new york city, elementary school kids are returning to class today with new rules in place. every parent must sign a testing consent form so the district can randomly test students for covid-19. middle and high school students won't likely return in-person this year. well, the united states is preparing another round of sanctions against china. secretary of state mike pompeo is set to sign off on the sanctions which will target at least a dozen high ranking chinese officials. this comes as china disqualified lawmakers in hong kong citing questionable loyalty to mainland china. the news pressured asian markets overnight. kia is recalling nearly 300,000 vehicles in the u.s. because engines could stall and catch
7:36 am
fire. the recall includes some sorrento, optima hybrid and store damage models -- sportage models. this comes after they were fined by the u.s. government for delaying recalls. finally, today is december 7t december 7th, the anniversary of japan's sneak attack on pearl harbor. no world war ii veterans will attend today's remembrance ceremony. coronavirus restrictions are keeping them away for the 79th anniversary of the early morning bombing that plunged the world and the united states in particular into the second world war. flags will be at half staff in remembrance of the more than 2400 lives that were lost that day, maria. those are some of your headlines. back to you. maria: cheryl, thank you so much. stimulus is in focus on wall street. house speaker nancy pelosi feeling more optimistic on capitol hill. she says she's more op optimistc
7:37 am
about reaching a deal, says she's confident about passing a deal before the christmas holiday. right now a proposal of $908 billion is on the table. joining me now is the former chairman and ceo of the new york stock exchange, dick grasso. thank you for being here. >> maria, always great to be with you and i'm so glad that cheryl pointed out to your many loyal veteran viewers that today marks the 79th anniversary of the hideous, hideous attack on our troops at pearl harbor. where 2403 americans lost their lives. may they rest in peace. and may all -- may all of us put aside our republican, our democrat, our ideologies and reflect for a moment on the great sacrifices of those who fought in world war ii, making the world a safer and better place. maria: you're right. thank god.
7:38 am
and it is what actually got the united states into the war to fight evil of naziism, dick. today we are worried about another evil and that is the chinese communist party. that's one of the issues that are topic a. the trump administration doing more sanctions. it hasn't impacted wall street very much. we're talking about a stimulus package. how do you assess where we are right now, dick? we're talking about another round of stimulus for the economic recovery. we're still staying at home but we've got a vaccine on the horizon. where are we from your standpoint? >> well, i think the market a, as you know so well, maria, is a forward-looking engine. and what the market is telling us, having crossed 30,000, is that we will have not a vaccine, but multiple vaccines that will be successful in treating the china virus. we'll have a h very effective
7:39 am
distribution and vaccination program in the united states, a stimulus bill before the house and senate adjourned until the christmas holidays and what a difference a day makes as i listen to speaker pelosi commenting on why she's today willing to accept a much smaller package than she was demanding just before the election and her commentary was purely political. well, we have a different president incoming. well, it's time for washington and particularly those embedded on the either side of the aisle to recognize ordinary americans are hurting. restauranteurs, the service workers, those who are in collateral industries need the help of the people we send to washington. it's time for them to wake up and do something on behalf of the american people. and with respect to what the
7:40 am
market is saying going forward, i think there's an underlying commentary that the incoming president, if in fact joe biden is confirmed by the electoral college in a few days, the incoming president will have of to work both sides of the aisle, because the market anticipates a continuance of split government. the senate being in control of the republican leadership, the house remaining with the democrats. and i think president-elect biden, if in fact he's confirmed, will have to work with both sides of the aisle. that's been good for markets historically, maria, and that's good for america because america is not pursuing the model of venezuela. we are not a socialist country. and i think when you look collectively at some of the nonsense that's gone on about
7:41 am
the nanny state and shutting everything down, that's not what america is about. america is about bold, risk taking, people doing it intelligently. and i think what the market is telling us, this time next year those who are wise enough to take that horizonal view of 12 months, the market will greatly reward. maria: yeah. you make a lot of good points. that's similar to what do don peebles said last week, when don peebles joined us, real estate executive. he said i would have liked to see joe biden choose some conservatives, put a conservative in your cabinet so the rest of the country understands you're hearing both sides when thinking about policy. markets love a divided government. they're betting that the republicans keep the senate in this upcoming january race. but traditionally we have seen a rise in stock prices during the month of december. the pandemic of course has caused a lot of the volatility
7:42 am
because of those lockdowns that you mentioned. but what do you see in regard to a santa claus rally this year, dick? i'll never forget the times i was on the floor of the new york stock exchange and when we hit 20,000, you started handing out dow 20,000 hats. here we are at dow 30 of thousand. >> well, i think santa is preparing his sleigh of good stock choices right now, maria. i think one of the things that the market is perhaps under-valuing is the similar by relationship that will occur between janet yellen and jay powell. i think that's going to be a very, very positive impact upon the marketplace in terms of how the administration looks upon its fiscal policies and how the fed will guide monetary policies. i'm very confident as i said a moment ago that those who are not attempting to day trade the
7:43 am
market but are looking out six to 12 months, santa's going to be very good to them this year. maria: let me ask you about this story, dick. goldman sachs is apparently reportedly weighing plans for a new financial hub in florida, instead of new york. sign of the times, huh, dick grasso. it follows a exodus from the high tax state. the report says that goldman sachs is eyeing a move to florida for one of its key divisions in what could yet be another major blow to new york city, dick, a physician at the helm of -- position at the helm of the financial industry, goldman sachs putting a big new hub in florida. what's your take? >> well, kudos to david solomon for sending the chairman and ceo of goldman sachs, for sending a message to governor cuomo and to mayor de blasio that no one is held hostage by some of the
7:44 am
insane tactics and policies that the two of them have collectively delivered against new york and new yorkers. i think what goldman is saying is time to wake up, gentlemen, and recognize new york has been the financial capital of the world the last 200 years. and if you don't get your act together in terms of taxing, in terms of business incentives, in terms certainly of new york city, this idea of a shutdown is pure insanity. i think what goldman sachs is saying is we are looking at moving gsam, goldman sachs asset management, to florida. however, nothing is final until it's final, maria. golgoldman sachsput a fabulous e west side highway. it's run by new yorkers. yes, it's a global firm.
7:45 am
but new york has been and will always be, in my view, the financial capital of the world. capital of capital starts right here in lower manhattan. maria: yep. well, it's an $8 billion revenue generating asset management arm and by the way, right now this is a bloomberg story, there is now the most a office space empty in manhattan since 9/11 right now. dick grasso, always a pleasure. great to talk with you this morning. stay with us. we'll be right back. yeah!? i switched to geico and got more! more savings on car insurance!? they helped with homeowners, too! ok! plus motorcycle, boat and rv insurance! geico's got you covered! like a blanket! houston? you seeing this? geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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hmaria: welcome back.
7:49 am
two of the most wanted gifts this holiday season have been some of the hardest to find, both the play station 5 and the x-box series xns flying off shelves, both in-store and online. joining me right now is e-sports host and streamer, katie bedford. great to see you. how big is the demand for these consoles? >> it's enormous. thank you so much for having me. you said it correctly. they've been flying off the shelves. you can't find them physically in stores and good luck trying to find them when they come back in stock online. because they've been absolutely in huge, huge demand, especially for families looking to pick them up for kids coming the holiday season. maria: so the resale market is thriving as well, because of the shortage. you've got some consoles selling for double or triple the price, climbing at high as $32,000 we saw for one ps5 and $8,000 for an x-box. tell me about that.
7:50 am
>> yeah, so that's been a little bit of a struggle. because obviously if there's demand for people to be buying these off-market then people are going to hike up those prices and resell those consoles. but realistically, no one should be buying one of these new consoles for prices like that. and here's why, maria. those exclusive games for those brand-new consoles, they're not out yet. there's no real reason to need one of those consoles right now. so people are honestly better off waiting until they can restock them. obviously it's difficult during a pandemic to be able to get those supplies out. so parents, folks that are itching for them, i haven't been able to buy my ply station 5 yet -- my play station 5 yet. that's okay. i know the games i'm looking forward to haven't been released. if you're looking for something being resold, you don't know the integrity of it, the condition of it, the have lidit lidity -- validity of the piece. i would tell people to yo wait. it's not the end of the world. you can wait to get your play
7:51 am
station or your x-box. maria: how soon will another technology take them out? look at what happened with the walkman when the ipod came through and look what happened with the flip phone when the iphone came up. so you know, you've got to be careful that a another new technology doesn't exceed the one you just bought which was used anyway. katie, great to see you. thanks very much. wanted to see what was hot on the docket this year for christmas. quick break and comin coming up, we have the buzz coming up. welcome to hawaii, how the aloha state is enticing people to move there. it's certainly making a buzz this morning. stay with us. ♪ ayou rieu bay -- ♪ aruba, jamaica. ♪ oh, i want to take you. ♪
7:52 am
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7:55 am
round-trips to the out-of-state residents looking to live and contribute to the island. it's part of a program called movers and shakers. 50 professionals will be chosen to be more than just tourists. lee, could this help the economy there? lee: i think it can. i mean, we're seeing all kinds of incentives around the world for people to come and work. you see it in the barbados, we're seeing it in hawaii. and why not? if you are stuck at home and you're able to work virtually and you don't have anything holding you back, why not take a semester abroad. i think it's a great idea and i think people should take them up on it. maria: yeah. i think people are interested in helping the hawaii economy. i know we are on this program. so we'll have to consider that. next up, 2020's top trends on youtube, dagen. dave chapelle's standup netflix special and sketch on snl taking home the first and second place spots for top trending videos.
7:56 am
rickie gervais' monologue taking the top five spot. i know you've seen all of this, dagen. are you surprised you made it to the top trending this year. dagen: they are two of my favorite gentlemen. the special that dave china chae did stood up for humor and stood up for like busting through barriers like no one was spared in that. i go back and watch it all the time. rickie gervais, he takes no prisoners. i love when he gives hollywood their comeuppance. it's blissful. maria: still ahead, a big 8:00 a.m. hour. mick mulvaney is here, newt gingrich is here on the other side of this break. it all starts next hour. "mornings with maria" is live on fox business. stay with us. ♪ why do you fill me up, butter cup. ♪ baby, just to let me down,. ♪ and then worst of all, you
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning aifrng thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, december 7th top stories 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast, the fight for fair and free election deepens tro legal team won a forensic examination of 22 voting dominion machines you'd in semijudge alito movers you up to election. >> newt gingrich here later this hour on all of this we are examining thank you origins of the russia probe hear what john ratcliffe told me status of the jean durham report the threat that is china learning the country is doing human testing to
8:01 am
genetically enhance its military focusing on stlif we nude optimism on cap i'll have over a deal speaker nancy pelosi says done by christmas, mulvaney joins me to discuss this and a o lot more market lower futures indicating we will see a -- well we are off the lows of the day, we will see a double-digit decline start of trading dow jones industrial average, down 95 nasdaq down 5 s&p 500 weaker 12 1/4 on top of modest gains all week the incomes up dow industrials up 1%, nasdaq up better than 2% in fact, the -- market is up, 4 out of last five weeks we are on it all morning this morning, "mornings with maria" is live right now. >> european markets this morning are mixed ft 100 up 25 cac quarante down 46 dax lower by 52.
8:02 am
in asia overnight, markets finished mostly lower we had economic data out with china november export report shows zports rose 21.1% fastest pace consistency february 2018 help generate a 75.42-billion-dollar trade surplus, in china, keep in mind data does come from the chinese communist party, top stories we are watching this morning, president trump personal attorney rudy giuliani says that he is feeling good this morning, after testing positive for covid-19, he tweeted this, thank you to all my friends and followers for all the prayers kind wishes, i am getting great carry and feeling good. recovering quickly keeping uping with everything prior to diagnosis the former new yorkcy mayor updated me on status of the trump campaign legal fight. >> this was pattern set by somebody in washington everybody else cared out exactly the same way did it in crooked sez didn't do it everywhere did it in -- in
8:03 am
philadelphia, pittsburgh, detroit, in milwaukee, atlanta. they went to places where -- there is a lot of corruption. maria: this as michigan judge orders the forensic examination of 22 dominion voting machines ahead of tomorrow's safe harbor decline, supreme court justice alightlio moved the decline up for pennsylvania representative kelly's lawsuit to over turn the state election results moved that up to tomorrow, versus wednesday as brian kemp rejected the president call for special special of the state legislature to appoint different presidential electors. >> job rounding out potential cabinet has chosen roschelle walensky chief of about these infectious disease,
8:04 am
hhas javier becerra. >> have nancy pelosi change heing tune vowing to get a deal done before the hollywood break saying she has spoken to mitch mcconnell about it, and that negotiations are were progress a proposed 908-billion-dollar bipartisan deal on the table, includes a 300 dollar weekly unemployment payment, and 288 billion dollars in new small business forgivable loans. >> so that nancy pelosi has spoke hen out on stimulus investigations, the momentum to about potential 908-billion-dollar bill expected a deal as she says made by glass as she and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell are in talks to attach coronavirus aide to omnibus spending bill would keep the government open avoid a shutdown to talk more about that former acting white house chief of staff former omb
8:05 am
director mulvaney do you agree with thating attaching 908-billion-dollar stimulus to omnibus bill to keep government open. >> sure in a general sense maria that is how things get done in washington especially to end of a calendar year-end of extended fiscal year where we are i think as of friday the government runs out of funding on friday. so they have to pass something in order to keep the government open this idea using a carrier will ordinary course of business in washington, d.c., doesn't surprise me talking about, wrapping it all into one, i have been surprised they haven't done that already however, when i hear nancy say she is absolutely getting something before christmas i take her at her word to a certain extent i was sort of one of the folks thought it would be done before election already done by now only four days left to put this together 900 billion sounds smaller than three trillion there is a lot of details into a piece of legislation between now and friday. if they want o to attach it to
8:06 am
funding many of them. >> if she says i agree to 908 billion dollars deal, but a few weeks ago before the election, she would not hear of anything below 2 1/2 trillion dollars, is this because now she will negotiate because she thinks president trump is out? >> mo that is how washington works palm beaches does not exist in washington, d.c., you say one thing monday entirely different on tuesday no one seems to hold anybody accountable for it you take whatever she said before, and throw it away the true answer is probably she didn't pass a piece of legislation before election, because she thought it was not good for her politically now looking hands over thinking maybe getting advantage georgia senate race if she passes legislation right now i think politics driving everything again, the problem here is not the amount of money it is amount of time, i think you are right the reporting is accurate in that there is now
8:07 am
willingness amongst republicans especially in senate to talk about smaller bill i am hearing the same thing, but i am also hearing there is still a real lack of detail you have to have that you can't say we are going to pass a bill on friday, and pass it the bill has feedback vetted reviewed at least to a certain extent in washington, d.c., there is just not that much time left to do that between now and friday. maria: let me ask you about china whether or not, the potential incoming team understands the threat u.s. now reportedly pressing new sanctions on at least a dozen chinese officials, over the ccp role in disqualifying opposition legislators in hong kong yesterday on "sunday morning futures" i spoke with director of national intelligence john ratcliffe about economic threat china represents take a listen. >> china and china alone, is the greatest national security threat we fade we see them click as you talked about stealing intellectual property through cyberwarfare stealing
8:08 am
from our universities, stealing medical research all to gain information when they know is what you need to dominate technologically, china is not a good arc integrally we need to call them out for thath what they are not what they pretend to be. . >> mick a why is a where our chaik double the incoming names you heard about biden wants to name in terms of national security team understand the threat china represents right now. >> i think they do, i know there was a knock-on vice president biden running for president that he might be sort of on china what i think folks are missing markets are missing that is one of the few bipartisan things in washington, d.c., right now sort of this concern about this antipathy towards china i think a continuation of current policies one of the things coronavirus taught us china is not ready to be treated amongst first tier of
8:09 am
nations you can't treat china the way you would treat jay a germany or united kingdom it is different they are not in that first tier you cannot treat them the same the democrats especially democrats on hill get that regardless whatever criticisms existed of biden during campaign i think you are going to continue to see ab harsher attitude towards china in incoming administration, listen, especially toward biden administration said about how chinese are handling the uighurs if biden is that interested in pursuing you matze at least as harsher on china as trump administration i think markets miss that i think a continuation of a firm stance on china as we go into 2021. maria: well that is good news i mean just last week we spoke with jimmy lai media tycoon on frontlines in protests in hong kong now behind bars china detaining him now word is he is not out until his trial
8:10 am
kiss april 2021, because they've got new national security laws in place, that anybody who says anything bad about china, you are locked up, and they are saying they can do that to anybody across the world, it is pretty extraordinary, i want to get your take on georgia the state two senate runoffs races happening less than a month voters last night saw the only debate between incumbent kelly loeffler and warnock, democratic challenger ossoff left to debate empty podium dave perdue said i am not going opted not to tend your take when we saw last night how senator perdue's decision to not attend will effectuate the race what strikes you most about upcoming race in january. >> i thought doug collins had cing thoughts in earlier segment i think you are seeing georgia getting back to normal, that was talking about now in georgia are the issues and less about personalities
8:11 am
president not driving the race wornt georgia revert to what it is 51, 49, 52, 48 state senator perdue won election outright, on election night back in november he just did not get the 50% necessary under georgia law to win that race, so, i think what you are going to see is georgia revert to when where it ordinarily it center right state many it be difficult race yes pressures from both provides on race yes, a huge amount of money spent absolutely, will georgia's races drive washington, d.c., for the next six weeks, yes they will again comes back to the comment o possibly about why unanimous is changeing position on stimulus all about georgia all about control of the senate, the end of the day, the feeling that i am getting from talking to a my friends down there is that georgia is getting back to where it will in order narrowly is slightly center right reddish gray shade of purple state the outcome i think you will see in january. >> all right.
8:12 am
we will be watching, great to see you this morning thank you so much. >> thanks maria. >> coming up former speaker of the house newt gingrich here to talk about latest on president trump's legal battle we will talk with him coming up then hear from california restaurant owner said she he is on vestige losing his business because of governor newsom's shutdown order get ready for another shutdown beginning today in california joining me all morning long dagen mcdowell lee cafeteria back to being fantastic panel after this short break you are watching mornings live on fox business.
8:13 am
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maria: welcome back, dow has been trading at two-year low, we are watching it, some analysts see weakening dollar trend lasting at least another six months, it weakened 3% last month is down almost 6% for the year, joining me right now more within impact of a weaker dollar wells fargo senior global market
8:16 am
strategist scott rand, of thanks very much for being here first off what is pushing the $now to a two-year low? what is the impact. >> maria, i think what you are seeing, is you know always good safety in status like treasury bonds as we have seen vaccines develop as we've seen, the potential logistically fore probably what is going to at least initially be a pretty good distribution of vaccines, i think that, we are seeing some of the safe haven status come out of the dollar, we are seeing some better economic performance some he emerging markets particularly china taiwan south korea things like that, so those are some of the things, that have been moving the dollar this year, but as you mentioned if you look at dollar index down 6% year-over-year look how much gold moved stocks have moved. on percentage basis how much the 10-year yield has moved so what you compare the volatility, in the dollar
8:17 am
really to these other these other asset classes the dollar really hasn't moved all that much. >>. >> all right, you also have to look where interest rates are obviously, but how would you want to invest? when you see a dollar where it is right now does that take tate how you allocate capital scott. >> i think so, and you know, for us maria it is kind of part of one of the components when trying to figure out what we want to do, weaker dollar usually that is win, for earnings, and so that is a little bit of a help, i don't think the market is too focused on it right now dollar hasn't real moved that much. but for us we are expecting, better u.s. and better international economic growth so, you know, we lean towards technology, taking a little bit of money off the table there, we are still overweight like communications services consumer discretionary we like health care just added a little bit of money to materials, so we've been looking at industrials, so,
8:18 am
from our perspective, that is one component the dollar but we are really focused on is where is global growth going to look like what is going to happen with vaccines, when are they going to get out? then, of course, u.s. rebound had headwinds lately with lockdowns are we going to see further rebound there? so we have a positive outlook i think s&p 500 will be around 3900, the the end of next year look at see math, tack on a couple percent dividends 10% return we think pretty good over the next 12, 13 months. you can't get that kilometer places with rates where they are for sure 10% return but you are right close to one or two vaccines as soon as this month certainly, a big a big positive, in terms of getting back to normal you mentioned global growth do you see synchronized global growth right now. >> i think not going to be
8:19 am
synchronized the eurozone is going to continue to be a problem they have secular issues, that usually always europe grows slower than us higher unemployment their stimulus package not all that brief impressive, uneven global growth next 12 months, emerging market we have not been really fond of have sort of warmed up to lately just because of the performance china south korea taiwan ation mentioned before i go i think you have to look at pockets where global growth is going to be good more dependable, and emerging markets to developed first, emerging looks more interesting to us right now. >> all right. we will leave it there great to talk with you thanks so much up of. >> joining us on investing today wells fargo, coming up
8:20 am
hollywood hypocrisy matthew mcconauhey latest to call out hollywood elite we discuss double standard of the far left when we come right back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ baby, ♪ ♪ .
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
maria: welcome back, calling out hollywood hypocrisy a lister matthew mcconaughey spoke but about far left hollywood colleagues take a listen. >> the far left would go "well -- dude there is a lot on that left that condescending, arrogant towards that other
8:24 am
50% in our industry when trump was voted in four years ago. they were in denial that it was real. >>. maria: dagen mcdowell reaction. dagen: hollywood liberals the gone further than that they aren't just intolerant if you voted for president trump, you've ever had a maga hat on top of your head our nazi a big oft a racist that is where they go they go immediately, do i think though that this loudest voices if you will on social media coming from hollywood, people who really don't have much of a career left. that they spend all their time like deborah messing making fun of kelly loeffler's face on twitter last night mar tina navratilova making fun of love love's face fine and dandy the difference between matthew
8:25 am
mcconaughey decade of career ahead of him beloved by people left and center or robert de niro long in tooth had to deage him digitally in "irishman "to stress of i think most upset active on social media are people who don't have careers anymore. >> lee what do you think? >> i think more people need to listen to him bottom line is this joe biden has this message of unity sounds great when you have a democratic party for the the last four years told people that interested trumpure racist xenophobic, are fascist in educated uninformed how do you expect to come together you can't bite that away act like it never happened the american people people who supported him on trump and are republican feel that it comes out when you talk to them i think the left really has to get armed around and understand if they want to
8:26 am
bring this country together, reach across the aisle. dagen: in manhattan president trump increased voter share in presidential election, now granted but more people did vote for him, than four years ago. and i know who they are, because they all come up to me in the street small business owners lives i livelihoods being destroyed by left wing policies by andy cuomo, and mayor bill de blasio they fear left wing liberals will do the same to entire nation voted for president trump might not tell left wing friends that but sure as hell tell me that in person on the street i don't even know them. >> they feel president trump is fighting for them we will take a break when we come back doing a -- a look at the fight for a free and fair election,
8:27 am
rudy giuliani tells me how does he thinks they are in one state. >> one on if verge of losing his business because of the recent shutdown stay with us. ♪ ♪ it's been a tough year. and now with q4 wrapping up, the north pole has to be feeling the heat. it's okay santa, let's workflow it. workflow it...? -uh-huh. just picture it... with the now platform, we'll have the company you always imagined. efficient, productive, seamless. ok, i'm in. whatever your business is facing... let's workflow it. servicenow.
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q. welcome back, good monday morning, everyone thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, december 7th we are an hour away from the opening bell, a take a look at markets 8:30 a.m. eastern we are expecting a decline start trading off the worst levels of the morning nasdaq turned positive it is up, one half of one point s&p 500 off the lows, down just about 11
8:31 am
points, right now, european markets this morning look like this, take a look at ft 100 actually bucking the trend up 15 cac quarante lower by 450, dax index he lower by 48, in asia overnight market finished o mostly lower exception of korea china november and so forth, up 21.1% helped generate 75.42-billion-dollar trade surplus, of course, numbers and data comes from chinese communist party. elsewhere battle brewing between google and online conglomerate iac interactive cheryl: that is right google removed a number of -- over the weekend for quote policy he violations reportedly considering to ask impose severe pents what they call deceptive marketing practices saying they misled, could ban
8:32 am
those products from browser, iac denying allegations. >> goldman sachs looking to move to operations out of new york city reportedly considering moving its asset management branch to florida to take advantage of tax incentives, has been operating remotely no move announced but some say florida isn't only location being skoutdz there are reports goldman looking at dallas texas goldman in premarket, down more than half a percent, exodus of new york city continues. >> nearly 143,000 candles sold addollar tree recalled because they pose fire burn hazards -- moonlight candles at dollar tree locations nationwide from july to september consumers should shop using them contact dollar tree for full refund. >> more than 8 million people
8:33 am
bought first gun last year making up nearly half sales to smith & wesson, on top of 19 million background checks more than 123,000 of those were done on cyber monday alone, final, waiting on tax refund irs sitting on major backlog of mail includes estimates one million tax returns not processed iflt rs will pay interest on overdue refunds but may not son of the blow for those frankly having to wait on the money during a pandemic. and those are headlines, maria, back to you. maria: all right, cheryl. thank you so much, meanwhile, challenging the election results, president trump, legal team, continues to fight to prove election fraud across the country, putting the focus on six major swing states attorney for president trump rudy giuliani told me yesterday, on "sunday morning futures," that they are looking closely at one state
8:34 am
in particular. >> you challenged six swing states where are we in each of these states? >> i think georgia would probably furthest along georgia, of course, has a bombshell evidence of the tape recording of the election with everyone chased out about 2:00 in the morning o locked down five people left luckily camera were on they didn't know it then took ballots out hidden under a table all day, and then spent the rest of the night counting secret ballots. and, are clearly secret phony ballots in which they excluded all rpdz all democrats all law enforcement i think 148,000 to 7,000. 148,000 for biden 7,000 for trump [laughter] you get a pretty good idea how they cheated. . >> joining me right now former speaker of the house fox news issue contributor newt gingrich great to get your insights good morning to you thank you for being here rudy
8:35 am
giuliani calls that video -- a smoking gun. you know of people pulling suitcases from under a table i questioned that i keep asking has fbi questioned those four individuals? late at night they asked everybody to leave the room, everybody goes home, or over for the night, leaves when everybody leaves four individuals lowest take suitcases out from under a table what is your take? >> well, look i am with you i think there are so many examples in michigan, wisconsin, arizona, nevada, pennsylvania and georgia, that have really very surprised that the fbi has not been very aggressive in going after this, of course, the amazing thing about the video that we're talking about, is that was a security camera. and pretty hard to argue, that somebody contaminatampered with
8:36 am
enough evidence to more than switch state back to trump which is why amazing to me, that the left wing propaganda media refuses to take seriously all these different examples. you know example in wisconsin. where at least 200,000 votes cast illegally just based on wisconsin state law. you have the situation in pennsylvania where virtually everybody agrees in a there was corruption on a huge basis. in nevada you've got i think 600,000 votes, know republican has even seen. because the democrats in legislature and governor decided to keep. so every time you turn around you find more evidence, and i think we have seen governor kemp begin to move towards saying hay we need to find out what happened moved from position saying there
8:37 am
withesn't a ag breaks it wide-open do i on the see how you can argue biden cared the state given scale of the security camera the number of ballots that rudy giuliani just cited. >> came on show, said there are up to 1,000 affidavits 1,000 sworn testimony of people saying i winced fraud every paper says president trump has gone not proven widespread fraud we are looking at pictures i don't understand us why media is not to recollecting some of the things like individuals pulling suitcases out from underneath the table so i went he to outside analysiss spoke with harvard law professor emeritus dershowitz yesterday asked whether or not state legislatures can appoint electors following vote sers should the supreme court intervene listen to what alan dershowitz told me yesterday.
8:38 am
>> do you feel that giuliani has been presenting evidence he had with videos witness testimony he said 1,000s affidavits. so that yes these are retailed evidence that has to be determined to be true, by cross examination and witnesses the unanswered constitutional question is do they have the power state legislatures to pick electors after vote, if they conclude voters count has been so some way fraudulent or wrongly that is a constitutional question we don't know the answer to, and the supreme court may get to decide that question. maria: so newt we might hear from supreme court this week pennsylvania may be the first to do so justice alito calling on state officials to respond to congressman dely's suit by tuesday that is tomorrow suit aims to block state election results over 2019 mail-in voting law newt mike kelly is saying you can't change the
8:39 am
way that we vote like they did in o 2019, which went against what the constitution says. >> i think there is a pennsylvania judge said it was open-and-shut case didn't see how you could claim biden had cared the state by the way, i watched yesterday with dershowitz we thought you did a great job i thought alan was very effective in describing this. but if you look at the constitution. we only reference is a single sentence about when says it is left to the state legislatures. doesn't say up to governor secretary of state, so up to state legislatures, so those state legislature i think could intervene decisively could vote electors pledged to vote for whoever wins final count. not pledge to anybody right
8:40 am
this minute literally i think in a number certainly in nevada, wisconsin, pennsylvania, and georgia they are arguably in michigan and arizona, i don't know who really carried the state american people deserve again whether trump or not they deserve an honest count to have an honest election to remain a free country. >> that is right i mean that is why we want to get to the bottom of this newt, do you think this president still has a path to victory knowing all that you've seen? time is running out going into certification process what is your take on where we are? >> to a well, good friend of mine said they had reviewed arizona and thought the chance of his recapturing arizona jumped from 5 to 40%. based on all the new evidence, i would say with at the emergence, this is to myanmar this is fascinating the longer this has gone on, the more
8:41 am
citizens have shown up, bringing all sorts of evidence we never dreamed of truck driver drove a truck loaded from new york to pennsylvania of ballots video from security camera every time you turn around more examples almost like american people are out there right now being their own -- election investigators. because the fbi is not doing its job because they so deeply distrust the government i think with every passing day you are going to get more examples of this kind of news, by the way, this doesn't get to the question of these voting machines, and who owned them, whether or not there are rigged, what did it mean that they went through barcelona spain to frankfort, germany to be counted. there are so many things wrong with this election that it is astonishing. >> really is, people need to understand that any election
8:42 am
fraud carries a 5 to 10-year jail sentence these are felonies, for those people who were driving the truck, driving ballots from -- new york to pennsylvania. you need to understand the consequences. let me ask you about the democrat obstruction because wyoming senator barrasso has op-ed out in the journal noted democrats voted against cabinet nominees after president's 2016 win ham stringing the administration early days pretty much entire presidency so many people acting secretary of this acting secretary of that couldn't get confirmation barrasso wrote joe biden has begun to name men and women he wants to serve key positions don't expect senate republicans to forget how the democrats treated mr. trump's nominees don't expect tens of millions of americans who voted for mr. trump in 2061 and 2020 to forget it either.
8:43 am
snoout should republicans retake senate do you expect any joe biden potential nominees to face confirmation issues. >> i think many will he unemployed a radical pro abortion person head of health and human services a non appointments are going to have serious scrutiny i have every reason to believe that is the job of the senate, is to advice and consent it doesn't have to consent if in fact it concludes the nominees is a bad person. >> well, we will see, i mean it certainly was four years of dragging things out, trying to put as many roadblocks in front of president trump they were successful doing so -- >> look i think we would be healthier as a country if mcconnell made clear if president wants to meet with senate republicans before naming people they can reach a moderate nominee, that they can agree on, they will get
8:44 am
them through quickly but if determined to send up a radical or somebody like this is omb director, who tweeted lots and lots of vicious things about republicans we should not expect that person to get through the senate very easily. >> all right newt great -- newt gingrich. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> we'll be right back. now is the time for a new bath from bath fitter.
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maria: welcome back small business on pandemic many business owners struggling to say open right now as more restrictions are placed on their operations, california governor gavin newsom is issuing shutdown orders for recently that reach an 85% ebb intensive care unit capacity people waking up in california right now to new lockdowns joining me owner of firehouse taverna in los angeles, coney canares tell us what is going on on the ground in california right now. >> well -- the last couple weeks -- we close down again to dine out, you know, basically, all the restaurants in this area doing -- on-site including me don't have a lot of tables but -- shut down
8:49 am
with no reason there is no evidence any spread of covid out dining out. there is none. so, talking to my other friends, we all in same boat we gone down the hill the way things are going it is terrible, very terrible. maria: so i know you are doing takeout; right? what has -- what has been the effect on you and your family? juaning us through how you are dealing with this. >> well, me and my -- wife have two young kids, and we are struggling to go day by day, my wife congress and helping in restaurant also, you know, while kids at school, and we just -- going to very, very difficult times i think the way -- i don't -- think over the last -- more than a couple months using
8:50 am
money, now -- i don't know i have no much of a choice, takeout -- and people that is the problem people don't want to do what they think they used to do my plan is i don't have any -- close down talking, it is tough on me. very tough. >> what are you going to do? tony have you talked about, your plan b, with your wife. >> of you not new lockdowns governor newsom put in place beginning today. >> absolutely, yes. >> do you have an alternative plan? >> i -- i what i do, i just trying to -- try to give more attention to the takeout and also, more deck owed work
8:51 am
outside to attract more people i hire, to do media, posting every day, plan b is that is all i do i am a chef all i do is cook my wife, no working right now so -- this isn't going to work out next two months, three months, you know. i -- don't want to see my myself leave i don't i don't have choice i just i continue know what to do any more i am trying hardworking more hours i used to be, i have employees need to be working to help families you know, and half employees now aren't working half people don't work for me a long time it is just -- for them, to survive, the bills.
8:52 am
>> on top of that tony is your five-year-old homeschool learning? i guess right? >> they are in private school -- with school for two kids so my wife -- can help me out working. >> we send you best regards tony konares thanks very much for sharing your story with us. we'll be right back. ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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maria: welcome back, it is time again for the morning buzz good news if you can't find time to work out a new study from the british journal of medicine, finds that you may need just 11 minutes of physical activity every day in order to live a longer life
8:56 am
current guidelines suggest 20 to 45 minutes moderate activity a day dagen what do you think 11 minutes? i know you do a lot more than that. dagen: 11 minutes is vigorous aerobic activity like blue in the face i can't breathe aerobic activity walk in from sofa to refrigerator and back does not cut it i gained more than 15 pounds during lockdown not exaggerating in the least go i am to go to be upping my daily exercise take. >> more than 11 minutes. lee what do you think. >> i find pathetic about myself i still wouldn't find 11 minutes in a day can'tfying out how not commuting doing all the things we used to do 11 minutes don't sound like a lot i love -- 11 mints a goal could make attainable vigorous exercise. >> good point where do you find it more "mornings with maria" live on fox business
8:57 am
right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: have a great day. i will see you tomorrow. "varney & co." begin-- begins now. stuart: good morning. seems like every monday there is good news on the backseat. try this: alex a's are says 24 million doses will be delivered around the country by mid january, six weeks away. the first shipments started this is a major win for operation at warp speed, 10 months from the first case. spectacular success, however 33 million people in california are now under a strict to stay at home order and it's very controversial. over the weekend angela marsden made headlines when she


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