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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 7, 2020 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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maria: have a great day. i will see you tomorrow. "varney & co." begin-- begins now. stuart: good morning. seems like every monday there is good news on the backseat. try this: alex a's are says 24 million doses will be delivered around the country by mid january, six weeks away. the first shipments started this is a major win for operation at warp speed, 10 months from the first case. spectacular success, however 33 million people in california are now under a strict to stay at home order and it's very controversial. over the weekend angela marsden made headlines when she showed her
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80000-dollar tent for outdoor dining at her restaurant. that is being closed it down, but a few feet away is an outdoor the teary at four film crews that is open. that is open and she is losing everything. she's not happy. @least to sheriffs in california say they won't enforce the lockdowns. one will join us later. to the big debate last night, a standoff between democrat raffaella and kelly loeffler. neither slide landed a knockout blow. it willed decide the balance of power in the senate and that will decide how much of the biden program gets through. that's a big deal for investors. as for the dow jones, it's going to be down about 60 points, not a big loss. it to closed friday at 30200, new high, same with s&p and nasdaq.
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we are talking about a minor loss this morning for the dow jones and s&p, minor gain for the nasdaq and yes, we are talking about the possibility of a stimulus program, the 908 billion-dollar proposal, talking about it still. big news on airbnb, it will share-- sell shares to the public soon indicating good demand for a piece of a whole new industry. this is monday, december 7, that december 7, pearl harbor day. "varney & co." continues ♪ ♪ stuart: higher and higher, that's right. talking about the stock market this morning?
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susan: who knows. stuart: great way to start this monday morning. good morning. let's get to georgia, listen to kelly loeffler debate raffaella warnock >> my opponent radical liberal raffaella warnock has called police officers gangsters, thugs, bullies and a threat to our children. when i gave him a chance to apologize he declined and he's also said you cannot serve god in the military. he is used of the bible to justify these attacks , make other divisive statements. >> when you received the private briefing regarding the coronavirus pandemic, you don't leave the dollars of stocks in order to protect your investments and a week later when there came an opportunity to give ordinary georgians an extra $600 of relief, you said you saw no need and called it
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counterproductive. stuart: by the way, the stock transactions by kelly loeffler were investigated and she was exonerated. president trump warned georgia voters if they don't vote quote the socialists and communists win and quote. now check futures again, please. modest losses for the dow jones, s&p, modest gain for the nasdaq, keith fitzgerald. georgia and the election that has to be a big worry for all investors; right? >> i think so. obviously the issue of control is important, but the issue of certainty is the big one because we don't know what's on the other side stuart: yeah, but are you nervous in advance, i mean, you could be really clobbered couldn't you if the democrats win both seats. that's not going to be good for the market, shortly. >> here is the thing, if i do my job properly, it
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won't be something that upsets me because i'm focused on the ceos and companies that will get through this no matter what. if i missed something that i will get uncomfortable. as of now i think we have a cover, 2021 could be a record book. stuart: what about the short-term with more and more cases reported in the us, record levels with hospitalization rates way up. will it be a problem as we go through december short-term? >> i would be lying if i was not-- if i said it was not worried. in february when of the few voices saying the markets weren't evaluating them virus properly. we have been cavalier about getting out and getting open and i'm not going to say who's right or wrong, but the important thing about this is we will have more volatility, but again against the bigger backdrop i think there's an amazing buying opportunity into next year.
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stuart: on that note, the city euphoria index from citibank is at the highest level since the year 2000, which backs up your suggestion that yet-- next year could be further record books books. keith, thank you. let's get to the latest on vaccines, every monday morning there's usually good news on vaccines and i think today no exception. lauren, what we have? lauren: we have a timeline with the first americans backs and they vaccinated on friday or saturday so here's the timeline, at the eight meets thursday. they will decide if they should green like pfizer and biontech. if they do hhs secretary said shipments begin within 24 hours of authorization and within hours they can begin vaccinating. he said a similar timeline would be for moderna. .-dot fda meeting is december 17, all in enough doses to
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vaccinate 20 million people this year and in the uk, hospitals today get there first doses, so nursing home residents and first responders, healthcare workers are receiving the first job. stuart: my sister-in-law included, by the way. on the table in washington, 1200-dollar per person stimulus checks. stephen is back with us and he's an economist looking at this from an economist point of view. i know you don't particularly want these 1200-dollar checks to go out, but i think it's going to happen. there's a political movement here that says you have to have these checks out there. will that help the market corrects c mckay, stuart, good morning. i went to start by giving you a statistic very related to your question in that statistic is 340,000 private sector jobs created in november, stuart.
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347 private sector jobs, that is in the 96 months that barack obama and joe biden were in the white house. only one time did they create 340,000 private sector jobs in one month so 1% of the time. trump gets 340,000 jobs in all here from the media all weekend and from a lot of your friends at wall street is we need a stimulus plan. the economy is only stalling out a little bit because you have the governors you are talking that entities mayors shutting down businesses in ways that are irrational and not helpful to the economy, so that's an important point for people to realize. the other point i went to make because i want to respond to what the georgia democrat said in that debate about the 600-dollar a week of employment benefits because stuart, casey mulligan from the university of chicago this week pointing out it was because republicans would not go along with pelosi's demand of paying workers
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more money for not working down working that we believe that that saved 5 million jobs, so 5 million jobs saved because we did not increase employment benefits. in terms of these payments that you asked me about, stuart, i'm not wild about it. i don't think it's necessary. i think the vaccine is the stimulus, but if congress is going to pass a stimulus bill, then my opinion is given to the people, stuart. do not give it to mayors and governors which is what pelosi wants. stuart: i'm with you all the way. last one, there's a suggestion that we pay people $1500 to take the vaccine. as an economist, what do you say to that? >> hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars is the cost to that. i totally object to that. i think americans should make up their own minds about if they think it is safe for them to take
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the vaccine, but no, paying people $1500 to take the vaccine, i think, is an outrageous expenditure-- look, we are spending hundreds of trillions of dollars now in washington like it's eminem money i mean come on, we can afford to continue. we will have $30 trillion of debt soon if we continue. stuart: i think we are close. stephen moore, thank you for joining us. see you again still-- since you're turning back to the market as it will be a big week for ipos. what are the names to wash? susan: wish, which is one of the most shopping apps in the world, number three platform in the us. you haven't really heard of it, but it's number three and makes a lot of money launching its ipo. context logic is the stock you should be read -- watching. wish, another unicorn looking to rush into the year and ipo market. it will be a huge we,
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airbnb, doordash likely to ipo and they have roadblocks that will be affirmed this week maybe before the end of the year, but a lot of investor interest with airbnb. looking to raise its offer price from the 56 to $60 a piece valuing airbnbat $42 billion. that is more than double what it raised virtually cash add in the spring months or a few months ago and then we have doordash getting more expensive in its ipo raising the price range between 90 and $95 apiece valuing doordashat $36 billion often more than double what they raised in the private sector in june, just a few months ago so you know it will be the best ipos. stuart: it's obviously cleared demand for those ipos and those companies, brand-new industries. stayed on ipos, walmart
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exploring an ipo for its india -based ipo retailer that would raise $10 billion. walmart $5150 a share. another big name, ford delayed the launch of their inherent-- new block os you can tell the summer because of pandemic related problems and the supplier. much more ahead. for example, aoc getting slammed for a series of tweets she says conservative senators don't understand all the physical hard work she has had to do as a waitress and that republicans couldn't handle that type of work. i happen to know about this, i was away to when when i first came to america and charles pae knows a thing or two about hard work. we are both going to chime in on that one. california sheriff chad diego says he will not enforce governor newsom's orders. roll tape.
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well, he did say that. he said that, the gentleman on the screen did say it that he won't enforce governor newsom's orders and he is on the show later. we also have with us doctor scott@lists. i want to know what he thinks about the new lockdowns in california. stay with us. we are just getting started on this monday morning. ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of,
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again, again. your wireless. your rules. your way to stay closer together this holiday season. switch and save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. and get $300 off when you buy the samsung galaxy note20 ultra 5g. learn more at stuart: i want the latest on the california lockdown and a lowering has details. lauren: tens of millions of residents told to stay home
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through christmas as the state's intensive care capacity falls below 15%. hospitals are strained. we are talking nearly 30 million people that live in southern california and san joaquin valley, so that's los angeles and san diego. they are told to limit activities with a ban on gatherings for anyone that doesn't live directly with you. now closed in the area, look at the right side of your screen, playgrounds, hair salons , zoos, theaters, wineries, retail stores including supermarkets appeared they can be open with 20% capacity. restaurants closed, only open for take-out and delivery. if a school was opened, it can stay open and churches and places of worship if services are outside. this is supposed to be the busiest time of year and it will not be this year in california as businesses don't know if they can survive. stuart: a revolt is coming. we will have more on
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that kirk h a s secretary alex azar weighing in on these lockdowns. watch this. >> we know that our workplaces, our universities, k-12 schools, flying on airplanes are not major vectors of disease transmission, it's overcrowded places, multi- household indoor gatherings. its governors call, but if we go beyond science and evidence. stuart: joining us now, doctor-- dr. scott atlas, what is it 33 million californians under lockdown? at the big deal in that state. knew you approve, yes or no? >> stuart, thank you for having me here i think there's a reason why lockdowns were never in any pandemic response manuscript or paper that's been published and that's because it cannot be tolerated number one and number two, it doesn't get rid of the virus. we are in this phase
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right now, if you look at it where we are somehow in this perpetual state of rolling lockdowns and i sort of think we need to have public officials would understand what is the end of this, when will we stop doing lockdowns. we look all over the world and lockdowns don't get rid of the virus. of the virus comes down as it's doing in the midwest, by the way. after about eight weeks cases are coming out in the midwest. there is no solution to lockdown. there's a massive amount of harm done and as the secretary alex azar says as the data. people talk about it's about the science. i don't see any data that shows that the spreads are particularly inside restaurants, tattoo parlors, i mean, some of the stuff seems arbitrary and when you do that you undermine public confidence so you are destroying people's lives and you really don't have a lot of data to back up the approach.
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it's to stop hospitals from being overcrowded and when hospitals operate as they are nationally at 70% level, yes there are isolated hospital problems, but in general the states are not overcrowded with hospital and when they are the federal government steps up with personnel and if necessary beds. there's been no real request for beds to my knowledge. there's a few hundred personnel supplied that's what the policy should be. stuart: joe biden has picked california attorney general to lead health and human services. i don't believe he has medical experience. do you regard that as a good pick? >> well, every president is entitled to their pick. you don't need aid-- to be a doctor let alone in epidemiologist quote unquote to make those positions appropriate. i don't think it's a
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surprise, biden said from the beginning he's for the affordable care act as obviously he was a part of that and he's for expanding that and that's what you will get with that kind of administration, so that's not a surprise. i would not pick him, but obviously i'm not in charge. stuart: thank you and come back soon. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: this is important. goldman sachs could be moving one of its key divisions to florida. sounds like another exodus story. lauren: goldman sachs might be moving to sell for a possibly dallas texas according to reports and the reason i don't need to tell you, cost-cutting and saving on it taxes with the success a remote-- working remotely they feel they can remove more walls out of expensive new york to say that money. the move could take place over time, but it makes sense since we have high net worth individuals moving from
9:23 am
high tax states to lower tax states like florida. even president trump as you know is now way floridian and we should also point out assets moving hedge funds like citadel, elliott management and blackstone also moving their assets. stuart: the money is going down there because they don't like the taxes up here. 's simplistic argument i would have thought. lauren: q1 will be pretty solid strong according to goldman sachs, at to 5.3% in the us economy. stuart: that is news is before that is. stuart: goldman sachs thinks 2021 the economy will expand 5.3%? lauren: given the 10 year average at three, that's huge. stuart: that's huge. we have to go. futures are on the screen. we will be back right after this. ♪
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stuart: here's how we are going to start the market, a mixed picture, down for the dow jones, down to the s&p and modest gain for the nasdaq. let's bring in jason,. i know you cannot address individual stocks. i want you to look at airbnb, demand seems to
9:28 am
be very strong. also, for doordash. what does that tell us about the overall market , these new companies so readily received? >> tells us a lot, stuart. the evaluation of airbnb will be too and have times what it would have been in the valuation relative to april. we have a whole slew of ipos coming down the pipeline and that's symptomatic of a capital market getting healthier. what it is above all is if you other things. people willing to pay up for secular growth, but also companies looking to monetize pre-georgia elections because if capital gains rates go up they will be happy they did so before the outcome of this election and perhaps, the government that tilts the other way. stuart: i'm aware that goldman sachs this morning has raised its estimate of economic growth for next year looking at 5.3%
9:29 am
growth. that's really strong and i think that citibank euphoria index, the bullishness index highest level since the year 2000. is all of that ongoing, i mean, you're going to get a great economy and great market unless georgia goes democrat? >> i mean, the euphoria index gives me some path the fact that economic forecasts are going up, i think is a good thing and that's predicated on getting some iteration of stimulus. our base cases that the government remains divided, markets go higher, but there are risks to that, i mean, the lockdown could have a greater impact economically than we expect vaccine distributions could get tripped up and we could end up with a smaller rescue package it if we get divided government so look we will get a speed bump at some point that's what markets do but we expect markets to be higher next year.
9:30 am
we do expect rates to remain low. the fed to be economy-- accommodated so longer prosecute low value. stuart: nice timing, jason. they are ringing the bell. thank you for being with us. here we go. it's exactly 930p-- 930 am eastern time on a monday morning. right from the start we have gone down a little bit and we are off about 60 points with dow jones industrials. a lot of red. is not a huge loss by any means, down about a quarter 1% or dow jones after a terrific week last week. it closed friday at 30200. s&p, down a little bit i think, yeah, about a quarter of 1%. nasdaq composite i think is dead flat to slightly higher. here's the stock of the morning, boeing, ups up,
9:31 am
237. what do they think it's going to? susan: $300 and they are calling it a buy double the previous price target. boeing said the max is coming back online faster than anticipated and cost-cutting is helping the balance sheet. wall street is bullish on the plane maker. vaccines often mean travel will pick up, maybe back to normal levels. stuart: i'm embarrassed to say what a mess i made. susan: what did you buy it at and what did you sell it at? stuart: bought it at 330 and assaulted all the way down at like 165 and now it's bounced to 240. let's change the subject. this one is for you, lucky lady. apple working on faster chips that intel chips. susan: intel this morning, reports that apple macs will be
9:32 am
even better than intel's best remember apple dumped intel after 50 years of putting the chips in laptops. apple is making its own chips which apparently is faster and better graphic processing. they are getting rave reviews. apple is a major player when it comes to chip making, not only do they make their own chips now but also the ones that go into iphones, ipads and watches. think of the hundreds of millions of chips they make each and every year to just supply themselves big transition in the industry and that's why intel is sold off today. stuart: down 2%, i think starbucks, record high, not necessarily now, but it did friday. susan: wall street bullish on the coffee chain shirt ups raising their price target to $100. all getting above $100
9:33 am
for the coffee chain because recovery when it comes to sales going digital and also shipping of online orders, curbside pickup and cost-cutting by closing underperforming stores. given we were looking at a pandemic year or starbucks had to close most of their stores if not all in the us, they raised their dividends. stuart: an opportunity to close unprofitable stores. susan: the fact that they are getting back more to shareholders is pretty bullish, don't you think we want i do. is a name from the distance past, eastman kodak up 70% are galore and comedy want to explain? lauren: they were cleared, federal regulators found no evidence of wrongdoing in the awarding of the-- remember they were getting the 765 million-dollar loan to produce the chemical, the materials for covid-19. the inspector general
9:34 am
said he found no evidence of a conflict of interest or misconduct by the company or key officials in the kodak executives did its own investigation and found it didn't break any laws they closed the loan. they leaked it to local media first, but we still don't know if the government can move forward with the loan. we have no idea if they will but i remember the stock was at $2.62 on july 27, and then the news broke and it shot up two days later to $60 they went back down again and now it's starting to climb back up. it's been all over the place. stuart: you got that right. thank you. look at tele dock, down 2%. they have a downgrade. i'm surprised. ashley, welcome back. what's this downgrade? ashley: thank you. yeah, telemedicine company tele dock is being downgraded. brokerage firm stevens because they say tele
9:35 am
dock will see a continued increase of inpatient visits, that's the good news, but will also face increasing competition in particular from telehealth and digital therapeutic companies as they are doing better in this environment. as a result stephen says it could slow revenue growth and profit in the long term. the broker cutting its price target from 270 dollars to 210. right now it's at 200. all of that said, the stock is still up 140% on the year. stuart: i believe that nasdaq just hit a record high. welcome back, ashley. see what you did for the nasdaq. ashley: thank you. stuart: california under a new lockdown with businesses again shuddered, no dining indoors or outdoors yet one restaurant owner went viral after noticing this. watch this. >> everything i own is being taken away from me and they set up a movie
9:36 am
company right next to my outdoor patio. they have not given us the money and they have shut us a down. we cannot survive. my staff cannot survive. stuart: that's outrageous and she's not alone, the revolt is growing. coming up we will talk to restaurant owners organizing a result, both scaling michigan. plus, look outside, normally one of the busiest times of the year in new york city and look at that, you are actually looking at times square really deserted. depressing. i will talk to charles payne about the future of new york city. he's on the show coming up. ♪ sofi made it so easy to pay off my student loan debt.
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stuart: we would like to tell you that the dow jones did hit an all-time intraday high at the open and then turned south, down about 100. nasdaq hit an all-time
9:41 am
intraday high and is staying at the levels, 12500. it owns hbo macs and maybe looking to add more streaming services to its business like what, lauren? lauren: reports say there would be one option, a paid option, cnn content original and international programming for the most part and the other part would be free supported by ads, think tbs, tnt sort of content. the parent company has to be careful because there are so many options with streaming that it gets confusing. then, you look at hbo macs and it's been disappointing with only a .6 million subscribers since the launch. they just made that blockbuster decision to actually stream and a show on the big screen in movie theaters all of their releases for next year, so it just seems confusing where the industry is headed in
9:42 am
the near future. stuart: it sure is. how many streaming services do you want? lauren: exactly. the answer is three. stuart: okay. i'm looking at streaming stocks like-- left-hand side of the arena. jeff, as i understand it, you think the old hollywood studios in the system of training out blockbuster movies, you say that's dead, but that new hollywood is alive and well because it's based on streaming. is that coming from you? >> here's what happened, the last gap of the old hollywood as lauren said was the release of tenant by warner bros. predicted out the middle of the pandemic and it was a disaster and they lost under the millions of dollars. what they have done is now they will do this hybrid model where they are going to release in theaters and a stream for 30 days and then release in theaters. it's a convoluted structure. warner bros. needs to get their act together,
9:43 am
not only are they late actors in this, but if they don't do something with hbo macs, they will find themselves in dire predicament. there's a lot of streamers out there and it's going to be survival of the fittest and they may not be there if they don't get it together. stuart: got it. now tell me about bitcoin. i remember way back, jeff, you are not a fan. i think you have become a convert and you like bitcoin? >> yeah, as a matter of fact, i had a lot of problem with bitcoin. i thought it was this obscure cryptocurrency. 2019, april, 2019, bitcoin was around 4000 and i started to see a shift. i started to see the institutions embracing it. the federal reserve around the world is printing massive amounts of money and cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream , so in 2019,
9:44 am
it was 4000 and i came out and bought as much of it as i could buy, recommended purchase and the reality of it is that now crypto-- this is not an obscure currency anymore, it's the mainstream currency. this is the protest against fiat currency, government chaos. you have this upside with bitcoin now that you see the banks are even beginning to contemplate. i look today and this morning i looked at 20 institutions who made very significant purchases of the coin, so it shows that this is not some back room obscure thing anymore and we have to take this very seriously because sooner or later, you will have a lot of retailers and online purchases being made by bitcoin and it's going
9:45 am
to continue to change the world, so 20000. it will hit there and may be higher jeff, you made your point. it's going to change the world to jeff, thank you i want more on the banks on what they are doing with bitcoin. susan: mainstream banks, j.p. morgan, fidelity's of the world and mainstream platforms like paypal meaning traditional money managers, long-term investors like family offices are buying bitcoin, not just millennial's and those in silicon valley. there's a rally that's now worth $580 billion, a lot of money according to one analysis. we are talking about big whale traders that dictate where bitcoin goes to there's only a limited supply with the bitcoin that comes online each and every day and one analysis, 95% of the bitcoin supply is being bought up by those trading on paypal or square not just individuals, but
9:46 am
also institutional-- institutions. stuart: the thing is to me, it's becoming like a regular currency. susan: however, they have to get the usage and cost per use down because the cost around $7 to spend bitcoin to buy a pizza or something online. it has to come down before it can be a real currency and be used. stuart: okay. susan: costs are high. stuart: seven dollars per transaction. susan: yeah. stuart: you got to get that down. various indicators. we always check them. gold climbing back to that $1850 an ounce. check in the 10 year treasury yield, still shy of the 1% level up 1.939 as of right now. how about oil. i remember last friday it was about $46 a
9:47 am
barrel. it's 45.75. alex azar says we are days away from people actually getting vaccinated. watch this. >> if of the panel approves on december 10, how soon might the vaccine be out for people? >> really, within days. within 24 hours of fda green light, we will ship to the states and territories that we work with and within hours they can be vaccinating. stuart: i will have my take coming up in which i call operation warp speed a major league success. first, we will get into the explosion of the sports betting and that's exactly what's happened. we will be back. ♪
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9:52 am
october, up more than 100% from the year before. pennsylvania almost 60 million for online betting for the same month, just one month. that's a new record for the keystone state. one of the biggest players operates all of the sports betting site that you see on your screen and there's a lot of them write there . bring in paul martino. you are one of the first us investors. i want you to give us the impression of just how big this market is. for example, is the more money wagered online sports betting in america today, more there than from gaming tables, slot machines and the actual casinos? >> we are not quite there yet, stuart. right now, we are about a two half billion dollar run rate and we think it will be about $8 billion in the next three or four years, so fastest-growing segment even though the casino
9:53 am
table games etc. are doing well. stuart: do you expect to be allowed to bet on sports online in every state because it's very restricted at the moment are you going for every state? >> i don't think we will see every state. is a 50 state waccamaw, new jersey and pennsylvania are in the lead, but some bigger states like california, texas and new york, there's a reason to believe there will be a long time before we see in those estates. i think it's reasonable in five years about 35 from the-- of the 50 states. stuart: do you think it will explode further when people get back to being the fans in the state and in the stadiums? >> absolutely there's so much room for innovation, what you can do live while betting that the game while in at the venue or being at a sports bar. we think there is a huge explosion that can happen now where the
9:54 am
entertainment aspect intersects with the sports gambling side and intersects with the fantasy side of it. we think that's where the big growth will be. stuart: where can i find an athlete right now coming over to the sidelines talking about the game or what ever and you are looking at them as a gambler? can i do that now anywhere? >> i don't think you will see that during the game, but i think you will see it before the game. hey, stop into my sports parlor and tell me what you think you will do. see you on the game in an hour. i don't think you will see it during the game, but i think before and after the game for certain. stuart: do you have a global audience? for example, if i am in germany, can i bet on the nfl in the us through one of these gaming platforms? >> absolutely. action is international. there are jurisdictional restrictions in each place of what you are allowed to do, but for
9:55 am
example even presidential betting was a big market active in europe so it's all over the place them by the way betting on the elections is another example of what a sport is. in a lot of my friends said to me, wouldn't it be great if there was a location open and that future where we could sit around and watch the debates and bet on it like we do with sports, so i think the definition of the sports is expanding. stuart: that's fascinating. please come back soon. you expressed your self really well. thank you. by the way, the sports illustrated people, people of the year have been announced and usually it's one person, but this year it's five people. on your screen it's rotated and later in the program we talk to the editor in chief of sports illustrated. do people actually buy the physical print edition any longer? i will ask. we are headed south with that dow jones, down 150 still ahead, george,
9:56 am
vernon jones, charles payne and larry elder took first, operation warp speed, i think it's been a major success. you will hear my take on it next. ♪ hi, this is margaret your dell technologies advisor there's an art to listening. it's the ability to hear more than what's being said. . . . .
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10:00 am
♪. stuart: i remember. i never liked their music to be perfectly honest with you. susan: you lived through the '70s. stuart: all the way through. what i wanted was bob dylan music this morning. >> we'll get to that later. stuart: his music catalog was sold for 300 million bucks. bob dylan coming up shortly. it is 10:00, right here on the east coast, big show still ahead. look at this, arizona congressman andy biggs, former new york governor george pataki, georgia state representative vern known jones. we have ed yardeni, chad bianco, the california sheriff who will
10:01 am
not enforce governor newsom's lockdown order, plus larry elder. we're down 123 points. that is less than have a percent drop. nasdaq being up nearly half a percent. now this. on sunday the administration outlined plan to distribute 24 million doses of the vaccine by mid-january. that's a mere six weeks away. this is unheard of. the very first covid case appeared here in january. so in less than a year american technology came up with a vaccine. that's warp speed. better yet, it is over 90% effective, again unharmed of. flu vaccines rarely get above 60% effectiveness. joe biden had complained that there was quote, no detailed plan to distribute the vaccine. that is not accurate. on "fox news sunday" alex azar
10:02 am
said the low gist ticks are in place and within doses will be shipped quote, to all the states we work with. i wonder if that includes new york where governor cuomo says he wants his own testing team to evaluate the vaccine because he doesn't trust the trump administration. do we have to wait? in california do we have to wait for this? here you have a president who has pushed through a warp speed response to the virus and incoming administration that is pushing lockdowns and mask mandates. i think biden has a problem. lockdowns don't work. and they're bringing on a a growing revolt. vaccines do work and trump brought them out at warp speed. get this, "axios," a website, on inauguration day january 20th, outgoing trump will mold a big rally in florida just as incoming biden sworn in. you might see a split screen own
10:03 am
one side, a small socially distanced, largely virtual all inauguration and on the other side a large raucous trump rally. he knows how to use tv. joe biden has a problem. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: arizona's governor doug ducey says the covid vaccine will be free in that state. congressman andy biggs, republican from arizona, joins us now. congressman, who is going to pay for this? if it is free to residents of arizona who pays? >> well it either be the taxpayer of arizona or the federal taxpayer but in any event i would suspect it is probably going to come back to the arizona taxpayer. stuart: do you approve? >> in this instance you know, we're given so much free stuff
10:04 am
away, generically i don't approve of free giveaways but in this instance maybe there is some justification. stuart: is this a firm plan set in concrete or just a speculative proposal? >> i think it is just a proposal at this point. right now i don't even know who he is intending to give that vaccines to first. are you going to give it to the most vulnerable? talking about the elderly, those with comorbidities have difficulties we know those demographic groups. who will get it? my guess there are some things to work out still. stuart: now dr. fauci, i believe the biden team just appointed dr. fauci to be a key member of his covid transition team but you don't care for this, do you? you don't want dr. fauci or deborah birx or dr. redfield to go. why? why the opposition. >> i think they have been architects of much of the bad policy that we've seen whether lockdowns, attempts to mandate.
10:05 am
fauci wanting, by the way fauci has been all over the map on many things, been very inconsistent, he said this go to japanese style bow instead of a handshake, those type of things in the future. they have actually been detrimental preventing things getting done more quickly. you know what? it is just apropos that dr. fauci will be in the biden administration because many of us thought he was working for the democrats all along anyway. stuart: we'll leave it at that. congressman andy biggs. sarcasm is a low form of wit but works on occasion. congressman, thanks for joining us as always. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: look who is here now, market watcher dennis gartman. okay, dennis, i know what you've been saying. i read your stuff. you send it to me. you say the market is quote, shockingly overvalued. i don't like the sound of that.
10:06 am
usually something that gets wildly overvalued it gets chopped off at the knees. is that what you're story casting? >> no i don't think it will be chopped off at the knees. the public has been buying. insiders are historically selling. insiders sell aggressively as they have past in the weeks and public is buying, it is ill advised to follow the public and follow insiders. i don't think we'll get a material decline. i think the market had what, 1000, 2000, 3,000 point rally in the dow since the middle of october. i liked stocks back then. here it is wise to go to the sidelines, wait, see what the new administration brings, how many vaccines we have and probably next year a much stronger economy which will demand a lot of capital coming on from the sidelines. i think just because the insiders are selling aggressive ly and by historical standards almost unprecedented manners, the public is in historically, that is not a good
10:07 am
time to be a buyer. stuart: i am going to ask you a question. i had think i know the answer. >> sure. stuart: i want to know what you think of bitcoin? you often said you won't invest in anything you can't drop own your foot, break your ankle, something like that but would you ever consider bitcoin. if not, why not? >> if you asked me that question a year-and-a-half, 2 1/2 years ago. give it time. i was not enamored at bitcoin, i didn't think it had. of a future. but i was wrong. as we were seeing your guest 15, 20 minutes ago talking about the fact, seeing institutions large institutions being buyers, banks being buyers, you will see endowments being buyers. it's a bet against fiat money. it is something the millenials admire greater than gold. i'm still a buyer of gold. i think about it kin for lack of a better term has a future. it will be the world's currency sometime not in the too distant future maybe a decade now.
10:08 am
you have to own a little bit of it, one or 2% in your portfolio probably makes good sense. stuart: i am shocked, shocked dennis gartman. i was not expecting this. >> sometimes you have to admit when you're wrong and when the trend has been viable and longstanding as this one has been, makes as much it has been, only thing that bothers me the argument in favor of bitcoin it's a finite amount of bitcoin can be mined, the term they use, to be generated out of a computer algorithms, the problem with that is there can be a other cryptocurrencies coming along behind it which argues again the case it is finite instrument. for right now the millenials love it. for right now, i think it is the currency of the future and i think you have to own some of it. stuart: the amazing dennis gartman with us on a monday morning revelatory interview. dennis, thank you very much indeed. see you soon. >> what about bob dylan and
10:09 am
$300 million for his song book? that is incredible. stuart: worth every penny, dennis. worth every penny. >> not a question. stuart: dennis, you're all right. see you again soon. >> okay. stuart: the world's largest, biggest asset manager, blackrock, just released their outlook for 2021. what are they saying. >> overweight in the next six to 12 months on u.s. equities, u.s. stocks. so stock up according to the world's largest asset manager. they manage $6 trillion or so. they say buy stocks but sell u.s. and global government bonds. why? vaccines, divided government, strong recovery in the u.s. economy. they're favoring tech like cloud computing which you know all about now. also online advertising and digital payments. blackrock recommends chip producers and business software. you like cyclical sectors, don't you? you know what that is. stuart: what is a cyclical sector? susan: those rally back off of the a recovery in the u.s. economy. housing autos, materials,
10:10 am
according to blackrock. not just the u.s., but asia, japan, europe. stuart: producers get the buzzer back, not for ye but for me. might have to wait for the ford 2021 bronco suv. oh dear, a delay, lauren. why? lauren: pandemic. unspecified supply chain delays, causing ford to delay the new bronco until the end of summer. rumors are the issue has to do with removable top, hard or soft. it is made overseas. the bronco itself is made in michigan at ford's wayne plant. 155,000 people have already put down the reservations for this new suv. it starts at about $30,000. i think it looks cool. there is a lot of buzz around it, unfortunately the plants were closed for eight weeks at the height of covid early on. it stems from those closures. they're having issues getting
10:11 am
all the parts. stuart: got it. thank you, lauren. look to amazon. they plan to offer a new perk for customers who own the echo and ring devices. what's this all about, ash? ashley: some people are not particularly thrilled but here it is. amazon says customers who own echo and ring devices will automatically be opted in to the new what it calls sidewalk feature. what's that? it means a small slice of your wi-fi bandwidth will be used with others in the neighborhood to create a shared network, allowing the devices to work over longer distances. amazon says when more neighbors join in the network becomes stronger. the feature is automatically enabled but you can opt out by disabling your device. critics already raising as you can imagine privacy calling automatic opt in problematic and
10:12 am
not consumer friendly. the feature is not role out yet but coming soon in the coming weeks if not a month or two. everybody's wi-fi joins one network. hmmm, i bet hackers would love that. stuart: say good-bye to privacy. i said good-bye to that 10 years ago. thank you, sir. california under a new lockdown order but that does not mean everybody is on board with it. watch this. >> the riverside county sheriff's department will not be blackmailed, bullied or used as muscle against riverside county residents. stuart: there you have it. riverside sheriff chad bianco, he will join me next hour. georgia state representative vernon jones is here. he is a democrat who is urging voters to choose kelly loeffler and david perdue in georgia. they're republicans. i will ask him about that. firms though new york governor cuomo says he is skeptical about the covid vaccine timeline. does that mean new yorkers will have to wait to get the vaccine? i will certainly ask former
10:13 am
new york governor george pataki about that. he's next. ♪. before voltaren arthritis pain gel, my husband would have been on the sidelines. but not anymore! an alternative to pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel to target pain directly at the source for powerful arthritis pain relief. voltaren.
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♪. stuart: all right. the markets this morning mixed, up for the nasdaq,down for the dow. that says it all. take a look at lyft, a analyst at piper lifts the stock to overweight from neutral. what the heck that means. does that mean you go out to buy it. i'm wiser nonetheless. lyft up 2% as we speak. now this. our biggest cities are going from bad to worse and new york
10:18 am
city is the epicenter of big city decline. it is small business that is frankly cratering. between march and july 2800 businesses closed for good. the partnership for new york city suggests that 70,000 may disappear for good before this thing is over. that is a disaster. more bad news, one of the most biggest, prestigious of wall street firms, goldman sachs is considering moving a key decision either to florida or texas. i'm looking out the window at sixth avenue of new york city, the heart of the business district. nine months into the pandemic it is still deserted. come in former new york governor george pataki who joins us this monday morning here in new york. governor, new york city, i'm calling it a disaster. do you blame governor cuomo and or new york's mayor, bill de blasio? >> i think both of them
10:19 am
contributed dramatically to the decline of the city. just sad that the see, stuart. you talked about sixth avenue. my office is on 52nd street and sixth avenue. i go in periodically and the place is just empty. you see people on the street, mostly mentally ill, homeless, not the type of people you want to be associated with. failure of policy at the city level, state level, and what is confusing to me, stuart, i think governor cuomo put out a book in august how he had defeated the virus but how can this be happening? i thought his leadership showed the way but we have had more shutdowns and viral infections. >> do you think we have to wait in new york for the vaccine because governor cuomo says he want his own testing team because he doesn't trust the trump testing team? are we going to have to wait in
10:20 am
new york? >> it is absolutely insane we have to wait one day more than absolutely necessary. the people across the country, around the world are celebrating the vaccine which is an incredible tribute to the strength of america and success of "operation warp speed." governor cuomo says he needs his own independent health experts to vet whether or not the vaccine is safe. that is nonsense. i assume he will use the same health experts that said it was okay to put positive patients in nursing homes, leaving 10,000 of our most vulnerable dying. he should simply say the minute the vaccine is improved we'll do everything in our power to distribute it widely across new york. stuart: we have the case of the staten island bar owner danny presti, he was arrested again for ignoring new york's lockdown orders f you stick your neck out, you're one of the few, you object to the lockdown they ruin you. what do you make of this?
10:21 am
>> well i think the enforcement of a lockdown has just been really, really horrible and one of the reasons so many small businesses are giving up. you have to obey the law. there is no excuse for that owner, allegedly running down a sheriff. you cannot tolerate that. but on the other hand you can understand when you see on tv an autonomous zone in portland, seattle, you're free to do anything he you want. he declared a autonomous zone on staten island, he is politically on the wrong side, instead of police and sheriffs looking the other way they come down with a hammer. enforcement has been draconian. the rules are so arbitrary you never know from one day to the next whether your i had kid goes to school or whether your business can operate. there is zero help for small businesses coming from the state of new york. it is really sad. it is hurting enormously. i fear for the future. stuart: one year from now, just before christmas, 2021, do you
10:22 am
think when you look outside at sixth avenue it will be back to something like it used to be one year from now? >> stuart, new york will come back. the vaccine hopefully by then will have been widely distributed and the pandemic will behind us. my fear is that new york will not come back to being what it has been. it was the greatest place in the world six months ago, nine months ago. will it be there a year from now? not with this leadership. with the right leadership people still want to be there, still has the energy and excitement but you have to have leaders who work with each other and work with the private sector, work with the entrepreneurs, we don't have that now. if that continues, that failed leadership, next year we'll not be where we should be. stuart: governor, thanks for being with us this morning, we always appreciate it. thank you, sir. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: i will put tesla up on the screen, up another nearly 4%. susan: wow. stuart: 622. what is going on? susan: record high. tesla continues to rally as we
10:23 am
have the street high forecast from goldman sachs at 780. however i would say tesla is part of this high tax exodus story. elon musk, second richest man on the planet telling friends he is moving to texas from california according to reports. now remember he chose austin as a place for the next gigafactory where he will make the cyber truck. he said in may he was selling all the houses, most of them in california and l.a. and diddlies most of those properties for sale but there is no record of change of residence at least for now. we know texas ha no, no state income, while california is one of the highest in the country, marginal tax rate of 13% for the highest earnings. musk is getting paid a lot this year. something from the 2018 pay package. he is getting billions of dollars in pay first of all getting the stock into the s&p 500 and keeping tesla's valuation at 500 billion. he is worth, what, 134 billion? he made 100 billion this year. he had to do the math in terms
10:24 am
of considerations due to taxes. stuart: tesla's stock is up 23 bucks he probably made another billion. i think he has. susan: i calculate percentagewise, yeah, that would be correct. stuart: 4% is more than a billion. susan: yeah. stuart: thanks, susan. senators schumer around warren want joe biden to cancel billions of dollars of student debt to jump-start the economy. lauren what is the proposal? lauren: they say this is the most massive stimulus there is. they wrote an op-ed calling on president-elect biden to sign executive action once sworn into office. they want to cancel up to $50,000 in federal student debt this is what they write, quote, up to 40% of student loan borrowers are in nearly impossible situation. no diploma to boost their earnings and a debt load they simply can't not manage. i call it a bailout. you bail them out. put 200, 300 additional dollars
10:25 am
into their pockets every month, that is money they pour into the economy to start businesses critics say if you bail students out, why would anyone ever pay a student loan back? you would go to any college, regardless of the cost because you assume the government will pay gore it? yeah, student loan debt is a problem. it tops 1 1/2 trillion dollars. other critics say it also creates a class rift, right? college educated elites versus the rest of us. so i don't know your take on the situation, 50,000-dollar bailout for student loan borrowers as a stimulus. stuart: i will save that for "my take" later. will not express a opinion now. thanks, lauren. hhs secretary alex azar says he does not see a problem with outdoor dining. watch this. >> i eat outside. i practice it safely. i practice social distance.
10:26 am
i wear my face covering when i'm not actually eating but we can eat outside. it is science and evidence. stuart: right. that is alex azar saying that. should outdoor dining remain open? two restaurant owners from michigan are urging other restaurants to fight back. looks like they're organizing collective revolt. they will join me later this hour. does the crown go first for vaccines? queen elizabeth, prince philip may be among the very first in the uk to get the vaccine. you will hear why after this. ♪. this is decision tech.
10:27 am
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♪. stuart: check those markets, why don't you? we're down 140 on the dow. very nice gain for the nasdaq. you're up about half a percent there. we have boeing on the upside today ubs upgraded the stock. they say it is a buy and raised target price to 300 bucks a share. it is now at 241. the brits are about to begin administering pfizer's vaccine. they call them jabs. the inoculation with the needle, they call them jabs. ashley, when do the jabs start? ashley: well they start tomorrow, those jabs, stu. the elderly, care workers in the uk will be the first in line for the jab. now the first doses of the biontech pfizer vaccine are ready to go right now. 50 vaccination hubs at hospitals have been set up. the nhs, the national health service, says the people over 80 who are attending hospital as
10:32 am
outpatients as well as those being discharged from hospital will be among the first to receive the vaccine. now hospitals will also begin to invite others over the age of 80 for the shot and at care home providers are being booked into vaccination clinics. starting next week, one week from today, community vaccinations by a general practitioner led network will begin on a small scale to begin with. tomorrow jab number one takes place. stuart: what is this about queen elizabeth possibly being one of the first to get the jab of the vaccine? ashley: she could be. the 94-year-old queen and her 99-year-old husband prince philip, they could be among the first in the uk to get the vaccine. why? to try to counter safety fears and anti-vaccination movement. which is actually alive and thriving in the uk and elsewhere around the world. a lot of conspiracy theories out there. "the sunday times" noted it
10:33 am
would not be the first time the monarchy taken such a move. back in 1957 the queen let the public know her children at the time, prince charles, prince ses ann had been given a new shot for polio which reportedly helped millions decide to go forward for the inoculation there is no word from buckingham palace if and when, how the queen will go forward with her vaccination. stuart: a couple former presidents of the united states may go first to get other people to go first. probably a good idea. all right, ashley. back here in america, susan, you have news on a group of workers, wait a minute, wait a minute, when you're looking at which group of workers you get the vaccine first, you think of first-responders and health care workers but you have got a different group, an unusual group. who is it? susan: bank workers. think bank tellers, not investment bankers, smallest violin out there, according to one report the american bankers
10:34 am
association has asked to label consumer facing bank employees, mostly tellers, essential which would give them priority in line for a possible vaccine. so far the cdc, health care workers get it first and so elderly in retirement homes. after those groups comes essential workers. that is why the banks want tellers to be labeled as essential. now other businesses are doing that as well. uber asked for their drivers and delivery staff assigned as essential so they get first in line of the first few groups to the get the jab as well. stuart: the mayor of aspen, colorado, hinting possible new covid restrictions before travelers hit the ski slopes this season. what are the restrictions proposed for the ski slopes, lauren? lauren: this starts on monday. think about it. aspen, you have a lot of visitors coming in for the popular ski season, wealthy americans, celebrities you name it. so you have to sign an affidavit. first you have to show prove of
10:35 am
a negative covid test within three days of arriving in aspen. you say you accept responsibility for quarantine if you develop symptoms while in aspen or if you have not taken a test to prove your negative. three, abide by social distancing all of that. officials are working on some specifics should rules apply to people who live in colorado but not aspen? they have a week to figure it all out. stuart: the devil in the details. thank you very much much, lauren. christmas, what, 18 days away now? christmas trees sales we hear are surging. jeff flock is with us. the i guess the price of christmas trees is also surging is that correct? reporter: of course, you care about the price of everything. you care about trees. not these. i know you don't raise trees. you raise the fancy trees you
10:36 am
make furniture out of. 69% up for sale of real trees. people want the real experience. this is the richardson tree farm, out in where are we spring something? susan: spring grove. reporter: walk me through this. this is george and wendy richardson. i want to keep the social distance and not fall over a tree stump. you can't keep up with this? >> no. it has been wonderful. people want the experience. the joy of coming out there. memories, they're building memories. reporter: especially this year, year of covid. a survey said 76% unlike stuart who looks at everything for the dollars as a product they look at this as an experience, not a product, right? >> yes. it is just a wonderful thing they can do. we've got wide open spaces. you can get outside and really enjoy yourself. reporter: mr. varney, i want to leave you with a memory of mine. i had to do this. this is when my daughter was 3 years old.
10:37 am
she is now 33. she still remembers the day we went out and cut our own tree down, put it on the roof of the car, took it home. i've had a real tree every year since. no fake stuff for me made in china. stuff made and grown right here in america. stuart: you know, jeff, you didn't age at all. that is 30-year-old shot from way back when, you're looking good, young man. you really are. reporter: you do too. i remember you back in the day. we've known each other a long time. you actually look pretty good too. must be good living for us. stuart: mutual adoration society. just love it. bromance. jeff, thank you very much as he disappears amongst the christmas trees. 85% of california residents could be locked down for christmas. will the people stand for it? i'm asking california guy larry elder. president trump says socialism is on the ballot in the georgia runoffs. watch this. president trump: very simply you will decide whether your children will grow up in a
10:38 am
socialist country or whether they will grow up in a free country and i will tell you this, socialist is just the beginning for these people. stuart: georgia state representative vernon jones says a democrat win in that state would cause chaos. wait a minute. he is a democrat. he joins me right after this. ♪ research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
10:39 am
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stuart: to the georgia, the dual georgia senate races. ad spending could reach half a billion dollars. whoa. edward lawrence is with us. where is all the money coming from, how is it being spent? reporter: coming from all over the country as well as inside georgia. get this, the past three weeks four candidates in georgia, outside groups spent
10:43 am
$310 million already, according to ad impact a marketing firm that tracks ad spending. experts believe by the time the runoff happens, january 5th, november 3rd, to january 5th half a billion dollars will be spent on advertising this is at the heart of all this, can you actually buy an election? neither republicans or democrats want to find out. both sides are pouring money into the georgia state runoff election. polls show very close race. there was debate where money came up briefly. rafael warnock pointed out senator kelly loeffler spending her own money. loeffler would said warnock would be beholden to outside money. both not mentioned they both raised a lot of money. stuart: i wish i had a tv station in georgia. i would be rich. reporter: i would not run.
10:44 am
i can't imagine these numbers. i would never be able to run for office because it is just too expensive. stuart: i have no intention. edward, thank you very much indeed, young man. appreciate it. staying with the georgia senate race president trump held a rally there this weekend and he issued a stark warning. watch this. president trump: if you don't vote the socialists an communists win, they win. georgia patriots must show up and vote for these two incredible people. stuart: look who is with us now. state representative vernon jones. congressman, great to see you. you are a democrat, you are urging georgia voters vote republican in these senate races. why? >> first of all i'm an american, a george georgian i'm put that e party. they are embrazing communism, socialism, around will not call
10:45 am
out black lives matter and antifa destroying businesses and having people killed through their violence. i can't support this. when you start talking about defunding the police department, that is not american. i cannot support the two left liberals that are running. we need to hold the line in georgia. we need senator loeffler and senator perdue to balance the congress. so goes georgia, so goes this country. stuart: sir, seems like the democrat party washed away from you. why don't you change parties? >> well clearly i didn't leave the party, the party left me. i won't change who i am based on my principles and my values. people support me because i call balls and strikes. i don't believe in partisan bickering. i believe in working together. my party has issues. they're full of bigotry. joe biden is criticizing from the same black groups who voted for him. if he hasn't done anything for
10:46 am
african-americans in 47 years what do you think he will do now? i'm proving what i said is true. now they're complaining about the absence of participation in terms of positions appointed to african-americans but more importantly the democratic party, they don't want party, they don't want a country of borders. they don't care about socialism coming into our way of life where now you know, it is going to go to having a problem. profound impact on jobs and jobe creation. they don't care about that. look at venezuela. socialism doesn't work. and so they are just being bought out by these groups, these socialist, liberal groups as well as george soros and they're trying to destroy our american way of life. president trump has it right. president trump has the pulse of american people. over 70 million. if we don't do something about this, our country will be lost. i don't want to stand around. forget about party. it is about maintaining the american way of life. stuart: vernon jones, democrat
10:47 am
with, a strong plug for president trump, republican. sir, welcome. good to have you on the show. please come again. love to see you again. >> thank you. stuart: i've got a hollywood star who is certainly all right calling his colleagues a bunch of hypocrites. you know that expression, all right? lauren, who are we talking about here? he is on the screen. lauren: stuart, you're wrong, it is all right, all right, all right. that is the way matthew mcconaughey says it. stuart: i can't do it with the right accent. i can't do it. lauren: yeah, neither can i frankly. matthew mccon hay can. he went on russell brand's podcast. he is getting a lot of buzz being down the middle. he slammed on podcast hollywood elites who condescend trump voters not accepting election results. he says that is hypocritical. why? because many of you didn't
10:48 am
accept when hillary clinton lost four years ago. so his point is, it is not right that some on the left, some elites are acting patronizing and arrogant towards the other half of the country that voted for president trump and might be having a hard time right now. stuart: all right, all right. i think we got that one, lauren. that was a modest attempt. i will never do that again, i promise you. my family is watching. don't like that. coming up two restaurant owners in michigan trying to get restaurants across their entire state to ban together to fight back against dining restrictions. sounds like a revolt to me. can they get the other restaurants to participate? i will ask them on the show after this. ♪. are you frustrated with your weight and health?
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10:53 am
president and owner of the joe var result i restaurant group. go with you, joe. this sounds like a revolt to me. is it? >> you know, it was about very frustrating times and i called my restaurant groups in southeastern michigan to ban together. we had about 400 restaurants come together. unfortunately with the restrictions not being able to gather in michigan we ended up doing it through skype. what we ended up doing, honestly after talking to attorneys and talking to lobbyists and everybody else the, we're standing united. we want to get to a solution with the governor to reopen restaurants. we, first thoughts were to just open restaurants and it has been told to us that their mission
10:54 am
would be to close every restaurant down. so if it was 20, if it was 400, this he would come and take your liquor license or take your food license. stuart: that is about the only way, rosalie, join the conversation, wouldn't that be the only way to beat these regulations? because if you don't beat them, you're going out of business? i mean you will lose everything you worked for all your lives, rosalie, wouldn't it be better to get everybody, as many restaurants as you can all together at the same time, say we're opening, come get us? challenge them like that? >> well, this is the problem is when you work in an industry that is controlled by licenses, a food license and a liquor license, that the state holds, you don't have a lot of say in this. we can stand united and we can be 500 restaurants strong, they would take the liquor license of all 500 restaurants. so we are kind of in, you know,
10:55 am
we learned very quickly it is hard to fight city hall. would we love to band together and open? we as restaurateurs feel confident we've been following protocols established by the governors, by the governor, to make our restaurants safe for our employees and customers. after four 1/2 months of being open, being opened properly and safely and customers feeling safe coming into our restaurants the restaurants were still closed again. stuart: yeah. >> so -- stuart: just a terrible situation. you've been ruined. i'm afraid, really limited for time. i want to you come back at some point in the very near future and tell us how you're going with this, because i think things are coming to a head. i would love to hear what you are doing about it. joe and rosalie, thanks for joining us. sorry about the time. see you again soon. let's see, ikea, this is interesting, making a big
10:56 am
change, what? susan: after 70 years the famous catalog no more. ikea called it a emotional decision to discontinue the catalog which is one of the world's biggest publications. the reason? shoppers are moving online. they don't flip through print marriages. what a difference four years make. the catalog peaked in 2016 more than 200 million copies were distributed to households in more than 50 markets. this year it is over 40 million. that's it. as long as they have meatballs i'm happy. stuart: sayonara. things change fast. thank you, susan. big show still ahead, charles payne, ed yardeni, deroy murdock, larry elder. we have a california sheriff who will not enforce governor newsom's lockdown orders in california. the first hour of "varney" coming right at you. ♪b neighbor 1: allez!
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11:00 am
>> our community mitigation efforts have to be based on science and ovens or lose public support and compliance for them. >> we need to public officials who understand what is the end of this and while you're destroying people's lives and you have really not a lot of data to back up the approach. >> we didn't increase on appointment benefits but if congress is going to pass a stimulus bill then my opinion is give it to the people. >> we will hit a speed bump at some point and that is what markets do but we do expect markets to be higher next year.
11:01 am
>> 2021 could be a year for the record books. we will have more volatility in the year but again against the backdrop of the amazing buying opportunities. ♪ stuart: elvis costello, that's upbeat and a lively song. looking at the deserted 6,000 but there you go, number one here in new york city and it is monday, december 7 and that his pearl harbor day. check those markets please. we got a downsize move for the dow about up a half a percentage point and an upside move for nasdaq, up 54 points about .43% so you got a split market as of right now. and now this. political debate these days often takes place on twitter. political tweets tell you a lot about the politicians that put
11:02 am
them out. case in point, aoc's self-indulgent wining tweets over the last week. this was very revealing. quote, the things that these conservative senators don't seem to understand is that i've actually had a physically difficult working class job aoc was ranting about government health for small businesses which he voted against. she assumes that conservatives are rich and didn't have to start at the bottom and did not have to get their hands dirty. that's nailed that one print news flash, the wealthy vote democrat these days. there are plenty of democratic senators who started their lives with the benefits of a great big trust fund. then there was this. quote, republicans like to make fun of the fact that i used to be a waitress. we all know that if they ever had to do a double they would be the ones found crying in the walk-in fridge halfway through their first shift because someone yelled at them for
11:03 am
bringing salsa when they wanted sparkling. that demands a personal response. when i first came to america i had no job, no money so i became a waiter. it was actually my first step into the american dream. i found that here, unlike over there, nobody cared about my background and the only question was can you do the job? sure, it was tough. one shift through a plate of clams on a halfshell all over me. we were slammed one night without customers and i asked if they what happened to my clams but i got my foot in the door, 48 years later rich lockdown democrats are actively ruining the restaurant industry. here is aoc refusing to vote for the cares act because it helps business. supporting a 15-dollar an hour minimum wage which would deny millions in entry-level jobs. get it straight. conservatives know just as much about hard work as anyone.
11:04 am
the third hour of "varney & co." is about to begin. ♪ stuart: that's right, i'm just dealing with susan here. it was a place of clams on the halfshell and thrown all over me many years ago. >> why did that happen? that seem so rude and not acceptable these days. [laughter] stuart: were talking 40 years ago but it's like who cares about etiquette and all that stuff. but bring charles payne back on again. aoc says republicans don't know about hard work so have at it, charles. come on. >> you know, you hit on it when you said that the democrats are the party of the rich. that's just more misdirection and more of this kind of these are elites and it's ridiculous. listen, i have fought for being a waitress and trying to do which he could and that is what
11:05 am
everybody does. it is one of the hot topics today is the idea of pain of student debt. $50,000, pay it off. on my timeline on twitter so many people are weighing and insane i was a waitress and i put myself through school. or i was a waitress after school until i got my dream job. we all work our way up the majority of americans work their way up but here is the thing, when we get there we like to keep it. when we get there we like to give it to our kids. when we make it we don't want government taking it from us. she should be empathetic. stuart: yes, yes, yes. i'm just going to calm you down for a second, charles. [laughter] you and i and susan are all getting hot about this and i think we should just calm down. there's a serious thing going on here. a flurry of ipos coming to the markets very soon. door -, air b&b. the demand for these ipos and these brand-new stocks seems to be very strong and that tells me all good things about the economy and the markets. how about you?
11:06 am
charles: i agree. these are household names so people know them and that generates even a lot more enthusiasm but the backdrop to this all is that where are they going? the new business models out there, by the way, is spins creativity in our society and the way we do business and creative disruption. all those things, stuart, it will be very exciting when these names start trading. i'm probably not going to chase them but that's just my own personal investing philosophy. at some point, particularly on any kind of drifting at lower i'd love to be an owner of both of these companies but the overall excitement that we see, you know, we had record amounts of money and finally, by the way there is no alternative besides fixed income and bonds and all that stuff but finally it is coming true good record amount of money pouring through ets last month and etf's in general there is a general excitement of people wanting to be a part of
11:07 am
it. that's what i love bread we love the peace of the actions began you got that right. charles, thank you for joining us and i will be watching "making money" with charles payne right here on foxbusiness, 2:00 p.m. eastern today and that's a must-see program. thanks, charles. take a look at the markets and we got the nasdaq still up about half a percentage point, downside move for the dow and denny is with us. ed, two things came to my attention this morning. first of all, the citigroup euphoria index as a measure of bullishness, i guess, is at the highest level since the year 2,000 and goldman sachs is saying that next year 2021 the economy will boom 5.3% growth. that sounds wildly bullish to me for both these stock market and the economy. is that where you are coming from? >> well, i think right now i am concerned that there are too many bowls. i've been bullish sense 2009 and
11:08 am
i've counted lots of what we call panic attacks along the way and i think the next one when it occurs will be number 68 according to my account. i'm still bullish but i am concerned that in the short run contrary and look at the bullishness and bulls out there and say something good upset this. one possibility would be that january 5 elections in georgia, if the democrats wind up getting proceeds subtly we are looking at up presumption of a blue wave or revival of the blue wave concerns and that might be the problem but you know, i think we also are still in this pandemic situation. california is basically locked up and i will hurt the economy going into the first quarter but the market is forward looking and i it's looking forward to the economy doing extremely well by the summer of next year. i think i told you this last time we chatted that i still
11:09 am
have some credit to go to europe until my wife let's schedule the trip because this will be a booming demand for travel in the summer, i think. stuart: your outlook is a pause for now, get the january the fifth election in georgia out of the way, see the results. and then, if all goes well and by that i mean the republicans win, that's my perspective and my opinion, then we are off to the races for the economy and the markets all over again it is that the weight you see it? >> my opinion is gridlock is bullish for the markets, whether you call it the republicans winning or gridlock winning but i think gridlock would be a good outcome on january 5 and if we get that outcome i think the market would take it well. by the way, let's not forget that even if the democrats get both seats there is a follow up in west virginia who's a democrat and conservative democrat who is told us he won't go to the extreme so we will see how that works out but yeah, we
11:10 am
are in a technology revolution that got a big boost from the pandemic. stuart: last one could give me 20 seconds on why you like or do not like bitcoin. >> i'm just -- i'm not to tell you the truth i focused on earnings and dividends and coupons so i tend to do my work on bonds and on the stocks but bitcoin is for really technicians as people look at charts and conclude what the crowd is likely to do. the fact that we are at these extraordinarily high levels gives me some pause. stuart: okay. ed, always a pleasure to have you on. speak to us again before you dash off to europe on occasion, okay. >> absolutely. stuart: ed, thank you, sir. susan is with us and always of course. she's been looking at the big names moving the market. susan: let's start with boeing and apple because the stocks have have limit the losses on
11:11 am
the dow. it's worth $300 and then we have apple rallies today eating intel's lunch with a few apple chip that's apparently even better than intel's best. apple dumped intel this year after 15 years of using intel's chip and its macbook and pcs and by the way, apple is one of the biggest chipmakers in the world's now putting their own chips and their iphones, ipads, watches and mac computers that's hundreds of millions of chips. stuart: i don't want to catch you out on something you don't know the answer to but does apple make chips in the united states? susan: i'm not sure on that but i know that they use arms to design a shift and that's based in the uk and its [inaudible] that makes the chips. it's an interesting shift, right? apple is getting big and chip -- watch intel or one of the chipmakers and i also want to point out talent erupted it rallied big today and just signed a deal with the fda for drug contract with worth over $45 million over three years and the stock has tripled since the debuted a few months ago and
11:12 am
finally look at tesla because tesla again getting a record high. we do have tesla at 780 according to goldman sachs last week but elon musk told his friends that he wants to move to texas where he's building his cyber truck factory so i think that is no income taxes in texas but remember how he ran into a fight during the covid locked down with the fremont health authorities shutting down his plants and that was a head on collision and so i suspect it's probably regulation and taxes that might give texas a thing. stuart: he might actually do it. susan: but think about it, elon musk says a lot of things. but how much does he follow through on? who knows. stuart: wait till he buys a palace in texas somewhere. i don't know whether he will do that. thank you, susan paid georgia senate candidates face-off last night however, one republican candidate decided not to take part. will that hurt his chances of
11:13 am
winning? i ask duane murdock who comes up shortly. california sheriff has message for governor gavin newsom. roll tape. >> the riverside county sheriff's department will not be blackmailed, bullied or used as muscle against riverside county residents. stuart: that tells a story, doesn't it? that sheriff is fed up with lockdowns annette sheriff joins meet next. ♪ ♪ a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam® is clinically proven to shorten colds!
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♪ stuart: 85% of the people in
11:18 am
california are now under strict stay-at-home orders. 33 million people those orders put in place by governor newsom but one sheriff says he will not be bullied into enforcing those rules. that sheriff, chad bianco, joins meet now. sheriff, we seen you on tv and we've heard you say look, i will not be bullied but let me just follow this through. if covid cases rise because people are eating outside in restaurants, you will get the blame for how do you respond to that? >> i think. stuart: i think we got an audio problem and i don't think sheriff blanco heard that. can we establish contact please? okay, we're just trying to get him back on the air with us and i don't think he was hearing proper sweet got a connection there. markets down one at a 40 on the dow and up 65 points on the nasdaq, divided market, anything to say? susan: first time in three years
11:19 am
with all four benchmarks the nasdaq, the dow, s&p 500 finishing at record highs. the fact that we are extending some of these gains on this monday as we are awaiting a seamless deal that pretty positive. stuart: i think it is buried the dow is getting help from boeing and apple and it is still down 138 points. there must be some significant losers in their summer. susan: but if you look at it would come off the lows, haven't we? we are getting a lot of bullish calls as i mentioned goldman sachs this morning said their gdp will beat way about the ten-year average next year so that's a v-shaped recovery and a 5.2% and a black block said they're overweight on u.s. stocks by u.s. stocks. stuart: i've seen some rotation as well back into big tech. facebook is eight dollars, okay or 3%. i'm sorry. amazon slipped ever so slightly lower but there seems to be some rotation there appeared to have the sheriff back with us?
11:20 am
>> yes, i'm here. stuart: sheriff chad bianco, welcome to the program, great to have you with us. here's how i started out. we know that you're objected to being bullied and you will not enforce these, you can't eat outside restrictions here but let me pose this to you. suppose people don't respect these restrictions and the number of cases goes up. you will get the blame. what do you say to that? >> well, i'm sure there are already people saying it's my fault and this is on my hands and those things but those of people that are always looking for someone else to blame, i think. obviously, it would be easy for me to do that. it goes back to the entire stay-at-home order. all of these rejections put in place by the governor, he absolutely knows that no one in the state is able to do any enforcement and that we, in law-enforcement we still have our regular criminal jobs to do but we are still out there
11:21 am
fighting crime, arresting real criminals that are hurting people and they want us to stop all of that and then move toward this. they know it's impossible but yet politically he still goes out and says that we have to do it. oh look, law enforcement isn't doing it. look, they are the bad guys and putting the blame on us. at a time when we are doing everything we possibly can to mend these relationships with our communities and politics is trying to put another divide and its by making us eight muscle of shutting all these things down. we don't have the resources and we don't have the money and quite frankly, i had nothing to do with someone contracting a virus and then being sick because of possibly silly ells they did in their lives that made this fire is worse on them. stuart: real fast, sheriff. i'm trying to get a handle on the extent of this revolt against the stay-at-home orders. have you heard from any other sheriff's and any other people in authority who will back what you are doing?
11:22 am
>> yes, it is basically almost all i can speak for all but the vast majority, if not all of the sheriffs in the states, are not enforcing and neither are the police departments. this is not something -- this is something that the governor is trying to make political and blame law enforcement for knowing that we don't have the resources or the time to enforce stay-at-home orders or mask orders or business orders. that is not law enforcement's role, especially for something like this. stuart: sheriff bianco, thank you for being with us and i'm sorry about the audio problems to start and the lack of time but i thank you made your point very forcefully and we appreciate that part sheriff come back soon. >> thank you very much. stuart: now, we could be days away from vaccine distribution here in the u.s. we know who is in line to get it first but lauren, what is this
11:23 am
about pro athletes possibly being at the top of the distribution list? why would pro- athletes be among the first group to get it? >> they might have to promoted. technically athletes, healthy adults would be one of the last to get the vaccine, right? but you have to see how this plays out and are people going to raise their hands it to roll up their sleeves because you need 70% to get the vaccine to achieve that her immunity. in a few months after the critical populations are inoculated, if they see the numbers are low maybe there will be a pr campaign to say athletes you get the vaccine, so america safe and effective and that could help. you also have to look at the other issues. polling shows black americans really do not trust vaccine is safe or effective. we would need to prove to that demographic as well that if the science shows it is, it is and the athletes would get it first.
11:24 am
stuart: got it, lauren. in the uk they will start distribution vaccines tomorrow and ashley, come into this because the queen of england will be one of the first to get the vaccine and trying to givens people it's safe. is that it? >> she could be. there is this possibility being kicked around of why, while to counter those safety fears and the anti- vaccination movement and the queen and her husband, prince philip, could be among the first to get that vaccine as a show of public supports. it is interesting that the first dosages, the audio and tech advisor vaccine are ready to go and 50 vacation hubs of hospitals are set up in tomorrow the elderly and care home workers in the uk will be getting the first jabs of the vaccine part hospitals will also be inviting others over the age of 84 and the vaccination, care home providers are being booked into vaccination clinics and starting next week, summer 14,
11:25 am
community vaccinations by a general practitioner, gop led network will begin on a small scale to begin with. it will be interesting and it's a test case, if you like, on a miniature scale for the u.s. stuart: can you give me 30 seconds on rocks it i hear the brits are staring down a brexit deadline and they don't have much time left, do they? >> aren't they always? yes, post brexit trade talks hanging in the balance as britain and the eu and a last ditch effort to what order to avoid a disorderly exit in 24 days. three things stew, still a stalemate over fishing rights, rule surrounding competition between companies on the continent and companies in the uk and who is going to govern the agreement. bottom line is the real brexit say when we say goodbye we mean goodbye and so the debate goes on for the time is running out. we said that multiple times but this time it really is. i think if they just leave, sure
11:26 am
there will be a little bit of adjustment but there will not be the chaos and panic in the streets that the critics say there will be. stuart: panic in the streets but i don't think so after all these years. [laughter] sports illustrated names its person of the year, except this time it is five people instead of one. were talking of the editor-in-chief shortly. remember what chuck schumer said about the georgia runoffs? to refresh your memory, roll tape. >> now we take georgia and then we take the world right now we take georgia and then we change america. stuart: so what is a state of play after last night debate? we have a live report from georgia for you, next. ♪
11:27 am
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♪ >> my opponent, radical literate raphael warnock has called police officers gangsters, thugs, bullies and a threat to our children. >> my opponent is going to work really hard trying to push a narrative about me. i brought together the law-enforcement officers here in the city. stuart: there you have some of
11:31 am
the highlights from last nights debate but i will call it a draw in that senate debate in georgia. jonathan surrey live indicator at a voter registration office because jonathan there is an important deadline today but what is it? >> that's right, today is the last day that georgians can register to vote in this januarh the entire nation watching and with the balance of power in the u.s. senate in play at last nights debate. the candidates largely focused on national issues, including of social issues important to their respective bases particulars a and. >> i'm not matthew 25 christian, that's what i am. i was hungry and you fed me. i was thirsty and you gave me something to drink. i was sick and you visited me. love your neighbor and for me that means you don't get rid of your neighbors healthcare particularly in the middle of a pandemic. >> look, i'm not going to be lectured by someone that uses
11:32 am
the bible to justify abortion and to attack our men and women in the military. reporter: and a separate debate georgia's other republican senator david perdue chose not to participate so he was were present by an empty podium as his democratic challenger john ossoff fielded questions alone. as far as the registration deadline tonight people have until close of business today if they will register in person at centers like this one that you see behind me and for those with drivers licenses they have until midnight to register online. stuart. stuart: jonathan, thank you very much indeed. staying on the georgia election, deroy murdock joins us now. deroy, besides of perdue's absence, does that hurt his chances? >> great to be with you this morning. i can't think that it will help. it's never a great idea to walk away from a debate lecture opponent and had the entire hour or even more than that to himself but i do think people in georgia understand what the stakes are, whether produced showed up on sunday or not but what's important is who shows up
11:33 am
in the next six years but you got john ossoff along with radical raphael warnock and the democrat will control the senate and control the house. if president trump's legal challenges do not prevail, joe biden will be in the white house and democrats will have complete and total control of washington dc and that will be a complete disaster with things like the elimination of the legislative filibuster, with puerto rico and dc added as states with probably four permanent u.s. democrat senators voting on all sorts of things, proving the green and new deal probably medicare for all and probably what the democrats really want to make as things like mass mail-in ballots which created a disaster in this election and become a permanent part of the american political landscape. of course, a packed supreme court to give the rubber stamp of approval all of this great weather produce shows up or not, yesterday i think was unfortunate but what's important is putting the initial show up for the next six years along with kelly loeffler. stuart: an important demographic which the democrats have to win on january the fifth. is the suburban vote around
11:34 am
atlanta, is raphael warnock too liberal to win in the suburbs? >> you know, i think he might be. one thing that concerns a lot of suburban voters, especially after all the riots you saw this spring, after the horrific killing of george floyd is the question of law and order and whether or not you can stay in her home and take care of your loved ones in peace or whether you have your neighborhood being burned down as we saw in kenosha and in the atlanta area and elsewhere around the country. warnock has come around as someone who is hostile to the police and soft on crime, probe blm, broke black lives matter and et cetera and that stands or shows people i consider in the atlanta suburbs and across the city of georgia that they want to live their lives in peace with criminals on the run it rather than the police on the run and they ought to support perdue and kelly loeffler. stuart: joy deroy, i've got to cut this short because we have breaking news from new york state's governor. thank you for being with us.
11:35 am
this is breaking from the governor of new york. lauren, headlines, bullet points, please. >> yes, he's having a press briefing and doctor anthony fauci made an appearance they are the positives are doctor valdez said that schools are okay in the positivity rate is not that type but cuomo is warning that if the hospitalization rate does not stabilize in new york city in the next five days he could close indoor dining, democrats and health officials have signed a letter to governor cuomo saint lock us down for it lock it all down could close indoor dining, limit outdoor dining and four people per table, close the schools, close the hair salons and close it all. we will see what he does. cuomo is calling on hospitals to increase their capacities to 25%. stuart: that's an extraordinary piece of news. to shut down dining restaurants. that's something. i don't know how new york could
11:36 am
recover from a batch 100 lauren, thank you very much indeed. now, play that music. ♪ stuart: there you go, times are changing. bob dylan is singing right there. he is selling his entire songwriting. susan, before you tell us how much admitted, you never heard that song but the times are changing and you not heard that before have you? susan: no well -- hurricane from the movie hurricane so two songs. we have bob dylan reportedly selling his entire catalog for $300 million with all 600 songs for universal so this is the biggest single deal ever in one transaction and considered one of the crown jewels left in music. dylan's songs are seen as poetic winning a nobel prize in 2016 and reshaping rock and pop and
11:37 am
you did not know that? he won the nobel prize in 2016. stuart: i did not know that. susan: what kind of bob dylan fan are you? we do have superstars playing their music so this is a trend. stevie next sold $80 million and blondie, rick james, barry manilow, i don't know that, they sold their songs for $670 million this year. stuart: never heard of barry manilow? susan: i think he played the saxophone, right? no, okay but something like that. [laughter] guys, give me a break for it what about taylor swift? i don't tease you about taylor swift or anything from the last 20 years but don't get on my case. dylan's deal, by the way, and creeds 120% to the rights of the songs and that the money for streaming. it pays billion dollars last year and that's the main way to make money. stuart: trying to change the subject but that was a nice bit of diplomacy right there.
11:38 am
you're having too much fun. too much fun sitting 6 feet away for me. susan: that's how i describe it every day. stuart: you know this actor from his famous movie line, here we go, roll it. >> alright, alright, alright. how you doing? [laughter] stuart: the actor matthew mcconnaughhay getting political calling out hollywood hypocrites. i love this stuff. we tell you about it. california waking up under lockdown orders today and they will be in place until after christmas. will people stand for that? ask california expert, larry elder, next. ♪ ♪ (uplifting festive music)
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>> everything i own is been taking away for me and they set up a movie company right next to my outdoor patio. they have not given us money and they have shut us down and we cannot survive. my staff cannot survive we want can you believe that? that lady has spent $80,000 on an outdoor tent for her dining room or restaurant and it was a shut down next to her she's got a film crew with an open cafeteria and they are still in business. larry elder is with us in here is a california guy but how long will california's stand for these lock downs? we've already had a sheriff on the show saying he ain't going to enforce this. i think it involves brewing, doesn't it? >> great question for you heard that share a state not only will he enforce it but you also asked him what about other sheriffs and he said he did not know a single one who intended to enforce this pretty also said that the police were not enforcing it. look, the young lady who was upset about the movie crew be next to her, her argument is about the illogical nature of all of this stuff. i just blew on a flight from
11:44 am
dallas and everyone sat next to each other, wearing masks and all of that but sitting right next to each other and the airlines apparently had protocol efficiently good enough for the government to allow them to comply and you have all these hyper critical politicians in california, supervisors sheila coyle voted to ban outdoor dining and still within hours of her vote she goes and engages in outdoor dining. what she said was well, the ordinance did not take place until the next day and that's not the point. i thought we were supposed to be afraid of outdoor dining and here she is engaging in it. you've got the london mayor going to that same french restaurant that gavin newsom went to and by the way when gavin's went to that restaurant he was there with california medical officials who said they weren't violating any kind of measure and he says we were and that's why he apologized but even he is not on the same page that his own medical experts. it's maddening. visitors are down dramatically -- the little shop in the building or a work. stuart: keep going specters us little shop in the business where i work and asked the young
11:45 am
lady who owns it how much is your business down. i thought she would say 25%, 30%, maybe 50% down 75% paid my barber who cuts my hair his business is down 50%. how people can survive is beyond me. this is maddening. the covid is serious, don't get me wrong graydon was 300,000 americans have died but almost all of those had what are called underlying conditions, either elderly, men or they had comorbidities. we know what to do but we know mitigation. we know about social distancing. we know about wearing masks. allow us to do that and treated like adults for crying out loud. stuart: thank you, larry. hold on one second, larry. i want to alert our audience, programming note, the ladies on the video angela marsden owner of the pineapple hill saloon will be on with neil, neil cavuto about 20 minutes from now and ask the important note, great coup for neil. let's get back to governor cuomo of new york. he just said he will shut new york city restaurant indoor dining if hospitalization rates
11:46 am
don't stabilize within the next five days. forget about moving from california to new york, larry. there will be nothing left if you try that. >> you know, again what about all these unintended consequences? suicide, divorces, alcoholism, drug abuse, homicides are linked to the coronavirus. you have this world health organization, covid-19 envoy who recently said shutdowns are a bad idea and you have a petition circulating in the uk where tens of thousands of scientists and other healthcare professionals have signed it saying don't shut us down anymore because of all the unintended consequences i just now referred to. stuart: it goes on and on. maddening, infuriating and frankly outrageous. larry, i'm out of time but thank you for being with us. come back soon. >> anytime. stuart: let's go to matthew mcconaughey story great he is getting political.
11:47 am
lauren, what is he saying? >> that some hollywood elites are hypocritical and here he is. let's hear his own words on russell brand podcast. >> there is a lot on that liberal left that is patronizing and arrogant towards other people. our industry when trump was voted in four years ago they were in denial that it was real. >> matthew mcconaughey, stuart. he is saying the roles have been reversed and you know, he says you not should expect trump supporters to accept the results of the election when four years ago many did not accept the results of the election then. let's talk about matthew mcconaughey running for texas governor. he said no but it's not like an abrupt know. stuart: deere member that movie, how to lose a girl in ten days,
11:48 am
that was a fantastic movie but i cringed all the way through. lauren, thank you. we'll talk later. >> that's not your genre. stuart: sports illustrated, get me out of this. out with its person of the year and we will talk to the editor-in-chief, next. ♪ ♪ at t-mobile, we believe you should get more. that's why we've merged with sprint. now it's about to get even better. and as we work to integrate sprint's network, our nationwide 5g keeps getting stronger.
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♪ stuart: earlier this year the publisher of sports illustrated raised $24 million to expand business and reduce debt. stephen cannella, sports editor in chief is with us now. stephen, before we get to the first of the year i wasn't aware that you still had a print edition of sports illustrated. will you tell us, i'm sorry, maybe that is nasty, but have any people by it every month? [laughter] >> i'm sorry, we still do have a print edition, very vibrant print edition and we are a monthly magazine now and we put out 16 issues in 2020 and 2021. we have very strong subscriber base and one the most loyal audiences and all of sports media. we are very proud of our print edition and proud to -.
11:53 am
stuart: will you build upon that and tell us how many you sell every month. >> we have nearly 2 million subscribers and with a fraction of that on top of that on newsstand copies. we have a very vibrant print of business both in terms of subscribers and advertising and building out and lots of new ways. stuart: let's get to the nitty-gritty here. you just announce your person of the year but it's actually five people. five athletes. we will run them up and down the left-hand side of your screen. tell us how you picked these athletes activists because that is what they are. >> yeah, this felt like the year where sports is important in sports is always important in sports is a going on in our community and site 80 as a whole so what we wanted to focus on this year were athletes who, not only reached the pinnacles of their individual sports but reached pinnacles of their personal performance but to use that platform that supports gives them to speak out and take
11:54 am
action on some of the larger issues that we are facing all of us. stuart: do you approve of that? stephen, you could say that some of this activism has hurt some of the sports which they were active in and i mean you could state that the nfl has had its problems with athlete activists, what do you say? >> i think it is important athletes lead the way and i think it's something we can agree upon witches that free speech and being able to speak your mind and use your platform that supports gives you to make the world a better place and i think that's important and productive and also a message that we embrace this year, including the nfl and definitely in the nba and wnba and that is what led to our honorees this year with lebron james. stuart: so, where are the english premier league soccer players? [laughter] >> they are too busy playing this week and they couldn't make it for our media opportunities.
11:55 am
look, we were focused on and we are focused on an american audience, nothing against the english premier league but we will send you a special copy just for your own personal -. stuart: don't worry, don't worry. you dug a hole there stephen and you will try to get out of it. stephen cannella, sports editor-in-chief having fun but great to have you on the show and congratulations on the magazine peered great to see you. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: let's get back to the markets real fast. we are down still above 30,000 actually, down about half a cent on the dow and will be back. ♪ ♪ to all the businesses that helped us make it through 2020... thank you for going the extra mile... and for the extra pump of caramel. thank you for the good food... and the good karma. thank you for all the deliveries... especially this one. you've reminded us that no matter what, we can always find a way to bounce forward. so thank you, to our customers and to businesses everywhere,
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stuart: now. this kentucky fried chicken is teaming up with lifetime for a brand new original minute my movie and it is called, a recipe for seduction starring actor mario lopez as colonel sanders. they are using the movie to announce a partnership with uber eats. do you have any comment on recipe for seduction? susan: greasy chicken does not sound romantic. stuart: greasy chicken? susan: seduction. that doesn't exactly team up. stuart: all right. we're down 100 points on the dow jones industrial average. that is 1/3 of 1%.
12:00 pm
we're up one-half of 1% on the nasdaq composite which is at 12,525. that may actually be and all time intraday high. now, in five seconds we'll hand it over to neil. he has angela marsden, the lady from california on his show. neil, it its yours. neil: thank you, stuart, very, very much. she is a fascinating lady. she is ticked off that the same conditions abide to her restaurant than they did to the movie industry. nasdaq indeed at a record. stuart you pointed out an intraday record at that. we'll monitor that market reaction. the fear of more restrictions to come in new york city. governor cuomo is watching the hospitalization rate soar in new york right now and he is looking at possibility if things don't improve and soon he could shut down indoor dining throughout the new york city


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