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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 8, 2020 5:00am-6:00am EST

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. ♪ report the news "after the bell." see you back here same time tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. today marks lou: good evening, everybody, today marks the beginning of a critical week in the battle for the white house. in the president's lead attorney rudy giuliani is tonight in the hospital with the china virus. we first want to wish him a quick and r complete recovery ad now the question is who will lead the president fight for free and fair election. at his rally in georgia over the weekend, president trump asked ffor a hero to step forward in his fight against those who have conspired to defraud the american people and steal the
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election from him. today president trump's request was answered by none other than senator ted cruz, cruz announcing if the u.s. supreme court decides to take up the pennsylvania mail-in ballot case, he stands ready to make the oral arguments on behalf of the petitioner's congressman mike kellyanne republican congressional candidate sean parnell. and by extension the president rhimself. senator cruz is considered no te not only one of the smartest from harvard law school but also era brilliant debater and litigator. he's offered to champion the president fight for free and fair election in court could not come at a more propitious moment, it comes as several key deadlines are rapidly approaching and the certification of the presidential race. every state is expected to certify the election results byo tomorrow. next monday the electoral
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college is expected to meet their vote for either president trump or joe biden. president trump says he expects big things to come this week from his legal team challenges across the country. add an event in the white house president trump said his case is clear, the presidential election was right with irregularities of abuse and outright fraud. >> it was a rigged election, if you look at theal different stas he election was totally rigged, it's a disgrace to our country, it's like a third world country, these ballots pouring in from everywhere using machinery that nobody knows, ownership nobody knows anything about, they have glitches, they got caught sending out thousands of votes, by the way, this is like a third world nation, i think the case has been made and now we find out what we can do about it, you see a lot of big things happening over the next
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couple of days.t lou: at least 17 legal challenges by president trump and republican attorneys in six states will carry on in rudy giuliani's absence. again, we bush the man who has fought so hard for thiss president for so long to make a speedy, speedy recovery and returned to the fight. four of the legal challenges to the vote count are being litigated in georgia. president trump was in the state over the weekend there he urged voters to support republican kelly loeffler andac david perde in their senate runoff races against radical dams in socialist. the two senator speeches were cut short and a clear demand from president trump supporters, listen to this. [shouting] >> thank you. we are fightin were gonna fightu
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never seen before. lou: the president not blushing but clearly moved by the crowds ermand that we fight for trump. president trump's rally took place before today's voter registration deadline for the critical georgia runoff races. fox news correspondent jonathan seri has more from decaturur georgia. >> today georgia election officials recertified the presidentiale race, they say after three counts the outcome remains the same, georgia secretary of state brad ratzenberger is now calling on both sides of the aisle to stop the conspiracy theories. take a listen. >> all of this talk of ati stoln election whether stacey abrams or the president of the united states is hurting our state.
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>> the secretary of state is trying to instill voter confidence as a peach state heads towards a january 5 route runoffs for the senate seats. republican senator kelly loeffler debated challenger caorraphael warnock on national talking points including covid-19 and the economy. take a listen. >> , matthew 25 christian, that's what i am, i was hungry and you fed me and i was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, i was sick and you visited me. love your neighbor and for me that don't mean get rid of your neighbors healthcare but particular in the middle of a pandemic. >> i will not be lectured by somebody who uses the bible to justify abortion and attack our men and women in the military. >> in a separate debate gorgeous other republican senator david perdue chose not to participate in represented by an empty podium as his democratic challenger john ossoff fielded questions and midnight is the new deadline for them to register online to pre-dissipate
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in the january 5 runoff election for the two senate seats will determine the balance of power in the u.s. senate. back to you. lou: it has got to be deeply concerning for the people of georgia but frankly for the american people, nothing has been changed as far as i understand about the electoral system in georgia, there has been no response to the cries and corruption and irregularities in video proof of them what is the sense that you get in terms of registration as you put it the deadline tonight for this upcoming january 5 election. are we seeing a surge, is there quiet and fewer people stepping up to register? >> it is a question everyone wants to know, we will probably have to waitnt until tomorrow
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until we get the exact numbers of people registering. one of the frustrating things you want to know, do the new registrations favors democrats, do they favor republicans, georgia is an open primary state so until a primary election where you request a democrat or republican ballot, you don't declare up front, you don't register as a democrat or republican, the number we will get isng t going to be overall registration, young individual organization,er democratic and republican recruiting voters, both claiming they are getting massive registrations but we do not have a scientific figure just to get on which party is favored. lou: how about it and adult indicator as to whether or not the invitation by some of the o democrats for some of them to come into the state particular young people to register.
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do we have an indicator as to whether that occurred or not? >> the secretary of state's office which is run by a republican, as soon as they caught wind of it, they publicly said don't game our system. there may have been after early on to get people to move to the state with the threats of being charged with a felony in being thrown in jail, it appears that those efforts very quickly fizzled out early on. lou: good news. jonathan serrie, thank you very much. we will have much more on president trump legal challenges in the battle for the white house this evening, a great lineup of guest and joining us will be pennsylvania whistleblower grade finch drum will explain why 120,000 votes in pennsylvania should be question, matt reynard, also joining us and he will have his latest findings from his voter
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integrity and trump campaign senior advisor also with us tonight. the p presidential counselor wil speak up for the free and fair election and we will ask former congressman jason chase hits about the rinos in washington, yes there are still rinos in washington who are very quick to abandon president trump just when the country demands they stand up and fight for him. here is anotherti explanation behind the vote count delay on election night in atlanta fulton county. georgia officials first claimed a burst pipe as stateel farm ara for the delay, they made it sound like the state farm arena was flooded as a result. then in the days after was discovered to be simply a leaky toilet and not much of a leak at all. but now an investigation ordered by the secretary of state's office found the incident was
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caused by not a toilet but an overflowing urinal, we want to keep you up-to-date on george's political currents as they are made known to us. george's lawmakers finding it difficult to keep their stories straight, especially in the state farm arena, the chairman of the senate democrats elayna has question president trump's claims aboutim the abuse of dominion voting machines but guest guess what, in june she had questions about the very same machines, in response to a new york times article, she said al democrats listen to the data and experts who told all of us they were expensive, complicated and hack a bowl. and yes georgia republicans tbought them because the purchae made money for companies that have donated thousands of dollars and well-connected
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lobbyist that became staffers for governor kemp. i believe my exact quote was the whole thing reeks of corruption. parents concerns about dominion machines were recommended in december last year by prominent democrats in congress. elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar, ron wyden, mark poe can offer letters calling those prone to security problems, their words,r their forecast and they were right, up next is supreme court justice makes an important decision in pennsylvania in the whistleblower and witnesses electoral fraud in pennsylvania. he is guest next. we'll be right it's been a tough year. and now with q4 wrapping up, the north pole has to be feeling the heat. it's okay santa, let's workflow it.
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lou: breaking news a big win for the trump campaign in michigan a state judge ruling 22 dominion voting machines will undergo forensic investigation. those machines are from interim county michigan where a programming era showed joe biden winning the county before they
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checked and found 6000 votes had been switched by the machines to biden. they were reversed and switched back to the rightful owner president trump. also breaking news, supreme court justice samuel alito has ordered pennsylvania state officials to respond to congressman mike kelley's election challenge by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the case seeks to toss out all of pennsylvania's mail-in ballots, he previously ordered a response by wednesday but apparently he saw the calendar was approaching more rapidly than he had first expected. joining us tonight is greg stenstrom, a 2020 pool water from the state of pennsylvania and he witnessed a number of irregularities on election day, also a former commanding officer in the u.s. navy and forensic computer scientist who
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specializes in security and fraud. it is great to have you with us. let's start with whatnd you witnessed and the reaction of law enforcement for w the federl or state for what you had to say and your colleagues in pennsylvania. >> i appreciate it, it's a pleasure to be here. i was a 20200 watche 20200 polld the uss marine corps with me watching my back and we have seven polls they had 22 precincts in the seven polls and we saw what was significant from the perspective of people who had done mail-in ballots came in and the website had not been updated yet so they went to vote in most of the people that we
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sell were given regular ballots and set of provisional ballots. every case when we told the election judge, the judge of election that each pole, they apologized and said they had been busy, some of the procedures were not very clear and they reverted to provisional ballot. but it went to me too show that the process was not very well cemented and not very well understood. all day long i have been asking, i want to go down to the counting center they counting center on delaware is on secor avenue a remote building on the delaware river waterfront and it's actually south of the city of chester and they said all day long there was 10 - 20 poll watchers and their and they had everything well in hand and i said i would like to see the couple people i'm working with, so we showed up at 6:00 o'clock with our poll watcher 600 certificates and unlike previous elections where the p candidates
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would provide you a poll watcher certificate they had to go to the boardo of elections, verify your address, who you were, that you were in fact qualified to be a poll watcher and then they stamped it with a certified stamp. ida document saying i was a certified poll watcher, my personnel was representing us that time senator gillian, so we got there six and we were denied access, we had to go get an attorney and we went to the project to thomas more society project, they provided a lineup paid for the lawyer and the lawyer gotot us in and it took s some time and i1: got there at 11:00 o'clock. lou: let me interrupt you for just a minute. i apologize, who was it that denied you access. that is a rather bold act. >> we were denied access when no
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explanation quite frankly from county workers in the clerk of election was there, the board of election solicitor was among the people but the person who enforced it was a deputy sheriff who was tasked with maintaining security for this facility and what they did not tell us and it took some time to get it out of them, there was a separate list that itde been defined the day r two before the election that they had decided via e-mail without telling anybody called the double secret probation list that you had to be on a special list that was approved by the election committee which is crcontrolled to democrats and oe republican minority member on the council. we were told that we were not on that list but it took us actually almost two hours just
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to find out the list even existed. so the deputy sheriff kept us out of the park police kept us out, it was fairly caustic environment as well. lou: don't the republicans, just to put a fine point on it, you're a navy vet, a former officer. i talked to so many republicans who were told don't do this, don't do that. i have the public and sort of surrendered their identity as constitutionalists. what does it take to get a republican to fight, my god. it's outrageous what you people are gone through. >> i think you nailed it. i'm a very authoritarian figure i don't have a problem telling people what to do, giving orders, taking orders but i'm not easily touted and at first i refused to move. one of the reasons we were able to get in because i did press my
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initiative and as a patriot and officer, i said i'm not moving, i've a poll watcher certificate and i have every reason toe be here, the solicitor at one point demanded i be arrested and i said you have less authority here than i do, i'm an authorized poll watcher in your democrat solicitor, i entered your number authority for the sheriff to arrest me as i do. i said i'm not moving until you get an explanation. at one point i was surroundedd y nine police and i said i am not going without a fight and that's one of the reasons i think we got the progress that we did. i fought my way in. lou: god bless you. >> the former u.s. marine corps officer with me who was a pilot as a storm pilot, navy seal with me, a former law enforcement officer 235, there was no streak in violence, we went down there
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and it was not a pleasant experience, we fought our way and and to your point, with what you nailed, i think the culprits in this arehi the democratic -- excuse me the republican gop themselves that just kind of didn't know light and let this happen and agree to things that they should not have a agree to and that left citizens like myself to slug it out and i think you just nailed it, there was too many people in the gop, not the democrats but the gop who let thiss happen. lou: we are out of time, yours is a fascinating story and again, i want to says salute you planting your feet in standing up, it sounds like some able folks with you. where does pennsylvania go. you watched what appears to be clearly not just an irregularity
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but fraud, what is anybody doing about that, what is the republicanng party doing, what n be done? >> i think right now there is several people that has been in the news and for this initially, we are working on title iii violations filing them. right now most immediate what you talked about earlier mike kelli and his title -- excuse me the 77 litigation that i think we have a good shot right there and we have a couple more things that we are going to do and were going to file but right now were in the litigation stage and that's the trajectory for now, other things have come up, i know that thomas more in giuliani is trying to push out the electoral college date on
5:25 am
monday they're trying to put push that out i don't know how successful but that's one of the other trajectories i'm really looking forward to judge alito's command for tomorrow. lou: greg stenstrom thank you for being with us, we wish you good luck and again, you have our thanks and nearly every one of your fellow citizens. up next arizona lawmakers, i should say something before we go to break. the lawsuit we are referring to when we were talking about congressman mike kellyanne sean parnell republican congressional can candidate, is there a lawsuit to the declaration that mail-in balloting of pennsylvania is absolutely unconstitutional and that appears to be moving quickly toward the supreme court. i just wanted to make sure that we were clear about that, lawmakers taking steps to ignore
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election fraud in their state, former nap reynard testified before arizona lawmakers about electoral fraud and he has been schooling all of us on what's been happening as he looks at extraordinary data. he joins us right after the quick break. quick break. you quick break. you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ lou: arizona lawmakers using the chin lou: arizonaan lawmakers using e china virus pandemic avoid calling a session to examine charges of voter fraud, the state legislator has suspended work for a week following rudy giuliani china virus diagnosis, giuliani testified for 11 hours before the state lawmakers last monday. now they have a week off.
5:31 am
our next guest testified before arizona lawmakers last week he has compiled data showing tens of thousands of fraudulent votes and a number of battleground states and joining us now is matt braynard the founder of the voter integrity project in analysis about data. great to have you backrt with u. brad rothenberg, the secretary state of georgia is questioning not only your analysis and your conclusions but your data. how do you respond to a man who has run such a screwball election criticizing you and your methods. >> i would actually like to hear an account showing a proximally 21 - 22000 illegally cast ballots in his state far surpassing the numberr of votes in the victory between joe biden and donald trump. i'm working with state legislators in georgia now and they submitted my data almost a
5:32 am
week ago and i've yet to see any documentation explaining what the flaw is. this is very clear, people are registered at illegal addresses, their post office boxes, people who have moved out of the statei along time ago to places like new york, seattle, washington or california who cast ballots in georgia attempting to shortcut around the electoral college and no wi-fio it. i don't know what his reasoning is to dismiss it but i'm not heard any honest accounting to disqualify, it's very straightforward what we provide and i think it's p really beyond thee approach, if you see the problem i haven't heard from him and neither do my allies in the state legislator or the people in the courtrooms in georgia trying to bring greater scrutiny to the selection. lou: this is the same fellow who said it's a beautiful election and people pulling boxes and ballots out from the table at the state farm arena, were just
5:33 am
doing what they do in georgia and that was entirely normal even though it followed in telling republicans to leave the room and shutting down the room and leaving themselves alone with the balance which was improper and illegal by the t w. we are hearing the same nonsense from the secretary of state rothenberg or is what we call in texas, it is astonishing what the arrogance and the incompetence of the man and by the way he did not point out that a forensic voting machine showed no evidence of tampering was overseeing the testing of dominion machines 43, you cannot make this stop up in georgia. lou: up comes georgia and michigan, any number of these
5:34 am
battleground states -- it's unspeakably corrupt in the way that they have managed their election. >> waska remarkable to me, and e court filing i filed a 500 page affidavit as part of the trump campaign to join everett down in georgia, 500 page affidavit, the democrats on the left put together and paying $500 an hour to say my numbers don't mean anything and there's problems with my methodology, what is funny the same extra witness is writing studies showing that my methods looking at national chain of address to validate voters is perfectly legitimate and very successful. he also interrogated studies showing they matched name and address moving from one state to another is accurate to 99.9% of the time. it is like they did not care who
5:35 am
they could get, they just got somebody's assigned a sheet of paper and saying they don't care what their findings are, his own work has validated my method. lou: i would say unbelievable, it's not entirely accurate because were watching something like this occur in statehouse after statehouse around the country. in georgia they robbed arrogance of the state leadership, it is just breathtaking. lou: you get the last word. >> i'll be testifying with the georgia state legislator on friday. i look forward to sharing my findings and if they didn't cast ballots the state said they did. lou: i hope you will join us friday to take up what happened and we will invite you and we look forward to seeing you if you can make that work for us.
5:36 am
i appreciate it. he is doing an extraordinary work, important work for election integrity and that means he is going to get more than a few people, he has upset a few fleas as we say. up next george sure's latest move tied to electoral integri integrity, we take that up and much more with trump advisor presidential assistant stephen miller and you can order my book "the trump century" by going to lose dobbs, you can also get your official "lou dobbs tonight" merry christmas mug season greeting, what better way then to read on a hot "lou dobbs tonight" mug of whatever you prefer. stay with us we'll be right to all the businesses that helped us make it through 2020... thank you for going the extra mile... and for the extra pump of caramel. thank you for the good food... and the good karma.
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lou: president trump in valdosta georgia over the weekend where he talked for two hours urging support for kelly loeffler and david perdue for the senate, john was there to and here are a few thoughts of trump supporters. >> do you believe this is a free and fair election. >> no i think a blind man can see this is not free election it was not honest election, i am 72 years old and i never thought i would live to see this kind of corruption. >> video we saw in atlanta, you
5:41 am
cannot tell them that was them doing their job, those were big fat humongous suitcases stuffed with probably copied ballots that they did the democrats and liberals and told the people to leave at 11:00 o'clock for two hours they had time to count all the ballots with anybody watching and if you see the graphs between 11 - 1 there you see the spike for biden. >> the most rigged election ever and politicians getting bought off, it's transparent and obviously we know who not to vote for and who needs to get it. >> was this a free and fair election, no the largest queue that is ever happened in the history of mankind, the united states has been invaded by social media giants, tech giants, china and russia all trying to seize our country and make it into a marxist socialist country. >> what do you say for the rinos calling for president trump to get off the fight.
5:42 am
>> traders, stick to your party, support the head of your party which is president trump and stand up for your constituents and the people that elected you. >> has china bought them? are they owned by china just like joe biden is owned by china, it seems to make sense to me. all the money. >> they're worried about their own personal agenda but they're gonna be the first ones out if this goes either way, they will be gone. lou: mike lindell, you probably recognized it. joining us tonight stephen miller, presidential advisor to the trump campaign, top aide to the president and stephen it is good to have you with us. i appreciate it. let's start with what you saw there in valdosta, tens of thousands of people. across the country the same thing. and we are supposed to believe that this president is an
5:43 am
unpopular president that just got beat despite all sorts of evidence to the contrary suggesting this was the most fraudulent election in presidential history. are you and your colleagues in the white house in this administration going to be able to prove that in the supreme court. >> the answer is yes, you are right, no president in history running for reelection receives more votes in this president. unlike his opponent, these are real votes from americans who are lawfully eligible to vote in this country, most of whom who showed up in person to cast a ballot. i want to break something down for your viewers, this year, more people voted for mail than ever before in american history, this is done by democrat election officials using the virus as a pretext to allow people to vote by mail to tens of millions more than ever happened before and yet despite
5:44 am
voting by mail to a degree never ever before in american history the rejection rate on ballots was the lowest level we have ever seen. in georgia as one example, the rejection rate in 2016 was 5.5% i'm sorry 6.5% in 2016, 6.5, this year it was a half 8% or less, that variance alone gives donald trump the state of georgia and in the state of wisconsin were democrat county officials violated unconstitutionally their own state laws to allow absentee voting for people who have never failed out and absentee application, that gives donald trump the margin of victory and in the state of arizona you remove non-arizona residents and noncitizens, he has a margin of victory in arizona. those three states and corrections, that alone gives donald trump four more years in the white house. lou: the president in valdosta asked for a hero to step up here
5:45 am
because there is very few people who have stood up whether it's in state legislatures, whether it's in law enforcement, whether it's the attorney general, senator ted cruz just stood up offering to argue the case for the president and for free and fair elections and against unlawful elections, fraudulent elections before the supreme court, your reaction to his author which seems propitious and extraordinarily valuable to the presidents interest. >> we salute the courage of senator cruz and you are right, he is doomed to stepped up, that means heroes in the state legislators need to step up and in the state of georgia we need signature matching, we need signature verification, this ludicrous decree that wiped away signature varick enter verification requirements that was entered into with the same law firm that brought us
5:46 am
diffusion gps disaster, that is to be avoided. lou: let me raise my hand, we know about perkins quite, you know about it and so does the rnc and so does every act in the country, every republican donor but they ignore everything that they do, what do you guys put together half billion dollars and go hire him and get him out of your way. it is extraordinary, the president warns for months and months about mail-in ballots and the potential for fraud and the republicans do nothing. nothing, what in the hell is wrong, what is wrong with the republican party. >> where is the outrage, tens of millions of ballots. lou: where the hell of the republicans, where the hell are the republicans?
5:47 am
where are they. >> tens of millions of ballots nationwide, no signature checks, no citizenship checks, no criminal background checks, not even checking if you're alive or dead, are we a third world country, are we banana republic, what does it come to. lou: let me tell what it comes to. from your lips to god's ears, the reality is that this president right now is fighting and let's be straightforward about it. he is fighting all alone and ted cruz has stepped up to say he'll argue before the supreme court, why in god's green earth one at the white house jump on it, why shouldn't they right now. >> i will say one thing, if three state legislators i just outlined. lou: i'm not going to let you do this, i'm not going to let you
5:48 am
do that, i asked the question, you and i are reasonably smart and decent fellows, why don't you answer me, that's all i'm asking here stephen, why don't you guys jump and salute ted cruz and say yes, we want you on the team now, my god, this is not a time for nonsense on the part of the republican party which is watching its blood drain into the streets because they are gutless. >> you are right, you we are great friends and we have the same mind in the same thought on this issue, we are simpatico and it is time for everyone involved in this process to stand up, do right by country, do right by god, do right by their conscience and stand for the principle of one citizen, one vote you will have no argument no quarrel on that with me, not now, not ever. lou: except for one thing when i ask you about ted cruz.
5:49 am
>> as you know i'm speaking today. lou: welcome and into the leadership, i know who you are and i know what you do, you know me and you know what i do. my job is to get answers to the questions i asked. >> you are entitled to the answer and i will see to it that you get the answer. as i sit here today i am not in position to make that decision but i will get to that answer. but at the same time we cannot let the constitution gives state legislatures the obligation to slate electors and we cannot let our state. lou: stephen you're one of the great americans, no one has worked harder for this president then you. i have got the greatest respect. i know that. >> and i will to my last breath. lou: why are we dealing with the justice department that has an election crime unit and they don't give a damn about the election crimes. we have an attorney general that
5:50 am
want you to believe that we did not have any fraud, they did not find anything of significance or sufficiency to suggest that the outcome of the election should be otherwise, these people are either damn fools or they are damn liars. either way the american people are suffering at the hands of an absent justice department election crimes unit, voting rights division, god, what in hell can we do more to wonder what is happened to this count country, what more can we do to screw it up. it is amazing. we need to fix now and i want to say thanks to senator ted cruz for stepping up. one of the few in stephen miller who is in the war every day and every way. up next more on the lack of support for the republican establishment in the battle for the white house that you don't want to miss a minute of it. we take it up with former we take it up with former congressman we take it up with former congressman these days, we want sophisticated but simple.
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[laughing] that works.
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lou: on wall street stocks were mixed the dhow down 148 points the well off the session lows the s&p dropped seven the nasdaq
5:55 am
57 points, the record close of the year, volume on the big board 4.9 million shares and listen to my report three times a day on the salem radio network. what does a biden lead america look like if you can imagine, i cannot, both houses of congress might be controlled by democra democrats, here is a possibility, some would say a likelihood if he gets away with what the democrats, the deep state and the rinos and the list goes on have tried to pull off in the selection. these might be the result, puerto rico and washington, d.c. would become states further deleting republican votes in the senate, more liberal justices would be added to the supreme court, some say as many as 24, i think that was president trump
5:56 am
who said that an joe biden will be introduced america to the paris climate accord and the taxes that would result global taxes of course in the iranian nuclear deal would be back on the table. actually probably back in force and open borders would be what they would call an immigration policy in this country and 0 yes, healthcare given to illegal immigrants, any blue state that is bankrupted by all of the left-wing policy ideas that became reality, they are going to be given a bailout by the left-wing government that would move into washington, bidens america would not be so bad for some people however, including a fellow by the name of hunter biden based on performance, past performance, he might get to be quite rich as the big guy himself, it will be interesting to see.
5:57 am
joining us now is jason chaffetz, former congressman and chairman of the house oversight committee, best-selling author and fox business contributor, great to have you with us, i have to say, i get the feeling a lot of voters, at least according to dominion voting machines did not consider the consequences when they sought out joe biden as their candidate. >> i think that is right, joe biden was hiding joe biden, he sat in the basement and did not take any hard questions, the media did not excoriate them from that they just let them get away with it, there was no third debate about foreign policy which is one of the biggest areas of contrast and one of the biggest success stories of donald trump's presidency and i think a lot of people will be shocked when they figure out what they may have pulled the
5:58 am
trigger for in the voting booth or online or in their ballots. it scares me when you go through the list because i think they are all very distinct possibilities and part of what biden wants to do and i shudder to think that it might actually . for fraud is so strong, it's one of those things i cannot imagine, that does not suggest in any wal concede that but i cannot even imagine because the impact of the country would be devastating and this president all that he's accomplished would be discounted by mail-in ballot fraud, a diminishing indy that turns out
5:59 am
to be the case, it is stunning stuff. let's start with other stunning stuff, that is that we have various groups, nonprofits investigating and prominent attorney sidney powell, rudy giuliani, the president's attorney investigating. we don't have the attorney general, we don't have the justice department in fact we have this attorney general saying he see no evidence of fraud significant enough to rise to the level that would overturn the election. i want your best judgment about what in the hell is going on in this country. we have reached a nadir in terms of law enforcement and this government. resist has one. >> is stunning what hasn't happened at the department of justice, where were these people four months ago. this should've been routed out before it happened, they said they wrath is networked that was going to go out and be across the nation to make this stuff
6:00 am
was prevented. how they could not have actually tested these machines and saw this happening is just stunning. lou: jason chaffetz, were at the end of the show, we thank you for being with us, thank you so maria: good tuesday morning, welcome, down to the wire, today is safe harbor deadlines for state to finalize election results. the arizona supreme court ready to hear a challenge to mail-in ballots as senator ted cruz says he's ready to argue the case and join the legal fight in pennsylvania. trump campaign attorney general jenna ellis with the very latest coming up on the trump administration's challenges. the china threat front and center. new reports show just how much influence china is trying to wheel over lawmakers here at


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