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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 9, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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crimes to this country. gang members will come to commit crimes. we're stopping that outside of this country. they should be thanking i.c.e. rather than abolishing them. elizabeth: tom homan, good to see you. on "after the bell." see you here at the same time tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. wee begin tonight with breaking news. the u.s. attorney's office in delaware is investigating hunter biden's taxes. hunter biden, son of vice president, the former vice president, released a statement this afternoon. in that statement he said he was notified yesterday about the investigations. however sources tell fox news that the investigation of hunter biden and his taxes began in 2018. one ever the questions moving to
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the forefront, is why then are we, the american public, only now finding out about that investigation? we'll be watching this breaking story and reporting on it throughout tonight's broadcast. turning now to president trump's on going battle for the white house, the president today took his message to twitter where he directly addressed his accusations of electoral fraud and focused on the irregularities of the presidential election. the president tweeted this, quote, no candidate has ever won both florida and ohio and lost. i won them both by a lot. the president also tweeted, quote, we will soon be learning about the word courage in saving our country. i received hundreds of thousands of legal votes more in all of the swing states than did my opponent. all data taken after the vote
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says that it was impossible for me to lose unless fixed. the courage that president trump refers to being exhibited by the leaders of the state of texas. texas has filed a lawsuit with the u.s. supreme court charging that wisconsin, michigan, georgia, and pennsylvania all exploited the china virus pandemic and ignored federal and state election laws. the attorney general of texas, ken paxton, will argue what happened in those states deeply and adversely affects texas voters. >> these elections in other states were where state law was not followed as required by the constitution affects my voters because these are national elections. and so if they're fraudulent activities or things that affect an election and state law is not followed as is required by the
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constitution, it affects our state, it affects every state. our argument is not directly about the fraud. our argument is because these did not follow their own state law, and the orders were by other elected officials to change the law or by other judges, that is unconstitutional. lou: 17 other states have joined in the lawsuit in support of texas and among the states, louisiana, alabama, arkansas, missouri, florida, president trump's campaign legal team joining the lawsuit, president trump tweeting this, we will be intervening in the states case, this is the big one. our country needs a victory. and indeed we do. we will be taking up the battle for the white house and the free and fair election with texas
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attorney general pink paxton, also electoral fraud in the state of michigan will be talking with linda lee tarver who worked at the state of office for over three decades and congressman mike kelli who is the lead along with congressional candidate sean parnell in the lawsuit of pennsylvania mail-in ballot are unconstitutional. yesterday the u.s. supreme court denied a temporary injunction in that case and will be talking with congressman kelli about where the lawsuit is likely to go now. we will also be joined by investigative journalist sara carter, national security expert jim hanson, let's turn to the battle for the white house in the latest of what president trump calls the most corrupt election in our country's
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history, wisconsin senator ron johnson announced he will hold a hearing next week to examine that fraud and that corruption, senator johnson said this. the fact remains that a large percentage of the american public does not view the 2020 election results as legitimate because of apparent irregularities that have not been fully examined, that is not a sustainable state of affairs for our country. the only way to resolve suspicion is with full transparency and public awareness. as senator johnson investigates the election the rinos who control the state of georgia's election are permitting the fraud and corruption in their state to stand. the men in charge of georgia's election gabriel sterling sounded a lot like mitt romney as he said the president's allegation of electoral fraud feed the fire of disinformation and then urged the president to act more responsibly, sterlings rino credentials are impeccable.
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he served on romney's georgia steering committee and the 2012 election, georgia's lieutenant governor duncan is much the same, we are concerned o republicans are perceived rather than doing right by president trump and the citizens of georgia. duncan does not want the president and his allies to fight fraud in their state, duncan told cnn, i am very, very worried that this affects our brand of conservatism. telling the republican party, just move on, georgia's rino governor brian kemp still refuses to call a special legislative session to investigate all of the irregularities, the anomalies in highly visible fraud in this state, yet the state senate says when it meets next week they
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will seek to be on ballot dropbox with an absentee voting without cause and next month senate runoff election. that is as far as the little darlings would go. this is where learning stacey abrams voter outreach group called fear fright claim 70000 people in georgia who did not vote in last month election all have requested mail-in ballots for the runoff election. fox news correspondent jonathan serrie has more on the race from atlanta, that raise is starting to keeping you interested. >> if you had told me that georgia would be a competitive state, and play in 2025 years ago i would sell you until your beachfront property in nevada, but we are competitive state. and these are very important senate races that would determine the balance of power in the u.s. senate.
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in this polarized climate, mostly georgia voters have already made up their mind, the strategies for both parties is to rally the base and get as many people to the polls on january 5 or before as you can. today hundreds of laid-off union hospitality workers launch the canvassing effort to elect democratic challengers jon jon ossoff and raphael warnock to the u.s. senate. >> multi racial, multilingual, multigenerational, progressive majority in georgia is not turning back. >> hoping to maintain the momentum of president trump we can rally for georgia senator david perdue and kelly loeffler republicans are bringing in other gop heavy hitters including vice president mike pence on thursday and former vice presidential candidate sarah palin on friday as
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president trump continues to challenge the outcome of the november election senators loeffler and perdue issued a joint statement saying they fully support president trump legal recourses. loeffler explained it will strengthen the system and public confidence going forward. >> were building a robust organization to make sure that leading up to january 5 we are doing everything that we can whether polling or during the process to make sure we are rooting out any issues. >> starting tomorrow, save the senate packed will be running ads featuring donald trump jr. in those ads, he tries to reach out to conservative voters in georgia explaining that his father's legacy is essentially on the ballot in the two senate runoffs. lou: as they say the whole kit and cavuto is in those two races, thank you very much, we
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appreciate your report. house intelligence committee radical dem eric swalwell has spent years plotting to overthrow president trump and at the same time falsely claiming the president is a russian agent, take a listen. >> the question has shifted from whether the president is working with the russians to what evidence exists that the president is not working with the russians. >> he's betrayed our country and i don't say that lightly. >> you believe the president is a russian agent? >> he acts on russia's behalf and puts russia's interest ahead too often of america's interest. >> do you believe the president right now has been an agent of the russians? >> yes i think there is more evidence. i think all the arrows point in that direction i haven't seen a single piece of evidence that he is not. lou: it turns out the house until committee chairman -- he should have been looking more
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and swalwell, it looks like he could well be an agent of a different communist nation. swalwell claiming the president after swalwell was caught in a close relationship as they are styling it with a chinese spy. fox news senior political correspondent mike emanuel has a story. >> good evening congressman eric swalwell says the chinese are persistent they are doing this at all levels of government, he expressed his gratitude that the fbi alerted him in 2015 about his alleged chinese spy. he first reported swalwell was a group of northern california democrats targeted by a chinese national were christina fong, she is suspected of being an operative for the china's ministry of state security, the first contact was when he was a city council member in california before being elected to congress in 2012.
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swalwell suggest the story getting out as payback for his role in impeachment. >> to do that against the critical of the president they may think they're going to silence me but they're not going to silence me but what they are going to do they're going to make others think twice when they're asked to sit down and provide defensive information about people like this. >> the house republican leaders says this raises a lot of questions. >> this is only the tip of the iceberg remember what were hearing these are chinese spies that go down to the level of a mayor, this congressman now gets on the intel committee, the only selected from the intel committee from the leaders of their party meeting nancy pelosi, nancy pelosi is one of the gang of eight along with myself, did nancy pelosi know this transpired when she put him on the committee. >> he told politico they knew about this issue and he still ended up on the intelligence committee. pelosi spokesman said the speaker has full confidence in congressman swalwell service and
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the congress and on the intelligence committee. lou: mike emanuel, thank you so much, we appreciate it. breaking news, 48 state attorney, general in thi trade commission suing facebook that the social media giant has violated antitrust laws with its purchases of competitors such as instagram and whatsapp, facebook responded to the lawsuit defending those purchases and stating instagram and whatsapp are successful because of facebook's investment in them. that is not exactly the case one could argue the inverse is a reality. he is not buying up the competition, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is spending millions and millions and millions of dollars to circumvent voting laws in battleground states including georgia. national public radio today praise doctor berg's electoral efforts, the report was entitled
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how private money from facebook ceo save the 2020 election. the article ends with an editor's note stating facebook is among mpr's financial supporters. up next more censorship from the silicon valley oligarchs, what they don't want to to know about electoral fraud and their role in it. former michigan state staffer doctor linda lee tarver on that. to all the businesses that helped us make it through 2020... thank you for going the extra mile... and for the extra pump of caramel. thank you for the good food... and the good karma. thank you for all the deliveries... especially this one. you've reminded us that no matter what, we can always find a way to bounce forward. so thank you, to our customers and to businesses everywhere, from all of us at comcast business.
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lou: breaking news, it gets better and better among the oligarchs in silicon valley, google owned youtube is censoring any mention whatsoever of electoral fraud, today youtube announced it will be removing any videos whatsoever that so much alleged widespread fraud in the 2020 election. youtube executives say they're doing so now that the so-called safe harbor deadline has passed in enough states have certified their election results.
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wow. radical dem michigan state representative cynthia johnson has a clear message for president trump supporters. they are not welcome. >> this is a warning to you trumpeters, be careful, walk lightly. we ain't playing with you and for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it, do it right, beaten border, make them pay. lou: that is quite a threatening politician, isn't she. michigan's house speaker today stripped her of her committee memberships and is looking into further disciplinary action against her. joining us tonight is doctor linda lee tarver, she is a
10:20 pm
former director of community affairs and election integrity liaison at the michigan secretary of state office and she recently sent a petition to the office calling for a statewide forensic audit and we talked with her about her testimony in the state legislature a week ago and it is great to have you back with us. >> thank you so much. lou: thank you. let's start with the tone of johnson and the actions of the legislature to strip her of committee memberships, somebody is finally taking responsibility and holding people accountable who are really well beyond the pale when it comes to threats and rhetoric, unfortunately her tone and rhetoric were not
10:21 pm
spoken publicly of our governor, our secretary of state and attorney general, we have an executive branch led by democrats who refuse to do their job, while working for the secretary of state and election integrity as well, i know our secretary of state ruth johnson when working for her and candace miller as secretary of state they did not meet widespread voter fraud, they needed to report in circumstantial evidence and evidence that was credible and we presented credible evidence of others to do their job to submit to do them into investigate and prosecute. this attorney general and secretary of state feels the same way as representative johnson, they are not doing their job so it is important to note that while they have not verbally told their constituents and their followers in the
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democrats of michigan to be aware and to get in the face of republicans and make them pay, they have not done their job and they have not done the due diligence that they needed to ensure election integrity, this executive branch has allowed this widespread thought with widespread fraud in michigan. it is unfortunate but we have a legislature led by republicans who i believe will step up and do the job that they were in the constitution of the united states constitution and the michigan constitution and in the law to provide for a fair election, not an election with fraud but a fair election. lou: we can argue the schematics in the fact of the matter is, we witnessed fraud we witnessed a
10:23 pm
violation of state law in michigan, everyone who looked at any number of videos sought whether it was putting up cardboard to keep people from watching, whether it was throwing republican poll watchers out, it goes on and on. there is no question that fraud was committed. there is no question that no one in the battleground states it seems to investigate how pervasive, how widespread and organized that fraud was. that says a great deal to anyone with common sense in this country and i think most of us is just as smart as the clever men and women of the democratic party who pulled off what they did in those battleground states. >> we know our president donald j trump who i adore and i admire his strength and courage and
10:24 pm
fight and we will fight with him. but he won michigan handily, he won michigan handily. it is not a question. we have alleged in our lawsuit that was recently talked today by the michigan supreme court 4 - three with four conservative justices -- three conservative justices indicating that our citizens complaints about the fraud, 500,000 votes was legitimate but all seven suggested that it should go to the michigan legislature and that's what were appealing to right now today, the michigan legislature. lou: do you think that were going to see real action on the part of the republican legislature to stand up for what is right and stand up for the president.
10:25 pm
>> absolutely at least the republicans, i cannot count on the democrats as you can see by representative johnson but i can certainly count on our republican leadership and republicans who want to follow the rule of law and follow what the law says in the constitution. they are the ones, people forget rhe branches of government, we have the judicial branch, the legislative branch and the executive branch. i'll our lawmakers are responsible for ensuring women free and fair election especially in michigan. unfortunately we did not have either in michigan because my right as a voter was tainted and removed by fraudulent votes in cities across especially detroit. lou: it looks as if that is happened to literally millions of voters in this country. doctor linda lee tarver always good to talk to you, we appreciate it, good to see you. we would like to hear your
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thoughts, share your comments, follow me on twitter at lou dobbs, like me on facebook and follow me on instagram and parler at "lou dobbs tonight". tomorrow we will be joined by parler ceo john in a electoral fraud whistleblower patrick and jesse among our guests, you do not want to miss that. please join us, coming up next and important date to keep in mind in stopping china joe from taking office, what is that date. we will tell you next, congressman mike kelly of pennsylvania as our guest next. [ thunder rumbles ] [ engine rumbling ] ♪ [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] ♪ uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right? tell that to the rain. [ beeping ]
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calling on william barr to investigate electoral fraud, but
10:31 pm
william barr has ignored hundreds and hundreds of witnesses who have come forward courageously to reveal the fraud they have seen that they witnessed and he says there hasn't been sufficient fraud that would overturn the election. that has been a sole contribution to this investigation, the search for answers as to what happened on november 3. pennsylvania attorney greg teufel says there is time to prevent joe biden is being installed as president, greg teufel says the court could issue an order to prevent biden from being declared the winner. that must happen before january 6, that is when congress formalizes the electoral college votes. joining us tonight is congressman mike kelly of pennsylvania, he and congressional candidate republican candidate sean parnell filed a lawsuit to throw out mail in ballots in
10:32 pm
pennsylvania. the u.s. supreme court rejected the request for temporary injunction last night and it remains to be seen what will be the disposition of the case. congressman it is great to see you, you are a courageous leader not only for the state of pennsylvania before the country, let's start, another's great disappointment, your attorney greg teufel was on this broadcast and he expressed what is your hope that the supreme court can still do having denied the injunction. >> from what i understand, thank you so much for having me on, we still have an opportunity but there is something petitioning the court to hear the case. the court denied us the temporary injunctive relief, i understand that. but they did not say were not going to listen to the case at all, what were asking the court
10:33 pm
to do now is to hear our case and listen to what it is were talking about because it comes down basically to all the other things that we know took place, there is no doubt there was so much fraud and corruption but what were looking at is in pennsylvania in october of 2019 they passed something called act 77 and in passing that act they went outside their constitutional duty if they want to amend our voting laws they could've done it, they buried it in a on me bill and said we have changed the voting laws and there is something called no excuse mail in ballots. that is not the way it works. we have a constitution in pennsylvania that goes back to 1776 and something you have to go through the proper channels to do it and you can't bury someplace else and say no we changed it, it's unconstitutional, our lawsuit in our suit is based on one thing and one thing only, it is a constitutional crisis, to the
10:34 pm
constitutional or unconstitutional and in this case it is absolutely unconstitutional and why the pennsylvania supreme court threw it out, they didn't throw down because they didn't think it was merit to the case, they tried to say you got here too late, you should've an early, we can come early because in order to have standing you have to have some harm done to you. you would not claim harm before it took place. i think were in a hard place when it comes to the law but we have to get the supreme court to hear this case. lou: half the country is pulling for you, certainly more than half. i want to get to this point of the republicans in pennsylvania congressman why won't they stand up on the legislature, they could've shut down this nonsense back in october, they won't stand up and take control and
10:35 pm
fix this mess in pennsylvania. why not? >> you and i are asking the same questions and i'm getting absolutely no answers to that. there is a very courageous pennsylvania legislators who did come on board and say we agree, we made a mistake and we need to go forward in taking a look at it's unconstitutional, what do we do to back that off, what were trying to do with the injunctive relief was not to get the state to appoint electors, that was one part of it but when you go back to october 2019, what were you thinking and it comes down basically that the pennsylvania legislature had been looking for years to make sure people could not do straight tickets and take relief and the majority that could swamp you with street ballot
10:36 pm
bowling. an unconstitutional piece. lou: congressman it's always good to talk with you, good luck with your lawsuit and straightening out the great state of pennsylvania, at least the republican party. , up next 17 states we will be talking everyone wants
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fraud whistleblower jesse morgan says he's been interrogated by the fbi, he also says instead of investigating his claims, the fbi agency talked with focus on his television appearances and then harassed his family. morgan will join us on the broadcast tomorrow evening, please join us for that. also breaking congressman jim jordan strongly defending president trump, he says there is no way president trump should concede the selection. joining me now texas attorney general ken paxton, mr. attorney general, great to have you with us. let's start with 17 states, last count joining in your lawsuit, that is got to be gratifying and how is it going? >> i'm very encouraged by the especially how quickly they have had to work together and put this together, it's really amazing the effort of the 17
10:41 pm
states and we may end up with more, i really appreciate the support and this is a pretty important issue for our entire country and one that matters, not just for now and not just for the rest of her history. lou: the fraud is apparent in election after election particular in the battleground states. it's if were being asked to not believe are lionized in many instances whether it's the united states attorney general saying there's no sufficient fraud to overturn the election and therefore were not going to bother to find out what's going on. we have the cases like jesse morgan and chuck driver who blows the whistle and next thing he has postal inspectors interrogating him. this is a mess. what will your lawsuit do to correct it? >> in texas we were facing the
10:42 pm
exact same, we had all these counties and judges telling us that we had all this extra mail-in ballot, no signature verification, we fought for months and months we had 12 lawsuits that we won and were able to stop then texas, otherwise we would've been georgia or wisconsin, are lawsuit focuses, we know the mail-in ballots are susceptible and there's a lot of fraud associated with them. and were focused on state law, the fact the states and local election officials the constitution says state legislators are the ones setting up of laws that it relates to federal elections in this case across the six states are for states, they did not do that. lou: they did not do it, we just had my kelli on who had the guts, he and republican sean
10:43 pm
cornell standing up speaking specifically to pennsylvania is outrageous because it's unconstitutional on its face and we just watch the supreme court denied an injunction, meanwhiled whether it will or will not hear the case itself. what is your sense of your odds of winning before the court. >> we want to be heard first are only place to file his estate on state action the only place we can goes u.s. supreme court, most other cases can go to a district court and you will be heard. we are very hopeful that the supreme court will hear our argument and if they have the opportunity if we feel like we've got really strong arguments that are correct on the constitution then we should win. lou: does the previous two decisions by the court and by decisions of talking about the
10:44 pm
rulings yesterday against the temporary injunction that was sought and before the election, the chief justice to create a 44 vote and send out what could've been the solution back to the states to stop these egregiously corrupt mail-in ballots procedures in the battleground states particular before the two mentioned among them. >> it certainly discouraging but at the same time these are original actions as are dealing with injunctions, i am very hopeful with the supreme court will hear our case and give us the opportunity to make the argument that i think is correct that these states violated the constitution and violated their state laws and therefore there is no way for these election results to be valid, they are just not. lou: how soon do you think are
10:45 pm
you hoping that you will get a hearing? >> i think their responses, either tomorrow or the next day and i would expect that we would be heard hopefully several days after that before the december 14 deadline. obviously they can make changes to that to the hopefully we will get our hearing very quickly so this can be resolved, not just from my stay but the whole country. lou: absolutely, attorney general pi ken paxton of the grt state of texas. thank you so much. china joe biden is being hailed by the left-wing media as a china hock but we call him china joe. his possible ambassador to china is anything but a hock, we will take that up next and talk with investigative journalist sara carter and jim hanson about the efforts to compromise our
10:46 pm
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for the fact that joe biden is so compromised by his relations and hunters relations with china that they own him, he might as well be a subsidiary of the acp so there is absolutely no way he could do anything tough against
10:54 pm
him and the idea that he sent buttigieg over the and he's flexible all the way to the ground as they capitulate to the chinese, it is shameful and dangerous to the united states. lou: it is extraordinary moment as this is being unveiled and now we find out today that hunter biden is under investigation by the u.s. attorney's office in delaware for tax affairs and then we also find out despite his statement that he just learned about it yesterday that they just been investigating since 2018. >> they slow down the investigation prior to the election because they did not want to interfere in the election, that did not seem to be the fbi mantra during 2016 in 2015 when they were going crazy over investigating president then candidate donald trump and
10:55 pm
a false story about the russia hoax, that did not seem to be a problem then. now what were seen a very serious charge that includes money laundering and i think that hunter biden has a lot more problems on his hand with the laptop that the fbi has acquired and remember tony bobulinski, we cannot forget that, he was the whistleblower that was friends with biden. lou: you get the last 30 seconds. >> hunter biden has in public i proof that he violated the foreign agents registration act lobbying for china and ukraine and getting them meetings with his dad, they should both be very worried about what is coming up next. it is not looking good for either one of them. lou: jim hanson, sara carter, thank you both. we'll be r ♪ wild thing, ♪ ♪ you make my heart sing ♪
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we'll be joined by parler ceo john matze tomorrow, electoral fraud whistle-blowers, patrick colbert and jessie morgan. you don't want to miss kennedy: i have got breaking news today. so much news has broken we are going to need a broom. hunter waited dropping insane news saying he's officially under investigation for his quote unquote tax affairs. [laughter] that could be a pretty broad umbrella. it all has to do with, are you ready? china and possibly the infamous laptop. but holy moly it gets even juicier. earlier this evening hunter released quote i learned for the first time that the u.s. attorney's office of delaware advised by legal counsel all through yesterday they are investigating my tax affairs. i take


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