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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 10, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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i'm elizabeth macdonald. that does it for us. again we hope you enjoyed watching the show. we hope you have a good evening. join us again tomorrow night. ♪ see you back here at the same time tomorrow. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. we have a blockbuster of a story and a show for you tonight. we will be joined in just a few moments by attorney sidney powell who this evening appears to have delivered on her promise, crakk e n thunder bolt that she promised two weeks ago. she calls what happened on november 3rd now a 2020 cyber pearl harbor. sidney powell joins us in just moments. but first, we want to touch on a number of new developments today. the federal investigation or joe biden's son hunter biden, new
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information. the u.s. attorney's office in delaware is looking into biden's foreign business dealings, especially with china. that investigation has been ongoing, we have learned, since 2018. joe biden's campaign says in a statement that biden is, quote: deeply proud of his son who has fought through difficult challenges including the vicious personal attacks of recent months only to emerge stronger. the u.s. attorney in delaware is trump-appointed david weiss. he has refused to comment on what is, obviously, an ongoing investigation. but sources tell fox news that that investigation was predicated in part but transactions in china and other foreign nations. the investigation is also examining a trove of messages and documents found on hunter biden's laptop that he he left
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at that famous computer repair shop. that story first reported in a bombshell new post expose was censored, buried by big tech and social media. facebook and twitter both remain silent today about why they censored that report before the presidential election. 50 former members of the deep state intelligence community even wrote a letter calling the hunter biden story, quote: russian disinformation. end quote. that message dutifully echoed by the corporate left-wing national media. >> we know that this whole smear on joe biden comes from the kremlin. >> russian disinformation, foreign disinformation or even, you know, campaign, misinformation period. >> this is most likely propaganda. >> charms so heinous -- charges so heinous, i'm not even going
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to say them. >> prosecutors do not open investigations based on disinformation provided by russian intelligence. lou: russian intelligence. will anyone in the media who dared question hunter biden's business dealings or how much joe biden knew about those dealings was deemed a conspiracy theorist. senators chuck grassley and ron johnsonnen spent more than a year -- johnson spent more than a year investigating the biden family corruption. on the senate floor today, chuck grassley blasted the blatant cover-up of their work. >> those same liberal outlets that disparaged our investigation now report that hunter e biden's financial deals in china raised counterintelligence concerns. so you can understand why i think it's very outrageous that the fourth estate would choose
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to ignore facts when they are uncovered by republicans. lou: the senate has produced a report covering many of hunter biden's past business dealings with china including some that are flagged for, quote, potential financial criminal activity. for more on that, we turn to hillary vaughn in wilmington, delaware. hillary. >> reporter: hi, lou. we went digging around for what hunter biden was up to, who he was doing business with in the days, months and years leading up to the grand jury investigation that we now know kicked off in 2018. fox news is now learning that that grand jury investigation is not just digging into hunter biden's taxes, but also covered money laundering and also suspicious foreign transactions from china. so a senate report looked into hunter biden's overseas business deals, and they were led to two conclusions. hunter biden had business
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relationships with chinese nationals linked to the communist government, and those connections turned up millions of dollars in cash flow that hunter biden benefited from. the senate report also says that financial records that they obtained tied to hunter biden show, quote, consistent, significant and extensive financial connections between hunter biden and chinese nationals connected to the communist regime and say that these raise criminal financial concerns. so we with looked at the money trail, and we saw detailed in the report hunter biden's business relationship with two chinese businessmen whose connections to the chinese communist government were extensive. in september 2017 hunter biden opened a line of credit with one of those right-handmen, joe biden's brother james and the three of them used those credit cards to go on a $100,000
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spending spree on hotels, restaurants and apple products between august 2017 and september 2018, that same business, hudson west three, sent frequent payments to hunter biden's law firm totaling $4.7 million just over that year and also during that same time frame hunter biden's law firm sent 20 wire forevers totaling $1 -- transfers totaling $1.3 million to joe biden's brother james' consulting firm. several of these transactions tied to hunter biden were flagged in this report as suspicious and possible financial criminal activity, and that was noted in this report, lou, that came out well before we just found out this grand jury investigation went public two days ago. lou? lou: hillary vaughn reporting. it is a blockbuster day of developments. now let's turn to the battle for the white house. president trump has personally fueled with the supreme court --
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filed with the supreme court to join the texas lawsuit to throw out the election results in the states of pennsylvania, georgia, michigan and wisconsin claiming they are up constitutional. unconstitutional. texas and the president also winning strong the support today from seven other states. attorneys general of missouri, arkansas, louisiana, mississippi, south carolina and utah all filing a motion to join the texas supreme court lawsuit. another 11 states have filed briefs in support of texas and the lawsuit. our first guest tonight has new information regarding electoral fraud and the radical left's efforts to steal the an election, and she charges four individuals as authors of what she calls a pearl harbor-style cyber attack on the 2020 presidential election. there are four names that she
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highlights. they are jorge rodriguez, the communications minister of venezuela; khalil mazub, rodriguez' right-hand man; gustavo e reyes zemeta who designed programs to rig election machines, and antonio mojica, the ceo of smartmatic and electoral -- an electoral voting corporation. joining us now is sidney powell, distinguished attorney, former federal prosecutor, best selling author, general michael flynn's defense attorney and, as we all know, a great american. sidney, great to have you with us. you say these four individuals led the effort to rig this election. how did they do it? >> well, lou, they designed and developed the smartmatic and dominion programs and machines
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that include a controllerrer module that allows people to log in and manipulate the vote even as it's happening. we're finding more and more evidence of this. we now have reams and ream ares ares -- reams of actual documents from smartmatic and given onincluding evidence that they planned and executed all of this. we know that $400 million of money came in to smartmatic from china only a few weeks before the election, that there are george soros connections to the entire connection, lord brown was part of it, eric coomers, the person who also holds patents on some of the soft war and was operating out of the denver office, i believe. we know that one of the smartmatic people has -- went to terence county, texas, and turned that county blue after having been an an executive with
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smartmatic and all of a sudden this one election it's reportedly blue. we have evidence of how they flipped the votes, how it was designed to flip the votes, and all of it has been happening just as we have been saying it has been. lou: well, what is the evidence that that you have compiled? how have you constructed the architecture of this relationship among these four individuals? >> well, we are still reviewing the massive amount of documents that we have, but we have communications between them and all different kinds of messages that indicate their involvement in it. it's a mass u amount of -- massive amount of additional information to go through that's only been in our hands a short time, but we will be producing more and more of it. it will be coming out more by the day. and also the connection with the chinese and other countries that were attacking us in this
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massive cyber pearl harbor, as we called it. lou: jorge rodriguez, i want to go through, we're going to put up on the screen so people can follow the conversation here because these are are names that most of us are not familiar with. you say that jorge rodriguez, the venezuelan, former venezuelan communications minister, is the ringleader, the ceo of the enterprise, as you put it. what is the evidence that this former communications minister could reach into the u.s. electoral system and raise the havoc and commit the fraud that obviously we have witnessed in 2020? >> welling we've known -- well, we've known from early on in our independent investigation that the entire system was created for the benefit of venezuela and
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hugo chavez to rig elections to make sure he continued winning, and then it was passed on to mr. maduro to do the same. and we know it was exported to other countries by virtue of some of the dominion executives that proceeded to go about and essentially sell elections to the highest bidder. we know, for example, that mr. rodriguez has been on tv incessantly trying to and actually mocking the united states. he is one of the highest -- lou: venezuelan television? >> yes, venezuelan television. and he's been one of the leaders of the whole election stealing project. but keep in mind venezuela has been highly influenced by the chinese, and we know from filings with the sec and otherwise that the chinese put $400 million into dominion only four weeks before the election, and they shared office space
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with george soros' company as well as the leadership of lord malik brown in the u.k. and canada. it is a very concerning and troubling and illegal web of conduct that all of which focused on rigging the election in this country, and we're seeing the results in pulse billion states -- in multiple states where we're now identifying specific votes flipped like in a couple of georgia counties. in fact, coffey county, georgia, i think just yesterday, refused to certify the results because of the vote discuss parities and flipping. we're -- disparities. we're getting more and more evidence out of ore counties across the country about the same kind of conduct. we know in michigan, for example, 6,000 vote were magically flipped on election night. i think the cause of that is going to become more and more
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apparent as we proceed in the investigation and, frankly, our national security agency and defense intelligence agency need to be all over this immediately. the evidence is overwhelming and extremely troubling that this has been going on since the start of this year. lou: we're going to be back with sidney. we're going to take a quick break. we're going to examine in s&p some detail -- in some detail the reasons for what is apparently a broadly-coordinated effort to actually bring down this president by ending his second term before it could begin. we'll be back with sidney powell. also tonight postal service subcontractor jesse morgan is a whistleblower, one of the most courageous and most important who have stepped forward. he says the fbu -- fbi in talking with him had had no
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interests in his claims of election fraud. instead they harassed his family. we talk up the latest in this extraordinary -- we take up the latest in this extraordinary presidential election of 20. we'll also be talking with whistleblower patrick colbeck. you don't want to miss any of it. and papa john's founder john shatner, who has been vined e candidated of claims made against him by louie freeh in a weeks-long investigation. the left-wing media has more than ever to account for. we'll be back with sidney powell in just a few moments, stay with us. did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ithe first full prescriptionis pstrength non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel...
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lou: breaking news, joe biden's brother james -- also reportedly under federal investigation. politico reporting federal authorities in the western district of pennsylvania are now conducting a criminal investigation of rural hospital company americorps. investigators want to know more about james biden's role with the company and whether he used the biden name to influence decisions. we're back now with attorney sidney powell. she was describing a cyber pearl harbor in the 2020 election
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focusing on four names. i would also like to put up this element from your investigation. if we could have that full screen up so that we could all go through that with the audience, because it's important as we look at these four names, we're talking about very large, a very large foreign intrusion and interference in the election of 20 20. give us -- it's outrageous that we have an attorney general, sidney, who has said that he sees no sign of any significant fraud that would overturn the election. we had a head of the cyber intelligence unit for the department of homeland security who's suing some people apparently for saying that his
7:21 pm
report basically was nonsense when he declared it was the most secure election in the country's history. what are we dealing with here, and how can we get to this if we have an attorney general who has apparently lost both his nerve and his commitment to his oath of office and to the country, we have an fbi director who seems to be as politically corrupt as anyone who preceded him and a homeland security department that doesn't know what the hell it's talking about and is spending more time playing politics -- at least as it applies to mr. krebs -- than securing the nation? your thoughts. >> i think it's time for a whole new team across the board, lou. there's no explanation for the way the fbi has treated witnesses, i mean, good american citizens who have been brave enough to come forward with
7:22 pm
direct evidence of things like thousands of ballots moving from one state to another in the middle of the night to do what is called backfilling into the machines so that they can perpetrate their fraud because president trump won so many votes, he blew up their algorithm. the american people blew up the algorithm they created before the election to shave votes from biden and give them to trump. and we're now seeing direct evidence of that happening in multiple counties, in multiple states, and we know it happened across the country. you'd have to be a damn fool and abjectly stupid not to see what happens here for anybody who's willing to look at the real evidence. i've uploaded a ton of it on our web site at defending the and twitter's even trying to destroy our new web site where we're also trying to get the word out to the american people on what's been happening here and the truth and upload documents. lou: let me, let me make --
7:23 pm
>> [inaudible] lou: let me make grow -- make you an offer very straightforwardly. we will gladly put forward your evidence that supports your claim that this was a cyber pearl harbor. we have tremendous evidence already of fraud in this election, but i will be glad to put forward on this broadcast whatever evidence you have, and we'll be glad to do it immediately, overnight. we will, we will take up whatever air we're permitted beyond this broadcast. but we have to get to the bottom of this, and the question now is not about the integrity or the energy of those responsible for securing the national interest for defending this country, it's how in the hell do we defend
7:24 pm
this country and secure the enters of this company -- interests of this company without them? that's really the two questions. >> yeah. well, the american people are going to have to insist on paper ballots -- lou: well, that's going to be great, sidney, i've got to tell you, ooh i'm not even going to contemplate the next election, not even the january 5 in georgia. the hell with that. if the people in georgia are dumb enough after what they have gone through in the november 3rd election to then go toward january 5th in a runoff and think that changing nothing will change the outcome, then the people of georgia aren't half as smart as i believe them to be. and i believe the patriots in georgia should stop this nonsense now. it is not something that could be decided about over who do you favor, which party, which candidate. this is now about faith in the electoral system in one specific state that may control the
7:25 pm
destiny of this country. and, but god, it's too -- by god, it's too important for anyone, and i don't care what party you're in. i don't care whether you're an independent. this is too important to act as if nothing happened on november 3rd and to pretend that there will be a different outcome on january 5th. it's idiotic. >> it is. i agree with you completely. lou: and i mean the governor and is secretary of state have have got to find if not the integrity, the primal fear of the voters in georgia to stop what's going on and stop it now. >> i agree with you completely, lou. this is the future of the republic whether we continue to exist as the are pluck of the united states of america -- the republic of the united states of america. and every patriotic american needs to stand up right now and make their voices heard that we will not tolerate this. the chips need to fall wherever they fall. we lost gubernatorial seats, i'm
7:26 pm
sure we lost congressional seats, we lost senate seats that we should have had. they have been perpetrating a fraud on the united states for the last ten years turning us we were turning blue when -- telling us we were turning blue when we were not. we were clearly going red because the american people love this country. regardless of where they came from, american citizens came here for freedom and justice and liberty for all. lou: well, sidney, i guess we're going to conclude with my final question. we're out of time, we have gone well over. what can be done right now? how much time do you need to get that evidence to this broadcast, and we'll put it on the air. >> i will get you some more information that's just stunning tonight. lou: all right. study gnu powell, thank you for all you're doing. it is the lord's work. up next, michigan's attorney general can't defend the legality of michigan's vote, so
7:27 pm
we'll talk with election fraud witness and whistleblower patrick colbeck about why that is. he's sure to get in the christmas spirit. visit you can order my new book, "the trump century," as well. that l ♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. [ engine revs ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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simplify diabetes. simplify life. omnipod. ♪ lou: the state of michigan's radical dem attorney general dana nestle doesn't like the lawsuit that's been brought against her seat. nessel could not point to any reason in the constitution not to bring the lawsuit forward and continue the lawsuit. our next guest has testified about electoral fraud in michigan. joining us now is patrick colbeck, election challenger in wayne county, michigan.
7:32 pm
and, patrick, it's good to have you back on the broadcast. i'm sitting here watching what happened in ante or rim county, and we're supposed to get a report on the forensic results of that audit. and again, to remind everyone, this is the same county where 6,000 votes were flipped by the software, i think we probably should say, there trump to -- from trump to biden. and yet we don't have the answer yet. why not? >> that's a good question, lou. you know, ever since i figured out what day it was after serving as a poll challenger at the counting board, my number one mission was to get access to those servers in the county. and i've been working with a group of patriots to do just that. and today, you know, we're supposed to get the results of that forensic analysis that was done by an outside group. and unfortunately, the judge
7:33 pm
actually ruled in favor of an order that was requested by the attorney general of michigan to prohibit the disclosure of those audit, of those forensic results. here we have another example of cardboard up on the window like we with saw in detroit where all these people are saying there is no evidence of election fraud are deliberately filing court orders to prevent the dissemination the collection of the information. it's outrageous. lou: it is, and it's broader and deeper because we have an attorney general who is so tremulous, so fearful that he doesn't see fraud anywhere, and it's staring all of us in the face. we have a supreme court that unanimously dismisses a restraining order in
7:34 pm
pennsylvania. every we have right now not only a politically corrupt system, we have a cowardly and unprincipled, corrupt system. i want to go to judge who issued this, quote-unquote, protective order. who the hell is he protecting? because it sure as hell isn't the american people, the state of michigan. what is this nonsense that the mantra that the left chants, we want every vote counted come hell or high water, but we don't want anyone to know what we did with that vote and how it was counted. this is just ignorance supreme. >> obviously. you know that, i know that, lou, and most of the people that are paying attention in america still know that. the issue is they're getting away with this narrative because most of the media, with you as a notable exception, lou, is just passing along the false narrative that joe biden is the president-elect. move on, these aren't what you're looking for. in the face of -- i mean, if
7:35 pm
they were truly interested in free and fair elections, there is no issue why they wouldn't want this to be put out there. the only explanation is they want to hide the truth. there's an old political adage, lou, that if somebody's going off and making a fool out of themselves, you let them go off, and they expose themselves. you just give them more and more rope to keep talking. so in that vein of thought, you know, you would think that they would just go off and leapt us present the -- let us present the evidence that was found out around the group around those dominion servers and then allow all the quote-unquote experts out there to debunk it. they refused to even let people take a look at it, and that tells me they're trying to hide something. lou: yeah. across the country. and it's really, it's stupefying to look at what is happening -- >> yeah. lou: -- and that is a broadly coordinated effort across many institutions to deny the american people their right to know and to a free and fair election. patrick colbeck, look forward to
7:36 pm
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lou: you know, i certainly hope that whistleblowers will stop up in greater numbers -- will step
7:40 pm
up in greater numbers. we know that it takes great courage, but we hope you will for the good of the country, and we implore you to do so. president trump continues to deliver results for the american people despite everything. morocco e today announced that they will become the fourth arab nation to normalize relations with israel. in return the united states recognizes moroccan sovereignty over the disputed western is sahara. well, joining us now, one of the whistleblowers i referenced. he charges that he he drove hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots across state lines from new york to pennsylvania. he recently was interviewed by the fbi investigating electoral fraud. joining us now is jesse morgan, and he is, we're going to talk to him about just how that went. it doesn't sound like it went very well. jesse, again, we thank you for your courage and for stepping
7:41 pm
up. give us, give us what your impressions are of the federal bureau of investigation, the united states postal inspectors who also were there and i guess a couple of agencies you couldn't even identify, is that correct? >> yeah. i'll tell you what, just being blunt about it, lou, it was kind of a joke. the whole thing from the start to the end, i tried to tell my story and especially the oig guy, his special agent s e rge, that's what he call himself, he was just going on me, you know? trying to, like, mix up by words and then speedballing through to the next question. i'm like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, asking questions that weren't irrelevant or asking
7:42 pm
questions that i wouldn't even know. the very last question he asked was how did i end up on tv, and i'm just like, are you serious? so they, after the interview was done, they went instead of -- lou: was your lawyer there? >> say that again? lou: was your lawyer present? >> my lawyer was on the phone. and then -- [inaudible conversations] lou: did he try to, did he -- i'm sorry, jesse, let me just ask this one question. did he tell the agents to behave a little bit more respectfully? >> yeah. he -- whenever they started asking about the tv show, how'd i get on tv, that's when he cut the meeting, he said, look, two and a half hours is enough. you don't is think questions that are pertain to the case, then let's just move on. lou: well, where -- moving on at
7:43 pm
this point, did that mean that the fbi also reached out to your family? >> yeah. so then the very next day, lou, this is the craziest thing. so i say all this stuff, i tell 'em the stuff i'm thinking, you know, all right, great, let's start making progress go to harrisburg, go to lancaster, start finding out what's going on. instead, they want to start harassing my family. they want to figure out how i ended up on tv. i found out today that one of the things that they're asking is they think that someone from the republican party is paying it. that's what they're investigating, is someone -- lou: ah. >> -- from the republican party. no one has paid me. i have made zero money, zero. i don't have nothing from this. instead of them investigating ballots, they want to investigate if someone from the republican party's paying me.
7:44 pm
and my thing is what i have to say is, agent ford, if you're watching this, who do you have -- whose pocket are you in you're not going to be investigating this, whose pocket are you in? [laughter] lou: well, you know something? i've got a theory about that. what is the oug? tell everybody -- oig. tell everybody what that means. >> what is it, of the united states postal, it's the office -- basically, what they're trying to do is have the post office send out somebody from the post office to investigate their own crimes. lou: right. >> sounds legit to me. [laughter] lou: the inspector -- well, i just, i have to say -- and your family, i imagine they're every bit as strong as you are, so they're not, they're not too traumatized by dealing with a fool like that. but the reality is that we
7:45 pm
deserve better. but everywhere we turn, you talked about whose pocket is he in or she, here's what we've got a little problem. when nancy pelosi declared the postal service as a election central. my mind midly went, and i'm -- immediately went, and i'm sure a lot of americans, that there's seven postal employee unions that would be handling all that mail. and with all of their support behind the democratic caught. that's hardly an impartial and objective to -- objective system to work. and no one wants to mention it, but you're lucky that you have good representation, and it's a shame that they would do this to a man who's, a man, a woman, whomever, who would stop up out of his or her desire to make sure that things are right. it's just, it's pitiful. do you feel intimidated?
7:46 pm
what do you feel right now? >> i feel like they tried. i feel like they tried to intimidate. but i'm not going to back down. i'm not backing down. someone's going to stand up. i'll keep standing up, and i'll keep standing up telling you what i saw. america needs to know the truth. there was fraud. i saw it. i know what i did. you can't tell me what i didn't do because i did do it. so -- lou: jesse, thank you for -- >> [inaudible] lou: thank you for being strong and standing up. thank you for being a real patriot, a great american. we admire your courage, and and we thank you for that courage. up next, a new report clears papa john's founder john schnatter of supposed racial bias. what a horrific story he has leved. schnatter joins us here next. be sure to spread a little
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♪ lou: breaking news now, an fda advisory board has recommended approval of pfizer's china virus vaccine for emergency use. a full vote by the fda would green light the vaccine for use in the united states as early as next week. turning now to papa john's founder john. >> report in, he says he was set up by his company board over racism allegations that eventually led to his removal two years ago. schnatter says a report by former fbi director louie freeh on his pluck comments, quote: completely exonerates him of anything to do with racism. joining us now is the founder, john schnatter. john, good of to have you with us. i have to say when i read this story, i was shocked at that the
7:52 pm
story i read was fbi director louie freeh base iically exonerating you -- basically exonerating you from any, any claim of racism. i'd like to show the audience who louie freeh's investigation said in its report, if we could put up that full screen, please. he said: the disparity between those comments and the distorted way some media have characterized and misstated them makes it clear or that mr. schnatter has been unfairly treated with his good reputation for treating everyone without prejudice unjustly challenged. that is stunning. it is stunning that it's taken this long. i guess my question is, first, what has been the reaction in the company that exe pelled you -- exe pelled you falsely and without foundation? >> well, we haven't had any reaction from the company and haven't had it for two years. remember, lou, i had to ask for this investigation.
7:53 pm
before you jump to conclusion which our board of directors did which violates their duty of care, you've got to do a special committee with an investigation. they didn't do that. my counsel said let's go back to square one, let's hire the best of the best, louie freeh, and let's do an investigation and see what he comes up with, and that's what he dud. it's been a great day, the base of the best, as you said, exonerated me from any racism, and i'm very proud of that, and i feel very blessed and i'm pleased. lou what's been the reaction of the media that, in fact, took your name through the mud and mischaracterized and misreported your comments and your principles? >> yeah. to know where you're going, you've got to know where you been. if you look at the media, all you have to have is one outlet give a false headline, and then
7:54 pm
as director freeh says, you have a media frenzy. and folks put out a bogus headline, false headline and drew clicks, the media ran with it, nobody checked it. it was lazy journalism e, it was inaccurate journalism, and it hurt me, it hurt my family, but it really hurt my employees, it hurt my franchisees, and that's probably been the hardest pill to swallow. the damage was done to really good hard working folks that have built my company. lou: do you desire to return to the company and take what has been taken from you? >> that's not in the cards right now, and right now we need to let this run its cycle. covid has given anybody that's in the delivery business a little bit of a free pass here. so we we need to let the dust settle. i think once covid rest ares and subsides -- rests and subsides, i think we'll really find out what papa john's is doing and how they're doing it and if they can maintain their success.
7:55 pm
the company's making about half as much money as it did three years ago when i was running it it, but it's trading at the same stock price. so as long as they can, you know, kind of pull those kind of she man dance and sell -- shenanigans and sell what they're selling, we need to let it run its course. lou: john. >> gnat, we appreciate it. good luck. stay with us, we're coming stay with us, we're coming right back. you work hard for your money. stay with us, we're coming right back. stretched days for it. juggled life for it. took charge for it. so care for it. look after it. invest with the expertise of j.p. morgan, either with an advisor or online, through chase. after all, it's yours. chase. make more of what's yours. tired of daily insulin injections?
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♪. lou: well, first of all congratulationses are in order for a great american and friend of this broadcast. dr. michael pillsbury, china expert, named the new chair of the defense policy board. an advisory group that reports to the secretary of defense. congratulations, mike. richly deserved and the nation will be well-served. attorney sidney powell this evening says she has evidence four people, including a former venezuelan government official rigged the presidential election and, be sure to join us tomorrow. we'll be talking with congressman devin nunes and just the news editor john solomon among our guests. reminder to follow me on twitter, like me on facebook and
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instagram and parler. get in the christmas spirit. go to, and get that extraordinary beautiful, official, "lou dobbs tonight" mug for whatever you want to kennedy: we have a good one for you. dd media and big attack buried the hunter biting story to help you has pappy elected? that is a rhetorical question. of course they did. and one day after we all learned hunters under a grand jury investigation you've got to wonder will there ever be any repercussions? as you know the president-elect screwball sun yesterday admitted the feds were looking into what he politely referred to as his tax affairs. and after decades of shady dealings in places like china, ukraine, well we will soon learn that the jig isn't backed up. but if you would like


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