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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 12, 2020 12:00am-1:00am EST

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[laughter] jack: jack, carlton, ben, thanks very much. to rad more, check out this week's edition at barron' don't forget to follow us on twitter@barron's online. we will see you next week. david: good evening, everybody i am david asman sitting in for lou dobbs we begin this evening with a bottle for the white house, the republican party in arizona announced plans to bring forward a case before thehe supreme court in support of president trump. arizona republican said they will appeal an election integrity case dismissed earlier this week by the state supreme court. is that case drama president trump at his legal team are awaiting order from the supreme for on another lawsuit brought
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forward by the state of texas. this seeks to challenge the election results in pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan and georgia and for the very latest return to fox correspondent kevin corke in washington. i can tell you there are more names that have been added to the list of republicans signing on to make if successful would in fact overturn the results of the 2020 election house minority leader kevin mccarthy among those signing on the california republican with 19 of his colleagues have been added to the brief, and total 126 gop members from the house have added their names to the brief. bobby take to twitter mike johnson who filed the brief and then recruited his republican colleagues to sign on posting on twitter the 20 names would've been included on thursday for a clerical error in another big name georgia representative doug collins is on that list. there's a few other high-profile names missing mike devin nunes
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and liz cheney but we'll see if that changes in the days to come. texas claims coronavirus to each estate election procedure violated the constitution, texas ag tim paxson says the folks in his state did not have their voices heard because other state elections were not conducted properly. as you mentioned 17 other states have filed a brief in support of the texas law sink. to be fair critics have called this unserious from theed very outset with pennsylvania state attorney general calling it a submissions abuse of the judicial process the backers say this is precisely the venue where this case needs to be heard and will see howut it plas out in the days ahead. david: the critics were the same people saying there was nothing to the hunter biden story. take that with a grain of salt. kevin corke reporting. the battle for the white house continues, there are new details
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emerging about the federal investigation into joe biden son hunter biden the wall street journal reporting attorney general william barr new about rnumerous investigations into hunter biden's overseas business dealings since at least last spring. the work to keep the probes out of public view during d t the election to avoid politicizing the gop according to the story in the wall street journal the spokeswoman declined to comment but congressman andy biggs the head of the house freedom caucus said bars action ultimately hurt president trump. >> ag barr excusable behavior we didn't want to influence the election, you influence the election by suppressing very important investigations that were going on that you been doing for a long time, how long did the fbi have the laptop fore hunter biden, about a year now, did they suppress it, what were
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they doing why do we not know any of this, why wasn't congress given the information so we could've conducted him investigation and hearing. david: president trump question, why did the fake news media, the fbi in the d.o.j. report the biden matter before the election, this is a question many have been asking the daily beast provided an incredible answer they wrote evidence of an investigation into hunter biden was apparent in the markings on a series of documents were made public but went largely unnoticed in the days leading up to the november election and the corporate owned media was all too willing to allow the hunter biden report to go largely unnoticed and they said nothing as the storynt was censored entirely by social media facebook and twitter to companies that refuse to answer their role in interviewing and the election then the likes of the washington post columnist
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greg sargent he called the bombshell reports on hunter biden's on top trumps fake news biden scandal, politico published a letter by 50 former intel officials who said the report was russian disinformation obviously with no evidence to support their theme the letter was signed by john brennan andnd james cropper thee were the same people who used russian disinformation to bring down president trump in 2016, there was also in pr managing editor who arrogantly announced we don't want to waste our time on stories that are notot really stories and we don't want to waste the listeners and readers time on stories that are pure distractions. it sounds like right out of the kremlin. the dismissal of the corruption scandal still continues to this day, fox news was theas only outlet to asked joe biden today about the scandal and biden
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would only say he is proud of his son. we will be taking up the court made an effort to hide the bider corruption scandal with a great lineup of guest we are joined by the news editor-in-chief john soul woman and he has been reporting and has new report about hunter biden's business deals judicial watch tom fitton the investigation under wraps for so long and were joined by congressman devin nunes on what congress is doing in the battle for the white house and pastor jeffress is also with us later in the broadcast. turning now to promising developments from operation warp speed health and human services secretary said the first rhinovirus vaccination in the united states could berl given t as early as beginning of next week they said the fdi is on the verge of approving pfizer's vaccine for emergency use
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nationwide fox news correspondent mike tobin outside pfizer's manufacturing plant in kalamazoo michigan where the getting ready for distribution. >> they certainly are getting ready in the approval for the emergency use authorization go through tonight or tomorrow is only going to take a short time for millions of doses to start leaving the massive facility in michigan, another one a pleasant. wisconsin, 2.9 million doses can leave within 24 hours, half of the doses foree the vaccine need to stay here in cold storage and that's because the pfizer vaccine requires a follow-up shop the trial showed it was 50% effective at fighting the virus the second was 95% effective as you mentioned alex azar said if the eua is approved on the expected timeline people could start getting shots on monday or tuesday and other officials say the pandemic is not over but there's a light at the end of
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the tunnel. >> we can see the end of the pandemic, it's really in our site with 20 million people being able to be vaccinatedd inl december and 30 million in january andnd another 50 million in february, we know the end of the pandemic is in sight but we still have a lot of work to do until most people can get vaccinated in the pandemic goes away. >> ups and fedex will be handling the sophisticated ultracold shipping chain that will take the vaccine to all the points of use. once is at the point of use, states get control whoat gets priority and the priority generally will be healthcare workers good at risk population and people like those who areren nursing homes. david: mike tobin reporting, thank you very much. up next is there more tax trouble for hunter biden and e-mail found on his laptop seems to suggest so, john solomon
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broke that story and he joined us after a quick few messages. stayed with us. ♪ ♪ the only thing a disaster can't destroy is hope.
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voting systems is expected to testify in the michigan state senate hearing next week. if they show up, that dominion employee would be the first to answer questions for lawmakers since the november 3 election extraordinary. the news john solomon reporting that days before president trump took office, hunter biden was warned he hasn't paid taxes on $400,000 that he made with burisma, according to an e-mail on his laptop in executive with biden's advisor e-mailed him a jittery 162017 stating in 2014 you joined the burisma board and we need to amend your 2014 returned to reflect the unreported burisma income that is approximately 400,000 extra so your income in 2014 was close to $1,247,000. joining me now is john solomon editor-in-chief of just the news and best-selling author of fallout the nuclear bribe
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russian spies in the washington lies that enrich the clinton and biden dynasties which are corporately continued. there was a time, my friend when journalists like us would work closely with prosecutors to try to get to the bottom of the story not just to protect political contacts and people that you favored politically, bob morgan and the wall street journal edit page where i worked we worked closely on the story and brought down the corrupt bank. let me play you how different things are today, first of all we will list a very suspicious group of quotes from joe biden, what he told the press about his sons business dealings. roll tape and i'll play you another one. >> no one has indicated of any consequence that anything was done wrong or illegally by me or by my son, my son has not made money in terms of the saying
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about what you talking about, china is a bunch of garbage nobody believes there is absolutely 0 basis to the accusation that i acted anyway inappropriately or that my son did. you know there is not one single bit of evidence, not one tiny bit that anything was done wrong. >> you get to the journalists nodding and they accepted this despite the growing amount of evidence and in fact completely denied the evidence that was beginning to accumulate because of people like you, roll the tape for the journalists. go ahead. >> charges so heinous i will not say them. >> talking about biden's corruption in a little bit about hunter biden most unverified in the question the media asked what kind of ice cream, what flavor of ice cream do you have an ease in the midst of a scandal. >> he's not. >> of course he is leslie.
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david: come on man, to quote joe biden, besides people like yourself, is journalism dead? >> will tell you curiosity and journalism as at least comes to democrat seem to be dead. all this time joe biden making those comments they were made public by the state department and clear warnings that burisma while hunter biden was on the board they got referred to the fbi we knew for a year that the laptop had been given to the fbi in a money laundering and tax case and we now know underway the media did not want to find the story on the stand and now after the election trying to pay a little bit a dishonest ketchup but i think the facts will continue to come out each and every day and to peel back the family of joe biden made lots of money following in the vapor trail of his vice presidency and
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all will get detail before were done reporting. david: center one of the few reporting that does things the old-fashioned way the way you get more evidence and work with prosecutors and people digging up real evidence not just covering up for people. what exactly is hunter being investigated for, it was talked earlier about the money laundering charge that was leveled against the chinese company he was working with. >> right, there are three things that are gone on, information that came in regarding the chinese investment in the money laundering that began was for special activity, money is falling into companies around hunter biden and look suspicious, the banks reported under a sars, secondly this is not gotten a lot of attention but there was a whistleblower and one of the financial institutions that last decembe december 2019 filed whistleblower complaints about the commission and the irs saying i believe there is
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suspicious activity and maybe invasion that was going on and companies around hunter biden in third the laptop by the delaware store owner gets turned into the fbi, those three pieces of evidence have merged into the case that they're looking at and i think at the end stages of that investigation. david: the crux of the matter, when this relationship between hunter biden and the chinese get into burisma will talk about that later on in the show but it began when joe biden was vice president of the united states and i know a lot of these e-mails are 2017 after trump was elected but the relationship started when hunter biden flew on air force two with the vice president joe biden and stepped off the plane, the chinese saw that he was the favored son, literally of the vice president and begin making deals with him. this was putting the family reputation of the bidens in
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jeopardy and there was no problem in order to make a deal with the chinese. >> there was no shame, their family was over in his pursuit of foreign cash on every area where joe biden had foreign-policy responsibilities. biden responsible these were russian, china and ukraine he took over in the obama administration, waited hunter biden and business associations go looking for money a ukrainian oligarch in chinese business and directly tied to the chinese military. this was in operation, a shakedown operation i think people would call it in for joe biden to say he did not make any money, this is not right, it's not true, the tax returns will extraordinary. john sullivan, we gotta leave it there but great reporting, we appreciate what you're doing. we would like to hear from you, your thoughts, share your comments and follow lou on
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twitter at lou dobbs, like him on facebook and follow him on instagram and polar at "lou dobbs tonight". how much did the former ukraine ambassador know about burisma's corrupt ways, judicial watch president tom fitton will join us on what he has learned and spread a little christmas cheer you can do so by ordering loose christmas book "the trump century" at, you can also get an official "lou dobbs tonight" mug. stay with us we'll be right geico makes the claims process so easy... ...i can file and manage my claim, all on the geico app. it's not just easy. it's giving-your-dog -your-fitness-tracker easy. oh, good boy. yes, you got it! woo! already got my 40,000 steps today... can i get a what what! no pain, no gain! haha... it's geico easy. with fast and convenient claims service.
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♪ ♪ david: welcome back. i'm david asman sitting david: welcome back i am david asman sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. judicial watch has obtained documents from former ambassador of ukraine marie yovanovitch which she warns about the corruption ofh ukrainian gas company burisma in a 2017 e-mail
12:25 am
marie yovanovitch warned i would urge cost under caution dealing with burisma is widely believed the owner was a beneficiary of the corrupt justice system here. during last year she him impeachment proceedings, marie yovanovitch said she had little knowledge of burisma, there is a little conflict, joining me now tom fitton the president of judicial watch. it appears the ambassador was a lot more familiar with burisma then she said under oath. >> that's exactly right, she had a former ambassadorial colleague of hers who was working for the mccain institute of all places run an idea about funding and training for prosecutors in ukraine training funded byis burisma anddo the ambassador responded appropriately, that's probably not a good idea, her former colleaguend writes back m following your advice and we won't do it. compare and contrast that withcs
12:26 am
her testimony that she did not know much about burisma and further confirms we have other evidence, the obama state department knew full well about burisma and other information shows they knew full well about hunter biden's involvement of this. this e-mail traffic is going on while biden is involved directly and so president trump gets impeached about biden corruption, the d.o.j. knew about it at the time in the sense that they were investigating at least a huntert biden, they suppressed it through the election and through the impeachment and we get informatione given to us late in the game after the election by the state department in the fbi and justice department that the biden corruption story is as
12:27 am
real as we've been saying. david: does the d.o.j. have any interest in all to find out whether a former ambassador was lying under oath about all of this customer. >> they have 0 interest in investigating any of that, there's all sorts of testimony that should've been investigat investigated, the handling of the classified phone calls between the president and the ukrainian official, the leaking of that, the sharing of that improperly should've been investigated, the justice department and the fbi have been a-wall in all of the crimes in which president trump is a victim. david: meanwhile we don't know exactly what they're investigating with regard to hunter biden's relationship with chinese company closely related to chinese intelligence and apparently was doing moneyey laundering or may have been doing money laundering that's why the company failed because it was found out about that, what can you tell us, what have you figured out, we know that they've had hunter biden's
12:28 am
computer the one that was left behind at the pc company for over a year, why has there been nothing about that. >> they say they were investigating him before the election because there is a rule that does not exist that they're not supposed to do over addax that impacts an election and that somehow covers the entire bidenso family. david: of course they did the opposite in 2016. >> they were leaking the investigation to the clinton campaign, i don't believe the fbi was doing ain series of investigations, they were forcei into doing in the degree they were doing is because of the heroic actions of rudy giuliani that forced their hand i don't think the president can depend on the fbi in the d.o.j. to do it anything especially on these
12:29 am
topics and he should appoint a e special prosecutor for joe biden. as far as i'm concerned given the evidence and i talked with rudy giuliani on a separate interview, he highlighted there's more than enough evidence to justify an indictment alreadyin against joe biden given the documentary and witness testimony that 30 been out there. david: you mentioned the desire to have a special counsel, isn't that what you get in john durham who is the slowest prosecutor in the west. >> you someone outside the justice department and should answer to the white house not the justice department which is compromised. david: who would youd. choose? >> someone like rudy giuliani who is not afraid. david: the problem the last great prosecutor i can remember and i mention him to john solomon a moment ago was bob morgenthaler the da in new york .for many years and he followeda track wherever it led, he did
12:30 am
not care what political party it happened to lead to. there are just not thatre many people, the whole justice system has been so corrupted by what's happened at the d.o.j. over the past 12 years, it is very difficult to find an independent prosecutor out there. >> the concern i have obama ruined the justice department, the fbi was ruined by mueller and combing and we still have not recovered and did not reliable entities in the eameantime and that's a rule of law crisis we face, nothing has been done about obamagate corruption the worst corruption scandal in american history practically speaking and biden was protected by these agencies while they wered: attacking tru. david: what happens now if joe biden takes over in january, what happens to the justicece department. >> i think the go through the i motions and investigating the
12:31 am
family and biden will be free and clear. david: he will have to pull out a pardon for his son? >> i think who might have to exercise it. david: tom fitton, as i said to john solomon, were glad we have independent journalists and investigators out there to look into the truth, apparently were it from d.o.j., we thank you for coming on. coming up next of red storm rising, how china has been infiltrating american colleges andd universities. the very latest developments in democratic congressman eric swalwell to a chinese spy, will take it up after the break with congressman devin a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam® is clinically proven to shorten colds! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam zinc that cold!
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david: breaking news the trump administration says american colleges and universities are self-centering in order to protect their funding from the communist chinese party returned to fox business and jackie deangelis. >> earlier this week as secretary of state mike pompeo talked about u.s. security and free speech. in a way most people might not expect on college campuses. pompeo warned that colleges are bought by beijing in several different ways and that their funding creates a situation
12:36 am
where universities censor themselves to avoid upsetting the people's republic of china according to a bloomberg report are close to $1 billion in gifts and contracts have come from aging, roughly 115 colleges got the gift and harvard took the lead, the other prominent universities on the list usc, university of pennsylvania, stanford and nyu, there are several ways china is funding u.s. colleges and they don't always have tond report it, thee was also 400,000 students that come here to study from china and while the students may not be compromised per se, they often get tuition funding from home, what that does is create a reliance on the stream of revenues by the universities and the experts say, that funding comes with strings and vulnerable. >> there been direct threats from chinese consulates to american university leaders with the withdrawalit of funds if he gives a speech at the university or if the university works with taiwan in certain ways.
12:37 am
is this a dire daily widespread threat? no. but it's growing and it is real. >> the trump administration took a tough stance on china, the incoming biden administration promised they would dooss the se but the issue is, tuition cost in the u.s. are high, states don't provide enough funding to universities and that's where the needs for foreign revenue comes in, the hope is that the government can find a way to have a filter for this but at the current moment there is not one. david: jackie deangelis, thank you very much. breaking news from republican congressman jim sensenbrenner he is calling to investigate eric swalwell and his relationship with suspected chinese by christine fang says she is now compromised and should not be on the committee. nancy pelosi does not seem very
12:38 am
concerned about eric swalwell's involvement with the spy on his role with the house until committee. >> i don't have any concern about mr. swalwell, there are those in the congress that believe and i am among them that we should be seeing what influence the chinese have been -- of inviting them for over 30 years but i don't no that it means we have to back on check on internet comes into the capital. david: speaker pelosiro has probably debunked the russia collusion narrative even though they have been indicated multiple times. >> just as i said to the president with him all roads lead to putin, i don't know what the russians have on the president politically or personally, financially or whatever it is. david: joining us congressman devin nunes ranking member of the house until committee, one just shakess his head at statements such as nisi
12:39 am
pelosi's. we look deeper into what was california with congressman swalwell, it appears that he was right smack in the middle of a nest of spies and we went back and found a photograph from 2013 was the chinese reconsulate in san francisco whe there is a lot of spying going on and in the middle christine fang, to her right and are left is none other than russell low senator diane feinstein staffer who has been accused of relaying information of chinese intelligence and swalwell was at the same meeting in 2013 and look at the top it relates to the story jacqui was telling us about chinese infiltration of american colleges, it is the chinese student association, they are the ones that tweeted the picture and all comes together, doesn't it congressma? >> i think that's right, whatever the left accuses you of
12:40 am
doing there actually doing, they ran around talking about russia tapes and moscow prostitutes and meanwhile they knew the whole time that they have a china problem. that is the key, i think people need to focus on where the investigation needs to go, how big is the spy ring in the san francisco bay area and what influence do they have over what is arguably the leading progressive center of the universe, it seems like the chinese areer very well tuned io the super cisco area. david: dan hoffman is a former bureau chief for the cia, retired now, he spoke earlier as much as san francisco should be on our radar, it's happening all over the country, institutions whether their college institutions or political h institutions, i think we have that tape, roll that tape.
12:41 am
>> it is extraordinarily diverse and ubiquitous. if you think about chinesece intelligence officers operating in washington d.c. and the consulate in chicago and los angeles, they used all sorts of collectors and some very creative ways of stealing our secrets. they are ruthlessly focused on conducting espionage in this country. david: dan hoffman was a d bureu chief, he knows where hee speak. it seems clear that swalwell has been compromised, does he deserve to be on until committee? >> that's going to be ultimately up to nancy pelosi and the democrats to decide whether or not he will be on next year. if that's the case we republicans will have to conduct an investigation. i think what dan hoffman is saying i'll take it one step further, there is no surprise fine is going on in washington
12:42 am
and spying going on at a consulate especially out of her adversaries. the question is why for four years did trump get accused in any republican included the republicans on the house intelligence committee being calledei russian assets but the media has not been held accountable. i think this goes much deeper, such as about the pocket of the spy ring dealing with the democrat progressives in san francisco. it offers what power they have over the media and other example that you did not use, the nba, they are all for doing good all over america but when it comes to talking about the devastation that the chinese communist party does on individuals and the censorship and the mistreatment of their citizens, the mba says nothing about it, the hypocrisy is quite large. david: hollywood allowing chinese sensors to edit their material, it is extraordinary,
12:43 am
meanwhile were close to the possibility of swearing in as united states a man whose entire family seems compromised by the chinese the more we learn about that, isn't that distressing to you. >> that is the other issue in this goes back to o the media ad the big tech companies. the hunter biden laptop was cocovered up by nearly all the media in this country. 95% of the media didid not talk about it. then the links are not just that hunter biden had ties to ukraine in russia but also china, i think china is the biggest problem i was listening to what tom fitton said and i mentioned this the other day on foxnc business. i have 0 confidence that the fbi and d.o.j. are going to do a damn thing about this. i'll be shocked if theyus do. they knew about biden's problems in the biden family problems for many, many years, they knew about the biden problem during the impeachment hoax of
12:44 am
president trump. so confidence level is very, very small. david: president trump is still the president and he can appoint a special counsel to look into all, of this and it'll be up to biden whether he wants to fire the special counsel looking into his son and possibly him which would look pretty awful but do you think the president should do that? >> i do and i called for that there's no path forward what we know over the last five years. i don't have the republican colleague that i worked with were any constituents that are conservative to republican the trust of the d.o.j. or fbi. that is a big problem. david: are you going to join your colleagues on signing the amicus brief with this case that might go to the supreme court on the election? >> yeah, that was this morning and we found out about it yesterday. david: very quickly there has been a rumord going around that you had covid because you tested positive for antibodies.
12:45 am
what is the latest on that. >> no good deed goes unpunished. let me start with if you have the covid antibodies and if you have the blood test were in desperate need at the blood centers across united states of america because this blood plasma can be used to treat sick and ill patient to the hospital. david: the president took a shot of that. >> i tested positive for the antibodies so i went today, i gave blood and i'll put out a video and we actually get blood plasma and this is what all-american should do then i went on a talk radio show to talk about it and encourage people tod get blood and lo and behold the fake news and went viral all over the world and they jumped on that i tested positive for the virus which was notou true. david: it's extraordinary that you have the antibody. so many people have been infected by this and did not know about it because there was no symptoms at all and now they have antibodies. it's an extraordinary thing.
12:46 am
we would love to have you back, thank you very much for being here. coming upea n virginia's governr ralph northam want you to stay home for the holidays and for religious services. we will ask pastor robert jeffress about that and much more will b when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world
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the dow gaining 47, david: stocks were mixed the now gaining 47 and the s&p down four and the nasdaq losing 28, volume on the big board hefty 4.4 billion shares in a reminder to listen to lou's reports three times a day on the salem radio network. virginia's democrat governor ralph northam urging people in his state to avoid church this holiday season, saying this year we need to think about what is truly the most important thing, is it the worship or the building. for me god is for wherever you are, you don't have to sit inhe the church pew for god to hear your prayers, why do we need churches at all i guess he is saying. joining is now pastor robert jeffress from the first baptist hunter baptist church of dallas in a fox contributor. it is hard to know what to say to somebody who says we don't really need churches, i think jesus was pretty clear and
12:51 am
suggesting that more than one person gathering is the beginning of a church and it's hard to gather more than one person when you're alone. >> right, remember this is the same ralph northam that suggested it's okay to kill a baby in consultation with your doctor that survives an abortion i would hardly be looking to him for more spiritual guidance. i don't remember ralph northam or anyg, democrat saying you dot need to be in a group to protest, just protest at home and that's okay, you need a group to do some things in the truth is worship is a team sport and fortunately we have a supreme court that has been transformed by donald trump that is giving g relief to churches that are being put under undue restrictions and were grateful hafor that and i do remind peope that the constitution gives churches the right tobe be open
12:52 am
but the bible says we don't have a right to be stupid, you need to be cautious in what you do. david: the supreme court pointed out the hypocrisy of allowing people to go closely together when they shop at walmart without going to the church and i've been going to thean church regularly and you cannot be one pew behind a person, you're separated by an empty pew, it is hard, he's arguing not only with the supreme court, not only with the folks who like to go to church particularly as we approach the christmas holidays but also arguing against science because science shows when you have the separation that churches do, you don't spread covid. >> most importantly he's arguing against god's word that says do not forsake the assembly together for yourself. this week we have any huge christmas extravaganza, choir orchestra but willfully to 50%
12:53 am
capacity and we will encourage masks and offer online for hundreds of thousands of people to watch, you could do church and be open but you can also be safe. david: meanwhile we havee nancy pelosi saying repealing the- hye amendment is long overdue and for those who don't know this is been in effect for 40 years and it forces the government not to force taxpayers who might not believe in abortion and fund the abortion and even if you disagree firmly with the idea of abortion you would have to deliver part of your i taxes t it. >> that the democrat position to overturn the hyde amendment and if they get control the senate through georgia they will be able to do that in joe biden wants to reset the mexico city policy that keeps tax dollars from being used from overseas, you rememberr the donald trump not only reinstated the mexico city policy he expanded it so
12:54 am
joe biden's intent if he makes it intoel the white house his intent on undoing every good thingat fortunately president trump was put in a backstop, strong supreme court, 200 appellate judges who will help keep things in check. david: as long as north carolina senate race turns out okay. let's end on a positive note, gallup poll shows only demographic group that issued improving mental health over the past year of lockdown and et cetera are those who attend weekly church services that only gives us more power against governor northam but what do you think ofof that? >> i think it's very encouraging 93% of americans are going to celebrate christmas this year and it's a reminder that god is bigger than the pandemic and election fraud and the good news god gave us as savior who is christ the lord, we don't want
12:55 am
to squelch the message of christmas, it rings clearer and louder than ever this holiday season. david: faith keeps you mentally brecht it is that simple. thank you very much for being thank you very much for being with us, we appreciate you work hard for your money. thank you very much for being with us, we appreciate stretched days for it. juggled life for it. took charge for it. so care for it. look after it. invest with the expertise of j.p. morgan, either with an advisor or online, through chase. after all, it's yours. chase. make more of what's yours.
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to feed the hungry. and i pray holocaust survivors will be given the basic needs that they so desperately pray for to survive. ♪ lou: just the news editor in chief john sullivan with us on the link the trail of biden family corruption.
12:59 am
listen. >> the family was overt in its pursuit of foreign tasks on every area where joe biden had foreign policy responsibility. that is was so interesting. china, russia ukraine. hunter biden and his business associates go looking for money. chinese businessmen directly tied according to the senate report to the chinese military. >> what a great rapport. that is it for us this evening. lou will be back on monday. a reminder to follow lou on twitter at lou dobbs, lik on facebook and follow him on instagram. have a great weekend. we will see you. ♪ okay. controversy growing over disturbing double standards in the democrat party and big media over the hunter biden and eric swalwell scandal. the new debate catching fire.
1:00 am
a growing mountain of evidence shows americans are and have been misled. joining us tonight congressman guy, katie mcfarland and dan gaynor plus john cox and mark morgan. we have a lot of developing stories and breaking news coming into the studio. here is a question right now, top democrat senator. did they


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