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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 12, 2020 7:00am-8:00am EST

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a reminder to follow me on twitter @loudobbs facebook and follow me on instagram and parler @loudobbstonight. thanks for being with us. we hope you have a great weekend and keep fighting. on facebook and follow him on instagram. have a great weekend. we will see you. ♪ okay. controversy growing over disturbing double standards in the democrat party and big media over the hunter biden and eric swalwell scandal. the new debate catching fire. a growing mountain of evidence shows americans are and have been misled. joining us tonight congressman guy, katie mcfarland and dan gaynor plus john cox and mark morgan. we have a lot of developing stories and breaking news coming into the studio. here is a question right now, top democrat senator. did they interfere with the fbi
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before the election? pressuring the fbi director in a letter to not investigate hunter biden. did democrats know five years ago about democrat eric swalwell entanglement with a chinese spy. did they hush up that and the biden story and going after trump? did any of the 50 former intelligence officials who cosigned a letter saying that the hunter biden story was russian disinformation, did they know a federal probe was already underway into hunter biden for about two years? also more republican say eric swalwell did put national security at risk. we california district is home to a big portion of silicon valley. also, national laboratories that are key to u.s. security. we have top republican and jim filed a new complaint to say, yes, probe eric swalwell.
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plus, senator ron johnson says the media "had more influence than russia in the election." he told sean hannity that. they blocked out the hunter biden story. we have more of that. they are also now not covering the swalwell story. also tonight, 126 house republicans including kevin mccarthy now supports texas lawsuit against four states over their vote counts. texas is hitting back. they filed a response saying texas ag is wrong here. he says they are ignoring his arguments. this as more and more states are picking sides. the supreme court could rule at any moment. we've got this new serious border problem. what mexico is now doing that could cause border crimes to spike. also tonight we are awaiting development the fda may approvek at any time the pfizer covid-19 vaccine. thank you for joining us. i am elizabeth mcdonald.
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"the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ thank you for joining us. welcome to the show. you are watching a foxbusiness network. let's get it with guy. congressman, democrat senator chuck schumer andit ron wyden, should they be called out for putting political pressure on the fbi saying fbi do not investigate the hunter biden case. they did that before the t election. they sent a letter to christopher wray saying do not do it when there was already an active criminal investigation going on. did they metal here? >> of course a metal. thank you for having me on. just call me guy. these are republicans telling the doj to sit on the story sitting on a republican party presidential candidate. they would be going berserk. hypocrisy.
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i asked for special counsel to be appointed specifically to investigate hunter biden, what he was doing regarding china, regarding ukraine, the russian oligarch he was dealing with. the american people need to know this. unfortunately, they were not told about it in full before the election. they should know through a special counsel investigation. liz: did any of the 54 intelligence officials cosigned a letter saying this was russian disinformation before the elections? hunter biden already under criminal investigation, federal criminal investigation. congressional democrats know all of that, too, as they were accusing mr. trump of all sorts of things. we are talking about potential ndx evasion, money laundering and may be fraud. you are calling for special counsel to be appointed. what do you say? >> 50 so-called experts. they should apologize because they went off without doing
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their due diligence. assertions that were completely false. hunter biden being investigated back in 2018. an ongoing investigation. they said this was russian disinformation. that is a blatant falsehood. also, we need to hold the nation media to account because a completely covered the story. they censored thehe new york pot article and big tech ola guard censored the story. they shut down my twitter and facebook ability to share a story that was posted by the new york post. again, the mainstream media, where were they at the beginning this story and why wasn't the big tech able to shut down in defense of the story? >> we have senator ron johnson and chuck grassley, they had a senate report back in september about hunter biden. they said this is a national security problem. criminal, financial,
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counterintelligence and extortion concerns. hunter biden working ourau business dealings with china, russia and other u.s. adversaries that undercut america's interests overseas. china, we are also talking the first lady of moscow, russian, ukrainian, pakistan, the special counsel, do we need a special counsel to probe james a biden business with the bankrupt company americorps. joe c biden james biden evoked s powerful brother's name to convince america or get a bridge loan from a hedge fund after james biden promise he could get the hospital middle eastern investors because of the family name and then he got a personal loan from the hospital company. what do you think of that? >> the biden family has made money for years half the biden name. we definitely need special counsel to hone in on hunter biden. i am obviously upset about the entire family, but i'm very disturbed that hunter biden due
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to china and came back with $1.5 billion in the hedge funds. that is very problematic. china isto a near competitor to the united states, clearly our biggest adversary on the world stage, it is very important for the american people in the public and others in government to know whether hunter biden and joe biden are now compromised by the chinese communist party. that is not to mention like you mentioned it, the issues with russian and ukraine as well. riz: should joe biden answer questions about his son's criminal probe and why he was letting his family members make money off of his name? hunter biden's former business partner says the president, vice president was in line for cash from a hunter biden business deal with china. let's watch joe biden's last report about hunter biden's questions right before the election. >> i know you would ask you. i have no response.
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liz: you see the bullying and shutdown of reporters asking questions when a senate report shows hunter biden went on hundreds of trips overseas using secret service protection. you point out he went with his father when joe biden was vice president on air force. to china. what do you say? >> software joe biden was bullying the press. the press was actually doing their job asking questions of joe biden. he was impeached for something that joe biden did. the quid pro quo was never between trump and ukraine. it was between hunter biden a getting that prosecutor fired. there is clearly issues that may come up with quid pro quo issues. china, russia and elsewhere. that is why we need that special counsel. it's time for the mainstream media to do the job they've been elected to do during the 2020
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campaign and dig into the story, ask questions. it's time for big tech to stop the censorship of the story which the new york post is brave enough to run back in october. liz: yeah, i mean, i think americans deserve a fresh look at this and airing -- we don't know if foreign-policy was affected in any way. maybe it wasn't, maybe it was. that is a kind of report that it is. go ahead. >> we know it was impacted. you have a ukrainian prosecutor that got fired that was investigating marie's mama when hunter biden was on the board of burisma. [inaudible] liz: that prosecutor was accused of corruption. i hear what you are saying. that and what happened with china, i don't know, people are saying there should be a fresh look at this. suspicious activity reports, millions ofpp dollars coming out
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of china from shell companies towards the biden's, to fun things like global shopping sprees for james biden and his wife and china is working with russia on energy deals and hunter biden was involved in that, too. to buy a stake -- there are a lot of angles here. where is this headed?d? >> i was just going to say, liz, i think we are at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the story. if we have special investigator, prosecutor appointed that does a thorough investigation that is independent of and incoming possible biden administration, i think that there will be a lot more. i think it runs deeper than what we can even imagine right now. liz: they would have to move fast. thank you. >> thank you. liz: thank you for joining us. coming up, kt mcfarland and democrat eric swalwell still answering questions about his
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entanglement. he is putting national security at risk. home to a big portion of silicon valley and major national laboratory for the key to u.s. security. that story next. >> it was a sophisticated operation. there has to be an investigation.n. republicans have to demand fbi backgroundd investigations of anyone in congress, staff or members who have high level ♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪
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liz: let's welcome to the show former trump deputy national security advisor, i know you are fired up over this, kt mcfarland is with us. swalwell entanglement with a spy. h what do you think? >> i think there should definitely be a pro. theot tip of the iceberg. it is not just him. spying and surveilling and influence peddling and everything to a whole new level. this is not the good old cold war where the russian spied on american scientists and try to get military secrets. the chinese have a national program to look at up-and-coming american leaders in silicon valley, california and the case of swalwell, but all over the country. they are in it for the long game. they have a honey pot sex
7:16 am
scandal which is what swalwell problem was. the chinese have infiltrated everything. the universities, think tanks, throwing money around to get favorable treatment at various international and national organizations. we need to not only look at what happened what swalwell, but what the chinese n are doing in the united states. liz: eric swalwell california district, the national laboratory, a big chunk of silicon valley, this is the nation's technology secrets and energy secrets about national security, even swalwellel bragsn his insight that his district has more phd candidates and phd doctorates living in his district than any other in the nation. he sits on house intelligence, we were told last night how he did not get, congress did not
7:17 am
get fbi background checks, but he is allowed to read the nation's secrets and then get connected to an allegedly chinese spy while sitting on house intelligence which of them planted a an intern in his office and we do not know what that intern collected in a way of information. w what is your reaction to that? >> a government employee, when i was deputy national security advisor, i had to fill out a really long form. every foreign national i had contact with, had gone to a lecture with, had gone on a trip with, going back a decade. what about swalwell? he did not have to mention this. he could have this relationship with the chinese national that was a bundler for his campaign contribution and somehow that slip through the net. that is a big problem that needs to be addressed right away. it is not just swalwell. i think he has one of many. that is what i think is the biggest national security
7:18 am
threat. the chinese want tot influence our elections, they want to influence our public opinions, they want to influence the young minds going through academic institutions and universities and they also want to just capture people. honeypot sex scandal -- liz: what better -- i hear what you are saying about that. finish your thought. >> i am assuming it is not just a handful. i am assuming it's hundreds of thousands. remember a couple of years ago when the chinese hacked into the office of management of the government personnel office file and they took files and downloaded files, everybody who had been a government official of any sort from secretary to secretaries of state for the last 20 years, what are they ngdoing with all of that information? they are using it to potentially compromise people. watch people as they go through the government process to see what influence they can bring to bear. liz: why is congress back on its
7:19 am
heels about this? democrat swalwell is demanding an investigation about who leaked this story when he has refused to confirm or deny whether he had sex with the alleged chinese spy anti-will not say when he told house speaker nancy pelosi or other top democrat leaders adam schiff about the t fbi having to step n and warn him in 2015, knock it off with this spy. what you are saying, why is congress on its back heels about this with china intervening so dramatically and in such an early stage with democrat up and coming eric swalwell starting in 2011 before h he even ran for congress. >> let's switch just a quarter of a degree and look at social media, big tech, the media, congress, democrats in congress. we are all thinking what they did was put their thumb on the scale during the election, they
7:20 am
have suppressed the story, suppress any kind of free speech sensor articles about hunter biden, rush out this information, what if what they were really doing was not just trying to help biden and cover all of that stuff up, what is the connection to china?er big tech makes a lot of money in china. are they part of the whole thing where don't criticize china whatever you do, don't make waves, we don't want to do anything that will jeopardize our funding, half a million students are studying in american universities, chinese students, more than a billion dollars of chinese government money is going into academic programs throughout the united states. how much money is being made by wall street on china trade. how much intellectual property is being given to chinese companies by american industrialists in order to have what they think are favorable treatment and trade. i just think it is a much more pervasive problem. i am looking twice at anybody
7:21 am
now like a joe biden for example. a couple months ago dignity say something like china are our friends. they are not a threat to us. wait. tinnitus i just have a billion and a half dollars worth of contracts with china. what is his connection there? i am just wondering, how cozy is their relationship with china? liz: interesting. kt mcfarland. it's great to have you on. we will have you back on.rl kt mcfarland. great to see you. >> thank you. liz: media research center dan gainor. we will stayy on the story. ron johnson said the media had more influence than russia on the election because they blocked out the hunter biden story and are doing it again with the swalwell story. dan gainor next. [inaudible]
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hour. let's welcome back to the show dan gainor. why the media blackout on both the swalwell and hunter biden story -- >> you have the hunter biden story. people forget swalwell ran for president as well. these are two top democrats. both caught in scandals involving china. the media itself is too closely tied to china. you have the mulan movie, accidental that they did that, special section for china, you know, china government back in 2019. then you look at how they covered these stories. they censored the hunter biden story leading up to the election. one of the many stories they refuse to cover.
7:27 am
biden looked at and trump was good. now they are not covering swalwell to the point where the new york times, supposedly, the most important newspaper in the country has not even covered the scandal. you can go search the website. not one iota of it. that is not news coverage, that is a news blackout. liz: talking about the swalwell story; right? >> yes. exactly. liz: you remembered that nra had the russian spy scandal in the media was all over that. we do not see a lot of coverage about, you know, what is going on with swalwell. eric swalwell was a frequent guest for years on msnbc and cnn and senator ron johnson told hannity last night that he believes the media interfered with the election more than russia. he said a poll is basically showing 36% of biden voters
7:28 am
saying they did not hear about the hunter biden story and they are also saying of that nearly one third of those voters that it would not have voted for hunter biden. they knew about it. >> a poll that we actually did at the media research center. we ran eight different topics that by different biden voters and what we found was across the board, you know, some of the topics, they had not heard about one or the other, whether it was a hunter biden scandal, kamala harris being the most liberal senator, you know, more so than bernie sanders, they had not heard about the good economic news, they had not heard about trump triumphs in the middle east for peace and so if you look at it overall, this enormous impact on the election. some of that would have meant trump would have won 311
7:29 am
electoral votes, others would have meant 295. either way you looked at it, the media cooked the books by what they hide. they did nothing more overtly than the hunter biden scandal where they flat out said this is, you know, a russian info prop. liz: yeah. there is no there there. let's watch cnn to the spokesperson. let's watch this. [inaudible] >> okay. >> i am a journalist and reporter and i followed the facts. there has never been any corruption. let me ask you this, yesterday, the fbi --dash. >> start doing that.
7:30 am
>> it turns out there was one claiming that. it was a criminal probe underway for two years into hunter biden. also, how will cbs 60 minutes explained how she dismissed doctor biden scandal? >> they have no sense of propriety as far as journalism ethics goes. basically they are running a pr campaign for biden potential presidency. liz: all right. we also earlier this week the story. we have the georgia runoff coming up. what is your concern about that? >> my concern is can we have a fair election if we do not have fair tech? you have youtube that has come
7:31 am
out and said they are going about and doing so. deleting any information that the election was not legitimate. that is going to the supreme court. last time i checked that is newsworthy. we saw facebook and twitter do the same for hunter biden scandal leading up to the election. when so many people rely on social media for news and social media is censored across the board, can we ever have another fair election? liz: all right. dan gainor. good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. been a pleasure. liz: just ahead john cox on this hot debate. the big think that democrats are missing. what they are not getting at all in the story of the leaked audio of joe biden saying that the gop used the push to beat the living hell out of democrats. we also have more news out of what is happening in portland.
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♪ liz: we have breaking news. supreme court just denied the texas lawsuit. former u.s. attorney, supreme court denies the texas appeal over the election results and for the state saying texas did not have standing. your reaction to that? >> we knew that would be the issue. the question is can one state who was not directly involved in the voting of the other state, can they claim that they are harmed? it is all about injury. that was the issue, i think many of us thought if they did failt
7:37 am
it would fail on that issue. liz: you know, so we did would have 126 house republicans including kevin mccarthy supporting it against her states alleging their unconstitutional vote count. we had democrat ag's side with, you know, the four states opposing the texas soup. eighteen republican ag's supported texas. still, that shows a nation divided. the nation is totally split. people feel that the election was manipulated. states firing back saying texas, we are allowed to run our vote the way we see fit. now we have a nation divided. republicans could lose the control of the senate with the two runoffs coming up in two weeks. >> it is a precarious time for the country. there is division like we have not seen it. the rigid array of the supreme
7:38 am
court, the fact that it is so steep and rules sometimes it is a blessing and a curse. the fact that standing, a very procedural rule seems to be getting in the way of at least what half the country is looking at. not just the irregularities in the state, but outright, you know, legislatures making decisions that appear aimed at favoring one side over the other we are living and dying by the fact that we have 50 southern states who are responsible for their own independent rules that are past and a supreme court that is bound by rules that it has put in place very strict rules and for many of us we sit back and we say, you know, we are not surprised, but it is a unfortunate because we are so far away from healing as a country. liz:, the question was, exactly
7:39 am
how was texas directly affected by what happened in wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan and california. denying the texas lawsuit. it should read over how the election was conducted in four states. how was texas affected by what those four states did? >> that is right. their argument was interesting. like i told you, it was clever. maybe in the end it was not substantive enough and too clever. we are a state, a neighboring state, we conducted hours in a certain way. the due process dictates that other states run it, you know, in a way that is constitutional. our boats have now been harmed. our ability to receive a republic that is harmed. it is a direct injury rule of
7:40 am
law. you have to have a direct injury. the court in this sentiment looked at it improbably said we cannot find a direct injury to texas. liz: you know, okay, let's talk about what is going on in georgia. georgia has not seen a democratc senator in two an issue that the democrats when they are, then it is over. the republicans lose control of the senate. the president has questioned the boat, how it was conducted in georgia. sump loyalists in georgiati are saying the president is right. others in georgia saying that he is wrong. where do you come down on that? >> well, you know, i have attorneys and friendsds workingn this issue. sound that i have the utmost respect for. they have very clearly outlined not just irregularities, but spikes in votes that are
7:41 am
unexplainable, issues with counting and with ballots and accepting certain ballots so i do not have confidence that those things will not be tried again when the stakes are as high as they are. we will run those ballots through some of the same machinery that was done earlier. you know, we will see. there were two races in which a a very close, one the republicans appear to have by pulling a margin of victory, but in the end i don't think anyonek has confidence this will be an accurate count. liz: all right. brett, it is great to see you. thank you for stepping in there. the supreme court denied the texas lawsuit challenging how the vote was conducted in four battleground states that being pennsylvania, georgia, michigan and wisconsin. we will have more we love the new apartment. the natural light is amazing. hardwood floors. there is a bit of a clogging problem.
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♪ liz: with me now is former republican gubernatorial candidate john cox. let's talk about what is going on in portland oregon. the da in portland oregon has dropped charges on hundred of rioters and will not pursue cases of writers attacking and assaulting police. that is been going on since may. a new occupied zone following a house in foreclosure. >> well, you know, when you don't punish crime, you get more of it. i cannot understand this. these calls to defund the police and not punish rioters has certainly not fulfilling the number one job of government and that is public safety. we have a los angeles county district attorney that was just selected here who was just announced that he is not going to prosecute resisting arrest.
7:47 am
interactions with police that have gotten people so upset have been the result of people resisting arrest. this guy in los angeles will not prosecute against what? we will have more people resisting arrest just like if you do not go after protesters, you will have more people looting and destroying property. liz: joe biden in leaked audio, he said he thought that republicans used to defund a police movement to beat the living hell out of democrats, don't talk about police reform before the senate runoff races in georgia. let's listen to joe biden here. >> i don't think we should get too far ahead of ourselves on dealing with police reform and that because they have already labeled us as being defined at the police. anything we put forward in the
7:48 am
organizational structure which i promise you will occur. promise you. that is how they beat the living hell out of us across the country. saying we are talking about the funding of police. liz: well, they are talking about defunding the police. voters do not feel safe, john. a triple digit double-digit spike depending on where you live in homicides and shootings. >> right. no question about it. this is the one time i would agree with joe biden. he has absolutely right. people are scared to death. murders and assaults are up in minneapolis, philadelphia, new york city, san francisco, portland, seattle. any place where they are protesting defunding the police, guess what, criminals are out committing crime. listen, the places where this is most acute, liz, this is really serious, the communities of color which these democrats give
7:49 am
lip service to. guess what, those communities want more police presence, not less. this idea that we will just said social workers and, listen, i am all for counseling, i'm on the board of a restorative justice foundation out here, i believe in rehabilitation. policese want police protection. he is right. theyey will continue to get pounded with this. rightfully so, as far as i'm concerned. >> barack obama being dismissive of the issue saying, you know, calling defund the police "a snappy slogan that cost boats". is it a snappy catchy slogan when it is the organizing mantra? >> no, some of these have actually done it. as you know, minneapolis actually acted to take money out of their police budget. i think they are doing it in los angeles and seattle and portland as well.
7:50 am
not only that, a lot of police officers are quitting the force. who can blame them. it's the politicians that really want to see, you know, woke and want to protect the protesters. what they are really doing is chasing away police and endangering these communities and it's got to stop. the first role of government, the first service of government is to protect the people. liz: all right. john cox, it's good to see you. thanks for coming on. >> appreciate it liz. thank you. liz: we have acting border patrol top guy mark morgan on what is going on at the border. mexico is making a serious milf inside mexico that could really cause potentially border crimes. before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up.
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elizabeth: okay. let's welcome to the show acting customs and border protection commissionerz: mark morgan. first, your reaction to the supreme court rejecting the action lawsuit that would have tried to nullify the election results in four states. it looks like president trump's case in the court system is
7:55 am
over. what do you say? >> it would be inappropriate for me to really end comment on the lawsuits going on on the election. cbp and myself will continue to do our job in carrying forth this president's agenda on all things under our purview and glad to do so. elizabeth: okay. let's move on to this story, i hear what you're saying. there's a serious problem now erupting at the border. it looks like mexico's senate is retaliating against the u.s. over the u.s. arresting mexico's former defense secretary on drug trafficking charges. now mexico's senate is moving on a new bill to cut back the presence of u.s. law enforcement inside, inside mexico. we're talking the cia, dea, fbu, i.c.e., in order to stop crimes before they come to the border. what was your reaction when you saw that that story? >> first of all, i really want to thank you for bringing light and attention to this issue, because this is dangerous.
7:56 am
we know it's nothing new that there is widespread corruption in the mexican government from top to bottom. c and, look, any major investigation that goes on, bilateral operation, any significant investigation, there's always some part there's going to be an informant involved in that. this law is going to put a chilling effect on who and what and a how we share intelligence and information that really leads to important invests. it's going to compromise agents and informants, this is a dangerous law. elizabeth: so this is going on as record amounts of hard narcotics and drugs are being seized at the border. you know, we just saw millions of dollars seize toed in places like texas, also arizona, and, you know, the drug cartels that you and i have been talking about, they're trying to break into the u.s. via drones, via boats, via, you know, jets trying to get drugs across the border. this is a really bad move if
7:57 am
those u.s. officials have to pull out of mexico. >> thisis is -- and even if they the stay, it's going to make their job almost impossible. again, liz, as we have discussed, we're not talking about low-level crime here. we're talking about that we're going after the large organizations, cartels, transnational criminal organizations and, again, it goes to the heart. we can't do that without informants, and one of the hallmarks that'sfective is because we can provide them anonymity, we canhe provide them protection. this law removes that pleatly. you're not going to have anybody wanting to cooperate with us, because with we know what's going to happen. that'sny going to be provided to the government of mexico, and those informants are going to be killed. that's what it's going to result in. this is absolutely a horrendous, dangerous law. elizabeth: wow. yeah, you know, here's the other thing, correct us if we're wrong, we're seeing reports that when drug cartels can't get drugs inside the u.s., it's
7:58 am
parked at border orer towns inside mexico and then massive corruption, massive crime spikes out of control, and mexico border, states like juarez. then you have even more corrupt officials, if you can even imagine that, basically right at our border. so, you know, how bad could this get? because we're seeing record amounts of methamphetamine that could, you know, give doses to every man, woman and child in mexico and the u.s. seized in southern california, record amounts of fentanyl coming into the u.s. how much worse could it get, sir? >> it could get considerably worse. again, you are absolutely -- this lawrs is taking a critical law enforcement tool, the utilization of informants just as a baseline, away from us. eain, what individual is going to want to cooperate9 with the u.s. law enforcement officer over a mexican law enforcement
7:59 am
officer if that information's going to be looked and putting their lives in jeopardy? you're right, liz, we've seen from year to year an increase in the transition, those top levels will be filled with new political appointees. i wish them all the best. elizabeth: gotot it. you're great. good to see you. i'm elizabeth mac don, you've
8:00 am
been watching "the evening ♪ ♪ lou: breaking news, president trump is calling on the fbi to go after former leaders james comey and andrew mccabe for their roles in trying to subvert his presidency. the president tweeted this: andrew mccabe was exposed for who he is today in the u.s. senate. he was totally destroyed, an ignorant fool. the great people of the fbi must make sure that he and his former boss, james comey, pay the price for what they have done to the reputation of the fbi. joining us now is senator ted cruz, senator from texas, member of the senate judiciary committee. he's author of "one vote


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