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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 14, 2020 6:00am-9:00am EST

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i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. [ gunfire ] maria: good monday morning, welcome. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, monday december 14th, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. electoral college meets today to certify the 2020 decision as early voting begins no georgia for the senate runoffs but president trump's battle for free and fair election is not over yet as sources tell me he believes the d of -- doj and fbi are not investigating fraud around the election. kevin mccarthy coming up. investigating hunter biden,
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subpoena for joe biden's son looking for info on his time with ukrainian company barisma as new emails surface for keys to be made for jill and joe biden along with chinese partner, all questions arising on why none of this does disclosed before the november election. big fight against coronavirus, pfizer's vaccine rolling out to americanican hospitals today wih over 100 million expected over the coming 3 months. hear from louisiana senator and medical doctor bill cassidy, operation warp speed scientific head doctor. futures this morning are rallying on the vaccine news. we are expecting gain at the start of trading, better than 200 points on the dow industrials, nasdaq up 52 and s&p higher by 22 after markets snapped a two-week winning
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streak. compromised by china. we are following congressman eric swawell's ties with chinese spies new york on lookdown once again. indoor dining in the big apple closed for business. how sustainable is that, we discuss? mornings with maria is live right now. ♪ ♪ maria: european markets this morning look like this. we are looking at a rally across the world. ftse 100 up 15, cac quarante up 60, dax index up 146, news out
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of the uk has british pound up against the dollar and euro after the european union agreed to extend trade talks with britain as the uk leads -- leaves the european union. take a look at asian markets, fractional moves pretty much across the board but mixed, down the middle. first, though, here some of the stop stories that we are watching this morning, major step in the fight against coronavirus. pfizer vaccine arriving with first shipment arrived in los angeles overnight. people cheered in michigan yesterday with the vaccine on board. gps enabled centers will help track shipments and ensure they stay cold. shots are expected to go to healthcare workers and nursing home residents, 100 million americans inoculated by the end of march.
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the electoral college meets today to certify the 2020 election. president trump says his fight against fraud is not over. >> we keep going and we are going to continue to go forward. we have numerous local cases. no judge including the supreme court of the united states has had the courage to allow it to be heard. maria: right now joe biden is the projected winner with the electoral college votes expected to come at 306 for biden versus 232 for president trump. investigating hunter biden. president trump reportedly wants a special counsel to investigate hunter's alleged ties to foreign business deals, also probe voter fraud in 2020 election, comes amid the president saying he'll frustrated with the attorney general, bill barr's handling of the investigation into the biden family and the justice department not finding evidence of widespread voter fraud. major cyber-attack on federal agencyings, ordering network
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review after congress department are hacked by espionage campaign linked to russia. got in by tampering with software and monitored staff emails for months. russia has so far denied any involvement. and the cleveland indians ready to change name after 105 years, "the new york times" reporting a decision could come this week. official change won't come until next year. the team name had been subject of controversy. many believing that it's racist. president trump slammed the decision tweeting that it is, quote, canceled culture at work. markets this morning are indicating a big rally at the start of trading as investors are watching major market moves, pfizer vaccine really setting the tone as it is getting rolled out today, federal reserve policy meeting happening tomorrow and tesla joining the s&p 500 this coming friday this on the heels of you could see, dow industrials up 230 and nasdaq up but this is last week,
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the dow and s&p snapping a two-week winning streak last week. 3-week winning streak for the nasdaq. nasdaq down two-thirds of a percent and the s&p down almost 1% last week. joining me right now is federated hermes senior strategist linda and joining the conversation all morning long dagen mcdowell and maslansky + partners president lee carter. pretty good rally under way as we watch the trucks delivering the covid-19 vaccine. >> yeah, right, i mean finally we have been waiting for this to happen and to the extent that they can go faster than what many people expect, that could be great news for the stock market and into next year. as you know, as you mentioned new york city is shut down again. we are shut down here in pennsylvania and around the
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country to the extent we can open again we have so much pinned up demand that the market will really start pricing that in early into next year. maria: well, you make a good point. indoor dining is now banned in new york city. i'm trying to understand this policy. you've got restaurants trying hard to stay alive by doing outdoor seating as we are expecting another nor'easter this week. what kind of an impact is this going to have on the economy and the expectations of growth that we are looking at restaurants getting shut down again? >> unfortunately for restaurants they were the epicenter of all of this, all of the consumer, that's the biggest piece of it. that's where the disconnect. people wonder how this can be. but as restaurants go, i agree with you, it doesn't make a lot of sense, i think, it's already been proven, cuomo said that you can't -- the percentage getting
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sick of restaurants is very small but has to do with shutting down the economy trying to keep us away from each other and hopefully we start to see the peak and we start to turn it over. the market will discount that well in advance. maria: what sectors do you like here? we are looking at vaccine developers. do you want to be owning pharma companies and we have deals that we will be talking about in healthcare, in banking this morning and then, of course, you've got tech which has been on an incredible run. where do you want to allocate capital, linda? >> as you mentioned technology that had been on an incredible run and the big e names as we all know and if people wonder how this runoff election is going to work if it goes against republicans, then they have to start worrying about taxes and perhaps you get stocks get sold by the end of the year to catch lower capital gains. as you mentioned pharmaceuticals, the pharmaceutical companies they
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are stick companies historically they have a lot of cash flow out there, they've been the subject from beth sides of the isle in terms of drug pricing and so they are rather inexpensive versus the rest of the market as we know the epicenter areas of the market, energy, even financials, these areas of the market have already been discovered and have been been up through the month of november. so with deals starting to take place, that's very interesting areas of the market and let's not forget they pay some very high dividends. maria: all of this with the georgia senate runoff sort of on the horizon and in the backdrop of investor minds, what if the democrats win the senate, what kind of a market reaction might you expect? >> well, you know, everybody agrees that the stock market is well overbought. 90% of the s&p is above 200
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average and we will get to 400 on s&p next year on stronger earnings than expected. what if we start looking like we are getting there sooner than later come along january 5th, the vote goes against the republicans, it could give us a chance for a pullback but i really think, clearly it's not a mandate. everything is going to be tight as the government does and maybe we can get a few days of a pullback but this market is just too strong, i think, for it to be held back very, very long. >> all right, linda, great to see you this morning. thank you very much, linda from federated, we have a big show, we are just getting started this morning. coming up the trump campaign's legal strategy harvard law professor allen dershowitz on where the courtroom battle stands for the presidency coming up. next hour we are watching your money and word on wall street, don't miss it, plus medical doctor bill cassidy is here on
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the vaccine rollout, scientific head of operation warp speed, discussing when we can reach immunity as americans receive the vaccine and in 8:00 a.m. hour house minority leader will discuss trump campaign's legal battle as well as potential stimulus and actor kevin is here talking about backlash conservative celebrities face among hollywood liberal elites. don't miss a moment of it. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ si ♪
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maria: welcome back, a potential end to the pandemic in sight. today the u.s. begins roll out of the fda approved pfizer vaccine and first dosis can be
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given. joining me practicing physician himself congressman greg murphy. congressman, good to have you, thank you very much for joining us. your reaction to the rollout? congressman: nothing short of miraculous. it's a big rollout. they have been working on this for several months. i'm sure there will be glitches, but overall it's a fantastic day and new beginning for the united states. maria: so how do you -- how do you expect this to roll out and play out? it's coming off the trucks now and going to hospitals. we know that we are expecting the healthcare workers on the front lines to be among the first. what are you envisioning about the impact of this vaccine on to the market within the coming months? >> i think it will be -- it is our beginning step. it is our first step to get out of the pandemic.
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my medical institution are getting to appropriate employees and this is the beginning step to get forward as a nation and i couldn't be happier that we were here. i wish i had been done a few months ago but this is going to change the way we get back to normal. maria: so you are on the education and labor committee, do you expect a potential mandate for students and teachers to take this vaccine before returning to public schools and colleges? >> i don't think we are in the same realm with measles, that type of vaccine thing. here we are talking about certain populations, school-aged population thankfully enough is not one that suffers from the disease nor as in effective from this particular virus as measles. as we move forward, i think it would be offered, a large number
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of faculty, our teachers, professors will take the vaccine. i don't see the students will be taking it as much just because they are not going to be that effective. maria: let me bring in lee carter, go ahead, lee. lee: one of the concerns that the americans have is rollout, we know it will start with frontline workers. when do we think we will get mass immunity that we really need to start going back to normal? lee: i think that's really the goal that we are all aiming towards. if you look at this chronologically, i said earlier in the year i thought more people had been exposed to the virus than had been or was being reported. cdc came and confirmed that weeks ago. a large part of the population that's already been -- i don't want to say inoculated but they contributed with immunity with antibodies but as we move
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forward, as we get 25 million doses and we have 100 million doses a month, to be honest with you, if you look at a realistic timeline it's probably april, may until the people who want to get vaccinated and need to be vaccinated will. at that point in time they'll be a market turning point in what happens in this nation. i do this as par as the present surge, it's going to peak in next 3 to 4 weeks just like the other searches have peaked and vaccines themselves, we will see market decline just in the next few months. >> makes a lot of sense. let me ask you, switch gears and ask you about senate debt. senate minority leader chuck schumer to forgive $50,000 of student debt per person on day one of presidency. last day i heard with education
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secretary betsy devos about potential loan forgiveness, i have to get your take as well. >> yeah. >> to ask taxpayers 2 out of 3 of whom have not gone to college to help underwrite the forgiveness of those one in three that have is fundamentallien fair. not to mention all of the students who have shopped for value, who have saved, who have worked, paid down their student loans and satisfied their debt to then be asked to underwrite the writeoff of other -- again, gunned -- fundamentally unfaired. maria: congressman, what do you think? congressman: i couldn't agree with that more. if you forgive -- believe me forgiving doesn't make it go away. it basically transfers the debt onto people who have actually paid to go to school before and to other taxpayers and
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disproportionately forgiving dead, disproportionately helps the wealthy because they have gone to private schools, the federal government wrote a nice big check to colleges and universities. in my op-ed, colleges and universities have had money coming in and they have not been good stewards of the money. all the students who have graduated have massive debt is because of poor financial structures from colleges and universities. you should go there to learn not to lazy river or safe space or something else. maria: good analysis, somebody has to pay the bill at the end of the day and that's why joe biden wants to raise taxes by $4.3 trillion, let them pay for it. congressman, good to see you, thank you very much, sir, we will keep watching that, congressman greg murphy joining us this morning. and to you. national security threat on capitol hill, one key law maker
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on what house speaker nancy pelosi knew about congressman eric swawell and his links to a chinese spy, that's next. and then christmas 2020, how santa claus is using new technology to spread the christmas cheer. it's making a buzz this morning. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. we will be right back. now is the time for a new bath from bath fitter.
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6:25 am
from intelligence committee. house speaker nancy pelosi says she has no concerns about him. on sunday morning futures i spoke with congressman jim jordan on questions this scandal raised. >> she gets all kinds of briefings, she gets briefings that i don't get and she gets briefings that you don't get certainly. second question key is, why is it that it's always the democrats who get defensive briefings? we know senator feinstein got a briefing when there was a relationship that her relationship had with a chinese spy and representative swawell got a briefing based on the axios stories but never seen republicans get defensive briefings, republicans get set up. maria: the defensive briefings will indicate the policies and threats happening in this country. dagen mcdowell, you know,
6:26 am
senator ron johnson made an interesting point yesterday with me on sunday morning futures. he said, this woman helped raise money for eric swawell to get elected. this was china's candidate. they crowd him and did anything they could to get him in congress and he's now in the intel committee. dagen: she was notified by the fbi 5 years ago about this and year after year after year that he basically spewed lies about russia collusion and the trump campaign and the trump administration, he already knew that he had been affiliated with a spy. there's an incredible editorial or article by miranda divine in the new york post today that talks about this. why don't the democrats treat
6:27 am
the chinese communist party infiltration of u.s. institutions with seriousness and it's a grave threat with the united states and instead you get the pelosian pushback and there's a database that was leaked to enter parliamentary alliance on china and it includes members of the communist chinese -- chinese communist party working inside u.s. companies in china but also 3 female employees of the u.s. consulate in shanghai were identified as being members of the communist party. it's incredible. there should be outrage right, left and center over this. maria: yeah. i've been talking about this for a long time and it's all in my new book, the cost, the chinese
6:28 am
communist party has been able to infiltrate some of the most important industries an institutions and able to steal data and information from america from the inside and that is why we saw the indictment of the head of the chemistry department at harvard, he was being paid by the ccp, that is why we saw the houston embassy get shut down, that was a spy center. there is a strength of indictments this year, lee carter, of insiders who have been working with the ccp as the ccp has been able to get inside of our most important institutions to steal information, steal data and also try to get laws passed that are favorable to china. the question becomes should congressman swawell with removed from intel committee with such access to important information that's just being briefed by -- to a handful of people. here he is potentially sharing
6:29 am
information with a threat so important, they've made their goals very clear and transparent. the chinese communist party wants to make china the number 1 super power, overtake the united states. lee: yeah, i think, i mean, all the points that you're raising are really fair points and i think that there's two things. one, the american people want us to be tough on china and that goes across the aisle. it's one of the only issues that democrats and republicans agree on. 67% of democrats want to be tougher on china and 72% republicans want us to be tougher on china. it is the one issue we agree on and the second point here is that if you are a republican, what would be happening right now? and i think that's one of the issues that republicans have such a hard time with. double standard that exists between how we treat republicans and how we treat democrats and i think nancy pelosi needs to address that and needs to be really, really honest about how she needs to deal with this because the truth is they should
6:30 am
be calling for something different in the way they are behaving in this instance and most people know that. maria: yeah, you say that both sides agree on this and yet nancy pelosi pulled her people off of the kevin mccarthy china task force. she did not want any of her colleagues on the democrat side on kevin mccarthy's task force. dagen: can i add one more thing just really quickly, maria? this is the problem with the left. this is the problem with liberals. that for years it's if trump did it, it's automatically bad. and that -- that's what's gotten this into this situation. so where do we go from here? if trump wanted to crack down on china, china ships the virus here that killed hundreds of thousands of americans, almost 2 million globally, that's the trouble they're in. if trump was in favor of it,
6:31 am
they are automatically against it and we are for a world of pain if they keep this up. maria: yeah. it may be even more than that, is money coming from the chinese communist party that are coming congress and senate races. that's what i'd like to know? who is paying and where is the money flowing is there money coming from the ccp? the question becomes will the policy on china change with a biden administration, that is really the serious issue that we are facing this morning. the trump campaign meanwhile is continuing to dig in on legal strategy. harvard law professor alan dershowitz on where the battle stands for the presidency. tall christmas tree making a buzz this morning. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business.
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maria: welcome back, good monday morning, everybody, thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, and it is monday december 14th, let's take a look at markets, 6:34 on the east coast. we are expecting strong rally out of the gate, markets as you see trading higher on the news that the vaccine has left the building and it is being shipped to hospitals as we speak. we will see inoculations begin. lockdowns, restaurants shut down in new york city. dow industrials down a fraction on the week as was the nasdaq and the s&p 500. european markets are rallying, a lot of conversation of new trade deal. british pound is trading after uk agree to extend trade talks as britain levers european union
6:36 am
and they are doing deal on trade and the uk is up against the dollar as well as against the euro. check the story overnight in asia, mixed markets there as you'll see fractional moves pretty much across the burden. meanwhile this, reddit to expand online footprint, cheryl casone with those details right now. good morning, cheryl. cheryl: that is right, maria. social media company purchased video sharing app marking first major acquisition, rival to tiktok and let people post created videos and incorporated to reddit app. huntington bank shares agree to tcf financial, values tcf at nearly $6 billion. that's a premium of 11%. banks have more than $170 billion in assets bringing it closer to competitors.
6:37 am
and oracle becoming the latest company to ditch silicon valley to lone star state. announcing to move headquarters to austin, texas, new filing with the securities and exchange commission, this follows tesla and hewlett-packard. tesla ceo elon musk blaming california lawmakers for driving the corporate exodus. let's take a look at or call. stock is up 3 quarters of a percent, maria. those are your headlines. back to you. maria: thank you so much. challenging election results as we wait elect real college decision, intel source tells me that president trump did win election and says it's up to the supreme court to hear suits from other cases across the country to stop the clock. this follows the high court's refusal to hear lawsuit from texas attorney general ken paxton challenging results in four swing states. joining me right now harvard law professor, ore of the population
6:38 am
trumped up criminalization of politics endangers democracy, book alan dershowitz is here. thank you very much for joining us. we have been talking about key dates, december 14th when the electoral college will certify results. is it the end of the line for the trump campaign's legal challenge, alan? >> well, i think the end of the line came on friday when 3 justices that were appointed by president trump all ruled against him. albeit on technical standing grounds but they sent a very unambiguous miami that they did not want the judiciary to become involved in this messy divisive electoral dispute that doesn't seem to have a load to changing the result. so i think friday really marked the end, today symbolically, we will see the electors meet in
6:39 am
state capitals and cast their vote, officially by the end of today we will have an official president elect. i do think the supreme court decision was a very important one and the lawyers who brought it history will judge them positively because millions of americans didn't trust the outcome of the election. right or wrong. they didn't trust the election. that put end to judicial route to victory. look, there's still efforts to try to get faithless electors to change votes, maybe to get a senator to join congressman to object to it on january 5th, but i really do think that friday was the functional end of the trump campaign but congratulations to the lawyers for trying their best and they should not be condemned as disciplined for doing it. that's mccarthyism. let's move on.
6:40 am
maria: yeah, general, joined me on sunday morning futures, michael flynn, 6 additional suits facing the supreme court right now, we will see if they take any of those up. following the rejection of the texas lawsuit, the president still maintains that the race is not over and i spoke with one source high up in the intel community and he said this, alan, he said trump did win. there was election fraud, but to prove it requires the fbi and the doj to drill down on the election fraud issues related to voter and ballot issues. they are not doing it because the wrong people run the place and they didn't want trump to win. now they've run out the clock with the electoral college here. here is ken paxton, the attorney general of texas who joined me on sunday with his reaction to what we saw on friday as you mentioned, ken paxton here. >> you know, this was our only chance, unlike other cases when you sue another state and we
6:41 am
ended up with 7 states suing 4, our only place to go is the u.s. supreme court to be heard. normally, we would be able to go to a district court and have our case heard and in this case we have supreme court hear our case and we never got that opportunity. maria: so what about those other six cases facing the supreme court, alan, the scotus has to hear one of them in order to stop the clock for president trump. do you have any optimism that that would happen? >> i don't think that will happen. pennsylvania is the strongest case and the court did not accept a motion for an injunction which would have perhaps stopped the clock. the pennsylvania case maybe taken by the supreme court, justice alito segregated out the votes that were accepted and counted after the close of election day but there are not enough votes. i said right from the beginning, to turn around this election you need a perfect storm, judiciary, the legislature, you need state
6:42 am
secretaries of state and you need the clock, and every one of them is running out at this point. once the electors vote today, it's going to be very hard to restart the clock. there are the technical routes on january 5th and vice president pence gets to make the ultimate lead of who won but those are all technical. so i don't think that right now is a reasonable route to victory, but every american has the right to express their views about this election and they should not be suppressed by twitter, by you tube -- youtube, that's an american obligation to listen. we have millions of people who have doubts about this but i think the supreme court on friday put a lot of doubts to rest and even people that really want to see trump win now now understand that they don't have the supreme court, even the 3 new justices appointed by
6:43 am
president trump on their side and without that, the road to victory is very, very chancey and unlikely to succeed. so i think it's best for all of america to begin to move on. maria: alan, you're talking about, you know, things should not be suppressed but they are suppressed. you know that. >> they are, they are. maria: with the hunter biden story, you yourself have worked with president trump and you are among those who have been spoken about where you are not allowed to speak at harvard now. you are a harvard professor and yet there are groups right now as we speak saying we don't want anybody who has worked with donald trump back at harvard, what are you going to do about it? >> well, those are small groups, but take, for example, youtube, youtube has said that it would not allow on their site any videos that claim that there were doubts about the election. i have a podcast called the
6:44 am
dersh show and i had joe pollack and he said exactly that. he said there were doubts of the election and i challenge youtube to take my podcast off the air. that challenge is still out there. people want the listen to my podcast to give me support, i would appreciate that. same true is of harvard. i will get invited by harvard by a group of students and let's see if they try to prevent me speaking because i engaged in patriotic act against impeachments. i will not take this sitting down. i didn't accept mccarthyism in the 1950's and i will not accept it now. maria: if they don't allow you to speak, you're going to sue them? >> i'm going to sue them and the massachusetts civil rights law and contract law and others laws, i will not allow myself to
6:45 am
be censored or canceled because of what i did on behalf of the united states constitution. maria: i'm with you, alan, 100%. alearn -- alan dershowitz. we will be right back. ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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maria: welcome back, a monumental step in the fight against covid-19, healthcare facility as cross the country preparing for the arrival of the first coronavirus vaccine today. with vaccinations beginning shortly thereafter, one new york
6:49 am
county awaiting 25,000 doses of the vaccine as the positivity rate is on the rise. lauren, great to have you this morning, tell us about the vaccine distribution and the residents attitude toward getting the vaccine. >> good morning, thank you very much for having me. yeah, we've been notified that the vaccinations have been shipped and our hospitals are getting ready to receive them. so today, depending on time of arrival, the first high-risk healthcare workers will be vaccinating and we are expecting to ramp up significantly tomorrow, tuesday. maria: what has been the perception? are you getting a high amount of demand that people want this vaccine or do you think people are sort of skittish about taking it? >> you know, there's really the full spectrum. we have a lot of people ready to roll up those sleeves and i'm one of them and there's
6:50 am
skepticism. i'm sure you heard it as well in the country and our county as well. a couple of weeks ago we launched a pr campaigned of rosy and we want people to feel confident to get the vaccine and one thing that we are doing is talking about it in a way that helps us get back to normal. our businesses have really suffered and our small businesses especially. we want to do everything that we can to help them. we know that the vaccination will help those businesses stay open, get back to normal and also keep our kids in school which is so incredibly important. maria: so assess the situation for us in nassau, how are things going? you know that in new york city restaurants now shut down, indoor dining, the economy there is really troubled, 9 billion-dollar hole in the budget, how does nassau look?
6:51 am
>> it's tough. we are still at 50% capacity indoor dining and we will do everything to keep it that way. we know that spread is not happening in the restaurants, 1.4% of cases are traced back to restaurants where 74% of cases are social gatherings. if you shut down the restaurants or restrict them further they'll be more gatherings and more spread. while we are excited about the vaccine, we are hoping to get it to the general public as you know late spring or early summer to get people vaccinated who want to get the vaccination, we are in the holding pattern right now where numbers are starting to go up, hospitalizations are starting to go up and we need to do anything that we can to contain the spread but keep business going. it's incredibly important. we want to make sure that all of our or most of the business can make it to the other side of the crisis. maria: all right, laura, we will be watching, thanks so much. we will be right back.
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and free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. maria: welcome back, time for morning buzz, first up christmas time in 2020. while many stores and malls won't have in-person visits with santa, you can still see him at a distance elsewhere, the big guy has one more trick up his sleeve. parents can purchase zoom calls with santa, depending on how personalized you want the virtual visit to be. lee, you're interested in a virtual santa visit for the baby? lee: listen, i think $750 might be extreme but i love these kinds of innovations where people are finding creative ways to find tradition as live and make money while doing it. i think i'm all for this. and i've got to be honest, i took my daughter last night to go see santa claus in drive-by and she was absolutely
6:56 am
terrified. [laughter] lee: pull up a picture here. i think if she were able to see him on zoom she would be much more likely to smile. every time i'm in a zoom call she comes up behind me and says hi. maria: look how big she got. oh, my god. she's so sweet. dagen: lee, she's giving you look of what are you doing to me, mom. what are you putting me through? lee: why do we do this to our children? dagen: by the way zoom is much -- much more preferable in talking to santa if you're going to run into the kind of jerky fake santa at the mall who made the kid cry because he wanted a nerf gun, you remember that? you remove the risk of the fake
6:57 am
jerk santa from christmas. maria: all right, still ahead the light at the end of the tunnel. coming up medical doctor louisiana senator cassidy, who gets vaccinated first and when could we all get it, start next hour, more of mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ with the capacity and coverage to reach more people and places across the country. who says you can't have it all. now is the time for 5g. now is the time to join t-mobile. . . . (harold) and real snow all the way from switzerland. (betsy) hmmhm... gonna be tough to top.
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning morning, everybody. thank so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, december 14. your top stories, 7:00 al on the button on the east coast. major news unfolding today, first, the electoral college meets today to certify the 2020 decision as early voting will begin for georgia's senate runoff races. president trump battle for a free and fair election is not over yet as sources tell me he believes the doj and fbi are not investigating fraud around the election. kevin mccarthy is here in the next hour to weigh in on that and a lot more. will we see stimulus?
7:01 am
plus, putting pressure on hunter biden, new e-mails show joe biden's son asking for keys to be made for a washington office shared by himself, joe, and jill biden as well as a key chinese partner. all this as questions arise on why none of this was disclosed before the november decision. and a big step in the fight against coronavirus, pfizer's vaccine rolls out to american hospitals today with over 100 million inoculations expected in the next three months. hear from louisiana senator and medical doctor, bill cassidy coming up and dr. moncef slaoui. markets are rallying on the vaccine news. we're expecting a triple digit move on the dow industrials, with the dow industrials up 241 points, nasdaq up 74, and s&p 500 higher by 27. this after the down week last week where the market snapped a two week winning streak, investors were rattled over a rise in covid cases and lockdowns.
7:02 am
dow industrials, nasdaq and s&p down fractionally on the week. compromised by china, with he are following congressman eric swalwell's ties to chinese spies and how much nancy pelosi knew. new york on lockdown again, today indoor dining in the big apple closed for business, how sustainable is that? we discuss. fighting back against hollywood liberal elite, actor kevin sorbo is here to talk about being a conservative in tinsel town. "mornings with maria" is live right now. european markets look like this, a rally underway here too on news of talks for brexit, ft 100 up 27, cac up 60, tax index up 160 of. the british pound is up against the dollar and the euro after the u.k. and the european union agreed to extend trade talks. as you see there. and a mixed story in asia overnight, the take a look at
7:03 am
the asian markets, they were pretty much flat, fractional moves, mixed across the board. now some of the top stories we're watching this morning. a major step forward in the fight against the coronavirus, pfizer's vaccine rolling out at u.s. hospitals today with one of the first shipments you arriving in los angeles overnight. people cheered as trucks left distribution centers in michigan yesterday. gps enabled sensors will help track the shipments and ensure they stay cold. shots are expected to first go to healthcare workers and nursing home residents. some federal officials are aiming to have 100 million americans inoculated by the end of march. the electoral college meets today to certify the 2020 election, president trump says his fight against fraud is not over. >> we keep going and we're going to continue to go forward. we have numerous local cases. no judge including the supreme court of the united states has had the courage to allow it to
7:04 am
be heard. maria: and right now joe biden is the projected winner with electoral college votes expected to come in at 306 for biden versus 232 for the president. investigating hunter biden meanwhile, president trump reportedly wants a special counsel to investigate hunter biden's ties to foreign business deals. it would also probe voter fraud in the 2020 election. this comes amid the president saying he's frustrated with attorney general william barr's handling of the federal investigation into the buy dense and the justice department saying that it hasn't found any evidence of widespread voter fraud. he says they haven't investigated it. a major cyber attack on federal agencies, the department of homeland security ordering a network review after the treasury and commerce departments are hacked by an espionage campaign linked to russia. the hackers reportedly got in by tampering with software used across executive, military and a intelligence agencies and monitored staff e-mails for months. russia denied any involvement so
7:05 am
far. and the cleveland indians are ready to change their name after 105 years. the new york times reporting a decision could come this week although the official change would not come until next year. the cleveland indians have been the subject of controversy, many believing it's racist. president trump slamming the decision tweeting that it's, quote, cancel culture at work. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your you money this week. joining me now is chief straff gist cat run rooney vera, michael lee and ken leon of. great to see everybody this morning. thank you for being here. katherine, let me kick it off with you. markets are higher this morning, triple digit rally as we see the pfizer vaccine rolling out beginning today. we also have a major pharmaceutical deal, astrazeneca shares are down to an eight month low after it agreed to you acquire alexion pharmaceuticals for $39 billion in cash and stock. that would be the u.k. pharma
7:06 am
giant's biggest deal ever. your reaction to what's going on this morning with the vaccine as well as a handful of deals. >> yeah, hey, this astrazeneca deal i think is very good for astrazeneca. it's a 45% premium they're paying and that's really not high by this industry's standards. i wouldn't be surprised, maria, to see other bids be elliy listy this agreement. rare disease drug makers is a lucrative business. you can make a lot of money from it by selling it to a small group, subset of the population. this is what a lot of big pharma companies, maria, have done to produce or boost sales growth and from what i was looking at the numbers over the weekend, maria, this is going to be a very big sales boost for astrazeneca. i think over the long term this is going to be a profitable business for them and acquisition. maria: yeah.
7:07 am
a lexion shares up better than 30% right now. that's not the only of deal we're talking about. a major regional bank also announcing a deal, huntington bank shares agreed to acquire tcf financial, an all stock deal valuing tcf at nearly $6 billion, 11% premium. together the banks will have $170 billion in assets bringing it closer to competitors, fifth third bank corp. and key corp. michael, your reaction to this? i'm looking at a couple notes this morning. people are expecting the federal reserve to approve this deal. it is smaller than the mergers that the fed has already cleared. what's your take? >> look, i think this is a continuation of a trend that's going to go on for a while. we are in a very low interest rate environment which makes it very difficult for banks to create a large net interest margin and when you have these regionals that compete on better service and knowing their local customers better, with the jp morgans, the citi groups, the
7:08 am
wells fargo, the larger the mid-size and smaller regional banks get, the easier it is for them to invest in technology, make a better customer experience. we saw pnc buying bbba's u.s. operation, we saw bb & t sun trust merge. so this is a trend that's going to go on for a while. i think it's a good for a lot of the regionals to partner up so they can compete with the likes of chase and citigroup and jp morgan to get out there and get money in the community and do more community lending, to grow the economy. so look, i think this is an interesting deal. and i think we're going to see more of them. i think this is where the value is created in the banking stocks is in the mid-cap regional banks. that's what you want to be on the lookout for. i think the consolidation trend is going to go on for a while. maria: we'll probably see more deals. michael, do you think we'll hear anything new from the federal reserve this week. we have the last meeting of the year, two-day meeting, beginning
7:09 am
tomorrow. >> nothing of substance. they'll probably beg for more fiscal stimulus and talk about wearing a mask and other non-related things because i think interest rates are at zero for the foreseeable future, maybe they'll talk about a potential rate raise in 2022 but i wouldn't expect very much of substance from the federal reserve because we're just in a situation where right now where there's very little they can do. they used a ton of their tools to try stimulate the economy and restore stability to capital markets and by and large it's really -- it's worked really well. i don't think they're going to back off any of those policies or programs any time soon. maria: yeah, even though rates have creeped up, crept up ever so slightly. finally, ken, let me ask you about the success of the 2020ipos that we've seen, door dash valued at $56 billion. compare that to general motors, it's pretty close there. airbnb, worth over $83 billion, more than fe fed ex and snow fle
7:10 am
over $100 billion, more than goldman sachs group right now. your thoughts on valuations for the ipos we've seen. >> for the stock market, it means -- it's momentum. we have ipos feed into momentum. it's a record year. we're seeing ballooning valuations. everything is working great. the ipos you mentioned i they have large addressable markets where you can grow to the sky. those are getting phenomenal delivery on pricing. venture capital has got a great exit going from private to public. and, you know, the question always is when reality settles in and you have the tough questions about revenues and profitability. maria: and how do you see earnings toward year-end, ken? what does the earnings picture look like right now. >> so, for the s&p 500, earnings are going to be down in
7:11 am
the fourth quarter and for the full year, down about 3 and-a-half percent. then we're going to see a rebound, certainly for next year. and that will be up around 4%. but we've seen rotation. we're seeing obviously the industrial cyclicals do well, from the beginning with growth for technology and now looking at small cap and ipos. but earnings are going to be fine for 2021. it's going to be a v-shape, depending where you start the story. maria: all right. we will leave it there. good news all around. katherine, michael, ken, great to see you all. thank you so much. have a great monday. thanks for the board word on wall street. coming up, medical doctor bill cassidy is here on the vaccine rollout. scientific head of operation warp speed, dr. moncef slaoui is here to discuss when we reach herd immunity. next hour, kevin mccarthy is here talking about the trump
7:12 am
campaign's legal battle, where the fight goes as well as the potential for stimulus. actor kevin sorbo joins us on the backlash conservative celebrities face among the hollywood liberal elite. joining the conversation all morning long, dagen mcdowell and lee carter. we'll get back to the ladies when we come right back. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. maria" live on fox business. stay with us. yeah!? i switched to geico and got more! more savings on car insurance!? they helped with homeowners, too! ok! plus motorcycle, boat and rv insurance! geico's got you covered! like a blanket! houston? you seeing this? geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. geico. these days, we want sophisticated but simple. cutting edge made user friendly. in other words, we want a hybrid. and so do retailers. which is why they're going hybrid, with ibm.
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ask your doctor about eliquis. maria: welcome back. a landmark day in the fight against covid-19. today, pfizer's coronavirus vaccine arrives at hospitals across the country. days after the fda issued emergency approval for this vaccine. healthcare workers and nursing home residents among the first to receive their shots. the rollout comes at a critical time, cases are on the rise as the u.s. reports nearly 300,000 dead from this virus. joining me right now is louisiana senator, member of the senate committee on health education and medical doctor, bill cassidy. great to see you this morning. thanks very much for being here. >> maria, thank you for having
7:16 am
me. maria: what's most important for us to understand about this rollout of the vaccine today? >> that it's safe, that it's effective, that it's going to the folks who need it the most first, the doctors, nurses, ward clerks, janitors on the front line. after that it's going to those most likely to die if they get infected, those folks in nursing homes. it's going to roll out. there will be some bumps, there will be some who have an you allergic reaction. they may have an allergic reaction but they're not going to die. it's not only not going to kill them, now they can kiss their grangrandchild when their grandd comes to visit. they will be safe. it's a great add a van -- advane forward. maria: what should we understand about this process. your home state of louisiana reporting 4,500 cases on sunday alone. are you worried about possible
7:17 am
shutdowns and restrictions in the state even as we do have optimism about this vaccine? >> of course. and not only that, the impact it has upon our economy. new orleans is an incredible tourist city, tourists will not come as long as they feel as if they come they may get sick. that's why i say we have to -- whatever fears and doubts folks have, believe the scientists, believe the nurses and the doctors who are taking the first round, because for the economy to recover we need this infection rate to go down, death rate to go down and only then does life come back to normal and the covid vaccine is the key to all that. maria: so a bipartisan group of house and senate negotiators deciding to split a covid-19 relief bill into two proposals, the first $748 billion would go to small business loans, jobless benefits. the second would go to 160 of billion dollars for state and local governments and liability protection. where do we stand on this? are we going to see any relief
7:18 am
passed soon? >> so we're going to make that proposal and the first part we totally agree on. the second part we got hung up on liability. so democrats, republicans, both make the proposal. but in the meantime, we will have this relief for the landlords that have gone without payment for several months, for the unemployed who benefits have run out, for the small businesses that might go bankrupt september for this, with the vaccine being rolled out of. so that which we can agree on, we're going to propose. it's up to senate and house leadership to incorporate it. we think it's a very good set of legislative proposals. we sure hope they do. maria: what about the deadline congress faces friday to pass a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown, just like last week? >> yeah, i find that normally government doesn't shut down or if it does it's for like six hours. so i do think that the pieces
7:19 am
will come together in order to make that happen. not just funding the government, but issues like the covid relief. i'm also working on a surprise medical billing piece of legislation that others have signed onto that we hopes pass as well which is a priority of president trump, will bring a lot of relief to a lot of americans. maria: what will be your priorities in the next session? >> oh, in the next session? we've got to continue to make the economy work better. louisiana has a higher unemployment rate than other parts of the nation, related to the lot of tourism and destruction of demand for oil and gas. but it's important for the entire nation. we have to lower the cost of healthcare, whether it's drugs, large medical procedures, you name it. we have to lower it. it's important for the debt and deficit and for a family's debt and deficit. that's going to continue to be a
7:20 am
priority. i'm also interested in how criminal organizations use legitimate businesses to launder money, that's the way they pursue criminal activities. on a personal level, i'm going to really pursue that. maria: all right, senator, we'll be watching. thanks very much for being here this morning. >> thank you, maria. maria: senator bill cassidy joining us. quick break, then paying for the covid-19 vaccine, we'll take a look at how states will pay for the rollout amid budgetary short falls. plus, the youngest grammy nominee in history is announced. it's making a buzz this morning. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. stay with us. ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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7:23 am
maria: welcome back. a monumental step in the fight
7:24 am
against covid-19. healthcare facilities across the country are preparing for the arrival of the first coronavirus vaccine today with vaccinations beginning shortly thereafter. we are following the story all day today. state leaders, however, are saying they're short billions of dollars in funding needed to get the vaccine out. the federal government providing syringes, needles, face masks, shields but states still need to hire medical workers, provide community outreach, set up vaccination clinics. dagen mcdowell, your thoughts on the reaction to this pricey cost of the vaccine. we need the vaccine in place and yet you look at a place like new york, $9 billion shortfall and it's going to get worse with restaurants being banned from operating as well. dagen: right. and these democratic states, it's hard to really know how much money they truly need to administer the vaccine t, to hie additional people, because
7:25 am
anything related to federal funding is to cover up for their own -- the left wing mismanagement of fiscal irresponsibility in these very states. so you have to question the money grab. because i have a theory that a lot of this damage that's being done to businesses and livelihoods and economies at the state and local level is they believe, these leaders, these democratic governors and mayors think the federal government's going to come in with more money for them, in the bipartisan kind of framework for the next rescue package, the one that's $908 billion, 160 o 160 billionn that for state and local government, so funding there. i just want to point out, though, that the cdc has already sent $300 million to the states for vaccine planning and everything to do with this vaccine, the vaccine, the doses
7:26 am
are paid for, the syringes, the needles and the swabs, all of that is already paid for. so it's hard to know exactly how much money some of these states need. maria: lee, your thoughts? lee: i think this is going to be a really important lesson for all of us on how expensive pharmaceuticals are to develop and distribute. for as much as we're talking about the cost of pharmaceuticals, look at how hard this is to get into the hands of people. it's not as straightforward. so many people are saying that healthcare should be free and our medicines should be free. you need to take a close look at how much this costs to get things done and get it done right. and i agree with dagen. we've r.e.i.t. really got to understand -- we've really got to understand where is this money going exactly. i think we need a detailed accounting because we're going to have a real problem with tax -- with our taxes in a lot of these states, looking to try and recover some of these costs especially in a time when there's been so much lost tax income as a result of all the shutdowns. dagen: there will never be an
7:27 am
accounting for that money. they have -- i mean, some of these politicians i think that they, you know, they can't count beyond 20, quite frankly. look at new york city and the thrive initiative, run by mayor bill de blasio's wife, to improve the treatment of mental illness in the city. they literally set fire to a billion dollars here in new york. that money of went poof with no results and certainly the situation with the mentally ill here is worse than certainly i've ever seen it. so they say more money but, again, the financial mismanagement is so rampant that you have trouble accounting for how that money is spent. maria: all right. we have breaking news right now. there is a major outage at google. an issue with servers impacting the cloud services, causing outages at youtube, g mail, google drive and other google platform, this outage taking
7:28 am
place as we speak. the stock is down this morning. we're going to keep watching this and keep you posted as the story develops on google and the major widespread outage that we are looking at right now. coming up, the beginning of the end, scientific head of operation warp speed, dr. moncef slaoui is here to discuss the covid-19 vaccine rollout today. we'll talk about it. then, more than just big macs, a '90s hair style inspiring mcdonald's to open a barber shop. it's making a buzz this morning. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. your daily dashboard from fidelity -- a visual snapshot of your investments, key portfolio events, all in one place. because when it's decision time, you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, december 14. a look at markets this morning, 7:31 a.m. on the east coast. we have a rally underway this morning, kicking off the week in the green with a triple digit move as a vaccine is rolled out. the dow industrials up 237 points, the nasdaq up 73, the s&p 500 higher by 28, this after
7:32 am
markets snapped a winning streak last week with fractional losses across the board on the week. investors were rattled over the rise in covid cases, the ongoing debate over the next round of stimulus. this morning we're looking at a different story. breaking news this morning, google is reporting a platform-wide outage affecting everything from the cloud to google drive, g mail, youtube, stock is down a quarter of a percent. we will bring you the latest as we get it on this widespread outage at google. european markets this morning are higher. the british pound is higher after the u.k. and the european union agreed to extend brexit trade talks. ft 100 is up 20, the british pound is higher against the dollar and the euro. mixed story in asia. asian markets fractionally moving, but they were mixed. the big news this morning is that the vaccine is being delivered this morning. meanwhile, this. hyuandi is taking on a new robotic venture. cheryl casone with those details now. cheryl: good morning.
7:33 am
the car maker has announced plans to take a controlling stake in boston dynamics. that is the tech company best known for the famous robot dog that can climb stairs and carry lots of object ofs around. well -- objects around. hyuandi is buying an 80% stake of the company from softbank, the deal expected to close by june of 2021. target is extending hours in the final shopping days before christmas. starting this week, most stores are going to open at 7:00 a.m. and they're going to close at midnight. however, stores will close at 8:00 p.m. on christmas eve. the company also announcing plans to reduce its special hours for seniors and those at risk from two days a week to just one day per week. well, colorado family kicked off a united flight and banned from the airline because their 2-year-old refused to wear a mask. the mom now speaking out after her video about the whole jurorl went viral. >> the experience was absolutely traum traumatize, liu
7:34 am
humiliating too. the flight attendants were checking what we were doing. it felt really weird. it was the only interaction we had with a flight attendant. the next thing was a supervisor coming and saying we need to leave the plane. cheryl: united is defending their actions, saying their policies mandate everyone two and older is required to wear a mask. and finally, there is this. it's not just baseball cards that rake in millions. hockey legend wayne gretzky's trading card sold for $2.19 million. the mint condition card was from his rookie season with the edmonton oilers, the first hockey card to sell for more than a million. gretzky won four stanley cups during his career, those are some of your headlines from the newsroom. back over to you. maria: cheryl, thank you so much. cheryl, we will keep watching
7:35 am
all of that we want to turn to the rolling out of the covid vaccine, the first shipments of pfizer and biontech's covid-19 vaccine arriving at locations this morning. fed ex tweeted this, we've safely made our first deliveries of pfizer biontech's covid-19 vaccines. we're honored to be able to use our network to transport the critical vaccines in the united states and eventually the world. nearly 3 million doses have been shipped across the country following emergency use authorization from the fda on friday night. joining me now is operation warp speed scientific head former glaxosmithkline vaccine department head, dr. moncef slaoui. congratulations to you. you must be feeling great satisfaction this morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. well, yes, in the name of the tens of thousands of people that have worked very hard on these vaccines, in particular in pfizer and biontech, congratulations, all the people in the department of health and
7:36 am
the department of defense and academia that have participated to the discovery of this vaccine and the technology behind it. it's a great day, frankly, for science. it's a great day for humanity. it's a great day for the ecosystem of biotech and pharmaceutical industry. it's a great day for america. maria: how many doses are you expecting to be administered before year-end? the last time we spoke i believe we were talking about 20 million before year-end? is that still your thinking? >> yes, 20 million people vaccinated with two doses of vaccine. so we plan to have 40 million doses of vaccine and our strategy is to ship half of the doses of vaccine to provide the first immunization and then three weeks later ship the other half, so -- but in effect by the end of this month we will have 40 million doses of vaccine. in january we plan to have about
7:37 am
60 million doses of vaccine and by the month of march, we plan to have immunized with two doses of vaccine at least 100 million americans. maria: amazing. dr. slaoui, what do people not know about where we are today in this process? what's most important for us to understand as this vaccine is getting delivered this morning? >> i think the most important thing to understand is that this vaccine as well as the moderna vaccine that should be reviewed and hopefully approved at the end of this week are tests have been very thorough, both in animals, in test tubes, in clinical trials on very large number of individuals. they are incredibly effective. they are very safe, as safe as any other vaccine that has been approved over the past many decades and that our capacity as a country to control this pandemic will only really happen
7:38 am
if the very large majority of us accept to take this vaccine. so my call is really on people to keep their mind open, to listen to the data and the facts, to listen to experts, that are real experts, and then make up their mind and i hope at least 75 or 80% of us will accept to take this vaccine because then we will have this pandemic under control. maria: well, that would suggest herd immunity. you mentioned over the weekend that the u.s. would need 75 to 80 million immunizations to achieve that herd i' immunity ad you expect that by may or june. tell us about that. how do you plan to make that happen? and what can you tell us about herd immunity? >> yeah. so the way we're going to make that happen, we need about 600 million doses of vaccine produced between now and june. the way we plan for that is to have six vaccines in our portfolio, two of them are
7:39 am
already coming out. we have 100 million of each of pfizer and moderna vaccines secured many we have another 100 million acquired from moderna to be delivered in the second quarter of 2021, we just announced that on friday. we are working very hard with pfizer to ensure that we can support them to be able to also deliver another 100 million doses of vaccine in the second quarter of 2021. and we have two other vaccines, the johnson & johnson vaccine and the astrazeneca vaccine, that are completing their phase three trials, hopefully reading out in january, being authorized in february and starting to participate with tens of millions of doses of vaccine in february and then close to 100 million doses of vaccine per month as of the month of march, that will allow us to complete the immunization of the u.s. population by may or o june.
7:40 am
maria: i know the fda is hosting an advisory committee meeting this week on another -- on the moderna vaccine, on thursday this week. last week the same committee voted in favor of pfizer biontech's mrna vaccine. is there any difference between the moderna vaccine and the pfizer and when we do get that approval for the moderna vaccine, how does that change things? >> so the moderna vaccine is actually the data are very similar. it's the same platform technology as the pfizer vaccine. it has one small advantage. it doesn't require as much of a cold chain, minus 20 degrees celsius, rather than minus 80 degrees, that's the freezer that everybodies has at home. its efficacy is the same. its safety is the same. we are able to have access to 200 million dose as i said, already in the month of december, moderna will be delivering 2 20 million doses of
7:41 am
vaccine to make up the 40 of million i spoke about earlier and going on over all the months between now and june, they will be delivering to us n anywhere between 30 and 45 million doses of vaccine every month, until we achieve 200 million doses. maria: before you go, wife got to increase public trust, as part of reaching the 75 to 80% number you're talking about. what is done by operation warp speed planning to make people feel more confident about this treatment, get them to come back, get that second dose? >> the key point, frankly, the key word is transparency, transparency of all data available. everything that has been obtained and that the fda has reviewed and the advisory committee has reviewed will be published in peer reviewed papers and will be available for all experts to look into. second is engagement strategy. now that we have specific information that we can talk
7:42 am
about, there are plans for public service announcements and other such activities to engage people really at the community level, to discuss the data and to explain how these vaccines are effective and safe and frankly all of the leaders that carry some level of responsibility in driving these vaccines should and will be getting vaccinated in front of the public to make sure that we are able to walk the talk. that's really very, very important and we'll continue doing this every day until i hope the hesitancy decreases. maria: dr. slaoui, real quick before you go. are we prepared for the potential of another pandemic being hurled at us? >> so i hope -- i hope we will take our lessons from this one and go from reacting, which we did very well, but it's been very, very expensive and very
7:43 am
demanding on all the parties involved. we move from a reactive approach to a proactive approach, where by we may set up a permanent organization that may be somewhat similar to what the operation has been but that has access to manufacturing capacity, has access to laboratories, has access to platform technologies that can be on an ongoing basis preparing vaccines against known potential agents that can be pandemic so that if there is a pandemic with one of those agents, we can immediately have a vaccine or at least have an organization that's ready to run with all the infrastructure and the experience needed to go even faster than we have done this time. maria: well, we'll see if we have any plans in place. that means partly we need to move the manufacturing facilities out of china and into america. that would i assume be step one or step two. dr. slaoui, it's good to see you
7:44 am
this morning. thanks very much. >> thank you for having me. maria: we'll be watching. moncef slaoui joining us. stay with us. we'll be right back.
7:45 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:46 am
7:47 am
maria: welcome back. breaking news on the google outage, google says the services including g mail, google drive and google docs have been restored for of some users. it is expecting a resolution for all users coming in the near
7:48 am
future. there was a widespread outage at google this morning. a potential end to the pandemic in sight, today the u.s. begins rollout of the fda approved pfizer and biontech coronavirus vaccine. fed ex officials making the first deliveries on the east coast this morning. front line health workers expected to receive the first dosages. dr. monda moncef slaoui just jod us, telling me he expects 14 million doses rolled out by the end of the month of. joining me now is florida congressman-elect, carlos himenez. thank you for being here. you tested positive for covid-19 in late november, correct? how are you doing this morning? >> i'm doing fine. my wife and i both tested positive late november, early december, and it was around thanksgiving time. so we're doing fine. we're doing well. and we're lucky because we're in the high risk group and so we're lucky we came out okay. maria: what were your symptoms,
7:49 am
sir? how do you feel throughout? can you walk us through what you felt? because it's stunning to me that some people get serious symptoms, have to be hospitalized. others say i have it and i don't feel anything different. >> well, it was my wife who first had a fever and a little scratchy throat so we decided to get tested even though we had been tested a couple times the week before. she came up positive and then the day -- on thanksgiving morning, i actually had felt a little weak and little achy and all and started feeling better throughout the day and then later in the day i tested pos positive. so you're right, it's different for different folks. i know there's some people that i know that have suffered tremendously, that have been in the hospital for weeks and some have expired, people that i know personally. and so it's a very strange bug and it hits people differently and hits -- looks like it even
7:50 am
hits families differently. and so it wasn't a big deal for myself or o my wife, very minor symptoms. and we received really good care at our hospital and we went in and went out. it was an outpatient thing. so we came out okay. but a lot of people -- maria: thank god. >> excuse me. maria: thank god those trucks are delivering the vaccine today. congressman-elect, i want to move on to you being a member of the group known as the freedom force, this is really interesting, a group of newly elected gop house members, the party's answer to the democratic squad which includes of course congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar. tell me about the influx of republicans elected to the house and what you're hoping to accomplish in january with this freedom force. >> well, we're going to be a counter balance to the squad. the squad and their extremist socialist ideas, the freedom
7:51 am
force are the four of us that are part of this group, either have relatives that have come to the united states because fleeing communism or socialism or actually lived under it ourselves. i lived under communism for the beginning of my life when i was a 6-year-old kid and i was starting to get indoctrinated by the regime in cuba and i'm here to fight against that. and that's the last thing that i want to see happen to the united states of america. there's a reason why my parents brought us here to the united states. maria: congressman-elect, great news. we'll be watching your efforts. thanks very much for that, congressman-elect carlos himinez. we'll be rightmb back. stay with us. liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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maria: time for the morning buzz, first up, a superstar in the making, beyonce and jay-z's daughter, blue ivy carter, is paving her own way as one of the youngest grammy nominees in history. thdagen, blue ivy, she's right there, following in her parent's foot steps. she looks so cute in that shot. dagen: i didn't know that blue ivy and i share a birthday. found that out, doing research for this. she's going to turn 9. her dad, jay-z, is tied with quincy jones for the most nominations ever. great for her. but i do think broadly speaking i wish there weren't award shows right now. i would be perfectly fine if the accolades -- all the accolades and awards were handed out to
7:56 am
healthcare workers and the incredible people who created these vaccines that are just being distributed. that's just my take. it's been a rough year. i'm not sure award shows help. maria: but great talent there obviously on display, lee. lee: no doubt about it. but i am with dagen. the award shows, they're already painful. i think we could use more of the uplifting stories and i would love to see the celebration of more of the frontline workers and all they've done to keep us going this year. but what a talent. great to see her taking after her parents and congratulations to her. maria: yep. absolutely. all right, let's take a break. she looks great. when we come back, the trump campaign is pressing forward. house minority leader kevin mccarthy is here ahead of the next steps for president trump as he makes the legal case for his electoral victory. it all starts next hour, "mornings with maria" is live on fox business. ♪ get totally crazy.
7:57 am
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, december 14, top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast, breaking news on vaccine front, fedex has reported, it has a dropped off the first shipment of pfizer vaccine through easement facility after operation warp speed he head stooint dr. moncef slaoui told me he expects rollout 14 million does by end of the month following all morning long, a huge outage to report google back after several services cloud, youtube went down this morning we are following what went wrong, the stock has a turned around as
8:01 am
well now trading up, in fact we've got rally underway on the vaccine news take a look at futures indicating a gain 250 points on dow industrials, right out of the gate dow up 251 nasdaq up 8 the s&p 500 higher by 0 points markets snapped a two week streak last week investors rattled over rise in covid lockdowns across the country the debate over next round of stimulus, major indices down half a percent on week last week, major election news unfolding the electoral college will meet today to certify the 2020 decision, and early voting is beginning this morning, for georgia senate runoff the president trump battle for a free and fair election is not over yet, source tell me he believers the doj and fbi are not investigating fraud cross the election, kevin mccarthy is here this hour to weigh in on all of that putting pressure on hunter biden decontaminates no the joe biden's son can go
8:02 am
for keys for washington office to be shared by himself, his father joe biden, jill biden, his me a key partner tide to china china, questions why nonwas disclosed before the election, "mornings with maria" is live right now. . >> european markets are also higher take a look we've got a gain 25 points on ft 100 cac quarante in paris up 58 dax in germany up 166, news this morning, out of uk, british pound is rallying against the dollar as well as the euro, after uk european union agreed to extend the trade talks, over brexit, britain moving european leaving british pound up mix in asia fractional moves pretty much across the board, and mixed as you see best performer china shanghai composite up two-thirds of 1
8:03 am
percent top stories that we are watching this morning, a major step in fight against coronavirus, fedex delivering first doses of pfizer vaccine to locations this morning, after this people cheered for trucks moving vaccine distribution center in michigan yesterday take a look fedex trucks on the move ups enabled sensors help track shipments ensure they say belows he go freezing level cold in refrigerator shots expected first to health care workers he nursing home residents dr. moncef slaoui operation warp speed chief telling us a few minutes ago 75 to 80% americans need to take the vaccine to get pandemic under control u.s., aiming to have 100 million americans inoculated by end of march. >> electoral college will meet to certify 2020 election president trump says fight against fraud is not over. >> we keep going, we are going to continue to go forward we have numerous local cases. >> no judge including the
8:04 am
supreme court of the united states has had the courage, to allow it to be heard. maria: right now joe biden is the projected winner electoral college votes expected to come in 306 for biden, 232 for president trump investigating hunter biden president trump reportedly wants at a special counsel to investigate hunter's alleged ties to foreign business dealings we know that he has done business with companies in china, as well as ukraine among others, the special counsel would also look at voter fraud, in the 2020 election. this comes amid the president saying he is frustrated with attorney general barr investigation into bidens justice department saying it hasn't found evidence of widespread voter fraud the president says they haven't been looking a major cybertrack demonstrate of homeland security ordering a network reviewer treasurer and
8:05 am
commerce department hacked by espionage campaign linked to russia got in tampering with software encroach constructive military intelligence agencies monitoring staff e-mails for months, russia so far has denied any involvement. the cleveland indians about to change their name after 105 years the "new york times" reporting that decision could come this week, the official change wouldn't come until next year, the team has been subject of controversy many believing the name is racist president trump slammed decision tweeting that it is quote cancel culture at work. >> a cyberattack on agencies treasury commerce departments hacked by espionage campaign linked to russia got in tampering with software used you had across several agency monitored e-mail server for months russia denies development of joining me state department secretary economic growth and
8:06 am
environment keith and joining the conversation dagen mcdowell, lee carter great to have you this morning. thank you so much for being here what can you tell us about this hack, into important agencies? >> what with did they get? >> well, it is -- it is breaking news, maria. and met this weekend to identify remedy actuation we take that seriously, being former ceo silicon valley this is something that you always got to be on guard for, so we are on it. >> so, the u.s. is undergoing what is the largest cyberbreach in history you had mr. krebs step down recently, was him leaving opening up sort of potential for a problem? >> well, i think you -- this
8:07 am
problem exists -- all the time maria, this is where you get on your pillow say hey, this is good this obviously, is this type of warfare obviously, very serious, something that we try every single day you never let your guard down, and it is, you know, this is serious stuff. >> yeah. let me ask you about -- about china one research firm claiming american investors may be forced to pay the price as u.s. is looking to black list chinese companies noted china policy of civil military fusion makes companies about direct links to china military victims of u.s. black lifting assess the situation where we are in terms of the u.s. doing business, with companies that are tied to the chinese communist party. the pentagon has already put this list together, blacklisted companies that are taking information back to the
8:08 am
ccp. >> yeah. these are companies maria, that are building weaponize of mass destruction i aircraft carriers the average american investor have not realized he has been funding that this was executive director that came down, you already have seen, some evident he emerging next funds, fpfp, dow jones, hopefully, the msci indices will follow stocksing sprinkled inside so many indices funds, you've got, over 10 trillion dollars of pension assets that in most cases, indices are in there you are seeing action here about time. >> so, so what are we supposed to think about all of this? keithing? the sbc moving kwenz chinese
8:09 am
companies huawei and china telecom as well talking security reasons, voting to order u.s. car yerz to of of of of carriers remove equipment looking into invoking permission to operate in the united states president trump has been pushing back on china's bad behavior also letter alerted the word what is going on sending data back to ccp 30 suns said we are not using huawei anymore due believe an incoming change in terms of incoming administration is going to change the policy related to china? >> well, i don't know the answer to that question but i can tell you this maria. i think the biggest success story in terms of executing on this is the clean network that is -- the are comprehensive strategy to address the long-term threat of data
8:10 am
privacy, security, human rights, and trust and collaboration as posed by chinese communist party, and now on clean network, maria there are over 50 countries, representing two-thirds of the world's global gdp, 180 telcos, on that some private from cisco to siemens, nefujitsu on that, based on democratic values, and success has been strong leverages the innovation and resources of the private sector. and brings together countries. there is strength in numbers power in solidarity against chinese doctrine intimidation retaliation. >> what else needs to be done we know there has been a string of indictments this year 2020 people would have
8:11 am
been inside of key institutions stealing data from america to help china overtake the united states as number one superpower what else can united states do with a advice might you have for incoming administration what to do with china being strategic in putting in place people, to -- to help them take over the united states look at situations with eric swalwell trying to bribe blackmail members of congress, he has been hanging out with a chinese spy we ins. >> maria they've been doing this a long, long time. their economic war craft doctrine it goes back to the art of war with tsu -- ultimately weapon we've gotity
8:12 am
vigilant on that focus on this i think biggest with exexistential threat in any of our tilifetimes i it is important senate one maigs hearing when i was asked what i would do in terms of a chinese strategy, number one, further strengthen our relationship with allies in friends, number two leverage innovation research of the private sector, the third is amplify moral high ground of american values, but we also have to be on the guard we have to take defensive moves. >> director of national intelligence john ratcliffe saying if one country can destroy american dream it is china, good to have you this morning thanks very much we will be watching, of course, as we have been the china story much more ahead house are minority leader kevin mccarthy here ahead of trump campaign legal battle from it
8:13 am
goes from here we will talk vaccines stimulus china arc sorbo is here, you are watching "mornings with maria" on fox business. stay with us. neighbor 1: allez! (sound from wind chimes) neighbor 2: (laughing) at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. which helps us save even more. neighbor 2: hey, sarah, hey, peter! neighbor 1: touché. neighbor 2: ahhh! neighbor 1: pret! neighbor 2: en garde! for bundling made easy, go to
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maria: futures rallying this morning we are expecting a strong o open at start of trading this morning, about an hour so dow industrials up 235, nasdaq up 41, s&p 500 right now up 25, investors watching major market movers pfizer vaccine rollout begins today, the federal reserve policy meeting tomorrow and tesla will join the s&p 500, on friday. joining me right now is the chief investment strategist of capital moshths, brian great to see you. thank you for being here you've been talking about a bull market now for your looking at 10-year bull marketing still bullish on stocks; right? >> we are maria, thank you so
8:17 am
much for having us we really think what happened in march chaos given the fact covid-19 coronavirus, we weren't prepared for that because of that we became exceedingly emotional rhetoric driven the reset of bull market we believe 20-year bull market started 2009, was really that reset kick started next phase of the bull market, we believe that is going to last at least 10 years will be much different in terms of how we are going to trade the bull market than the last 10 years myriad of different strategies from from merging market commodities to quantitative strategies to momentum strategies, that really came about after brexit, after president trump kind of took over, so, i think we are going to have more avenue bottoms up stock picking market doesn't mean straight up from here we have 4200 target on s&p 500 for 2021 equates to double-digit gains from here, 35% earnings growth for 2021
8:18 am
as we begin the transition, to more normalcy we think a two or three-year process. >> does anything change for you, given the outcome of the georgia senate runoff? i spoke with senator david perdue this weekend, on "sunday morning futures," and, of course, one of the senators at the center of all this, listen to what he said about coming january 5th senate race. >> we are in the last line -- against this radical leftist agenda democrats are trying to perpetrate on america, to win georgia is very simple we save america, so kelly and i swing around the state regardless of november we want to make sure people get out vote on our side in january. >>. maria: senator talking about that agenda includes 4.3 trillion dollars in tax increases, potential to pack the supreme court, liberal justices, the potential to
8:19 am
create two new states not to mention 100 trillion-dollar green new deal if a democrats take senate does that change your outlook for the stock market. >> not in terms he overall target, clearly will change inner workings of that target i think what we have to worry about as economists investors what happens on regulation side the tax side now we as a group, in terms of putting outing our year ahead piece this is 23rd u.s. s&p 500 forecast that i published as lead strategist difficult this year in terms of trying to handicap what to do because of january, but the market is playing the odds we play odds, that it is very unlikely, that the democrats will get both senate seats, be that as it way, there is still a lot of -- danger out there, from a -- from a bullish standpoint chasing some of these stocks, and i think having some
8:20 am
complacency. >> would i be more equal weighted into january especially given how much the market rallied does not change our bullish forecast fsh longer term certainly not for 2021. >> brian quick on two news items we are expecting lawmakers to release a two-part 908 billion dollars relief proposal later today is that priced into the market, of course, you've got two day federal reserve meeting, last meeting of the year any expectations in terms of surprises we may hear from the fed? >> show the great question on fed maria we expect nothing, great economic team expecting no change in fed no change in tone the focus on 2022, 2023 in terms of inflation. with republican to stimulus bill a tremendous amount of skepticism with respect to aed to getting anything done before end of the year all eyes on when mr. biden miss yellen kind have been get control of money see what kind of package comes in january, february. >> good enough great to see
8:21 am
you thanks so much, brian belski thanks brian. .
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
maria: welcome back, no more indoor dining in new york city, governor cuomo making announcement friday, to shut things down for at least two weeks. as the seven-day average of positive covid rates surpass 5% daily hospitalizations topped 200, despite rise in rates cooks tracing data shows restaurants only responsible for 1.43% of virus, household gatherings the biggest culprit fox news confirmed two health care workers will see of vaccine during the live stream in an hour dagen mcdowell, your reaction?
8:25 am
>> there is no science in this order only pomposity, and idiocy of this governor again unparalleled, even among other democratic governors making similar mistakes, the hospitalization rate in new york city is lower than the state average, the seven areas of the state, that are higher so this guy bans indoor dining, going to put even more restaurants out of business, he is going to hurt low income communities minority communities, very people who rely on these restaurant jobs, and he is actually going to cluster people in their homes in social gatherings in private places largest force of infections, nearly three-quarters of people in the contact tracing data
8:26 am
contracted in private gargs this guy again wrote a book on leadership won emmy after killing thousands elderly people in this stiet, based on nursing home order, and not satisfied with that wants to put restaurants out of business ready to raise taxes on people in this state because people can't get the hell out of this place fast enough. >> it is interesting, because at the same time, you don't have those restrictions elsewhere in new york, dagen, you only have it new york city he is governor of the state we don't have any other restrictions like that in restaurants outside new york city you wonder if there is politics here because i know he and mayor de blasio pretty much can't stand each other. dagen: i think that their betting on if they drive this economy even further into the toilet into the ground, their betting on this is de blasio and cuomo betting on a big
8:27 am
bailout from federal government, there is this -- ridiculous behavior that they want to seem like they are doing something. when nothing would be -- doing nothing would be more beneficial than this -- you know what, getting in the middle of it. maria: well editorial board at journal weighed in over the weekend a great op-ed i know you saw it, warning that shutdowns will yultly hit minorities. >> will help some restaurants survive winter but fewer if limited to takeout many low earning servants cooks laid off in op-ed a survey shows more than half new york city restaurants do not believe they will survive next six months without federal aid lee your reaction? >> i just think it is this is the governor who is -- wasting focus on symbols not foefgz on what he needs to get done totally inappropriate for
8:28 am
holiday season new york errs can't afford to go into homes should be able to be safe if in restaurants. >> we will talk about kevin mccarthy, ask hum about shutdowns the trump campaign legal beelt where is the fight going from here lots to talk about with minority leader including stimulus as well and that vaccine, that is next, a arc kevin sorbo here to discuss backlash conservatives face among hollywood liberal elite you are watching "mornings with maria" stay with us. and for the extra pump of caramel. thank you for the good food... and the good karma. thank you for all the deliveries... especially this one. you've reminded us that no matter what, we can always find a way to bounce forward. so thank you, to our customers and to businesses everywhere, from all of us at comcast business.
8:29 am
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8:31 am
maria: welcome back, good monday morning thanks so o much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. itz is monday, december 14, we are an hour away from the opening bell,s, 8:1 a.m. east coast look at markets a rally underway futures up in triple digits on the dow industrials, 239 points higher on dow 44 points higher on nasdaq s&p higher, by 25. on positive vaccine news to kick off the week we told you the trucks have left the
8:32 am
building with vaccine and it is being delivered right now european markets are also higher take a look, looking at reaction, to new trade talks, with the uk, and eu, british pound higher after uk european union agreed to extend their brexit trade talks british pound higher against dollar as well as against euro, in asia overnight, mixed story pretty much fractional moves across the board, as you can see, here, avoiding a shutdown president trump signing a one week government funding extension, as spending stimulus relief talks push ahead on capitol hill congressional leaders hoping to pass a full year appropriations package, and covid response bill before then, a bipartisan blueprint lawmakers of present their 908-billion-dollar relief bill today joining me right now to talk more about that a lot more as house are minority leader, kevin mccarthy always a pleasure to see you happy monday thanks for being here.
8:33 am
>> thank you, maria today is a much better day than yesterday the vaccines, moving, the world is going to be better and definitely america is going to be better because this will not be the only vaccine, there is more coming, i think this first quarter end of this first quarter america is looking so much stronger and better a lot of credit goes to president trump for operation warp speed. >> i love that we are talking about this right now, the president told would you say have a vaccine by the end of the year people mocked him yesterday here we are, tell me about your reaction, to some lockdowns this talk about new york city, for example, indoor dining done not going to happy according to governor cuomo seeing spikes in coronavirus cases even as we talking about positive news with the vaccine being delivered. >> you know very sad because we see more than hundreds of thousands small businesses close of i opened first you small business 20 i know what
8:34 am
it is like to have a dream then are shattered by government even worse what nancy pelosi has done, we were able to get that paycheck ppp money out to the small businesses. that helped them pay employees pay rent, given that bridge across, covid but more than 40 times, since this summer, the democrats have voted "no," to letting more money out they don't have to appropriate more money it is 138 billion dollars still sitting there. but she uses it as political tool, it wasn't until last week finally admitted what we all knew that she was doing it for politics wander to hold up because the election wanted somehow to hurt president trump, i mean she is only person in this country that believed doing nothing was better than doing something but that is exactly what she has done with power of the house. >>. maria: this is irreresponse i
8:35 am
believe are we seeing 908-billion-dollar deal something done a combination of -- to -- to come up with relief for those people who need it because of the coronavirus, and also to keep the government open, what will it looked like? what will pass. >> i think that would pass something we have put out there, make sure more money for vaccine to get out there, making sure that we have more money for small business get gavin newsom, cuomo shut restaurants down, but if you call french laundry okay for democrats to go to we got money for that we want loyalty protection all small businesses are now getting sued notible shut down going to be shut down for good then we provide actually resources, to the people, are you would either get direct checks, to go through before, christmas time so you can you go actually make your payment, we have funding, throughout that would help schools that are
8:36 am
noncontroversial, but, again, i thought we were at very good place last week. one sticking point the same person speaker pelosi. over the weekend i talked to leader mcconnell mnuchin others i think we made real problem i will hopeful this is the week that we get it done along with governor funding it should no longer be delayed, people should not be held hostage pelosi should stop playing politics with this. maria: yeah, this is also the week congressman early voting will begin in georgia this morning, we are also waiting today electoral college decision the president is -- i spoke with one intelligence source yesterday said president trump did in fact win, but there was so much election fraud, the supreme court is going to be hearing suits from other cases, there are six cases in fronts of supreme court. after the supreme court rejected the texas attorney general lawsuit, challenging the results in four
8:37 am
battleground states a what is your take where we are is it end of the line for the president's campaign to stop and you overturn this election as the electoral college will meet or are you looking at january 6th pivotal date or what. >> president said yesterday he had more legal challenges i support president making sure 74 million votes the people able to trust this process. but you know what is unique the president going about the correct method you are supposed to go if you have a legal challenge to be heard think about the hypocrisy democrats are doing in house in -- we have a person elected meeks, certificate -- from the election, the democrat isn't going to courts she is going to congress asking democrats just to overturn the election. that is the wrong method to do the president is right to go to courts have legal challenges heard, and said he still has more opportunity to do that. so we will see what happens. >> you make a good point also
8:38 am
trying to steal the a seat in new york right? you've had incredible success in house you have seen the your resonate turned how many seats. >> we are up to having now, 212 seats with 213 seats, remember 218 is what is the majority, we are sitting on 197 before election, every time we are ahead -- ahead by 12 votes what did new york say weeks after election oh found 12 more ballots inside this drawer, new york has worst election system i have ever watched. time and again just management of cuomo even to the election process, that is appalling as we go forward think this isn't unusual for democrats they now have we haven't talked about this yet but you know this better than anybody else, with your research what you have watched when it came to china, we now hereic swalwell, to
8:39 am
find out now on intel committee, nancy pelosi knewitas as knew it, now the country knows it -- adam schiff knew it he was dealing with chinese spy the individual attacks john ratcliffe national director of intelligence because john ratcliffe will tell the public about what china is doing in america, why is it also eric swalwell attacking an american defending china? >> well actually the right point, because eric swalwell spent three years or so going on tv shows in in newspapers saying president trump colluded with russia, at the same time, that he was paradeing arrange with this woman we now understand a chinese spy your thoughts on policy against china trump administration congress yourselves in the lead really pushed back on bad behavior from thank you communist party we know their motives they want to overtake united states as number one superpower, and has been able to put key
8:40 am
people, china lobbyists, quote/unquote, in key positions, and on the inside, whether it he bribing blackmailing members of congress or putting people in the head of the chemistry department in harvard, embassy in houston, et cetera, do you worry the policy against bad behavior in china will change? >> i am very worried, because swalwell brings up a number of questions senator feinstein, the one health care phone call the one drives her around was a chinese spy more than 20 years, you brought up harvard, from very highest institutions to now we find out downtown to mayors, this is how china is trying to infiltrate america by stealing from us, they even say it now, in china, they brag about having the people at highest positions, you watch what they've done to intellectual property stealing now we find out speaker of the house, the only person, who
8:41 am
can nominate democrats in intel committee new about eric swalwell kept him on swalwell everything they accused president of won how he made it up it is his lie cheering in candidates to be picked in city council chinese bundled money for him to win for congress remember he ran for president the same time, this is a concern to be when it comes january 3, first thing we have to do vote on speaker if a dpat votes for unanimous nap they are not just voting for her they are voting for eric swalwell back on the committee because nancy pelosi has power making adam schiff the chair pretty good vote. >> that is a big vote how are you going to ensure, that you are keeping your boot on the neck of china as it tries to continue this behavior? i don't think wall street has gotten a memo frankly congressman because you got people like j.p. morgan moredan goldman sachs, the
8:42 am
rest,, blackrock, a leader here wanting a bigger foothold in china willing to roll over for chinese communist party so they can sell checking accounts, and credit cards to 1.4 billion people. >> president trump deserves a lot of credit he is the individual that has stood up to china, that put america in stronger position you know what we did in minority i created a you bipartisan china task force, the democrats -- took me 8 months to agree to be part of it they backed away now with swalwell coming out about nancy pelosi knowing that, makes me wonder why did democrats back away night before we are announcing the committee bipartisan for china -- the republicans didn't stop we moved forward we are proposing legislation that deals with a lot of issues from universities, to military, to technology, this is something not a partisan issue this is about america,
8:43 am
america's future and next -- >> you talked about that task force number of times why democrats would not go along with you, on that task force. congressman good to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> thank you, maria. >> come back soon congressman kevin mccarthy joining us coming up arc kevin sorbo on the other ide of th-- side of this break stay with us. a hybrid cloud approach lets them use watson ai to modernize without rebuilding, and bring all their partners and customers together in one place. that's why businesses from retail to banking are going with a smarter hybrid cloud using the tools, platform and expertise of ibm.
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hollywood matthew mcconaughey spending out on the podcast accusing liberals in hollywooding could be des sending many, many called president trumps's win illegitimate. many the spoken out for the president collusion allen and jon voigt, joining me kevin sorbo con congrats on your success. >> good to see you again yeah, you know luckily all craziness going on one of four removes coming out so thankful for what i've got going on. >> fantastic do you feel of pushback if you raise ideas that could be thought of as conservative or go against the grain don't agree with some
8:48 am
radical policies we talk about all the time on the left? >> sure, of course, i do you see that, hypocrisy seems ruling everybody right now, also you mentioned that mcconaughey, pod chat with what's his name russell brand. >> russell brand. >> i got to say kudos on that i thought pretty cool came out looked like trying to reach across other aisle have a discussion about this -- go ahead maria: no, i mean crazy what did it become okay to just name call somebody you don't agree with decide that it is okay to have you know looters throwing bricks in windows because you don't agree with what is happening. >> well you know, going on from the right -- we are not screaming, marching in streets destroying businesses
8:49 am
livelihoods saying wait a minute this was stolen as far as i am concerned not really quite over yet if you look at all evidence out there quite interesting, that a lot of these, swing states closed their ballot count at 10:00 at night said wait a minute, wait a minute we got to slow down what is going on here i am happy to find out what is going to happen before, you know, the january 20th swearing in happens because i think we got some -- interesting stories that have to be told. maria: yeah a lot of our viewers looking at that as date january 20th, because you are right we've got lots of questions about this election, why did the swing states big cities stop counting in the middle of the night and then the next morning additional tens of thousands of pratsdz i am with you covering that every day he you've got a movie coming out, calls story of two thieves crucified with jesus streamed on itunes,
8:50 am
amazon tell me about film congrats on this a distribution, of that, about itunes, amazon. >> amazon prime itunes come kat on demand december 22nd, playing a bad guy after meeting three wisemen to meet newborn king to put order in this kill every male child under age of two. not really great guy in this movie but interesting story to see it be told through eyes of the two thieves on he had side of jooes u.s. when he was being crucified i don't think that has been done. >> i can't wait to watch it what is your take you've got a new way to distribute films, streaming, movie theatres are closed others even if open not seeing much business. >> we hope to get back by next
8:51 am
year i have three movies hoping out foreign movies lined up with covid restrictions made it brutal i did half hour tv series, episodes in california, and three covid tests a week cast and crew, everybody thank god we got through that without even a false pof you want movie theatres, fans, we have studios go to sorbo families to get information have a message inspire you faith hope redemption love things we need more than ever in our world, are get out more than anything else. >> you are right we sure do kevin we will watch great to talk with you this morning come back soon thank you, sir. kevin sorbo.
8:52 am
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>> welcome back. time for morning buzz, first up oh expensive christmas tree, a hire demand focus on home decorating leading to jacked up tree prices this season, because less trees, fewer trees planted last recession some farmers report 30% increase in prices. over the past few years, in the hong kong some are paying over $2000 for an 8-foot tree, lee are you going all out with decorating this year? did you get a tree? >> i went all out i have five trees in my house i think -- enjoying it. if i ever saw a story that made me realize people lost if you are spending 2,000 dollars
8:56 am
on christmas tree -- go out buy a cheap fake tree, spend 2,000 dollars paying forward. >> good point dagen. dagen: yeah go for fake tree why ever looks fake -- but -- >> that i disagree, that i disagree i love a real tree, fills up house delicious. >>. dagen: there are hundreds of dollars no new york city now, by the way, you can't tell a fake once you get ornaments on it i can attest to that. maria: you are right. all right. good point ladies programming note ceo of eli lilly, joining us tomorrow, my special guest on covid-19 vaccine progress, what else is in pipeline we will be right back more "mornings with maria" live on fox business right after this.
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maria: great show today dagen mcdowell and leigh carter, thank you so much. maria: that will do it for us today. have a wonderful monday. we will be back tomorrow with the ceo of eli lilly. "varney & co." begins right now. take it away, stu. stuart: good morning. let's call this what it is, on american triumph, the day when the pfizer vaccine arrives, a medical triumph, first case to reliable vaccine , 10 months, remarkable. would just a cultural and files kept cold and disturbed it mac 50 states and fast and it's working, 145 hospitals get it today. 600 in the next few days , the first inoculation's will take place today. the credit for all of this, in my opinion, should go to the trump administration. when the p


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