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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 14, 2020 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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maria: great show today dagen mcdowell and leigh carter, thank you so much. maria: that will do it for us today. have a wonderful monday. we will be back tomorrow with the ceo of eli lilly. "varney & co." begins right now. take it away, stu. stuart: good morning. let's call this what it is, on american triumph, the day when the pfizer vaccine arrives, a medical triumph, first case to reliable vaccine , 10 months, remarkable. would just a cultural and files kept cold and disturbed it mac 50 states and fast and it's working, 145 hospitals get it today. 600 in the next few days , the first inoculation's will take place today. the credit for all of this, in my opinion, should go to the trump administration. when the president is that there be a vaccine before the end of the
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year, he was laughed at, here it is in the governor of new york said he had experts investigate the vaccine because he didn't trust the president, here it is, fully approved it when the first trucks rolled out with the vaccine there were rounds of applause and a future from flags he deserves the credit, that's my opinion. monday, december 14, it's an important day and "varney & co." is about to begin. ♪ susan: flash. stuart: i started talking over the music. the clash is okay, very good and it's monday morning and again, ladies and gentlemen, we have a vaccine rally on wall street, pfizer's vaccine is now being delivered.
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moderna's vaccine could be approved this week. investors like this and some call it the beginning of the end it with the dow jones up over 200 points, s&p on the upside, nasdaq on the upside, monday morning. the gang of eight. [laughter] expected to reveal the bipartisan virus aid package today reportedly it in two parts, liability protection plus money for it states in part one and emergencies unemployment pay plus money for the vaccine and a school's part two. no idea what chance the proposal has to pass. the beleaguered restaurants of new york city with the governor shutting down indoor dining as of today. a nor'easter is on its way here this week. you cannot serve the food indoors, no one will eat outdoors in a blizzard, all of this in the middle of hanukkah in two weeks from christmas.
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if more than a foot is expected those outdoor structures have to be removed or consolidated to make way for the snowplows. these restaurant guides just can't win. on that note, we are talking to doctor matt mccarthy back with us this monday morning. the president and some of his staffers docketing the first vaccine. does the president needed vaccine because he's already had covid? >> great question. wonderful thing to address right now. the president was diagnosed in early october. we know people who have covid are immune for three months of some from a medical perspective he does not need the vaccine right now to stay safe, but the bigger question is from a public relations standpoint. and there are a lot of people nervous about getting the vaccine, understandably nervous and i think it will go a long way to see such a public figure like the president stand in front of a camera and get
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vaccinated, so he doesn't need it right now, but it will be important to get done eventually just to sway those very nervous people, so i expect that to happen somewhat soon. stuart: this is a question people keep asking me and i don't have the answer, how do i get the vaccine, do i just go to cvs or walgreens and a say give me a shot? >> good question. it's going to be a bit different in every state there's a lot of delegation here, so every state will get shipments this week and then it will go first to mostly hospitals and within the hospitals they decide how they want to allocate this and starting december 21, cvs will roll out the vaccine in nursing homes. there was frustration yesterday because people said nursing homes are the highest risk, why are we waiting till december 21, and the issue is you have to get consent from these people and people said why didn't they get consent sooner and we
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just had this thing authorized to couple days ago. data was not public a week ago. how do you get informed consent for an experimental vaccine which there is no relevant information? i think it was reasonable to delay nursing homes by couple of days so you could have the conversation with people and take here are the risks, here are the benefits, let's do this. stuart: doctor, great to have you on the program today. it's a medical miracle, logistics miracle and i think it's great. thank you for being with us guiding us through the whole process. thank you. >> my pleasure. stuart: back to the markets, a sea of green. keith fitzgerald with us on the bottom right there, is this a vaccine rally? >> absolutely. we talked about hope, aspiration and medical miracle that will beat this in the markets are latching on. i think there's a long way to go. i'm excited. stuart: when you say it's a long way to go you're talking about
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you are firmly convinced this market is going up? >> the risk here is a bad headline reaction in terms of an adverse reaction to the vaccine or maybe there's not a stimulus, but ultimately i think we are maybe even 3800 by the end of the year. stuart: we are expecting moderna's vaccine to be approved this week and other vaccines shortly thereafter. i would have thought the development of these vaccines, bad as we head into the new year is another-- i had to shut-- say shot in the arm, but that's what it amounts to is that? >> absolutely. give me two in each arm, i mean, let me have it, i want out, went to spend money, but i think next year could be golden year because you take all of this and you can get the restaurants open and people back to work, all of that stuff will come off the sidelines and there is literally trillions of dollars ready to go to
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work. stuart: would you say that even if the democrats win both senate seats in georgia, would you still say to golden year next year? >> yes, even if the chips are down in this country is one thing you don't do and bet against the resilience of americans, not by political parties, but individuals and i think that to me is a huge sign of aspiration. again, i am an optimist and i believe we will have a massive year next year if this continues as planned. stuart: that's a fine way to start a monday morning, thank you. keith, we will see you soon. what happens in a situation like this with work from home stocks? i imagine they go down. susan: the first shots means hopefully a return to face-to-face interactions and that means the stay-at-home winners are being sold off this morning and while the vaccine makers are going the opposite direction so we are looking at pfizer, moderna, look at the
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gains we see so far and with wider vaccine distribution so hopefully recovery in the us economy next year. checkout bank stocks like j.p. morgan and even goldman sachs and banks are economic proxies. when the economy recovers so goes these stocks. stuart: and they go up with the vaccine rally, but what goes down? i'm guessing-- no, the travel stocks should be going up big time. are they, ashley? ashley: well, they should be. vaccine use as you can see with the green on the helping to push the airlines, the food alliance much higher, but it could still be some time we know before travel returns to normal. united airlines for example says the average cash earned this quarter could reach at amazing $26 million per day. industry still losing billions of dollars each
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month with the prospect of holiday travel greatly reduced to. it's the same story for the cruise lines. we still have to conduct the test salience to be cleared to operate again probably in the second quarter of next year before it will happen and we should mention hotels because they have been hit hard. in the us the number of unsold rooms this year is expected to hit 1 billion, 1 billion rooms never barked. in terms of revenue, the industry stands about $46 billion and these are staggering amounts. stuart: they are, but if you expect the economy to recover next year up goes the hotels, cruise and airlines. big tent, the group of companies among the first to organize work from home. i believe google's gone one step further. susan: september of next year is what they say, a few months later than the july date they had penciled in, but even then
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employees can choose a flexible work week allowing them to work at least three days in office and then work from home the other day's. no committee has big as google has tried this hybrid workforce model and google recommends employees take the covid vaccine before they return to the office. will we be forced to take the vaccine to prove we can go back to the office? stuart: to extend work from home through next september, almost another year. susan: unprecedented. stuart: there is one more big attack leaving california, leaving silicon valley and i know exactly where they are going. susan: oracle, one of the largest companies in silicon valley accelerating their accidents tread and-- exodus trend. oracle saying depending on their role this season many of our employees can choose--
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choose their office location. oracle joining another legendary silicon valley pioneer hewlett-packard enterprise hiking over to the lone star state along with other companies, at&t, charles swabbed and even joe rogan. i think the taxes may be part of it even though they don't officially say it, but texas has zero state income tax whereas california's one of the highest. marginal tax rate of 13% stuart: taxes, taxes, taxes. that's the motivator. monday morning, we have a vaccine rally big time, tons of green. the dow jones will be 30200, with a historically, vaccine front. health and human services secretary alex azar joins us later this
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hour. next, can we expect joe biden to be tough on china? listen to the flashback and you decide. roll tape. >> china is going to eat our lunch, come on man. they are not bad folks, folks, but guess what they are competition for us. stuart: well, what about hunter biden in the investigation there? is joe biden compromised? i will ask republican senator marsha blackburn she joins me next. ♪ an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right.
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stuart: i didn't realize i was: back on the air right there. i was in the middle of an argument-- not really an argument. look at that green. we are going up. senators are expected to unveil the virus relief bill. susan: what you were doing earlier is probably something we will see on congressional force this week when it comes to stimulants, arguments back and forth. later today to separate stimulus bills from congress, $908 billion bipartisan version including state and local government aid along with liability provision and also a smaller option that exclude the states and local aid, no guarantee congress will pass either, but the treasury secretary and speaker pelosi are speaking today after a 30 minute call last night with the clock ticking. we know the deadline is friday for getting things are. there's optimism from senators. why are you laughing,
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you don't think it will happen? stuart: how many times have we said this? we are optimistic, getting something done this time. susan: i'm encouraged by the fact that both pelosi and senate leader mitch mcconnell has said you will not get to go on vacation for christmas until you get something done, so they have a mandate to get something done, then they better get something done a. stuart: gotcha. let's bring in the finest senator from the great state of tennessee, marsha blackburn, republican. >> good morning. stuart: we have been speculating endlessly, will we get a package, we are not connected a package. we are tired of this endless speculation. can you tell us, is this a bipartisan deal going to pass? >> one of the things we have to realize is that the senate has twice put a bill on the floor that would have done another round of ppp. it would have been a
9:19 am
plus for unemployment insurance and you would have gotten the money for vaccines and testing and twice the democrats on a partyline vote opposed it. it did it spin enough. they want that money to bail out the big blue states and in tennessee, tennesseans say don't bail out the cities and states that mismanage their funds so they are waiting for the federal government to take taxpayer dollars from other states and ascended to them and bail them out, so i don't know if it's going to happen. we have tried to get monday to individuals that lost their jobs through no fault of their own innate deserve that plus up. we know our small businesses desperately need another round of ppp. stuart: let me change the subject because i just don't know if we will get this thing or not. wall street is hopeful, but we don't know. senator, i went to play a clip of joe biden talking about china just
9:20 am
over a year ago. roll of tape. >> china is going to eat our lunch? come on, man. they can't even figure out how to deal with-- the fact that they had this great to division between the china sea and the mountains in the east, i mean, in the west. they can't figure out how they are going to deal with the corruption in the system, i mean, you know, they are not bad folks, folks. guess what, they are competition for us. stuart: when you asked the question can joe biden be tough on china, there is that to consider and also the issue of his son, hunter. is a joe biden compromised on china? >> and one of the things we have to realize is that the chinese people are very innovative. it is the chinese communist party, the regime that is holding down those chaining-- chinese citizens that
9:21 am
needs to be reined in. the chinese communist party is not interested in being part of a global community. they are interested in global domination and director radcliffe has been very focused on this. you have heard secretary pompeo be focused on this. china took our jobs. china sent us a virus. they knew they had a pandemic on their hands. they did not tell the rest of the world. they had continued to persecute the weaver, the tibetans, they are tough on the taiwanese look at what they have done to the hong kong freedom fighters and joshua long and others who are fighting for freedom. china is our adversary. they are not our friend because it is the chinese communist party leadership that is trying to dominate us and all of this that has come out over the weekend about the spies
9:22 am
that our chinese that arc chinese communist members that infiltrated the us and the eu, that's a store that will continue to evolve. i will tell you, stuart, i'm very concerned with a joe biden and hunter biden. and also biden and incorporated and the charges in the investigation that is there, the investigation that is focusing on tax evasion. the money laundering and -- they need to get to the bottom of this. stuart: i have to break in because the first vaccine come a pfizer vaccine to be administered in new york state. listen in.
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[applause]. >> sandra, you didn't-- stuart: date have it, ladies and gentlemen, the first vaccine happening in america, the pfizer vaccine that just happened in that new york city. you saw the job. it is here. it's happened. we are going to take you to wall street in a moment and show you we have a lot of green on the screen. we will take you to wall street after this.
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stuart: we will show you that one more time, right-hand side of your screen the first pfizer vaccine distributed in america a
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few minutes ago in new york city left-hand side of your seating-- a screen, the rally about to break on wall street. pfizer, beyond tech and cvs and i'm going to bring in john. cvs is your vaccine play, tell me why. >> i think cvs will benefit from the vaccine because they are the ones distributing. cvs is essentially a dock in a box with about 9900 stores in the country and their first distributing it to nursing homes. i think cvs will get the earnings of making money off the vaccine and distribution. i think cvs is a great way to play this. so many other stocks in the run-up, cvs is not. stuart: i thought cvs was giving it away for free. >> they are, but you will be amazed at the people coming into their store and also cvs
9:29 am
almost down 10% because of amazon getting into the pharmacy prescription morrisey. i think they are an acquisition target and if they are not their strong enough to stand on their own and that they have 3%-- you'll. the amount of traffic that will go into cvs i think will help the stores. stuart: pfizer, $41 a share and you think that still undervalued? >> absolutely. it's a 51 billion revenue company, about $20 per vaccine come about 26 billion extra in revenue. you look at say moderna, moderna had a low of 33, that's almost four eggs in the stock price. visors down 5%. peiser has been the way to play this all along since they first had the trials. we have never had a gene -based vaccine approved. pfizer has brought this vaccine to market. i think pfizer from here
9:30 am
is up 50 to 100% this year. stuart: we hear you, john. we like to hear what you say. good stuff. the bell is ringing this monday morning, december 14. i'm going to call this a historic vaccine day because we just seen the first pfizer vaccine administered in the new york city and that the market is now open. is gone straight up from the opening bell, ac green on the left-hand side. disney and microsoft are the only two losers among the dow jones 30 at this state, up 179 points, 30228, a gain of .6%. s&p 500 also on the upside, solid gain .57%. nasdaq solid gain on the upside .58%. green across the board, it's a monday morning rally. pfizer biotech vaccine day. pfizer is up.
9:31 am
rallying on this good vaccine use, the airlines, all on the upside. of course, they have not recovered to where they were a year ago but they are moving up along with this good news on vaccine, which could be the other side of the tunnel here. the cruise lines in the same position on the upside because of the good vaccine is. ashley, come on in with some big movers i think, astrazeneca down 7%? ashley: nothing to do with the vaccine. they have to pay a hundred $75 cash and equity to a boston-based drugmaker that specializes in rare disease treatment. the deal works out to $39 billion and if it goes through it would be the british-based company biggest corporate acquisition and is probably why it's losing ground as analysts are calling the blockbuster deal considerable and others call it hefty, but they
9:32 am
also say astrazeneca is getting high quality assets for its money. the deal is a bet on the rare disease and immunology drugs. with the lower price today is the eye watering price of $39 billion a. stuart: that is eye watering. another one for you, ashley videogame maker, start with the electronic art. they are all up today. ashley: they are picked they reached an agreement to buy a british company called code masters, a deal worth $1.2 billion also representing 30% premium to cut masters last closing price. of the offer trumps an earlier agreement with ea, the code masters have done, masters known for its formula one games for playstation for third take to now says it's considering its next move.
9:33 am
videogame makers have benefited a lot from a surge in sales because of the pandemic, maruti. stuart: susan, has the next war stories, so get ready, folks. stuart: tesla reportedly pausing production. susan: lots of speculation. a lot of people are questioning as to what will happen maybe finally installing a long promised upgrade redesign refresh for the older model x. may be throwing in a new battery redesign because one investor suggest elon musk doesn't shut down production for anything and usually towards the year and it's when you ramp up production and in order to meet delivery targets people are wildly speculating work tesla is also behind on their 500,000 buildup retarded that elon musk promised. that at this is a huge seller anymore.
9:34 am
this will be huge for tesla. will be added to the s&p 500 after the market closed friday, do you know how much that will generate in terms of stocks? $80 billion, biggest rebalancing history. stuart: and the next one is. stuart: disney has a downgrade. susan: meaning hold, don't buy after last week's record rally. streaming subscribers forecast to reach 260 million in four years. they are saying record highs were disney means think of netflix which has gone nowhere for the next month and have. stuart: what is the next one-- that's number two oh, mcdonald's. susan: it's a buy with $240 and analysts say the company risk reward huge significantly to the upside and what he sees is
9:35 am
compelling recovery when it comes to sales especially as hopefully the economy reopens with more vaccine is. the stock has underperformed this year hopefully, mcdonald's-- they did see a sales rise for the first time. stuart: alter beauties j.p. morgan's by list. susan: they say ultra beauty considered a growth i did giving an unexpected they say strong recovery in the post- pandemic world especially with vaccines. j.p. morgan even predicting sales next year will be better than 2019. stuart: i think we could have done those four stories and less time. susan: i thought that was very good information, probably better what stu could offer. stuart: i will offer you the treasury yield. is a 1% yet? no, .925%.
9:36 am
bitcoin, a lot of interest recently-- no, we went to golden first. 1840 per ounce. now, bitcoin is that i believe $18000-- 19-- look at that, up 6.4%. you didn't tell me that. susan: you were tracking bitcoin this morning, so if stu is interesting, that's a trend. stuart: the price of oil, last week 46, 47 and this morning 46.86. the russell 2000, should tell you this, hitting an all-time high in this monday morning vaccine rally. got a story for you. family kicked off a united flight because they are 2-year old would not wear a mask. watch this. >> on going to have to ask you-- >> we just got kicked off the plane because
9:37 am
our 2-year old would not put on a mask. stuart: well, the couple also said their video was flagged by twitter and instagram. we have more in that story. governor cuomo steals christmas by banning indoor dining again. businesses are going to be shut down, some will never reopen. that's not stopping the governor from throwing a virtual birthday fundraiser for himself. we got the story come mind up for you-- coming up for you. ♪ we love the new apartment. the natural light is amazing. hardwood floors. there is a bit of a clogging problem. (clog dancing)
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stuart: i'm not sure the exact level when it makes an intraday high for the dow, but we are close to. 30271 this monday morning, up about three quarters of 1%.
9:42 am
that, folks, is a monday morning vaccine rally. cinemark reporting to take over some theater locations currently owned by amc. i don't get it, ashley. of the theater industry isn't doing well but cinemark wants to expand. ashley: i think it sees an opportunity. amc is the country's largest movie theater chain, but it's racking up millions in back rent so that could present an opportunity to rival cinemark. 636 locations nationwide and there are reports cinemark who is the nation's third biggest movie change would like to expand its footprint and take over those sites if they default. and was a cinemark's finances look stronger than amc. that report, the financial firm including apollo global management pushing amc to file forced chapter 11 bankruptcy which would give the theater chain a chance to renegotiate those leases, but it's
9:43 am
looking bleak for amc meanwhile cinemark perhaps sensing an opportunity to work especially with the first vaccine given today that maybe the future is looking brighter. stuart: bleak for the cinemas, good for the streamers i have to say. there is a battle going on here. netflix has 195 million subscribers. disney says it will have 200-- up to 260 million subscribers by 2024. jeff is joining us by phone this morning. jeff, are you forecasting that disney overtakes netflix? >> yeah, stuart. what i see now, you know i been a big fan of netflix and that now, we have this epic battle and disney space essentially dropped bug got went friday. disney came out and said they are going to spend $17 billion to create
9:44 am
original content to take on a netflix. what that will ultimately mean is i think there are three basic reasons why disney has the upper hand. first, they had this immense war chest, about $27 million in what's considered a rainy day fund. and they have the theme parks coming back online they are a cash machine, so they will be able to create content with this cash for years to come and also, the second is that what disney considers original content is not really original content. they are essentially extracting characters from their legacy assets and creating content out of those characters, which gives them the upper advantage.
9:45 am
they aren't really creating anything from nothing like netflix does. third, what i would say is extremely important is it disney still has use of the theater. in may, they are releasing a film called "black widow" with scarlet johansson for a theater release. they can leverage that and buy them a leveraging that, there's a very strong possibility that they will overtake netflix by those people who want to come back to the theaters and see blockbusters as the one fascinating stuff. jeff, i should tell our audience disney is actually down today because they have a downgrade, but they are still relatively closest to their high of the year, 173 this morning for jeff seeger, thank you. microsoft, bill gates says president trump's america first approach
9:46 am
is a selfish way to rollout vaccines. we got the story. first, health and human services secretary alex azar is on the show and he joins me next on this vaccine day. ♪ pay for what you need. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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stuart: the first to shipment of pfizer's vaccine arrived at hospitals across the country today, 145 hospitals get it today. moments ago we saw the first vaccine actually administered here in new york city. what a perfect day to have health and human services secretary alex azar on the show. mr. secretary, we had governor cuomo on camera throughout the first vaccination. he was a major-league critic of the presence of the vaccine. how do you feel about having him on camera administering your vaccine? >> it's the american people's vaccine thanks to the leadership of president donald trump and what matters this week is getting our frontline healthcare workers protected and getting our most vulnerable senior citizens protected circuit governor cuomo wants to be a part of that, i'm delighted. stuart: the president says he's
9:51 am
not going to get the vaccine at this point. my question is does he needed because he's already had coronavirus, does he need the vaccine as well and if he were to get the vaccine, would you want him to do it on camera to encourage others? >> stuart, it's a great question. what we advise is even if you have had covid because we don't know how long the antibodies will protect you afterwards, we have seen some limited reinfection but we don't have the data. we do recommend you still get vaccinated when your turn comes and i have to tell you, i'm just delighted, the president last night treated he would be getting vaccinated and i think for the american people inspiring vaccines, whether to see it or just now the president and people like myself get vaccinated to show we would not ask the america people to do something we wouldn't do ourselves on that very proud of the president for making that
9:52 am
announcement. stuart: when the distribution is complete, how do ordinary folks who may not be in a vulnerable group, how do they get it? do they just go to cvs and they give me a shot? >> it will be like that eventually. we said we will have about 20 million doses available to use for vaccination by the end of the summer-- december a total of 50 million people will be vaccinated by the end of january with about a hundred million shots in arms by the end of february, so i think by the end of february into march especially as we get moderna and hopefully johnson & johnson and astrazeneca online, the experience will look a lot for like what we have with the flu vaccine and getting your shot just like you do or at your doctor's office. that's the experience we are trying to re-create. use what works, the tried and true distribution system in the us.
9:53 am
stuart: there are two shots required for the visor-- pfizer vaccine. when you get the first one, do you automatically get at appointment for the second shot or do you rely on people coming back? >> we will always have to rely on people having voluntary behavior, but they will get a card like when you go to the dentist. you will get card reminding you that you need to come back on a certain date for a follow-up that the hospital or community health center is running they will also have it systems reminding you work you can sign up for text messages or other communications to remind you because it's important you get the second dose because we want to make sure you get the full benefit of the vaccine. stuart: moderna's vaccine expected to be approved this week and rollout the sweet. i know ethics dictation, not certain, but expectation and shortly after that yet johnson & johnson and astrazeneca. is it possible you will have four vaccines
9:54 am
approved, fully approved by say february or march of next year? >> oh, i think it's very possible and that's the genius of operation warp speed. we spread our bets around not just multiple companies, but multiple platforms, technologies of vaccine so moderna which we are excited about and if everything is on track we could see approval this week. we have over 12 million doses of moderna available so we would ship half of that next week to get it out there. johnson & johnson is a single-dose vaccine, so incredible option that we could add to our toolkit there. again, very scalable production working with johnson & johnson. c data hopefully mid-january and hopefully fda approval later in the month of january if the data proves out on that. astrazeneca, similar concept to does regiment , but if we add all of those in, that
9:55 am
just pulls forward when you start to see the general vaccination like you mentioned going into your cvs or walgreens and just getting into like a flu shot. stuart: mr. secretary, congratulations and i went to say thank you very much for coming on the show so consistently and getting us through this whole vaccine process. today is the day. congratulations, sir. >> thank you for your support. stuart: that to the market. you will like this, up to it are points on the dow jones and some stocks are really moving. susan: pfizer was of multidigit tire in the premarket. moderna, other vaccine players have great bids today and i want to throw in tesla. i think it's the stock of the week. it will be the greatest rebalance in the 500 history, $80 billion worth of stock will moving in and out because of the size of tesla am of the largest added to the s&p 500 and at this point happened at the end of the business friday afternoon, but there's a
9:56 am
lot of rotation in advance of that., here's a headline saying amazon will launch some sort of service competing with shop of five helping retailers open up their own e-commerce site. stuart: let's get that on the screen. that could be tough competition. think you. still ahead, brad blakeman, alyssa farrar, stephen moore, second hour of "varney & co." moments away. ♪ on your interests or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity. . . . .
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10:01 am
vaccine has arrived. we saw the first person to be vaccinated in america, happened in new york city. those vaccines are rolled out around the country. market absolutely loves this. now this. >> the amazon impact is very clear. with two weeks to christmas those amazon delivery vans are clogging traffic all over the place. you see them everywhere. driving into new york city at 4:00 this morning i saw several getting a very, very early start. but you know there is one place where you don't see much amazon, activity, long eye hand city a section of queens, along the waterfront, new york city. this should have been home to 25,000 highly-paid workers. this was supposed to be amazon's new campus. it was a huge win for new york but alexandria ocasio-cortez did not like the idea of super wealthy jeff bezos having his
10:02 am
own helicopter pad. socialists can't handle billionaires. aoc said no, we don't want amazon here. through a spokesman, mayor bill de blasio, said their plans didn't offer enough benefits to the community. amazon went elsewhere. now the site is derelict. businesses nearby are desperate. in the city as a whole, restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters are shut down. you know the story. unemployment hit 13% in october. the virus is killing this city. it was two years ago that aoc and some other local politicians killed the amazon campus plan. think what that site would have looked like now if the deal had gone through? it could have been an island of activity in and other wise dying city. ah, but no, amazon went elsewhere. the delivery vans are everywhere. that is all new york city gets. what a shame, new york has to
10:03 am
pay the price of socialism. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪. it is a rally sports fans. that is the high of the day i think. we're at 30,300, just hit that mark. look who is with us today? the man himself, dennis gartman is back. you know, all right, dennis, you watch the show and you know that a great many of the market watchers we have on the show on a regular basis they're bullish. they're talking about 2021 being a golden year, we're going straight up, we're gaining 10%, whatever. they're all bullish about next year. you're not. what are you seeing that the bulls are missing? >> well, first of all let's understand that i'm bullish for the long term. stocks will be higher three years from now, five years from now, 10 years from now and they
10:04 am
will be demonstrably higher after three years, five years, 10 years. the question is where they will be after the end of the year i think they will be very lower than they are. insider sell something extremely high. the public is usually late to a market rally is buying a agressively. i'm very concerned about the fact on the rallies volume is declining. on weakness volume increases which is not the way bull markets should act. think is the way markets top, or top circumstances tend to prevail. i loved stocks in late october, loved them the first week of november. i will not like this month at all. i will let somebody else enjoy the rally that probably shall continue. can the dow move 500 points from here? of course it can. i think the odds it will be 1000 or 2,000 points lower, i think odds are 50/50 the next month or two. the sideline is the preferred circumstance. i let others enjoy themselves.
10:05 am
have fun. it's a bull market. it will be higher three years, five years, 10 years from now. but will it be lower two months from now after the turn of the year, after we see how many restaurants are closed and less seasoned people are forced out of their apartments, unemployment rate tick up, yes, that is what i'm afraid will happen. stuart: two points, real fast. >> sure. stuart: it is possible some people are selling, paying their capital gain tax this year because they think next year maybe they will just get creamed because they changed the capital gains tax rate. >> sure. stuart: secondly, it is possible that some people who made money in the stock market are taking their profits out and putting it into real estate. i think both of those two possibilities are factors in this market. what do you say? >> good luck to those. i think we were talking about this on your show a couple weeks ago you moved into the real estate market. my daughter bought her first house a month ago, she is in the real estate market. the problem with real estate it
10:06 am
is difficult to get when you want to get out. people usually panic in the lows in the real estate market. takes too long, commissions are far too expensive. i prefer the stock market over real estate because i can get in at low cost and out of low cost. do people move out of stocks into real estate, i don't doubt that for a moment. i think that is one of the reasons we say see over the course of next month or two we might see weakness. stuart: dennis, merry christmas, happy hanukkah, whatever you like. >> merry christmas, my friend, good luck and happy trading as i always sign off on. stuart: thank you, dennis. >> cheers. stuart: that is a glad one. the media still avoiding the hunter biden story. watch this. >> i want to quickly get to this hunter biden investigation. "the wall street journal" reported that barr knew about this investigation of taxes into hunter biden there is no proof
10:07 am
of anything done wrong yet. we should make that clear. stuart: all right. brad blakeman i think ought to be dealing with this. martha raddatz says there is no evidence yet. what say you? >> well there is some evidence to believe probable cause to open a criminal investigation by the department of justice as to many dealings. the "new york post" is reporting not only investigating his taxes but the investigation is brought into ukraine, into burisma specifically around his dealings in china. yeah there is evidence the fbi has they're considering. whether or not they bring charges that remains to be seen. government is investigating hunter biden, joe biden pretty much admitted to that the problem he lied to the american people during the legislation when he knew his son was under investigation and on the debate stage told us he knew there was
10:08 am
there was no there there when he knew there was. stuart: how can he run when the chinese communist party may have something on him? joe biden may be subject to legal proceedings. this is very tough start for america vis-a-vis joe biden. >> no doubt about it. what happens when he is sworn in with regard to the doj? are they continuing the investigations? will it be politically damaging to him? i believe it will. i don't believe the senate will confirm anybody without a guarranty as long as their attorney general investigations the ongoing will continue. now of course the president could try and change that but we've seen in ordered a administrations ags have resigned when the president told them to do things they know they shouldn't be doing. he will be in an untenable position with russia. he will be in an untenable position with china. stuart: brad blakeman, thank you
10:09 am
very much, sir. i wish you a merry christmas, happy new year, happy hanukkah, all the above. >> thank thank you. hedge the markets. i celebrate negativing. -- everything. stuart: thanks, brad, see you soon. stokes surging on the vaccine role crowd. susan, update doordash and airbnb. susan: we should. double digits down for doordash. you're still a long way up from the offer price, right? 102 for doordash, just 68 for airbnb. we had the you euphoria, frenzy die down. you get better entry points after the listing of day one, day two debuts. unicorns barks us of that, the other two unicorns row blocks, putting off their ipos until next january. that is surprising, don't you want that first day pop? there is a lot of controversy
10:10 am
over the ipo process the big large investor funds get in $68, they turned around 100% gains in less than 24 hours, that is not fair for individual investors like me and you could at the time about. look at another stock, amazon, it is up on reports that it will introduce a competing service to shopify. sopfy helps companies build up the e-commerce payments, platforms and store fronts to is online. they have done very well during the covid. stuart: shopify is only down one quarter of 1% when they may everybody facing competition from amazon. susan: they're pretty big. second largest e-commerce platform already. stuart: not many people know that. everybody knows amazon is out there own the front. shopify is number two. russell 2000 hitting an all time high. small stokes. susan: record november, outperforming the s&p so far
10:11 am
this month in december. so the russell is up 5% compared to the 1% gain that we've seen for the broader benchmarks. when you think of small caps, think of macy's spirit airlines, denny's, u.s. steel. u.s. steel is up 30% so far in this month's first two weeks! smaller stocks are usually worth 3 approximately dollars or less. they're more sensitive, tied to the u.s. economy. the fact they are rallying, outperforming, meaning wall street is forecasting a sharp recovery in the u.s. economy next year. do you know why they are more economically sensitive? more of their sales are tied to the u.s. economy. that's why. stuart: i got that. thank you very much. the white house confirms reports of hackers breaching the treasury department. ashley, i don't see any impact on the market. i don't see any political impact. what do we know about this treasury hack? ashley: right. over the weekend the hackers suspected of targeting the treasury department as well as the commerce department national
10:12 am
telecommunications and administration information. that is the agency that decides internet and telecommunications policy. now "the washington post" is linking the hack to a group known as cozy bear, that works for the russian foreign intelligence service and fbi investigating a group that believed to hack the state department, joint chiefs of staff, white house networks duke the obama administration. this latest attack reportedly involved the agency's microsoft office 365 platform but it is not clear exactly information may have been or was compromised. stu. stuart: we'll find out at some point maybe. thank you, ash. beer, liquor prices could go up because a tax break the liquor companies get is due to expire. i will talk about that with wendy yuengling, the sixth generation beer brew ir. more businesses are beginning to revolt staying open
10:13 am
despite shutdown orders. ed rensi has a report for us. first, president trump says he is big part of getting the vaccine out in record time. watch this. >> if i wasn't president, according to almost everybody, even the enemy, if i wasn't president you wouldn't have a vaccine for five years, okay? stuart: but the media doubted the president right from the start saying he need ad miracle to get the vaccine out before the end of the year. seems like he got the miracle. alyssa farah will join me next on that subject. ♪ ♪ ♪ still warm. ♪ thanks, maggie. oh, alice says hi. for some of us, our daily journey is a short one.
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stuart: the vaccine is out there now. already been administered in new york city it started right here. it spread out to the rest of the country. investor seem to believe that will reinvigorate the economy next year. that is why you see a surge all across the board in the stock market today. travel related stocks, for example, they're surging this morning. again the belief his all this vaccines out there will create a stronger economy next year. we'll travel again. we'll cruise again, we'll fly again. that is what is going on right now. what is next? what have we got here? ♪ that is it what we've got. new ties between hunter biden and banks have been revealed. hillary vaughn, come into this please. what have we got on this? reporter: stuart, before there were questions surrounding hunter's involvement in burisma how that may have affected
10:19 am
ukraine policy while his dad was vice president of the united states there were questions around hunter and then senator joe biden's coziness to a credit company, mbna, that was based here in delaware. they had such a cozy relationship with the company, that newspaper editorials gave biden the nickname, senator joe biden,-mbna he tried to distance himself from the nickname. he defended votes that shot down protections for consumers against creditors. he thought 1999 democrats should ditch economicsly liberal policies of the past, that explained his votes. i'm not the senator from mbna. i'm not the senator from the 1979 earlier. back in 1990, 2000s hupp hunt wag taking a paycheck in consulting fees at the same time his dad senator biden was breaking with democrats over legislation that would make it
10:20 am
harder for consumers to escape credit card debt that favored that same company. his dad crossed the aisle to join republicans to reject amendments that could have helped consumers t wasn't just hunter's paycheck and consulting fees at the time was raising connections in connections between them and his company. before the controversial credit bill came before the senate biden sold his house in greenville for $1.2 million to an mnba executive. that was six times the value that biden paid for it just two decades earlier. what is interesting back then biden was encouraging those in his party to move away from economically liberal positions but he is returning it those positions today. stuart. stuart: i think i got that. hillary vaughn, thank you. i will say it again. this is an historic day. we just saw the first vaccine being administered in new york. however, the media casts doubts right from the get-go. look at this headline. this is from nbc back in may of
10:21 am
this year. coronavirus could come this year trump says. experts say he needs a miracle to be right. former white house communications director alyssa farah joins us now. do you think the media will ever give this president what is an historic rollout? will he get any credit from the media? >> well if there is something i learned in my three years with president trump he never quite gets the credit he deserves. listen, stuart as you said, this is an incredible day for our country, frankly for the world. the uk and canada were able to get emergency use authorization because of trials that american citizens participated in. i can tell you i was in the oval with the president six months ago when he launched "operation warp speed." what we were able to do was incredible. i'm so proud of this legacy of being able to save lives through this vaccine. the president absolutely deserves the credit. stuart: this is historic day.
10:22 am
i want to lay that on thick. we seen video of trucks rolling out. video of the first job in new york city this morning. i don't think people, it was news to me, what a remarkable logistical operation this is. you got to get millions of doses all around the country t has to be kept super cold from the moment it, i mean, that is extraordinary thing to happen. >> well absolutely. the brilliance of "operation warp speed" we were manufacturing the vials for the virus. we're giving research to actually get the vaccine and we were planning the logistics of distributing it all simultaneously. so that soon if something shows work and proved efficacy we would be able to go across the country immediately. what you're seeing today 1.5 million doses, actually three million, but 1.5 about the booster dose. that is 1.5 million front line workers who will now be immune to the virus that is incredible. with what our country has been through this last year we are
10:23 am
going the right direction. that is because of this administration's leadership. to get a, have soon like this for a novel pathogen in this time frame really is a miracle. the ceo and chief president trump helping getting us here. having vision to do that. stuart: january the 5th, big election day in georgia. two senate seats available. the republicans need to win them. is the president going to head down there again? >> the president is very engaged as is the vice president. would i say this, control of congress hinges in the balance. if you want no backstop against nancy pelosi's caucus in the senate, don't get out and vote. what i know georgia voters want is somebody that will put an end to the crazy policies pelosi and her caucus are trying to get through. we have to get out folks supporting senator loeffler and senator perdue in georgia. stuart, alyssa farah, thanks for
10:24 am
coming out on a busy day. thank you. indoor dining closed again in new york city. that is not stopping governor cuomo from throwing a virtual birthday party. all right, ash, how much to get in virtually? ashley: yeah. this is an expensive zoom call. let's put it at that. how about $10,000 if you want to get get special access. andrew cuomo throwing this party to raise campaign cash. you can rub virtual shoulders with the governor $10,000. who would pay that money? liberal celebrities. the event will have appearances by robert deniro, rosy perez, henry winger and ben stiller. everyone raises $10,000 will get a code to join a half hour preparty. wow that is worth the money by itself. stuart: that would have to be a
10:25 am
virtual pre-party. ashley: of course. of course. stuart: pre, whatever. i can't keep track of it. thanks, ash. you see this, a family was kicked off of a united flight because their two-year-old would not wear a mask. watch this. >> i didn't -- i. >> took the opportunity. see this, i'm literally covering her face. >> you ever got to get off. stuart: kicked off the flight. there are new developments in that story and we're going to bring them to you. first the ceo of molson cores says, ink drinking at bars will never recover. what is america's oldest brewer saying about that? america's sixth oldest brewery yuengling. stuart: joins me next. ♪ ♪
10:26 am
♪ ♪
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new projects means you need to hire.gers. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at ♪ stuart: this, ladies and gentlemen, is a monday morning vaccine day. the vaccine is out there. it's in use in america and the dow going straight up. actually it is on track for a new record close. green all across the board. look at the nasdaq, up 1.25%. however, there could be a big wave of evictions next month as the federal ban on evictions will expire.
10:30 am
ashley, how many are we talking about? ashley: many millions, stu. the cdc eviction moratorium went into effect in september. but as you say runs out next month t could leave an estimated 2.4 to five million american households that could be at risk of losing their homes. the moratorium protects tenants who missed monthly rent payments from being thrown out of their homes if they declare financial hardship. several states and cities have their own eviction bans with varying rules. the expiration dates but the cdc order is the only one that covers the entire country. it is expected that the cdc eviction ban will be extended. many landlords say they can recover some rent by working with tenants rather than evicting them. attorneys and judges expect the courts to be overwhelmed once eviction bans to expire which could create months long backlog of cases.
10:31 am
not a prettying picture, stu. stuart: i think the courts are overwhelmed already, ashley. look at that, 33,300 on the dow. the hotel industry taking a big hit during the pandemic. there is something called unsold room night. how many unsold room nights? susan: a billion unsold room nights in the u.s. alone this year. that mean as billion were left unbooked over the course of 2020. that is a 46 billion-dollar history in lost sales for hotel operators according to bloomberg. occupancy levels were roughly 2/3 fuld. not bad. but during covid that was 20%. they say hotel revenue will not get back to 2019 levels for at least another four years. the hotel industry group say this year was nine times worse than 9/11. t will take a while to get back to what we saw in the normal times. stuart: definitely. what is this about meal kits? i am told they are surging.
10:32 am
how much. susan: you never had a meal kit, have you? stuart: no. susan: doesn't cook for himself or turn on the stove apparently. stuart: no, i don't. susan: meal kits have, they have more than doubled from this year, from last year to this year. 110% surge we've seen and if you look at the market leader, hello fresh, the stock more than tripled this year, up 220%. analysts say with vaccines and possible return to normal busy work schedule, cone assuming again, ready-made, microwaveable meals might be the place to be. stuart: microwaveable, now you're talking. >> operating the microwave, not the stove. microwave dinners will grow faster than meal kits, doubling this year, faster than the meal kit this year. younger industry as well. only valuable at a billion dollars. a lot more upside growth in microwaveables. stuart: take your word for it,
10:33 am
susan. the cost of aer boo could go up a little if a tax break expires at the end of the year. wendy yuengling joins us, sixth generation yuengling family member. i want to start what the ceo of moulson coors said. he says drinking at bars will never recover because the pandemic. what say you? >> it is definitely been a challenge for us. good morning, thank you for having me. i appreciate the opportunity to speak to you again but how we're working through all of this. it has been devastating for our business in a lot of ways and it has been devastating for our parters in and restaurant and our business is 30% on premise. a quarter of our business is sold through draft. we're hoping we see that come back but we think it will look very different. stuart: have you had to do any layoffs at yuengling? >> fortunately we have not. we've seen a good increase in the off premise. a lot of people are still
10:34 am
supporting grocery stores, lick stores, that trade. we've been doing really well in the off premise. in fact the beer segment is up over 10 1/2%. you're seeing a lot of that driven by people buying larger pack sizes. people are shifting to cans. yuengling in particular, our 24-pack suitcase can is outperforming the segment. we're up over 16 1/2%. it is really hard for us to make up lost volume we're seeing in the on premise unfortunately. stuart: can you explain to me, overall, how much less beer are you brewing? >> yeah. i would say we're down a good bit but we are definitely seeing it being made up in the off-premise. we're seeing it as consumers are shifting to cans. you're seeing them return to -- stuart: doesn't make it up entirely, does it? >> doesn't for us, no. i think some companies are making out better. for us it doesn't. we're definitely see a swing in our business. stuart: do you think, i hate to
10:35 am
raise the subject, do you think you might have to do some layoffs if this thing doesn't recover quickly? >> fortunately we've been okay to this point. we haven't had to lay off any employees. we moved people around. our keg line is running again which is always a good thing but we're keeping a close eye on the restrictions and states that are shutting down again and we hope it is short term and the vaccines will make a play to start to improve the situation. stuart: well look, we wish you the very best of luck. we're very glad to have you on the show for the last couple of years explaining what is going on. we do hope that the business comes back. we really do. wendy yuengling, thank you very much for being with us. always a pleasure. >> thank you very much. we appreciate the time. stuart: now take a look at this, president trump will leave office with a historically bad economic record. that's what cnn says. i'm sure stephen moore has a lot to say about that. he will join me next hour. more companies are packing up moving from california to texas. the latest one to do so is a big
10:36 am
name. what a story. we'll tell you after this. ♪
10:37 am
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robinwithout the commission fees. so, you can start investing today wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. stuart: you see that on the dow jones average, 30,290? moments ago it was over 30300.
10:41 am
that was an intraday high for the dow industrials. we're up all across the board. how about twilio hitting a record high. cowan and company raised the price target. i don't know what it raised it to but twilio up 1.4%. that is an all time high. going well. the silicon valley exodus, no it is not stopping. we have a big name moving out of california. susan will tell us who it is and where they're going? susan: one much the richest men on the planet. he is taking his company to austin, texas, accelerating a silicon valley exodus. in the sec filing, it is the remote work trend. they want to provide flexibility to their staff. they didn't talk about taxes or texas. they say depending on their role means many employees can choose their office location or work part time from work or all the time. i think it is also news making,
10:42 am
all the time from home. oracle joining legendary sill son valley pioneer hewlett-packard enterprises packing to the lone star state. elon musk is moving to texas and austin. companies like at&t and charles schwab and pod star joe rogan. taxes you might think has to be part of the calculus. texas has zero state income taxes. california has highest rate in the land. on corporate taxes you say 32% more if you have your headquarters in texas relative to california. >> i can see that it is obvious also, isn't it. california, they never met they didn't like. texas never met a tax they did like there is a subtle difference. susan: most of the technology and expertise is clustered for one reason, i think. because there is the talent and also pioneering ingenuity. stuart: they're leaving for
10:43 am
pastures greener. susan: they say -- stuart: some of them. what is this story here? snowbirds hurting tourism in the south. that i don't understand. susan: we know snowbirds are usually canadians that go from code weather areas to warmer weather and snowbirds apparently, arrivals this year are down 99% in florida. think of the tourism dollars. only 15,000 have shown up so far. arizona said snowbirds are down 60% from the normal years. big deterrent here, not surprising health insurance. canadians have to buy supplemental insurance to the government coverage that price has gone up more than a third this year owing to covid. stuart: i have can tell you this, in florida maybe the canadian snowbirds are not coming down but tax refugees from new york, new jersey, snowbirds from the northeast they're flocking to florida. susan: snowbirds are defined as those from cold weather states want to go to warmer weather states for at least four months a year. you've seen that trend.
10:44 am
stuart: the american snowbirds are going south. that's a fact. got it susan. look at this. ah, look at this, united airlines booting a family off the flight because their two-year-old wouldn't wear a mask, watch this. >> [inaudible] >> and i took that opportunity and ran with it. literally coveringer her face. >> you got to get off. stuart: they were booted right off the flight. ashley, come in to this please, i understand the family is speaking out? >> they are the mother says look, she was left in a state of confusion, disbelief, disgust and humiliation. happened on that united flight saturday going from denver to new jersey. you saw that video. two-year-old daughter refusing to wear a mask. flight attendant asked the family, grab their belongings, get off the plane. back in the terminal the flight attendant is heard telling the couple they can no longer fly with united. in a statement united reiterated its policy that all passengers from age two and older must wear
10:45 am
a mask. the airline though says it is investigating the case and has been in contact with the family. it is very sad. you see the father saying i'm trying to hold the mask over my daughter's face, an impossible situation for any parent out there. we know how tough it can be with youngsters on a plane. stuart: oh, yes, we do. thanks, ashley. can be very tough. congress wants to improve safety conditions on all cruise ships and they're, this is part of the defense bill. so what is the new measure, ashley? ashley: well the new measure will make it mandatory for ships to have a trained physician on board and security cameras installed in all public places these are by the way the first new regulations on the cruise industry in 10 years. part of the 740 billion-dollar national defense bill, just approved by the senate. now the last cruise-related regulations made it mandatory to
10:46 am
each ship to have a registered nurse on board. this latest move goes a step further. it is supported by the way, by the industry's main lobbying group that says cruise lines just suffered billions of dollars in losses at the expense of hundreds of thousands of jobs. but you know what? sailing not expected to resume again february, late february or march at the very earliest. even that could be optimistic. stuart: don't hold your breath. ashley, thank you very much. secretary azar told me when he expects to have 100 million people vaccinated. watch this. >> we'll have about 100 million shots in arms by the end of february. stuart: by the end of february, 100 million shots in arms. that is the fastest timeline that we've heard yet. does that mean the economy opens back up in a couple months? we'll pose the question. bill gates, man on the screen right now says america first. that is the wrong approach to
10:47 am
vaccines. watch this. >> the extreme idea that everybody should die until we have the very last american vaccinated, that's hardly the appropriate response. stuart: oh, that is really taken wildly out of context, we'll pass judgment on later. a big snowstorm set to slam of the northeast. guess what? more than a foot of snow in new york city, all those outside tents will have to be taken down. they spent a fortune building them. now they might have to take them down. these guys can't catch a break, can they? we'll be back. ♪. a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam® is clinically proven to shorten colds! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula.
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it shortens colds! zicam zinc that cold!
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10:51 am
♪. stuart: new york's governor cuomo once again banning indoor dining in new york city and by the way it has taken effect today. kristina partsinevelos is in new york right outside an historic club. that is the 21 club. has it just closed for good, kristina? port board yes. this is an institution. so it is not just mom-and-pop
10:52 am
shops. you have institutions like the 21 club just announced they are closing their doors. this restaurant bar opened up in the 1930s prohibition era. served politicians, presidents, frank sinatra, ernest hemingway, it is closing its doors. i reached out to the company. they said it is not feasible to open up right now this comes on a day today, monday, indoor dining is now banned in new york city indefinitely at least for the next two weeks or so. on friday governor andrew cuomo said that he is read a lot of data about contact tracing but he said restaurants and bars are the 5th main source of new infections so regardless of that, the fact that restaurants and bars are number five, he still went ahead and banned indoor dining. this is major blow to restaurants. why i happen to have a restaurant owner right next to me here. he is owner of a italian restaurant chain in brooklyn as well as queens, right?
10:53 am
>> right. all brooklyn. reporter: this is absolutely devastating to the industry. now you have a second time indoor dining ban. talk about that? >> the decision to shut indoor dining coupled with the fact there is no further relief coming to our industry from any form of government will absolutely be the death blow. we're no longer the dining capital of the world. starting today 90% of restaurants close in coming weeks. that means 300,000, 400,000 people at risk going into the holidays. reporter: stu, we have restaurants all across the city and shutting their doors. back to you. stuart: maybe shutting for good. pennsylvania banning indoor dining, closing casinos, gyms, until january the 4th. that is pennsylvania. round-the-clock diner owners are with us now. dimos, to you first, are you
10:54 am
going to sure private this. >> we'll try to survive. we'll stay open because we have no other alternative. we got to stay open. stuart: are you defying, are you defying the governor's order? are you open for indoor dining? >> yes i did the first time this is the second time. and we're going to what we do. what is going to do for two weeks, three weeks, they try to shut down. it will disturb the holidays of people getting together and, enjoy the holiday. christos, if you defy the governor's order like that, you can be fined, can't you lose licenses? can't they ruin you? >> no. they tried that, tried that the first time, stuart. all those mandates are not laws. they got kicked out in court. we're not, nothing is coming of this. it's, it has no standing in
10:55 am
court. these are just mandates. they're unconstitutional. they have no standing. stuart: so how is business? not supposed to open for indoor dining. you have opened. how many people are coming in. >> people are coming in. i think it's the right thing to do. stand up, these are the businesses that you fought for. these are what people need to do. open the places up, conduct them responsibly and you know, champion liberty, protect the vulnerable. reopen the economy. this is only things you can do. stuart: so when did the governor's order in pennsylvania go into effect, banning indoor dining? was that last week? >> that was saturday, yes. 12:01 a.m. stuart: you have opened. as this monday you're not supposed to be open but you are open and people are coming in and you are defying the governor of pennsylvania. i got to leave it right there,
10:56 am
guys, sorry about that i want to make everybody clear what you're doing, why you're doing. demos, sacralleos thanks for joining us. >> a lot of places are opening. thank you, stuart. stuart: we like to hear that. appreciate it. big show still ahead, stephen moore, wilbur ross, he is the commerce secretary you know. ed rensi. take note of today's date, december 14th, it will be marked in history. this to my knowledge is the vaccine day. the theme of my take after this. ♪. ♪ sofi made it so easy to pay off my student loan debt. (chime) choosing sofi was literally one of the best decisions i could have ever made because it gave me peace of mind. ...
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>> it's a bull markets and it will be higher in three years, five years, ten years from now. can the dow move another 500 points? of course it then. but will be 1,000 or 2,000 points lower and the odds are 50/50 either way over the course of the next month or two. >> we know that our small businesses desperately need another round of ppp. >> this is an incredible day for our country and friendly for the world to get a vaccine like this with a pathogen in this timeframe really is a miracle. >> will be sad is will have 20 million doses available to use for vaccination by the end of december. we will have about one a million
11:01 am
shots and armed by the end of february. >> i want to get these things. let me out, i want out. i want to spend money and have a normal economy. i'm an optimist and i believe we will have a massive year next year if all this continues as planned. ♪ [laughter] stuart: i thought someone was talking to me in my ear. susan: he will not bring the beat back, i tell you that. stuart: 11:01, eastern time, new york city and it is december 14 and i say this is an historic day. the first of the pfizer vaccines now arising at hospitals around the country and the first shot has been administered. it happened here in new york
11:02 am
city a couple of hours ago. the market absolutely loves it. the dow industrials and the s&p 500 they are off their highs but they may well be on track for closing, certainly for the dow industrials. still up 111, nasdaq is up 118 and that is a rally, folks. lots of green right there. alexian pharmaceuticals of 31%, why? because they been purchased by astrazeneca. i think astrazeneca is painfully like $39 billion for it. amazon is moving today. it is up, still up, nearly 2%, big game there and there are reports that it will introduce a service to compete with shop at five. about that? now this. monday december 14, note that date, it belongs in history. pfizer's vaccine has arrived one at a 45 hospitals get it today. what an achievement that is. think of the logistics involved,
11:03 am
pfizer's vaccine has to be shipped super cold and it's got to stay supercold until right before the actual inoculation. freezers on the plains, freezers on the trucks, freezers in the hospitals and all the other sites where the jabs will be given. it is all it got to be coordinated within precise schedule. at "the wall street journal" puts it, chemist, factory workers, truck drivers, pilots, data scientists, bureaucrats, pharmaceuticals and healthcare workers all have to be at the right place at the right time and get it right. then there is the comment to line up. masks, needles, disposable gowns, swabs and a lot of dry ice and then figure out how who gets the shot. lists have to be made, priorities established, millions of people have to be notified or told how to request the vaccine. this is an effort to vaccinate a nation of 320 million people and that is a monumental effort but
11:04 am
america is doing it. look at this. at the first trucks carrying the virus appeared there were as impromptu demonstrations of support. plenty of trumpet flags rightfully giving credit where credit is due. it was the trump administration that worked the medical miracle of creating a very effective vaccine in ten months and it was the trump administration that would mobilize the nation to distribute 20 million doses in three weeks. monday, december 14 a shining success for the president and for america. the third hour of barding & company about to begin. ♪ stuart: christmas eve, ten days away and retailers were hoping for a strong holiday shopping season and i personally have my doubts. stephen moore is an economist
11:05 am
and knows about these things and joins me now. stephen, i seen all the addictions of four, five, 6% gains and i can understand how the online sellers will do extremely well but you know there's a lot of lockdown going on around the country with all kinds of things. i'm not so sure you will get the four, five, 6% holiday sales games but what say you? >> hello, stuart. by the way, i loved what you just said about this vaccine. this is truly one of the greatest compliments of america since vide. i'm not trying to exaggerate here. we're talking about across the world tens of millions of lives that could be saved because of this vaccine and it is a triumph of what you talk about everyday on the show, stuart. free-market capitalism. that is what gave this a vaccine to the world. it wasn't a government program but donald trump saying to the pharmaceutical companies, go at it, get it done and make a
11:06 am
profit while you do it. it is a real testament to our free-market system. i don't think joe biden could have gotten this done. now, in terms of what's happening with the economy, and concern about what you are. i am seeing lockdowns rolling thought the country and our christmas plans are just got shuttered because of shutdowns in various states. everyone i talk to, the same thing. this is the busiest season for restaurants and stores and for retailers and they will take a big hit here, stuart. no doubt about it. meanwhile, you still do have some states like south carolina and georgia and a lot of the mountain estates that are open for business but you've got half the country right now effectively shut down. stuart: yeah, i think that will affect christmas. here is one other thing for you, stephen. on the same note here, a cnn analysis claims that president trump -- stop laughing, trump will leave office with a historically bad economic response.
11:07 am
do see it on your screen? trump will leave office with a bad economic and that's john harwood say that but what is your response? >> donald trump has been probably the most successful president on the economy, if not the most, one of the most successful in terms of his handling of the economy. we had a three year raging economy and we are very proud of the fact and we lowered the poverty rate to the lowest level ever in the history of the united states. we saw historic wage gains, not for rich people but for middle-class and even lower income people. we saw the other planet rates fall to the lowest level, as reported, in 50 years. that is for every racial group. we saw the report that came out just a few days ago, stuart, on the federal reserve board reporting america's net worth grows to $128 trillion, that's a 30% increase in the net worth of america. that's an astounding
11:08 am
accomplishment. somebody show me a president who has had a better record but i worked for ronald reagan and he did an amazing revival of the economy but what reagan didn't do that trump has done is he rebuild the economy twice. he took over from the days of obama and we had the big record boom and now here we are in the economy flattened by the coronavirus in the first half of the year and we are this amazing rebound. i love trump's record and i think he will go out of office triumphant because he is the guy who is conquer this disease and rebuild the american economy. stuart: stephen, i think you've refuted the cnn article very thoroughly paired we appreciate that. stephen moore, come back and see us again real soon for thank you, stephen. [crowd boos] okay, stuart. stuart: look at the markets because the rally is holding and we have been higher for the nasdaq and for the dow but we are still way up there and the dow is at 30,100 and the s&p is up 17 and a half percent. and that denny is back with us.
11:09 am
it seems to me that the market is rallying this morning, almost entirely on the vaccine news as if this vaccine rollout lets us see the other side. is that what it's about? >> i think that is partially it's. there is expectation that there will is a lot of pressure on the politicians before they go and enjoy their christmas holiday and they bring cheer to a lot of the people and businesses that are suffering. i do think we will get a deal here in the next few days and the markets are anticipating that as well. stuart: so that's it, the deal and the vaccine bringing it all together and you've got yourself a rally. now look at air b&b and door dash. ipo last week exploded and they did extremely well. they are back down a little bit now but what you think is the effect on the overall market when you've got these big name ipos absolutely exploding? >> it does feed the speculative juices that have been flowing in
11:10 am
the economy with interest rates are record lows and with all the liquidity that set records hi we accumulated liquidity during the winter and spring of this year but it's still out there and a lot of it is coming back into the market and i think it will come back into the economy was most of us have been inoculated so i think the market is rightly looking for a boom that a second half of next year and looking past the miserable performances we will likely have for the next few months because of the third wave of the pandemic and lockdowns. stuart: you see the doubt well above 30,000? >> i think we are going higher. i'm still bullish and i tried not to get too cute about pinpointing levels but i think it's going higher. stuart: it gets people worried when everyone is bullish. you know? >> yeah, i'm concerned about that right now.
11:11 am
i would much prefer to see the market move sideways for a while and there is a tremendous amount of bullishness and that's very visible in stocks like tesla and ipos and so it's too hot. it looks like were getting to santa claus rallies, one in november and now were getting another one, traditional one. stuart: we will take them both. ed yardeni, thank you and see you again soon. speaking of ipos couple of big names going to delay going public, who? susan: were talking about roadblocks, popular children's game and the pricey pella toms and other high-priced items and both are delaying their ipos unl probably early next year and the reasons aren't clear but it seems like there is concern over the ipo process and many have criticized for being spoken after air b&b and door dash last week because if you look at air b&b $68 and those that could get
11:12 am
which are big wall street funds with the hedge funds and investment firms turned around and sold it for a double in less than 24 hours but that is the definition of easy money. why should wall street and big hedge fund make the money and not see the early investors or early employees throughout and they are reviewing how they price their shares so that they can reward those that deserve it. with the stock rally. there is concern over a stock bubble and a discussion about that whether air b&b and the door dash frenzy for you represents a peak in the markets, kind of like a 2,000's when you saw this rush and investor frenzy to buy in on day one and then there's a bit of a divorce from reality and the stark market debuts. stuart: i don't think air b&b is frothy or divorced from reality. susan: you don't think so? stuart: no, -. susan: 100% in day one. stuart: that is a big deal but over the long run this is a
11:13 am
brand-new industry. susan: for companies being blown with sales. stuart: globally, okay, but wait, when we come out of the year and we start traveling and come out of the pandemic i think there's room for growth for air b&b. global company with a global market place. susan: but it is it worth one of $50? stuart: i don't know. i didn't buy it. susan: there's a reason for that, right? stuart: i'm not buying stocks at the moment. not doing that. anyway, are we done? susan: i guess so. this is a discussion for later. stuart: it sure is but russian hackers target the treasury and commerce departments. i ask commerce secretary wilbur ross print we saw the first vaccine administered in new york and now millions more are on the way to hospitals around the country bird watch this. >> we have about one or 2 million shots in arm by the end of february. stuart: 100 million shots in arms but however, one billionaire is slamming president trump's america first is to be some plan and we tell
11:14 am
you who it is after the break. ♪ a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam® is clinically proven to shorten colds! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam zinc that cold!
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11:18 am
stuart: the vaccine could be available after a local walmart in a matter of weeks. brady trimble live in chicago but will i be able to walk in and get my shot at walmart mac. reporter: stuart, that is a plan but it will be several months before the general population can do that but you are right, in that time a few months from now it might be as easy as going to your local walmart and getting the vaccine. walmart, cvs and walgreens and other pharmacy chains across country going to be among the first to get this vaccine and it
11:19 am
is an route right now they will pursue minister to healthcare workers and the elderly as directed by the states but then after that the plan is for it to be available at every single walmart and sam's club pharmacy, every single cvs pharmacy across the country and every single walgreens pharmacy. the timing for that, the best we have so far, is sometime in 2021. it could be a while and all of the chains want to make clear they will not determine who gets the vaccine print that will be determined by the states and these chains will divvy it up based on that. we should also point out that one of the reasons that they have all been selected is because they have great expertise in this area. in fact, cvs pointed out they have vaccinated 25 million people so far this year for other things like the flu and they are very close to the american population. millions and millions of people have access to all of these
11:20 am
stores, stuart. stuart: here i come. i want might dab. brady, thank you. or jab. it's becoming common usage in america. susan: will see how it turns out. stuart: i don't think bill gates likes president trump and bill gates absolutely detest president trump's america first approach to vaccine distribution. watch this. >> you know, the basic technology is that german companies. >> i think we need to help all of humanity here. the extreme idea that everybody should die until we have the very last american vaccinated, that is hardly the appropriate response. stuart: i'm not sure that really was our response but charles payne is something to say about this and won't steal his thunderbird what to say about bill gates there? >> you know, it's so despicable appear you are right, he's loath to president trump and he has been really difficult for him to give president trump or
11:21 am
operation warp speed any kind of credit and these companies existed long before but these smaller ones the modernity of the world and the bion checks of the big chunks of money to speed the fda problems or arrests and america's leading the way and why they're optimistic as we start to roll out this vaccine. i don't know that everyone said every single person in america should be vaccinated before other people in poor countries so that's just the sort of thing that bill gates would say. we know he favors a one world sort of ideology and listen, i understand where he's coming from and they just posted a piece on his website that said if you were to distribute it in proportion right now we would avert 61% of possible koba 19 deaths rather than just distributing it to rich countries first where you only have 30% so that is where he's coming from on this and it's unrealistic in the sense that to diss america and what we've done and to belittle our efforts or
11:22 am
how all this has been made possible i think is the wrong so-called sales pitch. stuart: due member the expression tina? there it is, no alternative. has tina arrive because the looks to me like the market is going up all across the board? >> tina is finally here. here is the thing, stuart. you were made member late spring, early summer when the market was rallying and the experts came on your show and my show and they cannot explain it and the reason because they were flat-footed, short and pessimistic and headed for the hills so they would say it's only because of know all there alternative. up until september the overwhelming majority was still going into bonds. i've got to tell you that's changed big time. you've got 11 billion into u.s. equity in september versus 9 billion in bonds and it changed a little and october and a lot of money went to bonds but then we saw the record breaking
11:23 am
month last month, 62 billion in u.s. equity etf's and last week we saw again over 4 billion equity etf's and money coming out of bonds and we've not seen that, i can't member the last time i saw money coming out of u.s. bonds so tina has arrived and puts a lot of pressure on money managers and other folks who want to make money success begat success, buying begets buying and tina is here. stuart: stock investors love that tina per charles, we'll watch you this afternoon at 2:0g money" with charles payne. 2:00 o'clock eastern on the foxbusiness network. a new report shows people are willing to get the vaccine but actually, they're questioning when they should get it and tell me more. >> yet, this is a moving target when you do these surveys. abc news poll showing a strong majority of americans are inclined to get the vaccine but there kind of divided over exactly when and more than eight in ten americans say they will see the vaccine no doubt about that and 40% say they would take
11:24 am
it as soon as it's available to them and 44% say they would wait a bit, only 50% by the way, as you can see, said they would fuse the vaccine entirely bread that's lower than many of the other polls that we've seen. interestingly 69% of the survey say they knew or knew someone or someone who had been impacted by the virus and among those who have been touched by the pandemic 45% say what they would receive the vaccine right now but among those who have not contracted the virus or don't know someone who had only 30% say they would be willing to be inoculated immediately but this poll shows perhaps more confidence in the vaccine and others who seem previously. stuart: ashley, we'll take that. thank you very much. let's take a look at the markets and we are following the rally date like this were following the big movers and i want to know who they are. i will start with tesla and they are moving big, i think. susan: the reason is overseen
11:25 am
the biggest rebalance in history to take place this friday after the market closed and tesla finally joins the s&p 500 so according to estimates $80 billion worth of stock had to move in and outs and a lot of that going to buy tesla because it's now put in the s&p 500 and that's what indexed funds have to do, they get let's check in on the trade of the day. buying netflix, holding disney according to bml capital today. disney is still worth $185 apiece according to the research and the cloud tech darlene if we could bring up snowflake is coming off today because look, i think this is profit taking and it is because the stock has tripled since its debut and finally the last pick with richard branson's, last pick space endeavor down big after an aborted test flight this weekend and spaceflight was cut short mid launch because of the engine a mission problem but to the
11:26 am
other 603 reservations with 250,000 each so you do the math. stuart: to go into space. we'll see about that but thank you, susan. the brits and the european union have just got weeks to go to come up with a post brexit trade deal. if not, they could see fresh food shortages and that is news to me, we tell you how the brits are preparing for that later in the show. federal federal investigation into hunter biden were poorly focused on his dealings with china as china got something on the biden family? we ask that frequently and today we asked the commerce secretary wilbur ross next. ♪ some hot cocoa?
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11:31 am
>> well, you can be sure they weren't after my wife's recipes for thanksgiving turkey stuffing but under our protocol with the intelligence community we really can't get into further details because if we did it would give them a clue as to how far along we are with understanding how they did it so there will be more revelations soon but for the moment we are taking it very, very seriously. stuart: if you know what they've done and where they got into are you then taking steps to correct the flaw in the system? >> well, as you know, these systems are very complicated and it is not always just one flaw. there are a whole bunch of firewalls and there are a whole bunch of defenses. it's really more complicated
11:32 am
than just one hole. stuart: okay, i will move on but even very articulate about the threat that china poses and there is growing concern in america about joe biden and his son hunter's ties to china. mr. secretary, let's be straightforward about this, to believe that china has something on the bidens that would compromise our relationship and our ability to be or to relate to china? >> well, i can only go by the way people have behaved. we have 612 companies on our entity list meaning they need licenses in order to get military sensitive products. of those, some 236, are from china. there was no such massive listing before. similarly, we have 542 anti-
11:33 am
dumping and countervailing duty actions against various countries and of those about 211 are against china. you can see our behavior has been way more than twice as aggressive on china as the prior administration. i think that speaks for itself. stuart: so you don't believe that the incoming biden team will maintain our high line on china and spine on our technology? >> well, i hope they will. they needed to. if we don't maintain a hard line, china will achieve their 2025 plan of becoming the dominant power in the world in terms of all the key technologies. we have dealt with while way and we have dealt with the te we have dealt with their semi conductor industry and we are
11:34 am
dealing with all kinds of issues and this is not letting up at all. they will accelerate their process because they push as hard as they possibly can until they made with enough determine assistance on our part that they have to stop. stuart: mr. secretary, wilbur ross, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciated us and hope to see you again. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: stain on china. i want to talk about allie bob up because they been hit with the new finds. who it finding them? susan: the fines are coming from beijing and its allowed message from china the big chinese tech companies are under the microscope so it's interesting that there are similarities between the u.s. and china which is raining and big tech. it's a big owner of a fortnight and the two largest chinese tech companies and two of the eighth largest in the world were both fined around $75,000 for the called monopoly power so not a
11:35 am
huge amount because 75,000 is nothing for these tech giants but it's a message that china is not going to give free reign to these tech giants that i think investors and wall street obviously concerned with. remember that alibaba armed anger and that record-breaking 30-dollar plus ipo canceled blindsided last minute by beijing so it seems and we talk about investors in alibaba that communism may not like the taste of capitalism when it comes to tech. stuart: and the company's party wants to maintain control of money and they don't like alibaba and they see it like a bank. susan: when you get too big and influential it's harder to rein in. stuart: and alibaba is big. jack, richest china and china. susan: yes, asia-pacific and depends on which day with the reliance. stuart: but alibaba is down today, to present it down at 258. got everything you, susan. let's go to the uk. grocery stores there are preparing for the possibility of
11:36 am
no brexit deal. ash, we just said this something about running out of fresh food, what? >> yes indeed. not only is the uk dealing with the pandemic but it's hard enough to get into a store but now the very real prospect of eight no deal brexit leaving british grocery stores to stockpile food. according to the sunday times the supermarkets have been told by government ministers to hoard nonperishable goods. they have already been widespread warnings from business leaders about possible fresh food shortages but potential delays from deliveries to the continent and price hikes if a deal is not reached. there are also fearing that the uncertainty over brexit and the deal could prompt panic fine among consumers which is already being reported. as we no, both sides have until december 312 agree on a deal. it's like there's nothing but the last minute when it comes to brexit. stuart: why, we are not
11:37 am
surprised? asked, thank you. restaurants from pennsylvania to california, some are defined restrictions and are staying open. looks like a revolt to me. frankly, i think it will grow. i will ask ed rensi about that. nearly 5 million people could lose their on appointment benefits if there is no relief deal by years end. we got a live report, not for you from the white house. ♪ ♪ geico makes the claims process so easy... ...i can file and manage my claim, all on the geico app. it's not just easy. it's giving-your-dog -your-fitness-tracker easy. oh, good boy.
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11:41 am
stuart: some of the early rally on the dow has been eroded, of 50 points now but the nasdaq still powering ahead, up 130 better than a 1% again. in a market like this i will call it a vaccine market and you expect to see high flyers. susan has been going through the computer and finding who they
11:42 am
are. susan: high flyers last week where the air b&b and door dash with a frenzy over the ipos but coming off today the da davidson which is an investment brokerage house saying they are downgrading door dash to a neutral and we had air b&b seen more negative outlooks from investment banks because is it worth $170? isn't worth 100% up from its ipo price? i think there's been a rethinking on these two ipos. let's bring up some of the tech players today and i'm talking amazon, video, microsoft and paypal because it's interesting when you have vaccines we've had this rotation as a highflying tech that is done so well this year and rotating is what we call underperformers like boeing which is still up today and the banks but it looks like they are participating in the move up which i find interesting in a recovering economy. stuart: good. nice for the chipmaking guide, guide, ten dollars for amazon is
11:43 am
to present. millions of people however, could soon lose pandemic related benefits if congress does not come up with the new relief deal. that let's go to blake burman live the white house bid blake, the payments stop when? reporter: short answer is by the end of the year. let me tick through some of them have been helping americans across this country. eviction moratorium is in place is one of them. unemployment insurance programs as well as the ability to access those by the end of the year end tax likes ability for businesses like, for example, being able to defer some of the payroll taxes and also if you had a hardship during covid-19 up until this point might be to access your 401k and withdraw some of that money and the 10% penalty has gone away and nat to ends at the end of this year. of course, the hope is, stuart, that they can negotiate a deal at some point in the upcoming days with president trump was signed into law and the house speaker nancy closing and the
11:44 am
treasury secretary stephen nugent are expect her to talk again today but stuart, reality is you probably could've closed her eyes and picked any day on the calendar at some point and had me on your show and i would've told you that the negotiations continued and the speaker and the treasury secretary are talking and here we are once again and the clock is ticking and they are down to the deadlines. stuart: and on and on. you're making a good living there and blake burman, thanks. [laughter] new york governor cuomo bands indoor dining just as a major winter storm is about to hit new york city. that means outdoor dining is not going to happen. you don't eat out in a blizzard, do you? so how are these places supposed to survive? ed rensi weighs in at next. ♪ ♪ system, your body needs routine. centrum helps your immune defenses every day,
11:45 am
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the we have to find just nosomething good luck! what does that mean? we are doomed. [laughter] that's it. i figured it out! we're going to give togetherness. that sounds dumb. we're going to take all those family moments and package them. hmm. [laughing]
11:47 am
that works.
11:48 am
♪ stuart: varney and company brings you the split screen on one side is chicago, on the lockdown right now and the other side florida totally open for business. ed rensi is with us and has lived in illinois or has lived in illinois for 40 years and now
11:49 am
lives in florida. what a difference? day and night. talk talk and cheese as we used to savor it all comes down to leadership, is that it? >> totally leadership and politics. it is clear the mayors and governors of some of these democratic-controlled cities do not understand what keeps a small business alive. less than 4% of the infections are incurring in these businesses and the covid infection is occurring where you have large groups of strangers who don't know each other and don't live together often and aren't following safe practices. governor desantis in florida was very open about this disease, told us what we needed to know and use a lot of common sense and said wash your hands, social distance, wear a mask and don't together in large groups of strangers. be smart, behave and you will be okay for it he opened up the state to the extent that he possibly could without putting people at risk. he guarded very carefully the senior citizens in nursing homes and in the villages, for
11:50 am
example, when there personally to talk to the people there. chicago is the opposite. new york is the opposite. bullying, absolute autocratic control, shut it down, doesn't make a difference if you have two customers at a nail salon or two customers at a bar, shut it down. it's insane and keeps saying follow the science, follow the science, follow the science and they do everything but. it is poor leadership, poor governance and they know better. they're not ignorant people. the mayors and governors in these states are educated and they know better and there is a political reason behind it. i don't understand it but it's wrong. stuart: there is a revolt, you know, you've seen this, ed. all across the country restaurants in orange county for example, southern some pennsylvania state open despite orders to close. i call this a revolt. what is your advice or what would you advise these restaurants to do? >> well, i think the citizens in this country better start voting differently because if we keep voting these people in office it
11:51 am
will get worse and worse. i have a good friend who owns a bar in hinckley, illinois, half moon diner, the friend of that they would take away his food and liquor license if he opened up. if he gets 100 customers a day it's a lot. he's very careful but it's just wrong to put that kind of boot in a guys back and say you can't earn a living. they are stealing away the ability to grow your family and live your life. stuart: i don't know whether you saw this, ed but i want to bring it to your attention and to our viewers. indoor dining has been banned in new york city. we've got a winter storm coming that could deliver -- if it delivers a foot of snow those restaurant owners who have erected those structures on the sidewalk have got to take them all down. they've paid all that money to get them going and now if you get a big snowstorm they are taking them down for it i don't know how the people will survive in this. >> they will not survive. think about the medical side of
11:52 am
this. inside a restaurant, typical restaurant, the air is exchanged four times a minute with the exhaust fans and hvac. you put people in a tent outside you don't have that kind of heating ventilation and air conditioning. it's more dangerous outside than inside. now you have a massive snowstorm and tell the people that the tens of thousands of dollars they invested to keep their business alive will go down the drain? it's absurd to the point of being a cartoon. it's not believable at any level. stuart: believe me, ed, the city is not a happy city at this point. ed rensi, thank you for being with us. i'm sure we'll see you again soon. >> i hope so. stuart: yeah, we do too. look at this, amazon unveiling its new self driving robo taxi, it's electric, space bar for passengers and can travel up to 75 miles an hour and can run for 60 hours on a single charge.
11:53 am
the car will be used for new ride healing services. currently being tested in vegas, san francisco and in california. susan: i would like to check in on over and lift and whether or not that will affect their business. stuart: mip. show me disney, the theme parks and i don't get this, the theme parks are coming under fire for photos on rides. ashley, what's the problem? >> well, apparently disney and florida has been photo shopping face masks onto mask lists guests on those park rides. those who were not wearing them as they go in and digitally put them on this has been reported by a guest who say they've also been having to wait a lot longer for their pictures to be developed in disney says yes, okay, i will put a stop to the practice and clarifying that the so-called enhancements were actually part of a test run since it disney adding that they
11:54 am
continue to expect guests to wear base coverings and they are still limiting capacity and temperature screening everyone through the gates. i think they were trying to perhaps in a message to people that you got to wear a mask and even if you don't wear one on a ride we will put one on for you. not exactly that's a safest move but i think that's what they were doing. stuart: looks like it. and the california disney, disneyland, still not open, i believe. >> yet. shut until further notice. stuart: thank you, ashley. check out that market please. up 70 points on the dow, 37100 and more varney after this. ♪ ♪
11:55 am
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stuart: i think we've got the video. it is coming up shortly. the vaccine arriving in south florida. this was moments ago. seems like it is happening across the country. the vaccine is being rushed out there. a brilliant logistical move to get super cold vaccine into 145 hospitals today. i think it is 630 sites all together within the next couple days. there was this early this morning, 9:30 eastern time, new york city, governor cuomo, a skeptic of the vaccine, he made sure to show the very first jab
11:59 am
was here in new york city and he was on camera the whole time all the way through. very skeptical of the vaccine. said he didn't trust the president. he would have special testing done of the vaccine. didn't do that he got the first job and stayed on camera all the way through. there you have it. now one thing that emerged from the show today, people keep asking me this, how do i get the vaccine? once the supplies arrive how do i get it? the answer on the show today was, you go to cvs right? susan: go to cvs for free. it is two doses. you have to come back in a month's time. 25 million doses available in the u.s. by the end of this month. stuart: that is remarkable a huge logistical enterprise. looks like they have got it done. the first jab has happened. we get it free at cvs. probably other places. i do not want to rule out walgreen's. walmart too. stuart: you go to any of the, say the health clinics, get a
12:00 pm
jab in the arm. stuart: i presume insurance covers it. i presume. i presume. as they should indeed. we've got a market rally. we've lost steam on the dow. look at that nasdaq, up over 1%. time's up for me. neil, it's yours. neil: stuart, thank you very, very much, my friend. we are up about 65 points on the dow right now but a lot might have to do with opec sort of saying the robust demand we thought we would see for our oil is not there. i'm simplifying it. i will get into that. gains nevertheless across the board. run-up in technology driving nasdaq still haier. we're keeping an eye on that. all this bow whiched by the roll out of the vaccine by itself. we'll see 2.9 doses distributed over the next roughly 24 hours. 2.9 million doses after that 21 days later. this is a two-dose vaccine. wh


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