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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  December 14, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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internet things like shopping, health care, people working from home. that infrastructure play we think is critical and it's where we are going to be looking to add names in the next quarter. charles: victoria, really appreciate it. thank you so much. all right, so liz claman, coming up, a little waffly here. it feels like to victoria's point, we are waiting for the next catalyst. we love the vaccine news but the market maybe has built that in. maybe looking for one more thing to kind of give us that spark. liz: let me give you this, charles. if you thought the opening bell this morning was an historic one, it is within this hour as we barrel toward the closing bell where we are about to witness multiple firsts. it's the first time since this morning's pfizer biontech vaccine rollout that the man in charge of keeping cool will speak out. it's kind of insulting to call them smart labels, the brilliant labels that ensure the vaccine's boxes stay at subarctic
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temperatures to prevent the crucial vials from degrading. he will show you how the label sends a warning signal if the heat gets in. it's fast becoming the hottest gift of the season. two blind brothers. they are vision-impaired but their first ever genius clothing brand is opening eyes and wallets when it comes to taking a leap of faith and giving a whole new different meaning to flying blind. curing blindness in a most creative way. we may see the very first sell on the day one distribution news. the dow hit an intraday high, all-time high earlier, launching to 30,325, but has now fallen back to earth and even below a bit of the earth's crust here. we are down 34 points at the moment. s&p kind of at the flat line here. the nasdaq, staying strong, up 113 points. we've got team fox business coverage. reporters fanning out across the nation following the vaccine from delivery to realtime
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vaccination, to the fast-shifting market reaction. but we will begin with edward lawrence. edward at this very moment is in tampa, florida, where tampa general hospital was selected as one of the so-called lucky five to get the vaccine first. edward? reporter: yeah, liz, actually, the second person in the united states, the front line worker was vaccinated under operation warp speed right here at tampa general hospital. i want to show you, that's the loading dock right there. you can see where the trucks are backed up, the 18-wheelers. that is the loading dock where the fed ex shipment first was dropped off. there were security guards, armed guards around that shipment there, as well as other front line workers waiting on that shipment. now that the flood gates are open, the florida governor ron desantis says this is the beginning of the end for the coronavirus. >> you also this week see employees from some of these other areas, the other hospitals, be vaccinated so you have 100,000, almost 100,000 this week for that.
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we also have about 60,000 going to cvs and walgreens for the long-term care mission, then the state is going to receive tomorrow about 20,000. reporter: pfizer shipped 920,000 doses yesterday and that's what showed up here in tampa as well as all 50 states. it went to hospitals in every single state in the united states. now, the first worker who actually got the vaccination in the united states was actually in new york city. governor andrew cuomo was on site for that vaccination. yes, the same governor who questioned the effectiveness of a coronavirus vaccine under the trump administration saying that he wanted to have his own people look at it, he was there for the first shot when it was made in new york city. back to you, liz. liz: well, that is what matters. we are thrilled that they step up, the northwell employees from lennox hill and long island jewish, thank you, new york city. from new york to grady trimble in chicago, where national chains from walmart to walgreens
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and cvs are now preparing for the rollout of the vaccines to i guess the rest of us. grady? reporter: yeah, liz, the goal is to make getting the coronavirus vaccine as simple as going to your local walmart. that may be months away, but these retailers, walmart, walgreens and cvs, will play a critical role in getting the shot into the arms of the general public. so right now, the vaccine is en route to hospitals across the country, but also, to all of these retail chains. they will first administer it to health care workers as well as the elderly. all of the chains have partnered with tens of thousands of long-term nursing homes across the country. they will start inoculating those residents a week from today on december 21st. eventually, the goal is for everyone who wants a vaccine to be able to get one. the timing on that is a little trickier because it depends on how quickly the various vaccines can be produced, but as of right now, we are expecting that at
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some point in 2021. cvs and walgreens, in fact, are hiring tens of thousands of workers right now to make this happen. in terms of who gets the vaccine, well, all of the retailers say that won't be up to them. the pharmacy chain saying they will have no say in who gets the vaccine. that will be up to the states, then they will divvy it up accordingly. all of these retailers have great experience in doing this. cvs, for example, says it will vaccinate 20 million people this year alone with the flu vaccine and various other vaccines so this is nothing new to them. they also have the advantage of proximity. just about everybody lives within a few miles of a walmart, cvs or walgreens, or all of them, so they will be able to go to these places, get their vaccine and be on their way. it should be a very simple process, liz, but of course, it is complicated as well because of how these vaccines need to be stored. all of these locations are
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preparing freezers and dry ice and educating employees to make sure they are ready to administer it. liz? liz: you just said the key word, freeze. grady, you know this. we have been talking for weeks about the cold chain distribution piece of this mass effort. the vaccine has to be kept at minus 94 degrees fahrenheit during shipping, or else it's rendered ineffective. coming up, wait until you see how the coolest labels in the business are keeping the freeze on. zebra technologies is about to show its stripes right here on "the claman countdown." and the stock is doing very nice performance over the past year. all right. does this vaccine victory day mean that the market's runways are open and stocks are free and clear for takeoff ahead of 2021? to our floor show traders. all right. gentlemen, mark the dow here. we are still in the red but scott redler, scott bauer. if you look at intradays of some
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airline names, we hardly have a definitive answer. delta, united airlines, southwest, they were all higher earlier. they are probably trying to make a little bit of a comeback but you can see that's exactly what's happening. what say you? >> right. you are exactly right, liz. you looked intraday and those types of stocks react immediately, just immediately to whatever the headline news is. so we got news earlier today saying there might be a new york shutdown and what happened? those stocks immediately got hit as some of the other cruise liners did. so you have to really take a little bit longer look at those. you can't watch a minute by minute chart. you really just have to look okay, what's the outlook a week, a month, three months, six months down the road. for me, if i'm going to invest in one of those stocks. trading it is a completely different animal. if you are looking at it for a longer term investment, absolutely do not look at those minute by minute charts because you will drive yourself
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absolutely crazy. liz: and which is exactly what we are doing right now. we don't mean to make people crazy but we do want them to be hyper-informed of how the beast moves, this monster of a market which is a voting machine, obviously, but scott bauer is correct, you had governor cuomo and then bill deblasio say please be prepared in the next three weeks, we could see a complete lockdown again in new york city, and i don't know, as you look at the patterns of some of these names, we can even look obviously at the dow jones industrials, right on our screen right now. this indicates it isn't such an easy picture to sketch out. >> what scott just said was perfectly true. basically a lot of these airlines also had about a 30% to 50% move prior to today. so the sector etf for the airlines, the jets, it was at
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19. it went to 24 plus. these cute little computers always try and sell the news so it will be important on these kind of headlines and the mass vaccine distribution rollout that a little bit of down move isn't a big deal because it will show that it's still constructive to higher prices as things get more normalized in the next one to three to six months. but short-term looking at the tick by tick, there are people that make a living doing that, i am one of them. if we want to see santa claus actually come next week which is what traders are starting to focus on, we need to get past this s&p rebalance which is very important because a lot of the megacap tech names like apple, microsoft, amazon, they have been getting sold for room for tesla. i think if we are going to continue to rally into year end, after friday, i think we need the market to continue its rally with big cap tech next week and then perhaps when new flows come in, the value names take the next turn as each week, we have had a different type of rotation.
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liz: yeah. and here we go. we are still looking at a three-month picture of amazon which certainly is an interesting one. microsoft, the same. we have had the peak of the moment but if you're looking at three months, it is -- >> liz, amazon hasn't done anything in six months. so it's been consolidation which is also healthy. it could actually resolve out of this range after this week, i think it will be very healthy for the overall market. liz: i guess my order of two cans of wd-40 didn't push it up to the highs. good to see you. >> you didn't get the giant size. liz: i did. the double pack. i won't need it for the next 38 years. all right. it's one thing to lose your g-mail, guys, but just as a snowstorm barrels toward the east coast, your thermostat as well? google knows about the massive
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outage that took down its network. plus what the government is saying about the dangerous hack attack aimed at the heart of our country's financial stability and the publicly traded cybersecurity stock wearing a bull's eye in the wake of this espionage action. closing bell ringing in 49 minutes. dow is still flagging, down 37 points but still above 30,000. we'll be right back. - hi, i'm steve.
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liz: okay. so did you wake up this morning having trouble accessing your g-mail? maybe more importantly, were you freezing? a massive outage hitting dozens of google apps and devices globally put them out of service for about an hour early this morning. stock is down about 1% still. now, everything ranging from g-mail to youtube to google classroom, even nest thermostat devices were disrupted. service for the affected apps did resume around 7:30 a.m. eastern. google now saying the worldwide mishap was triggered by an authentication system outage.
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but there's still some major explaining to do in washington, d.c. after the treasury and commerce departments were hacked and now the national security council acknowledges russian intelligence pulled off the cyberbreach. to cheryl casone on what they were after. cheryl: yeah. you know, we are learning a few more details at this hour, because the treasury and commerce departments were reportedly hit by a supply chain attack attack on a security company which serves not only the federal government but a large swath of fortune 500 companies that use that company to monitor the security of their i.t. networks. russian hackers have apparently been scouting internal e-mail traffic at the treasury and commerce departments and were able to tamper with updates from solar winds. in a security memo, the texas-based firm acknowledged its system did experience a quote, highly sophisticated manual supply chain attack and response to cybersecurity and infrastructure agency ordered
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all agencies to immediately disconnect from the affected product on their network. the question, what solarwinds clients were affected? they work with the top ten telecommunications companies out there, all branches of the military, all of the big five accounting firms, the doj, even the white house. we all need to prepare ourselves to maybe get some more notices. liz: this is like mr. robot. i mean, from the google thing to this, it's really kind of worrisome. i'm off the grid. that's it. i'm done. i'm out. yeah, right. cheryl, thank you very much. cheryl casone. airbnb and door dash shares are kind of limping toward the close. little bit of fear over last week's stellar public debuts for both names running rampant and both stocks getting hit with downgrades today on valuation worries. that's giving airbnb a 6.6% cliff. door dash is getting cut by
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9.7%. all right. from selling to buying sight unseen. how two blind brothers are changing the view of retail and gift giving this holiday season. two blind brothers now at the center of what's turning into the hottest holiday gift. with the closing bell ringing in 42 minutes, you're about to meet two blind brothers, next. stay tuned. m to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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clever. liz: okay. what are you looking at? you are looking at a guy who actually bought sight unseen. it is turning into the hottest holiday thing. that's right. two brothers looking through an entirely different lens at the shopping experience, challenging everyone to shop blind for an unusual and incredible cause. bradford and brian manning co-founded two blind brothers. the two legally blind siblings spent their lives not knowing what was in the gift box and now they are asking you to take a leap of faith and do the same this holiday season. if it meant you could be part of solving blindness. the founders of two blind brothers join us now on "the claman countdown." okay. oh, my god, i love you guys. you are kind of celebrities to me because i have now gotten hooked on tiktok and suddenly, i started to see you on tiktok and i was immediately taken by your videos where you bluntly ask would you buy something you
3:24 pm
couldn't see. let me start with you, bradford. how did you guys come up with this concept? >> so brian and i being visually impaired have always benefited from the trust -- from trusting others. if we can't see a menu in a restaurant or we can't see a station stop in a subway, we might just trust the person next to us to tell us what it says or give us their recommendation on a menu, so we wanted to create an experience where we could sort of pay it forward, you know, would you trust us and buy something that you cannot see. liz: and when you trust the website and you buy something, a gift that you cannot see, it does in a way, i found this fascinating, simulate what you have experienced your whole life, and that's buying blind. >> yeah, brad and i have a rare retinal eye condition where basically all the cells in the center of our vision die. it's like similar to macular
3:25 pm
degeneration, a lot of grandparents have. 11 million people in the u.s. suffer from some form of retinal eye disease today. so brad and i have gone through the world experiencing the world and living out of our periphery and trying to get by with a disease a lot of people would think is hyper limiting. liz: brad, you talk about you were shopping in i believe was blee bloomingdale's and you both split up and were feeling your way around and when you got back together after your hour or two of shopping, it turned out you had both bought the same shirt, because you were going by feel. and it was extremely soft. you thought well, let me start this business here of going more by touch and of course, i would imagine, looks as well but then talk about the idea of donating 100%, i mean, 100% to curing blindness is awesome, but most people want to go into business to make money.
3:26 pm
>> well, we never had aspirations for this project to grow beyond the foundation fighting blindness community, which is the charity that supports all of these preclinical retinal researchers, and we were actually inspired by the story of luck sterna that started with a small charitable grant in the mid '90s so we thought it is hard to make tangible the idea that you can actually impact research. so this was our way to try to give back to a community we had always been very close to. liz: so what happened? you go on the website, i know this already because about 25 minutes ago, i went on and i opted for buying blind, buying something sight unseen. i did pick the most expensive, there are all different versions, there's a $30 plan, a couple of others. i went for the $189 because it's the season of generosity.
3:27 pm
but i thought to myself wait, i'm a little anxious here, i didn't even tell them my size. >> well, if i told you what was in the box, wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose of the process, of the trust? and for the next couple days until that package arrives, we love this idea of you sitting there wondering, waiting, that excitement builds until on your front doorstep like santa claus was a little too big to fit down the chimney, you get to open that door and see the beautiful two blind brothers package, open it up and i can assure you one thing. what's inside is absolutely as joyful as possible. liz: what i think is so cool, brad, is that you guys have stitched in braille tags. tell me about who is buying, who is jumping on this website? do you get a sense of your customer? >> so it started with our community, the community around the foundation fighting blindness and the visually
3:28 pm
impaired and blind community, because of people frankly like you and fox business and other folks that have lifted up our story, we are now seeing it run across social media, you know. it's partners like facebook and instagram and tiktok that actually have allowed us to scale well beyond that and the thing that we get so inspired by every day is actually the community response, when that mother, that father, that individual who has a retinal eye disease in their family can actually share that moment with us and for us, it's almost like going back in time and giving advice to our former selves. that is one of the most rewarding parts of this experience. liz: well, i'm rewarded just seeing you, because you are tiktok rock stars to me. i'm so excited, i just want to show our viewers. i'm holding up my laptop because we didn't see this part, and basically, it says right there, will you shop blind and there
3:29 pm
are a whole bunch of different options on price. you guys, i have done it. i took the leap of faith. now i'm all excited because i don't know what i'm going to get. bradford and brian manning, we are thrilled to have you guys on. please come back and let us know and by the way, i want people the know, you have up until december 20th, right, is that correct? >> yeah. you know, there might not be enough time, you guys know better than anybody, the carriers and shipping can be a little tough. but if people want to do it, just go to to check it out. we also have a concert we are doing with agt winner cody lee, who is blind, on december 17th, if people are interested in watching that holiday concert, they can do that at we really appreciate it. we feel very grateful. liz: well, we are grateful you're on. it's a perfect, perfect story. i love it. good luck to you guys. >> thank you. liz: thank you so much. you saw, right, two blind
3:30 pm everybody go on, come o take that leap of faith. i did. from braille tags to one of the smartest labels i think ever invented. labels that could mean the difference between life and death. coming up, we are about to exclusively unveil the secret weapon mckesson is using to enassure the covid vaccines remain frosty and issue a warning if the heat hits. closing bell ringing in 29 and a half minutes. the dow struggling, down 58, but the russell is up 14. we'll be right back. this is decision tech.
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liz: a fox business alert. we do need to check in on virgin galactic shares. they are still cratering, down
3:35 pm
17.25% after its sleek suborbital plane was forced to bail out of saturday's latest test flight of the space 2 unity rocket. an improper ignition sequence taking the blame for the aborted attempt. shares of sir richard branson's space tourism company now stand at $26.51. heading back down pretty much to the lows of the session. ea taking out take 2 in the bidding war for britain's codemasters, parent of madden football paying $1.2 billion for the racing game publisher. ea is jumping about 1.5%. take 2, best known for grand theft auto, had made a lesser offer for the developer back in november but will they miss out? doesn't appear take 2 investors are having any problem cruising past this latest missed purchase. stock is up 3%. ubs giving the green light to mcdonald's shares. the bank encouraged by multiple
3:36 pm
bullish sales signs but the buy call aside, take a look at this on your screen. mcdonald's golden arches now a hairstyle? yeah. the burger titan launching a virtual hair salon in sweden but only for fans willing to cut their hair to look like the signature golden m-shaped logo, a look made popular as we slowly painfully zoom in to that hairstyle. a look made popular back in the '90s by leonardo dicaprio. those surrendering to the scissors get a free big mac. okay, no. mcdonald's up 2.25%. snowflake caught in a winter storm ahead of tomorrow's lockup expiration part one. this is when employees and other early shareholders of the warren buffett-backed cloud data giant get their first chance to sell their vested options ahead of the full lockup expiration in march of 2021. snowflake pulling back by 6.8%.
3:37 pm
all right. now that pfizer's covid vaccine is pumping into arms across the country, it is critical that not a single vial spoils while en route to providers or while sitting in storage. as it makes its way across the nation, the vaccine must be shipped and stored at subarctic temperatures. we have been telling you that for weeks. but how would shippers know if temperatures rise even just a single degree? zebra technologies' vaccine vial labels monitor vial temperatures but there's more. the labels actually flag shippers if the deep freeze is somehow compromised. joining us in a fox business exclusive is zebra technologies' global supplies chief. tony, great to have you. it would almost, i was saying earlier, be insulting to call these smart labels. i call them genius labels. how do they work? >> you know, it's a very simple technology that really gives you a visual indication whether it's
3:38 pm
at a vial level or actually at kind of a card level for insulated coolers, to just give you a quick indication whether that temperature within that particular covid box has been exposed to a heat variation. very simple, yet very sophisticated as we really monitor the temperature of these vaccines as they go out throughout the u.s. liz: and what they do, if there is somehow some type of compromise situation, and again, these medical and biological products really do need certain very specific temperatures, the label shifts from light to dark. what does it take? how many degrees makes it sensitive to actually triggering that shift? >> you know, it actually, we have various profiles and when you look at the covid-19 vaccines coming out, there will be various profiles, whether it's from, you know, pfizer or astrazeneca or any of the big
3:39 pm
pharmaceuticals that are coming out with a vaccine, but we have the ability to tune our vaccine vial monitors, and you can see just a little showing here, where that vaccine vial monitor is mapped in tune to that specific vaccine's profile and will let you know by just a visual alert whether it has been exposed, and it's very simple. it's kind of a white square in the middle of that label on the top of the vaccine, and when it goes through a temperature excursion, it will actually trigger and start to turn colors to a dark color. when it is dark, is when that vaccine has been compromised by heat as an example. liz: you know -- go ahead. go ahead. >> yeah. i was going to say, it's critically important because what we really want to know, and there's a lot of press out there today on the shipment and the storage of these vaccines, but i would like to take it actually to another level. if i look at the vaccine vial
3:40 pm
monitor, what this allows us to do is actually watch the journey of the vaccine from the manufacturer to when it is injected into somebody's arm, and really, someone can visually look at that vaccine before it's injected to say yes, i know that that has not been compromised and vaccines are a little bit different because you can't see them or smell them if they have been exposed to higher temperatures as an example, but if you think about milk or fresh seafood when it spoils, you can taste it or smell it. vaccines actually don't change color or smell so this vaccine vial monitor gives the capability to actually see that that vaccine has been exposed which is very important. liz: absolutely brilliant. there are redundant labels on these vials and packages. ups has something called they are shouldering dry ice refills, they have packaging, they have labeling, gps trackers.
3:41 pm
this thing is looking like a nascar with all the ads all over it. i'm fascinated by the cold chain distribution that we have all learned about since the vaccine had begun to be created, but will this in retrospect really be a historical moment for labeling for zebra technologies and the temp time division that is under the umbrella of zebra technologies? >> yeah, i think this is going to be an unprecedented time for us. if you think about what we can do here in the u.s., we have these, you mentioned earlier, mckesson kind of looks like a playing card that gets inserted into the insulated coolers, but i really think if we take it down to the vaccine vial level, i think that's when we know that individual patients will be able to see through that visual indication that things are okay. it's interesting, outside of the u.s., you know, we deal with low and middle income countries, you know, through w.h.o. and those
3:42 pm
countries, because w.h.o. is more the regulatory body, they actually specify that vaccine vial monitor on all the covid-19 vaccines that will be going out. so it's a little bit different within the u.s. versus the rest of the world in some cases. liz: tony, great to have you. thank you for showing that to us here exclusively. i want to let our viewers know, zebra technologies moving higher today but it has a 52% gain year to date. as this technology just blows us all away. see you next time. thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you. liz: say good-bye to the big apple. why new new york city lockdown risks could send wall street's biggest names packing for good. not just temporarily. charlie breaks it. and it's the go-to website for beautiful holiday images you can put on your cards and any kind of greeting online. shutterstock actually up more
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than 350 million photographs but was started by a new york kid who ran around the streets of manhattan with a little canon rebel camera taking pictures of anything and everything, then uploading them for one subscription fee. from that idea, you've got to hear how it turned him into silicon valley's first billionaire. his inspirational story is my latest episode of everyone talks to liz podcast on spotify, apple, google, wherever you get your podcasts. there are so many american dream stories on there that will give you inspiration to reach out for your own. closing bell ringing in 17 minutes. we do have the dow jones industrials now down triple digits, down 151 points. stay tuned. we will find out what's at work here when we come back.
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the we have to find just nosomething good luck! what does that mean? we are doomed. [laughter] that's it. i figured it out! we're going to give togetherness. that sounds dumb. we're going to take all those family moments and package them. hmm. [laughing] that works.
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liz: all right. so we have suddenly taken a dip for the dow jones industrials. we were already down, but to have dropped from down about 20 points to down 161 points, it could be this headline that is pressuring the markets suddenly, as you see lows of the session at the moment. it appears that the covid deaths in the united states have now surpassed 300,000. to put this into perspective, just yesterday, i was taking notes on this, the deaths were at 298,101. now they have surpassed 300,000 here in the united states. that of course is certainly sobering for the markets and for this country. dow is still down about 156 points. let us turn to tesla, which next monday joins the s&p 500. tesla is not the only one
3:49 pm
joining an exclusive club. peloton set to spin its way into the nasdaq 100 next monday. the tech-heavy index also swiping right on match group, american electric power, marvel technologies, okta and australian software developer atlassian corporation. peloton is jumping 4.33%. marvell up 3.5%. feeling the love of joining the nasdaq 100. looking at tesla, can't ever forget tesla, the sun shining on elon musk's powerhouse into the close. the ev giant not only joining the s&p on the 21st, but also the s&p 100 in an ironic twist of fate, replacing fossil fuel giant occidental petroleum. tesla jumping 4.9%. occi down 7.8%. both new york governor andrew cuomo and new york city mayor bill deblasio had a rare
3:50 pm
agreement on the subject, both saying earlier today the city may have to implement a total lockdown once again. this in response to wall street firms are saying we can't deal with this, we may never fully reopen in manhattan, again, charlie? they are going to leave wall and broad? charlie: well, we should point out governor cuomo and mayor deblasio agree on something else, and that's the need to tax people. they are both talking up tax increases on quote unquote, the wealthy. that's generally people that work at the big banks and the banks, we should point out, insurance firms and real estate, all kind of together, that's a big part of the new york city economy. these are some of the highest earners. they employ 500,000 people in the city. they also spur much economic growth because they spend a lot. what both are saying is we need to tax them to plug new york city and new york state budget deficits and budget deficits of
3:51 pm
big state agencies like the metropolitan transportation authority. what the banks are saying, we got this pretty exclusive. lydia moynihan got this today speaking with the partnership for new york, the banks are saying, they are telling lawmakers both in albany, the governor, the mayor, if you do that, you will face -- if you do these tax increases that focus on these high end workers, you are going to face a mass exodus from the city, the exodus that began, it's been a slow burn i would say for the past 20 years, but that exodus will ramp up dramatically, they are saying, and they are saying this. here's what you face if you do these tax increases. not only will we continue to move to places in florida, we will keep a lot of our people at home. i mean, you can work from home if you are a banker. you do not have to be in the city. you can keep your residence, but you don't need a dual residence in manhattan and connecticut or manhattan and pennsylvania or
3:52 pm
wherever. and that's the type of conversations that are going on right now. clearly, a very tough situation for new york officials. they face these massive budget deficits but they are also killing the golden goose which is this massive industry of real estate, banks, insurance, that pay salaries for average people and if you target them, they are going to continue the exodus out of the city. we should point out that rich in new york is -- rich in ohio is not exactly rich in new york. sometimes these tax increases focus on people making 200 grand a year with two kids, you know, cars and a house. that's not exactly living high on the hog but they are often targeted by these taxes. we should point out, we do have a full screen, we should put that up, from katherine wild. this is how she put it. again, she's the chief of this
3:53 pm
lobby group that advocates on behalf of wall street and big business. there's no question we will soon see a significant loss of wall street talent beyond the pandemic. how long that lasts and how deep the exodus becomes is a function of whether the political class continues to demonize success, that means tax them. we should point out new york city has some of the most progressive lawmakers in the country. andrew kwcuomo has resisted tax increases in the past. he's now a minority even though he's a liberal democrat, he's not quite the progressive. he knows if you tax these people, they will move. he may be giving in right now. back to you. liz: charlie gasparino, is miami the new wall street? you hear a lot of people moved to miami. it's not just a taste for europe's briere and parmesan. a taste for european stocks has today's "countdown" closer betting on euro equities for one very specific reason. it involves the euro, the pound
3:54 pm
and the u.s. dollar. we'll be right back. the dow is down 124. ♪ i joined amazon because i wanted to change education and i am impatient. amazon gives me the resources to change the world at a pace that i want to change it. ♪ we provide students stem scholarships and teachers with support. ♪ i'm a fighter and i'm fighting for all students. . . .
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she's so beautiful. janie, come here. check this out. let me see. she looks... kind of like me. yeah. that's because it's your grandma when she was your age. oh wow. that's...that's amazing. oh and she was on the debate team. yeah, that's probably why you're the debate queen. - mmhmm. - i'll take that. look at that smile. i have the same dimples as her. yeah. the same placements and everything. unbelievable.
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♪. liz: closing bell ringing in about three minutes. low of the session. a loss of 176 points. pretty much from peak to trough to peak to trough we do at least see 470-point move, a swing in the dow. right know the s&p is down 11. nasdaq is still up 75. we got to look at the dollar. the dollar is testing the lows of april 2018. you're looking against the uk pound and euro it continues to weaken and weaken. for the pound's part seeing bump increased chances of finally a brexit trade deal. what opportunities does a weak dollar have for investors when you flip it over? we an investor $2 billion under
3:58 pm
management. you say look at european companies and those names out there. which areas. >> what we're looking at right now you're seeing investors look elsewhere outside of the u.s. we're seeing that materialize in the dollar as well and one of the areas we like are developed international equities. part of the reason, they have consistently underperformed u.s. equities. when you look at u.s. equities basically pricing in perfect shun you can go elsewhere and lagged where they haven't caught up up to the rally the last five years, taking the pandemic out of the equation. european stocks look attractive to us. relationship between the weak dollar and positive returns for european equities. so we do like the european markets. liz: nothing worries you about that? i get nervous when i see all of the question marks as they pertain to governance over there. yes the eurozone and the european union are making sure they're putting all kinds of financial pillows underneath
3:59 pm
when it comes to stimulus packages. they're certainly having more action than we are here in the united states on that but is there any caveat here about it? >> i think that you're exactly right, they have got their act together from the fiscal and monetary stimulus standpoint and if you look at the amount of monetary stimulus they put into the system some of the major companies in europe it is more than a percent of gdp than we've seen here in the u.s. they are not only ahead of us going into the pandemic, they will be ahead of us getting out. keep in mind we still haven't seen some of the data that is the result of the next wave that we've seen here in the coronavirus then as you go into the winter months we think it will be challenging from the u.s. standpoint for economic data but in europe they have already dealt with a lockdown. they will then be emerging from this before we will. we think there is opportunity there. liz: listen, we like ideas of all kinds. thank you so much, megan.
4:00 pm
with virdo's capital advisors. she is the director there. [closing bell rings] we're closing close to the session lows for the dow jones industrials. i believe we're hitting that floor, down 182 points now we have 300,000 deaths from covid in the u.s. connell: happening right now we have a bipartisan press conference that we're watching very closely, it is about to get started on covid relief. we'll keep an eye on that as stocks end mixed right at the lows on stimulus uncertainty in part even as the coronavirus vaccine has started to roll out across the country today. in fact a nurse in queens, new york became the very first person in all of america to receive that vaccine. just a great moment to watch earlier today but as it turns out that great moment happened on the very same day the u.s. surpassed 300,000 deaths from covid-19. now if you look at the markets at the close, the


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