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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 14, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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join us for all of those folks. foal me on twitter @loudobbs. like me on facebook, instagram, parler @loudobbstonight. see you here tomorrow. good night from sussex. elizabeth: we have breaking news. this just in, president trump just announcing attorney general william barr is resigning from the justice department effective december 23rd. we will bring you tonight reaction from washington. also this fight. the biggest fight now on. it can hit your kitchen table and pocketbook. republicans now mobilizing to get-out-the-vote in the georgia senate runoff. the fate of republican control of the senate is hanging in the balance. there is this story. republicans sounding the alarm. they say the race in georgia is now being conducted unfairly. with us tonight top republican jim jordan, former acting attorney general matthew
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whitaker, former federal prosecutor jim trusty along with china expert michael pillsbury, "the hill"'s joe concha, former top border official and former new york city police officer, tom homan. we'll stay on the william barr story for you. republicans on the move in georgia as they combat two new developments. gop saying millions of dollars pouring into georgia out-of-state a top democrat is raising eyebrows about claim of mail-in ballots flooding in. it is history in the making first americans getting vaccinated today. president trump says he deserves the credit because a wait for vaccine would have been years in the making if he was not president. administration officials firing back at democrats. they say they are politicizing the vaccine push. msnbc trying to blame trump for the democrats own skepticism about the vaccine. the biden probe has gotten bigger this new development too. this story coming out of "the daily caller" f joe biden
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had nothing to do with hunter biden's business dealings overseas as he claims then why is "the daily caller" that hunter biden reportedly asked for keys for hunter's d.c. office for joe biden, dr. jill biden, for james biden, for the biden foundation and hunter biden's chinese business partersers in to share the exact same space. we have more on hunter biden may have not reported on his own tax returns this controversy a family kicked off of a united airlines plane after they struggled but could not get their two-year-old to wear a mask. outrage. portland protesters outrage when the family foreclosure as the family owns another home miles away, they raised hundreds of thousands over protests there. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪
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elizabeth: welcome to the show. let's go right at it with top house republican jim jordan joins us now. sir, your quick reaction to a.g. barr stepping down? >> look, that is the call for the president and the attorney general. i appreciate so much though the attorney general's service to our country. serves as attorney general two different occasions. look i think many americans as i was and you were liz were frustrated at the pace of some of the investigations. the fact we didn't know certain things before the election frankly we should have known. elizabeth: i was not frustrated. just reporting on them. i was reporting on them but go ahead. >> no, i understand i think a lot of americans have been frustrated but i do appreciate the attorney general's work on the mueller investigation and the fact that he, he put out that letter when the mueller report first came out. i appreciate the fact that he named john durham. we know john durham is beefing up his investigation, adding prosecutors to the investigation. i think that is a good thing. i appreciate the fact that attorney general barr back in
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october named john durham not just as the guy investigating this but designated him as special counsel. so we appreciate his service but that is call for the president and of course as i said i think some americans as i was frustrated at the pace of some of the things that happened. elizabeth: you know was criticized how he characterize the mueller report. he has been aggressive about law and order in u.s. cities and also about the border. >> yeah. elizabeth: a.g. barr served this country since the '70s off and on. he has a career there. your final word on a.g. barr. go ahead, final word. >> i think you're right, liz. we appreciate his service on two different occasions he has been the top law enforcement guy in our country. we appreciate what he did with the mueller investigation and what he did with john durham launching that to get to the bottom of this. we hope the investigation completed some time soon. we frankly wish we would have known about the hunter biden investigation and that frankly he designated john durham as
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special counsel before the election but we appreciate his service to the country. elizabeth: let's move on to georgia. early voting in georgia runoff. you came with a event with kelly loeffler and david perdue. you call this is the super bowl of races. why? >> democrats want to come after your freedom. they want to take away your money via taxes. they want to take away your private health insurance. they want to take away your guns. they want to take away classic drinking straws for heaven's sake. they want to take away the police. we know they support the defund the police crazy concept. it is about freedom. if they control the senate, the mob in the street we've seen play out over the summer and the fall, cancel culture online only intensifies, only gets worse. it is important we have good people in the united states senate like kelly loeffler and david perdue. you can feel the energy. i have done seven events on the
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last 3:00 days. you within feel the energy on our side. with needed our people to come out and support kelly and david. i think we are going to win. elizabeth: republicans hold a 50-48 majority. if democrats win both races vice president elect kamala harris would be tie-breaking vote giving party unified control of the congress and the white house. is this true what we're hearing there is money pouring in from out-of-state for california and other states into the georgia races? that is what senator purdue is saying. >> there is, everyone understands how important these two races are. so there is help, there are resources coming in on both sides from all over the country. i was with cynthia loomis, senate elect from the state of wyoming. she was down here this weekend. all kinds of people coming into georgia to help on their side. i'm sure democrats are doing the same. as you point out this is for control of the united states
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senate and if the democrats get control, like i said they will continue to do the things i think harm personal liberty, harm our fundamental freedoms, harm those values principless and institutions that make our country special. it was not me who said this chuck schumer is the one who said it. we take georgia they will change america. they believe it. the left believes it. the fundamental divide in the country the left feels america is bad. we understand america is good, not perfect but the greatest nation ever. there are certain values, institutions worth protecting that allow america to be the greatest nation in history. that is what at stake. americans under understand it. you see resources come in on the republican side to help our candidates. elizabeth: and on the democrat side too. there is this, georgia is investigating more than 1700 illegal votes. there was double voting in the 2020 race in election in georgia. let's listen to democrat stacey
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abrams talk about how she is delivererring the mail-in vote for democrats in georgia. >> we know from the numbers we're in a good place. 1.2 million absentee ballots are requested thus far. to put that in context, 1.3 million were requested for the general election. of that 1.2 million, 85,000 are applications from voters did not vote in the general election. disproportionately people 18 to 29 and disproportionately people of color. that signals enthusiasm for jon ossoff and rafael warnock. we need to plan to vote and deliver the election. elizabeth: your reaction to stacey abrams there? >> if those numbers are accurate how important it is for republican voters get the polls. early voting started today, to get the polls to vote for kelly loeffler and david perdue. as i said before, this is about
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this fundamental difference that the left and conservatives that the democrats and republicans see in the country. i think if the numbers are accurate we, we just need to remind, this is what is at stake. i think they will come out. i think people get it. and they're going to show up in a big way to help our two great candidates. elizabeth: l congressman jim jordan, great to zoo you. thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> you bet, liz. thank you. elizabeth: up next history in the making. the first americans getting vaccinated today. the trump administration though firing back at democrats. they're trying to politicize this push in order to attack trump while msnbc tries to blame president trump for democrats own skepticism about a vaccine. the story next. >> if i wasn't president you wouldn't have a vaccine for five years, okay? i pushed the fda and companies and everybody else involved like nobody has ever been pushed before. now you have it rolling out but this has been a great, really
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>> you have heard me refer to today as d-day. some people assumed that i meant day of distribution. in fact d-day in military designates the day the mission begins. d-day was a pivotal turning point in world war ii.
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it was the beginning of the end. d-day was the beginning of the end and that is where we are today. but make no mistake. it was -- elizabeth: "operation warp speed." it is history in the making, the first americans vaccinated today with the pfizer biontech vaccines. people were cheering. they were applauding as nearly three million doses left facilities in michigan heading out to 145 facilities across the country. the plan, have 20 million vaccinated by the end of december. up to 50 million by the end of january. 100 million by the end of february. that includes plans for a second vaccine from moderna, expected to get emergency authorization use from the fda soon. take it right to former acting attorney general matthew whitaker. what a day, sir. critics say this is president trump victory. he says there would not have been vaccines out there by now
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if not for "operation warp speed." the media, democrats pushing back on that? what do you say? i can imagine you say trump is right. what do you say? >> like a lot of americans i felt the sense of pride seeing trucks roll out of michigan distributing the vaccine developed in less than a year after the sequencing was done on. genetic code of the virus. you know there is a lot of people who participated in this and deserve credit but it would never have happened, and i totally agree the president through his extraordinary leadership is the one that deserves much of the credit for making this happen so quickly and saving millions of lives ultimately. i saw this in the cabinet, liz. where he pushed and pushed, made sure that things were getting done for, on behalf of the american people. it is just an extraordinary day. i'm so happy that our front line workers especially are not -- now going to be protected from this virus. elizabeth: health and human services secretary alex azar is blasting joe biden, basically
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stop the partisan sniping. he doesn't like the sniping in the media. this is a big distraction when this is about optimism for the country. joe biden saying the vaccine rollout is problematic, lacks strategy. alex azar says you're wrong. that is nonsense. we have comprehensive plans working with the cdc working with five public health jurisdictions across the country and the military is on this. your reaction to that fight? >> i saw the remarks from president-elect biden and i thought therewee done dea a dndd dn'tdiefctle harork w and anan tng h h gon ge int io n.wh role oll p p n. seeihat whas i hapniapng em temhatha theha priieors a rrt et get get tohe ontfrone lon wor wrs w i w carecarecareretinget ito too seo ticins izenursingngopes.op most vulbl wblith wit w p pisreg ndconsit... ngdverut cesecau b ofofofor ciron c.. thisllis illeslln a aear.eaeao o
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it i all a b bse b isen b i by opinion,inioresiinioinioiomp geg th cthredit and a ahould g thehe edit. elizeleth: elet crielet ccset ccs ccs scs t give the preside tdehedit? iseviserinerg retailrmrms,s, pub pc h peac hhc h h departments. again its being managed and controlled by the u.s. military and peel in the private sector. you have got 630 sites will get the vaccines this, possibly this week. so, you know, it was never understood why the need and knee-jerk need to always be reactive and put it down and, you know, just politicize it? feels like a big distraction when we have 300,000 covid-19 deaths, this should be a feel good day. what do you say, sir? >> this should be celebration of american ingenuity and do itness. and we get thinks done and a day up there with days like d-day
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where american power and might was brought to force. by marshaling of the resources of the united states both private and public partnership in this development of this vaccine president trump has harnessed american greatness. he has done exactly what he said he would do. it is a day to be celebrated. all americans should be proud of what we've accomplished. elizabeth: critics might say there was an outbreak of inan comments made by the media, breathtakingly tedious comments made by msnbc. one analyst there, correspondent tried to, tried to blame president trump for the blue state democrat governors skepticism about vaccines. democrats have been skeptical including kamala harris. they have been skeptical vaccines. listen to this rope-a-dope gymnastics basically tumbling routine of this kind of logic that you will hear from this msnbc individual. watch this. >> can you talk -- little bit --
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that process? elizabeth: okay, so basically they were saying that the proses is, that the democrat governors of certain states were pushing back on going to do their own basically analysis of the covid-19 vaccine because they didn't trust the, president trump. they didn't trust the trump administration on it. these states, california, washington, oregon, nevada, announced it was safe for public use. so enough is enough. what is going on here? >> well what is going on here they're always going to criticize the president and his administration. they don't want to give a single ounce of credit to the president. you know, these are the same people told us it is all about the science. you have to trust the science. all of these vaccines have been run through multiple stages of testing. we've all heard about it almost every day how these innovative
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companies like pfizer, moderna gone through the process. i think you know, they just want to find a reason to criticize. you're right. i think it is harming the american people. it it is sowing a small amount of distrust in the vaccine but ultimately a lot of americans lives will be saved because of vaccines that have been developed and a lot should be credited to president trump and his efforts to push this forward to make it happen in less than a year. elizabeth: and you know, let's just report this now because you can possibly anticipate the media and critics saying, oh the vaccine push is a failure, when you look at the flu vaccine, typically the flu vaccine wears off after five or six months. we don't know if that is true of the covid-19 vaccines. we hear there are issues about immunity. we know there are questions about it. stop with the poisonous distractions, stop undercutting everything when you think there is a know it all when you're
6:21 pm
not. there are issues trying to save people's lives instead of scoring points after an attempt to save america and american families. your final word, sir. >> there is no doubt that these vaccines are going to improve outcomes for americans and you know we will obviously will develop and i think this is a great first step in combating this virus. elizabeth: all right. matthew whitaker, great to see you. >> thank you, liz. >> next up, the hunter biden probe, it is growing. this is a national security issue despite what you hear from media critics who haven't studied it, who haven't looked at it for months and months as "the evening edit" team has done. joe biden says he had nothing to do with hunter biden's business dealings. "the daily caller" says why did joe biden get keys to hunter biden's office, and why was hunter biden giving keys to the his d.c. office, to joe biden,
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elizabeth: okay you're watching the fox business network. coming into the bottom of the hour. with me is former federal prosecutor jim trusty. jim, great to see you again. probe with hunter biden is growing. subpoena issued to two dozenties reportedly connected to him. it is about taxes and money laundering offenses and now this. >> this was a lot on the table t was the biden camp leaked it out after very completely uninterested media for several months. now hunter biden's team through the transition announcing a tax issue. there is something going on. they're is no reason for them to trot that out unless some big is coming out. could be recognition of indictment coming much broader than the tax case. could be appointment of special counsel. it could be a christmas gift for the bidens, u.s. attorney gives him a soft christmas deal to a tax case where so much other
6:27 pm
things could have been or should have been looked at. something is happening. we won't know for a few weeks. i suspect we'll know a lot more before january. elizabeth: senator ron johnson says hunter and james biden still refuse to cooperate with the senate probe with alleged pay-to-play and business dealings overseas. we hear reports that hunter biden allegedly failed to disclose 400,000 in payments he got from ukrainian energy company burisma in 2014. the question whether he reported that on his taxes. we had joe biden adamantly saying during the second debate his son never made money when it was going on. what do you say to that? >> a lot of what joe biden says about hunter is impossible. you will not ask him a question is your son engaging in pay-for-play using your last name. he will not say, if you only knew. it is the tip of the iceberg. you will never get it straight from joe. elizabeth: saying his son never
6:28 pm
made any money is kind of a stretch, right? >> the whole fact he said i really don't know what my son was doing, thinking about burisma and the vice president having ukraine under his watchful eye in that time frame it doesn't make a lot of sense. it also doesn't make sense for what people are used to in their normal day-to-day lives. if your son has an appointment to a board of directors for an energy giant in a foreign country you will probably talk about it. you will know a little bit about it. add in china, russia, kazakhstan all other issues that have come up, the plausible deniability route is open for president joe biden. it doesn't mean biden is in a situation where he faces criminal culpability. this rally behind his son stuff is ringing a little hollow i think. elizabeth: senate report shows hunter biden went on hundreds of trips overseas using secret service protection including trips with his father who was then vice president, starting
6:29 pm
in, 2011. there is also this story i would like to get your reaction on this. "the daily caller" reporting that an email from hunter biden shows hunter biden trying to get keys for joe biden and the biden foundation to his d.c. office as well as keys to the cefc official in china who was his business partner. he was trying to get keys for d.c. office and also to both dr. jill biden, joe biden's brother james biden this feels really weird. it was two months prior to this alleged email that cefc had wired five million dollars over to hunter biden. then hunter biden allegedly emails this d.c. office saying hey, make a sign for this, my office there. i wanted to read about you know, the name of my business and also the biden foundation. why would the biden foundation reportedly be sharing an office space with chinese company that wired millions of dollars in
6:30 pm
questionable actions red flagged by the u.s. treasury rather? >> that kind of money it is more like a key to the city than a key to the office. this goes to a big question we don't have an answer for, we'll not get it from the biden camp directly. what was being expected? when there is money given to hunter biden or his associates, or his firms, what is it that the chinese, russians, oligarch mayor of moscow what are they getting for that service? are they getting ability to we know the vice president's son or getting more direct access? frankly my experience is, although congress can dig and create leads it is the federal prosecutors that have the best chance of actually answering that question to everyone's satisfaction. so again, we have to take a wait-and-see, man, oh, man, this, for the 100th time in a row people learned a hard lesson that emails and text messages can devastate the ability to say you didn't know something was going on. elizabeth: senator ron johnson and chuck grassley keep saying
6:31 pm
this is a national security issue. they said it is about counterintelligence problems, pay-to-play conflicts of interest, you know, extortion concerns, criminal financial issues that they're talking about but you know you listen to people on the democrat side they keep saying there is no there there when there are government documents backing this up. we had state department officials who worked on the obama administration testifying during impeachment, yeah, obama officials were really worried about what joe biden and hunter biden were doing. they were worried about pay-to-play conflicts of interest. >> look. there is at least smoke, smoke is enough to trigger concerns writ large. it is fair game to ask these questions. they're overdue. i don't know that congressional hearings as well intended as they may have been and ultimately successful they may have been in discovering evidence, it is not the stuff of criminal prosecutions. that is my bias from the world i
6:32 pm
live in. that is what i'm waiting to see, is there something graduates to a special counsel level? is there an indictment? is there public instances people being brought in before a grand jury before where we get a sense where this thing is going. elizabeth: i mean, it's, the son of a powerful politician working with two adversaries on energy deals, helping china get energy deals with russia. this chinese official that was hunter biden's business partner was deputy secretary-general of a front for the people's liberation army. you know, a unit there that was about gathering intelligence and about propaganda. that was hunter biden's business partner. final word, jim trusty? >> all of it is going to be greatly complicateed by the attorney general leaving right now. it is his right to spend time with family. that is usually a political out.
6:33 pm
i think for the attorney general it is a real one and he will leave a little early. interesting to see how the doj handles these hot potatoes. the durham hot potato graduates to the next generation with his appointment. we'll see what happens with the hunter biden situation. special counsel should be involved. you don't want executive branch people investigating the son after potential sitting president. wait and see. i think we'll have a lot by the end of the year. elizabeth: jim trusty, thanks for coming on. u.s. government in high alert an alleged hack of u.s. government department. people say you have to watch the stories coming out of d.c. threatening national security critics are saying about the hunter biden and eric swalwell story. >> remember when the chinese hacked into the office of management, the government personnel office file and they took files and downloaded files on everybody who had been a
6:34 pm
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back to the show one of the country's leading experts on china. he is hudson institute director of chinese strategy, michael pillsbury is back with us. good to see you again. russia hacking into the treasury department. russia and china hacking for years. we have the story about hunter biden and democrat eric swalwell entanglement with a chinese spy. all these stories matter. it is about national security. what are your thoughts? >> you can never underestimate your opponent. that apparently is the view of many people about china. as you know, a lot of books
6:39 pm
about china is going to collapse. we don't have worry about them because they're very weak. they can't innovate. these themes we find out are pushed by the chinese themselves. sometimes when they host a conference. they will make sure to invite people who think this way, who don't want the u.s. to take a stand against china. they give them access to xi xinping. they play them up in the chinese press. that combined with what appears to be a worldwide influence campaign which uses a lot of money. they buy their way into various countries including large democratic countries and they catch many people who are gullible frankly are and naive, they still think we're in the relationship with china we had under nixon, jimmy carter, ronald reagan, where we fought together in afghanistan. our cia cooperated with their ministry of state security. way was allowed to reveal all of this in my book, liz. that was the past. we don't cooperate with china way anymore. we're now geopolitical rivals.
6:40 pm
a lot of people who make money involving china still think we're in the rosy days of the past. they have to really wake up. elizabeth: china seeks to dominate the world militarily, economically, financially, technologically. what dni ratcliff said. i like your reaction to a top chinese professor. he is vice-chair of internal relations at university of beijing. listen to him brag and boast about how china infiltrated top echelons of u.s. power. watch this. >> [speaking in native tongue] elizabeth: so who might these friend be in the upper echelon of u.s. power? >> the chinese are fairly open about it. there is nothing criminal they say. they love people like mike bloomberg. they have, they love american billionaires.
6:41 pm
we have about 550 billionaire. at least 50 of them travel to china a great deal and make a great deal of money in china. so he is bragging about an open secret in beijing that yes, a few people are afraid of china, want to challenge the chinese government's rise to power and world domination. he is saying most people, at least high level billionaires don't think that way. they work for us. there have been a series of ads like this in china. i think it is correct. i think he is not exaggerating. he doesn't mean pies and polls polls -- spies and moles. there is quite a long list. if you read the chinese daily newspaper, you will see how they praise certain individuals who are saying china is not a threat. we need to cooperate. the funding need not be direct. it could be indirect.
6:42 pm
you could find your company make as billion dollars in china as long as you say the right thing. you say the wrong thing your partner goes to jail. this happened to hunter biden. the one he was dealing with the most. very gram royce, 40-year-old billionaire in china. dealt directly with hunter biden by his own account, his brother james biden. he disappeared in china probably because the scandal got too hot. elizabeth: wow. such a great story to talk to you about, michael pillsbury. china hacking the office of personal management five years ago and getting information on 22 million americans and their families. we'll have you on michael pillsbury, to talk about it. great to see you. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: up next people outraged over this story. a family kicked off of a united airlines plane after they struggled to get their two-year-old to wear a mask. it is touching and tough story coming up next. >> [inaudible] >> i took that opportunity and
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♪. elizabeth: joining me "the hill" opinion media columnist, fox news contributor joe concha. it is always great to have you on. people upset about the video gone viral, united airlines flight attendant kicked a family off a flight from denver to new jersey. they were struggling to get the two-year-old to wear a mask. father said you got to be kidding me i'm trying here but they kicked him off. what are your thoughts? >> somebody who has two young children myself, i lived this. it is difficult for kids at 2 years old, they don't understand what covid is or why they have to wear a mask. the father did everything he could. this was not a science based argument, elizabeth. the world health organization says children aged five and under should not be required to wear mask. where is united getting the rule
6:48 pm
from? delta doesn't do that. uc daves says mask can be deadly for kids two years and under, they present a choking hazard. from a pr perspective is disaster. what the companies fail to recognize over and over again, with your phone you have the ability to broadcast to the world anywhere, anytime through social media, in this case instagram. once it goes viral from there, like taking a flame thrower to dry grass. united has a big problem on their hand. by banning this couple and their two-year-old for life from flying on united, there will be plenty of people, you know what, i will try another airline now in retaliation. that is whole bowl of wrong, elizabeth. elizabeth: listen to what happened as you point out. it was caught on video. watch. >> [inaudible]. >> why? >> we're here here holding the mask on her face. >> i'm sorry sir.
6:49 pm
-- >> i took that opportunity and i ran with it. see this, i'm holding it to her face. >> do you guys do this all the time or what? >> you're not complying. >> this is compliance. i'm holding my daughter's fairs this is compliance. >> we got kicked off the flight because our two-year-old would not put on a mask and we tried. and they're sending all of our bags and her car seat to new york and we're banned off of united forever because a 2-year-old would not put on a mask. elizabeth: okay. united airlines says it is investigating. it will refund the tickets, get the car seat and bags back to them. is this good enough? >> this is so 2020 elizabeth. no it is not good enough. they were sighing the tree at rockefeller center.
6:50 pm
bringing the two-year-old to see something magical in horrible year. if delta by the way is so concerned about the health of its passengers why does it continue to sell middle seats in rows of three if we're trying to keep people separated and keep them healthy. they're being the police against two-year-olds. elizabeth: this is you united right. >> social distancing and that middle seat, exactly. elizabeth: joe concha, great to see you. thanks for coming on. >> elizabeth, always good to see you. elizabeth: sure. coming up outrage over portland protesters, rioting and attacking cops over a house in foreclosure when the family that owns that house already owns a second home less than two miles away. the family reportedly raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in gofundme over the protest. that story next. >> portland for months literally had riots just like seattle. now there is this occupation around this home which is, was
6:51 pm
rightfully foreclosed upon and the authorities can't get into the home. there is this quote, autonomous zone. in other words they have lost control just like they lost control in seattle system, your body needs routine. centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc. season, after season. ace your immune support, with centrum. ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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elizabeth: okay.
6:55 pm
with us now is retired i.c.e. acting director, former new york police officer tom homan. tom, it is always great to have you on. okay, here is more proof of how democrats lost control of their cities. portland let rioters get out of control attacking cops, taking control of three city blocks over a family whose house is in foreclosure when local media reporting in oregon that that same family own as second home less than two miles away? they have owned it since 1966. so why the rioting? why the attacks on cops? >> well, they are looking for an excuse. the mayor ted wheeler, he is probably the worst mayor in this country. he has been a failed mayor for over two years. over two years ago the i.c.e. building was being attacked and being damaged. i.c.e. employees were followed home and threatened. their cars were damaged. i'm not talking about agents and officers. they can handle themselves. talking about secretaries and clerks. calls were made to portland pd, they were told to stand down by
6:56 pm
mayor wheeler because he didn't like i.c.e. he didn't like i.c.e. as an agency. i was director at the time. these people are important taxpayers. you are responsible for them. your duty is to protect them. just because who they are employed with should not matter. he told the portland pd to stand up. he put up with anarchists, blm, the, antifa groups protesting that city causing thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage as police have been attacked. he vilified his own police department. the morale of the police department is all-time low. he has ruined that city. elizabeth: portland is in nearly a week of chaos over this house, called the red house on mississippi avenue. the rioters have been blocking and declaring a three block autonomous zone. reportedly stockpiled weapons at this house. they have attacked, assaulted police officers, including potentially journalists as well. they booby-trapped the house.
6:57 pm
this family has a go, let me back up. a gofundme campaign has raised more than $308,000 for the family to buy back this house and developer says i will give you $280,000 but even that guy, who wants to you know, basically, he is really to do a deal with the family he is afraid for his own family and his own life because of what the rioters are threatening. >> that is exactly what i'm talking about liz. these people occupying that area, obviouslyth not getting up every day to go to work like you and i or most of america, virtually or to the office because of covid. they can stay there. probably giving their parents a break. they're out of the basement for a while. they will sit around to wait for the next stimulus check. the tax paying citizens of portland are being harmed. there is community getting together creating a task force to arrest a serial stalker running around portland. they actually were the ones that got their hands on him because
6:58 pm
detectives were slow to respond because detectives are being forced to help uniformed officers in these protests. so the tax paying citizens, business owners, homeowners were actually paying taxes are being hurt by this mayor's actions. meanwhile people that don't pay taxes and cause all this chaos are not held accountable. the courts out to arrest these people, not only put them in jail but ought to have a civil penalty to repay the money that is being lost by that city for paying police officers to respond. elizabeth: what you're saying is, they're dealing with a d.a. in portland, reportedly his name is michael schmidt, he dropped charges in 700 cases involving rioters and protesters since may for attacks and assaults on police. he is saying he may again drop -- we were hearing he may again drop charges against rioters in this new occupy zone around a house of foreclosure. we hear what you're saying but dealing with a d.a. out there
6:59 pm
too, right? >> yeah look. you want to fix the city. let the cops do their job. but when the cops do their job the prosecutor has to do his job. he ought to read his position description. he ought to jail people on crimes and protect the community. the voters need to raise hell over there, get the mayor out of office, get the district attorney out of office. that city will continue to fail until the police allowed to do their jobs and prosecutors allowed to do their job. you want to know morale in that department, they are vilified by their own mayor. the media is not covering it like this network does, thank god. look, taxpayers have to make the change. elizabeth: you know what happens, when you have riots like that, actions like that, it drives down property values. so the budgets for the city goes, city goes into the tank. they have got to raise taxes. that is what happens. we'll stay on the story with you, tom homan. thanks for joining us of the
7:00 pm
appreciate it. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us. thanks for watching this evening. see you tomorrow night. ♪ thanks for watching us, we'll see you psalm time tomorrow. muck. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. we begin with historic events in our nation's fight against the china virus pandemic. hospitals across america administering the first doses of pfizer's china virus vaccine to front-line health care workers. critical care nurse sandra lenzi, who has taken care of they e that virus patients on long island, new york, among the first in the country to be vaccinated. today's historic achievement the result of president trump's operation warp speed, a program that has produced two remark by


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