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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 15, 2020 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. did. thanks for watching us, we'll see you psalm time tomorrow. muck. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. we begin with historic events in our nation's fight against the china virus pandemic. hospitals across america administering the first doses of pfizer's china virus vaccine to front-line health care workers. critical care nurse sandra lenzi, who has taken care of they e that virus patients on long island, new york, among the first in the country to be vaccinated. today's historic achievement the result of president trump's operation warp speed, a program that has produced two remark by effective vaccines just 329 days
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after the first case of the i china virus was documented in the united states. president trump today cheered his administration's efforts and the nation's great success tweeting this, quote: first vaccine administered. congratulations, usa. congratulations, world. operation warp speed is also rolling out an unprecedented effort to distribute the life-saving vaccines to all 50 states. it's one of the biggest mobilizations since world war ii. in the past 48 hours, nearly 3 million doses of phizer or -- pfizer's vaccine have left a michigan plant, and at least one of those shipments today arrived at tampa general hospital in florida. correspondent ed lawrence with the story on these remarkable developments today. >> reporter: well, lou, the first front-line worker to be vaccinated was here at tampa
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general hospital, this happening under operation warp speed. now, the hospital received 19,500 doses, and this has been record speed from the identification of the virus to the first shot going into the arm and the distribution of the pfizer/biontech vaccine is just the start. moderna is up next. >> fda will work, hopefully, through the night to be able to got the eua issued on friday of this week. and then we're on the same schedule that we have with pfizer. the shipments will be arranged, we'll start receiving those, hopefully, sunday, monday, tuesday of the following week. [applause] >> reporter: front-line hospital workers getting the vaccine first, some of them waited in the loading dock area at tampa general hospital for the first shipment. it came to hospitals first because the special ultra-cold storage units are already in place. long-term nursing homes will be getting the vaccines in part through a deal with cvs, walgreens and the pharmaceutical company, that is also in phase
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one. the first person to get the vaccine in the united states under operation warp speed says don't lose hope. >> there's light at the end of the tunnel, but we still need to wear our masks, to social distance. i believe in science as a nurse. my practice is guided by science. so i trust science. what i don't trust is that if i contract covid, i don't know how it will impact me or those who i come in contact with. so i encourage everyone to take the vaccine. >> reporter: and the u.s. surgeon general says we need to reach herd immunity meaning 70% of americans need to be vaccinated. he says if we don't reach that herd immunity, then the pandemic will not go away in 2021. back to you, lou. lou: ed, thank you very much. edward lawrence reporting from tampa. and on this historic day, more history being made as u.s. electors convened in state
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capitols across the country to certify their votes for president trump or joe biden. california's expected to give biden their 55 electors this very hour, putting him over the 270 electoral college vote threshold. republican electors in pennsylvania, nevada and georgia meeting separately today to cast their own votes for president trump. a procedural move that keeps all of president trump's legal options open. republicans' last chance to challenge the electoral votes in each state will be january 6th when a joint session of congress convenes to tally e the electoral votes, although the white house says that they would be able to contest right up until january 19th. now to the latest developments in the battle for the white house. a michigan judge has unsealed the findings of a forensic examination of 16 dominion voting machines in anterim
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county. that report, written by russ ransland of the allied security operations group claims the machines had a 68% error rate. federal guidelines to find an acceptable error rate .008%. the report concludes that those ballot errors were ad jude candidated without oversight leading to, potentially, election fraud. the report also claims adjudication and service security logs are now missing from the inspected machines. dominion voting systems denies those claims telling us that, quote: there were no software glitches that switched votes in the county or anywhere else. they add there was no digital ad jude case of votes in anterim county as they don't, quote, license nor use digital accreditation to the extent the county needed to resolve any
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absentee ballots, it was done manually, by hand, outside the tabulation system. end end quote. major breaches on both sides of the divide between communists and freedom-loving americans expositived further today. russians are suspected of hacking the treasury, commerce and homeland security departments. hacking is a nice word for cyber attack successfully waged. the russians denied the charges, and no u.s. agency has confirmed the identity of the nation-state that carried out the attack. secretary of state mike pompeo calling the chinese communist party america's primary foreign adversary. pompeo telling breitbart news that china is infiltrating our government, businesses and our schools. and secretary pompeo's concerns about china's infiltration and attacks on u.s. national
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security borne out and further exposed by an infiltration of chinese communist party members in american business and politics. the australian newspapers which is a subsidiary of news corps, also part of the murdoch empire, is reporting on a leaked database of nearly 2 million registered chinese communist party members. some of those communist members have been identified as employees of u.s. corporations, companies including pfizer, boeing, qualcomm and three communist party members on that list have also been found to have infiltrated the u.s. consulate in shanghai. and these identified party members among 2 million, and this is only the first tranche of names to be published numbering just over 8100. a lot more revelations to come. well, now to the late in the hunter biden scandal. a new report finds joe biden's
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son failed to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in income he collected while serving on the board of ukraine gas company burisma. fox news correspondent mike emmanuel joins us now from washington with more on the story. mike? >> reporter: lou, good evening. former business partner wrote hunter biden in a january 2017 e-mail obtained by fox, quote: we still need to amend your 2014 returns to reflect the unreported burisma income that is approximately $400,000 extra so your income in 2014 was closer to $1,247,328. it is not known if hunter biden ever amended his tax returns. hunter or confirmed last week he's under federal investigation for husband, quote, tax affairs. a leading house republican expressed frustration this was all kept under wraps until after the election. >> everything else leaked from
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these federal agencies, but somehow no one knew that hunter biden was under investigation even though they'd been investigating him since 208, that's the part that bothers me the most. and, of course, the fact that joe biden misled the entire country during the campaign. >> there's also a december 20, 2017, e-mail of hunter requesting keys be made for his new office mates listing his dad, joe biden, and his uncle, james biden, with office space he planned to share with an emissary from a chinese energy companies. a close ally says these issues won't be covered up by a biden administration. >> we should trust that attorney general nominated by joe biden will restore the rule of law to how the department of justice works and will be an attorney general following the constitution for the american people, not a personal attorney for the president. >> reporter: many republicans expect this will be a major issue when an attorney general nominee is eventually vetted by the united states senate.
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lou? lou: mike, hunter biden back in the news. right after this election. thanks so much, mike, appreciate it. mike emmanuel reporting. up next, how one congressman plans to make certain president trump will get his second term in office. we'll be talking with congressman mo brooks about that when we continue. stay with us, much more ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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lou breaking news now, twice-failed presidential candidate hillary clinton voting today for joe biden as a state elector from new york. something do that. a rich move by someone who has called to abolish the very same electoral college. clinton tweeted this today, quote: i believe we should abolish the electoral college and select our president by the winner of the popular vote, same as every other office. but while it still exists, i was proud to cast my vote in new york for joe biden and kamala harris. joining her was her husband, the former president, bill clinton. joining us tonight is congressman mo brooks. he plans to challenge the election results on january 6th when congress convenes to officially tally the votes by the electoral college in an
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effort to install joe biden as president of the united states. congressman, it is great to have you with us. some would say that this is an extreme move that you are making, to challenge the electors. give us your thinking, your philosophy behind it. >> well, it's happened many times in the past. apparently, some folks have not done their history. by way of example, the democrats in the house tried it in 2017 when they tried to strike alabama's -- lou: right. >> -- vote for donald trump. georgia, the same way. the house democrats tried to strike it. barbara box or trieded to strike ohio for george bush back in 2005. so this is not unusual. the law is very clear, the house of representatives in come by nation with the united states senate has the lawful authority to accept or reject electoral
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vote submissions from states that have such flawed election systems that they're not worthy of our trust. and in this instance with what has happened nationally, or i'm quite confident that if we only counted lawful votes cast by eligible american citizens, donald trump won the electoral college, and we should not be counting illegal votes and putting in an ill legit9 mate president of the united states -- illegitimate president of the united states. lou: well into the process now, as a matter of fact. it's been tomorrow six weeks since the election. there are cries of fraud from almost every quarter in the country. it is the most contentious election certainly in my career, my life time. bar none. we've had some close ones but nothing like this. your sense about where we're headed, what the likely prospects are going forward right up to january 20th. >> well, where we're headed as a country is this, quite simply, we're a republic. and the bedrock of a republic is
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an honest and accurate voting system. and if you don't have an honest and accurate voting system, then you may as well throw out the claim that you're a republic. you've lost that right, you've lost the control of your government. and under those circumstances, those who can steal the most votes, who can engage in the most voter fraud and get away with it are going to be the ones that rule the roost in washington d.c. that's not what our founding fathers wanted, that's not what a million or so americans who have lost their lives in wars wanted giving us this republic, this democracy where we could control our own fate or our own destiny. so i have a choice, i can either sit back and surrender and be a part of the surrender caucus, or i can fight for our country. and that's what i'm going to do. so on january 6th, i'm going to object to the submissions of electoral college votes from various states that, in my judgment, have such flawed election systems that their vote counts are unworthy of our rat few caution in the united
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states -- ratification in the united states congress. what i need is a united states senator who will join me. if we have a house member and a senator, that forces a house vote and a floor vote on whether to accept this systematically flawed election system or to reject it. i want to reject it so that we can have an honest and fair and accurate election. lou: well, i salute you have in standing up for what you believe is right. so many millions of americans do. the issue as you bring it up, where are you going to get that senator? who will it be? will it be mitt romney? will it be mike lee? lindsay graham? i'm just going through a list of names that come to mind who seem flexible on certain issues. i suspect i'm being facetious here, i suspect they're not quite that flexible. >> well, let me be real clear, this effort, for it to succeed,
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requires the participation of the american people who do not want their vote negated by an illegal vote someplace else in some other part of the country. and the remedy for them if they want to stop voter fraud and election theft is to contact their congressmen and senators and demand, demand that they get active on january the 6th, that they cosponsor these objections to various states' submissions of frau flawed electoral college vote totals and say quite plainly that if you don't fight for america, i will never vote for you with again, and i will fight against you. that is the only way for us to get the votes needed on the house floor and on the senate floor is for the american people to rise up and say we support our country, we support our republic, and we demand an honest and accurate election system, not the systemically flawed one that we saw in this past november. lou: where is the republican
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leadership in the house? kevin mccarthy, the republican leadership in the senate, mitch mcconnell. >> i don't know, i've not spoken with east one of them. this is an organic type effort that will only work not because i ask a senator or a congressman to do something, it will only work because the bosses of those senators and congressmen demand that their employee, their congressman, their senator, do what is right to reject a systemically-flawed election system that has allowed millions upon millions of votes to be illegally cast in this past election. now, if we had more time, lou, i'd go into the itemization. when i say millions, i mean millions, and i can back that up. and it's not just all legal aliens and noncitizens, although that's in that ballpark. it's also the violations of article i, section four of the united states constitution, the election clause, by so many government officials who are not empowered to do it. but they did it anyway resulting in huge masses of illegal votes.
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lou: thank you, congressman mo brooks, thank you for standing up for what you believe, for what's right. we appreciate having you on. look forward to talking to you soon. we'd like to hear your thoughts on all of this. share your comments. follow me on twitter @loudobbs, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram and parler @loudobbstonight. coming up here next, president trump says attorney general bill barr had an obligation to disclose the ongoing fbi investigations into hunter biden before the election. we take that up and much more with "just the news" editor-in-chief john solomon. and be sure to spread a little christmas cheer. you can do so by ordering the book "the trump century" at that's you can also get an official "lou dobbs tonight" mug and seasons greetings to all who visit
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♪ ♪ lou: any mails obtained by fox news reveal more about the bidens' close ties to china. hunter biden requested keys be made in 2017 for what he called husband new office mates. they were -- his new office mates. they were to share a space with an emissary for a chairman of a chinese energy company. those office mates were joe biden, jill biden and uncle jim biden. well, joining us now to take all of this up, the editor-in-chief of "just the news," best selling author, john solomon.
5:27 am
john, good to have you with us. >> good to be with you. lou: all of a sudden more reporting on biden corruption. let's start with, first, the attorney general who apparently -- with, not apparently, who we now know can't a lid on this for -- kept a lid on this for two years, two years of investigation, and the president says he had an obligation to disclose at least that there was an investigation if not the particulars of what was being investigated. your thoughts. >> well, actually, technically it's illegal for an attorney general to divulge the existence of a grand jury investigation. now, that didn't stop the obama administration and james comey and the fbi and christopher steele from leaking all they did. but ordinarily, the justice department doesn't go out and advertise that there was an investigation ongoing. that said, there were many of us -- myself included -- that reported back in september there was, in fact, an investigation. unfortunately, too many in the media covered that up, ignored
5:28 am
that report, didn't follow that report. but we had a copy of a grand jury subpoena showing that a laptop was obtained under a grand jury subpoena looking at financial crimes involving hunter biden. so some voters knew it. it was out there. but, you know, i think what you see in bill barr is a different justice department. it doesn't leak like the comey-lynch justice department which leaked for political purposes more than anything else. lou: yeah, i, i almost can hear the trumpets playering there, you know -- blaring there, as we talked about this new barr justice department. i think it's a sorry9 lot still. i think -- >> [inaudible] that's for sure. i'll give you that. lou: so -- it's, and i think that we have to examine something else in that she sequence where you were reporting on it, and i have to say that we were following the reporting of others including you on that story -- >> yeah. lou: -- that we also reported
5:29 am
when 50 intelligence officials of, what, four administrations calm out and said that all of that looked to this many like russian disinformation -- to them like russian disinformation campaign. [inaudible conversations] >> they had no basis for it. lou: but what was their purpose? we know that they're a wretched lot because they signed their name to that for a political purpose, and it had only a political purpose. it wasn't a national security purpose. we haven't heard from them on any other disinformation campaign. we didn't hear from that same group on china, we haven't heard from them on russia. but suddenly we're hearing -- excuse me, on iran. but now we hear about russia when it involves joe biden's son. quite a, quite a statement for them to have made. now, was that a brilliant piece of disinformation on the part of
5:30 am
the corrupt lot who inspired the efforts to deny president trump election, to overthrow his presidency, to set up a special counsel, to impeach him? who are these people? and what should be done? >> of those people are the same people who gave us the bogus story of russia collusion which we know to be a russian disinformation narrative. so if anyone has been engaged in russian disinformation, more likely those security officials than the people who are actually in the know. but it's even bigger than that. we impeached the president on the grounds that there was no basis that raised questions about hunter biden and his ukrainian buzz dealings, and we now know that's not true there was a case ongoing during impeachment which means there was a basis to raise these questions. the president had no right to be um peached on asking a question
5:31 am
as legitimate as we now know it to be, and those in the media who covered that up -- it's almost as though they suddenly just discovered the hunter biden story. shameful. the security establishment, the media establishment, they let the american people down. lou: yeah. you're such a nice man, john. [laughter] you say they let the american people down. they betrayed the american -- >> i agree with you. i agree with you. lou: it is, you know, when you think about it, these are the same people, our intelligence community, they knew that this was fraudulent from the beginning, the efforts to stop the president's election. they knew that it was fraudulent when the fbi and the justice department were trying to frame this president. they knew that the special counsel was fraudulent. they knew all of the lies of
5:32 am
adam schiff and the rest on capitol hill were just that. and they persisted and permitted that. and then, and then used agents of the cia to forward the advance of the so-called impeachment inquiry which was also a fraud. how in the world are we to ever again trust intelligence in this country, to trust the national security ap a rat discuss that -- apparatus that are lies on it and the law enforcement agency and the so-called head law enforcement officer, the attorney general? >> great question. you know, the obama intelligence assessment that said that russia was trying to help trump win the election is completely undercut by a rf laughs we just reported last week that hillary clinton's right-hand man, cody scherr, one of her friends, was talking detective9ly to the russian are intelligence agency getting his dirt on trump from them. that clearly shows the russians
5:33 am
were trying to hurt trump, not help trump. the entire security establishment let us down, the mood ya let us done in a big way. and if here's a question i think we have to ask ourselves, what did joe biden know about his son's employer, ukraine? tomorrow i'm going to answer that question. when joe biden first found out his employer was problematic and what specifically they were told, it goes all the way back do to 15. that means joe biden hasn't been telling us the truth when he made all those comments in the debate saying nothing there, my friends. lou: and long before that as vice president of the united states. >> that's right. of. lou: john solomon, we look forward to that. be sure to catch up with "just the news" first thing tomorrow morning. you don't have to wait until then, you can check it out tonight too. up next, early voting in georgia's senate runoff races. but what are they doing? has the republican establishment learned anything from last month's election? have they reformed anything? we take that up and more right
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after this quick break, i'll be talking with former congressman jason chaffetz, great american. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ we love the new apartment. the natural light is amazing. hardwood floors. there is a bit of a clogging problem. (clog dancing) at least geico makes it easy to bundle our renters and car insurance. yeah, helping us save us even more... for bundling made easy, go to find a stock basedtech. on your interests or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity.
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president-elect. turning now to the early voting scandal underway once again in georgia's senate runoff rouses, the radical -- races, the radical dems using the same playbook they did in the general election. failed gubernatorial candidate stacy abrams claims 1.2 million georgians have applied for absentee ballots. abrams says 85,000 of those requests are from people who didn't vote in november. that may actually be a small or number than many people thought they might be mustering. there it is, the latest from georgia. joining us now, jason chaffetz if, former congressman, former chairman of the house oversight committee, best selling author, fox news contributor and, as i said, great american. good to have you with us, jason. how about the state of georgia? they haven't changed a thing and here they go again.
5:39 am
it's, to me, or it's unimaginable that you would just simply after what they have experienced as a result of the way they handled the last election go straight into this runoff expecting different results. >> well, i hope they've changed some things. you know, that number and that saw stat you shared, i hadn't heard that before. to suggest that there are 85,000 people who didn't vote in the last election that are actual georgians and qualified and registered now to vote, that's -- it really, they're going to fill a stadium full of people there, a big stadium full of people there that didn't even participate last time? i find that hard to believe. but hopefully, hopefully we're paying more attention there because i just think we, you know, assumed a lot of things that weren't true last time. lou: do you, have you heard of anything the republicans are doing that will result in
5:40 am
victory this time around? that is, actual -- >> i actually -- lou: -- achieving more than half the vote. >> yeah, i actually think they will. look at senator perdue, for instance, there's a reason why there are two republican senators, a republican governor. there's a reason why. and if you look at their elections, they came in first. if you look at kelly loeffler, she had, what, 20 plus people on the ballot. the other, i think, major deciding factor will be the libertarians. i don't think libertarians go and look at the socialest-minded people and say, oh, yeah, that's more where i want to be. i think rand paul actually plays a pivotal role. i don't think endorsements mean a lot, but when i think rand paul and others lean on those vote ors and say, hey, republicans are better than the alternative which are these socialist-minded people, i think that will make a difference. my understanding is there were more than 100,000 of those
5:41 am
people that voted in the last election. so i think the republicans will actually do quite well if everyone shows up, which is a big question mark. lou: that -- there's always that amongst people, there's always that if. let's turn to one thing, and there's no if in it, and that is this recent cyber attack against the u.s. treasury department, other commerce, other agencies and including homeland security. the head of cifa toured by this president because -- fired by this president because he said this was the most secure election in our country's history, and now his agency and the department of homeland security amongst those targeted not only success flu, but presidentially devastatingly by what we are told are russians. actually, a government agency hasn't yet said that out loud. your thoughts.
5:42 am
>> i spent quite a bit of time on this when i was in congress for eight and a half years. i've got to until you, the astronaut actors and everybody from a state actor to a guy in a van down by the river has spent a lot of time trying to penetrate our networks. our government has a very difficult time hiring and maintaining the qualified i.t. components to it, and you've got the take this very seriously. remember last time when there was that big breach at the office of personnel management, they came in through the department of interior. so to suggest they came in through another agency and were sitting there there for months on time in some of these reports really is a scary, scary thing. lou: right. and just want to bring this breaking news to everyone right now. we've just received word from the white house that attorney general barr is leaving. he will be out of the job by christmas, we are told but the white house, and in his place
5:43 am
deputy attorney general jeff with rosen taking over -- jeff rosen taking over. that apparently has just, that'll be the order of succession, and that apparently looks suspiciously like a firing, but we'll see how that works out in the hours and days a head. but, again, a.g. barr leaving the post that so many have been critical of his conduct at. let's, let's go back to the, to this attack. we've seen huge attacks on this country before. this looks like something when the white house won't even say the name of the adversary that has attacked us, this looks like an act of war, for crying out loud. what will it take for the united states to respond now to such an outrageous and apparently highly effective attack on our agencies
5:44 am
and our systems of the u.s. government? >> i think there's been an ongoing cyber war for a number of years. i think it's been silent, i think it's been in the wires. i think there are a lot of people in our government who do good work in a very clandestine type of way who understand that were been at war for some time. i think one of the great legacies that donald trump brings to his presidency is that he created the space force. and if you don't understand the meaning and the implications of the space force, you also are to understand that you don't understand how so many components of this cyber war work, and they do go hand in glove. they're a major component to that. and i'm glad that donald trump had the foresight and the fortitude to put this in place because for years to come we're going to be fighting this cyber war, and it'll include thicks that are going on -- things that are going on in space. and that's already been going on for years. lou: jason chaffetz, as always,
5:45 am
good to have you with us. thanks so much. up next here, more on the breaking news that attorney general bill barr leaves before christmas. we take that up with judicial watch president tom fitton. no fan of a.g. barr, right after these quick messages. stay with us. ♪ ♪ limu emu and doug. and if we win, we get to tell you how liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. isn't that what you just did? service! ♪ stand back, i'm gonna show ya ♪
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♪ ♪ lou: on wall street today, stocks were mixed. the dow lost 185 points, the s&p down 16, the nasdaq gained 24. volume on the big board, extraordinary trading, 10.5 billion shares changing hands. and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. more on that breaking news story we just brought you, the departure of attorney general william barr. he has resigned, leaving next wednesday, december 23rd. president trump tweeted, quote: just had a very nice meeting with attorney general bill barr at the white house. our relationship has been a are good one. he's done an outstanding job. as per letter, bull will be loving -- bill will be leaving just before christmas to spend the holidays with his family. jeff rosen will become acting attorney general, huely
5:50 am
respected. richard donahue will be taking over the duties of deputy attorney general. thank you to all. well, now special counsel john durham is expanding his team, is make, quote, excellent progress in his obamagate investigation, we're told. durham adding prosecutors to the team. he remains full steam ahead, that according to a fox news source. this has been full steam ahead in it hardly seem9 is so. joining us now, tom fitton, president of judicial watch. tom, we've got a lot to go over here. i'm going to just begin with the attorney genre e signing and taking off -- general resigning and taking off in just a little more than a week. your thoughts. >> well, obviously, there was a big gap in what president trump wanted in terms of the doj approach on these, on the corruption crisis that our nation faces versus barr's, in my view, lackadaisical approach to it. we have information this week
5:51 am
being reported that he specifically intervened to stop investigative steps from taking place against the hunter crime family -- the biden crime family. and, you know with, that's just not acceptable. it's not acceptable. he protected mccabe, he protected comey, the durham investigation is a big fail as best i can tell, hillary clinton got a pass from barr as well. barr did some good things, he was an effective spokesman. but when the rubber -- where the -- lou: what does that mean? whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. wait a minute, he wasn't running the communications department, tom -- [laughter] he was the attorney general, and now he's getting credit for communications? that's the nicest thing you can say about him? it's nicer than what i would say about him. let's go to john durham. it's full steam ahead for him. it's been 581 days since durham launched the investigation of
5:52 am
obamagate. 581. now after the election he's adding prosecutors to the team. what are we dealing with in that swamp? >> you're right, lou. he was appointed in april of 2019. there's been one prosecution/non-prosecution, that was handed to hum on a silver platter by the i.g. last year, took them a year to do something. and i think -- lou: and, by the way,ing they found out that -- go ahead. they found out that clinesmith lied to them about his lies. that's kind of rich, isn't it? they do a plea deal and then they decide they're going to get if tough, and they take the lower crime of which he pleaded. you know, it's just dumb. i mean, this is just dumb, what we're watchingover at the justice department. and these smart little guys are walking around, you can just see
5:53 am
them going, oh, aren't we clever. we're so deliver. they do nothing, they help no one except their friends, and it is their swamp friends. it's disgusting, what we're watching. it's not funny in any way with, it is sickening to watch. >> it is. and we've had this terrible corruption. the president's been a crime victim and the justice department has done nothing about it, and in many ways the justice department enabled the criminality. we don't need just a special counsel, for instance, for biden. we need a special counsel to figure out why the justice department and the fbi suppressed investigations of joe biden and his family for the last two years. what was going on there? lou: what about -- >> [inaudible] lou: and what about ron johnson, senator ron johnson has the guts to actually do something. the only one in the senate who had the guts to do anything and investigate, and they lied to him and pushed hum off and shut
5:54 am
down, effectively, his investigation. >> they're still protecting hillary clinton. right now they're in court trying to protect hillary clinton. that's today's doj. lou: it's unbelievable. >> i've always looked at it as the older lynch/session/barr, one big blob. lou: it's unbelievable. it's appalling. so what should -- >> and rosen, and rosen is barr's hire. we're not going to get anything different from the acting attorney general. lou: well, with that uplifting conclusion i have to say, tom, you want a special counsel to find out about the fraud on this election? >> we need a special counsel on biden, we need a special counsel on the election, and we need a special prosecutor on obamagate because durham isn't capable of doing whatever he's been asked to do. lou: i support everything that tom fitton just said about
5:55 am
special prosecutors and special counsel. please, please, somebody, come to your senses over there at the justice department. thanks, tom, appreciate it. tom fitton. before we go to brach, i just want to share -- break, i just want to share some christmas cheer. you can go to -- well, you can order my new book. and you know what should cheer you up? knowing what a splendid president we have, a historic president, the greatest president. that's at and you can also get your official "lou dobbs tonight" mug. seasons greetings, merry christmas. stay with us, we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪. lou: hunter and james biden seem to be avoiding questions from senator ron johnson. the chair of the homeland security committee says joe biden's son and brother are not cooperating with his investigation into the biden family's foreign finances. senator johnson adds it would be in the public interest for the bidens to cooperate. one would think it would be in their interest as well. that's it for us it this evening. thank you for being with us. phil kline, congressman elect burgess owens and historian victor david hanson. all among our guests tomorrow. join us for all of those folks.
6:00 am
foal me on twitter @loudobbs. like me on facebook, instagram, parler @loudobbstonight. maria: good tuesday morning, everyone. welcome. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, december 15th. your top stories right now, 6:0. major news that will shape the political future, the electoral college, formally choosing joe biden as the president-elect. this as several key swing states, gop electors cast a vote for president trump. leading some to believe the fight is far from over. we will bring you the very latest this morning. attorney general bill barr is out, of usually leaving -- officially leaving his post right before christmas, this as we're learning he did stop the announcement of the fbi investigation into hunter biden for his shady business dealings, now a new e-mail


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