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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 15, 2020 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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maria: have a great day. thank you for being here. "varney & co." begins right now. take it away, stu. stuart: good morning maria. good morning, everyone. barely a pickup so far in the vaccine rollout. of the pfizer vaccine has to be kept super cold and restricted to all 50 states and it works. those of files were delivered super cold, remarkable. if you were watching us yesterday, he saw the first jab delivered to a nurse in new york city with governor cuomo conveniently in the picture trying to claim some credit. this week we expect to see it under his vaccine approved and could be shipped with normal refrigeration with
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millions of doses on the way within days and after that johnson & johnson will ask for approval of the single shot vaccine and then after that astrazeneca should come on stream as europe and some states here heavily restrict christmas celebrations, trump and american technology offer help. the media will give the president no credit, but it's his warp speed vaccine that will beat this virus. throughout the program you will see the vaccine rollout. you will see the first jab in states around the country and what's happening with your money. "varney & co." is about to begin. ♪ stuart: that's the cars very good. a band or a group or what, i don't know, i
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like the music. looks like we will start the day with a wall street rally, but i caution everyone we have absolutely no idea how the market will close. investors like the vaccine rollout and yes, we are hearing again that a stimulus package is close. we have heard this every day for months, regardless industrial's will be about 150, down about 180 yesterday and recouping the loss in the early going with s&p up. nasdaq up 93 points. on the show today we are dealing with europe, virtually canceling christmas a celebrations a possible full lockdown in new york city as a major snowstorm approaches and the growing revolt of restaurant and bar owners. we have it all. first we will do the stainless package. a two-part deal has been proposed. we need to break this thing down. keep it simple.
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susan: one is $908 million and yes that includes state and local aid on with liability provision and the second is 748 billion-dollar package excluding the two most contentious issues are democrats are concerned over liability issues and republicans concerned over local state aid. hopefully everyone is happy. congress has until the end of the week to get a deal. we know senate majority leader mitch mcconnell yesterday said the us needs a covid relief bill. we had house speaker pelosi and the treasury speaker and there's consensus across the aisle that americans need more help, but what type of help is a big question. stuart: i thought you were going to say something else, but you didn't. susan: mitch mcconnell says we need a covid relief bill is abolished, by the way. stuart: it is.
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look who is here, gentlemen by the name of mike murphy. looks like-- look, in my opinion-- just my opinion, we will get some kind of virus aid the yield and i think that will be good for the market. what say you? >> good morning. that will be a positive for the market because the market-- really when you look past the market were won the second there are people out there that are relying on this money, businesses that won't survive without this money, so hopefully we get this deal quickly and we get the money in the hands of the people that need it. the market will-- i think it's more driven by the fundamental spirit we will get a pop on the stimulus, but the fundamentals are supporting a higher market as well. stuart: what are the fundamentals that support a higher market? >> you had the massive selloff back when covid did in march, and we've had a recovery, but during the pandemic we
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have seen a lot of breakthroughs in technology. we have seen a lot of companies and you cover them a lot of the show, names like zoom that didn't really exist or were not mainstream until the pandemic, so now you have big tech that either acquires companies or finding new ways to build their business to make your life better, so you see companies that will have higher earnings based on new business minds, so bottom line is people get back to work and as vaccines rollout, as more people spend more money in the us economy, you will see higher stock prices. stuart: i keep hearing that walmart is actually a vaccine play. is it? >> it could be. you could look at it as a people will go out to do more shopping in stores whereas-- so walmart competes with amazon, so if people go into the store to do shopping once they can,
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that could take some business away from amazon. i look out walmart steward in a different way. we own the stock and i love the company. when you compare walmart to amazon, walmart trades roughly 20 times earnings and amazon roughly 100 times earnings. similar sign of revenue businesses and yet you have this massive disconnect, so it walmart was given the same multiple as amazon, you look at walmart trading out roughly $650 a share and i think there is a lot of upside from here. stuart: that would be a lot of upside. thank you. mike murphy, we will see you soon. interesting to hear you are bullish for next year as well, most people are at this point. to politics. biden refusing to answer questions about his son hunter, during his press conference yesterday. watch this.
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>> congratulations, appreciate it. stuart: okay. there was a question i went totally unanswered and the man on the right-hand side of the screen is steve cortez, love, give me the big picture. what impact does the hunter scandal in the developing hunter scandal have on the incoming administration? doesn't hobble the the biden administration at all? >> hobble to say the least, stuart. joe biden would enter office with two massive clouds over him making him the least legitimate and weakest new president in american history. of the first is according to quinnipiac accord each almost 80% of republicans don't believe he allegedly one so he faces that massive suspicions. secondly, to your point about this china biden pay to play scandal with
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the chinese communist party, the information is finally getting out to a lot of the american people who were kept in the dark because of mainstream media-- not you, stuart, but because of the actions of mainstream media and big tech to ignore and suppress his blockbuster stories americans are now just learning the details that joe biden sold out our country to the most dangerous enemy of the us, chinese communist party for millions of dollars and i believe this information had been more widely known and further delegitimize is him if he sworn in, i don't believe he will even last long as president of the united states given the gravity of what we know from the laptop from health that is cooperated by eyewitness firsthand credible testimony. stuart: let's bring it to detail, what do you think joe biden will not be able to do because of the hunter biden scandal once he takes office? >> listen, i think
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assuming republicans keep the senate, which i think will happen. assuming that happens, the weakness of the biden presidency and again this cloud of suspicion, this cloud of intrigue related to beijing, to beijing biden, it will steal the republicans in the senate to the affect that they will not compromise with him nor should they, but they won't compromise with him on anything because he will be so utterly weakened. he will enter office with the very real evidence out there that foreign actors have compromised the chief executive of the united states. this is something that has never happened in american history, never had the enemy of the united states and again the most dangerous, communist chinese party compromising for certain his family and perhaps him as well. the information that he is the quote big guy is a substantial and i think there will be indictments of his family members coming soon and this will paralyze his new administration. if he is sworn in,
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again, he will be hobbled immediately the weakest new president in american history and in addition, i don't believe he can last long. that's how serious these matters are we are talking about. this entire story zero was buried because a big tech with facebook and twitter willing and able to do and what the corporate media outside of fox and honest brokers like you were willing to do was ignore the blockbuster story and now that they believe their preferred candidate is willing-- one, they are suddenly willing to talk about the reality of this story, the biggest story of the entire campaign, still. stuart: well, that's a strong way to start a tuesday morning i guess. thank you. tell it how you see it steve cortez, thank you. now, headline in the "new york post" read it, there you go: time to calling a special counsel on hunter and joe biden. the man who wrote it, michael goodwin will join us in our 10:00 a.m. hour. new york city mayor bill de blasio says the city
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is on the verge of another full shutdown. roller tape. >> the current rate we are going, you have to be ready now for a full shutdown, a pause like we had back at the end of the spring. stuart: that's a serious. officials may ramp up a knot-- lockdown, but revolt against the restrictions is gaining steam. we will talk to a few restaurant owners throughout the show. first, check futures. tuesday morning with some green-- of course, we had green yesterday morning and it ended up red. we will take you to wall street shortly. ♪ nce so you only pay for what you need. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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stuart: show me futures, please. up about 160 points. what is the number? susan: .4% higher than in economists forecast, so it looks like doing better than anticipated. stuart: some activity there, no impact on the market, still up 1604 the dow. show me moderna. fda says their vaccine is highly effective. two days from now, friday, they meet again when moderna's vaccine will probably get clearance. of the stock is up one and a quarter precent. dr. marc siegel is with us this tuesday morning. doctor, we saw you right in the middle of it yesterday interviewing people who had the first jab. how is the rollout going >> very very well, stuart. better than even anticipated. they will already be gearing up to do the
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entire stop by the end of january. i was told the group i'm in can be expected to get the vaccine over the next couple of weeks. i excited about it. ^-caret easter, the nurse i interviewed yesterday, was the first to get the vaccine and she's our critical care nurse who runs our medical icu took she checked in this morning and said i'm back at work, feeling fine, no side effects whatsoever. stuart: good news. we hold on per second because we are hearing new york city may be a full shutdown all over again. susan, what are the details? susan: like the shutdown in march, more restrictions will start soon going to mayor deblasio and we know indoor dining ban went into effect monday, but restaurants and bars can still allow outdoor dining, but we have a snowstorm such impact the city. get takeout and delivery for now. the blogs you said that anyone that can avoid going into their
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workplace should avoid going in and work remotely instead. he said that restrictions would only last for a matter of weeks. stuart: dr. marc siegel, what is your reaction to a second full shutdown if we were to get it? >> stuber, i saw the mayor yesterday at this press conference and he was relate to me, but no restaurant owner would be smiling at him today. one out of three restaurants with that in august they could it reopen after the pandemic. is going to end up being two out of three with no restaurants left. the alternative, they could figure out a way where restaurants have to go further in the way of social distancing and careful ventilation. they don't have to close everything down. what alternatives are they giving restaurant owners? the amount of damage done in terms of unemployment, mental health issues and even physical medical issues have to be taken into account. this is devastating and it's not being handled properly. stuart: to meet lockdowns don't work, but what they do possibly
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is slow the rate of spread, but what we are really looking for is the safety of a vaccine. that's the end again, isn't it? >> first of all, yes, we have the vaccine now so let's roll it out. second, is the large gatherings and within households most of the covid spread hits it can spread at a restaurant, not downplaying it, but it's not the major place of spread anymore. stuart: okay, so you think it's going okay, i mean, you know you are right in the middle of it. you were jabbing people yesterday, interviewing people that got the jab, i want the big picture that is going well. >> it's a palpable excitement i felt yesterday. there is a sign up, vaccine center. we see the light at the end of that. in the meantime, wear a mask, social distance, don't travel as much as you did, but the light
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is at the end of the funnel. that that the vaccine is incredibly effective, it saved, albert took let's get the entire population vaccinated to return to normal in the spring. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. yesterday was a historic day v day. stuart: thank you. congratulations on a great rollout so far. florida, let's get there may be open for business, but the canadians are not coming. our own ashley webster is in florida. is that a problem if the snowbirds don't fly south the? ashley: well, what's interesting stu-- someone else is talking to me, but yes, i met in flagler beach, north of daytona beach, beautiful day, no winter storm watch her, but the canadian snowbirds have been grounded. they can't get across
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the border because of the covid-19 pandemic and that could put a huge dent in florida's economy. canadian snowbirds put in an estimated $3 billion every year. that's a town of money. to give you some of the facts, about canadian snowbirds in florida, more from canada than any other international country so our neighbors to the north like to come south especially in the winter. estimated half a million canadians come here every year and they spend as they say in excess of $3 billion, so they are trapped north of the border. we did manage to track down a snowbird in eastern ontario and did a facetime interview with him. his name is bob slack and he said we are just going to hunker down for the winter because that's the safe thing to do. take a listen. >> when will the border "we want to drive and we don't want to fly so we
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are prepared to wait it out till next november to arrive in florida. it would be nice to get there this spring, but if we don't, we don't. we would rather stay healthy. ashley: there you have it. bob is staying in eastern ontario, but for the rest of the day there's another story, canadian snowbirds don't come here, but other americans are coming here first because of the pandemic and also they can work from home and why not do it in warmer weather where it's a lot cheaper, lots to talk about the rest of the day. stu, we will be back in the next hour work we are going to the funky public on restaurant to find out how businesses. stuart: you are doing all right there in florida. thank you, ashley webster. back to the markets. we open in seven and a half minutes and we are going to the upside.
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tech is doing well. back after this. ♪ i have an idea for a trade. oh yeah, you going to place it? not until i'm sure. why don't you call td ameritrade for a strategy gut check? what's that? you run it by an expert, you talk about the risk and potential profit and loss. could've used that before i hired my interior decorator. voila! maybe a couple throw pillows would help. get a strategy gut check from our trade desk. ♪
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stuart: we are going up for the opening bell. here is jason this tuesday morning. jason, i think we are going to get some kind of stimulus a deal. i don't know when, but i think we will get it fairly soon. what happens to the market if we don't get a stimulus package? >> what happens if you have a bridge that goes three quarters of the way over a river with rapids? i mean, without that stimulus sometime in and around inauguration i think we are setting up for a massive disappointment. of the holidays are upon us and it could not happen at a worst time with respect to the stimulus on the lockdown. we are consumer economy, storekeepers bolted up inventory in anticipation so there's a growing course on both sides of the aisle colleague for some sort of bipartisan push for a bill that's gaining support on both sides. stuart: other than that, you are
9:28 am
bullish for next year, i mean, you have said this many times, but other than this thing about the stimulus and the georgia elections, other than that stocks: next year; right? >> without equivocation we are constructive on the stocks. will we have a surge like we have had in the last eight months of 65, 70% off the lows, but i think we will have positive results. shockingly, there isn't nearly as a much attention paid to the georgia elections and as a result of that and all the money printing with more money supplied now since 1940, so i'm hedging the portfolios with gold. stuart: oh, so you think we may get inflation as the end result of this money printing; right? >> the piper at some point has to get paid. ages ago i was in the studio with you and tom lee and talked about why
9:29 am
there should be golden portfolio and everyone looked at us cross eyed. now is the time to reengage in gold. we seen a pullback. we think it could pierce 2000 and 12 that-- higher. the weak dollar, the tenure spike, with will rates going low there's really not a big opportunity across the whole gold. it's a cheap way to hedge your portfolio and has a barbell approach in having procyclical long equity and a bit of something that could buffer that in the event of massive volatility or inflation. stuart: how would you actually invest in gold? i don't think you would buy gold bars and bullion, would you buy a gold etf or mining shares? >> it's really the etf. the challenge with gold miners is they do a lot of hedging which makes it not a pure play on the price. buying the hard asset could make sense for some people peered there
9:30 am
is storage costing commission, but etf is liquid in a very good proxy for the asset. stuart: got it. thank you, jason. good timing. you end of the bell begins. seven seconds and we will open trading. we expect to see some green as of 9:30 a.m. here we go. had to make this point, the market opens up first thing, first few trades, sometimes it closes lower at 4:00 p.m. i have no idea what will happen, but we opened with a solid gain up almost 200 points and i can see 27 of the dow 30 in the green on the upside. how about the s&p 500? a bit more in percentage terms than the dow and the nasdaq composite-- composite is up .79% so a fairly solid in across the board. eli lilly, i think they are up this morning-- yes, they are fractional
9:31 am
gain. they made a big purchase, though. susan: their buying prevails therapeutics, a cheap therapy biotech said they are working on a treatment for parkinson's in the deal is valued at a billion dollars. eli lilly raising their guidance, lifting dividends by 15%, remember eli lilly is offering a covid antibody cocktail similar to regeneron. stuart: now, have a look at tesla, please. they have been going gangbusters up another 1%, 646 appeared tesla is bigger than how make our companies? susan: nine carmakers combined now worth almost $600 billion on friday after the markets closed tesla will finally be added to the s&p 500. that means $80 billion of rotation and this is $80 billion worth of trade with stock going
9:32 am
in and out with tesla management down 70% this morning. 85% now. petroleum also kicked out of the s&p 100 and as you can see we were looking at it down about 2%, reversing as they lost about 8% yesterday. when you are included in the index and when you get kicked out your sold off. stuart: tesla in goes up and that apartment management company-- i can't remember. susan: apartment management investment. stuart: out, they crash. susan: creede arena. stuart: one more chinese company getting into that electric vehicle market. susan: china's google listed in the us as you can see and apparently there will to make dvds-- ev. already in self driving offering taxi services in beijing and other
9:33 am
chinese cities. the two chinese tesla rivals do so well in the us market, they won a piece of the action. stuart: china's google. that's right and now they getting into electric cars? susan: yeah, they do a lot of things. alibaba gets into financing and the cloud. stuart: enormous trust in the electric car market of the future. susan: i think so especially with the regulations we have seen with california, for example. stuart: let's come back home for a second. apple, i saw a report this morning they are going to increase their iphone production early next year. susan: up 30% in the first half of next year. that's big. stuart: huge. susan: that indicates strong iphone 12 demand which analysts says solidifies his prediction for an iphone super cycle.
9:34 am
apple is expected to ship 230 million iphones next year, that's a lot more than what wall street is forecasting for 2021, bullish for the stock. watch out peloton, lululemon, nike because when apple gets into the fitness competition you have to watch out. stuart: did you say they are looking to sell to under 30 million iphones next year? susan: yeah. stuart: once you have them in customers hands, then you milk the revenue that comes out of it susan: services, you can watch apple tv or apple music and use apple pay. stuart: even i who subscribe to virtually nothing has to apple a little bit of something every month. they get something out of a. susan: that's something. stuart: we also have the chip makers on your screen. all of them are up. what's happened? susan: with $110.
9:35 am
really writing along with the chip euphoric especially with this work from home trend. we have a lot more pcs and laptops body can i that's a resurgence in an industry that some people thought was dead especially with the iphones and a smart phones and a tablet's the virus and the lockdown changed so many things. susan: and consumer behavior. how much of that will last after this? stuart: that's the great question is that, who knows. how will we emerge from this and what will the economy look like, our individual behaviors, what will we spend our money on? susan: viewing. stuart: i was looking at my expenditures. susan: is that daily? [laughter] stuart: i do it all the time. what i spent money on in 2020 versus 2019, far less-- i spent virtually
9:36 am
nothing on travel, restaurants, entertainment. susan: discretionary spending. stuart: to be technical. stuart varney spends it much less discretionary spending, but i don't spend much more on anything else. susan: where's the money going? is it just kept in the bank earning .01% interest? stuart: that was sarcasm. no, i transferred it to real estate. susan: okay. stuart: what is this on the prompter? bank of america released their latest investor survey. wait a minute, is this where the market is going for who's investing in it? susan: yeah, and where the money is going. they are saying tech is the most crowded trade right now, second shorting the us dollar-- stuart: oh, please. susan: that weakens the us dollar. stuart: how many of our viewers do you think short the us dollar? susan: probably more
9:37 am
institutional. stuart: zero. susan: i would say the third trade is bitcoin so far this year since we hit to record levels and even stuart varney. investors are so bullish they drop cash levels to 4%, the lowest in two years meaning they are going into everything except for cash and when everything is in one way according to bank of america that's a signal that maybe things aren't as rosie or there isn't that much more to gain when you have already bought in so much as. stuart: port 911% on the 10 year treasury. .911 on the us treasury and that's why i don't put money in the bond market. susan: exactly right. stuart: that's why i don't put it under the mattress or cash in the bank, no, i put it into real estate. susan: that's why bank of america says you get no money, cash is trash when there are no
9:38 am
returns. stuart: by the way, if you look at europe and lend money to the governments over there, they don't give it all back to you. here you get .9% return. susan: instead of negative yield the. stuart: i think we are done with a marked opening and we are eight minutes into the seven-- session. let's move on. remember when the media mark-- mock to the president for saying we would have a vaccine by december? let's remind everyone. watch the mockery. >> many health experts aren't so sure it's achievable. >> coronavirus vaccine coming out this year this sort of happy talkies doing. >> potus and wonderland. >> the vast this a vaccine ever been produced is five years. stuart: the naysayers. what are they saying now? they are not talking. brian kilmeade joins me in the next hour. economists argue that
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raising taxes on new york's billionaire's could be new york's saving grace. what utter nonsense. we will discuss that. they are talking about the wealth tax, by the way, which is in a tax, it's confiscation of your money. ♪ your daily dashboard from fidelity -- a visual snapshot of your investments, key portfolio events, all in one place. because when it's decision time, you need decision tech. only from fidelity. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice.
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even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. stuart: we are 13 minutes into the trading session and i have plenty of green with the dow jones up close to the 200 points. what's look at cosco but see it-- because-- it's down a fraction as they double down on bricks and mortar. susan: well-- stuart: i do like their stores. susan: i know you do. cosco is known for its in person shopping experience. you can get your lunch
9:44 am
there-- i know stuart does. there is a lot to like. cosco ceo says stores are not going away. they are having a blowout year, by the way. up nearly 15% in the 13 weeks leading into thanksgiving and a lot of shoppers going online you can't exclude the in-store experience. stuart: the industry experience. it's a good store with wide aisles to walk around freely. susan: free lunch. stuart: thank you, susan. our retail expert of the day is kristin bands and she joins me now. kristin, we have been trying to figure out what the retail sector looks like when we have gotten through this pandemic. i say that online shopping is going to dominate, it's here to stay and we are going back to the old way of doing things. what say you cannot i am
9:45 am
wearing this green necklace because of you, so i do believe you are correct in your assumption, stuart. stuart: okay. flush it out a little bit, i mean, this holiday season online shopping is going to look to what proportion of retail sales? is it 30% this christmas, what? >> it should be more. for black friday, football as they say in the uk was down 52%. americans are shopping online and shopping online in kind. the you will see more of that going forward. you are absolutely correct, shopping with our fellow. stuart: i always think of amazon as the ruling company with online shopping. who's the second and third team players you like about online arena? >> i don't like to put walmart in the backseat. they are the hot number, also. they have what amazon
9:46 am
doesn't have. they have a lot more physical locations. by online, pick up in-store and there's a little thing happening right now stuart, should then get it. there's a whole desk so much online shopping that it may not arrive under the trees time so if that happens and amazon already has the stress of this in the holiday shopping. you will see more people patronizing their walmart of establishment for pickup. stuart: how about luxury items? i understand you think they will sell well even though there's a locked down with the pandemic or not, but you say luxury sales this year? >> luxury does sell this here because it thinks you feel good so if you have gone through the pandemic with someone in your life, you may want to give them something sparkly. no one will see that. there's no holiday parties. there's no new year's eve parties, but some
9:47 am
sparkle on your finger doesn't hurt. stuart: i just want to go back to this online shopping this holiday period. you think-- online will account for more than one third of all retail sales, what he thinking 40%, 50%? >> absolutely, 50, 60, absolutely, i mean, half the country is locked down, stuart. what else are we going to do? stuart: if that is the case, online sellers will do really well in stock prices should go up significantly. >> they should, but this begs the question, can the shippers bring those gifts under your tree in time so that's when you look at fedex and ups. very important place. stuart: kristin, thanks for joining us. i find this fascinating because i have no idea what things will look like when we come out of this pandemic. thank you. see you soon.
9:48 am
let's have a look at target, up a dollar, .67%. and they are changing their holiday hours. susan: they are extending hours to midnight, and extra hour to shop in store's. stuart: bricks and mortar. susan: but they are trimming their senior hours one day a week. this is to help with congestion in the stores and capacity limited. customer traffic is actually up in stores for an half percent so that's increased the average dollar spent, up to 15% because when you walk in and see extra stop that you may want to pick up a. stuart: over the weekend-- susan: in a target? stuart: no, in a grocery store and there was a line of young people who could not get in, but older people myself went in first. they have reserved the first hour of business for older people just to keep us separate from the youngsters. susan: should it be that way,
9:49 am
respect for your elders and let them go first? stuart: worked for me. i walked right in the door took let's get serious we saw it right here, new york's governor andrew cuomo making sure he was on camera when the first vaccine was administered. you know, it was not that long ago when he was singing a different tune. watch this. >> how confident am i? i'm not that confident. this vaccine is exciting because i believe it's the one thing that will end the war's. stuart: okay, he really wants the credit and doesn't want president trump to get any credit. we are on that story for you. ♪ yeah!? i switched to geico and got more! more savings on car insurance!?
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stuart: on your screen i'm going to call this the stock of the day. apple up 4%, 126 is the share price. that's a big gain, believe me. their reports they will boost iphone production by 30% in the early part of next year. that means a huge increase in iphone sales
9:54 am
meaning they can milk those iphones for revenue for the rest of its life; right? susan: and picking up apple suppliers along with it like chip makers gaining a one to 4%. stuart: huge gain. good lord, i will take it. five of florida hospitals received the vaccine first. lauren is in clearwater florida, write the middle of it. when does the rest of the country get the vaccine? what's the scheduled rollout? ashley: they have been getting it, hospitals across the country yesterday another master per. by the end of the week, pfizer will have 2.9 million doses out to hospitals in all 50 states and this is happening throughout. hospitals are taking the time to vaccinate their frontline workers. tampa general hospital in the tampa bay area, they started yesterday and then will continue today.
9:55 am
they have 19500 doses more than they need so they will branch out to hospitals around the tampa general. these firefighters here are in the 1b categories as firefighters across the country are. they will get vaccinated looking like may be the first or second of january is what i'm told , so first frontline workers at hospitals around the country. folks in nursing home and long-term elderly care and then firefighters and first responders. stuart: edward lawrence, right in the middle of it as usual. thank you uber and a lift are rolling out new benefits for drivers in california. what is a get? susan: minimum wage and health care subsidies something they didn't get before this is after uber and lyft themselves classified as contractors and not employees so part of the victory means drivers will get paid 20% more than the minimum wage is 30 cents extra per mile
9:56 am
for expenses and drivers that make less than the guaranteed minimum will automatically get paid differently whether you working at that type of business. 100% of their tips. as a result you pay a bit more because according to the financial times it looks like we could see an increase of a dollar 50 per ride. stuart: it was at compromise, but drivers got something. a big show a still ahead , still to come brian kilmeade, elizabeth mcdonald, steve forbes, john tapper, second hour of the barney coming up right after this. second hour of "varney & co." coming up right after this. ♪ eir world stopped and when they found a way to face it. for some, this is where their keytruda story begins. keytruda-a breakthrough immunotherapy
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♪. stuart: one republic. one republic. good love. i don't care for that. that is ratherdown beat. i like to be upbeat. it is 10:00 in the morning. we had a half hour's worth of business in the market. we're up 70 points. susan: i like it. stuart: moving on. good morning everyone. this is the stuart varney and susan li show. it is 10:00 on the east coast. we've got a busy two hours for you. look at this, michael goodwin, joseph smith. brian kilmeade in this current
10:01 am
hour. the 10:00 hour. in the 11:00 hour, steve forbes, two senators, john barrasso, rick scott and "bar rescue" guy, jon taffer. look at the market. they do think we'll get one and the market is responding with a very modest rally. now this. do lockdowns work? no. to they get rid of covid-19? no. well, they may slow the spread but as soon as restrictions are lifted it seems to come right back. it has come back, to europe and so have the lockdowns. germany has essentially canceled christmas celebrations. only five people can gather together for a maximum of two households. no singing or dancing, please. france, italy, much of britain,
10:02 am
the czech republic, in fact much of europe will walk away from what might be called the holiday spirit. same here, in the big democrat-run states. new york city is actually close to the kind of full lockdown we haven't seen since march. the strategy is this. lock down, slow the spread, relief pressure on hospitals, ignore the social costs, ignore the economic costs and ignore the frustration of people who can't celebrate the holidays. it is grim. the vaccine is the great hope. if we can just get through the next couple of months, mass inoculations will get us through this by the summer or spring or early summer. that is the great hope. i prefer the strategy employed in the big republican states, florida, texas, for example. no mask lockdowns. people get to choose their level of risk. if you don't think that that restaurant is safe to eat in, don't eat there. that saves the economy and gives people a degree of freedom.
10:03 am
for the long-term hope is the same. the vaccine gets us out of this. i can see what is coming after the inauguration. joe biden will claim the credit for knocking out the virus. he will say lockdowns and masks mandates worked but the credit surely belongs to president trump and american technology. they did it. they cut the red tape. they pushed for warp speed. they mobilized a remarkably successful vaccine distribution. we will come out of this but it won't be lockdowns that save us. it will be trump's warp speed vaccine program. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪. stuart: look who is here the man himself, scott shellady, all decked out in his cow jackket and bow tie. what a guy.
10:04 am
we like that outfit, scott. i wouldn't like to walk down the streets of new york in it, simple as that. >> you can now. nobody is there. stuart: that's very true. look in new york it feels like christmas, frankly being canceled. that is what it feels like here. we could be under another full lockdown in the future. i don't know where you are right now. i think you're in chicago. what is the feeling like there? >> the same way. they're trying to cancel christmas. in effect they have done it on the top but really below things, stuart. you can't buy a christmas tree. they're all sold out. you can't get any christmas lights. the american heart is fighting back. they're trying to cancel the human condition. it is just not working. because lockdowns here, i have written a lot about this, lockdowns are lazy, right? that is what a legislator does doesn't really want to take the time to focus on what the problems are, so they do a blanket lockdowns. lockdowns are lazy. when it comes to the vaccine,
10:05 am
stuart, i will pre-apologize because a lot of folks get mad at me when i say it, per the cdc, as long as you're basically below the age of 60, you have 99.7% survival rate if you contract the virus. i'm still not convinced when we have a vaccine anyaway. i thought long and hard about this. the answer is this we're vaccinating ourselves against our own emotions. even though the virus has 99.7% survival rate if you do contract it we're pushing out vaccines to make everybody feel better, safer, to try to get the economy back to normal is. the problem is -- stuart: that is important. you have to make people feel a little bit safer. you have to give them some encouragement. i think the vaccine is the way out of this whole mess? >> you're 100% correct. you're right. that will make people, that is going toe erase what the mainstream media did scaring
10:06 am
everybody in march and april, the problem they're not letting go, stuart. even though you got the vaccine you still have to wear a mask. do you think when everybody has the vaccine come next july, all of sudden we'll not have social distancing in the restaurants anymore? they will be still made to make money on 50% revenues. it will not be right. it will take longer than we think to get back to normal. the vaccine is the answer, it is not the answer for your health. it is the answer for your mind, your emotion that you will be vaccinating against, not the actual virus itself. stuart: every time i talk to you, scott, you say something that is original and brand new. i really like that. you're an original thinker. good lord, what are you doing on television? all right, scott shellady -- >> oops. stuart: we'll see you soon, scott shellady. that is a promise. good stuff. >> see ya. stuart: my next guest, let's get real serious now, my next guest is calling for a special counsel to investigate hunter and
10:07 am
joe biden. michael goodwin is with "the new york post." michael goodwin joins us now. give me the big picture for a second. what impact do you think that the hunter biden scandal will have on the incoming biden administration? what will this scandal stop joe biden from doing? >> good morning, stuart. i don't think it will stop him necessarily until it is resolved. i think there will be a lot of back and forth with congress, with or without a special prosecutor. but i do think that we'll never get to the pot of this scandal. don't forget, this is not really about hunter biden. if it were just about hunter biden, i think the administration could go on. people might even feel sympathy for joe biden but at the heart of this, this is about joe biden. hunter biden made his money because of his last name. he admitted as much the fact he made it in those countries, not in america, but in foreign
10:08 am
countries where joe biden was the point man for the obama-biden administration. whether it was china, kazakhstan, ukraine, on and on the list went. wherever joe biden went hunter went along and made, big cash pay day everywhere. so that's what we have to figure out. of course there is the hunter biden tax issues and all of that but fundamentally is it, this is about joe biden i think selling influence through his son hunter. that is what was being bought. hunter's services were not being bought. it was joe biden's power that was being bought. stuart: so it is an ethics problem you suspect joe biden has, not a legal problem but an ethics problem and therefore a political problem? >> well, it could be a legal problem but fundamentally i think when we're talking about china, for example, is joe biden compromised? can he really -- after all
10:09 am
wasn't that the charge against president trump with russia? it proved to be false. now we have it with joe biden and china. china people connected to the government and to the communist party were paying hunter biden millions upon millions dollars a year. for what? for introductions he said. they were paying him for his father's last name and for his father's power. so what does china know about joe biden that americans don't? that is why we need a special counsel. to get involved in this, to dig it deep, to protect it from the incoming administration because steve cortes was saying earlier, i think if joe biden takes office and this investigation gets swept under the rug it is never going to heal. people are going to know they are hiding something, if have nothing to hide why don't they want the investigation to go
10:10 am
forward? stuart: fascinating subject for us. we appreciate you raising it, michael. michael goodwin, "the new york post." thank you, michael. >> thank you. stuart: we have a market that is rallying, not a huge rally for the dow but a nice gain for the nasdaq. it is up 91. we have some big movers and i want to know what they are. susan: most of that is from the apple rally today. apple was up 4% at its peak a few minutes ago. the fact that apple might be producing 30% more iphone 12s to ship according to reports is bullish for the world's largest company. don't forget apple is so big, two trillion dollars, it is worth 5% of the s&p, and no company has had that type of influence to 1980. you have to go all the way back. as apple goes, so do all the rest of the markets. taking a lot of apple suppliers, thinking broadcom, skyworks, amd, chip-makers rallying one to 5% each because of the apple bullish outlook. dan ives says it is still worth
10:11 am
$160, apple stock value because we're in the super cycle of iphone upgrades and iphone 12 selling a lot better than anticipated. stuart: i have to believe apple at this moment is the stock of the day. susan: i think so. stuart: when you get a gain of that kind and company of that size, nearly 4%, that is gigantic. susan: takes everybody with them. stuart: held lots of conversations about this program technology companies moves out of california. the latest one to go was oracle. the executive, headquarters, from silicon valley to texas. now the ceo of oracle, his name is rapery ellison, extremely wealthy guy, he is leaving california as well. susan will tell us where he is going. susan: he is going to hawaii, not austin, texas. he has a 500 million dolan island. in in lanai.
10:12 am
he larry ellison is the 11th richest person will work by zoom on his tropical island retreat. i looked into this. hawaii is not a low tax state. the state income tax is almost as high as california's at 11%. if i had a choice between lania or austin, texas, no offense to austin because my brother lives there, it is nice. paul trees. stuart: larry ellison doesn't care about the tax rate on income. susan: it is all capital gains. stuart: it is all capital gains for him. he sits on 30, $40 billion worth of oracle stock. that is not income. it is wealth. susan: does it matter at that point when you're worth $75 billion, don't you want to enjoy it, with palm trees and white sand between your toes? am i talking to the wrong person? stuart: a ripple of laughter throughout the studio. susan: i would rather be in
10:13 am
hawaii, all i'm saying. stuart: clearly. moving on. look at this a restaurateur tweeted out a picture of what appears to be amazon worker eating in a cafeteria indoors. his restaurant in california is closed to indoor dining. he is not happy about this he will join us too. day two go are vaccinations is underway. who gets the jab today? when can we get ours? we'll bring you a live report on that. first though new york mayor bill de blasio warning yet of another full shutdown. we'll play the tape again. roll it. >> there is the potential of having to do a full pause, a full shutdown in the coming weeks because we've, we can't let this kind of momentum -- stuart: bobby vann's owner, joseph smith, will hold a demonstration today in times square. he is not happy about any incoming lockdown. i will ask him exactly what does he want from new york city and
10:14 am
state officials? ♪. a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam® is clinically proven to shorten colds! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam zinc that cold!
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10:18 am
stuart: all right, we're not into the trading session by a full hour but we're up. still holding a gain of 100 for the dow and 96 for the nasdaq. i like that, plenty of green. adidas on the upside again. they're considering selling the reebok brand the stock is up 1.57. adidas, call it what you will. wall street firms could leave new york for good even after the vaccine roll out.
10:19 am
do you have any reasons why? susan: lack of faith in the state and city politicians. that makes sense to a lot of people. according to fox business reporting bankers are blaming new york city mayor de blasio for the high crime rate and blaming governor cuomo for the brutal lockdowns that reduced the quality of life here. both are guilty of high taxes, threatening even higher taxes to make up for the pandemic budget shortfall. we know goldman sachs is considering a move to florida or dallas for the asset management arm. hedge funders paul singer heading to the lower tax sunshine state. ken griffin, the list goes on and on in terms of bankers and billionaires going elsewhere. stuart: we have more on the exodus later in the show because that exodus is in full swing. on your screens all too common picture of an empty times square. it could look differently tomorrow. i'm not talking about more people crowding the streets. no, i'm talking about a major
10:20 am
snowstorm headed this way. weather guy rick reichmuth is with us. what is the track for this storm, rick? >> yeah, it will be certainly very empty again with the storm we're watching coming in. we had one storm go through yesterday. it didn't cause any real big impacts but what it did do is drop temperatures down behind it. you see the storm exiting. the storm we're watching across parts of central plains. not real significant snow as it cuts across kansas, oklahoma, arkansas, by the time it gets in towards the mid-atlantic, offshore, by tomorrow midday, talking about the potential for real significant nor'easter, kind of classic nor'easter bringing a lot of snow to a lot of of people. exactly who? i will tell you. winter storm warnings everywhere you see the pink, central, southern part of appalachians. areas of north carolina. areas across the ohio valley as well. we're watching warnings in effect right now. we'll see that extended across
10:21 am
parts of connecticut into massachusetts as well. temperatures, chilly, snow to go through. we're out with a little bit of wind. certainly feeling much colder. watch how this plays out. future radar. a lot of rain down to the south. by tomorrow midday, we see snow in and around places like d.c., over towards pittsburgh, in towards philadelphia. by around dinnertime, late afternoon, we have the snow building in towards new york. what always ends up being this, we can't say exactly where the center of the storm goes. that is how much cold air gets pulled in, where we see the rain-snow line. the blue, that rain, pink, a little bit of mixing. then the snow. that line is very close to the new york city area. at times very close to the philadelphia area. we might see a little bit of sleet mixed in. that will keep the snowfall totals down, a little bit of rain mixed in for times. we're talking all snow and probably cities right around say a foot of know by the time this
10:22 am
is done. interior sections, foot 1/2, two feet. pick one coming here for us. stuart: my goodness me, another reason to go for online shopping. rick, thank you very much indeed. look who is here now, joseph smith, the owner of bobby van's steakhouse in new york city. joe, this storm is the worst possible thing for you guys at this particular time, right? >> well what else can happen? what else can happen? we have the, it started of course with the de blasio. he shut down the schools. and then the governor did one-upmanship around he shut down the restaurants and now of course de blasio is talking about doing a total shutdown. so they keep back an forward and we are stuck in the middle of it all, we 10 million people in new york city. stuart: you have got a protest organized tomorrow i think in times square if i'm not
10:23 am
mistaken? >> it is not my protest. i'm attending it. i am speaking at it and supporting it 100%. restaurant the once again. they will march to third avenue to the governor's office but i think the governor has a hearing problem and really doesn't want to hear. there is going to be a lot of people out of work and it could not have come at a worse time. there is waiters and, these people depend own tips. they depend on customers and customers we've had have been very generous. doing, 30, 40% in tips trying to help waiters and bartenders out that being said, 74% of covid happens at home. 1%, 1.4 happens in a restaurant. where do they think people will go when they shut down the restaurants? they're going to go home. they're is going to be more
10:24 am
gatherings, there is going to be more corona getting passed through. stuart: real fast, joseph. i am told these outdoor dining areas in the city which you constructed on the sidewalk, they may have to be taken down or emptied out or, just taken aweigh with a big snowstorm to make way for the snowplows. is that accurate? >> that is accurate. they have -- i have do not have any outdoor dining because i'm once again in the business district in the middle of manhattan. there are a few there which put up at some expense. the merv fillers, we spent 10, 15,000 for each restaurant to get that done to make it corona safe. it doesn't matter what we do. i mean i've had total, since my last time on with you, i have had seven inspections in my restaurants and we passed them all with the corona cops as we
10:25 am
call them. what more do we have to do to try to make ends meet? the iconic twenty one club is closed forever. the havana club is closed forever. i opened two of my locations on the west side, 45th street, 50th street. i was on tv last time with dagen and she was coming for a beer. i'm sorry she won't be able to come anymores because it is closed. two in new york and if it keeps going i will have none. stuart: i got to go joseph. we think you're a good man. we are very sorry to see you and eithers in this predictment. >> by the way, stuart. stuart: yes, sir. >> forgive me interrupting but i do have the jamison's ready for you. stuart: jamison's? i thought it was bush mills? >> jamison. stuart: there is secret joke going on here between him and i.
10:26 am
we'll get into later. joseph, you're all right. >> have a great christmas. stuart: i shall. thank you. all right. congress has unveiled a bipartisan stimulus bill. in my opinion i think we're going to get something here. sounds like a compromise. i think it will happen. i will ask senator rick scott what he thinks. first we're seeing more business owners revolt against these draconian lockdowns. watch this. >> we shut down indoor dining. no problem. i have a warehouse full of plexiglass okay? we went outdoors, all right? that is getting shut down. there is zero scientific evidence that previouses that outdoor dining is contributing to a rice in cases related to this. stuart: that man, andrew gruel, says he is keeping his restaurants open. he is defiant. he joins me next. ♪.
10:27 am
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stuart: all right. we're still seeing plenty of green. up 70 for the dow, up 91 for the nasdaq. the stock of the day leading the
10:31 am
market higher, that is apple. the speculation that they could produce as many as 96 million iphones in the first half of next year. that would be a very significant increase. stocks up 3%, big gain for a company of that size. eli lilly doing well in the battle against the virus and lily is buying prevail therapeutics which is a gene therapy company. they're paying a billion dollars for it. nice gain for lily up 2.8%. the vaccine rollout is underway in florida. let's go back to edward lawrence. he is in clearwater. wait a minute, edward, florida is already open for business. they're obviously doing well. is there a clamor to get the vaccine there? reporter: you know and there is. it is sort of a patience, eager anticipation of getting a vaccine here. i have seen a lot of everyone, has their masks. florida is more open than other places. going out and about you see people eating out at lunch. they're outdoor dining there is
10:32 am
indoor dining with social distancing. everybody has a mask. sometimes they're wearing them, sometimes they aren't here. in the rollout of the vaccine, 145 sites got it today. 155 sites across the nation. they are ramping up as the vaccine goes out. i'm at the clearwater fire and rescue station. they don't anticipate getting it first or second week of january. now it is front line workers at hospitals, then nursing homes. the first into next year, they believe 1-b will happen first couple weeks of january. back to you, stu. stuart: rollouts going well in the south of us in the sunshine state of florida. edward, thank you very much. historic -- no, i have to deal with something first. one chef and restaurant owner defying california's indoor dining ban. got an outdoor dining ban as well. andrew gruel is with us. andrew, you're keeping your restaurants open? you're defying the authorities?
10:33 am
that could ruin you, couldn't they? >> yes. well you know i like to call it we're strategically keeping our business open in order to keep employees employed ahead of the holidays. stuart: okay. so you are defiant? >> [inaudible]. stuart: we got an audio problem here. we can't hear you clearly i'm afraid to say andrew. but i think you can probably hear me. let me try this one more time. i understand that you are defiant. you are keeping your restaurant open, defying the closure rules. i put it to you that they could ruin you, they could take away your license doing various things. what is going on here? >> sew you know, we followed the data for this entire process and what we've noticed is specially ban on outdoor dining the science just isn't there to
10:34 am
prove the outdoor dining ban is specific leading to -- coronavirus cases. so we decided to remain open. stuart: okay. you worried about being ruined by the authorities? >> you know at this point we're going to get ruined one way or the other. the fact of the matter is the affect on sales and amount of people we'll have to lay off leading into the holidays we have got to take this risk. stuart: back in the good old days 10 months ago you would be sitting next to me in the studio and talk and hold a conversation t was very clear-cut, right from the beginning. these days with remote broadcasting i'm afraid we can't really hear exactly what you're saying andrew but we do appreciate you trying to come on board with us today. >> okay. stuart: we'll try to get back to you. i want to hear exactly what you're up to. see if that revolt really is in progress. thank you, andrew gruel. we appreciate you. thank you much. now there, southern california there is a campaign
10:35 am
to remove the governor gavin newsom and i believe it is gaining momentum it. what is the status? susan: they're close. recall organizers say they have more than half of signatures they need for the measure to be put on the ballot. they have a few months left to collect the remaining signatures that they need. overall the efforts needs 1 1/2 million signatures by mid-march. that would trigger a mid-year election. newsom camps says they have 800,000. they have 50% to go. 2003 california governor gray vives at the time recall, booted by the voters. that was rare. when you had arnold schwarzenegger stepping in. newsom has highest disapproval ratings of his administration being caught where else but the high-end restaurant, french laundry where you will take me after all this is said and done hopefully. what they were doing at the french laundry, they were dining without masks, no social distancing trying to cap californians from doing the same. stuart: it didn't go down well,
10:36 am
did it? not to mention all the other problems california has at the moment. susan: i like that. they capture ad reaction when i said you were going to take us to the french laundry. stuart: raised eyebrows. susan: $500 for two. stuart: okay. wait a minute this, is for you. this is historic restaurant in san francisco closing its doors for good. don't tell me it's the french laundry. susan: it is not the french laundry. talking about the cliff house. they say they will close at the end of this year, that leaves 180 staff jobless. covid lockdowns, high cost of real estate in san francisco the reasons here. cliff house says they were unable to extend a long-term lease on their current location. you've been there. actually eaten there. stuart: many years ago. susan: the cliff house has been around for 157 years. think about it, they joined the historic 21 club here in new york. stuart: gone. susan: surprise ad lot of people. stuart: cliff house is gone for good. susan: at end of this year. 21 club which hosted presidents,
10:37 am
celebrities, billionaires. just so sad, isn't? stuart: really is. iconic restaurants gone for good. this one is for you. dwayne "the rock" johnson, interesting guy, watches this program and has a special message for us. we'll tell you what he said coming up. i didn't know that. the vaccine is out there. when will everybody be able to get one? we have a live report on that for you as well. we'll be back.
10:38 am
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stuart: market still rallying nicely. we're way shy of 30,000 on the dow. we're at 29,900 as we speak. have a look at spotify please. i will tell you why. prince harry and meghan markle
10:42 am
launching their first show just in time for holidays. i don't know about but i can't wait. euro vac starting the phase three clinical trial for the covid vaccine. when do they expect the results? susan: first quarter of next year, first three months of 2021. the german biotech group plan to test their shot on 35,000 participants across europe and latin america. bill gates says we will have six vaccines available by the first half of next year. novavax, johnson & johnson, cure vacs also working on their own vaccine. -- cure vac. pfizer's vaccine already started injections. stuart: the first time i ever heard of curevac never heard of them before. susan: china has their own vaccines, russia. depend who you want to actually
10:43 am
choose. stuart: the german vaccine by early next year. don't miss that. walgreens is getting a supply of the vaccine. i want to know how they will distribute it and get it to the people, vulnerable people that are needed? susan: they're partnering up with nursing and assisted living facilities. walgreens has 35,000 signed up. cvs partnering with over 25,000. to help get the jab into the arms of those first long-term care residents that need the pfizer vaccine first. but isn't this interesting from a stock perspective? we were talking about this, people talking about cvs, walmart being seen as vaccine plays because where else are you going to walk in and get a jab from moderna or pfizer? stuart: theory is, three stocks on the screen, you go in to get the jab you buy something else while you're there, even a free jab. notice how we're all using that word, jab, jab? like it. it is day two of the historic vaccine rollout. let's go to fox news senior
10:44 am
correspondent laura engle outside nyu winthrop hospital. laura, who receives the vaccine and where? reporter: good morning, stuart. it is all about the doctors and nurses at hospitals throughout the nation and this hospital just received the very first shipment of the pfizer vaccine. now it is on to thawing out the first set of doses and they will go into the arms of the front line health care workers at the hospital. very exciting day here for sure. this morning the garden state got its turn as front line health care worker at new jersey's university hospital received first vaccine in the state. governor phil murphy was standing by as he toured the hospital's covid clinic. the governor tweeted that the hospital is completely booked for health care worker vaccination appointments, with 100 appointments 16 her hour scheduled next week. it was very encouraging.
10:45 am
nursing was important for her to get the vaccine and family, friends, community, neighbors and coworkers. >> that is the importance of this vaccine because if we don't start now, it is not even whether we don't start now, we have no choice. we can't afford to lose anymore people. we cannot. reporter: and at this hospital where they have just received the vaccine this, is a place that has treated over 2500 covid patients. so the importance is very high here. stuart? stuart: laura, i noticed the governor of new york was right there on camera for the first jab. the governor of new jersey was right there for the first jab. i think you have to be this for political reasons. take the credit. laura engle, right there in the middle of it. thank you, laura. good to see you again. reporter: thank you. stuart: we're going back to this, snowbirds not headed south from canada to florida because of the pandemic. let's go back to ashley webster.
10:46 am
what else have you got on this one? ashley: you know they're trapped in the great white north because they can't come across the border. that has a huge impact on the florida economy, stu. by some estimates three billion dollars every year are spent by just canadian snowbirds in florida. i want to bring in dennis kemper, the general manager of the funky pelican. best of the coast. >> i agree. ashley: canadian snow birds is not taking it down here. how is your business? >> we're down 30% from last year. so it definitely affects us. we're doing the best we can with what we have. ashley: you have a governor pushing for businesses to stay open. how much does that help? >> incredibly, incredibly. we follow all of his protocols. where we can pay the bills instead of being completely shut down. ashley: dennis, thank you very much. appreciate your time. tell you about canadians and how
10:47 am
much real estate they buy in florida. would you be amazed. there is a clue, it is billions and billions. we'll get into that. stuart: let's do it. you got it, ashley, thanks very much indeed. love that mask. ashley: thank you. stuart: joe biden is going to georgia today, campaigning in the senate races there. by the way in that state requests for mail-in ballots are much higher than they were in november. is that a problem for the republicans? i will ask republican senator john barrasso about that next hour. remember when the media criticized "operation warp speed"'s timeline? in case you forgot, watch this. >> that's an ambitious timeline and many health experts aren't so sure it is achievable. >> a coronavirus vaccine trump says come out this year, this sort of happy talk he is doing about a vaccine. experts say he would need a miracle to be right. stuart: happy talk. oh, dear. brian kilmeade is kind of upset about all of this nonsense and he is going to join me next.
10:48 am
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the we have to find just nosomething good luck! what does that mean? we are doomed. [laughter] that's it. i figured it out! we're going to give togetherness.
10:50 am
that sounds dumb. we're going to take all those family moments and package them. hmm. [laughing] that works.
10:51 am
stuart: 10:51, you know what that means, brian kilmeade, time for the man himself. brian, i watched your interview
10:52 am
with the president, he told you the speed of the vaccine rollout would not have happened without him. i want the audience to see that before we get to you. roll tape please. president trump: if i wasn't president, according to almost everybody, even the enemy, if i wasn't president you wouldn't have a vaccine for five years, okay? stuart: will trump ever get the credit? i mean before this the media was saying you will never get a vaccine, years and years. you get it in 10 months. will anybody ever give the president the credit he deserves? >> really hard not to give him the credit but they're trying. joe biden is 35 days away, 45 days away i don't know the number from actually taking over. you can't give him the credit. he doesn't even know the plan. joe biden was criticized the plan to rollout. do you know the plan? no, i don't get briefed until next thursday. turns out the plan was flawless. best laid plans, military, private, public sector. watching other channels, stuart.
10:53 am
they're not. they're describing the great medical breakthrough but not describing what the trump administration marshalled and did. for example, have you ever seen a team win the super bowl and not give the coach credit? the coach actually holds the trophy first. the owner give is it to the coach to who gives back to the owner. president trump is the coach. they don't expect him to get a lab coat and beaker to figure out how to solve this, what he does, what is slowing this down, what could speed it up? what could it take to get this many vials ahead of time. can you imagine the criticism if pfizer weren't ahead made 100 million vaccines and it didn't work? they would have been like the president wasted taxpayer dollars on a vaccine that has never been done before. not only does pfizer work, moderna is two days away from working. astrazeneca had a tremendous amount of success and johnson & johnson, the one-shot plan is pulling up the rear at the fourth. they said we could have six in a
10:54 am
year. when all the guys, all the experts including homan bill nye the science guy minimum two years. can i add, mr. darkness, president-elect biden if everything goes the way he wants yesterday, all he darks about the dark winter. we know the challenges. please don't tell me the darkness. i want to know where the hope is. stuart: yeah, come on. what did you make of when the first jab was given in new york yesterday, there was governor cuomo on camera throughout the entire event, what do you make of that? >> what do i make of it i remember about three to five weeks ago him on camera saying would i take -- you should try it, susan ever out, you can ask yourself your own questions. stuart what do you think about that you? can kind of answer it. andrew cuomo does a great job asking himself questions and he always seems to have the answers much the question was would i
10:55 am
take the vaccine with this administration? i would be very uncertain about that. i wouldn't blame you for being uncertain as well. really? why there are certain people on the shelf. now that it is ready the trump administration is responsible, he is now split the screen saying look what i'm doing for new york. oh, by the way, i'm shutting the whole city down despite the data and science that shows the problem is people gathering in their homes, not in, not in hotels, not at bars and restaurants. that's his magical cure. stuart: this big snowstorm that is coming out way that going to deliver a lot of snow to this city, that's going to put athe final kibosh on a lot of these restaurants. i don't think a lot of them will come back, brian. last 30 seconds to you. >> i think it is pretty amazing the ingenuity. i was up, my daughter a had a soccer game in the city, driving through greenwich village and all other places. they put together little igloos. they built great structures. you can't keep new yorkers down.
10:56 am
now they say you have to stay out there, now they say if it goes over five inches take it down. you will need a screw gun and a crew to take down the structures in order for the plows to work and sidewalks to be swept. stuart: you lost all that money. they have lost all that money anyway. brian, that was a good one today. thank you, sir. see you again soon. >> you sound surprised? stuart: not at all. you're all right. still ahead, steve forbes, john barrasso, rick scott, and jon tapper. they are talking about a wealth tax again. not an income tax. no, this is the seizure of your wealth. that is the theme of "my take" right after this. ♪. system, your body needs routine. centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc. season, after season. ace your immune support, with centrum.
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>> people get back to work as vaccines roll out and more people are spending more money in the u.s. economy and you won't see higher stock prices. >> they are trying to cancel the human condition and it's just not working for lockdowns are lazy and will take longer than we think to get back to normal but the vaccine is the answer but it's not the answer for your health. it is the answer for your mind. >> there will be a lot of people out of work and it could not have come at a worse time spent they don't have a closer beating down and what alternative are they giving restaurant owners? you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and let's get this entire population back so you can return to normal in the
11:01 am
spring. ♪ stuart: the overdrive, did you know that? you ain't seen nothing yet. that's a fine title for the show and for the song. you ain't seen nothing yet, believe me, that's correct. 11:01 in new york city and it's tuesday, december 15 and the market is rallying, dow is up 112, nasdaq still up 70 and show me apple real fast. i'll get more on this in a second but that's the stock of the debris it up 3%, $3.80, $125 a share from a big increase in iphone production next year. that is why it's up so much and now this, they are talking about a wealth tax again so watch out, this is not some kind of tax on your income, oh no, it is the seizure of your wealth.
11:02 am
the confiscation of your savings. a wealth tax was at the heart of senator elizabeth warren's presidential campaign. bernie sanders was all in favor of it and aoc could barely restrain her enthusiasm. the socialists just love legalized theft. it is raised its ugly head again. new york is home to 118 billionaires and new york has a huge budget deficit so why not take it off the billionaires? they can afford it. fifty economists have sent a letter to the governor demanding a wealth tax and they say it would be quote, a moral and economic failure to leave the money on the table. aoc supports it and there's a proposal before the state legislator and you can see it coming. you cannot dismiss this as a socialist dream. new york and other states are in very bad shape and they will go after anyone with money, not just billionaires. warren's proposal would open up your investment account and simply take some of your money, if they thank you have too much.
11:03 am
if you got a billion dollars warren would take 30 million every year on top of the other taxes you pay. what is wrong with that, you asked? to start with this. the principle of the whole thing. this is the united states and we don't confiscate your wealth and this is not yet a socialist dictatorship. secondly, there is the practical effect. the rich will leave and there's already a mass exodus of people with money won't come back if you are telling them you will be losing even more of their money if they do come back. the socialists of course do not care and they just hate the rich. they will take your money anyway they can. the third hour of barley and comedy is about to begin. stuart: look who is here, the ideal person to address the
11:04 am
issue of a wealth tax steve forbes himself. look, steve, i don't think that there will be a wealth tax in america or in new york anytime soon. to me it is just a signal that on the horizon they are coming after anybody who's successful and has money but what do you say? >> this is the definition of insanity. if something doesn't work you keep doing it again and again and raise taxes in a hospital hostile business environment to keep doing it more and more. while they may not have wealth tax right away, stuart, and the administration of barack obama several years ago floated the idea that maybe your iras and 401k's should not be above a certain level and they will help themselves above a certain level. the his ideas are out there and that is why the georgia senate races are so important because the democrats get control they are going to start to chip away and have these variations of wealth taxes starting in your 401k's and iras and other things and they will tax unrealized
11:05 am
capital gains and then you destroy wealth and destroy investment and destroy the economy but they just don't seem to learn from experience but hundreds of years of experience of that kind of nonsense, destructive nonsense. stuart: you sound annoyed there, steve. i don't blame you. so am i. suddenly socialism appears out of nowhere and threatens all successful people. i think it's absolutely terrible. >> and it hurts the peoples who have the least because you won't enable them to have a chance to become successful. as abraham lincoln put it improve your lot in life. these people say they are tribunes of the poor and the downtrodden and will make sure they state that way. that is what is so hideous about this. stuart: is there any hope for new york city? >> short-term, no. the fact that this guide will close the city down again is utterly idiotic and there are rapid self administered covid tests that could be put on the market and 60-90 days and you can test in two minutes, two or
11:06 am
three days or two or three times a week he would not have to have these lockdowns and you would know who has the disease and who doesn't so this is just a really, really ration going down again of insanity that doesn't work so you will destroy the city even more in the city will eventually come back but not with us governor and not with this mayor appeared that is clear but they are determined to destroy everything especially the restaurant industry, absolutely unnecessary and that's what so bad about it. it's unnecessary. stuart: well, if we get the stimulus plan there is some money in there for the states and not to bail out the insolvent government worker pension programs but just give them some cash to get on with it so would you approve of that? >> for those expenses yes but i put the condition on stop these massive lockdowns for which there is no scientific evidence and i love when they say we must respect the science but why don't they respect the science. restaurants are not the big source of this disease which
11:07 am
coming together in homes and elsewhere and you can't go to restaurant but you can go to a store in many parts of the country and no temperature tax or anything like that and try close on that other people have tried and the utter inconsistency in the blanket nature of it is so bad but they self-administered quick test if they brought those on market the whole thing would not be unnecessary or would be necessary. why don't they go away from these failed policies and do something that can actually wo work? hello. stuart: don't hold your breath, steve. as simple as that appeared great to have you on the show again, steve forbes. come back again. >> thank you. stuart: steve was just talking about the mayor of new york bill de blasio again threatening another shutdown. listen to this again. roll it. >> there is a potential of having to do a full pause, a full shutdown in the coming weeks because we have can't let this kind of momentum go. we are seeing the kind of level of infection of the coronavirus
11:08 am
we not seen since may. stuart: i want to bring in elizabeth mcdonald's, my colleague and friend, here on foxbusiness. she is a new yorker. big picture question. do you think the city, having gone through what it has gone through and what it is having to go through in the future, do think it is changed forever? >> right now it feels like yes. it feels like it has permanently changed because we see businesses and restaurants may be permanently shut by the spring and that is what the restaurant industry is saying. he wondered when new yorkers will step up and say we will shut you down, de blasio and governor cuomo because you are destroying or the destruction of businesses here in new york city is pretty historic. we have not seen this in generations. this is government suppression of the economy. we have the new york governor's own data, his own office based on statewide contract tracing showing just 1.4% of cases come out of restaurants and bars and
11:09 am
74% come out of homes and gatherings. restaurants and bars are fifth down the line of the new york state governor's own list of who is responsible for a covid-19 cases. you know, stuart, this is the play. if these democrats and politicians are getting paychecks and they are getting taxpayer-funded salaries to do shut downs and then they demand federal bailouts. i mean, when we see modernity axing coming off possibly by friday and half a dozen vaccines possibly by the spring there will be a look back on the choices made why did you threaten restaurants first? why did you put their families out of -- you know, why did you knock them out of their jobs? then they are barely surviving stewards. they need to put families and food on their tables and their workers need to put food on their tables. they are suffering right now, stuart. stuart: lives, i think you're absolutely right and there will be hell to pay politically as we go through this and come up to
11:10 am
elections next year. it lives, thank you for joining us this morning but really appreciate it and we will be watching you tonight. the evening at it tonight 6:00 p.m. eastern on foxbusiness with elizabeth macdonald. take a look at the markets and let see what we've got now, back up again, dow up 100, nasdaq and a lot of green in the picture. give me the big names moving. susan: this is called the apple rally. they will produce 30% more iphones in the first half of next year because there is a lot of iphone 12 demand. if this report is correct that is 230 million iphones that will be shipped next year and that is much higher than wall street's forecast. apples chips and suppliers jumping on the news and we have liz busch, apple, confirming the call on apple this money and when america's biggest comic, world's biggest company moves like this it takes the rest of the market along with it. stuart: i'm seeing the markets up in the early going and remind
11:11 am
me of yesterday. up in the early going and then it faded throughout the rest of the day. susan: we had a yesterday dow record yesterday but with more stimulus talk, let's hope. stuart: we are little shy of 30,000 right now, 16 points shy and we live in hope, do we not? we got this good vaccine rollout. what is doing to stay at home stocks? susan: not good when their threat of a full shutdown once again. you heard bill de blasio saying over and over again the stay-at-home winners are up again and take a look at zoom and other shop if i and de blasio as you mentioned says were close to another shut down and it could last for a few weeks and it's not just new york but across other states, big cities across america so we might be going back to signing virtually an zoom once again. stuart: can't wait. thank you, susan. lawmakers on bail of bipartisan relief bill. a couple of weeks before aid programs set to expire. it is a 908 billion-dollar deal,
11:12 am
a plan. will it pass? we will ask. doctors see light at the end of the tunnel is the vaccine rollout. watch this. >> when do you get a majority, overwhelming majority of the population, vaccinated so you can get that umbrella of herd immunity. we can account was that by the end of the second quarter of 2021. stuart: what exactly is herd immunity? we do have the answer for you after this break. ♪ ♪ - did you know that americans have bought gold in 2005 quadrupled their money by 2012 and even now many experts predict the next gold rush is just beginning. so call us money reserve the only precious metals organization led
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stuart: joe biden heads to georgia today is campaigning for democrats in the senate runoff there. it comes as his son hunter faces a federal investigation to his taxes. senator bond is with us from atlanta, hillary, any chance the ride and will answer any questions about the investigation into his son? reporter: those questions have to be asked to steward and this is a driving events were not expecting any voters that show up today to get the chance to ask him about that but in the past even recently as yesterday evening he was asked by fox news about the investigation he has avoided addressing it directly and instead has issued comments generally speaking to how he is proud of his son and other clips but we aren't expecting substantial commons coming from him in regards to that but this is president-elect joe biden first big test if he can help down ballot democrats with two
11:18 am
key senate seats here and also whether or not voters here in georgia trust handing over to the democrats, not only a majority in house but in the senate and also of course, a democrat in the white house and also we will see if the federal criminal investigation into his son hunter biden will impact how voters feel here in georgia about that and yesterday fox news received an e-mail from hunter biden's lawyer asking him to amend 2014 income because he left hundreds of thousands of dollars he got from burisma off his tax returns and the e-mail from generate 162017 reads this, in 2014 you joined the burisma board and we still need to amend your 2014 returns to reflect the unreported burisma and come and that is approximately $400,000 extra so your income in 2014 was closer to 1.2 million and some republicans in the senate are telling foxbusiness they think hunter should turn over his tax returns to clear the air. >> senator grassley and i are
11:19 am
warning the american public that if you vote for joe biden you will end up with a big mess on your hands and that is of what we are seeing right now. the bidens continued to claim there's nothing wrong here and there are couple things they can do but first of all, hunter biden can release his tax returns and see whether or not he ever amended those returns to report that $400,000. reporter: biden will hold a driving rally for john awsat and rafael warnock imparted as a strategy out of this has been to distance himself from some controversial progressive ideas and at least until after the election and he told a group of civil rights activists last week and eight leaked a phone call that he wants to try to stay away from taking any action on police reform because he doesn't think that phrases like defund the police will help him help democrats win here in georgn ary 5. strt ua : hink t h is rht oig o at . laryhiann vn i i thou hil, erer o irululayddarly insootin vin i now now n underwy grgiaeoeo by t t w wayayayayayayayore m mm
11:20 am
oppeopavleeop rleuesteqedaiail-i ots. ot senaser na na brassorao i i whs w. mrmrna. . tto. t'toshas aot loo ests fores m forl-lolond a sorhan tnhe rue rsteq eq il baotbasllf n oembeovem sbeoro i iot ual ulyonsidesidd od newods nods n rodep rlicans.s do thi t con crn yrn? tu>>ar st,>>t, i'm'm'mer cfidefi rereicanres icrell wll in irgrg and haner ishy thethe e oe geo g und gstanst thatth david d perdue and kelly loeffler are the firewall against these very liberal democrat positions that joe biden does not want people to know about and the defunding of the police and the increasing raising of taxes and the environmental extreme positions and will put gasoline at ten dollars a gallon. the people of georgia understand that david and kelly are the final line of defense against these radical extreme dangerous positions. at doctor number of senators who were there campaigning this
11:21 am
weekend. tim scott from top to line it was in georgia, steve daines from montana on a bus tour and there was a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm. we are leaving no stone unturned. we will continue to fight all the way till we been in georgia. stuart: investors are depending on that, senator. but user or a doctor and you are a practicing doctor in the united states centered. doctor anthony fauci is producing because he herd immunity by the end of the spring. would you explain that? what is herd immunity and if we don't get there until the end of next spring like may or june that's an awful long way away? >> as you know we are at the beginning of the end of coronavirus and you saw the pictures in the front page of every newspaper in america where people actually getting the shots. this is a christmas miracle for people all around the country and around the world.
11:22 am
you want to make sure enough people get the vaccine and we are heading in that direction but for the healthcare workers that i talked to in wyoming over the weekend this is welcome relief with over 600 places got these vaccines yesterday and millions, millions of doses available and it matters in wyoming and we are and five locations and the matters to healthcare workers everywhere and the good news, stuart, more and more people are saying they want the vaccine as they learn more about it and the public is turning to be much more accepting than they were previously when it was so politicized during the campaign and this is the way we put the disease behind us and get our robust economy back and firing on all cylinders. stuart: i just think the ministration to get full credit for this remarkable logistical operation and getting subzero, extremely cold files of the vaccine to all 50 states in a
11:23 am
matter of days. i thought that was brilliant, frankly. i think the president should get a lot more credit and the administration get a lot more credit than what it has been given so far. last, 15 seconds to you, mr. senator. >> you're absolutely right. this operation warp speed and the whole care zach the came out in the republican senate made a huge difference for the world and president trump with all of his efforts and committed focus on this has made a difference and will save millions of lives, not just america but around the world. stuart: always appreciate you being with us doctor and senator pitt merry christmas to you if i can say that. >> and to you, thank stuart. stuart: i want to look at a couple of stocks putting on your screen. lily and prevail therapeutics. lily is buying prevail. is this important? susan: look at the moves today, 84% up for prevail and this is a gene therapy biotech and working on employment treatments for parkinson's and dementia so the
11:24 am
deal is valued at $1 billion paid by the way, eli lilly and not doing so badly itself. it's popped into session because of preannounced earnings raising guidance, lifting payout to shareholders and raising dividends by 15% so lots of positive news on eli lilly. stuart: good i just jump in? lily does not have a vaccine. lily has a treatment. susan: cocktail treatment, very similar to regeneron which was used to treat president trump. stuart: and doing well. good to see that. prevail up 83%. next one. again, this is for you susan. fda colleen moderna vaccine quote, highly effective. how soon could be approved? susan: probably by friday which would pave the way for a second available vaccine so the fda said moderna vaccine is 98% effective and there are side effects like fever, headache, fatigue, unpleasant but not dangerous and this is 6 million doses to start next week. the federal government as you know has signed a deal with madonna and pfizer for a total
11:25 am
of two and a million doses by the first quarter of 21 and that's 100 million americans that could be vaccinated in the first three months of next year. i was looking at the stock moves and if you $10,000 in moderna you what made $78,000 by today. stuart: pity i didn't do it. susan: a lot of people did not see it. stuart: bottom right-hand corner of your screen, the rally has renewed itself. up above 150. susan: up about 30,000. stuart: he is the highest-paid actor in the world and now dwayne the rock johnson has a special message for this show. i did not know anything about this. this is coming is quite a surprise to me. we will get into it in just a moment. progressives pushing joe biden for more cabinet representation. our next guest says there is nothing modest about his pick so far. grover locust is here and we will be back. ♪
11:26 am
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11:30 am
well over 30,000 and i think mitch mcconnell has something to say on the floor of the senate and i think he has i'm not exactly sure what he said but when he said it the dow went up a bit more and next case. we been talking about it for months and the pandemic foreseen malls into real trouble all around the country and let's go to christina who is life for us in new york city paid christina, i note that the malls are in trouble and is there some fear that local authorities will raise taxes to bail them out? is that the story here? >> not necessarily bailing them out but raising local taxes just to offset the loss in revenues that normally come from malls. you have malls hit with a double whammy from the pandemic. retail filing for bankruptcy and many missed payments in any of so many americans the don't want to step into malls. that could be a devastating blow to woeful municipalities that rely so heavily on malls for tax revenue and many of these mall
11:31 am
owners are cash-strapped and cbo, pennsylvania both filed for bankruptcy and according to research from the international council of shopping centers malls across america can contribute $400 billion in state and local taxes. that money goes towards budgets to help pay for schools and the police and so if they are closing down or missing payments much of that tax burden or i guess loss in revenue could fall on taxpayer shoulders. listen in. >> local constituents will wind up paying the actual taxes that will cost to run for local government. it will be a very expensive lesson around the country and you will see these communities being forced to significantly reduce their operating budgets. reporter: you got situations all across the country from morris town in new jersey, the mall
11:32 am
close there, 47 -year-old mall in phoenix called metro center just recently closed down. here in new york city we could potentially enter another lockdown which means malls would close and that means a drop in sales tax, real estate tax for a lot of the cities around these malls. it's at a time to when it's supposed to be one of the busiest shopping times of the year, stuart. stuart: i guess you could call it the perfect arm, christine appeared that's what it is paid christina thank you very much indeed. i want to bring in grover norquist because i've got a big picture question for grover. there he is. you're not ready for this but i will throw it right at you. what are these states and municipalities going to do? they are all in the whole big time. they got a choice. they can ask for money from washington dc and may or may not get it or they can raise taxes in some way or other. do they have any other choice
11:33 am
here? >> absolutely. that is to spend less. to take a look at what they are doing and do it more competently and do it more effectively. when you look at those states with low taxes, florida and texas, they have less expensive everything. they just don't have the government get is expensive. we need to pay government workers what people in the private sector are making. right now if you work for the federal government you make a great deal more than the private sector. stuart: that's miles away. that's years away for heavens sake. you've got to pay them. if you don't, if you spend less you will have cuts to all kinds of services which is politically unacceptable. >> except you see differences in pay between states and there aren't differences in services between the states as a result. florida services are superior to new york's andrew jerseys but they don't have as high pay compared to the private sector. the other thing you got to do is
11:34 am
stop looting things that can't move like malls print they say it will never move. no, but you can kill it if you keep piling more and more taxes on a mall or on a factory. stuart: all right. let's go on to joe biden's cabinets. the left is calling for a greater voice in his cabinet you don't think that, you think that his cabinet choice is so far anything but moderate. go through them for me will you? >> we could go through javier becerra for hhs for health and human services overseeing medicare, medicaid and so on and he wants medicare for all. biden during the campaign claimed he was against and made some reasonable arguments about why it would bankrupt the country but he puts a guy in charge of hhs who is committed to nationalizing healthcare for the federal government. near supposedly biden does not want to tax lower income people and cheese for next and also do taxpayer that is not paid for by the kennedy kids but that hits the middle class in the country
11:35 am
and heather for council of economic advisors wants to change the constitution in order to add new taxes, a wealth tax, which would require constitutional amendment achieving's we should spend our time changing the constitution so we can adopt a tax that when it was adopted in europe was rejected by almost every country. they put it in and realize how bad it was and took it back out again and this has been road tested and it doesn't do well. janet yellen, again, once a carbon tax direct hit on middle income people and wants to put her over at the treasury department. how do you get less left-wing than a person who wants to tax all energy in the country so that everything in price goes up for middle income people and everybody else? stuart: truth is, grover, it all comes down to the georgia elections. if the democrats win and take the senate you will get all the tax increases you just talked about. at the republicans when you got a shot at stopping the tax increases. grover, were out of time but as
11:36 am
always thanks for joining us. see you soon. take two interactive just got outbid this morning by whom and for what? susan: they got outbid by electronic arts and trying to buy up code masters and they make a lot of popular racing games so ea swooped in and got it for a quarter billion dollars and originally had bid over the weekend but of course they were left to dance all by themselves. we're talking about videogames because video gaming is boomed, as you know during the covid lockdowns. look at game stop today. this is making news because game stock employees were surprised because all of a sudden they got a new shipment of these superhot new gaming councils the p f5, xbox series acts and this will make a big difference in the bottom line of microsoft and sony when they reach their earnings because these are so popular you just can't find them, even amazon and walmart are struggling to stock them but somehow game stop has an edge here. stuart: what are they game
11:37 am
authors or are they -. susan: game writers. stuart: that's a talent. if you got that talent you do well. seriously well. thanks. we just received this. bill de blasio is not suggesting we may need a post- christmas shutdown. that is according to nbc. so, whether or not we postpone the imminent shutdown and wait till after christmas that seems to be what he is saying or implied but of course it's governor cuomo who is in charge overall. susan: if you notice that's why were sliding from the gains we saw earlier on in the session with stock market. stuart: the white house is reportedly advising florida to tighten restrictions because of a rising caseload there should they do that? i left florida senator rick scott's. the pandemic is keeping thousands of snowbirds from flocking to florida this winter. another group of people could be taking their place.
11:38 am
live report from florida coming up for you. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa
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stuart: we told you a couple times on the show thus far today the canadian is snowbirds who normally head south for the winter are grounded this year. however, ashley webster is an flagler beach, florida for us and i believe ashley there is another group taking the canadians place. tell us about that. ashley: there is indeed. by the way, this is the first time i've been told to take a long walk on a short pure just wanted to point that out. yes, canadian snowbirds track north of the border but guess what, many people across the united states are moving to warmer and less expensive estates. none other than florida. we know the taxes are very low here in the weather generally is
11:43 am
nice year-round and certainly in the winter and that is attracted people from all over the country, not only elderly and retirees but people who say look, i could work from home. why don't i do it in the sunshine and where i'm not going to pay as much in tax? we've seen a lot of population shifts taking place like florida so where today, when they come here? according to one study the number one place would be tampa, saint pete area, down south may be as far south as naples and number two would beat miami, fort lauderdale and then number three orlando and central florida. i should also point out that stuart, close to a thousand people a day move to florida and there is no belief that that has slowed down this year despite covid. in fact, it probably has increased because of the pandemic. florida is booming. back to you. stuart: and not many are going back. that's a fact that ashley, you look good out there. you look like you're having too
11:44 am
much fun. ashley: thank you very much. stuart: as you saw there, florida looks different when you compare it to new york. look at that, that's new york and you just saw ashley in florida. the city, new york is almost abandoned and basically we've canceled christmas in this city. senator rick scott, florida republican himself is with us this morning. the white house is calling for tighter restrictions in florida and i think it's because of an increase in cases. do you agree that? >> yeah, we all have to do our job, where mass, social distance. if you are around somebody or tested positive for covid you have to quarantine and we got to get this economy going. we got to keep our economy opening and we don't want to be like new york. you look at how many you talked about, people are moving to our state and think about it, wait lower taxes, we're number one in higher education, one of the top estates for k-12 education and you can get a job.
11:45 am
the weather is great? people are moving and buying homes and they figured out they don't have to live in a cold place where people like columbo and de blasio want to kill your jobs. people moving to florida. stuart: mr. senator, you and i have turned this program into a long-running commercial for the state of florida that's fine with us. let's get serious for a second. you've got this relief package congested and unveiled on capitol hill and comes in two parts. one part office of liability protection plus aid for the states and the other part is the emergency 300-dollar a week payments to unplayed people. would you vote for it? >> i want to vote for -- how do we people have lost their jobs and how do we help small businesses and continue to build our testing and how do we get our vaccine out? that's what i want to vote for. but i completely oppose is having a florida taxpayer pay for the plan of illinois or california or new jersey. they don't -- cuomo got elected when i did in his budget in new
11:46 am
york is double for what? worse education system, worst transportation system, can't open up your business so i completely, i mean it does not make sense. by the way, it's a lie that the states need the money but they just want the money per calendar news revenue is up $10 billion over productions and your can more in november than they did in 2017 so they want florida taxpayers to pay for their excesses proved by the way, they don't want to tell how they spend the money but asked the governors. senator ron johnson terminable insecurity and i have sent letters out asking the governor's how are you spending the money. in june only ten responded. this month zero have told us but they don't want to tell us. by the way, if you look at where, if you open up your economy, guess what, you're on employment comes down. i think it's nine out of ten states with the lowest on the plummet are republican and of the ten are highest our democr democrat. stuart: this may be a commercial for florida but it's also a
11:47 am
declaration of war with new york. there you go. senator, always a pleasure to have you on the show and we will see you again real soon. >> merry christmas. stuart: thank you. now this, a new plan could have taxpayers paying off the debts of criminals. dan springer live in, of all places, seattle but what is this about dan? reporter: frankly, stuart this is about taking away the consequences of crime for the perpetrators. it is about having taxpayers pay crime restitution so the criminals don't have to. the stated goal is to divert hundreds, if not thousands of criminal prosecutions from the legal system so first time mostly nonviolent terminals and felons don't get settled with a record and a debt that comes with owing restitution to their victims. to a compass that and still comply with state law which requires crime victims to be paid at some restitution the county decided to have taxpayers but the bill.
11:48 am
officials believe they will need five and a thousand dollars a year to compensate victims of both juvenile and adult crimes. the county council member reagan dunn voted against the so-called restorative justice measure and had this to say about his colleagues. >> they believe that this person committing these crimes, in some cases violent crimes, that that person is the victim. when you look at it like that you can turn everything in the law and justice on its head. it's a horrible way to look at the rule. reporter: in hopes of diverting 400 juvenile criminals to community counseling programs the district attorney added to class b felonies to the list, eligible now for diversion. robbery to which includes use or threat and use of force, violence or fear of injury and and assault to recklessly inflicting substantial bodily harm with intent to commit a felony and stuart, this is all happening as crime is going up
11:49 am
dramatically in king county. they've already set a record for murders and have quadrupled the highest number of domestic violence attacks ever in this county. stuart. stuart: that's seattle for your breakdance prayer, thank you very much sir prayed we will see you again. take a look at this, we show you these robot chefs making food without any human contact. things have changed and restaurants are changing with them. our rescue guy, john tapper on that very subject next. test ♪ you downloaded the td ameritrade mobile app so you can quickly check the markets? yeah, actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board. excellent. and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. have a great flight. thanks. we'll see ya. ah, they're getting so smart. choose the app that fits your investing style. ♪
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aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ stuart: this is happening right now and that is times square restaurant owners and workers gathering they are holding a rally. when they are done with that they will march to the new york governor's office in new york city. they are demanding relief as the state shuts down indoor and the storm shuts down outdoor dining. that is happening now. bring in john taffer bar rescue guy. john, these people demonstrating in new york want to go back to the way it used to be and they want to open up again. do you think restaurants and the restaurant industry will ever go back to the way it was? >> i'm very concerned now,
11:54 am
stuart. there is a lot of shift to automation and robotics and focusing on eliminating human contact and eliminating cross-contamination points but i've got to make one point. these people aren't protesting or fighting to open the restaurants. they are fighting to protect their lives, stuart. i've gotten 12, 14 phone calls this week from friendswood said that's it. i'm done and are not opening again. these people can survive without their income so how dare our government force us to close with no stimulus program in place? that is the issue here. we could argue science of closing and for it or against it but how dare us to be forced to close with no stimulus program in place, especially when there are dollars sitting in an account that could be reallocated. stuart: but a stimulus program will maybe pay people the $300 a week emergency unemployment pay but it is not going to pay the restaurant owners rent or i don't think it is, am i wrong?
11:55 am
you can add us to miss program all you want but the restaurant owners are not restored or made whole and they will lose their equity. >> absolutely they will. weeks ago when i interviewed resident trump and discussed on his program that there were four elements to the program and i understand they were still alive which was the ppp plan which we retired or past restaurant debts and provide a factor for continuing payroll and the second one is an employee retention tax credit which is more of a long-term impact but employee or real tax deductibility is still on the table to come back which is also a long-term fix but stuart, if restaurants don't get some type of debt relief package to catch up on past debt we will not get out. stuart: i think the temperature is rising and revolt is in place and i think it will get pretty nasty. last 30 seconds to you, john. >> stuart, this is an industry that impacts all of us personally, 70% of restaurants
11:56 am
are individually owned and this is the epitome of a family business. we are destroying an industry and there is no correlation between shutdown and stimulus, shutdown and stimulus. they have to travel together. stuart, we're looking at the demise of an industry that is so meaningful to all of us that may never be the same again. stuart: i'm glad we got you on the show because your voice should be heard. there is outrage about what is going on here. john taffer, good to stop. thank you for being with us sir. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: more varney after this. doublecross ♪ ♪
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stuart: dwayne "the rock" johnson saw that headline about his tequila brand and he posted it on his instagram page. he thanked us for chairing his story. he will look forward having a finance biz chat with us one day down the road. come on anytime you like. just bring the tequila. neil, it is yours. neil: beats getting a nasty message from him because he could beat you up. take to you new york city, a lot of restaurant owners, sharing a story about the virtual shut down of indus door dining industry. the mayor, governor of new york city, hinted that there might not be the worst of it. there could be more sweeping measure. they are allowing delivery of


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