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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 15, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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still pretty decent out on the water. you can't beat it. connell: looking good. you're looking good down there, ash. ashley webster. i was worried about you, but you're all right. thanks for watching us as we report the news to you "after the bell" today and every day. we'll see you same time tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. for the first time since the election, joe biden traveling from his home in wilmington, delaware. biden campaigning in atlanta for radical dems john ossoff and raphael warnock in their quest to take control of the u.s. senate. joe biden's trip, however, comes as more questions are being asked about his son hunter biden. federal investigations are now underway into hunter biden's taxes, his ties to foreign countries like china and ukraine as they have been for the past two years, it turns out. top senate republicans
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conducting their very own investigation. they have yet to secure testimony, they say, from hunter biden or his associates which is par for the course for republicans investigating. congressional sources close to the investigation though tell fox news' mike emmanuel they're focusing heavily on hunter biden's money trail. joe biden himself is unwilling to answer any questions about a his son's legal troubles. in fact, he doesn't want to answer questions of any kind about anything. here he is last night after a speech in delaware. >> mr. president-elect -- [inaudible] your son is being investigated. >> thanks for the congratulations. appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: the sue lens of the bidens -- silence of the bidens comes as new polling shows a majority of americans believe joe biden cashed in on his son's
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business ventures. rasmussen finding that 56% of voters believe it's likely joe biden knew about and profited from hunter biden's overseas business dealings. 52% of voters also say the media ignored the hunter biden corruption scandal in order to help joe biden's campaign. white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany today called out the corporate media for ignoring and censoring the biden controversy before the election. >> on october 15th you had a new york times headline that said trump said e to be warned that he was being given russian disinformation over hunter biden. now, december 10th, just a few months later, new york times headline, investigation of hunter biden is likely to hangover biden as he takes office. washington post, october 16th the headline read the truth behind the hunter biden
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non-scandal. now you have a headline that says this, hunter biden tax probe examining chinese business deals. politico, october 19th, hunter biden story is russian disinformation, that's a favorite. dozens of former intel officials say. false yet again. december 2nd, now politico reads: justice department interest in hunter biden covered more than taxes. really interesting turn of events and good for those who covered what was the story all along and not russian december information. disinformation. lou: social media giants facebook and twitter also facing criticism, intense criticism for their censorship of the hunter biden scandal and their executives, it appears, had a vested interest in suppression of that story. an analysis of fec records shows top executives at facebook and twitter donated tens of thousands of dollars to the biden campaign. they donated nothing to president trump's.
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all 18 republican members of the house oversight committee today demanded a hearing to investigate twitter and facebook's unjustified censorship. don't you love it when republicans get tough? our first guest this evening has new reporting on the hunter biden scandal. john solomon reports that joe biden was warned in 2015 about his son's role on the board of ukrainian gas firm burisma, the obama state department believed the oligarch in charge of burisma was corrupt and that their assumption had been backed up by evidence gathered by the obama department of justice. joining us now is john solomon,ed editor in chief of "just the news," best selling author. and this was the breaking story, the headline story this morning just as you promised here last evening. >> that's right. lou: give us your sense of, you give us your sense, if you will, john, of how could all of these
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media outlets on the left -- and, understandably, they're left-wing, they are what they are -- how could they with even a smattering of conscience not cover those stories? >> it is remarkable. and, you know, i think the only thing they're doing is ruining their own brand and letting the american people down when they pick win ors and losers and not sticking to the facts. the american public could have known so much more from so many more outlets before election day if reporters showed an ounce of neutrality. that's all it took to realize that the hunter biden story was a real story. people like myself and others who were reporting were called conspiracy theorists or russian disinformation artists. we were nothing but following the truth. and the truth is that hunter biden cashed in on his father's vice president su. he may have evaded taxes, and there's questions about money laundering as well. and most importantly, the
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obama/biden people working in the field, in the state department and the justice department, saw hunter biden's bass in ukraine as corrupt, and they warned the vice president and his senior leadership in december of '15 which means when joe biden was at the debates in october and said there's nothing there there, no one's' ever said there was any wrongdoing, it was wrong. his own office was telling him his son was in business with someone they thought was corrupt. lou: it also means that when joe biden was caught on video -- he wasn't really caught, he was sort of parading for video bragging -- >> he was. lou: -- about the dismissal of the ukrainian prosecutor who was looking into burisma corruption. so there's just one corrupt act after another in this. the inability of the bidens to make a decision in 2015, the
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inability of william barr to say, yes, there is an investigation, but we will be bringing no details. and, by the way, john, why does it take the justice department two years to investigate with all of these records in front of them, many of which you have produced? >> yeah, it shouldn't take this long except that politics slows the wheels of justice in washington for those in power. i i mean, there are two systems of justice, the department of justice for everyday americans and the department of just us for insiders like hunter biden, joe biden, automatic figures in the russia case -- all the figures in the russia case, the fbi who got off easy while people like michael flynn were prosecuted with enormous speed and in some cases unfairness. it's irrefutabling. lou: yeah. i'd just like to have one example of what was fair about i his persecution. >> yeah. lou: it wasn't a prosecution. they went after after that man. they framed him and they went
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after him for four -- more than four years. >> yeah. lou: we can't rewrite history here. >> no, we can't. lou: what we've witnessed as a nation has been an assault on decency, on the american way and on individual citizens the likes of which we've never seen. and when people talk about conspiracy theories, what would we have called this if we didn't know, if we hadn't lived through it? what would we call the idea that the f or bi -- fbi would be the tool of the democratic national committee and thehill erie campaign -- hillary campaign trying to crush, crush donald trump before he could be elected president, once he's elected trying to unseat him from almost the moment he stepped, stepped into the oval office, the impeachment inquiries, the special counsel. all was cause, without evidence and only with exoneration for the president. and an outright indictment should have been leveled against this, i think we would both
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agree, dozens of people involved in the justice and fbi departments and agency. >> yeah. listen, you're right. one of the people that gets vindicated, remember what the democrats said during impeachment. donald trump had no basis to inquire about ukraine and hunter biden. we now know that joe biden's state department reported two bribes that came in from burisma while hunter biden was on the board, and it now looks like he has a tax problem as well. there was a good reason to ask for an inquiry, it shows what a sham the impeachment proceeding was. we're getting to see just how right the president was. lou: and and now there's an interesting spin on that, the wife of the former mayor of moscow sending that $2.5 million to the biden intuty. entity. that looks a lot like money land oring, doesn't it? >> well, one of the things that we reported a couple weeks ago,
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lou, is that she was using hunter biden and her associates to get herself an american bank account. she couldn't get into the american banking system. and e-mails between hunter biden and his colleagues were saying she's flagged, we've got to e help her get in. she certainlied had an interest in accessing the american banking system. until we see all the facts, we won't know, but that's participant of the reason why money laundererring keeps getting uttered in the course of this investigation. lou: yeah. it may not suit attorneys, but the fact is it looks a lot like that. now we need to find out what it actually was. >> yeah. lou: but then again, the president-elect assured us all that it had all been debunked and there was nothing there. john solomon, thanks for covering what is there. we appreciate it. turning now to the latest in the battle for the white house, the ceo of dominion voting systems today testified before the michigan state senate
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oversight committee. polis responded to a newly-unsealed audit of dominion voting machines in michigan's anterim county. that report claims the dominion machines had a 68% error rate. polis today called that report severely flawed but then later admitted he'd only done a curse true review of the report. -- cursory are view. i'll be talking with attorney bill kline. we'll be talking about what he's doing to preserve evidence of electoral the fraud and dr. marc siegel also joins us to take up the potential rollout of a second china virus vaccine. we're also joined by congressman-elect burgess owens to take opportunity when the republican -- where the republican part has been in supporting president trump and historian victor davis hanson with us for historical perspective on what has been a, certainly, historic if not.
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scandalous election. and it was a record day on wall street. the dow jones industrials rallying up 337 points, its second highest close ever. the s&p up 47 points, the nasdaq up 155, its 51st record high of the year. volume on the big board backing down to 4.4 billion shares, moderate trading. crude oil up 46 cents settling at $50.76 a barrel. and listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. up next, a major ruling in wisconsin that could affect the validity of nearly 200,000 absentee ballots. we'll have that and much more right after this quick brach. attorney phil kline is us. stay right where you are. we'll be right back. liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home...
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lou: breaking news now, wisconsin's supreme court has ruled that china virus restrictions are not a valid reason to give people absentee ballots without identification. nearly 200,000 voters used those covid-19 restrictions to declare themselves definitely
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confined -- indefinitely confined. state law requires those voters be elderly or sick. republicans can now challenge the absentee votes of anyone who doesn't meet the terms of that category. also breaking, seven states have chosen a late slawt9 of electors for both joe biden and president trump. they are pennsylvania, georgia, michigan, wisconsin, arizona, nevada and new mexico. now, if the house expect senate cannot -- and the senate cannot agree on which electors to accept, an untested constitutional procedure could result in each state being given one vote which they would allocate to either biden or trump. and since the republicans hold 26 of 50 statehouses, there would exist at least the mathematical possibility that president trump could be named the constitutional are hi-elected president -- constitutionally-elected president. however, if the lek are tomorrow
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process isn't completed by january 20th, get ready, house speaker nancy pelosi would be sworn in as the new president. quite a mess we have on our hands, is it not? well, joining us now if you will u kline, director of the amistad project, a public interest law firm who has been filing election fraud lawsuits across the nation. he is also a former attorney general of kansas. phil, great to have you with us. as we look at what is happening now, the ruling in wisconsin, an entire class of voter could be invalidated under this ruling if it were to stand through challenges as one would assume there would be. and we've got then the issue of slates of alternatively democrat
5:19 pm
or republican electors. how much more of a mess could we make of this thing than what we're witnessing right now in. >> well, you know, lou, part of the mess is the rush to decide the election that the media engaged in on election night as well as certain officials who have inhibited a look at whether the election was conducted fairly and according to law. you know, the deadlines that we're talking about, yesterday's deadline, the deadline of december 8th. those are artificial deadlines. they're not constitutional. the legislature has the responsibility to determine whether the election was lawful and whether the people can have faith in it. now here's where the real controversy comes in. the legislature can't even meet right now. the laws don't allow legislatures in many of these swing astronauts to even -- states to each gather after the election to see whether it was run lawfully and fairly, and the only way they can meet is if
5:20 pm
these blue state governors agree, and they're not. in fact, governor whit her effectively chained the doors of the michigan legislature and prohibited republicans are from coming in. this is where -- lou: [inaudible] lou: putting the astronaut police to guard the door against rerepublican electors. which was, first of all, well, we all know what it was, and it's shameful. but she is shameless, so i guess that doesn't really matter much. so where do we go here? we have now the electors have voted. the president-elect is joe biden according to that definition. where do we go? there are still challenges of fraud, there's, you know, still the opportunity at least as it exists in theory that the president could win with the participation of one senator
5:21 pm
joining with these house representatives who would be willing to block the electors. but this gets awfully messy very quickly, doesn't it? >> no, it already is miss city, but there is an -- miss su, but there's a process that is still available. i would say this, this has happened before. there are times when states have sent multiple electors to the electoral college and then the electoral college votes, and if elections are not in dispute within the state, if the determination they're not within dispute, then the vice president can count those electors. and if a majority is received, then the president is officially the -- the president-elect is officially elected. if the vice president can't get to a majority, then it falls to the united states house of representatives as you were speaking. now, you would say this -- i would say this, there still needs to be an investigation of what happened because we have
5:22 pm
admitted -- [inaudible] and that needs to continue occurring through this time period. and if significant evidence is presented, the court has to walk up and the legislatures have to wake up. because right now they're refusing to even look at it, and the evidence is compelling. and that is a failure in the process. and it's a failure of our constitution right now. lou: it's a failure of our government, and it's been a failure of our government for four and a half years. this president has been under assault but the radical denials and the deep state -- dems and the deep state through that entire period. the fbi has acted as an agent, as an agency of the hillary clinton campaign and the democratic national committee. it's a mart of fact. that -- matter of fact. that's a straightforward statement that is empire clue based. so we have a government that doesn't seem to be able to rise to level of challenge that we're
5:23 pm
facing. it's unprecedented. and the idea that the government is unsuccessful whether it be in stopping a baseless special counsel information, a baseless fbi investigation that went on for 11 months, a baseless impeachment inquiry and now whether the fraud rises to the level of changing the outcome of the 2020 election, we don't know because we haven't had a single evidentiary hearing in the entire country on the alleged fraud, have we? >> no, we have not, not really. and, lou, you're touching on something that is a reflection of the deconstruction of truth in our culture. you know, law is mere words. unless the words of the law convey a truth which the people understand. and let me give you just an example, and you've given some examples here, but let's step into michigan where the democrat electors or election officials
5:24 pm
in wayne county said the law that requires a republican in the place of accounting so that they can verify the count -- lou: right. >> -- allows them to argue that a place means detroit. so in other words, if there's a republican 200 yards away who can't see, that is consistent with the law. when we deconstruct language to the point that it has no truth, this is a game of power. and that's why you see the torn general of michigan really threatening legislators with criminal investigate for disagreeing with her, and governor whitmer sending police out to chain the door of the people's house and not let republicans in. that's lawlessness. lou: and threatening the plaintiff's attorney in the case in which they sought to unseal the forensic analysis of the election. remarkable. phil kline, thanks for all you're doing. we appreciate it so much. come back soon.
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up next, joe bidened joe bid radical dems say they want unity. unity. their actions, however, well, i think some people might construe them as divisive. we'll take that up with republican congressman-elect burgess owens. and be sure to spread a little christmas cheer. order my book, "the trump century," at you can also get an official "lou dobbs tonight" mug. nothing says merry christmas like a "lou dobbs tonight" mug. stay with us, or we'll be right back. that's ♪ ♪ for some of us, our daily journey is a short one when you drive less, you pay less with pay per mile insurance from allstate you've never been in better hands allstate click or call for a quote today to syour body needs routine. system, allstate centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc.
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♪ ♪ lou: michigan state electors doing their part to sow some disunity and division after oping yesterday's electoral college meeting with the pledge of allegiance and the star spangled banner, they then had two sing ors perform lift every
5:30 pm
voice and sing, often ared to as the black national anthem. it's remarkable what this country does to find differences and to -- rather than commonalities. our next guest is now the congressman-elect for utah's fourth congressional district. joining us now is great american burgess owens. he's also a super bowl champion nfl player, strong supporter of president trump. did i mention great american? [laugher] congressman-elect, i've got to tell you, i'm so excited for you, i can't, you know, i can't stand the it. i'm thrilled for you. i know all of your friends and everyone you associate with is as well. >> thank you so much, lou. lou: it's got to be, it's got to just be a great time in your life. >> it is. lou: how do you feel in. >> it is. it's a great time. i'll say this, i'm just excited about the american people. we showed how much we care for our country, we got through all
5:31 pm
the fluff and all the disinformation that's come from the. [laughter] , and we've put together, we flipped 14 seats and did not lose one. so it says that we're putting a lot of money into it. i'm just a small part of a great freshman team that's going to make quite a difference. we're not there to be professional politicians or lobbyists one day, we're there to make sure we save our culture, and i'm so thankful to be part of this team that's going to get that done, for sure. lou: well, let's just jump right in to this mess we've got for a presidential election. no question that in state after state, particularly in battleground states, there were incidents of electoral fraud. what with don't know is how broad it was, away we don't know whether it would the change the outcome. what would be your counsel to the president if you would give him counsel on what to do at this point? a number of senators and congressmen are saying don't concede at any, at new -- at any
5:32 pm
cost, and others saying, such as mitch mcconnell, the majority leader in the senate, don't -- let's not prolong this. >> no, i look at it the way i did when i played in the nfl. you look at the fourth quarter, the biggest thing is the clock, not the score. the score can change, the clock is how much time you have to put everything you have and leave it on the field. that's what our president's doing. and i think our country deserves it to show that we're not going to put up with this question mark, this big doubt. i i think if the left really cared about our country, they would join us. this would say, okay, we want to make sure that this is not stolen from us. too many millions of americans believes it is at this point. i'm just proud of the president who fights to the very, very end. he's going to leave everything on the field. we still might find a way of navigating this, but either way, the american people will know that nothing was left in terms of trying to fight for what's really important for our nation, and that's belief in our system, for sure. lou: absolutely.
5:33 pm
and it's very hard to believe in a system that has a politically corrupt justice department, an fbi and so many obvious incidents of electoral fraud across the country. it's very difficult. and they would be made all the more difficult if this president -- i agree with you 100% -- were to concede the fight and just simply let it stand where it is. i think it has to -- >> can i say this? lou: sure. >> nothing will go back to the way it was of. the when our president was pulling back the curtains, we're having conversations today, lou, that three or four years ago we would not have had. we believe in fairness and honesty. at the end of the day, that's the heart of america. and if we don't start having conversations about it, how can we get it fixed? i came out of philadelphia, 23 years.
5:34 pm
it's an open secret they cheat. that's the way it rolls there. lou: right. >> they can't to that anymore because we have now across the boards americans saying we want to have it fairly no matter which side of the aisle we're on. we can move forward knowing that our vote counted and come back next time and try to one if we end up being on the short stick at this particular point. lou: congressman, i can, again, i couldn't agree with you more. and everybody should understand one thing in the republican party. this remains donald trump's party. he is the man who expanded the party. you talked about the 12-14 seats that grew with up in this election. he expanded the base. minorities voting for this president as they have never before because he reached out to them. he is given little credit for
5:35 pm
what has been an historic first term. we'll see about the second term, but this first term he is the greatest president as far as i'm concerned. congressman, i hope you will be the greatest congressman. i know you will get it your all, and -- give it your all, and we appreciate talking with you as always, thank you so much. burgess owens. up next, president trump delivers on his prom to give the american people and the world an effective china virus vaccine. everybody said that was impossible. and it soon could be two vaccines. we take it up with dr. marc siegel right after these quick messages. we'll be right back. ♪ defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc. season, after season. ace your immune support, with centrum. less sick days! cold coming on? zicam® is clinically proven to shorten colds!
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also send this free guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. lou: breaking news, the fda expectedo approve moderna's china virus vaccine friday. new data says the vaccine is highly protective -- efficacy of 94%. the fda today also authorized the first over the counter rapid take-home test for the china virus. it's made by australian diagnostics company. joining us now to take up the latest promise made and kept by president trump, fox news medical correspondent dr. marc siegel, author of" covid: the politics of fear, the power of science." doctor, this is remarkable, all of the geniuses over at the cdc were telling us this couldn't possibly happen. a number of wags including the
5:40 pm
waggiest of the bunch, dr. fauci, saying this is, you know, not possible, it'll be the first quarter at the earliest, april, may. you know, it's kind of fun to see when people's lives depend on something to see the experts be wrong as hell. your thoughts. i take it that -- marc? did you lose me or your feed? i heard you perfectly. [laughter] doctor, i'm going to, going to ask our producers to tell me whether or not we have a ghost of a chance of getting you back here technologically. they are saying nothing. i've lost, apparently, contact with the control room. oh, we do not have him. all right. dr. siegel, we apologize to you. i don't know what happened. hopefully, we'll got it fixed. and to the audience, of course, indulge us.
5:41 pm
we apologize. president trump's operation warp speed has now delivered two china virus vaccines before the end of the year. another promise, as we said, kept by this president, and there are four more vaccines in the pipeline. and just how wrong were the left-wing national media? extraordinarily so. seven months ago a bloomberg headline read: vaccines for millions ready this year, the impossible dream. disney's abc news opined: trump promises coronavirus vaccine by tend of the year, but his own experts temper expectations. npr wrote this: contradicting the cdc, trump says covid-19 vaccine could be ready by end of year. comcast's cnbc highlighted the vaccine doubts of an hhs whistleblower who said, quote, we've never seen everything go so perfectly. they hadn't seen anything go perfectly, but that was before
5:42 pm
president trump made the call to create operation warp speed, a great success, and thousands upon thousands of lives saved as a result. up next, the supreme court delivers two big ones for religious liberty in this country. we take that up right after this quick break. historian victor davis hanson joins us. we'll be right back. ♪ derriere discomfort. we try to soothe it with this. cool it with this.
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the we have to find just nosomething good luck! what does that mean? we are doomed. [laughter] that's it. i figured it out! we're going to give togetherness. that sounds dumb. we're going to take all those family moments and package them. hmm. [laughing] that works.
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♪ ♪ lou: two wins for religious liberty today. the supreme court acting, justices sided with two churches, one in colorado, the other in new jersey both opposing capacity limits on their worship services. and that is, again, another major, major is the of ones -- set of wins for religious liberty. taxpayers, by the way, are on the hook to pay for crime victims in seattle. the king county prosecutor's office establishing a program that would reimburse victims of certain crimes if the offender can't pay. the victims will be paid from a taxpayer-supplied fund that will have a budget up to $150,000. the fund is part of an initiative that allows
5:47 pm
community-based groups to decide what to do with first-time nonviolent criminals. there's much more interesting elements to this story. i wish we had time to bring all of it to you. breaking news, national security adviser robert o'brien has cut short his european trip to coordinate a response to the suspected russian cyber attack against the u.s. treasury, the commerce and homeland security departments. that's right, homeland security was attacked by the russians. successfully. joining us now is victor davis hanson, a senior fellow at the hoover institution at stanford university, national review contributor. it is great to have you with us. i love this story, by the way. the, the idea that we are going to provide restitution for those who can't afford restitution. the victim is truly -- [laughter] who is the victim here? it looks like it's always the american taxpayer.
5:48 pm
>> yeah. i think what's happened, lou, is the theoretical madness of the university has now filtered down during this covid lockdown and panic and never waste a crisis fashion to be absorbed by, you know, mainstream district attorneys and local prosecuting, state, local, federal attorneyings. and what's happening is critical legal theory on campus saying that the whole system of bias, it was created by a bunch of old white men, so you don't enforce the letter of the law. you look at social and cultural oppression or exploitation and then you act accordingly. we have the9 seattle case, but we also have los angeles county's -- lou: wait, wait -- >> the los angeles attorney has essentially took a lot of very serious misdemeanors and some felonies and said they no longer exist anymore in my 10 million person jurisdiction. and he's said resisting arrest, to take one example, is no
5:49 pm
longer a crime. in the sense he's not going to arrest anybody, indict anybody, he's not going to put anybody in jail for those crimes. so they're basically remaking the law as if they were a judiciary and not an executive. they're kind of a judiciary court and executive all in one. but it's, again, part of this process of the panic during the lockdown. they got an opening and they took it. lou: i have to, i have to say i'm amused but it all because all of our institutions, it seems, they seem to be in desperate crisis understanding their role in society and maintaining the values of the institutions over time. nowhere, by the way, is there more confusion than between the united states and europe. europe is now beginning to act like teddy roosevelt's america. they're saying the hell with big tech. they're saying the hell with social media. we're not going to put up with
5:50 pm
your concentrated economic power and your, you're not going to have it. there won't be an absence of a countervail aring influence in europe now. they're going to smack down big tech. big fines, divestiture, whatever it takes. and meanwhile, the united states we play like chumps. we're sitting here just, you know, letting google do whatever it wants. social media can censor the president. it's really been a transatlantic reversal, hasn't it? >> it has. i think what's happened is that europe was so far to the left of us and they were so far ahead of us in this trajectory to nihilism that they hit it before we did, and now they've reacted. remember, president macron has really clamped down on islamic radicalism in france. he's used words like defending western civilization and we don't want american multiculturalism, we want a unified country of different
5:51 pm
races. we haven't gone to peak madness yet, but they have, and we're still on the way to it. you're right, it's a paragon. lou: well,s it is. and to think my response is so positive to something european right now, it makes me very distrustful of my judgment, because i'm not used to being in this position. i am, however, used to being in this position, loving one of your quotes. you said in the national review ceos assume that they have a blank check from the left to leverage as much chinese money as they wish as long as they subsidize the radical agenda. it is -- this is great stuff, and it's exactly what is happening. and so they do as they fund and advertise the entire climate change, identity politics, globalist cause. by the way, these public companies, i should point out, have a fiduciary responsibility that should be challenged by every one of the regulators
5:52 pm
because they have no right to be spending the money on shareholders in this fashion. it's irresponsible, it's not their role, and they should be constrained every way possible, don't you think? >> i do. and one of the ways we can, that illustrates your point is if you look at doe nations. wall street gave about 70% to the left rather than the trump are republicans. the same was true even to a greater degree in silicon valley. remember that strange the quote from i think it's professor dawn chi in university of china where he said biden's back, the old game is back. i don't know mandarin, i don't know if that's a correct translation, but the point is it's going to be business as usual, and that implies with the inso caution of the biden family that they're going to have influence in a way they didn't have in the last four years, and they're delighted about it. and that's scary. lou: it is. and to think that they are so
5:53 pm
absolutely wide open about embracing the biden era if it is to be and being very relieved that the trump era would end. it is, it's stunning to me that most of the, i think most americans do not realize the degree to which china is responsible for certainly 300,000 the american deaths worldwide. you know, the numbers are just astronomical and have never been called truly to account by the united nations, by world leaders. no sense of reparations, no sense of accountability. there is no reason for the chinese to fear us at all, is there? if especially if there is to be a biden presidency. >> i don't think there is now. and i think it's even worse than that. i think that after they recoiled from the global ang or at them,
5:54 pm
they sort of -- ang or at them they sort of calculated and said, you know what? we have more pharmaceutical capacity than the west does, were more protective equipment, let's never waste this crisis. and now they've become almost defiant. they said we're a authoritarian, orwellian society, we can lock down, we can monitor phones, we have cameras everywhere. they kind of winked and nodded and said, you know what? we didn't really start this, but it got out sort of by accident, and we did a lot better than you did, and you better think about that in the future. almost as if there could be a sars 3 on our collective horizon. so i think it's very scary because what started, you know, if it did start as an accident, they sure reacted in a way that made it, you know, profitable for them and strategically advantageous in a way that we never expected in march and april. lou: yeah. and they made the decision not
5:55 pm
to warn the world. it was an unsuspecting world -- >> they did. lou: -- and the chinese communist government made the decision to export the virus without question. because they stopped the virus domestically. and accountability is required, one would think. it would have been -- >> yeah. lou: -- well, perhaps it's a bygone era, we'll find out. victor davis hand soften, great to have you with us as always a. thank you for an interesting conversation. before we go to break, a are minder to share some christmas cheer. you can do so ordering my book, "the trump century," at find out all about the policies of the greatest president. stay with us, we'll be right back. and you can pick up a mug too. merry christmas. we'll be right back. ♪
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6:00 pm
warned the vice president and senior leadership in december of 15. lou: john solomon be sure to join us tomorrow we talk to congressman scott perry, congressman jim jordan. that is it for us tonight from sussex. elizabeth: we have more breaking news. powerful house republican, steve scalise, sent a letter to house speaker nancy pelosi demanding eric swalwell remove from house intelligence because he is unacceptable national security risk endangering the nation's defenses for his entanglement with suspected chinese spy. we have congressman greg stuebe, kristin state, brandon judd on the big headlines of the day. more how the media is not covering the swalwell


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