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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 15, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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she has that good. thank you for watching the best hour of your day. you may get better every day. you can follow me on twitter and facebook. tomorrow night, katie and ben. good night. ♪ liz: we have more and breaking news. minority and gop conference chair sending a letter to house speaker nancy pelosi demanding that eric swalwell be removed from house intelligence because he is a national security risk and endangering the nation's defenses for his entanglement with a suspected chinese spy. with us tonight christian wife 10, bretthi thomas as well as gg steube and brandon judd on the big headlines of the day. more on how the media is not covering the swalwell story.
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allegationsov are covering it u. white house press secretary really tearing into big media, the washington post, the new york times and the networks including cnn and msnbc for covering up the hunter biden story before the election to benefit joe biden as chuck grassley goes again after the bidens from the senate floor calling them "agents of communist government." critics blast the media, democrats and the so-called experts are bundling and misleading you on vaccine readiness. we will show you just how badly they blew it. how they were throwing cold water onte it from the start and how they are now acting like they have been the biggest cheerleaders the whole a time. plus more on democrats and joe biden attacking the vaccine success of operation warp speed as questions now amount. what exactlyti is biden's plan beyond these attacks and beyond warning of a dark winter. americans know all about that. more on how new york democrats
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don't have the facts to pack up their shutdown of restaurants and bars as a massive protest today hit in new york city. restaurants really upset. the owners and workers marching throughout new york city, including on governor cuomo's office. we will take you to the borders tonight. polls show american and immigrants wantra humane legal immigration. but nowgr this, warning human smugglers are trying to hide dozens of stash houses inside suburbanse neighborhoods. these are stash houses with a legal board crosses. warning gangs like ms-13 are making big bucks off human smuggling. thank you for joining us. "the evening edit" starts right now. i am elizabeth macdonald. let's go right at it. we welcome christian whiten. these are really powerful house
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republicans saying nancy pelosi, you have to get swalwell removed off of house intelligence. what are your thoughts? >> i think this is an appropriate thing to ask for. this is not the seniormost, but a pretty senior democrat on the intelligence committee. this is intelligence that deals with and has access to our nation's most sensitive operations including covert operations, c if there are any n china. the idea you have someone successfully honeypot it by a chinese agent in that role, even as the full congress does not know the details of what happened, it is time for him to step aside. >> top republicans and house oversight are ramping up, christian. they are'r going after swalwells well. they asked from the fbi on what happened here. this chinese spy allegedly targeted swalwell when he was
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just a councilman years ago. the thing is, his district in california overseas part, his district has northern silicon valley, livermore and national laboratories. this is defense secrets we are talking about, christian. >> right. it is also odd for chinese espionage for the reasons you just mentioned. he was not in congress when he was first approached and began to endear herself to him. he was a prosecutor in the east bay. federal prosecutors thatld would have known of the united front, espionage and other opportunities and tended to smear our politicians. the chinese have managed to cozy up to dianne feinstein and swalwell. imagine how big and profuse operations are across the country when you think about how many students, how many chinese
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operators there are. these are just two of the apex targets. they are active very broadly. liz: we are seeing on the news throughout the hour that nancy pelosi got a letter from scully's and liz cheney saying remove swalwell. he may hold a senate intelligence meeting on this if they keep control of the senate. it is not just, you know, a communist unofficial here, it was not just working for the economist party, an officer in chinese military intelligence. the new york times is not reporting on the story. the media went full bore on the national rifle association. with the russian spy. everyone shouldd be okay with swalwell being entangled with this forf years? >> this is right out of russia with love. it is amazing how this is happening. it may have also been effective. we are starting to ask what
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happened and why weren't other congressional leaders informed of this, but eric scalise swalwell is very wimpy on china. he has been coming along saying that russia is the greater threat. he hypes the russia conspiracy theory, the hoax when he knew it was not true. donald trump colluded with russia. he was a russian agent. that is what swalwell said of our president. he knew it was a lie. how hypocritical. honeypot it by a chinese agent to do that. rubio is the chairman. it will depend on how the georgia senate races go. this is, not just alarming, it appears to be an effective method. liz: you wander, you know, swallow -- swalwell, is he the leaker. is he the guy talking to the new york times? that is why the new york times has stopped covering it. swalwell may have been going
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into these secure compartmentalized facilities that are heavily securitized, and, you know, if he has, you know, this same thing put it in turn inside his democrat office on the hill, that intern could have been recording things down right when china was going full bore, full steam ahead on the plush, christian. there are still a lot of questions. how come swalwell and democrats are saying, swalwell, you have to answer them. >> they should do it. this is typical of the cover up where democrats, liberals, progressives and the lying media will accuse the other side of exactly what they are doing. accusing donald trump and republicans of w colluding with russia. the ones that appear to have been colluding in the bedroom with chinese agents. this is very deadly serious. it is a dangerous world.
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you have these honeypot operations performed against u.s. bureaucrats intelligence officials andte the other. usually an attractive young woman that knocks on the door in approaches someone, middle-age, that probably ought to know that it's a little suspicious that a 10 is endearing themselves to come out let's say, a five. frankly, swalwell and the democrats should have known better. the factt they fell victim to this just shows they don't take the china threat seriously. from am security point it is scary. particularly scary from a policy point of view. this is our chief adversary in the world. liz: to u.s. mayors including one from you ohio. resuming surveillance on the car that they were having sex in. this isju just the tip of the iceberg. howt republicans have been looking really hard at thousands of chinese intelligence officers
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and operatives. china has been using spies or covert agents i to infiltrate universities, local government institutions, also state pension funds. university not disclosing their ties to china. china has been doing disinformation about the pandemic andin trying to steal research and technology. this is just the tip of the iceberg stuff, right? >> it is. when you think about the hundreds of c thousands of chine nationals, i am not talking about chinesese americans who ae american citizens, chinese nationals here working out our top universities, research institutions, defense industrial base, throughout silicon valley, it is facilitated by v says and just at schools. you know, i have talked to professors and people who are foreign policy types in washington talking about their chinese national students. you know, taiwanese students or
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hong kong where people get together and talk about democracy human rights, they are often intimidated by chinese and those chinese students often acting at chinese consulates or the embassy here. the trump administration closed chinese c consulate in houston because it was a bed of spies. i think we need to look much more broadly about curtailing the presence of chinese in america. there is this theory they will come liz: wait. sorry. christian, let me interrupt quickly because we have to go. how can you do what you are saying when the media is not covering it? everyone should be okay with what is going on here. the new york times is not reporting on it. is the media covering up because these are the guys that are leaking to them their stories. lai have been a journalist 435 years. i know how sourcing goes in washington, d.c. i know how favoritism is played. the guys giving you the
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information and then you go soft on them. i have seen it happen time and again. is that what is happening here? >> yes. they areg going soft on democras and they cannot say anything bad about them. there is a whole lot of money. not so much a noose, but media from china into hollywood and that curbs their ability. you do not see a lot of movies about the cultural revolution anymore and there is a reason for that. liz: sorry. i hate talking about myself. i hate doing that. it's about the security of american families across the country. i,s appreciate you coming on and tolerating what i just said. critics now blasting the media. democrats in the so-called experts for bundling and misleading you want vaccine readiness. i will show you just how badly they blew it. growing cold c water on it from the start and they are acting
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simplify diabetes. simplify life. omnipod. liz: joining me now is a federalist christopherd. redfor. wait to s see you, by the way. media,xp democrats, experts, thy were tossing cold water on the president saying we t will have vaccines by the end of the year. now we have the largest effort in u.s. history. what is with the media,
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democrats andis scientific expet saying that is not going to happen. what's going on here? >> good to see you, too. science has been weapon eyes against the right, centers, against republicans, anyone who pushes back against more and more control. you saw this more and more broadly with things like the global warming conspiracies and people more apocalyptic on that front. cobit is kind of like a micro study of what this bow before this ever-changing science agenda means for americans. one of the most -- parts of this entire media screwup has been that the new york times, washington post, nbc news were comfortable enough to say that donald trump and the american people are incapable to deliver a vaccine. they fact checked it. that is how far it has fallen from don't worry, grandma, there is no hook bandit by the side of the road. we are pulling fact checking.
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liz: dr. fauci said we would not have a vaccine until january. now he is saying millions could be vaccinated by the second quarter off next year. people want to go back to normal. they want people to be safe. we cannot let our guard down. covid-19 deaths are topping 300, polls shows half of americans either don't want the vaccine or they are unsure about it. all of this negative talk coming out of the experts and democrats, did they just sandbag this? did they sandbag help? >> i'm writing a piece about the chinese probably not weapon eyes and culminating, but americans, democrats and elites did. ivi have been to 23 states reporting how people act in these states. you can sit on santa clauses lap which has a lower death count
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then new york city. the governor has shut down restaurants and they are first to go out to the street and times square to push back against it. thisme is a wild mistreatment ad americans ought to wake up to it. >> we will dig into what you were just talking about later in the show. we may have half a dozen by the spring. moderna could come in by friday. let's watch it being downplayed back in may. watch this. >> beginning to turn out millions of doses and hundreds of millions of doses of a vaccine that may not be completely proven to be effective against the coronavirus. if we say they cannot get the vaccine, the science is questionable. now we are the negative nancy's. always trying to kill our optimism. liz: well, yeah. [laughter] you were.
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we have the vaccines coming in. we may have 100 million vaccinated by the spring. many americans cited the handling of the pandemic as key to why they voted for joe biden. we do not know what his plans are for the vaccine. wewe do not know what he is goig to do. a lot of legitimate criticism about it. what he has said and how he has behaved. i think that americans get that. when it comes to saving lives and what could be done, i mean, the question is, did the media basically downplay the push to help biden when and now dodging questions about what exactly are you going to do that is different from trump? >> operation warp speed was transparent. you were able to see the way they were doing it. they did not test this less and
9:20 pm
they test other vaccines. they allowed multiple tests to be going on at the exact same time. you were able to do multiple tests, see where they go, disprove something or find it safe in multiple ways at the same time.d at that same time donald trump was offering hugee amounts of money to pay for any amount of vaccine that was created. the senate advised them to get that. when it is in the wide open there is straight up politics. in february you remember donald trumpp was not a salable president.t. he was defeated largely because of covid, used by the americans against him. >> the way he was, you know, reportedly downplaying it, we covered hisa pressers. americans did not like that. now we have a dozen vaccines and play. many american voters did not likew the constant topspin on i.
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now we have a dozen vaccines in the work. it isqu quite the effort. we really like to see you coming back on soon. you are great. thank you for your insight. >> thank you. >> new questions mounting over exactly where the hunter biden probe is headed as the president elect dodges reporters about at least two separate investigations and we have white house pressg secretary going after the new york times and the washington post for covering up the biden story before the election. other media did, too. we have the story next. >> these associations and the millions of dollars that passed in between and among hunter biden, james biden and others create criminal, financial and counter intelligence and extortion concerns. that is why i have written to the justice department about the
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liz: okay. let's welcome back to the show former u.s. attorney to the show brett tolman. senator chuck grassley taking to the floor the senate on monday saying that the biden's were serving as agents of communist governments and they tore into the press for covering up the biden story before the election. when you come down on this? >> i watched both and i support both chairman grassley's attempts at trying to get to the bottom of this and certainly her outline of the hypocrisy over what happened pre-election and now today is shocking considering what we now know. liz: okay. let's watch joe biden refusing to answer questions from reporters about the two investigations, federal investigation into his son hunter biden's business dealings overseas. watch this.
9:27 pm
[inaudible] >> congratulations. thank you. appreciate it. liz: now watch joe biden at the second debate. watch him at the second debate. watch this. >> not one single solitary thing was out of line. my son has not made money, in terms of this thing about china. liz: it turns out the senate report shows he made at least $5 million coming in from china to hunter biden's bank account. how long can this go in with the president-elect denying the story? >> well, you know, it is almost beyond belief that we have to apologetically approach, you know, joe biden on this topic. it seems to me that it took very
9:28 pm
little effort prior to the election to find out that there actually was an investigation that was stemming from suspicious activity reports. that is a big deal. it means it is more than just a possible tax evasion claim. hey it means this is widespread. could be the illegal movement of money. it could involve others including jim. possibly jail. we don't know the full scope of it. it is certainly what the fbi and the department of justice is investigating. people have been talking about the fact of what will happen in the transition. the reality is, this is being led by line prosecutors in the trenches and lying investigators who do not really care who was in office and who was not. have a case to investigate and i promise you they will continue to investigate regardless of who was in charge. liz: if biden appoints andrew cuomo as attorney general, the probe still continues? >> it does.
9:29 pm
the u.s. attorney adam delaware is independently nominated by president and confirmed by the senate. and he is not told who or how to handle that office and who to investigate or not to investigate. when i was u.s. attorney i had independent authority over all of my investigations. that is what is happening there. the attorney general could remove the u.s. attorney, but that takes quite a bit of time and you have to have another confirmation. in that timeline, you will see cases continue. that is the beauty of the department of justice. they are political at the top, but not in the trenches. liz: we have a federal probe in manhattan, a federal probe in delaware into hunter biden, a federal probe into james biden. a grand jury impaneled in the delaware probe and the media not covering it. watch white house press
9:30 pm
secretary point out what she calls an interesting you term great pre-election versus post- election on what the media was reporting on the hunter biden scandal. >> you had a new york times headline that said trump said to be warned that he was given russian disinformation over hunter biden. now, december 10, just a few minutes later, investigation of hunter biden is likely to hang over biden as he takes office. washington post october 16, the truth behind the hunter biden not scandal. now you have the headline that says this. examining chinese business deals >> your reaction to that, brett. >> if we had not lived through it, we almost could not believe that it is happening. the reality is, this was not just a story, a big story prior to the oval action.
9:31 pm
it was a large investigation involving the movement of millions of dollars that may have touched on national security concerns and interest. then you have a candidate running for office that refuses to answer questions that is implicated by the one whistleblower that comes forth whose evidences verified. this is, i guess, the time that we live in. it is offensive to me. i've spent most of my career in the criminal justice system. it should be offensive to those that i watched it happen. >> hunter biden's business partner, that energy conglomerate in china, he was a former deputy secretary general of the unit and the chinese military services that was responsible for espionage, intelligence propaganda. you had chuck schumer and senator sank the fbi dialed it back about any investigation into hunter biden. you had 50 former intelligence
9:32 pm
officials saying this is just intelligence disinformation. did they interfere? >> that is a great point. you are one of the few to make those connections. fifty members coming forth and indicating that this is russian disinformation. if they knew that was not the case that is absolutely obstruction of justice. liz: thank you for joining us. good to see you. >> good to see you. thanks, liz. liz: rolling on through a lot of headlines for you. congressman greg steube. on this debate firing up in washington. so goes georgia so goes your wallet. republicans ramp up warnings about the devastating economic damage to you at the upcoming georgia senate runoff. democrats taking control of the senate. this story next. >> think about everything democrats want to take away from you. take away your money via taxes. they want to take away your guns.
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let's welcome back to the show republican greg steube. congressman, it is good to see you. the georgia senate runoff. going to determine if republicans keep control of the senate. republican senators with a new piece saying if democrats win control off the senate, the american dream could come to an abrupt end. is that over the top or is it true? >> i do not think it is over the top chuck schumer says now we take georgia and then we take america. he was not kidding. running against the top republican incumbents, it is far left p progressive policies, medicare for all, raising your
9:38 pm
taxes, doing away with bail, all sorts of things that six months ago, to a year ago, you would have thought were not even in the spectrum of political talk. they are not running to the general election. they are talking farther and farther left policies. if they get elected and the vice president is then the tiebreaker, the direction that america could go is absolutely to mail to us to the direction of ourr country being better. raising taxes, all the things american should be against. >> one of the candidates for defund the police still. if democrats win control of the senate, we don't have to negotiate anything. they a save these two democrat candidates are the lynch pins to the socialist transformation of
9:39 pm
american society. you are saying this is serious stuff based on their policies. right? >> they have the house. we know nancy pelosi is likely to be speaker when we vote for the speakership. the democratt has the majority. they are right in the fact that if they do when these two seats and they have control of the senate, democratic control in the senate and the house and this presidency. the only thing speaker pelosi will have to negotiate with is the left wing of the house. i think they are up to seven or 10 and have a stronger caucus in these last elections. you will see the entire government lurch strongly to the left. strong d americans do not suppot these policies. i encourage anybody watching this to get out and vote and support those republican candidates sot we don't see this huge swing left in huge increase in taxes.
9:40 pm
liz: one of the candidates in georgia, he is on the record saying "the senate are gangsters and thugs for the tax cuts that did not let middle-class americans keep more of their money." he is also on the record saying u.s., the u.s. human rights record is worse than china or iran when china has millions of people in concentration type prison camps and iran is deemed the worst of the world of human rights groups for public executions of men, women, teenagers and children. >> to compare the united states to places like iran and human rights violations is atrocious. for somebody who served in our military and serve time in iraq, to compare our record of human rightses accomplishments to the abuses in iran while public execution at t beheadings and te
9:41 pm
types of things that they do there iser absolutely unbecoming of an american to even compare the two things.s it showsws how dangerous this election is. it shows how dangerous it will be if the democrats have control of all branches of our government. >> it is good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> coming up. young americans. a great writer and author. she will talk to us about how new york state's own governor's office, andrew cuomo's office, shows the data, it shows how wrong it is to shut down restaurants and bars n in new yk city. democrats blundered their way into economic chaos again. a massive protest by restaurant owners and workers in new york today. they marched on cuomo's manhattan office. that story next. >> so this is just really a reiteration going down again of insanity that does not work so they will destroy the city even
9:42 pm
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liz: back with us now we welcome back to the show young american for liberty analyst. unprecedented protest march from restaurant owners and workers against andrew cuomo and bill de blasio saying you are destroying our businesses. you are destroying our families with your unscientific lockdowns your thoughts. >> awn never government lockdow. it will cause irreversible damage to a huge number of small business owners. many of whom are already at the brink of financial collapse. thee thousands of people they employ. new york city has already lost
9:47 pm
permanently 4500 restaurants at least. what is most infuriating about the recent indoor dining band is that it is at odds with the states own data. bars and restaurants only account for 1.43% of covid-19 cases. that is according to the states own contract tracing data for all of the shrieking on the left about science and data putting in place lockdown orders. without any regard for the science or data. let's not forget, liz, this started with 15 days to slow the spread and then it turned into let's just wait until we flatten the curve and then it says now let's wait for a vaccine. today, vaccines are being put into the arms of new york city residents and cuomo is threatening even more lockdowns that will hurt small business owners and politicians are drunk with power and laughably out of touch. liz: talking shutdowns.
9:48 pm
they get a paycheck. they are talking shutdowns. officials like this demand federal bailouts. how are they going to pay for the restaurant workers and owners, their salaries, utility bills, healthcare bills, mortgage, rent. you know, the restaurant ownersy are saying we are doing everything you told us to do. temperature checks, sanitizing, social distancing. let's watch this small business owner in new york city saying i've had it. he got ticketed by an inspector. let's watch this exchange. watch. >> i continue to follow the rules and you still time after time -- [inaudible] >> you are not following the rules. >> just because the health department has a whole process to go through --
9:49 pm
[inaudible] are you going to pay my rent? >> you could feel his righteous anger about this. his income taxes pay their salaries. what is happening in new york city, new york city is not publishing detaill on covid-19 infections. that say washington, d.c. and other cities deal. they are not coming in and shutting them down. it is just so sad they are destroying the greatest city in the world. >> it is absolutely infuriating. these politicians and bureaucrats were putting in place these orders, do not understand the fame that new york city business owners and working-class residents are going through because they have notd missed one taxpayer-funded check. their staff s is all being paid. meanwhile, the private sector is
9:50 pm
hurting. new york city business owners do not want more help from the government, they just t want the ability to run their businesses. they want the freedom to do that enough safeway. they are continually shut down even doubt that data does not back it up. this is really sad. this will continue the devastation we are seeing in new york as people and corporations continue to flee. it was once a fantastic and vibrant city. liz:z: thanks for joining us. great to have you on. >> thank you, liz. liz: coming up brandon died on this development. human smugglers are trying to hide, dozens of stash houses, maybe even, more than that with illegal border crossers and illegal aliens hiding them in suburban neighborhoods across the country as they warn that gangs are making big bucks off of human smuggling. the story next.
9:51 pm
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liz: okay. let's welcome back to the show brandon judd. it is great to see you again. polls show americans and immigrants want legal immigration. border authorities warning about dozens of human stash houses being hidden by human smugglers inside neighborhoods in suburbia. what is going on here? >> because the trial policies have been so effective in controlling the border, we have been more effective on the border than we ever have before my entire career. cartels are now forced to work in extraordinary measures. they are forced to go out and rent homes, forced to find homes. the problem with these homes is they are extremely unsanitary. they are extremely dangerous, they are extremely cramped. these cartels who do not care at all for human life, they are
9:56 pm
packing these individuals in there until they have transport to move them further into the united states. most people think illegal border crossings, they stay in texas and california and arizona, that is not true. atlanta, chicago,, new york. they worked throughout the entire united states. they have to get the transport to them to get them to those destinations. liz: did the justice department recentlyin warned that gangs lie ms-13 are making big bucks off of human smuggling? >> this is a multibillion dollar industry per year. the cartels, organized crime, that is what cartels are, organized crime,th they act as a business. h how can they generate a profit. how can they generate revenue. time border patrol hands up, crossing lower value products, making sure our agents go and take those individuals into custody and they create artificial gaps hand then they
9:57 pm
cross their higher value products right behind us. that is why we have to be concerned about what might be coming if we are going to see larger numbers of people coming up to the border, more caravans. policies makeio a huge differene and the t trump administration d a great job on the border and continue to do a great job. liz: border officials say nearly 400 stash houses with the illegal border crossers in the country. as you know, they are very out, throughout the country. it is a big sector. basically covers 170 miles of border area from mexico, from the mexico texas border up through the boundaries of oklahoma and arkansas. we are talking hundreds of stash houses now. >> what is scary about that if that is just what we know of. just because we know that, does
9:58 pm
not mean that is all that there is. obviously, there will be a lot more than that because we will take down those stash houses as they come up. they will spring back up. this is not necessarily a bad thing. we want crime to have to go to extraordinary measures. that makes it more difficult to sell their products to people who would be illegal border crossers and other countries likeal guatemala, el salvador, honduras, even china. we want to make it as difficult as we possibly can. that is what has been done here. now we have to have the intel to shut down h the stash houses. liz: customs and border protection commissioner mark morgan. he is talking about the spike in illegal border crossers. he said "cartels and human smugglers are fueling perception that our borders will once again be wide open and then we will be reinstating the loopholes that
9:59 pm
have been closed." is this what we can expect now coming? >> what the cartel's understanding is they know what the obama administration brought. they know how they were able to operate under the obama administration. they are hoping they will be do that again. we have to help. we have to cross our fingers that a biden administration will look at those failures and shut down those loopholes. if they do not, we will in fact have a huge flood of more people crossing our borders illegally. >> arrests have been rising for six great months. good to see you. thank you for joining us. sure to catch our very own -- he will be left from the border wall and arizona all day tomorrow right here on foxbusiness. thank you for joining us tonight. i am elizabeth macdonald. you are been watching "the evening edit." we hope youwe have a good eveni. join us again tomorrow night. ♪ after
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the bell" today and every day. we'll see you same time tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. for the first time since the election, joe biden traveling from his home in wilmington, delaware. biden campaigning in atlanta for radical dems john ossoff and raphael warnock in their quest to take control of the u.s. senate. joe biden's trip, however, comes as more questions are being asked about his son hunter biden. federal investigations are now underway into hunter biden's taxes, his ties to foreign countries like china and ukraine as they have been for the past two years, it turns out. top senate


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