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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 15, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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ukraine as corrupt and they warned the vice president and senior leadership in december of 15. lou: john solomon be sure to join us tomorrow we talk to congressman scott perry, ssssss scott: businesses on the brink of disaster. state and local government doing nothing to help. now owners and employees at a breaking point, taking to the streets to protest the lockdowns and shutdowns from coast-to-coast. but will governors, mayors finally get the message? today in york city hundreds in the restaurant industry protesting in times square demanding more from help after the city forced them to close their doors once again. they say they cannot pay their employees or the rent and they are about to fall into the abyss, watch. >> what it's going to happen to us? they're not going to be able to stay open. what is going to happen to all
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these restaurants they are going to close in a couple of weeks. why is he doing this to us. we are not the problem. we have been doing everything they asked us to do. before you know why everyone making the decisions they have paychecks. sending in california were restaurant owners across the state are protesting or even defying orders to halt indoor dining. and in ventura county it all boiled over in health inspectors issued a citation to a restaurant claiming not all of the furniture was brought inside. check this out. >> i have followed the rules i continue to follow the rules and you are still time after time telling that have to close my business. >> you're not following the rules. >> i am following the rules. just because the health department. [inaudible] no matter how long that takes
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i have to close my business for that time? are you going to pay my rent? are you gonna pay my rent? select what god's honest name are hard business workers to do with the only options are to try to find any way to stay open or close forever and starve her joy to me tonight lucky brand jeans cofounder jean he's also the founder of the montesano group which operates several restaurants in the golden state, welcome to the show. >> thank you nice to be here. >> where are we with the protest? and have you been involved us above these were to be seen? >> we had a protest on saturday a little over 100 people everyone was supporting us. our customers are from the 20s to the 80s years old. and know how to take care of themselves. there is a good protest, a lot of support. and we just don't think it is fair that outside adding a shut down. we have served over 150,000 people in the last few
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months. and no cases from any of our customers are staff. we don't think outside dining is because in the spread placement that's a we keep hearing over and over again from these restaurants and gyms. if the health department are doing appropriate contact tracing, none of the cases have been traced back to these places which are operating responsibly. if you have a case or two that shows up i understand going back and revisiting. you have to keep people safe. but clearly people, especially in california where they have been dining and under various degrees of lockdown since the spring they know how to do it better than other parts of the country. >> i would say we do. we have that elaborate outside dining with heaters, and tables, and metal structures with canvas roofs to protect our customers from the wind and the rain it. and people love it. everybody keeps on telling us when you going to open a just open up? before why not do what they're
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doing with the whole city said screw it were going to open for business. >> their city council voted unanimously to do that and open up. there may or backed it to. the restaurant owners are afraid to do it. we do not want to win the battle and you lose the war. they could come along and say we don't want this outside doing. we don't like your set up. they could revoke your liquor license. and then we are closed for a very long time. as much as i would like to defy it, i just can't. because you know our people are going to be out of work for six months instead of the three weeks that they were promised for it just can't take that chance. kennedy: isn't going to be three weeks or until everyone in your county or state receives the vaccine? because they'd to keep moving the goalpost. and then you keep amending the timelines. and also there's not a direct
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correlation between outdoor dining and the number of people who are sick, and the number of people on ventilators and icus. >> that's for sure, that's so sure, we cannot take the chance of relapse and they said it was doing half weeks it was three months. now it's three weeks but is it going before months or five months? it's just tough. we are doing okay with delivery and everything, but we have had to lay off 73 people. these people do not have a big savings. it is christmas time they're not going up toys for the kids. it is a sad state of affairs. steve are happy country does not have any money in savings rate that's in a good economy without a global economy that's without massive lockdowns, shutdowns operating at 25% capacity. in a good economy people don't have savings. but that is my issue here. the people who are making these rules never have to worry about a paycheck. because they are magically wealthy when they get into politics and want so there they never late for the poets
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got a paycheck they've always got a pension, they do not remember what it's like to worry about paying the bills. like people who work as servers in restaurants do. and people who washed dishes and bus tables. >> notes that it's a sad state of affairs like i said. they say they cared and like to believe them. but i don't know, if i had the power to do something about it, i would pray that is why we are having the demonstration which was peaceful and everyone supported us. like i said before. it just seems irrational that you could make a decision to shut down a whole industry. kennedy: just change the name of your restaurant to protest. and people could eat there as much as they wanted does not matter. thank you so much for your time and good luck with everything. >> my pleasure thank you very much. kennedy: as you know businesses across the country are fighting back between restrictions pretty might have seen this jim in new jersey that is going viral or
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refusing governor murphy's order to shut down for the owners they are facing one point to million dollars in fines. that is not all. minnesota group of 50 restaurants and band together to refuse restrictions, as i mentioned in southern california the entire town of 6000 people bucking governor newsom state over there. and in washington a lovely place the mayor is calling shut down or is unconstitutional it all of these freedom fighters could face serious consequences for their actions, fines. the question is do they have a legal leg to stand on his push comes to job? here's me on the official attorney and author of how to be a federal criminal he is teaching me how to do just that. michael chase is back. hello sir. [laughter] hello. kennedy: let's talk a little bit about the owners of that new jersey gym. they now have racked up one point to million dollars in fines. they say the whole thing is an
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f you to frank murphy. what is their legal standing here? >> their legal standing be a number of things. the fact is they sought to go to court, sue, pay lawyers to. then ultimately probably not prevail. the reality is you don't have a lot of avenues. you consume any but if you don't win it doesn't matter but some people have had son success and get an injunction lifted making it back to business or reduce the order. but in terms of getting the money back, given the property last back the odds are extremely slim. before what about places like minnesota and the minnesota coalition pray that is the group of 150 businesses. now are they and better place for a class action lawsuit? or if they are working together with that many businesses they might have strength in numbers? >> it's probably more comfortable to be sitting there in a group of numbers. obviously collective action, it has been a long-standing
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tradition in america. but i think what you get there is you get a benefit of the politicians listening to you and potentially making some decisions in your favor part i don't think the court is going to impress at the number plaintiffs coming before them. the same laws going to apply paid what you have to do >> that's exactly it. as long as this pandemic has been, many months as this pandemic has been, the court system is even slower. try to get in front of a jury you can't do it prevail be sitting in court for long time. kennedy: and there are a lot of legal avenues that have been shut down because of the pandemic. we touch on it a little bit. the entire town is like nope we are going to stay open. so what is the legal standing of a town trying to circumvent a state order? >> the municipality is right.
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obviously the local police have to enforce anything. that is the big problem. you can have all the laws and orders you want. if the police are going to support it. kennedy: but if the city council mayor have voted unanimously to keep the place [the cops are like other police departments and shares departments in california they're going to say it yet were not going to arrest people, sorry. >> exactly right sprayed that is where the law falls apart. it becomes what is bad cnc everybody's fighting over jurisdiction. the truth is is all kind of fights between the different enforcement. an equal enforcement is no prick ability for forces brace back during the same thing in washington purdue they have a little bit better chance in court because the weather sucks? [laughter] >> i don't think there is a
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necessity defense for if there is a necessity defense most of these people will be able to come forward and say look reside cannot feed my family my business is going to go kaput, it's going be urban blight across the country put item of the fact the weather is bad is going to give them any kind of advantage in keeping the businesses open. they are all up he same thing which is a government that has a crushing power to be able to come in and sees their stuff, pull their licenses, impose fines and bring in the police. >> one question about new york state here in the government nerve mandate that nursing homes taken covid positive patients that ended up killing thousands of elderly nursing home patient patients. did they and their families have the right to sue the governor? as horrible and heartbreaking as that is, harkens back to something we've seen for a long time.
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we've all heard of qualified immunity there's also sovereign immunity. the governments have all kinds of immunity and we can't come after them you have sweeping rules like that kilogram we should been the hoped-for. mike chase think it's much for your time will see one "kennedy's kourt" real soon. >> i will bring the gavel. coming up top republicans demand congress closely remove eric swalwell from the house until committee. why is she stonewalling question requires the mainstream media avoiding this story? he joins me, research shows that people remember commercials with exciting stunts. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home... look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool! grandma! very cool.
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the fbi to brief them on the espionage activities of the chinese commonest party also is a cpp printable to what extent officials like swalwell have been compromised. meanwhile the media has a mostly silent about the swalwell affair. with the "new york times" getting no coverage offered what the hell is going on here. the host and author of book modern warriors, real stories and real heroes. here's one of them, pete hegseth is here. welcome pete. support my dear friend candidates great to be here. before excited to be here with you. so let's talk about swalwell out heard i do not believe his denials but is that just because i am i am a californian's had it up to my eyeballs, all four of them with his malarkey? >> you have seen a bunch of californians like feinstein who did not know she had that in her group. it's also be expected on levels but of course the
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media's not going to cover it because he is one of their favorite trump hating congressman who has been on the front pages to doing all of their work for them. and leaking information across the board there. we know they're not going to touch it. as far as him being compromised, maybe, maybe not. all i know it's hard to get on the intel committee. i know when you are a junior congressman it's hard to get on the intel committee. when you're on the intel committee are not supposed to leak. and you are not supposed to covid, what's the word i do not even know. kennedy: prognosticate or back or spend time with chinese spies, make body congress which i despise but he was notified later on, find but the fact is he still got that committee assignment from nancy pelosi and has acted the way he has. if it were a republican the other way around he would be gone for their right to be calling for this i hope it happens. kennedy: think that when they
11:19 pm
brief junior congress who before this committee they need to give them the rule. katie said something today on outnumbered them so incredibly wise. she said if she is a ten and you are a two, and she wants to sleep with you, she is probably a spy. i think that is a great rule. and swalwell well is the kind of guy who should've internalized this i'm a congressman, she loves me. by the way worthy too. [inaudible] >> no exactly which told one of the mid west mayers is he asked why do you want to be with me and she said because i want to learn english, more fluently. what was her mind for swalwell well, what did he buy? he bought something like that lie. he just thought she's really into me. so far she's really chatty. when somebody i just can't stop talking it will help my english. [laughter] oh my goodness. listen, we know. you are rarely appropriate
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kennedy that's why we love you. we know exactly what the chinese commonest parties trying to do. it's filtration the left is willfully blind to it because there is a convergence of interest in a very perverse away, too often within. that is when they target democrats. they know they are open to collectivism and all those crazy ideas as they were in the 82 the soviets and that sort of thing. kennedy: so wisely "new york times" not coming this at all? >> why would the "new york times" covid that's like saying why would you out your best friend? there is no expectation at all that organizations like this have any level of fairness in their bloodstream at all. they just don't. >> the, that's all of us. smac you are assuming kennedy. see for our infiltrating our city council members, are
11:21 pm
dorky congressmen are midwest mayors with good intentions, none of i it. whites of their bipartisan outrage? to beg you've assume they're playing for the home team kennedy in world war ii the "new york times" are delay reports on behalf of the allies in the last two decades the report any bad news about her troops on the battlefield or country because they see themselves as global citizens. listen, the whole idea being a patriotic newspaper is gone. that is not how they view it for they see democrats as their allies and they will back them up. the trump era has exposed that as unfortunate as that is for their yellow journalist they have a particular perspective, that is fine for illicit that's what it is it is what it is. before modern warriors is greatly been writing books like crazy but this is fantastic but some of the stories in here, you forget that people put their lives on the line, protecting freedom even when the government makes really bad awful decision decisions. your book is a nice way to
11:22 pm
balance that out and restore my faith. >> these modern warriors a very candid about that it is well politics masons went to the battlefield. it does not hold back the sheer courage. and these are the best of the best for the row 1% willing to put their lives of the life of the country. we try to do in the book until the real raw politically incorrect side of combat. what is it like to be there? what are you feeling? what is your fear, anxiety or pride in those moments. you'll meet 15 amazing americans and learn about the sacrifice of the last 20 years through this book. supported to blue falcon them? >> no that's why they talk to me, kennedy. how many vets want to talk to journalists or newspeople? none, zero. they knew they would get a fair hearing in this book. so we set them up to tell their story, the good, the bad the, the ugly. pete hegseth you are amazing congratulations on the book will talk to you soon. >> anytime thanks kennedy.
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kennedy: well alright, alright, alright, who knew matt and trent matthew mcconaughey would be the measured voice of reason during this tour mulch. the shirtless bongo pounder summed up the problems with the election landscape on good morning brittany. and cheerio with the spot on weight touched on the primal hunger for heat. >> there are extremes on both side that i think are unfair. the extreme left in the extreme right completely illegitimate the other side. the liberal and the conservative side which we need in certain places.
11:28 pm
you need liberals. but i don't think we need are the ill liberals. what i don't think that some liberals see is that there are being cannibalized by the ill liberals. kennedy: is gonna say benjamin franklin. [laughter] he needs a good stove pipe hat. by liberals i think he means traditional lefties and the ill liberals of the screeching socials that will stop at nothing to impress anyone who stands in the way of their overstated agenda. matthew took aims at both extremes and cancel culture the bubbles in the toxic of both swaps. he is absolutely right about the extreme that has utter intolerance for the other side. all you need to do is tiptoe through the twitter to gillaspie find angry, hate spewing armies of a disenfranchised fringe who only become angry and perversely more pulp fulfilled at the opposite and equally vengeful extreme. for those of us who have been
11:29 pm
lucky enough to drip with bile from both slime cannons, i can take objectively that both have dug in easily and often resort to using the seaward. in the irish pub sort of way. the anger is self-perpetuating hate machine. as long as our politics are populated by only two sides, with madison and hamilton warned were factions by the superior force of uninterested and overbearing majority, we will be victims to this fickle pendulum that races to the edges, not for peace or justice but to squash and humiliate the other duds. spend happy republicans around toxic, and democrats sacrificing their party at the altar of socialism. there is little room left for rational limited government folks who want to be left the hell alone. matthew mcconaughey wants us to become aggressively centrist. it's less about political moderation than consistent and rational ideology that is superior to party.
11:30 pm
any party that requires you to hate people is fatally flawed. and if we don't lock it up and allow for more voices and better coalition will be stuck in an eternal lincoln commercial with matthew mcconaughey are emperor gunning us on the path to political hell. that is all wrong, all wrong, all wrong, that is the memo. earlier today senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the election is over and joe biden one. and mandel mercy are fans furious with cocaine mitch. meantime less light sleepy joe called for unity not division. that angered lefties who wants a white house scalps. that possible to stop the endless cycle of anger? we ever move on from this eternal election. let's get into it with tonight's party panoply of attorney republican strategist alexandra wilkes, very christmasy to corey lovett. democrat pollster and fox news
11:31 pm
contributor doctor jessica tarlov is here. and political columnist and longtime friend of the show, the illustrious leslie marshall, welcome blood at all. subject thank you. kennedy: alexander i'll start the appeared what did you think of matthew mcconaughey's appearance. was he writes, was he wrong? should he shut up endurable? >> i do think you have two look on both sides of the aisle. certainly when one party gets into power they do things that the other party or they would otherwise cry foul about. you're a democrat the have the advantage of big corporate media giants on your side. it helps to create the illiberal halter that they are talking about. these big companies they want
11:32 pm
to silence these opinions. touched on free speech. he was saying he thanks that is the most important thing that both sides should be stewards of free speech. was he the first person to use illiberal to describe an aoc birdie wing of the democrat party? >> i assume no. but i do not know who used it first. smac i'll okay i had not heard it either. i thought maybe i missed something in the comic realm but it seems like i have not. it's the first time i'd heard that. i think they were a few points they made that were decent and well taken. and someone who comes and plays with conservatives on a regular basis and of my own free will, i obviously think it is important to meet people in the middle. i do think we could deal with a bit more radical centralism. that is actually how elections
11:33 pm
are won. that is how joe biden one. that's how barack obama one, that's how george bush one party to capture the middle of the country get the most people. the extremes have very loud but small amounts of people who tend to have blue checkmark attached to their twitter accounts which is not real life twitter. but a liberal is a new one. and may consider using it going forward. so far okay anthony what did he get run for it the idea of matthew mcconaughey ready for the governor of texas, that that was really weird. i don't like when actors use the governorship as their next vanity project. because i think they make horrible governors. like arnold schwarzenegger and vent while ventura. smac my disappointment with matthew mcconaughey as he was almost writes. he left out the middle the gets it wrong so often. i would not put president trump in his most local followers in the middle part on the far right. i think they represent the
11:34 pm
republican party. and they represent a terminus amount of liberalism and free speech. president trump has threatened lawsuits against television stations who have run ads that are negative against temperate he has called for a constitutional amendment ban burning flag burning and candice owens has signed onto that breeze called for firing the football players who kneel. this is intolerance but it's not something can put all the, he left. unfortunately the mainstream right is a liberal when it comes to free speech breeze >> it's very populous. which of populism doesn't allow for free speech an individual like you would hope. look at this handsome pair. nancy policy and matthew mcconaughey try to break their stalemate and provide covid relief to struggling of americans pay no matter what happens, fermented this relief bill is destined to be too
11:35 pm
little too late. so why did they wait so long? isn't the real solution opening up the economy letting people work question equity think alexandra is absolutely the right solution is simple politics and three quarters of small businesses out there without some sort of assistance or opening up the economy let people live their life. it's 81% of minority-owned small businesses. these lockdowns are crushing our businesses out there. they are crushing americans. and washington has set other hands the entire time because of the election. nobody really wants to make a move. i think people are not going to want to go home for the holidays empty-handed by the end of the year. they're going to look to have the holidays actually paper over some the rough parts for each of the party.
11:36 pm
kennedy: if there are government stores that sell louis vuitton bags maybe we should lose them, jessica. >> i am with you. but i would prefer if we could get him to do some of the designing instead, just a personal preference if we're going to be looting, kennedy. it's pure politics may know the american public is angry at everyone to washington at this point. if you think about what could possibly unite bernie sanders and josh hawley, to absolute polar opposites in the senate it is stimulus. support that you can talk about chinese spies. >> now that was a different story will catch up with that later. i think eric swalwell that doesn't appeal to him. stimulus checks for the american public is critical to the success of any bailout. i think the idea were going to
11:37 pm
pennypinching bout that, especially coming up to the holidays is ludicrous. kennedy: bit anthony shutting businesses down by forces a government taking. it absolutely is. very little recourse. states you have mismanaged themselves during the pandemic to they deserve a big stimulus package? >> i think actually await past deserve. with plenty of state governments largely run by governments have youth unscientific reasoning behind business destroying lockdowns. it's happening in new york right out happening in california people who are suffering don't have time to hash out who is at fault. i think their pissed are looking to blame someone it's
11:38 pm
very possible. people are hurting through no fault of their own. bernie sanders was also for throwing good money after bad. phil author marauding with him. evil are suffering. i'm not particularly have a problem with people giving money like andrew yang was. sue for their businesses you have to put again this is no fault of their own. it's not mismanagement, greed or any other factor other than government shut them down. so if they have the state shut down there's no recourse you have to give them something. so we will see what happens here. i need the pendulum stick around because coming up we've got more big news. speaking of coronavirus we have got more vaccines. another one has been approved. and now there is an at-home test because could this be the final punch the nation needs? [ thunder rumbles ]
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♪ ♪ ♪. kennedy: see the vexing clever. hallelujah the holiday season bringing some more good news this week. in addition to spanks offering free expedited shipping. new data from the fda confirms the moderna vaccine is highly effective and the agency tends to approve it for emergency use on friday. that would meet more americans could be getting jabbed as early as a monday. the feds have finally authorized the first over-the-counter, at-home covid test. and i still think you need a prescription for that. which is really dumb. because then you have to go to a doctor's office and then test yourself. it can percolate in your innards and your screwed. alright so could this be the start of turning this tragedy
11:44 pm
around? the panel has returned, alexandra wilkes, jessica tarlov, and leslie marshall. wish, i will start with you. what are you going to do about the anti- vax or safely need to reach her community site finally said the sauna again? >> nothing we can do except deny their public services like denying their children to public schools. there could very well soon be very cheap, very accessible, at-home covid test. so the very least the anti- vax is that they refuse to get vaccinated we will have some way whether not to allow them on their buses. i kennedy: i can't believe the hoaxes. they will not take the test the vaccine is free, jessica pritt is it because are trying to inject us with ill dates 5g? >> i have the 5g filbert i had
11:45 pm
the iphone 12 but i had the iphone seven which is according to the woman at verizon helping me. kennedy: was at my 15 year old daughter? so i guess it was. they were both there and they're both shaming. i feel very challenged about it. [laughter] it worked. i was shooting hd television off with it and the text people at our very own fox news were shocked at. moving on, case the vaccine. get at-home covetous the free for us for a group anthony that if we're going to allow kids into schools comfy going to be on her buses come under whose taking the bus. but the subway we should have some feeling of safety about that. you see it just start leaking out were still going to have to wear masks after all of this? we get the vaccine we still, yeah. kennedy: such a negative nancy but everything though. i don't know man, i know
11:46 pm
people like him and i get it. i don't know. it's like the beatles. anthony pouches like the beatle beatles. overby likes the beatles but i do like the beatles. alexander. [laughter] >> look i just wish kamala harris had the debate stage back in october. that being said this is really a modern miracle that we could get this operation warp speed going the trump administration certainly deserves the credit for tearing through all sorts of red tape with the fda, for powering private companies, to develop this vaccine and distribute it so quickly. and i wonder, if this shows the american people how quickly we can get things done in a public/private partnership without regulation stripping us up, can't we do the same thing for cancer? kennedy: that's what i've been
11:47 pm
saying all along. yes there are immunotherapies and treatments out there that the fda is terrified to even begin testing. we'll be going to say anthony, go ahead. >> i was nodding and vigorous agreements. there are a whole lot of experimental medications that should be available for people who want to take them. they are people who are suffering through tremendous pain, through what could be mortal diseases. and they would like to try these things that are available in other countries. but our government often times will say no, for your own good you must suffer a lot longer than you would if you live somewhere else. so far i've never understood the argument against right to try it legislation but that's another good thing this administration has done. alexander, doctor jessica and anthony thank you also much for being here. you guys are awesome. subject thank you. subject thank you. kennedy: the
11:48 pm
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11:52 pm
topic number one. flying always stinks. but it is about to get even stink here and new airline safety guidelines sizing flight attendant steward diapers for covid protection. yes. and you thought the people in first class were pampered. while chinese authorities say wearing diapers and soiling them mid flight will help cabin crews of beloit infections of the onboard bathrooms. then again if you haven't gotten an infection on an airplane bathroom, you really have not lived. china also recommend the cabin crew were double layered glove, goggles and disposable shoe covers which is probably a good idea for going to be changing adult diapers all day. there is nothing worse than when your flight gets grounded because your students sprung a leak. although he really want to float human waste, i recommend spirit airlines, i said it, there. topic number two. let's go to california, shall we? a christmas miracle was caught
11:53 pm
on video, to undercover cops dressed as santa and it felt, they busted a pair of suspected car thieves. the incident happened during anti- shoplifting operation which santa and his elves were posted outside a malt waiting for not a boys and girls. when they witness the car theft they danced and pranced into action pretty began with the elf holding one suspect at gunpoint telling him to freeze. but the north pole or was gonna light him up bike a christmas tree. his partner in crime is not as cooperative. that was the >>, by slamming the suspect into submission also setting him to the ho, ho, hospital. at least someone and this country was able to stop this deal. lucky it was santa and not the nutcracker. the first suspect was released without charges. but santos man got put in the squad for illegal possession and resisting arrest by the judge set his bail at 500 gumdrops. that is a no spin zone that is
11:54 pm
true. topic number three. 31-year-old mother and united kingdom, is getting some ink after she said she could not tell her baby twins apart. so she gave one of them a tattoo. or as she calls it a stamp of radio solid misunderstanding. the doctor said her baby needed to be in a crib. she heard in the crips. and now crybaby has a permanent teardrop on his jeep. keeps pouring out the breast help for his lost homies. actually the mom wrote in an online form the tattoo is a medical necessity since 100 twins requires weekly injections but she did not which to give the medication to the wrong kid. but she can look at their tattoos and now tell them apart. which is what i used to do with the hells angels per the tattoo is just a small blotch designed to look like a birthmark. but the kid keeps telling everyone it is the chinese character for destiny. or fortune.
11:55 pm
stinky stewardesses. topic number four. oh my god, love stories about tijuana. it reminds me of my days when i was a ping-pong lodgers. a tijuana man has been sentenced to six months in custody after he was caught. [laughter] smuggling sea cucumbers across the u.s. border. that is so funny because i saw a picture of greg norman smuggling ac cucumber just last week. [laughter] my god that thing was huge paid police of the 52-year-old was caught with 300 pounds of undocumented cukes, concealed in the bed of his pickup truck. hey, we have all played hide the cucumber. never that many at once. at least like my prom night. surprising fact sea cucumbers are animals and not vegetables at all which is also a surprising fact about joe biden for they typically range in size between 3 inches and 12 inches. of course the three interest
11:56 pm
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♪ last christmas. the winner. she has one before.
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she has that good. thank you for watching the best hour of your day. you may get better every day. you can follow me on twitter and facebook. tomorrow night, ♪ >> a crime ring -- family-style. [ gunfire ] she's the niece of the notorious bonnie parker. >> my aunt was known as that cute, little blonde bonnie. then she connected with clyde. >> clyde barrow was his uncle. >> once clyde had been accused of murder, he didn't turn back. >> their grandfather was a lawman who hunted them. >> two of the south's worst killers. >> your grandfather was the sheriff. >> killing bonnie and clyde was the ultimate. >> grim souvenirs, one strange inheritance. >> it was just like finding treasure after treasure. >> bonnie parker's three-headed snake ring. >> sitting there... >> right. >> ...all along? [ door creaks ]


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