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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 16, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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you know it you can do too have some fun if you're snowden? twitter an instagram at kennedy nation, facebook at kennedy fbn. e-mail kennedy fbn at foxbusiness. tomorrow in your hate mail, you jerks, alright good night. in brawl on the floor of the senate that impacted the 2020 race. republican senator ron johnson, he just had it with democrats. senator joan son hammered democrat democrat gary peters on senate floor lying to americans about hunter biden and his family's pay-to-play controversies. watch this. tonight we'll show you how senator gary peters lied in his response and fighting back against johnson. we'll break it down. this is about democrats deception. this is about americans not getting information they needed to do an informed vote in 2020. with us tonight, so wisenberg, tom bell ba car row, charles
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hurt, tom anderson, hector on today's top headlines. we'll break down the that senate fight at johnson's hearing a new email surfacing hunter biden sent, that his father joe biden know about his son's business dealings despite joe biden's repeated denials about that. chuck grassley demand asked the justice department whether hunter biden and james biden violated same law that general michael flynn was accused breaking? we have covid-19 and botched and bungled covid-19 shut down is now even more people are dropping into poverty. eight million since june. and tens of thousands getting evicted. millions are getting evicted. people have had it. they're fighting past we'll show you how. rand paul says democrat eric
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swalwell has got to go. he should resign entirely from congress. that is what the senator said, over his ending tangle meant with a chinese spy. not talking about that, not telling the american people but going after trump on trump russia. 17 house republicans demand speaker pelosi remove you will swalwell from house intelligence saying he is a national security threat. we'll show you why. new debate breaking out in washington. why is nancy pelosi protecting eric swalwell and why weren't voters why weren't americans told about this big national security issue before election when it happened years ago? also democrats, now increasingly turning on themselves, turning on each other. democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez says she is not ready to be house speaker but that nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer they got to go. they have got to head out the door. more on how members of the biden team are whitewashing wikipedia and internet pages and deleting
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tweets. take you to the border. new growing push by local law enforcement battling back against judge's orders and aclu demanding criminals released from prison. we have this new outrage boiling over, a criminal illegal alien convicted after heinous crime now set free in the sanctuary state of california. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. check out this major knockdown brawl on the floor of the senate today. watch republican senator ron johnson go at it with democrat gary peters. >> had nothing to do with this report. >> you lied repeatedly, you lied repeatedly in the press that i was spreading russian disinformation that was an outright lie. i told you stop lying, you continued to do it. >> mr. chairman, this is not about airing grievances.
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i don't know what russian rabbit hole. >> senator paul. >> this is simply -- elizabeth: okay. so with me now is former deputy independent counsel sol wisenberg. sol, we have proof that gary peters lied in his response to senator ron johnson. gary peters doesn't deserve to sit on that committee. show what senator peters sent out with ron wyden in september please. he did say this hunter biden report and probe that chuck grassley and chairman ron johnson was russian disinformation. but now, sol, now we've got senator gary peters accusing ron johnson dropping down rabbit holes when this guy is even lying in his answer to ron johnson. >> senator peters is certainly was in the alone in labeling the biden information, hunter biden information before the campaign as russian disinformation. elizabeth: but the point is he is lying. wait, wait. hang on. sol, the point is, forgive me,
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he lied in his response to senator johnson because he put out a press release saying i had nothing to do with calling your probe russian disinformation he put out a press release with ron wyden, yeah your probe into hunter biden was russian disinformation back in september, sol. >> the point is a politician lied. i mean right? dewey took manila. dog bites man. yes i agree with you and it is one of many lies that we've seen surrounding the hunter biden affair really quite shameful that there was a complete news blackout by everybody other than fox and some other networks, the entire liberal mainstream media, you know, you can't, you can't say it enough. they either ignored it or called it russian disinformation, when it was very obvious from early on that it wasn't, had nothing
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to do with russian disinformation. so it's a very sad, sad moment in the history of the u.s. media. that is all i can say about it. elizabeth: i hear what you're saying but you can't just be sanguine about it, say it is just a sad moment because the american voter was misled. mcclatchy, mcclatchy did a poll, information about a poll going out there that you know, democrat voters didn't know about this, maybe they wouldn't have voted for joe biden. joe biden keeps denying knowing anything about what his son hunter was doing. he said at the second debate hunter biden didn't make any money. now another email surfacing that hunter biden sent in june 2017, chinese business partner sending best wishes for the entire biden family asking his chinese business partner, hey, wire 10 million bucks. the biden family -- >> the question what are you going to do about it, liz? what are you going to do about it? senators unfortunately lie sometimes. the only accountability for that if they're not doing it under
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oath is at the ballot box. and really i don't think many of the people who voted for biden would have been affected by this. i just don't. i think people had pretty much made up their minds. elizabeth: i hear your opinion but polls are showing otherwise. i hear you if joe biden claims -- he didn't know about hunter why was hunter reportedly getting keys to his d.c. office for his father around the biden foundation and a chinese business partner? that is according to another report. senator charles grassley demanding that the justice department, sol, whether hunter and james biden registered with the government to work for foreign governments r they allowed to get away with that when general michael flynn was charged with violating that law? >> flynn was not technically charged with violating. elizabeth: he was with the fbi, wait his work with turkey. the fbi accused him that because of flynn's work with turkey. accused lying to the fbi but go ahead. >> that was not -- that was not,
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that was not in criminal information. it was in his statement of the offense but i get your point and that should be investigated as part of the hunter biden investigation. i think it is very unlikely that it is just a tax investigation. that should certainly be looked at but we just don't have enough information to know that. keep in mind that one of the ways people get around that law is saying well it really wasn't for a foreign government. it was for a foreign business, which gets to be very iffy when you're talking about chinese. so there is definitely a double standard. they should definitely look into it. you know, what was done to flynn, the whole cast was a double standard. i mean it is one of the great outrages of our time. elizabeth: i hear what you're saying. >> yeah. so -- elizabeth: fbi, fbi opened the general case as as a farah investigation. senator lindsey graham said today if you think a special counsel was needed for trump
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russia why not for hunter biden? we know politicians lie but this is a big national security problem. this is what senator johnson and grassley are saying. this involves extortion and crimes. that is what they have been working on more than a year. >> i don't understand, let's talk about special counsel. if you will have a special counsel regulation which we do, you want to talk about double standards, that is really comes into play. once, once joe biden becomes president and this is not a reflection on the u.s. attorney in delaware who has been investigating the case, once joe biden becomes president, i don't see how you can't avoid a special counsel. if you can't appoint a special counsel because of the appearance of impropriety, to have the president's own son investigated by his own department of justice, again, it is an appearance thing, if you
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can't appoint a special counsel for that i don't know what you can appoint it for and keep in mind there is always been a double standard there. why didn't eric holder appoint a special counsel to look into the fas and furious debacle? why didn't eric holder appoint a special counsel to look at irs targeting of conservatives which involved irs colluding with the department of justice to see whether or not there was a crime and yet not only was there no special counsel appointed, there was no media drumbeat about it. loretta lynch, if there was ever a case where you should appointed a special counsel and by the way, lisa page, people have forgotten about this, she testified about this under oath, she wanted and the fbi wanted a special counsel to investigate hillary clinton in the email server and it wasn't done. it is never done, very seldom done about it democrats and there is no media pressure about it. so i think it's a major problem
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keep in mind, keep in mind that joe biden and kamala harris issued an opinion, issued a press release after it came out that hunter was under investigation and president biden said i'm proud of my son. wealthy about that -- wealthy about that, that's fine, think about the effect of that on a democratic of a pointed u.s. attorney delaware investigating hunter biden? that's what you got to think about -- elizabeth: yeah. we hear you on that. i mean the bidens avoided registering with the government working with a chinese company hose chairman has since gone missing, who once worked for a front for a chinese military unit on propaganda, espionage. everyone should be okay with that. the other business partner for the bidens, patrick ho convicted after bribery scheme were officials in africa. well, sol you were great tonight. thanks for mixing it up with us.
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good to have your insight and appreciate your perspective. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: coming up, congressman jim banks from house armed services on senator rand paul now saying that democrat eric swalwell should just resign from congress, not just house intelligence, over his entanglement with a chinese spy as 17 house republicans demand speaker pelosi remove him from house intelligence. he is a national security threat. the new debate in d.c., why is nancy pelosi protecting eric swalwell? that story next. >> the tip of the iceberg is members of congress, governors, local officials being leftaged by the chinese this has been going on for years and eric swalwell is part of the distraction campaign. for many years he tried to down play the very serious problems we've had with chinese spies and leverage and he has tried to play the game of look over there
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elizabeth: welcome indiana congressman jim probation from house armed services. congressman, great to see you. y is nancy pelosi still protecting democrat eric swalwell when he didn't tell the
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americans people about a year's long entanglement with a chinese spy? >> there can only be two reasons, one she is entangled in the whole mess, two, she needs eric swalwell's vote in two weeks so badly to be elected from speaker of the house, not willing to remove him and take him off the house intelligence committee angering him, losing his vote for her to be speaker of the house. that is the only logical explanation for it. your guess is as good as mine. why she is not willing to put country over party and remove a compromised member of the house intelligence committee in a very intimate relationship with a chinese spy. elizabeth: 17 house republicans sent a letter saying he has got to go. senator rand paul said he should be removed from congress entirely. we've got part of a big chunk of silicon valley in his home district.
9:18 pm
two major national labs in swalwell's home district. pelosi they'd congressional leaders were briefed about this five years ago, were you briefed about it? >> members of congress are regularly briefed about foreign influences when we travel. i've been a member of the armed services committee four years. i'm repeatedly briefed by the fbi and federal agencies about the risk of foreign espionage and the risk of foreign influences on members of congress. so this shouldn't be a new subject to someone like eric swalwell who is privy to the most important national security related classified information possible for a member of congress to see as a part of that committee. it is beyond my wildest imaginations of why, of why the speaker hasn't taken him off the committee or why eric swalwell hasn't done the right thing and removed himself from the committee himself or resigned from congress all together. elizabeth: were you told about it? americans weren't told about it? i mean did you hear about this?
9:19 pm
when did you hear about it? >> i learned about the compromised situation that eric swalwell found himself in just like everybody else in the media so we know that speaker pelosi was briefed on it at some point. we know adam schiff, the chairman of the committee was told about eric swalwell's entanglements and influences that he had upon him. so why all of that information was ignored is, is a mystery to me but the american people deserve more integrity from the members of congress and more integrity from speaker of the house. she should do the right thing and take eric swalwell off the intelligence committee if swalwell is refusing to do so him several. elizabeth: pelosi knew about it, schiff knew about it, swalwell knew about it, but people in congress didn't know about it and american people didn't know about it. i mean so pelosi let swalwell sit on house intelligence as republicans point out in their letter pelosi demanded jeff sessions resign as attorney general because of jeff sessions
9:20 pm
two meetings, he didn't tell congress about with the russian ambassador incoming team member of the trump team. so you know, so the double standard is appalling and it is outrageous what, that this is going on. this guy put american national security at risk. what do you say? >> well, liz, there is no doubt about it, hypocrisy is on full display here. one thing democrats have been completely honest about, authentic and consistent about is the democrat party today is the pro-china party. they have all together dismissed the greatest adversary the greatest threat we face in america today, which is china who seeks to dominate us militarily and economically. they never want to focus on the threat for some reason. at the outset of our conversation a little bit ago, the only other explanation than her needing eric swalwell's vote to be reelected as speaker, that speaker pelosi as well is entangled in types of foreign influences and coerced by chinese influences that is the
9:21 pm
only other explanation for this. otherwise the american people spoken loud and clear, do something about the china threat. speaker pelosi refused to engage in a bipartisan effort which kevin mccarthy led part of a tack force. why did she refuse to participate? why did her party refuse to participate in that very important effort? abuse the democrat party sides with chinese interests and interests of chinese communist party over the interest of americans time and time again. elizabeth: congressman, you made great points, raised good questions, good to have you on sir, thank you for your time. congressman banks, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> next up, we have hope and optimism in the covid-19 fight. more vaccines coming in. covid testing you can maybe do at home. but we now have two disasters happening at the same time. people keep telling us this. one of course is covid-19. the other is a botched and bungled covid-19 shutdowns. we've got now eight million people, more people in poverty
9:22 pm
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♪ elizabeth: welcome back. we're coming into the bottom of the hour, you're watching the fox business network. welcome to the show tom bell vacarro. we're seeing covid pandemic and democrat leaders making it worse shutting down businesses. hundreds of thousands evicted from their homes. eight more people in poverty since june what do you say? >> 100% take at state of california the number of californians lost their job is staggering and the governor is non-responsive. go back to new york where you are. april, cuomo, de blasio, demanded they be in charge of policy not the trump administration. the media blamed the trump administration. gavin newsom and cuomo have been
9:27 pm
running the situation. it is getting worse in california. they shut down nap past we're a stay at home order all the way through february. elizabeth: we're seeing the restaurant workers and owners marching in the streets of new york protesting the democrat leaders when 1.4 percent of cases, way less than 2% come from bars and restaurants. let's listen to what they had to say about the democrat leaders here. listen to this. >> you are choking the life out of everyday people in this city. >> this city is killing us. >> we're not the problem. we are not. we deserve to work. elizabeth: you know these guys are doing everything they're told, temperature checks, contract tracing and their businesses get shut down. they can't put food on the table for their families. we've got a guy in new jersey fighting with the new jersey governor. he has tens of thousands of
9:28 pm
dollars tickets you know what, i'm not shutting down my gym. i'm not going to do it. we don't have infection. we're doing it right. we don't see cases in our gym. take this on, tom what do you say? >> absolutely. take los angeles or any restaurant in california which is under these mandates on additional things they need to do. they put up tents. they put up all this different equipment to keep people safe, told that okay, you can operate outside. l.a. tries to shut down the outside and has to admit they have no evidence that outside causes or is any part of a problem. so you have these restaurant owners forced to come out-of-pocket to do these upgrades and then they get shut down anyway. yeah the administration of this by government, we're not surprised by this, government doesn't do anything particularly well, does it? and bankrupting more and more people, finally there is pushback. there is restaurants where i live where it was shut down
9:29 pm
without actual emergency finally sued l.a. they're suing, we got to do pushback for these people if they will be able to survive. elizabeth: okay. breaking news coming in. vice mt. michael pence is going to get the covid-19 vaccine by friday. watch the new jersey gym owner saying you know what? new jersey, democrat phil murphy, you're totally wrong. let's listen to him? >> what is happening to the middle class and small businesses in america is nothing short of a complete tragedy and i would, i would go so far as to call it criminal. you're putting people out of business for good. you're making them reliant on big government. you're taking away their civil liberties under the guise of pretending like you care about public health. elizabeth: i mean he is getting ticketed nearly $16,000 a day for keeping his gym open. tom, just stay with us one second. we want to go right to this audio sound bite we have tom
9:30 pm
cruise yelling at his own workers to got it right. people are trying to do the right thing, even tom cruise. listen to this. >> making movies right now because of us. we're creating thousands of jobs [bleep] i don't ever want to see it again! ever! and if you don't do it, you're fired! i see you do it again you're fired and gone. movies are going because of us. we shut down -- [bleep] their homes, that is the problem. elizabeth: okay, what he is saying to his own workers, listen, abide by the covid-19 rules. so the point is, people are doing it on their own. they're trying to do the right thing. your word tom del beccaro. >> the frustration is getting out of control, no matter what they do the restaurants and small businesses it is never good enough. you have big box stores can sell
9:31 pm
children's clothes but little mom-and-pops can't. big restaurants, small. the rules are inconsistent. that is why there is a recall of gavin newsom. that is why this is building out here out west because people are frustrated the way it is going to hand be handled and this will not end. month after month in march what choice do they have, liz, get this? california assembly now has a bill for universal income for all californians. first they put them out of business, put them on the unemployment line. now they want to guarranty them income. elizabeth: that's news. you know, astonishing. you know final word. we know that democrat politicians, we've shown it time and again breaking their own covid lockdown rules for everybody else. they get a government paycheck. telling everybody what else to do when they're breaking their own rules. businesses have to shut down when media, when scientists, when the so-called expert and democrats and democrats got it totally wrong, you know what
9:32 pm
trump? you're wrong. we'll not get a vaccine by the end of the year when pfizer and moderna were working on the virus dna, china released it in january, moderna had the design for their vaccine in mid-january. so they were going full speed ahead back in january on a vaccine. so everybody is getting it wrong. you know, i think the american people are sick and tired of the so-called experts who really don't know what they're talking about. your final word? >> in los angeles the experts in government couldn't prove outside dining was not hurting anyone. they use the science when they like to. that is why there is so much pushback and frustration. thanks for doing this whole spot on that frustration. elizabeth: okay. tom del beccaro, thank you for coming on. good to see you. up next fox news contributor charles hurt on control of senate. the big issue might derail democrats in this race. look what this is all about?
9:33 pm
alexandria ocasio-cortez this is about control of the senate. alexandria ocasio-cortez says you know what i may not be ready to be house speaker but she said today nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer they need to go. they need to leave. that story next. >> i'm not sure i believe the polls. i'm not saying they're not right but i am saying that in our last election the pollsters made those late-night psychic hotlines look respectable
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elizabeth: let's get right at it with "washington times" opinion editor charles hurt. great to have you on the show. >> great to see you. elizabeth: president-elect joe biden heading to georgia, good to see you. vice president pence and joe biden go to georgia dike it out over senate republican races to
9:38 pm
term if republicans keep control of senate. will their support of defund the police hurt them? we're hearing minority and immigrant communities don't like it in georgia? >> clearly those issues, and in particular the defund the police issue was devastating in a lot of these house races. even though all the predictions were, democrats woe pick up seats in the house, they actually lost seats and are within six seats of losing, losing the, control of the house, which of course obviously sets up republicans very nicely for the midterms in two years to take back the house. so yes, there is absolutely, probably nothing is more devastating than that especially people turn on the tv, people see images of the rioting, the looting, all the mayhem we're seeing across the country in cities at a time in peoples neighborhoods, where of course the last thing they want to do
9:39 pm
is defund the police. elizabeth: yeah. we've got robberies and theft up in georgia. we have murders in atlanta, georgia, on the rise. we understand you know, georgia has seen its share of brutality against minorities, people get that, but minorities and immigrant communities they don't want the police to go away. in nearly 100 sheriffs supporting senator david perdue and law enforcement supporting kelly loeffler but democrats ossoff and warnock say defund the police, let's defund the police. listen to senator john kennedy take on what is going on in georgia last night with shannon bream. watch this. >> do they really want to be governed by people -- do they really want to be governed by people who honestly believe in a soul-crushing, job-killing, neosocialist agenda?
9:40 pm
do they really want to be governed by people who want to defund the police? people of georgia, they have got to ask themselves if they really do want to be governed by people who don't respect their ideas and who think they are better than them. and that's the attitude of the managerial elite in washington, d.c., which is dominated by democrats. they do. they think, they think they're smarter and more virtuous than the american people, than most americans. elizabeth: charles, sit tight for one second, now we've got new york democrat squad member alexandria ocasio-cortez saying, you know what? i may not be ready to be house speaker but nancy pelosi and charles schumer, they got to go. watch this. >> isn't this grounds to take a stand say, no, i'm sorry, nancy pelosi should not be the speaker and chuck schumer should
9:41 pm
not be the leader? >> i do think that we need new leadership in the democratic party. elizabeth: okay. democrats turning on each other. your final word, charles? >> well honestly, liz, i got to tell you this, is something actually i find a little bit concerning because anybody who thinks that joe biden is the old avuncular joe an washington for 50 years and he will be fine if he has control of house and senate if the first two years of the presidency, that is the scary thing. the tumult going on within the democratic party, people like aoc, making all these crazy, insane demands of her party, it just underscores the fact joe biden is no longer in control. the joe biden maybe you thought you voted for is not the joe biden your getting. the joe biden your getting has a very dangerous agenda that i
9:42 pm
don't think anybody is interested in, especially people of georgia. it is of paramount importance that those voters go out and vote to put some kind of a check on this new crazy leftist democrat agenda that people like aoc and a lot of this whole new breed of democrats in washington are going to run away with, if they take control of the senate. elizabeth: charles hurt, great to have you on. come back soon. >> great to see you. elizabeth: same here. just ahead the national legal and policy center, tom anderson, he is a big government watchdog. he will take on this new development. incoming, we've got a lot of biden team members. they have now been accused of whitewashing their internet and online histories. they have been accused of deleting their tweets and editing their wikipedia pages. that story next. we love the new apartment. the natural light is amazing. hardwood floors.
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elizabeth: let's welcome to the show tom anderson with the national legal and policy center. oak, biden team members whitewashing their twitter accounts, wikipedia pages, online pages. what is going on here? >> well it is revolving door, revolving door issues. washington, d.c., it is a swamp of course we all know that but when it comes to revolving door what that means when i say revolving door, people that are constantly coming in and out of government from private sector to public sector, back into private sector, back into public sector. so what is happening is, these revolving, these revolving door appointees are trying to clear out any kind of conflicts of interest they had when they went into the private sector. they're trying to clear out any radical ideology in their tweets, they're thinking by doing this it will reset the record to make it seem like they're okay but they're not. so at the end of the day anytime
9:48 pm
you deal with a revolving door like this you have to have transparency. these guys coming in before they're in the administration, getting rid of transparency so we kind of can tell where this is going to go. elizabeth: that is great point you're making, we got anthony blinken, might be secretary of state, he is whitewashing, deleting information with his work on china. jeffrey zeints, may be the covid czar. he is retooling his web pages to make it look more progressive. neera tanden, may be omb director, deleted 1000 tweets. you've been pointing this out too, the macro advisory consultancy is cutting out policy discussions about iran and made dell east when jake sullivan and denis mcdonough worked at the consultancy, worked on iran deal.
9:49 pm
joe biden's brother james biden worked at firm got a billion dollar contract to build half a million homes in iraq. this stuff lives forever out there in the ether. can they really whitewash their record? >> they can't. what is really scary about this, this is something joe biden needs to pay attention to, he is the leader here, the one setting the agenda, he needs to know these people, they're experienced in this. neera tanden, she is experienced. she knows that her tweets are going to be public one day. she knows it when she does it. so what is happening is, you've got guys going into the consultancy businesses doing deals in the middle east. i can tell you something, they sign non-disclosure agreements, so tight. they probably can't even talk about what they did. they shouldn't be nominated for anything at all. they chose to go into basically kind of dirty business in the middle east. once you choose that, you choose that money, you kind of give up your ability to become a public firm later on. that is what it should be but
9:50 pm
looks like that is not the case. elizabeth: yeah. there is conflicts of interests, who will make money off of policy decisions? >> that's right. elizabeth: tom, you're doing terrific work, doing smart, terrific work, we need watchdog stuff like that. people say we need it on the trump administration of course, with the family going on there, absolutely. we need it now too. we'll have you back on the show. tom anderson you've been terrific. >> thank you, lid. elizabeth: for the record we tried to to exec, west essex, obama officials, advising universities how to bring money from china. we tried to reach them. they didn't get back to us. we're trying to track them down. we emailed an tried to contact macro consultancy. we're waiting on a response from them. we'll stay on the story. national border patrol council vice president hector garza, growing push, local law enforcement they're fed up in
9:51 pm
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elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show national border patrol council vice president hector garza. it is always great to have you on. big outrage over this case, illegal alien, convicted child murderer released from a california prison. what is going on here? >> the people of california should be outraged. this is an illegal alien and child murderer, convicted in los angeles county for murder, murdering a child and unfortunately he has not been released. under the california sanctuary law, state law enforcement officers have the discretion to cooperate or not cooperate with federal law enforcement agencies. unfortunately sanctuary city laws are prohibiting i.c.e. from doing their job in deporting these criminal aliens. elizabeth: his name is carlos morales a mere reds. he is released, he is from el salvador. a national from el salvador.
9:56 pm
released from valley state prison i.c.e. is trying to find resources to find him and rearrest him. hector, the work you guys are doing, the numbers are staggering. i.c.e. arrested individuals, more illegal aliens, 1900 arrests for homicide. look at the numbers. 12,000 sex offenses. 5000 sexual assaults. people in the border states have just had it. your response to that? >> well we're talking about serious criminal offenses that people are committing. when these counties and cities will not cooperate with i.c.e. it makes the job for difficult for the men and women of i.c.e. that means they now have to go look for them in houses. they have to conduct search warrants, arrest warrants. that just becames way more dangerous for the law enforcement officers but also to the community. we've seen instances in the past where some of these criminals have been released by the state and then they go on to commit further crimes.
9:57 pm
all this could be avoided if the sanctuary cities would cooperate with federal law enforcement agencies. elizabeth: yeah. they prey on immigrant communities. here is the other story. we would like your response to this. the orange county d.a., sheriff don barns, they will fight a judge's order to cut the county jail population in orange county by half. this stems from aclu lawsuit. it is about inmates and over covid-19. the d.a. is saying that the covid-19 issue is not a problem in their prison. that if you release these inmates, it would create way more crime and victimize more american citizens. let's watch sheriff barns on this. let's take a listen. >> the only inmates remaining now are serious offenders. order release of 1800 inmates, 700 of which would be medically vulnerable i think is absurd. medical vulnerable, 90 are in custody for murder or attempted
9:58 pm
murder. >> 94 for child molestation. it is incredible order placed on me. i have no intention of doing that, releasing these individuals back into the community. i think they present a serious threat. everybody in the community is at risk of covid right now. we have a surge happening throughout the nation. to totally discard that, consider these people being vulnerable, not consider the risk to the public when they are being released back into the community, that is axe sured, it places the community at significant risk of being victims of crime, many of them very violent crimes. elizabeth: yeah he is i saying you will have more violent crimes. they're doing the level best to stop the covid outbreak in the prison. the d.a. saying not out of control or inflated as the aclu is saying. what do you say? the. >> you have to consider the risks that are involved in releasing these criminals. you have to consider the risks of covid-19. we do know in county jails that is in controlled environment. there are steps that can be taken to insure that they
9:59 pm
control any possible covid-19 outbreaks in those facilities. i think it is better for us to try to work with the county to keep those criminals in jail, instead of releasing them to the public creating a serious public threat to the community. and again, like, that person just said, most of those criminals are serious offenders that involved committing murder in the community. so we hope that, we would hope that the aclu, would reconsider who, what they're pushing for. instead, promoting safety of the public and community instead of releasing those criminals. elizabeth: hector garza, you've been terrific. thank you so much for your service to our country. good to have you on. come back soon. okay. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us. thank you so much for watching. we hope you have a good evening. join us again tomorrow night. ♪ back here psalm time
10:00 pm
tomorrow. ♪ same time tomorrow. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. tempers today flaring in washington between members of the senate homeland security committee, the senators questioned six witnesses about the numerous allegations of electoral fraud, irregularities and, yes, crime in in the november if election. committee chairman senator ron johnson called america's distrust of the outcome of this election a threat to the republic itself. ed radical dems on the committee, however, championing the words of fired election security official from d health care s chris krebs, the very


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