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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 16, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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"the trump century." the do so at you can buy your official lou dobbs tonight mug. what could be better than that? merry christmas, season kennedy: welcome aboard the ss kennedy. hunter biden's alibis unraveling fast with that in mommy on a merry-go-round. and the latest twist disobeys work. so shockingly ridiculous the kind of wonder if it could bring down his father's entire presidency even before it begins. and get a lot of disparate fox news has obtained a 2017 e-mail where hunter offers his quote best wishes from the entire biden family to the mysterious chairman of a chinese energy firm. that is not even close to the best part but it appears he also asked said chairman to quote unquote quickly send $10 million in a wire to quote
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properly fund and operate the biden joint venture prove the now bankrupt chinese company what follows is a long e-mail on how to move the money and where to go. and he wrapped it up with, i hope to see the chairman soon. i'm sure he was thrilled part after that there's back-and-forth between the hunter and chinese businessmen further discuss in the transaction. nothing shady about that 10 million. now hunter is accused of getting rich on his dad's name in places like china and ukraine. and republicans include south carolina senator lindsey graham said it all stinks to high heaven. and needs to be seriously investigated. select let me just say this. if you believe the special counsel will look at the trump regarding russia how can you say there's no need for the council regarding hunter biden? >> middle president trump's self-report of the pushing for the justice department to open a special investigation into
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this whole sordid mess. and with hunter extending best wishes from his father's two shady chinese firm, could sleepy joe find himself caught in the middle of this dragnet? let's meet in ex parte penalty of editor fox news contribute to the author it is katie pavlich. we've got reason feature editor and one of the finest purveyors of cocktail recipes in the world, peter suderman is back with his beard and his books. on his the house of the podcast the aggressive progressive and former aide to senator chuck schumer. that is something. it is christopher hahn, welcome everyone. >> soaked katie, how soon before joe biden gets dragged into this whole thing? that is what's really important here. i have a feeling looking at the blasé way in which hunter biden so easily asks for money that it is something not only has he done on a regular basis i am assuming a lot of famous
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children of politicians have also done. but the problem is when the politician him or herself actually gets involved when you think we will hear that from jo joe? >> well kennedy this reminds me of going back to the campaign when the biden campaign said there was obvious joe biden did not do anything wrong of is not involved in any of these business dealings this fight by zelensky saying he was involved he was the big guy to take a cut of these deals. rene had this e-mail saying hunter biden sends the best wishes and needs money on behalf of the entire family. the biden campaign was he released the tax returns and none of it is in there. so of course he had nothing to do with it. while if hunter biden is handling your affairs. hunter biden has to go back and redo his tax returns. because he did that properly report for $9000 just from the ukraine deals alone. so there are bigger questions
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here. but hunter's pr team is working overtime for there is a story with vanity fair today about his budding art career and how he uses a metal straw and his schoolhouse to blow paint on paper. and he is going to a show to sell his art. they are working overtime on that. before we did that in preschool with a metal straw. then in college people did other things with metal straw's dry think that's fun exciting. now peter as you pointed this out when i shared this view the story is not so much about hunter biden as the growing circle of biden's that may at some point include joe. so when does this become a conflict of interest of joe biden was actually involved? particularly with china. >> will look we keep saying these stories about hunter. they keep looking pretty sketchy in a lot of ways. but they keep also not directly and firmly connecting to joe biden. that said, i am not that worried about hunter biden who
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is not going to be president for dynamic worried about joe biden who is. you did not mention it, but there was a peace of news just today that biden is considering former disney ceo bob iger to be the u.s. ambassador to china. that is really interesting because it disney has long had huge business dealings in china. the last couple of years. been really connected to china just not in terms of selling their product to modifying their to appease the chinese government. >> making it right for ip fest parade what i am wanting, bob is made billions from disney's relationship with china. so if he is in fact our ambassador to china, how hard you think he will come down on the communist chinese about those camps? >> just look at what happened with mulan parade they faked chinese communist party minors who were at least potentially involved in those camps.
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that is how disney has done business is by playing nice with the chinese communist party. because it's a business with them. it's one thing for busy to do that. trade with china's all may hold that good for america. i think we need to keep it up. at the same time, it disney has looked the other way when it comes to human rights abuses. i worried the biden administration which is not a big for-profit movie company but it is a big government, might end up doing the same thing. before and it does not solve the ip theft issues which is why the biggest issues we have a china. because you are not dealing free trade, chris, with china. there communist party runs everything for they were in the media, they run banks. they run companies. and they are the ones really drafted the blueprints for the government to steal ideas from americans. there's already a conflict of interest there. being so closely tied to the
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biden family with the chinese communist party, what point is that become problematic for you? he should not be the ambassador to china praising joe biden should take a hard line on chinese intellectual property theft. but as for hunter biden saying i wish you well for my entire family, that reminds of a seinfeld episode would elaine said i did not say to say hyper give me a break. that's the scandal that hunter biden? kennedy: no, it was that language that preceded the ask for the 10 million-dollar wire transfer. that is the part that raises eyebrows. >> i'm good to listen to is quietly not going to interrupt me. let me go to that for a second period when they had a regular business relationship with that guy zelensky or whatever the hell his name is. before tony by zelensky know what it is.
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back joe biden's uprising night state street hunter biden did not have a role he was not flying on air force hawaiian. kennedy: he was flying on air force tutor china blood you brought that up. he was flying on air force to to china making deals with these exact same business people with whom he was getting millions of dollars at a time. when his dog was vice president actually. >> he was not vice president in 2017. >> in 2014, 2050 when he went to china with his dad. go ahead katie. >> hunter biden flew on air force two with joe biden while he was the vice president of the united states. he came back with a number of business dealings crop with companies with the chinese commonest party that's how you do business but you ask for a 10 million-dollar wired to your bank accounts on behalf of your whole family in china. we also bring up of bunco
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trout. >> we are all cool with the baucus trademark expect also shut down his fashion business but it became a conflict of interest, she got rid of it to work in the white house. >> she got a trademark was she was in the west wing. >> she got rid of it, she got rid of it. kennedy: hey okay, i want to add something to this conversation. chris, i actually agree with you. and i share anne's opinion that i don't think donald trump's daughter and son-in-law should have been senior advisers to the president. i think that in and of itself is a compact of interest. so i am able to apply my disdain rationally across the board. but whenever hunter biden's name comes up in the next are sickly then, not only in uncle jimmy but his dad as well, you can't just go trout, trout, and have it excused everything. peter know you want to jump in here. sue beckoning is worth
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separate what hunter biden is done from what his father is done through they are different people in different roles. joe biden is going to be president hunter biden isn't. at the same time if there are connections that are clear between hunter biden sketchy business and they do end up connecting to joe biden that's worth talking about. were not there yet, that has not happened. while i think these are sort of useful things to consider, joe biden is a different person than his son. and has not given his son, at least and is not likely to, has not made his son a special advisor to the president. we met when that be something? that would be amazing. chris, what would be more problematic for you? some of the appointments are some of the nominees that he has put forth like anthony blanck and, even bob iger. or having hunter stay busy in the oval office pretty have security clearances here that
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several minders wherever he wen went. >> first of all i love them. they will be fantastic in the roles. kennedy: no. >> no i don't think hunter biden should be in any role, any official capacity in the biden administration. that something we can never say about this president we have right now. so thank god we have a president who will respect traditions of this country and not appoint his son to a job. civil or his wife which was the case with hillary clinton in 1993 which is put in charge of healthcare with another longtime clinton lackey. then went on to make millions of the clinton foundation, last word katie, go ahead girl. >> look we do have some evidence that joe biden was involved or based on witness testimony. tony provided phones, the fbi a lot of information. and talked about these meetings he had with these discussions about joe biden.
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not a direct connection but certainly more than anonymous source. support is a first-person connection. by the way the only talking point the left has right now, clearly you can see from chris is making fun of his name. and that is not really. >> that's a great name. [laughter] before or the panel returns letters going to be a good one. the topic is heating up as always does. first of all the georgia senate runoff can closer by the minute. get some gum her wait to hear how democrat joe manchin to join the party in route everything for joe biden. invited saturday live get a live studio audience with every comedy club and venue has to stay close? could it be because in your quote lows hobnobbing with celebrity's? gross. that is coming ♪ limu emu and doug. and if we win, we get to tell you how liberty mutual customizes car insurance
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vac know there's not. not at all. these are my friends. i am comfortable with my republican friends would be go out have dinner together, we talked, we have a good rapport. that is the way it is supposed to be. kennedy: really? don't play games with us, you slipped appalachian rhododendron. wisest such a big deal. i will tell you why because when comment leffler and purdue are fighting for their political lives in an opportunity to block the biden agenda. every single seat in the senate matters. if they both lose and manchin switches, republicans would still keep the majority in sleepy joe head would explode. joe manchin would be a folk hero to everyone in west virginia. so is this scenario possible? how's it going to shake out. joining me now the cofounder of the >> it is ben domenech. welcome back. so is joe manchin teasing us? how does this play out? was it me to it play us out.
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>> he is such a tease but he does is overcome and overcome and over again, kennedy pretty dances right up to the line. the vote obviously in west virginia overwhelmingly favored donald trump, he is enormously possible popular there. joe manchin navigates out his political career in a state that was moving away from the democratic party, ideologically he's kind of left up there on an island. but he never really goes all the way. he just dances around you. and unfortunately this incidence i think he's doing the same thing. it's because he wants to play both sides would want to be a person's there in the middle that everyone is trying to woo. i think that's going to be the way this plays out in all likelihood. if you have a split ticket, if you have one of the senators in georgia get reelected and the other potentially lose, you could also see a situation where he is cozying up to republicans to try to get things done. manchin is a very savvy politician. he is one of the last dying breed of traditionalists and democrats, culturally right
11:19 pm
center democrats who has basically been hunted to extinction across the extension thanks the culture wars. before those written about beautifully the traditional democrats in pennsylvania who also were in no man's land. i think it gets joe manchin a lot of power. same thing for lisa and susan collins. mitt romney they love being the bells of the ball. there's always a flurry trying to get their votes. more those have more power than ever. subject they absolutely will put this is a situation where the outcome in georgia is really going to tell people a lot of things. this is a new situation. one breed have basically your first elections that could be determined to be a referendum on joe biden. and the decisions he made in the early days of this administration. choosing basically a lot of radical people for positions
11:20 pm
including putting susan rice in charge of domestic policy. including having health policy and the like. i think some of these pics are going to be the sort of thing that people can point to in say maybe if biden had sent a message with some of these choices that weren't as much leaning into identity politics and culture were, the outcome in georgia might be looking better for democrats. i think though as it is going now, it is really a coin flip. anyone who tells her they know it's going to happen in these races isn't really being honest. >> that is what makes it so exciting. i think that is an important word, referendum. the presidential race was eight referendum against strong. but the rest of the races they're down ballot races were good for republicans. so now that you have this incredibly special election of these two runoff races, how should these republicans be writing? should they be running in lockstep with the president? or should they be appealing to never trump a more moderate
11:21 pm
voters and some conservative democrats in georgia? how do you play this at the end? >> think you have to play essentially you want trump in terms of an agenda, without the tweets. which is basically the approach i think they are trying to get to right now. at good example of this is from the last couple of days and the wake of the cleveland indians decision to get rid of their name both kelly loeffler david purdue came out the statement in defense of the atlanta braves name, something that pulls very well to 70 -- 20 issue in the states. by including a majority of democrats wanting to keep the atlanta braves name for that is a coulter war issue that is totally in donald trump's wheelhouse. it's the thing he would have weighed in on or as a lot of the more moderate republicans would have shied away from offending anyone in the suburbs or the like. instead, this is them doubling down on it. i am weighed in on the matter
11:22 pm
yet. a little bit of a jam pits back on the defensive because you can see what someone is really made up when they admits how they feel about sports teams. ben domenech, thanks much for stopping by we will see you soon price met great as always you see you kennedy. divorce height of the girls for coming up the founder of the infamous dark web. the controversy that serving a double life sentence for plus 40 years without parole. now president trump considering granting clemency. will he listen to libertarians and reduce this harsh sentence? i will explain in a kennedy wash, that is next, sta one of the worst things about a cold sore is how it can make you feel. but, when used at the first sign, abreva can get you back to being you in just 2 and a half days. be kinder to yourself and tougher on your cold sores. to all the businesses make it through 2020... thank you for going the extra mile...
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including alex johnson is a drug sentence wasn't presidentially pardoned and august, those friends have been lobbing for the same rant of grace to be extended to ross albright before he was a smarty-pants of physics students who got his masters in science from penn state where he blessedly also picked up the liberty bug. 2011 he creates silk road to give people the freedom to make their own choices. which then became a black-market site were consensual adults could make off the grid transactions with bitcoin. albright took a small fee for every purchase. very capitalistic. and buyers only had a log of the username, password and a country they were in. and the site track to thousands and thousands of eager and private users. and they happen to buy and sell a lot of illicit substances. things they could essentially get from cvs under a different name. but they were arbitrarily frowned upon. it was like an anonymous ebay. if the east at for active see. eventually albright was
11:28 pm
arrested in san francisco and a librarian charged with president trump's nemesis. [inaudible] [laughter] [laughter] is charged with fraud, money laundering and drug stuff okay. prosecutors also try to tack on murder for hire charges based on chat logs for that murders ever took place and sure enough he was convicted and said big sentenced to ten years in prison, he only got 17 months, he was sentenced to two life sentences plus 40 years with no possibility for parole. and that a kick in the net let's pray that murder for charges hire they were dropped in 2018. yet the supreme court denied to appeals on his case which would scrutinize the fourth and sixth amendment abuses that led to his lifelong shackling. with those avenues adopted in the president's new pension for criminal justice, now be
11:29 pm
the perfect time to revisit ross's injustices and set the man free. he has been imprisoned, beaten down by the system and has forfeited his fortune to the feds who sold his wonderful to 4000 bitcoin's at auction for 48-point to million dollars. he envisioned silk road is an avenue for peace but they can help make a u-turn on the redemption. they did not solidify his legac legacy. it makes it really, really mad and that is the memo. ross albright is a lists that many libertarians want to see set free. including edward snowden and. [inaudible] why does he silk road found observed to be forgiven? here they did discuss, kentucky congressman the house speaker oversight committee thomas massie. let's get sassy but massive. happy holidays may christmas
11:30 pm
you. subject things are have a man katie. the thing you left off the story was two of the federal agents went to prison for its back were convicted. we don't know what they did illegally and how that put ross away. thanks. >> that's one thing i would add parade this is the greatest violation of the eight the memo that i am aware of in the united states today. let's prohibition on the federal government enacting full and on crucial punishment. oberg what he did from a computer's does not deserve to life sentences without the chance of parole per that is ridiculous that's over sentencing. what they really want to do at the time, you take yourself back to 2011 when all this was happening, bitcoin was in illicit substance in itself. the federal government was afraid of bitcoin. i honestly think they still are.
11:31 pm
they wanted to make an example out of somebody. so they picked 26-year-old ross to make an example out of. they exacted cruel and usual punishment. one thing that is different from snowden, i believe they should get a pardon is ross's already done seven years in prison. okay, he served time. he is not really asking for a pardon, he would like clemency. reduces scent has to time served with to be a reasonable sentence for those things. because the people who committed those crimes on the website, key created a website, people went on that website, did illegal things pretty few at all their sentences together they would not equal ross's nonsense. before that is absolutely true. he created this place and other people came into this place and it's like if you are a club owner and having a great time selling drugs and
11:32 pm
doing things with their fingers, should you be the 1 cent to jail? no. but arguably neither should they. that's a different story for a different time. what are you hearing? i know you speak to members of the president's inner circle. what are you hearing about ross, his name, his case mentioned? is there receptivity within this administration? >> i think there is receptivity there. i think there's a good chance this could happen. i think it absolutely needs to happen. people do have the presidency here on this one. and there is nobody more deserving of clemency then ross aldrich in this case. he was a first-time offender. hadn't committed a crime before. twenty-six years old parade this guy should not rot in jail and die there for he deserves a second chance. he is not even saying pardon me i am totally innocent. he is just saying what people like me are saying, this is cruel and unusual punishment
11:33 pm
to put him away for two life sentences plus a 40 years without chance of parole. seaport really does not meet the crime. particularly when the thank you sentence for the most harshly, those were dropped. he was not even convicted of those things. then the charges were later dropped. it is so asinine. i understand that you are also cosponsoring legislation with tulsi gabbard. quickly tell me about that. >> yes we introduced a bill to repeal the patriot act. two for bid the government from putting secret backdoors into your encryption. it's basically a cornucopia of several liberties. this would be great to pass this bill. it would also make it illegal to go after whistleblowers like edward snowden. i believe he did a great service to this country. he deserves a pardon as well. before he make it his own kennedy wash just for that printer i've talked about before. congressman thomas massie
11:34 pm
thank you so much much love to you and your family. >> thank you candy mary christmas. so for the left wing and the left or when you're fighting again. this time it could get really nasty. in a new interview congresswoman to shame under democrat elders calling for a revolution within the party, watch. >> are you ready to say pelosi and schumer need to go? >> i mean i think so. i think we need to leadership in the democratic party, absolutely. but how do we ensure that when we shift we don't even be further to the right? kennedy: they're all checking, chuck and nancy just got serpent in the same interview aoc said she's not ready to become a party leader because it's a really hard job or something. so is it time for chuck and nancy to take a powder? and if not aoc, who should take their place? the party panel is back. katie pavlich, peter suderman, and christopher hahn. i've a feeling she's not alone in this. they are moderates who would
11:35 pm
love to take over the democrat party, particularly the house caucus. so what is she really trying to say here? >> i think what she is trying to say is the current leader of the house needs a start breeding or treating the next generation of leadership. so far why because her all of her 80. [laughter] >> exactly. if you listen to entire statement she's making that point pretty got three people the top of the house speaker leadership all in their ladies none of them will be here ten years from now. what about the next set of leadership? she is very nuanced and what she said it was and get rid of them right now per if you relisten to it she says she says don't get rid of them right now. it's up to them to work with the younger generation of members of the house speaker and senate to try to train and mentor the next generation to take over. it's entirely different from chuck schumer. kennedy: 's of someone says do you think party leadership should go in you say yeah,
11:36 pm
that's pretty straightforward that is a pretty easy take away for people turn i want to move on to peter suderman. are we looking at a party still divided, peter? >> absolutely. there are real issues for democrats going forward here. and they are just going to witness a party that really has stark divisions over the next two years. and that is going to have to figure out what they are about. in one since it is true, they succeeded in ousting trump, biden won the election. it's also true that every single republican in the house , one his or her race. the gop picked up seats and they were not expected too. before they picked them up in california. >> the democrats did not win per which means that democrat was in many ways a rejection of donald trump and the democratic party establishment. so i think actually aoc has a partial point in some ways, which as you said the democratic establishment that joe biden has been filling his
11:37 pm
administration with, meeting the party in the senate and the house, they are really old. and the biden administration is in so many ways a reboot of the obama administration, right? it's like hollywood they don't have new ideas. something like 80% of biden has appointed so far have an obama job on the resume. the average age of his pick is like 63. an buttigieg might bring that down just a little bit. there is just not a lot of youngstown in the democratic party or the biden administration write-down aoc is right about that. kennedy: aoc is an interesting position. she's very vocal. but the squad is growing. as the house democrat majority is shrinking. i think they're going have more power than ever. what would make them happy, katie? what would make aoc happy. who would ask to be a topper list to take things over? >> it's interesting to hear
11:38 pm
her complain about old leadership when bernie sanders was her choice for president. [laughter] he is not necessarily a spring chicken. but yeah i think the far left of the parties going to continue to gain power in the house. it is amazing that aoc things nancy pelosi is too far right. it's interesting, what is she looking for in terms of who would be in charge? i think she's looking for people who are exactly like her who fit into the far left version of the squad. she is focusing on primary democrats she things are too conservative. maybe she should do the work in primary chuck schumer if she really wants to be in a leadership position. but you have to remember she won an election in a district -- she won an election in a district with very few votes actually. she has a lot of power at the house but when it comes to actually gaining on a broad scale, she is due yet.
11:39 pm
>> particularly in the orcs have said the exact same thing. try running any mixed district. thank you so much katie, peter and chris, well done. >> the hump day gets humpy her. why are they allowed to have it when comedy clubs are close going out of business? one club owner here new york said it is a ridiculous double standard and we will discuss that we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa
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♪ ♪ so far look at that beautiful. just when you thought you could really use a laugh, covid strikes again, and so does the bureaucracy. comedy clubs across the exited been since march when governor andrew cuomo shuttered all
11:44 pm
nonessential business. saturday night live is skirted by paying audience members so they qualify as employees. some comedy club owners like my next guest is a debt trend double standard. they are very disappointed by snl for abandoning the venues that started their careers while they are still cashing in and making a wage and moving on to be. joining me tonight is the owner of standup new york it is a comedy club. dani zoldan, hey danny what is up? >> hey kennedy thanks for having me. my first question is comedy essential? >> i believe it is. people need to laugh. and we are running out of netflix shows to watch. i think it is essential that we have live comedy. it brings people together. it is good for mental health. it is been scientifically linked to mental health. and it is a tough situation for comics, they do not have
11:45 pm
that outlet to be able to hurt perform right now. it is driving them crazy. i'm getting messages everyday from comedy fans that are also going crazy in their apartments. they really want to get out there. we can give them no lifeline by the city. kennedy: so the new york department of cultural affairs, they have been as you pointed out been giving money to the mets, that philharmonic, jazz at lincoln center, they are millions and millions of dollar dollars. but don't hoity-toity rich people already support those institutions? >> and got me so angry when i read about that yesterday. look, i've been very careful since march. we've not hit any shows indoors. we are following all of the guidelines and respecting the guidelines. yes it was frustrating to not have shows. i still decided not to open. we were able to put on a lot of outdoor shows and parks, be
11:46 pm
put on over 50 shows a week. we are paying comics and we hired staff to run the shows. it was an awesome summer and fall. now with the weather getting colder, we cannot do shows the parks anymore. we canceled her indoor shows prim scouting rooftops. we did a show in a church last month because the house of worship could be open. and they want to read that story yesterday the city was granting $47 million to institutions like the new york philharmonic and the enter politician opera and jazz at lincoln center, that just put me over the edge. that basically is a deathblow to small businesses. not only comedy clubs all small businesses and music venues. it's really disgusting. kennedy: and for people to make their money touring because that is how a lot of comics make money is on the road.
11:47 pm
they are going broke. same with touring bands but you don't make money from spotify. >> i was fed up what i read the article yesterday and i decided once indoor dining is allowed to get to new york, we're just going to open up and follow guidelines given by new york. we are getting nothing from them. no answers why can't have shows even. see for and another form of prohibition, bring comedy back, dani thank you so much. >> enke for having me. kennedy: will have you back trust if it were ♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh.
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11:53 pm
brandon down hit a stroke of bad luck and had to retrieve his ball on the tail of an alligato alligator. >> is going to whip you with that tail dude. [laughter] >> winter rules brandon. [laughter] golfers know this is a perfect approach. although this cost them a five finger penalty pray talk about a water hazard folks. they played through, this happens more often in golf than you would think. i know tiger woods got tons of detail in his day. lucky this alligator was slow and sleepy because he been watching golf all morning. otherwise he might have given brandon a handicap. and they move faster than golfers because they have four legs. golfers only have two. except for greg norman. who has three. [laughter] anyhow, topic number three here we go 1 million people in
11:54 pm
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12:00 am
of your day. you know it you can do too have some fun if you're snowden? twitter an instagram at kennedy nation, facebook at kennedy fbn. e-mail kennedy fbn at foxbusiness. tomorrow in >> a mysterious death. >> the story of my strange inheritance occurred when they fished my cousin's body out of the gowanus canal. >> a flood of questions. >> you think it's something sinister? >> i do think there's something going on. >> are the answers locked in storage? >> i just shook my head and i go, "oh, my god, this is a nightmare." >> he was, one might say, an idiot savant. nobody has what he had. howie frank had the best. >> he was sitting on a photo collection potentially worth $10 million. >> they dubbed him the "million dollar beggar." is it worth a million dollars? >> don't change that channel. it's a made-for-tv "strange inheritance." >> dy-no-mite! [ door creaks ]


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