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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 17, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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kennedy saves the world on spotify, apple podcast or this week i will save your christmas with practical, wonderful gifts. and the gift of love which i give to you every night. elgood night darlings. nts show the true chaos behind the scenes on the fbi under the trump-russia probe. this is how weak and what a waste of time and money it was. the fbi debunked it knew it was false two months into the probe but the media went full bore on it for years. fbi liked how the democrats funded steele dossier, it was media, even though it has been discredited and debunked. late senator john mccain apparently leaking a dossier to a world famous investigatively reporter. we're going to reveal his name and much more.
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with us fred fleitz, danny coulson, congressman james comer, joe concha, deneen borelli, congressman brian babin and tom homan on the head lines of the day. lawmakers say you need a special counsel get one now and bidens selling influence overseas with our adversaries. who is exactly behind the push and why. democratic congressman eric swalwell has been entangled in a messy controversy with a suspected chinese spy. today he was practically running away from the press amid of rising tide of republicans calling for him to step down from house intelligence or simply resign from congress all together because it was covered up. the growing revolt coast do coast against botched covid-19 restrictions that are now so extreme even judges are starting to push back against these restrictions for lacking scientific basis. just a short time ago a fda
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panel recommended the approval of moderna's covid-19 vaccine for emergency use. full fda authorization may come tomorrow. that is the expectation. this will be second vaccine approved after pfizer. we'll take you what is going on behind the scenes in the georgia senate showdown that will determine who controls the senate in january. we'll tell you what prompt ad major prominent newspaper editorial board to say that the prior statements of one of georgia's democrats running flat-out, what he has said in the past disqualifies this democrat for running for the senate. from georgia to new york progressive democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez declaring now we've got more information coming in what exactly she said. she said that the democrat party needs to shift power to the far left. this as she says nancy pelosi, schumer she has to go. squad member, governor andrew cuomo blamed her for chasing away 25,000 amazon jobs which
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new york city really could have used because it is buckling under covid-19 shut downs. is this where the democrat party will be heading? we warned you about this. mexico hammering the united states with a new law. handcuffing dea, i.c.e., fighting drug cartels in mexico. a.g. barr said the law will empower viiv lent gangs like ms-13 to make border crime, much worse. i'm elizabeth macdonald. the evening "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: thanks for joining us. you're watching the fox business network. let's get right at it we've got former national security council chief of staff, cia analyst, fred fleitz and former acting
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director of fbi danny sole colson. september 2016, fred that this whole idea that a trump computer server was talking to a bank called alfa bank in russia, that that was totally wrong. that the trump computer was quote, inactive but they still went full bore on this theme anyway. the story was leaked to the media. msnbc, cnn all ran hog-wild with it, when there was no there there. your reaction to that? >> there are several revelations in this recent disclosure that the fbi knew very well that the steele dossier was bunk but it stuck by it, used it anyway to justify a warrant to spy on the trump campaign without telling the fisa court what this information was and how flimsy it is that is because the fbi was out to get donald trump. this was not a legitimate
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criminal or counterintelligence investigation. elizabeth: yeah, democrats financed the steele dossier. danny -- yeah, danny, peter strzok's emails, new emails show that have been revealed strzok kept warning fbi team keep a lid on all fbi leaks to the media. protect yourselves about leaking. then another email says, has strzok saying that this debunked steele dossier can quote influence the media. your reaction to that? >> these people were not confused with facts. they didn't mind leaking. they didn't mind conducting a false investigation. if you look at the totality of these emails, they knew they had nothing here and they didn't care. they pressed forward. i wonder what academy they went to. not the one i graduated from that causes us to rely on the constitution and collecting evidence. this is horrible. it is the mosts it graceful thing i've seen from anything ever happening at the fbi ever.
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elizabeth: yeah. fred the fbi newly revealed emails show john mccain, senator mccain leaking to carl bernstein about a dossier. we don't know if it is the steele dossier that has since been debunked. that leak came in 2017. >> i have heard rumors of that, liz. i'm not sure what to think about that. i don't want to speak ill of the late john mccain. elizabeth: okay. but you know, so here's the other issue, fred. the doj intelligence unit, also these government documents show that in december 2016, the justice department intelligence unit said we're not going to support the fbi getting fisa wiretaps on trump campaign aid george papandreou. your take on that? >> well i mean there was no evidence to justify spying on the trump campaign. there were some people in the government who were well aware of this but john brennan and
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comey and so many others they were out to destroy the president. we also know from these documents that the referral that started the whole investigation in late july actual didn't start, strzok makes it clear, when the u.s. government got a referral from the australian government about supposed collusion with the trump campaign in russia, there was already an investigation you know way. i think that is very important to understand that the fbi and john brennan were out to get trump for months before that happened. elizabeth: it is an interesting point you just made, fred. danny, you know how the fbi operates. that was housed inside the d.c. bureau. danny, emails, newly revealed emails fbi's peter strzok warned late in the game in early january that the fbi in that team in that d.c. didn't have experience with espionage or prosecution of officials to even do the probe. they didn't know where to house the probe inside the fbi. was it going to be criminal
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division, trump, quote unit or russian influence one, danny. at that time they knew there was no there there by that time. your reaction to that, danny. >> my reaction it should have never been at fbi headquarters. iran-contra, watergate should have been at the field office. if you put it at director's office, there is no review there. the things went to the department of justice should have never gotten out of fbi headquarters. this is a huge issue. one that needs to be addressed. major cases should be run by field agents. they're not influenced by politics or power on position. when you put it at the director's office or the deputy director's office, they're influenced by that kind of stuff. it went back to bob mueller. started with him. that is a huge problem. the fbi needs to correct it. elizabeth: fred, danny make as key source fbi sources told us.
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because it was housed inside of fbi headquarters, not in the field office where the guys do shoe leather work, do the job, say whether or not there is anything there it became politicized. we kept hearing from fbi officials james comey hopped on the train constantly, the train between headquarters and white house talking to obama officials. it became politicized. even james comey, clapper, strzok, lisa page would say there was no there there, they would say later that year, 2017 but for years we had people in the media, democrats saying saying trump did help russia hack democrat emails there was no proof of that. they were talking for years that trump was a russian asset when there is no proof of that so, to this day no one is being held accountable for that. so fred, my question to you, is, why was it housed inside of the d.c. headquarters around did that impact the whole nature of the probe as danny says? >> i can't answer that first question but let me make a
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related remark. why is this coming out now? why didn't they put that out six months ago? what was the dni doing? the american people needed this information to cast an intelligence vote, informed vote in september. i have followed this liz. it is december after the election. it is historical research now. trump's people let him down, not getting this out six months ago. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying. danny, your final word. we've been hearing for years people in the media speaking authoritatively as if it is a fact that trump was a russian asset when that was wrong. when there is no proof of that whatsoever. and there was no proof that trump helped russia hack democrat emails. we have talk of government documents showing hillary clinton's team went after trump trying to link him to the, using the steele, financing the steele dossier. your final word, danny? >> well first of all this needs to come out this needs now to, accountability needs to come
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forth here. we're going to see if mr. durham has the courage to go forward with this thing and get this thing done because if they violated the law, i think they did several civil rights violations a lot of things, we can't change the facts. we can't hold them accountable. i'm praying in durham will do that. elizabeth: fred fleitz, danny coulson you have been great. >> enjoyed it. elizabeth: maybe we'll do it again. coming up good. congressman james comer from house oversight. he is going to talk to us, to break down why powerful republican lawmakers not letting this go, saying there needs to be a special counsel now on the biden selling influence controversy. we'll talk about that he will give us his take on democrat congressman eric swalwell and the messy chinese spy controversy. swalwell practically ran away today from the press asking questions about it. we're going to take this on next. ♪. >> do you plan on stepping down
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♪. elizabeth: okay. let's welcome house oversight ranking republican james comer
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back to the show. congressman, great to see you again. we've got republicans tom cotton and ken buck saying we have to get a special counsel now to get to the bottom of the biden selling influence story. what do you think? >> i've never been a big fan ever special counsels but i will say this i think joe biden needs to give a commitment he is not going to terminate that u.s. attorney in delaware who is already been investigating hunter biden. if joe biden will not give that commitment, then we definitely need to have a special counsel. elizabeth: and now we've got reports coming in that a federal attorney in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, also investigating hunter biden. reported that the pennsylvania prosecutors were looking into his uncle james business dealings with a bankrupt hospital chain. the fbi there is also looking into hunter biden there reportedly. here's the thing, congressman, we have emails surfacing that undercut joe biden's claim at second debate his son was not making money from china. "daily caller" reporting that
9:17 pm
former business partner, hunter, you will get millions from your private equity ownership. former business partner saying quote, we got to get joe involved with the chinese energy conglomerate deal because it makes it look like quote a truly family business. that is what fox business is reporting. >> it does look like that and more and more evidence is coming forward. it is a shame the vote es couldn't get all of this information for whatever reason. i think we know that reason. a lot of the media sat on this story and it is just now coming to light and the more that comes to light the worse it sounds, from the oversight committee standpoint where i served. i want to make sure that joe biden is not come premiced. we know hunter biden was compromised. we know hunter biden had no qualifications to be making money from any of those foreign companies. the question is what was joe biden's role? that is a question he has yet to answer. elizabeth: hunter biden went on secret service trips not on government business working on deals with companies in communist regimes.
9:18 pm
that is what tom cotton and ken buck are talking about. so you know, minimum, just look at his dad, what was going on there using secret service on the trips. hunter's business partner ye was part of china's big belt and road push to get china to do debt diplomacy to be number one superpower in the world. why not look into it? why the silence here? >> that is great question. we're in a trade war with china. we're in a cyber war with china. china continues to invest heavily in a military buildup. we need to take china seriously. republicans need to take china seriously. democrats have history of turning a blind eye to democrats. what we've seen with joe biden and what we've seen with eric swalwell, we need to look into this. we need to take china very seriously. i hope democrats come around with the republican school of thought with respect to china. elizabeth: senator i don't know
9:19 pm
ron johnson that china was grooming hunter biden and eric swalwell. that he is stonewalling you guys on what happened with the swalwell spy controversy. listen to kevin mccarthy here. >> why did he attack the american director of intelligence, john ratcliffe's report, talking about the expansion of china's spying throughout? he attacked just last week, he attacked the director, john ratcliffe, defending china. this man should not be on the intel committee. adam schiff who spent four years as chair worried about the foreign intervention into our country, knowingly keep an individual on the committee if he knew as swalwell says that he was with a chinese individual who was a spy, who helped him run for congress. why did the democrats pull out of the bipartisan china task
9:20 pm
force, that would look at this problem and others? the other committee that he sits on was space and technology, science? that deals with our satellites. deals with going into space and others. why is is so interested on that committee? elizabeth: yeah, why was swalwell interested in that committee? his district covers northern silicon valley and livermore and the national laboratories key to national security, congressman. your final word? >> absolutely. eric swalwell is a prime target. he was an easy target. if you would ask me if he should resign from the committee a few days ago give him a chance to speak. he had a chance to speak. he is clearly hiding something. he should brief the entire conference on exactly what he knew and exactly what he told fang fang and if he does not do that, that is a bad reflection on nancy pelosi by keeping him on the committee. it's a sad reflection how
9:21 pm
democrats turn a blind eye to china. we may start to figure out why. i hope i'm wrong. democrats have a lot of questions to answer with respect to china. elizabeth: you guys, we keep hearing republicans say we'll get to the bottom of this and then nothing really happens. so what exactly is going to happen? final word. >> we asked the fbi to brief the house republicans on the oversight committee exactly what they knew and how much information swalwell told them and then i think we'll take that into account and try to hold swalwell accountable. elizabeth: okay. good to see you, congressman. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me, liz. elizabeth: up next fox news contributor joe concha on the growing revolt coast to coast against these botched covid-19 restrictions this is deadly and dangerous virus but how it has been handled has been really problematic. the problems gotten so bad now even judges are starting to push back against covid lockdowns. the story next.
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>> since april cuomo, newsom, the other democrat governors demanded they be in charge of implementing policy, not the trump administration. the other media blamed the trump administration but it is gavin newsom and andrew cuomo who have been running the show and running people out of business. poverty is not better than the al did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. you're watch being the fox business network. we're coming into the bottom of the hour. welcome back to the show fox news contributor, "the hill" media opinion con lumpist, he is joe concha. joe, we're tracking this, americans from coast to coast, they're in open revolt against the botched covid-19 restrictions. you see it in boston, pennsylvania, california, minnesota and the west coast people are upset about it. covid-19 is really dangerous, people have to be safe but they say the restrictions are really being botched. what do you say? >> oh, well i look at polls, i'm a big numbers person, elizabeth, and 27% ever americans say they are now less likely to practice
9:27 pm
social distancing or hand sanitizing all things they were doing six months ago because of fatigue. if you look at new york, for example, when you talk about the shutdowns, 1000 restaurants had been closed since the pandemic began. hundreds more will in the next month or two because of indoor dining is shut off. obviously we had a brings ard here basically in the new york, new jersey area. you can't even sit outdoors. so how will the restaurants survive? they were shut down by governor andrew cuomo who is tonight hosting a virtual fund-raiser for $10,000, that is the top price, again, virtually, so you can hang out with them, emmy award winner along with rosy perez and whoopi goldberg and ben stiller. elizabeth: i hear you. >> the bottom line is, the science doesn't really follow indoor restaurants being closed because 74% of covid cases come, from it is shared within the home. 1.3% in restaurants were not following science. yet all the businesses are going out. you have to ask why.
9:28 pm
they don't have any leadership. elizabeth: that's why, that's why is judge in maryland, said keep restaurants through december 28th. don't do a shut down because you because are ignoring other sources of covid-19. we have a judge in california saying strep clubs can stay open. streb clubs can stay open, restaurants there saying maybe we should turn into strip clubs to stay alive? >> that is the only solution that is the thing, elizabeth. there is no consistency. they see leaders like a governor newsom going out to indoor restaurant with 12 other people without masks on. they see nancy pelosis house speaker, lori lightfoot the chicago mayor going to hair salons when otherwise closed. democratic mayor of austin, texas, nye to mexico during thanksgiving weekend while he told his residents no, you you have to lock down, stay home, we
9:29 pm
have to be vigilant. when people see the examples, people supposed to be setting examples, breaking the rules time and time again, rules for thee, not for mes, they come down on two sides. you know what? i will roll the dice, i don't care anymore. if they do it i can do it. people trying to stay vigilant and they're depressed and anxious and the fatigue is so overwhelming. we're at a breaking point in this country when it comes to this quite frankly. elizabeth: you know more on the covid hypocrisy. democrat governor of rhode island, gina romondo. i back up. she encouraged people staying home, discouraged them from going out but the governor gets caught at a wine bar not saying a mask. they took it off drinking wine, helping local businesses. you see the shutdown hypocrites. you have the minnesota governor saying yeah, we'll loosen up covid restrictions on bars, gyms, we're going to ease off.
9:30 pm
we'll dial it back in minnesota. infection rate has been declining since mid-november there. >> right. i think we got to look at governor desantis in florida, elizabeth, the fact he is encouraging businesses to stay open, to go ahead for people to live their lives. curious thing is happening in florida in terms of deaths, it is lower than many other states when you compare i had to such as new york for example, florida has older population, a larger population, four major cities and yet they seem to be doing relatively okay. not okay, people are still dying but at the same time it doesn't seem to have any correlation, lockdown, keeping deaths low. we had 3600 covid related deaths a record recently. it is not going to get any better after christmas or january quite frankly. yeah. elizabeth: it is absolutely horrendous. be safe, be safe, be safe. health officials say the rise in covid-19 cases is because of cold weather, people going indoors. it is cold and flu season.
9:31 pm
you're right, we're topping 200,000 new cases, reaching new daily highs of more than 3400 deaths a day. here is the curious thing that happened. let's watch first the media warning that you should not travel and you know be with your family at thanksgiving. we're seeing cities reporting no covid surge. listen to what the media said, watch. >> go over to a friend's house, mask up the whole time not eating or drinking. >> cook a turkey for yourself. eat all of the mashed potatoes by yourself. that is what i'm going to do. >> you can't touch the way to the table. >> test your way into thanksgiving dinner. >> speak softer. >> invite grandma? this could be her last thanksgiving? if you invite her to place she can get sick and die! elizabeth: okay. experts don't, don't have conclusive evidence on why there is not covid surge, go through it, chicago reporting no covid surge.
9:32 pm
minneapolis, seattle, jefferson city, missouri, madison, wisconsin. don't know stay at home or this is the way the pandemic is behaving. your final word, joe. >> my final word your last anchor that you played was chris cuomo telling people what they should do or should not do over the holidays. this is somebody who had covid. broke his own quarantine still suffering from a fever, went 30 minutes from the home he was living in, got into a confrontation with 60-year-old man had to file a police report against him as a result. when you see people lecturing you on tv what to do, should not do, look at themselves in the mirror as far as the way they conducted themselves when they had cove vivid. such was the case with chris cuomo. the biggest hypocrite on television. elizabeth: they are getting paychecks where a lot of people are suffering. joe concha. good to see you. >> good to see you. deneenelizabeth: deneen borellil
9:33 pm
prompt us what prompted a newspaper editorial board, prior statements of one of the georgia democrats in the senate runoff race should disqualify this democrat from running. that is next. >> future of the country is on the ballot here in georgia january 5th. we have to hold the line in georgia. we know that. we know the country is counting on us. we heard chuck schumer say it, now we take georgia, then we change america. radical liberal rafael warnock is chuck schumer's radical agent of change. look, the media is refuss fusing to ask questions of him. no one is willing to do it. he is not willing to ans ♪
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♪. elizabeth: with me now is fox news contributor deneen borelli. always great to have you on. okay, the georgia senate runoff. it will determine who will control the senate in january. the "washington examiner" says
9:38 pm
senator loeffler arrest opponent rafael warnock past statements praising the nation of islam led by louis farrakhan, that should disqualify reverend warnock because farrakhan is accused of making racist, anti-semitic comments. what do you say? >> i totally agree. rafael warnock is an anti-semite, liz. he praises louis farrakhan the he praises jeremiah wright. he compared prime minister benjamin netanyahu to segregationist george wallace. so rafael warnock is a bigot, and is a racist. elizabeth: oak. let's listen to reverend warnock calling farrakhan's nation of islam, quote, important in the development of black theology. watch this. >> well, the nation of islam is significant but its numbers
9:39 pm
don't come anywhere near the membership of our churches. its voice has been important and, its voice has been important even for the development of black theology because it was the black muslims who challenged black preachers and said that you're promulgating, called it the white man's religion. that is a slave religion. you're telling people to focus on heaven meanwhile they're catching hell. elizabeth: okay. you know, deneen, louis farrakhan has been blaming jews for the quote, transatlantic slave trade. he called jews satanic. he called them diabolical. he said about jews in 1985 at madison square garden, quote, let me get the quote for you, he called hitler a very great man. he said when god put you in the
9:40 pm
ovens you're there forever. what so you say? it is disgusting. >> it is beyond disgusting, liz. these comments are absolutely outrage just and for warnock to be backing this guy farrakhan and wright over the comments, the ridiculous, absolutely just, i can't even put words to it without using profanity. the language and the words that they have used over the years and have not been held accountable? for this guy to be in the position that he is in in a pulpit, in a church, this is the rhetoric and nonsense and vial language he is promoting to this congregation on a regular basis. then you have the people in georgia who may be putting this man in office. he shouldn't be in office anywhere doing anything. elizabeth: you know, deneen, the "washington examiner" notes that warnock had nice things to say
9:41 pm
about odious figures that is their quote as farrakhan and cuba communist dictator castro, but you believes republicans are gangsters and thugs for passing tax cuts that helped lower around middle class families? >> this guy is outrageous. the policies he is pushing for are socialist policies that harm hard-working americans. they want to raise taxes to democrats, this is his platform, raise taxes. he called our law enforcement gang members and thugs and bullies. this is who is running for office in senate in georgia and i pray and hope that the voters in georgia don't elect this guy because he is totally bad news. elizabeth: deneen borelli, great to see you, thank you so much. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: okay. texas republican congressman brian babin on progressive democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez declaring that her party needs to shift the power
9:42 pm
to the far left. this from a squad member who her own democrat governor andrew cuomo blames for chasing away 25,000 amazon jobs that new york city could have used now as the city buckles under crippling covid shutdowns. the story next. >> but it is no secret that the democratic party has taken a hard left and kept driving. i think mr. ossoff and mr. warnock will fit right in with, with their colleagues and in washington, d.c., on the democratic side of the aisle. ♪ wild thing, ♪ ♪ you make my heart sing ♪ ♪ wild thing i... think i... you know what i think? i think you owe us $48.50... wild thing.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back to the show republican texas congressman brian babin. sir, we always love having you on. okay, so the media, we also reported what congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez said
9:47 pm
yesterday. it was her most direct attack on speaker pelosi and senator schumer saying both have to go but she also said the answer is we need to shift power to the far left. she also said that. your reaction? >> i'm not catching everything you're saying, liz, but if you're asking me about aoc's comments, she is, she is upset with her party because we're having some appointments by vice president biden which are basically retreads from the obama and the clinton campaign for administrations to a large extent. it looks like retreads from the swamp coming back. i agree that she is upset. you know, unlikely, that i would agree with her but i do, exempt for a much different reason because i don't want to go back to an obama administration. however, she is pushing the biden team to go left, hard,
9:48 pm
hard left. they're pushing for radicalism, for socialism. they want to institute the things that they have been pushing on, you know, over the last couple of years and quite frankly, i think, biden is going to have a hard time pushing back. quite frankly though, i am going to tell you i don't think it is over just yet. january the 6th will be the final day. there is just too much out there and about 50% of the american people think there was a stolen election. so we want to see some investigations. elizabeth: let's listen in to what cortez said. let's take a listen. >> isn't this grounds though to take a stand say, no, i'm sorry, nancy pelosi should not be the speaker and chuck schumer should not be the leader? >> you know i do think that we need new leadership in the democratic party. the answer is we need to shift power. we need to make sure that we have a transition of power in the leadership of the democratic
9:49 pm
party. elizabeth: okay. but cortez was the one leading the charge to shut down amazon's 25,000 jobs in new york city, the city really needs now during covid shutdowns. so even the democrat governor of our own state said you were wrong about that. so go far left? is this where the entire democrat party is headed, congressman? okay we're having technical difficulties there. we are so sorry, we've got some, you know, some problems here. we'll straighten them out. we thank you, congressman for joining us. up next, retireddites acting director tom homan, mexico's hammering the u.s. we warned you it was coming. mexico passed a new law that handcuffs the dea, the fbi, the cia, i.c.e., operating inside of mexico to battle drug cartels. a.g. barr says that this will empower violent drug cartels and gangs like ms-13 and it could make border crimes even worse.
9:50 pm
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9:54 pm
director tom homan. great to have you on. tom. there is big outrage over this. we warned you it was coming. what is the fallout from mexico passing this new law that puts handcuffs on u.s. drug and law enforcement of inside mexico to fight the drug cartels? what is the fallout there? >> i see two fallouts. they would never try this with president trump. the president -- would never try this with president trump. they think joe biden will be the next president. they will start bullying him. if they are successful every country in the world will do it. two things will happen. crime in mexico even though very high will now increase tenfold. the cartels will grain strength. the car are -- [inaudible] 90% of intelligence they use to ears people is based on u.s. intelligence. "el chapo" was arrested based on u.s. intelligence. if they want to play hard ball with the u.s. stop sharing intelligence they will have a hard time down there the cartels always run the country.
9:55 pm
they will take total control. here is the downside of that. u.s. wants to play the away game. we want to arrest them down there we want to arrest them before they come here around product comes here. this is terrible decision. if it goes through, mexico will fail big time. elizabeth: i mean, we have record amounts of narcotics being seized at the border. you're right, record amount of violence. mexico is facing peak less of bloodshed amid this growing cartel power. mexico we talked about it. per capita homicide rate is higher than the middle east. they have the most violent year, 2020, will be the most violence since the drug war began. we see mexico basically dialing back, restricting the fbi, the dea, atf, i.c.e., cia and their presence inside of mexico. is this in retaliation for the u.s. trying to arrest a former defense secretary of mexico on
9:56 pm
drug trafficking charges? >> i think that is part of it. look, mexico has to admit, president knows it, the president of mexico knows much of his military, especially federal law enforcement is corrupt. i know. i worked here there 30 years. we share intelligence with them, they pick intelligence with them. if they have vital intelligence that puts officers at risk we simply don't tell them. when i.c.e. works with mexican federally there is, we -- we vet themselves. we check the money trail. we check their financials. we check their criminal history, family history. we make sure they're honest people before we start working with them. the fact is, without the united states intelligence mexico will fail to take on the cartels. elizabeth: they're going to fail. okay, because now we got the drug cartels trying to break
9:57 pm
into the u.s. via planes, boats, drones, submarines. so what, what, again, we also see ms-13 getting involved big time in human smuggling. now that mexico has done this, what exactly is going to happen to the border guys trying to fight the good fight protecting the border what is going to happen to them? >> i think you will see cross-border violence increase. the good thing, liz, i said earlier, the seizures are up. there is reason seizures are up, because of our intelligence. because of the targeting systems cpb has. i will not talk a lot about it. they have targeting system based on intelligence and data. when a car comes to the port of entry, we need need to secondary this car is on the target list. why is the on the target list, i will not get into that. with the targeting we seize a lot more drugs.
9:58 pm
-- [inaudible]. there will be a lot more cross-border crime. you will see a lot more advertised. see a lot more, god bless the border patrol, their job is already dangerous. it will be much more dangerous. there is no upside on this thing that mexico wants to do with the united states. no upside at all. elizabeth: when you say cross-border crime, tom, when you say cross-border crime, are you saying there could be shootouts involving drug cartels at the border stilling over inside, inside the u.s.? >> absolutely. it happened before. and it will happen again. and that is why it is so important that we play the away game. we need to attack the cartels down there. once they get to the united states, we can certainly handle them but there is more bloodshed. mexico needs to come to their senses that the united states is their partner in fighting this. we've been very successful with them. i don't know what is leading to
9:59 pm
this whole discussion other than the military guy we arrested try to prosecute or people making the decisions in government of mexico. maybe they're corrupt. maybe they don't want u.s. law enforcement down there so they can line their pocket, i don't know. there is no reason behind it at all. none. elizabeth: because didn't a.g. barr rescind that arrest. wasn't that guy let go the defense secretary of mexico? it is unclear -- go ahead. >> my understanding that was done in agreement with mexico, they would prosecute him down there. i question that. i thought it was a bad decision. so we'll see what happens with him. will mexico actually prosecute him. if they prosecute him will he do jail time? we'll see. that is test case. if they fail to do the right thing the united states learned a bad lesson we won't let happen again. elizabeth: all right. tom homan, good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> good to see you. thanks for having me. merry christmas. elizabeth: same here. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching
10:00 pm
"the evening edit" on fox business. thanks for watching. we hope you have a good evening. join us again tomorrow night. ♪. tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. the question tonight is, just exactly who is in control of the u.s. government. as i am speaking to you right now, we know that a number of countries are carrying out ongoing cyber attacks against various agencies and full departments of the u.s. government. the united states is under a full and ongoing assault but at least three nations -- by at least three nations. of russia is suspected of car arelying out the most devastating cyber attack in american history, and it is apparently getting worse by the


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