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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  December 18, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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amazon is going never really strong growth, people forgot because of the rotation of cyclicals but isaac is good core holding for 21 because they will be off the charts on e-commerce business. charles: amazon, i think you got at apple to that, people have forgotten about them. eddie have a great weekend and keep rocking. were not rocking perfect, but quite making good highs, liz claman, is going to be exciting. liz: , it is and were hitting session lows right now and it could be on the breaking news, we have two major stories involve the sour, food and drug administration could rubberstamp butternut covid-19 for emergency use at any moment, that is probably not at what pulling the market down. we are eight hours away from a government shutdown, house speaker nancy pelosi canceled a
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press conference she was supposed to have an hour and wait till you hear what congressman said on the house floor. read into it what you will, we will like to hear it and we will take you live to d.c. are we closer to or farther from a government funding bill that desperately need coronavirus stimulus. we got investors skimming at the top as markets await development on both of the front. the dow, the s&p and the nasdaq all hit record closes yesterday are pulling back in the dow is down to 15, we hit session lows a loss of 251, s&p down 29, the nasdaq lower by 54, even bitcoin getting swept up by the selloff after topping 23000 yesterday, on the three year anniversary of bitcoin's previous all-time high which if you remember ended badly for those who bought at the top, the man ventured capitalist tim draper has chosen to partner with to spot and
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incubate crypto startup is here, do they see a crash or crush coming. nike about to report earnings, the pandemic spawning a new running boom, it is not nike but brooks running. tim weber sharing his plans past nike. that is coming up. the fox business alert house majority leader steny hoyer in the last 38 minutes told members to keep their schedules free through sunday and possibly next week to finalize coronavirus relief and government funding. we have a 5:00 p.m. deadline for the next step on a funding bill to avoid a government shutdown and of course in fewer than nine hours the statutory funding to run the government goes dry. to blake burman at the white house with the latest. >> it's remarkable what you laid out on the one hand were talking about the federal government
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potentially shutting down and on the other a 900 billion-dollar deal that they are trying to put together at this point and both of those can go together with each other which is why you have a ton of uncertainty in washington right now, i'll start something you and i were talking about 24 hours ago. that is the debate to set up credit lending facilities. that still appears to be a sticking point in the negotiations for the covid relief package, we heard from the incoming biden administration say this is something that should not be messed, brian deese putting forth the following statement saying undermining that authority can mean less lending to mainstream business, higher an appointment and greater economic pain across the nation. congress good faith effort deliver immediate relief and should not be delayed by provision that put the future financial stability at risk, the
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top republican who is trying to ensure all of this is pat toomey, the argument for republicans, they say the ability for the lending facilities to be set up should have expired at the end of the year to begin with. i asked the white house, where they stand on all of this and this is a response to the incoming biden of administration. >> the arm in a simple lending facilities including in those so i don't really think that thought is applicable. >> with all of the focus on the covid deal, we face a government shutdown at midnight tonight, one of the top house democrats steny hoyer saying they will decide at 5:00 o'clock, two hours from now whether or not they will pass a short-term spending deal and that could give us insight as to where things stand on a covid relief deal, we are really talking about the final hours, potentially the final days to
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know if this deal is going to get done or not. liz: i have bad news for you, you are working late tonight. >> we will see if were talking about it on monday two. liz: "stranger things". this has just been really embarrassing and not a good situation, keep us posted and interrupt us if anything happens. the fda approval of moderna vaccine emergency use authorization could happen at any moment, the fda advisory panel which looked at it yesterday did recommend for approval following the meeting on thursday. here is why the situation is so desperate, and los angeles cedars-sinai hospital in west l.a. artist protect venture preparing to administer thousands of doses of the vaccine, but the same time the
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availability of icu beds throughout southern california has now hit 0, 0 icu beds in hospitals across the l.a. region are setting up mobile morgues and preparation for spike in covid deaths, yesterday we spoke with doctor on the member of the show a team who oversaw the medina vaccine clinical trial, when i put the big question, doctor if people had access to all three vaccine choices, pfizer, moderna and j&j which should be coming soon, which one should people choose and here's what he had to say. >> which one is the vaccine for me, there is one answer, the one you can get. liz: the one you can get. does the same hold true when it comes to choosing vaccine stocks, troy and flynn, let me ask it this way are all vaccine stocks created equal?
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>> the first thing we would say vaccines are not a business the margins are fairly low. in terms of where hedge funds are focused, there focused on therapeutics for cancer which will have big market share of growth and have much higher margins. if you look at moderna that's one of my favorite hedge funds because markets are at a far larger market share and only a 20% margin business, there is another company with the hedge funds more bullish, primarily because the dosage is smaller and you only need a single dose so the expectation there over time market share from pfizer and moderna over the next 3 - 6 - 12 - 9 months. liz: you mentioned the shorting part and they are shorting moderna, we looked up how much the flow to each of these companies is being shorted meaning people are betting against it and clearly, you're right, moderna has a 9% shorted
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rather, we saw that pfizer was around much less, maybe 1%, 7% for moderna and pfizer 1% and j&j half 8%. liz: pfizer has better dividend. >> let's not take anything away this is an incredible achievement, it's a standpoint where you can profit moving forward and it will be hard for moderna to make material gains given how much is rally this year end you seen it come under pressure the last several weeks of trading. liz: am i hearing you would pick one over the other? >> pfizer right now if you're gonna do a simple trade it would be on pfizer and moderna but there's other areas of healthcare and biotech on profitability like idm, biosciences which are focused on advanced cancer therapeutics.
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liz: a huge problem as well. phil, what about the vaccine choice when it comes to the stocks and i want to get your thought on goldman and a couple of others commodity super cycle. >> i think it's absolutely right on the stocks. it looks like pfizer and minerva were oversold, the third choice out of those was johnson & johnson and johnson & johnson, that wasn't never really took it off. it could break out if you doing this bread you might want to sell buys pfizer and the internet. you're right about that, get them back to the super cycle, i'm excited about this because we live through a couple over the last couple decades, what we are seeing and it's probably been accelerated somewhat by what's happened with the covid-19 situation, we've seen a lot of underinvestment in the commodity space but we see demand bounce back a lot faster than people anticipated.
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this is really driving this, we see it in the energy space but if you look across the commodity complex were seen unusually strong moves in soybeans, wheat, copper for example, zinc, platinum, were really in the cycle that could go on for years. you add to that and look at the globe in the economic stimulus that creates a situation that is bullish for commodities. liz: troy has a different take on this. again when you talk about copp copper, that is a proxy for industrial strength, copper for wiring and building, skyscrapers but do you believe in goldman blackstone call regarding the super cycle for a demand extra? >> certainly not in terms of the super cycle but a powerful recovery off the bottom, 100%, yet better economic data than anyone expected up until
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recently and you have the fed pumping and liquidity in the great news on the vaccine but remember a super cycle by definition means you've gone years like we did in the late '90s and you have a massive demand shock in the case of china that drove demand to levels of people did not anticipate, when you look at it it's a classic recovery, economies are much less energy and commodity intensive and unfortunately if you look at oil the last great super cycle, there's two factors going against it, the fracking machine turns back on, that caps up in price and additionally clean energy continues to take market share so to us it's very different than the super cycle from 0 to - 2007 this will be a strong recovery. liz: troy gayeski and phil flynn, have a great weekend,
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stock and stock index futures, things can get a little volati volatile, keep your eye on they're down to 26. a fox business alert check out this pot stock, look at winnebago at the moment it's moving higher by about 6.8%. the pandemic driven urge to reverse the country and sleep in your car. help the recreational vehicle big fiscal first quarter profit revenue deep forecast, motorhome revenue where the big driver. despite reporting a double leap profit, fedex is moving lower at this hour down about five and half percent. "after the bell" yesterday they reported and they refused to provide near-term profit guidance saying continuing uncertainty due to the surgeon coronavirus cases has made financial calls like guidance to murky but the stock has run up in the past three months
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doubling, it's a really nice move, fedex pulling back by 5.6%, ipo superstars airbnb and doordash on the move getting love of the publicly traded status, initiating coverage with a positive rating both moving higher in airbnb up 6%, you can see doordash up 7% but regarding airbnb specifically, they said the home sharing company is the clear leader in the short term rental market and unparalleled in its ability to directly generate most of its traffic. flip it over to kohl's and macy's after they upgraded both stocks, we have those and offered set direction most people call flat at the moment but calls up 1.6%. they believe both will survive the business pressure from covid-19 and rebound next year. the news comes ahead of super
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saturday that is tomorrow the big shopping day ahead of christmas and if you check the other retailers we have green on screen for ross, urban photos and delays, urban at 6%. one of the biggest pops of the entire year, bitcoin jumping more than 218% since january 1 as big banks, payment firms and some of wall street's well-known names embrace the controversial digital currency. coming up prepare for the next call on where crypto goes, the man that legendary capitalist and bitcoin can draper pick to help him find the block chain is here to make that call with the closing bell ringing in 45 minutes "the claman countdown" is coming right back, we have stocks on the move to the downside. ♪ two medical societies have strongly recommended to doctors
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so you can... and if we win, we get to tell you and doug. how liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. isn't that what you just did? service! ♪ stand back, i'm gonna show ya ♪ ♪ how doug and limu roll, ya ♪ ♪ you know you got to live it ♪ ♪ if you wanna wi... [ music stops ] time out! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ liz: today marks the three year anniversary of bitcoin touching an intraday record of $19783.23.
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bulls pile and at that point, a relentless fall for grayson 2018 because it dropped to as low as $3100 for coin, it's an 84% plunge, five months later at the 2019 salt conference in vegas i spoke to bitcoin bold venture-capital capitalist tim draper, this guy knows what he's doing emitted killing being the first to invest in the tiny auto startup called tesla, he has bought 30000 bitcoin at $632 a coin. >> i'm a believer in four years something like that bitcoin will be a 5% market share of the earth and it's a better currency, it's decentralized, open, it is transparent, everybody knows what happened on the block chain, i eventually want to have a fund right taken bitcoin and i fund everybody in
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bitcoin and they pay their employees and suppliers and bitcoin and then i paid my investors and bitcoin because i would then require no accounting, no legal, no bookkeeping, no custody, it would all be done. liz: do you understand he has a telescope he looks so far down the line, to the man that tim partnered with on the concept at a fox business exclusive we welcome draper goren holm, welcome. we can show you the second bit coin price, up 61% since the 2018 low. if you look at the price is down slightly today but were talking $22770 of. does bitcoin history repeat itself and fall apart as it did three years ago tomorrow. >> no, i'm sure it's going to be a roller coaster but i don't see
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that happening. liz: why, what's at the heart of that, what do you know today that we did not know three years ago today? >> for years we've been screaming the institutions are coming, the institutions are coming in today your scene a whole different level, micro strategy we sell guggenheim that bitcoin should be a $400,000 right now in tim draper's price prediction of 250k by 2022, all those things are happening, it's going to be a roller coaster, and craziness compared to normal markets, people are here, the institutions are here and what's happening at the salt conference that you were at last year or 2019, it is happening, at that conference everyone was saying
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that there's reports coming on the institutions should put a small percentage of their funds into bitcoin and now it's actually happened. liz: you guys were ahead of this, you also going to bitcoin, are you or tim taking some money off the table because i'm sure you're in the money. >> i am a huge fan and i believe in 250k prediction and i hope the guggenheim prediction comes true even sooner. for me it's all about accumulating in us as a business were investing in the companies and infrastructure behind it so i see this is just the beginning. liz: let's talk about that you incubate block chain startups, this is the digital ledger that helps anyone track where crypto currency goes in one of the biggest fears, nobody can see where it's going and you lose it and lose the password et cetera, tell us what your scene in the
3:23 pm
early seed venture time when it comes to the block chain names. >> for me we look at bitcoin and that is leading the conversation and is really, really exciting. i look at that and i'm like this is like the internet, this is not necessarily the single thing that we need to talk about or think about but if the future economy is going to be digitized on a block chain whether it's bitcoin or something else, there's going to be a whole underlying layer of companies, who's going to be the next goldman sachs, who's going to be the next aws that will power this brand-new economy, we invest by those with individuals and we invest in them. liz: you just mentioned the theory him, what about the name aside from bitcoin, there is ripple ex-rp, do you invest in those names as well? >> i'm definitely a huge fan of
3:24 pm
theory and those are underlying layers were the smart contracts will actually be able to replace a lot of what the banks are doing today, right now when a bank loan you money or you get a savings account, there is a lot of facts there, not just the perspective of them taking profits and giving you a tiny sliver but in the actual management but when a.i. and smart contract start combining what can be done on the block chain, all of a sudden the bank is going to be automated and that will be gone, and that's what lending looks like in a bank and it will be much, much different than it is today, it will be more fair and transparent and available for everyone around the world. liz: we have 20 seconds, am i hearing the bank should be nervous. >> the bank should be very, very nervous, companies will be the next bloomberg, i think
3:25 pm
companies or these organizations will be the next prime brokerage and that rivet is going to power for the future internet. these things are coming and all stocks and bonds and everything will be coke and ice, these things are coming and they will have to acquire them and adopt the technology or go out of business. liz: we are watching bitcoin and the fit of entrenchment today, still $22000 come and join us once again, we appreciate it. we are coming right back, dow jones industrial down to 47, lowered the session 251, we are kind of getting the right this second period stay tuned.
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liz: breaking news, we are down 257 points on the dow jones industrials, at that level we do wipe out the weekly gains but at
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the moment, we are hitting session lows, the smb down 34 and the nasdaq down nearly 90 points and so many? as blake burman just told you we still do not know about a deal to keep the government funded. stay tuned right here, blake is not moving i told him he has to stay through the night and tomorrow. zuma is zooming into the christmas spirit, the videoconference giant which is now a verb has announced it's taking down the 40 minute time limit on calls for both christmas and new year's. clearly the work from home darling also becoming a key tool in keeping families and friends in touch with the holiday season and i say that from personal experience because my extended family in california, we adopted the holiday zoom call early on, remember passover, that was in the spring, we went on that
3:31 pm
thing for hours, hours and hours. zoom one of the pandemics highest flyers of 496% since the start of the year. let's go to jackie deangelis for today's fox business brief, a lot of names to talk about. >> good afternoon and thank you so much, were walking under watching scholastic shares getting a beating. the publisher also failing to provide guidance for 2021 due to the covid pandemic as it continues to wreak havoc on school across the united states. blackberry having a sour day despite analyst expectations, the device maker from services giant reporting a slight in demand for cybersecurity products and automobile software. in palantir scene losses into the close, credit suisse downgrading chairs to underperform on concerns the current valuation is not factoring in multiple risk
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basinfacing software provider, e company brooks running, the brookshire hathaway sneaker net connect with nike, ceo jim weber gives liz his strategy to break ahead in the footwear race. "the claman countdown" is coming right back. because when it's decision time, you need decision tech. only from fidelity. you need decision tech. damom, look!get sare you okay?? head home this holiday with the one you love. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer today for exceptional lease and financing offers at the mercedes-benz winter event.
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to all the businesses make it through 2020... thank you for going the extra mile... and for the extra pump of caramel. thank you for the good food... and the good karma. thank you for all the deliveries...
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especially this one. you've reminded us that no matter what, we can always find a way to bounce forward. so thank you, to our customers and to businesses everywhere, from all of us at comcast business. liz: 24 minutes left to trade, nike investors paying close attention to the stock, it is down one and a third% in a rare move the athletic footwear leader has chosen friday to reported earnings and "after the bell" no less, some companies of its size very rarely if ever do, as we mold the intrigue on that, could nike be facing a nightmare
3:37 pm
and 2021 that no one saw coming. brooks running moving with purpose during the pandemic when gems were ordered to close in march, huge number of never runners took up the sport and interestingly they turn to brooks by the millions for their kicks, brooks sales projected a 27% year-over-year after gaining 1.6 million customers. jim weber the ceo brooks running a subsidiary brookshire hathaway is here, jim, good to see you, maybe nike releasing earnings and there is new leadership, covid during off the schedule but that could be an opportunity for you guys, how close are you to overtaking them in the running space, do they hear your feet on the track behind them or can they hear your breath on their neck. >> thank you for having me, here's wha how i would describew
3:38 pm
competitive our marketplace is, runners have so many choices and we've been focused on them for decades and it's all about great gear, were trying to create the best gear experience mild after mile and they have so many choices, right now we feel this environment people are heading out the door to invest in themselves and get fresh air in move, they have chosen brooks, we've gained more market share than ever in the category itself is growing with people finding out that running is pandemic friendly, they can do it other backdoor. liz: absolutely, many people that never had access to gyms during the pandemic especially in march, that's what i want to know when did you first start to notice this very interesting move in your sales, was it mid-march, early april? >> it is so interesting, we sell the pandemic began in china and
3:39 pm
spread through the world, europe retells shut down in march and we had a rolling shutdown through march into april and the united states at a retail star standpoint, what we saw by mid april and really towards the end of april, people were running and shoes were selling and by the first week of may the year-over-year retail sales group was above the previous year, that shows you how people laced up their shoes and got out the door, since that time it is been up dramatically double-digit every month, year over year from last year and our revenue followed that, so we feel super fortunate and what's amazing about that, during a time at the high school level, cross country, track and field, college in the olympics were postponed, it speaks to how running is an incredible sport but then it's an investment in yourself and getting outdoors is a gift if you're able to do that in this environment.
3:40 pm
liz: you guys when you look at the foodchain of running shoes, nike is still on top but your beating out a six and under armour, new balance, these are high-end running schumate's and you are right there second behind nike which i think is terrific but i do want to let our viewers know that party your success has been the personality of the company and on major holidays you come out with special designs shoes, you have to show us your ugly christmas sweater shoe for 2020. you can hold it up i'm dying to see it, you do it every year. >> thank you, liz, were a runner to run your brand, it's a personal experience and were building gear for the runner and we have to earn their trust head to toe but what is so fun about our sport, were building product to celebrate major marathons and major events and then every
3:41 pm
holiday comes with fourth of july we have firecracker 10k's and 5k's and of course in holiday season we have the jingle bell wrong, 5k's so we done the run mary shoe, that you will be running virtually but we have had so much fun with these in our best performance running shoes but we do addition that celebrates the holidays and the run, we have a thanksgiving shoe, it's been a lot of fun. liz: lesson, i obviously have the one from st. patrick's day which are amazing with the gold and the green, we have these which are my running shoes, so light but on the inside because warren buffett was the one that said you guys should make sure you are doing so well, he put his own image on the inside, on
3:42 pm
top of that i had a chance to speak with him and he's doing really well and warren buffett did say this about you, he said and we can put up the quote he told me this a couple of hours ago that jim weber is knocking it out of the ballpark what he has done online with brooks is incredible. so jim, congratulations, you have to top off, really thinking highly of you, thank you so much. >> thank you, liz, thank you for having me have a great holiday. liz: be healthy and well, connell mcshane will have all the nike earnings action "after the bell" at 4:00 p.m. eastern, charlie breaks it next, we're coming right back. when you switch to xfinity mobile,
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liz: the pfizer coronavirus vaccine is now just reaching front-line workers in high risk individuals in this morning vice president pence got it but some companies anticipating when it will be accessible to everyone, whether they should actually mandate that their employees get the vaccine and whether that mandate is legal. charlie gasparino, can a boss tell its employees you have to get it or you're not coming back to work? >> i will answer that in a second, jeff sign field at yale university did interesting survey that said they want all of their employees to get the drugs, a lot of them sidestep the question and whether they will put guns to people's head and say take it or else. the real question, can they do that and interestingly
3:48 pm
employees, employers can, we've been speaking with lawyers over the past couple of days and if my employer says i have to take the vaccine as a condition of my employment, can he fire me if i say no and the short answer is yes, we should point out the case law on this is pretty thin, i'll get into that in a second period i asked none other than judge napolitano, our senior judicial analyst, this is how we put it. your body is saying cursing from the government but not employers, employers have a duty and can engage in behavior to ensure the safety of the people, and other words new york city mayor bill de blasio cannot force us to take the vaccine but fox could if it wants to. what is the legal president of all of this, i used to cover municipal bonds very closely, early in my career i broke a bunch of stories about how the new york bankers would give money, can campaign contribution
3:49 pm
to georgia and texas and all these other places and lo and behold the new york bankers would get all the big bond deals, after the stories came out and the chairman of the sec forced the municipal regulator to pass a rule that limited the amount of campaign contribution that new york bankers can give, you can only give to people where you live and in that case was held up in the federal courts on the grounds that you as an employee have no first amendment right to a job, you can make the contribution but your employer can fire you if you do so and you can be held accountable for that. that is the legal president that this is based on it did not go to the supreme court it went to one of the federal courts but i believe the supreme court would choose to hear it. this is precedent-setting, that is it, your employer says you
3:50 pm
got it taken, you've got a take it. liz: that is interesting, can i take that a step further, can they fire you if you don't? >> yes you have no first amendment right to a job and that's the president that the federal court set and i should point out my brother got it the other day, he runs the icu ahead of critical care and chairman of medicine at broken hospital, he got it and i did not ask if it was mandatory but i'm assuming the healthcare workers, it's mandatory that they have to take this. but your employer cannot force you to take this, it is completely legal to force you to do so at least until the fda rules, unless the fda turns around and says it's unsafe, that's the law of the land right now. liz: thank you, interesting
3:51 pm
stuff, very timely, moderna waiting on the fda they are meeting right now and we are coming right back. stay tuned.
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call now so you can... retire better how. liz: were getting this breaking news, fox news congressional correspondent chad has just reported the house may try to prove a short-term spending bill by unanimous consent in order to avert a government shutdown later tonight. if that does not somehow work the house will call a vote on the short-term measure. we will keep you posted minute by minute. the dow has come up well off the closed down 91 with the closing bell ringing in six minutes for the week, all three major industries are set to close higher even though they're down today, keep in mind we definitely have a lot of volatility in the last couple of
3:55 pm
minutes because it's quadruple the expiration of stock futures and options. >> there's a lot of uncertainty as your mention coming out of washington were waiting for the fda approval although we expected for the moderna vaccine, the dow is hanging onto 30000 which is a positive thing, the dow winners are the usual suspects, apple, mcdonald's, home depot, mcdonald's took a hit early on but it's climb back even with shutdowns, take-out is allowed and that's a quick and easy way for people to eat, on the losing side you have chevron, oil goes lower, uncertainty of the demand in the future and the stock will take a hit, we have more in boeing down to, i want to take a look at the nasdaq, good stories, lexi on pharmaceutical up 29% today being bought by astrazeneca, this is for astrazeneca to diversify its portfolio not just oncology and cardiovascular but
3:56 pm
having rare disease incorporated in there as well, we are by you on the winning side, changing as we speak but fort nett is one, let's look at the losers, you got my moderna, were waiting for the approval, that is not the issue, take a look at what the stock has done year to date and you can see selling pressure there. of course were looking at fox corporation and alphabet i mentioned they were the winner, maybe not the top ones but investors switching out and selling off a little bit on alphabet. liz: thank you very much, were seen a major comeback at the moment and the dow is down 29-point, the russell down five, nasdaq lower by 40, the solar wind hack of the treasury and commerce department has gotten even bigger, the department of energy national nuclear security administration is saying america's nuclear stockpile has
3:57 pm
been targeted as well the suspicion that russian operatives are the culprit. microsoft is saying it system was exposed in the solar wind hack in the software and products in turn were used by hackers to infect others, today's countdown closer says cybersecurity is the one subsector you should take a closer look at as an investment, kevin is president and asset management 5 billion in assets under management, even as two of them have both been compromised over the past couple of weeks, you like the subsector? >> as you think about it as society works more remotely, educates more remotely and quite frankly interacts more remotely than we ever have before, cybersecurity becomes a paramount of importance, just consider this, computers with internet access experience a
3:58 pm
hacker attack roughly every 39 seconds on average impacting one in three americans every year, furthermore since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic there has been a 300% increase in cyber, individual, corporation and government are going to need to protect their data and their transmission more now than ever and that creates investment opportunities for the cybersecurity companies that provide the solutions. liz: i'm hearing you say everybody's getting hacked including the cyber guys, are you okay with investing with solar windsor, crowd strike, they are firming today by a lot. >> i think you have to do your due diligence with any other subsector but there's certainly a lot of opportunity for the cyber solutions that protect against e-mail intrusion endpoint security over network
3:59 pm
infrastructure protection, it's a paramount importance in this is not going away and that type of demand is going to create investment opportunities if you take the right property. liz: on this friday as we have a few more days left of 2020, what you foresee for 2021, are you going all in for equities? >> i think there's more upside for equity certainly in 2021 as the economy starts to reopen thanks in large part to an effective rollout of the vaccine but we know how stretch evaluation with respect to large-cap stocks, we will have to be more selective to find pockets, we think those pockets include areas of technology such as artificial intelligence, robotics, block chain and 5g and we still do like the biotech sector as the world needs more innovative healthcare solutions to tackle other rare and chronic diseases beyond covid-19 and of course the e-commerce story
4:00 pm
continues to proliferate, we saw a year for cyber monday this year. liz: we will see, i want to thank you and wish the gang a very happy holiday, here comes the closing bell well off the lows still in the red on this friday, stay tuned nike earnings on deck. connell: an interesting day, we hit record highs not able to hold onto the record highs, that's the story with stocks down on the day and investors are watching "after the bell" for development into areas we will be all over both of them, were waiting on congress to pass the stimulus bill and avoid a government shutdown at midnight tonight in the second big thing to watch out for is the fda to sign off on my moderna covid-19 vaccine for emergency use, we will watch both of those issues at the close off the lows but still down by 115 points


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