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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 19, 2020 1:00am-2:00am EST

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twitter at lou dobbs, like me on facebook, follow me on instagraa and parler at "lou dobbs tonight", don't forget lou dob,, the trump's entry is there in seasons gre greeting mug, the official "lou dobbs tonight" mug. good night from sussex. ♪ elizabeth: tonight, two major stories hitting national security. how did the government allow what maw lawmakers now call, quote, an act of war, the single biggest cyber attack in u.s. history? how did they let it happen? russia is believed to have been sitting inside of u.s. agencies for months looking at the nation's secrets including the nuclear weapons stockpile and the energy grid. that undercuts the knee-jerk critics now trying to blame frump. also we have this story, an fbi briefing of top lawmakers on democrat eric swalwell's entanglement with a chinese spy.
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with us tonight, kt mcfarland and harmeet dhillon along with congressman tom mcclintock. we're going to break down today's big headlines. we've got the updates. also the fbi briefing kevin mccarthy and nancy e place city on democrat eric swalwell's scandal with a chinese spy. it's so bizarre, it's so brazen, you would think it was a made for tv movie, but it's not, it's real. it's real life with real implications. and the media letting the bidens stonewall them again, but today reporters have had it. today reporters heatedly objected to the biden team limiting questions and selecting favorites as joe biden went to a friendly interview last night on the late night talk show he to, quote -- he basically was brushing it off as, quote, foul play. the multiple and very series probes into husband son hunter biden's dealings selling influence overseas in countries that are the u.s., that are u.s.
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adversaries. plus, vice president pence and the second lady got the covid-19 vaccine today as we've got this update now. five more states see businesses rebelling against botched covid-19 lockdowns that were implemented by democrat governors that are crippling the local economies there. we're going to break that down too. also, we're going to take you to california on the brink, that state -- ever the trend setter -- now leading the way showing how being politically correct can literally kill people. we're talking about what the l.a. county district attorney, he's the new d.a. there, we're going to talk about what he is now doing and how prosecutors, judges, cops and it has victims' families up in arms. they say he will -- minority communities all for his own ego. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪
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♪ elizabeth: okay, welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. look who's back with us, we had to have kt back on, former trump deputy national security adviser. kt mcfarland, what is going on with the government allowing this to happen? it's sending shock waves through the national security community, believed to be russia. what are your thoughts? >> oh, absolutely. this is the biggest hack. you know, what we need to do is to take a big step back and say this is not a trump screw-up, you know? this is not a biden screw-up, it's a government screw-up, and it's because we're -- we don't see this stuff coming. government's not very good at this. why? because government is always five or six steps bewith hind the most innovative technologies. and so, you know, the obama administration, china hacked them. so russia's hacked the trump administration. i think two things need to happen. one, or we need to find a way to work with silicon valley. the obama administration, the trump administration, there was
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a lot of outreach to silicon valley saying will you help us, we need your expertise, your innovation. and silicon valley basically, you know, blew 'em off. so it's time for silicon valley to probably do a little bit of reputation restoration, shall we say, and work with government. even take the lead in some of this. but the second thing is, you know, people say, oh, this is an act of war, we need to go to war with russia over this. so far it's only a bunch of e-mails, nothing classified. but it begs the point because, liz, we don't have -- we don't have a red line. what is an act of war in the cyber world? the war of the future is not going to be the, you know, aircraft carriers in the pacific or wars of terrorism or even land wars in europe. it's going to be cyber wars, and that's what we're so unprepared for. elizabeth: yeah. and, you know, you make a great point too about how we've been here before. russia hacked nasa and the pentagon in the '90s, they took enough documents or looked at enough documents that would
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be triple the size of the washington monument with. russia hacked in 2014 the state department, hacked the democrat e-mails in 2016. you're right, china hacked the office of, you know, opm, 22 million americans -- >> right. elizabeth: -- had their personal information stolen. yeah, you brought that up too. why was the government using the same computer software product from solarwinds? i mean, what is that about? you have tom bossert, you know,-with homeland security saying we've got to talk about russia has control of our systems. i mean, they looked at our nation's nuclear stockpile and information about our power grid. your thoughts. >> i mean, this is -- and we don't even know the extent of this. so number one, we didn't see it coming. number two, they've been in our systems for a while, for months, and we didn't know it. and, number three, we don't know the extent of it. it could go much deeper than this. right now they're saying no classified information, but, you know, let's -- do we really know that? we think, okay, it's just a bunch of e-mails that say, you
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know, defense, or is it something far more serious? and the other question is what are the russians and the chinese doing with this stuff? are they preparing to go to war with us? are they preparing to just gather a lot of information that maybe they can do bribery, blackmail, influence operations? or are they putting sort of codes back in, back doors in our electric grid, in our water supply? you know, in warfare when you go to war with somebody, you want to soften up the target, and are they preparing themselves to soften up the target? there's just so many questions and we don't have i any answers, and i think it's about time we stop living in yesterday and start living in tomorrow. elizabeth: yeah, that's exactly right. because remember 9/11, the fbi officials that we talked to and others in the intelligence community were saying that, you know, 9/11 terrorists took advantage of the u.s.' openness and our freedoms. and that's what russia and china have been doing for decades. so, you know, so where does this
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end? do you think finally this is a wake-up call to say, hey, you know, knock it off, you guys, get on -- be more forward looking, as you're saying, get out in front of this and don't let russia -- why are you on the same government software system from solarwinds? what's that about in. >> yeah, the whole thing is government is not equipped to regulate this stuff and deal with this stuff. people go into government, they're not innovative, createoff, intrp neural people. what we need are the kind of people who are in silicon valley creating new apps every three minutes. we need to have some kind of cooperation between the two. we are, you know, look at operation warp speed, liz. you know, six months ago people said, oh, no, you'll never have a vaccine, it'll never get distributed. but guess what happened? we had a public/private partnership. the american, you know, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, they all stepped up, worked together, and now look what we have. we can do it again but, man, do we need a call to action, and it
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needs to be bipartisan. ing. elizabeth: i want to move on to this other story, the fbi briefing house minority leader kevin mccarthy, republican ken mccarthy, and also house speaker nancy pelosi on this scandal that is so brazen and by. eric swalwell sits on house intelligence, getting entangled with a chinese spew. kevin mccarthy after the briefing said, you know what? eric swalwell has to go from house intelligence. why is nancy pelosi letting him still sit there? >> well,. >> she may need the donations that she brings from silicon valley. he was targeted not because he was some great guy, he was targeted because of where he is and the district he represents which is silicon valley. it is where the two national labs are. he was targeted from the beginning. but, liz, let's just think about this for a minute. it's eric swalwell, right? so he's targeted by financial donations to husband campaign, you have hunter biden who's got
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a business relationship with the chinese. where are the -- the chinese are all over this stuff. they have penetrated our elites the same way the russians have penetrated the government e-mail systems. again, we need to stop being so naive and figure this out and really come to -- you know, face it. face it and get rid of it. elizabeth: right. and, you know, russia and china play the long game. you've talked about that. they don't just play 3-d chess, they play 5-d chess. so swalwell, i mean, he -- how experienced is he in the world of foreign intelligence coming from a small town city like dublin, california, to now sit on house intelligence, read the nation's secrets without an fbi background check and no security clearance are like other members of congress, and everybody should be okay with that? the media are not covering it, so even's okay with it. china's working to replace the u.s. as the world's preeminent superpower, and they've been doing that very assiduously for
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a long time. >> yeah, they're making no secret, they plan to replace us quickly as the dominant technological power, the dominant military power, the dominant political power, and they're probably working in league with the russians in a number of these cases. again, we are just whistling past the graveyard. we need to talk these threats seriously. we need to sure that our members -- to make sure that our members of congress, that our intellectual leaders, our elites, they've got to be ready for this stuff, and we've got to be open and transparent. sunlight is the best disinfectant, and we could use a lot more sun right right now -- sunlight right now. nancy place city and everybody else, oh, nothing to see here, hunter biden? no problem, eric swalwell? no problem. guess what, i want sunlight on all of these problems. elizabeth: kt, good to see you. come back soon. coming up, former u.s. attorney brent tolman back with us on the biden's selling
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influence scandal, but today reporters have had it. they heatedly objected to the biden team limit aring questions and selecting faiths as joe biden went to a friendly interview to brush off as, quote, foul play the multiple and very serious probes into his son's dealings selling influence overseas. the story next. ♪ >> let's think about what we do know. we do know that hunter biden took $1 million from a ukrainian energy company, took $4 million from a company with ties to the chinese communist party, and now were e-mails where it shows he was asking for $10 million more. ♪ t-mobile is upgrading its network at a record pace. we were the first to bring 5g nationwide. and now that sprint is a part of t-mobile we're turning up the speed. upgrading over a thousand towers a month with ultra capacity 5g. to bring speeds as fast as wifi
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elizabeth: okay, let's welcome back to thew former u.s. attorney brent tolman. it's always great to have you on. >> good to see you, liz. elizabeth: it's good to see you. joe biden goes on stephen colbert's show last night and brushed off as, quote, foul play, the probes sought into his son hunter as just an attempt to damage his political reputation. so the multiple probes by the justice department, the irs, a grand jury into hunter biden selling influence based on his family name overseas, that's all foul play? >> well, look, if i'm joe biden, i tell you what i'd be nervous about, i'd be nervous that this investigation was not the result of a special prosecutor appointed by an outgoing president, this was launched by
1:16 am
multiple offices involveing investigators and u.s. attorneys' offices who are apolitical when they're digging into crimes like this. i'd be concerned that that's what's actually happening and not what he's trying to distract or convince himself that is happening. elizabeth: okay. so joe biden is still doing this raw teen where he's -- routine where he's saying he'd like to beat up the people who attacked his son. he said, quote, he'd like to go a round with those. let's watch this, watch. >> i'm not concerned about any accusations that have been made against him. it's used to get to me. i think it's kind of foul play. doesn't mean i'm not angry. it doesn't mean if i were back in the days of high school i wouldn't say, come here, you know, and go a round. >> you have to take the high road. elizabeth: so he'd like to go a
1:17 am
round with senators grassley, johnson, the irs, fbu, federal prosecutors in pennsylvania, grand jury, this is like president jimmy cagney. >> yeah. this is someone who believes and has for a long time that they're above the law, and that's the way you react when you're staring right in the face of an investigation that calm not as a result of -- came not as a result of some political butch hunt, but as a result of suspicious activity reports and the movement of money and the efforts of his very own son and the documents and e-mails and text messages that have been uncovered to date. not to mention a whistle blower who was brought into the family business and observed things that concerned him enough that he was willing to come forward and blow the whistle on them. elizabeth: yeah. we've got the former business partner e-mails saying we've got to, quote, get joe involved. that's a direct quote. in this china energy conglomerate deal to make it
1:18 am
look like, quote, a truly family business. i mean, this is just tip of the iceberg stuff. and i would, you know -- and, by the way, china, the guy that hunter's business partner was, he was china's big player in its belt and road push to have china do big infrastructure and energy deals with hunt or work on -- hunter worked on including a china deal with russia a to buy a big stake in -- [inaudible] and so, you know, that guy was involved with espionage and propaganda for china. so i don't know about the house, if it's tough talk from joe biden, it's starting to get really old because we've got a grand jury now. your word on that. >> yeah. i'm glad you raised in the prior segment and in this segment the national security issues and concerns. i mean, look what happens, liz, when as a country we don't have our act together ask we're sitting here pointing fingers, and we're fighting, and we're trying to impeach the president
1:19 am
over issues that don't bear fruit, and we're sitting there. what happens? we're getting hacked by our enemies, and at the same time you have hunter biden that is monopolizing husband ability to trade on his father's name and to divert money through access to his father. and then we see the e-mails that are out there where he's describing his father as part of this business, and he's talking about his connections justifying the $10 million he wants from china. it is outrageous. i'm really glad you put both of those segments together. elizabeth: when joe let hunter biden go on numerous secret service trips using u.s. airplanes to do not government business, but to do business with companies in countries that are u.s. adversaries, senator tom cotton says joe biden should address allegations at a press conference and finally answer reporters' questions. not the same old routine, i'm proud of my son, because this is
1:20 am
serious stuff. and, but the way, you're right. it is based on treasury documents and bank documents and wire records. he's saying do it at a press conference, not at a late night talk show. watch tom cotton here. >> he needs to come out and speak to the press, speak to everyone in the press and answer all their questions, not go on and try to cover this up on some late night comedian's talk show to try to cover this all up. >> it doesn't seem like he has much incentive to do that. you know, i don't think it's easy for hum to speak extemporaneously under any circumstances, but nobody's pushing him. we are, but i'm not sure he's listening. no one else is. is it possible this could just go on indefinitely without answering basic questions? >> well, i certainly hope not, tucker. the intent maw be an indictment of husband son could happen at any time given the state of these investigations currently being reported. elizabeth: so it's going to take an indictment to get, you know, joe biden to talk about it,
1:21 am
because the media -- there's been a blackout on the major networks not really covering the story. "the new york times" has done work on it, so has "the washington post," but social media's blacking it out, so did twitter, brett. >> the rudest awe walkenning that is going to happen -- awakening is going to be joe biden and husband family when they realize no one's covering for him. the election is over and no one's covering for him now. elizabeth: all right, good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you. elizabeth: knecht up, twump -- knecht up, march meet gill loan is back with us. she's fired up on this story. now we're seeing five more states that have businesses rebelling against botched covid-19 lockdowns implement imd by democrat governors, and we have more shutdown-up creates. those examples -- hypocrites.
1:22 am
those examples coming up. >> there's a new word for 40 million people in this country, nonessential. and it's crazy. we have deemed a giant hunk of our people essentially one click away from unimportant or
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the usual gifts are just not going to cut it. we have to find something else.
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good luck! what does that mean? we are doomed. [laughter] that's it. i figured it out! we're going to give togetherness. that sounds dumb. we're going to take all those family moments and package them. hmm. [laughing] that works.
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♪ elizabeth: okay. let's welcome back to the show attorney hah meet dillon. it's always great to have you on. they're talking 100 million people being vaccinated by the spring, the moderna vaccine coming on strong, half a dozen, possibly more, vaccines coming in by february. if this is the beginning of the end of the covid crisis, then what standard will be used by the states to lift these crippling lockdowns? how exactly are they going to do that? who's going to make the call, and what standard will they use in. >> well, i'm going to venture to say it's going to be the wrong standard in many of these states based on the history of the last ng the month-vaccia getting stimulus wser who's allw >> i see some folks who i think are far from essential getting several times that.
1:30 am
and the governor with his double and triple standards. but it's not just our governor. the governor of rhode island is out there partying after she's telling people to stay at home. the hypocrisy, like i said, this has been a bipartisan issue for a long time. the people calling my firm, they are from all over -- i think we're going to see a sea change as to what positions politicians took now. a lot of them don't seem to get it. elizabeth: let's move on. senator mitch mcconnell is now urging people, take the vaccine, get the vaccine. he survived polio. right now he's literally in the fought of our lives, pushing back hard against the anti-vaccine crowd. he says they're misleading. we're seeing polls showing that a quarter may not take it. you know, this is the bobby kennedy crowd can. and basically, you know, we're seeing the violate money industry, the supplement -- vitamin industry funding the
1:31 am
anti-vaccine fight. we saw kamala harris speak against the vaccine developed you should the trump administration, joe biden spoke against it, andrew cuomo spoke against it. but, listen, what is their big plan then? this is about saving lives. so when you talk to the anti-vaccine crowd, what are they going to do to stop an infection that's ripping through the population like wildfire? what's their plan? >> a lot of those folks are also calling me and my firm, and it's interesting, i come from a medical family and, you know, i will be right there taking the vaccine the minute it is available, and my his as well. a lot of -- my husband as well. we have been lied to so many times repeatedly throughout this covid crisis, we have been lied to by politicians who said there's no way donald trump is going to be able to come up with a vaccine in less than a year. it's going to take five years, and yet here it is. people actually don't know what to believe. they don't believe the news media either. at the end of the day though, you are seeing politicians who are pooh-poohing it, they're lining up and getting vaccinated
1:32 am
today on capitol hill. so -- can. elizabeth: interesting stuff. harmeet dhillon, thanks for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> my pleasure. elizabeth: sure. you're watching the fox business network. we're just coming out of the bottom of the hour. just ahead, former national security council chief of staff, brent weiss, he is fired up and ready, he really wants to talk about the other series national security story today. the fbi briefing both house gop minority leader kevin mccarthy and house speaker nancy pelosi about democrat eric swalwell's entanglement with a chinese spy. it is a scandal so bizarre and brazen, you'd think it was a made for tv movie, but it's not. it's real life with real implications. fred fleitz next. >> for four years the guy's not smart enough to know he's being played by a chinese spy, and that's the best nancy pelosi can do? out of 230 members, the best you can come up with is a former
1:33 am
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♪ >> one thing i know for sure, i had requests about whether it's -- that's the one question -- [inaudible] elizabeth: okay. that was house minority leader kevin mccar think, republican, after being brief by the fbi on the eric swalwell case, of his beingen tangled with a chinese spy, and kevin mccarthy said he's got to leave house intelligence. let's welcome back to the show former national security council chief of fred flights. what do you think about that? after weeks of stonewall, the fbi or direct or finally briefed he and nancy pelosi. what do you think?
1:38 am
>> there's just something wrong with nancy pelosi's extra nations for this -- explanations for this. she's trying to claim that republicans and democrats were briefed on this in 2015. i was on the house intelligence committee staff for five years, and i saw cases like this where members of the committee may have been approached by hostile intelligence services, may have been compromised, both sides would be briefed of all the details. i've got to tell you, riz, that if republicans were briefed in 2015 that a member of the intelligence committee may have had a row plant you can relationship with a chinese spy and that chinese spy helped fund his campaign, it would have gone public, and they would have demanded at the time that he be thrown off the committee. pelosi has do what does she know and when did she know it, and did james comey, maybe he only briefed these details to the democrats. given comey's behavior, i think we have to ask that question. elizabeth: so, i mean, so you're
1:39 am
saying that fang fang had fisa wiretaps on her, right? because in 2015 the fbi briefed eric swalwell saying knock it off with this choose knee spy -- chinese spy, but in 2019 they use it to frame president trump and general michael flynn. >> it's possible the fbi did not know the whole story offing swalwell's relationship. but now that we know she helped fund his campaign, he has to be thrown off this committee. jud jas a lse judgm jud ll hinghi isnee yise ise e or a campa cn o ge getot iness?grgr at sho sho'tul hdnedndn hpened. tr geyowdyeyey weyllyll o fire f ovght chait ait he reallyeallyy it p o fox n new new t t t i hous sakeraker nos pi p p por not no sgay sg sg or or ongoi anyny epi kngeeomeeody eb was
1:40 am
lllllllln tn cou ciloumancnilncc duin, corniifa,di rngdingdingdii tehout anbu h foundnd check che che as ---- i fgr che as a you a've urlkedta aut,ithout securitecur ur eance ase ae youe'veou'vou'v tod about.abab abthat'sth eatricatat swalw selh inlligenll trey gowdy saying what the heck is going on here? watch. >> yes. he berated jared kushner and donald trump jr. for meeting with a russian lawyer, not dating one, meeting with one. and then he berates devin nuñes for a phone call with lev parnas, and he calls the president an act of russia -- unfortunately, i know him. this is the same guy that ran for president, so he's not known for his self-awareness. i need to hear from the fbi and the director of national intelligence what did y'all have. and i don't think swalwell's denied having a relationship, he said it was classified. i'll be damned if i know what that means. all you've got to say is i didn't sleep with her, eric. thats's all you've got to say. elizabeth: yeah. i mean, trey gowdy's right.
1:41 am
all he's got to say is, you know, did you sleep with her or not? what's so classified about that? what diewrveg? >> well, it goes to the larger issue that although committee staff of the intelligence committee have to undergo an fbu background investigation, their finances are examined to make sure there's no problems there that could cause them to be black mauled or sell intelligence -- brach mailed, their neighbors are spoken to, members of the committee just get on because they were elected to congress. it is too easy, liz, for chinese intelligence and other intelligence services to get access to classified information by compromising a member of congress. they have to undergo -- elizabeth: terrifying. >> -- background checks either by the fbi or the capitol hill police. elizabeth: that -- it'ser the fewing. in his district sits livermore laboratories, also northern silicon valley, fred. final word. >> i mean, the time has come. this is a serious matter. also this is a select committee. nancy pelosi has the power to
1:42 am
carefully select people who will not be national security rusks. instead, she's filling the committee with her cronies, with political hacks. i think trey trey gowdy is righ. this guy was in congress for two years, had no intel background and got onto a sensitive committee in congress, a committee that every member wants to be on. something's wrong here. elizabeth: fred fleitz, thanks for your insights. we really appreciate it. >> good to be here. elizabeth: coming up, gop separate just ford o'connell on what is going to happen in the georgia senate runoff race that's going to determine which party controls the senate and which party will have the say on what happens to your family's kitchen table and your wallet. here's the big story we're going to tell you about, even as big state democrats say, georgians, you've got to vote republicans if you really want to protect your families. that story next. >> the policies that he is pushing for are socialist policies that will harm hard working americans.
1:43 am
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prolia® can cause serious side effects, like low blood calcium, serious infections, which could need hospitalization, skin problems, and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. don't wait for a break, call your doctor today, and ask about prolia®. ♪ elizabeth: with me now is gop separate just ford o'connell. we love having ford on the show. ford, now we're seeing nearly 8 million people registered to vote in the georgia senate runoff that's going to determine whether republicans keep control of the senate. 76,000 of them registering for the first time. where do you see this going? what's your take on the lay of the land? >> well, i've actually done a fair amount of work in georgia including on the 2008 u.s. senate election runoff. georgia is no longer a reliably republican state, and this is an all hands on dc moment for the gop. -- on deck moment. this may with the most important nonpresidential election in the last 50 years because the future of america will be decided on
1:48 am
january 5th in the peach state. elizabeth: what are you worried about, ford? >> i'm worried about the fact that 76,000 new voters have registered sins the runoff -- since the runoff and the fact that 56% of them are under the age of 35. we know that they are most likely democrats, and right now based on the early voting numbers, we know that the democrats are ahead in early voting and also in mail-in voting though they are not doing as well as they did in the general election in 2020. and if we get a traditional election day turnout, then, yes, the republicans could win. but this is going to be a fall-biter. of. elizabeth: okay. lifelong georgia state democrat vernon jones wrote a new op-ed pleading with voters in georgia to vote for the republican senators, kelly lefer and david perdue -- kelly loeffler. he said i cannot stand by a democrat party that is increasingly radicalized by the far left and supports policies like defunding the police when those policies slam minority and immigrant communities, and they
1:49 am
support tax hikes on working families. that's vernon jones. >> i tip my hat, he is absolutely making a point as a democrat. this is basically saying this is not the democratic party of just a few years ago. this is a party that is openly preaching marxism, more redistribution, more government control, unlimited censorship. it is not the party of the working class, and it's going to help the working class voters and the folks regardless of earth us inty in georgia. he's -- ethnicity in georgia. he's absolutely right about that. elizabeth: yeah, it's an important point because the democrat platform going back to the kennedy election in the early '60s was about small businesses, entrepreneurialism, we're going the help you, but you're going to do it. we're going to, you know, help you be a entrepreneur and get, you know, get money for your own families. then under obama it became about fair share, it became about income inequality x. there's no national pizza pie of income that the government gets a slice out and hands to you. that's what vernon jones is talking about, ford.
1:50 am
your final word. >> i think you're absolutely right. just the republicans have to make sure they win this race not only to make sure that we get to the bottom of the election integrity, because without the senate we won't have investigative powers, and we'll never be able to hold hunter biden accountable as well. elizabeth: hear you, ford. thanks for joining us. ford o'connell there. >> thank you, e. mac. elizabeth: still to come, california's tom mcclintock -- [laughter] boy, is he hopping mad. he's going to talk about what's going on in his home state, the state that is ever the trend setter, that is california, now leading the way showing how being politically correct can really literally kill you. what the new l.a. county district attorney, the democrat there, what he's now doing that as prosecutors, judges, cops and crime victims' families up in arms. they say what he's doing will create more crime victims and will really slam mainly minority communities. why? all for his own ego. that story next. ♪ ♪
1:51 am
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no expensive memberships. get off the floor with aerotrainer. go to to get yours now. elizabeth: okay. let's welcome back to the show california republican tom mcclintock from house judiciary. congressman, can you explain what's going on in your home state of california with this new los angeles county d.a. george gaston who's wiping out
1:55 am
the ability to have enhanced prison terms for really bad criminals and also wiping out cash bail? what's going on here? >> can i explain? no, i can't explain how the people of california and the people of los angeles have put up with this nonsense. i don't understand it myself, but there it is. you take a look at this guy's record, he came to san francisco in 2009 as the police chief, became the d.a. in san francisco in 2011, served until 2019. imposed all these policies in san francisco. i think it's important to ask, okay, well, how is san francisco doing? when gaston came to town, the violent crime rate in san francisco was 63% above the national average. when he left, it was 79%. but it's the property crimes that are absolutely eye-popping. when he came to san francisco, property crimes were 30% above the national average. when he left, they were 118% above the national average, up a
1:56 am
total of 49%. it turns out, i know this will shock some people, but it appears -- i don't want to jump to conclusions, but it appears that if you stop prosecuting criminals, you get more crime. [laughter] elizabeth: i hear you on that. you know, there's -- you know, judges and prosecutors were looking at, you know, the l.a. deputy district attorney association, california police unions, crime victims' families are going ballistic. they're saying he's going to trigger a brand new crime spree, and they're saying he never sat down with crime victims' families before he made these changes. so why isn't he talking to them before -- go ahead, take that on. >> well, just to say no cash bail is not a completely new experience for california. obviously, he practiced it in san francisco. but gavin newsom imposed it by fiat using covid-19 as an excuse. and i have to tell you, i have sheriffs coming to me saying
1:57 am
this is absolutely insane. we arrest someone in the morning, we've got to release them immediately, and then we rearrest the same person in the serve around if -- in the afternoon for a different crime. the legislature actually passed a law to make no cash bail the law statewide. elizabeth: yeah. >> the voters reacted with prop 25. they rejected that statewide 56-44. and los angeles county voters in the same election where they're electing this character rejected no cash bail 55-45, and yet they elected this man by about the same margin. maybe that is a way of warning, you need to be a little more careful about the votes you cast. elizabeth: yeah. you know, and then the other thing too is this gascom said there will be no expectations to his new rule saying i'm not going to allow prosecutors to do what's calledden hasn'ted sentences for really bad criminals. and they're saying why are you
1:58 am
handcuffing us on that level? even l.a. county's deputy d.a. slammed his own boss, george gascon, saying his policies are no good. watch this. >> how can a murder orer or a rapist -- murderer or a rapist who's released from custody early make nub safer? wouldn't it -- make nub safer? that's the most absurd statement i've ever heard. the effects on the people of los angeles is really going to be damaging. you now have zero bail and cases such as domestic violence and child abuse, cases that are not considered serious or violent under california law. elizabeth: there is a recall effort by brian claypool. he's crime victim families and reps child victims of crime. where do you think this goes? that's pretty damning words from a person who works with him. >> well, i think there are a lot
1:59 am
of people who voted for gascon without giving proper consideration what he stands for. the recall in california is there for voters to correct mistakes. this was a huge mistake. and it would not surprise me at all to see this recall qualify particularly with the police unions, with the deputy district attorneys association already strongly backing it. elizabeth: all right. governor -- excuse me, congressman mcclintock -- maybe you ought to run for governor. >> trued that once, thanks. [laughter] elizabeth: kidding. just cudding. i knew that. okay, congressman, good to see you. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. we hope you have a good weekend. merry christmas, happy holidays. ♪ ♪
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