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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 22, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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protected this is sort of a sugar pill so to speak as opposed to real defensive posture for america. >> sure to join us tomorrow congressman langston goodman, sara carter among our gas, i'm greg jarrett invert lou dobbs three thanks for joining us hope you have a wonderful weekend. >>. kennedy: oh my garden hi glad you're here. if you see within that new omnibus relief bill kuester mark no one has because the thing is longer than lexington field at 550900 pages it is the word es esp's in history. and no one has the time to read the damn things which has legislators in both chambers at seating. aoc even tweeted it's not good enough to hear about what is in the bill, members of congress he to see and read the bill penry expected to vote on. i dotes controversial and i get in trouble for sharing things like this. but the people of this country need to know they deserve better. yes that's absently right
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congresswoman thank you for echoing that departing libertarian congressman dustin he wrote, on twitter, perhaps the congressional leaders refused but in the legislation on these floor should be considered scrutinize and amended. now they release a 5593 page bill with no opportunity to read it let alone amended. no responsible legislator should vote for such a thing. no amendments? what kind of dog faced hot malarkey are they selling in that capital? the kind that is unknowable. that will take years to add up. rand paul was so fired up it made his soul glow. >> if free money were the answer, if liberty money grown trees why not give more free money? why not give it all the time. why stop at $600 a person, why not a thousand dollars? why not $2000? maybe these new free money
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republicans should join that everybody gets a guaranteed income caucus. why not 20000 year for everybody? why not 30,000? if we can print out money with impunity, why not do it? >> exactly. why stop there? why not a 4 trillion-dollar rescue package and five troy dollar spending bill per go big or go home. actually just go home. any person in congress is not incensed by this process should be thrown out of office. it is unacceptable and nothing short of fraud. what is in the sucker? $35million for sexual abstinence programs which are unnecessary now since we are all getting screwed. 33million for venezuelan democracy programs. he was going to oversee that gem? the nearly celibate? the post office is banned from delivering east sigs. a bunch of fastest indigo streaming will get to ten years in the graybar hotel. tell aunt becky and hunter
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heitman your done downloading gone with the winds. at least to make our positioning clear on the reincarnation of the dom a lot of in this legislation. once this thing kills the economy, the lamb is the only one coming back, that is the memo. moments ago the president said this bill stinks like three -day-old fish watch >> i'm also asking congress to immediately get rid of the wasteful and necessary items from this legislation. just send me a suitable bill for the next administration have to deliver a covid relief package and maybe that administration will be me. and we will get it done. >> may be, as you know, millions of americans are in a situation where every single dollar counts. a majority of americans not have any money saved. so at a time like this, why are we letting these bozos blow our money on two new
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museums in washington and $10 million in gender studies in pakistan. here's me house and budget house speaker freedom caucus member chip roy who voted against this garbage. welcome to the show servers direct thanks for having me on. >> let's talk about this a little bit. it has been described as legislative malpractice. how do you feel about that? snack that is absolutely absurd. with the leadership of the party, they did this on purpose and jamming with the 6008 vote for we literally got around two thirds and had a couple hours to review before we had a first vote on it. that isn't easy. you have friends like the caucus are all about opposing the bill. but unfortunately the vast majority republicans supported it and while alexander was talking all day about how the bill was a bad bill and the caucus was terrible she had a voting for. this is what happens away for board leadership by continuing
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to support these bad bills. it's filled with on necessary legislation spinning obviously with pakistan and gender studies for $25 million, $87 million to sudan all sorts of foreign aid spending but also funds the very thing that attacking american institutions. $82billion for education for schools that do not teach our kids anything and shut down. why on earth would they do that? the only good news out of this candidate as i think the american people are now seeing behind the curtain. they are seeing what a normal spending bill but an appropriation bill looks likely because they thought this is something for small businesses for covid relief and people hurting. now they see with the federal government does every year, sticking it to them, passing the debt down to her kids and grandkids but i hope the american people see what is in this disaster bill. tobacco way of paying for all we are doing is blowing up the deficits and the debt.
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it is awful. because if you have generations of people who are going to be discouraged to get into medicine because we will further socialized medicine. they'll be dis- incentivize to create new cool things because they are just going to get taxed for their brilliance and great ideas, and you're going to have an entire generation of people who are just going to give up. that is how societies fall apart. there is so much in here that is unconscionable. but justin brings up a good point i know is no longer popular with republicans because he became a libertarian which i think is great. no amendments? you could not even and amend anything like this? how do you have written laws against this sort of legislation malpractice? >> can damn glad you asked for this is one of the most egregious things going on. justin happens to but i best
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friends a dcm going to miss him terribly. he's a libertarian doesn't matter to me he's a good friend and believes in the constitution, limited government reduce spending i griffin. but you know what? the american people bully blown away. we have not had amendment on the floor of the house speaker of representatives into may of 2016 were a member can go to the floor and offer an amendment on legislation without leadership. that is what's wrong with washington predict cooked up bills they jam them down like they did yesterday, $2.3 trillion take it or leave it pretty have to wonder, why is the republican party even exist? it basically exist to say they are pro-life and basically they oppose democrats. they sure as hell are not standing up to fight spending to stop the socialization to stop indoctrinating our kids and hating america paid to stop endless warrants in afghanistan and iraq which is what we see republicans getting behind. whenever you stand up for the
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small businesses? the hard-working men and women some of the crony capitalism in washington d.c. and stop trying to grow government, when we going to open businesses and stop local governments from shutting down restaurants and small businesses? we begin to stand up to the people? >> that is what i talked about in my monologue last night with the cronyism and the covid relief. because you are talking about the people whose restaurants and businesses closed for good because of the decisions of a few people who happen to be in power and well pension people who don't have to worry about where their next paycheck or where the retirement is coming from.
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but the first round of covid relief it did not even health impaired were talking about last night, 38% of people who applied for relief it didn't get it. were talked about small businesses. and then you have major corporations like at&t and wells fargo who got corporate welfare. and still lay people off. it is incredible. so no offense but congress is doing something wrong. >> no offense taken at all pretty could not agree morris wanted been sitting on social media as long as i can. jeff question why we let it happen? they adopt rules by majority and then they have a republican like me, i can't go to the floor against those rules. so we need to come together. we democrats and republicans to rise up and said enough of that. let's go to the floor, let's retake the people's house and debate amended bowsprit were they afraid of? let's do our job at the american people doing their job stop screwing them every day which is what congress is doing. >> wells and congressman chip draw if i push at your words and your time. >> thanks kennedy. >> resolve await the way the feds are flushing attacks always on the toilet. so in what ways with us help those needing it most? anyone making under $75000 year will qualify for that $600 check. plus et cetera dollars per
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child. eviction protections have been renewed lease for a little upper 12 main under employed americans were connected $300 a week through march. the bill also replenishes a small business loan program which in theory will help keep those mom and pop shops and closing down. maybe too little too late for some of them. independent restaurants did not get their own specific bailouts. there is a 15 billion-dollar chunk set aside for venues that have live entertainment to stay open. so will this bill help keep food on the table and roof overhead if you're having trouble making ends meet? back on the show it is professor of business and economics of the king's college in manhattan, fox news contributor brian brenberg with his brianomics. so good to see appeared to not pay kennedy. >> supports not going to be merry christmas or some people it's too little too late. he pointed out too much, too little, too late and wrong. what is most wrong with all thi this?
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>> what he did about this bill , i think about the standpoint of the people need it most ran back in my home state minnesota, one of my favorite restaurants in town was going out of business. i'm think about that restaurant and the money coming in. even if that restaurant was still open right now, but would they be getting from this? i don't know it's a husband and wife running the place for the going to get $1200 and a check from the government. maybe a shot at the ppp program. that you rightly pointed out not enough people point this out, it was easy for big companies to access that. they're used to doing with the bureaucracy of the federal government. but for small businesses that never do that except for when they're paying their taxes, it is incredibly difficult to get this money. if you look at on the ground, the people who need it most, they are going to get like $1200. their businesses on the line. their livelihood is on the line, they're going to get 1200 bucks for that site going
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to get them through two weeks of life right now. that's a failure. was going to help some industries they made out greater the airlines made a lot of money, what when it comes to the small players who aren't organized and associations. who don't have any clout in washington d.c., they're going to chump change in this bill. soon if you are one of the industries that offsets comorbidities that make covid so incredibly lethal you don't get any help either. there's no help for jim's. that's a pretty incredible thin thing. >> limits say this too. not only did jim's not get help, restaurants don't get help, but here's what happens with this bill. with run-up to trillion dollars out there. governors and mayors in states like mining california this ao the money is finally coming for the folks who have been complaining to me. they're getting their checks no now. which mean that takes the pressure off me from lifting these restrictions. now i can leave their
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restrictions longer because everyone's getting paid. going to extend these lockdown sprayed scented giving people what they want which is a chance to earn a paycheck again, which is what this bill should be aiming at getting people back to work it's going to do the opposite and extends the impetus for lockdowns into march now. we should be ramping up to recovery were going the opposite direction. >> yes and people want to use their resources and the creativity responsibly to stay open and serve other people. that is the basis of a thriving economy. and my worry is some of the states have extended the lockdown making they're going to get a federal bailout which they did not get in this. the worry is bryan, there's going to be more multicultural in dilute legislation in the future. what you see? >> look, progressives have not been shy about saying that at all. for months now they have been sitting we want to load up stimulus in 2021.
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that is going to be how we start pushing the green new deal but were going to push the progressive spending agenda. you heard joe biden, you've heard chuck schumer, you've heard senator warner saying it's a stimulus down payment. which means there's more to com come. every time you do this you push back what we really need to get reopened. which is the freedom for businesses to get back to work. were pushing the finish line further down the road every time we spend money like this. kennedy: the further you push it the more places go out of business. and you know it is an unspeakable tragedy but i'm glad you're speaking about it, brianomics only here in the kennedy show. thank you. who should get priority for the coronavirus vaccine? doctors and nurses, the elderly, essential workers, lawmakers and one blue state claimant should be those in prison. is that fair? the panel debates, next tums versus mozzarella stick
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staff, prisons have been a hotspot for covid outbreak. about 20% of the country's 2 million inmates tested positive. why are states lit using the limited number of vaccines for inmates instead of vulnerable americans of pre-existing conditions? because they're locked up by the state and they cannot social distance. let's get into it tonight's party peña pretty got fox news contributor carly hurt. strategist and rebel communications, laura fink and young americans for liberty, the president cliff maloney. there is prehire everyone welcome. >> thank you. >> a kennedy. kennedy: hey girl. so charlie i will start with yo you. how do you feel about prioritizing inmates over some other vulnerable people in the population? >> look at is insane.
8:20 pm
you remember all of the hysteria a few years ago when obamacare pass when they talked about death panels for this is what death panels are for this is what happens when you put politicians in charge of healthcare, in charge of making decisions about limited resources when it comes to healthcare. you wind up picking winners and losers but obviously politicians are very comfortable with this. they love doing it, they love the power they love to be able to help whoever it is they want to help and not help people that they don't want to help. but the problem is, for taxpayers who are paying the bills, they're paying for all of this, it is beyond insulting. it is worse than insulting. and literally, according to them it is a life or death situation. and they are choosing to pick criminals and inmates overcome as you point out elderly population that is far more at risk for the coronavirus. >> everyone knows that people in nursing home, particular
8:21 pm
those with comorbidities and those for minority communities, they should get the vaccine first along with front line healthcare workers to interface with people who have covid every single day. no doubt about that. it is the second layer that is a little touchy. but here's what i will say, laura if you are not going to let out non- violent offenders, i death of these people are wards of the state essentially, than the state has to keep them safe. otherwise it is a violation of the eighth amendment. and you've got one prison and massachusetts were half the population contracted covid. inmates are four times more likely to contract the virus and twice as likely to die. so those statistics are almost up there with the most of vulnerable populations in nursing homes. how would you feel about this? >> i think you've got to file the science. i like what my colleague was
8:22 pm
talking about. how do we prevent the spread of the virus? we have to be agnostic about that as we are releasing these vaccines. i think that is what you are seeing. it's public health officials making these determinations. not exclusively politicians there followed with the outbreaks are there seeing them in confined spaces like prisons and homeless shelters. really, this problem is going to be solved by rolling up the vaccine after pretty ensuring we have vaccine to go around auteur enough to create false choices. ultimately this is about public healthy broader community. the outbreaks are happening place i prisons and publish shelters meeting at the vaccine there. when i look at i see the injustice of someone like joni earths rolling up her sleeve and getting her virus after accusing doctors from profiting by lying about the number of covid-19 deaths. i look at that and say say if she helps public health that's ready to get the virus. sue for aoc is 31.
8:23 pm
when she is fit as a fiddle. and she got the job. omar even took issue with that. so how to fill with inmates getting inoculated before other vulnerable people the populatio population? >> look if there's ever a time for us to talk about criminal justice reform, this has to be it. i mean you want to talk about a problem, the real solution here is not where do we divvy up the vaccines? the real problem is why do we have people locked up anyway for nonviolent crimes? i'm in you or talk about a country, we all know the number. we've got 25% of the worlds prison population, and only 5% of the world's population. it's time to rethink the entire system and you won't have problems like this were trying to figure out somebody a couple grams of marijuana that was in the wrong place at the wrong time, with not hurting anybody is now facing a situation but they don't love they're going to get a vaccine for this is crazy we need total criminal justice reform and we need it now.
8:24 pm
>> the only thing i will say, i agree completely especially philosophically. but we do need the prison population because we do need to build the cast love after lockup that's very, very important. i am not alone in that assertion. much more the panel they are so good. laura is brand-new. coming up president truck trying to overturn the election win. many republicans support him. so i is he reportedly getting angry with vice president pence, my sexy indiana boyfriends. that is next. this is us talking tax-smart investing, managing risk, and all the ways schwab can help me invest. this is andy reminding me how i can keep my investing costs low and that there's no fee to work with him. here's me learning about schwab's satisfaction guarantee. accountability, i like it. so, yeah. andy and i made a good plan. find your own andy at schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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kennedy: president trump stokes bring every possible option he can to fight the outcome of the 2020 election election. he is a poorly discussing plans for special counsel to investigate voting machines and hold election do over and swing states. that will work. he also met with republican lawmakers to see if they can stop congress from ratifying the electoral college votes on january 6. vice president pence who is the president of the senate according to the constitution will have to certify. but sources inside the white house says the president is furious saying his own administration is not doing enough to back him up. so it will pence white house staff get on board? or are these plans just pie-in-the-sky? let's get back into with the party panel, charlie hirt, laura fink and cliff mahoney.
8:29 pm
the press has plenty paths to victory here is going to appoint sidney powell as attorney general. and she is going to question those voting machines are selfridge's going to fly to venezuela and do it. explore exciting times. what you think? [laughter] yes, i am waiting for crack and myself. i love that she has reintroduced the concept of cracking in our popular political conversation these days. look come at the end of the day it is a tough sell. i personally believe that the election fraud that has occurred this year was open and obvious it occurred in the mass mailing of mail in ballots. on a level we have never seen before. i think it occurred in the form of a ridiculously dishonest and biased media leading up to the election. i believe it occurred in the
8:30 pm
censorship performed by the tech companies. the problem is, after the election it is a whole lot top or to prove all of these things and to make this case. and at the end of the day states make these decisions. smacked they're going to have to do something about it. if these claims of fraud do pan out, states are definitely going to have to shore up their election processes. no doubt about that. >> and they're going to have to contest the results. >> i would not go that far. don't think the going to do that that's not going to happen. it's sad, and of the president is hurt. i know people are out of work they've been working very hard for the administration. there are a lot of people who support the president who are very upset. but at some point we are going to have to move forward, right laura? >> that's right absolutely. it's interesting because i know sidney powell is compelling to some, rudy giuliani in the my pella guy
8:31 pm
may all want to line up together continuing protest this. but the american people and virtually everybody else is on the side of history here that shows biting when the election. i do think what you are seeing a lot of times with trump is the lincoln project is really in his head but he is making this enemies list. now mike pence is on it. it's longer than sean spicer's number of people he said attended the inauguration. i don't know how trump is going to run them all down in his golf cart. his enemies list is just too long. he should probably take a page from let's say george w. bush who right now walked away with his dignity. he lost two. it is so funny, they should go back and take a good look. >> didn't george w. bush lose? >> post- presidency george w. bush was very grateful and humble went to a shed in texas and painted, that's great bob
8:32 pm
loblaw. we are still in a bunch of wars because of him. he is not a folk hero, not a huge fan of president cheney and the damage that has never been undone in the middle east. you get the last word on this, cliff go-ahead. sven yelled look george w. bush, the lincoln project this is the out of touch things bc from d.c. like giving billions of dollars out of four and a but taking $600 to the american citizen is worth it. two things have got, whatever you do continue to destroy or just kind of redefine what it is for these parties at the end opening for liberty. and a little christmas present for those who believe the constitution, on the way out give a big thumbs up if you will to edward snowden and a little pardon pretty want to set up the surveillance tape of the deet state that's the way to do it. >> we are going to talk about the little later in the show with libertarian vice presidential candidate spike cohen. he's going to tackle it that
8:33 pm
growing up pardon list but we'll see if some of those names are on there. i think they're still a case to be made for many of those people. right you are and well said. in the meantime spaces not just the final frontier it is the ultimate high ground. which is why president trump launch the space force with $2 trillion in spending bill to counter the militarization of china and russia. joe biden he's living in a different universe new reports claim his incoming administration is considering a space partnership between the u.s. and china to cool attentions and peace and cooperation part i wonder how much hunters going to make on that bill? after years of china stealing their check and using it against us is there any reason to think peace is what china's after? and could a naïve biting administration be handing our number one competitor the keys to literal domination? charlie you go first.
8:34 pm
>> this is always been the problem with hysteria and conspiracy about president trump in russia. they make up all of the stories about it. but there are no actions by the trump administration to suggest there's any sort of ftse being played in seat trump administration and russia. the real fear here this is why all the questions about hunter biden are important is because exactly what you're talking about. at the joe biden administration was get back into bed with china, america's going to be doomed. if these people insist on thinking russia is our great geopolitical enemy and not china, we are finished, we are done for. so before they're all in the list, russia, china, turkey saudi arabia they're all on the naughty list. they are not getting nothing for me laura when i am emperor's of the galaxy. i don't think we should be partnering with china on space. because space and technology,
8:35 pm
that is where the stuff really, that is where the sausage is made. and then the chinese love intellectual property they can take those great ideas and just sprinkle them throughout their economy and we get hosed. i think it is a horrible idea. >> i think i understand what you are saying. i do think though sometimes you need to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. and when we control the access of that information, we have seen it being productive with other adversaries like russia in the past. kennedy: not exclusion. >> what's that? kennedy: not mutually exclusive. >> i think in figuring out a sophisticated, smart, safe way to partner with the chinese in space exploration it keeps u.s. at the forefront. kennedy: okay let's say we do that we stay safe and appease the red chinese. how do we keep them from stealing our great technology that are scientists and researchers and companies have
8:36 pm
been working on for decades? how do we keep them from stealing that? >> i think you need to see what's in their hands to they need to show us their cards in the partnership. before you know what they they take your card. you don't say these are my cars they say overtaking your card and were going to a nether table. we're going to deal with these, make all of the money not to any of the work that is what china does. >> if only it were that simple we would stop trading with them as well. but a lot of times you don't have a choice. kennedy: free trade and getting into business of the comet's government are two different things but it's one thing for to have freedom of association with china, it's another thing for the united states government to partner in spacing technology with the chinese when they have proven. they are being explicit about i it. >> we did very successfully with the russians were this a little bit counterintuitive here. if you look at the history with the russians were just as
8:37 pm
adversarial as before we were doing the same thing. we did it to keep them close and to keep their technology close to us so we would know and have an avenue with them. kennedy: who is a bigger economy china russia? smedley part of the russians at the end of the cold war. we needed access to them we needed that proximity would need that axis of diplomacy. it was a little more sophisticated i'm aggrieved gossip or trade your trade treatments and you have to see what they have. >> cliff go-ahead. >> peace commerce and friendship with all nations were that is what thomas jefferson taught us. oppressive calmness regimes like china, i think we have to think a little bit longer before we jump into bed. you want to make sure your friends or close, your enemies are closer but i am not ready to join in this big partnership everybody's excited about just yet. >> i do not to big spoon my enemy part i just don't. i don't trust that my love free trade, the more the
8:38 pm
better, economic freedom we were taught about the show last night economic freedom lisa cultural freedom spaces not the avenue but laura thank you for your first time on the show, great job. thanks to charlie and cliff. the interlocking with everyone we love you all. coming up president trump just pardon more than a dozen people who was on the list? two they deserve it? are you on it, former libertarian vice president spike cohen joins me to it break it down and next. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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kennedy: the power to pardon. and that is just what he did tonight sprayed the presidents issuing pardons to 15 people and commutations to five others with the list includes george papadopoulos was convicted of the special councils russia inquiry. a few former congressmen including duncan hunter of california and new york's chris collins. and some nonviolent drug offenders was convicted of conspiracy to distribute marijuana. they likely won't be the last receive forgiveness before trump leaves office generate 20 these almost a whole month so who did the president miss on this pardon list? and who still deserves when? they made out former libertarian by spread settle chill candidate spent seven thanks for coming. kennedy: to jeff fun running for vice president?
8:43 pm
>> as its most challenging rewarding thing be done in our life. >> i really wish you would've been on stage with coppola harrison vice president. >> saw wide the reason i wasn't same reason trump was on sated biden. >> they would have melted under the pressure break but if i did a great job pretty have a very strong twitter game. and i wanted to talk to about some of these pardons. who would you like to see on the list? and who absolutely needs to be pardoned by the president it order for society to write itself again? >> if i had to pick three people right off the bat it would be edward stored in, juliana and ross ulrich. edward snowden is the reason i say he's a hero. he's the reason we even know there was an nsa mass surveillance program sans was a journalist who is just releasing information that was being leaked him. we found a lot from him. and ross overt is someone who ran an e-commerce website that use crypto currency but he never actually sold or traded
8:44 pm
in anything illegal. they basically landed him with all the illegal things were sold on his platform. they apply that to facebook mark zuckerberg would never see the light of day again. these are three people who are perfect examples of people have been caught up in the excesses of government. and should be set free. >> with snowden, when the snowden revelations came out there were people in the government saying that he should be executed. that he should be assassinated as a traitor. and there were those in the military who said they would like to see him killed and a drone strike. but the feeling about him has certainly shifted. because we are still having this ongoing discussion about mass surveillance. i wanted there to be at least one question why the three debates we saw about surveillance. we don't see that. we don't see any of that. and they say the pandemic blah blah blah.
8:45 pm
>> the reason we did not see that is because the democrats and republicans are pretty much in lockstep on this right? you have to support the deep surveillance but you have to support warrantless wiretapping pretty up to support the idea of the federal government spying on every single electronic communication that we do. which is a blatant violation of the fourth amendment. blatant violation or due process rights. edward snowden exposed all that pretty thought just a whistleblower he is a hero. >> no he absolutely is but i don't disagree with you at all and that pretty hope the president gives him a pardon so we can come back here and tell his story. and make the country better. and safer, and protect us from our government. but ross ober, this is one i would love to see get even more traction. and there have been people talking to the president, excuse me in his inner circle discussing a possible commutation for him. what will that take? >> it will take him deciding it's a good idea to do.
8:46 pm
in the list of pardons that just came out, there were some people let go that were pardoned or had their sentences commuted that he engaged in victimless drug crimes. in the case of ross he didn't even do that. he literally created a website. i personally think the reason he went after him is because you sitting on in a massive amount of money in bitcoin and bitcoi bitcoin's snout with the tens of billions of dollars pardon also because they wanted to make an example of him. but again if they applied his same standard when they prosecuted him to pretty much any other social media site right now or any other online site like ebay or anything else there's all sorts of illegal stuff that's been bought and sold and traded on these sites. but they did not apply the publisher's standard or the venue standard to edward snowden or to so is going to serve the rest of his life in prison was trump or someone else. >> he came up with a profitable system. he came up with a service that people wanted and they used.
8:47 pm
so i know this is the president's favorite cable news show. hopefully's watching. so mr. president price mick but keep track of something. otherwise many people that work in the drugs they need or anything they wanted to go on the street and get drugs in the way often think of when you think of a drug deal. instead they were able to order it safely from the comfort of their own home and have it delivered with them of anything it saves lives. >> many of these substances were arbitrarily deemed illegal. spike we please >>? >> i would be happy to praise mick spike thank you so much excellently done any topical storm is next. some hot cocoa? mom, look! are you okay?
8:48 pm
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8:52 pm
doctor anthony that she. town hall where he has credit for the small of happiness just to please their traumatized children watch. >> will santa still be able to visit me in coronavirus' season? >> i took a trip up there to the north pole. i went there and i vaccinated santa claus myself. and he is good to go. he can come down the chimney, he can leave the presents. >> he had allergic reaction and fell into a coma. [laughter] but he saves lives he's fighting should be good. amazingly this is not even close to the biggest lie doctor fatty told the shepherd sizes a cnn to take a break from telling fairytales to adults to adults and children for change. doctor fatuous confuse the person he vaccinated with chris christie. that's an easy mistake. plus the former governor sue is covered and catch up at the
8:53 pm
time. he also went to the north pole, not to see santa were the many sops in a world tour she organized for three generations of her family, what a giver. topic number two. the mayor of atlantic city is auctioning off the chance to destroy the trump plaza casino. and i think president trump already did that in the '90s. atlantic city mayor marty small said he is turning the planned demolition of the former trump property into a fundraiser for the boys and girls club, that is wonderful. he's auctioning off the chance to push the button that will make the building implode so liberals can finally get revenge for five years of the president pushing their buttons. and making them implode. although just like every other way the democrats try to hurt trump, this will literally blow up in their faces played the mayor says he hopes to raise at least $1 million from one of the president famous enemies has been dying to take
8:54 pm
them for years but i'm not even sure bill barr has that kind of money. topic number three. residents at an assisted living home in missouri but their own holiday spectacular wedding grinches showed up to steal their christmas. yep, they say the audience diapers grew three sizes this day. they look bored, but they were even less impressed last year with the nursing home brought in david cook. the good news is if joe biden ever gets charged with corruption we finally found a jury of his peers. actually now that the seniors are all on medical marijuana. [laughter] this is a pretty decent show. pass me the reefer young fella. the ending is pretty predictabl predictable, another confrontation between police and a person of color, how sad. that is the memo. topic number four. a fire at a florida egg farm killed up to 240,000 chickens.
8:55 pm
hot wings. police say eight to alarm blaze tore through three barns containing 80000 chickens each. sounds like they were really cooped up in there. workers at the firm called 91 they saw the flames at which point firefighters rushed to the scene with the biscuits and honey mustard. [laughter] that is so wrong. iron man get the hottest chicks. [laughter] many of the firefighters say they're used to the smell of burnt eggs because a group spending weekends at their divorced fathers houses. unfortunately fire took extra long to took out because the farmer had been keeping propane tanks in the arm that kept exploding and making the situation worse. boy did he have egg on his face. and his car, and his house. the company's article make $1 million in damages from the incident which is a number they came up with by literally counting the chickens left back before they hatched. i love it, we'll be right
8:56 pm
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♪ ♪ oh girl, kerri underwood has a new album. those last nights mouse trump monday song, o holy night by the big winner was kimberly i knew a lot of people going to get up at kimberly got it first because she beat out eric and joan put a feeling joan had 27 mouth trump a thought or mantle.
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thank you so much watch the best arm your day. we did it. follow me on twitter an instagram at kennedy nation, basement kennedy fbn e-mail kennedy might molly hadaway, tom and the return, it has been a doozy, thank you good night. president trump signing the covid relief bill. $900 billion in emergency aid, providing a lifeline to millions of struggling americans and businesses hurt by the pandemic. meanwhile house speaker nancy pelosi calling the 600-dollar stimulus checks, quote significant but remember when she called trump's 1,000-dollar tax bonuses just crumbs. we have the sound. plus americans are so fed up with extreme lockdowns they stormed their state capital, clashing with police and smashing glass doors in salem, oregon. with us tonight we have andy puzder, the white house's brian


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