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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 23, 2020 5:00am-6:00am EST

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"strange inheritance". and remember... you can't take it with you. g usg the news "after the bell." see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ gregg: good evening, i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the say cautioning lou dobbs. -- vacationing lou dobbs. president trump has made it abundantly clear he is not backing down from the battle for the white house. the president and his allies in congress have been talking about the possibility of challenging the electoral college votes when congress convenes january 6th. and today some of those congressional allies began pressuring u.s. senators to stand with the president and demand that the integrity the of the election is insured. the president calling in to a conservative conference today, also calling for the republican party expect department of yous discuss -- and the department of
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justice to do more. >> we are fighting really for the country because this election, we won this election in a landslide. [cheers and applause] hundreds of thousands of ballots in each state. it's all documented. the problem is we need a party that's going to fight, and we have some great congressmen and women that are doing it. and we have others, great fighters. but we won this in a land slide. they know it, and with need backing from, like, the justice department and orr people have to finally are step up. gregg: and we'll be talking to republican attorney phil kline about the latest in the battle for the white house this in just a few moments. also this evening, new concerns about the ongoing cyber attack against dozens of federal agencies and corporations. suspected russian hackers have reportedly accessed dozens of maul accounts at the u.s -- e-mail accounts at the u.s. treasury department, they've broken into systems used by the
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highest ranking officials. all of this coming as damning information about fired cybersecurity chief chris krebs is finally brought to light. the former head of the cyber security infrastructure security agency was repeatedly flagged by a government watchdog for poor performance. and more lies and deception today from the deep state, former intelligence officials unbelievably are standing by their conclusions, their assertions that the new york post bombshell reporting on hunter biden's overseas business dealings is russian disinformation. that's despite ongoing federal investigations into hunter biden and his business associates since 2018. well, joe biden today further perpetrated or perpetuated the russian disinformation lie in this testy exchange with fox news reporter peter doocy.
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>> do you still think the stories from the fall about your son hunter -- [inaudible] >> yes, yes, yes. god love you, man, you're a one-horse pony, i tell you. thank you. thank you. i promise you, my justice department will be totally on its own making these judgments about how they should proceed. gregg: we'll have much more on the hunter biden scandal later in the broadcast with "just the news "editor-in-chief john solomon. we're also joined this hour by dr. marc siegel. we'll ask whether americans should be worried about this new strain of the china virus that's said to be 70% more contagious. historian victor davis hanson is also with us. we'll get his thoughts on the global elites' attempt to use the china virus as their way to
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usher in their new world order. and former trump deputy national security adviser kt mcfarland joins us to talk up a chinese espionage campaign against u.s. excellence officers. we begin this evening with two critical battles that will define the future of the country. president trump's chief of staff the, mark meadows, tweeting about white house meetings with members of congress saying several or members of congress just finished a meeting in the oval office with president trump preparing to fight back against mounting evidence of voter fraud. stay tuned. those meetings come ahead of a critical january 6th meeting of congress where they'll vote to certify the electoral college votes. if a senator joins with a member of congress in challenging states' electors, there is the potential those states' votes could be tossed out. with just two weeks to go before crucial senate runoff elections,
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there appears to be no change in the way georgia is handling their elections. some 621,000 mail-in votes have already been cast ahead of the january 5th runoff. the georgia secretary of state warning some 8,000 voters have requested out of state ballots about voting illegally if they have established residency in other states. and there's a group called true the vote challenging the resident can city of more than -- residency of more than 364,000 voters, demanding they prove their eligibility before casting ballots. joining us now to talk all about this, phil kline, director of the amistad project, an election integrity watchdog that's part of the thomas moore society. it's a conservative law firm. of he's also a former attorney general of kansas. and, phil, thanks for joining. you've done a great deal of research, i read your report, millions of dollars poured into
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key democrat swing states that would include georgia by a group that's backed by facebook ceo mark zuckerburg. this is, appears to be dark money used to try to inflate the turnout vote. is that illegal? >> it should be, and we believe it is not lawful and it's a violation of federal law, the help america vote act, as well as state election plans that are passed by the legislature. in all, what we've got here, gregg, is a shadow government. zuckerberg actually spent more than the federal government provided in election money to all of the statements to operate the general election during covid. and he provailedded it through this -- provided it through this charity which dictated how the officials would run the election. it was zuckerberg that paid for the machines, zuckerberg that paid the salaries, zuckerberg
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that bought the drop boxes, zuckerberg employees, essentially, that boarded up the windows and kicked america out of the voting room this time around. america was kicked out, and a billionaire was inside. gregg: are you worried that this will extend into the two senate races in georgia? is it already happening? >> yes, it's already happening. they're doing the same thing again and making the same mistakes. these drop boxes, the chain of custody of the ballot -- which is vitally important for all elections, to maintain that chain of custody to protect the validity of that ballot -- was broken with these drop boxes. georgia law was not followed. they will not be followed, georgia law will not be followed again. it was a law he is election, one in which we cannot have faith -- lawless election. it should not be certified by state legislate -- legislatures, and they're doing it again. gregg: and your report states thatter berg donated an --
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zuckerberg donated an astonishing half a billion dollars to accomplish this, what i think you describe this as an illicit scheme done to duly influence the vote. and isn't it true that he and others were using the covid crisis as a a pretext? >> absolutely. you had blue state governors shutting down in-person election places claiming covid was the concern. at the same time, in the urban core they were expanding the opportunity for turnout of the vote by placing drop boxes. i give you one example, gregg. in pennsylvania zuckerberg moneyed areas and a drop box for every 4 square miles and also picked up for mobile units to pick up ballots. in the counties that trump won in 2016, there was a drop box every 1159 square miles. so what pennsylvania created was a two-tier election system where if you live in a democrat area,
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go outside, somebody will pick up your ballot. if you're in a republican area, go on a weekend vacation and find waldo. the same thing happened in georgia, and it's happening again. gregg: it appears as though mark zuckerberg thinks he can buy the presidency. i want to talk to you though about the meeting that took place in the white house. i talked to andy biggs, congressman, yesterday right after the meeting. he was there, jim jordan was mr., mo brooks was there, matt gaits, louie gohmert. their plan, apparently, is come january 6th when congress convenes to challenge the electoral vote tally. isn't that a bit of a long shot? i mean, that's been tried before in our history. it's the never worked. a long shot? >> well, it might be, but this was an unprecedented election. never before have we had one individual spend more money than
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the federal government to duck tate how elections will be -- dictate how elections will be managed at the local level. and government, it's a core function of government to manage these elections. you can't privatize it. we can't have elections brought to you by coca-cola or the koch brothers or mark zuckerberg. that is putting your thumb on the scale and buying government offices to run the elections according to private interest dictates. i think all of that and the lawlessness, the admitted lawlessness that occurred everywhere zuckerberg money touched, the loss of suggest requirements, the elimination of witness requirements, the breach in the chain of custody, kicking republicans out of the polling places call in to question this election x. if state legislatures -- and shade legislatures should declare that their states are in dispute as it relates to the election result. and i believe that kicks it to congress. and congress has a role here under the constitution. gregg: yeah.
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phil kline, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. coming up next, department of homeland security had a major concerns about the leadership of fired cybersecurity chief chris krebs. remember him? he was the media darling for a nanosecond. we'll tell you all about it and take it up with "just the news" editor-in-chief john solomon. stay with us. did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪
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the we have to find just nosomething good luck! what does that mean? we are doomed. [laughter] that's it. i figured it out! we're going to give togetherness. that sounds dumb. we're going to take all those family moments and package them. hmm. [laughing] that works.
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gregg: some breaking news for you, 50 former intel officials are standing by their october letter. will be that? they called the new york post bombshell reports on hunter biden's suspected corruption and influence peddling nothing more than russian disinformation. now we have learned that federal prosecutors have been investigating hunter biden and his business associates since 2018. well, the intel letter signed by the likes of james clapper, john brennan, michael haden includes the statement we do not know whether these press reports are accurate. also breaking, fired cisa director chris krebs who you may recall hailed this election as the most secure in history was reportedly flagged multiple times but the homeland security
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department watchdog for poor performance. according to memos are viewed by "just the news," the dhs inspector general found that krebs' cyber security and infrastructure security agency had the lowest scores for information security. in other words, ripe for fraud. only weeks before the election the same i.g. found election security plans, quote: do not sufficiently mitigate other risks to physical security, terrorism threats or targeted violence to the infrastructure. joining me now to talk about it, john solomon, editor in chief of "just the news" and a best selling author. john, you know, crust krebs was -- chris krebs was, as i mentioned a few minutes ago, sort of the darling of the media -- >> he was. gregg: -- who hailed his brilliance as a skulled leader of this -- skilled leader of this security unit that's supposed to prevent cyber attacks among other things.
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turns out he's a model of incompetence. admittedly, he says he's to blame for this massive cybersecurity attack. well, here's right about that, isn't he? >> well, listen, thed are e flags were there for weeks and months before election day and not just about what cisa, his agency, did on elections. its overall performance. think of this, it is supposed to be the agency that coordinates all cybersecurity defenses, and it had the lowest score inside homeland of any of the agencies that the homeland inspector general looked at. it got a ranking of one on four of its six measures, one being the worst score, five being the highest, the other agencies had way better cybersecurity or protection than the agency that with gave the keys to and said make us all safe or. there were many things flagged from june to october. the inspector general released four damning reports saying cisa
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is not doing its job well, we are not well protected. this is sort of a sugar pull, so to spook -- pill, as opposed to a real defensive posture for america. gregg: so you've got these 50 plus former intel officials who signed this politically-motivated letter before the election -- >> sure. gregg: you know the whole hunter biden corruption, influence peddling and all the evidence uncovered but "the new york post" nothing but russian disinformation. we now know that's not true. >> right. gregg: these intel officials were peddling disinformation. so now they look like the fools that they really are. and unbelievably they're still standing by their claim it's russian disinformation notwithstanding the fact we now know that there is a criminal investigation into these matters. >> yeah. more importantly, the chief of intelligence for the united states, the director of national intelligence john ratcliffe, has said there's no evidence of the laptop or the e-mails that have
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been out there are russian disinformation. in addition, the fbi said it had nothing to add to dni ratcliffe's claims, so the people investigating it don't believe it's a russian disinformation campaign involving hunter biden. tomorrow i'm going to put some new information out that will show exactly how hunter biden landed his job in 2014 at brees that in you -- burisma in ukraine. i think it will enlighten everyone on how he used his father's name and specifically a trip to make sure he got that lucrative contract. i'll have that for folks tomorrow who come to gregg: you've broken a lot of stories on the russia collusion case, and your two most recent stories delve into the newly-declassified documents revealing text messages. we haven't soon these before, sent or -- seen these before, sent or received by peter strzok. what do they until tell us in. >> well, they give us
5:20 am
contemporaneous proof that the fbi knew before it went to the fisa court, just like your books laid out is so eloquently, that the fbi knew two things; that chris for steele had broken protocol and that his goal wasn't just to inform for the fbi, but in the words of peter strzok's own text messages, he was trying to, quote-unquote, influence the election. this is a significant finding. if a month before you've determined christopher steele is leaking and trying to influence the election, then you go to the court the next month, the fisa court, and say of we have no derogatory information, he's a good source, you've lied, you've miss led to the court. we now know the chief of the crossfire hurricane investigation a had that level of knowledge. he had texted it to his colleagues inside the fbi. damning evidence, it's too bad that it took four years for it to come out. gregg: yeah. i mean, they knew before they submitted the fisa warrant application to spy on cart or page -- >> no doubt.
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gregg: -- that the evidence they were presenting was false. is so, in other words, this were lying to the judges, miss leading them -- misleading them and committing a fraud on the court. but you also determined that these text messages show that the fbi knew that the infamous yahoo! news article that was used by commie and the fbi -- comey and the fbi to gain the warrant, they knew that that came from the original source, the phony christopher steele dossier. >> yeah. and then they represented to a court, it's important to remind people because this comes out incrementally over four years, what they told the court. of we have no reason to believe that christopher steele directly was involved in confirming the information to yahoo! news. so they a basically tell the court the yahoo! news article is indidn't proof of christopher steele's bogus dossier when, in fact, in their own text messages they instantly realized the yahoo! news article comes from christopher steele and it's part of his efforts to, quote-unquote, influence the
5:22 am
election. what an incredible con job the fbu did on the fisa court. this wasn't lund oring or bad -- blundering or incompetence, this was an intentional con job upon one of the most important courts in our country. gregg: yeah. lying to the court, they should be prosecuted for defrauding the government -- >> yeah, no doubt. gregg: contempt of court for lying to them. john solomon, as always a, great stuff. we look forward to the column tomorrow that you're going to be breaking some news on. thanks very much. check out "just the news," his web site. we'd like to hear your thoughts. share your comments and follow lou on twitter @loudobbs, follow him on facebook and follow him on instagram and parler @loudobbstonight. coming up next, new concerns about a huguely contagious strain of the china vise. should you be worried in we'll ask dr. marc did you know that geico's whole 15 minutes thing...
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>> welcome back, i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. one of the world's busiest cities has turned into a virtual ghost town. the streets of london are fairly empty after the city was placed on lockdown amid a surge of the new strain of the china virus which is said to be up to 70% more infectious. dissension among the most radical democrats, congresswoman ilhan omar calling it shameful for lawmakers like fellow squad member alexandria ocasio-cortez to be at the front of the line for the china virus vaccine. omar tweeting this: we are not more important than front-line workers, teachers, etc., who are making sacrifices every day which is why i don't -- won't take it. people who need it most should get it, full stop. joining us now to talk about it, fox news medical correspondent
5:28 am
dr. marc siegel, author of "covid, the politics of fear and the power of science. " be sure to pick that up. dr. siegel, i understand that, you know, elected officials want to unsure compliance. i get it. but this can do that verbally. they can encourage people to take the vaccine. but instead, it looks like aoc has jumped to the front of the line, and my goodness, she's, you know, 31 is years old. -- 31 years old. she's healthy, she has about a 0% chance of diagnose of covid. -- of dying of covid. wouldn't you agree that she's not an essential work or? i dare say none of the 435 members of congress are essential workers. i find e them all superfluous. what do you think? [laughter] >> least of all the squad, right, gregg? i mean, listen, you know, i mean, for once i agree with
5:29 am
congresswoman omar. i mean, i heard over the weekend that they're literally giving the vaccine out in the hallways of congress. how many leaders do we need? now, i like the idea, as you just said, of leadership, you know, i'll take the it then you take it. but how many congress people do we need to do that? i don't believe more people in ark oc's district going to take it as a result of this. i think she's just zooming to the front9 of the line. we need the health care workers -- gregg: there are millions of seniors in nursing homes, for example, who have not received the vaccine and a whole lot of teachers including my own sister who hasn't. those people should, should go first, you know? teachers, firefighters, police officers, health care workers, seniors in nursing care facilities. in massachusetts inmates will be among the first to get vaccines apparently now. i have a different take on this, and ity you agree with me -- and i think you agree with me, that given the number of cases in
5:30 am
prison and the threat of out of control spread, that's probably a wise decision. >> completely agree with you. 400,000 prisoners have gotten covid-19 so far, that's 20% of the entire prison population in the united states, and 1800 have died, and it spreads out of prisons because prison wards take it out -- wardens take it out into the community. it's the same as nursing homes in the sense that you have a close space and a lot of spread going on. that will help dramatically to decrease the number of cases. absolutely, they should be towards the front of the line. gregg: yeah. now, i mentioned in the introduction there's this new strain of covid that is 70% more contagious. not deadly, but con today e juice. contagious. and there's deep concern about this, but i have hard more than one epidemiologist, other medical exe percents say that the vaccines are designed to cover this kind of strain
5:31 am
similar blue but the way they're designed -- simply by that way they're designed. what do you think? >> well, first of all, gregg, here we go again with the panic going before the science, right? everybody hears the word mutation, and they run for the hills. literally in london it's a ghost town, as you said, and all of the young people got onto trains in advance of this tier 4 lock down, and they went out of town together i huddle close together, probably spreading covid are. makes no public if health sense. panic always spreads virus. now, as far as the mutation itself, this happens to pandemic strawns. they change -- strains. they change. it's not unusual. you know what usually happens? they become more transmissable but less deadly and less severe. we don't know that about this yet, but there's no sign whatsoever that it's become more deadly, no sign whatsoever. and as far as the vaccine is concerned, you hit that exactly right. it would take several months or
5:32 am
years before there would be enough of a shift of the virus to where it would no long or react to this vaccine. it's almost definitely going to be covered by this vaccine without question. and then, of course, later on a year or two from now the vaccine itself, this new technology very easy to adjust. not necessary now. all of the panic is completely unnecessary. gregg: back in march i egan writing a series of columns saying, wait a minute, shutdowns and lockdowns are wrong, it's a huge mistake. it could be counterproductive in many ways, not based on science, unconstitutional violation of civil liberties, ruining people 's lives and livelihoods. just look at all of the people who are now impoverished and without jobs. but the other effects, mental health issues, depression, anxiety few, alcoholism, drug abuse, and now we're learning that in san francisco drug overdoses, deaths, a fewalties
5:33 am
from -- fatalities from drugs are far outnumbering covid deaths. no surprise, doctor? >> no surprise, gregg. and as you said, you've been pointing this out from the beginning, and i have also. and, you know, depression is up but about 30%. about 30% of all a americans are depressed right now. you talk about san francisco with this tight lockdown, only about 140 people have died in san francisco from covid-19, but over the same period of time over 700 have died of drug overdoses. and you know why? the increase in drug overs doses is clearly related to, as you pointed out already, to the loss of jobs, to the economic depression, to the stress, nowhere to go, you know? restaurants closed, all of this leads to tremendous stress. and if you had a drug addiction problem before, you then resume it. and that's -- 3,000 uses of narcan in san francisco over the same year. untold story, and it's part of
5:34 am
the damage of the pandemic. gregg: dr. marc siegel, thanks for being with us, appreciate it. coming up next, global elites lay out their post-china virus plans for the world. historian victor davis hanson joins us with more on that when we come back.
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ask your doctor, check your blood pressure. your daily dashboard from fidelity -- a visual snapshot of your investments, key portfolio events, all in one place. because when it's decision time, you need decision tech. only from fidelity. gregg: breaking news, tensions runningy high in a really at the oregon state capitol amid growing
5:38 am
outrage over the latest round of china virus lockdowns. take a look at this. [background sounds] >> shame on you! shame on you! gregg: protesters demanding lawmakers allow businesses to reopen as those lawmakers met inside. some protesters did manage to get inside the building, four men were arrested. the global elites attending the world economic forum in davos, they're admitting that their annual meeting next year will be used to launch what they call the great reset initiative. the forum saying, quote, the time to rebuild trust and to make crucial choices is vast approaching as the need to reset priorities and the urgency to reform systems grows stronger around the world.
5:39 am
right. joining us now is victor davis hanson. he is a senior fellow at the hoover institution at stanford university and a national review contributor. professor, great to see you. is so the world economic forum is a group of global elites. these are super rich people who fly in to a ritzy ski resort, they chopper in on private helicopters. these are people who then attend a bunch of lavish parties, they're inherently out of touch. i mean, time magazine said it's a reunion for the people who broke the modern world. i happen to think anytime you get george soros and mark zuckerberg and greta then berg in the same room, it's a recipe for loony tunes. but what is this great re9 set? reset? >> well, i might just respond to your comments by saying if you just had a pledge to park 1600
5:40 am
private jets and come commercial air travel or by train, there wouldn't be a davos, because they wouldn't put up with it. [laughter] we said it's a bunch of global elites, or as you said, and they have two protocols or two themes. one is that their credentials or theirings or their inherited or made wealth make them elites and allow them to talk down to people, and, you know, by top-down measures dictate to people in a nondemocratic way what's good for this many. and second, their power and influence and wealth moon they're never going to be -- mean they're never going to be subject to the ideology. capitalism made them wealth, but they don't want it for anybody else. they want to close the attic door so nobody climbs up after them. in that's how they operate. but basically, for all the different issues they have -- open borders, identity politics -- the main, the gem of their entire ideology is climate
5:41 am
change. and it's very ironic because in the united states under donald trump, 2019, we had the lowest carbon emissions, i think, since 1992. so free market capitalism and the conversion from coal to natural gas gave us smaller, fewer carbon emissions than we'd had in almost 30 years x. if i don't know what the panic is when we're doing so el with to lower those emissions. and this is at a time when we were being welcometured by europe, and -- lectured by europe, and we have an economy that's about 1.7 times larger than europe does. even though the e.u. has a larger population. so we're creating prosperity and maintaining it, at least before cohave vid, we're -- covid, we're letting the intend system find solutions -- entrepreneurial system find solutions, and i don't think they like that. they don't have any control over it. they're the foreign
5:42 am
counterparts, gregg, of what gavin newsom and remember what hillary clinton said, we can't ever let a serious crisis, in this case the lockdown and the virus, go to washington. newsom, in relation to making progressive capitalism even more progressive and hillary for national health care. but all of these people admit that there's no popular support for their agenda, and they have to manipulate people's fear in a crisis to push it through. gregg: you know, professor or, i always read your columns, i've read your books. your latest column persuasively argues that china is anxious for and almost giddy over trump's departure from the white house. is that because china views joe biden as a way to return to their sort of longstanding habits of abusing america and harming the u.s.? >> yeah. i don't think it really -- it
5:43 am
really doesn't matter, gregg, what you say or i say, it's what they say. we got that wonderful excerpt, i think it was a from a professor where he laughed and said the bidens are back, wall street is back, the establishment is back, hunter is back. and now we've got our team running the government. what he meant was asymmetrical trade, patent infringement, copyright theft, it can logical appropriation, dumping currency manipulation and then the propaganda campaign that says if you push back, you're race u.s. or nativist or xenophobia, and then control the u.n., the world health organization and all for what? for really the most autocratic, dictatorial, racist country in the world to proceed on its idea of road hegemony, silk road, belt and road, all these flush etives -- initiatives. and i guess the bottom line is, greging, they're very sun call, and they fool they can get away with all of this because whether it's a mike bloomberg or the
5:44 am
disney corporation or mark zuckerberg or bill gates or the nba, they have people -- hollywood, they have all of these institutions and influential people that have gotten very rich in china. about a third of a million students here, they're unfiltrated, if i could use that term, andall our major universities are doing this major research with american researchers. not a week goes by that you don't find somebody arrested from committee e that for technological or espionage appropriation. my university we just arrested somebody who was a visiting professor employed by the chinese military. we just found out we didn't report $64 billion -- $64 million in gives from anonymous chinese donors. we just found out another research team's facial recognition was used by the chinese government to monitor ethnic and religious dissidents. so they're deeply are 'em wedded in -- embedded in all of our institutions. gregg: they're doing a lot of
5:45 am
cheers in china with the change of administrations. victor davis hanson, great to see you. thanks so much. coming up next, red storm rising. china has been spying on cia assets for years. will this impact their ability to gather information on the communist regime?
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every year, we set out to do one thing: help the world believe in holiday magic. and this year was harder than ever. and yet, somehow, you all found a way to pull it off. it's not about the toys or the ornaments but about coming together. santa, santa, you're on mute! just wanted to say thanks. thanks for believing.
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gregg: on wall street, stocks were mix, the dow falling 201 points, s&p down 8 points, nasdaq gained 65 points. volume on the big board, 4.1 billion shares. and the trump economy's historic rebound has revived even higher. the commerce department says the economy grew by 33.4% in the third quarter of 2020, that's three-tenths of a percentage point higher than the previous estimate. a reminder, listen to lou's reports three times a day on the salem radio network. red storm rising, china has reportedly been using stolen data to spy on cia operatives in africa and europe for years. former u.s. intelligence and national security officials telling foreign policy magazine that the spying in some instances was so blatant, intel
5:50 am
officials thought the chinese wanted to be caught. other instances were more subtle and only detected through counterintelligence operations. and the u.s. navy making a show of force in the middle east for the first time in eight years. a guided missile sub ma year has entered the persian gulf, the navy publicly announcing one of its cruise missile subs has gone past the strait of hormuz just one a day after the u.s. embassy in baghdad was attacked by a barrage of rockets causing minor damage. joining me now to talk about this,kt mcfarland, former deputy national security adviser or to president trump and my friend. kt, good to so you, as always. so china using stolen information to spy on cia assets, are you concerned and should we be concerned that our intelligence community not taking china seriously enough? >> well, i think that there are a whole lot of people that are
5:51 am
not taking china seriously enough. the intelligence community, yes, probably the defend department and certainly the incoming biden administration. but it's not just that the chinese are spying on our spies, it's the chinese are spying on everybody. how many times do you get that e-mail notification when you try to buy something online and it says we think your password may have been compromised, we suggest you change your password. well, the chinese for years have been hacking up and sort of vacuuming up personal day that. you know -- data. you know, during the obama administration they hacked the government office of personnel management and took the files of probably 20 million american government employees. but it's not just that, they're the hoovering up health care information, your personal data, your financial data. and, you know, for years everybody sort of scratched their heads and said, what are they going to do with all of this? well, we now know. they are setting up files, using that probably to determine artificial intelligence files, but also to create a file on millions of americans.
5:52 am
the estimate, gregg, is that half of the american population has been hacked. gregg: all right. i want to talk about this massive cyber attack. joe biden in his news conference today said that the u.s. would respond to that attack, but he wouldn't say exactly how. what are the options? >> well, you know, he shouldn't saw how because, first of all, he's not president of the united states yet. but secondly, the options, i think, are going to be more cyber and stealth options and covert options than the fact that the united states has the ability but probably not the inclination to send battleships into the black e sea. here's what i'm concerned with, gregg, is that we've seen year after year there are more and more serious hacks, be by the russians this time, by the chinese before, by other countries, and yet we never seem to be able to protect ourselves. i mean, the government -- we're not doing good at this. as much as we have the smartest,
5:53 am
most innovative, technologically-savvy people in silicon valley, they're not helping protect u.s. society. so i'm very concerned for three things. one, we need to accept the fact that the government isn't able to do this, we need help, and we need help fast and we need it from silicon valley who have been so far reluctant to help republicans, dell democrats or anybody in the government. and number two, where are the red lines? when you just said what are the responses going to be, well, is this an act of war or is this not an act of war? did they just steal some e-mail addresses, or are they trying to undermine a city electric grid or civilian infrastructure in and then finally, i'm sorry to hear joe biden say that today, that it's all president trump's fault? no, it's not, it's everyone's fault. if we play politics with this and everything else, we're never going to get to a solution. gregg: i mentioned in the introduction there was a rocket
5:54 am
attack on the u.s. embassy in baghdad. apparently, this was iranian-backed militias who launched the rocket attack. a day later we send this guided missile submarine into the p gulf. is that moorly a show of -- merely a show of force or something more? >> well, i think it is a show of force on the part of the outgoing trump administration many, but it's something more and that's to let the region know that -- you know, the iranians, it's like you mentioned earlier, the chinese, they're very excited about a biden administration because they think they're going to get everything they want. the iranians feel the psalm way. they think when biden comes in, it'll be the good old days. iran will get money, iran will not have to abide by a lot of international agreements, and iran can go its her true way towards acquiring nuclear withins. i think what you saw with the attack on the american embassy in baghdad was the iranians flexing their muscles. i think this is donald trump's parting messaging to them to say
5:55 am
not so fast, you know, iran, we're not going to let you -- as america, we're not going to let you got away, at least while trump is president, we're not going to let you get away with the sort of things you got away with in the obama administration and presidentially the biden administration. dwrg greg the iranians think biden's going to lift the sanctions -- >> yeah. gregg: and, you know, maybe more pallets of cash on the runway, right? >> yeah, but it's more than that. it's because the iran nuclear deal was sold to the american people as, oh, this is terrific, we're going to get iran to stop its nuclear weapons program. it never did anything of the sort. it just delayed it. it put the pause button on for a couple of years. iran's going to have nuclear weapons by 2025. gregg: right. yeah, yeah. john kerry, barack obama. nice deal, joe. kt mcfarland, thanks for being to all the businesses that helped us make it through 2020... thank you for going the extra mile...
5:56 am
and for the extra pump of caramel. thank you for the good food... and the good karma. thank you for all the deliveries... especially this one. you've reminded us that no matter what, we can always find a way to bounce forward. so thank you, to our customers and to businesses everywhere, from all of us at comcast business.
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♪. gregg: john solomon this evening revealing more about the poor performance of fired cybersecurity chief chris krebbs. >> customs and border patrol, immigration enforcement agency had way better cybersecurity protection than the agency we fav the keys to make us all safer. many things flagged from june to october, the inspector general released four damning reports saying sisa is noll doing its job. this is sort of a sugar pill so
6:00 am
to speak. as a real defensive posture for america. gregg: join us tomorrow. lance gooden and investigative journalist sarah carter lauren: good morning, everyone, i'm lauren simonetti in for maria bartiromo. it is wednesday christmas eve eve, december 23rd, your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. major moments in the political realm. first back to the drawing board. president trump telling congress to fix the stimulus deal pass asking them to cut spending way down and sure up more money to americans, $2,000 checks instead of 600. we are looking at what to cut down and what to expect. presidential pardons, one of the pardoned formergn


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