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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  December 23, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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clients looking 12 months out. i think you can make a lot of money in the energy space. charles: you know what, i'm inclined to agree. oil has been on fire since the election and going through the roof. eddie, have a great christmas, my friend. you have been spot-on. you made us a lot of money. liz claman, you know, no sleepy holiday sessions anymore, huh? it's just like every day is exciting. liz: i know. i know. but listen, regardless, you and i are always so geeked up but this is amazing, right? i mean, markets are putting a bow on the last full trading day of this holiday-shortened weekend, wrapping up new records for the nasdaq and the russell 2000 as stocks gain on stimulus optimism, vaccine rollouts and improving job numbers. but it's more what they are ignoring. could these green gains be short-lived? president trump could be about to play a little bit of a grinch, if he decides to slap a veto on the government spending bill. he doesn't like the amount that people are getting in the checks
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for the coronavirus stimulus bill which is something different, but we are going to take you straight to the white house for the very latest on sorting this all out. as coronavirus cases surge, one company has been given emergency use of not one, but two covid-19 tests that deliver results in as few as 10 minutes. the ceo just got another approval in the last couple of hours. he is here in a fox business exclusive about this game-changing development. and on the day before the night before christmas, as you rush out for those last-minute gifts, we are going to introduce you to the company that runs a rewards program that takes you back not in u.s. dollars, but bitcoin. you've got to hear about the lolly app from the co-founder and ceo who will join us live. in the meantime, i need you to look at this right now. if the risk of a government shutdown cannot keep the markets down, why would a flurry of highly questionable economic numbers that just came out swamp
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stocks either? look at the intraday of the s&p. it is just off its session highs. a gain of 23 points is the high. right now we are still up about 17 but econo-santa frontloading a bunch of economic data ahead of christmas and his naughty list is quite long. number one, new home sales dropped 11% in november from the previous month. personal income falling 1.1% in november. core capital goods orders, which exclude aircraft and defense products, is basically a proxy for business investment, really disappointed. while it did rise .4% in november, october, it saw 1.6% rise. notables on the nice list. let's not ignore that. jobless claims fell from last week and the headline durable goods number came in better than expected. but let's get to the floor show traders. teddy weisberg and scott bauer. guys, based on these stats, do you buy stocks now or freeze until january 4th? i will start with scott first. what do you think, scott?
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>> hi, liz. happy holidays to you. you know, i'm a little skeptical right here. i think there's still too much risk on the table, even though the market has shrugged off pretty much everything that's been thrown at it. some of the economic signs that we've seen here are very troubling to me. we obviously have had just such a rally here and i'm not saying this rally can't continue but i'm holding off. i would not put any new money into the market right now. in fact, with the big decrease in volatility that we've seen just over the last week, you know, the vix is down, what, 25% or so over the last week, now it might be actually a good time to buy a little bit of insurance. i'm not even looking at january 4th, liz. i want to go out maybe to the mid-part of january, even looking closer to that all-important january 20th date before -- liz: isn't it too late, scott? >> liz, i honestly don't believe so. listen, if i miss 5% from here, to the way up, okay, then i miss
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5%. but i think the risks far outweigh the potential gain over the next couple of weeks. going into 2021, we may have a lot of tailwind for both the economy and the markets but over the next few weeks, i would rather err on the side of caution. liz: you know, this is why people pay scott bauer a lot of money to learn how to trade, teddy, because he's okay with leaving a little on the table. are you? would you be picking some things up now, waiting until january 4th? >> well, i have a slightly different view but i think we are sort of on the same page. first of all, the year is over. the year has been over probably for two or three weeks, if not longer, for most investors. it's a little late, it's a little late in the game to try to make the year if you haven't done it by now. for some folks, it's been a great year. this is the funny season when it comes to stock trading. the weak stocks tend to get weaker because you end up with a lot of tax selling. i think there are always
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interesting things to do, not necessarily this week but next week, especially if you wait until the last trading day of the year, because on those lumps of coal which are all the beaten-up stocks, every once in awhile you can find a real diamond. for those people that like to play the year end tax selling game, this is the time of year that they wait for every year, year in and year out. beyond that, i just think the election in georgia is the next game changer. we don't know how that's going to turn out. if it turns out favorably for the republicans, you know, it's game on. if it doesn't, then it's a game changer and i think then you kind of want to be on the sidelines and see where the dust is going to settle. liz: yeah, i agree. you're looking at nasdaq winners right now. expedia, some of the travel names, that's a bit of a surprise. gentlemen, it is so great to have you every day of the year, but specifically on this day, because tomorrow, we've got a shortened trading session.
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i want to thank you both so much for joining us and being our star floor show traders and by the way, guys, i have a little present for you. coming up later in the show, this is for all our viewers, i am going to reveal what warren buffett told me when i asked him last week on the phone, just talking, which book he felt i absolutely must read. now, i thought he would say what he always says which is the intelligent investor by ben graham but no, he blew me away with a recommendation that i immediately bought. now, why am i making you wait? because it's kind of out of print. i want everybody to have time to get amazon or wherever you buy your books fired up so that you will all have a fair shot the second i reveal it. the buffett-recommended stocking stuffer for investor readers, coming up. stay tuned. let's look at the dow futures. if you looked back last night, they plunged after president trump's twitter address, he put out that video last night and he
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slammed the just-passed government spending and coronavirus stimulus bills but will he actually slap a presidential veto on one or both and reset the clock on a government shutdown on december 28th? blake burman joins us now from the nation's capital. what's going on, blake? what do you know as far as the latest of what could happen? reporter: it's interesting because the president last night, when he released that video did not say the word veto. he said that he wants changes made to the covid relief bill but didn't specifically say he would veto it. we have been trying to ask the white house will the president veto it or not and still are waiting to hear back from them. the president, though, all of a sudden has some unusual folks in his corner on this one, and that is nancy pelosi and democrats, because the president says that he wants the direct payments to be three times higher than what they currently are in the bill that was passed by the house and the senate. nancy pelosi today saying she
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welcomes what the president wants and is now calling on republicans not to block the process. here's what she wrote in part to her democratic colleagues earlier today. quote, if the president truly wants to join in the $2,000 payments he should call upon leader mccarthy to agree to our unanimous consent request. this puts republicans in a tricky spot because the top two republicans on capitol hill, mitch mcconnell and kevin mccarthy, along with the white house's own representative, the treasury secretary steve mnuchin, agreed to the $600 checks, yet the president, head of the party, says it's not good enough. still, though, there are some and really even many republicans who are saying that the checks are not needed at all. for example, listen here to senator rand paul earlier today. >> look, my kids are working and don't need the check. they're not rich but they don't need the check. and most working americans don't need the check right now. it's a really foolish egg-headed left wing socialist idea to pass out free money to people. reporter: liz, the president of course also takes issue with the
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spending side of this, meaning the $1.4 trillion government spending deal in which he believes that there is waste attached to it, though a lot of the items that he cited were also within his administration's very own budget. by the way, little bit of news here in this part of the country within the last hour or so. we just learned the head of the s.e.c., jake clayton, informed president trump that today will be his last day on the job over at the s.e.c. liz? liz: wow! i would say that's news. i would also say to senator rand paul, try telling those people, the 30 million people who are begging for help when it comes to either having lost their job or diminished work hours that this is an egg-headed move to offer people more money. i mean, americans are hurting, blake. surprised he said that. reporter: yeah. i mean, we have seen the
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unemployment numbers and we have seen them, you know, getting to 14% at one point, the tens of millions of americans who have lost income and there's a lot of hurt in this country, and $600 would help a lot of people, and that is the argument as to why this needs to get out and get out quick and why this shouldn't have been held up and shouldn't continue to be held up, but the argument that some republicans are making is the national debt, $27.5 trillion, and they believe we can't continue to spend. liz: yeah. well, i think the president is a registered republican and he says give people more money. all right. we will be watching it. blake, thank you. fox business alert. pop goes the tire on nikola shares which continue to lose air in this final hour. the beleaguered electric vehicle truck maker's deal with trash and recycling services giant rsg for a purchase of up to 5,000 zero emission trucks, abandoned on the side of wall street. already down 26% this month,
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nikola is falling 9.6% today. rsg is also sputtering, do down .66%. ask yourself is nikola's pain excel fleet's gain? the verdict may be out on that but look at the ev delivery maker, seeing nothing but clear roads ahead in its public debut via spac today, it jumped 88% in this final hour. heck, look at canoo. they just went public via spac yesterday. they are adding 2.8% on to their stock price at the moment. let's get to fubo tv caught in a steel cage death match. shares were up 25% on monday and more than 26% yesterday after needham said the rally in the sports streamer is far from over but the bears have the upper paw at this hour, down 9.7% after bmo triggered a selloff into the close. bmo moving to the sidelines on valuation concerns because you know what? shares are up 531% this quarter
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and yet they lost 274 million compared with a year ago loss of $6.9 million. yes, yes, their subscriptions are jumping. i get that. but hey, numbers are numbers. call it a rest day earlier for peloton and nautilus. peloton actually was down, it's now up 1.25%. again, yesterday's news that it was tied up with precor sent peloton stock to its fourth record close in a row. in turn, nautilus got a halo effect as well. but profit taking slowing both down earlier and now just nautilus moving down 3.5%. peloton looking at a fifth straight record close, if it can hold on to these gains. and when you take into account the strength building these two companies have shown, this year alone, maybe it's normal that people would be cashing out after these gains. peloton, up 473% since the 1st of the year, and nautilus has
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gained 1,117% as the pandemic shuttered gyms, fueling a rush to buy home gym equipment. the price of the third most popular cryptocurrency dropping as the s.e.c. officially fires a legal shot at it. the ripple effects of the charges against xrp parent ripple could either wound it or give investors the best buying opportunity in years. bitcoin, well, bitcoin is raging higher but what happens if it goes south for the winter in what has to be the easiest way to start owning bits of bitcoin, is lolly. the ceo of the app that lets you own bitcoin as you shop for everything from nikes all the way down to shaving razor blades is here to game out the future of crypto's in the real world. closing bell, it's ringing in 47 minutes. "the claman countdown" coming right back. dow is jumping 227 points right now. stay with us.
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you might think you were born with a slow metabolism.d to lose weight, ♪ that's exactly what these people thought. (woman) i lost 75 pounds with golo. (announcer) nambu lost 48 pounds. hannah lost 60 pounds. and graham lost 131 pounds. how? they went to now it's your turn to lose weight quickly and easily with golo. head to now. that's i think it's lagged maybe because in part, the u.s. government has provided clarity about bitcoin, they've provided
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clarity about ether but then remained silent about the third most valued digital asset in xrp. i think regulators have a hard problem. these are new technologies and there's work to be done there but i think globally, it's been more positive, right. the uk government has been clear around their designation xrp is not a security, more of a utility token. the japanese government has been clear. the singaporan government. liz: a lawsuit filed against it by the s.e.c. is probably not what ripple ceo brad garlinghouse had in mind when i interviewed him just over a year ago. the securities and exchange commission alleges the third largest cryptocurrency behind bitcoin is not a payment or token currency type of thing but rather, a security that hasn't followed s.e.c. regulations properly. xrp did get slammed in the wake of this suit.
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right now it's down about 34%. compared to yesterday, i mean, it's struggling certainly. meanwhile, bitcoin is up about 20% this month and 370% plus since its 2020 low of under $5,000 back in march. look at it now, $23,509. new adopters jumping on every day. billionaire mark cuban tweeting just a couple of hours ago that he would offer 25% off dallas mavericks gear, because he's the owner of the dallas mavs, if you buy with bitcoin. but perhaps the biggest rush involves the new app lolli. the site offers shopping rewards not in dollars, but in bitcoin. adidas, microsoft, sephora and ebay are among lolli's 1,000 plus merchant partners. alex adelman joins us now in a fox business exclusive. alex, what kind of jump in subscriber numbers have you seen? >> it's been wild. we have had a very dramatic
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growth over this holiday season. one, because it's the holiday season and people are shopping more than ever, especially online. and then two, the fed is printing more money than ever and people are looking to bitcoin as a store of value. liz: yeah. i get it. but tell us how it works. so similar to rakitin which kicks back some of what you purchased and that price directly into, say, 529 college funds or just an account, how does lolli work with bitcoin? >> so lolli functions very similarly to a cash back program but instead of getting cash back you get bitcoin back. when we launched about two and a half years ago and even a year ago, when bitcoin was down at around $4,000, our users had accumulated bitcoin and the price has been 6x so now we are seeing these users cash back they would have gotten, because
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they got bitcoin back, is now six times the value when they had earned it. liz: yeah. yeah. i get it. so how are people cashing in? are they asking and can they get what bitcoin they have actually earned back in cash if they so desire? do they have to use it to purchase other things from your merchant partners? >> they can earn cash back as they have with other applications but what is unique to us is they can earn bitcoin back. to answer your earlier question, the way it works is we partner with merchants, those merchants pay us and then we pay our users, sending bitcoin to their lolli wallet. for many people, bitcoin, you had to either mine it or invest in it. we are trying to make it easier for everybody to get involved in bitcoin without having to buy it, and taking something they are used to doing which is shopping and letting them earn bitcoin when they shop.
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liz: it's fascinating to watch. obviously you now have ebay. i know that paypal and square have allowed at this point the ability to use bitcoin. what do you foresee for the future and how can this company grow? you have outright bought a store of bitcoin, a bunch of it, correct? >> correct. we are excited to announce we have rewarded over $1 million in bitcoin to our hundreds of thousands of users, and so yeah, we have given out a lot of free bitcoin so far and we are going to continue to do so, and we see international expansion -- liz: how much? how much have you put out? >> what's that? liz: how much have you given out? >> just over -- we just had $1.2 million in bitcoin we have given out so far. liz: wow. in bits and pieces, correct? >> correct. yes. we do have users that have earned two bitcoin. we have people who are using it
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for every purchase, they are using it for travel, for business, for personal, so they have accumulated a lot of bitcoin. then we have users that have earned $50 in bitcoin but now that bitcoin is now $250. we have a wide range of different users and people use it for different use cases and because we have 1,000 different merchants, you can imagine that you can use it for everyday purchases from travel to pet goods to groceries, you name it. liz: got it. we are showing some nikes or adidas shoes and you can get a little fraction of bitcoin kicked back to you after you spend the 200 bucks. alex, we will continue to follow lolli. what an app and interesting development. speaking of developments, folks, we have this breaking news. president trump has just veto'ed the national defense authorization act. let's go back to blake burman. he's got details as we watch the markets still holding up here, blake. reporter: liz, this was expected. the president had to act until
3:24 pm
tonight and he's just unveiled the official veto of the defense bill, $740 billion to fund the military. this overwhelmingly passed in congress. the democratic house, the republican-controlled senate. but one of the main objections for president trump was that he wanted section 230 to be repealed and included in this. of course, section 230, as you know, the legal protection that social media platforms have, and this was the explainer as the president wrote when he officially gave his veto. he said quote, section 230 facilitates the spread of foreign disinformation online which is a serious threat to our national security and election integrity. it must be repealed, writes the president. we should note, liz, that section 230 has never been combined in any form whatsoever with the defense authorization act up until this point. it's been two completely separate things. so what happens next? since the president has veto'ed
3:25 pm
this, it now goes back to congress and as i mentioned, congress did overwhelmingly pass this and they are expected to override the president's veto and if and when that does happen, likely in the next handful of days or so, potentially after christmas or at some point in the next handful of days, it would be the first and only veto override of the trump presidency. the president threatened this, he said it would happen if there wasn't a repeal of section 230, and he has officially veto'ed the defense bill. liz? liz: okay. all right. we'll be watching. any future vetos that could come in this hour. blake burman, thank you. we'll be right back. as i said, dow, nasdaq, s&p and russell holding on to their gains. stay tuned.
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liz: well, tesla is looking for its first win after hitting a few speed bumps since joining the s&p 500. shares are actually down nearly
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7% since monday's official entry into the official club of top 500 companies in u.s. but elon musk's happy dance still going strong after its high-powered performance in 2020, look at this, up more than 672% this year. his electric vehicle giant becoming the most, unbelievable, the most valuable automaker in the world. more than porsche, more than ford, more than kia, yeah. with a market cap of more than $611 billion. tesla's not the only thing going wild in 2020. guess what, you guys? my test drive of the model y is now a viral hit, thanks to you all. it's racked up more than, i can't believe it, 180,000 views and counting on tiktok alone. if you haven't seen it yet, we actually made it available across all platforms so you can follow me on twitter, it's on
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there, snap, facebook as well as tiktok. check it out. let me know what you think. it's my excellent adventure of test driving the model y. to the top work and celebrate from home stock of the year, no way, nobody comes close, and the move it's making right now. jackie deangelis eyeballing zoom at this hour. jackie: good afternoon, liz. well, zoom sliding on reports that it's looking to explore e-mail and calendar services, after a successful 2020 driven by the work from home movement. now, the video conferencing firm reportedly considering trying to replicate its success in other areas. and cinemark shares rising as it escalates a fight against its insurer, factory mutual insurance. the theater chain suing the insurance firm for $400 million claiming that the company adopted a strategy to deny paying cinemark for pandemic-related losses that should have been covered by its policy. and an intergalactic price target adding some magic to
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disney into the close. wells fargo hiking to a street high of $201 a share. while getting even more bullish on the growth of disney's streaming services that it sees continuing well into 2021. coming up, the company keeping college sports in the game on testing as new covid strains are emerging. that's next on "the claman countdown." your daily dashboard from fidelity -- a visual snapshot of your investments, key portfolio events, all in one place. because when it's decision time, you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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and a self-directed ira is an easy way to protect your financial future so you don't want to wait for the next market crash. make the call today, you'll be glad you did. liz: breaking news. covid testing kit maker quidel's stock over the last year, it has done incredibly well. over the last week it's up 4.7% but the company, this is breaking news, it has just been granted its second emergency use authorization from the fda of two tests that it makes, in just the span of one week. in fact, the most recent one came just a couple of hours ago.
3:37 pm
this is a company which the big ten and pac-12 chose to use to test their football players and keep their football season open. thanks to quidel both leagues completely finished their season and crowned new champions. here in a fox business exclusive, we are joined by the president and ceo, doug bryant. doug, first to the breaking news. within the last few hours, the fda just granted your test emergency use authorization. what was that moment like for you and the company? >> great. thanks, liz. thanks for having me. thanks for the question. let me just start first by saying before i respond that we are so incredibly proud of the organization, the team here at quidel for having risen to the challenge of the pandemic, throughout the entirety of the year, but this week has been truly, truly incredible, really, and we're just so pleased to have gotten this far. these are now our fifth and
3:38 pm
sixth eua products that have been cleared. so the feeling is tremendous because my company has a moral obligation, we feel, to do the right thing and we really think we're helping the professional health care providers to combat the disease. so it's an incredible feeling. liz: yes. you and the team have done amazing work over just the past few months since this popped up but let's talk a little bit, you've got the two. solana, correct me if i'm wrong, is for professional laboratories and the quickvue is the rapid test, you can get results in as little as ten minutes, is that correct? >> that's correct. so just starting first with solana, it's a molecular platform that enables the moderately complex and highly complex labs to do 12 tests at a time in about 25 minutes. we think it's an excellent tool
3:39 pm
to help with work flow and speed and i think it's going to be very very well received by the hospital laboratory community. i'll just start, though, by mentioning that we were the first company to launch a rapid an antigen test in may. that followed an earlier pcr product we had in a couple different versions. after that, we had the combination which was for both sars and flu a and b so this is a company that's well-positioned to develop these products and manufacture these products. to your point regarding solana, that product is a molecular product and for use in hospital labs, whereas the quickvue sars antigen product is a 25-test kit that can be run in a physician's office in as little as ten
3:40 pm
minutes. that particular technology is very similar to the product that is the brand leader in the marketplace today. liz: we have a new strain that the united kingdom has identified. dr. fauci said it may already be here. do these test kits, can they be enabled to pick up this new strain of covid? >> yeah. even though it's very interesting, we were expecting to see one to two mutations a month or so and with this particular strain, we had 17 mutations all at once. some of those mutations affecting the gene that the pcr assays for the most part target, including ours. we did some analysis to assure our pcr test does indeed detect this particular strain. we have done that same analysis with the solana product we just got cleared this morning, and
3:41 pm
for the rapid antigen products, these are products that detect a highly conserved renaling onlyi region of the nuclear protein. even though there were mutations in the strain, they don't affect the performance of these products, either. we are in good shape moving forward. will that remain the case moving on if we have other mutations, i don't know. we will just have to take a look at those as they occur. liz: the stock has been on a tear, up 161% just year to date. i'm interested to know how you perceive the rollout of not one, but two vaccines and possibly j & j coming on the heels of the pfizer and moderna vaccines out there. do you anticipate i guess, you know, dark sky scenario versus blue sky scenario when it comes to the business aspect of it that the need for your tests will be attenuated and we won't really have that rush to test once the vaccines are out. >> well, i do first of all, i do
3:42 pm
think it's very important that these vaccines are out there today. my mother's in her 80s. she needs to be vaccinated. i think the people that are most vulnerable absolutely need to be vaccinated. but how effective the vaccines are, how long it will take to roll out, how immunity is conferred and how long-lasting, these are all questions that we don't know. so it's very difficult for me to say anything specifically but what i would say, under no scenario that we can contemplate does testing abate significantly at least for the next couple years. imagine testing at home and this quickvue sars product, i will hold up the box so you can take a look at it, but this particular product, the tests in it we hope to be over the counter here shortly, as early as, you know, the first half of 2021, certainly, but we think that the science says the frequency of testing at home and
3:43 pm
knowing that i'm positive, knowing that i should not leave my home or testing my family before we go visit grandma, very important in terms of keeping folks safe. i think that that is going to be needed for some time, regardless of the number of people who ultimately get vaccinated. liz: well, to you and the quidel team, congratulations, two emergency use authorizations in just the span of a week. one coming in the last couple of hours. doug, keep us posted on the developments here. we would love to have you back. thank you very much. >> thank you so much, liz. thanks for having me. liz: indeed. the holiday road in full swing despite covid travel warnings, as the airlines get much-needed coronavirus stimulus aid. what we are going to do is take you live to chicago o'hare international for an up to the second report on what's going on with travel. and whether you have questions on bonds or bitcoin, mortgages or midcaps, there is always one place you can turn.
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nerd wallet. yes, that website is guiding millenials and even the older folks in making the right personal finance moves and this week, we have the man who took the bull by the horns and removed the mystery from financial decisions. he's the co-founder and ceo of nerd wallet and joins my everyone talks to liz podcast. the episode just dropped today. after getting laid off from his job on wall street during the 2008 recession, he started nerd wallet with just 800 bucks and an idea in his then-girlfriend's converted one-bedroom apartment in the west village. now nerd wallet has a $100 million annual revenue stream. you have to hear this incredible story on spotify, itunes, wherever you get your podcasts. the closing bell is ringing in 15 and a half minutes. russell 2000 on track for a closing record. same with the nasdaq. stay tuned. you got to see that. and the book buffett recommends as a stocking suffer. i will reveal it coming up. t-mobile is upgrading its network
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and it will change your life. (announcer) go to that's liz: all right, everyone. i promised i would reveal the book that berkshire hathaway's warren buffett recommended to me when we spoke on the phone last week, so we're having a conversation about investors and what they should know but don't, and he blurts out the name of this book. i said what should i be reading? he gives me the name of this book. okay. does everyone have their browsers open? because it's pretty much out of print. when i went online to buy it, there were not a lot of even used copies floating around so i wanted to give you all the fairest shot to jump on. are you ready? the book warren buffett recommended to me and said i had to read is called "where are the customers' yachts" or "a good
3:50 pm
hard look at wall street." the book is by fred schwed, jr. mr. buffett told me it is a clear-eyed and hilarious reveal that every investor ought to read and by the way, he read it when he was 10 years old. i mean, he bought his first stock when he was 11. he was always thinking in that way. but the book is "where are the customers' yachts, a good hard look at wall street" by fred schwed. see if you can get one of the last few copies floating out that. from yachts to the friendly skies, airline stocks are up across the board. we have green on the screen as markets shrug off stimulus uncertainty in washington and of course, the late night demand last night by president trump to change that covid bill and make the checks more generous to americans who need it most. in that bill, $15 billion of airline payroll support. holiday travel ticking up this
3:51 pm
weekend, seeing the most traffic at airports since the start of the pandemic back in march. fox news's garrett tenney on the ground at chicago's o'hare international airport. tell us what you have been seeing, garrett. reporter: well, it's been coming in waves all day. about 20 minutes ago, we had some decent lines here behind us but of course, since we wanted to show that to you, they all cleared out. but it has been a far cry from the graveyard-like soocenes at airports over the last six, seven months during this pandemic. these crowds are expected to continue. over the next week and a half, more than 84 million americans will travel for the holidays, according to aaa. the vast majority of people, 81 million, are expected to skip the crowds at airports and hit the roads, taking advantage of some of the lowest gas prices we have seen in years. and around three million are expected to travel by air. all of that is despite public health officials pleading for folks to stay home for the holidays until the cases and the
3:52 pm
hospitalizations and the fears all this travel and family gatherings will make things even worse. a lot of folks traveling told us yeah, i know this is risky to be traveling, but given the kind of year we've had, this is a risk i'm willing to take. so not only packing their patience but packing their face mask and lots of hand sanitizer as well. liz? liz: okay. garrett, thank you very much. again, we want to remind people, it may not look crowded probably because you're not allowed to walk into airports anymore unless you actually are holding a ticket, so we will be watching this development but again, the stocks are continuing to do well, probably because they are getting a big chunk of money from the federal government. glittery gold and 805 jewels, for the los angeles lakers, there it is, their championship ring. a lot of gold in them there rings. today's "countdown" closer has the gold and silver stocks that he says could put lebron's bling to shame in the new year. you got to hear these when the
3:53 pm
closing bell rings in about eight minutes. we will see if we have that nasdaq and russell 2000 doubleheader record close. stay tuned. dow is up 167 right now. ♪ sofi made it so easy to pay off my student loan debt. (chime) choosing sofi was literally one of the best decisions i could have ever made because it gave me peace of mind. ♪ . .
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♪. liz: don't blame me. i didn't jinx it by mentioning it. nasdaq has just urned negative which is really interesting because the high of the session was a gain of 34 points. nasdaq now down 18. we'll see if it can reverse course for a record close. the russell 2000 still on place for a record. any gain for the russell gives it a new page in the history books. gold recovering after logging its first consecutive loss yesterday since early december but will the shimmery commodity keep its luster come 2021? ed coin, asset management senior
3:57 pm
director over there joining me now. you have a side window purchases of stocks that you really like here. i don't know if you saw the laker ring. the laker ring is crazy. there has to be a couple of ounces of gold in that thing. give us a sense of your overall picture of 30,000 feet for the yellow metal in the new year? >> sure. as you mentioned we love the yellow metal now. it did very well. it will continue to do well next year. what we are excited about the gold equity stocks. both large cap of senior miners more importantly, small cap junior miners, 2 billion under market cap. we think those interesting for 2021. for more looking for risk on trade for the space, take advantage of margin expansion, we think small and seniors both look very attractive right now. liz: we're looking at anglogold, ashanti, barrick gold.
3:58 pm
those are big ones, newmont. do here are the junior ones much kinross, goldfields. are they comparison to the s&p 500 this year. >> it has. silver tends to be a trading metal whereas gold is a monetary level. when the market moves, silver bugs take shape and drives the market price of the metal. many of these mines you mentioned they mine both gold and silver. some cases cop very. in many cases it is not usual to find multiple metals mined out of a single mine. liz: i know. they do copper, copper has been on a run. >> it has. liz: tell me what could be the stumbling block for gold? there are so many arguments is bitcoin going to kill gold as an alternative investment. where do you think about that? >> bitcoin is sort of like the "diamond district" in new york city. we welcome that type of competition. in fact it really brought more
3:59 pm
investors into the fold. realize they have to have a portion of their capital outside of the traditional market. so bitcoin is very different than physical gold, particularly from a monetary standpoint. you don't have a lot of central banks for example, allocating capital to bitcoin. they're very different in that regard. gold is truly a store of value out in the market. as far as what could go wrong, we're throwing a lot of things at gold right now. it is doing very well. the vaccines are rolling out. market is hitting all-time highs. all the things are happening. gold continues to get a bid. you would need the market to be priced for perfection for gold to hit a stumbling block in our view right now. liz: ed, great to have you. ed coyne. thank you for those who missed it. >> thank you. liz: one more shot the book that warren buffett is a great stocking-stuffer. he called me last week. where are the customer's yachts? it is by fred.
4:00 pm
what is the book i should be reading during the holiday, he said this one. dow, s&p 500, they see some gains. [closing bell rings] it is a record for the russell 2000. not so for the nasdaq. i wish you all a happy holiday season. it's a shortened session tomorrow. that will do it for "the claman countdown". connell: so we close it out with stocks mixed here today. the nasdaq does end down. a bit up and down. actually hit a all-time high early in the session. couldn't close as a record. turns negative in the final few minutes of trading. investors still hoping stimulus can boost the economy down the line. we have back and forth on stimulus before that. we also have new signs that the economy might be starting to slow down. as more restrictions are put in place across the nation to fight off the virus. we also are seeing, we'll talk about this for better or worse, plenty of people are planning to


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