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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 26, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. i am paul gigot. happy new year. we hope to see you here next week. ♪ lou: good evening everybody. america is now the victim of the most powerful act of espionage in geopolitical history. as we come to you this evening, we now know of at least 15 federal agencies and departments including the white house that have been infiltrated for months on end by enemies of the united states. one of those enemies is certainly russia. it is not only an attack on the american federal government, but a number of state governments as well and those state governments are currently under attack.
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we know of at least three state governments that are under such an attack. these are the agencies and departments that are under attack as well as you see there. the treasury department, commerce, the national institutes of health, cybersecurity and infrastructure which is an agency that is supposed to be an intelligence agency and cybersecurity working within the department of homeland security. both have been attacked in this espionage. the department of state, the department of defense, the executive office of the president for crying out loud, the postal service, nuclear security demonstrations, los alamos national laboratory and other national laboratories as well but los alamos is critically, it is the nexus of our nuclear weaponry.
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the federal energy regulatory commission, the office of secure transportation and at least three states of the office of secure transportation responsible for the secure transportation of nuclear, nuclear weapons and nuclear power in itself. in one of the nation's largest companies microsoft, notifying us they have identified at least 40 of their customers that have been targeted in an ongoing cyberattack. among the sources that number will rise quote substantially. this cyberattack is of course astounding. it is alarming and it is ongoing. and equally disturbing we still don't know the full extent of what all has been infiltrated and what has been stolen or for how long in fact this attack has
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been underway, how long the enemy has taken control of systems and files within the federal government in particular but also fortune 500 companies and wall street. now this massive cyber attack comes as we are gaining a somewhat deeper understanding of the communist chinese parties intentions, it's espionage and disinformation and influence campaign in america. beijing, we do know is targeted american lawmakers with their spies for years. in some cases for decades. targeting d.c. insiders as well as elected officials, chinese agents throughout wall street, the fbi which is supposed to be aware of such instances and investigate such matters. it seems to have instead been
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acting more as a weaponized political tool of the democrat party rather than a national security agency defending this country. one of the d.c. insiders targeted by the communist chinese, member of the democrat party is eric swalwell. swalwell the target of the chinese communist and a relationship with the chinese by. let there be no confusion in national security in the country is in grave, grave danger. russians roaming undetected in our computer networks since at least march of this year and many suspect it's been for years. the communist chinese have solidified their positions of influence in washington state capitols, academia, corporate boardrooms across the country. all of that is placing even more scrutiny on joe biden and his involvement with his son hunter
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biden's business dealings in china. "fox news" today obtained text messages, messages that clearly show hunter biden's former business associates are pushing to quote get joe involves end quote in a joint venture with a chinese owned energy company. joe biden however says any investigations of his son are simply unwarranted. >> we have great confidence in our son. i'm not concerned about any accusations made against him. it's used to get to me. i think it's kind of foul play. lou: our top story is the ongoing cyber attack against the united states and against america. we have learned today that the attackers used a number of entry points and methods of entry beyond the software updates that were pushed to clients for
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example of texas-based company solar winds. in a statement the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency says this, quote it is likely the adversary, not the enemy, the adversary mind you, has additional initial access vectors and tactics and procedures that have not yet undiscovered. can you imagine an agency responsible for the security of thisco country it's cybersecuriy and infrastructure could put out a lamee message like thing that they just did? imagine at pearl harbor some of the intelligence agencies in the united states saying this is going to be a very difficult, difficult war to deal with. we are just going to have to figure out what's going on. this is outrageous what we are watching and the response from
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the federal government. the cyber attack has left very little confidence among citizens that we as a nation are in control of their own networks, have knowledge of whatle is happening on our internet which is undoubtedly the battlefield not have the future but of the present. they don't know what's happened. they have very little idea of what to do apparently and putting out lame statements whether the energy departmentt r the white house press that will satisfy no one. acting defense secretary chris miller today met with the president at 3:30 this afternoon. absolutely nothing has beenille divulged about what was discussed. congress is also taking up the cyber attack against the united states and some members are comparing the attack to a declaration of war. "fox news" corresponded mark
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meredith is live shoot and has much more forests. mark. >> good evening. lawmakers have plenty of questions and plenty of outrage over the cyber attack showing how vulnerable americans are and questions left to the answer. earlier this week lawmakers started to receive receipts from top officials about what's going on behind the scenes and there's still a lot they don't know. you mentioned illinois senator dick durbin saying it's essentially akn declaration of r by russia. we have also heard from senator marco rubio who tells his committee saying this is a major concern. we arere also hearing tonight fm republican senator susan collins of maine. she put out a statement getting to the point. this cyber attack perpetrated by the russian spotlights the glaring vulnerabilities of our federal cybersecurity system. the president should immediately sign the ndaa not only to keep our military strong but also because it contains p significat
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cybersecurity provisions that would help thwart future attacks an emphasis on future attacks for by the chairman of the armed services committee says the solar wind cyberoperation bears every hallmark of a sophisticatedse nation-state activity that can undermine our national security and it's imperative that congress move forward with oversight to the impact and root causes of this campaign. we are hearing from lawmakers not only demanding to know more information but wells can be done to stop this. we have not heard from president trump on camera or on twitter about the cyber attack.k. there a lot of questions about whether or not he would win or not. we heard from a white house spokesperson but these are not going to go away as lawmakers not only want to know what else is vulnerable but is there another attack coming? lou.u. lou: thank you you very much. an excellent job of reporting and this has all the ear marks of being an existential attack ssen in the midst of all of the challenges and threats the
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nation faces now and the president faces certainly without question the first-order business for our policymakers and leaders to address. joining me now former senior tate department pfizer cybersecurity expert morgan ride. it's good to have you with us. this is a joke in my opinion the words coming out of that office are ridiculous. this is the same agency who said the election was secure. they seem to have no idea in what they are talking about. in my entirely off-base on back? >> this isd catastrophe planni. we are well beyond what an agency is capable of handling and you are talking about the skill set needed from a isleadership standpoint so we he a lot of work to do probably for the next two to three years. lou: amazing.
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morgan wright as always thank you very much for your insight. appreciate it. talk to you soon, morgan wright. the supreme court delivers two big wins for religious liberty in this country. we take that up right after this quick break with historianli victor davis hanson who joins us. we will be right back. does, to. people cough in the country, at sea, and downtown. but don't worry, julie... robitussin shuts coughs down.
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♪ ♪ lou: two win lou: two wins for religious liberty today. supreme court acting justices sided with two churches, one in colorado and the other in new jersey both opposing capacity limits on their worship services and that is again another major, major set of wins for religious liberty. taxpayers by the way are on the hook to pay for crime victims in seattle. the king county prosecutor's office establishing a program that would them reimburse victims of certain crimes if the defender can't pay. they victims would be. from a taxpayer supplied fund that has a budget of up to $150,000 part of an initiative that allows community based groups to decide what to do with first-time nonviolent criminals.
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there is much more interesting elements of the story. i wish we had time to bring all the cheaper joining us is victor davis hanson is senior fellow at the hoover institution and stanford university national review contributor. it is great to have you with us. i loveav this story by the way. the idea that we are going to provide restitution for those who can't afford restitution. the victim is truly, who was the victim here? the it looks like it's always the american taxpayer. c i think what has happened lou is the theoretical madness of the university is now filtered down during the covid lock-down and never waste a crisis fashion to be absorbed by mainstream district attorneys and localrn prosecuting state local and federal attorneys and what's happened is critical legal
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theoryal on assist the whole system is biased and created by a bunch of old white men so you don't enforce the letter of the law. you look at a social cultural oppression orre exploitation in the new act accordingly. h we have the sale case and we also have los angeles county as you know the district attorney los angeles attorney mr. gascon has essentially taken a lot of serious misdemeanors and some felonies and said they no longer exist any more and my 10 million person jurisdiction. he said resisting arrest to take an example is no longer a crime. he's not going to rest anybody not going to indict anybody or put anybody in jail for those crimes. their basically rate remaking the law as if it were a judiciary and not an executive. they are kind of a judiciary court but it's part of this process of panic or in the lock-down. they have an opening.
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lou: i am amused by it all because all of our institutions seems they are in desperate crisis understanding their role in society and maintaining the values of the institutions over time. nowhere by the way is there more confusion than between the united states and europe. europe is beginning to act like teddy roosevelt's america. they are saying the with social media. we are not going to put up with your concentrated economic power and you aren't going to have it. there won't be an answer to the countervailing influence. in europe now they are going to smackdown the vestige or whatever takes and meanwhile the united states we look like chumps. we are sitting here just letting google do whatever it wants and social media with the president.
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it's been a trans-atlantic reversal, hasn't it? >> i think what has happenedd is trope was so far to the left of us and so far ahead of us and their trajectory to nihilism that they hit it where we did. you remember president mark cronus clamp down on islamic -- and france in a way we never would. he's used words like defending western civilization and we don't want to american multiculturalism. we want a unified country of different races but it will have one culture. we haven't done the peak madness yet but they have. they treat us as we are still on the way to his so you are right it's a paradox. lou: well it is and to think my response responses so positive and something european right now and it makes me very distrustful of my judgment because i'm not usually in this position. i am however used to be in this
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position and looking at one of your quotes in which he set in the national review, ceos assume they have a blank check from the left and leverage as much chinese money ashe they wih as long as they subsidize the radical agenda. this is great stuff and exit exactly what's happening. as they fund and advertise the climate change identity climate global cause and by the way these companies i should point out have a fiduciary responsibility that should be challenged by everyone at the regulators because they have no right to be spending the money on shareholders in this fashion. it's not their role and they should be constrained every way possible, don't you think? >> i do and one of the ways to your point if you look at donations wall street gave about 70% to the left rather than
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trump republicans in the same was true to a greater degree of silicon valley. that's strange quote from birth professor don shea at the university of china where he said the old game is back and he used the word game and the point is it's going to be business as usual and that implies the implication of the biden family that they willl have influence n a way they didn't have for four years. that's scary. lou: it is antitank that they are so absolutely wide open about it, embracing the biden era if it is to be and being very relieved that the trump arrowood and. it is stunning to me that i think most americans do not realize the degree to which china is responsible for
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certainly three and a thousand american deaths worldwide. the numbers are astronomical and have never truly been called to account by b the nate -- united nations areby world leaders. no sense of reparations, no sense of accountability. there is no reason for the chinese to fear us at all especially if there there's to be a biden presidency. >> i don't think there is now and i think it's even worse now. i think after they recoil from the laval anger they calculate they may say you know what we have more pharmaceuticals and the capacity of the west does and more protective equipment. let's never waste this crisis and now they become defiant. we are an authoritarian orwellian society and we can monitor. we have cameras everywhere.
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even worse they have winked and nodded and said you know what we didn't really start this but it got out i sort of accidentnt and we did a lot other than you did. you had better think about that in the future almost as it was a strategic deterrent on our collective horizon. it's very scaryry because what d start as secure reacted in a way that made it profitable for them and strategically advantageous in a way we never expected. lou: and they made the decision not to warn the world. it was an unsuspecting world in the chinese communist government made the decision to export the virus without question because they stop the virus domestically and accountability is required one would think. it would have been, well yeah
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perhaps it's a bygone era. we will find out. victor davis hanson great to have you with us as always. thank you for an interesting conversation. before we go to. before he got a break or mitre to share some christmas cheer. you can do so ordering my book "the trump century" on and find out about the policies of the greatestll president. stay with us. we will be right back. you can pick up a mug too. merry christmas. we will be right back.
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lou: john solomon reports that joe biden was warned in 2015 about his son's role on the board of thee ukrainian gas firm burisma. the obama state department believed it was corrupt in their assumption had been that up by evidence gathered by the obama department of justice. joining us now is john solomon editor-in-chief of just the news
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best-selling author and this was the breaking story. the s headline story this mornig just as you promised last evening. give us your sense, can you give us your sense if you will john, how could all of these media outlets on the left and understandably they are left-wing. they are what they are. how could they with even a smattering of conscience not cover those stories? >> it is remarkable and you know i think the only thing they are doing is running theirar own brd in letting the american people down when they pick winners and losers and stop seeking good facts. the american public could have known so much more from so many more outlets before election day.or porter showed an ounce of security -- an ounce of curiosity.y. solitude to realize the hunter biden story was a real story. people like myself and others
7:30 pm
reporting were called conspiracy theorists are russian disinformation artists. we were following the truth and the truth is hunter biden cashed in on his father's vice presidency. there may be questions of money laundering as well and most importantly the obama-biden people working in the field in the state department and justice department saw hunter biden in ukraine asne corrupt and they warned the vice president of the senior leadership in december which means when joe biden was at the debate there was never anything wrong going on, no one said there was any wrongdoing, his own office was telling him his son was in business with someone they thought was corrupt. lou: joe biden was caught on video. he wasn't really caught, he was bragging about the dismissal of pe prosecutor of the ukrainian
7:31 pm
prosecutor who was looking into burisma corruption. it'st just one corrupt acts aftr another in this. it's the inability of the biden's to make a decision in 2015, the inability of william r to say yes there is an investigation that we will need bringing new details and by the way why does it take the justice department two years to investigate with all of these records in front of them many of which you have. >> it shouldn't take this long except politics close the wheels of justice in washington. there are two senses of justice the department of justice everyday americans and the department of justice run by biden and the fbi who got -- thought michael flynn were
7:32 pm
prosecuted with unfairness. it's a dual process of justice right now that you're beautiful. lou: i would just like to have one example of what was fair about his persecution. they framed him and went after him for more than four years. we can't rely on history here. what we have as a nation that has a an assault on decency the american way and individual systems the likes of which we have never seen it when people talk about conspiracy theories whatbo would we have called it f we haven't lived through it? what would we call the ideaav tt the fbi would be the tool of the democratic national committee and the hillary campaign trying to crush donald trump before he could be elected president and once he's elected trying to unseat him from almost the
7:33 pm
moment he stepped into the oval office. the impeachment inquiries in the special counsel all about cause without evidence and with exoneration for the president and an outright indictment should have been leveled against this. dozens of people involved in the fbi department and agency. >> one of the people that was vindicated remember what the democrats said during the impeachment donald trump had some no visas to inquire about hunter biden. we know that joe biden state department reported to the came in and hunter biden was on the board. there was good reason to ask foa an inquiry of hunter biden a year ago. it shows what a sham the impeachment proceeding was in the president was right to ask for the now we are getting to see how right it was. lou: now there's an interesting
7:34 pm
spin combat or the wife of a former mayor of moscow $2.5 million to the biden entity that was a lot like money laundering doesn't it? >> one of the things we reported a couple of weeks ago with so is she was using hunter biden and associates to give herself an american bank account. she couldn't get into the american banking system and e-mailed hunter biden. she certainly hadn't interest in the american banking system at a time when she was on the watch list and now the question is was that an appropriate? until we see all the facts who don't know but it's part of theo reason that money laundering keeps getting uttered in the course of this investigation. lou: the fact is it looks a lot like that. then again the president-elect
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says it's all been to bonk and there nothing there. john solomon thanks are telling us what is there. hhs assistant secretary admiral jerrard here next. geico's got you covered! like a blanket! houston? you seeing this? geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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♪ ♪ lou: breaking news, lou: breaking news the united states negotiating with pfizer to secure millions moree doses f
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the china virus vaccine. it comes as china's farmer and announce it will buy 100 million doses of the pfizer vaccine as well. u.s. biotech company moderna standing by to distribute 6 million doses of the china virus vaccine as soon as the fda opera size -- authorizes emergency use. the moderna vaccine has an efficacy rate of 94%. joiningfi us tonight is white house testing czar and assistant health and human services secretary admiral jerrard. we are delighted to happy have you with this general. we have got a lot to talk about and i want to get to it quickly but i also want to say say something if i may. you have handled yourself in my judgment if i may say with great distinction and class as befits an admiral of any american.
7:40 pm
you've been an exemplary and i just want to tell you i salute you and thank you for your conduct and your poise throughout. it's not easy we know that and we just want to say thank you. let's start with the vaccine. you have got to be thrilled. america is thrilled. you beat the odds and you beat all the experts and delivered. give us your sense tonight how it feels to you. >> thank you and thank you for the kind words. i'm honored and privileged to be on the president's team. i'm here at the white house just finishing a meeting led by the vice president i can tell you there's extreme excitement not only by the fact that the pfizer vaccine is being distributed and with working for the american people but it looks very promising and outstanding that the moderna vaccine 94.5% efficacy, 100% efficacy against
7:41 pm
infectionsng it's going to the t tomorrow. we don't want to prejudge the process and i can imagine it's not getting authorized. we can expect next week if we have a turn and pfizer almost 8 million doses. how exciting is that? lou: it's amazing and it's stunning how quickly this has happened because now that it's here a and like all good americs we expect the impossible. president trump's one of the few presidents in our history that is delivered on the impossible. as americans we expect everything to happen quickly in this house. i can't recall the quickest vaccine to market ever was but i'm thinking of something in the neighborhood of the year and a half to two years. >> it's much longer. it's much longer than that. the average vaccine is multiple
7:42 pm
years and let me tell you the president promised the american people there would be a vaccine by the end of v the year and yes we talk about medical miracles and is much divine intervention as possible but i want to let you know this is the result of leadership by the president and the vice president. he picked the light -- pick the right people to lead this. the funding was there. there were brilliant strategies by secretary azar. this didn't happen by chance. this happened by the leadership of the president and the administration. lou: outstanding admiral. we appreciate it and they are deep gratitude to all of you and the present passports in the present himself in the vice president who led the task force. thank you so much. up next president trump delivers on his promise took give the american people and the world
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lou: president trump's inauguration warp speed bringing in vaccines before the end of the year and other promise as we said by this president and there are four more vaccines in the pipeline. just how wrong were the left-wing national media? to store nearly so. seven months of bloomberg headline ran vaccines for millions ready this year, the impossible dream. abc news opined trump promises coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year but his own experts temper expectations, npr broke this contradicting the cbc trump says covid-19 vaccines could be ready by the end of the year. comcast cnbc highlighted the vaccine doubts of an hhs whistleblower who said quote we have never seen everything go so perfectly. they hadn't seen anything to her fit we that was before president
7:48 pm
trump made the call to create operation warp speed, a great success and thousands upon thousands of lives saved as a result of the radical left efforts to erase the country's history reaching a new level of absurdity. a schoolsu name advisory commite may have such things in san francisco announcing a high school named afterre president abrahamel lincoln is a problem. they say lincoln who freed the approximately 4 million, didn't show through his policy rhetoric that black lives mattered. who are these people? why what in the world is going on?? breaking news now texas and nine other states are joining to suit local's parent company off of that charging google with suppressing competition in the digital ad market. another group of states reportedly will file an
7:49 pm
antitrust lawsuit over google surge engine in the next few days. the department of justice filed a similar lawsuit in october and by the way so far much not watch as happened and not much has happened when it comes to shutting down the google alphabet, facebook social media andd big tech. it's a lot of talk and so far very little results. times of disarray in the radical down party through socialist congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez says nancy pelosi and chuck schumer need to be removed. cortez warns however quote nefarious forces are even more conservative than the party's current leaders could seek to replace them. those sound like the horns of dilemma for the socialist
7:50 pm
congresswoman. breaking news now officials in green bay wisconsinneff reportey solicited a million dollars from a photographic is the group backed by facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. that would be the amount necessary to conduct illegal votero drives. according to just the news reporting the city filed a grant questionnaire. that group gave a quarter billion dollars by mark zuckerberg and his wife in september. the direct point, to influence the outcome of the election of course that attorney phil kline said the grant application shows private money for why partisan political activity. i call that a violation of the constitution. congresswoman d maxine waters congressman mo brooks and his challenge to the electoral college vote she calls it the height of voter suppression. waters must have forgotten one little thing, that she did exactly, exactly the same thing
7:51 pm
in 2017. >> i do not wish to debate. i wish to ask is there one united states senator who will join me in this? >> theus gentlewoman will suspe. lou: lou: before you go to break reminder to share christmas cheer. you can do so by going to "the trump century" on sale. learn more about this great president of ours and you can pick up a season's greetings mug. thelo official "lou dobbs tonig" mug. stay with us. we will be right back. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is hard.
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try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette ♪ ♪ lou: lou: joining us now pastor robert jeffers from the first baptist church of dallas and "fox business" contributor. i want to start if i'm to start first i may pastern evolves great to see you. the vaccine and we are hearing millions of doses have been discovered and we did not that they were really available. this is great news so far. your thoughts on it? >> absolutely lou. theen bible teaches that god created government to protect citizens and sure human nature has corrupted government that it's still has done some good things in this vaccine is a great example of that.t.
7:56 pm
we are grateful for president trumpor whose leadership forgeda relationship with private business and they created this vaccine which will bring healing to millions of americans. ime really believe we ought to e these vaccines as early christmas gifts from god not some tool of the antichrist is some conspiracists are suggesting. this is great news for america. lou: we have heard some pastors are saying -- telling congregations not to take the vaccine. very quickly a thought for those pastors? >> well some of them i know but i would say two words. utter stupidity. this is a gift from god. god promotes healing and if you value life you will take these vaccines. lou: and the number of churches we are hearing about so far are just a few but they are talking about reparations in raising money. the church and reparations is a
7:57 pm
peculiar it seems to me and odd juncture. >> they are paying millions of dollars in reparations. racism is a sin we all agree with that atee the asic premisef christianity is we aren't responsible for their people cents and we have enough of i run to be worried about and there's only one person in history who can pay for the sins of others and he's the one whose birth we are going to celebrate next week at christmas. lou: next week at christmas is approaching rapidly and it's nice to hear you talk about the relationship between god and science. they are not mutually exclusive in any way that i can think of. and a gift from god is a wonderful way to look at this vaccine. after all all the experts are
7:58 pm
saying it will do what works. christmas is coming up in a week from today will be christmas. we thought it would be nice for the audience and for all of us are used to lead us in a prayer for this great country of ours and this great president who is beleaguered by every kind of threat and challenge right now. although the folks that are still suffering either economically or from the o virus itself if you would pastor. >> i would be honored to. heavenly father we thank you four year undeserved blessings this past year in our country and father we do thank you so much for our great president donald trump. his leadership that is accomplished so much including the producing of this vaccine which will bring healing to millions of americans and father i want to thank you for my friend lou dobbs and his staff that nightht after night seek to
7:59 pm
bring us the truth but most of all at this time in the ring we want to thank you for the birth of your son jesus whose earth brings great joy for all people. a special blessing on the viewers of "lou dobbs tonight" and father we ask your protection upon the nation that we love so much and we ask this in the name of the one who came and died and rose again that we might have eternal life, jesus our lord and it's in his name that we pray. amen. lou: amen pastor. thank you so much and god bless america. pastor thank you. reminder follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like me on facebook and follow me on instagram and parler @lou dobbs tonight and spread a little christmas cheer and by the very important book about this very important historic residence. "the trump century" and you can
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do so @lou dobbsd and you can buy your official "lou dobbs tonight" mug. what could be better than that? merry christmas and seasons greetings. stay with us. good night from sussex. watching and see you next sunday when "the next revolution" will be televised. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> these are the everyday heroes, those whose accomplishments are largely overshadowed. for inspiration and for hope, they have shown us the best this country has had to offer. this award show is for you. welcome to the 2020 fox nation patriot awards. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello america and welcome to the second annual fox nation patriot awards.


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