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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 27, 2020 8:00am-9:00am EST

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business 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. eastern for "mornings with maria." as we set the tone for the day. thanks for being with us this weekend. we hope you had a wonderful
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attackers used a number of
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methods of entry beyond the software updates pushed by texas-based company solar winds, cyber security and infrastructure security agency says this, quote, it is likely the adversary, not the enemy, the adversary has additional initial access vectors and tactics, techniques and procedures that have not yet been discovered, can you imagine agency responsible for the security of this country, cyber security and infrastructure could put out a lame message like they just did? imagine at pearl harbor, the intelligence agencies of the united states saying this is going to be a very difficult war to deal with, we are just going to have to figure out what is going on.
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this is outrageous what we are watching in the way of response from the federal government. the cyberattack left very little confidence among citizens but we as a nation are in control of our own networks, knowledge of what is happening on our own internet which is the battlefield not of the future but of the present, they don't know what has happened, they have very little idea what to do apparently and are putting out lame statements whether from the energy department or the white house press office that will satisfy no one. chris miller met with the president at 3:30 this afternoon. congress is also taking up the cyber attack against the united states and some members are comparing the attack to a
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declaration of war. mark meredith is in washington and has much more. >> lawmakers have plenty of questions and outrage over the cyberattack showing how vulnerable american computer systems are, so many questions left to be answered. earlier lawmakers started to receive briefings from top officials about what has been going on behind the scenes but also a lot they don't know. illinois senator dick durbin saying this is a virtual declaration of war by russia and marco rubio of florida, intelligence committee saying this is a major concern and we are hearing from republican senator susan collins of maine who put out a statement getting to the point, the cyberattack likely perpetrated by the russians spotlight glaring vulnerabilities ever cyber
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security system, the president should immediately signed the national defense authorization act not only to keep our military strong but because it contains significant cyber security division that would fort future attacks, the emphasis on future attacks. the chairman of the democratic house armed services committee said only when cyber operation bears every hallmark of a sophisticated nationstate activity that undermine our national security and is imperative the congress move forward to understand the impact that root causes of this campaign. we are hearing that from lawmakers demanding to learn more information and also what else can be done to stop this. we've not heard from donald trump on camera or on twitter about this cyberattack. a lot of questions whether or not he would weigh or not. these questions are not going to go away as lawmakers want to know what else is vulnerable and is there another attack coming. >> this has all the earmarks of
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being a next essential attack even in the midst of all the challenges and threats this nation faces and this president faces, without question, the first order of business for our policymakers and leaders to address. joining me senior state department advisor cyber security expert morgan right, good to have you with us. it is a joke in my opinion, the words coming out of that office are ridiculous. this is the same agency that said the election was secure, they seem to have no idea in hell what they are talking about. and i off base on that? >> they were ready to do disaster planning, this is catastrophe planning. we are beyond what an agency is capable of handling. we've got a lot of work to do,
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for the next 2 or 3 years. >> as always thank you very much for your insight, appreciate it. up next the supreme court delivers two big wins for religious liberty in this country, we take that up after this quick ♪ ♪ still warm. ♪ thanks, maggie. oh, alice says hi. for some of us, our daily journey is a short one. save 50% when you pay per mile with allstate. pay less when you drive less. you've never been in better hands. allstate. click or call for a quote today.
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♪ ♪ lou: two wins for religious liberty today. the supreme court acting, justices sided with two children churches -- churches, both opposing capacity limits on their worship services. and that is again another major, major set of wins for religious liberty are. taxpayers, by the way, are on the hook to pay for crime victims in seattle. the king county prosecutor's office establishing a program that would reimburse victims of certain crimes if the to opinionedder -- the offender can't pay. the fund part of an initiative that allows community-based groups to decide what to do with
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first-time nonviolent criminals. there's much more interesting elements to this story. i wish we had time to bring all of it to you. joining us now is victor davis hanson, a senior fellow at the hoover institution at a stanford university, national review contributor. it is great to have you with us. i love this story, by the way. the idea that we are going to provide restitution for those who can't afford restitution. the victim is truly -- [laughter] who is the victim here? it looks like it's always the american taxpayer. >> yeah. i think what's happened, lou, is the theoretical madness of the university has now filtered down during this covid lockdown and panic, and never waste a crisis fashion, to be absorbed by, you know, mainstream destruct attorneys and local prosecute -- district attorneys and local prosecuting state the, local and federal attorneys.
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and what's happened legal theory on campus said that the whole system was bias e whereased -- biased, so you look at social and cultural oppression and exploitation, and then you act awe cordingly. we have the seattle case, but we also have los angeles county -- lou: wait, wait -- >> the los angeles attorney, mr. gascon, took some serious misdemeanors and felonies and thawd say no longer exist anymore in my 10 million-person jurisdiction. in the sense he's not going to arrest anybody, he's not going to indict anybody, he's not going to put nub in jail for those -- anybody in jail for those crime. so they're basically remaking the law as if they were a judiciary or ab executive. they're kind of a judiciary, executive and court all in one, but it's, again, part of this process during of the panic dure
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lockdown, they had an opening, they took it. lou: i'm amused by it all, because all of our institutions seem to be in desperate crisis understanding their role in society and maintaining the values of the institutions over time. nowhere, by the way, is there more confusion than between the united states and europe. europe now beginning to act like tedty roosevelt's america -- teddy roosevelt's america. they're saying the hell is with big tech, the hell with social media. we're not going to put up with your concentrated economic power, and you're not going to have it. there won't be an absence of a countervailing influence in europe right now. mean while, in the united states we play like are chumps. we're sitting here just letting google do whatever it wants,
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social media can censor the president. it's really a transatlantic reversal, hasn't it? >> it has. i think what's happened is that europe was so far to the left of us, and he were so far ahead of us that they hit the trajectory before we did, and then what happened -- remember, president macron has really clamped down on radical islamic in france. he's using words like we want a unified country, but it's going to have one culture. yeah, we haven't gone to peak if madness yet, but they have, and they've retreated, and we're still on our way to it. you're right, it's a paragon. lou: well, it is. and to think my response is to spos to -- so positive to something european right now, it makes me very distrustful of my judgment, because i'm not used to being in this position.
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i am, however, loving one of your quotes in the national review. ceos assume that they have a blank check from the left to leverage as much as chinese money as they wish as long as they subsidize the radical agenda. it is, this is great stuff, and it's exactly what is happening. and so they do as they fund and advertise the entire climate change, out politics, globalist cause. by the way, these public companies, i should point out, have atyfiduciary e responsibily that should be challenged by every one of the regulators because they have no right to be spending the money of shower holders the -- shareholders in this fashion, they should be restrained every way possible, don't you think. >> i do. and one of the ways is if you look at donations, wall street gave about 70% to the left
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rather than to the trump republicans. the same was true even to a greater degree from silicon valley. remember that strip quote from the chinese professor, he said the old gang's back. the point is it's going to be the business as usual and imply that they're going to have influence in a way they didn't have the last four years, and they're delighted about it, and that's scary. lou: it is. and to think that they so absolutely wide open about embracing the biden era if it is to be and being very e -- relieved that the trump era would end. it's stunning to metathat moe of the, i think most americans do not realize the degree to which china is possible for certainly
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300,000 deaths worldwide. you know, the numbers are just astromom if call and have never if been called truly to account by the united nations, by world leaders, no seasons of reason rations -- no sense of reparations, no sense of accountability. there is no reason for the chinese to fear us at all, is there is? especially if there is to be a biden presidency? >> i don't think there is now, and i i think it's even worse than that. i think after they recoiled from the global anger at them, they sort of calculated and said, you know what? we have more pharmaceutical capacity than the west does, were more protective equipment, let's never waste this crisis. and now they've become almost defiant. we're a authoritarian the society, we can rock down, we can -- lock down, we'll ride this thing out that we started a lot better, and even worse,
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they've kind of winked and nodded and said, you know what? we didn't start this, but it kind of got out by accident, but we did a lot for better than you did, almost as if there could be a sars 3 on our collective horizon. so i think it's very scary because what did start as an accident, they sure reacted in a way that made it, you know, profitable for them and strategically advantageous in a way we never expected in march and april. lou: yeah. and they made the decision not to warn the world. it was an lou: -- and the chinese communist government made the decision to export9 the virus, without question. because they stopped the virus domestically. >> yeah. lou: and accountability is required, one would think. it would have been --
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>> yeah. lou: -- well,bygone era, we'll . victor davis hand szob, great to have you as always. thank you for an interesting conversation. a reminder to order "the trump century" at stay with us, we'll be right back. and you can pick up a mug too. merry christmas. we'll be right back. ♪ muck our new house is amazing. great street, huge yard. there is a bit of an issue with our neighbors fencing. neighbor 1: allez! (sound from wind chimes) neighbor 2: (laughing) at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. which helps us save even more. neighbor 2: hey, sarah, hey, peter! neighbor 1: touché. neighbor 2: ahhh! neighbor 1: pret! neighbor 2: en garde! for bundling made easy, go to
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♪ ♪ lou: john solomon reports that joe biden was warned in 2015 is about his son's role on the board of ukrainian gas firm burisma. the obama state department believed the oligarch in charge of burisma was corrupt and that their assumption had been backed up by evidence gathered by the obama department of justice. joining us now is john solomon, editor in year of "just the
8:29 am
news," best selling author, and this was the breaking story, the headline story this morning just as you promised here last evening. >> that's right. lou: give us your sense of, you give us your sense, if you will, john, how could all of these media outlets on the left -- and, understandably, they're left wing, they are what they are -- how could they with even a smattering of conshines not cover -- conshines not cover those stories? >> it is remarkable. and i think the only thing e they're a doing is ruining their own brand and letting the american people down when they pick winners and losers and stop sticking to presentation of the facts. the american public could have known so much more before election day if reporters showed an ounce of curiosity the or an ounce of neutrality. that's all it took to realize the hunter biden story was.
8:30 am
the truth is that hunter biden cashed in on his father's vice presidency. he may have evaded taxes, and there may be questions about money laundering as well. and most importantly, the obama/biden people working in the field, in the state department and the justice department saw hunter biden's boss in ukraine as corrupt x they warned the vice president, which means when he was at the debates in october and said there's nothing there there, it was wrong. his own office was telling him his son was in business with someone they thought was corrupt. lou: it also a means that when joe biden was caught on video -- he wasn't really caught, he was sort of parading for video -- >> he was. lou: -- brag about the dismissal of the ukrainian prosecutor who
8:31 am
was looking into burisma corruption. so there's just one corrupt act after another in this. the inability of the bidens to make a decision in 2015, the inability of william barr to say, yes, there is an investigation, but we will be bringing no details. and, by the way, john, why does it take the justice department two years to invest with all of these records in front of them, many of which you have produced? >> yeah, it shouldn't take this long except that politics slows the wheels of justice in washington for those in power. i mean, there are two systems of justice, the department of justice for everyday americans and the didn't of just us for hunter biden, joe biden, all the figures in the russia case, the fbi who got off easy while people like mike flynn and others were prosecuted we
8:32 am
enormous speed and in some ways unfairness. it's a dual system of justice. it's irrefutable. lou: yeah. i'd just like of to have one example of what was fair about his persecution. >> yeah. lou: it wasn't a persecution. they framed him and they went of after him for more than four years. >> yeah. lou: we can't rewrite history here. >> no, we can't. lou: what we've witnessed as a nation has been an assault on decency, on the mesh way and on -- on the american way and on individual citizens the likes of which we've never seen. and when people talk about conspiracy theories, what would we have called this if we didn't know, if we hadn't loved through it? what would we -- lived through it in what would we call the idea that the fbi would be the tool of the democratic national
8:33 am
committee and thehilling true campaign trying to crush donald trump before he could be elected president, once he's elected trying to unseat him from almost the moment he stepped into the oval office? inquire about hunter biden. we now know that joe biden's state department reported two bribes that came in from burisma. there was good reason to ask for an inquiry of hunter biden a year ago, it shows what a sham the impeachment proceeding was. the president was right to ask for it, and now we're getting to see just how right he was. lou: and now there's an interesting spin on the wife of
8:34 am
the former mayor of moscow sending that $2.5 million to the biden entity. that looks a lot like money laundering, doesn't it? >> well, one of the things that we reported a couple weeks ago, lou, was that she was using hunter biden and his associate to get herself an american bank account. the e-mails between hunter biden and his colleagues are saying she's flagged, we have got to help her get in. so she certainly had an interest in accessing the more than banking system at a time when she was on the watch list. until we see all the facts, we won't know, but that's part of the reason why money laundering keeps getting you wanter -- uttered during the course of this investigation. lou: it hooks a lot like that. now we need to find out what it actually was. >> yeah. lou: then again, the president-elect is sure to solve
8:35 am
that it'll all be debunked and there was nothing there. john solomon, thanks for covering what is there, we appreciate it. hhs assistant secretary admiral brett giroir here next. ♪ ♪ limu emu and doug. and if we win, we get to tell you how liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. isn't that what you just did? service! ♪ stand back, i'm gonna show ya ♪ ♪ how doug and limu roll, ya ♪ ♪ you know you got to live it ♪ ♪ if you wanna wi... [ music stops ] time out! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ dcoughing's not new.. this woman coughs... and that guy does, too. people cough in the country, at sea, and downtown. but don't worry, julie... robitussin shuts coughs down.
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♪ ♪ lou: breaking news, the united states negotiating with pfizer to secure millions more doses of
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the china virus vaccine. it comes as china's -- also announced it will buy 100 million doses as well. moderna snapping by to distribute 6 million doses as soon as the fda authorizes emergency use. authorization expected to come by friday. the no moderna vaccine has an efficacy rate of 94percent. well, joining us tonight is white house testing czar and assistant health and human services secretary admiral brett giroir. we are delighted to have yous, general -- to have you with us, general. we've got a lot to talk about, but is also want to say something. you have handled yourself with great distinction and class as befits an admiral, any american
8:40 am
in any way with of life are. you've been exemplary, and i just want the tell you i salute you and thank you for your conduct and your poise throughout. it has not been easy, we mow that, and we just want to saw thank you. let's start with the vaccine. you have got to be thrilled. america's thrilled. you beat the odds, you beat all the experts and delivered. give us your sense tonight how it feels to you. >> well, thank you, and thank you for the kind words. i am joust honored -- just honored and privileged to be on the president's team. we just it should a task force meeting led by the vice president, and there's extreme excitement not on the by the fact that the -- not only by the fact that the pfizer vaccine is being districtedded, but the data are outstanding that the moderna vaccine, 94.5% efficacy,
8:41 am
100 percent every cat i against severe infections. that's going to the fka tomorrow. i can't imagine it not getting thousandsed. -- authorized. and we expect next week if we have moderna and pfizer to be immunizing almost 8 million people next week. how exciting is that? lou: that's amazing, and it's stunning how quickly this has happened because now that it's here, and, you know, like all good americans, we expect the impossible. president trump is one of the few presidents in our history who's delivered on the impossible. but as americans, we expect everything to happen quickly and this has. i can't, i can't recall what the quickest vaccine to market ever was, but i'm thug it was something in the neighborhood of a year and a half to two years. >> oh, it's much, it's much longer. it's much longer than that. i mean, the average vaccine time
8:42 am
is multiple years. and let me tell you, the president promised the american people there would be a vaccine by the end of the year, and it's here. lou: right. >> and, yes, we talk about medical miracles and, look,ing i want as much divine intervention as possible, but i want to will the you know this was a result of leadership by the president and the vice president. he picked the right people to lead this. all bureaucracy was left aside. the funding was there. there were brilliant strategies by the team. this didn't happen by chance. this happened by leadership of the president expect administration. lou: well, outstanding, admiral. we appreciate it and, again, our congratulations and deep gratitude to all of you on the president's task force and, of course, the president himself and the vice president who led that task force. thank you so much. up next, president trump deliversen his promise to give the american people and the world an effective china virus
8:43 am
vaccine. everybody said that was impossible. and it soon could be two vaccines. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ when you're through with powering through, it's time for theraflu hot liquid medicine. powerful relief so you can restore and recover. theraflu hot beats cold.
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♪ ♪ lou: president trump's operation
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warp speed e has now delivered two china virus vaccines before the end of the year. another promise, as we said, kept by this president, and there are four more vaccines in the pipeline. and just how wrong were the left-wing national media is? extraordinarily so. seven months ago a bloomberg headline bread: vaccines for millions this year? the impossible dream? disney's abc news opined: trump promises coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year, but his own experts temper expectations. npr wrote this: contradicting the cdc, trump says covid-19 vaccine could be ready by end of year. comcast's cnbc highlighted the vaccine doubts of an hhs whistleblower who side, quote, we've never seen everything go so perfectly. they hadn't seen anything go perfectly, be -- but that was
8:48 am
before president trump made the call to create operation warp speed, a great success and thousands upon thousands of lyes saved as a result. the radical left's efforts to erase e the country's history reaching a new level of absurdity. a school name advisory committee -- they have such things in san francisco -- announcing that a high school named after president abraham lincoln is, well, a problem. they say lincoln, who freed the slaves, approximately 4 million -- didn't show through his policy or rhetoric that black lives mattered. who are these people? what in the world is going on? breaking news now, texas and nine other states are joining to i sue google parent company alphabet charging google with suppressing competition in the ding a until ad market. another group of states
8:49 am
reportedly will fuel an antitrust lawsuit -- file an antitrust lawsuit within the next few days. the department of justice filed a similar lawsuit in on the. by the i way, so far not much as happened, not much has happened when it comes to9 shutting down the oligarch way of google, alphabet, facebook, social media and big tech. it's a lot of talk and so far very little result. more signs of disarray in the radical dem party. socialist congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez says both nan a city pelosi and chuck schumer need to be removed. cortez warns, however, that, quote: nefarious forces are even more conservative, as she put it, than the party's current leaders could seek to replace them. there are -- well, those sound like the horns of a dilemma for the socialist congresswoman.
8:50 am
breaking news, officials in green bay, wisconsin, reportedly solicited a million dollars from a voter advocate city group backed by mark zuckerberg, the amount necessary to conduct illegal vote or or drives. the city filed a grant questionnaire with the center for tech and civil life. that group given a quarter of a billion dollars by mark zuckerberg and his wife in september. the direct point? to influence the outcome of the election, of course. attorney phil kline says that grant application shows private money used to fund partisan political activity. kline calls that a violation of the constitution. radical dem congresswoman maxine waters doesn't like congressman mo brooks and his challenge to the electoral college vote. she calls it the highest form of voter suppression. waters must have forgotten one little thing, that she did exactly, exactly the same thing
8:51 am
in 2017. >> i do not wish to i do bait, i wish to ask -- debate, i wish to ask is this one united states senator who will join me in this letter of -- >> there is no debate. there is no debate. gentlewoman will suspend. lou: before we go to break, a reminder to share some christmas cheer. you can do so by going to "the trump century" on sale. learn more about this great president of ours. and, oh, yeah, you can pick up a seasons greetings mug, the official "lou dobbs tonight" mug. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ [ thunder rumbles ] [ engine rumbling ] ♪ [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] ♪ uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right?
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♪ ♪ lou: joining us now, pastor robert jeffress from the first baptist church in dallas, also a fox business contributor. i want to start, if i may, pastor -- first of all, it's great to see you -- but the vaccine. we're hearing that millions of doses have been discovered, that we didn't know that they were really available. this is nothing but great news so far. your thoughts on it. >> absolutely, lou. you know, the bible teaches that god created government to protect its citizens. and, sure, human nature has corrupted government, but it still does some good things, and this vaccine is a great example
8:56 am
of that. were grateful for president trump whose leadership forged a relationship with private business, and they created this vaccine which will bring healing to millions of americans. and i really believe we ought to view these vaccines as early christmas gifts from god, not some tool of the antichrist as some conspiracy cysts are suggesting. this is great news for america. lou: and we've heard some pastors are saying to their congregations not to take the advantage -- the vaccine of. very quickly, a thought for those pastors? >> well, some of them i know, but i would say two words: utter stupidity. i mean, this is a gift from god. [laughter] god promotes healing, and if you value life, you'll take these vaccines. lou: and the number of hur. s we're hearing about --ture of. s we're hearing about, but they're talking about reparations, raising money -- >> yeah. lou: -- the church and
8:57 am
reparations, that's a peculiar, it seems to me, an odd juncture. >> yes. they're paying millions of dollars in end reparations. and, look, lou, racism is a sin. we all agree with that. but the basic premise of christianity is we aren't responsible for other people's suns, we've got enough of our -- sins, we've got enough of our own to be worried about. and there's really only one person in history who can pay for the sins of others, and he's the one whose birth we're going to celebrate next week at christmas. lou: well, next week at christmas, you know, that's approaching rapidly. and it's nice to hear you talk about the relationship between god and science. they're not mutually exclusive. >> not. lou: exclusive in any way that the i can think of. and a gift from god, i think, is a wonderful way to looked at this vaccine. after all, all the experts are saying it would take a miracle
8:58 am
and, apparently, we've seen one work. pastor jeffress, you mentioned it's christmas coming up. a week from today will be christmas. we thought it would be nice for the audience and for all of us for you to lead us in a prayer for this country, this great country of ours and this great president who is beleaguered by every kind of threat and challenge right now, all of the folks who are still suffering either economically or from the virus itself. if you would, pastor. >> i'd be honored to. heavenly father, we thank you for europe undeserved blessings -- your undeserved blessings on our country, and, father, we do thank you so much for our great president, donald trump, his leadership that has accomplished so much including the producing of this vaccine which will bring healing to millions of americans. and, father, i want to thank you for my friend lou dobbs and for
8:59 am
his staff that night after night seek to bring us the truth. but most of all at this time of the year, we want to thank you for the birth of your son jesus whose birth was truly good news of great joy for all people. i pray a special blessing on the viewers of "lou dobbs tonight" and, father, we ask your protection upon the nation that we love so much, and we ask this in the name of the one who came and died and rose again that we might have eternal life, jesus, our lord. it's if his name we pray -- it's in his name we pray, amen. lou: amen, pastor. thank you so much. and god bless america. pastor, thanks. a reminder to follow me on twitter @loudobbs the, like me on facebook and follow me on instagram and parler @loudobbstonight. of and spread a little christmas cheer, buy the very important book about this very important, historic president, "the trump century." you can do so at
9:00 am and you can buy your official "lou dobbs tonight" mug. what could be better than that? merry christmas and seasons greetings. stay with us, good night from >> from the fox studios in new york city, this is "maria bartiromo's wall street". maria: welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was helps position you for the week ahead. i hope everyone had a very merry christmas. i'm maria bartiromo. coming up a few moments bobby van's steakhouse owner joseph smith giving his take on the stimulus package. will it be enough to keep the struggling restaurant industry afloat? my one-on-one with donald trump campaign advisor george papadopoulus fresh off his presidential pardon. we'll look at big moment this is week on


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