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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 28, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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on georgia and split government and a couple of issues as we head into the new year. that's going to do it for us and "after the bell." thanks so much for watching. ♪ ♪ gregg: good evening, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. federal investigators are searching for a motive in the christmas day bombing that rocked downtown nashville. police say anthony quinn warner blew himself up in the explosion that injured at least three people and caused major damage to nearby homes and businesses. there are reports this evening that warner's pair now e ya over 5g technology could have contributed to that attack. also the dow, the s&p 500 and nasdaq all jumped to record highs after president trump signed off on a $2.3 trillion
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spending package to fund the government and, importantly, provide a new round of china virus relief payments. the house will soon convene to follow through on president trump's demand that stimulus checks be increased to $2,000 per person. democrats support the increased payments but are already lining up to block another request from president trump to cut wasteful foreign aid at a time when millions of americans are out of work. so what will senate republicans do? we'll ask senator marsha blackburn from the great state of tennessee in just a few moments. also with us this evening, judicial watch president tom fitton. we'll ask him about the delayed sentencing of an ex-fbi attorney who pleaded guilty in john durham's obamagate investigation. we'll also talk to radio talk show host larry elder about the increase of deadly violence in democrat-run cities. national security expert jim hanson is also with us to take
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up the latest connection between big tech and joe biden. and we'll ask former israeli u.n. ambassador danny denoun about president bush's historic -- president trump's historic impact on the middle eastment we begin with that search for a motive in the christmas day bombing of nashville. investigators reportedly examining whether the suspected suicide bomber's fear of 5g technology could have been behind thatting profession. senior correspondent mike tobin is in nashville this evening with more. mike? >> reporter: and, or gregg, a lot of that goes back to reports quoting an unnamed investigator saying that 5g technology is one of the avenues that investigators are traveling as they search for a motive. now, one thing investigators have said on the record is that the father of anthony quinn warner worked for at&t. you know now that the bomb was placed outside of an a at&t
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building, but making the connection, it's just too early to make that solid connection thus far. what we can tell you on the record is there's a lot of dramatic video that that is come from the scene. one shows an officer, james wells, in the area of the blast. he said that he heard the voice of god tell him to go check on a colleague, a fellow law enforcement officer. what you see then in sub scwercht video is the -- subsequent video is the area where he was standing showered with debris from the blast. one person who's giving a lot of credit to police is jeffrey rasmussen whos caped the blast as it shook his car. >> and we, you know, we got to safety. that's one thing. and then the second thing, i'm so grateful those officers showed up and put themselves in danger to help us get to safety. i mean, i don't -- the way i see it, i mean, two angels showed up on our doorstep christmas
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morning and end happened to be in police officers' uniforms. >> reporter: dna analysis of material found in other vehicles belonging to warner id'd him according to investigate ors. they have no indication that anyone else is involved. investigators raided a home about 10 miles outside of nashville in the town of antioch that belonged to wash or. a -- warner. the neighbor said warper told him -- warner told him the world and nashville would never forget him. >> maybe i should know my neighbors a little better than what i do. >> reporter: investigators don't know what the bomb is made of. evidence from the scene is being analyzed in quantico. a police record attach thed to warner did materialize ld, but it's very minor, a marijuana possession charge from back in 1979. gregg? gregg: mike toe bin in nashville, thank you very much.
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six nashville police officers are being credited with saving many lyes on christmas morning -- lives on christmas morning. officers hosey, wellen, sipos, wells and miller all ran into the danger on friday to help evacuate residents before the explosion. well, a battle for the u.s. senate is intensifying as voters appear to cast their votes -- prepare to cast their the votes next tuesday. president trump has announced he will hold a real ily in georgia on the eve of the election. we turn to steve harrigan in atlanta. >> reporter: gregg, early voting has already begun in georgia, and the turnout so far is high. more than 2.1 million people have already voted for those two senate runoff races which will determine which party controls the senate for the next two years. it's really on a par, on a pace right now with the general election from november as far as the number of people voting, and that's really pretty much
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unheard of when it comes to runoff elections. it's interesting to note too where the turnout is high. in six democratic congressional districts, the turnout for early voting has been high. in northwestern georgia, strong republican territory, so far the turnout has not been high, that's exactly are where president trump will head one week from today to try and drive the rural republican turnout. money, too, already setting records here. all four candidates over the past two months raising more than $340 million. the two democrats, ossoff and warnock, raising more than $100 million each, perdue, $68 million, leffler, the republican, $64 million. and ads here in georgia simply blanketing the airwaves, so that's getting sharper and more caustic each day. january 5th is the scheduled election, but party leaders on both sides warning because these two two races will be so hotly disputed, they won't be surprised if there are delays in
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determining who wins these two runoff elections. gregg, back to you. gregg: steve harrigan in georgia, thanks very much. our first guest has thrown her support behind senator loeffler and senator perdue. joining me now, senator marsha blackburn. if fordue and leffler lose, are americans going to be looking at new and/or higher individual taxes, higher corporate taxes, a carbon tax the, a reinstatement of the obamacare tax mandate, all of which will achieve what joe biden has planned, a $4 trillion tax hike? >> you're exactly right. and he said that he would repeel the trump tax cuts -- repeal the trump tax cuts, he would raise the business taxes, he would begin implementing the green new deal, and then they're going to put everybody into government-run health care. that means no private sector
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health care, no health insurance from your employer. and it means that 57 million americans that are on medicare, everybody will be going into medicaid. they're also going to expand the supreme court and give statehood to d.c., a city, give statehood to d.c. and also to puerto rico, thereby having a democrat majority that would be hard to ever get rid of. now, that is their first 100-day agenda. and don't take my word for it, take chuck schumer's word for it. he said, first, we're going to go take georgia. not win it, not fight for it, not try to earn the votes, but take it. and then they're going to change america. and i don't think that's the kind of change in that people are looking for. gregg: speaking of change, president trump has demanded
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that congress change the measly $600 stimulus check to $2,000 in the bill that he signed and, apparently, congress is now going to vote on doing precisely that. democrats appear to be onboard. as a republican, will you vote to increase it to -- 2,000? to $2,000 isesome. >> you know, gregg, one of the things that is so frustrating about this is that you could have had a lot more money than $2,000 in the pocket of hard working americans if back in july or september or twice in october or in november that they had voted to increase unemployment by $300 per week. now, we know that what the democrats are trying to do with this is to put us on a pathway to a guaranteed the minimum
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income which is one of their socialist agenda items. we also know that president trump is frustrated, as am i, by a lot of the wasteful spending that is in the budget service that was passed, the omnibus spending bill. and i think it is just so insulting to american citizens that nancy pelosi even admitted, i mean, she came out and admitted that she had delayed getting this money to individuals through the ppp, through unemployment insurance because it benefited them politically to wait and do it until after the election. gregg: right. >> i think that is absolutely atrocious. gregg: i agree. but let me put it to you this way. i wrote down what was in the original bill. $700 million for sudan. $453 million for ukraine.
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$250 million for the palestinians. $33 million for venezuela. $10 million for gender studies in pakistan. millions to tibet to study climate change. two new museums in washington d.c. who the hell needs two new museums in washington, d.c.? >> and museums are locked down right now. gregg: i mean, isn't this a bad look for republicans if they don't vote to give americans an increase of $600, a paltry amount, to $2,000 when so many americans are now desperate? >> they are desperate because the aid has been delayed. aid should be targeted, it should be temporary, it should be there when people need it and see what the democrats did was to delay it and prohibit it.
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and they didn't want to do the things that were necessary to create the very best stimulus which the best stimulus there is is a job. but they don't want to open the economy, they don't want to get children back to school. they would prefer to end keep people locked in their houses and out of work until after they have individuals, a certain number, percentage that have received the vaccination. so there is no way you're ever going to outbid the democrats. we know that they want to get a guaranteed minimum income, with we know that they are using this, and they're trying to keep from reopening the economy. i talk to so many business owners who say, look, we desperately need another round of ppp so we can keep people on the payroll. we're trying to keep the doors
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open, and we're trying to get to a pathway to recovery. and they're very earnest in those efforts. i talk to a lot of restaurant owners who are desperate to be automobile to get past just 50% capacity. and they're finding ways to weather this. and goodness knows some of our restaurant the owners in nashville, they were impacted by the tornado and then covid and now by the bomb blast which has been so tragic for our city. but, you know, the best thing that we can do is to make certain that people can bridge themselves from now to are coir. recovery. what is so despin bl is that nancy pelosi and some of the democratic leadership has admitted that they slow-walked this aid -- gregg: they absolutely did. >> -- to get what they wanted.
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gregg: senator marsha blackburn, thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you. gregg: turning now to wall street where it was another record-setting day. the dow finished ahead 204 points, the s&p up 32 points for its 32 the end record close of 2020. the nasdaq up 95 for its 55 record close of the year. volume on the big board, 3.5 billion sharings. and a reminder, listen to lou's report three times a day on the salem radio network. coming up next, a judge delays the sentencing of former fbi attorney kevin clinesmith until after inauguration day. is the deep state up to another one of their dirty tricks? we'll ask judicial watch president tom fitton after these quick messages. ♪ ♪ when you switch to xfinity mobile,
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gregg: brach news, congressman louie gt has sued vice president mike pence. gohmert is seeking a court order forcing the vice president to acknowledge what gohmert claims is pence's power to disregard states' chosen electors and instead select competing slates of gop electors when congress meets on january 6th to certify the electoral college vote. also breaking,
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obama-appointed judge james bosebrg has delayed the sentencing of former fbi attorney kevin clinesmith until after inauguration day. he pled guilty in august to falsifying a document used to gain a fisa warrant to spy on the trump campaign. the judge is also the presiding judge on the fisa court. he will wait until january 29th to determine clinesmith's sentence. joining us now, tom fitton, president of judicial watch. and, tom, i'm deeply suspicious of this move by bosewith berg who's -- boseberg who's an obama appointee. are you suspicious this case is now being postponed until after inauguration day, will fall victim to political influence? >> in my view, he's a victim of the crimes we're talking about. i don't understand why he hasn't
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given it to another judge not on the fisa court -- gregg: perhaps because he wants to influence it unduly. >> well, that's one of the reasons we have recusal requirements for the courts so the fair administration of justice is held up as opposed to undermined. secondly though, carter page, he was never talked to, it looks like, in terms of having a chance to go before the court with a victim impact statement. so those are the issues that this court's going to have to handle. i doubt a biden justice department, if it ever occurs, is going to get in the way of this case. it doesn't need to get in the way of the case because clinesmith has been treated with kid gloves largely, and if those around him have been treated with kid gloves to date. gregg: yeah. well, boseberg should be incensed that the fisa court was lied to by the fbi and the
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department of justice in the obama administration and thereafter. let me turn now to this lawsuit which would give, collusive authority -- exclusive authority to mike pence on which electoral votes to count. i gotta tell you in all honesty as a lawyer and i've followed these election cases, i don't see -- i see this going nowhere fast. >> well, the courts are afraid to take these cases on not because they're not substantial, because they're just afraid for political purposes, and they don't want to get involved, which is what their job is. but because it's president trump, there's a new standard for the rule of law here. and what louie gohmert's case highlights is that we don't know how it will work out if there are challenges in the senate and the house when they count the electoral college votes january 6th. everyone who's telling you this
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is how it will work and this is how it should work is blowing smoke in your ear. in my view, these challenges are substantial and that congress has an obligation not to be a rubber stamp and not to be complicit in these compromised elections. and i don't understand why any senator would want to endorse and ratify what went on in these various battleground states. kudos to mo brooks for coming forward. we need one senator to come forward, and vice president pence -- and this is the heart of the gohmert lawsuit -- despite what everyone says, has significant power to figure out how the two bodies will proceed in figuring out who actually won the election opposed to what we're being told now. gregg: we'll wait and see what happens with the lawsuit. i'm not optimistic that go can merit will get -- gohmert will get his way. let me ask you about an order -- on january 6th republicans in the house want to challenge the electoral college count. but they need a u.s. senator to
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be onboard. so far none have stepped forward. the new senator, tommy tube -- tuberville, has sort of suggested he might be willing, but mitch mcconnell will never allow that to happen, will he? >> i mean, he may not want it to happen, but all the senators are independent, and they're answerable to the american people -- [laughter] gregg: who told you that in. >> well, some of them do act independently. i think there's going to be i enormous pressure on senators to come forward and uphold the rule of law and try to figure out what went on in pennsylvania, wisconsin and such. this is a simple issue. for all the noise you hear, it's a simple issue. they changed the rules in several states and counted votes they shouldn't have been counting. and those votes that were counted improperly are the reason biden got those electoral
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college electors in those various states. if they followed the rules, those electors wouldn't be going for biden, and the president would get a second term. congress doesn't want to grapple with that simple point because they're afraid of the political blowback. the constitution be danged. in my view, the rule of law needs to be upheld whether or not you want president trump to be, have a second term. it's the question is, is the constitution going to prevail or are we going to have elections ruined by illicit activity at the state level. it's not a suicide pact, the electoral college. congress has the final say for a reason, to prevent this fraud from ruining our elections. gregg: you say fraud though but, for example, in wisconsin they did a hand recount, and they -- it only added, i think, 87 votes to joe biden. they did a recount by hasn't in georgia, it didn't change the outcome, and there was no real evidence of fraud uncovered there at least to the satisfaction of any judge.
5:25 pm
the texas lawsuit before the supreme court was a nonstarter, they didn't take it. the latest challenge involving pennsylvania's supreme court, that's not going to happen before inauguration day. so, i mean, it's true, is it not, that at least the argument of fraud hasn't sustained a legal standard in a court of law? >> when you count votes, -- when you count votes you're not allowed to count, that's fraud. those votes were counted illegally under state law and the constitution. that's fraud. it doesn't mean the vote was for biden and it was cast for trump or vice versa. it means they took a group of ballots they weren't allowed to touch, weren't allowed to count and counted them. that's election fraud. that's a simple issue. we don't have to prove anyone's ballot was mishandled, was purposely frawj. lent. it was -- fraudulent. it was they broke the rules. they counted ballots they
5:26 pm
weren't allowed to count. ballots that came in four weeks after the election, they counted ballots they weren't allowed to count. that's the issue here. of it's a major fraud beyond on the instandses of fraud that you're talking about -- instances of fraud that you're talking about. gregg: what the supreme court in pennsylvania did, counting late ballots four days after the election, received late, was in career contravention of a stated law passed by the legislature in pennsylvania. the supreme court should have taken up that case, i agree with you on that. tom fitton, thanks very much. coming up next, the lasting damage from the nba social justice campaign. we'll a take that up and much more with radio talk show host larry elder when we come back.
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♪ ♪ gregg: and welcome back. i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for
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the vacationing lou dobbs. the nba's band oring to communist -- pandering to communist china and last season's black lives matter campaign continue to drive the league's ratings down. just 3.9 million people watched the christmas day game. that is down almost 7 million people who watched last season's christmas prime time match-up. it was a violent weekend for some of america's largest democrat-run cities. three people killed in atlanta. the city's homicide count is now the highest it's been since 1998. in chicago at least 30 people were shot, 8 killed. chicago has seen a 48% increase in homicides since last year. joining me now to talk about it, larry elder, host of the larry elder show on the salem radio network. larry, always great chatting with you. it's not just chicago or
5:32 pm
atlanta. pick any major american city, and there's one common do nominator that defines -- denominator that defines the surge in shootings and murders, homicides of all kinds, and that is these are cities run by democrats. >> well, that is right. and you might recall in 2015 when freddie gray died in police custody, this is a city that had a black mayor, the number one and number two people running the police department were black, the state attorney who brought the charges against the six officers was black, three of the six officers were black. the judge before whom two of the officers tried their cases was black, oh, and the u.s. attorney general e at the time, a black woman named loretta lynch and, of course, the president of the united states was black. so you have a bunch of black people running the entire system, and yet you still have the same people out yelling and screaming about systemic racism. it's ridiculous. the polls show that the police are not engaging in widespread
5:33 pm
system you can racism, not even systemic racism. and if anything, the police are more hesitant, more reluctant to pull the trigger on a black suspect than a white suspect. the whole thing getting a lot of people killedded, and a lot of people are taking to the street over a pleat completely phony narrative. gregg: are americans waking up up to that? i mentioned at the top of the segment the nba is facing an enormous backlash. they've now lost on a christmas day game, use to be so popular, 7 million viewers. >> right. gregg: and even the nba commissioner has acknowledged that these social justice campaigns have taken a toll which is why he's ordered that it not continue this season. but it's going to be hard to get people back, isn't it, because of that? >> i think so. and you're right, the commissioner said that the slogan black lives matter is not going to be on the court floor anymore.
5:34 pm
and, you know, if this woke league really wants to do manager, really wants to change something, they would do something about the number one problem, number one domestic problem in this country, and that's unwed fathers. 70% of black kids are brought into the world without a father married to the mother. almost half of hispanic kids are. 25% of white kids are. it is an epidemic within the nba. there was a cover story on "sports illustrated"ded, 998, i believe it was, gregg, a black boy holding a ball, and the cover read where's my daddy x. if there was an insider quoted as saying for every player with no kid i outside of wedlock, there's a player with two or three. now, the number one person, roll model to push this message would be lebron james. he was a teen father, but he married the mother of his children, and he's still in a long-term marriage with her. he would be an ideal person to carry this message, but the nba is not touching the number one social problem facing the country and, in my opinion, the number one social problem facing
5:35 pm
the league, unwed fathers. gregg: all right. larry elder, always great talking to you. thanks very much. coming up next, the latest connection between big tech and joe biden. we'll take that up and more after the break with national security expercent jim hanson. -- expert jim hanson. stay with us.
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amazon hired him ten days after the november election are. gee, what a coincidence. jeff's brother steve as serving as white house come under joe -- counsel under joe biden, also chief of staff when hunter biden joined the boards of burisma and a chinese private equity fund. also breaking, house speaker nancy pelosi views the upcoming senate runoff races in georgia as a big chance for the radical left to hold a supermajority in congress. take a listen to what she had to say about the races. >> one would think because you know how i'm about numbers. we win these two seats plus kamala harris breaking the tie, it'll be like getting 60 votes because once we have even a simple majority, welcome vote for -- we can vote for iraq silluation which means you only need to do one vote to pass certain legislation. gregg: in other words, a further
5:40 pm
end to the filibuster. is so what could be on the agenda for a democrat supermajority? well, both puerto rico e and washington, d.c. would likely be granted statehood, more liberal justices added to the supreme court, health care will be given to illegal immigrants and any blue state that's bankrupted by liberal policy ideas, well, you get a bailout! it's free. it's free. joining us now, jim hanson, former u.s. army special forces and president of the security studies group, it's a national security and foreign policy think tank. is joe biden too cozy with big tech which engaged in shameless censorship and too compromised by china by virtue of his own son in a criminal investigation such of that it creates a
5:41 pm
serious national security risk, jim? >> i don't think there's any question that the social media companies, along with the bulk of the major media companies, served as a propaganda arm for the democrat party throughout the spire election season. no, i mean, that's partly their natural state, but they just went a little bit over the top this time. i don't know whether it was trump derangement syndrome or just a lack of fear, last chance to get their guy in, but they just took the masks off and said we will do anything including cell phone sorship to go ahead our guy into the white house. now, i think between that and the fact that we have, you know, the evidence they were trying to censor and stop the american public from seeing was about joe biden and his family being compromised by china. so those two things in combination are ad deadly thing because they stopped the more than people from being able to cast informed votes. gregg: all right.
5:42 pm
bernie sanders remarked room. ly that -- remarked recently that merrick garland who, you may recall, was snubbed by republican senators for a seat on the supreme court, merrick garland is not liberal enough. take a listen. >> i believe that the progressive movement deserves seats in the cabinet. that has not identity happened. i don't know mr. garland very well, but i think webbed probably have a stronger -- we could probably have a stronger progressive than him. gregg: so garland's being considered for attorney general by joe biden. of and it's no secret that democrats are trying to push joe biden further and further to the. [laughter] so what happens if they -- to the left. so what happens if they win both those senate seats in georgia, jimsome. >> you mentioned some of them in the intro to this. they would not hesitate for a second to start adding states to the union which gives them a couple extra senate seats. i think it's a legitimate fear that they would pack the court
5:43 pm
because for them it's all about power. it's not about democracy, it's about using votes to garner power to implement their liberal,.c., woke agenda. so i don't think there's any question they would do those two things. they would love to spend a couple trillion on a green new deal that will burn $100 bills to save the planet. i don't know how that works. there's any number of medicare for all and these other liberal fantasy es that they want to go ahead and put in place. and if we somehow don't manage to hold the line in georgia, we're going to see a republic that doesn't much represent the american people these days. gregg: want to talk a little bit more about china with you now, jim. you know, the mainstream media spent all of its time blaming covid-19 on president trump. they utterly ignored china's cover-ups with lies and deceptions. now all of a sudden
5:44 pm
post-election the media is paying attention to that. how olding the u.s. be considering -- should the u.s. be considering sanctions against china over their cover-up of the origins of the coronavirus? >> yes. we absolutely should. they caused a global pandemic. there was a possibility to contain that at the very beginning, but it would have required the chinese to act in the best interests of the planet, not in their own best p.r. interests. and what they did is they went ahead if locked everybody in wuhan and just shoveled bodies into the incinerators and lied to the world about how bad it was. the idea that the rest of the planet should not be looking at them for dams, especially the united states -- we've suffered economically in the trillions of dollars of damage and the hundreds of thousands of lives lost. the chinese owe for that. i wish i had some belief that the biden administration would do anything about it. i don't really believe they will, but that'll be a place for
5:45 pm
republicans to point out. that's a legitimate action for the u.s. government. greg greg well, biden won't do anything about it because he's compromised by his own son's connections to china, and the big guy stood to make $10 million on it. the question is who's the big guy? the media will never ask biden if he's the big guy. finally, you're a longtime national security expert. i want your reaction to the bombing that occurred in tennessee over the -- christmas. this guy who apparently blew himself up was paranoid about 5g cellular technology. is thisis this just some twisted individual or something else? >> well, now there's a report that he had told one of his neighbors that the world and nashville will never forget him. that sounds a lot more like someone trying to be self-aggrandizing than a terrorist. but when you look at what he did, he blew up an improvised um
5:46 pm
explosive guys in a vehicle -- device in a vehicle in a major u.s. city. now, if he was concerned about 5g and wanted to make a statement about that, that would technically qualify as domestic terrorism. kind of a polite version by giving a warning to try and keep people from being killed, but that would be a 100% crazy guy who wanted to go out in a big way and, sadly, got his wish. gregg: jim hanson, thank you very much for being with us today. we'd like to hear your thoughts on all of this. share your comments and follow lou on twitter @loudobbs, like him on facebook, follow him on instagram and parler @loudobbstonight. up next, new signs of peace of after purpose's historic -- after president trump's historic accomplishments in the middle east. former israeli u.s. ambassador joins us after the break. pl♪ mutual customizes your home insurance,
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5:51 pm
journalist of, quote, picking quarrels and provoking trouble. that's a crime in china. the offense is commonly used to target dissidents and human rights activists. president trump's historic peace deals are strengthening ties between israel and morocco. a delegation of morocco arrived in israel today to work on opening a liaison office as well as an embassy with direct flights between the two countries. this comes days after a u.s./israeli until division flew to morocco's capital to meet with the king. joining me now is former representative of israel to the united nations, ambassador danny deman. great having you with us today. kt mcfarland, who's a national security experts with vast experience, wrote a column for and i'll quote the following: what president trump has done as everyone was paying
5:52 pm
attention elsewhere, he was able to craft an agreement and convince the arabs that the only way that they could get peace and prosperity was by having a peace if agreement with israel. it's a remarkable accomplishment, isn't it? >> indeed. we are grateful for president trump for his approach. he actually led to formal agreements, important ones, with the uae, sudan, and we have peace already with egypt and jordan, and e it shows the right approach to win stability to the region by respecting your allies, listening to youral i lies. and today you have a united front of israel and gulf countries that are standing against iran. iran is the most important issue on the table. it's a threat not only to israel, it's a threat to the stability of the world, and today you have a strong ally, and we see, we have flights from
5:53 pm
until avive to no -- tel aviv, and we're doing it now wide open. gregg: and yet joe biden has made it abundantly clear that he wants to resurrect the failed iran nuclear deal. what would that do to peace in your region? >> i would advise the new administration, first, to speak with the allies, first to speak with the friends before they go and speak with the iranians. and they should not are reenter the deal -- reenter the jcpao. it's dangerous for israel, dangerous for the region and dangerous for the u.s. the iranians have been lying for the last five years, and it would be a mistake to reenter the agreement. you should put your demands on the table, and the demands should include stopping thing enrichment of uranium, stop the
5:54 pm
missile tests. in the year of 2020, iran spent $7 billion on terrorism. they spend it on proxies in syria, lebanon, you name it. wherever you see instability in the region, you will find the fingerprints of the iranians. gregg: it's not just resurrecting the iranian nuclear deal, but joe biden and his advisers have given some pretty strong the. hints that they want to -- hints that they want to exploit the abraham accords to provide greaterrer emphasis on the palestinians. you know, isn't that something that that you might fear could unravel the abraham accords? >> i think that they should use the momentum created by president trump. it's beneficial for the u.s., beneficial for stability in the region. and what's happened with the palestinians very interesting. in the past, people believe that, first, we have to negotiate with the palestinians
5:55 pm
and only then we can negotiate with the modern countries. president trump was able to create a new paradigm, and today people realize that once we have strong ties, new friends in the region, they will-us to start negotiating with the palestinians. i think we should continue on this approach, and i believe that in the near future you will see more countries joining the club of peace in the region, and we will see more countries recognizing israel, opening. bass says, and we should be grate offul for that -- embassies. gregg: ambassador danny the danon, thank you for joining us today. we appreciate it. we'll be right back, don't go away. so cvs has a proprietary search tool that looks for savings. plus free delivery. get a free prescription savings review at cvs. some things are good to know. like where to find the cheapest
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♪. gregg: welcome back. "judicial watch" president tom fitton with us this evening on efforts within congress to challenge the certification of the electoral college vote. >> i don't understand why any senator would want to endorse and ratify what went on in these various battleground states. kudos to mo brooks for coming forward. we need one senator to come forward. vice president pence, this is the heart of the gohmert lawsuit, despite what everyone says has significant power to figure out how the two bodies will proceed. gregg: we just received word that the house of representatives voted to up the stimulus checks to americans from $600 to $2,000.
6:00 pm
so it is up to the senate to act on that. be sure to join us tomorrow evening. dr. marc siegel. just the news editor-in-chief john solomon. republican lawyer phil klein our guests. that will do it for tonight. i'm gregg jarrett in for lou dobbs. have a great evening. elizabeth: breaking news. the house now voting whether to approve $2000 stimulus checks. we're watching this development. you're looking at the vote count right now. this action is happening right now. we're talking about the stimulus checks that democrats and media ripped trump about. trump delayed the covid-19 relief at the 11th hour, he wanted more money. he wanted 2,000-dollar checks that joe biden supports. abc demanding democrats explain why you did not move on stimulus earlier this year on a dollar figure that was double the amount that congress is now talking about about.


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