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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 29, 2020 6:00am-9:00am EST

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on that. be sure to join us tomorrow evening. dr. marc siegel. just the news editor-in-chief john solomon. republican lawyer phil klein our guests. that will do it for tonight. i'm gregg jarrett in cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone in for maria bartiromo. top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. major moves on capitol hill. the house overwhelming approve to overrides president's veto on the national defense authorization act. then votes to increase stimulus checks to all americans from $600 to two thousand dollars. we have breaking details all morning long for you. markets meanwhile pushed to open at brand-new record highs this morning, all three major indices finishing in record territory yesterday boosted by stimulus
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and recovery hopes. airlines getting aid, we are going to look at how stimulus bill will help the travel industry and carriers are ready for takeoff as travel start to increase. state of the office, why some employers are not ready to say good-bye to office space just yet. alexa hypnotize me, how at-home virtual assistance can give you the tools you need for self-hypnosis and t making a buzz this morning, mornings with maria is live right now. ♪ ♪ cheryl: let's kick you off can how european markets are trading right now. more green across the screen. huge gain there up 2 and a quarter percent. cac almost half percent and dax
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up more than a quarter percent. taking a look at asia overnight. markets mostly higher, shanghai composite losing half a percent. some of the top stories we are watching for you this morning, two major pieces of legislation now in the hands of the senate. the house nearly passing that stimulus hike to increase checks for many americans, president trump still pressing, though, for more money. he tweeted this overnight, giver the people 2,000, not 600, they have suffered enough. now facing uphill battle in the senate, many gop member have been criticizing hefty price tag. the house voting to override veto of defense spending bill which the senate will vote on, we expect the vote today or later this week. joe biden coming out and accusing the trump administration of obstructing his transition team and
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weakening national security. >> we have encountered road blocks from political leadership to department of defense and office of management and budget. right now we just aren't getting all of the information that we need from the outgoing administration in key national security areas. cheryl: well, acting defense secretary chris miller firing back, quote, dod career political officials have been working with upmost professionalism to support transition activities in a compressed time schedule. well, one of joe biden's covid advisory member the president plans on the defense production act, the move intended to help the u.s. prioritize manufacturing ppe and the raw materials that are needed to make vaccine doses, novaxx with
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approval pending in 2021. warning financial institutions about scammers and fraud related to vaccine rollout. be on the lookout for sale of unapproved or ransomware attack. what a day yesterday, the dow higher by 150, s&p up by 17 and a half this on the heels of record highs from all 3 major indices yesterday largely thanks to passage of covid relief government spending bill. joining the conversation all morning long today, we have the wall street journal senior writer, jon hilsenrath and optimal capital francis stacy.
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>> good morning. cheryl: i have the a team with me. i do want to start with you, jon, with the passing of the stimulus and effects on the economy, markets are celebrating, which frankly, i will get to you on, but jon, this seems to be the bridge that the economy needs but for how long in your opinion? jon: well, you know, if the vaccines come through and start working over the course of the next couple of months we could strong month and the outlook has potential to be pretty bright. there's one thing i want to say about -- kind of confusing right now. they passed a stimulus or relief bill where you get $600 check and the house is looking at 2,000-dollar checks. people are wondering, what it's going to be. the 600-dollar check bill has been passed and signed into law, that's done, the only question whether it's increased.
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the people are wondering, maybe i might not get anything out of this, that's not the case, the 600-dollar thing is done. cheryl: there's an income threshold whether or not you will get a stimulus check from the government. that's another direct injection into the economy and that's what markets seemed to be hovering on right now. look, if we get more jobless claims and if companies can't hang on and plenty of money being thrown for the air lines and farms and other industries, that keeps people employed, that keeps them spending and markets seem to be celebrating that. >> that's true. definitely we understand how the democratic party feels about this issue and, of course, we've got the georgia runoff coming towards off. i think the markets generally expect stimulus to be quite strong until we get a full
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reopening, until we get the vaccine taking off and that has supported asset prices against all bad news and margin failures, earnings failures, what have you. i think there's every reason to suspect that that trend and lower dollar is going to continue, maybe heightn't volatility in january, the only thing that i can see that will undo this which will not happen right away if you start getting massive default in credit markets. we won't have data until the middle of next year. until then, it looks like we are off and running. cheryl: yeah, we are off and running. jon, go ahead. jon: can i chime in on one thing? i think the weaker dollar story is a big story for 2021. you you know, it's remarkable to me the stock market has been rising and over 30,000 on the dow, dollar has been falling all year. the country is borrowing a lot of money, interest rates are very low, the rest of the world
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is coming back particularly china that all supports a weaker dollar and that's good news for american exporters and it also might affect how you think about investing your money this year. you might want to think about investing some money overseas because a weak dollar makes those overseas invest rents -- investment powerful. cheryl: i'm glad that you brought that up. i've been looking at data from the digest, polarization, if you will, that's written this morning, you've got some investment managers, francis, for instance, okay, get out of the market, 2021 is going to be different because there's an inflation kind of story happening in the market and inflated market, if you will and others saying no, go all in. i want to get to china with you, jon. there's a lot of concern about chinese investments on both sides here. alibaba, the stock is actually higher right now here, but the hong kong shares tumbled 8%
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yesterday because you the chinese regulators that are criticizing ant group's business practices and concern for jack ma and treasury department that put new guidelines to president trump's november order which was blocking investors in the country from buying securities of business businesses with the military and we also have an administration coming. jon: when it comes to chinese stocks, i would say thread carefully. i don't think there's any sign that we are going back to warmer relations with china even if a biden administration, you know, kind of comes into power next year. i think you have to treat any kind of chinese investment as speculative investment at this point in time. i do think that it's worth doing your homework on investing
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broadly international, but because of the frictions between the u.s. and china and because of the way the chinese government tends to strong arm its own market, you're kind of rolling the dice when you put your money in chinese stocks right now. cheryl: of course -- francis, i have ten seconds, for 2021, do you have a general outlook, a general sense, if you will? >> well, again, it depends on what's happening with the administration coming in but i think there's a lot of scrutiny around tech and that's why the chinese government is suddenly really caring about this and i think that's interesting. [laughter] cheryl: well put, interesting. my mother used to say, anyway, guys, glad to have you with me for the entire show this morning. i have the a team with me. i do want to take a lack at macy's right now. this is the morning mover for us. this has been interesting here. the retailer enjoyed postholiday bump falling a pretty rough year
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for them. the stock is up almost 2% in the premarket, rose almost 8% yesterday, investors are hoping covid relief checks will lead to consumer spending and then also on the move right now, apple which is poised to break the all-time high that they hit yesterday and this is happening again today and stock is moving to premarket, on track for second consecutive year with gain of 80%. apple another stock we are watching for you this morning. we are just getting started this morning, coming up restaurants are battling to stay alive, former cke restaurants andy puzder discusses how businesses can survive in the winter months as inner dining remains banned in chilly states. comeback in 2021 with the word on wall street. former white house communication's director talks bigger checks for americans and chances of senate approving it.
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cheryl: stimulus checks in the senate's hands, the house passing stand-alone bill to increase payments to americans from 600 laster to $2,000. it passed 275 to 134, president trump pushing lawmakers to increase the amount. joining me right now federalist christopher bedford.
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chris, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: many republicans are skeptical about increase government spending and vocalizing that, democrats seem to be on board, thoughts of what seems to be alternative universe in washington. chris: the republicans have been pushing back against this and it's not looking like it's going to do too well in the u.s. senate, prospects are not very good right now for passage, the problem for the president is he's been convinced to surrender a lot of leverage on this by signing into law already the covid relief bill and the omnibus spending. he's given up a lot of leverage he has to get this vote. mitch mcconnell seems to have promised him this vote in the u.s. senate based on the signature, but now is he going to hold people to task as lame-duck president, looks likely. cheryl: i want to bring jon hilsenrath into this because he's been following everything moment to moment in washington, jon. jon: i agree with that. i think what the democrats did by signing this bill in the
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house is challenge republicans to either follow the president or defy the president and, you know, for people who are concerned about the debt, we are talking about maybe another trillion dollars worth of debt, one of the things that i wanted to raise with you, cheryl, and also chris, is these georgia election runoffs. you know, there's a lot of talk about how if the senate goes to the democrats, we are talking about an entire socialist agenda being advanced, but what i saw in the cosaid relief negotiations, what centrists stepping up and asserting themselves, people like joe manchin and what i'm wondering is whether regardless of what the senate goes republican or democrat after the elections, are we going into a period next year where centrist people like joe manchin really have a lot of say in the agenda in washington. cheryl: chris. chris: if you have a much smaller majority then possibly.
6:18 am
although the interesting thing about nancy pelosi have been small majority in republicans and democrats have small -- republicans or democrats have a very slim majority in the senate, is it impowers a lot of different factions. you'll hear more from the freedom caucus, alexandria ocasio-cortez where nancy pelosi won't be able to afford to lose votes but in the u.s. senate folks if the republicans hold it, folks like mitt romney will have a lot more to say. there could be centrists in there. however, when joe biden basically promised bernie sanders he was going to push through the most left-wing agenda since fdr in 100 years, if he controls the senate, he will probably be able to do that. the democrats will have more lock step on that than the republicans do. if they republicans eke out a small majority, they will be more powerful in the senate. cheryl: the markets like to see a bit of gridlock so one power
6:19 am
doesn't have total power. obviously georgia is important for investment perspective. going back to the house and override of president trump's defense bill yesterday. he vetoed it last week, he didn't repeal section 30, that's something that a lot of folks on wall street are watching obviously because liability related to user content and the tech companies have protection it makes better investment. what do you see happening with big tech as we move into the spring of 2021 and, again, bring up that issue if we can he have a centrist type of government in the house, in the hands of joe manchin, what does that mean? >> that's just like the 2,000-dollar stimulus that the president was promised to vote on on mitch mcconnell. looks like the senate is poised to repeat what the house is going to do and override
6:20 am
president trump's veto on the matter. not enough republicans will stand with them. you had the democrats who were traditionally very skeptical of corporations and they're spent a lot of time attacking social conservatives and republicans. made me wonder whether allies were left. seems democrats are willing to save silicon valley from republicans which under josh hawley have become skeptical under the power and how they are using it. cheryl: we expect to hear from the house today on defense bill and first time president trump has had veto overridden and history continues to be made. christopher bedford, thank you. >> thank you. cheryl: work from home forever, you're probably cringing, not so
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fast. why remote work experience may begin to trickle out, that's coming up next. plus alexa in a mental health field how it's using hypnosis for some patients. that's making a buzz this morning. ♪ ♪ now is the time for a new bath from bath fitter.
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cheryl: is remote working here to stay? well, not everyone thinks so although working from home is the new normal for for many americans right now. the wall street journal argues that there are reasons to believe that employees will return to the office in a post pandemic life. some reasons include the social aspect of in-person work and the fact that there's simply less work to be done for businesses who have seen a downturn in the pandemic and, francis, companies
6:25 am
are going to have an interesting, you know, road to hoe here, if you will, when the world start to reopen, do you think that in-person works comes back to where it was or do you think that companies are going to adjust to who works from home and who comes in? >> i think it's a hybrid approach and you had companies invest tremendously on having people work remotely and in my office it's much more efficient when i can call the office and see who is available to handle whatever in the moment rather than trying to find out whose cell phone to call or calling between cell phones or a lot of efficiency has been lost. for me at home, a lot of distractions, at one point when i was in nevada i was in staycation with cooking, laundry and the dogs and i do think there's a bit of a hybrid effect. it saves a lot of money and i think what's going to happen maybe employees can come in half
6:26 am
a week or half a day and i don't know if some positions are remote and some internal, probably depends on the social interaction, but basically i think we are going to have a hybrid approach going forward. cheryl: jon, 40% of the american labor force right now is working from home. i was shocked to see it that high but that's where we are at right now. jon: well, first of all, i just want to say, i love that in francis' response the husband came between the dog and the laundry so that says something about where we stand in society. i agree with francis. i do think that we are going to some hybrid approach. so many executives that i have talked to over the last few months have said that, you know, they are still committed to having an office place but they will change things and maybe people will come in 3 days a week or some kind of new shift, there's a lot of benefits to allowing more people to work from home. frankly, i think the way we work
6:27 am
and even the way we eat is all going to change after this crisis because we learned that we could do more work remotely. i'm sitting here looking at, for instance, at the stock price starbucks, it's up like 15% this year. maybe it's the case that when we go back to normal life, people decide it's okay to camp out at starbucks for a few hours a day and work with coffee in a social environment, in addition to kind of working in the office. there's one thing i will tell you, when i go back to an office, i'm not wearing a tie anymore. one of the things that i learned in the pandemic is i just don't ever want to wear a tie again. [laughter] cheryl: francis, how about how? are you enjoying working in like yoga pants? there are some benefits to this. you get to see -- you get to see the dog. i've seen some people --
6:28 am
jon: laundry too. cheryl: i've been on zoom calls where the cat decided to cross over the screen, things like that are kind of fun but i don't know, francis, does that really make sense from -- we are getting paid to do this at the end of the day? >> yes, for sure, at first i hated the at-home thing. i had to do my own hair and makeup. this is a disaster. i cannot compete the makeup artists at fox team. now i don't have to get into the car early and stream fox business on my way to the studio. but it's very distracting at the end of the day to work at home and i think the productivity is going to go down and employers will have to bridge the gap between productivity but also learn costs because balance sheets have a lot of pressure. the hybrid approach, that's where we are. yoga pants are good.
6:29 am
cheryl: i haven't worn heels in 8 months. it's been like that. jon: me neither. cheryl: the other thing, do you think it's going to affect productivity? i hate to put a wet blanket on this and i wonder if productivity at home is measuring like in the office? i know a lot of people that are at home miss seeing their coworkers, they miss being together and having that collaboration, jon? jon: that's certainly one side of it. one thing that we have seen in the wall street journal news and because the news flow has been heavy, a lot of us have been more productive, you know, when you work from home, you cut out a commute. the commute is from your bed to your office table and sometimes it's not even that far. so there are benefits from this. there's also travel time, you
6:30 am
know, we have learned that we might not need to make the extra trip to new york or san francisco or wherever. cheryl: yeah. jon: i think absolutely a hybrid approach is the way that we are going to go. we have learned we can do some things remotely and we will continue to do them in this new world but there's going to be some role for office place where people could go in, collaborate, brainstorm and do things like that. cheryl: yeah, i missed a lot of my friends, i haven't seep -- seen them in a while. you were talking about the airlines. i want to take a look at boeing. american airlines are moving higher in premarket. 737 max is resuming commercial flights today and the first flight is going to be on american between miami and new york. remember the max was grounded in march of 2019 following two fatal crashes, so big day for the return of the max. and we will be returning in just a few moments because we will
6:31 am
talk about restaurants that are battling to stay alive right now. the state of the industry amid more shutdowns and winter months that are making outdoor dining, well, chilly in some states, plus blasts from the past, the morning buzz is ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ sanctuary music (kids laughing) ♪ upbeat tempo
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cheryl: welcome back, i'm cheryl casone in for maria bartiromo. it is tuesday december 29th, a look at markets this half hour. futures are poised to open at brand-new record highs this morning. as you can see the dow is up 129, nasdaq up 47, s&p up 16 and a quarter. remember all 3 major indices finished in record territory yesterday boosted by stimulus and, of course, economic recovery hopes. taking a look at european markets this morning, we also have green across the board. the london market back open after holiday and soaring more than 2%, germany and france are higher as well. to asia, taking a look at those markets, mostly higher, shanghai composite down half percent. some other stories we are watching for you this morning, sap announcing it would return international to the public markets. regulatory filing show that
6:36 am
qualtrix initial price range of 20 to 24 buck a share, valuation of $13.4 billion. sap will retain control of that business. the u.s. environmental protection industry setting standards for commercial airliners and business jets after international standards require aircraft manufacturers to use fuel-efficient engines that reduce less heat, jet makers have 8 years to comply with new rules. recall alert for you, 190,000 fans sold at home depot have have been recalled after blades of hampton bay 54-inch mara indoor-outdoor ceiling fan can detach while spinning. manufacturer is offering free replacements for this.
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actress lori loughlin is a free woman this morning. logughlin and husband admitted to 500,000-dollar bribe to get daughters in university of california on fake scholarships. two weeks since cuomo hit pause in indoor dining, some say it's more like a hit. some restaurants are hanging on with indoor dining and harder to weather the storm as temperatures begin to drop. joining me cke ceo and author of the capitalist comeback andy puzder, great to see you, andy. >> great to be here, cheryl, thank you. cheryl: if you were in the restaurant industry right now, you should be shaking your head on the restrictions.
6:38 am
>> well, look, the small restaurants need to open up. they need to open up with protections in place so people's health is protected but they need to open up because if they don't, we will see the restaurants go away, the national restaurant association has already reported that 110,000 restaurants in the united states have closed permanently and another 500,000 that are in trouble. these are the small mom and pop places, the kind of places you go to new york, italian restaurants, it's not national chains. mcdonalds, for example, had positive sales, so did wendys, so did papa john's and dominos's. cheryl: why do you think politicians and i will single out cuomo and gavin newsom in california even though it's 70-degrees in some parts in california and outdoor dining doesn't seem to increase cases in any substantial way according
6:39 am
to data, i mean, what the politicians are doing right now is destroying small businesses, don't they understand that that's tax revenue that they're losing, those are jobs, those are residents that they are losing? where is the disconnect here? >> in states like new york and california, the states that are run by democrat governors, they seem to assume that the tax revenue is always going to be there no matter what they do, how high they raise rates and no matter how difficult they make it for businesses to operate and they are not finding out in the pandemic that tax revenue is not always going to be there and shutting down the restaurants, shutting down, it's not just restaurants, it's small businesses in general, any business that depends upon foot traffic to survive is being hurt by lockdowns. i got a call from a restaurant in santa barbara, the woman that runs it molly called me in tiers because she was going to let employees go and shut down
6:40 am
because even though she's in santa barbara in california where you can eat outside every day of the year, she has plastic shields up, taken all of the precaution that is the state required, newsom shutting down outdoor dining, the restaurant will have to close. it's a tragedy for the small business owners. cheryl: there seems to be no voices out there. there's voices out there but unless you go to court which is happening in new york i want to say with restaurants going after cuomo in court, i guess it'll end up in the legal system. real quick, do i want to ask you, part of the stimulus extension was ppp, paycheck protection program, is it fast enough to get out? if you own a restaurant, you have to go to a bank and apply, is there time to save small restaurants? >> for some of it it is. the paycheck protection program did save small businesses when it was initially put in place. this is 28th or ninth month now
6:41 am
that we have been going through the pandemic. it's not gotten worse and people are shutting down. the government can't possibly come up with enough money to keep all of the small businesses in business, the best stimulus for a business is customers and if we don't let the places open up soon, the paycheck protection program isn't going to matter, government checks aren't going to matter, we are going to lose a lot of small businesses, the contribution that is the entrepreneurs make to the communities and jobs that create to employees, those are all going to go away. that's a good thing to keep in mind as we get to the end of the pandemic. cheryl: that's why a lot of them were protesting in front of governor cuomo's office last week, two weeks ago. i want to bring francis go ahead. >> not only are businesses lacking customers but food costs have gone up 12% during
6:42 am
inflationary rise, number 1, how is that affecting the restaurants and number 2, what's the single factor that's make it or break it for the small restaurants? >> i would say, you know, you have to look at what restaurants you're talking about. for example, for the fast-food chains that have drive-thrus that reduces their labor costs and their national chains basically. they are in states with lockdowns, states without lockdowns. they have revenue coming in, labor costs are down even though food costs are up, sales are up, they are doing better during the pandemic than before the pandemic. it's the small restaurants that have to be allow today stay open even with higher food costs, if they can get customers to come in, pay rent and keep basic staff in place, that would be enough to keep them alive until people are vaccinated. we are talking months. the government can't support businesses. we have to let the businesses at least in part support themselves. cheryl: yeah.
6:43 am
i want to move on to the another topic that the panel and i were talking about in the last part of the show. it's a shift to remote work to a lot of employees and big battle brewing over which states tack the income, say that you did work in new york city, you're company is in new york city but you're working from home in new jersey, it seems that there's a big fight to begin about who gets the income tax revenue from that employee. >> yeah, there needs to be clarity. up to now, if you earned income in a state or if you resided in that state, you could be taxed. for example, basketball players, if you live in la and you're in cleveland, if you owe more tax, if there's a higher tax rate in california, you pay the difference in california and pay on the rest of your income. if you're saying you don't have to live in the state or work in
6:44 am
the state to be taxed, that's going to create all kind of chaos. just take this show, let's say that you were paying us, you're not paying us. could we all be taxed in new york because you're in new york? could everybody in the conference call be taxed from the state that started the conference call? these are ridiculous propositions. if you don't live in a state and if you don't eastern -- earn income in the state, you shouldn't be taxed on it. cheryl: should a company on the other side of this pay someone living in illinois a california or new york salary, that's a big question, andy? >> it is. it's a competitive market, if you want the best people, you don't care where they live. they could live in new york, california, illinois or florida, tennessee or texas where they don't have a state income tax. it doesn't matter where you
6:45 am
live. if you want the best people, you will hire those people. can you hire people that live in a tax-free state for less than they live in high-tax state, yes, you can hire for less and that's part of the american system. cheryl: andy puzder, great to see you. >> great to see you, cheryl. it's a pleasure to be on with you. cheryl: always good to talk to you. thank you, sir, good to see you. we have a lot more coming up this morning. airlines in recovery, the industry getting some much-needed relief. we will break down if it's enough for all of the big names to stay afloat. that's coming up next. plus, alexa and the mental health field, how the home-tech device is using hypnosis for some patients. that is making a buzz this morning. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ maria: this week on mornings with maria. tomorrow, wake up with the word on wall street, insider picks to
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tag your portfolio. and thursday from meatballs to masks, one neighborhood pizza shop uses ingenuity to keep business alive. all right here on mornings with maria. for bundling made easy, go to finding the right words can be tough.n it comes to autism, finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum.
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aerotrainer's unique design allows for over 20 exercises for a total body workout, all while maintaining safe, correct form. now it's your turn to lose weight, look great, and be healthy. get off the floor and get on the aerotrainer. go to, that's cheryl: ready for takeoff, the covid-19 relief bill providing airlines with $15 billion in payroll assistance and airlines begin to bring back furloughed workers, industry insiders fear that those reinstated, those job are only going to be temporary without further aid going to the industry. i want to bring in third-bridge industrials material and energy global sector lead peter mcnally, peter, good morning. peter: good morning, cheryl. cheryl: it is a big question, do you think the airlines are going to need more aid in 2021? peter: well, the thing about the
6:50 am
airlines is that they haven't lacked capital. public markets have been able to them. you know, we have pointed out that american immediately after announcement of the pfizer vaccine was able to raise equity. the companies have access to bank lines, you know, all the airlines have used things like loyalty programs, slots, gates and their routes as collateral in debt transactions, so while the government funds do help, you know, for sure, the airlines have been selective on which government funds they're taken. we don't see anybody going bankrupt any time soon but all of the capital that the industry has been able to raise, that's put any real kind of structuring, but the industry is recovering. it's not recovering as fast as most airlines would like, you know, it's still even the last 7 days traffic in the u.s. is still down 58%.
6:51 am
you know, we have seen record numbers like in recent days but when you look at year-end basis, it's still a long way from full recovery. cheryl: you know, there was a spike last week in particular and i was surprised to see about maybe a million people actually, passengers at least were flying over 6 straight days and interesting because we talked about pinned up demand, i think we got a window into that during thanksgiving and christmas holidays, however, what we are not seeing come back is business travel and that's the bigger question here, are the business travel -- that's the bread and butter for the industry, let's be honest. >> well, that's the key for the major airlines. united, delta and american. the other more leisure travelers like southwest, jetblue and companies like that, they have been more focused on the leisure traveler historically but the 3 major carriers are focused on
6:52 am
servicing that, you know, that basic passenger nonbusiness, but in order to get real profitability and real recovery for those companies, we do need to see business and long-haul international come back and those things aren't coming back until everybody gets vaccinated and we have open borders. we have all seen this about vaccines but this has to be a global rollout for united, delta and american to survive. cheryl: i understand what you're saying with the international passengers especially with american and united. i get what you're saying. on the other side of the coin, though, it's interesting to see as well is if they still do business as usual because, you know, peter what's nice not having to pay a change fee. somebody switched my ticket on a computer but $200. some things that the airlines have done in the past that have been ridiculous and i used to work for an airline, full disclosure i used to work for southwest when i was younger. something like that. they made a a lot of money off f
6:53 am
buy on board, selling upgrades, bigger seats, some of can come back and some has not gone away. do you think they will really have to change and adapt on how they do business permanently? once you takeaway the change fees, people aren't going to say, charge me, since it's 2022, charge me the fee, that's fine. i don't see that happening. >> look, these are creative companies and they will find ways to generate revenues any way they can. you know, but we've stepped back and in the 90's airline passenger revenues were 80 to 100 basis points of gdp reliably and then 9/11 happened and that stepped down to 60 to 80 basis points. people didn't want to fly on certain short routes because of the extra hassles with the security and things like that. going forward, we don't really know what it's going to be. how much business travel is
6:54 am
permanently lost, like bill gates, 50% of it, we don't think of of that, but, you know, they will figure this out and as we said, nobody is going bankrupt any time soon although the recovery -- cheryl: peter, i love the topic. great to see you, peter, thank you. >> any time. cheryl: time for morning buzz, first up alexa hypnotize me, generational programs and apps can help you practice self-hypnosis at home allowing to tap into your own minds, alleviating stress, stop smoking, jon, what do you think virtual hypnosis therapy, is there something that you would like to be hypnotized to do or not to do? jon: i will make a confession here, when you become a man of my advancing age, you don't sleep through the night anymore. you're tossing, you're turning,
6:55 am
frankly you're getting up to pee once or twice. if alexa can help me get a good night sleep again, i will do it, i will try it. something has to work, something has to give. cheryl: francis, thoughts? [laughter] >> i sort of agree on the good night sleep, there's a science or anything that can help with that and not having to get up multiple times, i agree with that certainly. cheryl: maybe alexa can help you do that as well, meditation, that's the plan. there's another thing that i want to bring up with you, guys, this is interesting. onesue snow suits are making a comeback. wall street journal, one to have hottest items of the system, probably come handy for outdoor dining in new york city, i'm throwing that out there, francis, the one piece, the onesie, what do you think? >> at home for hanging outside and following restrictions,
6:56 am
fine. with ski boots gloves and bathrooms in ski resorts, no thank you. cheryl: that's why i don't ski in the onesie. >> that's why they went out. cheryl: a lot more topics upping up this -- coming up this morning. all start next hour mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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cheryl: good morning. i'm cheryl casone, i'm in for maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, december 29th. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. major moves on capitol hill.
7:00 am
first, the house overwhelmingly approves to override president trump's veto on the national defense authorization act. then, votes to increase stimulus checks for for americans from $600 to $2,000. we have breaking details all morning long. it's a fast moving situation in washington. markets meanwhile poised to open at brand-new record highs again this morning, take a look at this in the futures market. dow up 137, nasdaq 15 and he three quarters, s&p up by 17. all three major indices finished in record territory yesterday, boosted by stimulus and recovery hopes. well, the state of real estate, we're going to look at the hottest home markets for 2021 and beyond, where you could turn to find your perfect home. retail winners and losers, which companies are most likely to emerge from the pandemic stronger after a holiday shopping season like no other
7:01 am
that we've ever really experienced. bad blood with taylor swift, why her gigantic banner at the staples center is being removed. that's making a buzz this morning. "mornings with maria" is live right now. taking a look at european markets, the london market is open after a holiday yesterday and it is a big jump there. more than 2% higher. they've got the new trade deal with the european union now set. cac is higher, dax is up by a quarter percent. taking a look at asia, markets are mostly higher there. the shanghai composite actually lost about half a percent. some of the top stories we're watching this morning. two major pieces of legislation now in the hands of the senate. the house passing the stimulus hike to increase checks for americans. president trump is still pressing for more money, tweeting this overnight. give the people $2,000, not 600. they have suffered enough. it faces an uphill battle in the
7:02 am
senate with many gop members criticizing the hefty price tag. treasury department said they could start sending out the first round of checks this week. the house voting to override president trump's veto of the defense spending bill which the senate is also of going to vote on later today. joe biden accusing the trump administration of obstructing his transition team and weakening national security. >> we've encountered roadbloc roadblocks, the political leadership at the department of defense and office of management and budget. right now, we just aren't getting all the information that we need from the outgoing administration in key national security areas. cheryl: acting defense secretary chris miller firing back, saying, quote, our dod political and career officials have been working with the utmost professionalism to support transition activities in a compressed schedule. one of joe biden's covid-19 advisory board members says the
7:03 am
president-elect plans on invoking the defense production act the to help combat the pandemic, intended to help the united states prioritize manufacturing ppe and the raw materials that are needed to make more vaccine doses. meanwhile, novavax is said to begin final stage trials for an experimental vaccine, if approved it would be the fifth one to hit the market with authorization pending for 2021. the treasury department warning financial institutions about scammers and fraud related to the vaccine rollout. the financial crime enforcement network says be on the lookout for crimes like the sale of unapproved or counterfeit vaccines. well, it is time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money this week. joining me now iht wealth management president, student dudash, dennis gartman and payne capital management president,
7:04 am
ryan payne. good morning to all of you. what a day to be talking about wall street with the new records. i want to start with the stimulus that's flooding the markets, dennis. you've got futures really ticking up higher again, looks like we're going to get another round of record highs for the averages, we've got the three records yesterday. all of that on covid relief, dennis, and that government spending bill whavment do you make of all of this? plus, your thoughts on possibly $2,000 checks, not 600 going out. >> we have an outgoing republican president who looks more like a democrat every day. why stop at 2,000. let's make it 10,000. let's make it 50,000. when are we going to stop. the point being, we have this enormous am of money that's going to come into the market in the next u couple days. it is year end. there will be window dressing for the year end. i'm stunned by the strength of the stock market. it surprised me. i loved the stocks in late october, november, late november, the beginning of this month and the fact that the
7:05 am
insiders are continuing to sell, that we have reached extraordinarily over-extended levels. it has shocked me. it's stunned me. i'm surprised by it. ill will probably continue -- it will probably continue through the year end as the window dressing ramps up. cheryl, it's astonishing to watch a republican president become a democrat but that's what we have. cheryl: what i thought was fascinating was the nasdaq. we had 55 record closes as of last night. this is in the middle of a pandemic. the dow as well, 12th record close last night. the question for everybody, we've survived 2020. can the markets continue in 2021? is stimulus enough to prop up the economy to get us through this? >> i've been in a market for 45 years. i've learned a lot in the interim. what i have learned first of all is trying to predict where the
7:06 am
thing is going to stop either going higher or lower is ludicrous. and this will sound immature and ill-advised. the market will stop when it stops. that's the best that one can say. we'll get a massive final two day run to the upside, there will be joy and everybody will talk about how new highs have been made and then we will walk in one day and the market will trade lower and it will trade lower for a long period of time. it will stop when it stops, cheryl. that's what i learned in 45 years of doing this. cheryl: that's why we talk to you all the time about this. you're one of the smartest guys i know. no one wants to try to time the market. that usually doesn't work out for anybody. let's talk about china. there's a lot of concern about chinese investments in general. the trevorly department added -- treasury department added added deadlines. it will apply to companies and
7:07 am
etfs. you've got alibaba looking up actually this morning, shockingly. hong kong shares tumbled 8% yesterday but in the premarket up more than 3% and a lot of criticism obviously about ant group's business practices. ryan, i want to get your take on all of this. >> yeah, i mean, don't mess with the chinese government. it's a tale of two markets. because facebook, amazon and google also have anti-trust suits against them here in the u.s. and those stocks are still at all-time highs. the same thing happened to alibaba in china, the stock is down 30%. so it's just a good reminder that some markets are freer than others. also, when we were talking about how over of-valued the u.s. market is becoming, i think it is probably over-valued and probably going to keep going higher. if you want to diversify your money, you want to have emerging markets in your portfolio. china is not the only market out there. if you look at online retail
7:08 am
sales in china, it's 20% of all sales are done online. the u.s. is like 14%. but then you go to places like latin america, it's only 3%. so i think when you're looking to diversify your money going into next year, you definitely want to have emerging markets but you also want to diversify out of china because it's not the most free market in the world. but when you start thinking about emerging markets, trading at a 25% discount to the u.s., you're getting dividend yields that are higher. if you look at growth rates next year they'll be higher than in the u.s. gdp around the globe will be 6% versus 4% in the us. right now, i'm so bullish on the emerging markets, so excited about them. i think the message here is you've got to diversify out of china. you can't have all your eggs in one basket. i think a lot of investors do that. you've got to have a global, diversified portfolio. cheryl: you can invest he globally by region, do etfs or indexes to your point, ryan, that target eastern europe or target the middle east or you
7:09 am
can definitely -- africa even. but i think to your point, i think that's smart to stay away from china for now. steve, i want to look forward to 2021. i was asking dennis about this. do you thing when it comes to discretionary spending that we'll see a boost from americans? who knows what the pan de-- with the pandemic, but do you think there will be sectors that we'll see growth in if they're consumer built? >> sure. year 2020 was the year of tech. no one really saw that. no one thought they would make the returns they're doing and have the run-up. it feels a little like 1999 right now. people are buying names, not buying earnings. and i'm personally -- i don't see how the tech sector can repeat what they did. if i'm out there, be careful, like dennis was saying. you'll see a run-up the next few days but then come 2021 there's a lot of pent-up earnings in the tech side that -- or gains on the tech side, you could see a massive selloff in the first week or so so be careful. consumer spending.
7:10 am
we're going to give away money to everyone. no one wants to say no. i don't know how we're going to pay for any of of this right now. consumer spending, as people feel better about themselves economically as they start getting more of these -- we are flooding the market in cash. that is going to happen. so spending is going to go up. you're looking at travel, i know you were talking about this with your last guest but the individual travel is going to go up. the business travel. there's just so much on the sales side that has to be done in person. you can only do of so so much on the calls. cheryl: you think there's pend up de-da pen -- pent up demand r travel. what about theme parks, before i let you go? >> you'll see the biggest percentage change, you'll never see such a runup of people flooding the market with cash again, in the entertainment, travel sectors and in the global
7:11 am
market, industrials. companies got lean, got efficient with their money. 2021, they're going to show it's sustainable and they'll be able to continue with that efficiency, with much higher profits. cheryl: i think the cruise line sector will be interesting to watch. people love their cruises, i have learned, in 2020. >> it's good. cheryl: steve, dennis, ryan. >> there's no par 5s on a cruise ship. that's the one problem on a cruise ship. cheryl: spoken like a grew golfer. steve, dennis, guys, thank you so much. we have a lot more of coming up this morning. former white house communications director talks about the house approving bigger checks for americans and the chances of the senate approving. in the next hour of the show, former bush 43 advisor brad blakeman talks the major moves we're seeing on capitol hill from increased stimulus checks to overriding the defense bill veto. joining the conversation all morning long, jon hilsenrath and francis newton stacy. you are watching "mornings with
7:12 am
maria," live on fox business. ♪
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cheryl: stimulus signoff, the house approving increased stimulus checks of $2,000 for americans. up from the $600 promised in the $900 billion stimulus bill that president trump signed on sunday night. he has been pushing for lawmakers to increase the checks which gained support from both parties. the bill heading to the senate for approval. a lot of moving parts. let's bring in former white house communications director, alyssa farah. good morning. >> good morning, great to be with you. cheryl: let's start with what we expect to see today, that is the senate will take up the house vote from yesterday with regards to the checks and also really the defense bill.
7:16 am
this would be the first time that we've seen president trump actually have his veto overridden. what do you expect to see today. >> that veto override will be sustained in the senate but, listen, i think it was an important of symbolic measure that the president took. he's been raising concerns about section 230 and how america's adversaries can use it to exploit vulnerabilities in our system, use it to spread disinformation and miss information. it -- misinformation. it was a concern that was jermaine to the ndaa. at the end of the day we have to fund our troops, have to give the military the support it needs. so i anticipate that we're going to go forward and have that authorization go through. cheryl: yeah, because i mean, military paychecks and operations overseas and this is our nation's heroes, our men and women that really need that support and i'm glad that that's likely going to happen with the senate today. also let's talk about the other kind of disconnect that we're seeing with the stimulus issue,
7:17 am
because the president really wants to see $2,000 going out. there was an agreement last week on 600. some republicans expressed concern about basically an exploding federal deficit and too much spending. what do you make of the back and forth we're seeing within the gop right now? >> well, i think the president absolutely made the right decision by signing that omnibus and making sure that even the smaller $600 payments start going out. americans are hurting. businesses are struggling at unprecedented rates because of covid could very with to get -- a little bit of help is better than none at all. two things can be true at once, that it's important that congress look at doing these larger payments and just i would note as this goes to the senate, the vote on the $2,000 a month payment, that was introduced in the senate by senator david perdue back in july and there was widespread support. i think there is a chance that this could end up moving pretty
7:18 am
quickly through the senate. it was important that the president go ayou head and sign that because people need help now. cheryl: do you think the republican-led senate, mitch mcconnell, is going to vote for $2,000 in those checks? i mean, do you think that's possible? >> i think it's possible. there's some political dynamics at play as you know with the georgia senate races, but also here's what i think. we're in unprecedented times. i think most americans -- you raise the point about the deficit. fundamentally believe the most important thing is we let americans get back to work. that's the best way to stimulate our economy. but we're still in a place where we are not fully opened as a country and getting this much-needed aid if there were ever a time to justify it, that time is now. cheryl: you mentioned georgia. i want to pick up on that. because obviously the president, it was sunday night actually, said he's going to go down to georgia, campaigning for loeffler and perdue. i want to talk to you about that. the president's motivation, i'm curious when he goes down and holds big rallies, he gets an
7:19 am
amazing amount of support. do you think he's starting to think about what's next for him, not just his role in the party and the gop. there's a lot of talk about him running again in 2024. >> well, i don't have much visibility into his future plans but i will say this. 70 million people voted for president trump. he has historic turnout with african-americans, with hispanics. he did grow the party despite the outcome of the election. i'm sure he would be a very popular figure if he ran in 2024. i think republicans have a very deep bench going into it. some of the names out there, nikki haley, mike pompeo, vice president pence. we're in a good place regardless and i think the president is looking at his options. cheryl: how are you feeling about georgia? obviously if you look at kelly loeffler and the republicans she ran with back in november that, would have beat raphael warnock if they were one candidate, but they were two. we have a three-way race that's
7:20 am
now down to twovmen two. >> it's tighter than it should be. we're seeing unprecedented spending, hollywood liberals, new york liberals, they're pouring money into georgia to make it look more like hollywood than georgia. raphael warnock if elected would take kamala harris' mantel at the most liberal senator in the senate. it doesn't make sense for the most liberal senator to come from georgia. senator loeffler is a strong candidate. we think she's in a good position to take him on. all eyes will be on georgia for the next week. cheryl: again, president trump saying he's going to go down and support both candidates. as we both know, he gets a lot of strong support and he likes to bring out folks and they will problem by be there. alyssa farah. it's great to see you. >> thank you. cheryl: we've got a lot more coming up. the streaming wars are heating up, the impact on business as
7:21 am
more studios release big budget blockbusters directly to your living room. those are some of the names we're following this morning. plus, taylor swift bringing bad luck, why had her gu gigantic banner at the staples center is being removed. that's making a buzz this morning. ♪ now is the time for a new bath from bath fitter. every bath fitter bath is installed quickly, safely, and beautifully,
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cheryl: streaming surge, hbo max sending a single day download record of its mobile app thanks to the release of wonderwoman 1984. one research firm says 554,000 users signed up from friday to sunday with 244,000 downloads on
7:25 am
sunday alone. disney plus also seeing an estimated 2.3 million, that was a bump in downloads over the holiday weekend, a 28% increase from the previous weekend. pixar's soul was released on christmas day, released on streaming and theaters simultaneously. francis, from a stock perspective, streaming has been a blockbuster investment for 2021. what do you make of what we saw on christmas day for hbo max? francis: certainly, it's been the stay-at-home winner because what else have you got to do unless you're working all the time as some of us are. but the important thing for hollywood, hollywood's become political in the last four years and we have a lot of political trends and now hollywood's challenge is, they've always maintained that juggernaut of investors and advertisers, and all of it, they have to have the majority of eyes on them. they have to incentivize watching.
7:26 am
christmas day, everybody's on lockdown for christmas, they had no choice but to switch over to the model of simultaneously streaming and it paid off for them. i think we'll see it moving forward. cheryl: i think as a sector, i think it's safe to say that streaming will be an interesting group to watch in 2021, from a stock perspective. jon, what about movie theaters, do you think people will be comfortable going back? jon: i think that's a really important point, cheryl. the movie theaters have a problem because with these latest releases, i think the he producers, hollywood are seeing that they can make money on streaming. you know, disney's stock price is up 40% in just the last three months. netflix is up 60% this year. i do think that once we get through this coronavirus, people are going to want to get out and they're going to want to find ways and places to congregate. but the movie theaters have to find ways to reinvent themselves, just like the
7:27 am
restaurant industry does. i will say one other thing about streaming. netflix and disney are doing really well this year. at&t, which owns warner, which owns hbo, really hasn't gone anywhere. so it looks to me like hbo, warner, at&t, are running behind. but disney and netflix have just had a gangbuster year, especially the last few months for disney. cheryl: isn't at&t trying to do some restructuring? francis: yes. for sure. at&t, they own too much. i mean, yes, it's a slower moving stock, it's a larger company. it's kind of a blue chip scenario. but they're not so much into innovating but they're basically going to ambulance chase on the back of these technologies and they have the resources to be able to do it so i'm certainly not worried about at&t. i pay them enough every month, so -- cheryl: same here. ambulance chase. i've got to use that. that's a good one.
7:28 am
i'm going to steal that line from you, francis. jon, i was thinking too, everybody's kind of created -- because of the pandemic, they created giant entertainment centers in their homes. if you're making that big investment, i don't know if you have, you're not going to walk away from that, you're going to kind of stick with what you know which is in 2020 was staying home. >> right. and, you know, and so maybe one of the things that happens is people entertain at home. i do think -- we were talking about this earlier with what's going to happen with the office space. humans are social creatures. we're programmed to be social creatures. so there is going to be a place for something like a restaurant, something like a movie theater entertainment place. but i think this is going to be a period over the next couple of years for reinvention, for restaurant owners, for theater owners, to figure out what did they learn during this crisis that they can do and how do they
7:29 am
bring that with them. i was talking to a theater owner a few weeks ago who was talking about how he put his whole -- he made his whole process digital over the course of this pandemic so that you could order your food, buy your tickets, have everything done on your phone, leaving fewer people in the theater to work and serve you and more convenience for the consumer. i think it's really going to be the innovators in the theater space and the restaurant space and the office space that find some way to make social experiences more valuable and more investable going forward. cheryl: francis, it's funny, john just mentioned this, the work from home versus being at the office, a year ago we were talking about how hot wii work - wework was. where did that go. francis: yeah, where did that go. what a bummer with wework. we're going to have hybrid kind
7:30 am
of changes, i think psychologically, people have been affected with social distancing and i think people will be weirder about being in public initially. i think there will be permanent changes. the work from home, i think there will be a hybrid approach. i think the innovators will be the winner. jon: i think there will be a restaurant dining out boom after this is all over. i think people want to get out with their friends. i think they want to get out with their families many i think there is pent-up demand. we're going to have these 600, $2,000 stimulus checks sitting in our bank accounts and i think the restauranteurs who find a way to make the eating out experience kind of new and exciting are really going to flourish after this and it's going to be the ones who have got capital and who of have come through this with stable bank accounts basically. cheryl: i think you're right. i can't wait to take a real
7:31 am
vacation like a normal person. that's exciting. guys, thank you both. we have a lot more to talk about. something else that's changed is real estate in the middle of 2020. so is there a comeback that's coming? we're going to look at the hottest markets for 2021 and beyond for real estate. plus, speaking of renaissance in your living room, the price tag for a piece of the famous heavenly art work, it's making a buzz this morning of. we'll be right back. ♪ you really got me. ♪ you really got me. ♪ you really got me. ♪ our new house is amazing. great street, huge yard. there is a bit of an issue with our neighbors fencing.
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cheryl: welcome back. i'm cheryl casone, i'm in for maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, december 29th. a look at markets this half hour. futures are poised to open at brand-new record highs again this morning, the dow up 136, nasdaq up 57 and a quarter, s&p up 17 and three quarters. remember, all three major indices finished in record territory yesterday boosted by stimulus and recovery hopes. european markets looking like this this morning. london's market back open of after a holiday and it is soaring on a deal between the eu and london as far as brexit and a trade deal. that's up 2%. cac 40 and the dax are also higher as well in europe. in asia, you can see markets are mostly higher. the one holdout, shanghai composite was down half a
7:36 am
percent. some of the headlines we're following this morning. the government appealing a federal judge's order to block the commerce department from imposing restrictions on tiktok. president trump said american's personal data could of be be obf contained by the government. the faa is issuing long awaited rules that will allow small drones to fly over people and at night, the move a significant step toward their use for widespread commercial delivery. the faa requiring remote identification for most drones to address security concerns. the new rules will take effect 60 days after publication next month. colorado residents are without heat in below freezing temperatures this morning after a string of vandals damaged natural gas lines. crews are working around the clock to restore service to more
7:37 am
than 3500 customers in the aspen area. a photo appears to show the words earth first written on a gas line. there it is. police say they have not received any communication from the radical environmental group. and some bad news for millions of what's app users, a new update to the popular messaging app will prevent it from working on some phones, that begins this friday. the platform is stopping support of ios 9 and android 4.03 which means anyone that uses the app on an iphone 4 or older on outdated android device will be cut off. what's app is one of the world's most popular app, it's got 2 billion users. some good news for 2021's real estate market, housing is expected to make a comeback. for those looking for a change now, where can the best housing bargains be found? one of my favorite questions. let's bring in samantha dibia
7:38 am
dibianchi. with interest rates below 3% every day is a good day, if you love rate. it's incredible. isn't it amazing. it's not going to -- they're going to stay this way likely because of the fed. what are you seeing out there sunny mean, you've got the economy and you've got a lot of folks still out of work of but then you've got amazing deals across the country. >> it's insane. i don't know if there's necessarily deals. the deal is, if you can find a home, you need to go and get it. here in south florida, i'm in fort lauderdale, my past five sales alone are from out-of-state buyers, a lot of new yorkers, people coming in and they're buying quickly, paying cash and closing within a week or two weeks and it's really nuts because people like me, my friends, locals, we're competing against all of these out-of-of statout-of-state buye. there's a lot of hot markets throughout the country. if you ask me, i think the hottest markets are always going
7:39 am
to be within about two to three hours distance of the major cities. so instead of san francisco, san hoe of saysanjose, you might lot sacramento because you'll find lower price points and you're less than two hours away. so that's really where i would target. cheryl: florida has seen a big boom, and texas. but florida in particular, they've got a lot of new residences and a lot of businesses have been going down there especially from the northeast, connecticut, new jersey, new york, because of the tax situation here. do you think that's going to continue into 2021? >> 100%. like i said, it has been nuts here and we have people all throughout the country moving here, building their businesses here, prices are expected to go up by about 7 to 9% over the course of the next year. which, you know, obviously it's supply and demand. there's not a lot of inventory. prices are going to go up. that is going to cause a lot of
7:40 am
people to have to stay and rent. if you are selling your home, yes, you can make some money of but then comes the question of where am i going to move if i can find a home, what am i going to do. but like you said from the start, mortgage rates are he very, very, very low, emphasis on very. so it is a great time to buy, to lock in, to take advantage of -- you know, money is cheap. cheryl: jon hilsenrath, thank you federal reserve for that. come on into the conversation. jon: i've got three questions. the real estate market is such a fascinating market right now. the first one is you talk about people being within two to three hours of metro centers. one of the things i'm wondering is, do people want to be in downtown as they were for many years before crisis? are they moving out to suburbs? the other is, home of builder stocks have gone nuts this year. i wonder, do people want new construction or are they willing to go into old construction? and then the third one is what's
7:41 am
the risk of a bubble? you're talking about prices going up 7 to 9%. i lived through the '07, '08 crisis. we don't want to go there again. i just threw a lot at you. what do you think. >> i'm going to bang this out one by one. first and foremost, people who live in suburbs or downtown areas, it depends. for me, i love living near downtown. if you want to look at a real bargain, going back to what we initially were talking about, maybe new york city's a bargain because a lot of people are moving out. prices are coming down. you go on zillow, it lights up like a christmas tree as far as what's available. you know, i mean, la, although named that a hot market, so it's every -- it's so unpredictable. i think there will be great opportunities in new york city and la. you will have a lot of people, especially families and aging millennials that want to move out to suburbs. so we definitely are seeing that because, again, it's lower cost of living.
7:42 am
you're going to get more with your money. so it just he depends. everything is relative to who you are and what you're looking for. cheryl: how long do you think that takes, sam? especially in new york, i'll use this market as an example. you're right, i mean, real estate is on sale in new york city like i've never seen it in the 15 years i've lived here. at the same time, it's the timing. real estate professionals here are not sure how to price a lot of these properties, you know. it's just -- we don't know. >> exactly. i think, again, just like you said, it is all about timing. my husband and i are trying to time out new york city because we were traveling there about once a month before covid and right now we're thinking instead of that hefty hotel bilker maybe we should buy a place. the price points are going down and down and it may make more sense to buy. as far as your next question, because i know we're short on time, your next question as far as new homes and home building, i mean, let's just say there are
7:43 am
certain developments here -- i was faulking to the -- talking to the gc, he said in the last 30 days they put 36 homes under contract. 30 days. the majority of them, again, are out-of-state buyers. it is insane. it's ironic., they didn't name south florida as a hot markle. riddle me that. cheryl: i want to friday brings newton stacy into this. a lot of people are looking to make investments into a place like florida or texas. francis. francis: i can just relate to the new york hotel bill problem and looking for something on sale. but i just wanted to ask you, i know interest rates obviously are insanely low. but how is it -- and cash buyers are coming in clearly. how is it for people getting loans? do you see tightening in those
7:44 am
markets as far as what lenders are doing right now? >> i'm glad you asked that. yes. nonstop, i am getting more and more people that are saying -- they're asking for my first born, sam. was do i do. this is a pain in the butt to get this loan. but then you having hanging over you, wow, i can get money so cheap. so i would really emphasize to people, stick with it. even re-fies, i mean, i'm not going to tell you how long it took to get some of my homes refinanced, months and months and months, but now i'm seeing the light and it's much better opportunity for me especially with all of my investment homes. but it could take easily 45, you can't go over 60 days, but stick with it. it's a great time to be buying, to lock in the mortgage rates. but just know that you need to be in your home for a longer term. so not the three to five year plan. in my opinion, think more of seven to 10 years. you need to think long-term when
7:45 am
you're buying a home. cheryl: we appreciate all the good advice on real estate. my advice to you, pull the trigger on the new york city apartment. >> will do. [laughter] cheryl: thank you. we've got a lot more coming up. let's talk about retail and some of the holiday winner that's we've been watching carefully in the last week of trading, the standout performer as another christmas shopping season is in the books. plus, taylor swift bringing bad luck, why her gigantic banner at the staples center is being removed. that's making a buzz this morning. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. maria: this week on "mornings with maria," tomorrow, wake up with the word on wall street, our insider picks to pad your portfolio. and thursday, from meat balls to masks, one neighborhood pizza shop uses ingenuity to keep business alive. it's all right here on "mornings with maria."
7:46 am
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cheryl: retail wrap-up, with the holiday shopping season drawing to a close, it is time to look at the standout performers in the strange year for retail. let's bring in retail analyst, erin sykes. i want to talk about the winners first. who did you like and who were the big standouts for you in 2020? >> well, i think that we really saw a turnaround from 2019 in terms of the story of peloton because in 2019 we had this whole backlash around peloton ads and a husband giving a wife one for christmas. i don't think there is an american alive who would not have been thrilled to receive a peloton this 2020. and they are just really crushing it. they have a very low churn on
7:50 am
their app. in addition to actually buying the physical piece of equipment, be it the bike or the treadmill. in addition, game stop. cheryl: peloton, i want to add that they had a production issue and they were over-run with orders this year and you're right, the stock took a hit a year ago so if you would have bought that one, -- but yeah, game stop, go ahead. >> so with game stop, which is still pretty entrenched in brick and mortar. they have to much room the rise and become the number one performer out there. so i think that they're an interesting case because they've done very well throughout the pandemic but there is continued room for growth. it's actually a business model very similar to starbucks and it creates that addiction, new habit. once you're in, once you're a customer, it's very sticky. cheryl: what about -- we've got walmart on the screen. i know it's one of your picks. is this an e-commerce story, digital sales? >> i mean, we've been talking about walmart, target and amazon
7:51 am
over of and over again and they just continue to really usurp a lot of the traffic within the marketplace. we keep thinking they've peaked and then we keep seeing more and more growth. so walmart did really interesting things during the holiday season in order to try to bring that spark of christmas to all of us. they did light displays and drone displays in their parking lots and same thing with amazon. it was an ability to really pick up your items in person, get a little bit of christmas joy because that was what was missing with dot-com shopping in prior holiday seasons. it was just too transactional. now we're really coming into our own. cheryl: i think the walmart -- wasn't walmart doing covid testing in the parking lots? i think that's -- i think i remember that happening. it's been a long year. let's talk about the losers. because a couple of these are not surprising, j crew had a tough year, l brands, chicos,
7:52 am
dsw, it sounds like a brick and mortar story. if they didn't have a strong online presence, they wouldn't survive 2020. >> the brands that were doing well at the beginning of the pandemic got bigger, hotter faster and those that were struggling fell off. all of these retailers have either already filed for chapter 11 or they're likely to. so it is a brick and mortar story. t.j. maxx is the one exception that i think will really has entrenched in brick and more tar, they're continuing to uptrend and put a lot of money in their omni channel and dot-com presences and you'll be able to shop tj macs -- t.j. maxx shortly. cheryl: it's been an incredible year for amazon. who knew you needed to get toilet paper from amazon, but we did. what's the outlook for next year? >> the big question is how much
7:53 am
more can they grow in terms of really getting earnings and hitting these numbers time and time and time again. so i think it's going to be interesting. i think we've created the habit. we're going to continue to shop on amazon. three out of seven nights a week when i go to sleep the last thing i do is go through my mental to-do list and go to amazon and order the items so it's off my plate by the morning. i think we're all doing that. cheryl: who knew you could buy 12 large rolls of paper towels on amazon and fit them in a new york city apartment. but guess what, you can. erin, thank you. time for the morning buzz. first up, taylor swift gets the boot. fans of the los angeles kings believe that taylor swift's banner at the staples center which commemorates her most soldout performances was gingsed. it was -- jinxed.
7:54 am
fans say it is to blame for the team's continued losses. francis, i'm not sure if you're a sports fan, but i like taylor swift. i'm not sure she's a bad luck charm. what do you think? francis: i'm definitely a sports fan. this sort of happens. stars have been blamed for dating quarterbacks on the bad luck, stars are blamed for different things which is fascinating. fans want to blame somebody or something. i'm not so superstitious myself. generally thinking, i think taylor swift has become more controversial. i think she's gotten into politics, i think she's left country roots and gone into pop. recently she was painted in a mural by brad paisley which caused controversy. it's a tough thing for an artist when they start becoming more controversial. cheryl: very good. from your ceiling to your coffee table, the vatican wants you to enjoy classic art even if you're at home. the three volume book of the
7:55 am
sistine chapel is on sale for $22,000. every inch of the ceiling was captured for the book. it's the first of its kind, authorized by the vatican. at this point we can't go to italy. i guess this is another way to experience italy. thoughts? jon: cheryl, $22,000? are you kidding me? you have to be kidding me. i mean, if the vatican really wants to bring its art to the people, which i think is a noble cause, then how about $22 and sell it on amazon? this just strikes me as totally wrong. these photos from what i saw from the new york post story are digital. so like they should be able to be reproduced in the millions or billions even and this should be a people's place, the vatican. i don't know. $22,000. i think they need a new marketing plan. cheryl: people have spent more on stranger things, just so you
7:56 am
know. jon, francis, thank you very much. appreciate it. we have a lot more of coming up. we have another hour to go and another year to go. another year couldn't get any worse, right? okay. well, guess what? nostradomus has predictions for 2021, depending on your view, that could be good or of bad. that all starts the next hour, "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ ♪ sanctuary music (kids laughing) (dog barking) ♪ sanctuary music it's the final days of the wish list sales event sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down,
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7:59 am
. cheryl: kwa and good morning. i'm cheryl casone fore maria bartiromo tuesday, december 29 top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern, time, major moves on capitol hill. >> first the house with overwhelmingly approves to override president trump's veet on national to defense authorization act to increase
8:00 am
stimulus checks for americans from 600 dollars to 2,000 dollars both pieces lie in the hanz of the senate, breaking details all morning long for you markets look at this we are poised to open at brand-new record highs, again. this morning. and only tuesday the dow up 1230, nasdaq up 54 s&p up 15 1/2, remember all three major indices finished in record territory yesterday. boosted by stimulus, of course, recovery hopes for the economy. >> shopping mall ice age structurals before the pandemic, could keep going after the pandemic is over, we are on that story for you, and the rise of strategic platforms to compete with netflix become the king of content, we are going to look at that plus the future of he movie releases 2021 this friday are you ready for what
8:01 am
nostradamus is predicting our forecast ahead "mornings with maria" is live right now. >> european markets are actually looking higher once again, as you can see, london market now open after being closed yesterday, good news for the brexit deal that market is almost 2% now gaining ground in paris, germany markets higher as well. then taking a look at asia markets mostly higher there you only saw a little bit of a dip in the shanghai composite. >> top stories we are watching for you this morning, two major pieces of legislation are now in the hands of the senate, the house nearly passing the stimulus hike to increase checks for americans, president trump is still pressing for more money tweeting this overnight give the people 2000, not of 600 they have suffered enough face uphill battle with many gop members criticizing the heft unify price tag the treasury department says it could start
8:02 am
sending out first round of those checks this week, actually, the house, also voting to override president trump's veto of the defense spending bill senate will also vote on later today, a lot of breaking news expected in the afternoon joe biden by the way, accusing the trump administration of obstructing his transition team weakening national security. >> we've encountered broad looks in the political leadership department of defense office of management and budget. right now, we just aren't getting all the information that we need. the ongoing out going somo from the out goings administration in key national security ya erodes he -- >> acting defense secretary chris miller filering back saying our career firms have been working with utmost professionalism, to support transition activities in compressed schedule. >> the president-elect one
8:03 am
says plans invoking the defense production act to combat the pandemic to help united stat united states priortize manufacturing, more vaccine dloes novavax to begin trials toward experimental vaccine if approved the fifth one the hit the market authorization pending for 2021. treasury department warning financial institutions about scammers fraud related to the vaccine rollout the enforcement neshth says be on look for crimes counterfeitvenes or roorn testing researchers. >> pierre cardin died credit
8:04 am
geometric is shaping was 98 years old. >> stimulus checks are in the senate hands house passing stand alone bill to increase direct payments to americans from 600 dollars, to 2,000 dollars, if passed -- 14 -- president trump is really pushing lawmakers to increase that amount, but, senate minority leader chuck schumer still is saying that bill is not enough listen. >> this bill is not sufficient, emergency but not enough. and one place it is not enough is relief to people. i am fighting senate democrats fighting for 2,000 dollars per person donald trump talked about it but now he has to act. cheryl: joining me now is former adviser for president he george w. bush republicaning strategist brad
8:05 am
blakeman good morning, we've got jon hilsenrath and frances newton, i want to get your reaction to all this what happens with the senate in particular, because the president is pushing for 2000, right? democrats onboard some republicans aren't onboard with president trump what do you say? >> well, what i say is you know, this could be a real disaster, if some bill that increases 600 dollar payment is not done in a stand-alone bill to help more americans get through this crisis, it is ironic chuck schumer said not enough yet caused a lot of misery for americans, by having democratic storma strongholds chicago l.a. places close down economies. so they are actually created -- the tradition for many americans, remember, just a few days, the senate balance of power is at risk, and that could be huge fodder for
8:06 am
democrats if continuing -- not given to americans because democrats say this is why we need the majority because republicans are not acting in your behalf, so i think i think something needs to be done whether 2000, 18 wraefr the prom is don't kick the can down the road you mute not have a majority. >>s if nothing else 600 dollar checks will start to go out by end of the week at least he is there is that, georgia i want to pick up on that i am wondering if if part of back-and-forth we are seeing is because all eyes on georgia for january 5th perdue loeffler supported this the president came back said he wanted more money where does the dichotomy stand for those two candidates again what happens in georgia does -- we talked all morning about this does matter to the balance of power.
8:07 am
>> in coming days this is going to be a a huge issue, whether republicans in the majority can act togethers swiftly on behalf of the american people 600 dollars was not enough. 2,000 dollars, i believe, is fair. and just. but you just heard from chuck schumer it is in every enough there will be continuing stimulus bills attempted, other doing things, that are not in america's interest when democrats get the white house, that is why we need to check and balance of republicans retaining majority in the senate as a way of stopping tax increases other things that we just cannot afford. cheryl: chuck schumer also very vocal wants aid for states something not included in in -- in this and local municipalities. jon: i want to talk about defendants when barack was president the republican party
8:08 am
was very focused on reducing deficits, and they achieved that the deficit as a percent of gdp, in ob's presidency do you think the party is going to shift book to deficit reduction mentality, in a biden presidency, and, if so, how does it justify that after having run up, up trillion-dollar deficits itself, doctoring the tru-- during the trump years,. >> old saying katie bar the door democrats you have seen in the platform heard from joe biden, they are planning on spending trillions of dollars. on energy, and other things that are going to fundamentally change the way america looks, and america acts in the next few years. new terms will come along hopefully brakes further on democrats but they are on spending spree going to blame a lot on covid then going to
8:09 am
institute are socialized programs could you fundamentally transform america he if reps don't get that check and balance. cheryl: you talked about going from 600 $checks to 2000 dollar checks isn't that part of spending spree. >> it is not a spendering spree when coincided is a crisis that was not brought by america, this was brought by chinese virus attacked entire world not just america if a time for deficit spending it is in a crisis you can't use a crisis, as a tool for spending trillions of dollars we don't have on other things we have seen in budget bill that just passed -- we don't have, by the way, nothing to do with covid. cheryl: brad that was my thought exactly when you
8:10 am
mentioned spending spree the pork that got into the budget bill we've got government funded also more pork bill spending than i think -- we have ever seen a lot of frustration with regards to amount of money going to other kinds some pet projects, i get your frustration on that, direct payments we will see what senate has to do i want to go back to what house did yesterdayed that override have had president trump's defense bill yesterday erosihe said he didn't like did not repeal 230, big tech companies from being like its goes to senate brad what do you think the senate is going to do on this the defense bill again go back to georgia 12 military bases in georgia i don't think anybody needs to -- going into georgia election would i be wrong what do you say? >> i think this is symbolic, there has been no greater
8:11 am
defender than devin nunes he node military is going to be funded a symbolic move donald trump exiting, he started being a disrupter to the establishment showing hypocrisy of establishment fighting all the way to the end intoing going to are those inmate very well with american people end end as he started fighter for american people fighting against establishment so i think he knows the defenses will be provided for military, families, pay. so, you know republicans will override veto i think that is great victory for the president standing on principal. >> 10 seconds do you think trump runs in 2024? >> anything is possible. . >> never count donald trump out jo that is for sure brad great to see you. thank you. >> great to see you happy new
8:12 am
year. >> market having a nice year a good end of the year for all of us we are going to look at sectors that are pounced for 2021 bounceback that is coming up next plus another year couldn't get any worse, hopefully, but nostradamus has predictions for 2021 does he ever give us good news? or is it going to be bad us. >>? you are watching "mornings with maria," live on fox business. ♪ .
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
cheryl: markets on up swing futures poised to open at record highs again. after all three financed in record territory yesterday, a lot of this, of course, was because in fact passage of cognitived relief bill as well as government spending but will i want to bring in wells fargo global strategist. >> good morning. >> hey.
8:16 am
>> quite a year if you tally year-to-date dow had what 12 record closes nasdaq 55 record closes looking at very strong performances for the year, but now we have to ask what happens next year. and with stimulus that is going to help the economy but is that going to help the market. >> well, i think cheryl i think irexactly right 2020 has been great, we got a lot -- the stocks -- volatility as we look ahead i think wisest to accept more volatility, and so you need to really have a plan, i mean we like technology, still think that is going to do well took a little money off the table but still overweight we look consumer discretionary sector communication services, materials so i think those are some of the sectors that are going to outperform ones that we've been talking about toying with like industrials, if you look at something like
8:17 am
emerging markets we haven't favored eithers that industrial sector or equity for quite a while you know we are getting more interested in that, for us, you know to own stocks you need to have some confidence vaccines are going to be distributed physically we have stimulus from congress probably get more fed easy but we need to believe that the global economy is going to improve, confident consumers are going to be out spending money employment situation will continue to get better that is what we think is going to happen so we want to make sure, we are in equities. >> i want to bring in frances in this a question not just if you are in the markets but how you allocate everything where do you put it tech? is it discretionary? is it you know energy companies? what do you say? frances: ye i -- i mean i totally he agree right things
8:18 am
that that are going to hurt are things like utilities, and you know things like that defensive we have fiscal stimulus moving higher i what about the to ask scott what do you think for expert folio strategists things you watch potential markets go up in will think don't you you are going to have a lot of stimulus some things driving this market higher what are things you are watching for early in the façade. >> i think would be one thing valuations run up we know that markets moved up fast we know there is a lot of money on the sidelines, but, believe it or not, i think we're in the beginnings of chaffing not like get me in market get next 10% up one thing we are certainly watching i think a couple here things i will watch when trying to pick a
8:19 am
turn in the market you know is the s&p equal weighted indices is it beating or not beating the s&p 500 since march 23 low beating the s&p 500, russell 2000 beat s&p, beat s&p 1200 since march 23, early cycle things those this is where you need to be concerned, but for us we think this is a cycle we want to lean into risks make sure we got good equity exposure here but, as i said earlier you've got to believe in a few things, applying stocks, or hold on to that you already have. >> i like you bullish sentiment,ing from emerging markets not in the favor last few years u.s. market have driven all portfolios said that gdp, in a
8:20 am
lot of emerging markets you are going to see 5, 6% gdp because the discount where you can may be get deals right now, what do you make of his opinion? >> i tell you about what cheryl, emerging markets index from you march 23 low, right in line with s&p 500 so, enwe've been debating this quite a while, strategy committee lots of different opinions if you look at china look at taiwan, southing korea doing really, really well, so, you know, i think for us that is one of the things we're watching closely that we probably like to wwean into. >> scott thank you very much good to see you. >> happy new year. >> happy new year scott, the future of the shopping mall what is next for struggling department stores, you know
8:21 am
anchor tenants in those malls long after the pandemic ends we are going to talk about that plus streaming wars heads up impact of more movie studios releasing blockbusters directly to in your living room we will be right back. ♪ i'm feeling down and i do appreciate you being round, tell me if my feet help me get my feet back on the ground won't you please, please help me ♪ ♪ research shows that people remember commercials with exciting stunts. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance,
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cheryl: shopping maul ice age retailers ran into issues beginning of the pandemic many shopping smallest starting at to -- the consumers before pandemic a retail sector is back on rise thanks to online shopping malls hit rough patches may not live past 2021 frances sad but sign of the times people just don't go to malls anymore don't hang out at malls make may be we did when kids. frances: . >> totally i spent plenty of times in malls thank goodness not video recordings viable from that time period i think sad that the american staple is leaving the malls that make it retailers that make it brick and mortar depends on ability to restructure independent retailers how deeply do they discount things how creatively do they get rid
8:26 am
of inventory but ability to structure restructure hang on hope cultural icon says, innovation with movie thooeshgz people more interested in digital advances going to change. >> jon one thing a lot of malls have been doing, if you get big box names, that empty out like a sears, a huge amount of space or adjustmentc penny some like amazon distribution centers, for example, i am wondering what that is going to do to mall story. jon: i think that is exactly of the kind of reinvention he o frances was talking about the commercial rebit, may be some malls become health care spaces there is a lot of -- of
8:27 am
out patients surge cal facilities being created right now huge demand in this country a lot of innovation in the health care space we he could see just a complete reimagineation in says you go x-rays many dental treatment hip replacement whatever the case maybe i think we are headed as talking about all morning a moment of reinvention apply lessons learned in this crisis figure out how to reuse the spaces that we've got, and the mall is absolutely going to either one of those stations that gets reinvented. >> no longer entertainment maybe bowling movie theatres things like that but
8:28 am
absolutely, experiences we have in those places are going to change. cheryl: absolutely. jon: i would say somebody is going to profit. cheryl: a, of course, somebody is going to profit. . right. >> the question is who. >> what i am wondering you've got jcpenney, neiman-marcus, filing for bankruptcy this year i am wondering how this plays in the mall story also the fact stocks a lot of folks own, and even though macy's looking good news macy's had a rough year what do you think about as investment story. frances: macy has 600 stores traffic was abysmal maintaining spices but the ability to restructure always story massive changes in industries niewspapers out of style they have to get funding
8:29 am
to file bankruptcy i think teenagers cannot get into boars a great idea i think malls aren't going to disappear entirely but i think going to change. for sure. cheryl: i don't know jon, i know -- on the phones all the time do they get together in person anymore? jon: uh -- yeah they still want to, frankly i think, yeah, i know my kids are kind of sick of being on a couch. so, i think that is a really good point, we are social creatures when i was a kid the he bleachers at high school where maybe we are drinking things we shouldn't have been drinking, but yeah i mean there was spaces that people -- teenagers are still looking for things to do like i say
8:30 am
movie theatres bowling, maybe you turn macy's into a giant jungle gym for kids to play in a lot your imagination can do. >> a lot of commercial real estate companies brooksville others, certainly, are on to it your point about someone going to make money maybe we can, thank you, coming up we are down to the wire, in georgia how president trump plans on swinging that state towards keeping majority in the senate for gop another year could not get any worse we hope. here comes nostradamus predictions for 2020 we've got our own as we'll the morning buzz is coming up. ♪ ♪
8:31 am
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cheryl: welcome back i am cheryl casone in for maria bartiromo tuesday, december 29, look at markets this half hour ahead of opening bell to look at futures right now we are o up by 125 on dow, 55 nasdaq, 13 1/2 on s&p, futures poising to have a brand-new record again may get records for all major indices again second day in a row if numbers told out throughout 2 trading day a look at european marks right now we are seek gains across the board there, as well, europe was closed yesterday, excuse me london was closed yesterday back open
8:35 am
today, as you can see, opening with a bang-up 2 administrators in asia overnight markets mostly higher except for shanghai composite losing about a half percent, stories we are watching this morning, jeffrey epstein's long time companion denied bail again, the judge called her a throughout risk 28-million-dollar bail offer was second attempt to get out of the new york city jail awaiting her trial british social light pleaded not guilty to he allegations of traffic. >> formerly weight watchers reporting gains also a demand in diet coke many, many try to drop pounds packed on during covid lockdowns this year. >> sneakers adidas working on new alternative using
8:36 am
mushrooms the he sustainability initiative in 2020 produced 15 million pairs collected on beaches. >> get this a homeless man called a guardian angel saving all 16 animals from a burning animal shelter, keith walker, rescued six dogs 10 cats in a place that destroyed the entire building the shelter was set to move to new location next week animals will begin once again have a home. what a hero. >> all eyes on georgia president trump making a last minute push for republicans in georgia senate runoff, the president tweeting over the weekend, that he plans on holding a rally to support senators kelly loeffler david perdue the night before the election, joining me now federalist publisher get tough here. >> good to be with you this morning. cheryl: radio let's talk about what is at stake in the
8:37 am
peach state give your sense what it means for president trump to heed down there the day before. >> well, i think that you know republicans are nervous about this in part because they don't know what this sort of first election of the post trump era for their party looks like. they need the president to get out all his voters supporters, without them it would be impossible for perdue loeffler to be reelected not senate, at the same time, there is clearly tension between the president, and a lot of different other members of his party he this moment, but i do think one of the things that is indicative of the level of confidence on their part, is the reluctance on the part of mitch mcconnell to go leaning with president when it comes to some things demanding at the moment including 2000 dollar relief on the coronavirus, increase from 600 dollars per person that we're seeing i think that if the republican party was really concerned in terms of leadership the moment, they would be pushing forward with that, and something that would really i think rebut a lot of
8:38 am
charges some democrats have been making in this race, at the same time, this is really an uncertain period you see runoffs often benefit the party that lost -- the presidential election, we have seen it happen historically this time around it is a little less to predict all candidates have various, including the democrats in this race very thin résumes a lot of question marks. >> georgia is interesting atlanta one third voting population is african american, then obviously in rural areas as well you've got, stacey abrams targeting that group wants to get that vote to turn out support of warnock ossoff, but at the same time even though joe biden won, georgia, you know, president trump in november election did very well cross the country with the black vote african american vote so maybe trump being there would be a boost, to those
8:39 am
republican candidates, again, the balance of power is at stake here so a this is a crucial day. >> you might see one of the things i think our media got wrong about the way this election played out they assumed that people like stacey abrams really increased, black vote for joe biden in this election. in fact the reason ultimately president trump lost georgia is because of the losses that he had among white resorts in the suburbs, not necessarily the people you comhop got hit by this, performed the way you might think i think that leads to flood of uncertainty we came through one of the biggest polling misses we have ever seen in the history of the country i think you really have to wait and see there is a lot up in the air this moment. >> a lot in air for investors i want to bring in frances newton stacy in conversation, wall street as i said repeatedly is watching georgia frances go ahead. frances: my question is do you think most people already know who they are voting
8:40 am
forker latest frack over stimulus checks is going to change o vote. >> i think one of the biggest questions out there i actually think at the end of the day, questions get over hyped by media a little bit in final days of an election. especially one that takes place essentially over holidays people are mostly checked out i think people know who they are already voting for we might say oh, the defense bill, or stimulus checks could be deciding factor a lot of times it is who you intended to rote for all along in georgia had one go around i think in this case a little bit of media hype. cheryl: loeffler, throw way one warn k, loeffler, republicans could be unknown interesting i want to turn to media o censorship with you you tweeted a list of people,
8:41 am
places unsuccessfully tried to censor your paper, you even said canada. >> a little bit of a joke about canada, because it was actually a judge in this case, believe it or not, there was a judge sent us real a threatening message saying that they would try to essentially -- in canada if we did not the have interview with father fighting a because over transgender conveys involving progeny. >> this was the year i think big tech, they showed how willing they are to engage in the totally outright o so in your opinion of platforms that have different views than they do, even ifs no views are perfectly valid in march i wrote a piece i said the coronavirus, i think
8:42 am
momentically could kill we have never -- from the beginning arguing against the economic lockdowns, and begins stream, irresponsible report claims prop gaitdz by media we felt backlash from web powerful groups attacks when it come ups to approaches would flag content, demonetize us, shadowed ban us, lie afterward in case of so he will places using the media to go along with them including, fact checks, and flaggings from nbc "usa today" and the like use these oftentimes situations they were relying in case of facebook, on fact-checkers don't speak english first language, backed by foreign groups the cozy relationships in a lot of cases with china and russia
8:43 am
the like things we need to you look into issues like hunter biden story "new york post" went through their experience but what was concerning for me about that instance was how little the media was standing up and saying "wait a minute this is taking this too far you shouldn't be censoring them" a lot collapsible this was russian disinformation. >> i am glad you brought up hunter biden go with that the congressman, is supporting calls for special counsel to take over federal investigation of shady tax he delegations president trump -- remember bill barr said he sees no need for one, so, as a move forward what do you think happens with hunter biden investigation who you do you this you this is handled under a joe biden presidency. >> i think to say i feel like this media, and the powers that be have more interest in
8:44 am
getting to bottom of the larry baldwin story than biden case the people who have pour to come forward with facts and truth would be did you have if rewounding a decade or go we have seen time and again four, five years the way this has been manipulated partisan fashion irresponsible fashion i don't agree with attorney general barr in this instance i do think a special counsel or any kind of other special investigative unit that looked into it important going forward we need to know the truth we deserve to know about it as american people, and i think that is something, that again, big tech not able to shut this as to your down can temporarily but should be consequences results in terms of finding the truth about this story.
8:45 am
>> tech fraud, tax fraud the way you slice it. >> the law is the law exactly, thank you very much for being here. >> the a lot more coming up streaming wars heating up impact of more remove studios releasing blockbusters to you in your living room it couldn't get worse; right? wrong. nostradamus has predictions for 2021. we are going to make our rounds, and you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. this week on "mornings with maria" tomorrow we've got word on wall street, our insider picks to pad your portfolio thursday from meat balances to masks one neighborhood pizza shop uses ingenuity to keep business alive all right here on "mornings with maria." when you switch to xfinity mobile,
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asteroids ii . cheryl: screaming wars really heting up disney plus hbo max, all looking to compete with netflix major studios reefz removes to streaming platforms same day. >> release. >> good to see you. >> my 5:00 a.m. friend. >> let's talk about this, do you think people are going back to theatres that is the question we are all kind of asking. >> here is the thing cheryl, 2020 is going to be known as year we all sat is a home binge watched until we bent nuts! whether sopranos. >> netflix, tiger king, that came out during the pandemic,
8:50 am
but feels like five years ago, so all going to come down to all new network strategic services what can separate them from everybody else, that is what warner media did with hbo max wondered woman 1984 equivalent from one watched this weekend 110 million dollars in the box office times were regular the new direction theatres are going, i personally believe once things start to get more normal people are going to get the heck out of the house get heck out of the apartment and will return because we are losing this, the theatres will be okay but have to adjust a a little bit might be more luxurious, include more alcohol some of them making it better experience than we are known to have seen neither past. >> comfy chairs if you can stay awake for a movie you will. cheryl: i am serious talk
8:51 am
about -- binging, like creates a a list of best tv shows 2020, you mentioned -- there is a bunch on here the greats don't know it even, listen i am home i watch a ton of television i don't know -- if i watch bad tv or not up to date, the top five, biojack horseman, four upload office thing what we do in shadows number three, the great is about the great number one i may destroy you apparently biggest shows best shows to watch i am a millennial live on social media up to date on trending i feel more people
8:52 am
are interested in schitts13 creek if we are home for new years holidays all shows so watch flip side no i have all these shows i have to watch. cheryl: you think you are uninformed. >> top shows i know two of them i am a nerd. >> maybe not us it is them that got it wrong. cheryl: great to see you. thank you. >> you as well take care. cheryl: you, too, maybe in person one day who knows coming up 2020 has been a very stressful year it may get worse, if nostradamus gets his way we've got his predictions also got our own the morning buzz coming up next.
8:53 am
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cheryl: time for the morning abuzz, 2020 has been a year like no other thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and other life changing events, but if you think next year will be better, here comes notre dame is, the french philosophers writing called for a year more destructive than this one including famine, even zombies, yeah. so, with that thank you. he has been pretty dead on. let's put talk about predictions for 2021.
8:57 am
i hope no zombies, but what do you think? >> first of all on that story, one of the things he says was he predicted half dead young people and that's like my kids and all you millennial's glued to your phones like put the phone down, you act like a zombie. are not too worried about that, so here are my predictions for 2021. one on the investment front, i think the dollar will continue to decline and for investors, i think in your portfolio that means you probably want some exposure to global stocks. socially, lifestyle, i think there will be a renaissance in dining and eating outside the home because people want out of their homes. there's a lot of restaurants reinventing themselves, so i think we have a renaissance for dining. i think a prediction, i
8:58 am
think coronavirus goes down in history as the moment in health science and technology with faster approval and new technologies like messenger rna. i think over the long run we find ways to live better and healthier despite the tragedy we had to live through 82020. cheryl: we have been very focused on our immune assistance. would do you expect for 2021 and don't's asteroid. >> no, we already have some crazy men do so trumpet agree on something which i think is crazy. are $2000 for the sistine chapel book i think is crazy. predictions come i think inflation will be the thing for the first and second quarter. i think commodities and
8:59 am
food prices will continue to rise and i agree with john, the us a dollar will weaker because of the debt. another prediction for 2021, i may pull the trigger on a new york apartment. i may have been shopping a bit for that during break. i think it might be a crazy year, but the bar is low after 2020, so i agree with john we will have a renaissance in people getting together and new technologies and new experiences. i think there will be a merging of the stay-at-home virtual world with what we know as a social creatures. cheryl: today the boeing 737 max will go back in the air and american is the first airline to fly the plane from miami to new york and my production is airline passengers won't know they are on a 737 max, they won't know or care. i think travel will be pretty big in 2021 once the vaccine rolls out.
9:00 am
>> we were talking about airlines earlier and this is a day prediction, just a frustration. i think it's about time airlines got their act together to give us a better service and lower prices. cheryl: i agree. >> this country rescued 112020, pay up. we want something back. cheryl: amount of time. sending it over to david asman. david: john owes me 10 seconds on the hour. cheryl, good to see you and thank you. good morning. i'm a david asman in for stuart varney. the big story, house passing a bill boosting direct payment checks to $2000 with all eyes on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to see if he takes up the bill later today. senate is set to begin in a few hours. looking at futures, they are in the green again


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