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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 29, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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reporting on the ground, such wonderful stories. and, of course, we are watching the markets. it was a down day. the dow closing down 68 points today. we'll be looking for some green on that board tomorrow. that's "after the bell," and we thank you, as always, for watching. ♪ gregg: good evening, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. president trump today demanding that members of the republican party get tough. the president insisting that weak-kneed rinos in the u.s. senate either comply with his demands or be replaced. president trump wants the senate to follow the house and provide clash 2,000 -- $2,000 china virus stimulus checks to american workers. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell today, however, rejecting unanimous passage of those $2,000 relief checks and didn't say when or even if the u.s. senate will vote on the
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matter. mcconnell did announce that the senate will soon vote to override president trump's veto of the defense authorization act. president trump is demanding that senators renegotiate the defense bill which fails to terminate section 230 protections used by big tech and social media to stifle free speech with impunity. we're learning from minority leader chuck schumer's office this evening a short time ago mcconnell has introduced new legislation that apparently repeals section 230 and provisions related to president trump's charges of election fraud. we'll be following that breaking news this evening. the president also wants provisions of the bill removed that place limits on his ability to withdraw troops from endless overseas wars and renames u.s. military bases. in a tweet today, president trump said, quote: unless republicans have a death wish -- and it's also the right thing to
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do -- they must approve the $2,000 payment asap. $600 is not enough. also get rid of section 230. don't let big tech steal our country and don't let the democrats steal the presidential election. get tough. well, the battle over $2,000 checks for americans and the defense bill veto override could have enormous implications on the two senate runoff races in the state of georgia. senators per due and leffler both support those increased payments. their critical runoff races are are now just one week away, and control of the u.s. senate is on the line. correspondent steve harrigan in atlanta with the latest. >> reporter: gregg, early voting here in georgia is already well underway. more than 2.3 million people are have voted. the pace has been brisk. a lot of enthusiasm. some long lines. the most heavy turn has been in the suburbs, democratic-controlled suburbs around atlanta.
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if you compare the pause for these two senate -- pace for these two senate runoffs to the general election, it's about a 75% clip as many people voting now as did in the general election, and republican kelly loeffler has made it clear she thinks the stakes to determine who controls the senate for the next two years could not be higher. >> early voting is open here until thursday. we need georgians to get out and vote because we have to make sure that we're the firewall to stopping the radical agenda of chuck schumer. he wants to fundamentally change this country. >> reporter: loeffler has attacked or her opponent, raphael warnock, as being too radical for the state of georgia. warnock has said she simply purchased that senate seat. >> kelly will haveler has a problem. -- kelly loeffler has a problem. the folk who sold her that seat don't own it.
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that seat belongs to the people of georgia, and come january 5th the people are coming to get their seat back! >> reporter: president trump will come back to georgia yet again to hold a really on monday in northwestern georgia right on the eve of election day. gregg, back to you. gregg: steve harrigan, thanks very much. now to that breaking news that mitch mcconnell has introduced a bill that follows through on some of president trump's demands, the bill would repeel section 230 -- repeal section 230 protections for big tech, and it would tackle election fraud. mike emmanuel has more from d.c. >> reporter: great to see you. mitch mcconnell now grouping together three of president trump's priority issues; $2,000 stimulus checks, the section 230, getting rid of that, and, of course, addressing election integrity. but with mcconnell is a little vague about the timing. >> those are the three important subjects the president has linked together this week the
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senate will begin a process to bring these three priorities into focus. >> reporter: the house vote on $2,000 stimulus checks was 275-134, only 44 republicans out of nearly 200 in the house supported the president's plan. many in the gop expressing concern about the price tag. increasing the payments from $6 of 00 to $2,000 will cost an estimated $463 billion, a leading progressive praised the house on the senate floor. >> the house did the right thing. i congratulate them. and now it is time for the senate to step up to the plate and do what the working families of in this country overwhelmingly want us to do. >> reporter: the other huge item on the agenda is voting to override the president's veto deon the national defense authorization act. it's a $747 billion package, but some democrats suggest the gop's priorities are messed up.
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>> my republican colleagues seem more interested in funding defense than in funding the defenseless. and that's what this debate is all about, what do we do to help these defenseless families. >> reporter: democrats are hoping the critical runoffs might help one week from today, and both of them eager to be out on the campaign trail. >> i'm delighted to support the president and his $2,000. it's really a $1400 increment over what we've already done. and i think with the vaccine coming, i think this is absolutely appropriate. i fully support what the president is doing right now. >> reporter: it is not clear if there's enough support in the senate to pass $2,000 checks now, democrats are already upset about mcconnell combining those two other issues with the stimulus check, so you can expect quite a battle in the new year holiday. gregg? gregg: mike emmanuel, thanks
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very much. joining me now to talk about the it, congressman andy biggs, chairman of the house freedom caucus, member of the house judiciary committee. congressman, great to see you. look, i realize -- and we've talked about it extensively on this program -- the wasteful spending, hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid to countries that i'm not really sure are our allies, maybe in name only. but most americans don't see that. what they see is your party not giving this many $2,000 -- them $2,000 at a time of economic distress and desperation. and that's not a good look going into next week's critical georgia runoff elections, is it? >> hi, gregg, good to see you. you know, it's a tough, it's a tough situation. and i would just say when we started looking at the $2,000, the $460 billion, we see that there are a lot of people that are hurting. and largely they're hurting because of the state and local
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government lockdowns and mandates that have come in, not from the federal government, but from the local government. but, gregg, don't make any mistake, all of this stuff kind of got linked together. everything from the omnibus spending bill which you include this new money, and it is the biggest spending package in the history of this country which means it's the biggest in the history of the world, and it wasn't even a clean package yesterdayment it had -- it made things retroactive so you can go back and get claims if you didn't qualify before. and why do you need that? they expanded the pool of people who could get this. before it was qualified children, and now they changed it to include all dependents. this actually expanded the pool. it's not targeted. it's not -- there's no accountability -- gregg: yeah. >> and you know what, there's some issues that needed to be addressed there that just were not drivewayed. gregg: -- addressed. gregg: why does big tech get liability protection under section 230? i mean, facebook and twitter
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engaged in brazen and egregious suppression of free speech in an effort -- and they may have succeeded -- in up dually influencing -- unduly influencing the presidential election, advocating for and protecting joe biden relative to the hunter biden story which they as singously suppressed. why do they get protection from liability? my lord, they're rich as can be. >> yeah, they should not have any kind of protection whatsoever. the section 230, you wouldn't even need to make changes to it if our department of justice were going after them. they're not acting as platforms anymore, which is what the protection's supposed to be. they're acting as publishers. so when they start editing or censoring or commenting, guess what? they are now publishers. and that's why they need to go -- and this isn't just what they did in this election, as you did, gregg, it's what they
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did to undermine president trump for the last four years. from campaign to today, they've tried to delegitimize him. they should not get that protection, and i'm kind of embarrassed that congress didn't address this years ago. gregg: yeah, they should have, they need to, they must. speaking of hunter biden, there are at least three investigations, criminal investigations, going on, one in delaware, one in pennsylvania, one in washington beyond tax evasion. by the way, which is a crime, although hunter biden tries to peddle it as, ohing, i'll just repay pay the taxes i owe. no, no, it's a crime. security fraud, money laundering, maybe even rico violations, racketeering. federal regulations, as you know, congressman, demand the appointment of a special counsel when there is a conflict of interest. aren't there three conflicts of interest here? joe biden's own justice
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department investigating his son, joe biden may be implicated at the very least he is a witness, and finally it appears that the department of justice for two long years covered this up. that's three conflicts of interest, isn't it? >> you're exactly right. that's why i've been advocating since october for a special counsel to be i appointed with a number of my colleagues. and it has to happen because the other thing that goes hand in hand, and you mentioned joe biden is certainly a witness, he is potentially criminally culpable, testimony that we've heard regarding his benefit, direct benefit. 10% goes to the big guy, type of thing. he has potential criminal culpability. and if you don't think that people in the department of justice are going to be protecting their careers, i mean, that's what happens. that's why you get a special counsel, to avoid the conflicts
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that weaken the department of justice but also to protect people's ability to fulfill their job on other investigations which will be ill perioded if they're worried about their -- impeded if they're worried about their career, and they will be are, i guarantee you. definitely we should have a special counsel, and it should be done two weeks ago, three weeks ago. and there's no reason for delay on it, gregg, it just can't wait any longer. gregg: yeah. the conduct of the main stream media in failing or refusing to report this story, ignoring it and downplaying it before the to protect joe biden was absolutely disgraceful, wouldn't you agree? if i mean, there was growing evidence, hard evidence of corruption, influence-peddling by hunter biden, selling access to foreign businesses and governments, access to his powerful father. would you agree that the media, mainstream media has lost all
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credibility? >> yeah. there wasn't much credibility. [laughter] for so many other reasons -- left for so many other reasons, for sure, gregg, but they've just thrown it all away. look, for "the new york times" to still be sitting on this major, major scandal story and not be bringing it forward and for the other networks not to be bringing this forward, it just stretches credulity, and they should be ashamed of where they're sitting as journalists because if this had gone the other way, just think of anybody in the trump family, if they had any real something, evidence of any kind of real participation or potential criminal culpability, guess what? this would be the biggest story ever. and every time they found anything, they would blow it up on the trumps just because they wanted to delegitimize president trump. but here they're protecting joe biden, protecting the biden
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family. don't forget, it has implications for joe biden's brother, joe biden's wife and hunter biden and then a ring of people that are associates of the biden family. and to sit on that before the election was an outrage. and not only did they sit on it, but some in our doj, they sat on it. they didn't let that out. gregg: right. >> if it it went the other way, they would have been all over that. you know that, i know that, all of america knows that. gregg: has to be a special come, no way out. congressman andy biggs, thanks very much. coming up next, stacey abrams is one of joe biden's big allies in georgia. well, now abrams' sister is using her role as a federal judge to help democrats and her si e s in georgia runoffs. we'll take that up and more after the break with republican attorney phil kline. ♪ ♪ sanctuary music
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[background sounds] gregg: the huge blast followed by car alarms, the officer rushing toward the smoke from the bombing site. his quick work along with those of other brave officers getting people away from the area stopped this from becoming a bigger tragedy. authorities say only the suspected bomber was killed in the blast. also breaking, a georgia judge who is the sister of joe biden's major with ally in that state stacey abrams has refused to are cause herself from a crucial election -- recuse herself from a crucial election case. the judge is leslie abrams gardner, an obama appointee, she ruled against the purge of 4,000 voters from the rolls. the voters or in question allegedly outside of the jurisdictions in which they were registered. and a presidentially huge discrepancy in pennsylvania's vote count. the state claims that almost 7
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million ballots were cast in the november election are, but an analysis of a group of republican state lawmakers say only 6.8 million people actually voted. hmm. the state explains the 200,000 vote discuss pair few by saying -- disparity by saying that counties like allegheny and philadelphia aren't finished uploading numbers to the state's voter registry. really? all right. joining us now, phil kline, who is director of the amistad project, an election integrity watchdog that's part of the thomas moore society, conservative law firm, also former attorney general of kansas. i -- in georgia i find this truly amazing, stacey abrams has a vested interest in the outcome, a major ally out there getting people registered as democrats to vote for ossoff and warnock, and her sister issues a ruling that helps her sister, stacey abrams. i looked up the code of judicial
5:21 pm
conduct for u.s. judges. here it is. a judge shall disqualify himself or herself where the judge's impartiality might reasonably be questioned including instances in which a person related to the judge has an interest that could be affected substantially by the outcome. isn't this fundamental that this judge should be removed from the case and her decision helping her own sister should be vacated? >> well, her decision as it relates to not recausing is an issue -- recausing is an issue for judicial ethics, but certainly the case should be appealed. and the election in georgia, as you know in the general election, was a mess. there are hundreds of thousands of questionable votes that counted in georgia. the chain of custody of the ballots was not maintained. i have a report in front of me
5:22 pm
right now, gregg, by the chairman of one of the standing senate committees that details all of the evidence that the results do not reflect the will of the people. on top of that, georgia is doing it again in the special election. there were a lot of out of state residents who voted in the general election, and judge abrams is now allowing them to do it in the special election, without question. on top of that, you had mark zuckerberg money flowing freely into democrat areas to turn out the rote for joe biden, and mark -- the vote for joe biden, and mark zuckerberg ising back again with $4 million going into fulton county paying them to do the very things they did wrong in the general election. so it is a mess in georgia right now. the secretary of state's not doing his join -- his job. the legislature's trying to stand up, but they do not have a
5:23 pm
method of conducting a fair and transparent election. gregg: it's even worse, it's compounded by the fact that stacey abrams' group, as i understand it, is under investigation by the secretary of state for aggressively rebelling shesterring, quote -- registering, quote: ineligible, out of state or deceased voters before the january 5th runoff. how concerned are you that this is going to be a crooked election a week from today? >> well, it's very, very clear the way that we protect elections is transparent i city and requiring -- transparency and requiring both parties to be present and the laws to be followed. georgia is not doing that. they're kicking republicans out of the consolidated counting centers in these urban areas, they are inviting a billionaire in, they're not following the haws, they're not maintaining a chain of custody on the ballots, they're doing the drop boxes again, they are recreating the mess in the general election in which the people of georgia have
5:24 pm
a right to have no faith in. and i'll tell you, i don't know what to do about it. courts have to wake up or legislatures have to wake up -- gregg: right. >> -- because america is undermining itself by operating elections in this fashion. so we are getting ready to sue again down in georgia. we will sue in this next week because of this registration of ineligible voters that is going on in georgia. people who have already voted in a u.s. senate race in other states to come to georgia and vote in another one, that's wrong. georgia has the right to select its united states senators, not the democratic party, not ms. abrams, not anybody who is trying to undermine the integrity of the election in georgia. gregg: phil kline, thanks very much for for being with us. coming up next, a key figure in the hunter biden scandal takes twitter to court. we'll take it up with sara carter when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ gregg: welcome back, i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. a gallup poll finds president trump to be the most admired man of 2020. 18% of americans naming him as their pick ending barack obama's 12-year run. obama got 15% of the vote. when broken down by party, 48% of republicans named trump their most admired man. just 13% of democrats said the same of joe biden. well, the delaware computer store owner who received hunter biden's laptop for repairs is suing twitter for defamation. john paul mcisaac is his name. he charges that twitter unfairly branded him a hacker which led to negative businesses and reviews that were negative and personal threats. he's now demanding $500 million in damages and a retraction from twitter. joining me now to talk about it,
5:30 pm
sara carter or, investigate i have reporter and fox business contributor. you know, i read through the lawsuit, it's very persuasive. this is a strong defamation case against twitter, and thank god somebody finally sued twitter. and i hope he wins. but here is -- i mean, because they ruined his business by falsely accusing him of being a hacker. >> right. gregg: here's part of the lawsuit. plaintiff, as a direct result of defendant's actions and statements, now widely considered a hacker. and on the same day defendant categorized plaintiff as a hacker, plaintiff began to receive negative reviews of the business as well as threats to his person and property. you know, sara, isaac didn't hack anything. he had custody of the laptop that was given to him with permission to fix it which means you have to get into its contents. >> absolutely. gregg: and, but, you know --
5:31 pm
>> i mean -- [inaudible] gregg: the idiots and morons at twitter do not care about facts, they don't care about the truth, and that includes jack dorsey who heads it. they care about helping joe biden. >> that's absolutely correct, gregg. i mean, look, mr. mcisaac did the right thing, he contacted fbi, he turned over the contents of what he believed were criminal contents possibly allegedly in this laptop over to the fbi in december of 2019. he also turned over as his own insurance policy that information to rudy giuliani's attorney because he was afraid nothing was going to be done and, look, hardly anything was done. i mean, the fbi sat on this information for quite only time, nobody let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, of what was going on with hunter biden. and now we know there's an ongoing fbi investigation into the son of the president-elect, joe biden. and this is very serious concerns because it's not just
5:32 pm
about money laundering, but it's connections with foreign nations and foreign companies that are connected to the chinese communist party allegedly as well as ukraine. and these are very serious allegations, and they implicate like the national security status for the united states. these are very serious charges and a very serious investigation. so i think twitter, what twitter did is up conscionable. you know -- unconscionable. he filed this $500 million libel suit against twitter, and right now that's in the southern district of florida x. and so we'll see what happens with this. i heard that the cause was dropped today -- the case was dropped today but it can be refiled, and it's only because of technicalities with jurisdiction. so we'll see what happens with mr. isaac. gregg: you know, sara, and you know this, it's not just twitter and facebook that suppressed and censored the story, it was the mainstream media who refused to report on it.
5:33 pm
>> absolutely. gregg: and i mention this because here are just a few examples of it. "the daily beast" only after the election offered this ridiculous excuse: the evidence of a probe was apparent in the markings on a series of documents that were made public but went largely unnoticed in the days leading up to the november election. no, it wasn't unnoticed. responsible journalists noted it, reported it, including myself. here's "the washington post" op-ed before the election: we must treat the hunter biden leaks as if they were foreign intelligence operation even if they probably aren't. and npr, this was my favorite: we don't want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories. we don't want to waste the listeners' and readers' time on stories that are just pure distractions. now, of course, they are forced to report on it. my favorite though, jake the fake tapper on cnn said the story was too disgusting for him
5:34 pm
to report. now after the election it's clear it's a real story, and cnn's all over it like a cheap suit. >> right. what a disservice. well, what a disservice to the american people. what a failure on the part of the media that is supposed to be open, that's supposed to present the facts so that the american people can make the best judgment possible before an election. you know, they didn't have this attitude, gregg, with president trump when they disseminated disinformation and lies that actually were russian disinformation as we covered over the last four years. when they actually took information out of a dodgy dossier that was completely false against the president of the united states and then-candidate donald trump and basically lied to the american people and the world continuously for years. so their attitude was quite different three years ago than it is now with hunter biden. but when you think about what happened with hunter biden here and the information that's presented, it's really
5:35 pm
distressing to understand that the media would rather withhold that information from the public because of their own bias towards president trump than actually do their job. and i think that's something that the american people actually really have to be concerned about because it's not just happening here, it's happening on a wide scale, and we're not being offered the information that we need to be. gregg: sara carter, great to talk with you as always. coming up next, joe biden is back with his message about doom and gloom about the china virus. we'll take it up after the break with dr. marc siegel. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ but taking prescriptions shouldn't be one of them. so cvs has a proprietary search tool that looks for savings. plus free delivery. get a free prescription savings review at cvs. some things are good to know. like where to find the cheapest gas in town and which supermarket gives you the most bang for your buck. something
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gregg: more on that breaking developmet from capitol the hill. mitch mcconnell has introduced new legislation combining some of president trump's demands. the bill increases china virus relief payments to $2,000, repools section 230 -- repeals section 230 protections for big tech and creates a new advisory committee to investigate fraud in the 2020 election. the response from chuck schumer? he says the bill will not pass the house and cannot become law. officials in colorado say a man has been found to have a potentially more infectious strain of the china virus. the infected individual is in isolation about an hour and a half south of denver. officials say the man, who is in his 20s, does not have a travel history.
5:40 pm
joining us now to talk about some of the latest developments, fox news medical correspondent dr. marc siegel, author of "covid: the politics of fear, the power of science." doctor, anthony fauci now admits that he altered his public scientific estimates based on opinion polls, admitting that, yeah, he misled the public, but he tried to rationalize it but saying, oh, gee, or i didn't think the public could handle the truth. doctor, that doesn't justify lying to the american people, does it? >> well, it's very disturbing, gregg, first of all because the goalposts have actually not even been moved. we came out with a vaccine, two vaccines now that are 95 effective, and so the original idea that we would have to vaccinate about 70% of the population are, even a bit less, to get to herd immunity hasn't changed.
5:41 pm
if anything, that's more true than ever before, and he was comparing it to measles where you need 90% for herd immunity. measles, by the way, is much more contagious than this virus, so i don't understand why he would say suddenly 90%. it sounds like he's trying to push people to take the vaccine by inflating or conflating the numbers which is not what he should be doing. gregg: well, the truth seems to be alien to dr. fauci. it's not the first time that he's misled the public about it and then tried to raggallize it later on -- rationalize it. at the outset he said, oh, don't wear a mask unless you're symptomatic. then he, of course, later reversed himself saying everybodies has to wear a mask, it's absolutely critical. and same thing, he tried to rationalize misleading the public. how can anybody trust dr. fauci? if you can't trust, you know, the science and the scientists, where are we?
5:42 pm
>> well, gregg, we need consistency here. you hit on the key point. if you're going to be inconsistent, nobody's going to believe you, and it spreads more and more fear. and that's really the problem. now, when you talked about masks, masks have a use, but they've suddenly become a religion. if you wear a mask not even covering your nose, now you're allowed to zoom in close to somebody or you can crowd into ankle sater. as long as -- elevator. that kind of dogma or pseudo-religiosity is deeply disturbing. we're seeing the same thing, by the way, out of joe biden when he's getting out there publicly and demanding that president trump takes the vaccine. well, let me tell you what the science behind this is. he tagged the virus. he got it in the beginning of october. i interviewed the president about it. he absolutely is not allowed to on consider taking the vaccine for three months after this he has the virus, plus the regeneron product had which gave him antibodies. it would not even be safe for
5:43 pm
him to be taking the vaccine right now, and the white house has told many that. why doesn't joe biden know that, and why is he chastising president trump? it's just politics all the time, 24/7. gregg: you know, i interviewed dr. fauci in late february on this very program when i was substituting for lou dobbs, and i, i walked away from that interview with the distinct impression that this guy doesn't really know what he's talking about. and, you know, i hate to say that, but that was my improsecution. but my biggest beef with fauci is that he's ignored the science of the devastating physical and psychological consequences of these widespread lockdowns and shutdowns. do you agree with that? >> completely agree with that. lockdowns have enormous public health consequences, and public health is not about covid alone, it's about the entire picture. if you, god forbid, commit suicide because you lose your job because of covid, i count
5:44 pm
that as a covid death. anxiety and depression is up 26% in the united states right now. california is ridiculous. they closed down outdoor dinings but leave malls open when, in fact, outdoor restaurants have not been shown to spread covid-199? there again the inconsistency. and let's not forget the governor, of course, dining out in the french laundry. i mean, it's okay for restaurants to be shut unless you're a governor, right? that kind of hypocrisy spreads if fear and lack of trust. gregg: you know, i have long argued that these lockdowns and shutdowns are not based on science, they're not data-driven, they're based on fear and paranoia. and governor cuomo of new york once again has shut down indoor dining. not at all based on data. the state tracing data shows restaurants and bars account for 1.4% of transmissions, dr. siegel.
5:45 pm
that is statistically minuscule. 74% of transmissions come from household gatherings. so isn't governor cuomo making matters worse? he is driving people who would go to restaurants to household gatherings, exacerbating the transmissions. >> gregg, i'm giving you your medical degree for that one, because you just took the words out of my mouth. it only takes one person who can't get to one of those restaurants to bring it into the household, and then it spreads within the household because there no one's wearing a mask, everyone's close together, and that's where the number 74% occurs. it wasn't even in subways, by the way. they studied this in new york city. not even in subways. everything we're afraid of, a lot of it has to be reexamined. a study out of britain yesterday shows it's not even spreading in hospitals. we thought it was hospitals where it was spreading, we thought it was subways. it turns out it's within households.
5:46 pm
the more you do shutdowns, the less people have places to go, the more they huddle together and spread covid-19 and, of course, you can't mention governor cuomo without what he did to nursing homes, readmitting patients who were covid-19-positive. of he's slowing down the vaccine in new york by adding a second layer of examination on top of what the feds are doing. once the vaccine is being deployed, new york has to look it over a second time. gregg: the nursing how many tragedy is really despicable. how many thousands did he kill with that boneheaded order of his. you can always count on andrew cuomo to do the absolute wrong thing. dr. marc siegel, thanks for being with us. coming up next, president trump's further limits investment in companies tied to the chinese military. we'll talk to china expert dr. michael pillsbury about it. when we come back. ♪ ♪ nce so you only pay for what you need?
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go to, that's ♪ ♪ gregg: on wall street stocks were lower, but all three indexes closed at their second highest level in history. the dow down 68 points, s&p down 8, nasdaq falling 49 pointsment volume on the big board, 3.4 billion shares. the boeing 737 max gent
5:51 pm
returned to the skies today for its first commercial flight in more than a year. the planes were grounded worldwide in march of 2019 after two deadly crashes. and a remind or listen to rue's report -- lou's report three times a day on the salem radio network. the trump administration has placed more limits on investments of companies tied to china's military. the treasury department says federal money will not be given to chinese subsidiaries and their parent companies if they are controlled by 50% or more by the people's liberation army. chinese state-run media is defending congressman eric swalwell's relationship with a suspected chinese spy. the global times calling the story complete fiction meant to poison chinese relations. the radical dems say, well, there's nothing really wrong with swalwell's ties to chinese national fang fang, and so far
5:52 pm
he has retained his seat on the house intelligence committee. not much intelligence there. joining me now, dr. michael pillsbury, director of the center9 for chinese strategy at the hudson institute, now chairman of the defense policy board, an advisory board that reports to the secretary of defense. author of the book "the hundred-year marathon." dr. pillsbury, thanks so much for being with us. you know, eric swalwell spent years accusing, falsely, president trump of colluding with russia. now it appears that swalwell may have been colluding with china, albeit perhaps unwittingly because, you know, swalwell's not a genius. is this a guy who should not be on the intelligence committee in congress with access to important classified documents? >> well, gregg, he's only there for one reason, nancy pelosi
5:53 pm
makes these decisions. for members of congress, there's no background check, no fbi sort of intrusion on the person's records. and so only the speaker or the ranking republican who appoints people to the intelligence committee. so it's nancy pelosi who received the briefing back in 2015 from the fbi. she says, you know, nothing happened. then fang fang went home, these are the basic facts we have, it's not much. now that kevin mccarthy's heard the briefing, he said apparently to me expect way he's implying it's so terrible that he wants all members of the intelligence committee to hear the fbi briefing. so that that's where we are. only nancy pelosi can decide this, and she needs his vote to remain as speaker of the house. of is so after that vote maybe eric will step down on his own authority. but otherwise nancy pelosi is holding the responsibility for this. gregg: i wouldn't count on it. let's talk more broadly about china because you've written extensively about it, and he
5:54 pm
issued warnings. we know that china is parasitic. they steal our intellectual property, they're adept at hacking into our systems, they infiltrate businesses and technology and colleges and congress. how much of a threat to the u.s. is china? >> well, it's a big threat and, frankly, they've been very successful at the list of activities you just named. the chairman of the chemistry department at harvard university, there's just a long list of american companies who invest very haley in china. -- can heavily in china. we probably own as a country at least $2 trillion of chinese equities; that is, we are subsidizing china's effort to replace it. there's not much done about their technology theft. president trump stood up an enforcement mechanism with an office in beijing, office in washington.
5:55 pm
companies can now get quick action. it hasn't really been tested yet. but president trump's trying to turn all this around but, frankly, the bad habit of seeing china as a friend, some even see china as our best friend in the world, this has not been broken. so in our large investment banks, in our think tanks, among an awful lot of people think china is still seen as a friend, and our mainstream media -- except for human rights violations -- tends to go along with that. gregg: all right. and they are salivating over the prospect of a president biden according to victor davis hanson at stanford, i talked to him about that last week, and i'm sure you agree. i wish we had more time. dr. michael pillsbury, thank you for being with us today. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪. gregg: welcome back. congressman biggs this evening calling for a special cowles sell investigation of the hunter biden scandal. >> they're protecting joe biden and the biden family. don't forget it has implications for joe biden's brother, joe biden's wife and hunter biden and a ring of people associates of the biden family. to sit on that before the election was an outrage and not only did they sit on it, some in our do j-sat on it.
6:00 pm
they dent lit it out, jason jones and pastor robert jeffress. follow lou on twitter, like him on facebook, follow him on instagram and parler @loudobbstonight. thanks for joining us. i'm gregg jarrett filling in for lou. have a great evening everyone. elizabeth: so night we take on joe biden today slamming the trump administration for quote, falling short in vaccinating americans against covid-19. yes, there are glitches. they need to be fixed but critics say biden is doing, politicizing and attacks historic effort to try to take credit for it without offering new ideas except for money. joe biden and kamala harris getting vaccinated after they said they wouldn't take a vaccine under president trump. we have deneen borelli, tom del beccaro, fred fleitz and matthew whitaker. we'll get you


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