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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 31, 2020 9:00am-12:00pm EST

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pray enough for everyone and i can't wish you better feelings man i have, so here's to a better new year and to every single american who has pushed through 2020. thank you steve moore and tom bevan took that does it for us. "varney & co." is up next with david asman in the four stuart. david: thank you and good morning. happy new year. i'm david asman in four stuart varney. the big story, mitch mcconnell says he does not see a realistic path of the pass of the $2000 relief check. former speaker of the house newt gingrich is sending a warner and he's later up in the shout, new year's eve like never before with covid cases arising unknown crowds with lockdowns all over the country, but there's a lot of hope about 2021. and a quick check of the futures on the last day of trading of 2020, we
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have all in the down barely. i call it pretty much a flat premarket activity right now with nasdaq barely up in the other indexes barely down. the holidays just got brighter for one small business that became the recipient of dave's bar school-- a barstool find and we will talk to that business owner later in the show. we have sean and rachel campos-duffy and heather mcdonnell among our debt-- guess, but does anyone find it log that new york buffalo bills fan andrew cuomo has suddenly decided it safe for fans to attend a ball game in for the playoffs? is december 31, last day of 2020, think god. "varney & co." begins right now. ♪
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david: i think it's fair to say we are all waiting for tonight within and to 2020 and then-- and a lot of hope for things to turn around primarily because of the success of the vaccines once they can get out we can expect boomtime all over the world. it's a busy news day so let's get started with this, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says there is no realistic path for $2000 stimulus checks and democrats are trying to quote poe a fast one pair go lauren is here to break it down. lauren: mitch mcconnell says he will not separate the bill for the bigger checks from what is in president trump's request, which is investigating election fraud and taking on big tech
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with the elimination of section 230 protection. it signals that are checks and coming this year or in this congress. mcconnell slammed house speaker nancy pelosi for structuring a bill so a family of four would have to earn over $300,000 to not get the 200-- the $2000 check, so his argument is that it's not specific enough and won the government can't afford, but what we saw on the past few days is debate aligning unlikely bedfellows with president trump and bernie sanders in the same camp and puts the senators running for reelection in a tough spot. david: it sure does five days before the election. joining me now is former j.p. morgan chase chief economist anthony chan. anthony, good to see you. overwhelmingly americans support the 2000-dollar check and i heard one figure of 80% of americans want the 2000-dollar checks to go out five days before the georgia election.
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is this the right time for mitch mcconnell to be stalling on this? >> well, david, that's a good question. i have no opposition to $2000 checks per se, but i think one of the highest priorities should be to make sure operation warp speed is as successful as it can be and we know in the new package close to-- less than 1% of the money goes towards vaccine distribution. lets not forget who the leading star is, the vaccine. if the vaccine is it successful we will get everything to work, so getting checks out is great like a band-aid and when the patient is beating you need to apply many band-aids, but let's not forget we need the patient to get better and that means getting the vaccine out. we have to make sure vaccine distribution occurs faster than it's going. david: anthony, we have another patient and that is the economy itself which has suffered
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terribly because of lockdowns in the pandemic and a lot of investors are worried it will suffer more if democrats take control of the senate instead of having a divided house and senate and executive which investors are often prefer. if mcconnell continues to be stubborn about this $2000, that 80% of the people support, he risks the senate going complete democrat. that could be a very bad move for the economy, no? >> david, when you look at the situation in congress whether or not republicans get the two seats or democrats get one or both, it will still be very close and it will still be challenging to pass any real legislation with bipartisan support so i'm not very concerned about what's going to happen in january. of course, divided congress has always been good for the markets and investors love it and i think investments will
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cheer, but it's not a situation where you have an environment where you can face a situation where one party nominates by three or four, it will still be close. david: i think we just lost him. anthony, we thank you. let's check the markets, premarket activity and airlines, we saw that down today. in the indexes, we see futures slightly positive on the nasdaq, not so in the dow jones and smp, but basically flat market. i went to bring in our market guy, gary kaltbaum. is the final day of trading for 2020. what are you doing with your money in these last hours of 2020? >> on in the market now and i'm a tech guy, a growth guy, but the markets turn more broad-based as of
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november 9, when the vaccine was announced. all the areas that were dead like energy and financials and travel have woken up and commodities and i think that continues. my bigger worry is in a few months. i think we are going higher beginning of the year. there is so much froth and speculation with mouses amounts of the secondary and dollar stocks going to five, valuation that-- i am worried about too much frenzy and speculation reminding me a bit of 99 and i think the back half of the year-- david: what i'm getting from you is the first half of the year there's basically nothing that will keep the market down and was the vaccines get out, not just this country, but around the world we will see a pop like i don't think we have seen in our lifetime. >> i think we are going higher, but you mentioned it earlier, if joe biden gets the senate, and he puts in
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tax hikes during the pandemic, that will affect earnings, that will affect psyche, that will affect profits in the market. my methods-- message to president biden if he gets the senate, do not seem. people will do a great job at getting the economy open if you just leave the. david: gary, i love you to death , but i don't think joe biden will take advice from you on that one. one of the best moves of the people that i know in 2020 was something that happened to you, my friend. you were planning to move from florida to new york before the pandemic hit. various things happened including the pandemic. you got out of that deal. you are one of the luckiest guys i know. i just want to play for you a sound bite, one example of why you are so lucky. mayor dubois zero, probably the worst male in the history of new york, definitely one of
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the worst mayors in america today has done flip-flopping of schools opening, closing and the latest is that he is for opening. mommy play the sound bite. >> look at the amazing success that we have had in our schools keeping them safe, clearly new york city public schools is one of the safest places to be. i'm confident we can keep them open. david: confident after talking about closing them for the past four months. what you think? are you glad you stayed in florida? >> it's like he's taking credit for it also. our most precious commodity is our children and we have to keep them safe. they got it wrong. as of right now, it looks like they are not the big super spreaders everyone is worried about and i am bias with the bellagio. if he says up i say that i'm. i just think they are dubois zero has been
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wrong on so methinks. i wish him well, but i think . david: we are glad you made the right decision. i curiously i will enjoy with you. there is no indoor dining and schools are struggling to stay open, but guess what governor cuomo is allowing, buffalo bills to host thousands of fans at the first home playoff game. i suspect some of it has to do with him wanted to be there. lauren: and it's about a quarter century for the first game for the bills, the 6700 fans will be allowed in the stadium, the
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first crowd of the season. look, the stadium can hold 10 times that amount, but cuomo says fans will have to pay $63 for a covid test. >> every fan will be tested before the game. obviously, if they test positive they won't attend and they will get the treatment they need. post again, there will be contact tracy, so we will find out what happens. lauren: this is a lot of planning and resources thrown at a game when schools are struggling and restaurants can't seat patrons inside because it's freezing outside, but you can pack an outdoor stadium. david: it's a lot of hypocrisy is what it is by a governor-- he's not the only one. there are governors and elected officials all over the country that are guilty. let's go to the west coast and la with more
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bad news for restaurants there. lauren: outdoor dining as you know was banned and it's not coming back any time soon an appeals court ruled the county band can move forward until at least early february when they will have a hearing again. it's a quote, the law says in a public health crisis that health officer must act urgently to stop the transmission of disease. so, that's what's going on in la county with 85% of california on lockdown until january 16. outdoor dining when it's like 75 degrees in some places than until february 10, and both of those measures likely will be extended. david: outrageous. thank you. barstool dave has so far raise more than $11.69 to help small businesses who have been devastated by the pandemic and here's another example. watch.
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>> no. >> yes. >> my god, is this seriously happening right now? >> very much so. david: that owner will join us in the next hour to explain what this really means for her business. could be the reason her business survives. nearly 150 employees at a costco in washington tests positive for the virus, but they are not shutting down. the big guys stay open. the small guys are hurt. she joins the next. when you switch to xfinity mobile,
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david: here's another whether those doesn't make any sense pandemic stories. nearly 150 costco employees test positive for covid, but lauren, they are closing the store? lauren: correct. the local health departments as they don't have to, so 68 of the 145 tested positive before christmas. officials said the outbreak was likely the result of a super spreader event and probably more than 145 are infected at this point, but the store is open. the public is not deemed at risk because workers are at home quarantined, but if i live in the area and i see 145 workers at my local costco got covid-19, i don't think i would shop there. david: cosco has a lot of political pull and i have a suspicion it has part to do with it. i want to bring in dr. qanta ahmed.
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so, it's okay to keep big businesses like cosco open, but small businesses that are suffering terribly that have a lower infection rate are close down, does this make sense? >> it's disheartening and does not make sense. minders and it was 68 were infected before christmas, 145 after and the health authority said no additional measures needed to be taken. we are seeing arbitrary rulings by politicians that are discriminating against the heartbeat of america, a small crisis. why do i care about this as a doctor? when we have economic disruption just in 2008, we lose almost 3 million years of american lifespan, that's how much life is lost because of economic disruption. when we have unemployment going up by 1%, we have a rise in suicides. some estimates is that
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we will see 20000 suicides coming. we have more domestic violence, more frequent violence against women and children and animals while people are isolated and also people are scratching their heads about california's lockdowns. cases are surging. no one is speaking about household transmission, that means after you are in the house 16% transmission rate so we need some understanding that when we are penalizing small businesses which employ a vast number of americans, we are destroying our future public health with absolutely devastating consequences. some estimates up to matt 50 million years of human lifespan lost and as a doctor i care about my patient health now as well as future health of my patients and this has to be-- there has to be -- david: doctor, it's the inequity of the whole thing that bothers me and it's really shaking the
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foundations of our rule of law in this country because the rule of law is based on an equal portion of justice no matter who or where you are and you see these officials that create these lockdowns and then they violate their own ruling. it's led to a disk integration of respect for the rule of law. i just want to ask, finally a judge in new york state has weighed in on the inequity of this particular the lockdowns of the restaurants saying governor cuomo and this may be something you see in other states as well has to show the scientific evidence for some of his edicts which has been lacking with much more home transmission than in restaurants with about a 1.4% transmission rate in restaurants and they are close down while there's a heck of a lot more transmission going on at home. this judge of said the governor has to work with restaurants. i think that's a good thing; no?
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>> i think the judge is courageous for saying this in the world needs to be focused. the selective use of data, now it's beneficial certainly to have all these proportions in restaurants, but it helps the mental health and combating isolation of people if they are able to visit a safe place to meet, outdoors, inside household transmission because of close spaces, crowding and conversation in close proximity so we are forcing people into their house, out of work and we are allowing massive biggs-- big box businesses to operate sometimes that increased volume without any penalty and the point is it's not just unfair or unjust, it's going to kill millions of americans in the coming decade. we are not recovery in
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that. david: what's extraordinary is that you have to use a word like courageous to describe a ruling by a judge that is just basic common sense. basic common sense is now cause for calling someone courageous. >> that's because we have-- pardon me for interrupting, we have empowered capricious-- it's also happening in britain. it's also decimating public help. david: i'm afraid we have to leave it at that. thank you. the opening bell is next stay tuned. ♪
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david: and it's time to look at futures. pretty much a flat day with the dow jones .00, unchanged, nasdaq up a tick, but doesn't really rate in terms of percentage and s&p is down a slight tick. let's bring in d.r. barton. it looks like some of it is coming out of the santa rally. >> it is flattening out
9:28 am
a bit, but the last five days of the year the first two days of next year, we are already up about 1.1% on average for the last 50 years we have been up one and how%, so i think we have some more upside as we go through these 12 days of christmas. david: i think markets and investors-- first of all are pausing for new year's eve, but they are also kind of working in questions about what will happen tuesday in georgia, whether the spike of coronavirus will pick up more before the vaccine gets out there. they are kind of working bad news back into their investment plans; no? >> i think there are maybe some cautiousness and i think that's real. i believe that the election is a huge deal. you and i talked about it last week, if the red team doesn't take one of
9:29 am
the seats, i think we will see market ramifications after that and you talk about the virus with the new strain, i think, it's giving us something, everyone is taking a tight look at this. all of those things are out there, but still this underpinning of all this extra money and now new stimulus cash coming in, that's really the big narrative keeping us bullish. david: again it's not just the us, but the entire world economy once the vaccine gets around which it's beginning to. the world economy will pick up. let's focus on the us for a second because target is a company like now, why? >> there are companies that have gone through the whole pandemic and some have had short-term cyclical changes. we know down the road may be a year or more airlines will come back, hotels will come back, all of that will come back, but they are down
9:30 am
for now. some things will change for the long-term what i call systemic changes and target is one of those as people are learning how easy curb side pickup is and how easy online, up 280% and they will continue to win the game. i really like them. david: there we have the last opening bell of 2020. stay right there because we have more work to do with you. we have about half red, half green, but a very flat market now. just barely negative the dow jones and same is true with s&p. nasdaq slightly positive, but again i would call this a dead flat market. we are pretty much dead in the water right now on all of the indexes either up or down. amazon has widened its footprint in the podcast business.
9:31 am
lauren, who did amazon just by? lauren: a startup, a podcast network hosting popular shows like doctor death. the price tag, they are not revealing it, but it has been shopping around for about $300 million. this is amazon competing with rival amazon-- apple and spotify. joe rogan went over to spotify. also, serious xm, so a lot of action in the podcast space. david: lauren, air way up this year. just how good of the year did they have? lauren: crypto is such a 2020 story. it's up 1500% and we think bitcoin leaning 290% is a big deal. when you look at this, they mind digital currency, it's expensive and challenging, but pretty profitable and now they have a
9:32 am
valuation of $1.1 billion. it's not just them. there's another minor called marathon patent of 1300% this year. david: let's bring d.r. barton back and because a lot of people are saying it's either bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency or gold and you make the case for both of them. make it again. >> i think it's a rising tide that will lift all assets. look-- let's put real estate in there . we talk about the fiscal and monetary stimulus. monetary stimulus, like congress is passing. those things are going up so much, 2 trillion extra dollars in savings accounts since 2018, that's a huge amount of money ready to put to work in crypto, great for people to invest in crypto, gold, real estate and the stock market. i like them all. these block chain
9:33 am
companies will continue to go up, but the fall will be hard as it's getting tougher and tougher to make the mining nickel with all that heavy computing. david: today gold is about $1900 , up about $8 an ounce while bitcoin is down about two and half percent, so looks like people in the last trading day of the year is getting out a little bit of bitcoin and in a bit of gold. i want you to comment on this next story, which is a walmart has been forced to apologize after calling senator josh holly-- holiday, republican a sore loser about the election. lauren: it was an error in the tweet has been deleted a member of walmart social media at team tweeted from the company account by accident. we will show that tweet criticizing senator holly for objecting to what will happen next week. congress will certify joe biden as president,
9:34 am
the electoral win. the tweet says sore loser. holly hit back hard and impart this is what he tweeted: now that you have insulted 75 million americans, will you at least apologize for using slave labor tax walmart apologize to the senator for the error. david: d.r. barton, what you to comment because this highlights a trend we signed 2020 where corporate boards, corporate culture if you will is becoming more embedded with political types, politically correct types and i think it's a dangerous trend that's going on in corporate america, at least it was for 2020. how does it work its way out in 2021? >> i think it's dangerous in society that we see this continued bifurcation,
9:35 am
this continued pushing to the edge of both sides whether you are blue, red, liberal, conservative, progressive, whatever flavor you call yourself and the arguments are no longer the debate or about the center, they are going to the french. what's happening here i think it's not a walmart issue. it's a walmart may be logistic issue. david: let me interrupt for a second because i think it's more than that because i have seen it happen and corporations all over america where a lot of politically activist type of individuals get involved in parts of corporate america and they are hired to make the corporations seem a lot more friendly to celebrity causes etc., but they are having an impact and i think maybe a dangerous political impact because a lot of investors want corporations to stay out of politics and just make money. >> david, i have a very
9:36 am
simple stance there and that is that the political stance is an issue that i'm only going to look at the market impact. if you have a business that you want to sell guns or you don't want to sell guns, you want to be more green or you are not in part of the green agenda, i only want to know how that impacts you as a business because i'm going to make my analysis based on that and not get caught up in the political side of it. if you want a voice because you have a platform, go do it. david: i agree with you, but it is a trend we signed 2020. we will follow that carefully and 2021. i want to show you video because it's a fascinating take on something that a lot of folks at tesla would rather you not see. the tesla model acts bursting into flames on a texas highway. what was behind this? lauren: likely the battery. tesla has not commented on this specific
9:37 am
incident, but that's a five year old tesla model acts and the reason i say that is because these are images we have seen before and it raises the question of the safety of all electric vehicles as they age. this was a 2015 model. the national highway transportation safety administration started an investigation into why we have these fires last year and we are waiting on results. david: it will be interesting. good to see you. apple just filed patents for the rumored apple glasses. tell us about this. lauren: i hope they are more popular than google glass because that was a mass. apple has filed three patents for their version of glasses. this would offer a mixed reality experience of virtual and augmented reality. this is how i see it, your avatar would be able to mimic how you move.
9:38 am
i'm thinking it's good for like telework to feel like you are in a conference room when you aren't actually there. we will see them as early as the new year. will they be tethered to an iphone? we don't know. apple is getting in on this head set trend if you will. david: it's a little weird. dr, what you think? >> augmented reality will be one of the big waves of the future, david. apple is really coming to the floor a little bit late, but coming to the floor and that's not surprising. their wearable business is one of their growth business, that air pod, watches, one of their big businesses so i will -- i believe it will be a net positive. david: thank you. last month the biden team claimed transparency was important to them.
9:39 am
just listen ischemic the media's job is to hold him accountable and i think it will be the polar opposite of what we have seen over the past four years and i think you will see a huge change in the way the white house treats the media. david: that's what they said back then so why is the biden transmission team right now disabling does zoom or journalist i want to ask questions? more on that coming up and former speaker of the house newt gingrich is begging mitch mcconnell to hold a clean vote on the 2000-dollar covid checks. has he drop-- talked directly to mcconnell? i will ask him when he joins me in the 11:00 o'clock hour. ♪
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david: markets are pretty flat,
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all down right now, but as you see not down by a lot percentage. walmart and boeing are down significantly, loss on both of those companies. lets and with tesla because there is some positive news. it's now at $699.21. it just popped above 700 for the first time, as high as $703 a share so tesla continues its meteoric rise again, up over 700 for the first time this year and we will see if it stays that way. again, a little below 700 right now, but that was a milestone. more than half of us dates are set to increase their minimum wage next year. who and how much? lauren: depends on where you live, but in many cases it will be 12 or $13 an hour. here in new york, massachusetts, colorado, arizona which florida
9:45 am
even which is a red state increase their minimum wage and it starts tomorrow. the result of next week's senate runoff in georgia may determine if joe biden will push a federal minimum wage increase when he takes office because federal minimum wage is now $7.20 an hour and has been that since 2009. companies are paying at least $15, but covid highlighted the importance of many minimum-wage workers and also the struggles for businesses to pay them. that just outlines the debate people have over should workers be paid a certain minimum. david: again, the big question for federal minimum wage is that different states have different standards of living. it cost more to live in new york city than it does in oklahoma city, so should they had the same minimum-wage is one of the biggest questions.
9:46 am
american airlines say they expect to fly less than half of the 2019 schedule through at least february of next year. let's bring in jeff hoffman, our travel guide. jeff, i see a huge pent up demand for travel. people are dying to get out of their homes and communities to travel. our travel companies, the airlines and hotels, are they ready for this demand once it hits in the vaccines are widespread? >> david, i'm thinking maybe i just get myself some apple glasses and visit the world from my couch. there's massive pent up demand, but there's also a lot of concern still with a lot of wishful thinking that happened when the vaccine came out. let's look at objectively what happened. in the first quarter we got the spike in covid cases we have new restrictions on travel.
9:47 am
we have the talk of the new strain of the virus. those things had an impact on the pent up demand and in fact bookings slow down in the fourth quarter. booking rates slow down for the first quarter. delta's fourth-quarter revenue was 3% of their fourth quarter last year and as you said americans only flew half the flights in december they normally five so the fourth quarter and first quarter and cancellations are way up people are not booking and people that are are canceling was still a lot of concern. as we look at the vaccine, the vaccine is the thing that airline industry is waiting for. we have to answer to important questions, will it be required to fly because if it's not, even though i will feel better than people on the plane that are vaccinated i'm pretty sure the one that isn't vaccinated is the one that will sit next to me david: the other question is
9:48 am
will it be demanded of workers on airplanes and in hotels. will these companies have the right to demand workers get the vaccine? >> that's a huge question and-- we need the answer for the travel industry for people to feel safe and the travel industry, airlines need business and international travel businesses are going to come all the way back. we discovered the zoom and discovered we could have staff meetings without flying so some percentage of travel will never come back again. david: i don't know how long airlines could last at least in their first class section without business travel. jeff, thank you. have a wonderful 2021. so, a way to have an entire gymnasium in your very own home, at-home fitness has been a big pandemic winner, but is working out at home here to stay?
9:49 am
founder and ceo joining me next hour and speaking of working out, gyms usually see a boost to this time of year as people start new year's resolutions. some of them are getting a pandemic makeover. we will explain in a live report coming up next. ♪ ♪ you can go your own way
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go to to get yours now. david: these are the dow winners we are down as you can see, but on the left-hand side there are some dow jones winners. by the way, disney is at the top. it just hit an all-time high of 183.40. it's down a little bit from there. they received some target pricing of 185. and a lot of people say it could go up to that point, but again an all-time high of 183.40. it's now 1822020 has forced a lot of just to rethink their brand to get customers back in. grady trimble is that one jim that has enacted
9:54 am
that strategy to help people meet their new fitness goals. we all talk about new year's resolutions and a lot of people don't really reach those expectations. what is this companies a strategy? >> nothing has been normal about 2020, but one thing has not changed his new year's revelers-- resolution we are at we claim to fitness in illinois outside of chicago and we are in a virtual class right now. this is the instructor and the class is on zoom with the instructor doing a workout with them. kathleen is the owner here at reclaim fitness and you are one of those people crazy enough to open a gym during the pandemic, but you have new interest because of the new year because you are-- like you ordinarily would. >> the new year is always a time to get in shape and reclaim your fitness and we are running a fitness challenge to help people come back and really find the motivation
9:55 am
again. reporter: obviously, this is going to be an entire studio one day, that's the plan anyway and right now group fitness classes aren't allowed in illinois so you have had to adapt and meet people where they are, which is at home. >> yes and people love the idea of communicating with friends, before and after class and to challenge each other and help to motivate them reporter: we wish you the best of luck. this gives you time to get everything right, so david, what you think, will you be on one of the zoom fitness classes david: not anytime soon. i must say one of the few things about new york that is still open is gym, not all gym but the one in our neighborhood is. we have a gym right here in our office building which is an open yet so we are all waiting for that to open. zoom gyms are not my thing, but how about you ask.
9:56 am
reporter: i have invested in some at-home fitness equipment because i have not been at the gym as much. i have been taking advantage of that. if you can find them, because dumbbells and all of that online is hard to find. david: at the beginning of the pandemic i bought a lot of the weights that you can strap around your ankles, so i've been keeping in good shape. grady, thank you. ahead, newt gingrich, sean and rachel campos-duffy and heather mcdonald all here. the second hour of "varney & co." is next. ♪ . .
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♪. david: that is a nice party song but we're not going to see much of a party in times square. first of all it is cold and wet. it is cold and wet in new york city. not a great to be out even in the best of times. these are not the best of times. we're expecting just a few hundred people milling around times square. most people are hunkered down on it introduction to a new year. boy, could we use the new year. good morning. i'm david asman in for stuart varney. happy new year's eve.
10:01 am
we have a big show as we gear up for a new year in new york city. this hour we have mitch roschelle, jonathan hoenig, victoria spartz. she is the coning woman who escaped socialism from the old soviet union an ran for office. she is the first person from the old soviet union to be elected for congress. she has a lot to say about the move here in the u.s. we have newt gingrich, harmeet dhillon, sean and rachel campos duffy are here together. they are fun together. you won't want to miss it. the s&p is a little bit in the breen. now in the the red. tesla up above 700 for the first time ever. it pulled back a little bit. disney hit an all time high today. so it is not red across the board. we got the latest read on mortgage rates. lauren, what is the number?
10:02 am
lauren: 6.7% slight increase from last week's low. in the past year the 30 year dropped over a full percentage point. what are predictions for the knew year. very likely rates remain flat. if you're considering rate financing the 15 year is 2.17%. david: wow. 2.17%. extraordinary. lauren, thank you very much. let's bring in mitch roschelle. what do you make of these mortgage rates? >> it is really amazes. lauren nailed it down a point in a year. the stunning is the 15 year. i have advocated if you're think about refinancing you could probably take a 15 year mortgage for about what would have cost you a year-and-a-half ago for a 30-year mortgage. what a great opportunity to pulled wealth and equity in your home. david: there has been a boom in luxury and saycation homes. i put that to the fact that a
10:03 am
lot of people are now using their vacation homes as their work destinations and moving their whole operations out of city. is that what is going on here? >> you're absolutely right, david. what is interesting a lot reinvolves around education for kids. whether you're living in a city or in on a area and your kids are remote, doesn't matter where you are, your work is remote why no go somewhere else. people who had vacation homes tended to go there. i have thought the east end of long island would dip into the ocean because so many people ran out there earlier in the year. homes, for example, in the hamptons, in the third quarter, sales up 51% over last year. same thing going on in palm beach, aspen, vail, all of these places. people who are not impacted economically by what is going on right now are seeing interest rates being low, figuring why not buy the dream luxury home in a vacation destination?
10:04 am
david: i have a place in cape cod, a vacation place in cape cod has gone up in value because people are moving out of boston for the same reason. the flipside is the depopulation of cities like new york, l.a. and others. that is, that is really going to have some interesting long term consequences, right? >> i think it does. i think the condominium market, will get hate emails. the condominium market in new york, san francisco, chicago taking it on the chin that may be going on for quite a while. the rental market taking it on the chin. sorry about the phone. david: they're already calling you. >> could be a broker in your city yelling at me, exactly. but i think the rental market will soon bounce back sooner than we think. when i think people will come back to city. david: i have a condo in
10:05 am
new york. a lot of people are moving out of my building. they say they never come back. after 9/11, they said they would never come back and moved out in droves but they came back have a good knew year. >> same to you, david. david: jonathan, i want to say anything else, you've been advocating purchase of gold a long time before it was extraordinarily hi popular. it is up a little bill. let's see if i can find it on other screen. it was up a little bit before. is this the last thing people should be buying in 2020, gold? >> rising tide lifts all boats. it has been a risk on year for speculative assets. thank you for being making fox business part of your morning every morning. i think the pursuit of gold goes into 2021. gold was basically dead money,
10:06 am
mid 1970s, early 80s and into early 2000s. it can have off years. particularly commodities, talk a lot about the grains in 2020. i think platinum is breaking out now. oil was on a roller coaster. it is headed up as well. i think gold is another asset, like bitcoin, jibbing stocks, so many assets, david it is never too high to buy seemingly. gold not far from all-time highs. i think it will break significantly higher in 2021. david: bitcoin is pushing towards 30,000 what do you think? do you think there is still room to move there? it is down a little bit today. >> it is pretty shocking, david, i saved on this ire a week ago, i have thought it was a bubble. it is up five or 6 how dollars a coin since then. that is the nature of bubbles, david. they gather everyone before the top is ultimately in. when i look at bitcoin and look
10:07 am
at my crystal ball in 2021, will it be $100,000 a coin or $1000 a coin? it ultimately could be both, david. that is the nature of the bubbles. i certainly wouldn't want to bet against it, i think like any investment when you make it all or none proposition. have some of your money allocated to crypto if you're interested in it. certainly gold and stocks. there is momentum, david, 86% of stocks are above the 200-day moving average. a lot of confidence. maybe even overconfidence but a lot of confidence in america, american worker and american entrepreneur. david: there is not a lot of confidence in what policy decisions could be made in a biden administration. you are an uber-free marketeer. you make ayn rand look like a socialist. you really push it to the limit. you must be worried some of the moves that we're going to get from democrat in the executive office who is going to have a lot of power to change
10:08 am
regulations, to reregulate things that trump had deregulated. are you hunkering down or expecting to hunker down over the next four years? >> a real risk to the market is the government, david. think what really crashed the market in 2020 wasn't even the economy. it was all those lockdowns. david: sure. >> every time you saw the economy -- that is really, government is really a risk. david: let's look ahead. 2021, are you going to be hunkering down? are you going transfer some of your stocks to gold, quickly? >> well if biden certainly has his ways the bigger government grows in 2021 the smaller con will shrink. it's a risk moving into the new year. david: jonathan hoenig thanks for at that summation. good to see you, my friend. happy new year. >> you as well. david: lauren you're watching big movers. lauren: hard to find on the day. biggest performers are the cruise lines, norwegian, carnival both down 3 1/2%.
10:09 am
there is lemonade. this is the insurer. it ipod over the summer, down sharply today, 5%. good news they announced one million customers. that is a milestone for them. they had a lockup period expire this week. so there was a lot of volatility movement in the shares this week. best performer on the s&p 500. the data storage company western digital. that is up 5%. david: there is bad news for french and german wine producers, right. there are new tariffs coming on? tell us about it. lauren: on new year's eve, wine, cognac brandy, aircraft parts could cost a lot of money. a 16 year battle believe it or not between the u.s. and eu over aircraft subsidies for boeing and airbus. right now this is a body blow for struggling industries. restaurants and small mom and pops, they could be forced to close if they or their customers
10:10 am
have to pay more to drink. we don't know exactly when the price hike, the tariffs would go into effect but likely soon. forecoming wag the quote being used. david: ouch. i have stocked up. at least i'm okay for the next few months. lauren: wanted to forget 2020. that is why you stocked up. david: lauren, moving the bike together, promoted pandemic parties. tell us about it. lauren: i never heard of vibe together. it is a private party app. it is down. they removed it from the app store. the company erased their own website, social media accounts, they got all the backlash trying to get people together for private parties including tonight. those things are unsafe to do during a health crisis, right? the company said we never hosted any large parties but you know, they were advertised on tiktok. yeah, some of those parties were big.
10:11 am
david: that app is gone. thank you very much. look at this. this is quite disturbing, bikers in manhattan in the middle of the day, mind you, attacking a driver, taking his mother to see the christmas tree in times square. this is amazing. you see these caravans, marauding caravans. i think we have some sound from that as well, right? [shouting] >> oh. david: look at that. where are the police? there is no doubt that new york city has changed. i will be talking in the next hour to heather macdonald about whether we can bring new york back to life. first congresswoman elect, victoria sparks ran for office to combat the push towards socialism in this country, her adopted country. watch. >> which are the country that
10:12 am
fought a socialistic ideas in the last century. very sad to see how quickly people turn to utomic ideas and how our country went to the left. david: a woman who came here to escape communism is worried about it growing in this country. she joins me. congresswoman-elect will be next. you don't want to miss it. save hundreds on your wireless bill
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and no credit check on the first two lines. get a $50 prepaid card when you switch. nationwide 5g is now included. switch and save hundreds. xfinity mobile. (woman) (man)i don't want to look what is happening to my body? (woman) why can't i lose weight? (announcer) you may be suffering from insulin resistance. measure your waist. females measuring more than 35 inches and males measuring more than 40 inches may have insulin resistance. to learn how to reverse insulin resistance and lose weight effectively, go online to once again, that's david: the world usually watches times square on new year's eve. they may still be doing that this year but what a fitting way to end 2020 with a cold, wet,
10:17 am
new york times square. come to adam klotz. it is befitting the end of the year in 2020 that we have a cold rain in new york. >> really it's a raw day to a really rough year. hopefully brighter pastures right around the corner. as you said, 45 degrees, rainy, nasty wind 7 miles per hour out of the west currently. you look across the country, we're sitting on a frontal boundary. we're getting rain a lot of folks are seeing. rain from the mid-atlantic towards portion of the south east and running towards texas, severe weather on the front of this boundary and snow across this. that is the next big center we pay attention to. as far as new year's eve, one of a dozen are two dozen people out in the ball drop in times square, it drops off into the 30s. biggest attention to the middle of the country. that will bring rain, snow,
10:18 am
freezing rain. we lift it up into the north, our next big weather system attracting. the rain across the mid-atlantic clearing out. another big system lifts up a cross the midwest, plains, across mid-atlantic, snow into new england when we get into the weekend that is the big new system. as far as temperatures new year's day, warmer into the southeast. everyone else particularly off to the west. we're guesting back down to freezing temperatures as we kick off 2021. back to you, david. david: adam, thank you very much. happy new year. first the media said it would take a miracle for donald trump to roll out vaccines before the end of the year. well they were wrong on that one. now joe biden is saying the rollout is too slow. let's go to edward lawrence live in d.c. edward, despite the criticism, warp speed is still getting the vaccines out in record time. reporter: it is.
10:19 am
"operation warp speed" will have 40 million doses pushed out or having on the shelf for a state to order it today. 14 million have been distributed as of last night. that last little bit making it to 20 million will make it to early next week. the next held for a second dose needed for vaccinations 21 days after the first dose. the heads of "operation warp speed" say they are in a good place right now. >> in fact this week we started not only pushing first those vaccines but we started pushing second dose vaccine for the pfizer vaccine as people received the first dose around before january will start to be eligible for the second dose. reporter: to get to this good position the trump administration took the unprecedented step pouring money into private vaccine makers to the tune of $12.2 billion through "operation warp speed." the trump administration also removed the red tape to
10:20 am
streamline the vaccine process allowing the fda to review the data coming in real time as the studies were happening. because of this effort we have a vaccine and we will have hundreds of millions of doses in 2021. between pfizer and moderna alone the u.s. will have 100 million doses by march. so when president-elect biden says in the first 100 days he will have 100 million doses out, he is promising what the trump administration has already set up to be delivered. david? david: how many times has that happened over the past couple months? edward, thank you very much. one of the history-making things that happened this year for the first time ever a person born in the old soviet union was elected to the united states congress. it was victor spartz born in the old ukraine. thanks for coming in. we're excited by your victory.
10:21 am
i have to say i don't know of one individual including my wife who escaped from communism who is not scared to death with the move by some members of congress to move this country closer to communism through socialism. is that one of the things that inspired you to run? >> i'll tell you. thank you for having me. you know i, it is unfortunate for me to see. i would say in my 42 years, being 42 years old. i grew up in socialism. i saw what happens to the system when it falls apart. it is only a matter of time, soviet union lasted 70 years and fell apart. the systems have a matter of time before they fail. the misery, destruction, it brings in poverty, really bloodshed, that is what really socialism brings. i came to the united states to the greatest economy, through the most, you know, republic with the most freedoms and successes for people and rights
10:22 am
and opportunities. then we are moving to the left building socialism just broke my heart. and socialism only creates inequality and misery. david: let me push back as i'm sure you're going to get pushback from some of the fellow congresspeople including those of the squad, alexandria ocasio-cortez and others who say that their style of socialism is different, that they are for democrat socialism, not the authoritarian or totalitarian type you escaped from. they're advocating something totally different to which you would say what? >> there is no difference how you name it. there are a lot of names been used in the last century for socialism and unfortunately people don't understand the basis of socialism and who controls the markets and the consumer and price is controlled by consumers and private
10:23 am
enterprise or by the government and political elites. that is what the difference is. when you create larger government it tends to serve a larger special interests and rich and wealthy. if you will look at any socialist country, when my husband traveled back to the former soviet union, a lot of people he knows still had no running water and use out houses. this creates no wealth for lower and middle class. it only creates political elites and people on top that is the inherent nature of the system controlled by larger government. david: what you're saying essentially authoritarianism is the inevitable consequence of a move towards socialism. a lot of people would agree with you, but again, i would love to be a fly on the wall in your first meeting with ocasio-cortez and the other socialists members of congress but some people say we've seen a preview of what
10:24 am
authoritarianism in the united states woe be through the pandemic. that is these autocratic decisions made by governor cuomo, made by the governor of california, others who are as you suggest, favor some companies and lock down others. everything is so arbitrary. that is very similar to the way things were done in the soviet union, right? >> that is exactly. that is one of the things of socialism our country experienced and if you want to force people to do something, right, if you, all people are different but go to different banks, different places, if you want to force people to do something, to have equal outcomes you have to use some way of suppression. so any socialist system that has to become you know, totalitarian in nature and different tools can be used. that is the only way,
10:25 am
totalitarian governments can force people to do something people don't want to do or make a choice people. it all leads to big government and big government control. david: i pray that the people in congress who are persuaded by socialism listen to you because you've been there, you know what you're talking about. as you say, people who don't know the past are doomed to relive it and if we relive the failures of socialism in this country, we're going to lose one of the greatest miracles of the world history which is the united states of america. so we are very happy to see you as a congresswoman-elect. we wish you the very best. >> thank you so much. happy new year. david: happy new year to you as well. new york governor cuomo says he will allow fans to attend the buffalo bills first playoff game. watch this. >> every fan will be tested before the game. obviously if they test positive for the virus they won't be attending the game. david: so all these resources to
10:26 am
let fans and governor cuomo watch a game but not to help bring back indoor dining. i don't get it, do you? we'll get into it next. but first the barstool fund is helping save yet another struggling business. watch. >> no. >> yes. >> oh, my god is this really seriously happening right now? >> very much so. david: that business owner who met an honest to god santa claus is here with her story and how barstool helped her. she is next. ♪
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> video, immediately forward it to my family. after watching your video it gave me a really good feeling. i got hope that there is someone out there that is wanting to see small businesses survive, like we'll really get through this.
10:31 am
>> no. >> yes. >> my god, is this really seriously happening right now? >> very much so. david: wow. that was an emotional moment. that was cara, the daughter of a small business owner who got the great news from barstool sports founder dave portnoy. and cara joined us right now. it choked me up, cara, when i saw that. it did a lot for you this is a family operation. your aunt, uncle are involved with it. it is a bowling alley. talk about the timing. at christmastime. this was really a christmas miracle for you, wasn't isn't. >> absolutely. we got to announce we were selected on my grandfather's birthday. he is now passed away. he was founder of the bowling center. to announce that, get good news before christmas at a time we really needed the good news, it was really emotional. david: the great thing about this fund, it is not just a
10:32 am
one-time payment. this is, as i understand, maybe i'm wrong here, i guess a certain amount every month until you can completely reopen, that right? >> yes. dave portnoy what they're doing with the barstool fund is amazing. they're not putting a bandaid on a cut that won't stop bleeding. they promise to be with us every single step of the way, which is exactly what we need right now. david: what is wonderful, another thing about this, uniquely american, in other countries i know the government is spending trillions of dollars and so forth but a lot of money has strings attached to it. it has bureaucracies attached to it. this is more straightforward, is it not? >> it is. it's a donation to give back to small businesses constantly doing things for the community they're part of. david: tell us how long you think it is going to be before you can reopen and are you ready for it? >> well right now we've gotten the word here in pennsylvania we are tentatively reopening
10:33 am
january 4th. it will be of course at 50% capacity. that limits everything. we are ready. we have lots of pandemic cleaning procedures and policies for social distancing in place. we want to get our employees as many hours we can get them. we want people safely doing activities that can get us back to more of a normal life as soon as we can. david: now is 50% enough for you to break even? >> no. which is why this fund is so important. david: so you will need it until then. any word from, i know the governor has been a, in pennsylvania has been in many peoples eyes too big of a fan of lockdowns. any, is he at all receptive to your concerns and the concerns of other businesses that can't turn a profit with current lockdowns? >> quite honestly i think the business part of it is pushed on the backburner right now especially here in pennsylvania.
10:34 am
we need to work to make money to, make ends meet, to support all the families that rely on our company for their incomes. david: has the government there, the state government told you anything about vaccines and when that might allow things to change? because clearly that is a game changer, not only for the country as a whole but for the world as a whole but specific businesses like your own? >> it is, yes. no, we haven't heard any specific information. just that things can change on a whim. so super bowl, valentine's day, they're keeping eyes on gatherings. at any moment we could be mandated to close again. david: have you tried to contact the governor or other public officials that have control over these lockdowns? >> we have. worked with other small businesses in the area to reach out as much as possible but there is only so much you can do, only sew much you can do to advocate for the small business to be open but also to do it in a safe manner because we do of course want to keep people healthy as well. david: we had a
10:35 am
congresswoman-elect, on, cara, who came from a communist country from the old soviet union to escape government coal, government bureaucracy and government authoritarianism. she is worried about it growing here. we have to go, quickly, are you optimistic, pessimistic about america's future after all this? >> i want to say i'm always optimistic but let's look what happens. david: let's focus on the optimistic part of it, the private sector is alive and well, contributing to wonderful businesses like yours. thanks to the barstool fund, thanks to the private sector all over the united states. i think we'll make it. cara, i wish 2021 much better year come than the one we went through. i'm sure it will be. best of luck to your business. >> thank you so much. david: and your family. thank you. another case of the new strain of covid has been reported here in the united states. lauren, where it is now? lauren: in california and
10:36 am
colorado. both cases involve members of the colorado national guard deployed to a nursing home where there was an outbreak. the variant, yes, more contagious, but not more deadly. the vaccines are believed to protect against it. we heard from anthony fauci, he says look, it is inevitable that this new strain is here in the u.s. it will likely spread across the u.s. david: but the key is the vaccine is expected to work against it. lauren, thank you very much. did you see this, florida governor ron desantis receiving applause after the press asked him why he hasn't vaccinated yet. roll tape. >> i'm willing to take it but i'm not the priority. they're the priority. i'm an elected official. but whoop-dee-do at the let's focus where the risk is. [applause] david: good for him. the media thought they had a gotcha moment. the question should all politicians be taking note what of governor desantis says?
10:37 am
more important for elderly to get it than those elected to congress and other elected offices. one at home fitness trend is taking off, mirror workouts. i'm sure you've seen that. coming up next tonal ceo that makes his mirror, their mirror different from all the rest after this.
10:38 am
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10:41 am
david: now this. cnn eats chris cuomo getting caught checking himself out in public. tell me more. lauren: when you walk by a elevator in the mirror, flexing muscles and admiring his biceps and torso. he works out. add this instance to the laundry list when has wife was filming a yoga video in the hamptons, he
10:42 am
was caught nude. david: i missed that one. i'm kind of glad i did. >> was shirtless in one of the ticktock videos his teenage daughter had filmed this is not a serious story. why it could be serious, chris cuomo is one of the first high-profile people who contracted coronavirus and slammed frequently for violating protections and guidelines his brother, governor cuomo called for. david: remember the family, you're a special exception. get to break the rules. even the governor himself has broken some rules. lauren, thank you very much. another one for you, new jersey high schools are set to bring sports back after covid halted them. lauren: many parents are rejoicing. high school sports in the garden state are coming back this weekend after being benched for a month. still no financial loud. governor murphy said the covid infection rate has stablized and
10:43 am
they can react on individual basis thain issuing a blanket prohibition. i live in new jersey. they say governor murphy doesn't like hockey. that was one of the sports pulled a little bit. now it can be back at high school level. david: the guy in massachusetts who had rules against playing hockey and he was caught on the hockey court, the ice court? lauren: said he was alone. david: lauren, thank you very much. 2020 caused a big change the way people exercise as covid shut down gyms for month. come in tonal founder and ceo. ali, talk about what this is. i'm sure we've seen this. this is the mirror in which you cannot only see yourself but you can also see the workout instructor that you're wig, right? >> yeah. most importantly it actually has a full weight machine built into
10:44 am
it. tonal is the world's most intelligent home gym. that is how we describe it. a digital weight lifting machine that can generate 200-pounds of force, enough to pick you up the ground. yes, it is the size of a tv, it has a large screen on it, but the magic is behind the screen that have arms flip out to adjust to variety of positions and get a personal workout and personal trainer on the screen guides you through the workout step by step. artificial intelligence personalizes every workout to our members. david: we've seen other members. we had echelon fitness see on on yet. there are other companies. but what makes your difference is the fact that attached to it you have this exercise equipment. couldn't other companies do the same, borrow from what you've created? >> well there are a number of products on the market that include just the screen. those are pure mirror type of products. we consider ourselves to be part of the connected fitness
10:45 am
equipment industry where we're offering equipment in addition to the screen. what we've done at tonal invented digital weights. it is world's first weight system runs purely on electricity, rather than big metal plates and gravity. those weights are adaptive to the user. tonal should choose how much weight you lift. and will decide how much the weight goes up and down. adjusting the weight in the middle of a rep. having a personal trainer spotting you if you're struggling the a.i. will spot you in the middle of the rep. it is more than just a screen. full-blown equipment and guidance personalized to you in a built in system. david: one thing i talked to the echelon guy out is financing. they got a special deal with goldman sachs doing financing for reaching out. they were able to get i believe $65 million in financing. have you reached out to other investor to try to enrich your company? >> yeah. we've been raising money since
10:46 am
inception. tonal is about a five-year old company. today we raised $200 million in capital. our most recent cash inflation was announced in september. $110 million of capital. we're growing rapidly. we've grown 8-x year-over-year compared to last year. we're getting ready for a blockbuster 2021. david: congratulations. wish all the business. keep it up. happy new year to you. >> happy new year. david: newt gingrich has a strong message for mitch mcconnell over the $2000 stimulus payment. >> if he play as clever parliamentary game may look good inside the senate but could cost us two senate seats and control of the senate. i would beg him to bring up the 2000-dollar payment as a freestanding independent vote. david: i have never heard newt gingrich beg anybody for anything. so this is unique. newt gingrich will be here in the next hour to talk more about
10:47 am
this. is mitch mcconnell making a big mistake? first look at this map. it show as five minute drive is the difference between allowing indoor dining an banning that indoor dining. a restaurant owner says this is killing his business and he is here next to talk about it. did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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and be healthy. get off the floor and get on the aerotrainer. go to, that's david: new york governor cuomo has consistently been in favor of lockdowns but when it comes to something he wants to be a part of like the buffalo bills playoff it's a very different situation. lauren, looks like hypocrisy at its worst. lauren: governor cuomo is trying to fans can return to stands so sports come back. it is a first-in-the-nation pilot program, he is allowing 6700 covid tested fans into bills stadium next month for their home playoff game. >> irv fan will be tested before the game -- every. obviously if they test positive for the virus they won't be attending the game and they will get the treatment that they
10:52 am
need. and then postgame they will be contact tracing so we'll find out exactly what happened. lauren: big push to reopen business, david, as you said for a game, when schools, many are shut, many business owners are getting completely choked here like restaurants, because indoor banning, indoor dining is either banned or limited depending where you live. david: he wants to see the game, it is that simple. he is forcing people to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to allow him to see the game. that is my opinion. at any rate. lauren, thank you very much. sticking with new york micro zone something causing problems and frustrations. look at the map on your screen. port chester, new york, labeled an orange zone, meaning indoor dining is banned but five minutes down the road you can get a seat inside. come in carlos santos, a owner of a sante fe cafe. you led a protest against the restrictions. tell us about it.
10:53 am
>> their for letting me come by and say two cents bit. we organized a protest in port chester, new york. there are neighboring area and towns you can eat indoors. rye brook port chester shares a zip code literally two minutes away from the restaurant. if i get in my car listen to a song i could be dining in that place where our doors are closed for indoor dining. it is very knew nokia situation, very unique, westchester communal area because of the shared existence of cars. the data out of the governor's office less than 2% infection rate because of indoor dining. we want common sense to make sense. we want science and data back up why we're still closed. we have a lot of questions. yesterday you saw a lot of pain. a lot of struggle. you know, from bar owners to student owners. small businesses are hurting. we're being bled out because
10:54 am
we're not getting any real response and not -- david: you are getting a response in the courts. there was a judge in new york state that issued an order that the governor was going to have to give a scientific reason as to why he was still insisting on lockdowns on indoor dining. if he couldn't, he would have to work out an arrangement with various businesses all over the state to try to work out some sort of compromise with them. have you heard anything from state representative as to whether there will be an attempt to work out a compromise? >> we haven't, not yet. we had one of our state senators present at the protest yesterday. and we, we've been on a lot of calls, a lot of zoom meetings. we haven't really heard much about movement. i know that if something doesn't get resolved in the next week after the new year, we, one of the reasons why we wanted to do this protest is organize our businesses. we might have to also file for our own lawsuit because right now we think that what is going on just doesn't make sense.
10:55 am
i've been a staunch supporter how the governor handled this in the beginning but right now for us in our businesses, to see rye, rye brook it is very hard. david: carlos, you're a young guy. many people put a whole lifetime into their business. you could probably, if it doesn't work out, if you have to close your restaurant you could probably come back in a year or two to start another one. you must know people that have restaurants that put their whole life into it and about to lose that life, right? >> sure of course. listen, i came here from colombia with my mom. my mom sacrificed everything. this was her dream. she was wealthy in colombia. we ran into hard situations. she decided to move here to the states. so for her, this is her lifetime's work. i left my job in the city to come her to help her expand. we opened a flower shop and epinada company that came
10:56 am
because of the virus and people talking about in the business for 50, 60 years. very difficult how people are trying to cope with it. like you said, maybe i can move on and david you offered me a job to come to work for you guys. david, this is lifetime es of work. this is like their other child. it is very heart. david: it's a tragedy. it's a national tragedy. not just happening in new york state. it is happening all over. governments should do more to work with you folks try to figure out a way to keep you in business. carlos, thank you very much appreciate it. >> thank you very much. happy new year to you. david: a big show still ahead, newt gingrich, harmeet dhillon and the duffys will join us. that's coming next. ♪ . . cutting edge made user friendly. in other words, we want a hybrid. and so do retailers. which is why they're going hybrid, with ibm. a hybrid cloud approach with watson ai helps manage
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11:00 am
>> getting these checks out is great. it's like like applying band-aids but not forget we need to get that patient to get better and that means getting the vaccine out. >> as of november 9 when the vaccine was announced all the areas that was dead like energy and financial and travel have woken up and i think commodities that continues. >> everyone is rushing ahead about california with lockdowns and extensions in the cases are searching but no one is speaking about transmissions a week need to get sanity back in the public policy and understand that when we are penalizing the small businesses which employ a vast
11:01 am
number of americans we are destroying our future public health. >> all of those things are out there but still this underpinning of all this extra money and now new stimulus cash coming in, that's the big narrative driving things. ♪ ♪ david: i my absolute favorite party song in the world, celebration by kool and the gang, nothing like it. perfect song for celebration of the end of a bad year in the beginning of hopefully a much better year. one more time and one more hour of varney left in 2020 prayed i'm david as men in for stuart varney and we have a big hour to end the year. newt gingrich, hard meet dhillon and one of our favorite couples rachel and sean duffy all coming up and we also, by the way, are going to see the president very soon for one of the last times of the year and he will be
11:02 am
leaving florida to head back to the white house before he gets to georgia. he will be speaking on monday right before the election they are in the markets meanwhile, they are treating flat to negative so there's not much to say about the markets and as you can see the s&p is up just a tick but there is a couple stocks in particular worth talking about, one is tesla but leopard look at tesla, it's trading up above 700 for the first time, healthy above 700, trading at $708 a share right now so it's a good day for tesla. we will see if that continues on 22021 but let's talk politics of 2021. not too long from now when we will have the election in georgia and who better to bring and then newt gingrich, former speaker of the house and representative from the great state of georgia. let's first talk about what the help mitch mcconnell is doing? he's blocking a 2,000-dollar relief check that both president
11:03 am
trump and democrats and most importantly 80% of americans want for him to block something that 80% of americans want just five days before an election of a controllable can decide who controls the senate, does that make political sense? >> i have thought about this a lot. mitch mcconnell is a remarkably savvy political leader and his book, the long game, gives you a sense of how he thinks about these things. my hunch is he actually thinks when this is over he will put schumer and the democrats in an awkward position. if mcconnell can put together the three components, the repeal of section 230, commune occasions act as it applies to the internet giants, commission on fraud that the president has asked for, and the 2,000-dollar checks then the challenge becomes if he can get the
11:04 am
republicans collectively to vote then the challenge comes is schumer going to block it and if schumer will not particularly hate the commission and won't particularly love the section 230 although a lot of democrats agree that the internet giants have to be somehow reformed but does he then want his party to be the key votes voting no on a $2,000 check and i think that is mcconnell's strategy. i think it's a fine strategy as long as the fallback, if necessary, is to pass a freestanding 2,000-dollar bill but both kelly loeffler and david perdue have come out in favor of passing the 2,000-dollar check for everyone. david: but new to, let me stop you there, what you described is one heck of a bank shot and i know he's used to making bank shots and you're right and he's very sophisticated politician but what was it, a day ago, you were saying i would beg mitch
11:05 am
mcconnell, you literally said i would beg him to pass that 2,000-dollar check. if he does it by this store's position is rude but that's a very dangerous game to be plain. >> except he still in control. he can try this out. if it works, it will be a huge coup for him to get all three through. if it doesn't work i think he has to come back at that point with a freestanding 2,000-dollar bill and i hope in the back of his head he understands that he doesn't want to ultimately have the republican party be against something which 80% of the american people favor. david: but newt, forgive me, you've only got five days. i mean, even a less than five days now before the election. is there time to do all of this? >> as you know, the senate cannot either move at all or move with amazing speed. i'm hoping they will get a vote
11:06 am
in the very near future. again, he's in control and i'm just an observer but i do think they need the vote and i think that senator loeffler and senator perdue are both clearly in favor of the 2,000-dollar payments and it would be to their vantage to vote yes and they would like to so hopefully they will get that vote. if he packages it right it may pass and there may be several democrats who say wait one second, i'm not going to vote no on a 2,000-dollar check that 80% of my estate wants. i don't underestimate mitch but my only fallback is if that doesn't work i really hope before tuesday that he will bring up a freestanding bill and get it through so it is clear that the republicans are not the one blocking. david: there was a book once written, the most dangerous game, about a whole different subject but this is talk about the most dangerous game for this is probably the one of the most dangerous political gambles that i've ever seen by republicans
11:07 am
who are holding on. >> i like your term bank shot. it's a very shrewd leader that has been around a long time and thinks he can pull out this bank shot and i hope he can. i favor all three things. david: let's drill down on georgia because as a former representative from their speaker of the house from georgia, president trump is heading there for the rally just the day before the election itself, 2.8 million votes have already been cast in both in person and by mail and how do you think all of this is shaking out right now, particularly with those free election votes? >> i think that we are on the edge of winning both seats. we had the largest game ever in the history of georgia, more volunteers knocking on the more doors and i think they're averaging over 1,000 doors a day
11:08 am
being visited. they've already announced senator loeffler and senator perdue announced that they were over 8,000 watchers will already signed up so this won't be like the general election. i think they really pushed back and blocked a lot of the things that stacy abrams and her machine or doing to get extra votes that might not have been legal. it's a very simple novel. you have to turn the vote out and have the vote counted accurately. i think they're in pretty decent shape to do both and i think on balance with warnock being the most radical candidate ever nominated to the senate and with ossoff who gets more money out of cal for nothing georgia i think frankly senator loeffler and perdue are pretty decent shape and it'll be a close race but they should both be able to win and the president coming down and encouraging every conservative in the state to vote will be of substantial
11:09 am
asset. david: we've got to wrap because he got about 30 seconds but watch of the president to be same particularly -- if he goes off on another rant against the governor, republican governor or the republican secretary of state, a lot of people say that could divide the republican party within georgia. >> i don't think anybody is divided about electing senator loeffler and senator perdue. the governor and secretary of state wants him elected but what he ought to say and very direct way is simple, this is the future of america and if our two republicans win we are dramatically strengthened and the senate and if the two democrats win they will try to pack the court, raise taxes, turned dc into a state with two democratic senators so you get to george's get to decide. georgia will have the largest impact in the runoff of any state and american history. it's truly a historic event. david: it absolutely is.
11:10 am
>> every conservative votes i think we will be fine. david: newt, happy new year to you, happy new year to your wife who is one of the best ambassadors to the holy see we've ever had. we appreciate the work she's been doing as well. please pass on our happy new year. no, thank you very much. >> thanks. david: new york city mayor bill de blasio just said he hopes to get a million people vaccinated in the city. lauren, what is a timeline for this? lauren: and of january prayed over 8 million people live in new york city at about three to 50/50 thousand doses have been delivered but just 88,000 residents inoculated so there is a very long way to go here. de blasio is calling it a call to arms and using clinics, pop-up sites, schools just to get more shots into arms but there is a lag locally and nationally in dosing americans with the vaccine. david: yeah, there is. of course, you wonder about the mayors managerial competence so
11:11 am
we will see what happens. disney world theme parks in orlando are fully booked for new year's and lauren, the pandemic isn't stopping disney lovers and new year's is right here. it's amazing that they are fully booked. lauren: i think people are looking for something to do. they want to celebrate 2020 been over so all four disney parks in orlando at full capacity but i also think david this speaks to disney's ability to be able to stay open safely during a pandemic showing that park goers and fans trust them and i was just looking at universal tweeted that yesterday they were at their full 35% capacity by 8:10 in the morning, 8:10 in the morning. david: full 37% capacity, that's 37% and i wonder if that's enough to break even. oren, thank you. show me apple. the stock is trading down a bit right now and they filed for three patents for the rumored
11:12 am
apple glasses. we just heard about that in the last hour. also, let's check out tesla, stock hitting an all-time high above $700 and now almost $711 a share despite new video, by the way of this model -esque bursting into flames. this happened quite a while ago and one of the older models and that we have had something to do with it. it was an old battery with an older model but again it's not effecting investors right now for the stock is trading at $711 for wondershare. now this. reporter: out the biden transition team for disabling the zoom chat for journalists. wait one minute, didn't his team just say in november that transparency is important? roll tape. >> the media's job is to hold him accountable and i think it will be frankly the polar opposite of what we've seen over the last four years. i thank you will see a huge change in the culture and in the
11:13 am
way this white house treats media. david: what exactly changed? we will talk to both rachel and sean duffy coming up. governor cuomo has a plan for the vaccine rollout that includes prioritizing drug rehab centers so what about all the elderly in the first responders who haven't yet received it? we are on that and listen up california governor newsom has a new plan for reopening schools. we tell you what that is, stay right here. third hour of varney is just getting started. ♪ ♪ cell phone repair.
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did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ david: an appeals court ruling
11:18 am
the los angeles outdoor dining ban can be extended. doesn't seem to make scientific sense. lauren, how much longer for th this? lauren: that scientific sense doesn't matter. the band goes on until february so a least another month. look, the county officials in la are applauding but the restaurants are crying. this is what went down. an appeals court ruled that outdoor dining can remain in place until february and also overruled, remember the judge a few weeks ago that ordered the county to prove, show me the evidence that restaurants caused the spike in infections? they don't have to do that anymore. the county health department is off the hook for providing that risk-benefit analysis behind their decision we want unbelievable. no signs here whatsoever bid thank you lauren, next case, governor newsom revealing his plans reopening schools for in person learning so lauren are they planning to get kids back in school. lauren: you will like this.
11:19 am
the goal is siberia governor newsom is putting $2 billion into the effort once the youngest students to get back to their desks first. the money is going toward more testing, more ppp as well as vaccinating the schools staff and priority as the vaccines are rolled out. david, i saw this yesterday i was shocked because it seems like there's this push recently to get kids back in the classroom in places where authorities were so quick to take them out. if you look in california governor newsom got flak because he closed public schools for 6 million students but then put his own kids in private school. as a personal decision but a bad look. david: theocracy is beyond belief but there is a price to pay and we will be talking about that next. lauren, thank you. as we look at this, despite numerous lockdowns and covid restrictions in the state california has now surpassed more than 2.2 million covid cases, including first case of the new covid strain found in
11:20 am
the uk. common heart meet dhillon, harvey, the numbers don't lie. don't spikes in cases prove that it don't lockdowns don't work? >> when you look at california's very severe lockdown throughout most of this year and you compare it to florida which has pretty consistently had a more open policy with restrictions you see that california significantly outpacing florida and other states that have been more open so what does that tell you? logically, it tells you the lockdowns have not resulted in fewer infections. to the contrary many health experts would say that by artificially enforcing humans into a situation that is unnatural, i.e. no human contact, that activity has gone underground and unsafe ways that has resulted potentially in more infection so it's backfired with the governor has done an i don't see hidden knowledge is at or has any way of a mill you're raiding that trend which is a bad one a. david: of course, it's an edict
11:21 am
that he himself doesn't follow and that the whole hypocrisy there are 70 cases of hypocrisy with this governor and other governors as well but particularly with this governor and that has led to californians coming up with 900,000 signatures for governor newsom's recall. is this going to be successful, this recall? >> i think so great i'm supporting it. just this week the recall efforts got $600,000 in contributions from a couple of different donors and that is what will jumpstart this. we had a recall successfully of almost 20 years ago in california and monty was the key there to make sure that we had the money to go out. david: forgive me, harmeet, i needed to alert our viewers the weather seen on the screen is a live shot of the president. he has been in florida for the holidays and there he is with missus trump, with his wife and
11:22 am
we thought he might be saying something but he's not. he, of course, is go back to washington dc where he will be preparing for that big rally in georgia but i stopped you midsentence but we had to get a shot of the president and they're coming back. finish with a recall. the campaign needs to have 1.5 million signatures by mid-march to force an election, will they make it? >> yes, one and a half million good signatures. meaning that signatures do get matched at the county level so it will be more than that and i think we are well on track to getting there, yes. david: good luck to you in that effort. harmeet, great to see you. thank you for coming in. restrictions also hurting the party rental industry. jeff flock joining us from illinois with more on that. reporter: i tell you were still setting up the tent here, david. we are in what is saving the party rental industry these years, renting tends to restaurants but that's the only
11:23 am
part of the business doing well. i'm inside the capri restaurant at burr ridge, illinois which is well known and loved restaurant out here but this is your business. it's getting killed these days. >> it absolutely is killing our industry in general and hurting us locally and nationally. reporter: one of the things saving you and this is cici who runs capri, decided to get a tent and you couldn't survive without it. >> i cannot survive without it. yes, i want to thank the city and the mayor of the burr ridge that but this time together for us back in april, right mayor? 's. reporter: america showed up and i met him two seconds ago. good to see you. we will socially distance they are and you came up with funds in the city to pay for attend. >> yes, with the majority of the board's approval of course. we came up with those funds and we have them in our coffers and
11:24 am
we felt that was the best way to make sure our restaurants survived and they all have and they've done very well feared we are very proud of that. reporter: i want to show you the restaurant. mike, come with me. gentlemen, come with me. look at the beautiful set up they got here and i will tell you this is the only thing saving this industry right now, right richard? how bad a hit -- when we look at this business it's a huge business nationwide and we got the numbers on it. you've taken a huge hit. >> yet, the industry is being saved by restaurants and covid related incidences going on right now. but without that we would be in devastated situation and the industry is being hit probably by 50% or more in some cases. reporter: what is 2021 going to look like? >> twenty-one is really going to depend on the vaccine and how that plays into the industry and reducing that by the summertime there will be a rebound and if we see any longer open rather than the short-term open that we
11:25 am
did after the lockdown i think we will see a big increase from that but it will be a struggle in 21. reporter: beautiful tent here, david. you come here have dinner and what's in here -- we've got brad pitt look at that. need to put my fingers on that and they probably would not appreciate that. david: i've got to say, the one problem with that and of course it's wonderful that they have this opportunity but you can't do that in the middle of a city, chicago or like new york or la, you can't set up a tent like that and don't have the space but we wish them the very -- i'm glad to see local government is pitching in to help and sometime the state government is not very help full but local government is. jeff, good to see you. they queue. now this -- florida governor rod desantis receiving a lot of praise for his answer on why he hasn't yet gotten the vaccination. let's watch. >> i'm willing to take it but i am not the priority, they are
11:26 am
the priority. i'm an elected official it is what we do. at the end of the day let's focus -- [applause] david: governor getting an applause for that answer. we will get into more of that in a moment with both rachel and sean duffy. you don't want to miss this couple coming up. ♪ ♪
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you have and, if you're eligible, help you enroll over the phone. call today and we'll also send this free guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. david: that was barstool founder calling business owner and in case you missed it there is cara on the show and this was in the last hour, roll tape. >> dave and what they're doing with the barstool fund is amazing paired they're not putting a band-aid on a cut that won't stop bleeding but promising to be with us every single step of the way which is exactly what we need right now. david: it was a tough year but this is one of the greatest stories of 2020. you would like to donate by the
11:31 am
way you can, go to barstool sports .com and the barstool fund and there it is down at the bottom of your screen. next case, half of u.s. states is raise their minimum wage and who could expect a pay raise in the new year, lauren? lauren: starts tomorrow great residents and have the country will get paid more money, minimum wages go up to $14 in california, $13.50 in massachusetts and you are looking at the math and operate i want to point out flora because they are the most read state to hike in their state minimum wage over $80 mandated estate wages federal wage that is $7.25. david: lauren, thank you. keeping it on florida, ron desantis receiving praise after he said he is waiting to receive the covid vaccine. he will not get it right away but wants to make sure the elderly get the jab first. roll tape. >> i'm willing to take it but i
11:32 am
am not the priority, they are the priority. i'm under 45 and so people under 45 are not going to be first in line for this. i'm an elected official and this is what we do. at the end of the day let's focus on those. [applause] david: got a solid applause for that answer bird comment rachel campos-duffy and sean duffy. you and i are in the media but i kind of like it when the media throws of these got you questions and somebody stands up to those questions and he came out the winner in that situation, didn't he? >> he certainly did. he's absolutely right. there is no need for him to take the vaccine before elderly people and people with comorbidities. old people are not just vulnerable to dying from covid but thousands and thousands of them are locked up in nursing homes and dying of loneliness and design of not having human
11:33 am
contact. they can't come out and see their families and be back in the world without this vaccine is so good for him. david: sean, this is coming, his statement is coming as we learn that 1,000 congressional staff members are going to be getting a job and again, that is before a lot of most staff members we should emphasize, you know this well is a former member of congress, a relatively young people in under 40 and some are in their 20s and they are the least eligible or should be least eligible for one of these vaccines, right? david: >> the democrats and house are really old the members but the staffers the average age david is probably 30 years old so they're not at risk and they should not be getting the vaccine but this is what it comes down to good politics and desantis' smarts. give vulnerable people that live in florida and they want the magazine and he is putting his constituents ahead of himself and that's great politics as i have a frog in my throat. david: but rachel, it's not just
11:34 am
good politics but it is a fact that if you are under 40 and some people under 40 can get it and it would be deadly and it's horrible but generally speaking if you are under 40 you should be waiting in line before the people that are more vulnerable. >> 100%. it's quite a contrast between what desantis has done and what colombo is doing. cuomo is putting criminals and drug addicts ahead of elderly people. i know democrats are own jessica from our network, my good friend is also outraged about it so it's not a left or right issue but all of us love our grandmas and all of us loved our grandparents and all of us feel just so bad for people who are, you know, in nursing homes and unable to get this because people who aren't as vulnerable are getting to the front of the line. david: go ahead. >> people a power take advantage of the power of protecting themselves as opposed to protecting the people who gave them the power which are the
11:35 am
senior citizens who voted in high numbers. david: sean, democrats were hoping for and expecting, i think, a blue wave in the last election and they didn't get it and there were over a dozen transfers of power from blue to red and the republicans picked up a lot more seats, double digit pickup of seats for republicans. do you think is kind of hypocrisy that we are seen related to the pandemic is the reason that happened? >> more or less in the last campaign it was socialism. i think the socialist agenda of the democrat party didn't sell well with middle america number one but i think a lot of americans though trump did not win the race they love the idea that the leaders that want to put america first and we look out for our people before we look out for the rest of the world which is why in this stimulus bill an omnibus bill when there are so much money flowing to so many parts of the
11:36 am
world in dollars not going to the market people only $600 per individual i think that makes people angry and williard for the days of donald trump putting them first as opposed to other parts of the world. david: the hypocrisy also gets under people's skin big time. >> yes. david: when they see politicians taking advantage of things they can't take advantage of and politicians violating their own rules i just want to play for you a sound bite, one example of that is this new information about the biden team not allowing for the function to be used on zoom conference calls with journalists, despite the fact that earlier they claim they would have the most open presidency in history. i think we have that tape, could you play that? go ahead. >> transparency is a credible importance. he also believes the media's job is to hold him accountable and he is there to do the people's work and you know, he welcomes that relationship and welcomes their role in the media's role in our democracy and i think it will be frankly the polar opposite of what we've seen over the last four years and i thank you will see a huge change in
11:37 am
the culture and in the way this white house treats the media. david: rachel, we only have ten seconds but that was absolute to bowl compared to canceling interviews with journalists, right? >> it was bull. also expected bird this is the candidate who spent his entire campaign in his basement and did not answer questions and was never impromptu and as you see right now we have staffers answering for him and even the staffers are hanging up on the journalists. this is what 2021 will look like and again these guys will yearn for the days of donald trump putting america first but we will see if the journalists also yearn for the days of transparency which is what donald trump offered. david: rachel and sean, great to see you. wonderful couple. we love having you on bird thank you for being here. >> happy new year. david: coming up, governor columbo says he will prioritize drug rehab centers for the vaccine. heather mac donald is here on back. ♪
11:38 am
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11:42 am
david: governor cuomo who still has not apologize for decisions that led to tens of thousands of elderly dying in nursing homes is added to again. now prioritizing drug addicts in rehab for covid vaccine shots before all the elderly have received theirs. is this right? with spring and heather mac donald from the manhattan institute. this is insult after insult to injury after injury, heather. >> david, the whole coronavirus pandemic has been an x-ray into the thinking of the elites. it is shown their hatred, contempt for small business and their ignorance of small business and they have put aside science, whether the public health experts or politicians and they put aside science in favor of elevating the favorite groups and in this case cuomo is anti- the elderly and in favor
11:43 am
of drug addicts in massachusetts they are favoring prisoners. even though we know that the greatest risk are the elderly so why are they doing this? because it's hatred of bourgeoisie values and i will not mince words because this is their term, it's hatred of whites. the cdc wanted to give priority to low age essential workers because there are too many white people among the elderly. this is very ugly and let's hope that when this coronavirus madness ends and we returned to our sanity and understanding of what civilization is we can also destroy the race politics that is driving a lot of this coronavirus politics. david: we certainly need a more colorblind society and that isn't sure. heather, i want to show you shocking video and there's been
11:44 am
a lot of it coming out of new york city but in this case a bicycle gang attack is a group when he seen these bicycle gangs they meet on social media and plan these marauding campaigns and in this case the group was pummeling on man's car and by the way, the guy was i think it was actually a elderly mother who was in the passenger seat so it was him and his elderly mother and is anyone safe in the big apple anymore? >> no, it's savagery. this is happening in cities across the country and the flash mob phenomenon and the knockout game against this is race hatred and anarchy that was allowed over the summer when you had politicians glorifying the riots and you know, saying that destruction of property is irrelevant in favor of so-called racial equity and racial justice which is not true. this is not a racially unjust society, david prayed this is the most open minded on bigoted
11:45 am
society in human history and yet the slide that america is characterized by white supremacy is giving rise to unfettered violence and the excuse making for this type of anarchy and we have to stop it because we are going to destroy ourselves very quickly. david: heather mac donald, i hope 2021 is a better year, i really do. you have a great happy new year. thank you, heather. >> you too. thank you, david. david: 2020, that your at-home fitness became popular when jams were shut down down so now the gems are open again and how are they getting people back in? we are heading to one to find out and we are also talking new year's resolutions with doctor marc siegel. marc varney right after this. ♪ ♪ it's time for the lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed.
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you can adjust your comfort on both sides... your sleep number setting. can it help me fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but, can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with mom? you got this. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise. ...prove. don't miss our new year's special the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. plus, no interest until january 2024 on all smart beds.ends monday. david: every new year's eve people make resolutions to go to the gym more often, eat less but how do you keep that promise in a pandemic? grady trimble is at one gym that is changing its strategy to stay open and keep people fit so grady, what is your solution? reporter: in fact david they just opened and this is a
11:50 am
brand-new gym as of last november called reclaimed fitness. they are doing online classes so you can see the instructor here and last time we chatted we are doing biceps and we are doing shoulders and she's got a bunch of people watching on zoom right now and participating in the class. that is because here in illinois at barrett way reduce capacities and most gyms and for group fitness classes that's not even an option right now. if you want to get fit in the new year of this is the way to do it. virtually at your own home. kathleen is the owner and founder of the gym and you have still seen a lot of interest in this online virtual setting for the new year, right? >> yes, we had a really great interest in working out at home in a group and so we are finding ways to really help people pump up their workout. reporter: we seen peloton and mayor which is owned by lululemon do really well this year and your price point is lower than them and you are a local business that people can support.
11:51 am
>> right, we wanted to be reasonably priced and get as many people involved as possible soar at $50 month for unlimited live streaming classes mac which i think is about 15 or $25 less than those big guys sold by the way, you don't have to be in the chicago area to do this anymore since you're doing it virtually and you can be anywhere in the country. >> that's right, we actually have members who live in new jersey, philadelphia, pittsburgh, florida, california and we are all over the country here. reporter: all over. david, real quickly we want to show you this. they've got alternatives for weights. they are using orange juice ju jugs. david: very smart. i like that. we've all become so inventive in the year of the pandemic or at least there is that. grady, thank you. come and doctor marc siegel. great to see you, happy new year to you. this has been a very tough year to stay healthy, not only in terms of not been able to go to the gym but in terms of not being able to go to the doctor and a lot of people have been afraid to get the checkups and
11:52 am
that has led to a decline in health has it not? >> yeah, david, first i want to on both of those counts, doctors are wearing personal protective equipment and sterilizing everything and it's been pretty safe but even gems, although i'm a huge fan of what you just saw about virtual gems and about people exercising at home because they been drinking more and smoking more i love to get together virtually and not socialization but i want you to know that the international health racquet and sports club association did a huge study looking at england and australia and the united states and found, get this, about 1,000 cases of interactions and jams led to cases out of 48 million encounters which means your risk of getting this actually going to a gym is.002% so i think gyms could stay open provided it's
11:53 am
done very carefully with physical distancing et cetera. it is much less likely to spread covid at a gym that a bar and that needs to be taken into account. the huge cost of not exercising is enormous. david: and the huge cost again and i don't want to beat a horse here but the bottom line is there are 70 people that needed checkups and that need that may have a cough and leave that unattended or a skin rash and don't look into that. the eventual cost of this, i don't think we've seen the end of it and i think it may be months before we realize how much the lack of visiting your doctors and paid attention to those problems will be. >> david, i can tell my patients and i can do it by tell a visit and i can tell you what to come in and i can tell you when i need to see you, i can tell you when you need to have labs drawn. i have telemedicine now as a tool that i did not have before. it is huge. the healthcare system has adapted to the pandemic and you
11:54 am
must check in with your physician and you must do it as a new year's resolution. david: telemedicine and its advancements, because of the pandemic, may turn out to have been a hopeful development during the pandemic. >> david, it is here to stay. i can reach people in their homes that actually can't make it to the doctor and that are having issues that have disabilities. we were dubious at first we've all been won over by telemedicine. we can do a lot by telemedicine. the only thing we can is examine a patient but the encounters by telemedicine are way better than we thought, especially in rural areas. that is the norm is changed and here to stay. david: good news. doctor siegel, great to see you. great to see you. appreciate it appeared happy new year. >> happy new year, david. david: lauren, we been together for the whole week for hours and hours and i got to ask what is your news year resolution? lauren: i don't make them because i don't keep them. there will be no 2021 resolution for me, the same as the past couple years.
11:55 am
david: i have to tell you, one thing by the way, i don't know how stewart's party stays in as good a shape as he is in because he's in the shape of any 40 -year-old that i know and i have to say he's much older than 40 but he's got a few years but you sit here for three hours and you have to do something. he must work out like a crazy man after the show is over. lauren: i think he does yoga actually. that is my bet and i don't have confirmation but yeah, we can check in next week. i think that's the case. david: i will be counting on you to ask him. lauren: he's also an early riser by nature and i'm not sure you are. david: i am not. maybe a lot of people have noticed that. i like to stay up late and sleep later than stuart does anyway prayed getting up at two or three in the morning is not my cup of tea but it has been fun and you've made it very easy for me this week. lauren: happy new year david. david: happy new year to you.
11:56 am
and of course, i happy new year to the entire varney team and from the entire varney team to all those loyal viewers of varney much more right after this. ♪ ♪ even on the bus. download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. five blades and a pivotingglide flexball designed to get virtually every hair on the first stroke, while washing away dirt and oil. so you're ready for the day with a clean shave and a clean face. . .
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12:00 pm
person? well there will be some people to see it. there will be a couple hundred apparently but police trying to keep people away. gloria gaynor who we had on yesterday, the great singer, will sing will survive. we'll watch that. the "countdown" to 2021. we're almost there. good-bye to 2020. good riddance. but it is not good riddance to fox business. jackie dee dee has couple hours for you right here. happy new year to you. jackie: happy new year to you as well and to everybody out there. welcome to "coast to coast." i'm jackie deangelis in for neil cavuto. a jam-packed two hours ahead as we close out 2020. we'll be coast to coast starting today in washington, d.c., where the battle about boosted checks is far to over as the end of the congressional session nears. we ask could that sway voters as he they had to the polls in the peach state. to california the recall campaign to call california governor gavin newsom i


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