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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 31, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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beating up russians and gorbache v. >> if i can do it he can do it. we'll tear down this wall. >> kennedy: well 2020 is been one doozy of your house and it appeared between the horrors of a devastating global pandemic, and one of the most ridiculous presidential elections and, well ever. there have been plenty of reasons to feel a little glum. a little down in the dumps so to speak. but here on the kennedy program we have done our best to turn your frown upside down. because you know what? laughter truly is the best medicine for it and man oh mercy there's been a lot to laugh at. so as we say goodbye to a dumpster fire of a year without we would put together some of our funniest segments and welcome 2021 with a bang. grab a drink, get cozy and
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scoot up close to booktv. it is game night, so let's get rolling. >> will this election season has been crazier than a coked out honey badger skydiving into a volcano. but at this point are you sick and tired of political opponents spewing out the tired talking points on everything from joe biden's a to the president's tweets? those of us on the kennedy show certainly are part we came up with an alternative paired we are flipping the script to. it is time to "party swap". tonight guy benson will be arguing the liberal point of view. and michael starr hopkins will argue as are conservative. david smith, he will act as judge and referee. he will decide who wins the glory. are you guys ready to play? >> let's do this. kennedy: swap we will paired questionable and goes to michael. it's obvious the supreme court will toss out the 30 million
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votes illegally mailed in by george soros. so what should president trump do with the second term? >> president trump should keep doing what he has been doing the same time which is making america great again. you know these lives get so emotional. they can never come up with an cogent argument its emotions, emotions cry, cry. the present is going to keep making them cry because that's what he does he makes america great again. any links to liberal tears. smacked dave anything to add to that? >> i was on ironically completely sold by that pre-there's some good points of that. no it makes liberals quiet quite like donald trump very good job michael. i'm excited respect the judges impressed so far, guy has your first question. there's no other way to see the biden blowout than as a mandate for nancy pelosi. what should america's most beloved legislature do with the power of the people?
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>> guy benson. smacked the mandate is the blue way behind me. i'm sick of these people that there's no blue wave. that's a lie. there were some senate races that have not gone away without pure gerrymandering as we know by the republicans and their everybody on the supreme court. but a meet bible county or whatever her name is. [laughter] here's the thing kennedy. it is a great displeasure to be back on your show part i was thinking that your rights weighing dangerous propaganda program had finally been canceled there for a while. [laughter] here we are again having to do this. [laughter] but i don't want to be negative. we are all about unity now. we love america again. america has become more acceptable again. we are now for unity. here is that then, you need to unify with us or else i am working on a list, okay, we are keeping a list of those who do not unify.
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[laughter] we can see who's on that. [laughter] the first two letters of someone's name is on the list but that might be kenneth starr, it is up to you, kennedy pupil get on board and unify. which is why had this flag as opposed to this rock. [laughter] which i had encased election election with the other way. [laughter] but this rock is a little white we need to empower rocks of color. [laughter] 's before dave do you have something? smacked both of you made incredible arguments just there for there is no loser in this round. but michael you really had me going with the liberal tears. but i've got to say, guy, bringing up the really important issue of gerrymandering for senate candidates, it really me over. i'm going to vote to guide benton's. sue art guy you take the first ryan. michael you can catch up a question of virtue. michael starr hopkins. this election was groundbreaking and that so many dead people broke out of the ground to vote. tell us why voter id is sorely needed to secure our
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election. michael. smacked the on thing that separates us from venezuela and other socialist countries is our democracy. the fact that people votes. so in all of these lib start lining up bodies in chicago and having people vote who are not actually don't exist. lives always went to save the union and our democracy. they are always the ones being sneaky. we've got president trump and our man a bar to save us. smacked our man bar dave? any follow-ups? >> again solid. not the biggest fan of democracy but i understand where you're coming from. and yeah, bar is there to save us very well done michael. >> is a constitutional republic okay guy. go sweet georgia peaches are starting to look like plums. why are georgia senate seats guaranteed to go blue? strachan you see the blue way behind the? this as reality. this is not a talking points.
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by the way i'm surprised we just let the disgusting attack on the beautiful utopia of venezuela just go unremarked upon by the host of the show. i mean those are people too. venezuelans are people too. and i think sometimes our friends on the right who are on the list, forget that. here's the other thing about georgia but we have already won governor stacy aprons basically told me so already. [inaudible] basically, she is the governor of georgia to i said venezuela? i meant georgia. she won. now it is just time for jon ossoff who is extremely accomplished and compelling and reverent warnock who is can totally mainstream and moderate, it's time for them to bring this thing home for us to take the senate away from that evil, evil genius mitch mcconnell part i know they call them cocaine at mitch because they like that.
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i don't like him. i am not a fan. and i will make one more point, kennedy. this is important. i'm so sick of hearing these conspiracy theories. for michael and other right wingers about how the democrats did not win or the votes did not count or there is corruption and fraud. here's the thing, unlike george w. bush the donald trump who is elected by russians, president joe biden is not going to stand for this kind of conspiracy. and he, unlike amy bible coney is legitimate that's the last thing i'm going to say. >> anything to add there? >> if guy never went into journalism he could've made a fantastic troll. he might've made the wrong decision. it is a very small difference these days. michael you did phenomenal on both plans. but i don't know, i think we found guys true calling in
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life. i give it to guy. so far look at that guy benson, michael starr hopkins has been a waiter in the past for you guys have to come back and go head-to-head but i'm sad we did not get to athletes other questions. they are so good. [laughter] >> i'm glad the right person or one. i'm glad the right person one. [laughter] it would've been a shame for that iphone to get destroyed. [laughter] kennedy: i don't want to be on the list read thank you so much guys, guy, dave, michael beautifully done. r what you nee. isn't that what you just did? service! ♪ stand back, i'm gonna show ya ♪ ♪ how doug and limu roll, ya ♪ ♪ you know you got to live it ♪ ♪ if you wanna wi... [ music stops ] time out! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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you can. (woman) it's easy, and it will change your life. (announcer) go to that's [background noises] 's before court is in session. cover a lot of crazy criminals on the show. but justice is barely meted out. the baled buck stops here on this installment of kennedy's court. and here's how it works for it i will read a ridiculous but true crime headline about some lovable losers thanks mugshots mandate. attorney chase gives us the court. just the size of the suspect is guilty or not guilty but i'll give the final verdict. guy let's get started right >> this my favorite thing to do i love it.
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kennedy: glad you're part of it. kennedy's court is in session let's art case number one per this is from georgia. woman poses an fbi agent to get free food from chick-fil-a. kimberly was in charge of impersonating a public official after allegedly identifying herself as a federal agent. and wanting free food for check flight she continued to claim she was with the fbi until the officer threatened her with a taser. after being handcuffed she began talking into her shirt as if she were on a radiant saying she was being arrested, and to send someone to the police station. i absolutely love this story. go ahead michael chase and give us her defense. >> first about that his agent can relate to you. so have a little respect. second about is it any surprise to any of us that the agency of jim kobe would diss about the fried chicken agents on one of the most important beats in america? i don't think so.
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i'm going to tell the jury this is in fact an agent to purchase because you can't see the microphone in her shirt does not mean it's they are. kennedy: when he knew ever see the microphone? >> look we are going to get to the bottom of why the chick-fil-a people are so nice. an agent kimberly is going to do it, not guilty. some of our well said. chris and kevin have your work cut out for you. chris, what you see here? >> look, i actually don't think this is her fault. chick-fil-a is absolutely delicious. if anything this is chick-fil-a's fault. at they did not make such delicious chicken they would not have people going to extraordinary measures to try to get free chick-fil-a. so for them by the way who among us is not thought of the federal agent ruse? who among us, alright kevin walling, what do you say? so that chris has a point they owes are criminally good dose chicken nuggets. she was deep undercover not
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guilty whatsoever. kennedy: we have unanimous decision. not only do i rule on her innocence, i also think chick-fil-a needs to give her free food for a year. anytime she wants, breakfast, lunch, dinner, six days a week. >> they bought a boys they bought it. kennedy: here's case number two connecticut man accused of tree hopping. the police department arrested 36-year-old john figure after 91 caller reported an unknown mail and a backyard half dressed helping trees and screaming and eating branches. when police arrived the suspect ran into a nearby house causing its inhabitants to flee their home in fear. he then left the residence and was placed under arrest for while in custody allegedly spat and assaulted police resulting in felony charges along with the misdemeanor counts of breach of peace, resisting and trespassing. our mike chase, defend mr. fig mar. >> look as a connecticut resident want to dispel the notion that us connecticut
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residents are into shenanigans with trees. that is not true. kennedy: tree hampers. [laughter] >> second about think is a defense lawyer the first thing you got to do, any good defense lawyers going to count the rings on that tree make sure is not an under age tree because then you've got other problems. [laughter] that is the first thing you do. the second thing that you do you point out the back there's no real victim here. i read the giving tree i know it is all about. i think he is not guilty. [laughter] 's before that tree still had branches but as far as we know apples and it was not just a sad stop. [laughter] >> branches, no branches. kennedy: kevin how you vote? >> i worry about this guy in splendors we do not have an inter secretary and you might know the top of that list, not guilty. super okay and chris baird? >> look i'm incredibly libertarian with sacks, but let's be honest with the real crime here is he ran into someone else's house. i don't really care about the tree hopping brit got to find him guilty of writing it to somebody else's house though. so far i'm going to have to
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side with chris here. i think ownership is sacrosanct britt and the fact that the people i just leave their own home in fear means that this tree hump or is guilty. guilty as charged. subject just for the record, i got an acquittal on the tree hopping just not the trespass so i want my record to be clear i undefeated on tree hopping. before very good. again who among us in the trees, right? number three a kansas man drove a stolen car to jail to bail out his brother. who stole a car? 32-year-old eric mccracken allegedly led police on a high-speed chase in a stolen chevy trailblazer. great car. mccracken took copies on his way to bail out his brother, 36 comic keith mccracken has been busted a few hours earlier and allegedly for stealing a chevy silverado. i'm sensing some similarities here. the younger brother was charged with possession of stolen property and held in
8:18 pm
lieu of $7500 bail third what is really going on here, mike chase? >> i don't know, release the mccracken is what i say. first about i'm probably going to identify for the first time ever the gene responsible for prohibiting these two men from being incapable of legal car ownership. i think the best defense as you go. and citizen. he said these were not cars they were conveyances. they were merely borrowing them for an extended period of time for it i don't think there's any other way out of this, not guilty. >> is 30 prove these guys were going to get the cars back? chris barron how do you rule here? >> look, i live on a mountaintop on the west virginia border but this sounds like it could be one of my neighbors. this is going to be a case of jury nullification britt i don't care where the guilty are not going to say not guilty. i'm afraid of implicating one of my neighbors respect all right go ahead kevin wrap this thing up force. >> this sounds like a great series peacock in the fall, the nbc streaming app.
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i say not guilty for the two of these guys. [laughter] 's before they are like thelma and louise without boobies. guys want to thank you so much for being a part of kennedy's kourt you are all outstanding braid thank you very much. >> thank you your honor. kennedy: in court is adjourned n. great street, huge yard. there is a bit of an issue with our neighbors fencing. neighbor 1: allez! (sound from wind chimes) neighbor 2: (laughing) at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. which helps us save even more. neighbor 2: hey, sarah, hey, peter! neighbor 1: touché. neighbor 2: ahhh! neighbor 1: pret! neighbor 2: en garde! for bundling made easy, go to
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>> 's before long before he became our 45th president, donald j trump was famous for tweeting things are harder to believe that bigfoot taking selfies with a leprechaun. but we still love him anyway. which brings us to one of our favorite games, try or false but i'm going to read a statement in our panelists will guess if it's a big donald has actually said or tweeted before or during his political career or if the statement is made up by us and it is false. the party panels ready to play, jamie weinstein, cat you also ready to go? jay may start with up.
8:24 pm
question number one, we all like ronald reagan. nobody ever said we love you, we love you. and he would not get crowds like this, "trump or false"? jamie. >> i'm going to say false. >> you think donald trump did not say that? >> i think he could say i don't remember him saying it. kennedy: triggered literal the tape. >> we all like ronald reagan but nobody said we love you, we love you, we love you. and he would not get crowds like this. kennedy: well there you go is at a rally in bullhead, arizona. he said we have 25, 30, 40, 45000 people and said he would have a couple hundred people legitimately. the gipper. neither you nor the gipper got that one. kat this is your question. "trump or false". the poles were as fake as joe biden's teeth. you know he has fake teeth, right? how can you trust a person like that customer it is a disgrace. "trump or false" cat?
8:25 pm
>> trump. twenty-four that is false actually but that is as false as joe biden's reported teeth. sorry you guys are tied with zero. >> i hate to lose. [laughter] i know i've seen you lose in the past. it's sad. alright will try to rig this game, don't tell anyone kat only you can hear me. we will try to rig the game and throw the votes to you i'll be your dominion. richard this is for you. "trump or false". i think putting a wife to work as a very dangerous thing part i don't discount too much like a chauvinist, but when i come home and dinner is not ready, all goes to the roof okay? "trump or false"? >> that is trump. kennedy: that is so trump. richard gets a point. richard is in the lead. he set on prime time back in 1994. he blamed about because of work at his atlantic city casino for his mail age failing, too much work, she
8:26 pm
should not of been working. now back in the kitchen. you are fired. botta of ivanka whoever you're all done. alright jamie hear! hear! we go. are you ready? question number two for jamie. "trump or false" for i will walk into that audience but i will walk in there, i will kiss everyone in that audience but i will kiss the guys, the beautiful limited everybody. i will just give you a big fat kiss. "trump or false"? >> trump. to sue for jamie now ties in the lead you and richard have one each, kat timpf it's here it is to tie things up. temper prospect, hates it when you mispronounce her day. sorry, i did not grow up and it was back a span wherever she is from, "trump or false"? >> false. kennedy: that is right kat, everyone is on the board it's a three-way tie. watch out guys i'm coming back. >> cheered here you go here's your second question, "trump
8:27 pm
or false". i only date perfect ten models for dwight wister time on some slob who is only a nine? "trump or false"? >> that is trump. kennedy: that is false. richard, things are still even steven. >> all tied. >> 's before it's all tied up just like me on prom night. jamie trumper false my friends. when, during the campaign i would say mexico is going to pay for, obviously i never said this. and i've never meant they would write out the check. he said they're going to pay for, trumper false? >> false. kennedy: let's take a look at the tape. >> when during the campaign i would say mexico is going to pay for. obviously i never said this and i never meant they're going to write out a check. i said they're going to pay for. [laughter] >> how did i miss that one? kennedy: you mystic so here's a chance for kat richard to
8:28 pm
take it or both taken. the kat here you go. trumper false. i have not seen nancy pelosi face-to-face in over two years. but i can smell her everyday because she wears that much perfume, and makes you choke. trumper false? >> trump. kennedy: that is false. >> i knew it. before we made that up but i can hear him say that. i can see nancy covered in shalimar that is her era of perfume. alright richard you could win the whole thing here. otherwise the three way tie for last place. ready? richard here is your quote. kim jong-un speaks and the people sit up at attention. i want my people to do the same, trumper false? >> who this sounds like trumper. kennedy: let's roll the tape. >> he speaks and his people sit up at attention part i want my people to do the same. safari said that on fox and
8:29 pm
friends june 15, 2018. that is in fact correct, richard you win the entire game. that means you get the digital cheese plates and the imaginary champagne. it is going to be carted off in a rickshaw to you in moments. congratulations richard fowler. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> i'm very disappointed in myself. >> well done. kennedy: kat is going to map for four days per subject good luck for me sleeping tonight. [laughter] kennedy: 's backdoor cattle chair my cheese plate with you. support nicely done just like a real communist, see later. ♪ ♪ smooth driving pays off. ♪ with allstate, the safer you drive the more you save. ♪
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so we are each making a bigger difference. ♪music:oooh,oooh,oooh that's it! just giving back and producing love for everybody. kennedy: it has been a month since the election the results are mercury than willie nelson's a bongo water. remember he never went to hear i'm not willie nelson part right now are sick and tired of the political pendants and their talking points. those of us have the candy
8:34 pm
show certainly are siu came up with an alternative for deer flipping the script. it is time to "party swap". ♪ ♪ mary go. tonight jimmy failla's arguing the liberal point of view. and tonight jessica tarlov's during the conservative appointive view. are you fine americans ready to play? sven hippy with your best play, support that's right girl. jimmy the first one is for you. this year's mail in ballots were so secure that i have no doubt all five of mine recounted breed the next step is twitch or voting why should we make that mandatory comment and can we do it in time for joe biden's third term? [laughter] for small everyone knows joe biden did win this election in a landslide but we know is coming. anyone who bet against donald trump or on donald trump was a complete idiot. come and get that out of the
8:35 pm
way right now? only an idiot would vote for donald trump jessica i am speaking, i am speaking. jessica i am speaking. i am speaking. [laughter] [laughter] no, i think, i think we should vote via twitter paid this is a juncture we are at now. this is where we have gotten in this country. everybody knows that if you delegitimized a presidential victory you are threatening our democracy. it is bad enough donald trump stole the election 2016. but to come back now and say that it is rizzi he is d legitimizing the democracy i am not happy. kennedy: he is not happy just got you be happy to be her this question. the president is going out to georgia this weekend. and clearly it is up to him to secure the senate seats for the gop, just like he did on november 3. but when he saved the senate, will he also be saving the worl world? >> absolutely purred first and foremost i want to thank you for having me tonight, candidate. as a polite person a person of
8:36 pm
the polite party that believes in a manner, formality in traditional marriage and want to thank you for having me on your show this evening. and to tell you even though the president doesn't talk about you much publicly, he is a huge fan of you. the hot freedom that you spew every night. and he thanks your legs are amazing. >> i could never be perfect ten we although wide. [laughter] >> so obviously the president was robbed in georgia. this is bs about there is a hand recount, we although what was going on there. but cocaine admitted she needs us. republicans if you are watching, you need to turn out and you need to vote. what this comes down to is the god that mitch prays to versus the god chuck schumer does. and i don't mean this because chuck schumer is jewish. i'm jewish myself and i love israel. what a minas cocaine mitch gets down on his decent praise to the real god, chuck schumer every night this guy praying.
8:37 pm
praying for obama to back hold on, excuse me, hold on. >> it's capitalism versus socialism, freedom versus tierney, turn out. >> excuse me, excuse me can i just get serious every second? i know this is a foxbusiness mtv bimbo our. [laughter] but if we could just get serious. >> ted lieu dobbs, you back off he arty owns at real estate. >> i don't think anyone surprised that mr. orange chino corona keller's having another mass slaughter in georgia this weekend. if you are planning on going, do me a favor piedmont you stoppage your grandmother in the head on the way out the door because you're just going to kill her anyway that's all this is for that's all this is jessica. but seriously this rally is so emblematic, this rally so emblematic of why joe biden one. it's because people trusted him more than corona he showed restraint trumper had these massive rallies biden rarely left the house.
8:38 pm
lessie's oil when the bike rides it forgot to get home from. the man showed restraint. without having big crowds even when biden one, only a few million of these supporters got into the street and parted. support jimmy i know your file have you get the next official question. >> let's do it. kennedy: scavenges and is protected so hard to work for tech us more freedom for they obviously deserve some r&r. tell us why are government bettors should not have to follow the lockdown edicts the issue first adjournment written nor means. >> i think they deserve any just like ender cuomo got enemies. everyone talks about have to eat talk on the issues facing the country no carbon ferment, and her cuomo signal handley reduced alda by killing all 40% of new york nursing on population. now we are better environment because of it. and at some point of have to have the hard conversation for these were expendable people. kennedy: my god. [laughter] jessica, rudy giuliani has
8:39 pm
brought so much evidence of fraud to the floor of the ramada in he clearly deserves a preemptive presidential pardon. but what else does he deserve? sainted or a congressional medal of honor? he goes after dolly parton that treasure of a woman i think that is something both of us on other sides of category, dolly parton goes first, present obama gave he should write that wrong the next 57 days if i might have to leave office. i'm banking on the fact that he won't have to. if you are completely i watch that hearing yesterday at with mitch and rudy and that beautiful braun of the huge hair and she laid out clearly there were over 100 ballots that showed up for biden out of nowhere have you look to the pulpit? >> i have looked at personally she said she's going to send it to me is going to visit me
8:40 pm
soon so we can get together but i think she's going to be a big big star by the way. i'll tell you something also from knowing rudy for decades per under oath you caught it but it out of the gas and that hearing is on jena ellis given the sinai. every single time rudy giuliani passes gas when he is not viewing a case, he wins that case but that's how i know donald trump is going to be president again come january 20. >> i did not know that just got that an angel gets his wings. [laughter] 's becky have to see the video. before i saw the video but i did not know that was correlated to his victories. okay, i get to pick which one to do for. thanks to dominium, john off is a lock percentage we skip the election inaugurated now? >> yes because his policies are better for our country. this is what everyone is forgetting pre-what it donald trump go out and do as a
8:41 pm
president? he forced his racism on the rest of the country. think about this candidate we are energy independent now because donald trump did not want to do business with brown people. so now it got to do cheap gas into our cars and say i don't have to have an electric car probe the point is, jon ossoff as dylan thanks that between us and empowering maneuvers by giving money to regimes like iran you're so good for women. and bringing back energy to this country. in stopping assuming energy independent i hate it. i hate it. support xenophobia is the warrior princess. jimmy and jessica, that was fantastic. jim you are great you are my favorite $11000. jessica have to give it to you. she made me suspect she may be as my hillary's outright luck i had a hillary doll. [laughter] >> okay say that hillary doll for next time that is too good. you are biting guy for the championship at our next party. >> to prop comics.
8:42 pm
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kennedy: welcome back it is time to play press your luck
8:46 pm
to test your command of america's commanders and cheaper to party panel will get points by answering historical trivia. each contestant will have one chance and one chance only to press their luck and double their point total on a question of their choosing. but if they get it wrong, they lose it all be the stakes are as high as kamala harris listening to rap music that does not exist yet. [laughter] let's do it gang i already? >> alright david let us start with question number one. he was the first woman to run for president? hillary clinton in 2008, virginia in 1872, geraldine ferrero in 1984 or j edgar hoover in 1960? >> will geraldine ran for vice president. i think j edgar hoover was biologically mail although i know he liked to dress out. i am going to go with hillary clinton? kennedy: that is wrong dave, that is wrong. it's actually virginia in
8:47 pm
1872. >> at 1872? a woman? kennedy: yes a woman can you believe the audacity she could even votes. she should have been in the kitchen, making babies and cornbread. leslie, here's your question, true or false, prior to becoming president, gerald ford worked as a fashion model for cosmopolitan and look magazine. >> of i immediately would say false. however his son did model. my first got is to say false. but you know what, i'm going to say it is true. kennedy: it is true leslie you are in the lead with one point well done. ding, ding, ding. emily this is for you. you can get in on the action all right? who was the heaviest presidents at 322 pounds was it william taft? william mckinley, lyndon
8:48 pm
johnson or rob kardashian? who was the chevy as a bunny and the white house. that is so mean. right 335 that is so wrong. >> alright so i'm going to go with, this is a gas guys i don't know i feel three to 22 pounds right now but i'm going to say taft? kennedy: taft is correct, emily tied for the lead. all right let's go back to this top of the batting order. dave here's your next question. which first lady had an ice cream company named after her? was it mary todd lincoln, dolly madison, ashley madison or dolly parton? [laughter] >> these questions are ridiculous kennedy. c-4, not on this show. >> dolly madison. kennedy: dolly madison is correct davis on the board, everyone is got wide braid leslie this what it's really seeking pulled the lead.
8:49 pm
which presidents once got shot during a speech and refused medical attention until he finished. was it ronald reagan? teddy roosevelt? franklin pierce? or frank underwood? [laughter] >> i am guessing to on this one, i teddy roosevelt. before that gas is correct he was shot in milwaukee, wisconsi wisconsin. emily can tie right now. true or false, kelvin coolidge also known as silent cal liked a petroleum jelly run on his head during breakfast because he thought it was good for his health. >> i mean that is so insane it has to be true. schematics before and true it is. that is correct. you and leslie are now tied. dave got to catch up this is the last round. who's the only presidential candidate to be married three times. al gore #ross perot?
8:50 pm
donald trump? or joe biden? select donald trump. before donald trump is correct. dave you are now tied with the ladies. all right leslie your last question. he was the youngest president barack obama? jfk? james monroe? or bill clinton? >> you can also press your luck in double or nothing here. >> oh. i think it is supreme and press your luck? >> it's either jfk barack obama. i'm going to go jfk. kennedy: see what to press your luck we want to lose all your points what he would it do? >> you know i haven't press my so let's do that before it paid off you have four points now. oh my gosh leslie that was exciting the correct answer is jfk britt all right emily the only way you can tie the game as if you press your luck. which presidents start in 53 hollywood films and for winning the white house.
8:51 pm
dwight eisenhower question for donald trump? jimmy carter? or ronald reagan? subject press my luck for sure, ronald reagan. kennedy: ding, ding, dangling dingdong. that is correct, you would leslie arco champions. dave you are left in the wind. >> you mean emily and i have to split the prize really? kennedy: you and emily split a bottle of champagne of my choosing. and i can't wait to spread all over the dugout. thank you guys so much. well done. >> will toast you brace back code champions in a toast you always. liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home... look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool! grandma! very cool. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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kennedy: there it is time for the debut of a new game we call that is the ticket for a budget test the panel to see just how much they know about the republican and democrat joe and vice presidential nominees. people, the panel to guess the most correct answers wins. a big virtual hug for me. lucky you. let's get right to the party panel >>, jason meister, michael starr hopkins, warren. question number one, rich ticket contains a candidate who was on probation in college for spraying their storm supervisor with the fire extinguisher. spit out go to you first jason. was it to rob, pence or biden harris? >> it's gotta be biden harris britts beck and the correct answer, not going to give to you, michael starr hopkins when you think?
8:56 pm
submit i'm going with biden harris. kennedy: and kathie? >> i'm saying pence because i really wanted to be pence. [laughter] 's before nevers got such good management that means it jason you and michael are right. it was biden harrisburg joe bite was put on probation at the university of delaware for what he called a prank. that was in the 1860s when they first invented pirate signatures. we call that water back then. eric question number two you ready? >> yep. kennedy: which ticket contains the candidate who once hosted their own radio show? >> this is true but pence. kennedy: kate michael starr hopkins bruce vectra pence. kennedy: and jason. vectra pence. twenty-four all right very good michael and jason which had to cathing you have one. mike pence launches political verse the host of the mike pence show. bernie also question number
8:57 pm
three are be ready michael let's do this you can answer first. which ticket contains a candidate who's voted ladies man by his peers in his high school yearbook? michael. >> i'm going to with biden harris. kennedy: jason? spectrum pence. kennedy: katherine? vectra pence. so far look at that michael and katherine outside with two apiece. jason to start himself into delete it donald trump named a ladies man by his peers at new york military academy. suspected he gets in all guys school? kennedy: so? i am non- binary. i don't see ever because i blocked my comfort question number four, which ticket contains a candidate who's credited for leading his high school football team to an undefeated season, jason
8:58 pm
kuester expect one 100% truck/pence. and katherine. i'm going to give it to slippage of the court about, maybe. kennedy: katherine is right, biden was a standout wide receiver and as high school. that means katherine and jason are tied with three apiece. i call your trailing by one. but this is where the fun has begun. question number five, which ticket contains the candidate who says their favorite movie is the wizard of oz. katherine? >> tough one. biden harris. kennedy: michael? >> i'm going to go with biden harris too. >> and jason? >> i'm going the same way. that is the wrong way. mike pence said the favorite movie is the wizard of oz. that means he scores remain the same. this last was worth 22 points. anyone can win here. michael starr hopkins are just
8:59 pm
one point the hybrid which ticket contains a candidate's childhood nickname was a flattop? jason? >> trump pence. all right michael? >> i'm going to go with trump pence. kennedy: katherine? >> biden harris. that means jason meister has won the game heard donald trump's nickname flattop for his hairstyle in high school. so sexy. jason wins everything. michael you were very close. you get a virtual hello. and katherine gabbay undying affection for the fine work you get reason. thank you all so much. kennedy: that is the ticket print well done everyone. thank you so much for watching the best out of your day. you can follow me on twitter an instagram at kennedy nation, on facebook candy fbn, e-mail kennedy fbn at while you're at it please subscribe to my podcast kennedy saves the world upright it is on spotify apple podcast or fox news
9:00 pm eleven. good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it was the year when figure skating became a contact sport. the king of pop married a princess. and the boys of summer canceled october. here are the ten most notable outrageous exciting bizarre celebrated influential appalling fabulous unusual stories of the year. who can forget 1994. >> right here we go. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ tonya harding --dash enter nancy carey had a bit of an


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