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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 3, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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church. we'll see you. maria: good sunday morning welcome to "sunday morning futures" happy new year, everyone. i'm maria bartiromo. today, the kickoff to the most consequential week in washington for years to come for america. the 117th congress will be sworn in hours from now, as the resistance is growing within the gop house and senate. this morning, breaking news on on the upcoming joint session of congress where several gop senators and congressmen will object to certifying the 2020 election for joe biden. texas senator ted cruz is leading the way and he joins me momentarily on why he's leading the group of senators who will
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reject the results unless an emergency 10 day commission is named to investigate election fraud. then leading the charge in the house of representatives this morning, ohio congressman jim jordan and alabama congressman mo brooks with what they say is evidence and the burden of proof why they will object to up to six states when vice president mike pence begins the historic roll call on wednesday and then the georgia senate race is just two days a away with up to 3 million georgians registered to vote early one of two sitting senators defending the gop majority this morning senator david perdue on the state of play, along with georgia state representative vernon jones this morning, plus, incoming freshman georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor greene on why she says she's ready for a civil war in rejecting joe biden this week. all that right here, right now, as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures."
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>> and republican resistance is growing this morning ahead of the final judgment day, this wednesday, on the presidential election of 2020, and the joint session of congress, breaking news this morning, senator ted cruz is leading a group of 11 senator s who will object unless a commission is named to investigate allegations of fraud senator ted cruz joins me right now. senator, great to have you this morning, happy new year to you, why are you doing this and how will this play out? >> well, good morning, maria, happy new year as well. thanks for having me. look, we're at an extraordinary time in our country's history. we went into this election with the country deeply divided, deeply polarized, and we've seen in the last two months unprecedented allegations of voter fraud, and that's produced a deep, deep distrust of our democratic process across the country. i think we in congress have an obligation to do something about that. we have an obligation to protect
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the integrity of the democratic system and so this past week, i spent writing out a position and assembling a group that ultimately of 11 senators that we put out yesterday, that we will, together, object to certification in order to force the appointment of an emergency electoral commission to perform an emergency audit of the election results to assess these claims of fraud. i think we can do that. we can do it promptly. we can do it in 10 days before the inauguration, but i think we have an obligation to the voters and we have an obligation to the constitution to ensure that this election was lawful. maria: you mentioned the allegations of fraud and in the press release announcing this commission that you'd like to see , you report on a reuters poll that says 39% of americans believe the election was rigged. that belief held by republicans 67% democrats 17% and independents 31%, but senator,
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we know that we heard from bill barr and he said he didn't see fraud. we know that we heard from the states and we also know that we heard from the supreme court who did not hear the attacks and the cases. that said, there was fraud. how do you respond to that? >> well, each of those different players has a different role in our constitutional system. bill barr was speaking as to the evidence the department of justice saw. the department of justice wasn't administering any elections, did not have access to particularly widespread evidence on either side of the issue, as for the states, there are a lot of people in the states and states legislatures who have expressed deep, deep concerns about the unlawful practices that we saw on election day, that we saw particularly cities controlled by democratic politicians, shutting down the vote, throwing out observer, disregarding the law, and final ly, you mentioned the supreme court. listen, i wish the supreme court had taken this case. there were two opportunities to
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take this case. one out of pennsylvania, one out of texas, and in both instances, the lawyers asked me to argue those cases, and so with regard to the texas case, president trump called me and said ted, would you do the oral argument in this case if the court takes it? i told the president absolutely, i'd be happy to do it. i wish the court had taken one or both of those cases. i think the supreme court be a better forum for resolving those issues. that obviously was the forum which resolves issues similarly in 2000 in bush vs. gore. unfortunately, the court declined to take those two cases so we don't have the court stepping into resolve it, and that's why i think congress has a responsibility. we have an independent obligation to the constitution. we have an independent obligation to the rule of law, and the question, look, we've got a vote on january 6 onsetter any indication, and remember every member of congress faces a dilemma. frankly two pretty lousy choices one we can vote to certify and
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not consider any objections. if we do that, that will be heard by a lot of americans as saying we don't think voter fraud is a real concern, we don't think these claims should be investigated thoroughly. i know that's not what most of us believe, but secondly, and i think all of us rightly don't want to be in a position where we're suggesting setting aside the results of an election just because the candidate that we supported didn't happen to prevail. that's not a principled constitutional position. that's why, in assembling this group of 11 senators auto it was looking for a third option. an option really that was more than the law so i'll tell you what i did maria. i went back and looked at the historical precedent. i think the strongest precedent is the presidential election of 1876. hayes vs. tildon. in that a cheez-it there was sergio marccione luxuries allegations of fraud in three different states, in florida, in louisiana, and in south carolina
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, and what did congress do in 1876? they didn't throw up their hands and say well gosh we've got allegations of fraud, but we can't do anything about it we just got to certify. no they didn't do that. what they did instead is they appointed a commission, called an electoral commission, consisted of five house members, five senators, five supreme court justices, they considered evidence, they examined the ballots and they made a determination based upon what the disputed ballots and what the outcomes should be. what i'm arguing for is congress ought to do the same thing. we ought to have a fair, inquiry a fair audit into these results, and we ought to resolve these claims not just dismiss them out of hand. maria: what kind of pressure are you facing right now? we know that mitch mcconnell does not want any objection. we also know liz cheney is telling her colleagues why are we doing this , this is a waste of time, don't do it, we shouldn't be putting ourselves out there. we also heard from senator klobuchar who said get a
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grip. lisa murkowski said we should not be doing this and you know that you will require both the house and the senate to reject the electors from a number of states in order to be successful. that's likely not happening that you're going to win in both the house and the senate, and what if a commission does find fraud? what happens then? >> well, listen. i think everyone needs to calm down. i think we need to tone down the rhetoric. this is already a volatile situation. it's like a tinder box and throwing lit matches into it and so i think the kind of hyperbole we're seeing, the kind of angry language. yesterday when i released my statement with 10 other senators i had multiple, multiple democrats urging that i should be arrested and tried for the crimes of sadition and treason. that's not helpful at a time when this country when we're pitted against each other, just
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relax and let's do our jobs. we have a responsibility to follow the law, and let me say, by the way, to those members who may not have a concern about this election, whether you're a democrat or even some republicans. the poll numbers you covered at the top of the show, i think ought to be deeply troubling to everyone. 39% of americans think "the election was rigged" and that includes 17% of democrats, 31% of independents, and that's bad for our democracy. that's bad for the legitimaticy of any subsequent presidential elections, and so dismissing these claims, i think, does real violence to our democratic system. we ought to have a serious fair process and tribunal to consider these claim, consider them quickly and we can do it in 10 days before the inauguration. i think that would take major steps towards reestablishing trust in our democratic process, and i believe that should be a
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bipartisan objective. we may be too divided today for that to happen, but democrat s should be interested in americans having confidence in our electoral system just as much as republicans should be maria: yeah, senator, you are an expert on the constitution. you're a constitutionalist, you wrote an entire book about it. what does the constitution tell us about who decides who the president should be? what if the commission that you are explaining does form, comes back with actual evidence of fraud? then what happens? >> well, then the results have to be set aside. if there's evidence of fraud and it's substantial and significant enough to affect the results in a particular state, then those election results would have to be set aside, and the states would then have to determine all right, we have a valid claim here, the evidence supports it. we need to conduct elections consistent with the law. you know, the constitution gives the responsibility of counting the ballots to the vice president of the united states,
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vice president mike pence, and to both houses of congress, and the framers of the constitution, when they assigned a task to the congress, they knew what they were doing. there's some folks saying this is purely a ministerial act , just count them and walk out and have no judgment whatsoever. well that frankly doesn't make any sense. why would the framers give to congress something that could be given to a clerk? the reason they gave it to congress is they understood there are difficult determinations about what counts as a valid vote. you know, following the 1876 election, 10 years later in 1887 congress passed a statute, the statute that we're operating under called the electoral count act, and what it provides is the mechanism for raising an objection and it says you can raise an objection if the votes were not regularly made by lawfully certified electors and so in this instance, if you have states that are violating the
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law that are committing fraud, those votes are not being regularly made and those are not lawfully certified electors, and so that congress' responsibility is to address these claims. i understand that for some of my colleagues that's a hard choice, it's not a responsibility they welcome, whether we welcome it or not, the constitution gives us that responsibility, and we need to step forward and defend the rule of law and protect the integrity of our elections. maria: real quick as we wrap up, senator. we are two days away from the georgia senate races. do you believe that if the democrats win, those two senate races, and the democrats take the majority in the senate that you will have an even larger group of senators come wednesday , the next day, to object the results of the 2020 election. a word on tuesday's georgia senate races. >> yeah, so, i was in georgia yesterday campaigning with kelly loeffler. i'm actually as soon as we
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finish jumping on a plane flying back to georgia to come pain today again. i think these two georgia senate races on january 5 are without exaggeration, the most important senate races of our entire lifetime. if we see a democratic majority, a chuck schumer majority, i think they will do generational damage. it will empower the extreme angry leftist voices in the democratic party, and so i would say to folks at home, if you are in georgia, please, please, please, come out and bring your friends and your family and your neighbors because we're seeing massive democratic turnout, and the consequences, i think, the people of georgia want to see a reasonable check and balance. they don't want to see the extreme, the bernie sanders, and elizabeth warren and aoc having no restraints on them whatsoever. georgia will decide that and i'll tell you what. i think we're going to win both races in georgia, but it's going to depend on turnout on election day. maria: all right, senator, we'll be watching and of course, the
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very next day, the joint session of congress as important we will be there. thank you so much, senator, we will watch the development, thanks for being here. senator ted cruz in texas. coming up, lawyers by trade and now sitting congressman leading the debate in the house of representatives congressman jim jordan and mo brooks with evidence and the burden of proof why they say the constitution was violated in pennsylvania, georgia and wisconsin on election did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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maria: welcome back. history being made this week in washington, when republican lawmakers from both chambers of congress plan to reject the certification of joe biden's victory while house democrats may have already tried this in 2005 and 2017, no senator has backed their objection since the election of 1876. today, we've got 12 senators backing them.
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congressman jim jordan and mo brooks are here spearheading the challenge in the house, accompanied by the senators this time, they join us right now. congressman, it's great to see you both thank you so much for joining us. jim jordan i'd like to kick it off with you. will you walk us through what will take place on wednesday morning? vice president mike pence will do a roll call. can you briefly tell us how this will play out wednesday and then i would like to hear your arguments of the constitutional principles. >> well sure, vice president pence will oversee the proceedings, there will be an objection raised by a house member we have i think probably over 100 house members who want to object to the various states the six states in question and then we have 11 senators so if you have one from each there will be the raised as he calls each state in alphabetical order , if let's say we get to georgia and there's an objection from a house member and a senator then each chamber will each body will retire to their respective chamber and have a two hour debate and be a vote and come back, and if there's a vote to object and not accept those electors, from that respective state, then they
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won't be accepted and then you move to the next state and if neither, if you go through that process and neither candidate has 270 electoral votes, then the constitution is clear, there's a vote in the house of representatives done by delegation, so, it's that process is very straightforward but there's a two hour debate on each state if there's an objection raised by both the house member and a senator. maria: tell me what you're planning to do, congressman. >> well as senator cruz said it's about the constitution. article i section iv says it's very clear, the time, manner and place for holding elections is emerging markets didded in each state by the legislature thereof take pennsylvania for example. pennsylvania state law says election day ends at 8:00 on election day. the supreme court of pennsylvania says nope we're extending it three days until 5:00 on friday. state law in pennsylvania says for every absentee mail-in ballot there has to be a signature verification and the secretary of state says nope we're not going to do that. she unilaterally went around the law for 2.6 million mail-in ballots the state law of
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pennsylvania is clear that says that mail-in ballots cannot be processed until election day, but some counties in pennsylvania allow ballots to be fixed, cured, before election day. so maria, take a guess which counties allowed that. democrat counties, with democrat county commissioners and clerks allowed that to happen. republican counties didn't. the republican counties in pennsylvania followed the law, so when the time, place and manner is not adhered to and that the legislature is set that is a direct violation of the constitution, and that disenfranchises the votes in the district. i get the privilege of representing in the 4th district of ohio, that disenfranchises the votes that the people that m o represents in alabama and countless number of people around the country and understand this finally. ruth bader ginsberg. the late justice said this , the ultimate date of significance is january 6. this is how the process works. the ultimate arbitor here, the ultimate check and balance is the united states congress, and when something is done in an unconstitutional fashion, which happened in several of
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these states, we have a duty to step forward and have this debate and have this vote on the 6th of january. maria: and congressman mo brooks you are a litigator by practice. you know about the burden of proof. you say you've seen evidence that there was fraud. >> oh, no question, the evidence is overwhelming and compelling, in my judgment if you were to get a non-bias jury that listened to the evidence they would find 99% of the time that there was massive voter fraud on election theft in the november 3 election. now, having said that, let me emphasize that there are a lot of different things to cover and of course, we have limited amount of time in which to do so on this show. i'm not sure how much detail you want me to get into but i'm more than happy to address it within the time allotted. maria: yeah, i want you to address the fraud that you see , but before we take a break, and then we'll go into that deeper, how many states are you going to object to? >> well i intend to object to six, michigan, wisconsin,
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pennsylvania, georgia, arizona, and nevada. maria: and why is that? why those six? >> well, there are different reasons for each of them, but for example, is congressman jim jordan just pointed out, some of them quite clearly violated article i section iv of the united states constitution, the election clause, that empowers the united states congress paramount authority and legislatures secondary authority to set the times, places and manner of elections. pennsylvania, michigan, georgia, wisconsin, all clearly violated article i section iv, so we can ratify that with our votes that illegal conduct, or we can oppose it. i stand for opposing the violation of the united states constitution, federal statutes and state statutes. maria: okay, let's take a short break and then get deeper into this evidence that you will present and talk about on wednesday, and what this looks like like for the joint session of congress we're talking with mo brooks and jim jordan and we'll be right back.
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maria: welcome back. we are back with congressman jim jordan and mo brooks who are leading the republican election challenge on the house, on wednesday. congressman brooks, before we went to the break you said that you wanted to layout the evidence. i want to do that right now. i know you both are facing real challenge and pressure from establishment players, from the leadership in the senate. you say you've seen evidence of fraud. lay it out for us, congressman. >> well it's difficult to do in such a short period of time but i'll give it a shot. let's talk about nevada, just for example. joe biden prevailed by 33,000 plus or minus votes. yet there have been over 130,000 , 130,000 votes
6:27 pm
identified, that were illegal. non-citizens were voting. roughly 4,000, individuals roughly 40,000 voted twice, not once, but twice, in this election. of course that's illegal. you've got people who purported to live at an address that doesn't exist, people who purported to live at an address that is a business address where of course nobody lives, you've got dead people voting, 130,000 adding all up in the state of nevada and i'm quite confident overwhelmingly they voted for joe biden if you remove those from the equation and donald trump carried nevada. you can go to georgia where you have videotapes of poll workers ordering, ordering the media and poll watchers to leave, and they use that as an excuse, as some kind of pipe leak, okay? and they announce they're not going to vote or count anymore votes. quite clearly a lie. there was no pipe leak of the kind expressed, there was a leak at a toilet 12 hours earlier that was fixed 12 hours earlier, so that couldn't have been the justification, yet that was the excuse used so why are
6:28 pm
these people lying? well, right after they lie and tell people they are going to stop counting votes right after the poll watchers and the media leave they pull out four suitcases full of ballots and start doing what they said they weren't going to do and that's continue to count votes. we don't know where those ballots came from, but that sure is bad-looking on the security cameras that they probably didn't know about when they pull out suitcases hidden under a table and start counting them and then you've got the massive violation of article i section iv, where mail-in balloting is not allowed congress, pursuant to its pewers in article i section iv, establish a day four of the election that's a 24 hours window and we set exceptions for certain absentee ballot, people overseas or disabled or what have you but this mail out ballot scheme is in direct violation of article i section iv, in direct violation of the statutes of the united states congress, those are illegal votes and by way of example in georgia, if you exclude illegal votes, only
6:29 pm
count lawful votes, cast by eligible american citizen, david perdue won on november 3 he should not be in a runoff and the senate ought to act accordingly under article i section v of the constitution. maria: well congressman jordan this is just what you said in terms of the mail-in ballots and the constitution violated. why wasn't any of this investigated, congressman? i mean, look, you should have had the fbi and the doj talking about what mo brooks just talked about. >> look, maria we put out a report back in september and we called this. the oversight committee and republicans on the judiciary committee put out this report and we said democrats were going to do that. in fact we called this last summer and said on election night president trump is going to be winning but deputies want the chaos and confusion created around mail-in voting. we had a staff member, maria, who got four ballots sent to her residence here in d.c. her ballot and four others, people who no longer live there, so they wanted this chaos and confusion because they were going to win the election after the election, and that's what
6:30 pm
they did with this crazy mail-in ballot scheme that they under took and in several states as we pointed out as senator cruz pointed out and representative brooks pointed out several of these states did it in an unconstitutional fashion. that is the heart of our argument so let's have the debate on wednesday, let's show the american people what took place, they haven't had that, there have been no hear ings. we've called for hearings and investigations in congress, jerry nadler and chairwoman malo ne won't hold in the united states house of representatives so we have to have this debate on january 6 on this wednesday so the american people can see what was done in an unconstitutional fashion. maria: can they come back to you and say look, covid justified mail-in ballots? that's why counties upon counties were littered with ballots. >> maria, as the attorney general said, the constitution is not suspended during a crisis you can still do it in a constitutional fashion. in fact millions of americans did. they voted in the constitutional way. millions of states didn't go
6:31 pm
around their election law, go around that. the state legislature sets the time, place, and manner for elections in the respective states. not the supreme court. not the secretary of state. not the governor. not some county clerk. not facebook. not twitter, but the state legislature, and when they violate that rule, that disenfranchises millions of voters across this country. that is the heart of this issue, and three of these states in particular, georgia, pennsylvania, wisconsin, definitely had that problem and the others did to some degree as well, on top of the fraud that mr. brooks has pointed out. maria: mo brooks your final word here. i mean, what is this going to look like? if you're going to object to six states and then you've got a two -hour debate, we're not going to learn the results here until, well we're not going to learn on january 6 that's for sure, this goes into january 7, tell me how this plays out, because you've got to get the majority of the house and senate to go along where you are. >> well, how it plays out quite frankly is dependent upon the
6:32 pm
american people. this is an organic movement that has risen up from angry american voters 70-plus million who have been disenfranchised by voter fraud and election theft. to the extent they contact their senators and their congressman, and demand honest and accurate elections, then we're going to win this fight on january 6. but if the american people do not rise up if they don't contact their senators if they don't contact their congressman, demanding that their congressman and senators do the right thing for our republic then we're not going to win on january 6 so all i urge all americans to participate in this fight on behalf of their country, on behalf of their republic and of course, the election system that is the underpinning of any republic. maria: i know, so far this has been a lonely place for you both thanks very much for your courage. thanks for joining us this morning congressman jim jordan and mo brooks we of course will be watching and covering it. coming up the other only race that matters right now, and the gop incumbent at the center of georgia's high stakes runoff elections this tuesday, georgia
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senator david perdue is here, on the state of the race. ba ♪ ♪ ♪ why do you build me up, build me up... ♪ ♪ buttercup... ♪ baby just to let me down! ♪ let me down! ♪ and mess me around... ♪ and worst of all, worst of all ♪ if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>> if we pick-up these two republican seats in georgia, we have the ability to stop the most radical agenda in the history of the united states kevin mccarthy can slow it down. mitch mcconnell, lindsey graham and others can stop it, only if we win georgia. we have to win these two seats in georgia. i'm confident that we will.
6:37 pm
maria: that was senator lindsey graham, on this program a few weeks ago laying out the high stakes of this upcoming tuesday senate runoff races in georgia, with incumbent senators david perdue and kelly loeffler campaigning as the last line of defense against the progressive liberal socialist agenda. president trump and joe biden will both be in the peach state tomorrow in an effort to tip the scales of these razor-tight contests joining me right now is georgia senator david perdue. good morning, senator. thanks for being here. first off how are you feeling in terms of covid, have you had any symptoms? are you now negative? >> my wife and i hads are great thanks for asking we tested negative again, that's three negative tests in the last few days, so we continue to follow the protocol and doctors advice and being very careful here. maria: senator, we have been talking this morning about what will take place on wednesday, in the joint session of congress, where a number of your colleague s will object to the
6:38 pm
results of the presidential election. will you object? >> you know, when i first saw the magnitude of the irregularities back in december, early december, about our november race, i called for the resignation of our secretary of state, i repeatedly called for special session of the general assembly to investigate, none of that happened and so i started calling out, so the only thing left for the president is for us to object, and i agree that i would do that. the technical problem is that i won't be certified until this election is certified, some week to 10 days after the election, when we win on tuesday, but i'm encouraging my colleagues to object. this is something that the american people demand right now. you heard in the last section that there are huge irregularit ies in georgia. they need to be investigated and they need to be corrected in my opinion. maria: all right so you are committing to object despite the fact that technically, you will not be a sitting senator until we have a clarification on the results of tuesday. i want to ask you about the
6:39 pm
potential for voter fraud in georgia. is georgia prepared? what have you done? what have the republicans done to ensure that you have a safe and secure election on tuesday? we know that stacey abrams has been bragging on twitter that she has registered 3 million georgians to vote early. >> well, there are 3 million people who have voted already. that's short of where we were in november but what we've done is we called the general assembly to try to get this resolved that hasn't happened yet so we've gone to court, we had a couple cases thrown out because you got to go back to the legislature, but in addition to that, we've hired, we've doubled the number of poll workers, we've got cameras and people watching all the drop boxes and doing everything we can on the absentee ballots and on election day counting to make sure what happened in november didn't happen but maria, the big issue here is there are still republicans that are upset and mad about what happened in november, as i am. look, i don't think i should be in this runoff if everything had
6:40 pm
happened the way it should have in november, but the only recourse we have is to get out and fight, and rise up and vote on january 5, this coming tuesday, so that's the only recourse we have now. maria: your opponent, jon ossoff , has been out tweeting about following the results and he put out this tweet and i want to get your comment about it. jon ossoff tweeted out that for people to follow the chinese state media, especially during the 18th party congress, follow the chinese state media, what is he saying here? >> well this evolving scandal, with jon ossoff, is becoming more and more clear, that the chinese communist party, as you called out has identified young ambitious young people in america, to try to influence, you see the eric swalwell crisis right now, you see the hunter biden scandal, and now we see the evolving jon ossoff problem that he has with china. he was paid by them for two
6:41 pm
years. he's been encouraging people to follow the chinese propaganda. that's what xinhua does and he participated in that for two years. he hid it from the people of georgia during his primary. got caught, lied about it, final ly disclosed it, and then lied about it again, so, this is a young man that has not come clean about china. he was asked this week on fox news what he thought about it and he accused the reporter of being a serious journalist and shouldn't ask the question. he's never answered the question about his relationship with the ccp, maria. maria: do you believe we will see a winner on tuesday night? what if it is contested once again, here we are on january 3, still talking about november 3. what do you expect tuesday? >> i expect a big win. we're going to get our vote out on tuesday. we know this is the last line of defense. we know that jon ossoff and raphael warnock will be nothing but a rubber stamp for chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and the
6:42 pm
radical socialist agenda. they've said as much they have not addressed the issues and the only thing they really care about is giving chuck schumer two more votes in the united states senate. that'll give them total control and it'll change the face of america. that's the issue here. it will fix the election problems, but we've got to hold the line in this election tuesday and it's in our hands. it's in republican conservative hands, maria. if we get out and vote and fight for america we can win georgia and save america that's what's at stake tuesday. maria: all right, senator we'll be watching of course thanks very much for being here senator david perdue. we will see you soon. coming up, freshman congresswoman marjorie taylor greene is here, and democratic state representative vernon jones, on why they're calling on members of their respective parties to take a stand against election fraud, when congress meets to count the electoral votes on wednesday. we continue the conversation, when we come back.
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maria: welcome back. it may come as a surprise that
6:46 pm
one of the most talked about figures in the georgia senate runoff is not even on the ballot failed gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams took credit for delivering georgia for joe biden. now, she's boasting that she has registered nearly 3 million early voters for tuesdays races this as her sister an obama- appointed judge, has refused to recuse herself, this week, in a georgia voter eligibility challenge, just days before the big election. joining us right now are vernon jones he's a democrat georgia state representative and freshman congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. great to have you both, thank you so much for joining us and i want to kick it off with georgia vernon, can you walk us through what is taking place with stacey abrams and her sister, this certainly looks like a conflict. >> well you know, stacey abrams was involved with the previous administration obama and biden on getting her sister that judge ship. now here it comes full circle where there's a case that was pending before her sister where
6:47 pm
stacey had a vested interest in her organization and her sister ruled in their favor. now, you know, there's something called discretion. that judge, her sister, is probably a good judge but she made a poor decision. she was a bad politician. on the other hand, stacey abrams may be a good politician but she's a bad lawyer. she knows that that gives the impression of in impropriety for her sister to be making that type of ruling in her favor and georgians see that and they don't appreciate that. her sister, the judge, could have used any of the other judges in that district to make that decision, but she took upon herself. these are two siblings. one who has a case before the other, and have a vested interest and they help each other, you know, when she helped get the judgeship now she's returning the favor at least that's what the many see awes happening. maria: well, this is just one of the issues congresswoman greene, that voters are saying looks bad
6:48 pm
, and raises an eye brow, and one of the reasons that you say you will contest the results of the 2020 presidential election during the joint session of congress on wednesday. tell us what you're planning. >> absolutely. i've said from the beginning, i joined mo brooks in our objection to the stolen election i believe it's our duty as members of congress to uphold the constitution and defend the integrity of our elections and i intend to do that. the people of this country, americans, by the millions, 75 million people re-elected donald j. trump on november 3 and they are screaming from the roof tops that they know this election was stolen. we've got so many people that have signed affidavits at risk of perjury telling about election fraud and we have all the situations in georgia such as vernon just spoke about and i thank him for speaking up and telling the truth and serving georgians like he always does, but we have a true crisis and
6:49 pm
this isn't about political parties. this isn't about republican and democrat. this is not about president trump versus joe biden. this is about the truth and defending the people's vote and it's appalling to me that our state leaders in georgia are not listening to the people and doing what they're asking is a complete audit of every single machine and all of the ballots. they need to be listening to the people because it's the taxpayer s that pay for the ballots, pay for the machines, and pay for the elections and that goes for every single state across the country. we know that this is really been a stolen election. i've seen the evidence and that's why i intend to object on january 6. maria: so how does that play out you will object and then there is a two-hour debate period where you each will get what, five minutes to make the case? will you present new evidence? president trump said there will be new evidence to present and the campaign says it will present that on wednesday.
6:50 pm
is that part of the five-minute speeches? >> well, i don't want to reveal our full plan, because you never want the enemy to know what you're up to and we clearly have enemies in this country that want to stop president trump from being president for four more years and serving the american people like he has. you know, what we're going to do on january 6 is we have over 100 members of congress and that is growing. i hear from new members every single day as i've been on the phone, working hard, trying to get people to join in. our senators, we have a dozen but guess what there's more senators leading in this objection. we will be raising our objections and we will have sponsors and co-sponsors for each state. once we do that, the chambers will separate. the house will go its way. the senate will go its way, and then that's where we begin our debates, where each member has five minutes on the floor and, you know, i think it should be a full-on debate because we have to fight this out for the american people and
6:51 pm
that's what we have to be doing. we have to make sure we get this right. maria: vernon jones i want to get your take on this , we'll slip in a short break and come back to discuss the ongoing investigation into stacey abrams voter group accusations they aggressively registered in eligible out of state and deceased voters, for the januar. all that coming up, right after this.
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maria: welcome back. we are back with congresswoman marjorie taylor greene and georgia state representative vernon jones. representative jones i want to get back to you. you consider yourself a conservative democrat. you did endorse perdue and loeffler, and the president has warned that democrats are going to try to cheat in georgia. there are lingering questions about how the election obviously was conducted.
6:55 pm
how secure do you believe this georgia runoff race will be on tuesday? >> well let me be clear about something, maria. i put my country before my party i'm trying to save our democratic republic, not our democratic party, and so many people feeling in this state and across this country that there was not a free, fair and transparent election and this is and it should be a very bipartisan issue, to make sure that every legal vote is counted and counted properly, and so -- maria: that's right. >> election integrity is important. it is very important that we give trust or provide trust to the american people, that they feel like when they go and vote, that they're voting and it's going to be free and fair and transparent and it's going to be accurate and their expression was made, but what you see has happened is the democratic party , i'm just appalled at the fact that they are not as upset about what has happened and let me tell you, it's voter
6:56 pm
suppression for african americans who feel like their vote was not counted, so that's not a democrat thing, republican s, there are blacks who voted for this president who feel like their votes have not been counted and so it's non- partisan. we have to fight for it. maria: which is why, congresswoman, you are going to object. you're talking about 24 hours of debate over 12 hours, because you've got two hours per state per chamber. congresswoman, do you believe you can be successful in terms of overturning the election results? >> you know, maria, i believe anything is possible and i believe we have to fight. the american people, people that vote for republicans are fed up with the republican party when they lay down and just hand something over and right now, it is a critical time for every single republican in the house and in the senate, to stand up and fight, right now, for this
6:57 pm
president and for the american people's vote. it's not a political party issue it's an issue of our integrity of our elections. maria: okay, it is a monumental week, we so appreciate you joining us congresswoman-elect
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