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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 5, 2021 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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team brighton lose or draw on the peacock channel. i might just watch "bridgerton." stuart: i have not spent four bucks to watch peacock. what about you susan? >> i watch "the crown." hoe knows where we could go with another hour, neil, it its yours. >> you struck me as roller derby guy, stuart. neil: i am glad to be back. i wanted to thank connell mcshane, david asman, jackie deangelis, i wanted to take another week off. so happy to be back. what is going on in the peach state, big battle in the senate. we could have a democratic senate. we're a long way from that.
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polls open for another seven hours or so. three million plus already voted in the peach state. we're expecting record numbers for a runoff election, the likes of which, forget about georgia, we haven't seen any state ever. we're monitoring that. we're monitoring market reaction as we get to go that level here. the markets pounced on the notion, it might be a nail-biter in the end republicans will win at least one of these seats, thereby securing the senate remaining in republican hands. that might be a leap. we'll be following it. we'll be talking to dick grasso, former new york stock exchange, if it flips to the senate that could lead to a big selloff. that is something we'll look at tonight. we'll cover it beginning 7:00 p.m. eastern time until whatever. so glad to be back. jonathan serrie with the latest in georgia how things are
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faring. i'm always started, jonathan, we talk about voter participation, more than three million have already done so. it is startling. reporter: more than three million have already voted. traditionally early voting favors democrats. so republicans are really pressing their voters to head to the polls today. right now i'm at the fulton county library, one of the voting places. full ton county is the largest county in georgia. covers most of atlanta which favors democrats. jon ossoff met voters in another polling center outside of atlanta. he and his running mate rafael warnock are accusing republican senators pandering to president trump's claims of voter fraud. take a listen. >> he is focused on overturning election results. we need to get economic relief to the people. we need to pass $2000 stimulus checks for the people. we need to surge vaccine distribution and make testing and vaccines free for every
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american to beat this virus. reporter: senator kelly loeffler who campaigned this morning in the fulton county suburb of sandy springs says she is supporting the president's efforts because voters need to be reassured the process is secure. fellow senator david perdue says he is confident about republican turnout today. >> over five million people voted in november. if we get anywhere near that vote turnout today we'll be in great shape. republicans notoriously wait until the last minute to vote on election day. today is no different. i'm very confident that they know what is at stake and we're going to get this vote out. reporter: neil, state authorities and the fbi say they are investigating several threats regarding the election in several georgia counties. they say they're trying to keep things safe and they're still urging voters to go out to the polls but to report anything suspicious to law enforcement authorities.
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neil? neil: jonathan, just to be clear they don't start counting anything until 7:00 p.m. until the polls close, that includes a lot of these early ballots? reporter: yes. let me clarify. that was the case before. i'm going to put my producer david on the spot, have they already started counting early ballots or does that start after 7:00? >> they haven't counted them. they have begun to scan the ballots. tabulating will happen after seven p.m. tonight. reporter: got it, they already scanned several ballots but they will get more rapid result what they experienced before but they haven't begun counting them yet, neil. i have a great producer. neil: you do. you do. you're not so bad. i was curious about that. >> appreciate that. neil: the difference between a long night or a very, very long night. we'll watch that. squawkky dee dee looking at various counties. there are 159 of them in the peach state. each one is a saga to tell.
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jackie, how does it sort outgoing into tonight? reporter: good afternoon, neil. you can say that. georgia it is about turnout across the state but within these counties you're mentioning as well. there are a now i will be with you tonight we'll be watching very closely. let's take a look in 2020 in the general election what happened specifically in georgia. the first one i want to go to is this tiny red county here, peach county, right. time any, tiny population. but you can see that the republicans they actually held the lead in both senate races here this will be really important because, this county backed trump twice but also backed president obama twice this is one of the counties has a racially split electorate. it might be early indicator which way this will go in georgia tonight. it is certainly one to watch. i want to go back to the presidential election specifically. bear with me here as i push all the buttons to make sure i get this right.
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the next county that i want to show you is whitfield county. this is where president trump was last night. almost 70% of the vote he got on november 3rd. that is really important to get this county again. the gop is going to be pushing hard for it. loeffler and perdue are probably going to need this one to be able to maintain their leads as well. last county i want to show you, is a march suburban county. we'll look back to 2020 as well, what happened right near atlanta. this is fulton county right here. you can see typically a blue count. ossoff had this one last time. they're going to push for it again. ossoff is pushing for the african-american vote there as well but democrats need to carry this one just the way president trump needs to carry or republicans rather, why president trump was out there in the rural counties that will be really important. i will be with you. tonight we'll look at numbers starting at 7:00 as they start to count votes, neil. neil: no offense, i don't know
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if i want you with our coverage tonight. i got such rave reviews on your anchoring there is job security considerations. >> you're too kind. neil: we'll go real quickly in the first mint of the show and say good-bye. i'm kidding. i'm kidding. jackie, thank you very much for that. looking forward to work with you. it could be a late night as jackie seemed to indicate. bob cusack, editor-in-chief "the hill," smart guy. knownoelle nikpour. and nichols, "axios" reporter extraordinaire r big reporter in 2020 and i hope he does the same for us in 2021. i want to pick your brain own the impact of donald trump, obviously the constant battle whether the georgia race was called too soon or even correctly. he has gone after republican officials in the state, from the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, on and on,
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to the point they had to clarify you lost. the reality is you lost. has that back and forth hurt the republican senate candidates in this state? or could it affect the turnout for them today when typically republicans choose instead to vote? >> so i hate to start the new year off with such a weasley answer but potentially. i couch that and i hedge that, because all the republican strategists i'm talking to say there is no way they can see what trump has done in the last 48 hours, 72 hours, four weeks, helps their candidacies, helps those two candidates there. so it does inject a great deal of uncertainty. the big shift, neil, i detected over last 48 hours, smart republicans run statewide races across georgia and, they're starting to talk about having a split decision there. before the conventional wisdom was, whichever way one seat goes
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the other seat will go. either republicans will win them both, or democrats win both. you're hearing republicans hedge saying this could be a split decision. they think perdue may win, loeffler may lose. neil: but that scenario, noel would still the senate in republican hands. looking often times as i narrowly do the markets would be okay with that. what are you hearing from the big money guys and gals what they're thinking how this sorts out? obviously they want to avoid going 0-2 tonight but what are you hearing? >> well, i'm hearing a lot of the same things that hans is hearing and jackie deangelis was reporting on. i'm doing some work for georgia united victory pac which did the ground game against stacey abrams in the gubernatorial race with kemp and one of the things i'm hearing from some of the big
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money guys, take in mind, this is a local race that is going to affect national policy. the markets are you know, depending on what happens, you know, if the republicans have been responsible for you know, lower taxes and less regulations, if we have a flip of the senate then we're going to see, you know stocks like the bank sector stocks which you know, are not going to farewell with higher regulation and higher corporate taxes. oil and gas sector, but the things that might do better, i'm hearing from a lot of the money guys are you know, alternative energy and you've got infrastructure stocks. so it is, nobody can really tell what exactly it is going to come down to. we do feel pretty confident if we get the voter turnout today as senator perdue was saying we will have a very good chance of
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hanging on. so much is at stake, neil, but the big thing of it is, it is such a local race. neil: it really is. you know, bob, to that point, you're used to crazy questions over the years but one i was thinking while i was away this notion that maybe some republicans annoyed at the president's constant fight over this election result back in november, they might actually, i know this sounds crazy, like to see both of these seats go democrat because they can point a finger at the president, say you're the reason why we now have a democratic senate. you're the reason why we grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory. you're the reason, and yourself fishness about this, that compromise the it for everybody. that that is hardly all republicans i grant you, doesn't represent the 100 plus member house republicans challenging
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electoral vote thing or more than a dozen republican senators but in the back of their minds it would remove him as a force to reckon with in 2024. your thoughts? >> no, neil, i would agree with that, it could weaken trump, even though he lost the election congressional republicans did well in november and strengthened his hand somewhat. republicans should be winning these races. they should have pulled away, look at history of georgia, despite biden's narrow win and they're not. there will be a lot of second-guessing, neil, what the president was doing, going after the governor, republican infighting, whether mitch mcconnell should have just allowed a vote on a straight up and down 2,000-dollar check. some republicans like newt gingrich of georgia said, take that issue off the table which is really the closing issue here. these races could go either way. the fact that republicans are nervous they're fighting. infighting doesn't help at all in these type of races. neil: you know, to that point,
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hans, the president is applying double pressure to his own vice-president saying i hope, i hope mike pence comes through for us. i have to tell you, later on tweeting today, that the vice president does indeed have the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors. actually he doesn't but your thoughts on that. the pressure going to be on mike pence? >> well, legally dubious. the pressure on pence will be enormous. pence says we suspect if we does have presidential ambitions in 2024 he has difficulty in having to navigate politics on appeasing the president that he serves under while also maintaining his ability to address different voters in whatever primary, whatever situation he finds himself in 2024. mike pence is a difficult spot. let's not diminish that in any way. whether or not today's tweets or even last night's granular message the president was trying to push, whether or not that actually matters to turn out
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today seems a little dubious, right? the important thing for the turnout game for republicans is that the president landed air force one. he landed in a part of the state where he didn't, physically land it, let me clarify but he was on the plane that landed in a part of the state they need to drive out turnout. it gives you an indication where they think they are the weakest, right? just sort of the broader points. if we do sort of confidence mri on republican strategists and democratic strategists, you will see them flip over the last week or so. a week ago most democrats saying we're not going to win georgia. these are conversations, people like bob and i have all the time. there is a whole lot of confidence there. that has changed. democrats are not banking on it. they're not celebrating it but there is a level of confidence i'm detecting among democrats. it could be aspirational. it could be their optimism but at the same time kind of confidence that a lot of republicans don't have right now. and so that is one thing i've been looking at.
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but that is an awfully thin thing to move markets on or make a final prediction pay bought. neil: yeah. you know, i really think the battle that no one is talking about right now, noell, is in the house. regardless what happens in the senate since a lot of tax related matters start there and nancy pelosi barely won another two year reign as speaker of the house. they had a 37 seat edge. now it is down to what 11 seats. still a couple of races undecided. you know that might be a tough call. a lot of the people ended up voting for her are far from radical. so could the house be the action center? >> it could be, neil, it actually could be. right now i think that you know, people are looking at what can possibly happen in the house and i think our attentions are focused on that but right now i think everyone that i have
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talked to, they're all eyes on georgia. hopefully, hopefully, we're going to know the outcome tonight. hopefully it is not going to drag on for the rest of the week. i think a lot of us fear that this could be super edge sort. i have want towed say something about what hans said. that's so true, what he said that the points that he touched on were so absolutely true. we should not be having it this close in a red state such as georgia. it is really a shame that we're having so much infighting within the republican party itself. we have trump, and we have trump versus the republican party. so it's a very difficult challenge to try to maintain a red state and try to maintain these senate seats when you have such infighting out in public with the gop. neil: it is out of control. to that point, bob, real quickly. this infighting included threats from the president to primary
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anyone who has dared question his legal fight to challenge these election results, more than a month after the fact, will that come to fruition? do you expect, you know, that this is going to be a nasty, long, fought, dragged out war among those senators, governors, lieutenant governors, who have been very, otherwise, hugely supportive of the president, not just on this? >> neil, trump will be the leader of the party even when he leaves the white house and he is going to be active in these primaries. that is why you're seeing a number of senators backing trump on the electoral count, guess what? they're up in 2022. they're not worried about general election. they're worried about a primary. mark sanford, who backed trump and opponent, incumbent lot of because trump backed the other candidate who didn't back him. neil: well-said. i want to thank you very much. happy new year to all of you. bob cusack, noelle nikpour, hans
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nicoles. noell said it could be interesting night, particularly get one of the results early on, particularly if a republican seat holds that could be enough to propel markets in overnight trading. which by the way we will be following. fbn is the only place to go get best of both worlds, latest politics, who is saying what to whom, what is happening as the night ensues, how foreign markets are reacting, how gold is acting, how interest rates are, dollar traders are responding to this. that is the beauty of fox business covering these sort of things. has since we came into inception more than a decade ago. we said we were going to join your money with washington like nobody's business. it has become our lifeblood and tonight it will become our focus. more after this.
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♪. neil: all right. they are in a third lockdown in great britain right now. in fact all across the united
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kingdom. this is now with restrictions that are the toughest we saw in her majesty's kingdom since going back last spring, of course when the virus first took hold, took much of britain wit. some of the parameters here on this are limiting people from leaving their homes, only unless you're going out to get essential supplies. you better get right back in your home. hard thing to police. it is reality now i'm told for at least the next five to six weeks. for the latest let's go to london and benjamin hall. what are we talking about here? reporter: neil, this is the most extreme lockdown we had so far and it came out of nowhere for many people. six weeks ago, prime minister boris johnson was saying hoped life could get back to normal by christmas. two weeks ago he said schools were safe. then yesterday he announced anna new lockdown because of the new strain which isp 50 to 70% more transmissible. the uk finds itself in the third
12:24 pm
national lock down. across the country streets lie empty. non-essential shops are closed, schools, gyms, tennis courts, restaurants. people must not meet other people from households. they have to stay at home unless they have a essential reason to do so. the government says hospitals are close to being overwhelmed. not only facing the usual winter illnesses but today there were over 60,000 new covid cases. that is a record so far in the pandemic here in the uk. and there were 830 deaths. that takes the total in the uk to over 76,000. boris johnson has been widely criticized for his handling of the pandemic so far called on people here to unite. >> i say to everyone right across the uk, that i know how tough this is. and i know how frustrated you are. and i know that you had more than enough of government guidance about defeeting this virus but now, more than ever,
12:25 pm
we must pull together. reporter: the uk as with so many countries is now pinning its hopes on the vaccine. the oxford astrazeneca vaccine was rolled out here on monday. the aim now, by the middle of february two million people a week will have had it including all care at home residents, those over 70, and all front line health workers. britain is looking to restricting international travel but many countries already got ahead of them and banned flights coming from the uk. mayor bill de blasio said in the last couple hours he thought flights should be banned from entering new york. that is because of the new strain. that said the new strain spread around the world. it is in at least four u.s. states. it is one of 23 new strains, two which as dangerous as this one. so the question really is whether or not you can cut it off by cutting off the uk but certainly here in england there is very little action on the streets. no idea when this lockdown will exactly end.
12:26 pm
neil? neil: benjamin hall, thank you very, very much for that. as benjamin intimated, the kind of thing that spread around, new york, the latest state, the variant they're dealing with in britain arrived in the empire state. a number of other states reporting similar news. that is the latest. dr. marti makary, author of the price we pay. i talk to many medical experts and the like but what makes dr. makary stand out, he avoids the politics, avoids the consensus type of view that actually gives you information that is valuable to you and your live and your livelihood. happy new year to you, thank for all your help last year. i look forward this year. i hope it doesn't drag on too long. what is happening with the latest variant. what is happening in britain, whether it could happen here, et cetera? >> happy new year to you, neil. i enjoy our conversations. look, i am concerned about the
12:27 pm
strain in the uk, right now mathematically it's a certainty it is at large in the united states, not just in four states but it probably represents one to 2% of all infections in the united states. we don't have our radar and our eyes on this mutated strain in the united states because we use a sampling method that only samples and sequences the genome in .3% of u.s. covid infections. in the uk it is about 3%. in the rest of the world it is as high as 15%. we just don't have our eyes on this strain but it likely may account for the infection ripping through the country faster. right now six out of 10 people in the uk have the mutated b-117 strain. right now in the u.s. it could be anywhere from one to 10%. we don't know. it will pretty soon become the dominant strain by march if we don't get a handle on it. neil: doctor, can the existing vaccines out there address it? >> the vaccines do appear to
12:28 pm
cover it right now but the rate of mutation, remember, we've seen other mutations. we saw one in houston this summer. we've seen other mutated strains of the rate of mutation does suggest that this thing continues to mutate as some viruses do. the vaccine eventually will become ineffective. it will mutate around the vaccine. that may be five years from now. people may need to come back for an adjusted vaccine. that is all a possibility. but i think right now, the big issue in the united states is how can people get the shot? i think there is a lot of confusion as states and hospitals scramble. that is what i'm most concerned about now, neil. neil: i'm surprised at the bumpy rollout. i'm not here to second-guess a massive rollout. i get that. when you hear reports of sitting on shelves not getting out, depends on the state, doctor, but that surprises me because there are going to be a number of them that will have various vaccines. so that shouldn't be the issue.
12:29 pm
so the idea is quite reverse, that you know, can we keep up with the demand for this thing? that is what start tells people. >> to be honest with you, neil, there are too many rules, criteria, tiering structures, penalties in some states. just let the hospitals and pharmacies give out vaccines to the oldest americans on down. health care workers were supposed to be first. what we found it was not just icu workers and emergency room workers t was accounting people working from home, communications staff, front desk clerks, cosmetic surgery centers. a lot of young people like myself who are very low risk. that is why i've taken a pledge not to the get the vaccine until every high-risk american has been offered first. the cdc was very late in their guidance. in that vacuum people were scrambling. the cdc voted on their guidance, neil, on december 20th, two weeks after the vaccine was authorized in arms. that is why there is so much confusion.
12:30 pm
and there is other factors too, like vaccinating people already immune from prior infection. that should not be taking place. that is using up some of the supply. and the government oddly decided to hold back 55% of the vaccine for scheduled second doses plus the 5% buffer. that is mistake. we should get as many first doses into arms as possible right now. neil: doctor, real quickly, do you think at the end of this year we'll all still be wearing masks. >> no. i think we're going to have some degree of normalcy, probably actually by the end of this spring. i estimated for a while april will be the month of mass vaccination. and a sense of liberty. there may be a milestone event in the united states that may be sort of a mask sporting event where people come out. oncer we hit these levels of an additional, 20, 30, 40% of the population getting the vaccine in addition to those with natural immunity from prior infection which right now is 30 to 50% of the country i think we'll see significant slowing,
12:31 pm
relegate masks just to those who have some kind of symptoms as asia has been doing for a long time. that is basically good public health practice. neil: i got it. doctor, great seeing you again. thank you again for guiding us through all of this calmly and without any agenda. i always appreciate that. that is rare. >> good to see you, neil. neil: in a lot of professions, isn't it? we have a lot more of the dow moving up. again the backstop for all of this is what is going on in georgia right now with the two senate races at stake. the read from joe lieberman what he makes is at stake from this. ♪
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ancestry, with documents, with photographs, i get to define myself through the scores of people who lead to me. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at ♪. neil: all right. in less than six 1/2 hours polls will be closed in georgia and it could be a while before we actually get results from the peach state. at stake of course are those two senate republican seats that
12:36 pm
democrats need to take together, both have to go their way to change the makeup of the united states senate to have it flip from republican to democrat. are we going to look at that, see that? it could be tense. we'll see. we'll monitor it for you. with us, joe lieberman, former connecticut senator, vice presidential candidate in 2000. always good to see you. happy new year to you. you know a thing or two about concerns over close elections and protesting it but you and al gore did fold the tent after that supreme court decision. i'm wondering, that was not an easy thing to do, i know. the pressure was on al gore. he eloquently performed it in the well of the united states senate. i'm just wondering how you think vice president pence will do in that role if it comes to that tomorrow? >> yeah. good question, neil. happy new year to you.
12:37 pm
great to be back with you. so i have very vivid memories of 2000. it was different, it was all about one state, florida. neil: right. >> and the vote there was five or 600 votes. extensive litigation, courts, all the way, 36 states until after election day until it reached up to the u.s. supreme court. they made a decision in that case that al gore and i were wrong. we were infuriated, we were heartbroken. to his credit al gore said, this was december 12th, 2000. the electoral college is going to meet a week to now in the various states. we could fight on. it is hard to know whether we could win if we go back to the florida supreme court but we really have to put the country first. we fought that more than a month. now it is time to let the bush administration to get ready to take over the power in the united states. it's a good example.
12:38 pm
president trump has had a lot of opportunity to litigate his concerns about the election. he lost in every court. we're a rule of law country. honestly it is time for him to stop and do what he says, to put america first. now in terms of vice president pence, the same thing happened in 2000. vice president gore, because he is vice president, had to preside in january of 2021, in 2001 at the opening of the electoral votes. he took no action other than ceremonial. i think he was right according to the constitution and according to the law passed in 1 887 i wasn't there but i heard it was 1887. neil: are you sure. >> i'm sure.
12:39 pm
that law was passed to make clear that it is the states that decide who gets to be elected president through their electoral votes, not congress. and really the purpose of the law is to protect the right of the states, not to empower congress or the vice president. i hope vice president pence who is a wonderful man. i know him very well, honorable. he is in a tough position because clearly president trump wants him to do something different but i think the -- neil: you're right. he already said, senator, to your point, i hope mike pence comes through for us. i have to tell you went on to say that the vice president does have the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors. of course the vice president, even in his role as president of the senate does not have that authority. looks like a relationship that will go down well here, despite his loyalty, just doing what constitutionally he is mandated to do the president won't like
12:40 pm
it or him? >> look the vice president has a choice. he has been a very loyal vice president for president trump but really now he has to put the country, the constitution, the law first and it is going to displease president trump but he is making a really unreasonable request of vice president pence. i don't, i don't see how pence could rightfully do anything but let those members of the house and senate who want to object to have their say. let the votes occur. that's it. and joe biden is going to be our next president on january 20th. i do caution and i express a concern that the longer president trump carry this is on, and claims so clearly that the election was stolen from him, those millions of americans who are loyal to him are going to get angry. they're already angry. i fear -- neil: but they're getting angry, senator over stuff that is not true. i examined this very closely.
12:41 pm
you're quite into it yourself, rules of each state and all, there is nothing that seems to indicate such a widespread nature that he was robbed of anything. i'm wondering if the president keeps saying we're robbed, 10,000 felons voted in georgia. they didn't. there were thousands of teenagers voting under age in georgia. there weren't, he keeps saying this. they think that is the truth, isn't it setting up for a crisis down the road? >> it is and i worry that the crisis may be civil unrest. that the millions of people who are among the millions of people in america who are loyal to president trump, pretty much believe what he says. if they think this election was stolen from them they're going to begin, some of them, are going to begin to act out and we face the danger of, or risk anyway of civil unrest, maybe even some violence.
12:42 pm
that is just the last thing anybody should want for our country including president trump. really if he wants to put america first as he always says, he does, then this is the time to cool it down. he had his chance. he should move on. in 2024 if he wants but stop heating up people, without a basis for it, and they believe him and the effect on our country could really be harmful. neil: all right. hopefully they will come to that. you and al gore stepped down. that was in the middle of december in 2000. here we are, a couple weeks away from the inauguration and this battle continues. we'll see how it sorts out. joe lieberman, thanks very much. thank you for the contributions to our nation. handling defeat. that is hard to. i have can certainly understand the president's misgivings.
12:43 pm
>> that is part of what president trump is going through right now. forgive me i'm about to cite some verse. i started out in politics my first race in connecticut, a old connecticut politician quoted knute rockne, the great football coach of notre dame, if i should win let it by the code with my banner held high, but if i should lose, let me stand bit road as the the winner comes by. we're a long way of that. hope we head toward it with the beginning after new administration. neil: i prefer to quote rocky balboa's trainer who said at the end, you're a bum! maybe the same thing, senator. i have no idea. >> take care, neal. neil: anything that works, anything that works. happy new year to you, senator. look forward to chatting with you in the new year.
12:44 pm
what i was mentioning, the senator was mentions. no ballots were burned in georgia, no voting machines were removed in georgia, after four dozen plus lawsuits filed over the election outcome, all of these have been shot down, many of them by trump appointed judges or withdrawn all together. it is a hard thing to swallow but it is what it is. stay with us. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa to listen, is to hear more than what's being said... and offer the answers that make someone feel truly heard. i understand, let's get started call a dell technologies advisor today. i understand, let's get started robiwithout the commission fees and account minimums.
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♪. reporter: i'm kristina partsinevelos and welcome back to "cavuto: coast to coast." i'm right near the new york stock exchange and the wall street exodus continues. virtue finance hal the latest firm closing 75% of their office space in the big apple. they're heading down to florida. you have over 30 financial firms from citigroup, ubs, barclays, bernstein, the list goes on who are all going to much warmer climates like, texas, tennessee,
12:49 pm
north carolina and these are areas where you have got warmer climate, lower taxes and more affordable housing but that means a lot of vacant office space in the big apple and san francisco. listen in. >> unfortunately it's a downward spiral for some of these cities because when companies leave and the people leave, then they need to make drastic cuts in their services and their police and their fire. the cities can become dangerous places. we could see new york go back to what it was in the 1970s, really dreary, dangerous place. reporter: places in california, new york city, obviously have attracted talent for decade but it is really expensive, high taxes and stricter regulation make it tough to do business which means may no longer be the only game in town. we'll be right back after the break. ♪.
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12:54 pm
hands. teach moore, former trump economic advisor, author of trump-nomics. and much more. he is nice person. happy new year. >> you too. >> i would like to pick apart what is at stake in this battle then. the markets seem to fear if democrats take it, they only see things through the prism of money which can be admirable at times, this will be bad, right? they envision tax cuts that are in place would be reversed. they start seeing more spending and all of that, if that magically disappeared the last few years. leaving that aside are there fears of a democratic senate in your eyes justified? >> so. i looked a the evidence what happened in the last 60 years or so, neil, with respect to the stock market in terms of three different scenarios. one is you know, republicans control everything in washington, the second scenario
12:55 pm
democrats control everything in washington, the third being divided control of power and in general the best scenario for economic growth has been when you have divided power. when one party doesn't have control of all the levers of power. and so just from the -- by the way the worst scenario over the last 50 or 60 years when democrats have control over all the levers of power. the historical record is pretty clear on this, a democrat sweep tonight would be bad for markets. i think markets would drop by 1000 points or so, the dow, if that happened. i don't think it is going to happen but sure could. these races are looking pretty close. the other thing to look at, people are calling this, neil, the two to three trillion dollar senate races and that is because i do believe democrats win the two races they will feel they have a mandate with voters move to a pretty left agenda. that will start with aing about,
12:56 pm
big stimulus plan in plan in january. neil: there is a possibility that stocks not part of this huge rally could do well under a biden administration. others are arguing -- related stocks, i don't know what would off set of some of the others. your quick thoughts. >> that is a little bit beyond my pay grade what stocks would do well and which wouldn't do well. i would say this though look at the possibility of a big tax increase. that raises, as you reported it raises the capital gains tax, it raises the business tax rate, the corporate tax rate, the dividend tax rate. but, neil, that has got to be negative for stocks, right? if you're making, you know, if the government is taking away more profits that means there is less profits available for shareholders. you would think the market was anticipate that and there would be a bit of a selloff. look i'm not predicting
12:57 pm
armageddon. i'm saying on balance -- neil: all conjecture. thank you very much, steve moore for all of that. go into hour two ofer "coast to coast" you run it by an expert, you talk about the risk and potential profit and loss. could've used that before i hired my interior decorator. voila! maybe a couple throw pillows would help. get a strategy gut check from our trade desk. ♪
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>> georgia we have to hold the line, you have to get out and
1:01 pm
vote. we are the firewall since socialism. >> in georgia we save america. >> america as you know it will be over and it will never, i believe be able to come back. >> alongside jon ossoff for the united states in office. >> we are on georgia right now. >> one state can change the course not of just the next four years but the next generation. neil: six hours we will no, technically we will probably not know but six hours from now all polls close in the state of georgia the big runoff and unprecedented runoff are two senators at the same time, there is an odd confluence of events, we will talk more about that in a second period i'm neil cavuto
1:02 pm
and we're focusing on "coast to coast" what goes down in georgia if both of the republican senate seats were to slip in the only way democrats were to do it, they would then take control of the senate, they cannot just when one, they have to win both. how to explain turnout, that's been very heavy when you talk about people who already voted her scented balance. right now better than 3 million have done so and we could see a lot of busy day of activity as well. mark meredith following it all from dalton doored country georgia. >> good afternoon democrats and republicans are pleading with georgia voters not to stay home and get out of vote, the state party when it comes to control the senate. we saw president trump make his way out here last night as supporters braving near freezing temperatures to hear from the president, the timing and location of this rally, no coincidence, republicans concern turnout can be dampened over complaint of voter fraud back in november.
1:03 pm
the president spent a heckuva lot of time during his grievances not only with the election about congress, the media, the supreme court in georgia's republican leadership who he promises to campaign against after leaving office. >> this is the kellyanne david rally and i would not do it unless i love them both. but i'm gonna be here any year end a half and i'm going to be campaigning against your governor and your crazy secretary of state. >> a statement hard to believe when we heard from the president, the president is upset how the state is handling the election top georgia officials tell fox they insist there was not widespread fraud in november and nor will they be tonight once the votes are counted. >> i can assure you it will be a fair and honest election that will be safe and dependable and that's what we had a november the voting system is safe and reliable and you will see that
1:04 pm
today. >> the president was here yesterday and we saw president-elect biden in georgia and democrats putting money into this race as well. 3 million people devoted ahead of election day just to give you an idea that's a lot of voters and in dalton, georgia they've seen 150 people all day today but they tell me they're expecting people to come by once work gets done later on this afternoon. neil: thank you for that mark meredith following the developments in georgia and we will check in with him later on tonight on our fox business network as well as monitoring the markets around the world including our own stock and nothing of asia and europe, stating for that, jonathan serrie and atlanta, georgia and a lot of threats back and forth against a number of people who might not be towing certain lines on all of this. >> georgia state authorities and the fbi are investigating several threats that came in the form of e-mail to county workers and roughly a dozen places scattered around the state, the
1:05 pm
georgia bureau of investigation center agency is working with federal state and local partners to investigate them, the goal is to ensure a safe election and all voters have access to polling locations. >> we can anticipate there will be any number of potential threats out there can be attempting to encourage or discourage turnout, we encourage everybody to turn out and be safe, be smart and don't let anybody get in the way of you casting your vote. >> state officials are concerned this information about widespread election fraud will prevent georgians from voting, democrats are accusing georgia republican senators of pandering to unsubstantiated rumors to win trump supporters senator david perdue and kelly loeffler insist measures must be taken to ensure georgia selections are safe and accurate. >> to hold those accountable that committed fraud in the
1:06 pm
election and we have to stick the system where those fixes need to be applied, right now my main focus is making sure georgians get out and vote, we don't vote we want just lose this election we will lose the country. >> today a federal judge has tossed out the trump campaigns latest efforts to overturn the results of the presidential election in georgia saying the motion to decertify the election outcome as extraordinary and beyond unprecedented the judge says that congress has sole authority what this group is trying to do. neil: jonathan serrie in atlanta, thank you very much my friend, i want to go to the hilton correspondent, is this helping the president's move to challenge the election results for more than a month ago, is this how the republican candidates or hurting them?
1:07 pm
>> republican strategist i talked to in florida say it does not help, your sewing doubt about a previous election and whether or not there is going to be fraud which shows doubt in the next election, the immediate thing republicans have to worry about. i heard from my republican friends and people working on both of the races that tell me they're worried that the president's own actions will dampen turnout and that's why they send them to a place like dalton which is in northwest georgia in the last trip was in southern georgia down by the line by florida. basically they're trying to turnout of voters who voted for president trump but may not have voted for david perdue or senator kelly loeffler. those are the areas where the base is a strong. neil: this is just a conjecture question. and swap away some of these questions, i'm curious if both seats were to flip to the democrats, what would be the impact on donald trump, they're saying it's not for you about
1:08 pm
the election results in november and questioning that they can see in accuracy and legitimacy of votes in georgia, the senate would still be in republican hands, what would be the impact on the president and politically down the road. >> politically it would strengthen his control over the republican party, we heard the remarkable words last night in which he promised to campaign against the city republican government, the members of his own party who he endorsed two years ago with the republican primary. neil: would there be some voters who are mad at him, your fight just robbed us of a republican senate and take it out on him indeed fame him as the sports of the party. >> you've got a lot of elected leaders in washington, d.c. who would love nothing more than for trump to leave the state and never come back and on the other
1:09 pm
hand when he promises to campaign against a sitting governor against an approval from the crowd, that tells you the stranglehold he has on the republican party because of the loyalty from his base. remember without those voters, if they sit at home republicans will lose a lot more seats. neil: i'm just wondering, you indicated the outset if the president plans to push for primary those who had challenged him on the whole thing from the governor in georgia, the tenant governor, secretary of state, who knows who else, how impactful will that be? >> that is going to be a fascinating question to watch and it will tell us a lot about whether or not president trump has the ability to stick around, i remember four years ago when he was running for president, he lost the iowa caucuses to ted cruz and that was a moment where i thought he will evaporate and now nobody wants to stick with the loser, i was very much wrong
1:10 pm
about that so it'll be fascinating to watch whether he can maintain the power even after he loses and have left the stage, of course he will not leave his twitter account. neil: he never accepted that defeat or said it was affixed against him, that is something that he has carried on in other races even this one now, we will see, reid wilson, happy new year to you in thank you. >> you to. neil: markets watching this very closely, a lot at stake, the markets have since the election of the worst it will be split government, potentially a president biden before look like it was inevitable working with a republican congress at least a republican senate, what is the senate flips to the former big board chairman and ceo, dick very good to have you, happy new year to you, what do you think. >> happy new year, always great to be with you. i think the biggest cheerleader
1:11 pm
although somewhat in quiet for republican retention of the senate is joe biden himself, when you think about it over the course of his career joe biden has been a moderate and split government has been good for the markets, good for the economy and good for the country, i think joe biden would love nothing more than to have the republicans retain control of the senate and he will have them to rally against also have the fortitude to avoid the very extreme left positions being advocated by those in the progressive wing of the democrat party, he will also have the ammunition, if you will keep bernie sanders right where he is in the senate as opposed to putting him in as labor
1:12 pm
secretary. i think tonight joe biden is quietly rooting for one if not two of those seats to retain and republican hands and he will then have the makings of a very good and balanced economy happen to be and you have a fed and treasury that is going to be in harmony, janet yellen and jay powell will work together the fed said they will accommodate, i think, neil, were in for golding. over the next one, three years. neil: that is if it is still split government if it's not and they take the senate then a lot more of some of those progresses want to do will get done, how will the markets react to that. >> i don't think the markets will react in a positive way, initially. but the number one thing at best you're going to have a split
1:13 pm
senate which basically and franchises joe manchin to be the real powerbroker, he has already said he's not going to support packing the supreme court, west virginia is not a blue state, joe manchin is a very smart politician and i think he's going to be a very important person in terms of preventing some of the free for everything economy that the left and far left would advocate. neil: you know, when i look at various sectors and how it's performed under this president while small-cap stocks has refounded when they were at the loser dragging their feet. i would imagine they might get a second chance in an extended leg of this rally, maybe not technology but your thoughts? >> i think it is going to be very hard for a republican
1:14 pm
senate and be a majority or minority to block things such as an infrastructure bill, relief for americans who are hurting as a result of the pandemic, i think the initial reaction of the market will be a negative one if the republicans lose the senate but in the longer horizon, i think there is still a case to be made that were looking at over the next few years, a very strong equity market performance, some of the loggers of the last 1 - 3 years can catch up, i think some of the new technologies are going to advance and frankly when you look at the first and second quarters of 21, you're going to have some easy comparators in the earning standpoint which will generate enthusiasm, the
1:15 pm
fed is not going to move rates, i suspect you could look at a 35000 dow, you can easily look over the next few years and a 3e thing. >> you talk into the ultimate optimist i've never bet against america and i've never been wrong. neil: i remember that well. very quickly on this the nyse reversal of the three chinese firm that we were looking at, not so now, was a pressure on them to reverse? >> i think someone was over there skis or if you will the first announcement was premature, the reality is you have a new administration coming in less than two weeks or two weeks or so and they're gonna be
1:16 pm
looking at ways to deal with the threat but also the opportunity of a better relationship, are more harmonious relationship with an avenging government, one thing you do not want to do is cripple the capital markets, the capital between hong kong, shanghai, new york in the u.s. markets in general, i think there may have been a little bit of gun jumping on the first and why sc announcement, i applaud their ability to retracted quickly and i think everyone has to step back and take a deep breath, a couple of aspirin and look at how we get to a better place with the peoples republic of china which is up with to potential competitor in threat but a very large economic partner to this nation.
1:17 pm
neil: thank you very much my friend, the former head of the new york stock exchange, i always considered you to be the most historically expecte effec, if that's ever happened, regardless of his views he got us through some very big crises including the event 9/11 that we remember quite well. in the meantime were up 136-point, were getting more news out of great britain with boris johnson saying a third lockdown is necessary, over 1 million people are infected in england, 2% of the population we must do something and do it now, that something includes keeping people in their homes when they can only leave to buy essentials and then skedaddle back into their homes. that is not something we have seen in britain from the earliest days of the spread of the virus itself back in april last year. it is on right now for another
1:18 pm
six weeks. stick with us. ♪ (announcer) if you've struggled to lose weight,
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1:22 pm
of them are sitting on shelves and it's causing a bit of a concern about the states that are able to get them out quickly and the states that are not, blake burman following this closely in washington. >> it is pretty clear the numbers show the vaccines are not getting into the arms of americans that they had been talking about at the end of last year, i want to show you the national picture this is according to the cdc numbers as of yesterday morning shows 15.4 million doses have been distributed across the country but only for a half million have been administered, that is 30% making into arm so far from a book at this map it shows nine states plus washington, d.c. have vaccinated 2% of the population so far leading the way south dakota at 3% the health secretary tells us they
1:23 pm
believe communication and transparency are the key and they already have a plan in place for designating everyone in phase one. >> we got through all of the phases and develop was priorities, that empowers individuals that they know where they set in the be ready to take action when we have a vaccine available for them. >> the back half of 2020 the federal government gave $340 million to states to distribute the covid-19 vaccine you remember the relief deal struck at the end of last year the number was $60 billion for distribution testing and tracing, doctor peter hotez of baylor university believes the next one should be scrapped for first-come first-served in the massive facility should be used to inoculate. >> i would like to see an
1:24 pm
advocate for some of the big outdoor venues providing adequately staffing, i think it would be game changer. i would like to look at new york in yankee stadium. >> we reach out to the american hospital association earlier today and they told us they need more federal help they said this is a huge and complex process but they added the following same we expect these issues to be worked out in the vaccinations will increased dramatically over the coming weeks but the federal role must go beyond handing off a vaccine to the state. neil: blake burman thank you very much happy new year, blake and washington, d.c. i want to go to phil keating in florida that state is busy trying to get vaccines out and try to get them to the right people mainly older folks the key constituent group in that state, the sooner and the faster the better, i believe you're in broward county right
1:25 pm
now. >> the town of gave me florida, as you mentioned earlier, distribution and delivery were big challenges not only important but nationwide the state of florida continuing the weeklong surge of coronavirus cases, yesterday alone had nearly 11300 new cases bringing the state total so far to 1.4 million along with 22000 deaths, here at the senior 65 in upper lined up in their cars to get their first of two vaccine shots, the line has been here since 6:00 a.m. for the 600 vaccine shots available, further up the state here is a line of seniors in daytona beach which has seen long lines of the past couple of days, such high demand for the shot, the city let 1000 or so cars comes inside the stadium starting last night
1:26 pm
where people basically slept in their cars, last week florida one in five residents is a senior citizen and jump the cdc recommendation to vaccinate frontline healthcare workers first then elderly living in nursing homes and assisted living centers to now vaccinating anyone who is simply over 65. >> florida's approach, i think it's a better approach, if you have a 73-year-old parent, a 73-year-old grandparent the vast majority of states in this country they are simply not eligible to be vaccinated. we don't believe that is right we believe the seniors have to be put first. >> aside from florida these of other states that have begun vaccinating general population seniors, colorado, louisiana, tennessee, texas and west virginia when seniors and florida's were first eligible to get the vaccine long lines lined up in their cars to get it, this one is from last week but since
1:27 pm
then most counties are doing online appointments so those long lines are only happening sporadically at this point. the governor said monday that 80% of all the vaccines that are being distributed are going to hospitals, this site here is the state county health department site, the governor also implored the hospitals to get those files off the shelves and the shots into the arms as rapidly as possible and he said if the hospitals failed to do that very well in future vaccine supplies will then go to other hospitals that are doing a better job. neil: thank you very much, phil keating reporting from florida on all of that, do you think it could be a potentially late-night counting vote in georgia, you could see how long it can eventually be tomorrow
1:28 pm
handling a joint session of congress dealing with the electoral vote battles back and forth. can you say and even later night. ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire.
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neil: usually when the electoral vote are counted but under before a joint session of congress, not entirely without controversy affairs but tomorrow could be one for the history books in itself that it could drag on for quite some time since our more than 100 u.s. congressmen and women who are waging protest of one another over the outcome as well as more than a dozen senators, chad pergram following that, i suspect this could be a late night tomorrow night? >> absolutely probably wait until wednesday bleeding into thursday, here is the process the house and senate meet in a joint session of congress just like state of the union it takes
1:33 pm
a house member and a senator to challenge the electoral votes from individual states, ted cruz will object arizona and senator josh hawley says he will object the states as well. >> i think is absolutely imperative when you look at something like what happened in pennsylvania if you have allegations of irregularities in that state and many others it is vital that we be heard on this issue we have a chance to debate it and that's why i will object. >> the electoral count of 1887 covers a process and mandates that congress will treat as conclusive electoral votes sent to washington's bistate, that's why some ask if these challenges are proper, a debate has only happened twice, 1969 over an electorate from north carolina in 2005 over ohio's electoral votes. in 2017 multiple house democrats tried to challenge president trump's electoral when but vice president biden then presiding over the session had none of it.
1:34 pm
>> the objection is signed by a member of the house but not yet a member of the senate. >> it is over. >> we are told that republicans will likely contest at least three states tomorrow, pennsylvania, arizona and georgia and each debate could last two hours in the house and senate, that's why the process could go deep into the night. neil: thank you very much, the wall street journal executive editor and best-selling author, jerry, if it does go late, obviously this would be one for the record books, i'm wondering with the fallout with the republican party, those with the president on this and those against the president on this and it is sort of like the hatfield and mccoy's but they're the same party, what you make of this. >> i think this is turning into exactly what mitch mcconnell the
1:35 pm
senate majority leader was trying to avoid which is the subject of a deep schism within the republican party in a loyalty test between those who support president trump and those who don't. it's forcing people in the party to take sides along the divide and in the last 48 hours this is become a much sharper division within the party and the way the debate in the house and the senate is going to play out tomorrow forces that to be the case, senators who wanted to avoid this want to become trump's loyalist or the subject of scorn from the trump army in their own states have to make a decision, take a stand and cast a vote, including republican senators who were we up for election in two years knowing whatever they do is becoming aware proposition for them. neil: it is taken on a bizarre new meaning and i can understand the presidents frustration with the election results did not go his way but everyone you talk to
1:36 pm
including those who have been involved directly or indirectly in the lawsuits over this even by the president's campaign staff or those supportive of him they failed each and everyone has failed, some have been knocked altogether, and yet it persists, i'm just wondering is there potential damage leaving aside all the republican said enough is enough who might be targeted for primary challenges simply because they would not go along. >> all give you an example of why that might be the case, the business roundtable which is a conservative republican leaning institution in this country put out a statement saying this contestant of the certified election results from 50 states is not right we think it's disruptive and we don't want members of congress to go along with that. that is a direct statement to republicans in congress from a constituency that is incredibly important to the republican party over the last
1:37 pm
half-century. where does the business community go in this environment as one example, president trump has gone down his checklist that people he hopes can help him turn around the election result, secretary of state, state legislator, the court the supreme court, the house, the senate and now vice president pence and he said on twitter that vice president pence can throw out a lecturers and electoral votes that he things are invalid. most people don't think that is true. neil: he can't do that. >> exactly, that's where we are, the point of the republican party that it has created two camps within the party. those who want to participate within us and those who want to follow what they consider to be regular order and as we seek today the middle ground between the two positions, that is the definition of a split. neil: this is a big if the democrats take the two senate seats tonight in georgia, will any of that be targeted at the
1:38 pm
president, if not for you constantly tail boating about the election more than a month ago, we would've won this thing. >> what do you think. >> there's no doubt there will be some of that monday morning quarterback, whether that was legitimate and justified or not, people will say he suppressed the turnout by basically saying the voting is rigged in your state and people hear that and wonder justifiably why should i go in a rigged election and they do not vote, to prove one way or another that that happened or how much you happen will certainly be in the air, there is also a feeling that the consequences in georgia for the republican party are going to extend beyond today no matter what happens because the president said last night and will be back your campaigning to get your republican governor and secretary of state two years from now, this is gonna live on in georgia regardless of how
1:39 pm
tonight voting turns out. neil: we shall see, great to see you again, happy new year to you, one of the finest in washington following that between stocks and politics, we will see what happens tonight. also charlie gasparino on the reversal of the part of the new york stock exchange that was looking to delist three chinese firms now to say you can stay does that have anything to do with joe biden in a couple weeks becoming the next president of the united states. he will report, you decide. ♪ but there's only one way to become one... by going all in. the new lexus is. with a lower center of gravity, a more responsive suspension, and an aggressive wider stance. this is what we call going all in on the sport sedan. lease the 2021 is 300 for $359 a month for 39 months.
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neil: talking about doing a 180 startling development out of the new york stock exchange to delist three chinese firms, now reversing that policy saying they can stay, always good. charlie gasparino has a lot more on this, and to see you happy
1:44 pm
new year. >> happy new year, it is essentially warming up of relations between china and the u.s. on the economic front bed wall street and the new york stock exchange as you know part of wall street is doing every major bank from what i understand during the trump years particularly when it was getting very heated between the trump administration and china and every wall street firm had outreach to chinese officials because even if trump did get reelected it was going to be of thought at some point that thought is an relations intake and shape right now with the incoming biden the administration, joe biden from what i understand from his economic advisers who i spoke with will not do a complete 180 on china but a lot different, there will not be an intense trade wars both in rhetoric and inaction that you saw in the trump years, without using wall street firms making moves within
1:45 pm
china, goldman sachs recently will own its own operations, brokerage operations, j.p. morgan is looking to do the same thing and now you have a weird 180 i'm part of the new york stock exchange which only said they will delist the companies because they have ties to the chinese military now to say they will keep them in the listings, we should point out that the new york stock exchange makes money a couple of ways, makes money executing trade, not from humans but through a computer and makes money on listings and having companies say i'm in your company stock exchange stock, makes a decent amount of money, losing chinese companies would cost a decent amount of money and what they saw was the writings on the wall donald trump will not overturn the election in joe biden is going to be president, why turn away these two companies, these companies when the london stock exchange will pick them up, will be used on other chinese
1:46 pm
companies in the whole battle to gain listings and make money. that was a calculus, number one a business decision, making money doing the stuff and there is going to be a thought and the relationship to washington so they don't have much to lose. neil: i am grateful, you're one of the best out there in the new year of continued approval. thank you very much my friend, the best in the business by far. not because he's italian american. we have a lot coming up the dow at 152-point, do you think the guys are sensing that the senate stays as is, they have been wrong but something funky is going on, what is it. ♪ research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia.
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1:51 pm
that, yesterday of course this time the markets were freefalling that the would not happen, now who knows we won't know officially until five hours plus from now when polls close in georgia and francis newton with a capital director of strategy, keith fitz-gerald, my brother fox news ways kid, gary i begin with you, are the markets anticipating that at least one of the seats stays republic in? >> you made a great observation, yesterday they were anticipating disaster and today they are anticipating a split ballot which the senate would remain in the hands of the republicans, to date is positive i don't think we will come close to gaining back what we lost yesterday, i certainly think if it goes all
1:52 pm
democrats that the market will continue the selloff is started on monday. if it doesn't, the odds say it's going to be a minimum split election, i would say we move sideways i think the market is in real serious trouble right now but any republican chief of the senate would certainly be helpful. neil: what do you think francis. >> yesterday was a covid play going back into the state home darlings in the little bit more the u.s. dollar that didn't continue through today, some anticipation this can be a wild week whether the senate races or the sixth or the donald trump does not leave on the 20th and i'm sure somebody said this is taking risk off the table, martin likes certainty so i think we will get a selloff in
1:53 pm
the dems get in but it'll be waiting between fiscal stimulus more and more in taxes, not sure exactly how soon taxes look at pricing but we have the thing coming on the sixth with trump and certainty, markets like certainty we can see a selloff if it looks like trouble gain traction because of the uncertainty of it. neil: there could be disruption, the outcome might not change on this electoral vote. but it could add to the fact that this can be until the inauguration itself, with the market really care at that point or what? >> i tell you what i agree with everything but my colleague said and i will add this to it i think they care very much, the situation is not what biden is going to do but what is going to threaten to do, it's very much what bill is in search of a pin, tax reform, business reform, he
1:54 pm
started to take action immediately, the real order of battle is the executive order, that is the one that concerns the market the most because if he takes out his pin and starts ready things that don't make sense to create the uncertainty and fraud more money will come off the table and in the interim it will not destroy the long-term picture but that's very much my playbook for the next 20 or 30 days. neil: part of a consensus playbook that you touched on, the markets would be under pressure with under the expected development like this which of senate but it can also be a boom for stocks that have not followed along for this bullish ride, they have been up but not nearly as technology, more about value stocks, and talking about the commodity, is there in the back of your mind abide in portfolio in that event that would call and take advantage of all leverage of government being under democratic control? >> i think the one area would
1:55 pm
have to look in that, healthcare becomes perhaps more institutionalized, the large players are going to profit from that. that is one area i would look at, on the flipside you kinda alluded to momentum, if you just read the chatter not that it's a stock with things like bitcoin people think it's going to go to the moon, anyone that owns is going to be a billionaire, that is to me an example is steel the frost, the other high-tech high flyers, even if biden starts his key points out and takes the pin i think there's a lot of backing for the momentum stocks, the flipside i would look for healthcare and maybe even oil. neil: oil speaking of which, very quickly that is over $50 a
1:56 pm
barrel in the first time in well over a year, what you make of that? >> i think we are looking to a reopening even if the vaccine is rolling out slower than expected and there is consternation around supplies and things like that but i think opec is ultimately going to support higher prices and oil because they had so much demand destruction during covid that they will try to recover and take advantage and also inflations going up. neil: we will see, i want to thank you very much sorry for the rapid pressure, the dow up 156 points they are sensing something, what i don't know. more after this. . .
1:57 pm
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neil: all right. to charles payne. even when i'm here he has to do extra work. he will be joining us tonight, charles. thanks for all your help while i was out but good to see you, my friend. happy new year. charles: happy new year, neil, always my pleasure. i cannot wait for tonight. good afternoon, folks, i'm charles payne. this is "making money." breaking at this moment georgia voters casting the ballots determining the fate of senate and the ability for president-elect joe biden to pass his extremely leftist agenda. the markets are no not predicting a democratic sweep. in fact the exact opposite for the peach state. why the true message of the market strongly in favor of republicans maintaining control in c


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