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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 6, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EST

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i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember -- you can't take it with you. [ bat cracks, crowd cheers ] dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell. down to the wire in georgia, fox news projecting that democrat raphael warnock defeated incumbent kelly loeffler while the race with david perdue and jon ossoff is too close to call. claims of memory card in one county stopping entirely as president trump ready for massive rally and bigger fight in washington ahead of the electoral college certification today. the president saying that with
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mike pence's help he will win the election. we are looking at the major political stories all morning long. we hear from former white house deputy secretary hogan and north dakota senator kevin kramer and andy biggs, former speaker of the house newt gingrich. 92-point gain on dow futures, almost 2% selloff in nasdaq 100 futures. sharp selloff for stocks expected at the open. all three major market gauges finishing in the green. investors keeping a close eye on the balance of power in the senate. the ten-year treasury yield ticking back up over 1% for the first time since march. will it keep heading higher? office space, no thanks. why would some rather be jobless
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than return to post pandemic world. kim and kanye calling it quits. new reports are that power couple may be heading for divorce and making a buzz this morning. mornings with maria live right now. ♪ ♪ dagen: european markets are to the plus side as trading day moves forward. gains across the board. big gainer in ftse 100 up 2%. in asia overnight, mixed story. losses in south korea, gains in hong kong and shanghai composite. some of the top stories we are following this morning. congress meeting today to vote on certifying electoral results.
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cheryl: normally symbolic event. this year contentious and lengthy process. over a dozen senators and a hundred house republicans to object to certification of key battle ground states. president trump pressing on calling vice president mike pence who will proceed to act now. if vice president pence comes through for us, we will win the presidency. many states want to decertify incorrect or even fraudulent numbers and a process not approved by state legislators which it must be. president trump also expected to speak to a crowd of supporters later today, hundreds have descended on the capitol to protest election results. 6 protestors were arrested yesterday, some facing weapon's charges and assault on an officer. mayor calling national guard ahead of today's protest and urging people to avoid the area.
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well, joe biden solidifying team, wendy sherman, reportedly nominated for deputy secretary of state and victoria newland, ambassador to nato, will be nominated as under secretary of state for political affairs. well, the more contagious variant of the coronavirus is now in at least 7 states according to cdc, most recent state georgia. new reports show at least 26 more people have become infected in california. and the head of the world health organization is going after china claiming its investigation into the origins of covid-19 is being stalled because experts are not allowed into the country. well, protests breaking out in kenosha, wisconsin overnight after officials announce they will not press charges against
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officers. blake was armed with the knife when he was shot several times leaving him paralyzed. dagen, a lot of headlines but sending it back to you. dagen: democrats gaining a seat in the senate as fox news calls one of the two senate races. raphael warnock, defeating incumbent kelly can he -- loeffe second race still too close to call. democrat jon ossoff maintaining narrow lead over republican incumbent david perdue. if ossoff wins, democrats will have the majority in the senate including vice president senator kamala harris' vote as the tie breaker. joining me now georgia congressman house energy and commerce committee member and form ore pharmacist earl buddy and nancy tangler, former presidential candidate steve
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forbes. welcome one and all. thanks for waking up early congressman. looking at what happened in georgia, what is your take? >> well, first of all, it's still close and there's still a lot of votes to be counted, so before we go cashing in, let's make sure that we have the final tallies here. perdue-ossoff is close and it's not without reason that it could -- that it could change. there's still a lot of ballots out there. before we go calling this, let's make sure we have everything counted. dagen: well, fox news did call it for raphael warnock number 1. i know that in georgia there's a half of 1 percentage point. 0.5% recount threshold. do you expect certainly, however, the ossoff-perdue race is called, do you expect a recount?
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>> yes, i do, with irregularities with november and yesterday, then we do need a recount because we've had numerous complaints and numerous concerns that have been forwarded to our office and other congressional offices about voting irregularities already. dagen: what did the republicans get wrong? terms of turning out the vote because just looking at the voter analysis, the fox news voter analysis and that of say dave from nonpartisan cook political report, it was that the dems -- it was the same biden coalition that came out for ossoff and warnock, ossoff trailed joe biden by a hundred thousand votes in terms of voter turnout but the big reason black voters came out and suburban whites came out, those are two huge voting blocking and in some way if you look at the analysis, ossoff took as percentage, one
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more black voters and warnock won more black voters than even joe biden did in november. 88% for both ossoff and warnock. >> right, you have to give credit where credit is due. democrats did good job of getting voters out. there's no question about that. the republicans are on our side. razer-thin margin here and both sides understood the importance. let me say this, raphael warnock is not your father's democrat. raphael warnock is a radical and he's dangerous. i will tell you that this is something that we've got to keep an eye on in the state of georgia, someone who called police thugs and gangsters and someone that said you can't serve the military and god at the same time, that's dangerous rhetoric that should not be repeated. i will tell you i'm very
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concerned, if, indeed, he comes to washington, d.c. dagen: steve forbes. steve: i know we are all focused on georgia but you're a former pharmacist, why hasn't there been a bigger push to have drugstores like walgreens and cvs administer shots like other countries have done to make sure none of the vaccine doses are wasted as looks like it is happening like in places like new york. >> that's a great question. the administration has focused on drugstores and pharmacies in order to get the vaccine out. 95% of all americans live within 5 miles of a pharmacy. pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals out there. we have to utilize them in order to get this have been -- vaccine out. the administration has got contracts with walgreens, cvs and independent retail pharmacies to try to do that and hopefully it will be successful
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and we will get the vaccine out as soon as possible. dagen: what about later today and the vote to certify the electoral college, where do you stand on that? >> well, i will be objecting, i have constitutional concerns and these are concerns that were expressed to the secretary of state by the george -- georgia house delegation and we expressed our concern at that time. we followed it up with a letter. this is not about the results of the election as much as it is the constitutionality of secretary of state making significant and severe changes to our voting process without the consent of the georgia state legislature. dagen: why didn't you act earlier on those concerns, though? because again, plenty of skepticism expressed by even a senator tom cotton that it's not
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in the constitutional rights and powers for congress to intervene. you certified the vote, you don't overturn the electoral college vote. it seems like certainly many republicans were back on their heels as these changes were being made at the state level to voting procedures. >> many -- many republicans were on their heels as you say. however, the georgia house delegation was not. back in march, we had a conversation with the secretary of state, we sent a letter to the secretary of state expressing our concern with the settlement agreement that he entered into with the democratic party expressing our concern because he did not get the consent of the guillermo state -- georgia state legislature as he had to and those changes should have been approved by the georgia state legislature.
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dagen: do you still think that joe biden is inaugurated? >> well, it certainly appears that his road -- there's a clear path for him to be inaugurated as our next president and if that is the case certainly we will do our best to work with him to move the country forward. dagen: congressman, great to see you this morning. control of the senate going down to the wire, we will bring you the latest updates all morning long. next hour hogan weighs in on president trump's election battle ahead of the electoral college certification today. then president trump's executive order on chinese apps impacting markets, what you need to know with the word on wall street. we take a closer look at the more contagious covid-19 variant and how to protect children from the spread, pediatric infectious disease expert dr. levy is here to discuss.
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dagen: looking at markets this morning. we have a mixed picture. 57-point gain on the dow futures. nasdaq 100 a different story, down 2%, after big gain yesterday on the nasdaq composite. investors eyeing the peach state senate runoff, fox news projecting that democrat raphael warnock has defeated incumbent kelly loeffler while the race with perdue and jon ossoff still too close to call. joining cfra chief investment strategist, sam stovall, make sense of this, go. sam: i think investors are
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trying to discount whether we end up with a trifecta or a blue ripple as i'm calling it because of the white house as well as both houses of congress going democrat. but what's interesting is that if it does not go democrat, it will be the first time since woodrow wilson that the democrats came into their first term without solid backing by both houses of congress. dagen: but what if it does, sam, nancy, jump in here? are investors missing potentially what could happen to the economy if the democrats do, indeed, if the democrats do, indeed, have 50 seats with the tie-breaker falling on vice president kamala harris? nancy. >> i'm sorry, dagen. dagen: go ahead. >> i was just taking a little nap. listen, i'm interested in the
6:18 am
way the markets are reacting today and i'd be curious what sam's views of this are but the future selling off on the nasdaq, though, modestly seems a little bit curious to me given that it's unlikely the democrats are going to take twitter and google to task in my view, but i'd like to know what your view is on that. >> sure, well, i think that the reason that the dow is going up in terms of futures but the nasdaq is going down, primarily because we see some investors realizing that with a democratic slate we could end up with additional fiscal stimulus. let's remember that president-elect biden just called the most recent stimulus package a down payment. so we could see additional stimulus activities. that could put upward pressure on interest rates which would then sort of swing a rotation from the growth side of the equation to the value side. the growth value differential
6:19 am
hit an all-time peak in the end of august of this year, higher than where we were back during the tech bubble of the late 1990's. i think what we are seeing is a bit of rotation and while the social media companies might not end up being on the hostile end of the democrats, some of the large tech companies could and, therefore, we have worries about the antitech breakup. dagen: steve forbes, i just want to get steve in here too, nancy. steve, what do you say? steve: well, i'm interested in, sam, is the market underestimating the impact if the democrats win the senate in terms of tax increases and in terms of regulation? the market is at pretty high level. you look at gdp, ratios, very high, likes of what we haven't seen in 20 years, has the market not really realizing the damage you can do just by executive decree in terms of regulation?
6:20 am
sam: good morning, steve, you're absolutely right. the market is heading into 2021 at elevated levels. i just mentioned the growth value differential. we are looking at the russell 2000 being more than 30% above and pe on forward estimates is 43% above average over the last 20 years. so i think that the market is vulnerable to some sort of digestition. dagen: sam, good to see you. sam: thank you. dagen: we will get to that later, steve, because you wrote an editorial about -- well, i'm going the save it. that's my tease, steve, because it was a great editorial about doing nothing would make biden and harris or democrats look like geniuses. time for morning mover. 50 bucks a barrel as saudi arabia volunteers to take
6:21 am
production cuts of 1 million-barrels on its own and allows countries including russia after opec meeting led to an agreement to keep output flat, oil to the plus side. coming up, a closer look at georgia's senate races, one seat goes blue but the other two too close to call. could georgia become a purple state? biden won georgia, first time since early 90's, so is it blue, plus 2021-grammy awards postponed. the new date making a buzz this morning. ♪ ♪
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democrat raphael warnock projected to win senate runoff race defeating republican incumbent loeffler but the majority still up for grabs as race for democrat jon ossoff and republican david perdue still too close to call. fox news voter analysis shows that 60% of georgia voters say party control of the senate was the single most important factor in deciding their vote. steve, it was more important for republican voters. the republican voters said 69% were more likely to stay -- say senate control was most important factor, democrats, 54% said this was the most important factor. what do you make of what we know so far about the results? steve: well, the democrats got the vote out in a very impressive way which went against what usually happens in run offers. but also i'm afraid the republicans muddied their
6:26 am
political message. we had a lot of discussion about the 2,000-dollar thing, instead of focusing on the issue of socialism versus free markets and the taxes, low taxes versus high taxes, we have extra issues, $2,000, covid, whether the election is legitimate or not and so the message was muddied and the democrats had one goal, get control of the senate, focus on donald trump and the republican did not have a consistent message and i think that helped, hurt republican turnout. dagen: steve, was president trump getting on the side of 2,000-dollar checks and putting mitch mcconnell on the spot, the majority leader in the senate with mcconnell not having a vote on 2,000-dollar checks and one other thing that lee carter mentioned, voter enthusiasm. did the idea that the race was stolen in november, did it
6:27 am
discourage republicans from going out and voting? steve: i think the focus on the election result and the legitimacy of it really did hurt republican enthusiasm and turnout. everything in politics and life is timing and that 2,000-dollar check idea not a bad idea if it had been done right but it came at the last minute instead of the beginning of the negotiations that secretary of the treasury mnuchin had with speaker pelosi and schumer. and that should have been put on the table early instead of just plopping at the end and causing disarray within the gop ranks which hurt republicans in georgia. democrats had a consistent message, republicans did not and that's why where we are here this morning. dagen: nancy, voter analysis, 62% of voters were contacted by runoff by democrats versus 53% by republicans. your take on what happened in
6:28 am
georgia. >> yeah, it's so disappointing that we had, you know, months for the republicans to step up and really improve the ground game and i was on the show when hailey barber was on and he talked about this very thing. yet we saw a lagered performance. i think the market interestingly has been assuming that there would be at least a split decision and so it's going to be interesting to see how this day plays out as we get more information on -- on the results, but it is a message to republicans around the country that they need to improve on the ground obviously. dagen: coming up, the pandemic's effect on retail. macy's closing more of its department stores thisr. we will tell you where next. most distressing room in your home. it isn't a room, think of it a bay window, a nook, if you will.
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dagen: welcome back, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's wednesday january 6th, a look at your markets at the bottom of the hour. we have mixed action in the u.s. futures. the dow futures are up slightly but there's a selloff in the making among the nasdaq, nasdaq poised for a shop drop -- sharp drop at the open. all three major market gains finishing in the green yesterday. nasdaq composite rallying about 1%, reversal this morning. investors keeping a close eye on the balance of power in the senate. and the ten-year treasury yield ticking back up over 1% for the first time since march. it's holding above those levels, will it go higher?
6:33 am
european markets are to the plus side, big gain on the ftse 100 in england of more than 2 and a half percent. in asia overnight, mixed story there, gains in hong kong and on the shanghai composite. the teen accused of killing two people during wisconsin protest pleading not guilty, cheryl casone has the details, cheryl. cheryl: that is right, dagen, cal riddenhouse accused of fatally shooting two people and wounding a third during protest in kenosha which erupted after the shooting of jacob house, riddenhouse was 17, the trial may be delayed at this point. scheduled to begin in march. well, macy's is closing 45 more stores by the middle of the year. 2,000 corporate jobs will be lost as well. the move already set motion after retailer announced closure of 125 stores by the year 2023.
6:34 am
macy's was able to dodge bankruptcy over the summer after securing 4.5 billion in financing. take a look at the stock, one to watch this morning. shares of macy's up almost 1%. buying travel and leisure for a hundred million dollars. the deal includes magazines member base travel services, that will give wyndham -- history-making award, alabama's wide receiver smith awarded the heisman trophy last night. the first wide receiver to win college football's most prestigious award, but he's going to have a chance to add to that. alabama taking on number 3 ohio state on january 11th in miami garden.
6:35 am
so, dagen, he won the heisman and the ceremony was virtual. dagen: thank you so much, cheryl, we will see you shortly. senate showdown, fox news projecting that democrat raphael warnock will win georgia senate runoff unseating incumbent senator kelly loaf -- leoffler. hugo gurdon, hugo, always a pleasure, just go, just talk, give me your take on what you're watching in terms of the results so far? hugo: we've already had bad news but i think that republicans need to brace themselves for some more although it's too close to call, jon ossoff is ahead, there's a 4,000 vote margin with jon ossoff ahead. this is really a disaster for republicans and for people who
6:36 am
want small government in the united states. it removes or likely to remove the check that the senate was going to provide to prevent the left-wing agenda. this means that joe biden is going to get his left-wing judges, the activist judges, it means almost certainly it seems to me that chuck schumer is going to be in charge. this means, you know, taxes are likely to go up, you know, there's a whole raft of things that are going to be very expensive policies on environment, on fracking, on fossil fuels, you know, this is bad news for people who want small government and low taxes. dagen: hugo, what happened? have you looked at any of the -- again, i raise the issue -- so many issues at play in terms of a voter enthusiasm who were, did people not come out because they were concerned about the legitimacy of the vote count and the election, was it the 2,000-dollar checks that were as steve pointed out at the last
6:37 am
minute suddenly on the table? i'm going to quote steve forbes, we will get to him in a second, timing in politics means everything in life. you have to ask what went wrong. hugo: i think a whole lot of things went wrong. steve is right that the 2,000-dollar debate, you know, should have come earlier rather than later but i don't think that's a major factor. i think the fact that president trump won the election depressed the republican vote just straight off. we know that they realized that the democrats won the white house, reduces enthusiasm and then very sadly and i think really stupidly, the president seemed to be running against his party for the last 2 months. he did undermine confidence in the election. he did go down to the state and he did say go out and vote for these two but the poll message for the last two months the election is rigged, there's no point, the democrats are
6:38 am
stealing it, et cetera, et cetera, all of which is unfounded and not unnaturally it depressed the republican side of the vote and now we are looking at the consequences. dagen: steve forbes? steve: i think, hugo, i think you're right about the republicans muddying their message instead of focusing on socialism versus free people, free market, a republican party in disarray. one thing hugo that happened in dekalb county, when the poll watchers were put back, they got an injunction from a judge saying they got to allow more effective poll watching, why didn't we have those kind of people out going ready to go and get injunctions in states like georgia and elsewhere in the november elections, why did we wait till after the elections to challenge these things instead of doing on election day, election night, i don't get it? hugo: i think in an election in
6:39 am
a country this size there's always going to be some screw-ups and there may very well have been screw-ups, there was certain degree problematic stuff, no doubt some fraud but i don't think it was anything like -- we know that it was nothing like enough to actually change the results of the election and i think it's just being magnified into something which has depressed republicans and we are now seeing the consequences. dagen: i want to move on -- >> steve: muddying the message, not good. dagen: indeed. again, i will point this out that, that this was -- warnock and ossoff this was the biden coalition of voters that they still were able to capture. both warnock and jon ossoff got 88 -- plus 88 points of black voters in georgia. and if i misspoke earlier, joe biden, president elect, won black voters by 86 points, so
6:40 am
they won black votes by 88 points. this was holding onto the biden coalition and all of those who backed biden in november also for -- almost all backed ossoff and warnock, 96% for ossoff and 96% of warnock. during the campaign, despite warnock had a lot more problems, if you will, than ossoff, but they locked arms and based on the voters came out and voted for them, that seems to have worked. all eyes, hugo on capitol hill as electoral college certifies votes during joint session of congress, growing number of republican lawmakers in the house and in the senate are said to challenge the certification and president trump is putting pressure on vice president mike pence who will oversee the certification. president trump tweeting this, if vice president mike pence comes through for us, we will win the presidency.
6:41 am
many states want to decertify the mistake they made and certifying incorrect or even fraudulent numbers in a process nod approved by the state legislatures which it must be. mike can send it back. the wall street journal has a theory editorial on this this morning. what's your take? hugo: yeah, look, this is a complete fantasy by the president. the result is not going to be overturned nor should it be overturned. the vice president is there to tally and approve the votes. these have been certified. the certification comes from the states, they are constitutionally responsible for deciding on this and -- and the result is the result. there's no amount of fuss being made by the president that is going to overtake that. the senate will certify the votes and joe biden will be the president elect, he will be inaugurated on the january of 20th and that's that.
6:42 am
dagen: huho, great to see you this morning, hugo gurdon. later we will get to where does the republican party go from here? we are still waiting for the party to be called between ossoff and perdue. by the way term for warnock is only 2 years, that's a runoff race to replace johnny issason that retired, it's a 6-year term whoever wins between david perdue and jon ossoff. hugo gurdon, measured and informative. former boston police commissioner ed davis weighs in next. we will tell you how wall street is responding to the balance of power vote in the senate. the word on wall street straight up top of the hour, you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business.
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dagen: no charges, official in kenosha, wisconsin announcing they would in the press charges against officer who shot jacob blake this summer. >> more than 40 ours of squad video, hundreds of pages of
6:47 am
electronic information. there are almost 200 separate law enforcement reports and almost 1500 individual pages of police reports and it is my decision now that i announce today before you that no kenosha law enforcement officer in this case will be charged with criminal offense. dagen: blake was shot 7 times in the back following a domestic incident leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. joining me to weigh in former boston police ed davis, ed, what do you make of this decision? ed: good morning, dagen. i believe that the da set it all, he talked about extensive amount of evidence that has to be reviewed in a case like this. the shooting looked tough on video but the video did not show
6:48 am
story. the underlying issue, the police were issuing lawful to individual who armed himself with a knife and resulted in a shooting. it's never pretty to see it but i think they came to the right decision. dagen: the initially that initially sparked unrest in kenosha, more than 250 people were arrested during protests and rioting. after yesterday's decision reon or abouta is preparing reaction, mobilizing 500 national guard troops, would you expect more unrest, ed? ed: it's hard to say. it's something that usually happens the first night, however, we have seen activists coming in from other areas, so tonight will be telling but hopefully cooler heads will prevail in this and now that the election is over i think that there's a little bit of a passion has been removed from the discussions and hopefully we
6:49 am
will have a peaceful protest where people can show the displeasure but not destroy things. dagen: ed, are the police departments in places like new york, washington, are they doing a better job of making sure because you saw what happened in portland? again, those protests were not peaceful and there was violence and rioting and they had to audacity to blame president trump for the violence of others, the violence of antifa and the like. are the police departments doing a better job to ensure that, well, i don't know people's livelihoods aren't destroyed? >> right, the spring -- spin on these things has been horrendous. they are doing better reviews. i was involved with training in the new york city police department. the training has improved dramatically over the last few years and as we are encountering
6:50 am
these situations on the streets we are learning more each time and doing the best that we can but these are difficult situations. dagen: let me correct myself. this isn't the police department. the police officers are there to do their jobs but they are not supported in these liberal cities by elected officials, the new york city is not supported by the district attorney, bill de blasio and the state. i'm not laying blame on them. >> i understand completely. police have become radioactive in the country and it's a sin very politicians that look for us for help for decades walking away because of the incidents. we need to change and do our best but we also need the support of the community and the political structure is a fundamental component of that. dagen: i witnessed the unrest in new york earlier last year. you know, i walked by -- i saw
6:51 am
looting, so peaceful protest, my backside. thank you so much, ed, great to see you. please come back. >> great to see you too. dagen: happy new year. coming up the most distressing room in your home. it's not a room. it's making a buzz this morning. to shorten colds! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula.
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no expensive machines, no expensive memberships. get off the floor with aerotrainer. go to to get yours now. dagen: time for the morning buzz, first up one less red carpet, grammy awards have been postponed until march due to coronavirus spread in
6:55 am
california. the award ceremony was supposed to happen this month with live performances limited audience but the surge of cases has changed the recording academy's minds. nancy, are you surprised it got pushed back, are you going to miss it? nancy: i don't think i've ever watched it, dagen. [laughter] nancy: we've had a virtual presidential campaign, virtual basketball games, virtual heisman trophy ceremony, virtual happy hours and for most viewers this is a virtual event anyway. i find it to be classic, california, center of the universe behavior. i don't get it. i don't know what's going to be different in march since we had such a slow rollout of vaccines. i'm not going to miss it and i'm not going to watch it. dagen: here is what i don't understand. i do a lot -- i do most of my shopping online, i do a lot on
6:56 am
browsing on retail shops, if i see one more ball gown pitched to me, i'm not joking, 10,000-dollar beaded evening gowns, who in the hell is buying those things? it's just a slap in the face. anyway, i want to get to this story, take a deep breath, maybe i should do that. window seats, reading nooks, places to distress as many people stay stuck in their homes, some people are redesigning tinny corners for comfort. do you have a cozy corner in your house, steve? steve: i've carved out space over time, we have been together 50 years. i have a space in the library where i go and people know not to bother. we are social animals and we
6:57 am
also need time out and when we are thrown together on house arrest on place on end you need place to distress. we all need them from time to time. dagen: lock yourself in the bathroom as last resort. thank you so much, steve. we will be right back. ♪
6:58 am
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7:00 am
dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, january 6th. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. down to the wire in georgia, fox news projecting that democrat raphael warnock has defeated incumbent kelly loeffler while the race between david perdue and john ossoff still too close to call. some are sensing the same issues faced in the november election amid claims of memory card issues. one county stopping the count entirely. all this as president trump readies for a massive rally and a big fight in washington ahead of the electoral college certification today. the president says that with mike pence's help, he will win
7:01 am
the election. we're looking at all the major political stories this morning. hear from senator kevin kramer, congressman andy bigg and newt gingrich. we have a big selloff in the making, among the nasdaq, technology stocks, nasdaq futures are down almost -- more than one and-a-half percent at the moment. all three major market gauges finished yesterday in the green, reversal of the gains on the nasdaq yesterday this morning. investors keeping a close eye on the balance of power in the senate. and the ten year treasury yield ticking back up over 1% for the first time since march, evidence p onlily al -- eventually all a this borrowing, deficit spending has an impact on rates and not a good one. apple, bonuses going progressive. the new executive rewards are based on environmental values. what are they going to go into the parking lot and see if you
7:02 am
drive an electric car? mafia toss, the new effort to keep new york governor andrew cuomo away from the crowds at the buffalo bills game. and kim and kanye calls it quits, new reports that the power couple may be headed for divorce. it's making a buzz this morning. "mornings with maria" live right now. european markets all to the plus side, the biggest gainer there, the ftse 100 in england, up almost 2 and-a-half percent. in asia overnight, you also had gains on the hang seng and the shanghai composite. some of the top stories this morning. congress meets today to vote on certifying the presidential election results. cheryl casone has more. cheryl. cheryl: the counting of the electoral college votes normally a symbolic event, shaping up to a be a lengthy process, more than a dozen senators and 100 house republicans are expected to reject the certification from key battleground states. president trump is pressing on,
7:03 am
calling on vice president mike pence who will proceed over the vote. he tweeted that if mike pence comes through for us we will win the presidency. well, president trump is also expected to speak to a crowd of supporters later today. hundreds have he descended on the capitol to protest telex results. six protesters were arrested yesterday, some facing weapons of charges and assault on an officer. the mayor has called on the national guard ahead of the protest. joe biden solidifying his diplomatic team, wendy sherman, a key negotiator in the 2015 iran nuclear deal reportedly is going to be nominated for deputy secretary of state and victoria newland who served as ambassador
7:04 am
to nato of will be nominated as undersecretary of state. the more contagious variant of the coronavirus now in at least seven states according to the cdc, the most recent state, georgia. a new report shows at least 26 more people have become infected in california. now the head of the world health organization is going after china, claiming its investigation in the origins of the virus is being stalled because experts are not allowed into that country. and protests breaking out in kenosha, wisconsin overnight after officials announced they will not press charges against the officer involved in the august shooting of jacob blake. the kenosha district attorney says evidence shows the officer fired in self-defense. blake was armed with a knife when he was shot several times, leaving him paralyzed and those are some of your headlines from the newsroom. back over to you. dagen: thank you so much. georgia on our minds, the minds of the nation. democrats gaining a seat in the senate as fox news calls one of the two senate runoff races
7:05 am
there. raphael warnock defeating incumbent senator kelly loff loeffler, flipping one of the state's two gop senate seats. the second race is too close to call. john ossoff maintains a narrow lead over republican incumbent david perdue. if ossoff wins, democrats will have a majority in the senate, if you include the tie-breaking vote of senator, vice president-elect kamala harris. fox news voter analysis shows that 60% of voters said that the balance of power in the senate was the single most important factor in their vote. joining me now, former white house deputy press secretary, trump campaign national press secretary, hogan gidley. also with me all morning long, nancy tangler and steve forbes. i want to quickly point out that if the margin is half of 1% or less, so yea 0.5 percentage poi, that's the recount threshold in
7:06 am
georgia. so he depending on how the ossoff, perdue race is called, there will -- almost certainly be a recount there. but what do you make of what happened in georgia? >> well, look, i think the future of this country is clearly at stake here. this is something that the president went down an discussed with the people of georgia on multiple occasions. it's something that kelly loeffler and david perdue ran on. again, we have a situation in which the media largely ignored so many of the scandals surrounding raphael warnock, they didn't really talk about that race at all and all the issues he faced, being accused by his ex-wife of abuse and other things. the comments he made about the military in georgia, saying you can't serve the military and serve god. georgia's a large military state. you saw, again, as kind of a rigging of the election like they did to donald trump and what they decided to cover remarks they decided not to cover, big tech, big companies dog their best to censor the things that the voters count
7:07 am
see. but the fact is, we pressed so hard to make sure that the senate was kept in republican hands, not just for the balance of power, but for the protection of this country. and when you look at the radical left agenda of raphael warnock and of the radical left as well, you have to have serious pause and serious concerns. it's not just higher taxes and regulation that's are going to cripple businesses and cripple american workers, it's the decision to open our of borders to people who have no right whatsoever to be here and flood the market with cheap labor. that's going to be a problem. the green new you deal that would make us energy dependent for the first time since donald trump took office and made us independent. that's a national security issue. so there are all types of issues this country is going to face if in fact democrats will control the senate and have kamala harris as vice president. dagen: kelly loeffler did her level best to label raphael warnock that very thing. in the one debate that they had, she said over and over again, it was at least more than a dozen
7:08 am
times, radical liberal. i think that was -- those were the two words that she chose and those very issues - and i said on the air that raphael warnock in his past has said things that in recent history would have been disqualifying. but those issues were run in ads aimed on tv, aimed at georgia voters. so georgia voters were certainly -- many of them aware of raphael warnock's history. and he still won. >> you talked about it. kelly loeffler talked about it. dagen: the georgia voters watched -- if you watched tv you saw some of these ads in georgia. >> you saw the ads. let's be clear about what happened here. we just came off a contentious presidential election in the state of georgia an inundated with the senate ads in the primary and in the general and then in a runoff as well. don't pretend as though people didn't turn that off. what they didn't turn off were
7:09 am
their local newscasts. what they didn't turn off were the national newscasts. and if the mainstream media refused to cover these issues, it's not just about what they cover, it's about what they don't cover. and it's about how they cover it. and so when those issues don't come to the fore and the people don't get a chance to see exactly what raphael warnock is all about, exactly what john ossoff is all about, no wonder this type of thing culminates in a potential victory for both of those two men. dagen: did president trump's behavior leading up to these runoff elections hurt the turnout and hurt the enthusiasm? again, the -- i'm asking this as a serious question. sowing doubt about the results from november, but then also doing a giant cannon ball into the issue of the stimulus package that -- aid package that was negotiated by his own treasury secretary but instead
7:10 am
of $600 checks he does a giant cannon ball in the middle of it and says $2,000 checks. certainly puts the republicans on edge and whether they have to get on-board with those checks or not. mitch mcconnell can did not move ahead with voting on the $2,000 checks. but then also the call -- i mean, going after the governor and then the secretary of state and then that phone call, which was leaked, but didn't that hurt? >> look, you can't ascribe the issues of a local state senate race to the president solely. i mean, the fact is -- dagen: i didn't say solely. i didn't say solely. >> i know. but i did. i'm saying the president of the united states went down there and gave a massive boost to kelly loeffler, a massive boost to david perdue. otherwise they wouldn't have asked him to come down. they wanted him there. he'd been there multiple times. they wanted to capture magic and the strength and the love of the
7:11 am
donald trump voter onto their side. i don't know how much of that they got. i'm sure once we see the breakdown of the votes afterwards we'll know more. the president did a good job differentiating between the fraud, abuse, illegalities, the anominallies of his election versus the importance of the upcoming senate elections. because if the senate goes to democrats, they're going to completely erode all of the successes and record-setting time that this president was able to accomplish on behalf of all americans and implement this socialist utopia you agenda that is going to absolutely destroy this country and erode faith in our future. not to mention the fact, people out there are smart enough to understand that what they saw in november was an absolute scam. they know this thing was rigged from the outset. they know how the media covered it and didn't cover it leading up to it, how big tech censored certain stories and didn't semiconductor sore others. they -- censor others.
7:12 am
they know the importance of making sure that the senate remain in republican hands. owning the libs doesn't mean giving two senate seats to democrats. i think the voters understood that. i think the president of the united states did an outstanding job reminding voters exactly what was at stake up to and including at the event he did on election eve, monday night in dalton, georgia. dagen: i just raised the issue of to what extent did president trump by fomen t distrust, rightfully or wrongly into the voting system. >> he didn't foment it. these people saw it with their own eye. they saw the videos. they experienced it. there's a reason the pennsylvania legislature is asking for more time. they live and deion their constituents. the constituents are coming to the state house and senate level saying this is a serious problem. this isn't the president of the united states. this is the american people
7:13 am
experiencing the illegalities and abuse and telling people they want faith in their election system and after what we saw in november, they don't have it. dagen: hogan, good to see you. i didn't even get to ask you about the electoral college certification. but come back. good to see you. hogan gidley. >> will do. thanks. dagen: we'll be right back with the word on wall street. stay with us. m relentless every. m relentless every. and having more days is possible with verzenio, proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant. verzenio + fulvestrant is for women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer that has progressed after hormone therapy. diarrhea is common, may be severe, or cause dehydration or infection. at the first sign, call your doctor, start an anti-diarrheal, and drink fluids. before taking verzenio, tell your doctor about any fever, chills, or other signs of infection. verzenio may cause low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infection that can lead to death. life-threatening lung inflammation can occur. tell your doctor about any new or worsening trouble breathing, cough, or chest pain.
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dagen: time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money this week. joining me now is ma larry glazr and keith fitzgerald. also chief investment officer, nancy tangler. than circumstance let's start with with you and the markets this morning. investors watching georgia, the senate runoff races. fox news projected that democrat raphael warnock has defeated incumbent kelly loeffler. the race between david perdue and john ossoff too close to call. what would the impact of a democrat controlled senate and a
7:17 am
democrat controlled congress and white house be on the markets? it just seems like investors have not completely factored in what the world might look like. >> i think you're right, dagen. but markets rarely rational in the short term. a lot of the volt tilt is driven by -- volatility is driven by the algorithms. one of my ten nets is don't invest your pitolicic remoormontormo, i t wtt vests av h to t csi cr cs c will belu rpl rplill il it relt inig hrheax tesn ihe t dsmiof cmimiidnd a a a aecsieson i ink the bge bis rk i regulationgulation on n,ne of ohe t tshatt pulezz mes, ire pdesi-entctle aid hisisisisay d o topiv f gulatory deses, a, he has
7:18 am
exece power to do tha fou of tsese incde oil, wil againstai the t til ind itry. i yetveve sven massive rly inil scks.cks. soso think invtors nd to toe t looklogokloo theong tm.m. we're long consumer discretionary stocks and those that sort of overlap with the digitization that we think will continue and will benefit a number of technology stocks, despite today's selloff in the nasdaq. so stay away from fang but focus on cloud, artificial intelligence and any company that is benefiting from digitization, particularly in consumer discretionary. dagen: larry, let's keep talking about potentially increased regulation on big tech. what could happen to these companies if democrats potentially control all levels of power in washington? nancy raised this issue. what say you, larry? >> look, dagen, things are about to get real interesting in silicon valley today as people are rolling out of bed and seeing election results. at the end of the day, a democratic controlled washington is bad news for big technology
7:19 am
companies. for a couple reasons. one is bernie and other influential democrats don't think these companies pay enough in taxes. they think they wield too much power. it also means we're going to have higher interest rates, what we saw this morning and overnight. higher interest rates are bad for high multiple stocks. it's not bad news for everyone, it's not bad news for little tech or ev companies. there's plenty of opportunity. print technology companies are going to be really nervous. they have a reason to b they have a bull's-eye on their back. they'll pay for the stimulus checks and the $29 trillion debt that we're going to face as a result of what happened over the last such he'll years. i think there's opportunities. wall street has been asleep at the switch. you need to change your portfolio in 2021. the last cutech is okay. growth is okay. big tech maybe not so much. dagen: i love how the amazon jp morgan, warren buffet, burt
7:20 am
shire hathaway partnership went poof. we're going to reimagine the healthcare industry. it's going to fall on the little guys and entrepreneurs. i heard that from the founder of woop, the fitness tracking band. keith, let's turn to you. the trump administration banning transactions with eight chinese connected apps. one of the apps, ali pay is owned by jack ma's ant group, another owned by ten cent. what does this move have as investors look toward china? how do investors read this? this is something that a biden administration could undo. >> well, i think you're absolutely correct, dagen. i think the biden administration is going to do it. the cat is out of the bag. i think the ban is correct. there's no question that china uses that information against people, not necessarily americans but just as a matter of surveillance. they're okay with that over there. we're not okay with that over
7:21 am
here. from an investment standpoint with all the cross currents, not a big deal. the decision investors have to make right now is the dragon is coming to dinner on tuesday. have you to be decide whether you want to be at the table of or on the menu. there's an investment opportunity but we've got to let it settle first. dagen: great to see you, keith. keith and larry. larry brings the energy too. nancy, you're with us all morning long. coming up, apple bonuses go progressive. the new executive rewards based on environmental values. plus, kim ye headed for splits-ville. the breakup making a buzz this morning.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
dagen: going progressive, apple will modify cash bonuses for executives by up to 10% based on
7:25 am
their performance toward the company's social and environmental goals. no word on how they plan on evaluating that. apple said earlier this year that it -- or last year, rather, that it plans to remove of carbon emissions from all of the businesses by 2030. ceo tim cook's compensation for last year also rose to nearly $15 million. steve, i was joking earlier but what are they going to do, go in the parking lot to see what kind of car people are driving? steve: they have to really spell out what these things actually mean. there's a lot of words right now, like environment, diversity and the like. those are things, like diversity, have already been dealt with. one of the interesting things they list is education. i'm hoping that education will now include school of choice so that young people at an early age get the education they need so they can have a better life instead of being crushed by the
7:26 am
unions, more interested in their power rather than educating kids. i hope that's part of their education responsibility program. dagen: apple has a diversity problem in the makeup of its workforce, like all technology companies. it's better -- the breakdown is better for apple than at companies like facebook but nancy if you look at u.s. race and ethnicity, u.s. employees overall 9% of the workforce is made up of black individuals, 6% for technology jobs and leadership it's just 3% of black americans making up leadership roles. it's worse at facebook. so, again, this is a look in the mirror scenario for executives at apple. nancy: yeah, i know, dagen. let me just say,ism long apple -- i'm long apple, i love the company on so many levels but i don't really think that a 10% adjustment in a bonus is going to make the changes that the company seeks. it has to be -- first of all, it
7:27 am
has to be based on merit and then they have to change the way they recruit. i loved when we were seeing all the stories about prisoners being taught coding and then coming out of prison and being given jobs in silicon valley. that kind of grass roots activity makes a difference but setting arbitrary standards and putting in place these -- steve's right, what do they mean, definitions, is a little bit -- it feels a little like pandering to me. dagen: are they going to -- two they go through my garbage can to see if i'm recycling rigorously. nancy: it's fine to put it in the recycle bin. dagen: oh, my god, there's one can of red bull in your bar gang, not your recycling bin, we're going to dock your pay. i jest. how do you quantify this is the question. nancy: exactly. dagen: coming up, the senate's
7:28 am
new balance of power, north dakota senator kevin kramer is here to discuss, plus the latest on the battle for a free and fair election. and flag on the play, buffalo bills fans ready to sideline for nor andrew cuomo from attending this weekend's playoff game. it's making a buzz this morning. ♪ they've got nothing on you, baby. ♪ nothing on you,. ♪ nothing on you now is the time for a new bath from bath fitter.
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we use 11. eleven. why do an expense report from your phone when you can do it from a machine that jams? i just emailed my wife's social security number to the entire company instead of hr, so... please come back. how hard is your business software working for you? with paycom, employees enter and manage their own hr data in one easy-to-use software. visit for a free demo. hon? first off, we love each other... cheryl: welcome back ment i'm cheryl casone. some headlines this morning. president trump issuing a new executive order against chinese companies. this order bans transactions with eight chinese connected apps including ali pay which is owned by jack ma's ant group and apps owned by ten cent holdings, the apps can reportedly access private information from users that is turned over to the
7:32 am
chinese government. more than 50 of pro democracy figures were arrested overnight in hong kong on suspicion of violating the city's sweeping national security law, the biggest crackdown yet since the law was passed by beijing six months ago. those arrested include pro democracy politicians who organized and planned the city's aborted legislative council elections last summer as well as other high profile activists and an american lawyer was taken away by police. well, united health group aagreed to buy chain healthcare for just under $8 billion, in an effort to beef up healthcare technology businesses. they will pay 25, 75 per share in cash. the deal expected to close in the secretary half of the year. -- second half of the year. it will combine it with the optimum insight unit. the stock is down a little more than 1% right now. auction drilling leases will take place this morning for the
7:33 am
arctic national wildlife refuge after a federal judge ruled in favor of the trump administration's plan. environmental groups filed several lawsuits to block its. the ruling seen as a win for president trump and the promise to deliver on the energy dominance agenda. and the boston red sox making history in the off ow season. the team announced the hiring of bianca smith as a minor league coach, making her the first black woman to coach minor league baseball. she will work with position players at the team's facility in fort myers, florida. and those are some of your headlines. back over to you. dagen: it's pretty cool. thank you, cheryl. georgia on the nation's mind. democrats gaining a seat in the senate as fox news calls one of the two senate runoff races, raphael warnock defeating incumbent senator kel kelly loeffler. the second race still too close
7:34 am
to call with democrat john ossoff maintaining a narrow lead over republican incumbent david perdue. if ossoff wins, democrats will have a majority in the senate, if you include the tie-breaking vote of kamala harris. joining me now, north dakota senator, senate armed services and budget committee member, kevin kramer. senator, a pleasure to see you this morning. a happy new year. what do you make of what we know so far coming out of georgia? >> well, obviously why not. i mean, why not come down to the last minute of the runoff and see who is going to control the senate in a year like we've had. that said, i'm still hopeful, i'm holding out for those -- particularly those military ballots that haven't been opened and counted yet. if david perdue has a shot before the end of this day, i think that's where his best opportunity lies. now, all of that said, what's at stake, and i know you guys know this better than anybody, what's at stake is for one thing real
7:35 am
big things like elimination of the filibuster, packing the courts, adding a couple of senators by making the district of columbia a state, those are huge ramifications should they get 50 senators and kamala harris in a couple weeks in the capitol. at the moment, when you look at how elections are handled and realizing that nancy pelosi's dream and she's been quite open about it to nationalize elections and that allow universal vote by mail everywhere, not just allow it, require registration, prohibit states from putting restrictions on voter identification, not just allowing but requiring ballot harvesting in every state. this is a frightening potential outcome if even one democrat-if we end up fie 50/50 and one demt decides to do something. it's just a very frightening frankly situation. dagen: well, there's -- i want to ask you about senator joe manchin, because there's been so
7:36 am
much talk about -- he has a -- how will he vote. will he vote -- would he vote along with his party or would he be a more reasonable middle of the road member of the senate, despite being a democrat. but that's a lot. or even turning to senator cinema from arizona. that's a lot to count on, isn't it? >> it is a lot to count on. i love both he joe and kirstin. i know them well. joeys a lot like north dakota. the problem with senator man chin, my observations, he's a pretty good moderate vote unless chuck schumer needs him. if the vote makes a difference which is the only time it really matters he hasn't been that reliable. so you can't rely on that. kiersten is more rebellious than joeys in her conference as she
7:37 am
was in the house when i served with her there. those are not the things you can count on. the majority has a lot to give a senator. they have a lot that they can entice them with like chairmanships. i would rather make sure that david perdue comes back after re-election and we keep our of majority. dagen: steve forbes is here. he has something he wants to ask you. well, many things. steve. steve: thank you, dagen. senator, in terms of regulation, what do you see coming against two parts of your state, energy and agriculture, regardless of how the senate race in georgia goes, the remaining one. looks like they're going to go to war against agriculture with the environmental regulations, energy, pipelines and the like. what do you see on the horizon? is there anything that can be done to stop that freight train that's going to damage your state? >> so great point, steve. this is one -- probably the greatest concerns about losing
7:38 am
the majority in the senate because remember, democrats voted unanimously against many of donald trump's nominees, for example at places like the epa and other agencies. if we lose the majority, we lose that leverage over the administration. when it comes to confirming or the advise and consent rule which is very important in the senate and unique to the senate, if we lose that leverage, those things could even be worse. there's no question, their goals are very clear and that is to do exactly things you're doing. i mean, everything from private property rights to how water is managed, land and then of course as you said the energy industry, pipelines, it's bad enough as it is with all the consent decrees and the liberal courts. but the one bright spot, steve, is that for four years donald trump working with mitch mcconnell and republicans in the senate has at least nominated and confirmed several
7:39 am
very good conservative judges and justices up and down the court system and that will be the backstop. i just hate to litigate everything. dagen: yeah, i actually have -- you know, because i'm such a nerd, senator. i have the number of judges written down on a folder that i carry around with me. it's three supreme court justices, 54 appeals court judges and 174 lower court judges. that's what the trump administration was able to do. i want to move on to what happens on capitol hill today as the electoral college certifies its votes during a joint session of congress. a growing number of republican lawmakers in the house and particularly the senate are set to challenge the certification and president trump is pressuring vice president mike pence who will oversee the certification. the president went as far as tweeting this. if vice president mike pence comes through for us, we will win the presidency. many states want to dediss decey
7:40 am
the mistake they made n a process not approved by state legislatures which it must be. mike can send it back. this coming as trump supporters are set to march on washington today. president trump is expected to speak. senator, you will not be objecting to the certification. tell me why. >> well, for me, dagen, it's just a matter of conscience and my oath of the constitution, my conscience to god and the oath of the constitution. the constitution in my mind is quite clear that congress has a role to count previously certified by the states, where they're supposed to be certified ballots that are provided sealed to the president of the senate. i don't see an option to that. i do think, however, that the cases that you talk about in some of the swing states where the legislature didn't authorize the changes that were made, they unfortunately in a couple of cases courts have determined that the legislature authorized
7:41 am
the bar barr bureaucrat who dide the law. it will take longer to litigate than what we have between now and this afternoon. i see nowhere where the vice president has the authority to send them back. that would be great if that were true. i don't see that he has that authority. dagen: the constitution i think only empowers the vice president to open the electoral college certificates, not even count them. that's not even speaking to the issue of rejecting them. senator kevin kramer, always a pleasure, sir. if i could ever take a road trip, i've got to get to north dakota. >> please do. we would be happy to host you. dagen: i'm on the way, eventually. thank you so much. coming up, what you need to know about the more contagious covid-19 variant and how to protect children from the spread.
7:42 am
we discuss. plus, kim-ye headed for splits-ville. the breakup making a buzz this morning. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ a migraine hope from aimovig.
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dagen: coronavirus crisis, georgia health officials confirming the first case of the highly contagious covid variant
7:46 am
in a healthy teenager. the cdc reporting at least seven states have the new strain including colorado, california, florida and new york. joining me now is pediatric infectious disease expert, director of precision vaccine program, dr. offe levy. i'll get it right eventually. my apologies this morning. a new study suggests that those under the age of 20 are most at risk of contracting this variant. what are your concerns? >> thank you for that, dagen. you know, this virus is spreading throughout the world and continues to evolve over time. its genetic material is changing as it's spreading. and in the united kingdom they've done an excellent job at
7:47 am
surveillance, keeping an eye on the genetic sequence of the virus, taking samples from individuals who are infected an sequencing, doing the genetic sequencing to monitor what the strains are that are moving through the united kingdom and the recent study you allude to indicates there's a variant that emerged in the united kingdom that appears to spread easier between individuals and to cause somewhat more frequent disease in those who are under 20 years of age. dagen: in terms of -- so the spread, but it doesn't have the health consequences for those who of do contract this new variant. >> correct, dagen. right, right, thank you for that. right. to clarify, it does not appear that this variant causes more severe disease. what it does appear to be is that it spreads easier between individuals and appears to now
7:48 am
have begun spreading more frequently to those younger than 20 years of age. dagen: looking at, say, what is going on in los angeles and los angeles county, i have family who live there and they're terrified in the way that i certainly felt deep fear coming to work every day, like coming into the building every day and traveling around new york city in the spring. i just want to ask you why -- like that city is virtually locked down but why is there such dray a m -- dramatic spreaa place like that. i'm sure you've looked at that. >> right. so, look, california started off pretty well as you recall early on, california distinguished itself by having relatively low he spread of the virus. but the ability and the conformity with the measures that are still critical, wearing masks, socially distancing, hand
7:49 am
hygiene, just the basics, i think being diligent with that over time is tough. let's label it. you're doing it one day, one week. that's one thing. asking people to do that for months and months is very tough. i'm not just an infectious disease specialist. i'm a husband. i'm a father of three kids. i have two teenagers in the house, three teenagers. i know how hard it is to be diligent with these things but it's critical that we all continue to be diligent even as the vaccines come out. we hope in the coming months things look better. we believe that the vaccines will be effective against this u.k. variant but we're going to have to continue to have very close surveillance, keeping an eye on what strains are circulating, keeping an eye on whether the vaccine is protecting against the circulating strains. we believe it will. we need to keep an eye on that and what's unfolding in los angeles is a tragedy. it appears the hospital capacity is being out-stripped. dagen: right. i want to move on to the issue with the vaccines.
7:50 am
the latest numbers from the cdc, these are the big numbers, show that out of more than 17 million vaccination doses that have been distributed, only 4.8 million shots have been administered so far. so over 70% of the vaccines are still sitting in freezers, waiting to be given out. where is the delay? this did fall on the state and local costs to come up with a plan and certainly florida seems to have a better plan than, say, new york, which again has been in my opinion a disaster. >> yeah, well, i will tell you that overall, as a country, -- countries are like human beings. it's no difference. we have strengths, weaknesses and tendencies. no country is perfect. no person is perfect. we score high marks for innovation. moderna came out of nowhere and they're contributing one of the vaccines that's key.
7:51 am
we get an a plus in my book for administration. the food and drug administration process which i was proud to be a part of was an excellent process. in terms of implementation and public health we're working out the kinks as dr. fauci said and i saw headlines of elderly people in florida waiting hours in line to get an vaccine. that didn't sound like a good system to me. my parents are in israel. they got the vaccine very rapidly and easily. they'll soon have 25% of their population. dagen: i know people, elderly people in florida who have been vaccinated. the issue with the lines for elderly people, that was based on what governor de santis was saying yesterday, it was an issue with the hospital and the way the hospital handled it. let me get this straight. offer levy. >> levy. dagen: it's important,
7:52 am
dr. levy. i wanted to get it right. thank you very much. >> thank you, dagen. dagen: kim and kanye calling it quits, new reports that the couple are headed for divorce. buzz, next. tasha, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? hmm. so what are you waiting for? hip hop group tag team to help you plan dessert? ♪ french vanilla! rocky road! ♪ ♪ chocolate, peanut butter, cookie dough! ♪ ♪ scoop! there it is! ♪ scoop! there it is! ♪ scoop! there it is! ♪ scoop! there it is! scoop! ♪ ♪ shaka-laka! shaka-laka! ♪ shaka-laka! shaka! scoop!. ♪ ♪ choco-laka! choco-laka!... geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. ♪ sprinkles!
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7:55 am
dagen: it's time for the morning buzz. hollywood royalty, no more. the new york post reporting, it's on the front page today, that kanye and kim kardashian west are calling it quits after six years of marriage and four children together. sources revealing that the couple has been living apart for some time now and that kim is, quote, done. the couple's combined worth, more than $2.2 billion. steve, you know what kim kardashian wants to do? pack the bar and continue to
7:56 am
work on criminal justice reform. that's kind of awesome. steve: it is awesome. we interviewed her, i interviewed her once at a women's conference she had. she pressed the audience, she's not to be underestimated. even though the marriage you might say has gone south, she's a force to be reckoned with. she helped pass the justice reform bill with president trump. i expect more from her in the future, positive stuff. dagen: absolutely. and i was fascinated in terms of, nancy, the finances of it. they have this house in -- i think it's in calabasas, california. i i think they essentially ripped it down and rebuilt it. she owns the property. he owns the actual dwelling. now they have to figure out how to split it up. nancy: after a $40 million remodel or rebuild. i agree with steve. i think the fascinating part is
7:57 am
kim's future career plans. but there's a lot in the story to chew on, the ha hologram of r father, very interesting situation. dagen: he was at the 40th birthday for a day, apparently. stay with us. we'll be right back. .
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. wednesday, january 6th top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern. >> down to the wire, in georgia. fox news o protecting democrat raphael warnock did dpee'ing kelly loeffler race between perdue and ossoff too close to call some the same issues faced in november election claims of memory card issues one county stopping count entirely all this president trump ready for a massive rally,even bigger fight in washington ahead of the electoral college certification today. the president saying that with
8:01 am
mike pence's help he will win election. >> former speaker of the house newt gingrich joins us this hour with his take, markets meantime showing a mixed story nasdaq poised for a sell-off, at the start of trading, nasdaq 100 futures are down about one and a half percent the moment all three mainly market gauges however yesterday finished in the green, servers keeping a close eye on balance of power in the senate and 10-year treasury yield ticking back up over 1%, for the first time since march. office space? no thanks. some people would rather be jobless than return to a workplace in this pandemic world, build mafia talks to keep income governor and drew cuomo away from crowds at buffalo bills game a buzz this morning "mornings with maria" live right now. >>. dagen: are european markets
8:02 am
to the plus side today, the ftse 100 in england up nearly 3%. smaller gains in france and germany the moment, in asia overnight a mixed story, losses on the nikkei japan kospi in south korea. >> and we have jon ossoff speaking right now let's lessen. >> tools to bear the technology to bear the ingenuity to bear to stop the spread of this virus to defeat it get our daily lives back to rush and direct economic relief to people who need help right now, this campaign has been about health and jobs, and justice for the people of this state. for all the people of this state. and they will be my guiding principles as i serve this state, in the u.s. senate, in showing that every georgian has graekt health care no matter our wealth, ensuring in a we invest in an economic
8:03 am
recovery that includes all communities, that we build our states infrastructure, that lace the foundations for prosperity, in a world georgia as you bushan communities alike securing equal justice for all following in the footsteps of leaders who have departed us this last year congressman john luis, ct, i want to thank the people of georgia for participating in this election everybody who cast your ballot who put your faith and confidence in our democracy's capacity to deliver the representation that we deserve whether you were for me or against me i will be for you in the u.s. senate i will serve all the people of the state, i will give everything i've got to ensuring that georgia's interests are represented in the u.s. senate, i want to thank all the volunteers, who poured their hearts and souls into this campaign, i want to make my thank family for support and patience i want to thank my wonderful wife he lee shah as we speak at the
8:04 am
hospital helping georgia mothers deliver healthy babies helping save lives emulate the spirit of courage heroism, of those who have given so much to the health response to this crisis as we unite as a people to overcome in challenge of covid-19 and to build a republic that lives up to highest i deals quality in god's eyes equal justice in georgia thank you so much for confidence you placed in me i am honored, honoring by your support by your confidence, by your trust. and i will look forward to serving you in the united states senate with intoekt integrity humility honor getting things done for the people of georgia thank you so much. >> that was jon ossoff according to fox news the race between ossoff and senator david perdue is still too close to call i will also note
8:05 am
recount thresh in georgia is half of 1%, so, if it if margin is -- at that level or less, then there is going to be a recount. in georgia. and potentially a court fight if you are listening to perdue's team however. that race has not been called by fox news yet, georgia, of course, on everyone's minds democrats gaining a seat at least one seat in the senate fox news called that race for raphael warnock, who defeated incumbent senator kelly loeffler the second i mentioned too close to call we move on from that if ossoff wins it is 50-50 but examine democrats will have control because of tiebreaking vote would fall to kamala harris incoming vice president, fox news voter analyze shows 60%
8:06 am
voters said the balance of power in the senate was signage most important factor in their vote, more important for o republicans voters in that state. joining me now arizona congressman house judiciary committee member, andy biggs, what do you make of what has happened so far in georgave? >> has gone as we would have expected really, really close i am not sure fully over we don't know how many provisional ballots need to be counted in both races not surprising this close not surprising claims with regard to the election because very little was changed from november election processes to these processes, so it is hard to -- to figure out what is going to happen next, but if it is both seats going to the democrats, i would say that we are in for a pedal to the metal hard left socialism in
8:07 am
this current something to be very, very concerned about. >> do republicans need to think about coming back together presenting a know united front or do you not see any find fissures. >> there's always fissures we need to work together maybe we are united going forward the real challenge for us our opponent is not each -- but what is going to happen on the other side of the aisle the policies they said they are intent on implementing if we don't unite to fight that try to restore our freedom values that are going to be attacked over the next couple as we are then we are in for a long period of time. >> i want to move on to what is going to happen on capitol hill today the electoral college set to certify votes during a joint session of congress. a growing number of republican lawmakers in the house and the senate are ready to challenge
8:08 am
that certification. yesterday, it was reported that you and texas senator ted cruz will contest the results from to your home state of arizona, what do you plan to argue in front of congress or to congress? >> well, i am going to argue election integrity i am going to argue the constitutionality particularly of federal courts, for instance saying that arizona law was good it was constitutional, yet they -- they overruled that law to say this is perfect to do, they over threw that law that is constitutional gets to article ii section 2 issue so i will talk about that i have talked about the allegations of fraud i will produce difficulties try to introduce those into the record, and -- and -- and talk about how the legislature itself is trying to get out the -- an independent audits being
8:09 am
thwarted by governor and county board of supervisors who refuse to adhere to -- >> the end of the day if you want to argue constitutionality on the other side senator tom cotton, for example, wrote, he will stand by the electoral will not again contest the electoral -- electoral college count he said under the constitution, and federal law congress's powers limited to counting electoral votes submitted by states the founder enentrustedz to states not control by objecting to certify electoral votes will embolden democrats who want to erode further our system of constitutional government. >> i disagree with the senator on a number of bases, number one founders did not intend that a joint session of congress sit there like potted
8:10 am
plants you don't have to look far in history to see that you can go back to the early beginnings of this country you will see that his theory of the case is not quite consistent with what happened in first few elects nor is it consistent with federal law we have been operating under for a hundred00 years this century alone when republicans elected democrats contested they weren't alleging unconstitutionality, weren't alleging fraud it was something else they said not quite it right their amorphous claims are quite different than our constitutional claims i would suggest if you want the preserve the constitution you need preserve all of it including right of the states who had their -- their actions usurped by federal law or nonlegislative actors in the states.
8:11 am
>>. steve: we add on top of this. >> steve forbes i sua sponte him in here quickly president trump putting pressure on vice president mike pence into intervene, i read in the past a tweet that he put out, you can see on your screen steve get in here, because again this -- i mean this is issue pressuring vice president to do something he is not allowed to do. constitutionally. steve: sort of throwing him under the bus politically i want to ask congressman quickly talking elections is house going to end up expelling the provisional win six votes will we have a contested result in new york where republican is ahead are democrats going to brasenly make sure those two seats are given to those opponents event though at least one case republican was certified as the winner? >> well, you know that is a
8:12 am
great question steve, they nancy pelosi declared -- mills -- miller -- the provlgs provisional congresswoman from illinois there is no constitutional term last time they did something like this even though republican had many thousands of votes over democrats they chose the democrat, is to i don't know if they are going to do that or not. it is -- it is -- still in contest right now. hard to say. dagen: congressman great to see you this morning thank you so much for being here going to be a long day. >> and andy biggs congressman. we'll be right back. 4 watching market
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
waiting for adp number on private jobs a big jobs' report on friday i know cheryl casone is standing by, she's got the number go cheryl. cheryl: a rough hub number looking at loss 123,000 a loss the expectation was that there was going to be a gain for adp
8:16 am
88,000 jobs this, of course, tees up for the job report coming out december, to watch estimates ahead of the friday report nonfarm pay patrols expected to jump 100,000 friday unemployment rate 6. % again this number is 6.7% a negative number one factor california lockdown, talked about this number a few moments ago that, the california lockdowns were going to effectuate adp it has we have only recovered about half of the jobs that we lost since the pandemic, if you look at adp numbers sending back to you. not a good number. dagen: thank you so much cheryl again a turnaround, this would be if -- expecting job gains on friday for december report we haven't lost jobs since the month of april in this country we are still 100,000 job creation would still be lowest number since the beginning of the rebound, in the month of may let's go right to brian,
8:17 am
capital marts chief investment strategist on this keeping eye on georgia balance of power in senate at risk for republicans what do you make of this adp report? and the state of the economy, right now? >> good morning. thanks for having us happy new year, i would say this cheryl nailed it with respect to california lob jos big thooipg remember correlation adp from whooeven from labor department has actually not been very good historically, so, could be better in labor department on friday i wouldn't again bank tall of the analyze on adp, also, speaks to the increased lockdownss that we've seen across the country, in several states, so again you are right with respect to the the type of reversal not good negative from 100,000
8:18 am
jobs, posted but the negative turn is quite alarming. again let's not put too much weight in adp not a good correlation historically to the jobs' report. >> nancy request it raises the issue, jump in whether investors are a little out over their skis. >> yeah, good morning to you brian, thanks dagen. listen, i brian and i agree on a lot i think we both expected a sell-off or a correction, if you will, first quarter, but brian your also talking about very strong move for the economy and stocks the first half rather than second half where most analysts are, can you expand on that in light of this jobs' report? what do you think will get tell us? and trickle as we're calling it seeing in georgia election. >> great question nancy thanks for o asking great to be on
8:19 am
with you an honor, i would say this. the market is kind of like kids, so kids want to skittles all the time sugar, sugar is stimulus. we believe a negative jobs' report like this nancy exacerbates accelerates we think likelihood will have a we like to call he ethics stimulus package by mr. biden and miss yellen once confirmed i think people are underestimating that president trump wanted a stimulus package above a trillion dollars didn't get it i think what i like to call epic stimulus package of that a amount will only just a potential nationwide lockdown for 30 days, i think that is where we are headed again just me speculating especially given what we've seen with rhetoric out of the party so, so i would not be surprised at that, the markets are going to rally because of that nancy you know from memorandum side you and i are fundamental investors that doesn't look good for outstanding on
8:20 am
near-term basis i think learning term worry more about a tantrum in 21, 22 the first six months momentum driven. >> taper tantrum when federal reserve is removing some of the juice if you will pulling back on bond plying asset plying right? quickly before we go, you think the markets will keep rallying if entire country shut down for a month? >> i do, because think about this dagen, fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me people missed the movelast march and april really did believing macrostuff heading into great depression free money is going to be money to be spend we like to spend in this country so market go higher. >> i think about businesses destroyed smaller businesses, job creators i have seen it all around me those businesses will not come back i don't
8:21 am
know how a lot of even bigger more businesses in states that i have not been as hard-hit as new york would survive that, it would be livelihoods disappearing but it was great to see you more time next time i promise, coming up work from home or quit, why some rather be jobless than return to the workplace in a post pandemic world. we discuss next. ♪ ♪ makes it brilliant. the visionary lexus nx, lease the 2021 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. less sick days! cold coming on? zicam® is clinically proven to shorten colds! highly recommend it!
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zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam zinc that cold!
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8:24 am
dagen: work from home or quit? if news of americans are settling ip into remote work a sway from interest live career
8:25 am
shows nearly 30% employees would rather quit than return to the office many companies said they will allow employees to permanently work from home steve what do you make ma of this? people in major citiesmost to suburbs don't want to have to commute back into an office. steve: that is right, that is why are c sad nice for cities like new york even before this covid crisis doing best to drive people away with high taxes deterioration i think you will see flexibility people working from home comrrz will allow much more flexibility might come in a day or two, three whatever then work at home bog to be fluid not either/or, either home or office it is going to be fluid a lot of people still want work at home given the nature of the economy but gig workers in this economy daysen rising, over 50 million before covid crisis people working on their own taking a number of
8:26 am
jobs, so this will continue. dagen: nancy i heard stories of people supposed to live in the region, where their employer is based working from home they don't live in the region and their employers don't know they moved to like very low or no tax states, or even moved out of the country. >> it is true, and the ones the companies catching on are adjusting salaries we saw with silicon valley i have a home in incline village lake tahoe you cannot imagine how real estate boomed in the last six months, and number of california plates on nevada side investment banks, silicon valley tech workers coming up working from their new massive home with view of lake tahoe i think going to see how
8:27 am
companies make adjustment why pay california salary if living in nevada where there is no the state income tax. dagen: right why pay a florida salary to people in the new york who are going to get crushed based on state local may be even higher federal taxes thank you both the control of the senate down to the wire in georgia, we bring the latest, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich, talks the electoral college vote and the georgia senate runoff. he is next. ♪ ♪ liber ♪ ♪ pay for what you need. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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8:30 am
. dagen: welcome back i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, january 6th look at your markets, the bottom of the hour. we are at one hour away from the opening bell, and a mixed
8:31 am
picture, tech stocks nasdaq 100 futures deep in the red off lows of the morning sell-off about one 1/4 percent, european markets look like he this, we have gains across the board. the biggest winner, ftse 100 up 3%, on this day, in asia overnight mixed story the gainer there, hang seng and shanghai composite. >> a live look at washington, d.c., where the march to save america rally taking place congress meets meets to certify the election president trump scheduled to speak to the crowds later in the day then we also are watching, the senate showdown in georgia fox news projecting democrat raphael warnock defeated incumbent republican senator kelly loeffler giving democrats 49th seat in the senate the race between david perdue challenge jon ossoff still too close to call joining me former house speaker fox news contributor newt gingrich, newt you
8:32 am
represented georgia in the house what happened here do you think? >> based on what we know so far? >> welcome i think based on what we know so far republicans did not turn out in numbers they needed to, the republican campaigns didn't reach into the latino community as effectively as president trump had, if they had the margin of difference, stacey abrams democrats have done amazing job turning out votes, you can argue whether one hundred percent were totally -- illegal i thought suspicious late in the evening dekalb county found another 50,000 ballots they missed somehow, but i think nonetheless in the big the democratic counties, by the way, notice they wait to report until after all the republican counties are, so you end up with pretty clear understanding on the democrat side what it takes to win, but i think, i think it is a he
8:33 am
disaster, i am writeing with newsletter about georgia gob disaster everybody said this is most subsequently runoff in history was right means that schumer is going to be majority leader i think frankly precincts that are still coming in that also some are certainly going to be the victor a situation where democrats have a real shot radically changing america he over the next two years. >> newt talk about does responsibility fall on president trump for i describe it as doing a giant cannonball into the middle of all this, of -- to borrow steve forbes word muddying waters rather than focused on what you were talking about. chuck schumer would be majority leader, would change the -- the look i mean would change the country, in terms of policy, but what say you?
8:34 am
>> well, a couple things, one, goes all the way back to when governor kemp decided that he would reject president trump's suggestion, about doug collins, conservative congressman as senator he picked loeffler created bad blood civil war underway between governor and president you have in raffensperger secretary of state 134b closer to kelly abrams i mean stacey abrams, the democratic organizer was closer to her than any republican i know you you end up with a situation where the president didn't coordinate with anybody when he proposed 2,000 dollars a person, then mcconnell decided not to bring it up if the senate to end up with o loeffler and perdue out there with republicans not delivering on what the president promised that i think also hurt, so finally to
8:35 am
let bizarre phone call between the president and secretary of state in georgia, at a time when president trump had to know that raffensperger was his mortal enemy yet gets involved in this hourlong call just before election throwing totally muddying waters i think -- who ran a terrible campaign to produce a positive alternative positive message all internal messes, i think there is a lot of blame to go around, but the result is for the country, and for the republican party, i think a real disaster you have to give stacey abrams a lot of credit she worked very hard raised a lot of money built a machine, in georgia now, carried the state election day november 3 just carried state for u.s. senate i think twice by the time voted are counted republicans looking at it very
8:36 am
indicatively this is future unless we learn how to beat it. >> that was next question is georgia now permanently blue? >> no. state legislature with overwhelmingly republican, exabout probably a two year scenario by the time gets to washington proves how radical he really is if you watch what nancy pelosi has been doing in the house, with the rules changes, democratic party crazy enough to out allow mother and father what they did as words smith wordsmithing house rules, ending with a man and woman linguistically totally stupid same party that chuck schumer is going to be leading in the senate, he is a genuine legitimate radical, not a position very many georgians understand i suspect he will
8:37 am
turn out to be a twoier senator replace by republican in 204. >> in 2024. >>f as you can talking about democrats taking control of the senate with kamala harris how far do they go we have executive on this program you can do a lot with simply majority raise taxes to begin with deregulation, do they go as far as, many people in this country are worried in terms of getting rid of the filibuster? packing the court? adding states to the union? do they have -- he do they go that far do they have the votes to do that if you look at joe manchin. >> i think two parts, one is, as you said, joe manchin who said over and over again not going to do any of those things, now, you know he still survivors in west virginia as sort of last moderate democrat, interesting to see if he has guts to stand up to his caucus the second is look
8:38 am
who is up for election in two years we face a decision do i want to vote for things get beaten, large parts of the country these are not popular issues, you don't get very many people running outside of the hard left, on issues that -- that we see beginning to emerge i think average person will think they are pretty crazy. i do not think there is anything like a majority willing to be for the kind of things that aoc wants. >> i want to ask you all eyes on capitol hill today, newt, electoral college certifies during joint session of congress, but there are growing number of republican lawmakers, in the house and the senate, set to challenge, that certification. what do you expect to come out of this? certainly, great pressure that is being put on -- vice president pence, by even
8:39 am
president trump. to -- do something, if you will. >> i think vice president pence is in a tough situation he presides but doesn't control i think if he were to make a bold radical decision, he would be over ridden by senate, so he has to figure out what is his honest constitutional duty and do it whether it makes the president happy or not. second, i think, that what ted cruz is doing is basically right. of the the constitutional is very clear, the federalistpapers explaining the constitution very clear the founding fathers were terrified that a he foreign government would manipulate our system to control the president we see this very clearly, i think they saw the congress, as the last place to judge, not just but to judge, in 1877 congress created a
8:40 am
commission, both in jefferson's election and john quincy adams election took over a hundred days to decide, this is not a rubber-stamp i think to say couldn't we have 10 days without in any way affecting the date of the naurl biden can draft national trump will draft his national one will give an inaugural on 20th of january, why can't we have when we have about 39 to 40% of the country believes this election is fraudulent why captain we have a time-out period to get a commission to review evidence help country come come to grips with itself. >> i was in walking around my neighborhood i walked by this vintage poster store, and in the window, was a poster with -- bob dole and you, and i
8:41 am
forget who else was on front of it but it was a pro- democratic portfolio of from 96, for sale, it was expensive, newt. it was really expensive. >> probably jack kemp. >> kemp was on it as well. i just -- i had to laugh i was like -- i don't know if anybody back in could have imagined where we are today in terms of -- >> i don't think we could have i don't think anybody in o 2015 could have imagined where we have today this has been a -- wild ride. >> wild ride but policies deregulation lower taxes that unleased growth in the job market and growth in wages, for really you know rank andfile workers in a way that nobody saw coming, president trump saw it -- >> i don't think biden i don't
8:42 am
think biden and allies including media have any idea how hard it is going to be to get us out of the current economic disaster. and as you point out i agree totally how many small businesses have been crushed, how many people aren't two -- around the going back again and start up this could be three or four year track recovery biden record could be 10-year recovery in that process would devastate the party kevin mccarthy i have think almost certainly speaker in two years has a pretty good -- mitch mcconnell back as majority leader in two years but the -- by contest what donald trump did on the economy. >> steve forbes wrote in a peace said if democrats did nothing if they do nothing for six months even year would
8:43 am
look like geniuses all eyes on georgia former home depot ceo bob are in a dali in peach state talks to me about runoff races and results buffalo bills' plans rad to sideline governor andy cuomo from attending the playoff games making a buzz this morning you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪ ♪ (quiet piano music) (loud music & noises) ♪ (quiet piano music)
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georgia democrat raphael warnock projected to win his race defeating republican incumbent kelly loeffler two years remaining, ice acuson remember appointed by governor kemp to replace him warnock will be in that job two years the majority up for dwrabz as race between did democrat jon ossoff republican incumbent david perdue is still too close to call joining me former home depot ceo former chrysler ceo bob radar until hei you live in georgia what has been your reaction on the
8:48 am
ground so far did you see any of this coming. >> first of all, thank you for inviting me i do want to compliment you on discussion with former inspector always extremely thoughtful if honest with ourselves the answer is yes. >> you can't make up in six weeks, what stacey abrams has been putting in place for the last two years. since she lost it gubernatorial race whether you like it or are not she did an excellent job on the ground game touching every democrat out there every potential voter, in a very meaningful way, and i think we got caught a lull flat-footed with that trying to over compensate last six weeks so like it or not i think we are going to see the
8:49 am
senate seats move to the other side the other side of the aisle dagen. dagen: as investor a business owner and operator, what happened? again, if the democrats do take control of the senate, with the tiebreaking vote, of course, 50-50 being the incoming vice president kamala harris what happens to business? how do you operate knowing if -- because again with a simple majority, corporate tax rate could go back up back to 28% even higher that is just for starters. >> well, i do say, that had there been a balance in the senate i think we would have scene a slower implementation of many of the campaign promises that the president-elect had made, if in fact the two seats do swing over, i think we are going to see a mad race to the finish, particularly based on the
8:50 am
comment that was made earlier, that they have to get this done if two years just in case. dagen: right. >> do i think we will see corporate taxes going up, on a webinar i was on recently over 100 ceos the question was if biden wins what is your focus, if trump is reelected what is your focus, number one, if biden takes over was [inaudible], most, spending time on that dagen, the last four years we have been very encouraged about the -- on shoring that was taking place bringing jobs good u.s. jobs back to corporate america. now we may see reshoring when means coming out of china, but going to countries like vietnam, others in asia. so avoid corporate tax, i can tell you i was running ge power systems -- over a hundred countries we were extremely disadvantaged because of having to compete,
8:51 am
on a corporate, and many policies restrictions that will be reversed on corporate america dagen you know better than me corporate america is made up of corporate americans so there will be a lot of penalty a lot of punishment if that corporate tax rate goes back corporations will be focused to make bad decisions. >> right bob nardelli happy new year any presented. thank you, dagen. >> flag on play buffalo bills fans ready to sideline governor andy cuomo they are not the only ones i root for washington i am with them that is attending this week's playoff games, making a buzz this morning. really. my first idea was "in one quarter of an hour, your savings will tower... over you. figuratively speaking." but that's not catchy, is it? that's not going to swim about in your brain. so i thought, what about... 15 minutes. 15 percent.
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dagen: time for morning buzz flag on the play, new york
8:55 am
governor andrew cuomo set to join 6700 fans forts buffalo bills playoff game this weekend a petition with more than 37,000 signatures trying to keep him out. this is the team's first home playoff game roughly two decades, he doesn't deserve a spot to watch my opinion, steve? s what do you think? steve: not going to buffalo the bills' fans on this because he fumbled vrl fumbled vaccines, fumbled what he did with nursing homes disaster rousely earlier this year fumbled lockdowns, reopenings, new york has a terrible unemployment rate worse than the rest of the country which is why people are leaving i think buffalo fans want him to leave finally may be move to florida enjoy what a low tax rate feels like. dagen: if this lethal jerk has stones to actually show up for this game i hope he gets
8:56 am
bioed -- gets bou. ode. to lowell that people can hear him. >> this is astonishing breathtaking rise and fall of cuomo talked about as presidential replacement in early days for bid nern primary hoping daily briefings came out 37,000 fans signed petition to keep him out of the game love americans, and their football. dagen: i think signing an order that killed thousands of elderly in new york writing a book how awesome a leader he is again -- arrogance is breathtaking, "mornings with maria" is life right after this. ♪ stays the the same, ♪ because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body
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dagen: great and thanks to nancy and steve forbes. great to see both of you so much to cover it today and the coming weeks and months. "varney & co." is right now. stuart, take it away. stuart: if you insist. good morning. dagen: get ready. stuart: good morning, everyone. by a narrow margin raphael warnock defeated kelly loeffler to become the first black senator from georgia. state law says a recount they be called if they is .5% or less and that is now .4%, so that could stretch out the timing of the final results. the other races too close to call with the democrat john ossoff leading david purdue by roughly 18000 votes, a narrow margin with over 4 million in total. as of now, here's the balance of power in the senate, 49 democrats, 50


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