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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 7, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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know, on how many vaccines can be rolled out. that was clear in our conversation with president bostick, that's the case. edward, we'll talk to you again tomorrow, live on capitol hill. ing thanks for joining us today as we report all the news to you "after the bell." i'm connell mcshane in new york, see you back here tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the radical left in this country is soon to have full power and and control of the united states government. with control of the house expect senate now assured for the democrats, congress moved in the dead of night to earthfy the electoral -- to certify the electoral college victory of joe biden which, of course, makes him the president-elect. in the process congress dismissed republican objections to the electors of both arizona and pennsylvania. and in doing that, lawmakers also rejected the hundreds of allegations of fraud, without
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investigation, in the november election. and as well, the concerns of tens of millions of americans about the integrity of our electoral system and the counting of their votes. in a statement president trump responded this morning saying, quote: even though i totally disagree with the outcome of the election and the facts bear me out, nevertheless, there will be an orderly transition on january 20th. with the assurance that power will soon be in their grip, house speaker nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer today called for the removal of president trump. thirteen days before the end of his term in office. hardly conciliatory and hardly a transition that could be considered gracious and appropriate. these are the two leaders who said they wanted to heal the
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nation, but they have obviously changed their mind. they do want to remove the president, and they don't care by what means as they demonstrated for the past four years. but now either invoking the 25th amendment or by impeachment, which they tried before, it doesn't matter to them so long as the insult can continue against the president of the united states. as for his part, the president-elect today -- who has called repeatedly for healing, for unity -- would not comment on the latest calls to remove president trump. the president-elect did, however, deliver what can be described only as a divisive 23-minute-long speech in delaware in which he slammed president trump, shamed the behavior of all of his supporters today when the focus should have been those who became a mob, those who swarmed
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and entered the u.s. capitol building. >> -- witnessed yesterday was not dissent, it was not disorder, it was not protest. it was chaos. they weren't protesters. don't dare call them protesters. they were a riotous mob, insurrectionists, domestic terrorists. it's that basic, it's that simple. lou: well, he's never applied those words to the rioting and looting and violence on the streets of some of america's largest and best known democrat-run cities. but yesterday's demonstration 70 people were arrested in and around the capitol people. four people died. three of them died from what authorities called medical emergencies, and the other, of
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course, so the and killed by a capitol police officer. her name, ashley babbitt from san diego, california, a decorated 14-year veteran of the u.s. air force who served four tours of duty in the middle east. and the capitol police officer who shot her has been put on administrative leave. it is a tragedy, and it will be with us for some time. the president-elect and the radical dems condoned and encouraged civil unrest throughout the spring, summer and some part of the fall following the police killing of george floyd. back on may 25th of last year. those dems also refused to condemn the violence of antifa and black lives matter that followed. the president-elect didn't say a word until august and then only
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to say that such violation was unacceptable -- violence was unacceptable. he did not condemn antifa and black lives matter, and that dead arely violation in the is streets of kenosha, wisconsin, portland, seattle, new york, chicago and other democrat-run cities, by the way, all were labeled mostly peaceful by the left-wing media and the radical dems as americans, millions of us, watched buildings burned and people killed. does nip on the left -- does anyone on the left this evening seriously believe the death of ashley babbitt at the hands of a capitol police officer justifies civil unrest for even a few minutes or, certainly, months afterwards? i do not. i don't know anyone who does. but it is a what we witnessed on the part of the left of this country over the course of the
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her of 2020. -- of the summer of 2020. congressman matt gaetz last night called out the dems' double standards not only for refusing to condemn left-wing violence, but also for howling at republican challenges to the electoral college. >> now, we came here -- [applause] today to debate, to follow regular order, to offer an objection, to follow a process that is expressly contemplated in our constitution. and for doing that, we got called a bunch of seditious traitors. now, not since 1985 has a republican president been sworn in absent some democrat effort to the electors, but when we do it, it is the new violation of all norms, and when those things are said, people get angry. madam speaker, it was wrong when people vandalized and defaced your home, it was wrong when
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thugs went to senator hawley's home. we should seek to build america up, not tear her down and destroy her. and i'm sure glad that at least for one day i didn't hear my democrat colleagues calling to defund the police. lou: congressman gaetz putting it, in my judgment, absolutely correctly. the congressman's assertion that left-wing activists were at yesterday's protests further brought to light by none other than at&t's cnn. that network interviewed a man by the name of john sullivan who has a number of videos posted to social media accounts showing thousands of trump supporters swarming the capitol building in d.c. he also has video of the deadly shooting of ashley babbitt. what cnn did not report was john sullivan's radical history. he is the founder of a group called insurgents usa which was
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formed last year in response to the george floyd tragedy. a group that promoted a, quote, kick the fascists out of d.c. event yesterday in the nation's capital. sullivan was arrested this past july for rioting and criminal mischief at a black lives matter rally in provo, utah. he has also threatened to pull president trump from the oval office back in august. >> what's going on, everybody? my name's john sullivan, i'm from salt lake city, utah. my group is insurgents usa. we're about to [bleep] this place down. we're about to rip trump out of that [bleep] office. no, he ain't about to wait until the next election, we about to go get that [bleep] lou: there are reasons and other grounds for suspicion that left-wing agitators were in the mob and may have played some
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role. there is no proof, but there are possibilities. a video circulating online shows a crowd at one door of the capitol and trump supporters shouting that's antifa. that crowd, that crowd -- not yet a mob -- trying to stop a man clad in black clothing with a helmet that says trump on the back of it from breaking glass and breaking into the building. in no way does any of that excuse any violence, but it should be investigated, and the house speaker toddies missed any notion that any part of the chaos was caused by anyone other than supporters of president trump. >> last night, i don't know if you heard on the floor, but some of the republicans in their enabling of the president's bad behavior have said those were not trumpites, they were antifa
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invading the capitol disguised as trumpites. right. lou: said one of the greatest enablers and supporters of antifa, the house speaker, nancy pelosi. extraordinary. big tech bare ons at facebook, twitter, youtube yesterday censoring the president of the united states. they removed his message calling on the protesters at the capitol building to go home and to go in peace. today facebook announced it has suspended the president indefinitely. facebook has done that. and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg, who donated $400 million to the cause of the president-elect in last year's campaign, said this, quote: president donald trump intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of power.
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we believe the risk of allowing the president to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great. therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on his facebook and instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition the of power is complete. zuckerberg's pious and partisan statement coming after the president had already committed this morning to a peaceful transition with his public statement. let's turn for a moment to look at least the joy on wall street where all three indexes closed, despite everything going on in our body politic, at record highs. the dow up 212 points, the s&p up 56, the nasdaq gained 327. volume on the big board picking
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up, picking up to 51 billion shares -- 5.1 billion shares. new record highs, and the dow jones industrials now above 31,000. listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network, if you will. and up next, the radical left and the rinos blame president trump for the chaos in washington. who do they blame for all the mob violence last year in cities like portland and kenosha, chicago and, yes, new york? we'll take it up with homeland security deputy secretary ken cucinelli. stay with us, we're coming right back. ♪ for a run.
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(announcer) you may be suffering from insulin resistance. measure your waist. females measuring more than 35 inches and men measuring more than 40 inches may have insulin resistance. release effectively combats insulin resistance and will help you lose weight safely and effectively. release: available only at [background sounds] [inaudible conversations] lou: scenes from portland, oregon. those scenes from last year. the city endured more than 200 nights of violent unrest enabled in part by that city's radical
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dem mayor who publicly approved of antifa and its violent acts throughout. he's recently changed his mind, however, because the riots haven't let up even in this new year. antifa violence erupted for three nights in portland this year, and last night rioters trying to break into the monoma county court before they marched -- i think that is probably a more orderly word than we should use -- all over downtown portland vandalizing storefronts. four of them were arrested. that's a high number for portland police. they normally don't arrest them, they certainly don't prosecute them. the president-elect, by the way, we have not order him condemn those riots or antifa, and that is the situation as we find it in america on this, this 7th of
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january, 2021. joining us now is ken cucinelli are, acting deputy secretary for the department of homeland security. ken, thanks for being with us. >> sure. lou: i think one of the last times you and i talked was about sending in federal forces to secure -- >> yes. lou: -- the courthouse there, and here we are in 2021, expect situation remain -- and the situation remains the same. your thoughts, first of all, about why violence continues and much of it against federal buildings in various places, in democratically-managed and governed cities. >> well, for one, lou, as you have pointed out numerous times, because it's tolerated. because it's encouraged. and, you know, we've had six months of primarily left-focused violence across the country
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overwhelmingly. yesterday we had right of center is-focused violence here in the nation's capital, and all of a sudden a lot of people is have suddenly discovered the rule of law. and while i was -- lou: isn't that amazing? >> it is. it's shocking but not surprising. and we sent, from the department of homeland security, several hundred officers in toport the capitol police when they lost control of the capitol. actually, we began sending them in before that happened. lou: right. >> but nonetheless, we've been consistent. right or left, violence is not protest. it's crime. and it's not acceptable, and we stand against it 1 is 00% every -- 100% every time. we did it in portland, and we do it in washington d.c. and part of the reason we see it continue to go on, lou, to your question is because so many in the media -- not you, but so many in the media and politics -- have tolerated it up til now. maybe one of the outgrowths of yesterday is that we all finally agree that violence has no play,
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no place in political discourse. lou: one would think that that would not even have to be said in the united states. >> you would think. lou: in 2021. it's outrageous. and what we don't know is why we have reached this stage. i'm sure that there are social scientists working on this, but suddenly there is, there is a reflex for officers in law enforcement to reach for guns in the nation's capitol. i have to tell you, i was stunned to see yesterday the capitol police draw weapons at unarmed protesters, even those inside. i mean that is, to me, ken, i have to tell you, that's outrageous. and for this young woman to be shot and, i believe, i have to believe it was entirely by accident. but that weapon was out of the holster, and it was pointed not only toward her, but those other
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what had become members of a mob and their own fellow agents, law enforcement officers and agents right across as you see there. i mean, is that, that is not -- [laughter] that's not appropriate police tactics in any fashion. is it? >> yeah, i wouldn't expect -- that investigation, of course, is ongoing, so i don't want to comment too much -- lou: i understand. >> but you never want to get to the use of deadly force. and the way you avoid that, to go back to the portland example, there are many people who have fought our use of things like tear gas, less than lethal methods. lou: right. >> now, those are what should have been used at the door and, in fact, they were. tear gas was deployed yesterday, as i understand it -- lou: yep, flash bangs. >> not done effectively or in the sufficient numbers to deter a crowd from becoming a mob. and that was a failing in the leadership there.
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those consequences have been rolling in. there have been two firings in the capitol police today. i want to commend the officers there. we were happy and honored to go support them, but it should have not come to that. it should have ended at the doors of the capitol. they should have never been breached. but the ability to use those other tactics is absolutely critical. so a lot of the people who were complaining about the outcomes yesterday including just as you did, appropriately, the killing there inside the capitol had other act ticks been -- tactics been readily available, had enough officers been there to deploy them, you don't get to that point. it's part of how you avoid the use of lethal force, using other levels in sufficient numbers to never get there. lou: and my criticism of the capitol hill police officer and their commanders who had them draw weapons at that point, i do not want anyone to in any way
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infer from what i've said or think that i am implying a criticism broadly of the capitol hill police or law enforcement. but drawing a weapon -- and i'm saying this straight up to anyone who wants to make something of it -- to draw a weapon when they're absolutely unnecessary and to have in the line of fire innocent, innocent civilians even though they're pa part of a mob, for crying out loud, and your own fellow officers is madness. and it should never have been allowed by the commander of the capitol hill police. and i have to commend the capitol police because they have taken immediate action. think of the last time we heard, ken, of a police department immediately putting on leave the officer involved in a shooting and firing people who were responsible in the command structure. i mean, i give them create great credit. do you as well?
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>> i do. but to be clear, this is the speaker of the house, and, you know, i have condemned her in the past for some of her comments against police officers in the last six months. but she's the one who fired these two, and i agree with her here. lou: yep. absolutely. >> this is an appropriate step to take. that's what you do with leadership that fails like this. because you put too much pressure on those officers when you fail at the front line, and then they make decisions, they make more bad decisions in bad circumstances. and the leadership is largely responsible for putting them in those circumstances. lou: right. and i make it very clear, i am commending the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. this just doesn't happen, and it is, hopefully, a beginning of great change in this country in the way in which our law enforcement agencies respond and expect to be held accountable for their decisions particularly
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in command as well. >> they have great, great responsibility and great authority at the same time. lou: oh, absolutely. >> we rely on them a great deal. lou: and we are grateful to every single one of them. >> yes. lou: i want to turn to find out what the intelligence is saying to you and other authorities and high officials about who was involved, how that mob was created from what was to that point a peaceful and orderly protest. i mean, there are even moments you can see in this statuary hall where they're walking between the rope lines. they're not each moving out of the rope lines -- >> right. lou: and then suddenly that has become a violent mob. >> well, as so often happens, lou, what you have was overwhelmingly peaceful for most of the day and, in fact, many of them had been, for instance, in the ronald reagan building. you haven't heard anything about
5:26 pm
that because there were no problems there. lou: right. >> but the capitol was the epicenter yesterday, and we all knew that. we protected, as we do at dhs, all the other federal buildings. but we understood where the crowd was going. it was not like 25,000 people turned violent. it was, as it often is, a very small minority within that crowd that decided that the opportunity presented itself and that they were going to become violent opportunists and commit crimes and be violent, and it had a all sorts of terrible consequences. lou: any -- we've got just 30 seconds. am i correct to assume that there is a vigorous investigation of all of the actors -- >> yes. lou: -- in that mob in the building? ken cucinelli -- >> yes, there is. lou: -- thanks as always. good to talk with you, and we appreciate everything you do and have done. ken cucinelli. d.c.'s radical dem mayor already
5:27 pm
making demands. she wants d.c. to be a state, and more than that, she wants her own national or guard reporting to her. congressman andy biggs joins us next next. please stay with us, "lou dobbs tonight" continues. the rx crafted by lexus. get 0.9% financing on the 2021 rx 350. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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♪ ♪ [background sounds] lou: well, last year statues toppled, defaced all across the country. the radical left targeting them, destroying even abolitionist frederick douglass, targets of the left-wing mob vandalism. by the way, to our knowledge, no statues were toppled yesterday in statuary hall. each election, of course, has hs co uensesuenieseeses t emthlvse, aes aesalf hfffhehe
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w not beleas pedit whay m b bn i w to t a.ic thth the fstirdr hed d hedsayffa bi n,n,ain atr aioat wa gtshon,sh.c.'s.c.'.c.' radalalal mamuyoyose b b w d..c atooatd. bows awso a a a dding d d d cndf the de.e nat nnal nna nua gerd anersfdreo t t d.c.ayor no not, n remai rnemithhehe presidenesid of ohe unite ud st. ining ugow, cgressmgresgresndgr biggs, chairman of tof hse eedoms, as, a aemr of o oee hou h judiciaryiaomtteett dy, gooooo see y ynd hap h new y and what a way to start it off, with tragedy and with conflict that seems to be rising not in any way dissipating and largely because with of the tone taken by the radical dems here. give us your sense of what we're dealing with when both parties have elements that are trying to
5:33 pm
remove president trump within two weeks of his departure on january 20th. >> well, lou, it portends to see what would happen when joe biden gets sworn in. what they're going to do is they want to get rid of trump, they want to cancel trump, they want to erase his memory and legacy to the american people. and i want you to think about this -- lou: i understand. but -- go, go ahead -- >> yeah. at the same time, they want to erase president trump both within, some people in the republican party who, by the way, needed him to get elected just a few months ago, at the same time they want to do that, the democrats are saying let's be unified. let's be unified -- lou: congressman, what i really want to hear from you is what are the republicans going to do to defend this president? what are they going to do to understand this isn't cricket,
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this is political warfare, and the radical dems mean, if it requires it, to carry out their continued scorched earth policies. >> well, we have to continue to fight, those of us who are willing to fight, continue to fight and see this thing through. nancy pelosi's talking about using the 25th amendment. that's not going to happen, i don't believe. then they want to come in and do -- lou: well, we would hope not. >> -- impeach president trump. and we've got to step up -- lou: they tried that. >> yeah. they're going to do it again. they want to do that again. lou: well -- >> and we -- lou: i've got to -- [inaudible] the republicans have a plan in place to deal with them. i tell you, america is so sick of looking at the republican party and seeing a bunch of milk toast pacifists who get -- milk toast pacifists who get rolled every time by radical dems. it's just unbelievable. and i know that that adds to the frustration all across this
5:35 pm
country. poll after poll suggests it. congressman biggs, you get the last word here. >> yeah, no, i don't disagree with you. why do you think that we only had a few people from either the house or senate vote to sustain our objection to the electors? there were so many excuses, you cannot believe it. but the reality is we have got to get -- lou: well, they worked. but they worked, congressman. they worked. you guys keep getting rolled, and i want to sit down the next time when we talk the, and i want you to just share with us all that the republican party is doing that'sfective and powerful and advances -- that's effective and powerful and advances the interest of the constituents back home and the interest of the nation. it would just be a delight. you're one of the few who work hard in that direction can. we appreciate it. >> i'd be happy to do that. lou: congressman, good to see you. thank you so much. thank you, sir. congressman andy biggs. "lou dobbs tonight's john
5:36 pm
fawcett down in d.c. yesterday to see what people are saying, and he asked about why they were, who they were blaming for that democratic sweep. >> who do you blame for this overwhelming democratic sweep? >> i blame the democrats, for one with, and i also blame the rinos. it's unbelievable what is happening in our nation, and we're not -- you see a million people here. we're here, we're fed up. we're not going to take this anymore. we're not going to allow the democrat party and the republican party to take over our democracy. >> it's fraud. they didn't win anything. trump got 80-plus million votes. you do the investigation, kick it back, let this work itself out for being investigated. it's blatantly in your face -- >> because it was stolen. i just feel that the unfairness and the lack of standing up and representing, it's going to take some people of that have done something wrong to admit it and
5:37 pm
come forward. >> one, the dnc for cheating and, two, the republicans that didn't want to come back out and keep supporting him. >> i tell you what, i don't understand how these democratic candidates can go out and not get 15 people there, and you have hundreds of thousands of people here, and they still win. so i think there's definitely corruption goingen. >> a lot of the public doesn't even care what's going on. they've been tricked by the media, so they don't care what's going on. we're out here fighting for everybody who doesn't care. weaver supposed to be the racists and the bad people, we're fighting for them. >> the democrats, you know, they're so far left. we are -- it's not like america anymore. lou: we'll be returning to those thousands who showed up to support the president yesterday later in the broadcast. we'd like to hear your thoughts on all of this. share your comments. follow me on twitter @loudobbs, like me on facebook and follow me on instagram and parler
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@loudobbstonight. [background sounds] [inaudible conversations] lou: you didn't hear the left in this country, the radical dems saying anything that could remotely be taken as denunciation of black lives matter and antifa last year, did you? violent mobs last year descending on minneapolis after the police killing of george floyd. parts of the city left in ruins, and that was the template for so many nights in america last year. breaking news, the president-elect has chosen former obama supreme court nominee merrick garland to be attorney general. former attorney general william barr called garland a great choice. garland, a judge on the court of
5:39 pm
appeals for the d.c. circuit, has ruled in favor of gun control and more environmental regulations. also breaking this evening after four years of failure, the radical dems are trying one last time to overthrow the trump presidency. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer calling for the president's cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment to remove the president. they say they're standing by if that fails to try impeachment. for a second time. derangement even in these waning days of the trump administration raging strongly across the democratic landscape of capitol hill. our next guest defended president trump from the radical left's impeachment farce last year. joining us now is former independent counsel kenneth starr, fox news contributor. ken, great to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: i want to start, first of all, by -- and i wish we had
5:40 pm
even more time, but the supreme court had two opportunities to stop all of the violence, to stop and, i think, create an opportunity for heal had it taken on the unconstitutional acts of a number of state governments in defiance of their legislatures. and they, justice, chief justice john roberts declined twicement your thoughts. -- twice. your thoughts. >> well, the supreme court is very parsimonious as a general matter. article iii limits cases that come before them to what's called cases and controversies with a party having standing; that is, i was very sympathetic with texas attorney general ken paxton in that effort, but the supreme court was unanimous with the three trump appointees likewise agreeing that the attorney generals did not have standing. it's tough. it's tough to get into court.
5:41 pm
so, yes -- lou: no, it is tough. it is tough. >> yeah, but when the court -- [inaudible conversations] lou: but we don't, but if the court -- i don't care whether the court's unanimous, it's 5-4, i don't care. i don't care. they have a role in this government and a responsibility -- >> true. lou: and on its face i think you say, you're prima facie, some nonsense -- [laughter] about what we can see with our loan lying eyes that happened in pennsylvania. >> yes. lou: that was illegal, what was done. >> yes, it was. lou: it was unconstitutional. and if they should have been the court of resort for that contest against what is plainly and obviously unconstitutional conduct. and if they can come up with an excuse not to perform, why do we need a supreme court? you know, the hell with it. i mean, this is ridiculous. [laughter] >> no, lou, really, take a deep breath. i totally agree with you, by the way -- lou: i'm not -- breathing, by the way, doesn't change my mind.
5:42 pm
>> no. [laughter] but the pennsylvania supreme court and the pennsylvania governor were totally wrong. i called it a constitutional travel is -- travesty, on this network. lou: yep. >> and it continues to be. i think the supreme court should have taken that one. it would not have changed the election -- lou: thank you. i'm thinking, i was starting to get rather exorcised and have to get deeper because i thought you were changing your mind here. >> no. lou: i just find it outrageous that both parties, that all americans sitting here, look what we're going through because they didn't take on that case. it's outrageous. >> but -- lou: and -- [inaudible] >> but, lou, lou, that was only one state, and it would not have changed. that's the fundamental problem, that the litigation thing did not add up. and i want to make a constitutional -- lou: it also happened in georgia. >> it was up to the state legislatures to step in, not just the court --
5:43 pm
lou: i agree. >> -- to step in, and up in would do it. now, you can say why is that and so forth, but let's face it, the process that unfolded here that has upset so many people, understandably so, is the product of state legislatures not stepping up to the plate and saying you don't fool with our laws this way, right? now, the supreme court did do that in bush very gore with one -- bush v. gore with one state, but this was six states. the facts were all over the place. lou: is there a quota here that we don't know about? of. [laughter] >> i'm sorry? lou: i understand. i said is there a a quota here n if there's more than one state, two, three, whatever the number is. >> no, no -- [laughter] lou: serious question here. >> -- how to argue you, lou. lou: i'm not going the try to outargue you, i'm just going to try my level best to understand our legal system. >> right. lou: it failed us, in my
5:44 pm
judgment, and i think that i'm hearing you say at least in part you agree with that. >> yes, i do agree with that. lou: if we can't find a, if we can't find a way to deal with the efforts, a four-year-long effort to overthrow a president that was per summit, it was animated, it was coordinated and concerted throughout, it began before the president was even elected, and we have watched our courts do nothing. we have -- and, by the way, i'm talking about all of the institutions of the federal government. and the left got away with this. and now they didn't have a role in stopping what was absolutely in this at least three instances outright, an outright disgrace and a violation of the constitution. let's get away from fraud, but unconstitutional conduct. and should the state legislatures have acted? absolutely, but they didn't. and that's the court of last resort. what have we learned going
5:45 pm
forward that can be applied and change to save the republic? >> i'm going to say this, i think we've got to be much better prepared to go into court. in my observation, some of our efforts fell short because we just didn't have the facts to show what prosecutors frequently say as you know, you've heard this, lou, there's a difference between what i know and what i can prove. and you've got to be ready and raring to go -- lou: well, we all know that now. >> okay. so be prepared. the boy scouts were on to something with respect to that. the other thing is you've got to take these legal rules which you might not like into account, but they are the rules of the road that the courts are going to be reluctant to step in, and that's true regardless of who's on the supreme court. and it goes back from the very, very beginning of the republic. courts do not want to run the country. they want those who are elected to run the country.
5:46 pm
and that's exactly what the supreme court said in bush v. gore. you elected the state legislature, and now the florida supreme court is changing things. you cannot do that. and i agree with you on pennsylvania. that was clear cut, it seems to me. again, totally with you on this that the supreme court of pennsylvania and the governor of pennsylvania had exceeded their powers. and justice alito basically said so, one of the supreme court justices. lou: yeah, yeah. but they -- he said so but they didn't do much. well, we appreciate it -- [laughter] and you're right, you've outargued me, as you suggest. [laughter] now i'm upset not only with the supreme court, but all the other courts, both political parties and, of course, all of state government in all of the areas in which there were a high number of questions about their integrity. kenneth starr, you're just -- i'm telling you, you elevate us every time. [laughter] >> when i talk to you, i always
5:47 pm
have to bring the white towel to throw in. [laughter] thanks, lou. lou: thank you very much. we appreciate it. up next, red storm rising and rising fast. the chinese communist party putting more restrictions on free speech. who knew they could? we take it up with china expert dr. michael pillsbury joining us right after these quick messages. they've got a rot of tanks and a lot of flags. i'm a little nervous, aren't you? excuses. we're all guilty of making them. those are advanced poses. that's why at cvs, we're making not making excuses a little easier, with the vitamins and supplements you may need. now get a $10 gift card when you spend $30. cvs. healthier made easier.
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go online to once again, that's ♪ ♪ [background sounds] [gunfire] lou: kenosha, wisconsin, last summer. $50 million in damages, shootings and all of that over the course of three nights. the chinese communist party, by the way, banning more members with opinions that are inconsistent with the communist party. that's not a good idea in a communist nation. we are joined now by dr. mike pillsbury who is in charge of the hudson institute's center for chinese strategy, chairman of the defense policy board
5:52 pm
reporting to the secretary of defense. mike, great to have you here. first of all, we are watching, of course, all that is happening in this country. we have been going through some very tough months here in elections, campaigns and violence as well. the chinese are saying point-blank they now have the upper hand. they are crushing rights in their own country, hong kong which is their country now, clearly. your thoughts about their expansionary and aggressive posture now and what it means for us. >> well, their posture, i think, lou, is based on their new reading of the balance of power. they don't yet claim that they're completely superior to us, but they're certainly closing in. and this explains a lot of, you know, virtue signaling we've had over here where people demand china stop treating the uighurs badly or treat hong kong more fairly and then they don't do
5:53 pm
anything. they don't react. they behave as though they're basically our equal, and this is really -- lou: is it going to be worse -- >> -- the situation we're in because -- i think so. they see the next five years is the time when they would be pulling ahead of us. lou: and the biden administration, what to you expect -- what do you expect, appeasement or engagement or a definitive opposition? >> i expect they'll be very tough in declaratory pronouncements. they may even outdo president trump in, you know, stop treating the city bet tans so badly because there's a big base of support in hollywood for tibetan buddhism. but in terms of what president trump did on the ground, tariffs, blacklisting companies, these massive espionage arrests,
5:54 pm
i just can't believe the biden administration will do that at least not at first. when china continues to give joe biden the back of their hand and are nasty to him, he may get tougher. lou: well, we're going to find out in short order, less than two weeks before the president-elect is inaugurated. dr. michael pistol bury -- pillsbury, always good to see you. thanks for being with usmentful we'll be right back. for enthusiast.
5:55 pm
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♪. lou: more now from trump supporters in yesterday's save america rally tomorrow are john faucet asking reporters what they think of rhinos. >> will you ever support of any of these weak republicans who are not fighting for the president right now? >> well, you would see nancy pelosi become a nun for i would vote for a weak republican. >> absolutely not. there is not a patriot that will this is a serious deal. these people want to take our country away from us to sell it to china to get rich. are you kidding? >> they're not republicans as far as i'm concerned. democrats, chinese owned corporate americans. >> we'll not stand up to be a republican if they're going to follow like the democrats all stick together. why don't the republicans do that to support our president? we're the voice. >> 2022 will be a brutal year for you and every race for dog catcher, for state legislature,
5:59 pm
for any judge will be a bloodbath for the establishment republicans. >> get out of the way. we've been sitting back for four years watching you guys use the media to propagate trump acting like a nazi. we sat back and waited. we did the right thing. came out election voted. you guys tried to steal it. if you don't want to stand for the fight, get out of the way. >> we have stuff we want to do. i've been out of work since march. i am clown. i'm really a clown. that's my job. >> every politician, all the hack politicians we have there needs to be term limits. some of these people got in office when i was a child. i'm 53. they're still there. they're the problem. lou: they're the problem. there is no doubt of that. be sure to join us here tomorrow. among our guests will be "judicial watch" president tom fitton. pastor robert jeffress will be with us for that and much more. follow me on twitter @loudobbs,
6:00 pm
like me on facebook an instagram and parler @loudobbstonight. we thank you for being with us tonight. peace and joy to you and all of america. see you tomorrow. good night from sussex. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth macdonald. we're staying in breaking news mode. this is "the evening edit." we're tracking new developments at this hour. the justice department now on the move, now bringing 15 more cases before a judge on top of the 40 cases brought in the last 36 hours about the breach of the capitol. we're talking unlawful entry, firearms, theft, more, one case involves 11 molotov cocktails. yesterday two explosive devices were found at both the dnc and rnc. now the bomb squad successfully deactivated both those devices. let's get an update right with edward lawrence in washington


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