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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 12, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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kevin mccarthy says he is open to impeachment. mitch mcconnell says he has had it with president trump. stay tuned. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow. good night from be mixed before i'll come to mitch mcconnell has apparently made his pivot the set transcendent majority turning on president trump and giving his blessing for an impeachment vote. but is this about removing the president or saving his own skin and caucus? it has been an absolutely bananas newsday in washington that is saying something because we are in a banana republic. but man oh man, this takes the cake. the symbiotic relationship between the patient to most powerful republican kaput. it's all according to the "new york times". but maybe it was an inevitable part after all mitch mcconnell
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is a master of self-preservation. in the current president perhaps has nothing left politically to offer him. this was all set in motion last week when that mob of writers smash their way into the capitol leaving five dead including a police officer. most democrats and even a few republicans and plainly president for jamming up the crappy house speaker nancy pelosi retaliated calling for the president to be removed from office. either with impeachment of the h amendment. new tonight, just five medicine go vice president pence says he does not believe that invoking the 25th is in the best interest of our nation. or consistent with our constitution. an earlier today in texas with the ball seemingly closing in on him, the president was defined as albert will also calling for peace. wash. >> the impeachment hoax is a continuation of the greatest and most vicious of which had an history of our country. and it is causing tremendous anger, division, and pain. far greater than most people
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will ever understand, which is very dangerous for the usa. especially at this very tender time. now is the time for our nation to heal. and it is time for peace and for calm appearance back right democrats playing hardball. they are voting on a resolution to try to force vice president pence to invoke that 25th amendment. at that does not work the impeachment vote will happen tomorrow. if mitch is truly onboard the calculus of this could change dramatically. and if you need any further proof of just how sideways things are now, lawmakers will be screened for weapons when they enter the chamber to prevent any violence during the vote. my god, house is all going to go down question for joining me tonight he is branded to the scene, while it is a freshman publican congressman all the way from michigan peter meijer who now sits in the seat vacated by former congressman dustin a mossberg welcome to the show. >> legacy much or have any entrée to help you not ask me how this is going to work because i'm about eight days in right now. and still scratching my head
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over what is happened here. kennedy: i cannot imagine what is happening in your head part of you at the capitol last week during the siege? >> back i was i was in the house chamber up in the gallery. we were initially sealed in, thought we would proceed, but it was just isolated one or two individuals inside. then it just became chaos, utter chaos as we had to flee. >> it was really hard to make sense of those pictures. it was horrific, and for people like mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi they are very protective obviously of what they consider their home. i think that is why you are seeing the kind of push back against the president that we have. now you said you thought the president was mia, and rightly so we heard from joe biden, we heard from mike pence, we heard a very strange video message from the president and more appropriate tone on thursday but seems to have shifted a little bit yesterday
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and today produce doubly the president was mia? our member watch the video message he put up on wednesday at 4:17 p.m. were still in an acacia from it wasn't really safe heard we just had a couple police officers outside the door. had no idea what was going on, we had no difficulties were killed or kidnapped. at least one woman had died. we are watching on twitter what is going down. all i can think about is after jaisol that message was just a feeling of betrayal. that was a time when he had strong leadership and that's a timely need definitive message. and when he didn't provide that, all of the accomplishments, right question all the expansion of the electorate to really groundbreaking achievements on strong supporter to push to end the wars overseas. everything this administration had accomplished, i knew it was immediately erased in the face of those images and that heinous assault on the b-uppercase-letter suffered. a lot of people felt there was a correlation between the
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president's words and the mob action pretty on the correlation is not causation. that remains to be seen. the part of that will be decided in the impeachment vote for this is a very important moment for you because you as a freshman gop member of this congress has to decide whether or not you are going to vote to impeach the president pretty also gotten on board with a censure movement. so which do you favor and why? >> think the censure is a strong inappropriate message. kennedy: was that do exactly? >> it is a letter of condemnation. residential centers are exceedingly rare for them to be brought up in past. but let's be honest, i think the appropriate timing for an impeachment is probably after we have had a full investigation. at the same time looking at the articles are being presented, there's a reason why am strongly considering them. i've a pit in my stomach i
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feel like it's been a gut punch this past eight days. utter betrayal. let's be honest time to focus on a legacy. that legacy wasn't to steal it wasn't misleading his supporters for that legacy was the accomplishments that were made. those are cemented in the history books but instead the violence see, the death of five people including a capitol place of his beam to death with a fire extinguisher print that's a legacy going for that's infuriating i struggle to put into words the anger i feel tonight. kennedy: i can't imagine coming to this gig i can't understand why you want this job either. mitch mcconnell seems to break with the president tonight per he is floating a trial balloon about his links the president should be convicted in the
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senate. certainly impeached. you think mitch mcconnell is doing that to protect members of his congress who want to run for president in 2024 to get this a president out of the picture entirely so we cannot run again? >> that is not a calculation i can make right now. mitch mcconnell is an institutionalist but he cares about the long term legacy is going to be pretty thing to my earlier point, there were ways the president legacy could have been cemented in a way that would be looked favorably upon in the history books. and now, charges of insurrection, of sedition, what we know right now is damning. and this is not russia or ukraine investigation were the initial details and you fill it in, maybe here or there, the facts that have come to light are horrible. and there's going to be no scope of tory evidence here. additional information is
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going to come out, it can only build a more damning case. kennedy: yes. and i know members of congress and the senate want to preserve the movement that the president started. certainly in my estimation he cannot be the one going forward leading. a lot of people in your caucus are talking about bringing firearms into the house chamber, how do you feel about that? i'm up for it. that there has long been a tradition of not having firearms on the house floor. i think that is appropriate. note the democrats did tonight putting it at the entrance to come i felt incredibly vulnerable in that chamber. we did not know what was going on. we're being told to put on inhalation hoods, alarms started going offered the few police that we had with us, they draw their weapons. they were running down hallways. we had no idea what was safe.
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kennedy: would you feel safer if you could have a weapon while you work? >> i would. our assumption, especially those of us who went and knowing we're going to vote to certify the election, knowing that was going to draw their ire. especially those who are going to vote our conscience tomorrow on impeachment, there's assumption that people will try to kill us. kennedy: i hope that is not the case. i know there is a lot of chatter. i hope people bring their internal temperature down. and i hope everyone's rational capacity prevails. i implore you and all of your colleagues to stay safe. and do the work of freedom and liberty in our nations capitol. congressman thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: several prosecutors and held the briefing on the capitol hill right warning all who did wrong, justice is coming. and they should expect a knock on their front door, watch this. >> we're going to focus on the most significant charges as a
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deterrent paid because regardless of whether it was just a trespass in the capitol or somebody planted a pipe bomb, you will be charging you will be found. we have already chowed in turn charged over 70 cases but again that number i suspect is going to grow into the hundreds. >> securities ramped up for the inauguration parade 10,000 national guard troops already nbc per demonstrators have been warned to stay away from joe biden's inaugural speech. you don't have to tell me twice, but at this pace will be even make it to inauguration day in one peace? let's meet tonight's party panel and talk it out right right strategy and president ldp trump founder speck editor-in-chief katherine mangu-ward and head of the rigid relish outlook that it's richard bauer. >> chris i will start with you. you and outstanding supporter of the president.
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i know you are at the protest part of the festivities on wednesday, i'm assuming you did not try to breach the capitol? what are your thoughts on all this? >> no i was like hundreds of thousands of other peaceful people did not try to breach the capitol. >> what he think of some of these charges that the fbi and u.s. attorney are talking about or people who broke into the capitol and put their feet on nancy pelosi's desk and kill the cop? >> of course, absolutely let's go after everyone of these idiots who broke the law. there's not a single conservative out there per not a single trump supporter who is not condemned this violence from the very beginning. that let's said let's go after these idiots. as someone there there is absolutely nothing in that speech that was attempting to incite a riot. he specifically talked about people going peacefully to the hill. it is absolutely absurd what we are watching right now.
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we are watching petty political retribution being taken. see for your freezing a little bit i'm going to go to katherine. okay take a deep breath and let's get your new york city on. so katherine, the president certainly did excite the crowd when he talked about making sure they continue to fight. phrases like stop the steel has been resonating. and maybe some people who don't have their reasonable wits about them felt that stopping the steel meant going into the capitol and physically stopping members of congress from voting on certifying the electoral college results. what do you see here? and has anyone overextended themselves trying to punish the president? >> of course i want to look at
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making the maximum space for free speech pretty think it's really, really important. even when we are in a crisis to say is this constitutional protected speech? i think that will be important question for congress to take up if they move forward with the impeachment proceedings or censure. at the same time i think it's very clear the reason that crowd was in d.c. in the first place was because donald trump called them there. january 6 is not a natural coordinating daypart is not like election day are in operation day. they were there because he called a rally together and then said this is a fight. i know it is a cliché at this point to say should take them seriously but not literally or whatever people say. that crowd took him literally. i think that really has to be weighed in at the very least on our moral judgment of trump but maybe her legal one as well. kennedy: 20 things going to happen, katherine, you think he'll be impeached? >> i don't know, my goal here
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and always is peach and trim peaceful transfer of power. but we missed the vote on this is not a peaceful transfer of power anymore. kennedy: we have a chance we don't have to make it any less peaceful that it is right now. richard, very quickly there are republicans who are now pledging their support to impeach the president. you heard mitch mcconnell's thoughts earlier tonight. what you make of this? i think this is just what katherine just said very clearly is the idea that most folks, even if he did not incite this heat because the crowd to be here. he took them not for the beginning but our to tell these people to not do this and hours depleted them to stop the violence. it talks about this present i do believe this impeachment measure will pass the house with a lot about some republicans, 20 or so preventable that the united states senate. i do think with mitch mcconnell signaling today,
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there is a chance that republicans will join with democrats and there could be a possible indictment or removal of presidency for donald trump from the united states senate. civic out just like to thank my 2021 for trying to out 2020. the panel is going to stick around. coming up should former trump administration officials be canceled entirely? one major magazine seems to think so. another taking serious heat from conservatives. we will debate that next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ anywhere convenience. everyday security. bankers here to help. for wherever you want to go. chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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kennedy: is a threat you don't hear every day but don't you dare hire officials who work in the trump administration and less you want to be blackballed. that is a chilling warning to the nations companies and editorial to forbes the media conglomerate kevin lane said white house communications staff like kayleigh mcinerney and sara huckabee sanders cannot be trusted writing quotes, hire any of the above and forms one is that everything your company firm talks about is a lie. since another attempt to silence opposing views? and should companies actually listen? the party panel is back, chris barron, katherine mangu-ward and richard fowler.
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chris let's discuss the spray the entire communication team whose work for this administration, i think they deserve the congressional medal of freedom. they have the most difficult job ever in politics. imagine the rock and a hard place that they are stuck between with material narcissistic impulsive president and the ravenous imbalance press. and the way they had to comport themselves are pretty stunning. i think they would make a great hostage negotiators or crisis managers experts per your thoughts? see that there are a few press people have done better than the trump press people have. sara huckabee sanders is a national treasure. she managed to stay so composed under the most unbelievable attacks from that media was amazing. she was an absolute asset to any company out there. i think it's funny that the
8:21 pm
people who are the sensors and the gas lighters in the black blisters are the ones trying to convince us the other guy is the fastest and they are actually the good guys. civic this is a very fascist technique. and i don't like it, katherine, i do not like the assumption that you work for someone we didn't like. therefore if your company hires people, your company is as big of a layer as the person we don't like. what is that? seems overly elaborate. the do good even entered administration that they did not agree with the goal to borrow a term from someone quite famous. there may many famous you on both sides there's a perfectly good reasonable stance for
8:22 pm
companies to take to say don't hire someone with this resume. not that we need to issue some kind of against every trump employee. as a way of backfiring, richard, i don't resend the goal of this joint to make sure john spicer, kelly conway and are depend on the government forever? that seems very, very strange. don't hire them they have to be poor i don't think they should've put bolo for all trombones look for jobs raising for free markets when handled that very well by don't think any major corporation, we've seen a lot over the past couple of days they will no longer give to republican candidates for a debt they will hire a kayleigh amy as their spokesperson. the former trump staffers in a couple of days just fine for
8:23 pm
there's no need for a forbes market telling what to do. i think the market started doing it. spent even if you already disagree with the president and some of the things were tasked with disseminating to the world, you still have to realize we worked hard, it took a lot of incoming and stayed loyal. those are pretty decent traits for anyone. spin richard. there will be traits there comes a time in everybody's career you have to make a choice. member when you work in the white house of the united states, yes in this case you serve donald trump he also served the united states presidency paid what would seen presidency is sometimes those two roles are not aligned pretty southern and generally fifth 2021 where the president was one place and opposite was completely different. >> when you work for a president who has a penchant for lying has been impeached, and who has imperiled the
8:24 pm
world by inappropriately dealing with terrorists, then you get to go host "good morning america". [laughter] soon i did there? that was fun. art panel come back a little bit later print they are back at its tuesday were just getting warmed up. coming up new york governor andrew cuomo now flip-flopping his own disastrous lockdown strategy because it sucks. why decided change of heart andy? plus los angeles school will make them get vaccinated if they ever want to step foot in the classroom again. is that really the best strategy? it's going to take a long time. that is coming up you're clearly someone who takes care of yourself. so why wait to screen for colon cancer? because when caught in early stages, it's more treatable. i'm cologuard. i'm noninvasive and detect altered dna in your stool
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cuomo's nursing a shoulder injury from patting himself on the back, watch. must planner economic resurgence. we simply cannot stay closed. until the vaccine hits critical mass. the cost is too high. we will have nothing left to open. westwood smartly and safely must energize the lagging sector and rebuilder economic platform for the transportation system, or infrastructure system for the next generation of growth. >> ding dong the cost was high eight months ago you ran said but hoffer. you don't plan for your economic resurgence when you killed your states economy. like plan if your 95th birthday party opening smartly and safely as if that genius notion did not strike every government and may.
8:30 pm
it sure seems like he purposely tanked everything, individuals and businesses began so he could get a juicy federal bailout. and now that the democrats have pulled the federal hat trick, is going to make every fiscally responsible state eat his crab sandwich. he blathers on and on about infrastructure and transportation and growth. he is like the guard who complains the flowers are dying after he douses them in bleach. feeling good i did this narcissistic grandma killing hothead has had is legalizing weed and online sports gambling to office spending jags but he is a hack about that too because in 2017, long after public opinion had reached critical mass on the subject, cuomo had that nurse to save weed, it's a gateway drug and marijuana leads to other drugs for there's a lot of proof of that. the only proof here, as a blowhard big spenders like this governor leads our states in worse conditions and they found the per new yorker should smartly and safely give
8:31 pm
him and the blahs the boot. and that is the memo. business owners in new york have done more to save themselves in the last year than cuomo ever could. so is there a another state he should've used as a model? join me out "new york post" columnist, karol markowicz background welcome back carol. >> thanks for having me. so girl you went to florida what'd you find? is florida better condition than new york you can be completely honest. the exception better condition. for so long i heard people that this was a covid free-for-all. they were all walking around licking each other. i was worried, i was worried what i would find. but what we found was a state that is taking precautions very seriously. but does not need to destroy their economy to do that. that indoor dining, just like they had for little while we wear our masks at the table,
8:32 pm
you take it off your physically distance from people. people take it very seriously in florida. but they have a normal governor and not a dingdong. before and a psychopath. he is a narcissistic blowhard. it's awful listening to this because now he is saying almost a year later that we can't afford to kill the economy, were not going to have any businesses left. it's like you've got 4000 businesses in new york city that will never open again, at least. so what is the prescription? when you see happening for unique new york. >> is really mad at the guy in charge. thing someone know i'm not sure what's going to happen under governor cuomo. the truth is he enjoys a very high approval rating. i think new yorkers are fold at the continuing support for this guy. he never gives up any scientific data to back up any decision pretty effectively closed restaurants in that very same speech, he said that
8:33 pm
restaurants only contributed to 1.4% of covid cases. with those numbers come indoor dining should stay open. but that's not what happened. so until new yorkers they say turn this guy into a hero needlessly, they have given him an emmy for communication when he is a very poor communicator. i don't feel a lot of things changing. people need to stand up and i've been waiting there for happened that hasn't yet. kennedy: they the vaccines two. the vaccine rollout has been a failure because of the regulations, the 51 question is so bad you have to fill out to get it. and now they are throwing out vaccines because they have gone bad. i don't understand how they thought it was a good idea. it's an invitation service to have people make appointments. all the immediate made made fun of them for it to ridiculous to use right? i had to make an appointment
8:34 pm
for my mom today new york. i have a graduate school degree and i have no ideas completely impossible. they should honestly make it invitation invite older people to come get vaccinated. >> it would be so much better. or at least send a carrier pigeon, something they understand. karol markowicz, love your writing, love your perspective come back anytime. >> thank you so much. kennedy: now meatballs students in the second largest school district will be required to get the covid-19 vaccine before they can head back to school. this according to los angeles district superintendent austin buettner. so is there more to this? we already know children and young adults, they are a lower risk of severe covid cases. and it could be months or longer before there is a vaccine available for kids. written on the vaccine available for children 16 and over. so if kids are low on the danger list, what is behind the maxine mandate? let's get into the party panel
8:35 pm
it is chris barron, katherine mangu-ward, richard fowler. so chris barron, you are related to an educator, what do you make of this ellie usc close for in person learning for another year. it's insane my husband is a public school teacher in rural virginia. the fed school digit since august known as gotten incredibly sick and no one has died. school systems across the country don't have to guess about the best approach. better ways to manage the pandemic when they have social distancing at they disinfect. things can be done. [inaudible] they can limit classroom sites instead of got the teachers
8:36 pm
union and the democratic party holding our education system hostage here. the fact is it kid and they should be in school right now it's >> i'm so glad you brought that up. because i was thinking about this today, and that is exactly what i thought. we just got one of the best things about the trump administration has been this push for school choice. even though it has been almost incidental. this is not been the main thrust of this presidency. but it certainly has been a great conversation per nephew are a parent looking around, the idea of keeping your kid out of school for yet another year is beyond daunting. so what is that mean for the conversation? certificate to get is a very clear this is yet another tactic by teachers unions and other negotiating tactics. they are strong in los angeles thou's have been. what we are seeing here is from people who would say follow the science everywhere else, there's suddenly the
8:37 pm
sense to use an absolute insensate amount of caution we note the science shows is what kids can safely back to school. i do think the way out of this is not going to be that somehow we break the stalemate with the teachers union. any to be school choice. it needs to be that parents and families have access to these tremendous amounts of spending that goes to each kid. and they can use that money to make other provisions. now the kids educated by the schools refused to open our don't want to take the vaccine, there are ways around this. requires schools to not be a monopoly dominated by unions. kennedy: i am applauding wildly. i love it. >> is a educator should be vaccinate. i don't have a problem with that. adults are fine. only juniors and seniors by the mandates and restrictions of these vaccines can be vaccinate with the moderna and pfizer vaccines. you should not be jabbing eight -year-olds with something like that when the
8:38 pm
technology and the substances in the vaccines themselves tilt very much unknown particle headed inoculated teachers, calm down and open the schools, right? back now i think that's an absolute plan for if we can and vaccinate the teachers, especially many of our larger cities or we see covid is on the spread whether it's in chicago, los angeles, near exceeded, here in washington d.c. throughout atlanta, we can vaccinate the teachers before he pigeonholed the teachers union many of them as a music teacher in chicago who gave an interview asking how to expect children to practice on a record of what it blows out air print maybe it's better to stay home and get some education. kennedy: isn't that odd customer so funny how these carbon -based lights work, expire.
8:39 pm
or respirators should say. so yeah, there are a lot of things that you've got to do in order to keep kids in student safe. chris and kathie point out your socially distance, and sanitizing their cleaning, i know parents are incredibly resourceful when it comes to having more options for their children and themselves where they are so incredibly limited right now. i think katherine is absolute right this is another tool the teachers unions in order to enrich themselves has nothing to do with kids and learning because right now learning is a great casualty of the pandemic and that is awful for an art party panel thank you so much you are beautiful and amazing. i guess all of your faces except for that whole licking the face then that karol talked about, it's only happening in florida. aren't thank you guys. coming up the parlor situation sending a chilling message but the silencing of conservative voices. so how can we fight back?
8:40 pm
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♪ ♪'s before i know you wanted a little serenade welcome back. last night mel trump mondays on this week's winner was ashley, she is a super fan and we love her. conservative router rival partner fighting back filing a lawsuit against amazon after the tech giant which provided web hosting services abruptly shut down the social media sites. parlor said amazon violated there, tracked and the sherman antitrust act. that means are going to go to atlanta and pull up the rail ties when they chop them down. parlor also said it's been discriminated against for political reasons for it and remember, parlor also got dumped by apple and google, rough weekend. sodas big tech have too much power to silence voices it no
8:45 pm
longer likes? try me now to discuss institute resident fellow in washington examiner senior political columnist tim carney is backward what you make of this parlor dunking? >> well we should be scared. to be clear, i think these companies face both twitter, amazon should not be forced to bake the mega cake they do not want to bake. we are a free country. we look at the supreme court cases about religious liberty to conscientious objectors want, but there is a difference when you look at it from the perspective of how scared should we be of you having to go to a different baker to cater your wedding, and the largest web host or, amazon. and everybody else according to the parlor guys just saying no, you are not allowed in here. our big tech world has sort of operated on the assumption that like a government, they
8:46 pm
are not going to discriminate based on content. now it is clear they are going to discriminate based on content. when i am worried about is who is going to come next? is it going to be pro-lifers tomorrow? is it going to be gun owners annexed a? homeschool is the day after that? >> yes to all of that all that speech needs to be protected even if people in silicon valley and that bubble disagree with it. but that is what is so scary about this frightening is the ultimate cronyism. it's not just corporations it is these massive, trillion dollar corporations as evaluations are unthinkable when you combine that with all branches of government. at least the two chambers of the house, and the senate and the presidency being dominate by democrats is kind of scary. mech that's exactly what is going on here. they are not just, it's not because folks in silicon valley find this distasteful pride we know they will go
8:47 pm
after pro-lifers next and gun owners next. because we know they need the good graces of the obama biden administration. of chuck schumer's senate sprayed they're going to use their power, the big tech companies going to use their power to crackdown on conservatives, gain the good graces of all the democrats and then get the good regulation, avoid the bad regulation get the subsidies and mandates they need. it's a perverse way of lobbying that uses your freedom and my freedom to express ourselves as a bargaining chip. >> yes it will also be a casualty. now nancy pelosi has named her impeachment managers. i was shocked to see that eric's wall is on the list sprayed what is going on with eric's wall well and nancy pelosi? are they harold and maude? [laughter] things you have to do to understand nancy pelosi braidwood she put the metal detector is her way of putting
8:48 pm
that finger in the eye of republicans who have et cetera. now the eric's swalwell thing, i think she picked swalwell because while well is under attack for republicans for liaisons with chinese spies. and so, she is h role. she has become a troll. she picked her brain jamie is one of the impeachment managers but he voted to block the donald trump winning the election in 2016. now supposedly this calls for expelling house members? on the republican side customer she is trolling the republicans because she knows she can get away with it. before she literally is a troll and lives under a bridge and rubs her raymo hair. thank so much tim carney good to talk with you. >> thank you. kennedy: topical storm is next, stay with me.
8:49 pm
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8:53 pm
georgia pet owner gave their dog a doorstop. [laughter] [laughter] we all needed this. hey conservatives or something you can do when the time should spend on twitter expires. it reminds me as a kid i got knocked by that too. it's funny companies easily entertained but if you watch the bachelor, you have no right to laugh. this is like puppy netflix. later that day he asked his girlfriend to doorstop and she'll. [laughter] talk about door slamming. topic number two, disneyland has been struggling during the pandemic. so this should give it a shot in the armpit in california disneyland resort is about to become a massive super fox nation center. they finally found a ride that makes you dizzy or than the
8:54 pm
teacups. the good news is, if you sit still and don't cry, they give you a giant turkey leg. i love those they are my favorite. dizzy employees are used to taking drugs before work it's the only way to live with yourself in eight mickey mouse costume. and due to temperature needs the vaccine will be stored in the same fridge as what disease head. actually it's a promotion for a pixar movie the secret lives of antibodies on a mission to find president harris. doorstop. topic number three, another win for liberty with the viking horn helmet guy. after storming the american capital to take some sick instagram photos, jake the viking man went on a hunger strike in jail for insisting he could only eat organic food for religious reasons spread by odin's real it was done, today judge deborah fine ordered the u.s. marshals to accommodate the berserkers and dietary needs.
8:55 pm
now we just have to convince the judge to let him drink out of a ram's horn. he also says according to his religion, he must hunt his own meats and never be put in jail. according to his mother, jake is a huge health net although she left out the word health. joe biden has declined his request to win his freedom and the tiger cage of a national zoo paid the good news is he's now a prisoner he's eligible for california welfare. and they believed him. but when el chapo claimed he was kosher, they did nothing. topic number four, a pair of fishermen and australia wrestled a naked man dangling in a tree over crocodile infested waters. sounds like connie is not taking this well. big deal i been naked in the outback several of times but how do you get free blooming onions customer refreshments had their laying crab drops and they found a bloke asking for where they claimed he been
8:56 pm
locked first four days and had survived by eating snails. it's catching on. is brought to shore and taken to a hospital where he discovered he was a fugitive a jump bail unarmed robbery charges. in other words those fishermen caught a big one. not as big as greg norman though, be right back ♪ ♪ ♪ metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless every day. and having more days is possible with verzenio, proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant. verzenio + fulvestrant is for women with hr+,
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kennedy: while they craziness just keeps getting crazier. we will be here for every night because it is the best out of your day.
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he involved in twitter an instagram at kennedy nation on basement kennedy fbn and e-mail preach mind on the show it's a good impaired dave smith, bryan suits, spike echoing, so much liberty you're going to have to bring friends any fainting couch. i will see then, good night. . elizabeth: tonight we bring you breaking news. lawmakers have been briefed on specific armed threats against washington including white house, supreme court an capitol building. washington is going into lockdown beginning full on tomorrow. state capitals brace for protest this is weaken. tonight congressman james comer, brett tolman, christian whiton, brent bozell and dolly and general any lens, congressman brian babin on these top stories. more on what members of congress heard from authorities. they are now closely monitoring
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