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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 15, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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right now the consumer facing sectors are at most risk. connell: great to have you, brad mcmillan commented that the university of michigan consumer sentiment came in shy of estimates but we do have read on the screen off the lot for the session, folks we will see you monday, please join us again on "the claman countdown". connell: we have word about the true price tag and stocks have been following this afternoon that president-elect joe biden came out last night and unveiled a 2 trillion-dollar stimulus plan, that is some concern, we will be talking about this and tax hikes to pay for all of that, the president talking about themes right now, the market is down at the close, we may be off the lows but were still down 177 on the dow, the s&p 500 closing lower on the day down by 27 and the nasdaq down nearly 1% of 114-point drop for
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the tech heavy index. for the week it's in the red, the dow and nasdaq snappy what was a four-week winning streak all down, the nasdaq down the most, a two week winning streak, that is over as well. it is friday, that's a good news in all of this, i'm caught on mcshane. welcome to "after the bell", the news happening at this hour. let's get to our top story, blake burman joined us from washington. the president-elect is speaking again right now and this is a big one for the economy and for our health talking about the vaccination plan. what is he been saying? >> the goal for president-elect biden is to have 100 million covid-19 vaccine doses the ministered in the first hundred days of his presidency. he has been speaking about the last five or ten minutes outlining how he wants to go through that, the biden team has released a plan and then be kicked or what the president-elect says his or administration will be doing in the early weeks and months to
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get the doses are ministered. he wants to create federally supported vaccination centers he wants to launch mobile vaccination clinics so they can go into areas where people are getting vaccinated in a high enough rate, reimburse state to end up deploying the national guard to help out with vaccinations. he's talking about hiring 100,000 public health workers and he wants to launch a public education campaign. a million doses administered a day would be a major acceleration. as to where we are right now, the latest numbers put out by the cdc show at this point there's 31 million covid-19 vaccine doses distributed but only about 12-point to million have been administered, when we do the back of the envelope math that is 383,000 doses be put into the arms of americans on average every single day. the president-elect is unveiling a plan in delaware in which he hopes to potentially triple
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that. connell: he follows that or this is following what he talked about last night speaking about a lot of money in terms of relief, some of that was in the stock market today but that was a big plan we heard about. >> 1.9 trillion is a price tag dividing team put forward. the argument out of the president-elect and those around him the cost of doing too little far outweighs the cost of doing too much. here is what some is in that plan that he would like to see, $1400 in additional direct payments bringing that up to $2000 extended unemployment benefits and rental assistance through september a $160 billion nationwide vaccination program part of what the president-elect is talking about along with $350 billion going to state and local governments. connell: blake, thank you life
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in washington. go ahead. >> i know what i described is not come cheaply. as failure to do so will cost us dearly. the consensus among me and the economist we simply cannot afford not to do what i am proposing. >> exactly i'll send it back to you. connell: thank you, a little confusion and a little bit of delay as well were all dealing with these days, the main point still stands there the president-elect talking about a lot of money is stimulus which we will talk later in the show and the ambitious plan in terms of vaccine which is a huge economic story as well will talk about that now as private pharmacies are expected to play a large role in the distribution
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of the vaccine, some don't seem to be quite up to speed as the rollout has gone slower than a lot of people expected. let's bring in michael hogan the american pharmacists association let's talk about that, you've heard it from all sides were not getting it to where we want to be. i don't know how much his government, i don't how much is the pharmacies, what is going on out there right now. >> the federal plan initially was aimed at getting doses in the hospital workers on the front line caring for patients with covid and that was great, now it's time we rapidly accelerate to make vaccine doses available to community base pharmacists, we have 60000 community pharmacies in the united states all are trained and ready to give vaccines but there's no supply that's been given to the pharmacies in many cases and so as a result of that we are providers who are ready to stick needles in patients arms and make sure the vaccinated but they don't have
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the vaccine to do it, that's what we hope president-elect biden's plan will do speed that up so local communities can have vaccines available through their premises. connell: biden themselves has said things will get worse before they get better and is logic for that same llama transition in a administrations and just to get his plan up and running it's not exactly everything that he proposes even if it's the best idea in the world january the 21st. on the pharmacy side of thing is there anything that can be done privately where they could step up and do a little bit more or is it just a supply issue. >> is very much a supply issue. a lot of community pharmacies right now whether large chain pharmacies or smaller independent pharmacies are working with state and local jurisdiction to rapidly increase the number of sites where vaccines can be offered. i'm here in yorba linda, california and in san bernardino
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ocala under california we have community pharmacies that are administering doses of covid vaccine because of a great cooperation with california department health and the san bernardino county. were seen that happen in loss of communities across the country and west virginia is a good example where what community pharmacies have been very involved in a high immunization rate in the state as a result, we are encouraging pharmacies to work more closely with the county and the department of health and state jurisdiction to expedite this process of distribution and that has been a hurdle up until this point. >> large chains need to and probably have the ability to do more than the community pharmacies. i saw a number, you can correct me if this is data entry dated, talking about nursing homes will be rolled out the vaccine saying 4.7 million doses have been allocated to cvs and walgreens, two huge pharmacy chains but
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only a quarter are administered and they were blaming red tape and the like. maybe the industry can do to cut out some of the red tape or is that a government issue as well? >> the requirements are being able to give the covid vaccine are pretty strenuous compared to anything that we've seen in the past and for good reason we want to monitor vaccine safety so there's documentation requirements whether there in place for the covid vaccine did not exist previously, those are for good reasons so we can make sure every doses safe but i'll tell you pharmacists are mobilizing just as quickly as they have the supply to get them into patients arms, we knew there would be hiccups, i think that is important for everybody to remember we never done a pandemic event into the scale and the scope this is brand-new for all of us in america, were having learnings as we go along
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the way but were rapidly now increasing those number of doses and i think you're going to see in the next couple of weeks some big changes in the number of doses going into people's arms especially in pharmacies because were starting to see the supply things open up little bit and give vaccines to these pharmacies quicker. connell: not only will that be a big story but it would really help the economy as well. american pharmacists association we will continue to follow that. bracing for a hit, the banks are on the brink of what could be a massive tax bill to someone who came out and relatively optimistic earnings were earlier today. let's get more on this with gerri willis. >> that is right, j.p. morgan, citigroup had great results today, estimates on earnings but the good news may not continue, are sources telling us the short-term the outlook is great under the biden administration
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long-term, not so much. listen. >> you're likely to have a more intrusive regulatory going forward and higher taxes. one thing that i think will help mitigate the longer-term negative is if they have a razor thin margin with senate. >> in the short turn of 1.9 trillion stimulus package which biden announced last night is expected to bolster the economy, steep in the yield curve, raise interest rates and improve bank bottom line by making lending more profitable. analyst invited appointee janet yellen we talked about her a lot as moderately positive and reported sec chair is a tough regulator, he is regarded by the industry is manageable. so change thing in 2022 to push for tax reform and raising
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corporate tax rate to 28% from 21% and even if the corporate tax rate only goes to 25 - 26% the potential 5% increase would total 13 billion a pretax earnings of 260 billion for 2021. but the preferred level could be as high as 18 billion, this according others have closer to 11 billion but any event it's really large. i'm backing you, you may wonder what bank stocks are going to do. j.p. morgan and city might've had great results but their stocks are down, michael at wells fargo says that share prices going up 30% over the next two years. connell: that is interesting, thank you, gerri willis, the fight for 15 ramping up, workers around the country have been
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protesting pushing to increase the federal minimum wage. we will talk to steve forbes about many possible changes that could be coming soon under president biden. plus taking extra precaution, we are live on capitol hill with a security measure to protect our nations capital ahead of the inauguration next week. in adopting a server, this is an inspiring story one woman creating a lifeline for struggling service workers. we will have that later on. ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c.
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release: available only at connell: to the fight for a 15-dollar minimum wage, workers protesting around the country as we know that president about joe biden's coronavirus stimulus bill would include a move up to $15 an hour on the federal level, jeff flock is in chicago with how the story has been developing. >> outside of mcdonald's corporate headquarters in chicago and the folks that elected him are happy that he's going to put for the 15-dollar minimum wage and you have small business owner saying wait a minute, $15 in the middle of a pandemic, the folks in the more progressive part were on display today, take a look at the
4:17 pm
pictures at mcdonald's corporate headquarters, used to be chanting and marching and in the midst of the coronavirus it's driving and honking but the message perhaps the same as it would be is $15 minimum wage right away, the problem is that may not be the bill that passes, and may not be $15 right away and might be phased-in and may not be $15 if it's not people are going to be upset. >> put some money where your mouth is, you said you would do it we want this done the first, let me say the first 100 days the black in the brown helped put you over the top and were not giving up on the 15 plus an hour. >> is important to note that the $15 in a place like chicago or new york, new york or to has a 50-dollar minimum wage chicago will have won this year phased-in but in places like montana or west virginia or
4:18 pm
mississippi in the middle of i don't want to say nowhere but outside of the major cities, $15 is a lot of money but that is what they want and president biden seem to be present about biden as a deliberate people will be upset and if he does other people will be upset, tough being a politician. connell: that's always the way, thank you, my friend this is what a protest looks like in the rain in a pandemic. steve forbes with us now, the forbes media chairman, we can pick up the discussion which everyone's been having for years, now where we are economically in trying to get jobs back the main goal that comes down to incentive and where companies will hire without threshold is and making it through $15 an hour in some areas that might have the opposite impact of how it's intended. >> the best way to raise the minimum wage is having a vibrant
4:19 pm
economy we've seen it when we have a booming economy, you cannot hire people at the minimum wage. this should be done on a state-by-state basis, they know the conditions locally and those mentioned earlier west virginia might have different than new york or california but trying to impose a high when nationally is going to damage especially restaurants in the leisure industry we saw on the last jobs report hospitality and restaurant plus 500,000 jobs there struggling show people the minimum wage on them when they're already about to go out of business and tens of thousands have gone out of business you will just damage recovery. the other thing to keep in mind, you will also force restaurants and others to go to automation, kiosk and the like that will destroy jobs to. connell: that's what people said you would rather have a job making $7.25 an hour and no job at all. one of the things that
4:20 pm
president-elect said, nobody should work 40 hours a week and be below the poverty line i tried to look up earlier the terms of the federal poverty line at least there is some research that's been done if you do make 725 an hour you are below what we need to make $8, $8.50 or something like that would be worth considering if we will have a federal minimum wage that it needs to go up a little bit even if it's not going up to 15? >> the minimum wage has been raised federally for a number of years on the federal level so if you raise it to 8 - $8.25 a damage will be minimal. we should rely on local conditions where wages are made that way we don't unnecessarily destroy jobs. connell: again to that point as jeff said about of the cities we either have 15 or we will see it soon, new york, chicago.
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>> quickly when they have raised it to 15 or higher the damage has been really real and small businesses. connell: yes especially the restaurants and that's when we've been so focused on. the other topic is china we saw these numbers today, pandemic and all china seems to have economic momentum it's only major country in the world that was actually able to retain a positive gdp growth rate last year expected 2020 gdp growth to 2.1%, brookings predicts china will overtake the u.s. is the largest economy in the world by 2028. i know people question the numbers out of china but the direction who would've thought a year ago with everything china was going through that in terms of the economy china looks like the winner if you had to pick one and what is next. >> in terms of china it's reached the point it has today because of policies made years
4:22 pm
ago where they made a deal with entrepreneurs, you can deal with what you want there's less regulation in the passage china than there was in the u.s. was starting businesses, stay out of politics, the current regime headed by president xi jinping is gone in the opposite direction there putting restrictions and regulations on so china's ability to innovate is going to be harmed in the future. remember in terms of the gross size of the economy that is a gross level, it's not per capita they greatly lagged the united states, the momentum china has had in the past from the entrepreneurial class is being snuffed out i would take that 2028 prediction with a grain of salt the key thing we get our act together remove regulation, remove taxation and we will still be the innovative center of the world and that's where you get a higher standard of living. connell: removing all of those things for us, what about the tariffs on them? where do you think the new president will go or should go on that front? >> i've never been a tariff fan
4:23 pm
that the sales taxes been paid by american consumers and businesses. but there's a lot of other things have to be done on china on the international front especially on the south tennessee and elsewhere. in terms of what we do unfortunately it looks like this administration is going in the opposite direction hurting the dollar, raising taxes, putting on new regulations which hurt small business creation, the first time in a couple of generations the last three or four years we saw in increase in business formation in this country which is a great strain we hobbled out with these regulations that we will pay a price down the road and the lack of innovation which will be to the advantage of china, not good for us and trashing the dollars are talking about with the massive spending that will hurt us as well, we should remember what happened in the 70s, most people don't remember and weren't born but look up in the history books what that leads to. connell: that's never an excuse
4:24 pm
if you weren't born you can still read about it. no matter what year it is. steve forbes. connell: these days there's no excuse. we will talk to you soon, the fox business alert came in that we want to get to. the nra is filing for bankruptcy protection and it will seek court approval to reincorporate in texas, is incorporated in new york and wants to go to texas to flee the corporate political and regulatory environment of new york, the national rifle association so influential in this country for so many years seeking court approval to record rate in texas and will file for bankruptcy protection. a delay in vaccine authorization for one age group federal officials are warning not enough adolescents are signing up for the medina vaccine trial. this is 12 - 17 -year-olds. the team trials are only getting 800 volunteers per month at least 3000 for disciplines are needed to provide valid data and
4:25 pm
authorization from the fda. another area to speed things up. will be back. ♪ when you drive this smooth, you save with allstate the future of auto insurance is here you've never been in better hands allstate click or call for a quote today allstate click or call fo♪ ♪ ♪uote today ♪ ♪ ♪
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connell: bracing for impact, capitol hill and the surrounding area being transformed into a military staging area for thousands of national guard troops and head of the inauguration, president-elect joe biden who was speaking a little while ago in wilmington, delaware was asked on his way offstage how he feels and he does say he feels safe based on intelligence, those comments just in. let's check in with jennifer griffin as she continues her reporting on security from washington. >> we are standing in front of the capital you can see the national guard behind us, the national park service has announced it is closing the d.c. national mall and all d.c. landmarks until the day after the inauguration and they will not allow any groups larger than
4:30 pm
100 people to gather together, that is going to curtail any of the planned protest in any of the protesters who do come to town will have to walk through metal detectors, we can confirm the pentagon has authorized up to 25000 national guard for inauguration security and increased due to more request for help from the secret service. we saw the special forces from the international guard arrived at the capital and staging at the library of congress, the fbi says online chatter is continuing on the internet and open forum even after the large pro trump mob stormed the capital on january 6. >> those of you who took part in the violence here is something that you should know. every fbi field officer in the country is looking for you. as a matter of fact even your
4:31 pm
friends and family are tipping us off. you might want to consider turning yourself in instead of wondering when were going to come knocking on your door because we will. >> the fbi, secret service and others are alarmed by the open calls to bring weapons to washington, d.c. and this sunday at noon one group hope to march from the washington monument to the white house that is no longer possible, the fires say they refuse to be silenced protesters to bring weapons to washington will be arrested just as proud boy leader was on january 5. the biden team we have learned had to postpone a planned rehearsal, inaugural rehearsal due to the security threats, the d.c. police say that they will have all 3800 members of air force out on inauguration day..
4:32 pm
connell: i hope that all worked out as a deterrent. jennifer griffin live in washington, a highly contagion kobe: variant has been emerging and forcing additional travel restriction in one european country and we have a report from london on what we know and also new information on whether the u.s. is following in london's footsteps on this front. the restaurant industry one of the hardest hit during the pandemic and getting a helping hand through the generosity of complete strangers, who just want to help. attorney for lori loughin's husband have filed an emergency motion that he complete his five month prison sentence related to college omission scandal at home adding he spent almost 40% of his total sentence in solitary confinement because of the pandemic and it's taken a significant toll on his mental, physical and emotional well-being. how about that. ♪ understand why.agers don't (money manager) because our way works great for us!
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connell: the biden administration hitting up to close to home out on the range as ranchers are worried a return to the obama era rules restricting the way they can use their land. hillary vaughn has been looking into this, she is in virginia today.
4:37 pm
>> we have been talking to farmers this week who are fearful about a return to the obama era climate policy including bringing back his 2015 clean water regulation. >> the 2015 obama rural has been litigated all across the country, multiple courts have found it to be illegal and the fact is it is extremely confusing the 2015 rule is a hot mess. >> the original intent behind the rule was to keep runoff from farms to polluting drinking water but it went further than that putting something small as a puddle on a farm on the epa watchlist. >> when an administration comes in and says will clean up the water but will put these owners regulations in and now will regulate the puddle in the middle of the field as opposed to putting good buffers in an incentivizing folks to do good practices, it is a scary thought. >> under rules like this farmers build fencing to cut off their
4:38 pm
cows from getting to running water then they have to build wells on the property to give them access to drinking water. all of that cost money right now the fed covers 75% to do things like install fencing and build wells but some farmers who were on board with common sense regulation say they still need the federal government to keep coughing up the cash in order to comply with these rules but it's not just a flashback to obama epa that the industry is worried about, they are also worried about what could be on the horizon with the new climates are being in the white house, that is obama's former epa administrator gina mccarthy coming on board. connell: yet another economic issue we will have to keep a close eye on in the next few years. then minute threat to productivity is something we want to talk about, businesses in america will likely have to swallow the highest tax rates in the industrialized world if we want to fund the 2 trillion-dollar stimulus package put forth by the
4:39 pm
incoming biden administration. what could possibly go wrong with that, steve forbes joined us, i'm sure he's on board with all those new taxes, this is a big one if if we were to get it through, even if biden does not get everything he's talked about we could be looking at significantly higher taxes right? >> i take this personally because i helped donald trump put together the tax plan that biden wants to repeal, our approach was to reduce the tax rates to make america more conducive place for investment, we sucked in over the last four years over a trillion dollars from the rest of the world think of all the jobs that was associated with. the problem if you play the reverse you get the opposite effect, you raise a great question, can joe biden get it through, the tax plan itself has the highest tax rates since the 1970s but the capital gains rate would go up to over 40%, the corporate tax rate would go from 21 - 28%, the new estate
4:40 pm
tax that would be as high as 40%, those are very daunting but it's going to be tough for biden with only 50 votes in the senate to get that through, you might see a tax increase but not the big major rates that biden and his followers are looking for. connell: he's almost at 2 trillion as we said i read some analysis today that if he were to just use the reconciliation process in the congress which means a budget bill and only 51 votes, maybe get half of it i don't know if that is right to some extent but say he does he gets to about 1 trillion, what would you tell republicans to do from there, that they probably cannot stop unless joe manchin gets in the way, should they work with them on more than the one point to - 1.3 trillion and republicans get something that they want and the lines in the sand where they should hold the line on?
4:41 pm
>> the line in the sand is 0, we donated tax increase right now, if we want to reduce our budget, why don't we just scuttle the $1.9 trillion so-called stimulus bill filled with a lot of nonsense and said not related to covid relief, we've already spent by my calculation for and have trillion on these phase one, two, three, four, five, six, i've lost count of all of them we just passed the covid relief built two or three weeks ago for $900 billion and then here comes biden say we need another 1.9 trillion we have to get serious about cutting government spending and taxes and i'd like to see republicans come up with why don't we go back to the old idea flat tax, one right for everybody get rid of the loopholes in the exemptions and make it really simple for people, i would like to see republicans go on the offense on the tax issue.
4:42 pm
connell: it's a shame we did not have steve forbes camera on he was on earlier. >> i love the guy he taught me my economics, he gets more fired up than the yankees or anything else. a final thing on the corporate rate, that is something that came up, you have been pushing i should point out everybody that watches the show, stimulus even when it was republicans you do still think it's a good idea economically but i want to ask you about corporate tax rate that's one of the things the president pushed down how much damage can be done if you want from 21 and where you really start to see the economy again trouble on the corporate rate. >> i remember when it seemed like yesterday about four or five years ago when larry kudlow and i sent them a donald trump and explained i think he got this pretty quickly, our business tax rate was way up here and the rest of the world was way down here, that was forcing and incentivizing businesses to leave, this is
4:43 pm
about creating jobs in the united states it's not like we wanted to giveaway to corporations and if we go back to the high rates we will put american companies on the disadvantage and the companies that will benefit in the countries that will benefit will be china, germany, japan, russia and other countries that we compete with, i think it's economically to raise the tax rates on our own companies and we want to compete in the global environment. connell: don't forget ireland on your list especially when you talk about corporate rates. >> the one country lower than us, 15%. connell: i love it, no i do don't, it's always been the calling card, have a great weekend steve moore with us, not of the world milestone we want to point out really quick nasa's curiosity marking 3000 days on mars, celebrating the occasion with a panoramic image that has been exploring since 2012. we'll be right back. ♪ those are advanced poses.
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connell: "after the bell" headlines, north korea showing off his submarine launched missile during a military parade countries leaders kim jong-un
4:48 pm
sent a warning with a quote attached no matter who is in power of the u.s. the true nature and the true spirit of the anti-north korea policy will never change, the display from the north comes days before prison elect biden is sworn in. new jersey democratic governor bill murphy ordering state employees to work from home next wednesday, inauguration day due to the court level of tension in the country. this announcement comes as the fbi has been urging police chiefs across the entire country to be on high alert for threats. bumble going public, the female centered dating apple joined the nasdaq ticker will be be mbl, almost 42 million monthly average users and 2.4 million paid customers the company has not determined the number of shares that offer or what the pricing will be. they are really trying to stop the spread of the new covid-19 variance. the uk banning all flights from south and central america including brazil and portugal to keep out what they called the brazilian variant, that starts friday in the u.s. the cdc warning the british covid-19
4:49 pm
variance is likely to become the dominant strain in the united states in march, and in asia china is building a massive quarantine center in anticipation of the new wave of covid. let's get the fox news correspondent benjamin hall more from london. >> for many months china has touted the fact that it defeated the virus and no new cases within its borders, this new outbreak means that cases are on the rise and the regime is taking no chances on thursday the country declared the highest daily infection rate since march since 138 new cases as well as the first death in eight months, and the past they have a question, china is responding to the new outbreak in a big way quickly building huge covid quarantine centers in northern hubei province ahead of the new year travel rush, they've also imposed travel restrictions on 37 million people they have
4:50 pm
administered 10 million doses of their own vaccines but some say they have been too slow to publish with the trials of the vaccine in brazil and announced 50% in numerous developing countries with millions of people desperate for a vaccine are ordering it, of world health organization team is arriving in wuhan to investigate the origin of the pandemic a group of ten scientist as hospitals to the mental outbreak, the propaganda continues to invest as the viruses originated in italy or the u.s., there is no evidence to suggest that but with the global death toll passing 2 million, it's clear they want to shift the blame. back to you. >> benjamin hall reporting from london, the restaurant industry losing 380,000 jobs just in the month of december as the virus continues to surge, the laid-off
4:51 pm
workers are turning to social media for assistance and some of them it is working we will have a story coming up next. ♪ they were able to give me a personal loan so i could pay off all of my credit cards. i got my mortgage through sofi and the whole process was so easy. ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it, lowering my blood sugar from the first dose. once-weekly trulicity responds when my body needs it, 24/7. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes.
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♪ ♪ connell: all right, let's get to this lifeline are fun struggling -- for struggling service workers. a local facebook group where people can come in and adopt a bartender or a server and help them out with whatever assistance they might need. we know that industry is one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. joining us now is the creator of that group. i know yourself you have a company operated out of your house, i believe you sell t-shirts, and now you come up with this idea to help people. i think you're waiting tables yourself back in your college days, and we love stories like this especially after a rough week at the end of it to say here's somebody who went out and tried to help. tell us how you got started and
4:56 pm
how it's been going. >> well, i started because i saw a group in our state, and i felt there was a need to help them. i know the struggle, i've struggled myself, so i would love to just help people. connell: how much money have you guys been able to, you know, raise, how many people have you been able to help so far? >> i'd definitely say we've been able to help over a hundred people. i don't have with, like, a count on how much money because i don't keep track of all that. everybody just helps as they see the need. connell: so this industry, it's funny, we do stories almost every day about a restaurant that's in trouble or people working in that industry that have been out of work for a long time, and i think we did a segment earlier in the show about the minimum wage, right in and one of the things people forget about, everybody in the restaurant industry -- especially those that are servers -- often times they're relying on tips. so it's not like you can go out
4:57 pm
and apply for unemployment and make back a portion of their salary. they may not be even eligible for, you know, unemployment insurance. so that is a portion of the population that has been hit so hard by this. i guess the question now is how long they're going to take to get back on their feet. what are you picking up from some of these people that you've been speaking to? are they starting to become more optimistic? are they still worried in. >> oh, they're definitely still worried. where i'm at, the restaurants just opened back up to a reduced capacity, but they're not making as much money as they normally would. a lot of them do not qualify for unemployment. a lot of them are still waiting to hear back to see if they'll get the unemployment. they're just -- they feel like they're just lost are. they don't know who to turn to, so it's nice that we can offer them a little bit of relief at least. connell: i'm going to ask you one other question about your own business. tell me, how do people help,
4:58 pm
just look it up on facebook? and to your point, which is a good one, there's a bunch of people doing this, you're out near pittsburgh, but there are a lot of these types of situations if you just search facebook for tonight a server or whatever? >> yeah, just type in adopt a server, and it will pop up, like, for different areas. connell: pretty good use of facebook for a change, too. we've got a bunch of those stories -- [laughter] people not using it for the best purposes. that's an idea of how social media e actually works, brings people together you might not see or talk to as much. tell me about your own business, because like so many of us, you're working at home. what do you do in your own business, and how's that been impacted by the pandemic? >> so far not -- my business has only been open a little under a year, but i do it all through facebook. i show my product on facebook, i market through facebook, it's
4:59 pm
just kind of word of mouth too. so i'm still in that kind of phase of still trying to figure it all out as well. connell: yeah. and that probably is how you got this idea. you're already on there for work a lot on facebook, right? so you had this idea to help other people which is a great thing that you're doing. how are things in your area as a final question, then we're going to wrap it up, because we're coming up on the end of our show here. are people getting out more, or are people staying in, and are they afraid after seeing this latest kind of surge we've seen in the virus over the last few weeks especially? >> i would say it's a mix. you definitely see people who are willing to go out, and then you see the people who are hunkering down. but, like, our area, we closed down the restaurants, and a lot of areas they haven't. so i think our servers in our area are seeing -- are having a
5:00 pm
harder time with all of this. connell: yeah. well, you're doing a great thing for a lot of other people even as, you know, like the rest of us, you're struggling to get by. we just wanted to highlight that and congratulations, erin. thank you for coming on with us today. thanks for joining us today and every day. i'm connell mcshane, we'll see you back here on monday. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. we may soon have new and explosive insight into what is the greatest political scandal in american history. the radical dems and the deep state's efforts to overthrow president trump. hundreds of pages of depositions, transcripts and fbi evaluations expected to soon be released to the public on obamagate. the white house document release will follow on the reporting of "just the news" editor-in-chief john solomon who here last night reported on the upcoming release. we'll be talkin


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