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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 16, 2021 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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of complicated history. under the surface, the battle for bethlehem continues. as, you know, like the rest of us, you're struggling to get by. we just wanted to highlight that and congratulations, erin. thank you for coming on with us today. thanks for joining us today and every day. i'm connell mcshane, we'll see you back here on monday. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. we may soon have new and explosive insight into what is the greatest political scandal in american history. the radical dems and the deep state's efforts to overthrow president trump. hundreds of pages of depositions, transcripts and fbi evaluations expected to soon be released to the public on obamagate. the white house document release will follow on the reporting of "just the news" editor-in-chief john solomon who here last night reported on the upcoming release.
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we'll be talking with john solomon about what we can expect and what he knows here next. the documents to be released declassified by president trump. and among the bombshell revelations, an admission by former mi-6 agent christopher steele, the author of the fraudulent trump dossier, that he leaked information to the u.s. media from his dirty trump dossier in an effort to distract from hillary clinton's ongoing e-mail scandal and the reopening of the fbi investigation into that scandal. that admission made in the fall of 2017, the documents promise to further expose the radical left and the deep state's plot hatched by none other than hillary clinton, then-candidate donald trump's opponent, to overthrow the trump presidency later on.
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a plot that has been underway since the summer of 2016. in fact, on june 13, 2016, president obama's former campaign manager laid it all out for everyone to see. david plouffe tweeted this, quote: it is not enough to simply beat trump. he must be destroyed thoroughly. his kind must not rise again. that tweet coming just weeks before james comey initially closed the fbi's investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail server scandal. just before. and it was that same summer in which the clinton campaign constructed the plot to distract from her scandal by ginning up the false russia collusion fraud against then-candidate trump. and love's tweet also curiously
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preceded by only a month and a half the fbi's first effort to frame general michael flynn. president trump's declassification order threatens to expose any and all members of the deep state the swamp, the radical dems who have feverishly worked to undermine, to overthrow his presidency and to block his agenda. today one of the gatekeepers of the swamp, none other than senator lindsey graham, undercut the president once again. graham's senate judiciary committee released the transcripts of 11 interviews that graham had kept hidden and unavailable from officials involved in investigating the origins of obamagate. they include interviews from the likes of former doj officials bruce ohr, all conducted before the november 3rd election, and
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senator graham sat on every single one of them. senator graham also continues, well, to disappoint the american people, to say the least. to deny their right to know. and he had this, this brazen remark about his document dump today. we have released as much material as possible, but some classified material has still been withheld. this, ladies and gentlemen, is one sorry excuse for a senator. joining us tonight is john solomon, editor-in-chief of "just the news," best selling author, great american. and, john, let's start with this document dump from senator graham since it is the most meet development. one of the interviews -- eleven interviews that he sat on -- >> they go back to march of last year. [inaudible conversations] yeah. it's remarkable.
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i think senator graham was just simply trying to crash president trump's last declassification party. there's some interesting stuff in there, things that would have been nice to know before the election. i'll give you a good example. steve laycock, the executive assistant director of the fbi said everybody knew that christopher steele was so bad that he actually thought the u.s. consulate was in miami. this is a guy we're trusting to give us intelligence, and he doesn't know the russians can't be doing what he claims because there is no consulate in miami. laycock testifies to the committee, we knew about that, and yet while they knew he was that bad off, christopher steele, they were representing to the fisa court that he was a solid guy, no derogatory information. those sort of revelations would have been nice last summer or fall, not four or five days before joe biden takes office. lou: there are so many revelations that we have received including the fact that hillary clinton authored the
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plot to distract from her own scandal, the e-mail scandal, and to have official washington, our government, participate in a plot to block the candidacy of donald trump and to overthrow his presidency. what is stunning to me, john, is with that knowledge -- and it's separate from this, in part it's separate from this release of documents we're expecting from the white house -- we know this. >> we do. lou: the radical dems, nancy pelosi, proceed with this impeachment fraud once again against the president. the national left-wing media is so, so intertwined, so complicit with the democratic party and the deep state that they're not even acknowledging. the american people, many, if not most americans, don't realize the hoax that's been perpetrated on them. and that is this plot hatched by
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hillary clinton and the dems to destroy donald trump. david plouffe wasn't kidding when he said what he did. >> no, he wasn't kidding. the great thing about david plouffe, he tells you exactly what he's going to do. republicans have been asleep at the switch for four years as he's told the american public what he plans to do. the reason why the mainstream media is silent is that they were primary co-conspirators in the creation, dissemination and sustaining of a false narrative for two and three years. and to this day, by not acknowledging their failures, by not covering the reversal of the story with the same aggressiveness that they first put it on the front pages, they had to serve the american public. and that's why in the gallup poll after christmas, american news media is lowest in esteem in history, and 30% of americans don't believe a single word that comes from the news media. they have made their own bed just like twitter and facebook
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who have lost 50,000 of value in the last week. the american people are beginning to revolt against these institutions. lou: market cap. well, they had better. because this government is as corrupt as i could possibly have ever imagined. could you, in all seriousness, could you have ever possibly imagined that one political party, the democrats, would be this corrupt, would seize control of a government as they attempt to overthrow a president with members of the deep state in as they have been doing since 2016? >> if i was looking for a good movie, i'd hope that'd be the plot line. it'd be really interesting. the sad part is this is historically unfolding before our eyes. you have the alignment of news media, bureaucrats in the democratic party carrying out a four-year political dirty trick, the origins of which began with
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the desire to keep hillary clinton from having to answer to her e-mail scandal. it is atrocious. and everybody knew it. president obama knew it in july of 2016. finish the fbi knew about it in october of '16. and yet for three and four years false stories from adam schiff down to the front page of "the new york times" were fed, force fed to the american people. all of those institutions that have let us down deserve accountability, and americans have that ability. they vote with their checkbook, they vote with their ballots. they have to take stake in what we're about to learn in the next three cays. -- days. it's going to be an ugly story that we're going to be told. lou: and contemporaneously, corporate america is refusing to now donate money to the republican party because of the fiction ginned up by moses and schumer -- pelosi and schumer, and to a degree, the president-elect that is president incited a mob and was responsible for the violence.
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kevin mccarthy, the leader of the republicans in the house, mitch mcconnell, the leader of the republicans in the senate participating in this, in this outrage against the president of the united states while every one of these plots, every one of these malign actors over the course of four years is escaping media attention and consequence either at the polls because no one, not enough people even know what they've done, or because they are being blocked by big tech, social media. it's an outrage and a dark, dark day in american history. >> yeah. millions of people share your sentimentses, lou, and it's because it's based in fact. these things have happened, and there needs to be accountability. but i also think that, you know, one of the things about the capitol riot, as tragic and awful as it is, is that the story's going to evolve. and i suspect it's going to evolve like the russia collusion
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story. hopefully, it won't take us four years, but we're seeing the changes in the narrative already. we now have a liberal activist who's been charged with participating. we now know there was plotting, we now know there was warnings. the big questions for me are -- lou: he was actually -- >> yeah? lou: no, i think -- [inaudible conversations] absolutely. what did they all know, because the rinos and the leaders of the republican party are just as guilty as hell of working against this president and against the will of the american people. john, one quick question. fiona hill, talk about very quickly because we're using up a lot of time here -- [laughter] she made a reference to you regarding the russian collusion narrative and those so-called impeachment inquiry hearings. your thoughts. >> listen, she has her right to her own opinion about my
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reporting. listen, she's the person, we're going to find this out tomorrow or over the weekend, she's the person who introduces christopher steele to sub source one. who is that? the person who gave him all the bad russian disinformation and who the fbi had under investigation since 2009. so fiona hill was hanging out with somebody the fbi thought was a russian disinformation artist, and it would have been nice to have known that so she could be cross-examined when she was an impeachment witness. but once again we're finding out far too late. lou: in other words, it's straightforwardly the testimony that we heard not only from her, but many if not most of the other witnesses were outright lies and designed as disinformation against the american -- >> certainly omissions. there are a lot of missions. i'm not sure i would say lies, but i would say omissions for sure. [laughter] finish. lou: i'll say lies and omissions. john solomon, thanks so much. appreciate it. up next, president trump will soon release those highly
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attempted obamagate documents. so what is the point of special counsel john durham? we take that up with judicial watch president tom fitton right after these quick messages. after these quick messages. stay with us. excuses. we're all guilty of making them. those are advanced poses. that's why at cvs, we're making not making excuses a little easier, with the vitamins and supplements you may need. now get a $10 gift card when you spend $30. cvs. healthier made easier.
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♪ ♪ lou: welcome back. and joining me now is tom fitton, president of judicial watch. and, tom, we are, we are on the precipice of learning more about a scandal that has wracked this nation for more than four years, the efforts of the left to -- and deep state -- to overthrow a president, to block his agenda, to block his candidacy for that high office. your reaction to the fact that they have succeeded -- they being the deep state, the national left-wing media, the radical dems -- have succeeded in driving this, this fraud against the president and the american people successfully, without consequence, for more than four years along with corrupt, corrupt fbi, doj and intelligence officials through it all. >> it's been exceedingly
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frustrating that not only have they been able to do that, but they've been able to do it without theccountability that any other government official would have faced if the target was the politically correct target, meaning a democrat or a leftist or a republican establishment type. but because it was donald trump, the rules didn't apply to him. you could spy against him, you could -- four years ago this week or last week, joe biden and obama were talking about spying on tmparge tting h nionaiol secutycuiserdvdv therans trarfefow at h appe hd fner yoursoursgo. a eau: en ywh saywhwh iasllightigig it imp itant itaorta eveta eon o untandundireteca foror at pmisser fro the m mt,ososot notheor majorajor of ericanicanhoicanereaneratcherinn thisold in the the ehe days,s,
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as pre pcateddn a s ge tt t a pre pdent p was w w w fectelcta rctus agege innn col csion c w im putin. i mean, brazen, outrageous, fraudulent assertions by the leadership and the principal officials of the party. and there has been no consequence for them whatsoever for lying, for trying to destroy this man, his presidency, his administration. and now as we near inauguration day for joe biden, it is almost a welcome home, joe, kind of atmosphere amongst the swamp creatures. how does this get made right, and it be made right? >> i don't know if it can be with made right at this point other than trying to figure out
11:20 pm
what went on. if john durham isn't going to prosecute these guys, we already know that. biden is not only bringing some of these folks back responsible for this misconduct, but he's actually giving them promotions. biden himself, obviously, has gotten a promotion through this election process which, as you know i think, was come prohissed. compromised. so this president, he was the victim of monstrous lies, and when he -- and tried to investigate what was behind it and how it happened. they tried to remove him for office for it. and, you know, for objecting to the election, daring to raise questions about the election, they are, they tried to -- well, they're now trying to remove him from office. lou: you're talking about now. >> it's big lie after big lie after big lie with this group. lou: think of the sickening deception, hypocrisy because
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what was the position of the radical dems upon the surprise victory of donald trump in 2016? they said it was an illegitimate win. it was an illegal election. he was not legitimately the president of the united states. hashtag resistance throughout. and doing so with greater animus and energy against this man and the republican party and republicans, the deplorables, than anything we are witnessing now in response to what the democratic party has once again attempted which is another impeachment on false grounds against this president. without, without so much as a breath of opposition from the media. >> well, not even much opposition from republicans. you know, these documents, they all knew it was a lie.
11:22 pm
it wasn't just schiff who knew it was a lie, it was rod rosenstein who knew it was a lie, it was barr who knew it was a lie, it's durham who knew it was a lie. and they all sat on this. they sat on biden material. his appointees -- and we all know he wanted it released, but with the trump administration it's been day and day of casual sedition trying to divert or his efforts for transparency on this corruption, sub vexer efforts -- subversion efforts for accountability. they completely ignored him. and now it's the last minute, and we're getting documents a day late and a dollar short reconfirming the criminality behind the political class that sought to undo the 2016 election. lou: do you think of all of this as we are left with a government run by criminals, the corrupt and those beyond consequence for their actions, that's where we are today, it's very likely to
11:23 pm
be the same place that we visit in the weeks and months ahead. tom fitton, good to have you with us. thank you. up next here, kevin mccarthy siding with a house rino who voted to impeach the president of the united states. we take that up with congressman mo brooks. stay with us. there seems to be a little there seems to be a little problem in i had shingles. horrible. a young thing like me? actually anyone 50 or over is at increased risk for shingles. the pain, the burning! my husband had to do everything for weeks. and the thing is, there's nothing you can do about it! well, shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaat? prevented. you can get vaccinated. frank! they have shingles vaccines! whaaat? that's what i said. we're taking you to the doctor. not going through that again. you can also get it from your pharmacist! 50 years or older get vaccinated for shingles now.
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♪ ♪ lou: the house minority leader, minority leader ken mccarthy, is -- kevin mccarthy, is a man of many parts. and suddenly he is siding with the republican party establishment and the radical dems that oppose everything he says he stands for. now mccarthy says he doesn't back the effort to remove congresswoman liz cheney as the house republican conference chair. cheney, to be clear, was one of
11:28 pm
ten rinos this week who voted to impeach the president. a member of leadership voting to inpeach the president of the united states without evidence, without debate, without a single hearing. joining us now is congressman mo brooks who challenged the election results on january 6th, led the challenge, in fact. and it's good to have you with us, congressman. >> my pleasure, lou. lou: it looks to me as though your party is in very big trouble. you have corporations denying now that they will ever give the party because the president, they say, incited a riot, a mob on capitol hill that assaulted the capitol itself. they have done that without evidence. in fact, evidence contrary to the statement. your matter is panicked, it seems to me, about that threat and maybe that reality that tens
11:29 pm
of millions of dollars are going to be denied the party that says it's all about working men and women and their families, the middle class in this country, small business. how does it square up for you, congressman? >> well, this is what you expect the socialists to do, is to stamp out any opposing viewpoints. certainly, their reaction since november 3 orrd has been to suppress freedom of speech, prix tom of -- freedom of assembly just as best they can possibly -- lou: i've got to ask you -- and, congressman, i've got to ask you now, are you talking about the sanders socialists, the aoc communists, whatever they want to call themselves? are you talking about the fascists in silicon valley who are denying free speech, who are
11:30 pm
anti-competitive and crushing competition, or are you talking about wall street and corporate america? it's hard to tell what you're talking about because a raid against the american people right now are the most powerful -- arrayed against the american people right now are the most powerful enemies in our society and in our economy. >> and that's why i've never felt so much fear for the future of the united states of america. this is a revolution. granted, it's been at the ballot box, but at the same time it has been accomplished at a ballot box in which there is great suspect that there was massive voter fraud and other illegal casting of ballots. that's why i challenged the votes that were cast back on november the 3rd. i want honest and accurate -- lou: oh, congressman -- >> -- elections -- [inaudible] go ahead. lou: i was going to say, you can't say electoral fraud.
11:31 pm
this is america, you don't have the right to say, to express your opinion or -- [laughter] falling on your head will be apple, amazon, facebook, wall street, the commerce, chamber of commerce, the business round table, national association of manufacturers. i mean, it's just not possible to actually say -- do you really, really mean that? >> no one said having a remix was easy. -- republic was easy. and the underpinning of a republic is honest and accurate elections. we have to fight for it. unfortunately, the socialists have done an excellent job of exploiting every single weakness in our election system, certainly those that were identified by the commission on federal election reform headed up by democrat jimmy carter and james baker back in 2005. they identified the weaknesses -- lou: right. >> -- in our election system. they said we need to fix these things. instead of fixing these things,
11:32 pm
the democrats exploited them, giving us what happened in november of 2020. lou: you know, let's, let's assume -- >> it's scary, lou. lou: -- the democrats are scurrilous. i think that every american should be, if not scared, deeply concerned. because as you're talking about socialists, i really can't tell the difference between corporate america, silicon valley, wall street and the sanders' socialists and the president-elect's, what looks his projection of his administration and policies. this is a very difficult timement but when you -- time. but when you say just socialists, i think we've got great things to fear from the republican party as well. you've got a house leader in the republican party who does not believe that a member of leadership should be removed who votes with the democrats against
11:33 pm
their own president. without evidence. without due process of any kind. and that can only be an act of fear on the part of your leadership whether it's mitch mcconnell, whether it's kevin mccarthy. your thoughts. >> well, the chair of the gop conference serves at the will of the gop conference in the house of representatives, and i'm sure that we will address that internally. but what's most important is to get all this behind us as fast as possible. we have to be strong and we have to be united in the face of what we're going to face over the next two years with these socialist gains that they have made at the ballot box and the kind of oppressive conduct they have shown they're going to engage in within the house floor, perhaps on the senate floor. but certainly, with the suppression of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the right to petition government, all of which are embodied in the first amendment to the united states constitution and none of which have been threatened as much as
11:34 pm
they're being threatened now from all different corners. lou: congressman mo brooks, thanks so much. you're a man of courage and principle. we appreciate you being here, thank you. up next, twitter's jack dorsey says his ban of president trump is just the beginning of big things. we take that up and more right after a quick break. i'll be talking with new york post op-ed editor sa wrap amare. stay with us, we'll (naj) at fisher investments, we do things differently and other money managers don't understand why. (money manager) because our way works great for us! (naj) but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. (money manager) so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? (naj) nope, we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. (money manager) but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? (naj) we don't have those. (money manager) so what's in it for you? (naj) our fees are structured so we do better when you do better.
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lou: well, breaking news tonight, ina leaked video, a man who is quickly becoming one of the, well, one of the most reviled characters in america, twitter ceo jack dorsey, says social media giants' crackdown is a much bigger deal than a ban on president president trump. >> we, you know, we are focused on one right now, but that is going to be much bigger tan one account. it's going to go on much longer than just today, this week, the next few weeks. it's going to go beyond inauguration. lou: that sounds like a clear, a clear or and present threat
11:39 pm
against free speech in this country against all of us and free speech, curtailing that right is a, well, an assault on our constitution and all the rest of us. joining us tonight is new york post opinion editor and columnist sohrab ahmari. sohrab, good to have you with us, and your reaction, to first, that sound, that statement from jack dorsey. >> well, lou, thanks for having me. i think the bigger than just the president's ban had already happened with what happened with the new york post's reporting on the hunter biden files before the election. lou: right. >> in retrospect, we had perfectly accurate reporting. no one contests any of the facts of it now, but we were censored by twitter and facebook, and we had our main@ny post twitter
11:40 pm
account suspended for several days on the basis of spurious charges that we had leaked hacked material. so i have no doubt that more censorship is coming because we've tasted it firsthand, and it's a bitter taste. lou: well, it's a bitter taste. it is also a violation of constitutional rights. and twitter is paying a price. but right now it's a bit at the margin, because billions of dollars in market cap is hardly suitable punishment, sufficient punishment in my opinion, for the green juice, egregious acts of twitter. the arrogance of that fool, dorsey, to stand before the american people and say there's something bigger than shutting down, banning the president of the united states and denying the american people the voice of their elected leader, that's big enough for me. and it's big enough for me to think that jack dorsey is, well,
11:41 pm
he is lower than a snake's belly, and he must, he has to be held accountable. your thoughts. >> i absolutely think so. that, i think, requires a shift of mindset on the part of those of us who are of the right, people who are conservatives. for too long we were beholden to these dogmas about strictly thinking about repression, about violation of fundamental rights as something that government does. we're now learning that overleaning corporate power, the private tyranny of a few oligarchs is also something that can threaten our fundamental rights. and, yes, there are still some conservatives who say, well, it's okay because it's a private actor doing it. whereas, as you know, lou, if free speech evolves, it happens on these platforms. so if they can ban the president of the united states, ban the
11:42 pm
nation's oldest daily newspaper, "the new york post," founded by alexander hamilton, then free speech is effectively dead even if there's a letter in the constitution. it becomes a paper, right? it's no longer a living right. so we need to start to think away from these categories of public and private and just see what the real threats facing our historic rights are. lou: yeah. well, it's interesting because public and private is an interesting expression particularly when it's applied to corporate media. the fact is that in each instance the public, public corporations are the owners of these news media outlets whether it's disney, whether it is, you know, silicon valley, facebook, twitter. there is a public accounting. shareholders own those companies. and they're using money from those shareholders to donate to a preference on the part of
11:43 pm
management for which they should be held accountable. the idea that jpmorgan chase decides which party it's going to donate to, why is it donating to any party? and we have to evaluate where we want shareholder money being spent by management. you know, this is -- we've reached a point in this country where there's this attitude that management of these public corporations is anything more than hired help. they are titans, they are oligarchs, and they are fabulously wealthy. but they do not have the right to crush our constitutional rights, and those who would dare defy the monopolies, the oligopolies and the oligarchings who run silicon valley and wall street. what do you think in. >> well, in the case of silicon valley, which i think right now is the most acute threat to freedom of speech, has to do
11:44 pm
with a special carveout that they have under a law passed in 1996, the communications decency act, which was -- lou: right. >> it was enacted by congress before facebook was a thing, before twitter was a fact of our life, and it didn't take account of the fact that these publishers would -- these platforms would begin to act like publishers, you know? if i -- lou: sohrab? >> yeah. lou: i'm sorry, we're running out of time. i've just got to ask you this. we've just seen the republican party with an opportunity to eliminate section 230 protections for silicon valley, for big tech. we've seen the democrats say that they wanted to do the same. neither party has the guts to stand up because, frankly, they own our congress, they own our senate, and they own both parties, do they not? >> they do for the most part
11:45 pm
with a few honorable exceptions, and they also own, unfortunately, the think tank infrastructure that feeds ideas to the republican party. so many of them get money from google, from facebook, from amazon to say that, no, there's nothing wrong with censorship as long as it's a private company doing it. but the american people, i think, are waking up, and those old talking points i don't think resonate as much when they've been purged en masse from these platforms. lou: sohrab ahmari, we hope you will come back soon, enjoy talking with you. he has important things to say. stay with us, coming up next here rinos tell the president's base to repent for supporting president trump. we take that up, pastor robert jeffress with us. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ lou: stocks lower to end the week, the dow today fell 177 points after joe biden put out his spending plan. the s&p down 27, the nasdaq down 114. volume on the big board, 5.4 billion shares. a reminder to listen to my reports on the salem radio
11:50 pm
network. oklahoma rino senator james lankford issued an apology to black constituents this tulsa. lankford says he is sorry because he challenged the results of the presidential election. lankford wrote, quote: what i did not realize was all of the national conversation about states like georgia and pennsylvania and michigan was seen as casting doubt on the validity of votes coming out of predominantly black communities like atlanta, philadelphia and detroit. lankford apologized for his, quote, blindness to that perception. i could perhaps accept his, well, rationalization of his statements if i thought it was about the predominant race in any state. it was about ballots and machines and unconstitutional changing of voting law.
11:51 pm
joiningings now is pastor robert jeffress from the first baptist church of dallas, also a fox business contributor, great american. your thoughts about, as we are sitting here on friday, rin os like adam kinzinger who asked you to repent for your support of president trump. as the president is being, again, fraudulently impeached by the dems, and there is not a whisper of dissent in the national left-wing media. >> lou, this is something we're going to see more and more over these next four years, and that's an attempt to shame people like you and me who strongly support this president. well, i'll guarantee you i'm not repenting of anything, and certainly not my support of this great president. i told "usa today" this week that i had absolutely no regrets
11:52 pm
whatsoever in supporting president trump, and i told him this week that i believe he is the greatest president of my lifetime, and he will go down as the most pro-life, pro-religious liberty president in american history, and nothing anyone says is going to change that. lou are, he's leaving office next week with his legacy intact. lou: absolutely. and it's an extraordinary legacy all the more because of the efforts of the radical dems, the deep state, from the beginning almost of his candidacy for the office that they tried to deny him. and then their efforts to overthrow him and block his agendas throughout. he accomplished more than any president in the first year of his -- first three years of his term. his four years in office are remarkable in achievement, all the more so because of the
11:53 pm
naked, corrupt opposition of the radical left and the deep state. >> well, that's right, lou. and i remember so well about six months after he became president, i remember sitting the oval office and telling him, mr. president, you have an axis of evil that is going to conspire to take you could down. not only the media and the democrats, but the establishment republicans. and that proved to be true. they conspired together, but they couldn't stop his tremendous achievements in spite of all of those headwinds. and i am grateful, eternally grateful for what he has done for our nation. even though he's leaving office for now, his legacy will endure. lou: his legacy will endure. also enduring are the corrupt forces within our government who worked against him for more than four years. as i said, trying to, trying to
11:54 pm
destroy the man. not just the president, but the man. it is the most vile, venomous assault ever conducted against a president in our country's history short of the assassination of abraham lincoln. it is -- this is a nation that can't heal, that cannot come together until we understand the truth and the reality of what we have witnessed over the course of the past four years of this man's presidency. >> well, lou, i think i speak for all of your viewers when i say that's why we need you, the same voice of lou lou dobbs, now more than ever. and we're going to depend upon you over these next four years to point out what is going on, the darkness, the lies that we're going to see. i'm saying sunday in my sermon, yes, we need to pray for our new
11:55 pm
president, president biden. the bible says we need to pray for all of our leaders. but we also need to be ready to push back against the unto godly policies that are sure to come. these are days to stand up and be courageous like never before. lou: pastor robert jeffress, thank you for those eloquent words. we appreciate it. before we go to break, a reminder to visit pick up your copy of "the trump century." read about how great -- our great, historic president. you can also pick up your "lou you can also pick up your "lou dobbs tonight" mug. there are many names for enthusiast. but there's only one way to become one... by going all in. the new lexus is. with a lower center of gravity, a more responsive suspension,
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♪ ♪ lou: welcome back. john solomon with us tonight on the cover-up of obamagate and the soon to be released obamagate documents. >> a four-year political dirty trick that -- whose origins, the origins of which began with the desire to keep hillary clinton from having to answer to her e-mail scandal. it is atrocious. and everybody knew it. president obama knew it in july of 2016. the fbi knew about it in october of '16. and yet for three and four years, false stories from adam schiff down to the front page of "the new york times" were fed, force fed to the american people.
12:00 am
lou: and be sure to join us monday. radio host larry elder, attorney, former federal prosecutor robert wray, just the news founder john solomon returns with a document released from the white house. anytime soon. that will do it here. charles payne next. ♪ >> welcome, everyone, to fox business's first virtual town hall of the new year. "the future of capitalism." i'm charles payne. this townhall, let's face it could not have come at a more crucial time. american style capitalism is being questioned and many wonder whether it can deliver on the american dream. no doubt throughout history the capitalism played a pivotal role encouraging the world, economic and other systems being


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